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Pains in the Back
Are symptoms of a weak, torpid or
stagnant condition of the kidneys or
liver, and are a warning it is extremely
hazardous to Degliet, so important
is a healthy action of these organs.
They are commonly attended by loss
of energy, lack of courage, and some­
times by gloomy foreboding and de­
“I had pains in my back, could not sleep
and when I got up in the morning felt
worse Mian tbe night before. I begun tak­
ing Hood’s Sarsaparilla and now I can
sle»T> and get up feeling reste«i and aide to
do my wop. I attribute my eure entirely
to Hood’s Sarsaparilla.” M rs . J. N. P erry ,
care H. 8. Copeland, Pike Road, Ala.
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Core kidney and liver troubles, relieve
the back, and build up the whole system.
Can This Be Trae?
The Holiday Excursion
C. E. Helmer of New York is doing
Now is the time to make good resolu­
A Happy Now Year to all.
Several hundred people living in business here.
and stick to them.
Rev. S. Snyder was in Medford one
Southern Oregon and Northern Cali­
the House by a vote of 32 to 21,
The public schools reopen next Mon­
Sheriff Rader spent several hours in day this week.
fornia left for San Francisco Saturday Medford Tuesday.
making gambling a fel my, was intro.
Miss Pauline Routt r was in Medford due d by Hutchinson of Multnomah. day, after a vacation of two weeks.
with the excursion managed by T. K.
Mrs. Orrin Whitman (nee Rothermol) Wednesday.
Prof. E. E. Washburn and his
Bolton and Emil Peil. Most of them
It was simply an exact copy of the
are passing the holidays at Ash
A. Linn, tho well-known minor, is Washington law which has b en sus­
got aboard at Ashland and Montague.
P. B. O'Neil made a quick trip to with us again.
Tickets are good for fifteen days,
tained by tho Supreme Court of that
Ira P Hanson of Pelican Bay has re­
although holders can return whenever Jacksonville Tuesday.
Miss Bortha Lewis was In Medford state, and contained an additional
from a visit to his old home in
they wish.
Gus Newbury, the attorney, mad«i one day this week.
provision requiring the District At­
The following Is a list of the excur­ Ashland a visit Monday.
Studies will bo resumed at St. Mary’s torney to ferret out o ..aiders and
Prof. S. P. Robbins and his wife have
sionists who reside in Jackson county,
bring them to trial.
E. DeRoboam, hospital contractor, Academy Monday, Jan. 4th.
to Chico, Calif., to spend tho
as fa.' as we are able to obtain them:
did business in Medford Tuesday.
Regular services will be hold at the
Medford—Dr. C. R. Ray, wife and
Herman King and Miss Mary Mar- M E. church by Rev. S. Snyder.
daughter, A. M. Cannon, B. P. Theiss, ' greiter are visiting iu Roseburg.
The County Commissioners’ court
way, any game of faro, monte, roul­
Francis Voyle was among those who ette, rouge et noir, etc., shall be will be in session next week, beginning
W. 1. Vawter and family, Mrs. A. II.
B. P. Theiss returned from San wore in Medford during the week.
Lawrentz, Dr. E. B. Plckel, James
guilty of felony, and upon c mviction Wednesday.
W«ydnesday evening.
John Buffer and Goo. N. Lewis spent shall be imprisoned in the penilen.
Pelton, Mrs. E. Brown, R. H. v/liite-
Ralph Darling, A. L. Vincent and W.
head and daughter, J. G. Hedges, ,Geo. W. Frey of Lake Creek and one a cw hours at Medford this week.
tiary not less than one year nor more R. Walker were recent visitors at the
Miss Helen Wait, J. C. Hal), J. G. o’ his sons spent Monday night in Med-
Mrs. T. M. Prim is visiting with her than three years. Among the forbid­ county-seat.
Gore, Messrs Fridegar, Mr. and Mrs ford.
den gambling games are: Dice, slot
sister, Mrs. L. Pongra of Ashland.
We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Ed.
District Attorney Reamee returned
J. Brenneman, Chas. Obenchain.
Miss Emma and Harry Helmsattond- machines, ciiecks, credit*, brag, bluff, Layton of Applegate is seriously ill
Jacksonville—Oris Crawford and Tuesday from a short visit to Hills­ od the railway trainmen’s ball at Ash­ ’au-taii, draw-poker, poker, whether l wtth catarrh
family, Judge Neil, W. C. Deneff, Roy boro.
played or operated in a house, room,
1 land.
Hen fruit is becoming more plenti­
Ulrich, T. P. Kahler, S. E. Dunning-
Miss Grace Whitehead has gone to
shop or othtr building whatsoever,
and the price has dropped to 30
ton, T. J. Kenney, Mrs. G. E. Neuber Berkeley, Calif., to attend Head's Col­
boat booth, garden or other places.
ts a dozen.
and daughter, Mrs. E. C. Faucett, lege.
After passing tbe House tiie meas­
Misses Josie Donegan, Kate Plymale,
Wm. McClanahan, a prominent citi­
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Whitman return­
ure was kidnapped in the Senate. A.
C. M. Ruch and A. Throckmorton
Marie Nickell, Win. Jenings.
ed Wednesday morning from a trip to
C. Jennings, chief clerk of tbe House, zen of Flounce Rock precinct, was one
of Union precinct were in our midst
Ashland—Mi-ses Edith .Crowson, Portland.
carried the bill to the bar of the of our visitors Monday.
Fannie Carter, Mabel Riggs, Mary
J. J. Seale, who is racing in Star lately.
J. J. McNair and Miss Lulu Briggs,
Senate after It had been enrolled in
Nichol, Nora McDade, Effie Johnson, Gulch district, is spending tho holidays
Dr. Geo. Kahler has been joinod by the H< use. He delivered it to a page prominent in Ashland society, will be
Lydia McCall, Gertrude Engle, Stella at home.
his wife, who arrived from Tacoma at the bar. Then it disappeared a* married New Year’s Eve.
Case, Effie Hauks, Mr. and Mrs. J.
this week.
completely as if It had sunk iutu the
Gov. Chamberlain has appointed Dr.
prints of township maps, show
True, Mrs Hazzard, Mr. and Mrs. ing Blue
Herman King and Miss Mary Mar- depths of the earth. Officers of the E V. Hoover of Roseburg physician at
ail vacant land, fifty cents each.
Frank Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. Van For reliable information concerning greiter have returned from a visit at Senate can’t remember to have seen
the Oregon Soldiers Home.
McDade, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Loomis, government land write to Frank E. Roseburg.
tbe document.
Mrs. Clara Collins Vail, a former resi­
Mrs.Safely, Mrs. Chisholm, Mrs.E. V. Alley, Abstracter, Roseburg, Oregon.
Who in the Senate saw the bill? dent of Medford, was a passenger on
Rov. F. G. Strange will preach in the
Mills, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Shepherd,
L. C. Narregan, the attorney, was in
Presbyterian church Sunday morning If It reached the sight of any office1 the southbound train Monday.
Mrs. J. R. Casey, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Jacksonville Monday, on professional
that person should have been Presi­
and evening.
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Cook, Mr. business
Fred Puhi, a native of Germany, has
Brownell, since the Constitution
Geo. H. Durham of Grants Pass, the
and Mrs. T. W. Stevens, Marlon Van-
Dec. 19th declared his intention to
Irwin Eckelson arrived from Tacoma
requires all bills transmitted from
natta, M. Silsby, Al Decker, Mort Monday. He is on his way to San attorney, is in Jacksonville, on pro­ one house to the other to be receiv«d become a citizen of the United States.
fessional business.
Lawton, Frank Hendrick-«, Roy Loom­ Francisco.
Elmer Bagley of Woodville precinct
by the presiding officer. He says
Mrs. G. Newbury was in Medford one that lie is as much at a loss as any­ bad his leg broken recently. Dr.Moore
is, E. H. Ogden, J. L. Gentry, Fred
Jesse Applegate left for Corvallis
Engle, W. M. Richards, F. J. Hanks, Wednesday evening, and will become a day this week, making purchases for body to know whither the bill had of Grants Pass reduced the fracture.
her new residence.
F. McAllister, G. S. Butler, Mark student of the O. A. C.
Quite a number of the young folk-of
True, W. C. Gibson, Ed Murphy, L.
Rev. J. D. Murphy will hold services
According to the Oregonian a dele­ Jacksonville attended the minstrel
W. M. Cox of Phtenix precinct re­
A. Neil, M. Mayer, Denver Kinciid,
at the Catholic church in Jacksonville gation of gamblers,well supplied with show given in Medford Christmas night.
made a trip to Josephine county,
Al Pankey, E. Peil, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Sunday, at the usual time.
boodle, were at Salem for the purpose
The adjourned term of circuit court
where he formerly lived.
W. Finley.
lobbying against the bill. They will convene next Monday, Jan. 4th.
John Dodson, who is an inmate of
j Mrs. Jessie Langell Farnsworth, who
the Oregon Soldiers’ Home, while doubtless know who stole it, and they The petit jury still has business before
i has been in Portland during the past
spending ClMttmas at Glendale, fell off paid well for tbe kidnapping.
month, return«*! Saturday night.
a sidewalk and dislocated his shoulder.
Gold Ray is now one of tbe towns of
Senator Hunt of Multnomah and
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Carpenter, who
Southern Oregon, having been incor­
Representative Fest of Malheur made
That there will be no *300 tax ex­
reside two miles east of Jacksonville,
porated at the late session of the legis­
our city a short visit Thursday.
did business in Medford one day last
emption on the assessment of 19D4
John S. Orth, county clerk, and his week.
John Harris, who has been ailing
«erm« apparent from the laws as they
A mask ball will be given at Eagle
who have been making Eugene a
were left by the special session. As
New Year’s,night, by Jerry-
R. G. Hart, an excellent upholsterer,
the law n«>w stands there is no ex­ short visit, returned Sunday night.
has located in Medford. Orders for year, died Thursday evening. He was Heckathorn. A splendid timéis antici­
emption authorized. The next as-
Miss Ida Howard, a student of St. him can he left with the Medford Fur­ nearly 30 years of age and highly re­ pated.
spected. A widow (nee Jennie Booth)
se-sment will be made on March 1, Mary’s Academy, is visiting Dr. J. S. niture Co.
When you want a pleasant purgative
and numerous friends mourn his un­ try Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
1904. The act pass« d by the Lew isla- Herndon of Ashland and his family.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Barnes are in timely death.
Tablets. They are easy to take and
ture reviving the *300 exemption will
Mrs. Arnold, accompanied by her this section, looking for a place to
produce no nausea, griping or other
not take effect until 90 days from niece. Miss Hockenyos, were in Jack­ spend a few months, They are reai-
disagreeable effect. For sale by all
December 23, or on March 23. There­ sonville tbe forepart of the week.
dents of Montana.
fore it would seem that no extuip-
The following quotations we re
Tbos. Young and S. H. Harnish,
W. E Olmstead, the genial superin­ made up this afternoon, and is an
John Carney of Central Point is at
tioo can be allowed on tiiat assess­
who live near Eagle Point, were with tendent of the Sturgis mines, located Impartial report of the prices cha -ged work on an excellent quartz mine, lo­
us the forepart of the week.
on Forest Creek, has returned from a by Jacksonville dealers:
cated in Blackwell district, be is inter­
In examining the acts passed by the
Wheat—*1 per bushel.
Flour—*2.-30 (a *2 40 per 100 pounds. ested in.
Legislature, at its recent session, an
55c per bushel.
Walter S. Morgan, who lives in
Oregonian representative noticed that
Barley—Rolled. »1.50 per cental.
the exemption law carried no emer­ Hale of Grants Pass, returned Satur- land have been at the Palmer-Chase
Northern California, has been in Sam's
mine, heated a few miles west of Jack­
Va'ley, visiting bis mother, who is in
gency clause. This wa* olbd to the day.
Potatoes- Jc. per ib
B. B. Beekman, a well-known law- sonville, doing assessment work.
Onions—ljc per pound.
attention of At torrey-Geueral Craw­
poor health.
Butter—50c per roll.
yer of Portland, who bas been visiting
Wtn. Broad anu his son, who are em­
This is the season of tbe year when
Beans— 3(tf5c per pound.
“It looks as tnough there will his parents, left for home Tuesday even­ ployed at the Greenback mine, situated
tbe careful merchant takes an invento­
Lard—15c per Douud.
in Josephine countyi 6pent Christma*
be no exemption in 1904,” was Mr. ing.
Eggs—35 cts perdozen.
ry to see how he has fared during the
Sugar—D. G. *5.856i*6 35 per cwt.
Crawford’s comment. “Perhaps some
Representatives Olwell and Cantrall at homo. They returned Thursday.
past 12 months.
Poultry—»3.50 to *4.00 per dozeD.
way can be found to construe the law returned home immediately after the
Henry Pech, one of our thriftiest
The Christmas-tree entertainment
Hams— 16c(a 17c per pound.
so that the exemption can be a loaed, close of the special session of the Legis­ farmers, was in town a few days ago.
Shoulders—12jc per pound.
which took place at Eagle Point was a
but it doesn’t look very favorable at lature.
Side Bacon—15(a20c per pound.
He recently purchased a tract of fine
success in every way. The big crowd
the fit st glance.”
Guaranteed Forest Reserve Scrip for land, situated on BearCreek, from I. J.
present enjoyed itself very much.
T> e assessment of 1903 was made as sale, in large or small quantities, by Estes.
There will be a dancing party in
values existed March 1 of tiiat year. Frank E. Alley, upstairs over Land
Judge Benson returned to Klamath
Bilious Attack.
Orth's Hall, Jacksonville, New Year’s
Office, Roseburg. Oregon. Will place
The law repealing tie exemption did same for non-resident purchasers.
Falls one day last weex. He has been
“Ihsdasevere bilious attack and Eve. Music will be furnished by Paine's
n it take effect until May 21. As the
court for Judge Hamilton of felt like my in ad was about to bur>t orchestra and Mrs. C. Ulrich will set
Donaldson-Selby Bros, of Sterling-
assessors listed property that was tax­
ville were recent Medford visitors. The the Second District, whose wife’s health when I got hold of a free sample of the supper.
Chamberlain’s Stomach and Liver
able on March 1, they allowed exemp­
elder is in tbe employ of the Iowa Lum­ is precarious.
B. F. McCrary, who formerly resided
Tablets. 1 took a dose of them after
tions on the 1903 roll. If the same
Enterprise school district has levied supper and the n«xt day felt like at on the Siskiyou mountain, is visiting
ber Co.
rule be followed in 1934, no exemp­
Judge Prim, Frank Olwell, Miss M. an eight-mill tax, which will enable new man and have been feeling happy his brother, A. F. McCrary, who lives
tions cau be allowed. In other words,
it to have a 9-months term. Prof. Gus ever since,” says Mr. J. W. Smith of
tbe exemption must fall either tn 1903 Krause and M. M. Taylor attended the Samuels, who is teaching the school, Julifi.Texas. For biliousness, atom near Jacksonville. He is accompanied
ach tioubles and constipation these by his son, also the latter’s wife.
or 1904, and apparently It muse fall in ball given by the railroad boys Christ­ gives general satisfaction.
labh ts have no tqual. Price 25 tents.
There was an interesting shooting
For sale by all druggists.
match for turkeys, beef and cash on
Jos. W. Olwell, who is now in New
Tuesday, at Talent, under the manage­
York, studying the apple market, will in charge of the .Criterion Saloon dur­
ment of John D. Beeson. Good marks
leave for London in a few days, on ing the absence of the proprietors,
Messrs. Dunnington and Deneff, who
a similar mission.
The undersigned will pay a suitable manship was displayed by several.
are spending the holidays in San Fran- reward for the return of his dog, who
Tbe Jackson County Ministerial As­
It is said that Klamath Falls can
recently went astray. He is yellow in
will hold its bi-monthly ses­
have a railroad if it will off :r reason­ in Medford. He recently returned
The California company which pur­ color, ha6 long hair and a bobbed tail, sion in Medford, at the Presbyterian
from Dawson, N. W. T., where he is
and answers the name of “Jac’r.”
able inducements therefor.
chased the Sturgis placer mines are
F red STURGia, Forest Creek.
church, next Monday and Tuesday.
Hervey Lindley, former manager of engaged in business.
fitting them up with the latest appli­
P. O. Address Jacksonville.
An excellent program has been arrang­
the Klamath Lake Railroad Company,
ances. An engine and boiler, which
has purchased the interest of George
will be used for hoisting, was received
How is That for High?
Mason, and at a late meeting of the in the southern part of the county, left
One of the handsomest as well as
this week.
most successful social events of the sea­
directors held in San Francisco the for her home Monday evening.
In one of the grocery stores of Med­ son was the bail
H. H. (Hein) Blecher, who died sud­
given at Ashland
latter resigned his ¡osition and the
A. H. Walker, of the Oregon Granite
ford are on display a few boxes of choice
Christmas night,
former was e ec ed tn bis stead as Co., was north of the river recently,
The Tidings says
from apoplexy, in the 56 h year of his apples, of the Spitzenburg variety, that 125 couples participated in the
president of tire road.
setting up some neat work in the Sam’s
age, is well remembered by the older which are good to look upon. Although grand march.
The Klamath Lake Railroad has Valley cemetery for Mr. Askew.
residents of Klamath county, in which this is the land of the apple thus) are
been built from Laird, Cal., to Po-
Mrs. Grubb, accompanied by her
Mr. Elwood, an expert jeweler, who section he operated extensively in held at *3 a box, but find a ready sale at
kegama, Ore., a distance of ab rut 30
that apparently exorbitant figure. Dr. children, arrived from Kern county
has been located at Grants Pass, will stock and land.
miles, at an expense of *000,000, and is I
J. M. Keene Ikteiy sent one of them to Calif., recently, to join her husband,
soon become a resident of Medford,
With its next issue T he D emo ­ his brother, Dr. Clarence Keene, who who has purchased one of R. Benedict’s
one of the finest scenic railroads in
. ™ r» un
j ,
cratic T imes begins the 34th year of is attending lectures in Boston. The farms on Applegate. All were met at
tbe West, winding its way, as it does, t
its existence. There are very few
along the Klamath River, until it
Medforl by Gus 8chutz, the lady's
W. F. Arant, the efficient superin­ older papers—less than five—and but expressage was *3.65, or 65 cents more
begins the ascent of the mountains,
where by the use of switchbacks it tendent of Crater Lake Park, is pass­ one of them has been as long or longer
gradually m »unts to the summit. ing the holidays in Southern Oregon. —31 years—under the same manage­
Here leaving the picturesque scene t f He was In Medford several days during ment than it has, in Oregon—the
Oregonian. This is certainly a splendid
the valleys and river it suddenly the past week.
plunges into the dense forests of
E. D Elwood and Dr. J. E. Shearer, record.
pine, through which it travels until It accompanied by their families,leave for
Mr. Adams, father of Frank and
reaches its present terminus at P«> Chico, Calif, during the week, to lo­ Chas. Adams, died in Jacksonville Dec.
cate. They have many friends in Med­ 30th, aged about 72 years. He had
The extension of the road to Klam­ ford, all of whom regret their depart­ been ailing v ith gangrene for some
If your r ead aches—you’re bilious—a sure sign that <
your liver Is out of order, more than likely the result J
ath Lake, a distance of 22 miles, is ure but wish them prosperity where time past. Two of his toes wero am­
of a weak stomach or constipated bowels. All such <
now belug considered by Mr. Lindley, ever they may go.
putated, but the ravages of the disease
suffei^rs should know that for 50 years
and he is not aver. e to its going to
A. W. Sturgis, the veteran miner, could not be stayed. Mr. A. was an
Klamath Falls.
who recently sold his placer mines, has upright man and a good citizen, whose ?•
removed to Medford with his family. death will be regretted by all who »1
He will not desert Forest Creek entire­ knew him.
ly for the present.
Chris. Ulrich on Thursday received I«
has been curing these ailments without fail. We j
then fore urge a trial the next time your head aches. ,
Blue-print maps of any township is
Some of the news papers are print­
Tue Bitters also cures
Roseburg, Oregon, Land District, show I liiin that his sister Emma was one of CD m
ing a story that Lewis and Clark ing all the vacant lands, for 50 cents ' the hundreds cf victims of the disas­
Dizziness, Be’chinp, Heart burn, Dyspepsia, '
must have pasted through R <gu? each. If you want any information trous fire which consumed the Iroquois
Insomnia, Indigestion, Kidney Troubles, <
River Valley, because there appears from the U. S. Land Office, address Theater the day before. She was born
Nervousness and Malaria, Fever and Ague.
upon a big ruck that embellishes I he Title Guarantee & Loan Co., Rose­ in Jacksonville and in 1883 married S
burg, Oregon.
Hundreds of women use the Bitters t» the exclusion '
summit of Wagner Butte marks and
L. Dolson, who wsb In charge of the
tof all other medicines as a tonic and regulator.
signs that had been carved there by
[That proves Its value. Be sure to try a bottle.
railroad construction through Rogue
student of the Oregon Agricultural I River Valley at the time.
the grea‘. explorers tbem elyes.
00-0000 o oooooo c ooooo oooooooooooooooooo
Tills sounds romantic enough; but College, has been passing the holidays
it happens that there are yet living at home. He has become one of the
people to explode tire story. As a best foot ball players In Corvallis.
matUrof fid, the name- and figures
Chas E Garfield, a prominent citi­
on I he af >ie aid st« ne a ere placed zen ol Rio Vista, Cal., ha* b en paying
there iu 1855 by A. W. Sturgis, W. Medford and Jacksonville a visit. He
has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales over One and a Half MHlSoil
Beeson and S. M. Rob 1-on, wiio as-' thinks Southern Oregon ail right, but
bottles. Does this record of merit appeal to you?
No Cure, No Pay.
eroded Wagner Butte while buuting 1 is so well satisfied with his own section
and on au expedition of exploration.
he ^n^tmakea changed
— 1 _ — — J
Arthur Brisliane, in one of his d illy
editorials in the New York Evening
Journal, quotes, as he says, from the
circular of a Philadelphia whisky
firm, as follows:
Possibly 92 or 93 per cent of tlie
whisky sold in Pniladelpliia is what is
technically termed by the trade
“blende! whisky.” The manner of its
preparation is about as fo lo vs: For a
barrel ol 48 gallons possibly 38 to 40
gallons of cologne spirits are put Into
a .tank—cologne spirits being the
either of the whisky, which passes
from the still in the process of distill­
ing, as benzine precedes Illuminating
oil in the dis'illing of petroleum. It
is a neutral spirit, having no taste; but
its effect up >n the human system is
very pernicious, and, when taken to
excess, it dies to the brain aod pro­
duces very unpleasant results. To
thia 30 or 4 gallons of cologne spirits
possibly foui gallons of straight
whisky are added, together with two
gallons of prune juice, two gallons of
peach juice and a little vanilla, pine­
apple or some other flavor to give it a
distinctive and pronounced character.
Thia compound, or blend, is allowed
to stand for some months, until the
component parts are all blended. The
compound is then bottled or barreled,
widely adverti-ed and sold under
fancy and alluring names, at ] rices
ranging from 75 cents to *2 a bottle.
Be Qaick.
Not * moment should be lost when
a child shows symptoms of croup
Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy given
as soon as the child becomes hoarse,
or even after the croupy cough ap­
pears, will prevent the attack. It
never fails, and is pleasant and safe
to take. For sale by all Druggists.
Commutation Act in Danger e
Chairman Lacey of the public lands
committee of the lower house of Coo-
greas has presented an elaborate argu­
ment against repealing the commuta­
tion clau-e of the homestead act. By
statistics be showed there bad been
no alarming increase in the number of
commuted homesteads tn late yeais,
and there was notbing whatever in
the records to show that auy c< nsider-
able number of frauds h id been perpe­
trated under that law. On the con­
trary, he maintained that the depart­
ment has it in its [owerto administer
this law so as to prevent frauds. La by­
admitted it might tie advisable to 1 -
crease the p’ice per acre to be paid on
commuted entries. He thought *5 an
acre would b? the maximum price
justified, however.
Representative Mondell of Wyom­
ing made a similar argument, and
Senator Fulton, who happened to be
present, expressed the off-hand view
that no reason existed why the com­
mutation law should be repealed.
He was convinced that no particular
fraud was perpetrated ULder its pro­
Old Law Still Stands.
State Superintendent
says that the law directing county
school superintendents of the state to
make semi-annual app irtionments 11
each school district was not abolhbei
at the last regular session of the Leg­
islature, as has been inferred.
The only respect in which the old
law was modified was that the appor­
tionments in October and April of
each year were made obligatory on
the part of the county superintendent,
any other distribution of funds being
discretionary with the superinten­
At the special session of the Legis­
lature the provision for a per capita
tax of *6 for each pupil was eliminat­
ed and the old law authorizing a fi­
rn ill tax was re-en acted, so that the
school law In this respect is the same
as it was formerly. As it now stan s,
each distilet will receive regular ap­
portionments of *50 and its propor­
tion of the tax realized from the 5-
mill levy. The hardships imposed on
sparsely settled districts is thus re­
ó Co’s
Copper- rive t e d
NO. 62
Another Legislative Blunder
Railroad Extension Probable
You Can’t Work
Exploded Nonsense
Stomach Bitters
Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic
A considerable portion of the valley '
has been enveloped in fog during tbe
past several days. This is something
unusual as well as disagreeable. The
sun shines brightly every day in higher
altitudes, however.
Two more carloads of machinery for
the Lucky Boy Mining Company’s
great electric power plant at Blue
River have arrived. This shipment
consisted of the huge water wheel and
Will. Young, an energetic young
miner, and Miss Inez Luttrell, one of
Ncott Valley’s fairest daughters, were
united in matrimony by Judge Chas.
Prim Christmas Eve. They are re­
ceiving the congratulations and best
wishes of all.
A mask ball was held at the residence
of Josh. Neathammer, one of the
prominent citizens of Pleasant Creek
precinct, Christmas night. It was well
attended end everything passed off
nicely. Excellent music and supper
were provided.
Representative Wiliiamion has intro-
duettd a bill providing that Indian War
Veterans shall be entitled to admission
to the various Federal Soldiers’ Homes
in the United States on the same terms
and under such conditions as veterans
of the Civil War.
Adjutant-General Finzer has checked
up the Indian War veterans' claims
against the State and found *142,859.-
36 in claims, of which amount has been
paid an even *100,000, the full amount
of tue appropriation. He has on hand
suspended claims aggregating *850.
Jas Crooemiller and Harry Luy,
who have been confined to their
homes with what is called Manila!.ch,
are able to be about again. A few
other residents of Jacksonville are like­
wise afflicted. Dr. Gale pronounces the
disease a species of varioloid, but not at
all dangerous.
Two of the principal social events of
the holiday season were the balls given
at Phoenix and Central Point Christ­
mas night under the auspices of the lo­
cal lodges of the A. O. U. W. The
music and supper furnished in each in­
stance were first-class. Extensive prep­
aration bad been made, and tbe many
in attendance enjoyed themselves
Governor Chamberlain has appoint­
ed W. W. Cotton of Portland, to suc­
ceed Benton Killin, whose term has
expired, as a member of the board of
regents of the Oregon Agricultural
College, John D. Olwell of Jackson
county ano J. M. Church of Union
county were reappointed to uucc.ed
themselves on the same board.
Chas. C. Pursei of Applegate, who
had the misfortune to lose his sawmill
by fire last fall, is busily engaged in
getting it together again. Most of tbe
machinery was not Injured, and he is
having the necessary repairs made at
the Medford Iron Works, He will
be ready for operations in the early
A serious shooting affray was car-
rowly averted at Phoenix Christmas
night, probably because the pistol of
one of the combatants did not explode.
It grew out of the exchange of hats by
a number of young men, and was a
silly affair in the extreme. Anybody
who carries a gua should never be al­
lowed to attend a social event of any
kind, but ought to be promptly ar­
rested and punished instead.
W. R Stansell met with an accident
last Monday that might have proved
fatal. He was engaged in repairing
Reames’ gas plant in Jacksonville,
which is operated with gasoline, and
while using a hot soldering iron an ex­
plosion ensued.Mr.S. was considerably
burned about the face and neck, all
tbe hair on his head disappearing. Dr.
Gale is of the opinion that there will be
no serious results.
Senators Mitchell and Fulton have
recommended to the War Department
the appointment of Colonel James
Jackson, retired, of Portland, as in­
structor of the Oregon National Guard.
The present quota of instructors is now
filled; but if some of those heretofore
appointed shall resign, assurance is
given that Colonel Jackson will be ap­
pointed. He was formerly stationed at
Fort Klamath, and served with dis­
tinction in the Modoc war.
Mrs. Amalia A Brooks, one of the
oldest residents of Jacksonville, died on
Chrlstmas.after a short illness. She came
to this section over 40 years ago with
her first husband, Mr. Hauck, who was
a jeweler and watchmaker. In 1882
she became the wife of the late E. C.
Brooks, whom she survived several
years. Mrs. H. was highly esteemed
by all who knew her. The funeral took
place Sunday, Rev. Sanford Snyder
Thirty-four Bills Passed, of
Which None W ere Vetoed
By the Governor
When asked what be thought of
tbe work of the recent session of tbe
Legislature, Governor Chamberlain
expressed himself as highly pleased.
He said that it was as »diort as ha
had expected it to be, and while tome
acts had been passed which were not
urgently needed, the passage of these
had evidently not prolonged the sea*
sion. Governor Chamberlain has ex­
amined and approved all of these
acts either by signing or filing them.
The Legislature passed 1° Senate
bill, and 16 House bills Among these
were charters for the following towns:
Marshfield, North Bend, Gold Ray,
Dalles City, Athena, Lostine, Leba­
non, Beaver Hill, M c MI do ville,Cottage
Grove, Seaside.
Tbe general laws passed are aa fol
8. B. 8, Wade—Amending section
2927 of code, relating to appointment
of deputy District Attorneys in
Eighth District,
S. B. 9, Smith, of Yambill—Fixing
salary of Judge of Lincoln Codcty.
S. B. 17,Rar d—Amending law ■
ing to extcutions at p.nitcntiia
B 18, Pierce—Amending L|
3089, fixiDg time fur giving notice i
tax levies.
S. B. 19, Rand—Fixing tim° of hold­
ing Court in Ninth Judicial District*
S. B. 21, Marsters—appropriating ,
*2500 for furnishing barracks at Sol­
diers’ Home.
S. B. 22, Carter—Amending section
3122 of code, limiting rate of interest
on tax sales to 10 per cent.
8 B. 23, Brownell—Providing that
assignees of claims against counties
for fees paid to recorders illegally
shall not be permitted to maintain
suits on same.
S. B. 26, Mulkey—Authorizing issu­
ance of life diplomas in certain cases.
S. B., Wehrung—Amending seetion
5030 of code, relating to condemna­
tion of water rights.
H. B. 1, Kay - Repealing tbe Phelps
tax law.
H. B. 2, Kay—Re-enacting tbe old
tax law.
H. B. 8, Carnahan—Fixing fees of
recorders and county clerks in coun­
ties of more than 100,000 population.
H. B. 16, Hale—Fixing salary of
County Judge of Josephine County.
H. B. 21, Whealdon—Celilo canal
K B. 23, Sbelley—Restoring Ch*
*300 tax exemption law.
H. B. 29, Malarkey—Raising salary
of Circuit Judges in Multnomah Coun­
H. B. 31, Judd—Amending sections
4322 and 4323 of tbe code, relating to
liens upon mares for stallion service.
H. B. 37, Gault—Relating to com­
petency of witnesses.
H. B. 41, Edwards—Prohibiting kill­
ing cf Pheasants before 1906.
H. B. 42, Ways and Means Commit­
tee—Appropriation bill.
Billons Colic Prevented.
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Guilty of Murder.
For nearly thirty years he
has been traveling around the
At Bennington, VL, Dec. 22d, Mrs.
Mary A. Rogers was found guilty of world, and is still traveling,
murder in the first degree, of killing bringing health and comfort
her husband, Marcus D. Rogers, Au­ wherever he goes.
gust 12, 1902. The verdict carried the
To the consumptive he
death penalty. Mrs. Rogers met her brings the strength and flesh
husband, from whom she was separa­
he so much needs.
ted, on pretence of effecting a recon-
To all weak and sickly
cilation, and, assisted by Leon Per­
he gives rich ana
ham and Stella Bates, gave him
chloroform. The body was thrown strengthening food.
into the river. Love for another man
To thin and pale persons
and a desire to get her busband’s life
gives new firm flesh and
insurance were the alleged motives.
rich red blood.
Children who first saw the
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