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    policy of making our navy so great
that it shall terrify other natioi.s will
simply result in promoting a rivalry
that will continue until it reaches the
limit ot the ability of the people to
bear it. I would propose what I con­
sider a better plan. 1 would suggest,
instead of building the biggest navy,
that we make our government the
best on earth, and, instead of having
our flag atl< at everywhere, let it stand
for something wherever it floats. Let
our flag stand for justice between man
aud man,auil between nation and nation
Let that become known everywhere,
and if any king shall attempt to assail
our land, his own oppressed people
would rise and cry out: “Don’’, ttnich
that flag; it stands for our rights.”
Possibly our flag would then not be so
much feared, but it would bo loved the
world around, and this would be great­
er glory to tho flag than through any
mereshort-sighted policy.”
Rev. Carlisle P. B. Martin, L. L. D
Of Waverly, Texns, writes: “Of a
morning, when first arising, 1 often
find a troublesome colli clion of
piilegm, which produces a cough and
i- very hard io di-locke; but a small
quantity of Ballard’s Horehound
.'syiup will atone«' dislodje it,and the
trouble s over. I know of no medi-
ine that is equal to it, and it is so
pleasant to lake, lean most cordial­
ly recommend ill > ail persons med mg
iiiudiclne f'r throat or lung trou-
b'e ” 25 -.50c and $1.00. Dr. J. Iliukle,
Ceutral Point.
_ Mrs. Anderson, a prominent society _
woman of Jacksonville, Fla., daughter of
Recorder of Deeds, West, who witnessed
her signature to the following1 letter, praises
A girl baby was birn to Mr. and
Mr«. Ed Pankey on January 13. The
h ippy mother is a daugliter-in-law of
Mrs. Henry Pankey, and tier home is
in Washington.
Ti e Indus or the Chiisliin Church
will give a box social at G. A. R.
ball January 23. There will be voial
and gram t| hone mu«ic.
The min >r sou of Mr. Newman is
very sick with the m< a-les. Dr.
Pieasints is attending him.
Rev. Mr. »Snyder, Me’hodist minis­
ter of Jacksonville, filltd his appoint­
ment at this place list Sunday, morn­
ing and evening.
The G. A. R. post held t elr annu il
election last Saturday, >S. M. Ntalun
of Tabe Rock was elicici cc.m-
mandei; Mr. Hiteli of Tl«>, S. V.;
M. Vermillion, J. V. The Ladies’
Relief Corps prepared a sumptuous
dinner for the occasion.
Eld«r T. M. Jones and Mrs. Fries
have trided town pr< perties, the for­
mer giving 1250 as additional induce*
ment for the exchange.
Hon. John D. Olwell returned from
Portland Monday.
Rodney Clark of Antioch was in
town Tuesday.
J. W. Ingram and Frank Ferguson
of Willow Springs were trading in
town Tuesday.
Merritt shfpred a car of bi ed
hay to Grants Pass tliis week, receiv­
ing 816 per ton for same.
S. Ntalon came over from Table
Rock last Saturday to attend the an­
nual election «f officers of the G. A R
Lydia EL Pinkham's Vegetable Compound«
“ D ear M rs . P inkham : — There are but few wives and mothers who
have not at times endured agonies iuid such pain as only women know.
I WLsh such women knew the value of Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Compound. It is a remarkable medicine, different in action from any
I evei^knew and thoroughly reliable.
“ I have seen cases where women doctored for years without perma­
nent benefit^who were cured in less than three months after taking your
V egetable Comp»nind, while others who were chronic and incurable
cured, happy, and in perfect health after a thorough treatment
with this meilieine. I have never used it myself without gaining great
©enent. A few doses restores my strength and appetite, and tones up
is entire system. Y our medicine has been tried an«l found true, hence
225 Washington St, Jack-
Mrs. Reed, 2425 E. Camberland St., Philadelphia, Pa., says:
“D ear M rs . P inkham : — I feel it my duty
to write and tell you the go«xl I have received
from Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable Com­
“I have been a great sufferer with female
trouble, trying different doctors and medicines
with no benefit Two years ago I went under
an operation, and it left me in a very weak
condition. I had stomach trouble, backache,
headache, palpitation of the heart, and was very
nervous; in fact, I ached all over. I find
yours is the only medicine that reaches
such troubles, and would cheerfully rec­
ommend Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Compound to all suffering women.”
When women are troubled with irregular or painful menstruation, weak-
leucorrhcea, displacement or ulceration of the womb, that bearing-down
feeling, inflammation of the ovaries, backache, flatulence, general debility,
indigestion, and nervous prostration, they should remember there is one tried
and true remedy. Lydia E. PlnkhanPs Vegetable Compound at once
removes such troubles.
The experience and testimony of some of the most noted
women of America go to prove, beyond a question, that Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound will correct all such trouble at
once by removing the cause and restoring the organs to a healthy
and normal condition. If in doubt, write Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn,
Mass, as thousands do. Her advice is free and helpfuL
No other medicine for women in the world has received such wide­
spread and unqualified endorsement No other medicine has such a
record of cures of female troubles. Refuse to buy any substitute.
A P A A A FORFEIT If we cannot forthwith prodne« the original letters and stgnatves ot
W Allllll abuse t«s timoni»l a, which will prove their absolute genuineness.
Lydia K. Fink ham Medtelaa Ce^ Lynn. Mam.
Mr. John H. Cnllnm, Editor of the
Garland, Texas, New«, has written a
letter of txrngra’ulations to the manu­
facturers ot Cltarnt erlain’s Cough
Remedy as follows: “Sixteen years
ago when our first child was a baby
he was subject tocroupy spells and we
would be very unea«y about him. We
began using Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in 1887, and finding it such a
reliable remedy for colds aud croup,
we have never been without it in the
hou-e since that time. We have five
children aid have given it to all of
them with g«od results. One good
feature of this remedy is that it Is not.
disagreeable to take and our babies
really like it. Another is that it is
not d mgerou«, and there is no ri*k
from giving an overdose. I congratu­
late you upon the uccess of your
remedy.” For sale by ail druggist«.
fact that the front end of the motor
was covered with flies,bees and insects,
as if by a thumb against the
It takes six years for grass tn grow i
where sheep have pulled -it up and
trampled it.
Santa Clara county, Cal., produces a Affairs has favorably reported Senator
greater income from the soil than any Mitchell's bill to ratify the agreement
with the Klamath Indians for ac«x>ssion
other county in the United States-
of a portion of their lands, amounting
Fannie McNabb of Chicago has been
to 621,824 acres, for which the Indians
declared insane. She was accustomed
are to be paid 8537,007.
to smoke a package of cigarettes a day.
Some smart fellow is sending out
“What enables a young engaged
propositions to furnish editors, for ad*
couple to be so happy?” ‘‘Why, each
vertislng, a pill which will keep a man
thinks he or she’s getting more than
An Excellent Change.
alive a whole week without eating. All
he or she’s giving.”
that now remains to complete the
Postmaster - General Payne «■“”“ earthly happiness of this class of God’s
The House public lands committee
there was nothing to bar postmasters <.^1^ u a fiver 8yrup that wU1 has authorized Representative Mon­
or other federal offi«»-hoi«Jers from ser­ make one suit of clothes last 75 years. dell to leport favorably his bill pro­
ving as delegates to political «»aven-1
The Southern Pacific has issued a viding that public lauds chiefly valu­
lions of any kind.
notice that, beginning January 18th, able for timber shall not be subject to
News travels slowly in some parts of there will be an advance in the west­ locition or select'on io lieu of tracts
Africa. A foreign missionary aud bound tariff. Over 100 commodities relinquished within forest reserves,
eighteen of his followers were murder­ are affected. The reason given for the and that selections made or sought
ed there by natives almost three years advance is the general tendency to­ to be made on lands chi« fly valuable
ago and tbe fact has just been report­ ward higher prices, which has materi­ for the limber they contain, in lieu
of lands within forest reset ves, shall
ally increased the cost of handing.
be void and ot no eff<ct. Mondell’s
Tbe greatest asparagus canning and
All the talk that has been going bill has the approval of the Interior
shipping district in the world is in
about concerning opposition to Roose­ Department, which In its report to
Sacramento county, Cal. Here that In­
velt ba-> resulted in a determination to the public lauds committee upon it
dustry was originated. Now the can-
have delegates instructed, so no com­ said that trie area of forest reserve
ned vegetable is sent to all parts of
bination can prevent his nomination af­ laud* now actually created exceed
ter the convention meets. Interviews 63 000.060 acre-’, with the addition of
Oregon hopgrowers are so well satis­ published in papers with many Western the large te mporary withdiawals for
fied with results fur the past two years men show that without question near­ future incorporation In re erves.
At the prtsent lime various rail­
that they will increase the acreage of ly every state from that region will in­ nods with land grants embraced in
1904 fully 16 per cent, according to struct.
forest re erves have 2,500.000 acres
of la’d available as basis fur mak­
those well informed in regard to the
Th'e work of building a dyke, two ing lieu land selections. Much of
hopraising industry.
miles long, across the bay at the south­ this land is devoid of timber, but
Kentucky Democrats will erect to east end ot Summer Lake, of Lake under the present laws It. may tie ex­
the late Governor Goebel, victim of a county, is being pushed steadily for­ changed f«>r valuable timber lauds
political assassination, the handsomest ward. Tbe purpose of the enterprise Advantage ba« been taken of tl e
present law relating to lieusele«:lions,
monument in the state. It will be of is to secure the vast deposits of salt on
and great areas of worthlsss land
bronze, with a pedestal of Vermont bed of the bay. The area ot tbe bay
turmd over to the Government in ex-
marble, and will stand in Frankfort
cutoff b/this over two thou­ < h mge for lmds containing valuable
Umatilla papers report that the rab­ sand acres. An acre of water to an 'iniler. It is expected the Mot dell
bit cannery, recently established at average depth of one foot when bill will prevent the continuatio i ot
Echo, will pack fruit during the sum- evaporated leaves over fifty tons of the these abuses.
mer season. This is a "rarebit” of news, Bait, This Immense vat of two thou-
Still on Hand
and,while it may be all right, yet some riand acres will produce over one hund-
people may object to canned plums or red thousand tons of salts in a season,
The Albany Democrat says the Holy
cherries with hair on.
The Direct Primary Nomination
Jimmy Britt, the San Francisco League of Oregon has been organized Rollers, driven out of Corvallis, have
lightweight, and Young Corbett, the at Portland. A number of reforms at last been heated, and it stems to
champion featherweight boxer of the are advocated by the League, among be Linn county’s misfortune to bethe
world, have come to an agreement. I others a direct primary nomination recipient of the band. Thty are now
The figijt is to take pla«x> next month liw. The purpose ot the bill is to bring camped near Lebanon. B ooks, one
tue men tar ed and feathered, had
under the auspices of a club of San about a most radical change in the pro­ of
the temerity to go Into Lebanon to
Francisco, and the men are to weigh in cedure of nominating all public officers. see a friend, arid tills gave their loca­
at 6 p. m. at 130 pounds.
It proposes to invoke tbe initiatlveand tion away, Shall the militia be
called « ut?
A record price ot 815,000 a ton has to place before the voters of the state a
been established for whalebone. Two primary nomination law which will do
Imperfect Digestion.
and one-quarter tons brought that away with nominating conventions and
Means less nutrit ion and Io conse­
price in a sale at Dundee. The pre­ make it possible for candidates for quence less vitality. Wlun the liver
vious high mark wee 812,000. Experts office, from United States Senators rais to secrete bile, the blood becom­
haded with bilious proj erties. the
Bay the visible supply is now only four [down to constables, to be nominated es
digestion become« Impaired and the
directly by the people.
tons in England and America.
bowels constipated.
Heibine will
Wm. J. Bryan, who re«iently return­ rectify tills; it gives toue to the stom­
On tbe record-breaking run on a
liver and kidney“, strengthens
German electric road recently a speed ed from Europe, ia concluding some ach,
p« tile, ch ars ai d Impo ve< the
ot 130 miles an hour was averaged for remarks he made concerning bis trip, complexion, infuses new life and vigor
four hours. The force of the impact I spoke as follows: “During my trip my t<> the wlii lei>ystetu. 50«entsa bottle.
with the air may be imagined from the Impression has been deepened that the Dr. J. Hinkle, Central Point.
Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic
has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales oyer One and a Half Million
to you ?
No Cure, No Pay.
bottles. Does this record of merit
Eadoaed with «very bottle is a T<
ackage ci Grove's Black Root. Liver Pffls.
Southern Oregon Peojile Fig­
ure in an Altair that
Promised Sensational
There was a marriage Moudiy a te*’-
noon In Retliinir.CallL, thitco.ild m t
be termed particularly liappy. The
groom was an unwilling one, accei t-
ing marriage as a more pleasing alter
native lliau de ill), and the bride wa«
ready to burst into tears. Tiie pt in­
ci pals w«re Mi.,« Lucy Seed« and
lame« Tygsrt, both recently of Klam­
ath Fall«. The girl, who is not quite
18 years of age, lived there wi h her
parents. Tygart, whois 24 years of
age, worked in a butcher shop there.
Tygart or Taggart (the paper prints
the name both ways) had wrong«d tiie
girl, which coi Id only be righted in
part by marriage. Spe blamed the
young butcher and besought him
to marry tier. H i fled between two
days. An attorney was put on the
case. Heartivqd in Redding a week
ago and located his man the same day.
Tiie attorney, W. F. Stingley of Reno,
Nev., is tiie authority for this unro­
mantic tale. He could make no head­
way with Tygart.
Tiie girl arrived Tuesday. By Wed­
nesday Tygart, who was working in
tiie Menzel simp, had her away franr
tbe attorney and out of his sight
altogether. The min of law could
not locate Iter again. He communi­
cated with Jo epli 8'eeds, a business
man of Klamath Falls and brother of
tiie girl. Here is where Tygart’s
ot successn ended. Toe
brother arrived, in Redding Sunday
morning. Tiie attorney had Tygart
locat'd and speedily brought tiie two-
toge ln r. Seeds calmly informed the I
beLrayer that tie had I lie alternative |
• f marriage or death. He showed '
Tygart tiie weapon lie intend d to
k II him with if lie didn’t marry the)
Tygart sparred for time. Tne at- j
torney says it looked like a case of
running away on the butcher's part,
but tiie brother anticipated such an
attempt. He never allowed Tygart
to «fet out of his sight for a moment.
When it came bedtime Tygart went
to bed. The brother sat all night
Ills revolver handy. Tygart. could .
stand tiie strain no longer Munday
morning. He pioduced the girl and
consented to the marriige. The
liceme was procuretl and tiie wed-'
ding performed by Judge Strong. I
Mr. and Mrs. Tygart, says the attor- 1
ney. will start East at once.
A Reduction in Expenses.
County Clerk Orth lias favored us
with the following summary of the
expenses of Jackson county for the
jear 11*03. The expenditures for
r< ads, bridges, etc., are not included:
County court and cnmmi<-
s oners............ ................. . .8 1,487 00
Circuit court........................... 3,222 75
Justice c<>u<t«.........................
518 75
Sheriff’s o^ice......................... 4,026 03
U>erk’s office........................... 3,000 00
Recorder ................................ 1,784 90
933 28
( ormer....-......................... r.
168 40
School superintet dent......... 1,198 99
Stock Inspector.....................
100 00
A««e«.-or.................................. 1,909 96|
Tax rebate...............................
235 83
Current «xpenses................... 1,294 81 I
Courthouse expenses............
507 93
447 63
Care of poor,........................... 4,604 73
Ind gent soldiers..................
55 00
106 71
Refoi m sch< o) c< mmil ments
00 00
125 50
El« ct ion expense.................... 1,320 25
Scalp bouuty...........................
360 00
Driving Wheel Breaks and
Several Passengers Are
Séverely Injured.
Fresno, Jan. 25.—Misfortune hot
ered over the course of the Santa !■'
overland express on the run down tin
San Joaquin valley Sunday, the acci
dental death of Brakeman J. J. Mut
tier near Canejo being followed witli
In less than two hours by the wreck
Ing of the train, seven miles north of
When the train was speeding alonr
between Canejo and Fresno, Muttler
fell from the platform of one of th«
coaches and was ground to death be
neath the wheels, No one saw the un
fortunate man fall and his absence
was not noticed until Fresno had been
At this stop Conductor U. P. Me
Henry found that the brakeman was
missing anti at once dispatched a
searching party over the route toward
Five miles south of Fresno the life
less body of Muttler was found In the
ditch beside the track.
While attempting to make up the
time lost at Fresno because of the
death of Muttler, the second misha:
befell the train. Seven miles north
of Merced, while the train was trav­
eling at a Bpeed of fifty’ miles an hour
the shaft of one of the driving wheel«-
snapped in two and before Engineei
E. Hobart could bring the train to a
stop the fireman's side of the cab had
been demolished. Tho sudden stop j
ping of the train threw the passen I
gers from their seats and many were 1
severely bruised. That the overland |
was not derailed and telescoped is
considered remarkable.
Fruitvale Girl Takes Advan
tage of Leap Year.
Santa Rosa, Jan. 25.—Miss Carrie
A. Wooster, a charming young ladj
of Fruitvale, came up from her hom<
at Fruitvale on the Ukiah expres-
Saturday, and. calling at the office o‘
County Clerk Fred L. Wright, oh
talned a marriage license authorizing
her to wed Charles W. Gobbi o:
The young lady con
fessed to 21 years of age. and stated
that the groom-elect was three years
her senior. After obtaining the li
cense she departed on the evening
train for Healdsburg, the home of hei
fiance. On Sunday the couple cam«
down to this city and the young lad}
again used her leap year prerogative
by calling on Justice of the Peace A
J. Atchtnson and engaging him to per
form the marriage ceremony. This
occurred at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Seymour, on Humboldt
Sweeping Ruling on Mining Claims on
Government Irrigation Land.
Washington, Jan. 25.—The secretary
of the interior has rendered a sweep
in* decision defining the status of
mining claims upon lands withdrawn
for reservoir sites or permanent works
under the irrigation law, which Is of
great Importance to locators In the
arid states. He holds that the with
drawals made under the authority of
the reclamation act of June 17. 1902 ,
of lands which, in his judgment, arc ;
required for any irrigation work, have
the force of legislative withdrawals,
and are, therefore, effective in with
827,597 95 drawing from designated limits to
This is nearly 82,000 less than were which a right has not been vested.
In his opinion, no right is vested in
the expenses for the previous year
the locator of a mineral claim until
1902), which amounted to 829,44030.
the final proof has been submitted and
the purchase money paid.
A Prisoner in Her Own House.
Mrs. W. H. Laylia, of 1001 Agnes
Ave , Kansas City, Mo., ba.« for sever­
al years be« u tioubled with severe
In arsen ss and at times a bard cough,
which she says, "Would keep me In
doors for day i. I was prescribed for
by physicians with no noticeable re­
sults. a friend gave me part of a but
t|e of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
with instructions to closely follow the
diiec*Ions and I wish to state that af­
ter the first day I could notice a de-
cld «1 change for the better, ar d at
thi- time after using it f«>rtwo weeks,
have no hesitation in saying I realize
that i am entirely curtd.” This
remedy is f >r rale tv al druggists.
Children in Court.
Four sad-faced little gljls were
before Judge Hogue in the police
ccurt at Portlar d. Not one of them ts
over 13 years of age, and the youngest
but 8. They were led in for arraign­
ment at tiie beginning of the session
and stood in an aw« d group beside the
towering forms ot two policemen
while the charge wak read. As an
important witness was not present,
tlie else will not be tric'd until this
Tbe 11*1 le girls are Jennie Gilock,
Emm « Gilock, J i lia i’lendle and ea-
trlce Piendle, They are charged with
having stolen several valuable ring*
from a I ouse in the North End. They
were found with the property in
their pos-cssion a id were turned over
to the police. Pending their appear­
ance they are being cared for bv rela­
tives. Captain Giitzmacher being
ur willitg io lock them up in the
grimy jail.
A Fraternal Building
Ata ipeeting of the committees
representing the various ledges of the
A. O. U. W., held at Portlaod last
week, it was decided to take part in
the building of the Lewis and Clark
fraternal building fur the 1905 Fair,
and a committee was elected to meet
with other fraternal committees and
Instructed to enter the permanent
organization to be formed at the
The grand master workman, George
H. Durham of Grants Pass, will be
communicated with in regard t «send­
ing out communications to different
lodges in the state and original Ore­
gon Country, asking them to co-oper­
ate in the effort.
Found a Cure for Indication.
1 use Chamberlain’s Stomach and
Liver Tablets for indigestion and find
that they suit my case bett er than any
dyspepsia remedy I have ever tried
and I have used many different remed­
ies. I am nearly fifty-one years cf
age and have suffered a great deal
from Indigestion. I can eat almost
anything 1 want to now.—Gio. W.
E moky , Kock Milla Ala. Fur sale by
all druggists.
Frank Wolf Tal es the Law Into Hie
Ovm Ha-.ds.
Will Ask for Full Correspondence in
Panama Matter.
Washington, Jan. 25.—The Demo I
cratic senators spent several hours in
conference on the Panama question
and when they adjourned it was an ;
nounced by Senator Gorman, chairman
of the caucus, that the conference had
agreed upon a resolution to be pre
sented to the senate asking for all j
the correspondence between the Unit
ed States and Colombia since the nego
tiatlons of the Hay-Herran treaty. The I
fact was brought out that there are |
some documents missing from the cor
respondence as published, and the I
conclusion was reached that a resolu I
tion calling for all the missing paper.“
would, If passed, and complied with i
by the executive, meet al) require j
Tillamook, Or., Jan. 25.—Henry 11
Aiderman, sheriff of Tillamook coun
ty, shot and Instantly killed hlmsei*
Sunday. He had been seriously 111 for
more than a month, and, in addition tc
his physical troubles, became involved
In a dispute with accountants over an
alleged discrepancy in the county’s
books, which led to a warrant being
Issued for his arrest. In his weak
•ned state the worry evidently unset
tied Alderman’s mind temp -rarily. He
leaves a large estate, besides a heave
life insurance.
Cleveland, Jan. 25.—The prevailing
cold wave has effectually checked the
destruction by floods throughout
northern and central Ohio. It 18 4
degrees below zero
A. B. Canman, Chicago, write«
Maich. 1903: “Having been troubled
witli Lumbago at different timesand
tried one physician after another;
then different ointments and lini­
ment«, gave it up altogether. So 1
tried once more, and got a bottle of
Ballard’s Snow Liniment, which gave
me almost instant relief. I can cheer­
fully recommend it, and will ndd mv
name to your list of former sufferers.”
25c, 50c and $1 00. Dr. J. Hinkle,
Cenlral Point.
Untagged Deer Hides
D puty Game Warden Hodson, of
Douglas County, arrested George
Fi«her, about 13 miles from Glendale,
January 13, for having untagged deer
hides In his possession. Fisher enter­
ed a plea of guilty, and was fined 825
and cost«.
The minimum Hue for this <>ffence
is 825, tbe maximum 8500, together
with costs of prosecution, or Imprison­
ment in the County Jail of the county,
wherein such t ffeuce may have beeD
committed not less than 30 nor more i
that! 120 days, or both tine and im­
Red Bluff, Jan. 25.—Dr. John Fife
has returned from the Gallatin runeh,
where he was summoned Saturday
night to attend Homer Burt, who was
shot at that place by Frank Wolfe
Saturday. He found that Burt had
been shot through one lung, and states
that, while Burt’s wound Is serious,
it may not terminate fatally.
The trouble which led to the shoot­
ing was a letter received by tl»e 13-
year-old daughter of Wolfe from Burt.
This letter fell into the hands of ?.lis.
Wolfe, who communicated its con­
tents to her husband.
While the men on the ranch, includ­
ing Brut, were sitting at the supper
table. Wolfe walked into the room,
Going up to Burt, he remarked: “I
said I would kill you," and fired three
shots, One bullet struck Burt about
half an inch below the heart, passing
through his body and coming out
above the hip, a little to the right o?
the spine. Another cut through the
flesh on the left side, while the third
one missed him.
It s the*. Liver«
Don’tJalMo Eet toxlay at Jour dntggfcts a botila of
For Sale at City Drug Sore
Much Suffering in the East From the
Extreme Cold.
Chicago. Jan. 25.—It is piercing cold
in the whole northwest. The ther­
mometer reached 15 below zero in Chi­
cago. The record here is 23 below and
there is some expectation that a new
low point will be touched before the
cold spell is ended.
One man frozen stiff was found by
pedestrians on an outlying part of
Thirty-second street. He had ap­
The Keview of Reviews is often called a
parently struggled along until exhaust­
in recognition of its usefulness in keeping
ed by the cold and had dropped un­
readers “up with the times.”
conscious and literally was frozen to
death in his tracks in the snow. The
In Presidential election years the REVIEW
unidentified corpse was taken to a
OF REVIEWS is more than ever “the necessary
magazine.” Everybody wants to be truly and quickly
There were countless Instances of
informed about this or that public question that has
frozen hands and ears. Traffic was
forged to the front; to know about the new candi­
greatly hampered.
dates and personal factors in politics, to have a com­
The bitter cold experienced at 16
plete picture at hand of the current movement of
below is the most intense so far thia i
winter in Chicago, Stretching to the
northwest, the mercury shows a swift
In Dr. Shaw'i editorials, in it» authentic and timely con­
tributed articles, in it» brilliant character »ketches, in it» conden­
ly descending scale, ths minimum in
sations and reviews of all the important articles of other magMinee,
the United States being at Bismarck
and in Its hundred a month of valuable portrait» witty cartoons,
intercating viewa, the REVIEW OF REVIEWS gives the
and Williston, N. D., where the offi
much desired news of the world's aad our own progress. “The
cial figures are at 34 below zero. The
World under a Field-glass " is the way one subscriber describes it.
Mon in public life, like President Theodore Roosevelt the
crest of the wave is. however, beyond
members of Congress, and the great captains of industry, who
the national boundary line, Minneola
must keep “up with the times,'' intelligent men and women all
over America, have decided it is “ indispensable.''
N. W. T., reporting 34 below.
St. Louis, Jan. 25.—Street car and
railroad traffic is considerably delayed
because ot a blizzard that has
vailed for several hours. While
the coldest day of the season,
13 Astor Pisco. Now York
thermometer stands at about 4
grees above zero, a few points higher
than the lowest point reached this
The full effects of the storm were
felt at the world’s fair grounds, where
less than one-hfilf of the 10,000 men
employed on the construction work
reported for duty. These worked un­
der great difficulty and with consid­
erable suffering.
The work of the 400 landscape men
has been temporarily abandoned.
Kansas City, Mo, Jan. 25.—North­
western Missouri and northern and
western Kansas are experiencing the
coldest weather of the season, with a
still further fall in the temperature
predicted by tonight. In the north­ Through Salt Lake City, Leadville, I ueYlo, Coloiado Spria
western portion of Missouri the tem­
and Denver, and the Famous Rocky Mountain Scenery
perature at 8 o’clock averaged 10 de-
grees below zero.
by Daylight to all Points East.
Snow flurries are reported from all
this part of the southwest.
25c. a copy* $2.50 a year
3 Fast 11ains Daily Between Ogden and Denver 3
Riverside, Jan. 25.—With a leather
Modern Equipment, through Pullman and Tourist
strap twisted and knotted around his
Sleeping Cars and Superb Dining Car Service . . . .
neck and one side of his face and
head beaten almost to a pulp, the body
of Anthony R. Rockhill, 75 years of
age. has been found at his home near
W. C. McBRIDE, Gen. Ag-
the ostrich farm, where he lived alone. ror rates, folders^nd other
124 Tuird St., PORTLAND,
The discovery was made by the old □ formation, address
man’s nephew, Harry Beattie, who
went to call on his uncle, and found
the mutilated and bloody body of the
old man lying on the floor of his little
ranch house. The old man owned a
small orange orchard and was In com
fortable circustances financially, and
it is believed that the murder was
committed by someone in quest of
money. The interior of the house and
the condition of the old man's body
Many experienced travel-
indicated that a desperate struggle
rs piefei tourist sleeping
had taken place. The officers are
without a clew to the murderer. This OFFERS CHOICE OF THREE GATEWAYS
cars for the transconti­
is the second murder to be committed
nental journey. The
in this immediate locality, Andrew F.
Peterson having been slain near the
Mme spot a short time ago, and for
which crime Andrew Karis is now in
jail here awaiting arraignment.
Kansas City,
St. Joseph
or Omaha,
San Diego, Jan. 25.—Ruth Royal,
known off the stage as Mrs. Ella
Johnston MacFadyen, a handsome
woman, who played the part of Her-
mia. one of the court ladies in the
Warde-James company's presentation
of "Alexander the Great," died Sun­
day at the Hotel Brewster of valvula#
«llsease of the heart, accentuated by
an attack of pneumonia, the result of
a severe cold taken about ten days
Through Standard and Tourist keep­
ing Cars daly b tw«?en San Francisco
and Chicago vi
Los Angel«“ anu
El Paso.
' Through Sleeper each TUES­
DAY from Portland to Chicago via
Salt Lake and Colorado Springs
Through Standard Sleeping Cars
daily between Ogden and Chicago.
Lowest Rates in effect always avail
Re«iue»>d Round Trip Rates in effect
on July 12, 13, 15 an. 16, and August
18, 19, 25 and 26; 90 days rdturn limit.
Be sure to see that your ticket reads
via the
San Francisco, Jan. 25.—I.t^la
Nease, a young woman of 24. was
given a dose of drastic poisonous gum
Sunday by her mother, who believed
she was administering a harmless
spoonful of cod liver oil to assist her
convalescence from pneumonia. That
Miss Nease is still alive is due to the
tsrenuous and timely treatment given
The Best and Most Reasonable Din­
at the Park Emergency hospital.
ing Car Se -vice.
For rates, fo’ders, etc., wri'e to or
Melbourne, Victoria, Jan. 25.—A dis­ L. B. GORHAM G. W. BA1NTER
astrous hurricane has blown over the
Tr V Ln A I
Gene-al Ag< n <
Fiji islands, resulting in great loes of
250 Aider
Up «
life and property.
Cars East
Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul R. R.
can arrange for your trip
east in tourist cars, ofie
you choice of routes and
save you money.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent,
134 Third St. Portland
Rock Island System.
If The Baby la Cutting Teeth.
Be sure and use that old and well-tried reme­
dy, Mas. W inslow ’ s S oothing S yrup , tor
children 'eethlnn It sootb«*a «he child, soft­
ens I he gums, allays all pain, cures wind oolto
and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty
live cents a bottle.
It is intert'sting t«> note that for­
tunes are frequently made by the in-
vention of articles of minor import­
ance. Many of tbe most popular de­
vices are those designed to benefit the
people and meet popular conditions,
and one of tiie most interesting of
these that has ever been invented is
the Dr. IVIme ElectrlcComb. patent­
ed Jan. 1, ’99. These wonderful ccmbs
potdllve’y cure dandruff, hair falling
out, sick and nervous headaches and
when us« d in connection with Dr.
While’s Electric Hair Brush ate posi-
tively guaranteed to make straight
hair curly in 25 days’ time. Thou­
sands of these electric combs have
been sold In the various cities of the
Union, and the demand is constantly
increasing. Our agents are rapidly
becoming rich selling these combs.
They positively sell on sight. Send
for sample. Men’s size 35c. ladies’ 50c
—half price whi'e we are introducing4
them. See Want Column of this
paper. The Dr. White Electric Comb
Co., Decatur, I1L
1 à
Of any Township in tbe
Roseburg Laud District.
Prepared for Filing on Hume
stead or Timber Claims
■^Special Attention given to
Matters in Connection with
the U. S. Land Office.
Marks Bld..Roseburg, Or
Railway betweea the
Missouri River)
The Chicago-Portland Special/the
most luxurious train in the world.
Drawing-rootn sleeping cars, dining
car, buffet smoking and library car
(barber and bath). Less than three
days Portland to Chicago.
Through Trains
to Chicago are operated daily via the
Oregon Railroad & Navigation
Company, Oregon Short Line Rail-
road, Union Pacific Railroad and
Chicago & North-Western Railway
to Chicago from Portland and points
in Oregon.
Daily and peraonally conducted ex-
curaioas in Pullmau tourut »leepinx
cars from Portland, Loa Angel«« and
San Francisco, Ihrough to Chicago
without change.
Gca l Agt..»>7 MirkrtSt,
Gen l Age.
Third SC.
S an erancuco .C ai -
fuurcANf. Oaa.
Chicago & North-Western Ry.
Bean the