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FR^llAY ....
-- --------------
Last Sunday evening, at Medford. s. 1‘.
car No. 4HiW>, containing a consignment of
goods for the new Medford clothing mer­
chant, D. G. Coy. was broken into by
traiups at about 9:30 o clock,and 21 i airs of
double blankets, aeveral haU, a number of
pairs of »hoes, some razors, etc., were found
to be missing next morning. In the car
was found a No 10. badly worn-tramps
shoe and a No. 7 of the same species, the
mates to the odd shoes being found al the
end ot the switch, denoting at least two
thieves to have been present at the robbery.
A lot of “dope-waste” had been piled on a
dry-goods box ami lighted to serve as a
candle for the rascals, and had burned n
hole through the box, showing them to
have been engaged a coi.s-derHbie time at
the job. On Monday the sheriff was given
a minute description of the stolen property,
and ran the thieves down at Ashland, will*
the assistance of Marshal Mayfield ami
Deputy Marshal Smith, wLo obligingly ran
one of them into the cooler while the sher­
iff waa given a fair swing at questioning
the younger of the fellows, who had ub
tamed a night's lodging with a woman liv­
ing near the depot at th a place. Alter
making several contradictory statements
the man at last confessed to the details of
the crime, and put the officers on the track
of the missing property that they admit
having stolen even to the two ¡»airs ot
blankets they had used for bedding and
left under a laurel tree near Pturnix. 1 he
other fellow virtually admitted ins com
plictty in the crime after learning of hi
partner's confession, but both denied
breaking the seal of the car. or taking the
missing 19 b'annets. As their stoiy hung
together so well the officers are incone l to
think that oilier thieves raided th** car
after they left it
The young tv low who
confessed gave his name a-
m John­
son, the other calling htmseif Jim Mt Car
thy. Both had a pieiiminary hr .ring be
fore Justice U. 8. Walton at Medford on
Tuesday last, and were held to await the
action of the grand jury
In default of
I'M**) bail bond* both languish in the conn-
ty jail. They were photographed by P. Britt
yesterday, in res|>onse to a telegram from
the railway authorities. L. K. Fields, the
general traffic superintendent, thinking
they are responsible for other crimes in
which the railroad is interested, lhey are
unquestionably elected for long terms in
the penitentiary. Francis Fitcii. K-q., as
sisted District Attorney Coivig in the pre­
liminary examination before Judge Wal­
ton, appearing as the iepresentative of tl>*
8. F. company. The cases of goods were
badly torn up’m the car, the frliow- being
unable to find the clothing they were in
search of. No clue has yet been found to
the nineteen pairs of missing blankets,
nor to several missing fiats ami five pans
of shoes:
Frank Amy and Larkin McDaniel wtie
at the county-seat on Wednesday
If our town don’t make .t long step for
ward during l”.»l tbt
I t
are wrong.
Miss Emma Blooming» amp of Siskiyou
county. Cal., has been visiting Mrs. t red
Miss Mary Jacobs returned to this pre
cinct after a pleasant visit with Ashanti
friends, a few days since.
Peter Day of Prospect is in town, and
will next week leave for San Diego, Cal
iforma, for a protracted stay here.
Jas. Williams, who is assisting his
brother, John B., in the butcher business
at Grant s Pass, has been visiting our
Our town has b en visited by a large
number of strangers, wb" are Io king af er
the prospects of Central Point and the
timber on Ku^ue river
M. Purdin, assignee of the insolvent e>
tales of Kincaid Bros, and Magruder Bros.,
Will soon hold an auction-ah- < f th,- rem­
nants of their stocks of goods
The city election last Tuesday proved an
interesting one and a fair vote was cast.
The following officers were elected for the
ensuing year Trustees, P. W. Olweil, J.
W. Merritt. J. A Gibson, C. G. Rippey,
E. Pieasant; recorder. W. B. A. Pimple,
treasurer, J. E. Harvey; marshal, David
Lynes; street commissioner, Wm. A.
■ ■■ ♦----------
Copp’s Settlers Guide, Revised.
Henry N. Copp, the Washington ( D. C . >
land lawyer has revised and reprinted hi"
Settler’s Guide, the seventeenth edition In
view of ihe recent confusing iecislati »n of
congress, this book is an indispensable
assistant for all who a. e or expect io be in­
terested in public land. Settlers w ill save
money by purchasing it, and ail who expr- t
to take up land any time in the future
should get posted and save expensive mis
takes. A chapter, illustrated w ith numer­
ous cuts.shows how to ted township,section,
and quarter-section corners, and explains
the system, of surveys. It give-» full infor­
mation about the homestead, pre-emption,
timber-culture, desert land, ami other law-*.
The price of the book is 5q cents. It will
tell you w h » is enti'led to enter land ; how
continuous your residence must be; what
improvements you must take; wi:at affida­
vit» you must swear to, about contests
and on what grounds they can he com­
menced; also suggestions »bout stale lands,
stone and timber lands, mineral lands
desert entries, »aline, railroad, coal, town­
site ami other lands. Its purchase will
save you money and trouble, as erroneous
statements circulated by conversation
among »cltlers may,it acted upon, cost you
a contest, perhaps your land and improve­
Notices for the location of placer ami
quartz mines, etc., for sale at the T imes of­
Jack Garvin thinks helms f >uud 3 void­
able quartz ledge near his saw null on
Wagner cr«ek.
Philip Mullen of Phtrnix has been doing
considerable work at the Hammond A
Bowen mine at ¡Steamboat during the past
few weeks.
The American Mining Code, standard
authority on all subjects pertaining to
all mining, water-rights, etc., is kept for
sale at the T imes office.
Elmer Febe;y, I’. Crudden ami J. Kraus,
of Requa, al . have gone to Thomas ere» k
in the ¡Siskiyou mountains, where th» y wid
engage in mining on a ledge located sev­
eral years »go by Mr. Fehely.
Spray Your Tree».
Hon. J D. Whitman, horticultural com
ndesioner for this district, is now in Jack­
sonville with a complete spraying uppara
tus, and is fully prepared to operate
against the Han Jose scale and other fruit
pest» We hope that our citizens will lend
nipi their assistance in gei ting 1 ni of what
promise® to be southern Oregon’s greatest
inemy. Mr. W. is doing this work at the
»west possible figure.
The peoi ie of
Jacksonville sh<>p!d awaken to the impor
lance of this matter before it is too late, as
much of our future prosperity depends on
A Canard.
The itinioT that has been all »at that
there bad been a collision between citizens
over the county-seat question at Burns,
Harney county, turns out to be a
hoax. There is bitter feeling existing be
tween tbe adherents of Harnty city and
Burns, but it has not resulted in bloodshed
an yet. The county records will remain at
Burns during the pendency of ti*e suit, bv
order of Judge Cliflord. It is to be hop«d
that there will be a satisfat i<rv solution of
tbe matter soon.
A Successful Worker.
Work cannot be successfully continued
unless there is an active mental interest
in it. Jf the mind is not clear, bright and
buoyant, than the work is drudgey and
the worker is a machine. An occasional
dose of Moore a Revealed Remedy wid put
the body and rnrnd in such harmony that
the hardest tasks will seem as play.
----------- •----------
A bad Accident.
fine of tbe children of J. N Walters •!
Medford, rged about two years carnet.»
its death by drowning la*t Saturday. A
wt"h tub contain ng water was setting on
!i>e back porch of tbe re»idenre,into which
the little child fell unnoticed
The life
less body was discovered by the motbtr
about fifteen minutes afterwards.
----------- ♦—------- -
A. 0. V. W. Lecture.
o. B. Whittemore, grand lecturer of the
V. W for this jurisdiction, wdl be n
Jacksonville on the 25th inst. ami deliver a
lecture on matters pertaining to th»* order
Arrangements are being made for en en
tert»inment on that day, to which the pub­
lic is invited. Excellent music will b“ pro­
vided for tbe occasion.
A Girl Worth having.
The Orchard Hor^e tract, near Medford,
A good bridge should be built across
Sterling creek. At present it is next to is now under tbe superin tendency of Henry
Pohlman, a fruit tree expert lately from
impossible to cross that stream.
Buy a Whitt,
Lo« Angeles, who has himself bought five
of tbe land.
Eradicate fruit pests.
performed an operation, has recovered so
Welch, the veteran sawmill man,
(train is looking well.
far as to be able to return borne.
contemplates removing his mill to the
Emil DeR iboaru will build a long string railroad during the coming season, having
The White is still king
of fence on his farm in this precinct. He secured a contract at tie-cutting for
Wakeup! Cleanup!! Fixup!!!
has contracted for over 8d0 cedar post».
the railroad company.
It commenced raining again yesterday.
A fine line of trunks, valise» and hand
The official figures show that the fares on
Fresh ti'h are being brought to market bags of all sizes and price» has just been the R. R. V. R. R. average about 50 per day,
received at the 8. F. Variety Store.
a pretty good showing for hard times.
Next comes 8t. Patrick's Day—March
There is no longer any doubt as to tbe
Very popular, verv small, very good. De road paying expenses.
Witt’s Little Early Risers, the pili fur con­
A large majority of our people are op­
Cures while you wait— Preston s “Hed- stipation, biliousness, sick headache.
posed to discontinuing the night watch, as
The wives of T. P. Kahler and 8.S. Aiken thev know that the marshal has very little
G A. Hollenbeak and wife were here of Flounce Rock precinct have both been to do during the day, and bis services at
quite sick, but are convalescent now.
night are far the must valuable. ,
W H Lewis of Applegate has been in
Tbe T imes office is turning out heaps of
McKinley Mitchell of French Prairie.
town lately.
job work of all kinds. The neatest print­ Marion coiiuty. who lately passed through
valley on his return from a trip to
H. P.trhcn of Mott, Cal , »¡»ent Tuesday
in Jacksonville.
John Bigham is now a resident of San Washington, D. (?., has failed in business.
Liabilities, 940,000; assets, $.50,000.
Eggs have become plentiful ami are quo­ Joaquin county, CaL. where he is engaged
in the fruit industry and doing w—11.
Mrs. 8. R. Taylor’s boarding-house on
ted at 15 cents. ,
California street is deserving of and ie-
J. B Montgomery of Butte creek was in plished pianist, is teaching a class in music ceives a large share of the public patronage
town on Sunday.
since the completion of the railroad. It is
and is giving the best of satisfaction.
second to none for accommodations.
Tbe newly elected town officers will qual­
All tbe streams were very high the fore­
ify this evening.
Catarrh, neuralgia, rheumatism and
part of the wt*ek, (*au“ed by the copious most diseases originate from impure blood.
S. K. Witt of Woodville precinct was rain on Monday and tbe melting snow.
Cleanse it, improve it. purify it with De
here Wednesday.
Fresh buckwheat flour, rolled oats, honey, Witt’s Sarsaparilla and health is restored,
Good bal’d hay commands 112 a ton maple sugar and other table delicacies strength regained. Sold by E. C. Brooks
aboard the cars.
just received at the 8. F Variety Store.
R J. Hartman of the general land office
H. Harrison has returned from his trip
Winter has been somewhat “lingering in nt Washington has been at Lakeview dur­
the past week, studying up the swamp­
to Josephine county.
the lap of spring, ' but there is every sign
land question and investigating the
John SjJ-acv ami his son An'drew were of its getting the grand bounce very soon. management of the land office at that place.
here u fewr day s since.
A tew copies of the American Settler’s
Line Repairer Whittle of Ashland was
S Fitzgerald of Gold Hill was quite Guide, standard authority on all land
matters, may be found at tbe T imes office. in Jacksonville re-establishing connection
sick during till week.
with the Postal system last week. Will
8 Sergent bid in the lots sold at sher­ Miller now has the office at this place, his
Rogue river ia booming, owing to tbe iff C. s sale
last week at tbe court house, being headquarters being at R. A. Miller’s office.
rams and melting snow.
lots 6, 11 and »2 in Culver’s plat of Pbce iix.
U R. l’at'erson of Woodville was at
Numerous water-rights were located on
It is the intention to have the postponed
(«rani's Pa>s last week.
Rogue river and Butte creek before
shooting-match at Gold Hill sometime upper
passage of the flume bill, and a
Lmle of the tax levied for the present during the spring, when the weather settles. clashingot interests will result, whenever
year has been collected.
Commissioner Whitman,who has made a the company commence to construct the
Forepaugh s circus will show in this sec­ personal investigntion ot the willow» ill flume.
tion of Oregon in August.
this section, says that even they are full of
By the provisions of the new Australian
ballot law it will be necessary to subdivide
Fresh oranges, candies, lemons and nuts
Medford, Jacksonville and Central
Mrs Z F. Moody and Miss Edna left by
at the 8 F. Variety Store.
the overland train Sunday evening for a Point precincts, each of these having more
W. M. Miller of Applegate precinct spent brief visit to Jacksonville.—¡Salem States­ then the stipulated number of 250 voters
Wednesday in Jacksonville.
The trial of Jos. Goodwin, formerly of
T L Linkswiler of Eagle Point is about
It is reported that tbe 8. P Co. will this place, will be commenced at Redding
again alter his recent illness.
hereafter ibtain its supply of gravel from about the 23d of next month. He is charged
Assessor Hamilton has commenced his tlie inexhaustible deposits in Jackson with killing a man at Fail river valley, Cal ,
work of assessing the county.
named Hall, while having some dispute
There has been a superabundance of rain with him.
> bool assessment schedules, receipts,
during tbe past few weeks, and ihe pleasant
The board of trustees shouid order a
etc , tor .-ale at the T imes office.
spell of weather now prevailing is welcomed street lamp placed near the railroad de­
Bu*iness is looking up and money will by all.
pot, as
badly needed. At present pas­
no doubt be more plentiful soon.
<>n ihe evening train experience
Every tissue of the body, every bone, sengers
The R. R V R R. Co. finished their muscle and organ, is made stronger and more or less inconvenience in getting ot!
switch in Jacksonville this week.
more healthful by tbe use of Hood’s Sarsa­ the cars in ttie dark.
Once in seven years—the body is re­
The lumber output of Jackson county parilla.
newed. Th«* blood must have th»* elements
was over 2 ».U0U,tMO feet last year.
John R. Stearns, the new superintendent of
vitality. Wright’s Compound Syrup of
I he A bland ami Jacksonville school tax of the AshlHini water works, has qualified Sarsaparilla cleanses and enriches the
and entered upon ihe discharge* of his blood, and gives a new impetus to life.
w*l. be delinquent in a few days.
Hold by ail druggists.
First-« las» cedar fence posts foi sale In
School (’lerk Huff r reports 2frj sc hool
quantities to suit at the T imes office.
W. H. Parker has recently been en­
children in Jacksonville distric t, a gain of
The roads were never before in such a 15 over lMjui. There are 150 malesand 142 gaged in overhauling tbe probate records
an old case supposed to have been set
sorry pi ght at this season of the year.
tied years ago, ami there is a prospect of
Monthly installments of ll<» will buy a
Tbe prospects for big grain, fruit and the heirs reaping <juite a harvest as the re­
' house and lol in Tolo from Scott Griffin. •
vegetable cr ¡»s are first class. Southern sult of his researches.
Oregon will boom if our anticipations are
Henry L. White of Rock Point precind
Dancing is becoming popular in Jackson­
and Mrs. Tyler of Grant's Pass were united
ville again. There will be a party to-night. realized.
The Lake county “ Examiner” reports the in matriiuonv at the last-named town last
A dramatic entertainment by the Ladies marriage
recently of Robt. Bagley of Sum­ Saturday. Ihe many friends of tbe con­
Relief Corps is annouuced at Ashland.
mer lake to Mi“S Annie Collison of Cham- tracting parties tender their congratula­
tions and best wishes
S ubscriptions to the daily and weekly poeg, Or.
••Examiner” taken at the T imes office.
There have already been about a score of
J. W. Courtney reports that (he snow
Ten chests of Epicure tea, packed espec­ was a foot deep on (be Antelope divide irrigating companies formed u» Lake coun­
ially for ibi- trade,at Rrames At Wnite's. * •luring the late storm It soon disappeared, ty, all incorporated since tbe passage of tbe
Raley irrigation law, for the purpose of
Ira Drake is once more at home after his
building reservoirs and ditches fur irriga­
The ballasting of the railroad track pro­ tion and stock purpose®.
work for the railroad contractors atTaient.
gresses steadily. The rails m some of the
Ohl papers, in quantities to suit, for sale fields on the line have sunk to tbe level of
Governor Pennoyer lias been at Yaquina
at the T imes office at50cents a hundred.
the ground.
bay and is now at his home in Portland,
1« M. Ply male and wife of Medford visit­
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fredenburg of where he will remain until he rests up after
ed Mrs. Armstrong several days last week. Big Butte bad Ihe misfortune to lose their the legislative rush and regains his health.
He was unwe 1 dining tbe whole of the ses­
John W oih I s has been making substantial two-year-old child last week, after a sion, says tbe “Htateaman ”
improvements on his Woodville property. short illness.
Frequent calls for abstracts on the part
Assessor Hamilton has appointed A. S. of intending purchasers in this section
Grass is springing tip luxuriantly on the
ranges and affords t xcellent feed for stock.
necessitate the abstracters of the county,
are informed ibat he is well qualified for notably J. H. Whitman of Medford, to
So Minp'e yet always efficacious in all the position.
»¡»end n uch of their lime consulting the
biuous disorders is Simmons Liver Regula­
George Pennebaker visited his old home county records these days.
at Talent after returning from Salem, and
With the disappearance of the snow in
W. S. Cook and wife and Jos. Shoemake will go to California to engage in the nursery the Lake county section it is becoming ap
of Gall's ere« k visited Jacksonville yester­ business soon.
parent to ail that there will be an unprece­
Mrs Minerva Armstrong, whose serious dented yield of all cereals as well as hay in
Ten thousand feet of lumber at Sam’s val- illness alarmed her friends, is getting along that portion of Oregon, and the ranchers
lev >< hool-huuse for sale bv Scott Griffin of nicely and wiil soon be in the enjoyment of are correspondingly jubilant.
her usual health.
Since our careless legislators allowed bis
Superintendent ‘’rice will make the first
The storms which have been prevailing office to be rubbed of a large proportion of
apportionment of school funds in a short during tbe past month have delayed gar­ his legitimate perquisites, County Survey­
dening and spring seeding, which will con­ or A ¡»¡»legale has resumed c arpentering
and was engaged with the railroad bridge
sequently be la»«*.
I he bib* is removed, the head cleared and
carpenters several days last week.
dige.-f.on restored by Simmons Liver Reg­
C. N. Lambert, the Gold Hill miller, will
A portion of the stranded Hollis- I^nl
have bls mill-race deepened during the com­
ing summer, so as to do away with the dramatic company, which broke up at Eu­
Choice five-acre tracts in Nickell’s ad­ necessity of a dam.
gene last week, passed through the valley
dition to Medford are ottered on favorable
on a southbound freight the next day. The
C. I. Hutchinson is now the general rest of them were watching for a chance to
freight and passenger agent for the R R walk back when last heard from.
E Ray’s fish-traps at Gold Hill were V. R R. company and w ill doubtless give
Mr®. Barrett, tbe evangelist, is said to
swept away by ttie late freshet in Rogue satisfaction to all.
have converted 125 sinners during her stay
Everyday the great convenience of tbe at Roseburg. She also created a lively
A number of Jac ksonville people attend- R. R. V. railroad is demonstrated anew, sensation at Ashland, much to the disgust
vd the M E quarterly meeting at Medford ' and we are glad to see that it is being of some of the holy. We are informed that
hberahy patroniz <1.
Mrs B. is tbe notorious woman known in
east as Mrs. Malloy.
1 be best g< <»ds at the lowest prices at
R ;«mes A White’». Go and judge for
It is the intention of the Cbewaucan ir­
process figuring mill continues to be
discussed by our cit zens. It would help rigation company to have their ditch so
The employes of the R R. V. R. R. Co. the town very much
laid out as to cover at least 100 sections of
received their pay for the last month on
land. The reservoir will be located well up
Tbe present game law protects ducks the river and tbe canal will run almost due
T Uesday.
from March 15 to Heptember 1. Grouse, north until it reaches wbat is known as
Choice clean alfalfa seed, 13 cents a pheasants and ouail can only be killed Irom
Windy point.
pound in lots to suit at Neman’s store,Jack­ Heptember 1 to November 15.
The Lake county agricultural association
Miss Clem. Dodge of Gold Hill, who has
Oleson Swedish Company was been suffering a<utely with rheumatism, will bold a meeting at Lakeview on the20th
to elect directors and complete the
rhe attraction in Ashland last Saturday has experienced great relief under the treat­
work of organization. The association in-
ment of Dr. (»eary of Medford.
lends having everything in readiness to
Messrs Herington, Kmnev and Clement“
Wright's Jamaica Ginger—stnctly pure hold a most interesting fair on its own
were at the county-seat Tuesday on land An excellent remedy for cramps, colic and grounds next fall.
where a tonic for the stomach and bowels
Roseburg “plaindealer’* says that it is
.Xhssenger s sawmill in the Dead Indian is required. Hold bvall druggists.
reported that the mountain opposite the
-»ctK.n is preparing for a long season’s run
slide in Cow creek canyon is loose and
Don’t fail to secure a mower from Mrs
this year.
J. Karewskl
Y’ou will save money by moving slowly down hill. The railroad has
Miss Alice Mathews of Foots creek will i eating on her before all are sold
Hee ad been moved out of line about a foot, and is
liable at any time to be buried neath an
visit friends in Portland during the coin­ yertisemont elsewhere in this paper.
avalanche of rock.
ing month.
The weather is considerably warmer than
Hon. A. Snider of Like county was one
Rememl»er, tax payers, there will be no it was at the beginning of the month, and
few legislators who retained
extension of time in which to pay taxes the snow that fell on the mountains during of tbe
their health during the sessio.i of the htte
the past few weeks is disappearing.
this year
legislature. He relumed to his ronstitu
Notes, receipts.'lue bills. drafts, etc.. in
An elegant line of Windsor and four in­ ents and the bo-oin ot his family as sound,
book form, handy and first-class, at the hand ties, scarfs, lor summer wear, the mentally and physically, as when lie left
latest and handsomest styles, is now bring Lakeview for Halem.
T imes office.
displayed at the H F. Variety Store.
II. A. Harvey, who went to the insane
Judge Crawford of Medford was exhibit­
The largest and best stock of deeds, ing a splendid sample of tobacco grown in
oyliim a few years ago, has returned fully
rec< >vered.
Jacksonville, one day last week. For many
<>ur railroad continues to be well patron­ legal blanks south of Halem is kept at tbe years ranchers along Rogue river have
imes office and sold at Portland rates.
cultivated the plant hi a small way, pro­
ized. both »is regards the passenger and
freight traffic.
De Witt’s Little Early Risers never gripe ducing an excellent quality of the smoker’s
l>es( friend -natural leaf.
Patents are being received by those who or rause nausea. Mild but sure, assist
Attorneys east of the mountains antici­
took up the first timber claims on upper rather than force. Best little pill for sick
beadache, chronic constipation, dyspepsia. pate great things in tbe line of increased
Rogue river.
as a direct result »»f the passage
Miss Laura Harrison is ensconed in cosy
A »on of W. H Myers of Table Rock
of the Raley irrigation law. Riparian own­
precinct cut b:s foot quite severely one quaiters at the depot where she officiates in ers are preparing to uphold their real or
the dual capacity of W. C. telegraph op«*r
day this week.
ator and ticket agent for the R. K. V. R. IL fancied rights under it, and are inclined to
look upon it with suspicion.
A big assortment of fresh garden seeds,
If food sours on the stomach, digestion
a'f bfa, clover, timothy, etc., at the 8. F.
Have you a friend “back in America’’
Variety Store.
Risers wi«l remedy this The famous little whom you wish to remember you? Bend
the T imes for a year, and its weekly
Tho“«* residents of Jacksonville who at I ills that never grip«* ami never disappoint.
visits will he pleasant reminders of your
I termed the Josephine circuit court have
kindness. Remember, all the district news
returned home.
was shipped by Benj. Eggleston to Page A tor only |2 50 per annum, to any ¡»art of
B. F. Crouch, now of Linkville, will l<
Son ol Portland during the week; but the the I’nited States or Canada.
I cate on I j ; h land near Tolo during the com­ apple season is about over for this year.
At the Ashland school meeting last week
ing spring season.
Constipation, blood-poison, fever! Doc­ the proposition to purchase a new school
Mrs. Karewski yesterday sold one of her tors’ bills and funeral expenses cost about lot was voted down. Prof. C. F. Hhepherd
large gray horses to ohattuck A Patton of two hundred dollars; De Witt’s Little Early was elected director for the ensuing year
Risers cost a quarter. Take your choice. and W. A. Patrick clerk. About 140 voters
Josephine county.
It is quite the fashion now to take De were in attendance at the meeting and
Reames A White have just received
another large assortment of fine shoe®. Witt’s Little Early Risers for liver, stomach much interest was taken ir. the election.
(’»Il and -ee them.
and bowel disorders. They are small pills,
The following are the names of the pupils
but mighty good ones. E. C. Brooks sells of the Gold Hill school whose average stand­
M is» Rose Luy of this place is now learn­ them.
ing in attendance, studies and deportment
ing rhe ,,art preservative” in the “Mail '
The people of Jacksonville should not exceeded DOper cent, during the past month :
office at Medford.
neglect to clean up and beautify their John Cox. Will (’ox, Edith Dungey. Arthur
F»»r (he handsomest gent’s furnishing premises and give the town as neat an ap­ Parker, Ada Parker. Ollie Mnrksbury,
goods go to the 8. F. Variety Store. New pearance as possible. It will help matters Harold Cryder, Amy Cryder and George
stock just received«
Great sport was experienced by the young
Onions and potatoes »resold cheaper at
A summer friend—Wright’s Blackberry
the 8. F Variety Store, Jacksonville, Cordial. Once used always taken. Relia­ folks at the recent box social, reading and
than anywhere else.
ble and prompt. Pleasant to take. Indis- singing contest at the Gold Hill school.
¡»ensih'e for summer troubles. Hold by all The reading prizes were awarded by the
L. Lowden and family, who were in druggists.
judges to Misses Katie and Ollie Parker,
Jackson county last week, have returned to
the first prize for singing to Master Frank
Rowe Douglas courtly.
Citizens of Crescent city have proposed Parker and ihe second to Miss Inez Fitz­
to the b P. management that they will gerald.
Notwithstanding that the past few weeks build ba«f ol a railroad from this va.ley to
have been quite stormy .the loss of stock ha> »heir place, if the company will be equa ly
A solid plank sidewalk should lie built
along one side of C street, fiom the court
been small this season.
house to the depot. Jacksonville needs
Without a doubt this medicine will cure
Purifies the blood, increases the circula­ more good sidewa ks since the railroad
you. 1» has cured thousands. Take Sim­ tion. expels poisonous humors and builds whs built. The dirt thrown on either side
mons Liver Regulator.
up the system. Wbat more do you want a of the track should also be removed, as it
(’apt. H. Kelley, late of this county, wa» medicine to perform ? De Witt’s Sarsaparil­ ' does not he!|» the appearance of the street,
to say the least.
elected mayor of the town of Burns at the la is reliable.
late munic ipal election.
While grain is already getting rather
A number of prominent citizen» of Lake
First class baking powder, with a hand scarce in tbe valley this season, tue supply county are seriously considering the propo­
some prize added, only 65 cents a can, at of haj- is ample for all demands. Every­ sition to sink an artesian well in that region,
body is confident of a prosperous season to determine the feasibility of that method
the S F. Variety Store.
of irrigating and providing water for stock
James Cantrail and wife of I’niontown
in the dry season. There can be no »|iies-
will “oon remove to the ranch purchased of
of the success of the project If they
Portland this week. He has about decided tion
J. W. Richards last week
to breed his mare Alta. 2:23,’2. by Altamont, will but go deep enough.
Chas. Griffith of Eagle Point has been to Sid C. Benton’s Almont Medium, 2.33,
A train-load of tweoty-two cars of Cal­
making some improvements about bis by Happy Medium.
ifornia beef passed through Halem lately
prem ses during Ihe past month.
The best remedy for headache and neu­ on its way Co Portland. There must be
wrong with tbe Oregon beef pro­
Messrs. KI ppel, McGee,(«ruby and others ralgia is Wright’s Paragon Headache rem­ something
or the buyers. Why do ttie butchers
have recorded water-rights recently in the edy. Slops pain in five minutes. Harm­ ducers
beef? Is it because the beef is
less, tasteless, uo bad effects. Sold by all
upper Butte creek section
better, or are there no good cattle in
Oregon? We think r ot.
Thos Rdey his let a contract to clear
Everybody should spare neither pan s
a tract of land <>n bis Butte creek ranch to
Mrs. (’hatles Pruett of Central Point
8. A. Potter of Eagle Point.
¡»rec inct had a narrow escape from a horri­
I ake county will carry over almost half of
ble death on Wednesday of last week.
the last bay crop, to be util zed another year ern Oregon as a fruit-producing country de­ While descending from »be nay-mow, where
pends on it
when it will come in handy.
. -he had b eu hunting eggs, she slipped
A beautiful akin.bright eye*, sweet l»r» aib, and was precipitated up(.n a pitchfork
Wm. Anderson, aged
years, commit­
had beet» earele.-sly hit «landing be­
ted mietde i. lortlaudj ot long sinc e. I n good appetite, vigorous body, pure blood , which
side ihe siack. One ol the tines penetrated
tbe let er he kit behind him he. said that and good hen-th result from the use of D
be was operated on ty a doctor m Jackson­ Wilt's Saisaparilia. It i9 sold by E. C. while in doubt. and her recovery was for a
i Brooks.
After reading Mr. Gray’s experience in
the plating bu" nc‘s, I sent$3 to th'* Lake
Elect»ic (’»».. Englewood, 1'1 fora Plater,
and cleared 121 in a week Isn’t that pretty
g< od for a girl? Th» re is tableware and
jewelry to plate at every house; then, why
should any person be poor or out of em-
Iiloyment with such an opportunity at
ville, who ruined him for lifu.
The Raley irrigation law ia inducing
a number of people to plan and lay out ir-
d *ating ditch«» and canals In this section
as well a® cast of tbe mountain®. In Lake
county it is thought that it will work to tbe
benefit of large numbers of those who other­
wise would not be able to utilize ths re­
source® at command in this line.
Tbe same story of hard times is told in
the statement th «t com*« from every di­
rection that taxes are «*<»m!ng in unusually
slowly this season
It is ihe three t result
of the hard winter of a year ago and the
comparatively short crop last summer.
Another year will tell a different tale, if we
mistake not the signs of the times.
C. W. Kahler, E-q., is confined to his
room by a severe attavk of catarrh of the
stomach. We hope to see him about as
usual soon.
Prof. J. T. Hover, tbe book agent and
general rustler, is now engaged tn assisting
Prof. Gantard with bls dancing classes iu
the several Sound cities.
L. Stacy, late of Ashland, as now in the
butchering business at Tacnnta His son
Charles holds a position iu Vining Bros.’
hardware store at that place.
Wm. Clrich, district agentfor tbe Farm­
ers and Merchants Ins. Uo. of Albany, has
returned from his trip to California tn the
interests of that corporation.
W. R. Kirk, a stockholder in the Browns­
ville woolen mills, was tn Jacksonville
Tuesday, accompanied by W. I. Vawjer,
cashier of tbe Jackson County Bank.
A former resident of Lakeview, Mrs.
Buck, has been so fortunate a® to realize
about $60,000 from the »ale ot some min­
ing interests belonging to her late busband,
down in Arizona. During his lifetime be
invested heavily in copper mines,which bad
not turned out well prior to his death and
Alvin Bieberstedt of Butte creek, who
were not then considered ot any ba» been quite ill lately, recovered
sufficiently to.ride to the county-seat on
special value.
Our Willamette contems are loud in their
praise of the fine stall fed beef they have
been eating lately, which they credit to
California. Ttie fact of the business 1» that
the greater portion of this rich and juicy
beef is the result of the intelligent care and
attention of Jackson county feeders, prom
inent among whom may be named Fred
Barneburg A Sons.
A fire originated in the Ashland depot
last week from the telegraph wire® in the
office having ignited the hollow table leg
through which they come up to tbe sound­
ing board An operator present extinguish­
ed the flamer; but had it occurred at night
it would have doubtless resulted in a los®
of $50,000 to tbe company on building and
Rev. H. H. Fairall, D. D , editor of the
“L»wa Methodist,” says editorially, “We
have tested ttie merits of E y’s Cream Balm,
and believe that, by a thorough course ot
treatme nt, it will cure almost every case of
catarrh Ministers, as a class, are afflicted
with head and throat trouble®, and catanh
»ermM mure prevalent than ever. We can­
not recommend Ely’® Cream Balin too
highly.” I used Ely » Cream Balm for dry
catarrh. It proved a cure.—B. F. M.
Weeas. Denver.
On Tuesday, March 24th. the voters of
Ashland will have submitted to them the
proposition to buy a budding to be used as
a city ha1!, calaboose, etc. The matter has
been under discussion for sometime, many
holding ibat it would be cheaper for the
city to purchase property of its own during
the era of low price® rather than to con­
tinue paying h igh prices for rental ot
scattered quarters.
A sure cure for the whisky habit: Dr
Livingstone's Antidote for Drunkenness
will cure atty case of the liquor habit in
from ten to thirty days, from the moderate
drinker to tbe drunkard. The Antidote
can be given in a cup of coffee without the
know:edge ol the person taking it. The
Antidote will not injure the health in any
way. Manufactured by the Livingstone
Chemical Co.. San Francisco,; sold by
E.U. Brooks, Ja< ksonville; Miler A Strang,
Medford, Oregon.
The entertainment at the Presbyterian
church last evening was all that the most
sanguine had expected it would be. which
is saying all that need be said regarding it,
for <>ur people have learned that whenever
the ladies who superintend the performance
promise us a treat it is always forthcoming.
All perlormed their parts well, the lunch
was appreciated bv all present ami it is tbe
unanimous wish ol tbe community that we
may enjoy a repetition of tbe entertain­
ment al an early day.
Joseph V. Dory, of Warsaw, III., was
troubled with rheumatism and tried a
number i f different remedies,but says none
ot them seemed to do hint any good: but
finally he got hold ot one that speedily
cured” him. He was much pleased with it,
and felt sure that others similarly afflicted
would like to know what the remedy was
that cured hint. Hr states tor tbe benefit
of the public that it is called Chamberlain's
Fain-Balm. It is for sals at 50 cents
per bottle by our druggists, Dr. J. Hinkle,
Central Point,and G. H. Haskins, Medford.
Tbe Spring Medicine.
The popularity which Hood's Sarsaparilla
has gained as spring medicine is wonderful.
It possesses just those elements of healtb-
givittg. blood purifying and ap|ietite restor­
ing which everybody seems to need at this
season. Do not continue in a dull, tired,
unsatisfactory condition when ^ou may be
so much benefited by Hood's Sarsaparilla.
It purities the blood and makes tbe weak
Pronouuced Hopelrm. Yet Saved.
Front a letter written by Mrs. Ada E.
Hurd of Groton, 8. 1)., we quote: “Was
taken with a bad cold, which settled on
nty lungs, cough set in and finally termi­
nated in consumption. Four doctors gave
me up. saying I could live but a short time
1 gave myself up to my Saviour .determined
if I could not stay with my friends on
earth I would meet my absent ones above.
My husband was advised to get Dr. King's
New Discovery for consumption, cough*
and colds. I gave' it a trial, took in all
eight bottles; it has cured me, and thank
God I ant now a well and hearty woman."
Trial bottles free at E. C. Brooks’ drugstore.
Regular size 50 cts. and (1.00.
Wednesday. John Berg accompanied bint.
A. W. Scott, formerly in the contracting
and building business at Ashland, was a
passenger on a Southbound train one day
recently, seeking health and recreation tn
1 mtnediale relief bv using 1’ie-tons
"Hed Ake ’
---------- •---------
Miss Carrie Pfeiffer, daughter of Charles
‘ laPP>" au<» content is a bride with“Tlie F.o
Pfeiffer, proprietor of tbe Revere house at
Albany, died lately of pulmonary disease, lustershe lives in the light of the morning.
aged 21 years. She was well known in this '¡'vifArnnwrf. wrt/f
LaniP c-.’.
section and highly esteemed by all who
knew her.
Miss Mary Mathews was greeted by many
old friends at the Ashland depot on her
passage through the valley last week, to HKMENWAY-ln Linkville. Feb. it. l*sl, to
Mr. and Mrs ltr. Heinenway. a son.
join her father at the Klamath Iqdtan
agency. The rest of the family will follow COOPER-At Kenn, Fili. tK, 1«>1, to Mr. ami
from halem soon.
Mrs. JI, E. Cooper, a daughter
Miss Isabel Young of Seattle tarried at OOODYEAlt-ln Ashland, March 4, Issi, to
Mr. und Mrs. Robt. Gotulyenr, a son
her old home in Jacksonville a few days
last week, while on her way from San Fran­
lit t'nlontown pris-inct. March 3.
cisco. She is manager clone of the lead BENNETT
1K»1, totbewifeof the late Chas. Bennett, a
ing millinery establishments in tbe queen
city of Washington.
DA VIS—Al Gold Hill. Feli.ZI, Is'JI. to Mr. and
Mrs. G M. Davis, a sort.
JORDAN Near Talent. F< l>. 27. IW1. to Mr.
and Mr*. F. M. Jordan, a daughter
V. Cook arrived at Sterlingvilleyesterday.
G. W. Heckathorn was among our visi­
tors last week.
—In Grant’s Pass, Fei>. 26, 1*91, La­
Judge Dav has added a fine, large map WINDERS
vina Winders, wile ot John Winder*: aged
to his office collection.
44 years.
John F. Swift, minister to Japan, died at
bis tost on the 10th inst.
It. A Cook of Foots creek, ex-county
commissioner, is in town.
Miss Kate Hoffman is suffering with a
severe attack of tonsilitis.
C. B Watson, assistant clerk of tbe state
senate, returned home on Sunday.
Burglaries and conflagrations may be
averted by continuing the nightwatch.
S.ntmons Liver Regulator has never been
known to fad to cure all liver di«eases.
Lit< r I had a bad attavk of Gravel, six j<*ars
ago last Juno bow well I renu inbvr that day
— I saw Ur. Kennedy’* Favorite K< inc<!> <ui-
vertieed in our paper. Alter using thr«<-
bottles I wa*- well. I have never had a return
of the disvase. and though 1 am over sixty
years of ag»- I am vigorous and strong, a*. J
was in my ¡»rime. What physicians and ihe
many rvihedic* 1 had taken could not do Ur.
Kenne<iy’s Favorite R<*inedy did; It staye<i the
disease and made me a well woman.—Mr*.
Emvlin«* P. Mi/.er, Burg Hill, Ohio.
Mrs P. N. Hogue of Talent will remain
with her aged parents in Wyoming during
tbe coming summer.
No pill or nauseating jrotion. but a pleas­
ant tonic and purgative is Simmons Liver
H. F. Wood is pushing the railroad com­
pany’s de|Mtt at Medford to completion,
and is doing a good job.
Tbe railroad company is talking of bond­
ing Wimer A Allison s lime kiln, one of
the best in Southern Oregon.
Fully Abreast with the Time».
rive here and open tbe Hayes shop.
C. H. Hargadme of Ashland last weekob*
rained a coop of bronze turkeys from ttie
Willamette valley lor his breeding yards,
ttie gobbler weighing fully to pounds
“Caatoria is sn well axiapted to children that
J rncomm«*n<l it superior to any prescription
known to me.”
H. A. A rcher . M. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
“The use of ‘Pastoria* is so universal and
lta merits so well knuwn that it secuu» a work
of supererogation to endorse it. Few are the
intelligent rainiHe® who do uot keep Castona
witlun easy reach '•
C arlo » M abtyn , D.D ,
New York City.
Late Pastor Bloomingdale Beformed Church.
Caatoria cures Colic, OonatipatHn.
Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea. Kructation,
Kills Worms, give» sleep, and promotes di-
W ithout injurious medjcatioA.
“ For several years I have recommended
your • CasVTria,' and shall always continue to
do ao as it has invariably produced beneficial
Eowiw F. Paann, M. D.,
“ Tbe Winthrop. ” lJ&th Street and 7th Are.,
New York City.
T bs C xntavm C ovpamy , 77 M usbat S tbxxt ,
--------- AT----------
G. & C. MEKR1AM g CO., Publisher«,
Springtleld. Mass., P. R. A.
Bold by ell Booksellers. Illustrated psrr.j-hletfrsa
The undersigne d in now manulM<-turln< at
th«* Meadow* Sawmill in Jackson county.
Mn .iff little f,rttine»hB»e been rnfftlegt
woik f t Its, bv A' -.a l efr. Austin,
• r><! .1n«’> |b. nn. Toledo, Oil io.
cut ‘ »there ar* d<.ing aa we'l Why
Some «-am «»ar »SOO. 04» a
cm, «In th* work and lit«
h> reter you are Even be­
en, ¡1v earning fr«>nt »8 to
W e show you h'-w
»•■II. < an * • rk in ai>are tint«
of al! th* time.
nmnet ¿ r work­
bj A.M.Willson of Gru-nliaf. Kaneae. and wfl
saj to the public that we have the
Failure unkii 'Mi nmcnf th*m.
M IV a nt! wottderf .' I'articulain free.
Bnt and Mont llurablr Marhiae
■I. llalletC «<* Co., IB«»* HMO I*«»rtlnn<1, Maine
in thc*8tatc. and will put it against any other
manufacture* for
A V 1'..% K T
I undertake t" 1 nefly
teu 11 a ut tnn’y m'rli <»ti’ |-era..t <tf either
•rt. v b • an ’• •<! ami m rite, and ah",
(after instr ■ tf -n. will work in.1ustn. ualy,
h w t " earn Three I houaaad hollar« a
Year m their own Im all firn »» hef «> r tliet lite 1 at ill also furnish
the situati. ii <.r rmp -t nient.nt v > ht t can earn that amount.
\<i tnonev f. r ,n* untesa •
<«»•• a»nl-t> 1 a«i 1» a nd «p: ■- k I y
learned i drair* but oi e « <rk.-r ft nm • a h di«tr<'t reoutity I
hate area fv taug'it a ! I- '.!••«' with rni|! ' mmt a laige
number, w It a • ► ma kiiip - ' *r f StHMl a t' ■ r *• •> It» X I.
and MOI.I 1». I
• ulars F |< I'.l’.. A'! 'reaa at . u s,
12. C- Al»l.KN. IB«rx
AugtiMis, Muinr
I)<»liver<*d to any address in my district.
AddrfH* all order® to Sain'H Valley. Oregon
Sheriff Birtlsey has entered suit against
the county of Multnomah for the extienses
incurred in capturing and keeping Milord
Roberts during the mt morable blockade of
A road should be built to Cinnabar, via
Jacksonville, a* it would be < f great benefit
to the valley Our citizens should lose no
time ill lending the necessary assistance to
ttie enterprise.
Those owning land around Jacksonville
should lend their assistance to the develop,
ment of this section by dividing up their
possessions and putting th< tn on the mar
ketat reasonable figures.
The latest dispatches announce the ebetion
of Gen. John M. Fainter as I . 8 Senator
from Illinois, twoof the Farmers' Alliance
representatives having voted for bun. The
election took place on the IMth ballot
The various building and loan associa­
tions are jubilant over the passage by the
legislature of an act declaring their mem­
bership contract loans non-usurious, the
matter having been a mooted fioiiit here­
During ihe recent snow blockade in Lake
county it required 4H hours for the R< tiding-
• Lakeview stage to get from Adin to Richer,
a distance of but 15 miles. Travel on the
line has been virtually suspended since
Ftbruary 2H:h.
Mrs. Van Dttz"e, an educated blind
woman .gave some exctlient Illustrations of
the methods in vogue tor lifting the veil
of darkness front the eyes of the afflicted in
a lecture at the Ganiard opera-house at
Ashland last Tuesday evening.
The fire insurance compact has made an
average reduction of about ft per cent from
tbetr former rates on Ashland risks, in re­
sponse to that town's petition after the
water-works system was completed; hut
the rates there are still very high—too
much so
‘The R< Hector-'is ihe name of a neat
and spicy journal published monthlv by ilte
literary societies of ihe State Vniversitv
at Eugene. A E Reantes is editor in-chiel
and K. K. Kubli Laurean editor Both are
Jacksonville boys and acquit ibemselves
We are pleased to note the promotion o!
I. W. Berry, formerly of Jacksonville, to
the position of first warden of lite peniten­
tiary made vacant by the resignation of
Mr.’ McKinnon. Wils, made a first class
second warden and will no doubt fill his
new ¡Ktsition creditably also.
Those wishing to sell goods of any kind
Willdowe'l to consult D. 8. Yocxos, Sec­
ond hand Dealer. Medford.
This is what you ought to have: in fact,
you must have it. to tully enjoy lite. Thou-
“and® are searching for it daily,and mourn
itig because they find it not. Thousands
upon thousands of dollars are spent an­
nually by our teople in the hope that they
may attain this boon. And yet ft may be
had bv all. We guarantee that Electric
Bitters’, if used according to directions and
the u«e persisted >n, will bring you gm«i
digestion ami oust the demon dyspepsia
and install instead .ttp-p-y We recom­
mend Electric Bitter* for <iy>p p'ta »"■> »11
diseases of liver «tontacb ami kulnevs.
Sold at QOC. ami |1 W per bottle by all drug­
Y obx
end aa a diatinguiahing title, bears
the name of Webster s Interna­
tional Dictionary.
Editorial work upon thia reviaion
haa been in active progreee for over
Ten Years. Mot leaa than One Hun­
dred paid editorial laborera have
been engaged npfin it.
Over 6300.000 expended in its
preparation before the ffrat copy
waa printed.
Critical compariaon with any other
Dictionary ia invited. Get the Beat.
W. A. Grondahl ot the 8. I*. Co accom­
panies the railroad commission ill its
travels. He was here Saturday, as al.-o
was Frank Miller, theclerk.
J P. Mattingly, wbo arrived from Klam­
ath county yesterday, reports that sec­
tion in a flourishing condition. Prospects
are good for a prosperous year.
for Infant» and Children»
The Siskiyou stone company now show
some splendid specimens of dressed Slot e
at their quarries above Aslilai d.
Rev. Robt. McLean of Grant's Pass was
prevented from tilling his recent appoint­
ment at Ihe Congregational church at
Ashland by reason of being ill.
A big quantity of granite, cut into fine,
large blocks, is being shipped to Portland
It makes handsome building material.
Justice Marksbury of Gold Hill called
Rev. Father Watry is now established at
this place, but will hold services on the
D. I^hners of rhoeinx made us a call last Sunday <>f each month at Ashland
A large quantity of first-class wood is be
Mrs. 8. E lilt made Jacksonville a visit ing taken from the Holman addition to
on Wednesday.
Jacksonville, under the management of T.
Marshal Mayfield ot Ashland spent, a J. Kenney.
day here recently.
Evans A Brunk of Ashland la*t week re­
B. F. Wade of Sam's valley was in Jack­ juvenated tbe front of D. R. A E V Mills' log the Family, School, or Professional Library
store with a new dress of white with gold
sonville yesterday.
The Authentic Web,ter'« Una­
Sam VanDyke of Eden precinct made us
“The Last Loaf was presented by tbe bridged Dictionary, compriaing the
a call on Wednesday.
of 1864. '19 A *84. copyrighted
local dramatic clubat the Neil school-house
W. T. Anderson of Eden precinct was last Friday evening tn creditable style to a property of the undersigned, ia now
Thoroughly Revised and Enlarged,
large audience.
one of our visitors last week.
W. K Cuiton ot Gall's creek and Chas
While of Bogue river called on Tuesday.
J. B. Sollner, the Sisson, Cal., tailor, was
here the forepart of the week taking orders.
Geo 1{. Hammersly has been at Gold
Hill for sometime past, engaged in mining.
Judge Webster has been confined to his
room by sickness, but is able to be about
A S. Barnes came home at Ashland from
a canvassing trip to the Sound during the
L. F. Christian, who has been in Portland
for several monllis past, returned home
last week.
Larkin McDaniel, an old resident of tIt s
county, will soon leave for Iowa to perma­
nently locate.
Miss Ida Cantrall of I’niontown visited
her friend. Miss Halite Realties of Jackson­
ville. last week.
M. Purdin, a prominent cit'zen of Med­
ford, called at the T imes office one day
dining Ihe week.
Frank 8. Dearbort-, a pioniinent business
man of Salem, visited fi lends tn Jackson­
ville on Tuesday.
Mrs. Annie Young returned home to
Jacksonville last Friday from her visit to
Ashland trends.
Judge Print has gone to Portland and
wid return this week, accompanied by his
wile and daughter.
Mrs. A. T. Kyle returned home to Ash­
land last week after a pleasant visit with
relatives at Albany.
F. J Boughton, representing the " West
bltore.’ was in the valley in the interest of
that journal last week
Geo. W. Colvig and A. N. Hamilton,
railroad commissioners, tarried a while in
Jacksonville last week.
Gen. T. G. Keantee went to Ashland
Wednesday morning on business connected
with tbe Masonic order.
Geo. E. Bloomer, court I y treasurer, has
been coutined to his room this week, but
is able to be about again.
Francis Fitcb, Esq., tbe Medford attor­
ney, lias been at the county -seat on several
occasions during tbe week.
It. T. Vining was expected this week to
visit in Ashland, on bis way to California
He is still living at Tacoma.
John Butterworth and family have re­
turned to Ashland to reside, after remain­
ing at Yreka for almost a year.
Messrs, l’attee, Moore, Rose and Milsap
of Flounce Rock precinct were al tbe
county-seat Tuesday on land business.
Cncle Nick Wright and family of Pnion-
tow n precinct visited Jacksonville last week.
8o did 8. C. C'arier of the same section.
Mrs E. B. Hunsaker and children te-
turneti to Ashland last week, after a pro-
itacled visit with relatives iu 1-ane county.
P. B. Whitney, who has been auditing
with stuiuacli trouble* hr sometime past,
stopped 6'ver at Ashland for a short stay.
Miss Emma Bloontingcamp, who has
been visiting friends al Central Point and
Ashland, last week returned home to Bogus.
Ward Douglas has removed front Walla
Walla to Spokane Falls, where he is still
iu the employ of the New ^ork Life Ins.
John Hockenjoe, who was strnck on the
head with a slick of wood by Manon Bai­
ley. has recovered so far as to be able to be
Mr. Hutchinson, freight and prssenger
agent of the R K. V K. R., is tn Jackson­
ville frequently since assuming that posi­
Harry Smith and Godfried Peters of
Yreka ‘were northbound passengers one
day last week, fora visit to Oregon's nte-
G. W. Hayes has trailed hi» property in
Jacksonville tor a blacksmithing business
lit .viissotila. Montana. Ttie person with
whom he made the bargain will soon ar­
Measles at Talent caused the postpone
merit of th* entertainment announced by
Prof. W. .1. Dean.
Daisy Pinter, daughter of H. Pitm r of
Plui'iiix died of croup on Monday, aged
about three years.
l>r. Kenm-d h ' h Furoritf llt nu rli/
Prepared by
Ashland’s society folk* will honor St.
Patr ck next Tue-day with a “grren " ball UR.
>1 |»er l»< »ttie. Six fur$5. Byall druggists.
al ttie opera-house
E M . Miller is now managing Smith A
Leabo'.s store at Ashland, and acting as
agent for J. W. Hockersmith's bacon ami
pork products.
Jonn Wolters will re-open the City Bakery
in Jacksonville. As he is an old and first-
class hsttd at the buslines he will no doubt
give satisfaction
P. W Pattison is now sole owner of the
popular cigar store at Ash and where he
has been associated tn business with C. W.
Johnson lieiet« fore.
Messrs. Bleakie, Day. Ku*s>ll and Gay
of Flounce Rock precinct, wbo ma Ie final
proof on their land claims yesterday, paid
the T imes office a call.
Therein nothing! now enjoy that i do not
owe to having uaed Dr. David Kennedy's
Favorite Remedy, of Rondout,N. Y.. at a time
when 1 was buffering all that a human being
could endure. My troubles began in my kid.
neja from which 1 never expet h-d to recover.
My Physician said 1 had
Ed. Warman of Medford was among
the callers during the week
J B. Saltmarsh of Sterlingville was one
of our visitors during the week.
Hon. J S. Herrin and Attorney Briggs
of Ashland were here on Wednesday.
Enoch Hamilton of Ashland has been on
Applegate paying bis relatives a visit.
Dr. Jone* and F Hubbard of Medford
were tn Jacksonville last Wednesday.
Sei ator Calm ron went to Gallce creek
this week to look after bis mining interests.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.— U. S. Gov’t Report, Aug. 17. 1889,
»ran be earned at <>nr KFW line ofweric
■ ■lliiru .
« ti -
Ivl 11 111 I" I'
• * -
-s I .
lllwllnB ■ one . ail •(»• the « <<rh
1 aay f.. I.arn
We furnish everything V * start v. u \ n*h You c«n devot«
your «parr ni >ments. or all your time to the *nrk
1 his is «n
entirely n»w lead.and bring« wonderful mi e«s t every « rkcr.
Rertnner« are earning iron« f Si to »i® p*r w • • k and upwards,
and mor* after a little ei i.rriem e We can fumt»h you the em-
plovment and t*seh v u « HF« .
space t « • s | in u here Full
ialurnzauvo »KKk. 1 It I F A < O . AC tel bld, BAlkt.
fallowing time scheih le will
lake fib ft Sundae, Feb. 22. 1*01.
T he
Leave .Jacks«»nvtll< at H:30 *. M.. 1:0(1 r. m .
5:40 r. m .
M-ave Whetna k at b;40 A. M.. 112 r. m
5:48 P. M.
L«*av»* Harbaugh's at H:43 A. M.. 1.17 I*, m .
1*. M.
Leave Davisvillc at 8;50 A. M., 1:27 r. M.
.5:55 P. m .
Arrive at McsHordat v ; imi a . M.. 1:40 r. N.
MIO I* m .
hiic I
I tun now offering at great bargain* the following :—
24 new Deering Mowers.
The Steam Flouring Mill
2 Deering Twine Bintiers.
in Jacksonville.
12 fine draft hoi>et» weighing
2 (-rang Plows.
1,2<MI to
♦! Star Sickle Grinders.
25" tons Alfalfa Ilav.
2 Freight Wagons.
4 Milk Cows.
7 Five and Seven Tooth Culti
90,W0 feet of Lumber.
Neck Yoke*, Double ami Single Trees. Wagon Spring Scats, liar
rows. Stove ami Mower Extras, and a great many other
articles too numerous to mention.
For parliculars aud terms call or write to
MRS. J. K AREWSKI, Executrix, Jacksonville, Or
Ltwve M'dford at 10:00 A. M., 2:00 P. M. and
7: M) I*. M.
Leave Davisvlllf at 10:10 a . m .. 2:12 i *. M.and
7;37 i*. M.
Leave Harbaugli's at 10:17 a . m ., 2:20 r. M. anti
7:41 I’. M.
Leave Wlu trtH k at 10:20 a . m .. 2:23 !’. M. And
7:4Í» I*. M
Arrive at Jaekrtonvllle at l(k30 A. m .. 2:40 r. m . I
and 7:55 i’, m .
In the Countv Court ot the State of Oregon,
for the County of Jackson.
In th«* matt»*r of th«* •*♦*»<• of Win. Woolly
H administrator of the estate of Win. Woolly.
d4*«'<*afu*d. has tiled in th«* G’unty Court
of Jax'keon county, Oregon, his final account
a® such administrator, and by order <»f »»aid
Court Tuewlay. April 7. 1K»1.
hour of
10 o’clock a . M.. is sot forbearing tbereol. All
persons int«*r»i«trd are hereby notified to ap­
pear and tile his or her <»l»j»*cti«»ns to aaia ac­
count on or before said day
Publishes! by order of H<»n. J. R. Neil, Judge
of Mid court.
Administrator «»f aaid »wtate.
Dates! March a, law!.
Gold Hill. - - - Oregon.
Choice Location? and Prices Reasonably
Estray Notice
pla< t- <»n Ward s creek, a red cow branded
“V C” <»n right hip; had a strap around the
horns; also a r«-d cow brand»*»! "X" on right
hip: al*o 3-yfar-oid Meer, brindle, with white
no brand»», but »-ar-inarkR as follow®;
SWallow-fork and iind« r-bit in left, an»! u nder-
bit hi right. Informati» n as to the wh«r«a»
b’luts of the above dcsuribecl stock will be
gla<ll> r«*eeived.
G. F. 8CHM1DTLE1N. W^JviUc. Or.
Notice of Final Settlement
ThcS. B. HE adache and L ivek C une taken
according to dtrectionH will k»*< |» your Blood,
Liver and Kidney« In g^ai order.*
Th«* 8. B. C ough C uke for Cold®. Coughs
aad Ooup« in connection with the ll»*adn<-h»*
Cure, la as nt*ar perfection asanythiny known.
The S CB. A lpha P ain i re t<»rinternal aad
external uav. in Neuralgia. Toothaehe.Cramp
Colic and « hol«*ra Morbus is uneurpaaaed.
They ar«* well lik»*«i wherever known Manu­
factured at Dufur, Ureacon. For ®aie b>
i p by the i ndkxsignkd . w
Central Putin pnviiict, Ja<-k*on county,
T aken
Or<-«on, on*- red cow. branded "K"’ on rifnt
hin ear mark*, crop "t and two anllta an<
underMt in Habt ear: alao up|*-r half-cro* Iff
left ear. lint- r**l and white .potted brtfer.
two year* old. not marked nor branded: one
red bull with white face, y*-arlin« part, no
Caine to my place in
nt-’rk- or bran
DdlTrubcr. 1