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Kvery Sutterer will Reco|;nise the Symp­
toms l>et*eribed by Mia* KoHu^,
a Former Sutterer.
Healthy and rosy-cheeked, lex »king* as
though she had never known asick day.
Miss Helen Ruling has nevertheless
pus.«<*d through intense suffering. To a
reporter who called at her home. No. 267
South Washington street, Columbus,
Ohio, she said :
“Two years ago I had an attack of
acute indigestion, accompanied by ner­
vous troubles ami dizzy spells. I lost iu
w i;'l:t, my complexion Iteeame pale and
Kill '\v, sb,'lit exertion made me breathe
hard ami I could not walk any distance
w i bout getting all tired out. I Itecaine
alarmed and sought medical aid, but the
doctors gave me no lasting benefit and I
continued to grow worse. My stomach
could not digest even the simplest and
most wlMdusome food, and dieting did
not seam to help me. And I was so tired
and worn out all the while.
“ It was l)r. Williams’ Pink Pills for
Pale People that cured me. I ;in
article somewhere telling what those
pills had done am»I began talcing tin m.
Relief came almost imm< .lately. 1 kept
on taking them aud tuy color came Ixu-k,
I could eat again with relish and with
no bar of distressing constqnencea. I
1« gun to f, el strong and active and iu a
short time Was restored to perfect
What Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills for
Pale People did for Miss Ruling they
will do for others similarly afilieted as is
proved bv thousands of cases on file.
Dr. Williams’ I'ink Pills cure stomach
trouble by their tonic action, building
up the digestive organs and enabling
them to do the work that nature in­
tended them to do. Artificial ferments
and predigested foods weaken th** stom­
ach iu many cases. Medicines should
not do the stomach's work but should
r>ut it in condition toperform its natural
functions. A diet book giving useful
information will be sent free on request
by writing to the address bek >w.
Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills f< r Pale
People are s- ld at fifty centsa b x or s.x
boxes for two dollars and fifty cents, and
may be had of all druggists, or direct by
mail from Dr. Williams Medicine Com­
pany, Schenectady, N. Y. They are
never sold in bulk or by the hundred.
Avoid imitati >us; sulMtitutaa never
sued anybody.
The President's Train
Southern Pacific officials have re­
ceived notification that the Presi­
dent’s train will be turned over to the
(fficialsof thisdivi«ion al Dunsmuir
on May 20, at 11:40 a. m. 1 he train
is to be brought into Portland at 2:15
p. m., May 21.
Tlie«e are the two points in the
schedule for the run over the South
ern Pscltic front Dunsmuir north
which have been definitely settled.
The local officers of the r< ad iu
charge of this division, will have to
work out the schedule from Dunsmuir
north. When this schedule i« finally
complet- d it will show the exact hour
at which the special train will reach
all the towns in Northern California
and Southern Oregon. The schedule
f r tie President’s special tiain is to
be observed faithfully, and ea h sta­
Çy •
tion will be made promptly. Since
every precaution is to be taken to
keep the track cleir aud to see that
everything is in perfect order, there
will be no trouble In protecting th»
Referendum Petitions.
M edford , April 27.
At tiie request of a iiumber of bus­
iness men and working men of this
city, I desire to say that any legal
voter in Jack-on county, or anywhere
in the state, can sign the referendum
petitions now b*ing circulated, but as
the county clerks must certify that
he believes such signers to be voter«,
it is always test to register before
signing, if the signer is not already a
registeied voter.
The petition f. r the referendum of
the Portage Rai1 way Corp*«ration
Tax Bill and Exemption Bill can be
found at D. H. Miller’s hardware
store. All de-iiiug to sign the peti­
tion will please do so as quickly as
W. C. C owgill .
Spring Humors
Come to most people and cause many
troubles,—pimples, boils and other
eruptions, besides loss of appetite,
that tired feeling, fits of biliousness,
indigestion and headache.
The sooner one gets rid of them the
better, and the way to get rid of them
and to build up the system that has
Buffered from them is to take
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
and Pills
Forming in combination the Spring
Medicine par excellence, ot unequalled
strength in purifying the blood as
shown by unequalled, radical and per­
manent cures of
Salt Rheum
Scald Head
All Kinds of Humor
Blood Poisoning
Bolls, Pimples
Dyspopsla, Etc
Accept no substitute, but be sure to
get Hood’s, aud get it today.
Engineer and
Government Land,
Next Friday is May day.
We pay the highest market price in
cash for sheep’s wool anil goat’s hair.
Nunan, Jacksonville.
Geo. W. Reynolds, who has invested
in a tine camera, will go to Elk creek
this week, to take views. He is doing
excellent work.
Wool bags, tli*eee twine, Little's
Sheep Dip, for sale at Nuuan’s, Jack­
Spring salmon fishing commenced at
the mouth of Rogue river, April 6th.
To date the catch has been better than
during the same period last year.
Subscriptions for Mr. Bryan’sp pers
Tlie Commoner, the leading Demo­
cratic newspaper in the United States
are taken at T he T imes office.
More or less frost has been the order
during the past week, and early fruit
has been hurt considerably in many
places. In some localities ice formed.
ummm £
W. C. Deneff spent several hours in
Medford Tuesday.
W.G. Kenney spent a few days in
Medford this week.
Dan Reynolds made his many friends
in Jacksonville a visit Monday.
Miss Bernice Cameron of Uniontown
has been visiting in Medford recently.
District Attorney Reames and Judge
Prim were at Ashland one day last
Hon. W. M. Colvig has returned
from a professional visit at Grant's
Al. Pankey, the genial manager of
Hotel Oregon, was down from Ashland
Mrs. H. D. Kubli and Miss Ada Cam­
eron of Applegate visited in Medford
C. W. Haines is in the valley, look­
ing after the interests of the Bug me
W. J. Plymale, the well-known news­
paper correspondent, was in Medford
Mr. aud Mrs. S. C. Minnick, who
live near Central Point, were in Med­
ford Tuesday.
L. Lowe was at Grant’s Pass last
week. He will leave for Resort, Idaho,
in a short time.
Judge Hanna, who is holding court
at Grant's Pass, spent a few hours at
home on Sunday.
M. J. Donaldson-Selby and Wnj.
Sears of Sterlingville precinct were in
town yesterday.
Ernest Langley and his wife are visit­
ing in Medford. They have been stop­
ping at Jacksonville.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Orth returned
from Portlaud Sunday night, and have
gone to housekeeping.
Alfred Gorden was in Medford Mon­
day, en route to Klamath county, to
look after his stock interests.
Lewis Martin, who has been visiting
in Jacksonville, returned to his home
in Harney county last week.
J. F. Ramsey, who lives near Central
Point, IL Rogers and his two sisters,
tarried awhile in Medford Tuesday.
For Fifty Years
Stomaeli Bitters,
Grove’s Tasteless Coin Tonic
has stood the test 25 years.
Prof. E. E. Washburn was an Ash­
Births Must be Recorded and Burial land visitor Saturday.
Certificates Issued.
Coppie Bros., who live near Union­
town, were in Jacksonville Wednesday.
It is necessary, after Feb. 20 h, to
Hon. Robt. P. Neil of Ashland has
make official record of every birth and
been making a business trip to Rose­
every death. A new law, that is al­
ready in effect, requires every phyi-i-
The County Commissioners’ Court
cian, midwife or head of the family
be in session next week, beginning
to give notice by the end of the mouth
to the county health officer of any
V. Cook, a member of the Sterling
birth that occurs under his or her
charge. Every physician, midwife or Mining Co.. arrived from Portland
head of a family must give notice to Wednesday.
such health officer within 48 hours of
Rev. 8. H. Jones will hold services
every death. No burial can take place at the Presbyterian church Sunday
until a proper burial certificate has evening, at 8 o’clock.
been made out and transmitted to the
Hon. and Mrs. Miles Cantrail of
county health officer.
These n qutremeut- are tlie result
of the act cieating the state board of
health, which passed the late legisla­
ture. It contained an emergency
clause, and to >k effect on its . pp-oval
H. Grigsby, a promineut citizeu uf
by the governor. It creates a county
Lake county, Calif., has been visiting
as well as a state health board. The
his brother, Thos. Grigsby of Rogue
county board is the county judge and
river. He may return here in the fall. I
county physician. If there is no coun­
The Readlek Co., a first-class troupe,
Cured by One Bottle of Chamber­
ty physician, as is the case in Jackson,
will perform Camille, one of the great­
lain’s Cough Remedy.
then the county buard of health as
est plays ever written, at Wilson’s
‘‘When I had an attack of grip last
well as the county health effi er.
opera house ou the evening of May 4th winter (the second one), I actually
To this officer must be reported all
Harry Andrews, who has been in cur»d myself withone Itoitleof Cham-
diseases, deaths, causes
Medford visiting his family, returned beiIain's Cough Remedy,” says F. W.
thereof, places oi burial of every per­
Perry, editor of the Enterprise, Sliort-
Josephine county. He is in the em­ vllle, N. Y. “This is the truth. 1 at
son that dies in said county, and in
ploy of the Old Channel Miniug Co. ti u es kept from coughing myself t
case of birth of auy child give name
pieces by taking a teaspoonful of this
as book-keeper.
of parents, their residence and their
remedy, and when Hiccoughing «pt 11
“Strength and vigor comeof good would c >me on at night I would take
food, duly digested. “Force,” a ready- a di sc, and it seemed that in the
Power is given the county board of
to-serve wheat and barley food, adds briefest interval the tough would pass
health to quarantine again«t infec­
no burden, but sustains, nourishes, in­ off and 1 would go to sleep perfectly
tious diseases in other county or
free from cough and its accompanying
of the state, to quarantine
The carnival and street fair which pain«. To say that the remedy acted
or ca>es of infectious diseas­
was announced to place in Ashland in
it mildly. 1 had no idea that it would
said county, and to call uj>-
June, under the auspices of the local knock out the grip, simply because 1
ou all police ofticers, sheriffs and con­
lodge of W. of W., has b«en indefinite­ had never tried it for such a purpose,
stables to enforce such quarantine.
but it did, and it seemed with the
ly postponed.
second attack of coughing the remedy
All cases i f birth, d<ath, burial aDd
The May-day ball which will be given caused it not only to be of less dura­
infectious diseases are reported by the
at Heckathorn's Hall in Eagle Point tion, but the pain was far less severe,
county health officer to the secretary
is attracting considerable attention ind 1 had not used the contents of
of the state boaid of health, where a
and will be largely attended. The
adieu. Fur sale by City Drugstore.
com pie record is kept.
music and supper will I k * first-class.
The new law will add materially to
B. G. Adams, one oi the owners of
Big Shows Coming.
the* duties of the county judge, all
the Blue Lead, whieh was recently
physicians and others. The penalty
bonded to Mr. Reddy of Spokane, has
Parents and others, who have in
for violation of the law is a tine of
returned from a conference with his charge the education and intellectual
not le-s than $10 nor more than #100.
The full text of the new law cac be
partners, who live in Del Norte county, development of children, find so many
seen in a copy of the new session laws,
objections to the general exhibitional
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Miller, who just received at this office.
The Allen Stock Co., which played enterprises of the present day that have been spending their honeymoon
at Ashland last week, is now in Jaek- they hesitate to take them to places in California, returned Monday even­
Save the Loved Ones
son ville. It will fill an engagement in of amusement, for fear that their ing.
Mrs. Mary A. Vliet, Newcastle,
Medford, at Wilson’s Opera House, building minds may become contami­
Miss Theresa Bryant of Seattle, who Colo., writes: "I believe Ballard’s
next week.
The troupe is highly nated, and the pleasures they may re­ is visiting in Southern Oregon, arrived IL rehound Syrup is superior to any
spoken of.
ceive mure than counterbalanced by in Jacksonville Monday, for a short other cough medicine, and will du all
that is claimed fur it. and it is so pleas­
Deeds, mortgage«, leases, be nds the evil impressions which may be stay.
ant to take. My little girl wants to
bills of sale ami every ima.iuable given them Alive to this fact, Nor­
.1. W. Ingram of Willow Springs, the take it wuen she has no need for it.”
kind of legal blanks-the late«t aud ris & Rowe's shows which exhibit In
well-known miner, went to Siskiyou Ballard’s Horeh< und Syrup is the
best—are constantly on hand at the
Medford, May 9th, are up to the high
great cure for all pulmonary ailment«.
T imes office.
county, Calif., Saturday, to pay rela­ 25c., 50c. and #1.00 at City Drug Stole.
standard of previous years. Al­
tives a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Ensele are happy
tin ugh a complete company of a< r>
over the arrival of their first grand-
Mr and Mrs. Gus Newbury and Rev. He Invented “Gin Rickey.’’
tats, aerialist, riders, jugglers ami
child, born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mc-
II. Jones were Medford visitorsdur-
clowns been added to tl'.eir enor­
who Elroy, w ho live near .1 ackson ville,on
Colonel Joseph Kyle Rickey, said to
mous collection ot trained animal«, ing the week. So were Misses Reuter
the22«l. The little one’s great grand
be the originator of the famous drink
and the aggregatim augmented t> and Britt and Mrs. T. Cameron.
folk are also alive and well.
Prof. A P. Armstrong of the Port­ known as the “Gin Rickey,’’ died sud­
fully twice the size of former years,
Roy Hurlburt, who is charged with these enterprising showmen have land Business College, who has been denly at New York April 23d. He
being one of the Lyons gang of horse carefully guarded against their well- visiting Laurelash Farm, situated two was formerly a resident of St. L<uis.
thieves, and was captured in Lane earned r. putation for conducting a miles south Jacksonville, left for home A c roner who was called in made a
county, has been released from Hotel moral and higb-class show. Every I Sunday evening.
statemet t ttiat thecauseof death was
heart disease.
de Rader. Justice Plymale placed his boy aril girl shouid see tliis enter­
Hon. A. M. Crawford, attorney-gen­
tainment, as it is highly i «truet v*
His death occurred under circum­
bonds at #500. which he gave.
ind enterlaiuing. Tne lesson < f what eral of Oregon, made this section a stances which led to inquiries as to
Hay has become very scarce, on ac­ kindness and patience will acc*m- short visit at the beginning of the
count of the unusually long-drawn-out p ish oyer dumb brute cau nowhere week. It was of a purely official char­ whether he had committed suicide.
In his pocket after he had been found
winter season, and Commands the high­ else be so thoroughly taught.and they acter.
staggering in the street was discover­
est price known in a number of years. will also be shown tlie wonderful re­
sults of perfect physical culture by
A. N. Fitch, a prominent lawyer of ed a bottle partly tilled with carbolic
Fifteen dollars a ton is the lowest skillful and daring lady and gentle­
has been visiting E. A. Spaul­ acid.
price offered, and none can be had at man experts.
interested in the Forest
Colonel Rickey was noticed by sever­
even that.
old friend. He was ac­ al persons walking In Twenty-fifth
Frank R. Neil has gone to Sacramen­
companied by his wife.
street, past the Hoffman House, short­
There was a big sensation in Lces-
to, Calif., where he will enter the em­
\V. E. Case, who his been spending ly before 11 o’clock, and his unsteady
ploy of a wholesale house and later prob­ ville, Ind., when W. H. Blown < f
that place, who was expected to die, the winter in this section, will soon gait attracted attention, A police-
ably take a position on the Daily Bee. had tus lire saved by Dr. King's New
leave for his home in Medina,O.We are man hastened to his assistance. He
He is a young man of ability and in­ Di-covery
for Consumption.
“I endured
insufferable glad to learn that he will probably re- took him by the arm and asked him if
tegrity, and we wish him success in writes:
your New move to Southern Oregon with his he was ill. But the Colonel was un­
bls new home.
Discovery gave me immediate relief family in the fall.
able to speak. Tlie policeman fairly
Asahel Hubbard, recorder of Med­ and soon thereafter effected a coni
him a few doors to his board­
L. Niedemeyer, who purchased the
ford's lodge of A. O. U. W., on Satur­ plete cure.” Similar cure« of Con-
and then called a physician.
day received a cheek for the #2000 due sumpl ion, Pneumonia, Bronchitis well-known Bybee farm and lives near An ambulance was summoned, but be­
and Grip are numerous. It’s the Jacksonville, made us a call Saturday.
the widow of J. C. Corum, who died a peerless remedy for all throat and
fore the doctors at rived Colonel Rickey
short time since. This is certainly one lung Doubles. Price 50*. and «1.00. He is one of our most progressive farm­ was dead. A bottle containing car­
of the very best fraternal organizations Guaranteed by City Druggist, Trial
ments to the land he has bought since bolic acid was found in his pocket-
bottles free.
in existence.
coming here. Mr. N.’s good judgment 11 is lips were not burned, and the*
physicians called expres eel the opion­
Blue-print maps of any township in
May Day Ball.
has already been confirmed.
ion that heart disease was the cause
Roseburg, Oregon, Land District, show
of death.
ing all the vacant lauds, for 50 cents
each. If you want any information
Weinstock, Lubin & Co.,
c a a 'r o R i a .
from the U. S. Land Office, address Rose’s hail on Applegate on the nigi t
Title Guarantee & Loan Co., Rose­
«wer» th»
I”*® Always Houe»
and supper will be provided. A prize
burg, Oregon.
will te awarded the best wal1z°r.
Not only is the Spring aud Summer
A grand concert will be given at Wil­ Floor m mager«, Miles Cant rail, Clias.
¡n- Catalogue (blue and gold cover) the
son's opera house May 28th, under the Hamilton, Jus. Lruden. r Tickets,
management of Signor D. Boffa, the eluding supper and hoisr feed, #2. A handsomest one ever issued by Wein-
A Fairy Story of Mining
general invitation is extended.
sto k, Lubin & Co., the great mail
virtuoso, assisted by Mme. Boffa, Miss
order h use of Sacrament i, Calif., but
Bertina Boffa, Miss Kendall and other President Roosevelt’s Visit
The Calumet-Hecla copper mine
it is full of great values in up-to-date described by Samuel E. Moffett in the
artists. Full particulars will be given
merchandise. It i« free to any ad­ April Cosmopolitan, has been the most
The S. P. Co. will make a special
dress. If you haven’t a copy, write profitable single mine of any sort in
Sheriff Rader has made a report of rate on the occasion of the President’s for one to-day.
the world. Its stock has s >ld at six
Round-tri p
collections, on account of the tax roll reception at Portland.
Weinstock, Lubin & Co. have only or seven t itues the price of Standard
for 1902, which shows that he roceived
new go 'ds luugbt since the dre in Oil. It has paid dividends of #10,000, •
and turned over to the county treasur­ good returning until May 22nd; to Sa­ January.
000 in a single year on a nominal capi­
er the big sum of #102,106 14. This lem the round trip will cost $8.30
tal of «2,500,000, of which only #1,200,-
leaves only $16,891.06 uncollected, of
was ever paid in—a rate of 400 per
which $12,680.06 is delinquent. A very
on the par value or 833 per cent
creditable showing.
on the cash investment. Il has paid
Capt. Carroll, who owns a fine or­
over #80,000,000 in dividends ia thirty
chard, situated a few miles northeast
of Medford, and raises peaches,
This celebrated family mod mine has boon before the
Toe Red Jacket shaft pf the Calu­
aprieots and o her early fruit of a su­
public and has established a record of cures of stomach,
met and Hecla is the deepest shaft in
perior quality successfully, informs us
liver and kidney complaints unequalled by any other
the world—4900 feet in vi rtical depth,
that Jack Frost has overlooked his
STOMACH remedy. To-day, it is generally conceded that
or almost a mile. It goes over 3000
plaee so far. He exhibited a twig bear­
feet below the level of ti e sea.
ing* number of apricots of good size
The owneis of this mine have been
as evidence.
especially lucky in n t encountering
Walter Kyler of Corning, Mo., who
any nias-es i f| me copper.
is connected with the Harriman lines
A neighboring ui’ne was almost
I œ
as immigration agent, spent a few days ,
No home is complete without a bottle of it in the medi­
bankrupted by striking a chunk of tine
in the valley this week, for the purpose |
cine chest as a means of preventing serious illness. It
metal weighing six or seven hundred
m m
positively cures
of becoming better acquainted with it. I
tons. It, was woith al out #200,000;
He says that never before In the history
Loss of Appotite, Sour Stomach, Dizziness,
hut it c mid never be. dug or bla-ted,
of Pacific Coa*t has tin* influx of set­
and had to be cut away with chisels.
tlers is been so great as it ¡»now.
Insomnia ani Malaria, Fover and Ague.
Tie Indians of the Lake Superior
Chas Nickell, U. 8. Commissioner
region knew ab mt its c»*ppt rdesposits
is also especially adapted to women in need of atonic
for the District of Oregon, is billy
and regulator. Don’t, fail to try it. The genuine must
for hundreds of years and used to
equipped to receive applications un­
have our Private Stamp over the neck of the bottle.
worship the nuggets as ei lier cods
der the timber and stone, also home­
themselves or the treasures of goods.
stead laws. Final proofs taken, and
all business connected with U. S. gov­
ernment lands transacted. Office with
S outhern O regonian , Medford.
Phone 211.
H. Snook, Welch Jc Co. and Mr.
Prices Reasonable and Satisfaction
McChesney were the only ones who
submitted blds for the construction of
Jacksonville’s proposed school house.
To Coro Coustl|»r ion Forever
.Ska Cascarela Candy Cathartic Ilk* or 26<
All were much higher than the esti-
> 7 C. (X tail to curs. drurglMa rotund
mates made. No action has as yet been
taken by the directors, who made a
great mistake in accepting the plans of
Burgraff,an architect living at Albany.
Rodgers Bros.’ Comedy Co., whieh
was billed to perform in Medford Sat­
urday night, was not allowed the privi­
lege of doing so. A report received
from Ashland, to the effect that the
show was of a rather of “warm’’ na­
ture, caused the proprietor ot the opera
house and the authorities to discour­
age the appearance of the aggregation.
It gave performances at Jacksonville
and Gold Hill, however, and those in
attendance say it was not so bad.
The officials of the Roseburg Land
Office were kept busy Friday by (¡lines
being made by settlers on township 15
south, range 3 east, w.'ich was thrown
open for settlement at 9 o’clock that
day. About 40 settlers were in line,
and most all were successful in their
filings. A young man supposed to b
buying for Land Agent Andrews, of
the* O. X C. R. Co., was hustled out
of line, but a woman was allowed to
take* her stand near the front end of
waiting settlers.
Average Annual Sales over One and a Half Million
No Cure, No Pay.
Grove’s Black Root. Liver Pills.
In Every Way. Devoid of Personali­
ties and One that Will Reflect
Credit on His Candidacy.
Paraphrasing New York’s time-
honored election expression, A. E.
Reames will c me duwn the Umpqua
river with an overwhelming majority.
It is impossible to temain long in
this part of the First Congressional
district without being impressed
with the imnien*e popularity uf Mr.
lieames among the votes all classes.
The fact that he has once easily car­
ried this district is partial proof, at I
least, that his chances are excellent
repeat tiiat achievement on the
Union precinct were among those in
Absolutely Pure
day of J uue.
town during the past week.
In this part ot the suite Mr. j
Rev. J. D. Murphy holde services at
Reames has. lived all his life, with i
the Catholic church in Jacksonville
•the exception of a few years spent iu
Sunday, at the usual hour. • ■*
Eugene. Portland, San J use and Lex­
Remember that little Verna Felton ington, Va. Tfio-e who are backing A Dashing Young Woman
appears in ‘ The Power of Wealth,” his candidacy make no small point uf
Comes to Grief.
which was written for her, at the mat­ the fact that his hume popularity is a
inee Saturday afternoon.
What is believed to be the first step
good recommendation to the people
Interesting Josephine county items, farther removed frem the place uf his toward prosecuting those involved in
also circuit proceedings, will be found residence.
the alleged land frauds in Oregon has
on the last page of today’s T imes .
Mr. Reames lias already organized been taken by Secretary of the Interl-
Johnny Cantrall has gone to Klam­ his campaign, which he proposes to ; or Hitchcock. He has asked of the
ath county, where he will remain with prosecute vigorously from tins diy Department of Justice that steps lie
his brother, Roscoe Cantrall, for until the date of election. He has aken to secure the indictment of
arranged his itinerary, and p oposesto Miss Marie Ware, formerly United
some* time.
the district very thoroughly, States iand commissioner at Eugene.
Jacksonville Fire Co. and the board
It is understood that among the
in as many places as the in­
of trustees will hold their monthly ses-
charges of extensive land
sions Monday and Tuesday evenings
with the admin­
conjunction with the District Con­ istration of Oregon offices is one
Miss Kate Edwards, an excellent
against Miss Ware, and that the De-
gressional Committee, and will be an­ dartmeot has been secretly iwresti-
musician, has organized a class in music
nounced in a few days. It will tike gating me matter for several months.
at Jacksonville, and is meeting with
him from one eud of his district t • She recently resigned her position,
considerable success.
the other, and nwt more than two or and it is now said that she has disap­
The Supreme Court has affirmed three c unties will be < mitted, peared and the Federal officers are
Judge Hanna’s decision in the case oí among these being Coos ani Curry, searching for her.
Miss Ware was indiscreet, tc say
Hilgar vs. Miller, involving the title to ■ which it is impracticable to reach in the least. She is a dashing and styl­
a house and lot in Medford.
ish woman, and was commonly known
the limited time remaining.
as “a good fellow.” She was not
Chas. A. Foeller, one of Trail creek’s ' It is quite surprising to learn of the bound by ordinary conventionalities,
thriftiest citizens, was among those in ! rem irkable support that i- c ming to aud was a thorough Bohemian. Hor­
Medford Tuesday. He reports that him vi luntarily from ail quarters. ace McKinley, who has been promi­
section in a flourishing condition.
Every mail brings voluminous c rres- nent in the location of timber land tn
Oregon, and who has not earned the
Judge Hanna returned from Grant’s 1 pondence containing proffers of as­ reputation of being scrupi lous, is
Pass Wednesday, having finished the I sistance of the most valuable kind. said to be an intimate friend of Miss
business that was presented at the If there be anything in surface indi­ Ware.
Aprli term of circuit court for Jose­ cation-, one must judge that the drift
Incorporation Perfected
is towards Reames. His campaign
phine county.
Chas. J. Nunan is with us again, and managers realize lhe heavy majority
The Rogue River Fruit Growers’
interest in baseball and other sports that must be overcome, and that to Union held its regular meeting, which
has revived considerably. He com­ overcome it is not a small ta-k. Or­ was an important one, at Medford Sat­
pleted a course in one of the leading; dinarily to do s j would be a practical urday afternoon, at the office of J. A.
impossibility, but a careful ana y-i-> of Perry.
business colleges of San Francisco.
! the situation satisfies them, so they
The articles of incorporation hereto­
District Attorney Reames, who will !
assert, that they will be able to ac­
fore adopted were signed in due form
be our next congressman, went to Ash­
■ eomplish that for which they are
and the organization of the Union as a
land Wednesday morning.- He be­
I striving.
corporation perfected. They have been
gins his campaign, which will be a
filed with the Secretary of State. Cap-
vigorous, effective one, and free from
I Ital stock has bten placed at #1000, in
personalities, in that city tonight.
shares of $5 each, nearly all of which
Rev. E. B. Lockhart will hold servic­
A strong effort Is being made to has been subscribed.
es at the M. E. church in Jacksonville
| The following board of directors were
Sunday evening only: subject—“An­ induce President Ruisevelt, during elected: S. L. Bennett, W. H.Norcross,
other Talk on the Bible.” He will his visit in Oregon, to say s. metbing J. A. Perry. L. F. Lozier, H. F. Mead­
preach at Central Point in the morn­ in behalf of Binger Hermann. He er. T L. Taylor, J. Me.-ley, J. Mc­
Pherson and G. A. Hove.*.
At the
ing. where the regular quarterly meet­ cannot do so and be consistent.
close o«’ the stockholders’ meeting the
I t may seem strange, but it is nev­ directors held a meeting and elected
ing will be held.
true, that every Republican officers, who are to serve for the ensu-
There will be a matinee at the U. S.
who is opp sed ta Presi­ ! ing year, towit: S. L. Bennett, Pres.;
Hall Saturda.v afternoon, when little
H. F. Meader, Vice-pres.; W. H. Nor-
Verna Felton, the theatrical wonder, dent Roos velt’s nimiuation in 1964 ’ cross, Sec.: L. F. Lozier, Treas.
The next meeting of the board of di­
will appear in a play especially written
rectors wili be held May 9th.
for her, entitled “The Power of mann for Congress. Why?
Wealth.” It is pronounced first-class
T he First Judicial District has a
by all who have seen it.
congressional candidate peculiarly its
An excellent game of base ball was own, and will give him an over­
played on Neuber & Taylor’s ground whelming majority. Mr. Reames will
Sunday afternoon, between two picked prove on; of the best fitted men, in
nines. It was interesting from start to every way, ever sent to Congress from
Like the running brook, the
finish, and was won by the Amateurs Oregon.
by a score of 9 to 8. A full account of
T he Siuslaw harbor is going the red blood that flows through
the contest will be given in our next.
way of Yaquina, through govern­ the veins has to come from
Hon. L. B. Reeder of Pendleton, mental neglect. What’s the matter’? somewhere.
grand sachem of the Improved Order We have always been told that a Re­
The springs of red blood are
o Red Men for Oregon, made Orego­ publican is necessary at Washington found in the soft core of the
nian Pocahontas Tribe No. 1, Imp’d O. to get anything for Oregon. Why
bones called the marrow and
R. M., an official visit Saturday. The not try Evan Reames?
some say red blood also comes
meeting was well attended and quite in­
P bof . W. A. W ann , of Eugene,
teresting. The Order is making rapid candidate on the Democratic ticket i from the spleen. Healthy bone
strides forward everywhere.
for Superintendent of Public Instruc­ marrow and healthy spleen
John S. Orth and John F. Miller, tion at the recent state elect i n, is in are full of fat
with their better halves, who returned Harrisburg, says the Bulletin. Prof.
Scott’s Emulsion makes new
from their wedding trip Monday, were Wann is agent for the Mutual Life
blood by feeding the bone
the recipients of a handsome serenade Insurance Company, of New York,
at night. The boys followed with an and the nature of bis business neces­ marrow and the spleen with
old-fashioned charivari. An appropri­ sitates his traveling a great deal, lie tlie richest of all fats, the pure
ate response w as made in each case, has just returned from a trip on the cod liver oil.
west side and through the lower val­
and everybody had a good time.
For pale school girls and
and says that in his rounds he
The Iowa Lumber Co. has received
and for all whose
a huge engine and boiler, which will be met numerous Republicans who were
blood is thin and pale, Scott’s
used in propelling the planing ma­ going to vote for Mr. Reames for con­
chine received lately. It is installing gress. The Professor is of the opin­ Emulsion is a pleasant and rich
It not only feeds
a burner, that will consume the saw­ ion that Mr. Reames will be elected. blood food.
the bl. odrinaking organs but
dust produced at the mill. The com­
A First-class Troupe
pany will soon have one of the best and
gives them strength to do
most complete plants in Southern Ore­
their proper work.
The Allen Dramatic Co. is playing a
Send for f rec sample.
Dr. T. T. Shaw, a skillful aud experi­ successful engagement at U. S. Hall,
SCOTT & BOW NR, Chemists,
New York.
enced dentist, who recently located In Jacksonville, producing some of the 409-415 Pearl
50c. aud $1.00; all druggists.
Jacksonville, has established an office
upstairs in Ryan's brick building, on cation of large and delighted audien­
Dr. T. nr. SHAW.
California street, between Oregon and ces. It is without doubt one of the
Third. Le is proficient it. every branch very best companies that ever ap­
of his profession, does fine work at rea­ peared in Southern Gregon, jnd de­
sonable price's and spares no pains to serves the liberal patronage it is receiv­
J acksonville , -
O regon .
ing everywhere.
give satisfaction.
The repertoire for the balanceof the
Let me say I have used Ely’s Cream
Office in Ryan’s Brick Building, Cali­
Balm for catarrh and can thoroughly week will be: Wednesday, “Real Lord
recommend it for what it claims. Very Denox;” Thursday, “Hazel Kirke;” fornia Street, two doors east of Post
truly, (Rev.) H. W. Hathaway, Eliza­ Friday, “A Fair Rebel;” Saturday, Office.
beth, N J.
---------------------------—*---------------- ——
I tried Ely’s Cream Balm and to all “The Dangers of New York.” This is
appearances am cured of catarrh. The certainly a superier one.
terrible headaches from which I long
We take pleasure in recommending
suffered are gone.—W. J. Hitchcock, the company to the people.
late Major tl. S. Vol. and A. A. Gen ,
Iu the County Court for Jackson County, State
Buffalo, N. Y.
of Oregon, sitting in Probate.
The Balm does not irritate or cause
An Unfair Statement.
Iu the matter of the estate of Jessie I. Ham­
sneezing. Sold by druggists at 50 cts.
mond. deceased.
or mailed by Ely Brothers, 50 Warren
NOTICE is hereby given that by virtue of an
The editor of tlie Ashland Tidings,
St., New York.
iu his issue of April 23d, makes the order of the aforesaid County Court, made in
the matter of the Estate of Jessie I. Hammond,
statement that in case A. E. Reames deceased, ou the 22d day of April, 1903. the un­
Miners Wanted.
is elected congressman from the first dersigned. administrator of said estate, will
Ten g >od miners, who have had ex­ district his brother, Clarence L. sell at private sale, subject to continuation by
perience in placer mining, can get Reames, will be appointed pri secut- said county court, to the highest bidder for
steidy emplojin *iit by applying to the ing attorney fur this judicial district. cash, from and after
undeisigm<1. Wages, #2.25 a day; This assertion is absolutely without
Saturday, May 80, 1908,
board, 60 cents a day. Address or
following described real property be­
call on
with Gov. Chamberlain a statement longing to said estate, towit:
O ld C hannel M ining C o .,
Galice, Josephine Co., Ore. that in no event will* he accept ti e Commencing at the SE corner of the SWR
NWg, Section 25, Township 37 S, R 2 W;
office of district attorney at his hands. ot
thence north 765 feet; thence west ISO feet
Farm for Sale
We hope Bro. Wagner will now be sat­ thence south «6 feet; thence west SO feet; thenoe
south 310 feet; thence east 23U feet, to place ot
and retract.
Eighty acres ot land, tn Meadows precinc,
black loam, part in cultivation, all
” " fenced
watered by two tine springs. 2(4 miles from
school, 20 miles from Gold Hili, Title per-
feet. Will be sold at a bargain,
gj pply for further particulars to
Real Estate Agent, Jacksonville, Or
Bean the
Big nature
^in(' ^ou Ha»» Always Bougtj
beginning, in Jackson county,Oregon.
Admlnistratorof the Estate of Jessie I. Ham.
mond, deceased.
First publication of notice dated this 2Sthday
April, 1903.