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local noth ».
May-day will soon be here.
Only candy kitchen in southern
Oregon at The Boss. *
Fresh vegetables of all kinds can
now be found at The Boss.
C. J. Arnistron« of pooh Rah pre­
It was raining as we went to
cinct la in town.
Justice Osborne of Wtxxirille made
Elegant home-made candles of all
uh a ceil Tuesday.
kinds a leader at Joe Wetterer’s. •
Joe. Perry of Sam’s valley has been
Chester Easter of Ashland has closed
visiting at Ashland.
a successful term of school in Peyton
Orant llawllng*,ex-county recorder,
was iicre Wednesday.
John Barrowsand Will. Louded of
Applegate precinct were in towu yes­
Henry Ireland and his family have terday.
been paying Medford a visit.
The weather has been cold during
Fred. Otten of Foots creek arrived
the past week, with rain threatening
in Jacksonville tills morning.
at times.
R. F. Dean and B. W. Huston of
W. II. Miller, an experienced miner,
Willow Springs called Monday.
is employed at Cook & Howland’s
District Attorney Beanies has gone quartz mine.
to Grant's Pass on legal business.
O. Biede bad bls leg badly hurt In
John II. HutTer, Jr., leaves for Port­ Mid ford Tuesday, and is confined to
his room.
land tills week, to seek a location.
Is Jacksonville going to celebrate
II. E. Ankeny returned Wednesday
from a visit at Portland and Eugene. the 4th of July? is a question we hear
asked often.
T. P. Judson of Grant’s Pass spent
The roads are rapidly becoming
a few hours In Jacksonville Wednes­
good, and bicycling and driving are
popular amusements.
J. O. Watson and T. M. Reed ar­
Attention is called to the estray
rived from Gold Hill on this morning's
notice Wm. Bybee prints in another
column of T ue T imes .
Geo. Hoffman, a prominent citizen
E. G. Perham, the well-known con­
of Applegate, was In Jacksonville yes­
tractor, and A. J. T. Smith, both of
Gold Hill, are in town.
Mrs. W. 11. Lewis of Table Rock
Joe Wetterer makes a specialty of
tarried a short lime In Jacksonville
light drinks, fresh candies, nuts,
tropical and other fruits, etc.
J. A. Cook of Foots creek, anexpert
11. D. Russell has sold his place on
blacksmith,Is employed at tils trade in
Applegate to Wm. Smith and removed
to Jacksonville with his family.
Mrs. II. Judge of Ashland 1s paying
It Is Jacksonville’s time to have a
Jacksonville a visit, the guest of Mrs.
celebration on July 4tb, and steps
J. Nunan.
should be taken at once therefor.
W. E. Phlpps.the Medford attorney,
Notes, receipts, drafts, due-bills,
was at the county seat Tuesday on
etc., In book form, cun always lie ob­
professional business.
tained at T he T imes Printing House.
Mark Applegate lias left the 8. P.
A. J. Olsen of Gold HUI was in
bridge gang, on accuunt of sickness.
Jacksonville Tuesday. He Is raining
yc Is now convalescing.
on Ward's creek and doing reasonably
A. W. Sturgis and John Broad of well.
Forest creek, well-known miners,were
Prof. J. B. Swidensky, an experi­
with us one day this week.
enced and talented musician, has as­
Miss Marie Tongue of Hillsboro, sumed the leadership of the Ashland
who has been visiting in Jacksonville, baud.
returned home a few days ago, .
Don't forget the grand hypnotic ex­
A. B. Seal, the quondam drummer, hibition that will be given at U. 8.
Is now located a» Hornbrook, Calif., Hall, Thursday and Friday of next
where he Is engaged in mining.
Prof.J. N. Miller passed through
Mrs. J. N. Frazer ofTalent.who had
town today, en route from Ashlaud to a Urge cancer removed from her body
Provolt, where he Is teaching school. by Dr. Bohannon, is getting better
Mias Cronin of Portland, who spent steadily.
several weeks In Jacksonville, the
The blind baggage of a passenger
guest of Mrs. J. W. Opp, has returned train ttiat arrived at Ashland one
morning last week was occupied by
W. A. Patrick of Ashland and G. T. two girls.
Jones uf Medford have been at the
W. B. Haymond of Woodville, con­
county-scat this week, searching the tractor and builder, Is doing consider­
able work In his line. He spares no
W. A. Owen of Central Point spdnt pains to please.
Wednesday afternoon lu Jacksonville.
The Mackey & Boyd photo tent at
He was handsomely entertained by Jacksonville will be open for business
each Friday and Saturday during the
his friends.
Hon. E. B. Dufur, a prominent month of April.
The May day party at Rose’s ball
lawyer of Tire Dalles, and H. A.
Hooten of Gold Hill precinct spent on Applegate will doubtless be the
success preceding ones given there
Tuesday in JacKsonvIlie.
have always been.
I). J. 8. Pearce of Poorman's creek,
Wm. Broad anil I). 8. Coulter have
tire well-known miner, was at* the
county-seat Tuesday, accompanied by finished the contract of digging the
ditch fur P. F. Swayne of Applegate,
his sons, Floyd and Mel.
Judge Hanna, who is suffering with and did good work.
The base-ball season was opened In
a severe cold, lias improved consider
ably. He will not be able to hold southern Oregon last Bunday at Cen­
court in Grant’s Pass this week, how­ tral Point. The local team won from
the Eagle Point club.
Tiie county court is not satisfied
N. lavmewood of Gold Hill was a
visitor Tuesday, and was accompanied with the decision of the supreme
by Mr. Hicks, who lately arrived from court in the railroad-tax case, and has
Cottage Grove, and is looking for a applied for a rehearing.
The Gold Hill News says that Enos
Ranse Rouse, tiie handsomest mix­ Riioten, the famous pocket hunter,
ologist in southern Oregon, was oyer lias taken out over •1000 from some
from Medford Wednesday, accompa­ rich ore found in the Blackwell bills.
nied by W. I>. Joiner, representing
Deeds, mortgage*, leases, bends,
Lash’s bitters.
bills of sale and every imaginable
Joe Brooke of Portland, the popular kind of legal blanks—the latest and
representative of Honeyman, DeHart best—are constantly on hand at Tne
A Co., Interviewed his numerous cus­ T imes office.
tomers In southern Oregon,during the
Tbe Ashland Dramatic Society
past week. "Rosy” is as Irresistible will present “The Girl I Left Behlnu
as ever.
Me" at Hornbrook, Calif., Saturday
Dr. Clarence Keene, who recently nig lit. It lias met with success every­
graduated from the medical depart­ where tbe play was presented.
ment of the University of Oregon,
Special trains from Ashland and
with high honors, made us a call other point In the valley will tie run
Tuesday. He is visiting fur a short to accommodate many who wish to
time with his brother, Dr. Keene of attend the Odd Fellows’ celebration
at Jacksonville tomorrow.
Lieut. Reeves of the U. S. Army,
8. E. Dunnington, Wm. Broad, D.
whose health was Impaired by service 8. Coulter und A. Perry returned
in the Philippines, Is stopping at Gold Tuesday from a fishing trip to Squaw
Hill, accompanied by his wife. In lake.
They forgot to bring home
company with Mr. Drum, who Is a trout for any of their friends.
brother t.o the late R. E- Drun .be
Mrs. Thompson's restaurant lias
will engage In mining not far from
been paiuted, papered and otherwise
that town.
Geo H. Lawrence, who mined on improved, and presents a neat and In­
Jackson creek In the days of its glory, viting appearance. Excellent meals
made T iik T imes a call Tuesday. He can always be obtained there.
has been in many ata tea and terr 1 to-
G. W. Wilcox of Woodville was at
rles since leaving here, and returns to Grant's Pass one day last week, ac­
become a permanent resident of this companied by bls family. He informs
county. He purchased some property us that there will be a big celebration
of J. B. Welch last fall, and Is now of our national holiday in his town.
bargaining for Miss Frances Barnes
Horse and Jack bills printed at T he
farm, situated in Sam’s valley.
T imes office in the best style and at
reasonable rates. We have a large
and elegant assortment of engravings
especially designed for that class of
liev 8 H. Jones will hold services work.
atGoid Hill and Woodville Sunday.
Farmers are in need of rain, which
Rev. Mr. Hansen will hold services
at the M. E. church in Jacksonville is necessary to insure good crops.' Al­
though there is plenty of moisture at
Sunday morning and evening.
Rev Fattier Herthlaume will hold a depth <>f a few inches, a crust has
services at the Catholic church In formed on the soil, which should ue
Jacksonville, Sunday, April.28th, at loosened.
8. P. Co. *s emploves will give a grand
8:30 o’clock A. m .; and at Medford the
same day at 10:30 a . m .
ball at Ashland next Wednesday
G erman B aitist .—Elder 8. M. night, for which elaborate prepara­
Fbv will hold services at the follow- tions are being made.
Ladue's or­
lngypTacea: 1st and 3d Sunday tn each chestra, of Dunsmuir, Calif., will fur­
month, at the church near Talent; sec­ nish the mnslc.
ond. at the Naylor school-house, 4th
The celebrated 8nap Shot, the best
at Ashland.
medicine In the world for allaying in-
tlammatiJn in man or beast, can be
Volcanic Eruptlona
found at
Robinson’s diug
Are grand, but Skin Eruptions rob store, also at Dr. Hinkle’s, Central
die of joy.
Bucklen’a Arnica Salve Point. Trv it.
cures them; also Old, Running and
If you want a piano er organ, now
Fever Sores, Ulcers. Bolls, Felons,
is the time to consult C. F. Shepherd
(’«ms Warts, Cut*, Bruises, Burns, of
Ashland, who has been appointed
Scald*, Chapped Hands, Chllbmltis to close out the consigned stock of the
Beat Pile cure on
Coss piano house at Medford. He has
pains and ache*. Only 25p *' a carload of superior instruments
Cure guaranteed. Sold by City I rug which must be sold without delay.
‘•T hursday ........ avril 25,1901
It is reported that Geo. L. Davis
will soon become a reeldentof southern
California, where hit wife is sojourn­
ing for the benefit of her health.
Prof. T. R. Ryan, the noted hypno­
tist, who has tue reputation of being
the cleverest artist in his line that is
now traveling on the coast, will give
two grand exhibitions at U. 8. Hall,
Jacksonville, May 2d and 3d.
Max Muller, county treasurer, has
forwarded to State Treasurer Moore
the tax collected in this county for
state purposes, amounting to 118,410.
The scalp bounty tax, amounting to
•3200, will be forwarded later.
W. II. Silsbv, a respected citizen of
Ashland, aged 00 years, was examined
last Monday by Dr. Songer, on a
charge of insanity, and committed to
the asylum by Judge Prim. He was
taken to Salem by J. W. O. Gregory.
Rev. 8. II. Jones’ held has been en­
larged, and he will hold services at
Gold Hill and Woodville hereafter.
His congregations are large and ap­
preciative, everybody being pleased
that he Is once more a resident of
The directors of Jacksonville school
district have not selected the teachers
for the year beginning September,
1901, yet. However, the impression
prevails that Prof. E. E. Washburn of
Ashland, Misses Belle Potter and Ollie
Huffer are certain of selection.
The body of Ed. Booth, formerly a
resident of this towu, was found in a
room of the Wm. Tell House at Reno,
Nev., a fortnight ago. It was held at
the morgue ten days before it was
Identified by II. D. West, who tele­
graphed the facts to Jacksonville.
T. II. B. Taylor, proprietor of Med­
ford's feather-cleaning establishment,
will visit Jacksonville before long and
make regular trips thereafter. He
does first-class work at reasonable
rates. Our citizens should have their
feather beds, pillows, etc., cleaned by
Gov. Geer recently appointed the
following gentlemen to act as mem­
bers Of the board of regents of the
Southern Oregon State Normal School:
R. P. Nell uf Ashland, A. J. Sher­
wood of Coquille city, J. S. Orr uf
Klamath Falls. They succeed them­
M. J. Shields & Co. of Moscow,
Idaho, who have a splendid reputa­
tion as growers of seeds, have an ad­
vertisement in this issue of T he
T imes , to which we call special at­
tention. Their goods are first-class
and prices low. Give them a trial
II. A. Shorey of Portland, who
bilks everybody he has business with,
passed through the valley recently,
en route to the eastern states, to lock
for new victims. He had a narrow es­
cape from being killed at Grant's Pass
recently while attempting to board a
railroad train.
A. P. Easterbrook, the leading
druggist of Gold Hill, occupies tbe
Phelps building, where he is display­
ing a complete line of ttrst-classdruRs,
medicines, toilet articles, liquors for
medicinal purposes, etc. He keeps
tiie best and is reasonable in his
Sheriff Storrs of Provo, Utah, ar­
rived in Jacksonville Tuesday, and
left for home the next morning,taking
with him Geo. Buker, who was ar­
rested on Wagner creek last week up­
on a telegram received from him by
Sheriff Orme.
He says that the
prisoner is an old offender, having al­
ready done time in the Mormon state.
hymeneal .
A very pretty wedding took place
Tuesday morning at the Catholic
church in Jacksonville, when Charles
Campbell of Sacramento,
was united to Miss Anna Donegan of
this city. The ceremony was per­
formed by Rev. Father Berthiaume,
and was followed by the celebration
of a nuptial mass, at which a large
number of relatives and friends as­
sisted. The church altar waa hand­
somely decorate« with choice flowers,
white lilies being predominant. The
bride was attended by her sister, Miss
Josephine Donegan, as bridesmaid,
while P. Donegan, Jr., performed the
office of best man for the groom.
After the ceremony tiie party repaired
to the residence of tiie bride’s father,
where a recherche dejeuner was
served. The happy couple left tbe
same morning for Ban Francisco, and.
after a tour through California, will
settle down at their home in Sacra­
mento. Mr. Campbel) bolds a respon­
sible position in a leading mercantile
establishment of the capital city of
our sister state, and is a clever,
exemplary young man. His bride is a
native of Jacksonville, amiable and
accomplished, and deservedly popular
wltti all who know tier. In unison
with nidi y frieuds T he T imes hopes
that tliel i voyage on the sea of matri­
mony will be a long one, fraught with
happiness and prosperity.
Tn Jacksonville, at the residence of
School Superintendent Daily,on Sun­
day morning, April 21st, at nine
o’clock, James A. Burch and Louise
Kingery were united in matrimony
by Rev. W. T. Van Scoy. The cere­
mony was followed by a sumptuous
breakfast prepared by Mrs. Dally.
Only a few of the relativesand friends
of the contracting parties were pres­
ent. The bride recently returned to
Oregon from Nebraska. The young
couple have already taken possession
of the home prepared by the groom on
his farm, which is situated five miles
south of Medford.
They have tbe
congratulations and best wishes of all.
C. Carey, who gives the testimonial
which follows, is widely known in
Gold Hill and vicinity, and has many
acquaintances in Ashland. Ills cure
Is remarkable, and will be read with
Interest by hundreds of people in
Jackson county. Mr. Carey relates
bis experience In the following grate­
ful words:
M r . E ditoe : 1 cannot leave town
without expressing my thanks to Dr.
Darrin for the almost inestimable
benefit he has rendered me. For some
time I have been partially deaf from
catarrh. The last few weeks it was
with great difficulty 1 could hear. I
am a poor man and walked from near
Gold Hill, Jackson county, Or., to
Ashland to put myself under Dr. Dar­
rin's electric and medical treatment.
The doctor examined me and told me
he could cure me in ten minutes. He
did cure me so I can hear a whisper.
I was cured In the presence of R. P.
Neil, mayor of Ashland, The doctor
cured me free. Refer any one to me
atGoid Hill postoffice. Geo. Ham-
rnersly of Gold Hill sent me to Dr.
C. C arey .
“Last winter 1 was confined to my
bed with a very bad cold on my lungs.
Nothing gave ine relief. Finally my
wife bought a bottle of One Minute
Cough Cure, thut effected a speedy
cure. 1 cannot speak too highly of
that excellent remedy.”—Mr. T. K.
Housetnau, Manatawney, Pa. City
Drug Store, Jacksonville, Dr. J.
Hingle, Central Point.
Retail Market Report.
Some malicious persons, with the
following quotations were
fear of the Lord before them, are cir­
culating a petition in southern Ore­ made up this afternoon, and lean
gon, requesting Commissioner Her­ impartial report of the prices paid
mann to instruct the forest rangers by Jacksonville dealers:
Wheat—!5(a)50c per bushel.
employed during the coming season to
Flour—•l.flff per 100 pounds.
pul in a portion of their lime improv­
Oats—40c to 50c per bushel.
ing the public highways through the
Barlev—Rolled, il.25 per cental.
territory which they operate. That
Hay—Per ton, baled. #10.
would rob the position of all its sweets.
Potatoes—75c to #1.50 per hundred.
Onions—2c (a) 24 per pound.
Frank Logg, who died at his resi­
Butter—45c to 50c per roll.
dence on Forest creek lately, was one
Beans—4(«5c per pound.
uf the pioneer miners of southern Ore­
Lard—124c per pound.
gon. For a long time he had been as­
Eggs—124c per dozen.
sociated with Mark McDonnell in
Sugar—D G.8 6.75 per cwt.
mining enterprises, operating the
Poultry—62.50 to •3.00 per dozen
mines, on the site of winch he died,
Hams—15 and 16c per pound.
for many years. Mr. Legg was never
Shoulders—124c per pound.
married. He was tiie soul of honor
Side Bacon—10(<916c per pound.
and enjoyed the esteem of those who
knew him.
Frank Ankeny, son of Mr. and Mrs.
H. E. Ankeny, surprised his many
friends by claiming one of Los An­ For Coughs and Colds In Children.
geles’ fairest daughters as bis bride.
"1 have not the slightest hesitancy
The ceremony took place at the home in
recoin mending
of the bride’s parents on the 17th. Cough Remedy to all Aho are suffer­
The young couple are being showered ing from coughs or colds," says Chas.
with congratulationsand best wishes, M. Cramer, Esq., a well-known watch
In wh ich T he T imes Joins. They will maker of Colombo, Ceylon. "It has
reside in Klamath county.
been some two years’since the City
The Odd Fellows’ celebration, Dispensary first called my attention
which will take place at Jacksonville to this valuable medicine, I have re­
t< morrow, Friday, April 26tb, prom­ peatedly used it and it has always been
ises to be the grandest affair of the beneficial. It bas eured me quickly
kind ever held iu southern Oregon. of all chest colds. It is especially ef­
The attendance will be large, mem­ fective for children and seldom takes
bers of the order from all parts of the more than one bottle to cure them of
valley participating. A first-class hoarseness. I have persuaded many
programme has been prepared for the to try this valuable medicine, and
occasion. A bail at Orth’s ball will they arc all as well pleased as myself
over the results.” For sale at City
conclude the festivities.
Drug Store._____ ______
Nothing has yet been heard from
Gap Closed.
the action begun by R. A. Gibson
against the 8. P. Co. at Portland for
The operation of through trains be
•10,000 damages. He alleges that on tween San Francisco and Les Angeles
(kt. 26th last he purchased a ticket via Surf and Santa Barbara, will be­
from Medford to Grant’s Pass, and gin Sunday March 31, 1901, on the new
that because be refused to pay a sec­ coast line .
Two through trains
ond fare, which was demanded, tbe daily. The coast line limited leaving
conductor put him off the train near each terminal In the
Central Point, and threw bie baggage equipped with elegant cafe and par­
after him. It is not likely that the lor cars, will make daylight trips
matter will amount tc anything.
through the most picturesque, varied
Mrs. J. W. Heiss of Siskiyou, while and entertaining scenes on the con­
trading In a Grant’s Pace grocery tinent. Inquire of agents of tbe
store last Friday, laid her purse on Southern Pacific.
a eounter to look at some goods. It
had disappeared when she went for it. Coanty Treaaarer’a llth Notice.
A well-known farmer tn the store
Max Muller, county treasurer, gives
at the time was suspected of the
theft, although he stoutly denied it, notice that there are funds in the
and allowed himself to be searched. county treasury for the redemption of
The purse was found in his wagon, all outstanding warrants protested
which he had visited in the mean­ from July 1. 1897, to July 31, 1897,
time. however, and restored to the both da tea inclusive. Interest on tbe
same ceased April 19, 1901.
Miss. Rinse Rouse bas been enter­
taining Mrs. D. High of Ashland.
Elmer Bash ford of Roseburg made
Medford a visit one day last week.
Caused by an Impure Condition
H. B. Nye, the merchant-miner, was
of the Blood—How It May
at the county-seat a few days ago.
Be Permanently Cured.
Mrs. M. Chapman of Josephine
From th» Mirror, Manehetter, N. It,
county is visiting her daughter, Mrs.
E. W. Tryer.
Although rheumatism is one of ths
Mrs. W. V. Lippincott Is visiting at most painful and dangerous of the many
Pasadena, Calif., and will be gone troubles ‘which afflict mankind, it
several weeks.
can be permanently cured if a proper
D. T. Pritchard, the pioneer Jewel­ course of treatment is taken. The real
er and watchmaker, has removed from cause of rheumatism is tbe presence of
acid in ‘he blood and the only cure is to
C. F. Shepherd is closing out tbe purify, nourish and strengthen this
musical instruments at Coss’ music vital fluid. The best specific yet dis­
covered for this purpose is Dr. Will­
iams’ Pink Pills for Pale People and the
Miss Ella Young of Jacksonville, number of cures they have effected in
who has been visiting in Medford,has
cases of this stubborn disease is wonder­
returned home.
ful. Mrs. S. D. Loveland, of No. 133
District Attorney Reames was In West Hancock street, Manchester, N. H.,
Medford Tuesday. So was A. Learned was cured of a severe attack of rheuma­
of Jacksonville.
tism by the use of this remedy. She
Jack Morris, formerly of Medford,Is says:
conducting a secondhand store at
" Several years ago one of my knees
Cedar Vale, Kan.
was injured by a fall. About the first
Mrs. Fries, wife of Lieut. Fries of of June, 1897, rheumatism set in and at
the U. 8. Army, who is visiting at last got so bad that I could not bend my
Medford, was in Jacksonville ouc day knee. It was very painful and I waa
last week.
unable to move about. I tried various
W. T. York has commenced an remedies, but net one of them relieved
action against Captain Nash In the me in any way.
circuit court, to recover a sum of
“In the latter part of August, nearly
money for services rendered.
three months after the pain and stiffness
Henry Orth of Jacksonville is em­ began, a friend, Mrs. Rothwell, of Ever­
ployed at Barneburg A Arnold’s butch­ ett, Mass., told me of Dr. Williams' Pink
ershop, and giving excellent satisfac­ Pills for Pale People. I willingly gave
tion as chief of the cutting depart­ them a trial and experienced relief in a
few days. I continued until I had taken
Medford is without a tamale stand, three boxes and was able to bend the
the city council having refused to give knee and go up and down stairs without
its eonsent to the erection of one on a difficulty. I have since taken the pills
prominent street by W. E. Macaulay. a number of times for other troubles and
This is a mistake.
always with good results.
“I have reoommunded Dr. Williams’
M. R. Hart, formerly of this city,
who is now engaged in merchandising Pink Pills for Pale People many times.
at Lakeview, was in the valley a I have not learned with what effect they
short time ago, en route to Portland. were taken, excepting in the case of two
He was the principal witness in the of my relatives and a young woman liv­
Oglesby stage robbery case.
ing in my family, each of whom waa
Mrs. Nancy Tungate, who died here greatly benefited. I feel that I cannot
recently, was Mrs. I. L. Hamilton’s say too much in favor ui the piHu.”
grandmother, and came from Missouri
nearly 30 year: ago. She lived In the
Subscribed and sworn to before me
Willamette valley a number of years
before coming to Medford, and was a this 27th day of February, 1901.
J ohn G. L axe ,
lady of many estimable qualities.
[SealJ *
Notary PubRn.
I. A. Palmer, the well-known archi­
At all druggists or direct from Dr. WiD-
tect and contractor, was at Grant’s tarns Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. Y.
Pass last week. He is furnishing
the plans for a handsome brick build­ Price, 50 cents per box ; six boxes, tS.ID.
ing that will be built by Jas. P.
Tuffs and his son. Mr. P.’s talents
are being appreciated, as he will be
kept busy in different parts of the yal-
ey during the season.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury
as mercury will surely destroy the sense o
smell and completely derange the whole system
when entering It through tbe mucous surfaces.
Such articles should never be used except on
persortptlons from reputable physicians, as tbe
damage they will do Is ten told to the good you
can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh
Care, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co ,
Toledo, O., contatns no mercury, and Is taken
Internally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. In buying
Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genu­
ine It Is taken internally, and made in Toledo.
Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists, price 75c. per bottle.
Hall's Family Pills are tbe best.
Land for Sale.
Forty acres of land on Thompson
creek. Has a dwelling thereon, 20x20
feet, with four rooms, a log stable,
12x14 feet, 12 acres fenced and in cul­
tivation. A few fruit trees. Clear
title, free from incumbrance. Price
•200. Inquire of
S ilas J. D ay ,
Real Estate Agent..!ackson vllle.Or,
A Powder Mill Explosion
Removes everything insight, and so
do drastic mineral pills; but both
are mighty dangerous. Don’t dyna­
mite the delicate machinery of your
body with calomel, croton oil or aloes
pills, when Dr. King’s New Life Pills,
which are gentle as a summer breeze,
do the work perfectly. Cures Head­
ache, Constipation. Only 25c at City
Drug Store.
A Branch Gallery. •
H. C. Mackey & Boyd have started a
branch gallery in Jacksonville, in the
Aiken building, California street, op­
posite Ryan’s store. Ail work will be
finished at Medford, and satisfaction
assured. Work guaranteed to be the
Beat Prescription for Chills
and Fever is a bottle of G rove ’ s
T asteless C hill T onic . It is simply
iron and quinine in a tasteless form.
No cure— nu pay. Price. 50c.
Came io my place In Meadows prectnct,
known a« the R om ranch, about two month*
ago, a small gray mare, flea bitten, weighs
about Ml pounds, no brands perceivable and
has a black mane and tail. She is about six
years old and quite gentle. The owner Is re
quested to pay accruing charges and take her
Dated April 45, 1001.
SHEETS—EATON—At Ashland, April VI, 1901,
by Rev. J. F. Wallace. Henry Sheets and
Miss Nellie Eaton
ANKENY-JONES- At Loa Angeles. Calif.,
April IS. 1901, Frank Ankeny and Miss Mae
CAMPBELL—DONEG a N—At the Catholic
church In Jacksonville, April VS. 1901, bv Rev
Father Berthiaume. Ubas. Campbell of Sac­
rament, Calif.. and Miss anna Donegan of
POTTER—DeHAVEN—At Sisson, Calif., April
14, 1901, by Rev W. C. Robins, adwln Potter,
formerly of Josephine county, and Mtsa
Laura B DeHaven.
Of the Coss Piano House
By C. F. Shepherd
Having received a carload of Pianos aa<i
Organs at Ashland, and having been appointed
by the Eller Piano House to take and close out
the consigned stock of Pianos and Organs of
H. M. Coss of the Coss Piano House of Medford,
Oregon, in the shortest possible time, we have
decided to dispose of them In the next ten days,
and. if not sold in that time they will be ship­
ped to other territoiy. They
And at tbe price« offered you cannot afford to
lose this opportunity. It you intend to purchase
within three months.
after this Special Sale at Medford a similar
sale will be Instituted at Grant's Pass. We
have in slock several very fine Kimball pianos
in mahogany, quarter-sawed oak and burlwal­
nut cases, the Wheelock. United Makers. Mar­
shall pianos and one secondhand Cornish and
about one dozen Kimball A Burdette organs is
oak and walnut cases, also several second­
hand instruments.
Besides the above makes and my regular line
of Chickering and Crown Pianos. I am now tbs
Sole Agent for tbe following pianos: Wheelock,
Jacob Doll a d Stuyvesant, and the Newman
Bro», and Crown Organs. Plano and < 'rgan In­
struction books and stools and scarfs tor sale.
Address or call at Medford store; or address
Ashland. Ore , Box ITO.
Quinine is 10 years behind. Colds do not
now have to be endured. Mendel's Dynamio
Tabules (called dynamic from their energy)
crowd a week's ordinary treatment into IV
hours.and about the worst of colds over night
“It was the worst case of grip I ever bad. A
halt dozen friends had sure cures still it
hung on. Heard of the Dynamic Tabules To
my amazement they stopped both cold ax4
cough the first night I endorse and recom
mend them io the people "—Barclay Henley,
ex-member of Congress and attorney, lot Ssn
some street, San Francisco. July 7, 1900.
"Winter colds have always been serious
thirgs to me. They are hard and stay for
months. But the last was stopped suddenly
by Mendel's Dynamic Tabules. Both cough
and cold disappeared in a couple of days
Nothing else does this for me." Mrs. Emma
L. Hollln, It, Moss st., San Francisco. Aug A
"I live across the street from where Mendel's
Dynamio Tabules are made That is how I
first took them
They stop colds without
notice. I took a dozen boxes with me for my­
self and friends when I went to Nome "HL
Van Winkle. Capitalist, Sul7 Washington
St., San Francisco. Aug. 10, 1900.
For sale by City Drugstore, Jacksouvil'e.
Issue ! Weekly at Lincoln, Keb ,
Editor and Publisher.
TERMS—Payable in Advanos.
CHAMBERS—At Big Batte, aprii. 8. 1901, to
Mr. and Mrs. W. Chambers, a daughter.
DIXON—At Tula Lake. April 1?, 1901. tc Mr.
and Mrs. Tbos. Dixon, a son.
TURVEY—On Williams Creek. April II. 1901,
to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Turvey, a daughter.
Six Months.................................... ................ ... 2
Three Months..........................
................ S;
Single Copy...................................... £
WNp traveling canvassers are employed.
Termsfor local agents will
be sent on appj
cation. AU money should be sent by P. o
der, express order, or by bens draft on New
or Chicago. Do not send individual
•hacks er stamps.
Times Clubbing Rf’ .
■ E-COMMONER per year with
W iiklt Ttnis................................... yw.wg
Jacksonville, oreses.