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It 1« GivinK the Mauairera of the
G. O. P. Much Anxiety.
WS 10 null
Gay Childers, who has been in Klam
ath c unty, returned Friday.
la* M KU-rnan returned Friday
Vv.. *
hum a nip to SioKljou county, Calif
C has . N ickell , Editor and Mgr.
C. J. Anderson of Foots creek and
W H Lewis of Central Point were in
town Friday.
One Tear, in advance...
81.50 I
Frank Ankeny, superintendent of
Six Months......................
the Sterling mine, and bis wife were
among us Friday.
Office With Pacific States Telephone Co
O. Caster was in Jacksonville Thurs­
Ryan Building, California St.
day, on buslneat with the county com ­
missioners” court.
Enternd at the Postofilce at JacksonvU'e, Ore.,
Miss Frances Nunan, who has been
as Second Class Mall Matter
visiting in California for sometime
past, returned Friday evening.
THE greatest 'hypocrite in the world
Mrs. A. E. Reanies of Jacksonville
in religious matters is the one who
and Mrs. G. E. Howland of Grants
prays the loudest. The soldier who
Pass made Medford a visit Thursday.
never ’ smelt powder” is frequently
A. Jeldnuss of Elliott Creek district,
found to be the greatest braggart.
well-known miner, made our town
The political orator who talks moat
Friday, accompanied by his
loudly of honor and patriotism is
often the one whois moat cloaaly allied
Sheriff Dunlap of Lake county was
with thoae who are raiding the public
in the valley Thursday, visiting rela­
and abusing the confidence of the peo­
tives while ou his way home from
Mr. anil Mrs C.C. Beekman return­
ALONG with strikes, new kinds of
ed Friday from a short visit in San
breakfast foods, etc., comes a new
Francis»» They wt're accompanied by
trouble which unfortunately may worry
their daughter, Miss Carrie.
some of us, and that i> the threatened
diamond famine. The mines of South
L. Werth of Ashland was among our
ern Africa are nearing exhaustion and i
visitors during the past week. lie is a
there is no other source of supply to
brother of Wm. Werth, a pros|»rous
which the world can turn. The De­
farmer living near Central Point.
Beer« Co , which handles 98 per cent of I
Mrs. M. Chapman of Williams creek
the entire output, cannot fill its con­
has been visiting her daughters,Mrs.
tract for a display at St. Louis.
E. W. Tryer of Medford and Miss
Kate Chapman and Mrs. J. W. Reeve
T he work of delimiting the Canada-
of Jacksonville.
Alaska boundary, according to the
A. C Howland, superintendent of
finding of the London tribunal, will be i
the Three Pines Mining Co.’s mines,
begun this month,and will be prosecut­
located in Jump-off-Joe district, Jose­
ed by several parties of Canadian and
phine county, has been visiting in Metl-
American surveyors, operating con­
ford and Jacksonville.
jointly, until the end of Septemb«.
E W. Anderson, the genial miner,
From Xouut St. Elias northward lo
down from Watkins district a few
the frozen sea, the line has already
been laid along the 41 st parallel accord
family, who
Jng to treaty. This portion of the
bave been living in Trail Creek district,
boundary was not in dispute. From
removed to Jacksonvllle lately.
St. Elias cast and around the coast
trip to the head of Portland Canal, a
A. A. McGill and O. M. Selsby, well-
distance of 550 miles, the mouutain
known citizens of Ashland, bave pur­
peaks will be assumed as boundary
chased the saloon business conducted
points wherever such have been mart-1
by D. T. Irwin at Al. Helms’ old place
ed on the map accompanying the fiud- .
and have already taken possession.
ing ot the tribunal.
Thos. W. Reid and Milton Armstrong
have returned from their placer mines
T he brilliant Japanese successes at
in Galice Creek district. They have
Chefoo, June 6.—But two miles sep­ finished work for the preaent season
Kincbow and Nanehan Hill are unset­
TWO SETS OF PLUNDERERS. arated the Japanese and Russian ar­
tling the ideas of war that we have
and are well pleased with the result.
been painfully acquiring during the Beef Trwat and Cattle Baroni Are mies on the Liao Tung peninsula on
£. F. Raymond I of Big Butte has
June 2d, according to Chinese who
Robber« of the Same Ilk.
past half dozen years. Bloch has
pure hast'd of Mrs. S. A. White 40 acres
The organization of the western cwt-1
taught us in theory and South Africa
The Japrnese army, reinforced by of tiue land in Griffin Cnek district,
In practice that assaults upon intrench­ tie barons to fight the beef combine is the men who landed at Dalny, occu­ part of which is already set in alfalfa;
ed positions defended by troops armed an anomaly, as both are after the pied Twing Ching and also Sanchimpo, consideration 82500. The sale was ne­
same game of plundering the public.
with modern weapons are almost hope­ The barons bave handl'd themselves southwest of Dalny. They then pro­ gotiated by the real-estate firm of
less. But the Japanese have assaulted together into what might be termed ceeded along the east coast toward White & Trowbridge.
positions that were not only intrench­ the grass trust and are trying to get Port Arthur. On one side of the army
Thomas Riley and J.Patterson,coun­
ed but fortified, and have stormed the farmers of the western states to are high mountains and on the other
ty commissioners, were in Jacksonville
them as gallantly as if the defenders help them to fight the beef trust. As Bide is the sea from which the Japan­
Wednesday and Thursday, bolding the
had been armed with flintlock muskets. the cattle barons are even worse rob-1 ese gunboats are supporting the flank
term of court.
of the army. On June 2d the Japanese
Port Arthur, on the tip of its peninsu­
prints of township maps, show
la, is now closely invested by fend and
ing all vacant land, fifty cents each
sea. To understand its situation we
For reliable information concerning
prevent, by force of arms if necessary,
only tolook al a map of the position of any owner of a small herd or a settler miles from the Russian army, which government land write to Frank E.
is ready to protest their further ad­ Alley, Abstracter, Roseburg, Oregon
Cornwallis at Yorktown.
from intruding at the peril of his life. vance.
Robt. Dnncan, a brother of Chao.
To show the power of these cattle
The Chinese believed that there
who lives at the junction of
R u SSIA, In her agreement with the
would be a big battle at this point It
—Central Point roads, ar­
powers, could have prevented any
trouble with Japan,by evacuating Man­ tention of removing the Vurlsxl wire Japanese have moved their base to rived In the valley a few days ago.
fences with which the barons have un­
charía In accordance wi.h treaty, but lawfully inelosed about all the govern Dalny from Talienwan. The larger Be may locate.
evidently did not think the Jape could ment land on the western plains. Polit­ Japanese ships are anchored outside
Alex. Orme of Gold Hill, former
put up such a good fight. If Russia ically both«these combines are Repub­ and the smaller ones Inside the har­ sheriff, was in Medford Friday. He
wat.led the right of way for a railroad licans aud liberal contributors to the bor. Troops are being landed, they wil! soon leave on an extended propect-
say, from small vessels, apparently
to Port Arthur, no doubt such an ar­ campaign fund of that party, which
ing trip, in which he has the best
from Pitzwo or the Elliott
rangement could have been effected. probaly accounts for their immunity islands.
wishes of many friends.
Russians appear to blame England and from punishment by the administra
Judge Day went to Ashland Thurs­
the United States for the trouble, Ina tion. Farmers will best conserve their
to be preseut at the meeting of the
own- Interests by steering clear of both
desire to secure trade or territory. The the beef trust ami the gruss trust, who
Is Struck by the Schooner Spokane and Southern Oregon Pioneer Society, of
United States distinctly stated it want­ are monopolists and will plunder the
which he is secretary. He found that
Both Vessels Are Badly Damaged.
ed no territory whatever; but Russia, I farmers after they bave settled their, San Francis»»—In hazy weather every body else had forgotten about it.
England, France and Germany wanted own differences.
Saturday, off Point Reyes, the revenue
W. D. O’Brien, the miner, who for­
slice and are still pursuing that policy.
cutter Bear, famous for the part «he merly operated in this section with J
The Tariff Tax.
The United States would rather see
took in the relief expedition to the K. Carpenter, was on a southbound
It has been estimated by expert Arctic with the Thetis some years
China and Japan bold their territories
train, en route to the Orient In behalf
and bave their subjects stay there, as i statisticians that the tariff tax paid tc I «go, was nearly sunk as a result of
a syndicate operating in tin, Friday.
this country don’t wantthem to invade the treats by the bead of the family! being struck by the heavy laden lum­
exceeds by more than five times what ber schooner Spokane. A stout hull
H DeZeng and his partner. J. E.
is received by the government am! | saved the Bear, but she emerged from Chamlwcr, prominent miners who are
that the average for each family dost
J ohn D. R ockfeller , Jr., in a re­ ly approaches 8100. These "figures are the encounter badly crippled and bad operating in Siskiyou and Jackson
'»unties, were lu our town Friday.
cent talk to bis bible class, said: ‘ Faith obtained by making careful estimate? to put back to port.
She was steaming leisurely along L’liey report that a large quantity of
gives substance to the religious aspira­ based upon the amounts which are
tions of the soul, assuring us that they spent for each of the more Important the coast., and was thirty miles west­ snow «till lies in the mountains.
President Mulkey of the Southern
rest oa truth and fact and are not articles consumed. The most exas­ northwest of Point Reyes whe nout
mere castles in the air. The trouble perating thing in the monopoly the tar of the thick weather the bowsprit and Oregou State Normal School attended
jibboom of flie big schooner Spokane
the commencement exercises of the
with us men is that we do not have iff gives the trusts and corporations is
slid over the port rail and struck the
sufficient faith, We should have more that it allows them’ to sell their sur cutter’s foremast, carrying it away, Jacksonville High School aud deliver­
faith in God and more faith in our fei- plus productions cheaper abroad than with the rigging, yards and everything ed an able ami interesting address. He
here, which shows the enormous prof
low men. The fact that we have al) its realized from the home market attached. Thirty feet of the Bear’s is in demaud everywhere.
been deceived at times by people we When the trusts export their products bulwarks were also crushed with the
Henry C. Maury, a thrifty young
have placed faith in should not make they bave to pay freight and other ex i rail, and the stanchions disappeared Tarnier living on the Jacksonville -Cen
us lose heart.” These are good penses and the tariff tax that all oth­ In the wreckage. The Bear’s side was tral Point road, and Mils Dora Eaucelt
words, and If they bad been uttered by er countries impose except England, i cut to the water’s edge. The railing of Applegate will be marrietl in Med­
some country minister struggling and yet undersell the same class of i and part of the tipper deck and a num­ ford, at the residence of Jas. D. Fay,
along on the premise of 8250 per year products product in the country the.v ber of the stanchions were also car­ pretty soon. Congratulations and best
ried away.
they might have found lodging in some export their products to.
wishes are in order.
earnest heart Coming as they do
Jr., who has been
J. B. Duggan,
Mr. Babcock'« Opinion.
from a man whose family 1s under prej
spending a* ibort time at the placer
It is pleasing to know that Repre­
udice more or less justified, they for sentative Babcock, chairman of the Re Street Car Rushes Down Hill, Killing mines in Forest Creek district, in which
One Person and Injuring Sixteen.
the most part become as sounding publican congressional committee^ Is
he Is interested, left for the south a few
Burlington. Ia., June 6.—A well-filled days ago. Hi« fat her, J. B. Duggan,
brass or tinkling cymbal.
not suffering from insomnia caused by
dismal forebodings of Republican de­ electric street car rushed down Valley Sr., and Robt. McGill, the superin­
DURING the past few days a mile feat It is the opinion of Mr. Babcock street hill yesterday and was wrecked
jost in the lives of a great many young I that the country is content with polit by a tree. Many of the passengers tendent, are «till there.
Doctors everywhere recommend
people has beeumaiked by grad­ leal conditions as they are—his party jumped. Mrs. Joseph Keehn was killed
Whiskey for the enervating
uating exercises, in which thej
Is jured. Several suffered legs and arms effect« of hot weather and as a safe­
formed the central figures. Proud par view of the matter for what It
guard against malaria— ixxiause of its
worth.—New York American.
broken and many were badly cut about purity. Sold by E. H. Helms, Jack­
enta, loving friends and patient instruc­
the head and shoulders.
sonville, Qre.
tors listened attentively to youthful
The Ciar of Panama.
The brakebeam on the open electric
plans for Increasing and perpetuating
A Germanic Congress is to be held at
Theodore Roosevelt Is now president car broke just as the car began the
all the virtues, for strengthening and of the United States and czar of the descent. The car dashed
Universal Exposition in St. Louis
down the
perfecting forms of government, and Panama canal zone. From the Carib­ long incline at a frightful speed and September 16 and 17 to celebrate the
for other projects unheard of until bean sea to the Pacific hia right there the injured were strewn on both eidea achievements of German culture. At
they are announced In the dainty little Is none to dispute.—Philadelphia Rec o* the track during the entire length tlie convention of the National Ger­
programs. But let no one make light ord.
man Alliance in Baltimore laat Septem­
of the hill.
of these subjects and there efforts. If
The will of the late Amanda W. ber it was resolved to hold such a con­
Triumphs of Moders Surgery.
a student overreaches himself in
gress, "not,” says the circular of the
Wonderful things are done for I he Reed, widow of S. G. Reed, who died Alliance, “to glorify Germanic enter­
choosing a subject no harm is done bls
human body by surgery. Organs are in Pasadena. Calif., has been admitted
bearers, and the student wit) in time taken out, scrap» d. tolls bed and put to probate in th? county court at Port­ prise and virtue, but to further the in­
beccme as fully aware of bin over­ back, or they ««ay be lemoved entire­
land. A great part of her fortune, terests of science and international
confidence as though It were pointed ly; bones are spliced; ppes take, the
•vhieb is estimated at upwards of 81,- brotherhood. The German-Amerlcans
out at the time. There is a tendency, place of diseared sections of veins; 000,000, is left to charity. Of thia sum believe that such a congress will be a*f
antiseptic dressings are applied to
already noticeable, to select common­ wounds, bruises, burns and like in­
8150,000 is devised for the purpose of great scientific value, and, at the same
place subjects with which the studeu'» juries before in Hani ma I ion sets in,
erecting, equipping aDd supporting an time, lead to a bettor understanding
are better able to deal and which they which causes them to beai without institution of learning in Portland, to between the Germanic races.”
will take more pride in exhibiting in maturation and ip one-tiitrd the tin e be known as the Reed Institute, In
The Rogue River Fruit Growers’
rtquired by the old treatment. memory of the late Simeon G. Reed,
later yearn. Whatever the subject, Chamberlain's Pain ~
Balm acta on this the deceased husband of the testatrix. Un’.on held a regular meeting at the
however presented, let the critic re same principle. It is an antiseptic
office of J. A. Perry in Medford, Sat­
' injuries
member that graduation stands fur and phen applhd to
How's That.
urday. There was a fair attendance.
something. If be cannot discover w bat causes them to Leal very quickly. It
following officers were elected for
also allays the pain and soreness.
it Is, let one of the graduates tell him. Keep a bottle of Pain Balm in your ward for any case of Catarrh that cah- the ensuing term. President, S. L.
uot be cured by Hall’s Catarrh Cure.
home and it will save you time and
Bennett; secretary, J A. Perry; treas­
F. J. C heney & Co., Toledo, O.
Sued by Hi« Doctor.
money, not to mention the iocouven-
We, the undersigned, have known urer, Jackson County Bank; directors,
”A doiBor here has sued me foi IflBCC and stiff» ring which such in- F. J. Cheney for the last 15years, and 8. L. Bennett, J A. Perry, H. F.
842.50, whicn I claimed was excess! ve juries entail. For sale by City D ug believe him perfectly honorable In all Meader, G A Hover, J. W. Mitchell,
for a case of cholera morbus,” says R Store.
business transactions, and financially
White, of Coachella, Cal. “At the j
abh: to carry out any obligations S. W. Boyd, A. W. McPherson, A. An­
made bv bis firm.
trial be praised his medical skill aud
drews. Wm Carroll. The Union’s op­
medic I ae. 1 asked him If it was not
W aldind K innan & M akvin ,
Live agents to sell Dr. White’s
erations last season were sueceeBsful,
Ch am be rl tin’s Colic, Cholera and' Kectrie Combs, patented Jan. 1, ’99,s
Wholesale Druggist«, Toledo, O.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure is la ken inter­ notwithstanding a numlter of mistakes
Diarrhoea Remedy he had OMd, as I i Cure dauun.IT. Hair falling out, sick
bad good reason to L. lieve it was, and and nervous hcadaclcs, yet cost no nally, acting directly upon the blood1 and drawbacks that are al waj s inciden­
be would not say under oath that it more than an ormnaiy comb, bells and mucous surfaces of the system, tal to the initation of such enterprises.
was not.” No ductor could use a bel­ on sight. Agents are wild with tuc- lestlliioriisls sent free. Price, 75c It is expected ^hut next year’s results
r'" be much
u more icmuuerative, as all
ter remedy than this in acase of chol- ctws. Send 5bc fur sample (half price) per bi tt.le Sold b)’ all Druggists.
err morbus, it never fails. 8 rid by Write quick. The Dr. While Electric
Take Hall’s Family Pills for constl- ‘he ®«® ibers will tell iLiuugb the
Union this time.
i-'ity Drug btore.
i Comb Co., Decatur 111.
i., -wi.iv
Senator Aldrich says the Republic­
ans will revise the tariff when it is
necessary to do so, but as the senator
manages the Republican tariff pro­
gramme and iu turn is eontrolltHl by
the trusts the time for revision is cer-1
tain to be lu the distant future. Those
of us with small iucomes, at the mercy Japanese Defeat Slavs in Battle
of high trust prices, have seen the ne ,
Near Watangtien-Both
cessity for tariff reform ever since the ;
Sides Lose Heavily.
combines boosted 'prices beyond the
ability of the poor man to pay. The
Rockefeller group of industrial trusts,
Tien Tsin, June 6.—Four thousand
with w bom Senator Aldrich is eounect-
belonging to General Stakel-
ed. will hardly consider it necessary to
revise the tariff unless to raise it to i berg s brigade on May 31st attacked
higher plane.
1500 Japanese occupying a position
The Republican leaders are now try live miles south of Wafangtien. The
ing to agree oa tariff and trust planks
to be incorporated in the platform to Russians were repulsed, losing 200
be adopted at Chicago, and the same killed and 400 wounded. The Japan­
juggling with words that will allow ese lost more than 100 killed.
both factions to stand on the platform
Tokio, June 6.—The Russian gun-
is certain to be presented to the vot­
Gilliak was torpedoed and do-
ers. Senators Aldrich and Lodge are
said to be preparing the planks under stroyed at Port Arthur Saturday.
Chefoo,. June 6.—The Russian con­
the close supervision of President
here has received news that a large
Roosevelt, and,the voter that will not
be able to find what he wants will be Japanese vessel has been sunk by a
mine off Tallenwan. The news tas
hard to please.
Yet the fact remains that the protec □ot been confirmed.
tionists and trust Interests will write
Cossacks Repulsed.
the platform and also control the ac I
6.—The Japanese and
tion of the Republican national con
vention. anil as every revision of the Russian forces located north of Pulan-
tariff by the Republicans has resulted Uen, which were in a series of brushes
in increasing duties it is certain that during the early part of last week, had
if the Republican party wins the elec­ another encounter on Fridav, June 3d.
tion it will not be considered neces­ □ear Chu Chia Tun. On that day the
sary to revise the tariff, and more cer ( Japanese cavalry met the Russians at
tain that if any revision is attempted noon. The Russians numbered 2000
the protection the trusts now enjoy wil) men and were composed of infantry,
be maintained. Dun's index figures detachments of cavalry and artillery.
for May show that high prices for al) They were pressing the Japanese cav-
the necessaries of life «re still main­ airy when th*e Japanese assembled
tained, and yet wages are declining, their entire force and engaged the en-
with a vast number of workers unem- emy. The Russians drew off grad-
ployed and many imported industries □ally and at 5:30 tn the afternoon they
running on short time, and yet the retired to Telissu. The Japanese had
high tariff, which the Republicans de­ tour men kilieu and four men wounded
clare produces prosperity, is in full n this fighting.
working order. The price of many­ A report has been received here
farm products is falling, and yet the from General Kuroki, saying that on
cost of living shows but little if any Friday last a detachment was dis­
decrease. The beef trust, the coal
patched from Ai Yang Cheng (Al Yang
trust, the salt trust, the oil trust, the
sugar trust and the minor combina­ Pienmen, to the northeast of Feng
tions are paying large dividends, fos­ Wang Cheng) to make a recoaais^gnce
tered in most cases by the protection toward Chaimatsi (Simatsi, 35 miles
north of Feng Wang Cheng.) This de­
the tariff gives them.
It would seem, therefore. Seqator tachment encountered 600 Cossacks
Aldrich to the contrary notwithstand­ and after a brisk engagement the Rus­
ing. the Repub’lcrn national platform sians retreated. General Kuroki re­
should declare when the tariff will be ports that the Russian loss was heavy.
revised and if the revision shall pro The Japanese had one man killed and
vide for higher or lower duties, espe­ three wounded.
cially on trust products.
But Two Miles Separate A-mien.
A Bad Fix
J. W. Gilmore is having a flue barn
built by Mr. Warner.
Mis. White nf Ashland hash en vis­
it ing her sister, Mrs. J. II. Gay.
D. W.Khaverof Seattle visited bis
Sometimes the hair is not
ftiend, Merchant Robnett, recently.
makes svery motion of the body painful, the surest
properly nourished. It suffers
and qukkaat way out of tha trouble la Io uae
James Barmey and Jack R >gers
for food, starves. Then it
have gone to Washington, to seek a
falls out, turns prematurely,
Ayer’s Hair Vigor is a
promptly. It srarma, relaxes, cures. Price. Sftc. and SOc.
M -s. I. F. Williams and her daugh-
ter, Miss Etta, are vlalUug relatives
living io Kan-as.
J H. Gay’s cottage is complete and
is an ornament to our town. H. Co­
hair food. It feeds, nourishes.
The hair stops falling, grows
This is a great country. W bile New rum did the palm icig
The dwelling-house of Will Owe >,
York has been sweltering Montana has
long and heavy, and all dan­
of Ct an till R buetl’s aalesme t,
had six Inches of snow.
druff disappears.
Is nearing rompletiou.
••Mr hair was coniinu out terribly I was
If the country can be saved the com­
almost afraid to comb it But Ayer’s Bair
Ti e people of the Christian Church
Vigor promptly atop|Md the falling and also
mencement day orator Is determined
restored the natural color ”
have the lumber on the eruud
that the deed shall be done.
M rs . E. <i K W akd Landing, N J.
build a neat place of worship.
|I OU a bottla
J <’ avkr <•<>..
For sick headache take Chamber­
lx»well. Mass.,
Spectators, Incensed by Failure
a quick cure is certain. For sale by are at Sacramento,Calif., where they
all druggists.
to See Bull Fight, Fires
went to >eek a location.
U. S. Senator Mathew S. Quay, the
the Building.
Mrs HIme* of Washington, a mis­
famous Republican leader of Pennsyl­ sionary < f the Christian Church, lec-
vania,died at Beaver,Penn..after a long turtd b few evenings ago to a go< d-
St Louis, June 6.—Incensed over illness, aged 71 years
sized audience.
teeir failure to see a "genuine Span­ The British declare that nothing
R v. J. A. Siover, the Baptist min­
ish bull fight,’’ which the authorities shall delay their peaceful mission into
ister I) s returned to A'hlaod. He
had stopped, a riot was started in an Thllret except the necessity of occasion­ lately prea hed his farewell sermon in
Physician end Surgeon
arena near the World’s fair grounds ally stopping to reload.
New Hope Church.
Physicians now declare that whisky- ; Mr-. v'i< let Anderson, who has been
last night by a crowd of 25U0 men and
boys, who were unable to get their drinking caures rheumatism. They i vi-'tmg ’Squire A. S. Jacobs and his Office in Orth’s Buliniti.
* . tu
Hours—2 tO 5 suo 7
money back, anti the building was will hereafter be compelled to speak family, returned co her home io Yam­
distinctly to show whether he has
hill coun’ y lau ly.
burned to the ground, The price of
admission charged was fl. Four men rheumatism or rumatism.
M ssr«. Vermi lion and McCoy, wh »
were placed under arrest by the au­ Sulphuric acid will be manufactured I enne fr in Kansas last fall, accorn-
A. E. RL Ah l b
thorities of St. Louis county, charged from the condense»! sulphur fumes of I [ pan’ed by tl e r fi-m'lirs, do n«,t like
with the destruction ot property. The the smelters at Keswick, Shasta coun- I our win e-climate ani have stsrud
crowd, thinking these men were <»n- ty,Calif. This will remove the cause for
ot the return to their o’d home.
nected with the show, made an at­ litigation on aceonnt of the fumes de­
Office in Red Meo'* H uihj . i .
tempt to mob them, and in their en stroying vegetation for miles around. T> ev did not give our valley a fair
counter with the deputy sheriffs a
Biue print maps of any township
number were roughly handled and Rotehurg,Oregon,Land District, show­
some received scalp wounds. The ing all the vacant lands, for 50 cenas
building is said to have «»st >2500. It each. If you want any Information Women as Well as Men
Grant's Paas, Oreg»«.
from the U. S. Land Office, address Ti­
is a total loss, with no insurance.
Are Made Miserable by
The initial performance by the com­ tle Guarantee 4 Loan Co., Roseburg,
practices all the courts
-ffiee it Kit.
pany of Spanish bull fighters had been Oregon.
Kidney Trouble.
building up itxlrt
The summer resorts of Sisson tavern,
advertised widely, but the governor,
in response to numerous complaints, Shasta Retreat, McCloud river, Klam­
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, dis­
J. M. KEENE, D. D. S.
ordered that it not be allowed to take ath Hot Springs, Garretson Springs
place. Despite these orders a large and other localities are now open for courages and lessens ambition; beauty, vigor
and cheerfulness soon
crowd assembled in the arena at the visitors. As the hot weather approach­
disappear when the kid­
advertised time. Before the regular es the mountain resorts will be greatly
neys are out of order
performance a number of cowboys sought for comfort and enjoyment.
or diseased.
Kidney trouble has
drove in some bulls, which they ran
The Washington authorities see dan­
become so prevalent
around the ring in true wild west
Y that it is not uncommon
style. The crowd soon became tired ger in Japan’s proposition forsurrend-
of this and called for the* bull fight.
afflicted with weak kid-
The announcement was then mad« ready been taken by Japanese troops,
' ~
neys. If the child urin­
Jacksonville, Oregon
that the bull fight would be proceeded because Russia will cfoim that China
ates too often, if the
with. As the matadors came into the thereby breaks her neutrality, now urine scalds the flesh or if, when the child
'Will practice la all oourta of the B.*te Of
ring a county official stepped up to the recognized by the United States and reaches an age when it should be able to
nee tn the Court House lut door os the
control the passage, it is yet afflicted with
rlvht from entrance
announcer and handed him a paper, other nations.
bea-we ting. depend upon it. the cause of
informing him that the proposed show
The recently discovered gold mines the difficulty is kidney trouble, and the first
could not take place. When this be
in the Philippines wil) no doubt cause step should be towards the treatment of
came known to the crowd they leaped
these important organs. This unpleasant
into the arena and demanded the re­ an emigration of miners to that coun­ trouble is due to a diseased condition of the treat*« Pasa.
try, aud If the mines should turn out kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as
turn of their money.
Failing to get this, the crowd went to be as those of Alaska the rush to
to the office, which was in a small the islands would be very great, Al- erable with kidney and bladder trouble,
building outside, and began to stone ready coal and other minerals have and both need the same great remedy.
the structure. This was followed by been discovered there and the limber The mild and the immediate effect ot TTOR NEY AND COCKSH.CR AT LAW
Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold
attempts to burn the arena, which is Is very valuable.
Grant*« Paas, Oregaa.
by druggists, in fifty-
an immense building, constructed of
Blue-print maps of any townships cent and one de liar
Bits of burning paper were Roseburg, Oregon, Land District, sizes. You may have a
thrown at the woodwork and finally showing all the vacant lands, for 50 sample' bottle by mail
some one went inside and dropped a cents each. If you want any informa­ free, also pamphlet tell- h «» a s * w > k **.
lighted match in a pile of hay under tion from the U 8. Land Office, ad­ Ing all about it. .ncluding many of th i
Title Guarantee A Loan Co., thousands of testimonial letters received
the arena. The whole structure was dress
Rosebv'g, Oregon.
frem sufferers cured, in writing Dr. Kilmer
soon on fire and before long was in
Tennessee Prohibitionists have plac­ it Co.. Binghamton. N. Y., be sure and
r ention this paper.
The fire engine that responded to ed themselves on record in state con-
Don’t make any mistake, but re­
the alarm stuck in the mud, and there ' vention as opposed to the nomination member the name. Swamp-Boot, Dr.
was nothing to stop the progress of of General Nelson A. Miles for the Kilmer’s Swamp-Root, and the ad­
the flames. The fire department of pre*iden?y by the Prohibitionist«, on dress. Binghamton, N. Y. on every
the World's fair was called out to the ground that he was not a promi­ bottle.
protect the fair buildings should it nent Prohibitionist and that he could
become necessary, but the wind blew not poll the full party strength in the
Special Excursion to the
in another direction.
South on account of his war record.
WI ms ens wakes w schln« from hwd to toot. w>4 wtti
ths tlesh landsr to the touch, vhao
Soreness and Stiffness
St. Jacobs Oil
Hair Vigor
Poor H air
World’s Fair.
Some are wondering why the dally
attendance at the world’s fair is not
The Denver & Rio Grande in con-
made public day by day. There must nictioh with the Mia-ouri Pacific, will
be a good reason, and we imagine It is run a series of Per-onrtly Conducted
Excursions lo the World’s Fair dur­
found In the fact ttat Uncle Sam has a ing
June. Tbe^e excu sions will run
lien on half the receipts for the big through to SL Louis without change
Meager Details of Terrible Dis­ loan he made the organization when it of cars, making short stops at prin­
aster in Colorado.
needed the money. Perhaps it doesn’t cipal points enroute. The first of
«rant to pay with1 t»x> much alacrity, these Excursions will leave Portland
June filh, and tie second Juue 17th.
Colorado Springs, Colo., June 6.— An quite a common weakness, by the «ray The rate from Medf. rd will be 877.50
to St. Louis and return. Excuiai n-
explosion of powder wrecked the Flor- ■ Applications under the timber and hts going via the Denver & Rio
| stone act and homestead laws received,
ence and Cripple Creek train at Find-
proofs taken/ and ail business Grande have the privilege of return­
ley station, on Bull Hill, early this I connected with U. S. government ing via a different route. This is the
I lands promptly and accurately attend- no st pleasant way, as well as the mast
morning, in the Cripple Creek dis-
Cbaa NlckeIli n s. Vfommis- delightful r< ute. to cross the con ti­
trlct, and resulted In the death of be- sinner for the District of Oregon. ro nt. The stops arranged give anop
Office with the S outhern O rego ­ {ortunity of visiting the various
tween fifteen and twenty people.
Cljnts of iniete?t in and abcutSdt
nian , Medford. Phone 211.
akc City, Denver and Kar sa-» City
No explanation of the explosion or
I Reports received at Washington If ycu wish to accimpany one of
further details about the loss of life from the Far East dwell at length up­ the e excursions write at once to W.
can be secured.
on the terrific power of the Japanese C. McBride, 124 Third st'eet, Port­
Shlmose powder, the nature of which land for «leeping car reservations.
is an absolute secret. It is not used to
Steamer Pleiade» Picked Up at Sea by propel the shot, but for bursting
Reduced Ratee to St. Louis
the Nicomedia.
charges of the army and navy
Victoria, B. C., June 8.—Apprehen- explosive shell. The result of the ex-
sion in regard to the steamship Piel- plosion fing astounded U. S Army ob-
The Southern Pacific Co. will sell
ados, which left Japan several days In severs. The heaviest armor-piercing roundtrip tickets at greatly reduced
advance of the Empress of Japan. 8hell wUh lu 8maH cavity is rent Into rates to St. Louis and Chicago on ac­
which arrived last Tuesday with up- Co„ntle98 thoU8and, oi 8harp frag. count of the St. Louis Exposition, on
the following dates, June 1«, 17, 18;
ward of 100 passengers for this port,
Aug. 8, 9, 10; September 5, 6, 7; Oct­
has been in a measure relieved.
The Pleiades ran into the same 81 r wlth euch ,orco lbat the* tear ober 3, 4, 5. Going trip must be com­
rough weather than made the Em-
th® «W«»
« ‘«-on ship as pleted within ten days from date of
and passengers will be permitted
press' voyage anything but monoto- “ould a projectile fr«)1!! a machine gum sale,
to starton any date that will enable
nous, and suffered thereby, among
them to reach destination within the
otuer things, her shaft being snapped, Korletz were found to be riddled, deck ten days limit. Return limit ninety
and the big vessel rendered compara­ and sides, by fragments of these shells. days, but no later than Dec. 31, 1904
It is not known that any other nation For full information as to rate« and
tively helpless.
routes call on Agent So. Pac. Co., at
In this condition she was picked up possesses such a terrific explosive.
by the German steamer Nicomedia.
which was making her initial voyage
from Japan to Portland under the O.
R and N. flag. The Nicomedia is now
towing her up the straits in a lively
gale, happily favorable, and the two
steamers should make William Head
quarantine this morning. The Plei­
ades has latterly had more than her
share of adventures. She made a sen­
sational escape from Port Arthur after
the war broke out, and hass Ince made
The following is an excerpt
one voyage between the Orient and
Puget sound. It is probable that she
from a letter addressed to us.
will be docked at Esquimault for re­
Sold on Merit
St. Louis, June C.—Following are the
record admissions for the week ending
Saturday, June 4th:
Monday, May
30th, 73,247; Tuesday, 48,400; Wednes­
day, 53.648; Thursday, 49.186; Friday,
80,185; Saturday. 93,685. Total for the
week ending June 4th, 378,146. Thus
far last week showed the heaviest at­
tendance of any at the fair.
Have You a Cough?
A dose of Ballard's Horehound Syr­
up will relieve It. Have you a cola?
A dose of Herhlne at bedtime and
frequent small doves of Horehound
Syrup during t he day will remove It.
Try it for whoop'ng cough, for nth*
ma, for co Hiimpti >n, for b onchltls.
Mrs Joe McGrath, 327 E. l-<t stie'i,
Hutchinson, Kan., writes: “I have
u>ed BalliirdL Horehound Svrup iu
mv family for 5 years, and find it the
best and most palatable medicine I
ever used.” 25c, 50c, 81.00.
Dr. Hinkle at Central Point.
Notary Public
Real Estate Agent
and U. S. Commissioner
for Jackson County.
Abatracta asadc ta Titles af
aliaiad drawn up MpeeiaUv pertalainr ic
th« settlement of eevatee
iccoints Silicited, Prompt Remittasct.
invstment securities «
fount; Scrip bought snd sold
havn a oompiete set of map« of all survey««
l°JhH_oounty, and receive A be tract,
nonthly from Roseburg Land Office, the Lat>d
° * C. R R and the Stat»
Lead Department at Salem of all new entrie,
mad« 1 am thus prepared to make out home-
P*P«ra and lake proofs thereon. Also 1
take filings snd proofs of timber lands, and
“V* J® pare.«« the ex pet sc ot » trlr
to the Roseburg land office
Dealrable Pre pert* la my heads fa
«WPromot reply made to all letters »'bars
w In accordance with ’he times
Refers, by permission. Hon. H. K.
iBdae or ika 1st Judcial Dlitriot. and uTVc*
'iuatna«« bouaa tn Jaekaonvllle.
b ¿ ue prijvts
Of any Township in the
Roseburg Land District.
Prepared for Filing on Home
stead or Timber Claims
*MF*Specia) Attention given to
Matters In Connection with
the U. 8. Land Office.
Bld.,Rotebar¿, Or
My roast coffee trade is growing
every day, especially on the better
grades, for whenever my customers use
a two-pound tin of Golden Gate their
taste for cheap coffee is spoiled forever
Golden Gate
is coffee perfection.
High grade grocers sell iu
1 and 2 lb. aroma-tight
Medford Furniture Co.,
HoueeFumishers and
Undertakers. JohnH.
Butler, Funera 1 Di-
Day Phone
Main 363.
Phone Main 261.