The Democratic times. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1871-1907, November 12, 1902, Image 2

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    ©emoGratie firnes. THREE TARIFF SCHOOLS
County Clerk Orth and M. F. Hanley
Medford visitors Thursday.
Printed Every Wednesday, by
Triangular Squabble of the Pro The Latest. Returns Indicate That
Mrs. O. Harbaugh and Miss Anna
the Republicans Have Been Gen­
Timet Printing Company
Keegan made Medford a visit Thurs­
erally Successful—The House
C has . N ickell , Editor and Mgr.
Will Be Republican By a
Wm. M. Colvig returned Thursday
Smail Majority.
from a professional trip to Grant’s
One Year, in advance..................... 91.50 Whipped Iato Line by the Dominant
Six Months...................................... 1.00
Misses Messal of Lake creek were
or “Stand Pat” Faction—Maaaachu-
Des Moines, Nov. 7—Judge Birdsell, guests of friends living in the city re­
aetta Advoeatee of Free Haw Mate­
nominated by the Republicans to suc­ cently.
Advertisements inserted at reasons
rial Caa’t Be Scared—Kia« Caaeaa
Speaker Henderson, ran with his
ble rates.
Mrs. Goo. E. Neuber and Miss Isa
Ready For Iadepeadeata.
ticket and will be elected by from Cook tarried in Medford a few hours
All Republicans believe in protection, 4,000 to 5,000 votes over former Gov-
Entered at the PosiotHoe at Jacksonville, Ore.,
there Is a shade of difference be­ eroor Buies. At Republican head­
as Second Class Mall Matter
Geo. L. Haff of Gold Hill precinct,
tween the schools into which they are quarters it is asserted that the
well-known miner, was in Medford
divided. The Massachusetts school be­ Republican plurality in the state is
G eneral D e W et , the great Boer lieves in free raw material, and the
a few days since.
75,000, sufficient to carry all the con­
soldier, says ho will sail for South manufacturers there are demanding it.
J. II. Gay, one of the loading citizens
Africa Novetnber23. He announces that l'heu there is the Iowa school, which gressional candidates.
Central Point, visited bls son Chas,
Botha and Delaroy still intend paying believes that the tariff fosters trusts.
days ago.
Indianapolis, Nov. 7—The Republi­
a visit to America.
This declaration so shocked Speaker can plurality will be about 35,000.
Wm. Bybee went to Grant’s Pass
Henderson that he declined to be a The legislature will be 25 Republican Thursday, continuing his trip to Port­
candidate, especliilly as ho found a on joint ballot and Senator Fairbanks land the noxt day.
Baker City says that the story about
“great many” Republicans in his dis­ will succeed himself. The congres­
Geo. W. Obenchain and Jeff. Wilson
a Chinaman picking up a 915,000 nug­
trict who believed that the trust pro­ sional delegation remains 7 Republi­ of Klamath county have been in the
get on Salmon ereek a few weeks ago.
tecting tariff should be revised.
cans and 4 Democrats.
valley after supplies.
which has take« up so much space in
The largest school, which might be
the columns of the State press, is a fake.
Frank Ennis returned from Gal ice
called the college of protection, is still
Chicago, Nov. 7—The state is Re­ creek Friday. He will leave for Cal­
The piece of gold found only weighed
the dominant faction. These extreme publican by about 45,000 plurality.
and uncompromising protectionists The Rejtublicans will have at least 14 istoga, Calif., in a few days.
Circuit court has been In session
L overs of the soothing coffee bean have an organ, the American Econo­ congressmen as against 11 In the last
may bo pleased to learn that the ruina­ mist. It constantly denounces and de­ congress. The Democrats are sure of again, adjourning until the 17th. Judge
tion of a considerable coffee acreage in rides the reformers and preaches that nine congressmen and may secure two Hanna passed on several cases.
J. M. Cantrail and Frank Cameron,
Guatemala by the recent volcanic dis­ it would be daugerous to disturb the more.
two of Applegate’s energetic young
aster will not materially affect the price. present tariff law. This, being also the
Seattle, Nov. 7—The Washington stock raisers, were in town Friday.
Last year Guatemala produced 600,000 idea of Senator Hanna, may, therefore,
legislature will be from 18 to 20 Re­
bags; but the visible supply df the world be knowu as the “staud pat” school.
Miss Helen Colvig of Jacksonville,
The Economist has been sorely trou­ publican on joint ballot. Sheriff who has been visiting Miss Iris Cook,
is about 13,000,000 bags.
bled lately, and has eased its mind by Cudlhee, Democrat, is re-elected in returned home Wednesday evening.
A n American superintendent of formulating a “tariff plank," In which. Kicg county. Majorities on the Re­
J. H. Stull of Kingman, Arizona, a
schools was killed by natives in the It says, “is told the whole story of the publican congres.»ianal ticket range prominent miner, is in Southern Ore­
Philippines last week. This is said to
gon, inspecting our mineral resources.
American labor and business.” That from 10,000 to 12,00).
be the first instance in which a teacher statement, of course, is very mislead­
Medford's council has passed an
has been harmed. Robbery was the ing, for it would require several large
San Francisco, Nov. 7.—Dr. Pardee,
requiring saloons to close
motive, probably, as he had a consid­ volumes to tell such a story, but such Republican candidate fur governor, is
hours of 1 and 5 o'clock
erably sum of money on his person, exaggeration is constantly Indulged in elected by 4000 plurality. Wynn,
by the Economist and its piwteetionlst Democrat, baa beaten Loud for Con
with which to pay salaries.
Robt Potter has purchased the
followers. It ends Its “plank” with this gress in the 5th district, and Liver-
at Eagle Point occupied by
nasb, Democrat, Is elected over Kahn
T he profits of the hop crop have in­
“We therefore heartily commend the
that town is without a
creased forty per cent—9400 on the Dingley law and demand that when
thousand—in the past sixty days for any of its schedules are revised it shall
District Attorney Reames has gone
growers who had the nerve to hold. be for the strengthening rather than and Bell the Democratic candidate is
As a eent-a-pound increase on a twenty­ the weakening of the protective policy still in doubt. The balance of the to Klamath Falls, to attend the Novem­
congressional delegation is Republi­ ber term of circuit court for Klamath
thousand pound crop means 9200 to the as expressed therein.”
That means even, higher duties and can, as also is the legislature, which county.
holder, it may be realised that the sell­
Miss Myrtle Sutton, the clever ste­
ing of hops is not a little on the gam­ that war is declared against the Massa­ will cbo6e a successor to Senator Per­
In District Attorney Reames'
bling order.
tionists. 8o far it has not scared the
office, visited in Medford one day dur­
New Englanders, but the low al tea have
Helena, Nov. 7.- The Republican®, ing the week.
S urgeons took an inch and a quar­ backed down, from Governor Cum­
Democratic disaffection,
ter piece of knife blade from a man’s mins to Senator Allison, and the can­
When you wish photographs taken
their candidate for Con­ and finished in up-to-date style, at
brain at Chicago yesterday, ft had didates for congress are now occupied
been there twenty-two years, during tn the perilous feat of riding the protec­ gress, and elected a large majority of reasonable rates, call on G. W. Mackey
at the Medford Gallery, Hamlin build­
which he bad been an inmate of hospi­ tion horse and the "tariff-fosters-trusts” the members of the next legislature. ing, 7th street.
tals for considerable periods of time, horse at the same time, and it need
Hon. E. B. Dufur and J. L. Ham-
Reno, Noy. 7.—The Democratic and
suffering from convulsions and epileptic hardly be said that their paths lie in
the Gold HiH attorneys, have
different directions, their only object Silver parties have elected their en­
fits. And it was only the other day
being to fool the voters to again vote tile state ticket and two-thirds of the been here several times lately, on pro­
that a surgeon took several stitches in the Republican ticket
fessional business.
legislature, which ensures the elec­
a man's heart. Modern surgery dares
The Iowa idea was undoubtedly
J. W. Ingram of Willow Springs, the
to operate on these vital organs that meant as a sop to the tariff reform Re­ tion of F. G. Newlands as U. S. Sena­
miner, was on the south­
old-time surgeons held immune from publicans who abound on the Iowa tor.
bound train Thursday, en route to
prairies, but even the wayfaring man,
Philadelphia, Nov. 7.--Tbe Repub Siskiyou county, Calif., to visit rel­
though a fool, must see the Republican
T he next great rush for land will be leaders have determined to quash the lican majority will approximate 200,- atives.
The United States geological survey­
when the government irrigation ay stum reform movement. The Economist, or 000. Tiie Democrats have elected
is inaugurated. There are millions of “stand pat” school will dominate the three congressmen out of 32. Peorose ors are now located at Merlin, having
acres of desert lands in the country next congress if the Republican party will succeed himself as U. S. Senator. moved there from the Cow Creek can­
yon, where they have been working for
west of the Rocky mountains that can has a majority to organize it, and the
be made valuable by the use of water. tariff will be continued as a trust
Milwaukee, Nov. 7..—The Republi­ several weeks.
We are informed that the Medford
Government irrigation would bring in­ breeder.
The only chance for revision and for cans have elected their state ticket
to market the vast plains and deserts stopping the fostering of trusts is for by a large plurality; also nearly all of Dramatic Society has in contemplation
along the watershed of the Colorado those Republicans who believe that it Die congressional delegation and a a minstrel performance. Further par­
ticulars will be given ir the near future.
river, extending from the Gulf of Cali­ is time to cry a halt on trust exactions majority of the legislature.
It will be all right.
fornia to the Yellowstone Park reserva­ to vote for candidates for congress who
tion, and all the country east and west are not afraid to deciare for radical
I. S. Morris of Griffin creek was in
Boise, Nov. 7.—The Republicans
between the Pacific Ocean and the cen­ reform—that is, to place trust produc­ have elected their state ticket and town Friday. He recently purchased
ter of the continent, which are now un­ tions on the free list and thus make a majority of the legislature, ensur­ 30 acres of land from W. H. Meeker
the trusts sell as cheaply In tbc United
fit for cultivation.
and 65 acres of Mr. Herriford, which
States as they now do in Europe. That ing the election of an anti-Democratic
makes him an excellent ranch.
Is the Democratic plauk, and the Re­ U. S. Senator.
T he government officials at Wash­ publican tariff reformers must ado[»t
John Rowe, who has a good farm in
ington claim to have unearthed whole­ It if they wish to accomplish anything.
Cincinnati Nov. 7.—Tne Republi­ Big Butte precinct, made us a pleasant
sale timber land frauds in Oregon, and
A Republican member of congress can majority will approximate 100,- call Thursday.
He brought with him
have Issued a sweeping order holding who believes in tariff reform when be 000. The legislature is strongly Re­ some of the finest, cleanest apples and
up all entries in the districts of the enters ibe portals of the capitol will publican, but the Democrats have biggest ears of cornwe ever saw.
Roseburg, The Dalles and Lakeview be like a rheep In the bands of the gained one member of Congress.
Blue-print maps of anv township in
land offices. The Washington officials shearers- dumb and may not open his
Oregon, Land iMstrict, show­
should be sure they are right before mouth, or he will be ostracized and
all the vacant lands, for 50 cents
driven inio the political woods. Polit­
St. Paul, Nov. 7.—Ex-Guvernor- ing
each. If you want any information
they proceed. The registers of the land ical history tells of but few such pa-
offices named are men of well-known in­ tiuts. Some may be found to talk In Llnd is the only Democrat elected to from the U. S. Land Office, address
Congress. The Republican state Title Guarantee & Loan Co., Rose­
tegrity, and would not enter into any dependently I k -fore election, but when
burg, Oregon.
collusion with fraudulent entry mon. In they reach Washington nnd the full ticket, with possibly one exception,
Mrs. T. H. Tongue of Hillsboro, who
addition, it is a well-known fact that power of the Republican machine and
been visiting her daughter, Mrs.
over 100 people from Albany have filed King Caucus Is turued on them they,
Reames, left for home Friday
on timber lands in those districts, and like tbeir fellows, will be clay in the
evening, accompanied by Mrs. McCul­
they did so in good faith. They took
possible exception of
governor. loch, her cousin, who has also been
up the claims because they thought
The only relief in sight for those vot­ Thompsoo, Fusionlst, seems to be visiting in Jacksonville.
Oregon timber lands are good proper­ ers who believe In tariff reform is to
leading. The Fusionlsts have lost
H. T. McIntyre, St. Paul, Minn.,
ty. After the Secretary of the Interior vote for tne Democratic candidates
who has been troubled with a disorder­
a member of Congre®s.
investigates this matter fully, ho will who are pledged to revise the tariff
ed stomach, says: “Chamberlain’s
no doubt find that the place to look aud are not under obligations to com
Stomach and Liver Tablets do me
Albany, Nov. 7.—Odell lias been more good than anything I have ever
for frauds is in the big Northern bines and corporations.
governor by about 11,000 plu­ taken." For sale by City Drug Store.
Pacific Railroad Company 's steal, and
There is talk of contesting
Hon. W.C. Hale of Grant’s Pass has
in other syndicate land grabbing by
the city of Portland for 9100 dam­
means of scrip, and not in the filing of
southern states,-and that means the tective ballots were used In some of ages for injuries to a leg which belong­
timber claims by individual claimants.
federal idficeholder«, have ostracized the Interior districts. In New York ed to him. The Judge was walking to
—[Albany Herald.
the negroes from being delegates to City Coler’s plurality was approxi­
the depot when he fell into an excava­
state conventions, with the evident in­
E llis H. R oberts , treasurer of the tention of preventing them from taking mately 120,000, made up as follows: tion, with painful results.
United States, in opening bis annual part iu the next national Republican New York county, 83,000; Kings coun­
The Klamath Falls Express, publish­
report, says that the magnitude of the convention. President Kooeevelt seems ty, 26,500; Queens county, 5,500; Rlcli- ed by J. G. Pierce for the past seven
available cash balance and the unprec­ to be helping the matter along by ap m< nd county, 2,800; however, it was years, has been sold to Roy Hamaker,
edented holdings of gross gold were pointing white men to federal offices in not heavy enough to offset Odell’s a young man connected with the pa­
the striking features of the condition the southern states. Three bishops and majority elsewhere. The Democrats per. The new publisher says be will
some other colored notables called on
of the treasury at the close of the fiscal the president for an explanation. lie gained several congressmen; also a be independent in politics.
year 19o2. The net ordinary revenues explained to the satisfaction of the number of legislators, but not enough
Miss Ella Hanley has gone to Chile,
for the year were 9562,47ft,233 and the bishops that he was not discriminating to defeat Senator Platt for re-elec­ S. A., where she will soon be wedded
expenditures 9471,140,857, showing a against the colored brother. Yet he is tion.
to Mr. Bush, a successful mining man,
surplus of 991 287,370. In comparison known to favor the building up of a
Denver, Nov. 3.--The Republicans who is also well known in Southern
with the previous year there was a de­ white Republican party in the south
elected their state ticket, but the Oregon. They have the congratula­
crease of 925,207,104 in the revenues and is appointing renegade Democrats
legislature Is in doubt, although the tions and best wishes of many friends.
offset by a falling off of 938,770,450 in to fill the offices. In Indiana and iu
County Surveyor Jones and Commis­
Democrats claim it.
the expenditures. While there was an some other states where the colored
sioner Patterson were on Emigrant
voters hold the balance of potker how
increase of 915,850,252 in the receipts many state, county or town officer are
Trenton, Nov. 7.—The state has creek last week,to locate the new bridge
from customs, the internal revenues, given to them to repay their devotion
Republican by a fair-sized ma­ at the crossing above Soda Springs.
under the operation of new laws repeal­ to the Republican party? The negro
Democrats made some gains. The contract for its construction has
ing the war taxes, fell off 935,300,541. will never get his fair share of the
been let to Geo. Riggs of Ashland for
There was a decrease of 932,343,481 in spoils until he shows his power ocen
Newport, Nov. 7.—The Democrats
expenditures on account of the War »tonally by defeating the Republican
"Some years ago, while at Martins­
elected their governor and made burg,
Department and an increase of 97,296,-
W. Va., I was taken with
other substantial gains.
cholera morbus, which was followed
140 in the cost of the navy. The total
Cured of Pile* after 40 Year*.
by diarrhoea. Thedoctor’s medicine
receipts of the year from all sources in­
me no good. I was advised to get
Mr. (1 Haney, of Geneva, Ohio, had The Sequel to an Escapade. did
cluding the publicdebt were91,002,124,-
of Chamberlain's Colic,
037,and the disbursements 9090,627,041. the piles for forty years. Doctors and
Diarrhoea Remedy,
dollars could do him no lasting good.
In our last Issue we gave details of which I did, and It cured me sound
United States notes and treasury notes DeWitt’s Witch Hazel Salve cured
an escapade In which Dell Combs .and and well.—G. A. M orris , Embree-
were redeemed in gold to the amount him permanently. In valuable for cuts,
Miss Myrtle Parker of Ashland fig­ ville, Pa. Sold by City Drag Store.
of 917,482,590 of the former and 91,274,- burns, bruises, sprains, lacerations,
The father of the girl followed
A crew of Japs is at work tie­
590 of the.latter. The available cash eczema, tetter, salt rheum and all
other skin diseases. Look for the her to Portland, Involuntarily accom­ plating the 8. P. company's tracks
balance in the treasury July I, 1902, name DeWitt on the package—all
was the largest net balance in our others are cheap, worthless counter­ panied by the young man In the case. along the steep grades and curves of
A marriage ceremony took place soon Josephine county. The passing of
history. It amounted to 9862,187 361. feits.
after their arrival. Mrs. Combs and so many heavy trains has a tondoncy
Bonds of the face value of 956,071,230
were purchased during the fiscal year Result in Siskiyou County. her father have since returned to to pull up the spikes and misplace the
for the sinking fund at a total cost of
Ashland, but the groom Is still con­ rails. Tie-plating will prevent this.
970,410,230 for principal, premium and
Our neighboring county In Cali­ spicuous nt the granite city by his The entire line through southern
accrued interest.
Douglas and northorn Josephine coun­
fornia has elected the Democratic absence.
."■..... 1 •............
is to be tie-plated.
ticket, with the exception of sheriff,
Danger Signals la the Alp*.
The Tidings Bays that the first pen­
_ According tn the International agreement re­
cently made tn regard to danger signals In the feating M. Freshour, the present In­
sion to be granted to a claimant in the
Alps six shots or movements of a light will cumbent. The successful candidates Try them
Pacific northwest, under the Indian
When you feel dull after eating.
be recognized as a call for asaistaneo. In
were: Tax collector and treasurer, J.
war veteran bill passed recently by Con­
Wheo you have no appetite.
caaes of stomach, liver and bowel troubles it
to Patrick Maloney of Portland,
is always wise to heed the first danger signal,
and give Nature the assistance she Is calling tor and collector, Eugene Dowling;
who has just been allowed 98 a month.
When your liver Is torpid.
for. The beat medicine to aid the stomach in district attorney, C. J. Luttrell; as­
When your bowels are constipated. It is promised by the pension bureau
digeating the food, to stir up the liver or to
that other allowances will bo made as
sessor, J. S. Nalley; superintendent
When you have a headache.
open up the clogged bowels, Is Hostetter’s
fast as claims can be examined and
Stomach Bitters. It la backed by a record of
They will improve your appetite, certified. Several claimants from tho
tfty years of cures. Be sure to try the Bitters veyor, E W. Nolan; coroner and ad­
if yon are a sufferer from indigestion, dyspep­ ministrator, J. A. Fairchild; super­ cleanse and Invigorate your stomach eastern states, who were the first to file
sia, flatulency, eonslipatfon or biliousness
visor, district 3, H. H. Patterson; and regulate your liver and bowels. applications, have been drawing pen­
sions under this act for several weeks.
Ov Private Stamp Is oo the seek of the botUe. supervisor, district 5, G. F. Hellmuth. For sale by City Drug Store.
Sheriff Rader was in Modford Friday.
A. O. Hawkins was in Medford Mon­
Chas. E. Tull has returned from a
trip to Lake county.
L. A. Rose, a prominent citizen of
Phoenix, is in town.
Rev. E. B. Lockhart of Central Point
was in our city Friday.
Miss Alta Naylor left for San Fran­
cisco Thursday, on a visit.
A. M. Cannon, the attorney, has re­
turned from his hunting trip.
Jake Huger, foreman of the Voorhies
orchard, was with us Tuesday.
Miss Ella Young of Jacksonville has
been the guest of Mrs. F. Luy.
Cal. Owings, a prominent citizen of
Mound district, called Wednesday.
Hon. Miles Cantrail of Applegate was
among our visitors during the week.
C. M. Duncanson of Jacksonville
precinct and his family are in town to­
8. Sherman, a well-known citizen of
Talent made our city a visit one day
this week.
Miss Myrtle Nicholson was the guest
of Mrs. J. Downing of Central Point
Mrs. J. A. Beaudroit of Siskiyou
county, Cal.f., is the guest of Mrs. E.
P. Pickens.
B. 8. Baker of Eagle Point precinct
and his son James tarried in Medford
J. F. Ritter, of the firm of Karnes A
Ritter, has gone to Northern Califor­
nia, on a visit.
Arthur Pool of Eagle Point and his
son Scott were in Medford the fore­
part of the week.
Mrs. B. P. Theiss and Miss M. dwell
went to Ashland Friday morning, for a
visit with friends.
Mrs. O. W. Fox of Ashland has been
visiting with relatives and friends re­
siding in Medford.
I. A. Webb has embarked in the
furniture and undertaking business at
Goldendale, Wash.
F. M. Amy, L. W. Coe and Mrs. M.
S. Welch of Central Point were recent
visitors in Medford.
S. S. Pentz and his two sons have re­
turned from the homestead, located In
Big Butte precinct.
Mrs. H. C. Mackey was visited by her
mother, Mrs. Walker of Ashland: the
forepart of the week.
Mrs. O. Gilbert and Mrs. R. G. Jef­
frey have gone to Siskiyou county,Cal.,
on a visit to relatives.
A. D. Ray returned from the north
this morning.
He has removed his
shooting gallery hither.
F. Oeenbrugge and J. A. Perry have
returned from a visit to their home­
stead in Flounce Rock precinct.
F. W. Hollis has returned from his
homestead in Flounce Rock precinct.
His family will remain sometime longer.
Mr. Jones, father of Dr. W. 8. Jones,
has returned from Pleasantville, Iowa,
and will spend the winter In Medford.
E. S. Wolfer was at Jacksonville this
week, putting a roof on Mrs. Kubll’s
brick building. He does first-class
Geo. L. Davis, who is now in the val­
ley, represents Mason, Ehrman A Co.,
one of the leading wholesale firms of
M. E. Elwood has been visiting his
brother, E. D. Elwood. He Is also a
jeweler, and will engage Ln business at
Grant’s Pass.
Miss Minnie McClain of Silverton,
who has been the guest of Dr. and Mrs.
J. M. Keene during the past few weeks,
has returned home.
Miss Lizzie Hoover, the milliner, who
is now at Talent, will be at Central
Point next week with a full assortment
of goods in her line.
C. D. Reed of Union precinct was in
Medford Thursday. He has been fur­
nishing this market with a large quan­
tity of superior grapes.
Miss Emma Coleman, who has been
stopping in Medford, left for Ashland
Thursday. She will soon visit Grant’s
Paas, Eugene and Portland.
A. A. Davis, who has been at Daven­
port, Wash., looking after the business
interests of the Big Bend Milling Co.,
returned Wednesday night.
W. R. Bullock, who purchased part
of the Walker land sometime ago, was
among us Wednesday. He la making
substantial improvements.
T. E. Kelso, the clever proprietor of
the Medford Cyclery, has returned
from his hunting trip. He was suc­
cessful In his search for big game.
Rev. J. 3. McCain, who has been in
Washington and Idaho during the past
16 months, on a canvassing tour, re­
turned to Medford during the week.
L. B. Warner, the enterprising rep.
resentative of the Albany nurseries,
has gone to Northern California, to
make several large deliveries of trees-
Mr. *Dd Mrs. M. H. Lewis of Beth­
any, Mo., arrived in Medford Tuesday,
and will spend the winter with their
son, who resides in Lake Creek pre-
A Violent Attack af Craup Cared.
“Last winter Infant child of rnlue
had croup in a violent form," says
Elder John W. Rogers, a Christian
Evangelist, of Filley, Mo., "1 gave
her a few doses of Cham'oerlaio’s
Cough Remedy and In a short time all
danger wa® past and the child recover­
ed. This remedy not only curescroup,
hut when given as soon as the first
symptomsappear will prevent the at­
tack. It contains no opium or other
harmful substance, and may be given
as confidently to a baby as to an adult.
For sale by City Drug Store.
$100 REWARD.
The undersigned offers the above re­
ward for the recovery of 113 goats,
which are supposed to have been stol­
en from the pasture of my farm on
Rogue river; or for information that
will lead to the conviction of the thief.
The wethers were marked with a crop
off the right ear, and the ewes with a
crop off the left ear.
W m . B ybee .
Doesn't Respect Old Age.
It’s shameful when youth falls to
show proper respect for old age; but
Just tbe contrary in Dr. King's New
Life Pills. They cut off maladies, no
matter how severe and irrespective of
old age. Dyspepsia, Jaundice, fever,
constipation, all yield to this perfect
pill. 25c at City Drug Store.
A dance will be given at the Hotel
Hall in Central Point, Nov. 27th.
A few days ago Williams Bros, ship­
ped many dozen turtles to San Fran­
Mr. Oleson of the Big Butte saw­
mill was In town this week, shipping
a large quantity of ffne lumber.
Wm. Cochran of Willow Springs
has sold his Grant’s Pass property to
Mr. Lund of Wisconsin for 91200.
Mr. Mason and family, new arri­
vals from Iowa, are acquaintances of
Messrs. Downing and Heselgrave.
This part of the valley was visited
by a tine rain last Sunday night; but
not enough to start the farmers to
dwell Bros, are short of apple
packers. They pay 4 cents per box.
Some packers make 912 to 915 per
week, while others less.
Mrs. John Potter of Henley, Calif.,
daughter of B. F. Wade of this place,
who has been visiting here for some­
time, has returned home.
Wm. Taylor of Nell creek, an old
settler, was in Central Point fjr a
short time last Friday, in company
with J. R. Neil of Jacksonville.
L. S. Wilson, a son-in-law cf A. F.
Carpenter of Willow Sprlogs, arrived
one day this week from Kalispell,
Mont., with bis family, to make this
his future home.
H. Corum has bought tbe I. J. Car-
son’s town property in this place. Mr.
Carson and his family left Wednes­
day for Tbe Dalles,to make that place
tbeir future home.
E. L. James aod his wife, who came
here last spring frem Pagosa Springs.
Col., and spent the summer aod fall
in the employ of Mee A Co., near
Cole’s, Calif., have returned here,
to spend the winter.
Mrs. D. Knutson of Applegate, sis­
ter of Miss Mary Mee, is assisting Dr.
Hinkle In the drug store, during the
absence of the latter, who Is In Siski­
you county, Calif., proving up on a
timber claim,located near Mee A Co.’s
saw mill.
Rev. E. B. Lockhart preached in
tbe M E. Church last Sunday morn­
ing and evening, to large congrega­
tions. He did not begin revival ser­
vices at Jacksonville last week,as was
reported; but will commence a pro­
tracted meeting in that place next
T. M. Jone®, a son-in-law of Merritt
Elliott of tills place, arrived here
with bls family last week, from Okla­
homa. Mr. J. will le rememt>ered by
the people of tills part of tbe valley
as a minister ot tiie Christian denom­
ination, who wmt fr< ui here several
years ag > to California, and went in­
to the law business, fiom there going
to Oklahoma.
Operations Suspended.
The Ashland mine, owned by tbe
Montreal and Oregon Gold Mines, has
been abandoned for tbe present. It
produced a large quantity of gold and
was a profitable producer for some
time. Tbe proprietors offer the fol­
lowing machinery, etc , for sale: A
five-stamp mill, 850-pound stamps; a
six-foot Union concentrator, one six-
foot Johnson concentrator; a Chai
lenge ore feeder. The mill will be
sold witb or without concentrators
and ore feeder, if desired. A lnge-
nott-Seargent 3-1 nch air drill; a skip,
28-lncb gauge, 20 cubic feet capacity;
a lot of i-lnch steel; a lot of machine
steel; a small safe, combination lock,
k) hold books, amalgam or gold bull­
ion; an engineer’s transit instrument;
an 18-H. P. verticil boiler; a set of as­
say balances; a set of pulp scales; 1500
feet, more or less,of 4 1 nch extra flexi­
ble steel cal le In any length; a team
of driving mares, both young aod
sound, with harness at.d buckboard
The grain was “raised” by old Me-
tbusaleb, and "mashed" bv the Rock
of Ages; distilled near the Pyramid of
Egypt by the Sphyux; water drawn
from the Rock Moses smote; dripp'd
through a worm 10,000 miles long;
heated up by Mount Vesu vlu ; shaken
up by innumerable eart' quakes; puri­
fied by being drawn through tiie Great
Desert of Sahara, and stored io the
Mammoth Cave of Kentucky; rescued
by old Noah and shipped Iu the Ark;
landed on Mount Ararat; rendered re­
spectable by age; crowned with the
Glories of Antiquity; sampled by Roy­
alty; guaranteed by the Pope; inspect­
ed by 500 revenue officials; glorified by
Stamps; covered with tbe cobwebs of
creation; then shipped to A. P. Esta­
brook, where it was christened “Our
Mash." It has no relatives living, but
relies upon Its own merit for passage
through life.
The above pedigree was found lately
In Egypt upon removing Cleopatra’s
Needle and promptly forwarded to
A. P. Estabrook, Gold Hill, Oregon,
tbe leading druggist.
This oilice bad tbe pleasure of a
call yesterday from George H Himes,
tbe assistant secretary of the Oregon
Historical Society, the beadquarters
of which are in Portland. lie came
to JacksoD county last Saturday •W Office In Red Men'a Bu Idin
night, and spent Sunday and Monday
in Ashland. Tuesday he weDt to
R. G. GALH, M. D.
Jacksonville, coming to Medford yes­
terday. lie is making notes of every­
Orth’s Building.
thing of a historical character, relat­ Office in Hours
—2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m.
ing to the early settlement of Oregon,
and in pursuance of that purpose
has interviewed many early pioneers Jacksonville
and gathered a great deal of early
literature. At Jacksonville he se­
cured fully one thousand p>unds of
old newspapers from C. C. Beekman,
who had the far-sightedness to realize
that the lime would come wheo news- WOfflce I d Red Men's Building.
papers, the most ephemeral things we
can conceive of in their day,would be­
come of undoubted value by the lapse ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW
of a Bcore of years. Among the pa­
Grant’* Pass, Oregea.
pers were substantially complete
tiles of the Sacramento Union, San
practices all tbe courts Office la Bank
Francisco Bulletin, Oregonian, Gul­
building op stairs
den Era, Harper’s Weekly. Most of'
of these between i860 and 1880, and
J. M. KEENE, D. D. S.
some even earlier. The work of Mr.1
dimes is not for any individual or ;
any locality; but for tiie entire stale,' JPERATIVE DENTISTRY A SPECIALTY
and belongs to the people, tiie Socie-1
Offices >n tbe Adalna Deuel block
ty, according to its articles of incor-1
pt ration, holding its collections in Medford,
trust for them. Tiie rooms in the
City Hall, Portland, are visited by
two thousand people each month,
fully one-third of them from Eastern ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW
states, to whom is given much litera­
Jacksonville, Oregaa.
ture descriptive of present conditions
in Oregon. To meet this demand Mr. >
Himes shipped at once one huudred •W Win practice !n all courts of the Slate. Of
Hee in tbe Court House last door on tho
Kundsof Jackson county pamphlets
rirbt from entrance
it Tuesday, for judicious distribu­
tion among those from the East, wiio
are seeking locations in this state.
A. C
If you are biiious and seeking aJ-
V i 86 rs
Traat'a Pena.
Ta'e DeWitt’s Little Ear’y
Just before going to bed.
You will find on the morrow
You are rid of your sorrow—
That’s all; just enough said.
These famous pills do not gripe: but
move bowels gently and easily,cleans-.
sing the liver. Tbeir tonic effect gives
strength to the glands, preventing a
return of the disorder.
(Jnhealthy Kidneys Make Impure Blood.
Grant’s Pass, Oregaa.
OWOffice above S P D.4 LOo 'i Store.
Silas «J Day
Notary Public
Real Estate Agent
and U. S. Commissioner
for Jackson County,
abstract* aaade ta Title« «f
La ads.
all sind drawn up sapeciaUvpertalatM M
the settlement of estates
Accounts Solicited, Prompt Rcmfttiice.
Invstment seeurltles a special*«. Jachane
Gounty Scrip bought and sold
have a complete set of maps of all sorveved
lands In this county, and receive Abstracts
monthly front Roseburg Land Office, the Land
Department of the O. a C. R. R. and the State
Land Department at Salem of all new entries
made I am thus prepared to make out home.
lake Prooi* thereon. Alao I
take Slings and proofs of timber lar.ds and
8?,Te T® parties '.he expense ot s' tri«
to tbe Roseburg land ofQce
Over-Work Weakens
Y'our Kidneys,
Office over Halr-R.ddle Hardware Store.
Oregon Exhibits Attract
Much Attention.
Mr. McKinney, the S. P. Co.’s gen­
eral immigration agent, writes as
follows to W. E. Coman, general
passenger and freight agent at Port­
land: “The Oregon exhibit, which
we bad at the Ptoria Corn Carnival,
Is now in our office, composed as you
are aware of agricultural products
and fruits from the Grande Ronde
Valley, Linn and Washington coun­
ties. We have arranged shelves along
the south wall of our office, and have
placed the last-named exhibit there­
on; the apples in the window at­
tract people into the office, and when
they gel inside they view the other
exhibits. It would amply repay the
senders of these exhibits if they were
here but one day, to hear the ex pres
sions of wonder and delight which
the exhibit calls forth from tie
crowds now in our office." This i-
excellent evidence that much good
has been and is being done in the
Eastern states for Oregon by the rail­
road company.
• Number
Fine Farms asd stber
Ss*er“ble Pr**ert,r ’■
baa4a ter
a»*PromDt reply made to all letters. Chars-
®s in accordance witb ’he rimes
Refers, by permission, Hon. H. K Hanna
judge of the 1st Judclal District, and to anv
business house tn Jacksonville
All the blood in your body passes through
your kidneys once every three minutes.
The kidneys are your
blood purifiers, they fil­
ter out the waste or
impurities in the blood.
If they are sick ar out
Jacksonville, Oregon.
of order, they fail to do
their work.
ESTABLISHED in 186 s .
Pains, aches and rheu­
matism come from ex­
cess cf uric acid in the
,he «»reful training
blood, due to neglected tbfy kn^ ‘“»‘racUoa for which It to favor
kidney trouble.
Kidney trcuble causes quick or unsteady
The Music Department
hear t beats, and makes one feel as though
of competent and exper-
they had heart trouble, because the heart is
leneed teachers. Hoard and tuition per session
over working in pumping thick, kidney- - yXLZeTM.00-SludlM WU1 *
poisoned blood through veins and arteries.
It used to be considered that only urinary
For prospectus, address
troubles were to be traced to the kidneys,
but now modern science proves that nearly
all constitutional diseases have their begin­
ning in kidney trouble.
ityou are sick you can make no mistake
by first doctoring your kidneys. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Dr. Kilmer’s
Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy is
soon realized, it stands the highest for its
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases
and is sold on its merits
by all druggists in fifty-
cent and one-dollar siz­
es. You may have a
sample bottle by mail Home of S 'ami>RooC.
free, also pamphlet telling you how to find
Orders for Hacks.Buggies sad Riding Horses
out if you have kidney or bladder trouble. promptly
attended to.
Mention this paper whei writing Dr. Kilmer
Feeding done st reasonable rated. ■ Best of
care taken to prevent accidents, but will be r e
Sc Co., Binghamton. N. Y.
St. Mary’s Academy,
s?2?,s,lble ,or none 8ho<Hd they occur.
W 111 retuse to do livery work on credtt
LEWIS. Prorp
r Si
in ths World.
Snatnl attrectiaa «, th« at* Jl
I HI “•
Will. McDaniel has opened a neat
cigar, confectionery and fruit store in
Ryan's building, Jacksonville, and
keeps a complete assortment of the
best of everything in his line Standard
brands a specialty. Give him a call,
for he will treat you well.
4 rsáíSiSSSSS
er.Uour or exernssa lu maturar
years Nenroua and physical »«Milts, Im-
Disastrous Wreck*.
Carelessness is responsible for many
a railroad wreck, ana the same causes
are making human wrecks of suffer­
ers from throat and lung troubles.
But since tbe advent of Dr. King’s
New Discovery for consumption,
coughs and colds even the worst
cases can be cured and hopeless res­
ignation is no longer necessary. Mrs.
LoisCraggof Dorchester, Mass., Is
one of many whose life was saved by
Dr. King’s New Discovery. This
great remedy is guaranteed for all
throat and lung diseases bv City Drug
Store. Price 50 and 91 Trial bottles
You Know What You Are Taking
When you take Grove'« Tasteless Chill Tonic,
beesuse the formula la plainly printed on every
obttle showing that It la »Imply Iron and Qui­
nine In a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay 60c
Dyspepsia Cure
Digests what you eat.
This preparation contains all of the
digestants and digests all kinds ot
food, it gives Instant relief and never
falls to cure. It allows you to eat all
the food you want. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands of dyspeptics have been
cured after everything else failed. It
prevents formation of gasoil the stom­
ach, relieving all distress after eating.
Dieting unnecessary. Fleasant to take.
Came to the Bonanza Feed Stables,
Oct. 29th, a dark brown horse, about 9
years ola, branded RR on right
shoulder, weighs about 1100 pounds.
The owner can recover the same by H OM’t h«l|9
but do you good
proving property and paying charges.
PMpared only by R. O. Da W itt A Oo.. Chicago
G eo . W. R eynolds .
Yb*9L boule oonuiaa 9M UnwaU»** Me ¡¡Bi
T housands S aved B y
This wonderful medioing posi­
tively cures Consumption, Coughs
Colds, Bronohitis, Asthma, Pneu­
monia, Hay Fever, Pleurisy, La-
Grippe, Hoarseness, Sore Throat,
Croup and Whooping Cough.
Every bottle guaranteed.
Core. No Pay. Prioo 50o.&$L
Trial bottle free.