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_ i Pritchard, watchmaker and jeweler, Med-
| ford.
C hai . N ick all , E ditoi .
The Misses McAndrew are paying Jack-
[ son ville a short visiL
THURSDAY........ NOVEMBER I, 1894-
Mesdames Wilkinson and Orth were at
i the county-seat a few days since.
Miss Carrie Cronemiller has been in
"he TIIM hws a eirralaUos ol 25C0. ths
i town on several occasions during the past
l.rgM eujoysl by aay tiesipauer pubfiabed
twlwera Portland and Marrani!». CaliforBia.- week.
a distaaes ol 7U0 mlles. It tberefor» offerì U h *
Miss Alta Brous will leave for Des
beet iiulurrmeBts U> sdveriUen. Our lisi la
Moines, Iowa, this week, probably to re­
pn sei pali y ronflaed to JaekavB. Josephine and
K lanuti b eonauee. L'^lnsas »1 aboald t^ke
Boi» of Urla.
Mis» Etta Skeel has gone to Salem,
where she has accepted a situation in the
A nit patch to the Pall Mall Gazette |
Demorest, the well-known dentist,
yesterday afternoon from Livadia says:
The czar is dying. His left lung is so se­ is kept busy, as He does good work at
riously inflamed that all hope has been reasonable prices.
abandoned, and news of his death may be
Miss Ora Adkins has been at Portland,
expected at any moment.
being a delegate to the Stat« Baptist
church convention.
W ashincton , D. C., has a small-pox
I^stmaster Howard has so far recovered
»rare, and considerable alarm is felt over
from his indisposition as to be able to visit
the prevalence of the diseaee. More than
the county-seat.
5,000 people were vaccinated one day
M. V. Medynski left for the north one
recent*y, and the secretary of the interior
has issued an order that >11 employes of day this week, in the interest of the Re­
lining and Distilling Co.
the departments shall be vaccinated.
Mrs. G. W. Howard of Davenport,
E astern agricultural papers report that Wash., visited Dr. Adkins and family,
the depression in the sheep -business has while en route to California.
resulted in great improvement in the quality
’ Miss Genevieve Anderson is visiting
of the flocks left. The sheep have been
Red Bluff, Calif., and will continue her
culled out very much. The consumption
journey ’o San Francisco.
of wool in the United States fell from 619,-
Prof. Rigby of the Medford Business
000,000 pounds in the year ending June
has commenced a series of lec­
jo, 1893, to 474,000,000 pounds in the year
ending Juft«* 30, 1894. No further explana­ tures,to be delivered on Monday and Tues­
tion of the cause of the low price of wool day evenings of each week.
Fisher & Kaufman’s new store was
is needed. There has been a wonderful
recuperation of business in this line since opened this week and presents a neat ap­
the new tariff bill went into effect, and pearance. It is stocked with a complete
prices are better than for sometime past. and first-class assortment of goods.
Mr. Stratton, of the electric light com­
E x -P resioknt H arrison does not pay
pany, this week received a pleasant visit
the American people a high compliment
from bis father, who lives in Portland.
when he assumes that they have forgotten
He is delighted with this section.
the tacts and tells them that they became
Miss Lula Keizur, who has been residing
panic-stricken in June, 1893, at what they
themselves bad done more than seven with her sister, Mrs. J. H. Ward, and at­
months before, i. e., defeating his party ing tending our public schools for the past
(be presidential election of r892. And year, left last week for her home at Condon,
when he bases his whole argument on this Gilliam county.
uncomplimentary assumption he con fesses
Judge Webster went to Portland one
that there is but very little to be said for day this week, and will return to-morrow.
his own party or against the Democratic We hear that he is about to form a part­
party. The truth of the whole matter is nership with three prominent young law­
the depression in commerce was the result yers at the metropolis.
of a conspiracy formed by monopolists
Benj. Bissinger, traveling salesman for
and their allies to influence tariff legisla­ the Medford Distilling Co., who has re­
turned from an extended tour of California,
I n what marked contrast with President left last week for the north. He is selling
Cleveland is the action of Senator Hill in a considerable quantity of the pure liquor
the New York campaign. The latter, manufactured bv this establishment.
forced to take the nomination for governor
W. H. Parker, Esq., has opened an
against bis will, with nothing to win in office in Hamlin’s brick, but will have
honors, has taken up the fight tor the party regular days at the county-seat. He is an
at a critical moment with all his old-time adep. in the practice of probate and real
energy and skill, realizing that the late of estate law and enjoys a good practice.
the Democracy hinges in a great measure His library contains the latest legal works
on the result in the empire state this year. and he is steadily adding to it.
Meanwhile Cleveland, the supposed bead
and front of his party, sulks in his tent
Another Revolution.
and refuses to aid the organization which
The diphtheria cure of Dr. Behring, a
has made him what he is, simply because
medica] disciple of Prof. Koch, has been
Hill is too honest in his convictions to be­
exploited at the Buda Pesth medical con­
come a “cuckoo.” The President certainly
gress and indorsed by many of the dele­
owes his party much more tl an does the
gates present. Dr. Behring’s cure is
senior senator from New York; but their
called blood serum. By successive and
composition is entirely different. Cer­
increased doses the diphtheria cure is in­
tainly ingratitude, selfishness and vindic­
jected into animals and they have gradu­
tiveness have run riot in the presidential
ally acquired immunity from the malady.
1 he blood of such animals injected into
T hk organization at Portland, calling other animals has the effect of conferring
itself the “committee of one hundred,” immunity upon the latter, or healing them
has been making the American Book Cum. if suffering from diphtheria. Of this
pany the target of its attacks for sometime Dr. Behring extracted the serum and has
past. It seems that its charges are prej­ injected it into human beings with won­
udiced and not founded on fact, and are derful results. Professor Roux of Paris
inspired by its president, Thos. N. Strong, said he had applied it at the Children’s
who is the reputed attorney for a rival Hospital in many cases. He has inocu­
concern which is laboring strenuously to lated over 400 children with the serum
have its books introduced in the public and the mortality fell from 50 to 15 per
schools. To these the corporation whose cent. Aiterà few injections the malady
books are now in use makes a full and changed almost instantly to fever and
soon disappeared.
convincing reply, which will be found on
the first page of to-day’s T imes . We are
Men and Booty Captured.
opposed to a change of school books at
Dalles, Oct. 28.—Frank Klein and
this time on general principles.
American Book Co.’s are pronounced by Otis Savage were arrested Saturday night
competent judges fully as good as any for stealing $14,000 from the Pacific Ex­
published, snd it wocld be poor policy, press office in this city on the night of Oc­
besides an injustice to the public, to com­ tober 13th, and all but $200 of the amount
pel it to invest in new books when times stolen has been recovered. They have
lived here since boyhood. Savage’s father
are so hard. Let well enough alone.
was Judge O. S. Savage, who died some
S peakir C risp was given a magnifi­ time ago, and Klein is a son of the ex-city
cent reception at Nashville, one day last marshal. The former refused to divulge
week. He said: “After the 53d congress anything, but Klein weakened and in­
had convened a majority oi the members formed the officers where the money was
were of the opinion that the financial con­ concealed. This morning he conducted
dition of the country was radically wrong. the sheriff to the places where it had been
I believe that a majority of all the people buried. Under a sidewalk, a few feel
have been and will be now for the free west of the old Ccsmopolitan hotel, two
coinage of both gold and silver. The sacks of silver, one containng $1000 and
Democrats are for bimetalism. Some favor the other $500, were buried .in the loose
an international conference; some free sand; $7,500 in gold coin was buried in
coinage al the present ratio; some free the mud under a Chinese wash-house, and
coinage al a different ratio. As a result $4 ,800 in gold was buried in the alley im­
of this difference of opinion free silver mediately back of Klein’s house.
was voted down in this congress. We
Another R. K- Land List.
could not agree on any ratio. Republicans
The Roseburg Review publishes an ad-
and Populists say we are unable to settle
the question.” Speaker Crisp but voices ditional notice that the O. & C. R. R. Co.
the sentiment of the majority of the people will make final proof on certain tracts of
when he speaks for the free coinage of sil­ land in the Roseburg district, some of
ver and the adjustment of the financial which are in Jackson and Josephine coun­
problem on an American basis independ­
ties. The limit of time in which to dis­
ent of foreign ideas.
pute the claim of the company to the land
D avid E. H ill has never been defeated is sixty days from Oct. 8, 1894. Much of
for an office for which he was a candidate. the land lies in mineral districts, so that
He has run successively tor assemblyman, the company may find several contests on
mayor of Elmira, aiderman, lieutenant- its hands. Mi st of the land in this county
governor and governor twice. He has is in townships 31 south, range 3 west
MM run on anything but a Democratic and 33 to 40 south, ranges 3, 4 and 5 west
let. Under ordinary circumstances and 1 east. The description of the land is
Hill would have no trouble in disposing posted in Jacksonville at the court-house
of Bro. Platt’s puppet, Levi ?. Morton, on and postoffice, and may also be found al
November bth. With the President secret­ the T imes office by anyone wishing to ex­
ly opposed to his success, the federal amine it.
office-holders afraid to hel p him and the
S ays the last issue of Bradstreet s:
Republican tendency of the times, it will
be next to a miracle if his star of success “Nearly all the available Connellsville
does not temporarily descend. His is not coke ovens are reported in blast. The
a personal fight, however. The whole number now aggregates I5>5°°> an increase
Democratic party is directly interested in ! of about 4,500 in a month. The demand
his candidacy, for if Morton is elected > for coke indicates a heavy increase in pig
governor the prospects of the Democracy ) iron production.’’ Now, altogether Re­
carrying New York in 1896 must necessa- . publican campaign organs: “The Demo­
rily be slim; and the empire slate must be 1 cratic tariff is ruining the country.”
in the Democratic column then if Mr.
Cleveland is to have a Democratic sue- Dr. Pricey Cream Baking Powder
xwiuUed Gold AU4*1 Midwiatw Fair, Ssn Francisca
Notices for the location of placer and j
quartz mines, etc., for sale at the T imes
The placer miners are ready foi wet
weather and are rigged up to do more
work than ever.
The parties who have bonded A. Hatch s
mine in Jackson creek district are engaged
in prospecting it.
Deeds, just the thing for transferring
mining property of all kinds, at the T imes
Printing House.
E. Stevens has discovered a ledge on
Ward's creek, three miles above Woodville,
which prospects well.
The American Mining Code, standard
authority on all subjects pertaining to
mining, water-rights, etc., is kept for sale
at the T imes office
A Brilliant Reunion In New York After
It is reported that a large body of ex­
cellent ore has been discovered in the
ledge in Williams creek district owned by
Manin, Garrett & Co. of Ashland.
A piece of gold weighing $54 was brought
to Grant’s Pass last week by Ed. Sharp
from his Powell creek mine. The speci­
men was pure and shaped like a fish.
R. J. Cameron of Uniontown precinct
has bonded his real estate to Messrs. Mc­
Carthy and Bailey for $25,000. It com­
prises a large area of rich mining ground.
Messrs. Challen, Carter and Hogg came
down from Ashland on Tuesday for the
purpose of looking at the Grob mine in
Farmers’ Flat district, in which they have
considerable faith.
The company who have bonded con­
siderable mining ground on Foots creek
have struck^bed-rock, and the prospects
for good pay are excellent. They have
over 900 feet of tunnel and are still drifting.
J . M. Clemens, who is at the Donaldson-
Ficke mine on Applegate, which is now
owned by J. S. Gill and another resident
of Portland, informs us that there are four
men employed in development work there
and making excellent progress.
Joe Scott has returned to Biddle.
J. B. Gage of San Francisco, who bad M
building destroyed In the late Ore, Is here.
J. A. Jennings and his daughter, Miss
Evelyn, visaed Medford one day iaBt week.
Capt. Brows last week shipped his pet
deer to the Golden Gate park at San Fran­
Mrs. Benson, who has been visiting her
children, left last week for her Lome at San
Jose, Calif.
Josephine county is tke second to have
the assessment roll forwarded to the secre­
tary of state.
Josepbine county has 455 men subject to
military duty, according to the report of the
county clerk.
Bev. 8. B. Chastain of Williams has been
to Portland to attend the meeting of the
State Baptist convention.
The telephone and telegraph line .between
Grant’s Pass and Crescent city is completed
to within a few miles of Kerbyville.
D. A. Baughman aud family and E. A.
Philpott will leave tor southern California
soou. We thus lose two excellent painters.
A new hose-cart with 500 feet of hose wan
received for the use of the lire department
last week. The hook-uud-ladder company
Will take charge of the new apparatus.
The new city hall was accepted by the
counoil at a special meeting last week. The
last payment due the contractor has been
garnished by B. Mensch,for brick furnished.
Eddie, the 8-year-old son of Milt. Reyn­
olds of Merlin, bad his arm broken while
wrestling at school last week. The fracture
was .educed by Dr. Flanagan of Grant’s
The first meeting of Sorosis since the
organization adjourned for its summer
vacation in June was held on the 1st
hist at Sherry’s, cn Fifth avenue,
New York. The reunion was a brilliant
one, and the attendance was unusually
large, including fully 200 members and
a number of distinguished guests.
The ladies came arrayed in handsome
gowns, becoming bonnets and happy
(miles. A half hour was spent in the
exchange of rapturous greetings. Then
the members and guests gathered around
a festive board and ate a luncheon from
tables decorated with flowers.
Mrs. William Todd Helmuth pre­
tided. After roll call Mrs. Helmuth re­
quested all present who had been mem­
bers of the club for more than 20 years
to rise. Twenty-two in the audience re­
Mrs. Helmuth said that of the seven
presidents which the club has had dur­
ing its 27 years of existence six were
living and present at the meeting. These
■were Mrs. Charlotte B. Wilbur, Mrs. J.
C. Croly, Mrs. M. E. Thomas, Mrs.
Ella Dietz Clymer, Mrs. Jennie Lozier
and the present ruler, Mrs. William
Todd Helmuth. The deceased president
is Miss Alice Cary. In her brief open­
ing address Mrs. Helmuth said:
“This is woman’s century, and it be­
hooves ns so to act as to be among the
first in the onward march of progross. ”
The clnb, she said, hoped to enlarge
its sphere of usefulness during the win­
ter. There would be more mootings than
heretofore, and more topics, beneficial
and progressive, would be considered by
the club. “Considering the character
and mission of onr club,” said she, “it
is fitting that we should begin onr work
with the consideration of benefit to oth­
ers; therefore this afternoon has been
given to the discussion of philanthropy. ’ ’
In the absence of the regular chair­
man of the oommittee on philanthropy,
the Rev. Phebe A. Hanaford presented
the question.
“Sorosis is the embodiment of phi­
lanthropy, ” said she, “for there is not
one of the members but what has begun
to do good. Good will to mankind re­
quired the birth of Sorosis; philanthrop­
ic thought woke her into being.”
Any active participants in philan­
thropy, said Mrs. Hanaford, had a right
to membership in Sorosis, even though
they had never written brilliant articles,
sang songs or edited periodicals and
were not shining intellectual lights.
Mrs. Hanaford said that the question
was not the supposition that philan­
thropy was not practical, but which had
the preponderance, the theoretical or
practical side.
“Where,” said she, “is the evidence
that theory has reached practice, or that
practice has fulfilled theory? The phi­
lanthropy of the present day is incom­
plete. The goal is not yet reached. The
theory is expressed in the golden rule.
The poor man may be more philan­
thropical than the rich man. The bright
smile, the kind word, are true philan­
thropy. The philanthropy of everyday
life would be a good theme for some
one. ” I
Mig. Hanoi “d condemned the present
* " — in
education of children.
y risers, as she termed
was productive of making
ted all the forenoon of life
and sleeky all tl«r afternoon, the energy
which should have been stored to meet
the trials of later years being all dissi­
pated in their youthful days.
The present conception of philanthropy
is to help people to help themselves,
she said. Sorosis, in its love for woman­
hood, deserves to take a commanding
place in the crusade at present being
made for moral purity.
Mrs. Hanaford expressed the hope
that in the future women would have
the ballot, which meant protection and
education, was the synonym for power
and would aid materially in making
philanthropy more practical.
Others who expressed their opinions
on the question presented were Mrs.
Hoffman, Mrs. Morse, Mrs. Foote, Mrs.
Scofield, Mrs. Croly, Mrs. M. L Thomas,
Mrs. C. H. Cushing, ex-president of the
Kansas Social Science federation; Mrs.
Laura M. Palmer, Mrs. Elizabeth
Akers Allen, Miss Elizabeth B. Sheldon
and Mrs. Charlotte B. Wilbour.
Among the guests present were Miss
Helen Winslow of the Boston Press
alub, Mrs. O. H. Cushing, ex-president
of the Kansas Social Science federation;
Mrs. Moffit, president of the Phalo
club; Mme. Jaffa, Mrs. Dr. Fly, wife
of the mayor of Galveston; Mrs. Beers
of the Literary club of Galveston; Mrs.
John Wood, grandniece of W. H.
Seward; Miss Cornelia Bradford, head
of the college settlement of Jersey
City; Mrs. Sweet of London, Mrs. Hall
and Mrs. Gale.
Bains during the past fortnight hive made
the roads very soft between here and Shovel
H. T. Chitwood of Ashland and 8. K. ogle
will soon open a drugstore in Dr. Boyd’s
new building.
Silas Obenohaln has been buying hogs in
Lake oounty, and will soon drive about 30U
head to the railroad.
Capt. Thos. McCormick has commenced
to raise the machinery of the steamer May­
flower, which sank In the river some weeks
Dr. Wm. Martin, who has beeu maxing a
professional visit of some weeks in length
at Lakeview, returned to Klamath Falls a
short time since.
R. 8. Sparks of Haynesville, J. N. Kirk,
patilck of Fort Klamath and A. H. Lawrence
of Lawrence were In Bogue river valley­
The “Wonuui Novel.”
last week arter winter supplies.
Mrs. May Wright Bewail hails with
The creamery at Fort Klamath seems to
be an assured tact. $2500 were subecriDed joy the “woman novel,” by which is
last week by the citizens of that section and meant not the novel by woman, but the
$900 was secured at Klamath Falls the next novel about women, and for which Mme.
Sarah Grand aud George Moore are so
largely responsible.
Major Wori'.en, who went to the scene of
“It shows,” says Mrs. Sewall, “the
the mysterious murder near the Lake county
prominence of women in every phase of
Une, to ascertain it the murdered man was
our present living, be it real or ideal.
his friend, Major Hartwig, writes that he People and writers are thinking about
caused the body to be disinterred, but that her and recognize that something is
decom position bad set in so that it was Im­ wrong. It oan’t help but lead to a bet­
possible to identify the body.
terment of her present condition, and,
however poor the means, I am satisfied
that the end will be all right Therefore I
welcome the woman novel not for what
The following deeds have been recorded it is, but for what it represents. ’ *
in the office of the county recorder since
Mis» Clemens’ Complaint.
the last report of the T imes ;
Miss Clara Clemens is herself author­
I J Phipps to the Society ot the Sis­
ity for the statement that she is heart­
ters ot the Holy Names ot Jesus
ily tired of being known as “Mark
and Mary, a corporation; lot 1,
blk 63, Medford.............................
$40 00 Twain’s daughter.” “People don’t
want to know mo for my own sake,”
0 W Kahler, executor ot A L Reu­
she says, “but only for my father’s. It’s
ter's estate and Cfirtstina Reuter
an awful bore. Of course papa as
to Christiaa Ulrich; lots No. 2 A
3, Holman add to Jacksonville..
12 00 papa is the dearest man in the world;
but, oh, I do wish he wasn't famous!”
0 W Kahler, executor ot A L Reu­
Miss Clemens has for the past two
ter's estate aud Christina Reuter
years been a pupil at Miss Willard’s fa­
to P P Prim; lota No. 7 A 8, Hol­
man add to Jacksonville............
11 00 mous and exclusive English school in
0 W Kahler, executor ot A L Reu­
ter ' b estate and Christina Reuter
A Rare Inducement
to Thos J Kenney; lota No. 20 A
The San Francisco Examiner will give
22, Holman add to Jacksonville..
83 00
away at its next annual drawing 9000 pre­
Napoleon B Adams A Wm M
miums, aggregating in value $145,000.
Adams to Jas Owens and Calvin
Owens; undivided 2-13 interest
Each subscriber also receives a fine picture
In lot 10.26 acres in tp 36 s r 1 w
100 00 worth in the market more than the price of
W E Coni to Wm Bybee; cancella­
the paper. These are splendid induce­
ments, because the Examiner is the best
tion ot bond for deed to 5090.27
newspaper on the coast and is well worth
acres in Jackson county.
alone the $1.50 a year that it costs. If
Rachel Fuller to Eliza J Phillips; 6
you subscribe now you can get the T imes
acres in Ashland on Boulevard A
and Weekly Examiner one year each for
Mountain Ave............................... 3500 00 only $3.50. This clubbing rate entitles
the subscriber to a ticket in the drawing
$3746 00 * and all other special privileges.
The Disagreeable Experience of a Man
Who Tried to Sleep.
the Summer Vacation.
“Ever sleeg under an electric fan?”
said a citizen to a newspaper man.
“No? Well, I tried it one summer
night, and the next morning I had it
taken out of my house. I heard it was
a great thing on hot nights, and as I
could not sleep very well I bad one put
in my bedroom. You see, it was all
very well at the start. The cool breeze
was delicious. I had left the window
open, and the arms of the fan seemed
to catch a barrel of fresh air at each
revolution. I felt splendidly, for 1 had
been very hot before, and I tickled my­
self at the prospect of a good, sound
sleep. But the whir, whir, humming
noise of the fan seemed to attract my
attention persistently. I tried to count1
the arms of the fan and then turned
out the light. Then the noise seemed to
increase. It was zoo-zoo-zoo all the
time, and I could not sleep. I actually
got hot thinking about that fan. It was
zoo-zoo for hours, changing irregularly
to whir, whir, whir, until at last I
was almost crazy. I don’t know how it
happened, but I must have dropped off
to sleep, for I had a dreiffn. I thought
that I had climbed about a big wind
mill and had become fastened to the end
of one of the arms. It was blowing a
gale, and the arms of the windmill were
flying around at a terrific rate.
“As I went through the air the wind
seemed to cut me like a knifa It buzzed
in my ears and ran through my hair like
a tornado through a forest Finally, as
I dreamed, I became unfastened from
the arm of the windmill, and the mo­
mentum I had received threw me far
out into spaca I dropped and dropped
and droppod. I tell you I was scared. I
guess I gripped the pillow so tightly
that it woke me up, for I did awaken
just about the time I was about to drop
around the earth again. I had the pil­
low hugged and pinched, and was per­
spiring like a colored laborer in a har­
vest field. I raised on my side and cursed
that fan like an insane man, calling on
it to stop. Then I arose and shut off the
electricity. The thing died out with a
moan, and I dropped off to sleep in a
minute. This was about 3 a. m. No,
sir. Don’t give me any more eleotrio
fans to sleep under. It is as much as I
can do to sleep without them. ”—Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
Try Dr. J. H. McLEAN’S
Aii who 1-se it say it is
The Peerless Remedy for cur .ng all ailments
The Dr. J. H. McLean Medicine Co., st. Louis. Mo.
are lost
directly and indirectly, by people who cannot do their own figuring, write their own
letters, or keep their own books; and who do not knuw wkm basinessand legal papers
which they
handle every day are made out correctly.
All thete things, and
much more, we teach thorou^/ily.
Hundreds of our graduates are in good positions, and there will be openings for
hundreds more wheu times improve. A’ow Is the time to prepare for them. Besides, a
business education is worth all it costs,/or one « own use. Send for our catalogue to
learn what and how we teach. Mailed free tc any address.
Portland Business College,
P. Armstrong, Prln.
Portland, Oregon,
Are now being Received
------ AT-------
J acksonville
BhaT Full Particulars Next Issue. “7^3
powerin Generative Organ« of either sexcautied
nets.all drains and
ulants, which lead to Infirmity, Consumption or insanity. Can 0« carried in
■rive u written guarantee to cure or refund the money. Sold b» all
------------ -
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HMISZSU U-.MUMI. in plain »nipper. Andrew »KM VRMEEU Co.TMa»oui<JTeu1uVciu<?2<ii
k*>raule >n J*cluuuville,ore.,by J. W. KOBINBON’B CITY DKL'U 8TUKE.
EDLUND—ABBOTT—On Wagner creek, Oct.
28, 1894, by Rev. E. K. Thompson, Augustus
E'lluud and Miss Emma Abbott.
ANDKK8ON—MCMILLAN—111 laikevlew. Oct.
17. 1894, Ross AndeiBon and M ibb Kate Mc­
COLLAHAN—LOGUE—In Dairy Drecinct-
Klamath county, Oct. 25.1894,J. H.Collalian.
Jr., sud Miss Della Logue.
O en and Day Pupil« in S<po int. 1 3.1894.
31,1894, by Rev. David Brower, Daniel Whet­
The course of study In this institution n
stone and Mis« Florence J. Dowell
thorough, embracing all the branch.-«
Ing to a first-class education. Laricnugi«,
drawing and vocai lessons in clans being
included lnthc English course, form noenra
Young ladies w Shing to follow the higher
course or musical course ar<* .ithu-Oed
DATTELBAUM—in Ssn Francisco, Oct. 14, art
1894, to Mr. and Mrs. M. Datlelbauiu. a son. special facilities in each.
The usual modlUeatiun'« made when more
HARVISON—At Talent, Oct 23, IHM, to Mr. than one of the same f amily attend I he Acad-
etny at the same time,
and Mrs. Haryison, a daughter.
There will also be attached to Hie A<-ad< tny
HA KKRLL ln Sam’s valley, Oct. 23. 18M, to a day M-hool for boys in a separate l.iiilutng,
Mr. aud Mrs. T. A. Harrell, a daughter.
Jacksonville is conceded to be 1 ,u- most
healthy place in Soutnern Or< gon and easy ol
MOORE—At Keno, Oct. 21, 1894, to Mr. and of
access. Rogue River Valley Railway Co.'»
Mrs. J. B. Moore, a son.
trains rut* within a block of the Convent.
partt-niiarn aildrcsa the
TYRRELL—In Chimney Rock precinct, Oct.
17. 1894. to Mr. and Mrs. .1. H. Tyrrell, a
JackS'.nville, Or.
In the Circuit Court ol the Sta te of Oregon,
tor the County of Jackson.
William Bybee, Plaintiff,
■) Suit In
Ebenezet K.Hull and all unknown the re-ex­
heirs oi the said Ebenezer E. 1 ocut ion of
Ball, aud any and all unknown f a de. d of
persons claiming bv or through convey­
said Et>enezer E. Ball or said I ance.
heirs, defendants.
To Eiienezer E. Ball and all unknown heirs
of the said Ebenczer E. Bail, and any and all
U.mD«J,.wn F®r*ons ciai
ml ng by
or through
11 *
E lys C atarrh
cream balm !
Lillian, (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L.
Walter; aged 4 months and 1 day.
is quickly absorbed.®
Cleanses the
CARL-At Talent, Oct. 20,1894, Infant son of
Nasal passages, ®
Mr. aud Mrs. Carl.
Allays Pain and B
GAN1ARD—In Ashland, Oct. 30, 1894, Judson
lntlammation. B
Gaillard ; aged 41 years.
I you art hereby required to appear and an­
swer the complaint of the above Plaintiff in
now on file with the
clerk of said court, within ten days from the
vm.e ?rf ,ht 8A’rv,ce, or HRs summons upon
iVr* in jBC*“on county, Oregon;
,ervo<i ln 8ny other county in the state
.‘m.?rerriin’11,00 within twenty days from the
dat e of the service of this summons upon vou-
or f seryid on you out st the State of Oregon
or by publication, then by the first day urine
t’“w f*ti^M if December torm of said court,
t..»-wit. the 3d day of December, 1894: and you
are hereby notified that 11 j ou fall to "pp. ar
“?e P?anlHff‘¿<?l??I"v,!l8,,,!.88 hereby «-«fuGed
r!•‘ButifT wi 11 take a decree agaluat you
¡^-execution of a deed of ctrnveyanoe
u nf’iSA'-I1<’*lntf,d‘*erli>e<l land, to-wlt: SW
54 of section 4 and .,U of SEUand SEW of SE
towiiBhm'iB1 i “'.‘u
or^WHof section 9,
ri8nte 1 ®8"’ containing
acres oi land in Jackson county. Oreiroir
or that on a luilure to re-execute said deed of
conveyance said decree cf the court to bi
^kenand held in lieu thereof
Dumber, lW4d CCUr‘’ ,”Mde °n “** l*h d8>' ot
P. P. PRIM it SON,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Heals the ■
Is that misery experienced when
suddenly made aware that you
possess a diabolical arrangement
called stomach. No two dyspep­
tics have the same predominant
symptoms, but whatever form
dyspepsia taxes
The underlying cause is
in the LIVER,
and one thing is certain no one
will remain a dyspeptic who will
It will correct
Acidity of the
Expel foul gases.
rrj -f JI ■
Protects nienibrancB
from cold.
Restores the
Senses of Taste IS
and Smell.
Mocey saved is money made ! ! !
^ii’inciiATNT T ailor :
will make you a Fine Sult of Clol lie» in
the Latest Sty
A. N. 8OL198
NoUry Public,
Real-estate. Financial. Insurance Agents
and Investment Brokers General Convey-
ancera and 8.*archera of Records. Titles to
land examined MONEY loaned on bett
eurity at best rates. Real-estate bought and
sold on comnussion. Special attention <1..
voted to eidlectlons and remltunera protnpu
ly made. Moderate rates. Immediate aeriih
Uons tK
Pr°mpl retUrn8'
at the same
mercantile collec­
tions ana matters in probate given specu^
attention and economical management guar­
anteed. Correspondence solicited.
*For more than three years I suffered with
Dyspepsia in its worst form. I tried several
doctors, tut they s Jorded no relief. At last I tried
S muons Liver Regulator, which cured me in a
short time. It is a good medicine. I would not
be without it.”—J ambs A. R oamb , Philad'a, Pa.
“As a general family remedy fur Dyspepsia.
Torpid Liver, Constipation, etc., I hardly ever
U’.e anything else, and have never been disap­
pointed in the effect produced; it seems to be
aimobt a perfect cure for ali diseases of the Stomad*
aud bowek.
W. J. M c E lbgy , Macon. Ga
A particle is applied ___
_ ..«•<«.,
into ___
nostril «nu
is agreeable. Price 50 cents at Drugirista- bv
mail, registered, B0 eta.
’ y
ELY BROTH EKS. 56 Warren St., New York
Allay Irritation,
Assist Digestion
Mwt the Liver working and
all bodily ailments
will disappear.
Weico, Secretary.
Fall and Winter Goods
W alter — In Portland, Oct. 25.1894. Winifred
j. *.
: new :
Hollow Platons.
The fact, though an infrequent one,
that hollow pistons, on being heated for
removal from the rod, have unexpected­
ly exploded has been the subject of spe­
cial investigation in France, the fact
appearing that during the last 20 years
five explosions have occurred in French
workshops in the reheating of these
hollow cast iron pistons. It appears
from the statement made in this connec­
tion that, on examining into the interior
of a piston which had been in use some
11 years, there was exhibited a brown
substance which contained fatty matter
—oxide of iron, peroxide of iron and
carbon—and this.being the case it was
supposed that a certain quantity of wa­
ter had been forced into the cavity in
service, either through the iron or
through some imperfection in the plugs
with which the original core sup]>ort
cavities were tilled. The water, in
forming oxide of iron, set freo its hy­
drogen, which tilled the piston cavity,
and as the recombination of this hydro­
gen with the oxygen at a low, red heat
would have the effect of producing an
explosion of the character in question
the suggestion is put forth by the ex­
perts having this examination in charge
that such a result may be prevented by
tapping before reheated.—New York
* Graau.1 conran.
«nd bust wller on
* rS2lden'»
« «)• to all tL>
anywhere, any diHance. Complete, ready for
C’-t “f °y «»y «he,
?° 'wirina. 1«M • lite
Ul P
A money miker. Write
W.P. Harrison 4 Cft., Clerk |0, CtMumbut. a
imc «
V? hlBi 8 0811
Lavine your rail«
rilered elsewhere. Satisfaction GuaraiiKsxi.
Bront Street, Medford, Or*.?
Nurcessor. to
wl,h »» »utliorfRed capi 1*1
<>•$.>,009, fi.r thè purpoae of carrylnxon*
General Uankinx Business In all ita branche«
In Jacksonville. Orew n. Office at thè oM
stand of Reekmnn's Uanklnx House, N.W.cor-
tiLT California and Thlrd Street.
on H eir PhBalrlvM*
i S a SCI r Ki EH‘4t the N« wAjjaper AJFci
Mr W* S Vi Ä A SO** ovr