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OCTOBER 30, I'.-l.
Tho Teacher«' Ass»»elation for Jackson
county «*onv«*iH-d at th • public school build­
ing at M»*df-«rd, and uft» r an inf*-rma! gr»-«-t-
Ing to the teacher« by Supt. Pri« «*, j r- >id»*nt
of the association, ¡>roce«*de»l to th»* t*l«-»*tion
of officers tor the «-u-uing y« ar. l’rof. N. L.
Narr* gan «-f th- M«*df»Td H.-h<»<-i was unani­
mously tb»’-en president, ami Mi-- Elva
Galloway, teacher in one of th»- depart­
ment* of th«* same sch-»«»l, was ehosvu >-n -
tary. Gun. N«-wbury w.i* eh*»-t«*d to th«- po­
sition °f tr»*aHur«-r. Mi—Hatti»* Newbury,
May ini*'»n, Della Pick«*!, Clara Frink ami
Prof. Freeman were chosen as vjee-preai-
A ¡»r"gramme had been prepared by Prof.
P. A. Getz, chairmau of th«* eomiuitt»-«*, ..nd
aft«*r th«» election'»f «»fficers the ass»H*iation
pro«..... led t > carrying out its provisions.
Mis* May Gilson, princiiml of th«* Central
Point schools, preiM ute«I tho subj« ct of pri­
mary Geography ' m a Well written ¡»aper,
beside* answering the many qu«—ti->n- put t»»
her in a manner -ugg.-stive «•( th«* thorough
control which »he has of that branch of
school w« rk.
Miss Hatti»* Newbury »»f Jacksonville out­
lined and discussed th»* map draaiug divi­
sion of th»* subj«-et '»f ge'gr.q»h>, pr<—*ut»ng
the various methods employ.-<i and «•mpha-
siziug th«* "lie m »st practical for - a •■»! pur-
Miss Clara B. Frink f A-hlan-l »-ut»*rtain«*d
tbe a-nsociatiou with “Gcgraphi al >"ngs,
aud »-xplaim *1 th- mauner in which th«*.-«*
sougs van b«* practically lusiuuat» «1 in geo­
graphical W«Tk.
Am»th»*r luip'-rtant -ut»«l*.\i-i 'U «d ggra-
phy, **8und M ' leiing, ’ was consid« i» d by
Miss A. Janet l'.»b«*s, presenting h» r -ubj«-«*t
in a well-written pap« r, t»» -id- - giving | Me­
tical instru«_*tious t" th« tea<-h-r- illusttativ
of the meth«sls employe«! by h- c.
The finale wus by l‘r«'f. N. I. Narregau in
his practical *ugg«"U m- and work upon
structural g«*ograpby.
The m«*th«»d- employ cd in t.-a-hing th.
subject of geography w«*rc thiu» «h.—u--< d m
all of its pha-»»-s, and With the > igg.-ti«»n.-
to Teachers’ mad-* by Supt. Prie - «Uid the
installation «»f officers, th«* a-*»" ’lati-ui ad­
journed, all agr«*«*iug tiuit om- "f tin* m«»*t
entertaining, pleasant am! pr«*!itabb lll»*»’t-
Ings of the Ja«*ksou County Teach« r- Asso-
elation had ¡«vsse<l.
Tue next meeting of th«* as- iati -u will
be held at Jac ksonville on De. « iuls*r 1 Alii,
and Mi-sc« Mary Theiss, Hatti- Newnury
and Clara Fink were appoint« d a c»'Uiiniitve
to pre ¡»are a ¡»rogramm«.
Buy a W’hite.
R«*ad th«* new advertisements.
Oregon’s Advertising Car.
The car known ns “Oregon on Wh .-is” is
n »w on ••xliibitb'U at l’-TtUn«! and will *• - n
be started on its tour of the «*a-t. It ha*
been han ls<»m«*Iy ¡»ut in shape and i- tilled
with the best specimens "f the van- «1 indu*-
trirs and resources .d .air -tat.* that v«»uld
be obtain«*«! on short notic»*. The cui will
be ou the r»Md several mouths and will n.-
doubt du a great deal toward attracting tin-
atU nlK'D of those who wish to seek homes m
the great west. As usual. s»»uthrru Oregon
is ¡»«xirly r»*pt» -uuted, f«*w if any outside of
the R. K. V. 11. Co. having tak«*n enough
interest to see that the unlimited re*«»ure.**
an«! grami possibilities <>f this »ection were
properly set forth. l’»*r«»ou.s visiting th" cur
while it remains in P«»itlan-1 will have an op­
portunity to contribute t«» the fund f«»r d»*-
xraying its expenses, and will bear in n.ind
that th«* larger th»* fund the !<»ng»*r th»? car
will t»e kept «.ut. All uhn see it will <*"nsid»*r
it so ereditable to the stat»* that they will
deem it desiraok* that it slmuid be kept on
th«* road as long a* possible. Maj<»r L. A.
Weed, manager, B. \V. Johnson, *uj .*rint«*n-
dent of th«* exhibit, an«! J. H . \\«u«ii» r. • ngi-
n«*vr ami ••l«»ctriciah, will b«* in atundauev to
show visitors through the cur.
Hurley on the Rampage.
Th«* Woodburn Imi«*p« mb ut says a
giving th«* name - ( l’rof. I . (i. litu l. V,
claims r»*Bideii- •• ut Talent, Jackson
and lecturing - u phr.i >l«»g\. ‘T*
punied by his wife, who g ive <i ¡»rivutc 1«*»*-
ture to w>-luen, at th -am»* time allowing
littl»* girls iu the room. Her le. tur»* whs » ob-
vi«'us|y anything but moral, an«l was f r • the
purpose of selling r«*« tpes («» b.* used for
divers purpose.*, at $15 ».uh. T-- -ay the
least, she *houi«l have b«*»'U j uni*L- - I for
talking a* she «InI before y»ung girl-. Jll*t
how much th»* profess, r know* about phre­
nology is uut ku >wu; but judging from his
language It is ¡»lain that h«* thoroughly un­
derstands the use of slang, and by hi.- l«»ul
insinuations cou\»*y* anything but pur.
th‘»ugbt*. ’ If th«**. ulb‘gali«»u* -»[ th- In
d»?pendviit ar«* true, the .**tiz. n* of any pi.».*.
wh»»re su«*h “i«*.*tur» * ar»* giv.-u oa it to
themselves an»i not t«> n«'ighb. ring «
towns t.» " hu —* th»* arrest of th. se p. -pie.
The Best the Cht apust.
Th»* ¡>.*«>j.b'<*f th- • a-t.-rn e.-untie* f th»
first judi'-ial di-tri.-t ar»« air«*a«ly casting
alwHit for'lat«'* f.*r eir.-uit ju-lg«* and
se»*m thoroughly » -»uvin<••.•»! that th.* t».-n-*h i-
not the pla-*«* t<» e»lu* at«- lawy.-r- at th»- pub­
lic exp«'n*«*, h -w»-v"i th« r »ugh th" ♦•«i*i<*ati.-n
thus obtain»*.! may !-•. Th»* Lak«*vi»*w 1.x-
amiurr and Khimath Slur have v-»i<*.-d this
sentiment in some \.-ry p»-rtm»*ut at.-i timely
editorial comment* in r«*»*»*ut i-*u»--. Truly
this district cannot atT'-rd any * -aiari» d g----
llngs,” as Pet» r t»-rm* them, t-» pr»*-nle <-\.-i
our circuit court. Th»* salary, *3 jhmi p,.|
year, should «•»•rtaitily *omm.nid g I .- gal
talent. Th»* IsMt that can it* had -n mid i-»-
the rule when it e.-in» * to th" b«-m*h, ami
this p»»!i«*y i* always th»* trm st • i.- n.y t r
th" ¡»«»epi»' in th«* l»»ng run.
ret < v. ry thing
cheap but tu • nt ; tal"Ut will ».••■¡nm.iud it*
pric *.” says th" "bl saw, an»l tru» r w rd*
were never spok-rn.
Au Important Meeting.
Next M n»lay i- th»* »lat»* -»*t for th" call" !
meeting ■ f th- *t«>»*kh"Mer* of th»' Ja *k*on
County Ag.i»*ultural A*-»eiati->n. ami th»*
town hall at Jii"ks»-nvill.- is the ¡»la-.*»»
object i* t<» im*r» a-»* th»* <*apital -t«»«*k ■ -f the
as--ci.iti'-n t■■ a figur»* that will »-nabh* s«»m»*
of "ur public -pint» ! » itiZ'-n* to ^ul—» rib«'
f'»r »'ii.High t«» pay "ff th • lm!»»bt»*«!li"*s hatig-
Ing "V i th»-fair ground- ami put th" a*-"-
ciatn n in comiition to hold a fair of its own,
should »»«•'•asi«»n require, or t<> mak»* ¡»♦•rma-
n»*nt arr.»i;g'*m» ut* with th»? district t>oar«l
for holding Its annual meeting* th»?r<* during
a serie* »‘f years. The scheme i- highly coui-
m»*ndahle ami w»* trust th»* sto-*khold»*is will
tak" th»* proper view •-f th»* matt.*r; al-o that
ther»* will be no trouble about »ii*p"*ing of
the m evssary amount of extra stock t»> ac
cumpllsh the desired result.
Another Stage Robber.
re dding. Cal . Oct. 23.—Th- r«* wa.*» an-
oth.*r stag" r-ibbery la*t night ut about 7
u <*l«M*k, making thr.K-thi* w»*«*k. Th«* K- (I-
ding an«! Altura* -tag«* was h»*ld up thi*
»id«* »if L»*ight<>ii, *ix mil'-* fr *m Redding.
Ale«* Smith wh * tin* driv. r. Th»? robber* are
pretium«»»! tu I m * the situ»* m«:n who Lel«l up
the stag«? Monday night. Th» y w» r«* mask­
ed and arme«! with a shotgun and pistol*.
Welk. Fargo A (’•>.’* k-x ami th«* mail w» n*
robbe«!. About $200 whs tak-n fr»»m th-
box. The mail also was rich picking. A
la«!y ¡>a.*s»'ng»*r wa* h»*l«l up and i»a«ily
Th« driv«*r was r«»bb« »l f
Offi'H'r* were on th»* grouml early this morn­
ing ami In hot pursuit. Th«* men air *-t' »l
ter robbing th»* Redding ami W«*av«*rvill»-
•tage M« nday night are, no doubt, th-
right men.
Jackson County’s Assessment.
Below appear* a summary of tin* a**«*-*-
ra«*nt roll <»f Ja»*k*«>n «*ounty, as r«pializ»*«l by
th»* b»»ard ami return»*! by th«« a--*.—«-r.
The county ckrk will pr"»*«**-«l imm« »‘.lately
ami mak»* a copy of th»* r-»ll (•» til«* with th»*
serr»?tary «*f»*. A»*re* of land. <"2.'•23.
valu»* $2.001,702; t«»wn lot*. $31 »,12’3 in
provem»*nts, $694 l»»5 ; in»'r»dian«!l*«* and im-
¡•l»*iii«*nts, $|01.3»'»7 ; monev. n»»<»**. .»«•• -«»unt*.
etc.. $739.403, h >u*«*h--id furnitur»*. *1 o |.7'. m >,
hor**** an«l mules 4929, $1(»5 272. «*attl'
5<;*. $1:1'» 1)22 . sh»*»'p (»956. $8394 ; *win»-
$13,1*7 . gr»-*\ahl". >5.21»».C»31 : ••x-uq-li I;
$2*('».278; Indebted!«»***, $l,"30 ♦»"»2 ; total
taxabk ¡»ropertv. $3,*99,701 Th»* number
of |M»lls i* 1(»J9.'
Sur»* cur«*—Preston's “Hed-Ake."
Go to the Medford Nursery for apple
Drink Cor««nado Water and you will be
Now is th«* time to call at the T imes office
aud settle.
Ev. ryl»<»«ly is
White is King.
now convinced that the
David Dunlap of Big Butte made us a call
on Tuesday.
M» n - ovt rcoats f«»r the winter at Reames
A Whib ’s.
Di«i y»-u
those fruit trees at the Med­
ford Nursery?
P'-rry F* st.-r and Jas. Donegan of B«?agle
w«*rc h-r«* this week.
Do y«'U wish to sell real-estate?
vertís«« in the T imes .
C«»uuty court meets next week.
A Successful Meeting.
Mrs. J. N. Thomas of Eagle Point now oc­
“We know from cxperi»*nr»' in the use ot
cupies the I)r. Rivers property at the Butte
that it will
Chamberlain’s ('«»ugU Remedy
creek metropolis, and will reside in town ' prevent croup,” say Messrs, (lad berry A
during the winter.
I Worley, Per«'y, Iowa. They also add that
R.-medy has given great satisfaction in
If you want the best «ewing-machin«» in ; • th«*
that vicinity, and that they believe it to be
th»» world, g»*t the un«'«|ua!»'d White. Bohl at th«* b»*st in the market for throat and lung
a discount for cash or at a reasonable rat«* diseases. Fol ide by I)r. J. Hinkle, Central
on the installment plau.
Point, uud G. II. Haskins, M»*dford.
A. W. Charlton of Lake county last week
Virgil Howard was taken to Portland last
procured from Senator Stanford’s ranch in | w»*»*k by Deputy Marshal Carll of Lak»? coun­
California two of the finest Holstein calves ty, to answer in the U. 8. district court to a
ever brought to Oregou.
charg»* of passing counterfeit money. His
Bunt. Price elsewher«> gives notic«* that the arrest was the foumlation forth« sensational
regular quarterly examination of applicants story that circulated through last w«*ek’s
for teachers’ certificates will begin on pa|»ors, to th»* effect that a nest of counter­
feiters and cattle-thieves had been ux-
Wednesday, Nov. 11th.
»•arthcl in that section by Mr. Carlland Tom
Th»' whooping cough spares no one this Miles.
year. Even Mrs. M«*<’ully, th»? well-known
Although ther»> has boon no frost worth
¡•ione«*r, has been enjoying it, ah »ng with
speaking of, vet th»» tr»*«*s about t»»wn have
iittle George Merritt.
I m *»* u putting on their autumn lines with
Mrs. W. M. Mathes of Eden precinct has great rapidity of late, and already many ex­
lately been gathering ripe -trawb»>rri€*s of cel in the ser»* ami yellow l«*nf ami the side­
au excellent quality, and in quantities suf­ walks ar»* covered with foliage. In the gar­
ficient fur table use.
dens there are sitll many roses, geraniums,
J. B. Faith aud Henry Rasmussen started fu«*bius.ei«*. C’bry*anthemums have begun to
for Klamath county Wednesday with two bloom ami promise well. They are later than
wag<<nl«»ads of prodime, for which they will usual.
no doubt find a r«*ady sale.
The larg»* cror> of fruit in th«* oast this
The »*arly rains ami warm w«*athor have seas<?n not only shut off a niark«*t f«»r fresh
given th«* grass an oxc'llent growth. This fruit fr-’in this e»'»ast, but has also »*aused a
with a g<»«»«l hay «*r.»i» will carry stock through light demand for the dried kindss. California
dri»-»l prunes are finding a limited market at
the winter with little loss.
5 to 5* ' «»«'iits free on board. Or»*gon .gitiw-
Next Monday Lakeview will hold her reg­ ers could probably dispose of their surplus
ular election for t«»wn officers, including at tiles«? ¡»rices without trouble, but they are
mayor, four eouucilmen, recorder, marshal, not likely to d<» so, as they consider their
treasurer and city attorney.
¡»runes w«»rlh more than those of California.
If so ad­
Th» G< I l Hill debating society has re­
organized for the winter.
s ib,-.‘i lptions t«» the weekly “Examiner”
tak» ii at th«* T imes office.
.!< -*<■ Russdl of Gall’s creek is reported
•Illite ill with lung trouble.
\ l-'t of first-«*lass shingles have been re-
• *ive»l at the T imes office.
John Lewis and wife of Eagle point have
p.-rry Br«»*. of Sam's valley made JacKsnn- been- entertainiug their daughter, Mrs.
W«io<l, ami her f.unily from the Willamette
.» visit during the ween.
valley during the past week.
( I*. Park» r of G«»l»l Hill spent a few hours
Mr. Pollard of Woodvill«* is engaged in
in J.i'-ksonville on Monday.
thoroughly renovating the Rogue River
W. Elliott has resigned his position as House at that place since h«? purchased it,
< - n-table of Montague precinct.
and will run a first-class hotel.
A - <*iul dance will be given at Eagle Point
ii the eve of Thanksgivlug »lay.
Ch gg of Chimney R ock precinct
■ a « r-* in Ju<*x-«»uville on Monday,
»1 i *ken p«»x is making tho youthful heart
- i-i in th'* vicinity »»f Eagle Point.
All uiiM-rwbl»» suff»*r«*rs with dyspepsia are
«•nr» «! by Simmons Liver Regulator.
I' ir -t-«-la-* »*• «lar fen»*«* posts for sale tn
pi iiititi» - i" suit at the T imes office.
I iiii.k Oliver «>f Butte creek. Cal., was at
Yr« ka last Saturday on land business.
Pay th«* printer, as li«* needs what is com-
ing t«» him. H»* has waited patiently.
H. B. I:.... I pa-sod through the valley last
k In m Bai Francisco, going north.’
M s. \V< -1 .iii-l wife of Little Butte pre-
••in i w«*r«* ab tile county-Heat yesterday.
Fact- -peak louder than words. Sim-
m->as Liver Regulator will always cure.
ol«l papers, in quantities to suit, for sale
at th.' 1 imls offiee. 50 cents a hundred.
I. F. Christian - f this place is engaged in
lasing i'li--k iu the new city hall ot Ashland.
W »tch-»*le.ining Í1, und warranted by D.
T. Prib hard, watchmaker and jeweler, Med-
I rd.
Thanx-giving i* th»* eveut on the list after
Hallowe en. It will fall on Thursday, tho
N«»w an«! nobby hat* and cholc«» neckwear
f th«- lat-**t styles just In at Reamo» A
R. I. Came! n ...............
is delivering
. ...e a
A large amount
of fruit and
to Jacksonville pa-
Miss Kat«* M -Donald has been visiting
her ¡»areuts near Brownsboro during the
past week.
N'"b r» ' **ipts, »Iu,'-hills, drafts, etc., in
’.... k f<»rm, handy uud tlrst-eluss, at the
T imes offi«*e.
pen •* Bi •*. of Trail « t » • k precinct Lav«*
G n fmni.-hiiig this marxut with excellent
Buy n • other sewing-machine than the
Whit. . It ¡ ¡»-is everywhere. Every machine
is guaranteed.
Th»* little «laughter of J. H. Williams of
G--1-1 Hill, who h«u> been quite ill, is reported
is recovering.
A m*w -t'-ek of gents’ tine imported all-
w - ’ und< rw- .»r, tb<* best in town, at Reames
A Whit»* * store.
G. F I’» un» bak* r and wife of Talent will
th«- V'-h g*» b> California to spend the
winter months.
I» n-'t ueak. n th«» stomach with strong
■ I • n;. al*. Simmons Liver Regulator is
mibi but «-ffectivv.
A larg< a*- rtmeiit of nu n’s ami b«>ys’ fine
l r.-n- h calf *h"»_* has just been received at
li am»'* A White's.
Threshing b 'V«r for this season in Jack-
s m ...... ..
utnl the yield has been good
n-'arly « verywhere.
Wi v don’t you call ami see the printer
b< f -c. th.- winter - -a*»>n sets in? He needs
a hat is c« .ming to him.
W’li.-nth. -vorluml express changes time
th- 1; K. V. li R. train will leave Jacxson-
viil**ab«»ut 1 o’clo-.K P. M.
Wm. Cushman, wh«» has been in Linn
«•»»unty f-»r * nietime, returned to Trail
"re.-K a short time since.
Th - R. R. V R. R. track is being well
i - h i-’.-d and will b»* in first-class condition
for the winter’s business.
Lakeview's city council last week dis-
cover»*»! a sbortag«* in th«? accounts <»f the
city treasurer, 11. M. Barnes, amounting, it
is all»*g. «i, to th»* sum of $1,000. Th«* office
was declar«*<l vacant, and it was ordered that
pr«»c»?»*dings l»e instituted against his bonds­
men to recover th»* umouut of the shoring«».
'Tin* grand jury als»» indicted Barn»*s ami lie
is on trial. 11»* formerly resided at Yreka,
Geo. Clements, who had th»? contract for and om*»* sold a lot of pictures here.
building the county bridge a»*ross Rogue
In the upper Bear creek valley the black
river, has finished it. Judge Neil and Chris. wotnipeekers have made a big haul this
Ulrich went up this wees to receive it.
season.gobbling th»* whole ?rop of aoorns for
The largest and best stock of de« ds, storage in ¡»in»*-tree bark, beating the hogs
mortgages and all kinds of real-estate and out of most of their anticipated supply of
legal blanks south of Salem is k»q»t at the mast and causing considerable indignation
among farmers. The bird has no ¡»lac«* in
T imes office and sold at Portland rutvs.
the economy of nature, further than illus­
Riley Ham merely, late of Lake «jouuty, has trating th«* virtue of providing f«>r a rainy
engaged in the blacksmithing business ut day by storing away all that it cannot cat
Ph«rnix. He is an excellent mechanic and in the season of fruits.
will no doubt bull«! up a g.»«»d business.
H. P. Mint«», chief of police of th«* state
N. Kingdl, deputy internal revenue collec­ capital, was at Ash laud last week, for th»»
tor, has received a H im », larg»» map from l»urpo*c of placing under arrest and taking
headquarters ut Washington, which will buck to s,il«*m a colored waiter at the Oregon
prove of much convenience to his frivmis. hotel, who was want« d there on a charge of
A ui»*»* and new assortment of ladies’ ami assault with intent to kill. His nam<* was
gents’ rubber «»v«*rsh'ies atni sandals, as w»*lT Jerry Hazelwood, and, though but a boy iu
as a compl»*te stock of gum boots, have years, he has the reputation »>f being a bad
been placed <»n Beanies A White's shelves man from away buck, having served two
y.-ars in state’s prison already for some prior
this we«*k.
infraction of the criminal code.
Henry L. Pegg of Flounce R«?ek precinct
A sur«» cure for the whisky habit: Dr.
has been grant.*«! a p»*nsion of $12 a month,
with nearly $1500 back pay. He intend* Livingstone's Antidote for Drunkenness will
any cas»» of the liquor habit in from
making a visit to his old home in Ohio
t»*n t-» thirty days, from th»* imaleriite drink­
er to th»* drunkard. Th«* Antidote can !»<-
There is no stock of gent's furnishing giv.'ii in a cup of eoff»*c without the knowl-
good* in southern Oregon equals that • lg«* of tin* p«'r*»'n taking it. The Antnlotv
m>w being display«*»! at the S. F. Vari»*tv will m»t injur«* th»* li«*alth in any way.
St»vre. Everything is new, stylish am! ele- Manufii' tiired by th«* Livingston Chemical
Co., Ban Jose, California. Bold by E. C.
Stockmen east of th»* mountains report Brook*. Jacksonville; Miller A Btrang, M»*«i
cattle and sheep in b»*tt«*r uomHtlon this s »a- for i, Oregon.
s»»u than for many years past. Sales of beef
The mark»'t f«»r good wint»*r apples is dull
eattlo will be large ami good ¡»ricesdoubtless this year, ami there ar«» almost no buyers in
the valley at ¡-r»*s«*nt, though it is thought a
Shorty Hayes, th»* stag,* robtn*r who gain- prini»* artiel»» will c.ominam! a good price in a
♦•<1 cnsi'l -rub’" notoriety in northern Cal­ m«»nth or two from this date. The crop was
ifornia by robbing the Yreka-Redding and good everywhere, east as well, as west, and
other stages, in 1874, has been released from the gra»iual »¡»read of th«* c»Mllin moth is
making dealers very chary «»f handling th»»
the penitentiary.
fruit at all such a season, when th» ir pur-
L. Swan’s fin,* trotting horses Aute-Echo cha*»‘S are likely to remain on their hands,
ami Zephyr, as also Georgie Wootithorpe, subject t«» deterioration ami «le»*ay.
have !»e« n taken to Lodi, Cal., where they
Tim Southern Pacific railroad company is
will be driven by Al I ” ’ea
'a >.*k and Geo. W »..»«Is having the trestles between Ashland aud
»luring t he wint»?r.
Grant * Bass filled by contract. Erickson A
The young folks of Jacksonville arc mak­ Co. are* doing th»* work with scrapers, tak­
ing arrangements t<> give an «■»ntertainment ing earth frotn alongside th»* line. Th«*y ar«*
pushing tn»* work en»Tgeti<*ally, and will
in th»» near futurt. Tho
body's Friend,” will b»* presented ami no have their • «»ntra«*t comj»l«*te in a *bort time.
Some of th»* dirt is hauled from Bloody
doubt prove quite a»’«*»*i'tab!«*.
Run, when* a st«'am shovel Is at work mak­
Th»» boar«! of railroad c<?inmissiom*rs w»*r»* ing an excavation which will re«lu«'o th»*
in the valley last w »*»* k . on a tour of iu*p«.*c- curv«* there. At I.ak«- Labmh 1250 fe.-t <-f
tion. They f oiiii I that considerable im­ trestle is being HI1»*<1 with sernpvrs, ami tlie
provement had taa- n place In the roadbed reuiuindei will be newly piled.
and trestles siuce their la.-t visit.
Tb»*r»* is little doubt but that many ¡»»»r-
John Slagle is handling his trotter “Ja< k snns sutler for years with ailments that
th»* lUr|»er” at th»* fair grouriJs, and the could »*asily !.»e cured by the use of some
animal is doing w»*ll, having shown quarters simpl»* remedy. The f"ll»»wing incident is
better thiiu 40 already. He
” Is also haml- an illustration of this fad: My wif»* was
ling two promising colts f >r C. W. Kahler. troubled with a pain in her side th»* greater
B'ginning with the 1st of November part of th«* tim»* for thr»*»* y»*ars, until cur»*«l
It said th«» overlaml expr. ** train will l"av»- by Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It has, I
San Francisco two hour- earlier than usual, think, permanently cured her. W»? also
to connect with the trains which leav»* Port­ hav»* u*«'«l Chaml>««rlain's Cough Remedy
land f-»r the cicst that much soon« r than wh«‘ti«*v»*r m*e<le«l and believe it to l»u the
|..**t in th«* world. I*. M. Boston, Prineville,
Sullivan Co.. Missouri. For sal»* by G. H.
T. h lies, you will find th«» pri-*« * "f all - Haskius, M"db»rd, aud Dr. J. Hinkle, Central
wool »ir»-*- go«»«ls \. ry much r»-«lu- «*d at Point.
Ream»** A White s store this fall ami wint«»r.
Th»* I>all<" ‘ Tiniv*-M"untafm-er,” speak­
All their pr»'sent stock in this lin»» mu.-t b<*
sol i. Call and oxaniim* goods and a*e»*rtain ing «»f L. L. Burtenshaw, says: This young
was formerly a resident of Th«* Dalles,
attending th«* Was»* » 1 mi»q»»>nd»*!it Academy,
Mrs. B. W. Denn pi-k«*»l h “prig fr«»m a was a sirid nu*rnbcr of the Y. M. C. A., and
raspberry bush In Willow Springs precinct wa* '*ou-i'i»*r« <i an exemplary citizen by th»
this w»*»*k, up«»n which w«*r«» several rip»* ber­ i •r«»hibitionists of this city Undoubtedly he
ries. We can glv»* testimony that they were «till bolds t > his principles of total-absti­
"f ex<*»»ll« nt flavor. Southern Or»*gon again*t nence; for these do not stop him front rob­
the world I
bing th" wi'i-'W and fatherless, from defraud­
S. B. H»»lm«*s and W. R Johnson were ing hi* neighbor or takiug advautag«» of th»*
here yest»*r»lay. Fr«»m th»* latt.-r w<* learn »hi|»11«*ity of his friends. The*«' ar«» sinq»ly
that Mark Winningham killed two female rub*- "f business, ami can bv followed bv th«*
elk and a young on»*, while S. Geary shot a Good Templar without the least violation of
hug»* buck oik in Fioun«’«* R - k pr«*cin»*t, a th»? obligation In* has assumed.
few days sine»*.
J. M. Black of Litt!«* Butt.* pr«-*ln»'t was
M t\ Muller ha* ha«l the machinery of the iu Jacksonville on Tu<*s«lay for th«' purpo*»*
•a a -mill until lately operated on Griffin of having soim* "f th»* ma hinery of th«* fr»*»*
.-r»*ek removed to town.
ferry on Rogue river put in older. He thinks
A gr at deal of improvement Is going on that ho will n«'W b.« able to run his boat
in diff« r» nt portions of the county—more without interruption.
tliMii for two years past.
Th«* R.R. V IL Co. will » hang« the pric«-
A n»*w \V.>r<'»*ster dictionary, latest edition, of tai»* each way between Jacksonville* ami
- an !*• bought f-T a r»*as«inable figure by ap­ M"db»rd to 25 cents. They were entitle«l t"
take this compensation from the beginni ng.
plying at th«- T imes ■ -fib'e.
and certainly m»b«»dy will ol»j»*et t<» them
Supt. I’rieo has rec»dved a npmber of getting their due* now.
* h "1 registers and will furnish them to
W. P. Benn of Ashlaml is pr«q»aring to |»uv
th-'S«' districts which need them.
and |»r«*|»ar«* very »-ar» fully for th»* San Fran­
Ream» s A White have th«» largest an»l best cis» o market a limited quantity «»f fin«* r»*«i
i--.-rtm»*id "f la»!i«*s’ kid gloves—choir»' apples, which he will tak»* below himself,
go«Mls. Call an«l see them.
and if he finds the market will justify it h«*
Chas. D'»ra has returned from JoR.'phin,- will buy extensively lat»*r on.
<*<>unty aud is iu charge of H. L. Peggs
Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Sturgess <>f Uniontown
farm in Flounce R ock precinct.
were serenaded after tneir return from
I. W. Marksbury of Gobi Hill is spoken Grant’s Pass last Tuesday evening. The
..fa- Hi" of the influential delegates to the s»T»*na»l«*rs w»*r.* ni *»-ly treated and enjoyed
themselves, all wishing the happy young
lat»* Alliance meeting at Portland.
coiq-le much joy and prosperity.
Th»* Whit«* S. witig-machin«» has no pqual.
St. Patrick’s Pills arc carefully pr»*pared
Y u g' t ' 'ur mon» y * worth when you buy
from tho best material and a«*».*«»rding to th«*
on«- I th«?*»* <• •l»*brat»*<l machines.
most approv. <1 formula, and ar»* the most
S. R •-• -nthal reports th»» branch store he perfect «*atharti»* ami liver pill that ran Is*
ini'-rest -d in with Jo«* Hammersly at pr<»«lu»*ed. G. H. Haskins, M»*dford, ami Dr.
<«<>id Hillas doing a fine busineM.
J. Hinkle, Central Point, sell them.
R. M. Garrett of Ashlaml is having his
Th»- d'- lining powers of old ago may be
wonderful r«*.*uj»erated aud sustained by building on Main street raised ami a now
tin* daily u*e of Hood’s SarsHparilta.
front ¡»ut in, t»> accommodat»* th«* drug busi­
ness of Barrett A Co., wh«- will soon vacate
I armer* ar»- busily sowing their c«>rn their present location opposite the plaza in
ground with wh»*at. There was an unusu­ favor of E. E. Winchester, a druggist lately
ally large acreage of corn this year.
from Iowa.
On» ■ f th»* parties arr«*ste«l for robbing the
R«*am» s A Whit»* hav.* just opened a nice,
Wcavervili- -R. <bling stag»* has confessed, new st«»' k of men * and boy*’ clothing in all
but his ¡-al refused to say anything.
sizes, whi<*h they ar«» selling very rapidly
(i. W. Walker an»l W. Dennis have engag- and at th.- mo-t reasonable prices. All per­
♦•«l in pla«-er mining in Blackwell district, sons contemplating buying a new suit will
do w» li t" inspect their stock while it is
Uaviug bought a claim of T. L. Beck.
fresh ami complete.
’T«»-morrow is Hallowe’en and we must
As w»* sus|»»'»*t»*.l. Bt«.»vo Cumin was “stuff­
•*x<*use a nunilwr of ¡»raiiKS that would not
ing” Peter the p.»«*f when h<* ann»>um*»*-l that
I., ¡s rniissiblc on any other occasion.
gr«*at capture of count»?rf»*it<*rs and all-
John Dod*on of M»‘adows precinct called around h»>bo»-s ,>v Billy ( aril and Toni
W. di.. —lay. II«* informs us that Mrs. D. Miles. Carll has gone to P -rtlaml with a
R< yn-I'is is dangerously ill with fever.
lone speculator on the nation's credit; but
I A few «'op|. - of th«* American Bottler’»» th»» others have failed to materialize as
1 (iuid . *tuu«iar»l authority on all land mat­
ter-, may It f-*und at the T imes office.
Last Sumiay th»* church at Central Point
Fr»*d Wall of th»* 8. P. railroad forco was was crowded,and then th»* pe»q»le did not ail
in. Th»* bap’ bervice in the church
married at Salem last week to an estimable
was an impressive one, ns also that at the
y -»in* lady of Oakland, Douglas county.
ford on B«*ur <*r»?ek, an imm»*ns«* crowd
J. II. Downing last week sold to Chas. fathering to witness th.* baptizing there.
Elim-re of this pr»»«*inct seven and one-half Everything was qui»*t aud nr«i»*rly ami 22 in
all w » tc baptiz»‘d.
a--i»-s of h"-thill ¡and n» ar Central Point.
For a troubh'some cough ther»* 1* nothing
L C. Whipp is engage«l on a handsome
than Chamberlain s Cough Remedy.
monument t<> mark th«* last r«»sting-place of bett«T
th»* pulmonary organs, allays
John C<uitrell, in th».* Uniontown cemetery. any str»*ngth«*ns
irritation and effectually cures th«* cough.
Agent« Wanted.
J»*ff. Wimer, who has l»e«*n employed in It is e*|M*<*ially valuabh* for the cough whi«*h
We want agents everywhere to sell Our the sicinily ■ f Grant s Pass «luring the past so often follows an attack of th»* grip. For
Little Nigger. The funnit-t and most -•a- n, has r»*turned to Wooilvilk* precinct. sal«* bv Dr. J. Hinkle, Central point, ami G.
H. Haskins. Medford.
laughable trick «»ut. $10 a »lay can be mud«
That cel» brat«*d m«*dicine. Joy’s Sarsapa­
selling them. Ml you have t • «io is to show
In the circuit court for Lak»* c-»ui.ty, last
it; it sells itself. S« ml 15 <mts for sample
drug-st»»r»i. It has n<> superior and few week. Frank Wilson was convicted of lar­
and terms to
ceny on trial l-y jury. F. Venator not ap­
G cnbbai . \«. fn » y am » N ovelty C o .,
pearing to answer t»» th-- same charge, his
Ro»»ni 59, 125 > -. (‘lark 8t._ Chi-ag-*. 111.
I Th»* W —liingt-'ii Commission (’"inpany of i »nds were declared forfeited. The case of
Ta« '»ma ha- air»-adv iua»l»* Max Pracht ol ’the Stat«* vs. H. M. Barnes, indicted for
A.-ldaitd au off»*r for his next year's «Top of larceny of public money, was on trial at
World’s Fair Club.
latest uccount».
In pursuance t" th»* ^ugg. -t; -a of Mis.
S»>nie ras al t fire to 3(100cords of w«xxl,
In th»* Pratt divorce cas»*, tried at Oak­
Mary l’ayt»»n, W rid s Fair i ■ mmi--i >m r
f»r the state of Oregon, the lades f .1 M*k- !>•♦•!- tiging t»» th»* railr«»ad company, n»*ar land, Cui., list week, Henry Wadsworth,
Cal., on»* night lately, aud it ¡»roved formerly of Yi»-ka, but now treasurer of
•onville are invited to rne» t at th«* rcs|.|.»n«*« I >i->--u.
a t"tal l»>ss.
Wells, Farg > A ('■»., San Francis-..t figured
of Mrs. p. P. Prim to organiz • an au\.iliar\
world's f«iir club, on Saturday, O«*t 30th, at
G. W. Wilcox of Woodville precinct has as a prominent witle ss in behalf <•( Mrs.
1 b« «*n making - une impr<»v«*nmnts at his l’ratt, and was roughly handled by Col. Foot»*,
7 30 P. M
1 raii«*b,r«*ml»*r»*»i highly n«*ceS8aryby impend- tlie husliand s attorney. Henry has become
one of the ‘’sporty” boys sine»» be left north­
I* ing events.
Farms for Rent.
ern California.
T. J. K nny has been supplying this market
The un»l»,ri*igne«i has two farms, ene con­
The player mine which J. W. O Gregory of
taining 160 acres ami the other 320 arr«*s, »luring th»* week with fine spare-ribs
for ¿‘»•nt. For further particulars rail on - r i un»l t»a *kbon»*s from the pork packing-house Ashland recently ¡»lived with a party -4
capitalists will be d’-vrloiMHl to its
M rs . S. E. I sh .
full extent soon, we learn. It is located in
Jacksonvilb* Precinct.
L. Swan * bandsoni»? filly Z»»|»hyr has struex Scott valley, Cal., and is under the superin-
a pacing gait and premises to become lntendem y of Contractor Ayers, late of Ash­
• put.- -p«* dy. Bh«* will hereafter be develop­ land, th«* owners H.ssociatrtl with him being
Fann for Sale.
ed lie a pacer.
Messrs. King, Arnct, Stephens ami Boise, of
Th«' undersigned offers 1G0 a< r« s of land,
Mi*-K *te Grisez of Montagu»«, Cal., has the metro|»oUs.
►itu.ite 1 a f»*w miles from Medford, for
ata bogiia Forfurther particular* ad- g.»u»* t«» san Framdsco to spend the winter.
The hearing in the supreme court of the
She was at to see ’’Little Lord
dress or enquire of
case which involves the establishment of a
Fauntleroy” played.
TH'NL M< A ndrew , Medford.
county road through the lands of C. Col. -
Jack Snyder and a number of the feative men, E. W. Carver and Levi Mortis, m
o(»wb -ys of the Butte creek (Cal.) section Eden precinct, has been set for next Mon
lariateti a black bear one »lay last week, day. The couuty court ordered the jrom: I
The N ox.-mlwr t«-rm <‘f the pr«»b..t»* ami causing no md of sport. Needless to say, opened and the circuit court did not act
county o 'mn.i*«iub* h c 'urt* will be hvitl the » «»uipuny was tn rapid for bruin, and favorably upon the appellants’prayer, hen
next week.
he cunu to grief and an untlaely end.
they have sought redress in the higher court.
Willis Griffln and
W. P. Jacoby is in San Francisco purchas­
ing fall and winter goods.
Assessor Hamilton and family w«>re at the
county-seat last Saturday.
Mrs. S. H. Cook <-f A.i-hgat«* < -ntinues
quite sick, we ar«* sorry t - iearn.
Mrs. E. II. Antenrieth of Yreka, Cui., is
¡laying her old home in Jucksonvill«» a visit.
C. Magruder, one of Central Point’s prom­
inent citizens, visited Jacksonville a few days
Messrs. Holladay and Buchanan of Idaho
have been in the valley during the week on
a visit.
Dr. Braden and Ad. Helm of Gold Hill
Sheriff Kelly and s. M. Keenan of Port-
Wlu'ii you f"* l uncomfortable about til«*
were among those who visited Jacksonville*
land, .1 udg»* Hanna , of JaeksnnviJh* and B«*n
stomach take Simmons Liv«*r Regulator.
this week.
Bull ami his three sons
<»i Slat«1 creek liav»»
»mpany to prospect for
L»*n Walbrldg«j and family "f Siskiyou incorporated a
Postmaster Towne of Phoenix was observ­
They have lo­
ed on our streets one day during the past
Gated a huge ledge on Cheuey er«<*k, which
We l.'arn th it C. C. B-.-kman ami family ar»* promis»*s to be ev*-i rlasting and of a superior
Mr. H»»bbs <»f San Francisco, who Is «-»»n- expect. »1 t<> return hoim* inth«* near future. quality. They hav re u bonanza in sight if all
n«wted with th»? 8. P. Co., spent Wednesday
Justi«*v Berry ami a party «?f ladies from : signs do h"t fail.
in Jacksonville.
Ashland were in Ja<.,k*ouville on»? day this ; A \"iing man iiatm-d 11 nd.-L. wh-» was
Judge Neil has gone to Iloguo river to week.
I on bis way to Ashland from Klamath « »un­
inspect the public work that is going on in
arm by an a«-»*id«*nt on th» itili
4’. H. Harga«line and wif«* hav.* re^urnvd to ty, lost ■t his urm
that section.
en th«*
t In-stations
station! of Z. Howard and.J. M.
their Lang«*ll vall«*y ranch to *peu«l the i between
| Tayb*r,
on th«?
th«* Linkville
Linkvill«* r«»ad.
road, H«*
lb- was in
I. W. Thomas of Heber grove and I)r. Geo. winter.
j the ad
a«*t of drawing his gun <»ut
»»f tin*
the wagon
«»tit «»f
Kahler of Phoenix was among our visitors
Wui. Garr» tt "f M«*»lf r«l precinct was iu .forth» purpose < •f
during the week.
Jacksonvilk* this w »*» k , il * ■ mpuiiie«! by his ! tho fin-arm w»»nt < •ff, th»* l*»ud "f *li-'t strik-
Mrs. B. W. Dean and Ralph D»*an of Wil­ brother,
iiighim in the right arm, just below th«*
low springs mad»* the T imes office a visit
Att»'Uti«»n i* call"«! t" th»* -idv.Ttisement of shoulder, inilicting a torribh w »und. Dr.
one day this week.
J. W. Merritt of C- ntrul l’oiut, publishd Parson was summoned and was
to umputate 1b«- limb.
E. Sanderson Smith and Will Q. Brown, «»Iwwlier«*.
the geologist, went to Steamboat on Monday,
The «•••unty cb*rK this week issu»'«l license
To Whom II May C ouk m.
returning Wednesday.
to w.'«i to G. W. Wilcox and Miss Angie
Th-»se knowing themsdve.s iml«-l»t« <l to lie-
Walter Reynolds has return«*! home to Simpkins.
T imes offle«* ar«* carnesilv r»-qu» «t, d to .-ail
Alhinv after a visit with friends and
Miss M.itm y, wh • has
n vi-iting rela­ hl »1 s.-ttb* without further delay. We have
relatives in this section.
tive* .»n Applegat«*, r.*turne<! to H« ni»*y, Cal., b«-» n very lenient, but must m-w require
Capt. Werk has return* <1 from a hunting last week.
settlement from all iut'-r'-i«*-l.
expedition to the Applegate mountain*,
Nothing Rk.-it for dy-p-p-ia and indiges­
much improved in health.
Better Than a (»old Mine.
tion. Simmons Liver K«*gulat«»r i* a safe,
Miss Jennie IfeeKathorn of Butte «*n*. k sur»* cure.
Ter acre- >ei I to trini wli»*n in a bear-
has gon«* to Washington tospeud th»* winter
muditi- n wd
yield hii im oine
Mrs. Wulxer, tie* aged mother -f Mr-. Wm. ing
with her sister living there^
Bybee, airi\«*d t«>-day und will sp.-ml the ot from f3'M»o » to $4.’><•<• per year hi <1
n o iipiery to
Wni. Carll is making preparations to r«*- winter her«*.
opt-ra»«-it. A írmt-ra¡-er
Irmt-rai-cr in tin*
th»- W j I hui -
move from luikeview to Portland in a short
Mrs. H. E. Ankeny and son <-f Kterling- ♦Htevalbv iKpi'ies
snia l ou’.av.
time, for permanent residence.
vill»* r»-turned from a visit to th«* Willamette basali the advantages <d auvrized ai«l
cul'uied s-»rieiy. I.a- good ami convenient
O. B. Hardy,the mining expert, has return­ vulley to-day.
ed from California, araompanied byag«*ntle-
Jacob Evans and wife. acc»m|ianied by a in trkeis and re» a bett« r inc »me from
man well versed in cinnabar.
frt»-nd. were down from Pl«*a*ant creek pre­ th- '•aim -nv;"tmen’than c.-’n U -had frein
anv otti» r mie <»f bu-íi.«*>>
Y'u <*an ret
Miss Emma Howard is now th«« authoriz­ cinct yest«?rday.
th1- iaiul frolli I.*».’> I • í7 i per ac»** »»f The
ed agent for Weds. Fargo A C". at Ashland,
Orecoi' Land 4''»mi anv <d >' .m .< >n goti.
»i p.
vice G. F. McConnell resigned.
of M.-dfon! prc iii t. Laving returned fr«»m
Miss Garnett close«! her second term "f Williams creek lately.
To Whoia it Coucerns.
sell«» »1 in th»* Foots erevk district last w«*k.
Th" quarterly confeivU'*e < f the M. E.
Th»* public is hcreby notiti- d that rh.*
giving the best of satisfaction.
Church, South, was held ut Brown st »or«.» last R"gue Riv.-r'Sham Floiiritig M111* at Ja- k-
A. H. Muegly and family, who hav. l>e«ui Sat unlay und Sun iay.
fionvill«» will I m » "p< u‘-«l f-»r l»n*in» ** <»n an«!
in Jacksonville for a numb«-r of W'-.- kh past.
W’alt«*r Farnham last \V' «*k r»*iurm*d 1«» nfter August 15th n» xr, and timt I will n-
r«*turn to Portland to-morrow.
P- rtland to j-r«»*-« cut** his studi«*s at th«' ueive grain at imirk.-t pri ••• <»u H"l" or I.... k
a• intsdu« th» « sut« «»i th« lat«» G. k.«-
1’. L. F< untain. tho efficient school superin­ m> «iiual *.*ho*»l th»*re.
re a ski
111 | i ns iu<l«?bt«xi t sai I estate
tendent of Klamath ••■■unty, 1- puying rela­
R. v. Jas. Hummer of A-iiiand preclle t ar»- li"!ili. d I" -•«»i:;" f -rwar-i pr«-mptly and
tives and friends in this valley n visit.
«J -ult. .**«-tt|.-m’.-nt
wa* h«*r«* during the w.-.-k, 11" off«!* his -.-tth-and a\--ld
mu*t !»«• mudein »-itli.-r a-h <>r gruin imm«'-
Chas. H. rier<*<* has r»*turne<i from Klam­ farm and orchard fur sal".
• liut«'ly. A wr»i t-> th.- vi*- i* suffieient.
ath river and J«*nny »reek. His br- th«*r
Minni«* Bvb- will »*nt. rtain h'*r
Mu*. J ohanna K akewski .
Joe uud Fred Pupt are -till there, however. frb Mi**
m’.s ut th«* family r« *id»*L» «* hear Jack­
Miss Nina Eim ry last we« x rcturne.l
horn«* t" Ashland after t pi«*asant visit with
Win. Stewart, wh-» st"!»* a ladies satch»*l
Jii«-K>»»nvillu and Grant’.-Pass relatives and and wa- sentenc«'«! to serve 40 days in the
County jail, has b»*«*n rel<-a,s.*»l.
Miss Kat«* Steward, who has l»r*»-n visiting
J. N'uuan rec. iv-d a car! a 1 - f salt y» st.-r
Ja« ksonvill<* for tin* past f -w weeks, return­ d iv. 11«* is «•oiiiinuully r«-••eiving new g-
ed to her horn»* m Vancouver, Wash., on and *« llii.gat tin* luw« stprice*.
W* T. L«*ever is in town, lb* has Lol
Peach Pits Waut- il.
Judge naniui Mart»*d f-»r Linkville this r. <*ov« r< d from th«* injurie- h»* receive«! last
Th" uii'l«*r*igin-d will pity the highest
morning <»n ¡»rofe-sional i»usln»*ss. Col. N. summer, but i- able to be about.
inark.'t pri«*»? 1- r -» « «Hing p» a«*h pits if d.--
B. Knight necompani-1 him.g mg \| th»'
Mi** Amelia Mulc-r i* «*ng.Lg. d in ¡ r< par­ liv.'icd «ally. For further purti -ular- ad-
A.-hlund route.
ing a copy ..f th" a*-»—in« nt f»ll f* r th»* use dr» -- or • ie|uir • :
J. J. Fryer of Eagle Point and his (laugh- of the slate board of equalization.
R. M. S impson , Grant - Put*.
ter, accompanied by Mrs J. K. («r» »-n Mrs.
Th<* haii'i-otm*-! llm* "f g- nt's hats, neck-
Moore and her daughter, made th«* T imes a
w ar, etc. —lat" ami stylish—has just been
call on Tuesday last.
receive«! at th«*
F. Variety Store.
Mr. Wahlers of San Francisco, who Is vis­
G. W. M»*D ciabl. th»* Yreka hors»*man. r«*-
iting his brother in Central Point pr<--im-!,
was in Jacksonville la-t Monday, a "mpa- turm*d h- ni«* last w.-.-k from a v*.-it t*» the I
truck* at Roseburg and Grunt * I’a**.
nied by Mr. Sw.-ns»*n.
County Commissioner^-Gamt.
’The following are Rev. R. C. Oglesby’s tip-
pointiz«*nts for th»» conference year: First
Sunday, Brownsboro at 11 o’clock a . m .,
Eagb* Point at 7 p. m . ; secón 1 Sunday, An­
tioch at II a . m ., Gold Hill at 7 p. m . ; third
Sunday. Ja»*KsonviUo at 11 a . m ., -edfurd at
7 p. m . ; fourth Sunday, Emigrant creeK at
11 a . m ., Neil’s school-house at 7 p. M.
Fr«*»l. Frad«*nl»urgh "f C«*ntral Point was
T. L. B«‘«*k, who has !>t»eu suff- ring with
since, a< • napa-
asthma for a long time, i- m-w a ¡. -id.-nt » Í in Jacksonville a f< a d
Jacksonville |Tc» in'*t ami under the treat­ iij .- I by Mr. M -Liughlin •’•! California.
ment ot Dr. D'*Bar.
J. A. Jaggi, wh«« went t<. California *cv.-rnl
Frank A. English, formerly survey-*r f m 'nth* ag -. return' d la-t \v«*»*k. He had
Ja«*k-‘ii county, is n- w «-ffi.*i»*ntly fill'ingth. be n in Klamath county f"r s«»im*tlmv.
p«»sition of deputy clerk of Whitman county,
The .*omiiti"U <f M - Swaek'*r "f F<»"t*
Wash. Su»*eess to him.
•*r»*» K, whi.-h wa* r« p-Tt--1 pr» carious, is
Dr. Porter has return» <1 to G Id Hill fr -m cou*id»-rably impr »v.-i at thi* writing.
Portland, bringing I -ack a b«-tt. r half with
Mis* M imb Judge ha* returm'd to Ash­
him, much to th«* surprise of ins frb-nd.-.
land from 1 »rtland, t-■ parti.-ijHit.* in an in-
We extern! congratulations.
d event
' . : .r : / .
Mrs. W. G. M«»<»re left th- home of her
Conshlerabl»* ry<‘i* b«*iug haul»*«! for the
par«*nts, J. \V. Masterson and wife < f (told
Hill, last we«*k, to j<>in h«*r hu-bund at La M-dford dl-ti’.l'-ry fr i Klamath ."Unty,
Grande, wb«*r»* he is vmpl»»y.*d with th»- where much <»f it is rai-' d. it bring* l*a
cent* a pound.
C. P. R. R. Company.
A nunit-T ««f th»*frl'nd-.»f Mr-. M Hau-r
Rik-y Hammersly and wife of Lak-- county
will hvr»‘after reside ut I‘h«i*nix, when* Mr. <-f .1 « k-ouvil!" a—*n.t.le«l at her r.-sid» n«*.*
—lay ....... .. brat.- h«*r tl*th birthday
Hammersly has pure has« d pr-'perty. Tlwy
have l»e«*n visiting relative« at (¿old Hill ami -¡'. in -*v«*ia! hour* pl»*a*antly.
during the past week.
j }<■ ..r«ler I» a \ La- fiiii*!iw-l .»---'--ing th»*
H«*nry Wunderli«*h of Eureka, Cal., wh- • pr.q».'riy in the buvii ami th«* trust»'«?.*» will
spent a season in Jacksonville with A. 1*. «•ion l.-vy a «»m* per edit, tux t«» tai.-»* mon­
ey with which t" pay interest uu th«.* bonds,
Fluglor a numtier if year» ago. has I h .... ...
a first-class photographer and is taking 1 ,'tC.
pictures for the 8. F. Examiner.
J. A. Lar-n. f--nn--rlv in tie tailoring
Walter 8. King and W. A. Coverdak* <>f 1'ii-iU'-- n- thi-\aii- \ with Mi. H »ggluiel.
Foots creek precinct were in Jacksonville i. w ranching n* ar W ild, rville.went through
on Tuesday. The fornmr manufactun-d a -•ii one of th«* southbound trains a f»*w «lavs
considerable ouautlty of excellent sorghum since.
this season, which is finding a ready sal«».
' Gen. T. G. Kearnes has returned from
Ge»». F. McConnell, Ash.and s ck*ver mer­ Portland. where he went to attend a
chant, has disposed of his inter«*st in the m»*eting "f th»' state commanders ■ f Knights
grocery business ther»* to hi- ¡»artner. Otto Templars, lb- was eleet. d grand junior
Winter. an»l will go into business In East warden.
Portland with J. 8. Eubanks, Jr. Bucee**
Mr*. Dr. Hemonway <»f Klamath county
attend them.
' r»'c«*ntly lost a seal-skill sacque l»«‘twecn
N. S. Drew.for sometime a r»*sident "f this Plnrnix and M -dford. for th»- return <-f
county, but now residing in Klamath coun­ whi.-h t o the T imes ofii«-»* a liberal reward
ty. sp«*nt several »lays in the valley, return­ will I h * paid.
ing with a load <»f Hiippli.'S He is enter-
G.-•. S. Batty and R. L. Durham <•' 1 '»rt-
»rising and reliabl»* and consequently is »lo­ latid. wh" ar.* inter- -t- d in th»* Orchard
ng well in his new home.
ILmie A»- »ciati n. paid th" valley a vi*it
Dr. Will. Jackson has returned to Grant’s Sumiay. Th«*y w» re highly ¡-h a*.*«! with
what they mw .
b um . He was a
Miss Jeuni«*, who will remain at Josephine
The children of Mr. and Mr*. J.G. Bird*»*}
county's metropolis for a short time. Miss
Busi«* Turner is in cbarg«* ol th»* R. K. V. R. entertained a number of their little friend*
j at th«* family r.-si In- in J ; K*--nviIl.' on»*
Co. s depot during her absence.
| »‘Veiling last w .*.* k . It is m*« <llc«s to say
Mrs. Payton of Salem arrived in Jackson­ that all enjoyed themselves.
ville on Weilnesday, for. the purpose of or­
ganizing a ladi« s movement here as else­ i 0. (’. Gunnison of Ashland, wh" has been
where to glv«* all possi bl«« assistance tow.«rd an invalid f a a long tim«*, A’as last we«*k
making a creditabl«* showing for our stat».* i tak. n 1" Portland t-» th»' m-w M»*th«»dist hos­
at th»* world's fair. Thia is a laudable un­ pital f"r tr«atmeiit. whi«*h it is h«»|»e«i
dertaking, and we hope that Mrs. P. will I m * j will result in a C"mj»h‘t<* cur»*.
graatlv encourag«»d iu her undertaking.
The real-estat«* belonging b> th»* cstat»* <*f
She will d'Hibti«"- visit the other principal G
. • ; ■ •
■.. «
towns of our valley.
,%ol»| by Sheriff Birds, y «*n N-»v. 28th. As
th»*r«‘ seem t" !••• no heir* <-f th«' »l'*.*uas»*d,
his property has ♦•.*ch»*ate«! to the state.
Dy «peps’a,
H. .n J. W Merritt of Central Point K»*"ps
That nightman* of man’s existence which I one of the largest and best -tocK of goods in
mak«*s food a m- «*kery am! Iianisbes sl«*»*p ’ southern Oregon and -'*11- th.-tn at th»» most
from weary eyes, readily yield« to th»? ¡»atent ■ roasonabl«' figure's. Th-».*«* in search of
influence of the »»olebrat«*«! English Dande­ ! bargain* shoiihl not fail to give him a call.
lion Tonic. It tones uj'the digestive organ*, |
restores the apj»« tite, makes assimilation • (
W. E. Hurd, formerly in th»* employ of
fond possible and investigates the whole ' Stater A Walker as i traveling agent, but
syst»*m. All druggists sell it at $1 ¡>»*r i who has b»‘en posing in th»* rob* «•( a real-
j « stat»* agent at l*ortlan-l, ha-' b»»en arrested
. for obtaining $Z<M) under fal-e pret»*ns-‘s. in
i s Hing property t-'a gudgeon which h»* did
$5 Reward.
’ not own.
The undersigned will pay the above re­
A reception was tendered Mrs. Alice
ward for the return of his hound (or infor­
mation that will lead thereto), who was last I’lrlch, N G. - f llutti K»-I»» kah »legr»*«* lodge,
th»*ir hall in .Turk-»nvilb*. by th«-nienilH-rs
seen near the llock point bridge nearly
four weeks ago. He goes by tho name of of that so-’icty. last M.-uday evening.4! being
Hunter, i* 2 y« ars old, black and yeltew in th»* Htiniversary of her birthday. X11 rnjoy»»d
color, with white tail, belly and feet, and th«‘ms. |\es, a bountiful supper lining one <.f
also has a big white ring around his n»*ek. the features.
G ranville S eams
1 Dr. II. Woodcock of Josephine county
i has discuver»“l a medicine which has no
sup«'ri<»r in the treatment of diseases of the
Piano for 8ale-
stoniacli and b--we|s. Its efTectiv»»uess is
A line Vo«u* A Hon s piano, almost now and vouched for by a numl»or <»f reliable citizens of
in perfect order, can be obtained at a bar­ i southwestern Oreg«m. We call attention to
gain. (’all on or ad dress
. Dr. Woodcock's adverti•'••m»»nt in another
H. K. H amna Jacksonville. I column.
Tim foil'»wing ar«* Rev. R. Emils’ appoint­
ments: Ou »*v»*ry Sunday morning, except­
ing the third, he will hold services at the
Presbyterian «'htircb in Ph<rnix; on thin!
Sunday morning at Jacksonville, and every
Sumiay evening he will ¡»reach at th»* Presby­
terian church at J&.'ksouville.
Rev. J. R. Bcever’s appointments t«»r Octo­
ber ar.- as (»»Rows: First Sunday at Jackson-
Mlle at a . M. and 7 30 p. m .; Medfor'1 at
10 JM) a m ., <»n same day. be«*.»ml Sunday
E.igl- B um. Tbir»l Sunday, Jacksonville, at
io a . m . and 7 do p. m . Fourth Bundav, Ash­
ideal Baking Powder
R»*v. E. L. Th»»mp-»»n of Central Point wiP
pi » .»' li in Gold Hill next Sunday morning
aud « v.'ning. an.I <»n Gall -<*r.*« k at 3 o’»'lock
i*. m . *1 b" second and fourth Bundays '»I
.■a«*h month he preaches iu C«*ntral Point,
and the 3«i a» Antelope.
Dr. Price’s Cream Baking Powder,
For more than fifty years Cream of Tartar an<l Bi­
carbonate of Soda have been used for l eavening purposes
with sufficient flour added to preserve the strength of the
powder unimpaired, and this with the addition of whites
of eggs comprises this pure and wholesome leavening
In its
agent, that has been the standard for 40 years.
use pure, wholesome and delicioUb food is always assured.
Makes e.i
: •?. :*.;« <r •; . turc, and
i bi
while they «are liaky and extremely li.,rht they are line grained,
"t course and full of holes;.; made with ammonia baking
ders, latter dries up quickly. Aiu.n powder:» ieavc a bit-
' ? ::i the bread or cakt
I '
Baking Po'/dcr onec used, always
A Good Inducement.
Of «-our*«' you want your local ¡«per as
w.11 H-a San Francisco ¡«Hj-er, and w«? will
furnish th»? T imes in connection with the
• W.M-kly Examiner ' for »3 50, which will in-
clu«l»* any one of the “Examiner” Premium
Pictures that you may choose an«! all of tho
•»th»*r Privileges that regular sul»s«*ril»ers en­
joy. If th»*r»* is n«> ag»*nt in your neighbor-
h'»«xl and you do n« t cam to remit direct,
the T imes will receive and forward vour
_ il...
I. 1. _ and I mm *’ J that
. .
ription to th«* ....I
you g.-t the ¡»a¡«cr promptly.
U. S. Feed 8 table.
I have a.l,le<l a f.... | «tabi,. to th»* U. 8.
h"t"l for til" a""i>iiii>i.,.lati"i> ot transients
and th.- i nidi. -
gm. .................
rally. Ho|>.
will I m ?
board«?! fur tw. nty-fiv»- rents p» r »lay.
I. D e R oboam .
whiie you wait—Preston's “Hed
Q. N. And»*rson of Eden precinct made us
a call on Monday.
Th* following proc»*edings to»»K place at
th»* last term - f this court. Present— _!on.
I. R. N- il. county judge; Ben Haymond and
C J. W’. Taylor, commissiuners.
In th«» matter of th»* roa«i in Tabb* Rocx
pr»*.*in<*t p»*titi<'m*»l for by H"ra«*«* P»»lton.
<4 al. John Dugan, J. M. Childers ami (’. (’.
M.'Cl«-mlon app«>iiit«*d view«*rs, to m"«?t with
P. Appkgat»*. county *urv»*y«»r, ut th«* office
of C. C. Gall, J.
ami »pialify b«'fore com­
mencing W'»!K.
Roads petitiom*<l for by Sylv«'St»T Patter­
son et al., ami A. C. Taylor ami others were
.»r«ler«*<i established.
In th.* mutt« r of th»* road p»*titi'»m*d for by
J. A. Houston und oth«*r*. J. G. Bri.*«*'»«*,
P«*rry F«»*t«*r amlG«*«». A. Ja<-Ks«>n appointed
viewers, to act with P. Applegat.*, surveyor.
In the matter of th»* road ¡wtitiom I for by
A. T. Kyi»* et al. Dan. Chapman, E. K.
Brightiuan and W. W. Kentnor ap|»«»inte<!
viewers, ami Peter Apj-kgat«* surveyor, to
r»*p'»rt at th,* next t«*rm.
Tin* p»*titlon ot Geo. Clements ami others
for a road Was dismissed.
Monthly report of hospital »• »ntra«*tor was
Li'*«*ns»* was granted W right A Co. to ro­
tail liqm r ut Gohl Hill for six month*.
Phil Gleav»* was appointe«l road supervi­
sor to fill the un»*xpir«?«l term of Chas. L.
H. L. Whit«* and G. F. Billings were al-
lowod a tax rebate of $1 ami $20 r«*sp«'ctiv»'ly
• •n account of error* in ass«'*sm»*nt.
Th»* amount of $125 was appropriate«! for
"¡•♦‘iiiiig county r«»ad leading from near
Eagk point io n»»ar J. A. Gbenchain's in Big
Butte precinct.
Th«' county surveyor was ordered to make
a re-survey • »f th»» r«»ad leading from Bybee’s
former ferry-site to Ham's valley postoffice,
b«-tw»‘»'ii C. H. Picxens’ termer residence
and Fr«*d Hanseu’s boundary line.
Jane Berw»*rt ami Geo. Welch were given
a monthly allowauc«' of $4 and $C> re*noct-
Tin* matter of th»* construction of a wagon
r<»ad to th»* state lin«* via Apj»l»'gat»* was
1 l»o*tponed until next term.
Bills to the amount of $2,288.90 wer<* audi­
Cur« »
wife visited us
II. H. Chapman of Ashland precln-'t ha«i
the bad luck last W»-ek to huVe oil»? of th«'
of his l< ft hand amput it»-d by the
J. B. Hutch »if Ashland was at J».s.-phlne
j haltor-ropo method while tying a fractious
county's caj-ital last w«*««k.
i horse to th»« mang-r at his pla--e. It s»-ems
Frank Crump has r»*ach«*d Portland am! as if then* had b«*en a phenom»-nally large
will remain ther»* for awhile.
number of such eases in southern br»*gon
of late years.
G. R. Hammersly has g<»m* to L hk «* county
t" tiispose of his int«*r»*stH thnr«*.
Prof. W. T. Lveke. late a teacher in the
Ashland academy, u<>w a orange-grower in
L. A. Rose and wif.* have returned from California, and just appointed su|M*rvis«»r <»f
their visit to Klamath county.
the attempt at ludian education in district
Will. Vining, wh«? now resides in southern No. 2. covering th»- stat-" »1 th - 1‘aeir ■ >p.p<
puss«*d through the valley ami visi’e.i old
California, was re»*ently married.
friends at Ashland, while on his way north,
Cold mornings am! nights seem upon us. this week ou ofib*ial business.
Tho tim»* for cold w»'uther is here.
This evening th»-fruit-growers ..f \«hlan«l
Hon. Sol. Hirseh, U. 8. minister to Turkey, will take some unite»! action to (if pos» »Hbk-1
has returned to Portland for a visit.
stamp out th»* scab- p.-st In the granit»* • city
John Compton, Jo»-Rad»*»-and John Berg l»»*fore it s(ir«*ads so far as to |M* Iwvoud I "«'U-
trol. A general meeting has b.-.-n caib'd at
wore her»* Oct. Both on laml business.
the city council roo >m with that ptirpos.« In
Miss Clara Camer»in of Uniontown was In 'view. H»m. J. D. Whitman, h--iti'-uiturai
comrnissj»»n»-r, will I h - in utt«*ndahce.
Jacksonville the f«>repart of last w»*»*K.
By far the largest de.lara on the Coast in
• I»
We are Northv.estern Agents for I> M. Ferry & Co., the largest Seed
('.rowers and (exlers in the- World.
General Merchandise.
Stnplc.» purcliafeil in ( nrlo.-xi Lots and other goods direct from
the Manufacturer; hence ] am able to quote the
Produce Taken at the Highest Price
*'Cantori a ia no well adapted to children tliat
’ recoTui;j»*nd it a« superior to any prescription
known tu me ‘‘
H A. A rcher . M. 1).,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Cantorìa cures Colic, Conrttpaflon,
Ron* fit« »mach, I>iarrh<»-a. Eructation.
Kills Worms, gnca sleep, and promote« «U-
Without injurious medication.
••Th»* us** of Tasterfa’ is so universal an-l
it-, »• .»Tits so weil known that it tw»*nis a work
, •
r, ■.
... •. en 1< rae it I ew are I ha
intelligent families who «lo u«.:I keep Cantoria
Willuu easy reach ”
C arlo ® M artyn . D.D .
N»-w York City.
Laie Pastor Bloomingdale Reteriued Church.
“ For Avverai y*nrc I bar*» n**omm#ndsn
your ‘ (’».st.»r¿a. ad ì shall always continue to
d<> *“ a^ it Laa invariativ produced bcneilcMU
E dwin F. P a ton. M D.,
“The Winthrop, I äl L Street au<l 7th Ave.,
New Yyk. City
T itk rrvTAvn CnrrAWT, 77 Mn<uT S treet . Nrw Y ori
Highest of all in Leavening Power.— Latest U. S. Gov’t Report
I F. u n.i
Ih» S«»t Suff».r Anv Longer.
Ku'iwing t hat ;t < »ugh can !>»■ vh .
»lay. ami th«* to-i -tag»- »»I <*<»n-iimpii -u
t»r<>k«-n in a w« < k. w«- tn r» bx guarani» • Dr
A> K- r - E uk . : -It < - - i-iíh K» in« -1>. ami u i i • -
turni th»- mon» \ («»ai; who l-n\. tak» U
»iir«s-ti<»riH, and d»> m»t timi »or Mat
PlJJi E.
etore of \\
1 k
A- (■••. should not 1><* ti -
tiier-lv :i~ a Sa -rauK'n»-. st-
a store f.r the «»hole l*.u it
Situat* >1 iu it‘
easily r< :u h- 1 i-i io •
has t-troiiL' i.;.ti;r .i
Then, too. th e\|>- i.- -
ducting I usib.
in ?■'■ •
are l. i-x than in many c.i
three hundred or m< . < i
live largely iu their own
and loading i-.iturnl
service uf th- lx -’ -ort. P
that in the ln-alti.
- : *
and int- rot with wluii t!
of CUit I
The Ix-autifti! buil-iii
encte-l in Si :>n !it -.
great -to k of ni- r. hai -li*
that tl
gion. not a b- ilitv. i
illustrated C:itai--.'ll- i.-ui' I S| imr
and Autumn d r • <- . vrrythmg
so fully, that di-tant l-uy. r~ tda-p
aa odvantag. Italy as if present at
the counters. Th-- ' --k is s' nt fr- e
to an»- address, and tens of tliou-
R.ands of prople from < tnad i to
Mexico are usi g it r.-gul irlv in
the purchase of wiring apparel
of all kinds. housih--'.d --it-p: •
All Wool Tricots,
Plaid Flannels,
Toile De Rouen,
Alpaca, Homespun,
Henrietta, Etc
Groceries and Provisions
< ■ 1’5» lltlllt t»-»l
lAl 1-S1
l-2xi tu«
WEHSTO a LU31N, & C3,
400-412 K Street.
We !<«•»*pwtOil 1.-» Invite Yom-Exniniiintiou
L arqeqt G eneral R etau H ouse o »
tee P acific C oast .
We will buy FARM PRODUCE, paying therefor the
Highest Market Price in CASH or GOODS.
< hie <>f tin
Hr. W«»(»de"<-k of !<• rby . .l»>-eplun«- «-«»untx.
Ore'g«»n. lots di*<*ov. i; <1 a n« w r»m. «l\ for
Dianhiea. i»j*« nl. r>. 1 Ii •’» i :i M.-il
< rs Intanturn Mini «1! k mlr« «1 di.-« a-» * ot tIn
alimentary eana;. 'Ill»- m u it medy is called
Regulator of tin* IlnueL and Stomach.
It cures all Slimmer < »mplaints, nil irregu­
larities ot Ile ’•tomai h itn«! bowels, no matti r
what the cause is. It does not const’prit» and
has no opium in it. It grow** pii-iilHully oil
the Paci tic slope. I tv i • i- no .lunger in tak
Ing it. us it has beer» u>«d tor anuinb«*ruf
W»-. th»* iii»«l» r- gned cii /.-n* <•! J"-«*pl-mc
count'. Stat»* «»f Or»*g»*u. h«-r»*l'> ».rt’ty that
we have iis«*»l Dr. W ..•"!<•<»ek - R»vul.*«t»»r for
th«* Stomach an i B »w Is and i>» li«*v« that It is
Mil that is claim«*! b»r it. That it is I In* lust
kn<>wn remedy tor all sumin< i «•< liipl «intb :
Wtn. B;»k< i. <«i mt - P¡»--. Wni A F« '»« ly.
P. H. Whib . Geo. E. Fb»)d. II. - W "!« '•< k
W I. W<.o»b*»'«’k. CI ih .-. Durn au, K» rby ; ”**. H
Whit«*. B«-rt A«lams, Wa1»!«».
b»»ld by .iruggHt- g« u<-rally.
»•:irrv :i full line <»f Canton Clipper, Extia Steel. Ganga-
Tries- h -, Blaek Land, Scotch Clipper. Stubble, Turf
and Stubble and Side llill Plows,
I-------- ------------------- - Gale Full chilled, and Steel, Sulky and Walking PI owf . Twenty,
Notice of Public Examina­
Inch Dhe Harrowí-, Steel Pipe Frame Lex er, Springtooth,
Scotch, Vibrating and Clipper Harrow».
( »»I NTV >< ll»»»»l Hl 1*1 I INTF-M'I Nl.
J (<K*<»N VILLE. Oct. 24. !*!*!. i
om i: IS III 111 BY (.IVI N THA I FOR
th»■ puri»»»-«* "1 niak rig an « xstiuuati«»n «»!
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Waikii’g Sulky Cnltivators. A full and complete line of
Steel Frame Cultivators and Com Tools.
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