The Democratic times. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1871-1907, October 31, 1901, Image 7

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MI m Ella Orth la spending the day
In Medford.
S. H. Cook of Applegate was In
Jacksonville Friday.
Mrs. J. L. MtV of Ashland waa one
of our visitors Friday.
Jas. O'Brien and F. OffenbiBcher of
Applegate were with us Saturday.
A. N. Soils» returned from a pro­
fessional trip to Grant's Pass Friday.
F. M. Wade, operator In mines, is
located at Portland for the present.
0. C. Doughty of Medford, the
genial printer, spent Bunday In Jack­
Oliver Dews of Ashland and hl*
family were In Jacksonville several
days last week.
Miss Emma Reed of the Medford
schools visited with her parents
Saturday and Sunday.
Russell Alford of Klamath county,
a brother-in-law of Judge Nell, spent
Sunday night in Jacksonville.
* Will Carter of Gold Hill and Leslie
Duffleld are at Sawyer’s Bar, Calif.,
visiting the former's relatives.
Aug. Fetsch and John Williams of
Grant's Pass were In Jacksonville
Saturday on homestead business.
Dr. J. W. Odgers, who has been on
the coast, traveling professionally,
went to Roseburg Friday evening.
C. B. Matney of Applegate, the
well-known pioneer, is quite 111 with
gastritis. Dr. DeBar Is in attendance.
8. S. Jolly, who Is In charge of the
Atkin mining property In Big Ap­
plegate district, was with us Sunday.
Judge Hanna returned Friday from
Grant's Pass, where he has been hold-
adjourned term of circuit
2 C. W. Sherman of Portland
Mrs. J. A. Whitman of Medford
¿n guests of Mrs. J. Russell one day
iast week.
tlon. Geo. B. Dorris, who is Eugene's
leading attorney, was at Salem last
week, on business before the supreme
Wm. Bybee is in town today, hav­
ing Just returned from Icoking after
hls extensive interests in Josephine
, Walter Drennan, the railroad en­
gineer, who was maimed for life by a
railroad collision, is soliciting Insur­
Frank obenchain of Bly and bls
family, who have been visiting In
Jacksonville, returned home last
John F. Fink of Seattle has been
visiting relatives at Medford.
resided In Jacksonville a number of
years ago.
Mrs. W. II. Venable of Applegate
was In Jacksonville Monday, accom­
panied by her mother, Mrs. J. B.
Mrs. E. P. Tynan (nee Jessie Jack-
son) of Roseburg recently returued
from a visit with her parents, who re­
side jtt Baker city.
Hon. W. M. Colvlg and Dr. DeBar
attended a meeting of Malta Coru-
mandery No. 4, Knights Templar,
at Ashland, Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Erl. Wilkinson visited
In Jacksonville Sunday. They are
now comfortably located at the rarrn
between Central Point and Medford.
E. C. Sherman of Portland, the
clever general agent of the Penn
Mutual Jus. Co., Is In Jacksonville, ac­
companied by hls wife, nee Belle
Willis of Roseburg.
Geo. E. Neuber went to Thompson
k creek Sunday, accompanied by his
family, to see hlsdeer, who are being
taken care of by G. W. Winetrout.
He found them doing well.
W. T. Readies, postmaster of Gold
Hill, was at Portland last week, glv-
kjng evidence before the U. 8. grand
fury in relation to a charge of using
the malls for blackmail, preferred
aganst a resident of barn's valley.
Prof. M. A. Floyd, who was princi­
pal of the Jacksonville school a few
years ago, has returned to Oregon, ac­
companied by his wife, and is in
charge of the Harney public schools.
He wedded a young lady during his
last stay in Missouri.
Mr. Bledsoe, a prominent attorney
of southern California, Is in Jackson­
ville looking after the interest in the
Amy estate of his sister, who Is the
widow of the late Haskel Amy. He
is aeon of the late Dr. Bledsoe, who
lived In Sam's valley In the sixties.
Mr. B.’s own son was elected superior
Judge of Santa Barbara county, Calif.,
at the last election.
Mr. and Mrs. John Dolan, Jr., who
were united In matrimony at the
residence of F. E. Furry, near Phoe­
nix, on the 17th, have gone to Willa­
pa, Wash., ttielr future home, accom­
panied by the congratulations and
best wishes of many friends. The
bride is the daughter of Robt. Caton,
a former resident of Jacksonville.
The wedding was a pretty one, and
attended by W. E. Anderson and hls
family, Oapt. M. Caton, F. E Furry
and his family. Mrs. A. Furry, Misses
Annie and Gertrude Anderson, Paul,
Milton and Arthur Anderson.
Grand Christmas Raffle.
A raffle for 1100 In U. 8. gold coin
will take placu at the Banquet saloon
in Jacksonville on luesday ulght,
Dec. 24,1901. The person throwing
the highest uumber with dice will
get 475, and the lowest throw takes
the remaining 426. Chances will
range from one cent to 41.
A tine
turkey supper will be set after the
raffle, which will be conducted to in-
sur^ general satisfaction.
1 reasarar’a 2lat Natlca.
Max Muller, county treasurer, gives
notice that there are funds In the
county treasury for the redemption
of outstanding warrants protested
from June 1, 18»«, to June 30. 189«,
both dates inclusive. Interest on the
same ceased Oct. 25.1901.
--------------------- "-8
W. C. Deneff, Stone Bros, and O.
Blenvenue have returned from a hunt­
Work oo the old Hammersly mine,
The following deeds have been re­
Now is the time to pay the printer.
different success, as they saw little ■ltuated In Jump-off-Joe district, ha«
in the offlce of the county re­
Spare-ribs are putting In an appear­ game, they say.
been resumed.
corder since the last report of T he
Oris Crawford and W. A. Carter
The Gold Hill News says that the
All kinds of lubricating oil for sale have bargained fora building at Gold S. P. R. R. Ci. has men prospecting T imes :
What suffering frequently resulta
at Nu nan's.
W. D Hanley to M Hanley, 170 acres
for coal In Meadow» district.
from a mother's ignorance ; or more
near Jacksonville ................................. | tooo oo
There Is hardly a vacant bouse in Merritt and Fl field & Co.,and will en­
Notice» for the location of placer JI Hanley toJA. J. Weeks, same prop­
frequently from a mother’s neglect to
gage in the sale of general merchan­
and quartz mine», etc., up-to-date erty................................................. •
properly instruct her daughter !
and complete, for »ale at T he T imes M.E. McCall to Eugenia Atkinson .one-
R. F. Yokum and bls son Al. were
Tradition says “ woman must suf­
In town Monday.
fer,” and young women are so taught.
halt lot 6 blk 1. Ashland...................
Pass postofflee, as shown by the re­
There is a little truth and a great deal
The American Mining C<tde, stand­ Harry Moore to Frank Moore, IS acres
J. N. Miller is teaching tbe Beagle port of tbe fiscal year, are 45,640, an
pf exaggeration in this. If a young
district school.
increase of 4300 over the receipts of ard authority on all subjects pertaln-
woman suffer« severe^ she needs treat­
iug to mining, water-rights, etc., is F. D Wagner to T. J. Downing, lot 45.
Circuit court for Jackson county re­ last year. Tne net revenues of tbe kept on hand at T ub T imes office.
Highland Park add ...........................
iso oh ment. and her mother should see that
She gets (t.
convenes Oct. 31st.
J. C. Ferguson toT J Downing, part,
Riley Hammer»ly and other» are de- of lot I blk 4, Ashland .................
Many ruoti ter* Itesi late» to take their
Mayor Chrisman of Eugene has been
Don’t forget the Hallowe’en ball.
daughters to a physician for examinat-
at Central Point, having been called veloping a copper deposit located in W. F. Towne to Dr Hargrave and
Everybody should atteud it.
there by a telegram announcing tbe
others, north half of lot 2 Phoenix..
so oo tlon : but no mother need hesitate to
write freely about her daughter or
Full assortment manila and sisal fatal illness of his stepmother, Mrs. Shamrock. Some excellent ore ha» J W Merritt to Mrs. V. A. Little, lot
herself to Mrs. Pinkham’s Laboratory
cotton rope for sale at Nunan’s. •
C. E. Chrisman, widow of tbe late C.
2 blk 81, Central Point......................
at Lynn, Mass., and secure from a
The Umpqua Valley Oil Co.’» stock Dora Harbaugh to J. M and C. W.
H. D. Russell and hls family left E. Chrisman of Cottage Grove.
woman the most efficient advice with­
Monday for Siskiyou county, Calif.
DeWitt’s Little Early Risers never baa advanced Scents per share, or to Lofland, P. W. Stowe place, hagle
out Charge.
Point precinct.....................................
30 la reported on the strength
3500 oo
Elegant home-made candies of all prompt, effective in removing all Im­ of a telegram received from Bak­ H. Wilson toH. Corum, lot 7, blk 49,
kinds, a leader at Joe Wetterer’s. *
126 00
purities from the liver and bowels. ersfield,Calif.,announcing the load In g Central Point................. . ..................
Rain commenced dropping Saturday Small and easy to take. Never gripe of the drilling plant recently pur­ A. J. T. Smith to Geo. F. Learned. 2
acres In sec 22, twp 86, 8w..............
100 00
night, and considerable bat fallen or distress. City Drug Store,Jackson­ chased and alto upon the favorable
ville, and Dr. J. Hinkle, Central report of theexpert geologist who has
been looking over the holdings of tbe
49111 00
The best brands of cigars, tobacco, Point.
etc., can always be found at Joe
There was an Interesting game of
The Grant’» Pass Observer says
foot-ball on tbe Jacksonville ball
that a rich body of ore ha» been un­
Chas. Sullivan has returned from grounds Sunday. Tbe team headed covered at the Baby quartz mine,
Lake county, where he spent the y Charley Nunan and Dick Donegan situated In Jump-off-Joe district. A BRAAT—RU8K—At Grants Pass, by Rev. C.
won from the eleven led by Lewis
W. Haye. Oct 28. 1901, M. Bract add Miss
Ulrich and Hurley by a score of 17 to 26-incb vein has been uncovered by a
Illiev Myers, who went to Idaho 10. Another game will probably be new tunnel 80 feet long, which carries
free-milling ore said to be worth sever
several months ago, has returned to played next Sunday.
a) hundred dollars to tne ton, besides
Jackson county.
Tbe widow, son and daughter of the carrying good values in base. The
A tine assortment of up-to-date late Samuel Phillips request T ub Baby was bonded recently by Meyers,
visiting cards can always be fouDd at T imbs to return sincere thanks to Rice & Smith of Pollock, Jewell & CHRISMAN—Near Central Point, at the resi­
dence of Mrs Ann Beall. Oct. 24. 1901. Mrs
Tua T imes office.
those who lent assistance during Dodge.
Mrs. August Pfalzgraf, of South
Lucinda Chrisman, of Lane county; aged 94
yeara, 11 months and 27 days
Byron, Wis.. mother of the young lady
The county commissioners’ court tbe illness of their deceased husband
will be in session next week, com­ and father and the arrangements for ing his quartz claim on Foots cr ek JONES—Near Lakeview Oct. 19, 1901. David R. whose portrait we here publish, wrote
hls funeral. They will ever be held
Jones, aged 66 years.
in January. 1800. saying her daughter
mencing Nov. 6th.
for some time, brought to Gold Hill
in kiod remembrance.
LANE—At Gold Hill, Oct 25, 1901, Irene, had suffered for two years with irreg­
E. A. Smith has returned to Grant’s
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gaiusba Lane, ular menstruation — had headache all
M. A. Walker has a nice little farm, of ore. in which free gold is plainly
aged four months.
Pass from Sisson, Calif., where he has
the time, and pain in her side, feet
been for several months.
LYON—In East Medford. Oct 2S. 1901, of con­ swelled, and was generally miserable.
house, Table Rock precinct, which he quantities. The ore was treated at
sumption. Ora, daughter of Mr. and Mra J . A. She received an answer promptly with
1 he board of trustees and Jackson­ will sell very low.
It contains 110 Houck's mil) and the returns were
Lyon: aged n years, 4 months and 1 day.
advice, and under date of March. 1899,
ville Fire Co. meet Tuesday and Mon­ acres of land, 30 acres of which are In large. Mr. Koester has about 75 tons
the mother writes again that Lydia E.
day evenings of next ■week.
There is a dwelling, of similar rock on his dump, which
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound cured
Joe Wetterer makes a specialty of
her daughter of all pains and irregu­
tight drinks, fresh candies, nuts,
A good farm situated one mile northeast of larity.
tropical and other fruits, etc.
Nothing in the world equals Lydia E.
A large amount of lumber is being Pboenfx lying alongside county road, contain­
16» 12 acres
There win be sold with it, Pinkham's great medicine for regu­
The funeral of tbe late Samuel hauled to the Golden Standard mine ing
There Is a light mast this year,
It desired by tbe purchaser. 40 acres of wood
which some weather prophets claim Philipps took place Friday afternoon, on Gall's creek, for the buildiDg of land. Tbe place Is all enclosed; about 150 lating woman's peculiar monthly
of it Is under cultivation. The Improve­ troubles.
Is a sure indication of a mild winter. and was attended by a number of the quarters for an Increased force of acres
consist of a dwelling-house, a large
deceased's friends, as well as relatives. men which will be put at work on the ments
barn with theda for stock, smoke, wood and
Notes, receipts, drafts, due-bills, Rev. 8. H. Jones officiated. Mr. P. property as soon as possible. About poultry bouses. There la a good well of water
etc., In book form, can always be ob­ was an Oregon pioneer of '51, comiDg 20 men are now employed and devel­ at tbe horse and one near tbe barn; an orch­
tained at T he T imbs Printing House. to Jackson couoty tbe following year. opment is progressing rapidly. This ard In good condition, containing about SO fruit
t.-eea of aaaorted varieties, mostly apples:
Wishing to increase their income.
Wm. Koeppe, watchmaker and Jew­ He Is survived by hls wife, a son.Ray- is tbe Kubil mine which was sold last school-house near tbe north end of tbe farm
S3.000; 11,000 In cash. I1X<D In me year, Good pay for good work. Permanent
eler, Is now located on California mond Philippa of Applegate, and a month for 440,000. The owners haye Terms,
61,000 In two years, deferred payments to
Mrs. O. B. Dews of Ash­ siDce steadily pushed operations upon and
street, opposite the postofllce. Satis­ daughter,
draw Interest, or all cash at option of purcbas work given if satisfactory.
the property, and express themselves er Inquire of S ilas J Day, Real Estate
Address M g ’ r ., P. O. Box 403,
faction guaranteed.
Roseburg, Or.
A number of assessors increased the as being more than satisfied with Agent. Jacsaonville, Oregon.
Apples 25 cents per sack at the Ol-
their bargain.
well orchard,Central Point. Come Im­ amount of taxable property in their
A Gold Hill dispatch to the Oregoni­
mediately, before they are picked respective counties by raising the
valuation of some already on the as­ an gives a very roseate hue to tbe re­
sessment roll and discovering more or sult of tbe late visit of Frank H. Ray
G. W. Thrasher, who has been east less that had previously escaped taxa­ of New York. He is at tbe head of
of tbe mountains during tbe past tion. Excepting tbe assessor of Mul­ the syndicate of eastern capitalists
several months, returned one day tnomah county, Assessor Pendleton is who have invested largely in tbe
last week.
easily first in this respect, as tbe new mines of southern Oregon and are rep­
Quite a number of tickets have al­ assessment roll of Jackson county is resented by Dr. C. R. Ray. Prior to
ready been sold for tbe D. of H. ball, over 4800,000 larger than it was In the Col.’s departure for borne be an­
which will be given at Orth’s ball 1900. This is a very creditable show­ nounced unofficially that bis company
ing. and means a lower rate of taxa­ intended taking immediate steps
Thursday night.
tion for our people.
looking to the extensive improvement
J. T. Williamson has purchased the
Although tbe Buffalo Exposition of tbe company’s big holdings in this
Hoffman property, situated in tbe
section. In addition to tbe opening
northwestern part of town. The will be open for onlv a few days long­ of the many mineral prupertles ac­
er, the State Horticultural Society
price paid was 41000.
last week shipped a fine lot of winter quired during the past three years, it
Tbe Hallowe'en ball, which will be apples to Superintendent Dosch. The is proposed to establish milling plants
given by Madrona Lodge No. 12, D. fruit wns raised by W. H. Stewart, of sufficient capacity to handle the
of H. will be a great success. No pains who lives near Medford, and will keep output of tbe mines, to furnish
Peremptory orders to close out the Remainder of
are being spared to make It such.
all winter—White Belleflower, Wine­ power for these. To supply light
sap and Jonathan. The apples will and power to Gold Hill and adjacent
Mrs. C. W. Knighten of Flounce probably be taken to Charleston next mining camps an electric plant will
Rock preclnet is visiting relatives liv­ month, to show the visitors at that De established. It is also stated that
ing on Forest creek.
She is being exposition the splendid frutt gathered a ditch will be built taking water
treated for a hip disease by Dr. De­ from the trees In Oregon.
from Rogue river at a point near
Oregon, within the next Thirty Davs
Tolo and bringing it to the several
While O. Harbaugh of Jacksonville sites selected for the respective plants.
w. T. Howell, a former resident of was driving near Central Point last
Io Ct2sr to accomplish this object we will inaugurate the biggest Slaughter Sale ever he'd
Jacksonville, is engaged In the sale of Thursday afternoon hls mare ran This will be 16 feet wide on top, 12
in Jackson or any other county
marble and granite at Grant’s Pas«. away. The buggy struck the railroad .feet wide oo the bottom, and will
IIs makes a specialty or cemetery track,while the animal was going at carry a volume of water five feet deep
Work wih be started upon tbe water­
full speed, and Mr. H. was thrown way probably not later than Decem­
The county clerk has issued license violently to the ground, striking on ber 1, it is reported.
to marry to Edward Russell and Ella hls head. He was removed to the res­
We will commence this GREAT SALE of
Winningham; also to Hermann Nord­ idence of Mrs. K. Morris, where he re­
en and Nancy Van der Karr of Ash­ mained in an unconscious condition
for sometime. A letter received today
by Miss Edith Priest from bls wife,
Thoe. McAndrew of Bear creek, one who Is with him, gives tbe Informs*
of our most progressive farmers, Is tlon that he Is considerably improved.
cutting his fourth crop of alfalfa. He
Bernal Wolfard. a fireman, has sued
has some of the best land in the
“ I bad a bad cough for six
the Southern Pacific Co. for 440,000
We Guarantee that during this sale you can buy
weeks and could find no relief
damages, because of personal injuries
Geo. L. Epps, who holds a responsi­ received on February 8, 1901, at Snow­
until I tried Ayer’a Cherry Pecto­
ble position with the Booth-Kelly den, on the Ashland division.
ral. Only one-fourth of tne bottle
Lumber Co., was recently in southern complains that one of hls legs was
cured me.”
Oregon, visiting relatives and friends. injured so that It became necessary
L. Hawn, Newington, Ont.
He is doing well.
to amputate It below the knee, and
J. W. Pernoil has been appointed the other was badly crushed and
Neglected colds always
gostmaster of Applegate, vice O. E. mangled, and he was bruised and
lose resigned. This is a good ap­ otherwise hurt. The papers wee filed
lead to something serious.
With no bad grace we will put tbe knife to profit, cutting off profit entirely and a good par
of first coat. Come and be convinced that we mean business.
pointment, for John Is efficient and In the state circuit court at Portland
fard is 22 years old; and, calculating
bronchitis, pneumonia,
First-class music and supper will be the average life of a healthy man at
provided for the D. of H. ball which 62 years, he estimates that he would
asthma, or consumption.
will take place In Jacksonville Thurs­ have been able to earn If he had not
Don’t wait, but take
day night, Oct. 31st. A big attendance been Injured 41000 per year for 40
is already assured.
’s Cherry Pectoral
years yet to pass.
J. C. Whlpp of the Jacksonville
soon as your cough
David R. Jones, who died at hls
Marble Works last week set up a hand­ home, near Lakeview, October 19, was
A few doses will
some monument in the Sam’s valley the oldest inhabitant of Lake county.
cemetery, to mark the grave of the He was born In Virginia in 1836. He
cure you then.
late Hattie Sisemore.
arrived in Jacksonville in 18«0.comtng
Throe tine: 2k. Me.. II. All Areyfieta.
----------------------------------------- - ------ WITH-------------------------------------------------
J. M. Hodson of Portland has been by boat from New York to San Fran­
made a 33d degree Mason, the highest. cisco; thence by stage. In 1864 Mr.
Henry E. Ankeny and O. E. Worden Jones left Jackson county for Wash­
have been made 32d degree masons by ington territory, and In 1866 he moved
Sea« for Celer Carts te W. P. FILLER & CO.. Portia««. Ore.
to Idaho. During this time he was
the supreme council.
engaged in the freighting business.
Sheriff Orme has advertised for sale The following year be loaded his big
the property of delinquent taxpayers. teams with grain and followed the
Tbe list Isa long one, consuming 14 U. S. soldiers to old Camp Warner, In
columns of the Ashland Tiding^ Warner Valley, Lake county, arriv­
The sale takes place Nov. 23d.
ing there September 15, 1867. Mr.
Mrs. Henderson, who recently ar­ Jones has resided in Chat section near­
rived at Ashland from Missouri, wish­ ly ever since. He married Mrs. Ellen
es to learn the whereabouts of her Gregory In May, 1869, »nd they have
brother-in-law, Millard Rowe, a wood three children. Wm. R. Jones, who
chopper, who is supposed to be some­ resides near Medford, Is a brother of
the deceased.
where in southern Oregon.
(Founded 1M9.)
no Duty
of Mothers.
J Slaughter
The Rosenthal Stock at Medford
Bad Coughs
Clothing for Men, Boys and Children Boots
and Shoes, Hats and Caps and Furnishing
Goods of All Descriptions.
More for a Dollar
Than a Dollar ever Bought
A. BRIEGER, Manager.
Rubber Cement Floor Paint
Saint Helen’s Hall
What Is known as the Ashland ea-
looo cases will be heard in tbe su-
>remecourt Nov. Sth. Hun. W. M.
ijolvig and C B. Watson represent
the appellants and Judges Nell, Hale
and McWilliams the city authorities.
Considerable of a sensation was oc­
casioned at Klamath Fails last week
by the death of Rufus Stiles from
small pox. There are a number of
cases there, of the mild type which
prevailed In southern Oregon last
C. M. Phelps, Forestdale, Vt., says
his child was completely cured of a
bad case of eczema by the use of De­
Witt’s Witch Hazel Salve. Beware
of all counterfeits. It instantly re­
lieves piles. City Drug Store. Jack­
sonville, and Dr. J. Hinkle, Central
— and —
Correspondence School,
NnraMl. Academic. Business.
Civil Service, Mechanical
Drawing, College Prennrntery
Our apeelal work la to teach tke un-
deriving nrinclpies.
No time Is wealed on the non-eesen-
The Home Study and Mall Depart-
mwnt oil era you a rare chance to
spend yo ur evenings ploaxantlv and
profitably in fitting yrurself lur your
Ute work
A Boarding and Day School for
A. P. Armstrong. LL. B.. Principe*
' '
' ,
' ,
1 ,
< ,
J. J . Krepps, Salem. Oregon '
A practicsl. progressive school, conspicnowa
for thorough work, with hundreds of graduates
in position« a« bookkeepers and stenographer«.
Already proud of a high standing wherever
known, it «tesdily grown better and better.
Open all the year. Students admitted any time.
Private or claaa Instruction. Learn what and
how we teach, and what It costs. Catalogue free,
---------------- Hoard of Direct ora —
This School offers to girls a broad end thorough education combined with the advantages
of a healthful and refined home. It occupies a large and attractive building In <tw Immediate
vicinity of the City Park
Tbe sanitary condition i of the premises has beer, made a matterot
special attention. The bed chambers, class and recitation are large and thoroughly
ventilated; and the oonstruetloa of the building la such that every room is open to the sunlight,
w Tbe greatest care has been taken to provide all the necessary appointments of a well-
equipped school, and to furnish every facility for training pupils In the most approved methode
The alm of the school is to give thorough end well-oraered Instruction to girls and young
women, fitting them for college when that le desired, and to aid In the development of true
and womanly character.
The Tall term opens September 16, 1901. A faculty of twenty competent teachers Insures
for children and'young women that Individual care an«' instruction necessary to the beat
There are four akilled teacher« In the Muaie Department alone, specialists tn Art and
Oratory, and native teaehera In French and German.
Provision la made for all athletic games suitable to women, as tennis, croquet, hasketban
bicycling and horseback riding
A gymnasium 50x100 feet, la In process of ronstrnctio
which will offer still more opportunities tor healthful exercise
For Illustrated catalogue apply to