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THURSDAY........... MARCH 28. 1001
Mr#. Fred. Denny of Hornbrook Is
vieiUuH in Ashland.
Mis« Dora Reuter made Medford a
abort visit Wednesday.
Z. Cameron of Uniontown was one
of our visitors yesterday.
Mr*. Cbappel of Ashland has been
vliiuiiK Mrs. S. Cantrail.
Shearer Bros, of Steamboat made
us a pleasant visit Monday.
Mrs. E. Wilkinson of Medford has
been visiting in Jacksonville.
Fred. Ruch of Thompson creek was
on our streets one day tills week.
Mrs. Lee of Henley, Calif.,Is visiting
Mrs. J. F. Shepherd of Jacksonville.
W. II. (lore and ills family were vis­
itors at the county-seat a few days
W. I. Vawter. the Medford lawyer,
is In Jacksonville on professional bus­
Ben and R. V. Beall, two of the
leading farmers of the valley, are in
Mr. and Mrs. Cha*. Ayers of Poor­
man’« creek were In our midst a few
days ago.
Hon. 8. P. Moss of Lake county Is
visiting at Ashland, the guest of A.
Walter Bostwick and Dave Buckley
of Applegate were al the county-seat
W. S. Conklin of Medford was
among those who visited us during
tile week.
J. G. Norton, a promlnentcltizen of
Phoenix, was a visitor In Jacksonville
Dr. B. F. Adkins, a Medford capl
talist, Interviewed the tax collector
Hon. M. Stewart of Talent Is paying
his many friends in Jacksonville a
short visit.
District Attorney Kearnes has re­
turned from a professional trip to
Grant’s Pass.
I. W. Bontrager and Ills wife of
Willow Springs precinct were In town
a few days ago.
Senator Sweek of Portland passed
through the valley Friday, en route
to San Francisco.
J. R. O'Neill has gone to Portland,
to take testimony In the Aogle-Piy-
male accounting case.
J. E. Enyart, ca«lilerof the Medford
Bank, has been In Jacksonville on sev­
eral occasions lately.
Miss Elsie Green of Grant’s Pass,
who lias been visiting In Jacksonville,
left for home Monday.
D. E. Jones of Central Point was In
Jacksonville Friday, and made T hk
T imkh a pleasant call.
Jas. R. Reatnes of Talent precinct
was here yesterday, accompanied by
Ills daughter, Miss Elsie.
W. T. Cope of Josephine county, a
prominent operator In mines, made us
a visit the first of tile week.
Tlios. McAndrew of Medford was at
the county-seat Monday, accompanied
by his daughter, Miss Maggie.
Fred.e Straube of Willow Springs
and Vai. Haskins of Buncom tarried
a few hours with us recently.
Martin McDonough, one of Gold
Hill's business men, spent several
hours in Jacksonville Tuesday.
Hon. G. P. Reavis, who represented
Wallowa county In th. late legiala
ture, visited in Ashland Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Bauten of Boor­
man's creek were among those who
were lu J; cksonville during the week.
Will. McDaniel and Wm. Sears,who
are farming in S'.erlingville district,
shone upon us the forepart of the
Harry Myers, wild is in charge of
the Rambler bicycle agency at Med­
ford, did business In Jacksonville yes­
D. T. Pritchard, the pioneer jeweler
of Medford. 1s In Jacksonville. .So Is
F. K. Deuel, a prominent merchant of
ttiat town.
Miss Catherine Buckley left tills
morning for San Francisco, where she
will enter a school which graduates
trained nurses.
Miss Kate Piymale, who has beeu
visiting In Salem and Roseburg dur­
ing the past two months, returned
home Tuesday.
A. C. Howland, foreman of the
Davis mine in Jump off-Joe district,
is again at tils post, after a short visit
in Jacksonville.
Miss Southwick of Salem, who holds
a responsible position in the assessor's
office of Marion county, is a guest of
the Taylor House.
J. M. Dews of Applegate, the mer­
chant-miner, and Postmaster Pursel
of Hie name locality, spent Monday
night in Jacksonville.
F. A. Hartzell, formerly of Denyer,
Col., an experienced miner, who has
lately become interested InSteamooat
district, called Tuesday.
A. Schindler, who bought the Hav-
mond farm, situated in Woodville
precinct, recently, was In Jacksonville
Friday. He is well pl ased wttii his
purchase aud this country.
H. E. Ankeny returned Tuesday
from a short visit with hi* family In
Eugene, accompanied by his daugh­
ter, Miss Dee, who will «pend a few
weeks at Steriingville and Jackson­
Frank M liter, who
Shearer Bro«.' placer mines In Steam­
boat district, left for his home In
Rock Island, III., Monday. He will
return here in the course of a few
Dr. Levinson of San Francisco, an
expert optician and oculist, spent sev­
eral days in Jacksonville thia week,
accompanied by his wife. He dlu
considerable business while here, and
gave the fullest satisfaction.
Monday Is all-fool's day. Look
Landlord Bourgeois of the Ashland
nouse Is at Portland again.
Elegant home-made candlea of all
kinds a leader at Joe Wetterer's. *
Trespass notices, printed on cioth,
on sale at T he T imes Printing House.
Circuit court will convene in regular
session next Monday.
Matt Isli of Pooh Bali precinct was
in town yesterday.
March came In lamblike enough,but
stems inclined to depart like a lion.
Oliver Dews and his family are now
residents of Ashland.
Harry Gilson and Carl Cofer of
SterllogvBle were with us yesterday.
11. L. Hansen of Applegate, the mi­
ner, called Saturday.
A. M. Clark, wtio has charge of the
Bybee orchard, was here the forepart
of the week.
J. K. Leabo of Trail creek precinct,
who died recently, left a wife aud
nine children.
John R. Norris of Ashland has been
appointed administrator of H. P.
Weeks' estate.
Miss Lelali O’Hara of Tolo 1« at­
tending ttie Southern Oregon Stale
Normal School.
Mark Baker, who has been visiting
la southern California, returned to
Ashland last Thursday.
D. S. Force of Tolo and Canby Buck
of Applegate were In Jacksonville sev­
eral times last week.
Chas. Human and A. Throckmorton
of Applegate did business in Jackson­
ville one day this week.
The Grant’s Pass Choral Union will
continue its meetings and present a
cantata lu ttie early fall.
A. R. Merritt of Gold Hill has sold
his stock of goods and will return to
the east in the near future.
A full assortmentof May’s celebrated
seeds -fresh and pure—is being dis­
played by Joe Wetterer.
Fruit trees have beguu to blossom;
but the cold weather has kept them
back considerably.
John A. Miller and Mr. Farlow,
residents of upper Butte, creek were
with us yesterday.
J. T. Welborn, who arrived recently
from eastern states, Is paying H. T.
Lyon of Climax a visit.
Joe Wetterer makes a specialty of
light, drinks, fresh candies, nuts,
tropical and other fruits, etc.
E. It. Reames and wife returned to
Klamath Falls last week, after a
short visit in Medford.
Jacksonville Fire Co. and the board
of trustees will meet next Monday and
Tuesday evenings respectively.
Notes, receipts, drafts, due-bills,
etc., in book form, can always be ob­
tained at T he T imes Printing House.
Tlie county commissioners' court
will hold its regular monthly session
next week, commencing Wednesday.
F. Smith, who is employed at J. B.
Agner's mines, located in Sardine
Creek district, was in Jacksonville
Capt. K. Boze of Applegate was in
Jacksonville one day tins week. He
exhibited some tine gold taken from
his placer mine.
The Mackey & Boyd photo tent will
remain In Jacksonville until April
1st, and each dozen of cabinets
you gut a 16x20 crayon free.
A. C. Jennings of Eugene, chief
clerk of ttie lower house of the legisla­
ture for two terms, has been visiting
in Ashland, accompanied by his wife.
Geo. C Stanley write« to T he T imes
that the Ashland Town Talk will be
Issued April 6th, and that it will be a
7-column folic, printed weekly.
J. F. Hall of Big Butte has discov­
ered a porcelain formation, which no­
body seems able to name. He brought
some of it to town tills week.
Assessor Pendleton has appointed C.
C. Taylor, S. F.Morine, Royal Brown
and J. M. Whipple as his deputies,and
they will take the held at once.
Harvey Moore, one of the energetic
farmers of Missouri Flat, wasinJack-
sonville yesterday. He reports tlie
miners and farmers of that Section all
Deeds, mortgage«, leases, bends,
hills of sale and every imuinable
kind of legal blanks-tlie latest and
best—are constantly on hand at T he
T imes office.
Frank Beutte), an excellent tailor,
has returned to-outhem Oregon from
California and located at Ashland. He
was formerly engaged in business at
Grint's Pass.
More corn than usual will be
planted by farmers this season, prin­
cipally Is'cause the Inclement weatiier
has prevented seed lug ttie ground in
wheat or barley.
The Boss has been embellished
with new counters, show cases, etc.,
and presents a neat and much Im­
proved appearance. T. C. Norris is
also painting it.
Rev. Chas. Booth of St. Luke’s
church, Grant s Pas*,will hold services
in tlie M. E church building on Mon­
day evening next. All are cordially
Invited to attend.
John Offen batcher of Applegate,who
was operated on for appendicitis last
week, is on the way to convalescence.
The operation was a skillful one and
entirely successful.
Thomae W. Hammond of Ashland,
having passed the examination re­
quired, has been notified by the war
department t i report at West Point
as a cadet June 10th.
Those wishing sulphur for spraying
purposes can obtain what they want
at reasonable rates by applying to the
Medford Distilling A Refining Co.,
which has Just received a carload. *
Mrs. J B. Phelps, who was at
Yreka, Calif , when her husband died,
returned to Woodville to attend the
funeral. Nile Is now leslding at Sis­
kiyou county's metropolis, with her
daugnters. Mrs. Hawley Bull »ad Mrs.
bam Cleland.
The local teachers' institute.which
will be held at Ashland Saturday,
firomlses well. The attendance of a
arge number of teactier» from differ­
ent parts of the valley 1» expected.
Lieut. A. C. Fries, who formerly re­
sided at Central Point,and a graduate
from West Point, has been assigned
to Co. G, U. 8. Engineer Corps, and
ordered to report at Manila for duty.
W. II. Miller of Missouri Flat passed
through Jacksonville the forepart of
the week. He has located his family
at Ashland, to enable his children to
get the benefit of that city’« school fa­
Horse and Jack bills printed at Tilt
T imes office in the tiest style and a
reasonable rates. We have a large
and elegant assortment of engravings
especially designed for tnat class of
T. J. Kenney ha« sold the property
in Mediord, situated on the corner of
7th aud Front streets and opposite the
Hotel Nash, to J. E. Bodge and C. W.
Palm for <5000. He purchased It of
Cnas. Wall sometime since for $4200
Dr. Lowe, the well-known expert
oculo-opticlan, will be in Medford,
March 28th to 30th; Ashland, March
25th to 27th. If you value your eye
sight end want perfect glasses fitted
to your eyes, see him.
Litchfield & Patty, proprietors of
the Vienna bakery at Medford will
commence delivering bread by wagon
next Monday, April 1st. They manu­
facture a superior article of every­
thing 1c their line and always give
Jas. U. Smith of Sardine creek, the
well-known manufacturer of lumber,
spent several hours In Jacksonville
Friday. He will run his mill on a
larger scale than ever tills season,
there being a big demand for the pro­
duct, which Is a superior one.
T. II. B. Taylor, proprietor of Med­
ford’s feather-cleaning establishment,
will visit Jacksonville before long and
make regular trips thereafter. He
does tirnl-class work at reasonable
rates. Our citizens should have their
feather beds, pillows, etc., cleaned by
A minstrel performance will be
given at Gold Hill, on the evening of
April 1st, under the auspices of Nug­
get Lodge No. 80, A. O. U. W., which
promises to be a success. The end
men will be W. O. Carter, John
Harvey, Fritz Hammersly and J. H.
One hundred and thirty-five scalps,
a majority taken from wild cats, have
been presented to the county clerk
during the months of February and
March. As $2 is paid for each scalp,
this would indicate an expense of
• 1600 a year, two-tnirds of which is
paid by the state.
Mrs. C. E. VanDeusen of Kilbourn,
Wis., was afflicted with stomach
trouble and constipation for a long
time. She say«: “1 have tried many
preparations; but none have done me
the good that Chamberlain’s Stomach
and Liver Tablets have.” These
tablets are for sale at City Drug
Store. Price, 25cents. Samples free.
8. 8. Pentz of Medford, attorney-at-
law, has arranged ttie preliminariesof
a proseed Ing that will result In the
recovery from the county of the money
paid on account of the bicycle tax.
All those holding tags or receipts are
requested to send or bring them to
him, as he wishes to proceed without
Counterfeits of DeWitt’s Witch
Hazel Salve are liable to cause blood
poisoning. Leave them alone. The
original has the name DeWitt’s upon
the box and wrapper. It is a harm­
less and healing salve for skin dis­
eases. Unequalled for pile«. City
Drug Store, Jacksonville, and I)r. J.
Hinkle, Central Boint.
B. Ileberlie, a brother of L. A.
Heberlie of Grant’s Bass and Frank
Ileberlie, proprietor of the Ashland
steam laundry, was last Saturday
married to Miss Minnie Luster, an
amiable and accomplished young lady
who has beeu a resident of Ashland
for the past two years. They have
since gone to Chico, Calif., to locate,
accompanied by the best wishes of
many friends.
Firman Zana, an energetic and hon­
orable citizen of Sam's valley, who
arrived from Arizona a few years ago
and bought the Childers farm, and
Mrs. B. Smith, one of Grant’s Bass’
highly respected and most amiable
ladles, were inirried on the 14th.
T he T imes tenders its congratula­
tions, and trust.« that their Journey on
matrimonial seas will be fraught with
prosperity and bliss.
The sum of •14.35 was netted at the
necktie ano apron social given under
the auspices of the Epworth League,
which was presented to Rev. N. M.
Hansen, pastor of the M. E. Church.
The programme presented, which was
an excellent one and creditably ren­
dered, consisted of solos by Misses
Nora Sydow and Grace Foster, a duet
by Mervina Kenney and Lota Flory,
accompanied by Mrs. Susie Neil arid
Florence DeBar, and a recitation by
Zepha Basye.
Altogether it was a
pleasant and successful event.
To accommodate those who are
partial to the use of atomizers in
applying liquids Into the nasal pass­
ages for catarrhal troubles, the pro­
prietors prepare Ely’s Liquid Cream
Balm. Brice, including trie spraying
tube, is 75 cents. Druggists or by
mall. The liquid embodies the
medical properties of the solid prep­
aration. Cream Balm is quickly ab­
sorbed by the membrane and does not
dry up the secretions, but changes
them to a natural and healthy char­
acter. Ely Brothers, 56 Warren St.,
N. Y.
The organized effort which was
made Sunday to give the latest gang
of Japanese section men sent up from
Ashland to Steinman by the 8. B. Co.,
to take the place of the force whten
had been twice previously frightened
away from the place, such a scare as
would forever keep Japanese cheap
Ubor out of southern Oregon, was a
failure. It Is probable that the Inci­
dent, which has furnished no little ex­
citement between Ashland and Stein­
man for the past few weeks, Is now
closed, and the little brown men,
against whose employment by the
railroad company at Hie low wages of
•1 a day so much antipathy has been
expressed, can now hold their Jobs in
peace, says the Tidings. Only a por­
tion of those who threatened to chase
the Japs out of the state materialised.
Notices for the location of placer
¡*n(i Qu«*rLE mines, etc., for sale at
T he T imes office
Wm. Bailey, the miner, came in
from Balmer creek Tuesday, bring­
ing with him a quantity of ore that
looks well.
Miners’ liens, deeds to mines, water
right local Ions ano other mining
blanks always on hand at T he T imes
E. C. Faucett has located 2000
Inches of the waters of Cook & Green
gulch, Elliott creek district, for min­
ing and milling purposes.
The American Mining Code, stand,
ard authority on all subjects pertain­
ing to mining, water-rights, etc., is
kept on hand at T he T imes office.
L. 8. .Shipley, who has been engaged
in prospecting in the southern part of
the county and in northern California
for several years, has gone to Minne­
sota in the Interest of some of the
properties in which he is interested.
J. D. Graham, who recently made
such a rich discovery lu Blackwell dis­
trict, struck another ledge in the
same locality that is fully as good, if
not .ftter, than tlie other. The ore
is said
i««ay $1200 a ton, and there
seems to be a large quantity of it in
The DysertA Miller mines in Jump-
off-Joe district, which were bought
by Ferguson, Sorrlck and ottier Cali­
fornia parties, who conid not agree
among themselves and allowed their
rights to tire property to lapse, are
now owned by J. O. Booth, Joe Dy-
sert and others. This is a good prop­
erty and will prove Itself an excellent
producer in a short time.
Capt. M. F. Eggleston of Ashland,
who lias been appointed to gather a
collection of minerals indigenous to
Jackson, Josephine and Douglas coun­
ties for the Pan-American Exposition,
which will open next, month, I" in
Jacksonville. He is well qualified to
execute the task assigned him, and
will doubtless see that southern Ore­
gon is nicely represented.
Jesse Orme, while prospecting on
the south bank of Rogue river, about
a miie west of Savage Rapids, found
some good pay dirt. He dug a little
ditch, built a reservoir and ground-
sluiced for 12 days, and the cleanup
amounted to about $60. He found
two or three nuggets of $6 each and
several more worth $4 each. TheG. B.
Observer «ays that Mr. Orme intends
to work his claim with a giant.
Oil is found in sand, with sandstone
below it and shale above It, and with
conglomerates or fossils on top of the
shale. When such a formation crops
out on the surface there is a possibil­
ity of oil being present at no great
depth. If the roc c when broken has
a distinct odor of oi), the probability
is increased; if oil Is found in spriog,
or asphaltum is found on the surface,
then the probability becomes almost
a certainty.
The sale of stock tn the Ashland oil­
boring enterprise goes steadily on, the
dally average amount of sales increas­
es as time progresses. The Tidings
say« that last Saturday evening there
had been sold 15,500 shares, which »as
over 10,000 ¡jhare« tor the week. The
bulk of the holdings is in the handsof
Ashland people; but a noticeable fea­
ture of the past week has been the In­
quiries from points at a distance.
These inquiries have come from Cali­
fornia, the East and from the north­
ern part of the state.
Teachers' Examination.
A. A. Davis has gone to San Fran­
Chas. II. Fierce has returned from a
trip to San Francisco.
A Victim of Biliousness and In«
Wm. Ulrich, a well-known citizen flammatory Rheumatism Tells
of Medford, is reported to be quite ill.
How He Became Free
Miss Ella Orth of Jacksonville and
Miss Catherine Buckley of Applegate
From Disease.
were at Medford one day thiH week.
that is not based
Mrs. E. Ellison of Galveston, Texas,
who has been visiting A. M. Wood­ upon experience is without value but in
ford and family for sometime past, the following interview the reader will
at once recognize the force of a»l vice that
left for home Saturday.
is the result of [« rsonal knowledge.
Dr. C. W. Lowe, the expert «cu-
Mr. Ned Yerkes Hawley is a traveling
list, is at Hotel Nash, but will remain
only a few days. Those who have ail­ man whose home is at 1926 W. Boone
Ave., Spokane, Wash. He has recently
ing eyes should call on him at once.
had an experience of more than general
There were several runaways in interest and in an interview with a rep­
Medford Tuesday, the principal par­
ticipants being the big team of A. resentative of the Spokesman-Review of
Slover, which shivered a‘telephone Spokane, he said:
‘‘In June 1899, I became bilious and
pole and did some other damage.
subject to dizzy spells. I had no appe­
The whereabouts of E. B. Jennings I
are still unknown. It is reported tite, my heart seemed to flutter at times
that he has gone to Alaska. This is and beat irregularly, and dark spots
doubtful, however, as people who go seemed to float before my eyes. This
there must work, and whisky costs too continued for about six months. During
that time I was troubled with lameness
Mrs. Emma Howard, who has been in my back and pains over my kidneys.
suffering with consumption for some­ I was under a physician’s care and he
time past, died early on the morning told me that my trouble was biliousness
of the 28th. Tlie remains will be and inflammatory rheumatism. I was
buried in Jacksonville cemetery Fri­ in bed for over four weeks and did not
day afternoon.
seem to be getting any better.
“One day I saw an advertisement in
J. H. Stewart. Roberts & O’Neil,
W. S. Crowell, Horace Felton and which it was stated that a case similar
others have disposed of their stock in to mine had been cured by Dr. Williams’
the Medford bank. It is stat"d that Pink Pills for Pale People. I procured
C. C. Beekman of Jacksonville, the' some of the pills and within two weeks
pioneer hanker, has become one of the the inflammatory rheumatism, which
principal ssockholders of the institu­ had become very acute and caused me
tion, although he denies It. J. E. the most intense suffering, was entirely
Enyart and Geo. R. Lindley will re­
spectively continue to act as cashier cured.
and book-keeper, having given gener­ “You will therefore realize that I am
a flrm believer in Dr. Williams’ Pink
al satisfaction.
A Fatal Affray,
Wesley Dollarhide, about 25 years of age, and i
well known in Ashland, was shot and killed by
Deputy Sheriff Geo. Norris, March 26th. The :
shooting occurred at Klamathon, just over the
state line. In Siskiyou county, Calif. Dallar-
hide and Jack Norrie, a brother of the deputy
sheriff, were intoxicated and quarrelsome, and
engaged in a fight, in whichDollarhide stabbed
his antagonist quite seriously. Deputy Sheriff
Norris appeared on the scene and attempted
to Interfere, when he was, in turn, attacked
by Dollarhide with a knife. The deputy drew
his revolver and fired two shots, both of which
took effect. Dollarhide died instantly. Jack
Norris' wounds are serious; but it is thought
he will recover. His brother, Deputy Sheriff
Norris, left at once for Yreka, the county-seat,
and gave himself up. Dollarhide's father and
family are old-time residents of southern Ore­
gon and northern California.
A New Lodge.
W. E. Mallory, the clever organizer of the
Order of Pendo who has been in Jacksonville
for the past fortnight, for the purpose of start-1
ing a lodge of th*t popular fraternal society,
has bees entirely successful. Last Monday |
evening a majority of those who are charter ,
members met at Odd Fellows' hall and com- ;
pleted the organization. The following officers I
were chosen: Past councilor, Chas. Nickell; I
councilor, Dr. G. O. DeBar; vice councilor,
Frank Kasshafer; secretary, Mrs. Susie Neil; I
treasurer, Miss Susie Applegate: guide, Geo. i
McCune: chaplain. Mr. Powell: warden, T. C.
Norris; sentinel, Ch a 9 Sullivan; trustees,
Dr. DeBar, Chas. Nickell. L. E Stone. The *
lodge will meet twice a month. It promises to ‘
become one of tte strongest in our town, as it ,
has many excellent features.
Remarkable Cures of Rheumatism
From the Vindicator, Rutherfordton, N. C.
Tlieeditor of the Vindicator has had
occasion to test t tie efficacy of Cnam-
berldn’s Pain Balm twice with the
most remarkable results lu each case.
First, with rheumati-iu in the shoul­
der, from which he suffered excruciat­
ing pain for ten days, which was re­
lieved with two applications of the-
Pain Balm, rubbing the parts afflicted
and realizing instant beuetit aud en­
tire relief in a very short time. Sec­
ond, in rheumatism in thigh Joint, al­
most prost rati ng him witli severe pain,
which was relieved by two applica­
tions. rubbing with the liniment on
retiring at night, and getting up free
Wednesday—Benmanship, orthog­ from t>ain. Sold by City Drugstore.
raphy, reading. Thursday—Art of
questioning, theory of teaching,
Best Prescription for Chills
_____ ______
Fever is a bottle of G rove ’ s
Working Night and Day.
T asteless C hill T onic . It is simply
The busiest, and mightiest little iron ana qiiimte in a tasteless form.
thing thatever was made is Dr. King’s No cure—no nay. Brice. 50c.
New Life Bills. Every pill is a sugar-
coated globule <>f health that changes
Fine chickens for Sale.
weakness Intostrength, listlessness in­
pure-blooded White Plymouth
to energy, brain-fag into mental pow­
er. They're wonderful in building up roo-ters, young and large, can oe
tlie health. Only 25c cents per box. obtained ata reasonable figure by ap­
plying at T he T imes office soon.
Sold by City Drug Store.
The school superintendent of Jack-
si,a county will hold the regular exam­
ination of applicants tor county papers
at Jacksonville, commencing Wednes­
day, April 10th, at 9 o’clock, a . Ji.and
continuing until Friday, April 12th,
at 4 o’clock, p. m . The following pro­
gramme has been arranged:
Wednesday—Benmansbip, history,
orthography, reading. Thursday—
Written arithmetic, theory of teach­
ing, grammar, scho»l law. Friday—
Geography, mental arithmetic, physi­
ology, ciyil government.
In the Valley.
Pills. They cured me and I am so sure
that they will prove equally valuable in
other cases that I have recommended
them to a great many people.
Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale
People are an unfailing specific for such
diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial
paralysis, St. Vitus’ dance, sciatica,
neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous head­
ache, after-effects of the grip, palpitation
of the heart, pale and sallow complexions
»nd all forms of weakness either in male
or female. Sold by all dealers, or sent
direct from Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,
Schenectady, N. Y., 50 cents per box, ar
six boxes for $2.50.
I. O U. F. Lodge Will Celebrate □
Jacksonville Lodge, No. 10,1.0.0.
Dr. J Bohannon of Woodland,
Oalif.. tlie noted specialist, is at tlie F., will celebrate ttie coming anniver­
Windsor House, C street, Medford, sary ot the order, April 26, 1901.
By order of the committee.
and’will remiln until the end or
C hris . U lrich ,
Marell. Cancers, wens, cancerous
C has . B asye ,
growths. etc.,aresuccesstuliy removed
L. C. K ain .
by him. Charges reasonable.
Cream Balm.
Easy and pleasan
to use Contains u
injurious drug. m *
is ouickiy absorb«*
Gives relief at < re
It opens and vleun
ps the
nasal pas
f .ges.
Allays Infiamioation. Ih ids ..
tects the membrane
Restores the
Tas e and Smeil Large s z«-50 cents, t.i
gists or by mail; trial size. 10 cents b\ r
ELY BROTHERS 5fi Warren »r Nc* >
A F amily
The Best in Current Literature
12 C omplete N ovels Y early
$2.50 PER YEAR : 25 CTS. A COPY
For Brain Fag
Loss of mental energy, lack of thought
power, failing memory or inability to con­
centrate the mind on the work in hand,
there is nothing so good as Dr. Miles’
Nervine. Its powerful influence in build­
ing up and strengthening the broken-down
nerves, makes this great remedy an inval­
uable brain-food and restorative. It nour­
ishes, fortifies and refreshes the tired and
worn-out brain and gives new strength,
new life, and new energy to the system.
“My nerves were debilitated, and I had
much dullness, confusion of thought and
inability to perform accustomed brain
work. After severe mental effort I would
be so overcome and weak that my stomach
was greatly deranged. Hearing of Dr.
Miles’ Nervine I began taking it; and I
truly believe a good share of the nerva
energy I have since enjoyed is due to its
R ev . L. S teers ,
Douglas, Wyom.
Dr. Miles’ Nervine
Adda renewed force to the system, puts a new light in the eye, gives new firmness tr the
step and new life to the mind. Now is the time to try it.
Sold by afl drvggtsts on a guarantee.
Dr. Mifea Medical Co., Elkhart, Ind.