The Democratic times. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1871-1907, May 23, 1901, Image 7

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MA Y 23, 1001
Miss Ella Young is visiting with
Miss Alice Hanley.
Sheriff Orme and J. B. Wetterer
were In Ashland Friday.
Miss Dee Ankeny of Eugene has
been visiting in Jacksonville.
J. L. Hammi.-zly, the Gold Hill at-
toruey, was inVncksouville today.
F. M. Amy, a prominent citizen of
Central Point, was among us Satur-
Mrs. N. D. Wilson of _________
creek made T he T imes a visit Satur­
Ben Beall of Pooh Bah precinct
was a visitor at tiie county-seat Fri­
Bailey of Palmer creek,
the miner, was In Jacksonville Satur­
W. H. Barr of Medford and his
family were at the county seat Satur­
Bohannon, the well-known
specialist, is in Medford on profession­
al business.
Misses Susie and Cynthia Applegate
went to Central Point Saturday, to
visit a day.
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Davidson of
Flat spent Saturday -in
W. II. Holl of Applegate wan with
us last week. His
[it health is
1 improved
Mrs. J. D. Cook, Mrs. A. L. Kitchin
and her daughter Inez went to Med­
ford this morning.
John Hall, avant-courler of the Edi­
son Waragrapli Co., made us a pleas­
ant call Saturday.
P. F. Swayne, F. Kasshafer, Jr..and
Prof. Barnhart of Applegate were In
Jacksonville Friday.
Mrs. Anna Dunn left for the
Willamette valley Friday, and will
visit different points before returning.
W. P. Bailey, the Davidson mer­
chant, was In Jacksonville several days
lately, attending his brother Lester.
Will. McDaniel left for Eastern
Oregon Friday, where he will repre­
sent Homer Williams A Co.'s reme-
E. A. Hildreth, Sr., Chas. H(»cum
and Mr. Anderson of Ashland were
In Jacksonville Saturday on land
F. M. Wade, who Is head of the
Applegate Co., now operating mines
on Big Applegate, arrived from the
north one day last week.
Hon. W. M. Col rig went to Ashland
yesterday to attend to the defend­
ants' side of the liquor cases. He will
then go to Salem, on business before
the supreme court.
D. A. Hartzell, who represents the
parties who purchased the Steamboat
placer mine« of Shearer Bros., passed
through Jacksonville today. He has
been joined by his family.
H. G. Mathes of Phoenix precinct
and his family were in Jacksonville
Saturday. Ttiey have recently been
visited by Mrs. M.’s parents, who re­
side at Willow creek, Calif.
J. A. Bo ver, a prominent Old Fel­
low of Jacksonville, left for Portland
Sunday evening. H. G. Dox is tilling
his place at Beekman's bank and ex­
press office during his absence.
Goy. and Mrs. T. T. Geer, who have
been in San Francisco, participating
In the reception given President Mc­
Kinley and his party, passed through
the valley tills week, en route home.
Under Sheriff McCarthy spent Sun­
day at Ashland, fie informs us that
Thos. W. Hammond, who has lieen se­
lected as a cadet, left that evening, to
enter the military academy at West
G. W. Bailey of Missouri Flat, ac­
companied by his wife and several of
thetr chlldren, have been In Jackson­
ville a number of days during the
past week; attending Lester Bailey,
another member of the family, who
is dangerously 111.
The many friends of Rev. Robt.
Ennis, formerly of Jacksonville, but
recently stationed at Coquille city
and Bandon, will be pleased to learn
that he has been placed In charge of
the Presbyterian church at Turner,
Marie? county, which is a promotion.
Prof. A. P. Armstrong, president
and principal of the Portland Business
College, Lite best institution of the
kind on the Pacific coast, is In Jack­
sonville, visiting relativesand friends.
He is a native son of Jackson county,
and we all feel proud of him, for few
have achieved more success and fame
in his chosen profession than he has.
Archbishop Gross arrived from
Portland Saturday and held services
at the Catholic church Sunday morn­
ing. In the afternoon, In company
with Father Berthlaume, he drove to
Central Point, calling on the Olwell
family before taking the northbound
W. H. 8. Hyde, formerly sheriff and
clerk of this county, but who baa held
the position of recorder and Justice of
the peace of Marshfield, the principal
town In Coos county, for many years,
promises to visit Jacksonville in the
near future.
Although nearly 80
years of age he Is still hale and
Bismarck*» Iran Nerve
Was the result of his splendid
Indomitable will and tre­
mendous energy are not found where
Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels
are out of order. If you want these
qualities and the success they bring,
use Dr. King’s New Life Pills. They
ry power <>f brala and
develop ever
body. Only 2 25c at City Drug Store.
Spectacle» Lest.
Between Tolo and Applegate, Mar
4th, a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles,
In a morocco case, stamped with the
name of Bertel Ing. Kearney street,
San Francisco. The tinder will be
suitably rewarded by leaving them at
T he T imes office.
Only candy kitchen in southern
Oregon at The B osh .
Fresh vegetables of all kt nds can
now be found at The Boas.
Elegant home-made candlea of all
kinds a leader at Joe Wetterer’s. *
Trespass notices, printed on cloth,
on sale at T he T imes Printing House.
Don’t forget the Edison Waragraph
Co.'s exhibition at U. 8. Hall tomor­
row evening.
Tiie weather Is quite unpropitlous
for the farmers, being dry ana cold.
Rain is needed.
The county clerk has Issued license
to marry to Clyde Field and Miss
Artiiuenta Barr.
Reserved »eats for Edison’s Wara-
graph’s entertainment can be obtain­
ed at J. B. Wetterer’s store.
Messrs. Gall, Hooten and Sisemore
made T he T imes a call Thursday, to
see our machinery work.
Joe Wetterer makes a specialty of
light drinks, fresh candles, nuts,
tropical and other fruits, etc.
Notes, receipts, drafts, due-bills,
etc., in book form, can always be ob­
tained at T he T imes Printing House.
There have been several frost« dur­
ing the past fortnight, which have
damaged vegetables, etc., more or
A. P. Estabrook, the leading drug­
gist of Gold Hill, makes a poison oak
remedy, and guarantees to cuke
poison oak.
After using Ely's Cream Balm six
weeks I believe myself cured of ca­
tarrh. Joseph Stewart, Grand Ave.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Choice home-made candy and trop­
ical fruits can he obtained at Tiie
Boss cheaper than anywhere else in
southern Oregon.
The most wonderful performances
are given by Edison’s Waragraph Co.
They are highly appreciated oy all
who have seen them.
prof, icyan, the hypnotist, has dis­
posed of his property In Ashland, and
started last week on a tour of Lake
and Klamath counties.
Southern Oregon strawberries have
made their appearance in consider*
able quantities at last, They excell
the Imported varieties.
The Balm does not irritate or
cause sneezing. Sold by druggists at
50 cts. or mailed by Ely Brothers, 56
Warren St., New York.
J. II. Messner of Centra* Point, the
expert veterinary surgeon, was in
Jacksonville Sunday, on professional
business, which proved highly success­
A. Learned is building a house for
the storage of ice, and will deal in
that manufactured by tbeGrant’s Pass
W., L. & P. Co., which is a superior
Rev. S. H. Jones will hold services
at tiie Presbyterian church In Jack­
sonville, Sunday morning and even­
ing, instead of at Gold Hllland Wood­
Much Interest Is being taken in the
commencement exercise» of the Jack­
sonville High School, which will be
among the best ever held in southern
John Hart, manager of the Singer
S. M. Co. for Alameda county, Calif.,
and Miss Susie Dickey, formerly of
Ashland, were married at Oakland
May 15tii.
There was a big crowd on the Jack­
sonville base-ball grounds Sunday, to
witness a game between the town and
Applegate ball tossers. The former
won easily.
Deeds, mortgages, leases, bends,
bills of sale and every imaginable
kind of legal blanks—tiie latest and
best—are constantly on hand at T he
T imes office.
Ashland has a board of trade that
is Infusing new life into the public
affairs of that city. It will doubtless
prove of great benefit to the upper
end of the valley.
The will of Jacob Kubl!; late of
Applegate precinct, was admitted to
probate in me county court last Sat­
urday. Mrs. V. Kubli, his widow, is
named as executrix.
We t»<e sending statements of ac­
count to our delinquent subscribers,
which we expect a prompt response
to. It costs a great deal to run a
newspaper like T he T imes .
Henry Klock, formerly of Gold Hill,
was tried in the Justice court at
Cedarville, Calif., a short time ago,
chaiged witn i>etlt larceny. He was
acquitted by the Jury, however.
Woodville will celebrate Independ­
ence Day In becoming style.
rangements for the event have al­
ready been begun.
We have just printed an assortment
of conformity with the laws
passed by the last legislature, which
every miner should use.
The best celebrations are always
held in Jacksonville, and that on July
4th will be no exception to the rule.
A large sum of money has been sub­
scribed and extensive preparations
for the event commenced.
At its last meeting P. P. Prim’s
Cabin of Jacksonville elected Dr. J.
M. Keene, F. D. Wagner, W. I.
Vawter, M. M. Taylor and M. F. Mc-
_ to
„ represent
it in __
the Grand
Cabin, which will be held at Portland
June 12th.
Mri. A. Elmer has had her resi­
dence, situated in the northern part
of Jacksonville, renovated and 1 re-
painted, and it presents a much i lm>
Sroved appearance. The work was
one by J. A. Wilson, who is an ex-
pert in that line.
The First National Bank of Ash­
land commenced business on the 15th
Inst. It is a solid institution and
backed by some of the best and most
substantial citizens of the granite
city. E. A. Sherwin is president and
A. McCallen cashier.
The contest over the will of the
late Jos. Douden was completed
___ .____ last
week, being submitted to Judge
Prim for decision Saturday. It took
several days to take the testimony of
the large number of witnesses who
had been subpoenaed.
Rev. John Reid, Jr., of Great Falls,
Mont., recommended Ely’s Cream
Balm to me. 1 can emphasize his
statement, “It is a positive cure for
catarrh if used as directed.’’—Rev.
Francis W. Poole, pastor Central
Pres. Church, Helena, Mont.
Hon. J. A. Jeffrey, guardian of the
minor heirs of the estate of John
A lender, deceased, will sell tiie real
Fproperty belonging thereto, situated
n Table Rock precinct, on June 22d.
For further particulars see his notice
in another column of T he T imes .
T. H. B. Taylor, proprietor of Med­
ford's feather-cleaning establishment,
will visit Jacksonville before long and
make regular trips thereafter. He
does first-class work at reasonable
rates. Our citizens should have their
feather beds, pillows, etc., cleaned by
Oregonian-Pocahontas Tribe No. 1,
Imp'd O. R. M., held an interesting
session la«t Thursday evening, when
several pale faces were adopted.
There is no fraternal society In south­
ern Oregon that is in a more flourish­
ing condition,or In which more enthu-
siam is exhibited by its members,than
this one.
The farm of the late F. T. Down­
ing, situated in Willow springs pre­
cinct, was sold at the court-house
Saturday by Sheriff Orme.
It was
bid in by Facklam Bros., who recent­
ly arrived in Jackson county, for
82650, a sum which exceeded t Hat call­
ed for by the Judgment by nearly 8200.
The bidding was spirited.
Doctors Reuter, DeBar and Robin­
son one day last week performed a
very delicate operation upon Lester
Bailey of Missouri Flat, whose bowels
had become twisted and upon which
three abscesses hadformed. For some­
time the young man's life hung in the
balance: but, as T he T imes went to
press, the prospects for his recovery
were fair.
A new law was passed by the laut
legislature that hereafter no chattel
mortgages shall he hied, but must be
recorded. In order to be legal they
must be signed, witnessed and ac­
knowledged, the same as a real-estate
mortgage. Recording costs the same
as real-estate mortgages—ten cents a
folio, 5 cents for each index and 25
cents for a certificate of the recorder.
Complaints have been sworn out by
Chief of Police Mattoon of Ashland
against Hermann Saloman, Jesse
Houck, Deston High, W. C. Sonnicb-
son and Jos. Dame,charging them with
selling liquor without license and
having violated the ordinances of
that city. Judue Hale of Grant’s Pass
and H. L. McWilliams of Ashland ap-
5ear for the complaint, while Hon. W.
1. Colvig and C. B. Watson represent
the defendants.
Sunday Jacksonville presented the
appearance of a wild bunch-grass
town. Some y >ung men from Apple­
gate, surcharged with liquor,perform­
ed feats of horsemanship and rode up
and down our streets In a furious
manner, to the danger of everybody
who might tie near. One of the buck-
aroos landed in the calaboose, but
another made good tils escape before
Marshal Murphy arrived on the
scene. Such amusement should be
Messrs. Allen have sold the Eugene
fruit and vegetable cannery toacom-
pany, the leading spirits of which are
Chas. H. Pierce and John W. Cole­
man of Ashland.
It has plenty of
means, while at least one of its mem­
bers Is a practical canneryman. They
will do a general business, expecting
to start tiie plant on Royal Ann
cherries in June. The company is
Farticularly interested In having a
ull crop of tomstoes planted, for
which It will pay remunerative
Biliousness Is a condition character­
ized by a disturbance of the digestive
organs. The stomach Is debilitated,
the liver torpid, the bowels consti­
pated. There is a loathing of food,
piins In the bowels, dizziness, coated
tongue and vomiting, first of tiie un­
digested or partly digested food and
then of bile. Chamberlain’s Stomach
and Liver Tablets allay the disturb­
ances of the stomach and create a
healthy appetite. They also tone up
the liver to a healthy action and reg­
ulate the bowel«. Try them and you
are certain to be much pleased with
the result. For sale by City Drug
Jerry Hcckathorn of Butte creek,
who was seriously Injured in the war
In the Philippines, lias been granted
a pension of 88 a month. He well de­
serves this recognition by the govern­
John Broad of Forest creek, a well-
knowu miner, was in Jacksonville
Friday. He had a hand badly injured
one day last week, by being struck
with a sledge while he was holding a
A large body of timber in Pleasant
creek precinct, situated near the
Josephine county line, has been locat­
ed, ciiiefly by parties lately from
Michigan, who claim a residence at
Grant’s Paas.
Miss Kate McAndrew has been ap­
pointed executrix of the estate of Mrs.
Rose Chavner, and her notice to that
effect will be found In anothercolumn
of T he T imes . Hon. W. M. Colvig is
her attorney.
Alfred Anderson and John Donegan
of Gold Hill and several other resi­
dents of that vicinity, as also E. C.
Pomeroy of Beagle, were in Jackson
ville Thursday evening, attending the
meeting of the Fed Men.
The cases of P. II. Ovlatt vs. the
Big Four Mining Co., and Henry
Nwrsu Lwat.
York vs. Davidson Bros, and T. B.
will be given for
Roberts, botli appealed from Jose­
phine county, were argued in the su­ information leading to the recovery
of a brown mare. 8 years old, weight
preme court this week.
about 1000 pounds left hind foot
The least In quantity and most in white,white spot on nose and between
quality describes DeWitt's Little eyes, connected by small white strip
Early Risers, the famous pills for con­ white spot on back bone, under back
stipation and liver complaints.. City hand the size of silver dollar, wearing
Drug Store, Jacksonville, and Dr. J. bdl. Is gentle and In good condition«
J. T. B reeden , Ruch.
Hinkle. Central Point.
AnoVh*;? Ashland Cure.
E ditor :
For some time
my girl has been suffering with
partial paralysis, extending to her
hands, feet and bladder, so she could
hot pass urine. Through Dr. Darrin’s
electrical and medical treatment she
has recovered. I cannot say enough
in praise of Dr. Darrin’s new mode of
curing the sick. My husband is em­
ployed by John Cherry, who is getting
out wood for the Ashland : mine. 1
will gladly talk to anyone 1 in regard
to the cure.
Address Ashland, Or.
M rs . J onas F attig .
To the E ditor : Since 13 years old
(I am now 29) I have been troubled
with deafness. Of late I could scarce­
ly bear anything from one ear,and the
other was partially deaf. Thecause
of tiie deafness was discharging ears.
All reuii dies knowc to science failed
to cure me, until Dr. Darrin treated
me with electricity and other rem­
edies. 1 was perfectly cured of deaf­
ness and ringing noises In my ears.
Refer to me at Ballston,Oregon,where
I am working on a farm for Noah
J. S. M c A llister .
State of Oregon,County of Multnomah.
I, J.S. McAllister, first being duly
sworn, depose and say that the fore­
going statement of the treatment and
cure of deafness set out in the forego­
ing statement signed by me is true.
J. S. M c A llister .
Subscribed and sworn to before me
tbe 27th day of May, 1890.
C. J. M c D ougall ,
A Notary Public for said county and
Discharging Ear» Cured.
D r . D arkin —Dear Sir: 1 write to
Inform you that my son David is cur­
I received your medicine by
letter the 13th of April and com­
menced treatment the 14th, and his
'ears quit running in a few days, arid
he can hear just as good as any child.
I shall never forget your kindness
and benefit to my child. Please ac­
cept my gratitude. Refer to me at
Tbe Dalles, Oregon.
A. L. N oker .
Dr. Darrin*» Place
Hundreds of other cases might be
mentioned, were it not for the fact
that many dislike to see their names
in print. Patients desiring to see the
doctor snould not delay. He will fur­
nish batteries snd electric belts for
any patient requiring them, and will
give full directions for their use. Eyes
treated and glasses fitted free.
Dr. Darrin makes a specialty of all
diseases of the ear, eye, nose and
throat, catarrh and bronchitis, la
grippe, consumption, dyspepsia, con­
stipation, heart, liver and kidney dis­
eases, varicocele and hydrocele.
He permanently cures diseases of
the genito-urinary organs in either
sex, such as blood taints, scrofula,
stricture, seminal weakness, sperma­
torrhoea, loss of manhood.
All peculiar female troubles, irreg­
ular menstruation, displacements,etc.,
are confidentially treated, a9 well as
all acute, chronic, private and ner­
vous diseases of whatever nature, if
curable. No cases taken ir not.
According to his custom Dr. Darrin
will give treatment to the worthy
poor free, except medicines, from 10
to 11 daily. Regular office hours, 10
a . M. to 5 p. m . Evenings, 7 to 8. Sun­
days, 10 a . m . to 8 p. m . The afflicted
should not lose the opportunity to
consult this eminent physician while
here. Dr. Darrin can be seen at
Hotel Oregon, Ashland, until May
26th, only.
After that date the
Doctor will visit Medford until July
1st, at Hotel Nash.
A Burglary In Jacksonville.
Jacksonville was treated to a
sensation early Sunday morning,some­
thing it has not experienced before.
Somebody—evidently an amateur-
entered Cronemiller & Love’s store,
by the rear door, and robbed the till
of about 17.
He also attempted to
enter the safe—an old Tilton & McFar­
land—but got only so far as breaking
off the padlock. Why the burglar did
not finish the Job is somewtiat of a
mystery, as it would have been no
trouble at all for an expert to have
entered the inner door of the safe;
and he would have been well re-
Land for Sale.
I have 1560 acres of ¡and, all In one
tract, on Antelope creek for sale. It
is situated 18 miles from Jacksonville,
12 miles from Central Point, and 10
miles from Medford. I will sell this
land in tracts of 100 acres up until al)
is sold, at 110 per »ere. It is good
farming and grazing land, and a good
stock range on the outside. I will
sell all, or as low as 100 acres in a
tract. Inquire of W m . B ybee , Jack
aonvllle Or.
A Prefesslenal Visit.
Dr. J. L. Bohannon, the noted can­
cer specialist, will arrive in Medford
May 18th, for a stay of Hye days, un­
less he should be professionally de­
tained longer.
Those needing his
services will find him at the Windsor
House, Postofflcebuilding, Medford.
To Coro Conxtlpal. •• .-oro-wr.
Take Cascarata Caihartlo. 10a or Sa
4 C. C G fall M> curt, di uggisM rv.'und mon»
A Flr»t-Cla»» Exhibition Promt»««.
The Edison Waragraph Co., which-
1« under the management of Fleming J
Bros., will give one of their popular
“ I am so nervous, there is not » well
exhibitions at U. S. Hal) In Jackson­ inch in my whole body. I am so weak
ville Tuesday evening, May 21st. It at my stomach, and have indigestion
has had a very successful season, be­ horribly, and palpitation of the heart,
ing well patronized everywhere, giv­ and I am losing flesh. This headache
ing the fullest satisfaction and being and backache nearly kills me, and yes-
highly praised by the press and pub­ terday I nearly had hysterics; there
lic. The following paragraph, taken is a weight in the lower part of my
from the Lakeview Examiner, is one bowels bearing down all the time, ana
of the many compliments which has pains in my groins and thighs; I can­
been bestowed on the company:
not sleep, walk or ait, and I believe I
■•Fleming Bro». pleased the people of Lake­
view on Monday end Tuesday evening» of last
week with their Edison Waragraph or moving
picture entertainment. The gentlemen gave
Lakeview people an agreeable surprise, a»
their entertainment 1» right up-to date, and la
given aa advertised.
Heretofore our people
ave been victimized by fakirs with alleged
*•••„ «tovlng picture entertainments.
Fleming Bros are to be complimented for
breaking the monotony and giving ua a
thoroughly good »how Their Illustrated songs,
among which ta -Just as the Bun Went Down,"
are well worth the admission fee. rhe Shar­
key-McCoy prize fight give In the full 10
rounds, with a knockout, the destruction of the
Spanish fleet, the "Passion Play,” Carry Na­
tion s saloon-smashing expedition, and dozens
of other moving scenes fully justify us in pro­
nouncing the Fleming Bros, show as far tte
best of its character ever presented In this
country. Bosldes, the proprietors and ad­
vance agent. John Hall, »re honest, generous
and affable gentlemen. They had big houses
here for two nights.
am diseased all over; no one ever
suffered as I do.”
This is a description of thousands of
cases which come to Mrs. Pink ham's
laboratory for advice An inflamed and
More Appointment».
The Fourth of July committee have
made the following appointments
since our last issue;
Vice Presidents—J. W. Merritt,
Central Point; D. T. Lawton, Med­
ford; C. B. Watson, Ashland; Geo.
Barron, Siskiyou; Jas. Helms. Talent;
E. D. Foudray, Phoenix; O. E. Rose,
Applegate; J. L. Ham merely, Gold
Hill; E. G. Borden, Woodville; George
Brown, Eagle Point; M. F. Cantrall,
Ruch; Horace Pelton, Sam’s Valley;
M. S. Wakeman, Wimer.
Decorations-Miss Alice Hanley,
G. E. Neuber, Mrs, F. M. Love, Mrs.
Birdie Haney, Kate Cronemiller, C.
IL Basye, Mrs. Allee Ulrich, Peter
Elmer, Mrs. Hattie Neuber, W. II.
Venable, Mrs. T. Cameron, Miss Jo
Ortn, G. N. Lewis, Mrs. Anna Dunn,
Miss Kate Reed, Mrs. M. Dox,
Cora Linn. Henry Dox, Herbert Mc­
Carthy, Helen Colvig, Lewis Ulrich,
Fred Flcke. Bertha Orme, Eugene
Thompson. Lillie Taylor, Oliver Pow*
ell, Daisy Huffer, Edith Priest, Mrs.
Jas. Cronemiller, Mrs. L. C. KaiD, S.
E. Dunnington.
M bs . J ohx W illiams .
ulcerated condition of the neck of the
womb can produce all of these symp­
toms, and no woman should allow
herself to reach such a perfection of
misery when there is absolutely no
need of it. The subject of our por
trait in this sketch, Mrs. Williams of
Englishtown, N.J., has been entirely
cured of such illness and misery by
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com­
No other medicine has such a record
for absolute cures, and no other medi-
cine is “ just as good.” Women who
want a cure should insist upon getting
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com­
pound when they ask for it at a store.
A False Alarm.
Sheriff Orme was called to Siskiyou
mountain Thursday night, and the
festiye pencil pushers expected a big
sensation for their respective news­
papers. A double murder was hinted
at; but it failed to materialize after
an investigation.
It seems that a
couple named Goddard and their
child, who were traveling from Cali­
fornia to Medford with a horse and
buggy, got as far as the Siskiyous.
when the animal became exhausted.
Thev proceeded to their destination
afoot, leaving their rig behind them.
This gave foundation to the rumor
that there had been foul play, which
became darker as it ■’'sped along.
Sheriff Orme and J. W. O. Gregory of
Ashland arrived at the scene about
the time Goddard came after his
property on a wheel, and the mvstery
was solved.
One of the most helpful books on
nerve weakness ever issued is that en­
titled “Nerve Waste,” by Dr. Sawyer,
of San Francisco, now in its fifth
thousand. This work of an experi­
enced and reputable physician is in
agreeable contrast tc the vast sum of
false teachiog which prevails on this
lntere-ting subject.
It abounds in
carefully considered and practical ad­
vice, and has the two great merits of
wisdom and sincerity.
It is indorsed by both the religious
and secular press. The Chicago Ad­
vance says: “A perusal of the book
and the application of its principles
will put health, hope and heart into
thousands of lives that are now suffer­
ing through nervous impairment.”
The bouk is #1 by mail, postpaid.
Beat Prescription for Chill»
One of the most interesting chap­
and Fever is a bottle of G rove ’ s ters—chapter xi, on Nervines and
T asteless C hill T onic . It is simply Nerve Tonics—has been printed
iron and quinine in a tasteless form. separately as a sample chapter, and
will be <ent to any aodress for stamp,
No cure—uo pay. Price, 50c.
by the publishers, T he P acific P ub .
Co., Box 2658, San Francisco.
Fine Chickens for Sale.
A few pure-blooded White Plymouh
roosters, young and large, can be
obtained at a reasonable figure by
enquiring at T he T imes office.
Property for Sale.
The undersigned offers his residence,
located in the best part of Jackson­
ville, for sale at a reasonable figure.
O B iede .
TEADACHE'cured In SO minutes by Dr. Mllerf
PnaLB. “One cent a duee." At dru first ista
LIGHT—CaMERON—At Lakeview, May 8,
1901, Frank P. Light and Miss Minnie A.
LOCKHaRD- WETHERILL—st Grant's Pass.
May 19, 1901, by Rev. Robert Leslie, John
Lockhard and Marie VVetherill.
May 15.1901. by Judge *be Axtell. Mark Perry
and Marguerite McMichael
BROWNING—At Placer, May 1. 1901, to Mr.
and Mrs. D. L. Browning, a son.
H a LG— Near Grant's ^ass. May 12, 1901, to
Mr and Mrs. C. H. Hall, a sen.
JOHNSON—At Lakeview, May 13, 1901, Maud
C. Johnson; aged 21 years, 9 months and 20
KESSLER—At Grant's Pass. May 14, 1901,
Joseph Kessler; aged 76 years.
A Perfect rood Drink
Made from the choicest
fruits and cereal* grown
in California.
Possesses a delicate flavor
and aroma not found
any other Cereal Coflee.
All grocers sell it.
If You Wish
The most carefully edited.
Fully illustrated,
Cleanest printed.
Easiest read Seed Catalogue
u Garden and
Floral Guide.
It Is a mine jf Information on gardenlag—all
about Vegetable Seeds. Flower Seeds, Small
rruiis. Bulbs. Plants. Roses. Shrubbery, eta.
Nearly KO now Photo Engravings, illustrating
all departments. Text carefully revised and
up-to-date in every respect The attest catalogue
wo have ever sent out.
Seeing la Believing
dead far ooe to-day. rree If you men Hon this
paper and tell what you trow most.
J ames views
S Stone St..
sons ,
Roebeater, N. Y •