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Ths Southern Oregon Oil Co. will
Nooq begin the search for oil. Prof
Thoe. P. Robb, an expert in boring,
Only - candy
kitchen in southern
* — —
will arrive from Cillfornla thl* week,
A PHIL 25, 1901 Oregon st The Boss.
when operetloiiN un several thousand
Frank Coppel of Applegate was in acre« of Inud bonded by the company
Jacksonville last Thuisday.
wIR begin.
Capt. M. Caton has become a resi-
Chas. H. Pierce went to Milton,
dent of Meadows precinct.
Umatilla county,last week,In response
Fresh vegetables of all kinds can to a request of the O. h. St N. Co.,
Kila Young Is visiting In Med
which Is endeavoring to induce hirn,
now be found at The Boas.
K. W. Gray and J. W. Coleman to
Ankeny Irft for I.i t la ml S h n
Ike Wright of Gold Hill was in operate a cannery there instead of at
Josephine county one day lastfweek.
Elegant home-made candies of all
E J. Kulill left. for Portland
A number of horse races have been
kinds a leader at Joe Wetterer’s. *
run at the track near Grant.’« Pass
M. F. Hanley of Butte creek has been recently, which have furnished con-
KM.I l”yniale was over at Medford
visiting in Jacksonville, accinpanied slderable sport. Sweetland’s cattle
■M^By morning.
horse, managed by Jas. D. Stevens,
by his wife.
Marksl.erry of A-'il.iml was
has showed his heels to a number of
_____ 5
WBH tbe sprinters.
John Devlin of Applegate
■■¡¡Mg us recently.
spent Saturday in
among those who
Hp TOA. Hartzell of Steamboat was Jacksonville.
J. K. Carpenter, the mining expert,
day last week.
leaves April 23d for the South Sea
There will be no services at the Inlands, to look after some mines for
5 (Mpasedy of Yreka was In Jack Presbyterian church In Jacksonville eastern
capitalists. He will be accom­
I? KWIr not long since.
panied by W. D. O’Brien and J. R.
Newbury lias been vldtlng
Wes. Birdsey of Foots creek pre­ Neilson, and probably J. F. D. Steven­
witBrelat.iyes at Phoenix.
cinct was at Grant's Pass one day last son of Josephine county.
The only stop that President Mc­
(■ti W. A. Garter of Gold Hill lias week.
^^Hin Portland recently.
C. E. Wlkstrom of Pleasant creek Kinley and his party will make in
southern Oregon will be at AsliM■■ i.
H»rry Clarke, tne genial commercial and blN family were at Grant’s Pass where he will arrive May 21st, at 6:45
' ttwiwh'i. Is with us again
o’clock p. m ., and remain less than
R. W. Medley has left Tabic Rock half an hour. Other points of the
IgA MW W. B. Moore of Medford has
precinct and become a resident of valley will be overlooked.
I' DMBVlsitlnu in Jacksonville.
Josephine county.
Last week there was a debate at
U. C. and A. W. Shearer of Steam
E. G. Borden, the sage of Evans Phœnix between Rev. Mr. Badger of
boat hay. Iir. n III town lately.
creek, spent seyeral days, at Grant’s Ashland and Prof. W. J. Dean of
0. G. Wakefield of Ashland wasare- Pass last week.
Wagnei creek, the subject being
" cent Visitor at the county seat.
Al. Learned Is fixing up neat Ice­ ‘‘Is the Bible »be inspired word of
W*J Zimmerman and B. J. Baldwin cream parlors and making a number God?” Ttie former took the affirma-
tlye aud ttie latter the negative.
i Of Portland were here last week.
of other improvements.
Blanche Strong of Grant’s Pass, who
Miss Clara Lytle spent Saturday and
S. R. Weiser lias traded for a house
Sunday with relatives In Medfora.
and lot iu Grant’s Pass, and with tiis married a gambler named Frank
Strong, who Is well known in southern
wife lias located in that city.
and Mrs. C. Nell of Dunn pre-
Oregon and northern California, has
are al Grant's Pass, vialling
been granted a di vorce from him. It
lows’ celebration, which takes place is ttie old story with girls who become
in Jacksonville Friday next.
intatuated with the sporting frater­
Eubanks, tlieclever represent i-
Israel Harris of Beagle, an old resi­ nity.
tive of Kline A Co., was In the valley
dent of this county, was In Jackson­
M. J. Shields & Co. of Moscow,
ville several days last week.
Idaho, who have a splendid reputa­
Dean was in Jacksonville
Joe Wetterer makes a specialty of tion as growers of seeds, have an ad
■eek, on business with the cir-
light drinks, fresli candies, nuts, vertlsement in this issue of T he
T imes , to which we cal) special at­
tropical and other fruits, etc.
?wi. Bostwick and Ills wife spent
tention. Their goods are first-class
day aud Friday of last wee< In
and prices low. Give them a trial
valley last week, en route to San Fran­
A, Rose of Sterilngvllle is at cisco.
The Odd Fellows will celebrate the
*8 Pass, visiting tier sister, Mrs.
anniversary of their order in a hand­
Notes, receipts, drafts, due-bil’.s, some manner at Jacksonville next
etc., in hook form, can ilways lie ob­
Frances Barnes was a visitor tained at T iie T imes Printing House. Friday. In fact, it will be the grand­
est celebration of the kind held in
ford and Central Point Satur-
Elizabeth Applegate Cabin No. 4, southern Oregon In many years. A
d Bunday.
N. I). ()., of Ashland, will entertain large attendance Is expected. Every­
Marie Tongue I n visiting In all native sous of the state this even­ body is invited to attend.
invilie, the guest of her sister, ing.
Robt. Oglesby pleaded guilty in the
A. E. Reatnes.
Miss Sylvia Anderson, formerly a U. S. district court, on the 16th, to
J. Kenney, who has been spending student of St. Mary’s Academy, is at robbing the Lakeview stage, which
al weeks in Sau Francisco, re­ Kerbyvllle, In charge of ber mother's lie was driving last December, of >60.
ed Sunday night.
Judge Bellinger, in consideration of
branch millinery store.
the mitigating circumstances, sen­
dge Neil went to Ashland this
The Mackey & Boyd photo tent at
fling, on legal business, accom- Jacksonville will be open for business tenced him to one year's imprisonment
in the penitentiary.
led l>y bis son Frank.
each Friday and Saturday during the
John Barrows, who has had charge
State Printer Leeds and F. D. Wag- month of April.
of the Wooldridge farm in Missouri
ner nave returned from California,and
P B. Beckley, a prominent citizen Flat district during the past few
Went to Salem last week.
of Douglas county, was at Ashland years, will soon betouie a resident of
Judge Hanna contracted a severe last week, the guest of his son-in law, this section again. He has lost a
. ooid during his stay at Grant’s Pass, Chief of Polica Kruse.
large number of hogs, through the
Mtil is confined to his room.
W. A. Wooliever and O. S. Brown plague, as alao have a number of
■ Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Itickey are com- are In Del Norte county, Calif.,organ­ other farmers of Applegate precinct.
SgBrtably located in New York city. izing camps of the Modern Woodmen
A grand ball will conclude the cel­
of America.
Hhey have written for T he T imes .
ebration of the anniversary of Odd
There will be more Odd Fellowsand Fellowship. Signor Boffa of Medford
■ a . C. Howland, the clever foreman
bis unsurpassed orchestra will
the Davis placer mines, situated in Rebekahs in line at Jacksonville Fri­ and
music for tbe occasion, while
^Kitnp-off-Joe district, Is in Jackson- day than ever seen together at one a furnish
splendid supper will be set hy tbe
time in southern Oregon.
lady members of the Rebekah degree.
E. E. Smith, formerly deputy Come to Jacksonville Friday and lie
■ W. O. Marks of Ashland was in
■ Jacksonville last Wednesday night, in
the Interest of the Southern Oregon last week, taking treatment from Dr.
L. Bannister, while at work in the
Oil Co.
shaft of ttie Gold Bug mine, situated
I Rev. S. H. Jones and A. L. Kitchin
in Mt. Reuben district, Thursday
^attended the meeting of the Southern known politician, who has been at last, was hit on the bead by a large
ffiireg'm Presbytery, held at Ashland
piece of ore that fell from a bucket
valley last week, on Ills way home.
while it was being hoisted, and re­
Hast week.
Ttie county clerk has Issued license ceived a very painful wound. He had
I The father, m ither and sister of
Ills wounds dressed by Dr. Kremer and
Bichiiol Supt. Dally arrived from Kan- to marry to Chas. Campbell of Sacra­ is
Has this morning, and may locate mento and Miss Anna DoDegan; also
to Henry C. Sheets and Miss Nellie
Under Sheriff McCarthy went, to
Hmong us.
Talect precinct one day last week and
I Mr. and Mrs. Williamson, who late- D. Eaton.
Rev. F. G. Strange of Ashland has prrested Geo. Baker, who is wanted at
By arrived from Indianapolis, are vis-
Utah, for grand larceny. He
Htlng tlieir nephew.J. R. Wllllamsou, gone to California, and will attend Prcvo,
the commencement exercises of the was working with a half brother,
■and his family.
theological seminary of San Anselmo, Arthur Harper, in Richards’ sawmill,
I Mr. Hodgson of Berkeley, Calif., Is of
liuker is- now confined In the county
which be is a director.
> «■visiting in Jacksonville and Sterling-
Jail, awaiting the pleasure of the
Deeds, mortgage«, leases, bends, Utah sheriff, wbo will arrive soon.
Hville, accompanied by his wife,former­
bills of sale and every imaginable
ly Miss Balm Mann.
F. H. Bellows of Butte creek, who
kind of legal blanks—the latest and
w Geo. Hoffman of Thompson creek best—are constantly on hand at T he was lately shot and killed Dira deer
Vwlwa« at Grant 's Pass last week. He T imes office.
by his son, while hunting, was an In­
Sbids fair to become one of the bonanza
dustrious, honorable man, and bin
■kings of southern Oregon.
Smith Bros.. Pracht A Co. of Jose tragic end is deplored by all wtio knew
B Dr. Fowler, L. W. Smith and L. C. ph ine county have put up a mill on bln». It was a repetition of the old
The young man imagined he
■ Driggs of Cleveland, Ohio, who are Evans creek, about seven miles from itory.
heard a deer aüd tired his gun; and,
K members ot the Rogue River Mining Woodville, and are «awing a large unfortunately,
bls aim was too true.
quantity ot lumber daily.
■ and Lumber Co., arrived Sunday.
engaged at Max Mul­
Judge Prim went to Ashland this
Ide a deed made by Anna Dean to ler’s store in expatiating on the
■ morning, to hold an examination of ns
Ralpti Dean In her Hretime, will be virtues of shredded whole wheat
■ an insane man whose name we did not tried
May 2d. It will be well contested biscuit. Those who purcltis two
■ learn. Sheriff Orme accompanied and promises
packages of that noted article will he
to be interesting.
I him.
presented with a handsomely lllut-
Judge Hanna, District Attorney tion without settling with a number trated cook b >ok, “The Vital Ques­
■ Reames and Court Reporter O'Neill of
tion,” which contains oyer 260 re­
his creditors, lias been teaching ceipts
I have got. back from Grant’s Pass, but
cf how to properly prepare food
I will return tills week to tinisli some
k'or tne table. Call at once.
! business.
Jacksonville Reading Circle held its
last meeting at the residence of Mrs.
W. S. Barnum, president of the R.R.
he W.
M. Colvig, on April 12th.
I V. R. Co.,has been In Portland, accom­ T imes office hi the tiest style and at
panied by his wife. Will. Barnum reasonable rates. We have a large Those in at tendance, besides the host­
acted as chief engineer of our railroad and elegant assortment of engravings ess, were Miss Carrie Beekman. Mes­
I during ills absence.
Susie Neil, Florence DeBar,
especially designed for tnat class of dames
Lucinda Reames, Tillie Robinson,
Miss Georgie Giltner of Salem,
Anna Beach; ajso Mrs. W. T. Reames
niece of ex-Senator McBride, who
The celebrated Snap Shot., the best of Gold Hill. Mrs. DeBar was the
lately returned from Washington, is
reader, continuing the subject per­
paying Ashland a visit, the guest of medicine In the world for allaying ln- ms
?d at the previous session.
Hammatt >n in man_or lieast, can be
her aunt, Mrs. D. F. Fox.
found at Dr. Robinsoil’s diug
Clark, the horseman, was in
Hon. Wm. M. Colvig returned last, store, also at Dr. Hinkle’s, Central Jacksonville recently. He will stand
Thursday from Portland, where he
hl« well-known stallions, Sir Stafford
was In conference with the other
Frank Clute of Ashland has
__ been
___ and Tybalt, Thursday at Jackson­
members of the Text Book Commis­ granted a divorce and given the cus­ ville, Friday and Saturday at Phipps’
sion. He was admitted to practice In tody of his child. The testimony barn, Medford, and the balance of the
the U. S. district • ourt while there.
showed that his wife was unfaithful week at the Central Point fairgrounds.
to her marriage vows and a very un­ If you want size breed to Sir Stafford,
Chas. Campbell, who Is prominent grateful
a full-blood Clyde; for a general pur­
In the business and social circles of
Those famous little pills, DeWitt’s pose horse, breed to Tybalt.
Sacramento, Cal., arrived in Jackaon-
A special dispatch, under date of
vliieSunday. He was met at Ashland Little Early Risers, will remove all
by Miss Anna Donegan, his betroth­ impurities frem your system, cleanse April 20th, from Keswick, Cai., says:
ed, Miss Jo Orth and P. Donegan, Jr. your bowels, make them regular. City Fifteen business houses on North
Drug Store, Jacksonville, and Dr. J. Main street were burned this morn­
Simon Caro, for many years a real Hinkle, Central Point.
ing, tbe Monte Carlo theatre being
dent of Jacksonville,but who haa been
among them. The tire burned from
There was a heavy frost Saturday the Brewery saloon south to John
engaged in business at Oakland, Or.,
spent Thursday in Jacksonville. Digi t; but, fortunately, it did not do Miller’s place north. Total loss,
He made T he T imes a pleasant visit as much damage as was at first sup­ >30,000; no insurance. There was no
while here, accompanied by J. G. posed. Sunday night was also a cold wind blowing at the time or more of
Winnlford, another prominent citizen one; but the frost was not so severe the town would hsye gone.
as that of the night before.
of Douglas county.
T. H. B. Taylor, proprietor of Med­ County Treaaurer'a llth Notice.
L. Reames of Gold Hill,who,with
Max Muller, county treasurer, gives
his wiie, liasueen visiting relatives in ford’s feather-cleaning establishment,
Jacksonville, wa* a caller at T he will visit Jacksonville before long ana notice that there are funds in the
T imes office Thursday. Mr. Reame< make regular trips thereafter. He county treasury for the redemption of
positively denies that lie is going to does tir«t-class work at reasonable all outstanding warrants protected
South America, as the private secre­ rates. Our elllzens should have their from July 1. 1897, to July 31, 1897,
tary of Hon. Geo. W Colvig, recently feather beds, pillows, etc., cleaned by both dales inclusive. Interest on the
same ceased April 19, 1901.
appoint’d a U. S. consul.
Under the aueplcee of the local lodge, April
SSth. the »uoivereery of Odd Fellowship, will
be celebrated io grand style, at Jackeonvllle.
The day will be opened by a meeting of the
members of the Jacksonville, Ashland, Mad
ford and Gold Hill lodgee and Rebekah degree
lodgee of the eame towns, at the f. O. O. F. hall
at 9 o'olock a. m. The procession will be form­
ed under the direction of Alex. Orme, marshal
of the day. and will march io the court bouse,
headed by the Medford cornet band. The fol­
lowing will be the order ot the day:
Walter Parker of Bl« Butte wm In town, tbe
guest of E E. Smith.
John Downing has bought the fine residence
belcnglng to the Randles estate.
MiNses Stella and Elizabeth Stidham were
among tne quarantined a; uiendait
Mlaa C< rum, daughter of H. Corum, has »«
cured a school to tenet on Applegate.
R. A. Clark went to the Meadows last week
to look at a stock ranch, with the view of
making a purchase.
Herbert McCarthy and Ernest Elmer, two of
Jacksonville'» most popular young men, we-e
in Central Point Sunday morning.
Ed. Olwell, who is in San Franclsoc . attend­
ing Heald's business college, is making excell­
ent headway. He will return home before lnng.
Mr. Taylor and bin family arrived lasit week
from Colorado,to make this valley their future
home. Mi. T. spent the winter here two years
The show given by the Gold Hill minstrels at
tbe brick hall in this place last Saturday was a
gr^at success, and spoke well for the talent of
that place.
Frank Wail, who baa the contract to furnish
the granite and sand atone for the postoffice
building at Salem, has four stone cutters dress­
ing ¡?r*£nte here. Mr. W. would like to secure
several more workmen.
Ws ar* s-»rry to learn that Thos. Beall, who
went to.-»»' Francisco sometime since, for the
benefit of 4 ih health, is not improved. The
doctors who have his case in hand say that he
has some kind of a disease of the kidneys; but
as yet have given him no relief. Tom is ex*
pec ted home soon.
1. Music by oornet band 2. Prayer by chap
lain. a. Song by Glee Club. 4. Recitation by
Zepha Basye, b. Reading of history of Jack­
sonville lodge, by Hon. Silas J. Day, P. O. S.
Song by Glee Club. 7. Music by Band. 8. Ad­
dress by Hon. W. S. Crowell.
At noon dinner will beaerved st the I. O .O. F.
banquet hall, to which all membere ot tLe I. O.
0. F. and tbelr families are invited.
1. Instrumental Solo, by Mr. Ogg. 2. Ad­
dress by (i. W. Trefren. 3. Vocal Solo by Miss
Elsie Patterson
4 Recitation by Mr*. O.
Fisher. 6. Chorus. 8. Rocltatloa by H 8.
Evans. 7. Banjo-’ artnonlca »election, Earl
Young. 8. Character Song by Mr». George
Watson. 9. Duet by Mr. aid Mr». C. F.
Shepherd. 10. Chorus. 11. Mualc by Bang.
1. Song by Glee club. 2. Address«», by
Hon. W. 1. Vawterand Dr. Adkins. 3 Mualo
by Band.
Probate Court.
The following business has ! jen
1. Music by Band. 2. Song by Glee Club.
3. Address by H od W. A. Carter, 4. bong by transacted in this court since the last
Glee Club. 5. Address by J. L. Hammersly. report of T he T imes :
6. Benediction by Chaplain.
E.late of J B Wait
Elizabeth Watt ap­
The celebration will be concluded with a pointed administratrix and W T York, H C
grand ball in the evening at Orth’s Hall. Sup­ Nicholson and Edw Warner appraisers.
per will be served by the ladles of the Rebekah
Estate of Elizabeth Helms. May 21st set as
day for hearing Ünal statement.
Guardianship of Clarendon Morrison. Order
General—Chris. Ulrich, C. H. Basye, L. C. made for hearing of petition for sale of real-
Kain. Heooratlon—M M. Taylor, F. Voyle, J. notate.
A. Wilson, E. Thompson. Dinner—Mrs. A.
Estate of Hobt Taylor. Claim of Deston
Ulrich, Mrs. M. Miller, Mrs. D Barbe, Henry High disallowed.
Ireland. Chris. Ulrich. Music—C H Basye,
Estate of Eliza Anderson. Semi-annual ac-
A. L. Wimer, C Powell. L. C. Kain. Oliver count approved
Powell. Floor Managers-W. C. Deneff. M. M.
Estate of O R Myer, an incompetent. Same.
Taylor, H. Ireland. K. K. Kubll. Reception-
Dr. Geo. DeBar. L C, Kain, John Arnold. Beware of Ointments for CataTrh
Geo. N. Lewis and all officers of lodges.
that Contain Mercury
Trust Those who have Tried
I suffered from catarrh of the
worst kind and never hoped
for cure;
but Ely’s Cream Balm seems to do
even that.—Oscar Ostrom, 45 Warren
Aye., Chicago, III.
1 suffered fiom catarrh; it got so
bad I could not work: I used Ely's
Cream Balm, and am entirely well"—
A. C. Clarke, 341 Shawmut Ave.,
Boston, Mass.
The Balm does not irritate or cause
sneezing. Sold by druggists at uOcts..
or mailed by Ely Brothers, 56 Warren
St., New York.
C. L. Magnum has returned to
Grant’s Pass from a trip to the Gran­
ite Hill mine, which is showing up
well aud continues to improve as de­
velopment progresses.
Geo. Hoffman, who, with Mr. Pool
of Grant’s Pass, Is developing the old
Archer ledge, situated in Thompson
creek district, was at Grant’s Pans
last week, bringing with him over
WOO, the yield of about ten tons of ore
taken from a new vein of the mine.
There I* a considerable quantity of
this quartz yet in sight, with ex­
cellent prospects of the permanency
of the cuute and the making of a good
Oregon will have a tine, large min­
eral exhibit at the Buffalo exposition,
comprising ores, etc., from different
parts of the state. Among other
novelties will be a tunnel which has
the appearance of an entrance to a
mine. It will not be lighted, and the
exposition visitors can bask tn the
shade or a typical Oregon mining tun­
nel. Thousands of dollars worth of
ores, nuggets and gold bricks will be
on exhibition.
Well informed and
competent mining men will be on
hand to tell of ttie hidden treasures
of the state. Ou the exposition
grounds will be a small stamp mill.
The interior of the building will rep­
resent a mine with tunnels and tram­
ways. Every day a gold brick will be
made, and all the equipments of gold
mining shown to visitors.
“ I commenced
taking Lydia E.
Pinkham’s Vegeta­
ble Compound about
three months ago,
and cannot express
the wonderful good
it has done me.
so profuse as to
leave me very weak
for some time after.
Was also troubled with leucorrhoea,
tired feeling, bearing-down sensation,
pain across the back and thighs. I
felt as though there was a heavy
weight hi my stomach all the time. I
have taken two bottles of the medleine,
and now have better health than I
have had for four years.”
M rs . L izzie D ickson H odge ,
Avalon, Ohio.
“ I was taken sick
five years ago with
‘ The Grippe,’ and
had a relapse and
was given up by
the doctor and my
friends. Change of
Life began to work
on me. I flowed
very badly until a
year ago, then my
stomach and lungs
got so bad, I suffered terribly ; the
blood went up in my lungs and stomach,
and I vomited it up. I could not eat
scarcely anything. I cannot tell what
I suffered with myhead. My husband
got me a bottle of Lydia E. Pinkham’s
Vegetable Compound, and before I had
taken half of it I began to improve,
and to-day I am another woman. The
Pinkham’s medicine has saved my life.
I cannot praise it enough.”
M. A. D enson , Millport, N.Y.
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole system
when entering it through the mucous surfaces.
tsnnn nM ,s nat
p.iduthi. taatim»-
Such articles should never be used except on ¡,DUUU
perscriptions from reputable physicians, as the
Ljfdla E. Pinkham Madinina Ca.
damage they will do is ten fold to tbe good you
can possibly derive from them. Hall’s Catarrh
Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co.,
Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken
internally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall’s Catirrh Cure be sure you get the genu­
ine It is taken internally, and made in Toledo.
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.
Quinine is 10 years ben led. Colds do not
Sold by Druggists, price 75c. per bottle.
now have to be endured. Mendel’s Dynamic
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Tabules (called dynamic from their energy)
crowd a week’s ordinary treatment into Iz
hours,and about the worst of colds over night.
“It was the worst case of firrip I ever had. a
half dozen friends had sure cures Still it
hung on. Heard of the Dynamic Tabules To
Tbe action of the ministers at Pekin, in ac- my amazement they stopped both cold and
cepting the proposition of Mr. Rockhill for the cough the first night. I endorse and recom
establishment of a foreign board to take the mend them <o the people ’’—Barclay Henley,
exmember of Congress and attorney, 101 San
place of the Tsung li Yamen. is In line with some street. Sun Francisco. July 7, 1900.
“Winter colds have always been serious
what has been expected by the State Oepart-
to me. They are hard and stay for
ment. although the details of the plan are things
months. But the last was stopped suddenly
somewhat different from those contemplated. by Mendel’s Dynamic Tabules. Both cough
The plan is to have a foreign boaud with a and cold disappeared in a couple of days.
else does this for me.” Mrs. Emma
prince of blood at its head and with two Nothing
L. Hollin, 14, Moss St., San Francisco. Aug. 6,
members of the Privy Council serving ex-officio. 1900.
“I live across the street from where Mendel’s
These three will each have access to ths Em­
Dynamic Tabules are made That is how I
peror in order to secure imperial sanction for first
took them. They stop colds without
such foreign negotiations ns may be brought notice. I took a dozen boxes with me for my­
friends when I went to Nome.” H L..
_______ ._______
Van Winkle. Capitalist, 3017 Washington
St.. San Francisco. Aug. 10,1900
For sale by City Drug Store. Jacksonville.
Grain-O! Grain-O!
Remember that name when you want a deli­
cious, appetizing, nourishing food drink to
take the place of coffee. Sold by all grocers
apd liked by all who have used It. Grain-O is
made of pure grain, it aids digestion and
strengthens the nerves. It is no« a stimulant,
but a health builder, and the children as well
as the adults can drink it with great benefit.
Costs about M as much as coffee 15c. and 25c.
per package Ask your grocer for Orain-O.
For Sale.
A Farm of 720 acres, located on Rogue 1
River, suitable lor grain and fruit culture or
stock raising: has ample buildingsand fencing.
A Placer Mine, .n operation, equipped with
pipe and giant: also some quartz properties.
I will sell for cash or take in part pa v me nt
property in or adjacent to Ashland. Terms,
one-half down, balance in easy payments at 6
per cent. Call on or address,
Lock Box 36. Ashland, Oregon.
Int er national
25,000 New Words
In the County Court ot the State ot Oregon i
for tbe County of Jackson.
In the matter of the estate of Elizabeth M.
Leever. deceased.
To Mrs. Ida Bollinger. Mrs Nellie Jeffers
May Day Ball.
and J. S Leever.
There will be a dancing party a’. IN THS NAMK or THK STATE OF OREGON, YOU I
are hereby called aud required to appear in the ;
Rose’s Hsll on Applegate Friday County
Court of the Sta.e of Oregon, tor the I
night, May 3d. The best of music County of Jackson, at the court room thereof.’at |
and supper will be provided. Tickets, Jacksonville,Jackson county on Friday. MavSl, I
at ton o’clock In the forenoon ot that dav , I
including horse feed, *2. Everybody 1901,
then and there to show cause why an order •
is invited to attend.
should not be granted to W. J. Freeman, admin-;
is.rator with the will annexed of the ntate ot i
Elizabeth M. Leever. deceased, to sell the!
hereinafter described real estate of the said I
Best Prescription for Chills
deceased, towit: Lot No. 2 in blcck No 4« ini
and Fever is a bottle of G rove ’ s tbe town ot Central Point, Jackson county,'
of Oregon.
T asteless C hill T onic . It Is simply Slate
citation is published in the D emocrat ­
iron and quinire in a tasteless form. ic This
times by order of Hon. Charles Prior,
County Judge ot said Jackson county, tbe same |
No cure—no r>ay. Price, 50c.
to be published tor four consecutive weeks, said I
i D emocratic T imes being a newspaper ot gen- i
| oral c'rculaiion aud published weekiy at Jack-
I sonville. Oregon.
i Witness, the Hon Charles Prim. Judgeof the
County oouri of the State ot Oregon, for the ■
BURCH—KINGERY—In Jacksonville. April ‘ County of Jackson, with the seal <•! said Court
•Ji, 1901, by Rev. W T. VanScoy, Jos. A. affixed, this mth dav of April, 1901.
Burch and Miss Louisa Kingery.
P Prepared under the direct
supervision of W.".HARRIS
Ph.D., LL.D., United States
Commissioner of Education,
assisted by a large corps of
competent specialists and
ILlch Bindings.
2364 Pages
5003 illustrations
Botter Than Ever for Home,
School, and Office.
We also publish
with ;.ioss,irvi'f Scoiii.ti Word» and Phrases.
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books sent on application.
< hcmnuory
Springfield, Mass.
Doctors Advise
The remedies they think best suited to
the seeds of their patients.
When the
disease is of a nervous nature, with head­
ache, sick stomach, failing appetite, indi­
gestion, restlessness, loss of sleep and a
general run-down condition, a nerve tonic
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The best of all remedies for weak, debili­
tated, exhausted nerves—best for the doc­
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“My stomach was very weak and I
could scarcely eat light food or gruel. I
had a dreadful burning sensation at the
base of the brain, but my worst trouble
was sleeplessness. 1 would roll and toss
for hours at- a time, and was rapidly losing
flesh and strength when my doctor advised
me to try Dr. Miles’ Nervine. I did so
and steadily improved till my health waa
M as . S. M orehouse ,
Phoenix, N. Y»
Dr. Miles’ Nervine
It makes the nerves strong, the brain clear, the appetite keen and the digestion perfect.
It rebuilds the failing strength and is an unfailing cure for nervous prostration.
SoH by all drogglsts on a guarantee.
Dr. Miles Medical Co., Ffirh a r t, Ind.