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Mr. 01 well Visits the Fruit Districts
of Eastern Oregon.
For Christmas presents go to The
Model. You will be pleased with
Cupid has been busy lately, as will be
seen by the marriages consummated
during the past ten days, a list of which
is printed elsewhere.
Sam Geary came down from the Elk
creek hatchery Saturday. He was ac­
companied by Messrs. Hewitt, Lyons
and Weed.
Candies, nuts, tropical fruits, for the
holidays, at The Model. The biggest
stock in town.
Monday morning was the poldest of
the season, the mercury registering at
21 degrees above zero. The weather
has moderated somewhat since then.
S. Sandry and his sons, who have
been operating in the Applegate mines,
have transferred their operations to
Gold Hill district. They are first-class
Holiday goods of every description
at The Model. All new and sold cheap.
Call and see them.
Mrs. W. H. Rickey spent Sunday in
Jos. Kester, the miner,is now operat­
ing in Williams district.
Mrs. J. B. Harris of Jacksonville
spent Tuesday in Medford.
W. F. Ashpole was among those in
Medford during the past week.
Mrs. L. Reynolds of Sterlingville
made our town a visit yesterday.
Paul Costel, formerly of the Ashland
Iron Works, now resides at Eugene.
Judge Hanna was in Medford Tues­
day, accompanied by his son Leon.
C. A. Merrill left Missouri Flat some­
time ago, without ieaving his address.
J. B. Dungan, who went to California
sometime since, has located at Walnut
A. H. Johns of Meadows precinct
has been employed at Jacksonville re­
John Bohl cf Applegate and J. S.
Rogers of Watkins were in Medford a
few days ago.
Chas. Betz made Medford a short
visit this week. He is located in Siski­
you county, Calif.
B. R. Porter, one of Table Rock’s
best citizens, was in Medford Tuesday,
accompanied by his wife.
T. A. Newman and his family have
purchased -property in Central Point
precinct and moved thither.
Mr. Sutherland of Grant’s Pass has
been on Forest creek, on business con­
nected with the mines of that section.
A. .Kleinhammer of Applegate, the
energetic young stock raiser, visited
relatives living in Phoenix precinct the
forepart of the week.
John Lacy, tho well-known pioneer
was in Medford Monday, accompanied
by his son, J. S. He is engaging in tbe
stock business again.
H. Leighton, the expert mechanic,
has returned from Douglas county,
where he has been operating the mill of
the Levens Mining Co
Roscoe Cantrall, one of the most ex­
tensive and successful farmers of Klam­
ath county, is visiting In this section,
accompanied by his family.
Mrs. H. E. Ankeny and her daugh-
tors, Misses Dee, Dollie and Gladys,
who have been in Jacksonville and
Sterlingville, left for Eugene Monday
Geo. Robinson, a prominent citizen
of Portland, is visiting his brother,
Wm. Robinson. He was accompanied
hither by their nephew, Raymond
Robinson of Junction.
E. W. Anderson of Watkins was in
town not long since. He informs us
that work on the big copper mine,
just across the state line, has been
suspended for the present, to be resum­
ed in the spring.
Frank Mengoz, the well-known
miner, who is operating in Blue river
district, arrived in Jacksonville one
day last week, fora visit with his sister,
Mrs. M. Deisch. He says that the mine,
of Lane county are showing up nioeiy.
Blue-print maps of any township in
Roseburg, Oregon, Land District, show
ing all the vacant lands, for 50 cents
each. If you want any information
from the U, S. Land Office, address
Title Guarantee A Loan Co., Rose­
burg, Oregon.
J. W. OllVell, of the firm of Olwell
Bros , i he well-known apple-growers
of Southern Oregon, has returned
from a ten-days visit to various sec­
tions of Eastern Oregon and Wash­
ington, where he went to see wba’ he
could learn .»bout fruit-growing and*
packing,says the Oregonian.
"We are generally credited wi’h
being qui’e successful in apple-.row-
ing and marketing in Southern Ore­
gon,” said Mr. Olwell; "bat I have ob­
served that t here is mueh to be learned
by visi1 in.« o'her people and observing
their ways. No communby has a
monopoly of the best methods, and
more visiting around might do us all
a great deal of good. Last year 2500
acre« of apple trees were set out in
R<*gue River Valley, and nearly as
mauy will be set out th's season. In
15 years from now ete y ac e of good
Tha masquerade ball given Thurs­
apple land in Ro„ue River Valley will
night for the benefit of the Ash­
be covered wi.h trees. Wl'h an in­
land base-ball club was a grand affair.
dustry • rowing like that it is well for
A big crowd attended and a neat sum
people interested in it to take advan­
was realized.
tage of every opportunity to learn.
Wm. Ulrich has returned from the
“Of course, I came back more in
love with the Rogue River country Willamette valley, where he bought
than ever before; and yet 1 saw many several carloads of young cattle. A
successful apple sections. The best portion of them were for Rader Bros,
apple-growing regions east of the of Butte creek.
The biggest and handsomest assort­
mountains, according Io my observa­
tions, are at Hood River, Yakima and ment of toys can be found at The
Model. Prices the lowest.
Walla Walla. 1 am convinced that
Geo. W. Catching, whois well known
the greatest success of the apple-grow-
these parts, has been visiting In
ing industry depends upon producing
Oregon. He Is «till one of
a varie'y of fruit which will be a fa­
Co.’s principal em­
vorite on the marke*, and can be grown
better here than in any other place.
The Iowa Lumber Co. has received a
Thar is the advan age we have in
Southern Oregon. We grow Newtown large, new engine and boiler of tbe
Pippins and Spitzenbergs principally, best and most powerful pattern, and
and our climate altitude and soil en­ will now turn out a large quantity of
able us to pr< duce a better apple of superior lumber dally.
that variety tha" can be grown in the
When you wish photographs taken
Eastern S;ates. For that reason we and finished In up-to-date style, at
can demand and receive »higher price reasonable rates, call on G. W. Mackey
the Medford Gallery, Hamlin build­
for our fruit than can the Eastern at
ing, 7th street.
growers. There is always a plenty of
the common grades of fruit; and it is Christmas was appropriately observed
by raising some<hing extra good that everywhere, and the giving of presents
an extra price is obtained. People was even more generally Indulged in
who go into fruit-growing should than usual. The merchants did a big
business during the past month in an­
study the conditions of their localities,
of the event.
so as to de‘ermine what variety of
ladies’ fine watches, dia­
fruit will do beat, and then not be con­
and jewelry of every descrip­
tent with growing anything inferior monds
tion will be taken at Dr. Robinson's
to the best that the conditions will drug store. The best articles and low­
est prices guaranteed.
Two cases of smallpox are reported
from Canyonville, Douglas county.
Quite a large number have been expos­
In the fingers, toes, arms, and other ed, and other cases are likely to appear
parts of the body, are joints that are soon. 8tewart and Everton are the
inflamed and swollen by rheumatism— two men who have the disease.
that acid condition of the blood which
A deed to the Iowa Lumber Co from
affects the muscles also.
C. C. Beekman and D. Linn, for 1541
Sufferers dread to move, especially acres of timber land located a short
after sitting or lying long, and their distance west of Jacksonville, has been
rendition ie commonly worse in wet recorded In tbecounty recorder’s office
v ..other.
The consideration is 923,120, or 9)5 an
“It he* fwn i long time «Ince we have acre.
been wit
-t llool'a Sarsaparilla. My
Fred Luy opened hU tonsorial
father thiuaj l-.e could not do without it.
lie has been troubled with rheumatism parlors in the Palm & Bodge block
siuce be was a boy. and Hood’s Sarsapa­
rilla is tbe caily medicine be can take that Monday morning. They are elegantly
will enable bin. to take his place tn the fitted up and supplied with the latest
field.” Miss Ana Dorr, Sidney, Iowa.
appliances known to the business. No
Hood's Sarsaparilla handsomer shop can be found in Ore­
and Pills
Jacksonville’s Fire Department will
Remove the cause of rheumatism—no
one of its popular dancing parties
cutward application can. Take them.
New Year’s eve. , Great preparations
have been made for this event, and ¡1
will doubtless be much of a success. A
large number of Medford'« young folk
H igh —S mith —In Roseburg, Dec. 24, will attend.
1902, Herbert H. High and Mira
The Town Talk has been sold to S.
Bertha B. Smith.
L. Burton, a journalist of experience
H ammkrsly — W illiams —In Grant’s and ability, who lately arrived from
Pass, Dec. 24, 1902, by Rev. Robert Evansville, Minn. Hl« predecessor,
Leslie, JoUu B. Bammersly and Geo. C. Stanley, has bought the Ash­
Miss Georgia Williams.
land racket store, in company with his
K nox —B unch —At Grant’s Pas-«, brother Lewis.
We wish them all
Dec. 21, 1902, by Rev. Robt. Leslie, unlimited success.
A. F. Knox and Miss Percie Bunch.
The Jackson County Lumber Co.,
C olm —K ing —At Ashland, Dec. 22, whose mills are located three miles
south of Jacksonville, are prepared to
1902, ty G. W. Nelson, Jules F. fill
orders for lumber of every size and
C de and Miss luez King.
description. If not in the yard, will
J ennings - P orter —In Sam’s Valley saw to order on short notice. Postofflce
Precinct, Dec. 25, 1902, by Ber. T. address Jacksonville.
Two factories located at Grant’s Paas
L. Crandall, Richard H. Jennings
are each consuming a ton of pine
and Miss Myrtle Porter.
• »
B urkitt — A bbott — At Ashland, needles per day and turning out 600
Dec. 25, 1902, by Rev. W. B. Moore, pounds of fibre. They are the only
Thus. Burnett and Miss Lillie Ab- ones of their kind in America, the in­
dustry having been first Introduced
in this country by F. A. Cords, who
O glesby — R obinson — In Medford, built tbe first factory.
Dec. 25, 1902, by Rev. M. L. Darby,
Acker’s Blood Elixir positively cures
Ro 4. W. Oglesby and Minnie Rob­ chronic blood poisoning and all scrofu­
inson of Lake county.
lous affections. At all times a match­
system tonic and purifier. Money
K bller -H olsby —At Gold Hill, Dec. refunded
if you are not satisfied. 50c
24, 1902, by J . B. R. Matelock, J. P., and 91-00. A. P. Estabrook, Gold
Jas. Keller aod Miss Nellie Holsey. Hill, Oregon. The leading druggist.
Work on the dam Dr. Ray and his
J acobs - M orris —In Jacksonville, Dec.
26, 1902, by Chas. Prim, county associates are building across Rogue
judge, Jos. H. Jacoba and Miss river, near Tolo, baa been suspended
during the win ter season. The weather
Aunie Morris.
is quite unpropitious for the com­
pletion of this important enterprise,
and it was deemed best to suspend
operations for the present. They will
J ennings —In Ashland, Dec. 21, 1902,
be resumed with renewed energy In
to Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Jennings, a
the spring.
Thos. C. Norris have received a full
S ingleton —In Roseburg, recently, line of new harness and saddles, which
to Mr. and Mrs. George Singleton, they are selling at very reasonable
rates. They also keep an excellen
formerly of Ashland, aeon.
assortment of second-hand goods In the
C ollins -At Ashland, Dec. 26, 1902, same building and execute upholstery
to Mr. and Mr». John Collins, a son. of every description.
Y oncalla — At Ashland, Dec. 26,
Last Saturday, at the Ray dam,
1902, to Mr. and Mrs. Yoncalla, a while Leo Williams was cleaning a
pistol of 38 caliber, the weapon was ac­
H al »—In East Medford, Dee. 26, cidentally discharged. The bullet took
1902, to the widow of the late Chas. effect on Charley Akers of Medford,
who stood near by, passing through
V. Hale, a son.
of his legsand hands, inflicting a
P a y mb —Near Phcenix, Dec. 27, 1902, one
painful though fortunately not a dan­
to the widow of tbe late Richard F. gerous wound. The wounded man
was taken home and is doing nicely.
Pa y bp , a son.
Aching Joints
Moki Tea positively cures Sick Head­
ache, Indigestion ana Constipation A
delightful nerb drink. Removes all of I
the eruptions of .................
the skin, . producing
’ '
M c C ollum - Oa Chaney creek, Jo- perfect complexion, or money refund-,
aepiilue inunty, Die. 24, 1902, ed. 25c. ana 50c. Write to us for free
sample. W. H. H ooker A Co , Buffa­
Martha, wife of Wesley McCollum; lo, N Y. A. P. Estabrook, Gold Hill,
aged about 46 years.
the Leading Druggist.
Another Mine 8old.
A late dispatch announces that, a
company of Eastern capitalists. repre­
sented in Southern Oregon by (’apt
T. J. Pearce, has purchased the Owl
Gulch group of quartz claims, situated
on Sa vase c eek, not far from Gold
Hill. The considerat ion is said io be
940,000. They weie located but a few
mouths ago, and in this brief lime
have proved Io be properly of great
promise. Few ledges have been dis­
covered and disposed of in so short a
time as have these. The main ledge
of the Owl claims exhibits a width of
several feet, and has been opened to a
good depth by tunnel and shafts. It
is well defined, and carries good values
in free gold, with some sulphurets.
Men have been put. to work in the de­
velopment. of the claims, and as soon
as they have been properly opened a
mill and machinery for working the
ore will be installed.
Rural Mail Delivery.
E. C. Clements, an agent of the
postofflee department, is in this vec-
tioD for the purpose of investigating
the proposition to establish rural mail
delivery between Medford, Griffin creek
and points In Phœnix precinct, a dis­
tance of 20 miles, as pet itioned for by
J, IL Drake and others. If he decides
favorably he will hold an examina-
tion of thobe who wish to serve as car­
rier on thia route, under the civil ser­
vice rules. The compensation of such a
position is 950 a month. Rural mail
delivery is a great convenience to
those living along the route thereof,
and it la unfortunate that other
routes have not been petitioned for.
The Coffman .mine, located in
Forest creek district, has beeD sold,
and the Hydraulic Mining Co.’s prop­
erty, near by, has been leased by Col.
Rev. E. P. Murphy of Ashland will ONION CULTURE
lurid services at the Catholic church
ACTRACTS ATTENTION. Matters of Importance Transacted at
Jacksonville Engine Co. will meet In Jacksonville New Year’s day, at )0
o’clock a. iu.
Monday evening.
the Court House.
Big Showing Made by Growers on
Mrs. P. Hines spent Wednesday
J. H. Knutzen, one of the best and
Butte Creek.
with friends living in Medford.
most favorably known residents of
The board of trustees will hoM its Applegate precinct, died at his home
W M Mathes to Sterling Mining Co,
Possibly no section in Oregon is
regular monthly session Tuesday eve­ on Thompson creek last Sunday, after
ruht of way deed across swi of nwt,
a lingering illness. He bad long
ing than Southern Oregon. Its latest sec 30, twp 39, J w; 91.
Sarah Richard« to P Krutzler, prop­
C. J. Armstrong of Piioh Bib fur­ l»een a faithful member of the Ma­ contribution is some magnificent on­
nished the market with fine Christ­ sonic order, under whose auspices be ions weighing three pounds etch on erty In Mingus’ subdivision; 9100.
was buried in tlie Jacksonville ceme­
M L Hicks to E nma Wing, lots 22,
mas turkeys.
tery. Mr. K. is survived by bis wife display at the Permanent Exhibit 23 and 24, Pracht’s add to Ashland:
S. R. and lra Coffman of Union pre­ and several grown children, besides Bureau, 246 Washington street, Port­
cinct were among our visitors during numerous friends.
Requiescat in land. They were received by Secretary
J M L'.flar.d to Lavlnia Mingus,
tbe past week.
Lambersun from Brown & Sons, of
in sec 25, twp 37, 2 w; «1500.
Eagle Point, and were grown by A.
The officers of Ruth Rebekab Lodge,
Tbe Christmas rattles at The Ban­ L. Hazelton.
Lavinia Mingus to J M Lofland,
I. O. O. F., will be installed next
quet attractid a big crowd. Tbe main
The history of their growth is quite pr perty in same section, township and
Monday evening.
event was won by G. W. Thompson interesting.
Five years ago A. L. range; «1500.
Quite a number of our ycung folk and Gus Newbury, who divided the
Granvl' e Savage to J P Hoagland,
attended the Christmas ball given by first priz<*, $75, while H. C. Maur/ Hazeltoj, then a retired schoolmas­ lot 4, se 1, twp 37, 2 w, 33 acres;
ter, discovered the adaptability of the
the K. i f P. at Medf ird.
Absolutely Pure
and Frank Smith shared the minor soil for raising onions. He selected a »495.75.
Rev. E. B. Lockhart will hold ser­ prlto, 925. E. W. Anderson captured patch of black soil that could be irri­
A Child rs t > Wm Angle, lot 2, sec
no substitute
vices at the M. E. church iu Jackson­ tbe 950 offered the person throwing gated, aud began raising onions on a 32, twp 36, 1 w, 36 acres; 9400.
ville Sunday morning aud evenin g.
the highest number in the second commercial scale.
W H Emerson to Ira Dodge, 36
He soon found
W. G. Kenney went to Portland raffle. Tne turkey supper spread af­ that while nature had provided the acr -s in stc 16, twp 36, 4 w; 9750.
A Magnificent Stock.
Carter I.and Co to J A Holcomb,
last week, on a visit. His mother ac­ terward was voted first-class in every soil with about the right chemical
particular by ail who partook of it.
companied li I in as far as Roseburg.
proportions, that fertilizing made lot 14, II B Carter add to Ashland;
The attention of the public is called
to the large and beautiful assortment
The entertainment given Christmas the yield little 6hort of phenomena!. »155.
Miss Annie Jeffrey, tbe well-known
C C Beekman and D Lian to J N of articles, specially designed for the
educator, has been visiting in Jack­ eve by the Presbyterian Sunday He became more expert each year a*
'541 acres west of Jackson­ holiday trade, which has lately been
sonville, th** guest of Mrs. A. Elmer. school was greatly appreciated by tbe his store of experience was added to,
received at the City Drug Store. Hav­
ing been purcba^jd in the East at the
Al. Elmer has been appointed agent many in attendance. Those in charge until this year, from two and one- j
J N Williams to Iowa Lumber Co, lowest prices obtainable, and selected
of the Dorland Med. Co., and will thereof, as well as those who parti­ fourth acres, 100,000 pouuds of
with much care, it cannot but meet
prop« ty a« above; 81.
soon begin soliciting orders fur the cipated, are highly complimented up­
Sa., jerstn Lance Bros, mining with favor among those who are looL-
on the success that attended their Au-tralian Browns and Southpo t
ing for presents for their relatives and
■ b oot* creek district; $300. friends. It is acknowledged to be one
Don’t forget the Firemen’s ball efforts. The following pr gramme Globe varieties were ra'-ed. Tue
Il So
■ »use to Amanda Snow- of tbe largest and handsomest stocks
New Yeat’s eve. No pains have been was observed: 1. In vocation; 2. Hymn, samples receiv'd are of the lat’>t goo*f . «■
nwi, swj of nej, sec ever brought to Southern Oregon.
spared to make it the event of tlie "Joy to the World;” 3. P«altn; 4. An­ variety.
You can find just what you want there,
them, *‘Wnen Jesus was Born in Mr. H. has the business do #n to a suc­
for you are certain to be pleased.
Houck to Grace Hasty,
Bethlehem;” 5. Prayer; 6 nymn, cessful point, and to see him irrigat­
Mrs. O. Harbaugh went to Wagner
Retail Market Repart.
and 25 feet of lots 5 and
"While Shepherds Watched;” 7. ing tbe crop is to receive a lesson in lots 6 a i.
creek Wednesday, to visit her sister, Scripture reading; 8. Duet, "The practical irrigation. From a flume 10, bik 19, Ashland; 91.
Tbe following quotations were
Mrs. M Rapp, who is considerably in­
Wm Angle to W J Gregory,adminis­ made up this afternoon, and is an
Angel,” H. G. Dox and Miss Ethel spigot holes turn tbe water into every
impartial report of tbe prices charged
Barber; 9. Sermon, Rev. S. H. Jones; alternate row, when the plugs are trator’s deed to lot 2, sec 32, twp 36, 1 by Jacksonville dealers:
Judge Prim, County Clerk Orth and 10. Anthem, "Hallelujah to the drawn. The commercial fertilizer w; 9600.
Wheat—75c per bushel.
Wm HI dcs to Pauline Hines, one-
Geo. E. Neuber went, to Medford King;” 11. Prayer; 12. Bencd ctlon. used instead of barnyard manure does
Flour—92.10 (¿92.30 per 100 pound«.
Oats—48(a5oc per bushel.
Tuesday, to participate in the shoot­
not contain the seeds of weeds and third interest in lots 3, 4, 7, 8, blk 3,
Barley—Rolled, 91.25 per cental.
ing tournament.
The Holiday Excursion.
therefore is an advantage. But what­
Hay—Per ton. baled, 910.
J W Merritt to Wealthy Evans,
ever weeds make their appearance are
Potatoes--91.00 per hundred
C. C. Ragsdale, the new proprietor
1, 2. 3, 4, 5. 6, 7 and 8, l*)k 65,
Onions—lj cts per pound.
cut down by two small ga.rden plows.
of Hotel Nash at Medford, is having
Butter—50c per roll.
tlie lower story remodeled, as well as Francisco was a success, notwithstand­ The patch yielded tbe promoter one Central Point; 975.
Bean*—24(a5c per pound.
T n B Taylor to Ora Jones, ditch
renovating and putting the whole ing the advance in tbe price of tickets cent net profit on each pound, or 91000
Lard—15(«rl6c per pound.
caused by the railroad company. It off two acres and a fraction of land.
Eggs—25 cts perdozen.
building io shipshape.
Suga*—D. G. 95 75i«96 25 per cwt.
is estimated that about 75 people resid­
Dozens of other farmers along Butte precinct; 910.
M r. aud Mrs. R. Oglesby late of Lake­ ing in Southern Oregon took advantage
Poultry—93.00 to 93.50 per doteD.
Hugh Sanders to J n Armstrong, 4
creek, in the "onion belt,” as it is
Hams—16c(al8c per pound.
view, a ne^ly-marrled couple, were in of this opportunity to visit the metrop­
called, are following Mr. Hazelton's
Shoulders—12(c per pound.
Medford Christmas. They will reside olis of the Pacific Coast. Among them
Cluggage Heirs to J Nunan, lots 2,
practice and producing onions nearly
Side Bacon—156920c per pound.
near Jacksonville. We wish them un­ were:
as good tn quality, having profited by 8, 9, 10, 11,12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, Valley
limited happiness and prosperity.
Medford—I. Humason, J. F. Ritter, bis experience. The business is View add to Jacksonville; 9500.
New Year’s Ball.
Lottie Pelton to T J Howell, ooe-
H*. T. McIntyre, St. Pau’, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Nve, H. Barron, growing to large proportions and, if
who iias been troubled with a disorder­ Mrs. E. F. Winkler, Mr. and Mrs. D. it Increases at the present rate, there eightb interest in Homestake miue,
A dancing party will lake place at
ed stomach, says: • Chamberlain's E. Morris, R. D. Maplesdep and family, is talk of providing warehouses Woodville district: 91.
Rueb’s Hall,Applegate,Friday night,
Stomach and Liver Tablets do me H. G. Wortman, Miss Marie Grey, specially ventilated for the storage of
M Rosenbaum to U S, wf of sj of Jan. 2d. Music will be furnished
more good than anything I have ever Frank Olwell, R. C. Hensley, L. the product. InsUad of supplying a
by Ray & Cameron’s celebrated orches­
small heal demand, the product ntl, sec 29, twp 39, 1 e.
taken.” For sale by City Drug Store. Duffield, Ed. Van Dyke.
tra, and a fine supper will be provided.
Jacksonville—Mrs A. Elmer, Mrs, S. would find a market all over t’ie
Tickets, including supper,SI.50; herse
J. M. nurley of Willow Springs pre. Eckelson and son, W. G. Deneff, T. J. Pacific coast, and eventually the Mid­
feed 25c. extra. No pains will be spar­
cinct, who Is propagating quite an Kenney, A. Schmidling, Bernice Cam­
to make the ball a grand success.
(Jregou’s long list < f pn ducts.
of John Drexler. Mrs F L Johnson All are invited to attend.
orchard, is planting 1000 fine trees eron, Rev. J. D. Murphy.
Sam’s Valiev—Mr. and Mrs. Horace
appointed guardian.
which be purchased of the popular Pelton, Jas. Pelton
Coughing Spell Caused Death.
Estate ofC Magruder. Order for
Favarite Family Remedy.
Albany Nursery, through its agent,
Wellen—George and Miss Von der
of personalty made.
“Hariy DuckWell, aged 25 year«,
L. B. Warner.
Frequently accidents occur in ti,e
Talent and Phoenix—Mrs. Sherman choked to death early yesterday morn­
Estate of Susan M. Wilkinson. Jan household, which cause burns, cuts,
A. F. Carpenter and Mrs. M. J. and F. P. Roper. .
ing at his
In Die presence of bls 17,1903,set for hearing final statement sprainsand bruises; for use In such
He contracted a of administrator.
There were 40 Ashland excursionists, wife and child.
Oglesby were married in Medford last
cases, Ballard's Snow Liniment has
agi and paid
for many years been the constant
Sunday by Rev. M. L. Darby. They
Estate of Chas V Hale. Inventory favorite family remedy. 25c, 50c end
reported that four carloads joined the but little attention to it. Yesterday
will reside near Central Point. Mr. excursion in Siskiyou county.
. morning he was seized with a fit of of appraisement filed aud approved, •1.00 at City Drug Co.
and Mr9. C. have our congratulations
¡coughing, which continued for some­ showing cash and properly to the
time. His wife sent for a physician;
and best wishes.
Language Lessons.
but before he could arrive another amount of 91364 92. Order made to
Mrs, Dr. Kuykendall of Eugene,
j roughing spell came on and Duckwell sell personal property.
Wanted. Ladies everywhere to send
grand (resident of the Native
Beginning Jan 15, 1903, private died from suffocation —St. L'»uis
Estate of Margaret Hauser, Ad-
for free package of our Turkish Harem
Daughters of Oregon, recently made lessons in French, German and Latin Globe-Democrat, Dec. 1, 1901.” Bal- ministrator discharged.
Sachet Powder; also valuable infor­
the loral cabins an official visit. She wlli be given at the residence of Rev. lard’s Horehouod Syrup would have
J. D. Murphy. Address Lock Box 115, saved him. 25c, 60c aod 91 CO at City ; Estate of E W Hammond, Same mation. Send no money. The Pacific
was given a reception by Jane McCul­ Jacksonville.
order as above.
Company, 149 10th St., Portland, Ore.
Drug Co.
ly Cabin which was a handsome affair.
Esta'e of Johanna Houck. Will ad-
nrtied to probate, and Jesse Houck.
The Supreme Court has affirmed
Grice H «ty and Fred Ilouck appoint­
Judge Hanna's decision in the Dean
A Urge mare, eight years old,
ed execut r.
case, which was in favor of Ralph
broken to ride nr drive, gentle and
A/ways say "Qyrvs fioMu"
E«rate <>f John O’Brien. Fifth semi­ true. Apply to this office for partic­
Dean. Judge Benson’s decision In the
annual account of administrator ap­ ulars.
case of Britt, el al, vs. C. D. Reed,
in reply to tbe great American inquiry, "What’ll it be?"
pro v<d.
that was in favor of plaint >ffs, was al­
new suits filed .
so affirmed.
W K »tiler vs. John Sims and J
The Christmas tall at Ro e's hall,
I Merritt; -o foreclose mortgage.
on Applegate* * as very well attendel
JR.'R.ll et al vs. Sarah et al.;
and plowed a bigsucces, as I-the case
f' Tkd i«e inortg u e.
withail tl>e eve it managed I y Mr.
Fr ink H Ray vs Scott and Jennie
and Mrs. Rose. The music furnished
Gr.ffin; suit.
by Riy & Cameron’s orchestra was
i'avid Ball vs. W B Haymond;
splendid and gave general sati-facti <n.
m-jud; act-oa.
nutf is
Lesli* Baib y and Rose W Badger;
Jul.Q D Hovktr and Sarah E Royse;
An Unjust Accusation.
We wish
We desire to thank our eus-
tomers for their past patronage;
assure you that it has been ap­
preciated. We respectfully solicit
your future patronage, and will
do all in our power to make it
satisfactory, as in the past.
The well-known Graupner Ranch,
on Sterling creek, over 800 acres. Fine
timber and stock range, 150 acres in
cultivation. Some of the richest
placers in Southern Oregon. All pat­
ented and carries mineral right.
Apply to
B arfoot & M onroe ,
233 Stark St., Portland, Or.
Medford Furniture Co
the most dreaded and deadly of all diseases, as
well as pneumonia, and all Lung Troubles are
relieved at once and cured by Acker's English
Remedy, “the king of all oough cures." Cures
coughs and colds in a day. 2fi cents.
money back if dissatisfied.
Write or tree,
sample. W. H. H ookir A Co., Buffalo, N. Y
Ballard’s Horehewnd Syrup
The Houseufrnishers and Undertakers
Treasurer’s Third Notice.
Office of County Treasurer of Jack- )
son County, Oregon.Jacksonville, >
December 20th, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that there
are funds in the county treasury for
the redemption of all tutstatiding
county warrants protested t oui
February 10th, 1900, to M irch 7tb,
1900, both dates inclusive. Interest
on the same will cease after I he above
D. H M iller , County Treasurer. *
Much odium is sought to be casi,
upon Oregon through the apparent
fraudulent entries which have been
m de of lands lying within tbe state;
but : b ->e vbo have been so very in-
j this line of work entirely
i.e fact that most of the en-
haye been made in this
it .e been made by entrymen
who hav come from other states. If
any frarni has been practiced, it has
been their fraud and not tbe officers.
It be gees to tbe land office or before
any one of tbe various U. 8. commis­
sioners or county clerks, and makes
affidavit in accordance with the re­
quirements of the blanks furr.ished
rrom tbe land department at Wash­
ington, it is certainly not tbe fault of
tbe officer before whom the affidavits
are made if they are false—the entry­
man alone is to blame. And no blame
should attach to the officer who takes
his affidavit. If entrymen persist in
swearing falsely before the officer, the
officer is certainly powerless to pre­
vent bis doiDg so, and perhaps has no
authority to refuse to take his affida­
vit aud act upon it, even though he
may be morally certain that the
entryman has sworn falsely.
Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic
Immediately relieves hoarse,croupy,
cough, oppressed, rattling, rasping
and difficult breathing. Henry C.
Stearns, druggist, Shull burg, Wis..
writes, May 20, 1901: “1 have been
selling Ballard’s Horehound Syrup
f >r two years, and have never had a
n-epiration that has given belt r
I .lit fiction. 1 notice that when I
. ell a bottle they come back for more,
i can tn>ne«t'y recommend it. 25e, 50/
id 91.00 at City Drug Co.
has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales over One end a Half Million
bottles. Does this record of merit appeal to you?
No Cure, No Pay.
___________ Knctos ad with evary Sottto h a T b Cwt package of Crwi*i W a ck Ao«» Uver Mb.________
Ite Kind Y oí Hurt Aiarjtvs
Don’t forget the old man
with the fish on his back.
For nearly thirty years he
has been traveling around the
world, and is still traveling,
bringing health and comfort
wherever he goes.
To the consumptive he
brings the strength and flesh
he so much needs.
To all weak and sickly
children he gives rich and
strengthening food.
To thin and pale persons
he gives new firm flesh and
rich red blood.
Children who first saw the
old man with the fish are now
grown up and have children
of their own.
He stands for Scott’s Emu!*
sion of pure cocl liver oil a
delightful food and a natural
tonic for children, for old folks
and for all who need flesh and
;O9-»4I5 Pearl Street,
New York.
5Oo.andSI.OO; all druggist3.
Farm for Sale.
Eighty acres of land, in Meadows precinet
black loam, part in culltVillon, all. fence«,
watered by two Hue springs. «¡4 miles from
school, 20 tulles from Gold liill. Tille per-
ftet. Will be sold at a bargain.
Apply tor further particulars to
Ke .IK.lale Vgenl. Jaeksortitle.Or