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    W. K. Lips« it. th«* <•!♦ v«*r marksman, divided
fir-'t honors with Scott Howard ut the recent
tournament at M Hitague. Cal.
We need an«! must have a newspaper
Cot. N. If 'iATr.a, a well-known law-
K - .«r.hMving (Usn.»«»d of his property -
< • r, ilied at The Italic« on Monday, at Yr k.i. <’al., will probably b«s*oiu<- a perma­
Tne sale of J. W. Hays’ livery diable Las
wliere ln> had l.ved since 1835. lie had nent rcsi’l« nt uf LinkvUle soon.
MAN .1
Klamath county never pr* cent rd a hand- not been consummated as yet.
be. n mayor, county ju Ig-, joint senator M<>iu<-r appearance than it th» mu .»«' Every­
A new variety store is among the iiume*
ami representative in tint legislature, thing is growing nicely and all ar«* busy.
diate possibilities in Central Poi it.
W ith the movement nf English and and was considered un intell'geut and
The p«-»ph‘ of Haynesville arc raising a fuad
Many of our citizens were at the cuunly*
for the bviwtlt <»f tin* aquaw, residing at Tulo
American war vesrela to Behring sea, thoroughly reliable man.
lake, win» saved the life ot Meacham in the •cH lust Saturday to attend the fair meet­
it begin* to look as though the eeai fish­
T ub Nicaragua canal company has Modoc war.
ery question may serve to keep Secre­ dispatched tfie tirgt shipload of men and
Several neat and stylish cottages will b«*
tary Blame from dying of rnnwi before
There is no town in southern Oregon
suppltea to Nicaragua, to begin tlw work built in th«* neighborhood of K**n > this sum­ i where more enterprise is displayed than
the expuiHiun of his term of office.
The dugout and shantj era has drawn
ot building the inter-oceun'c caual. t*> a close.
Con (ruction work w ill begin at once,
Many of our citizens will attend the
Mrs. G *o. Niek'-rson an 1 children of (.’all­
L ast Sun«iay Reno, N<’va«Lt, < i* vis­
and befme the lapse of another decade forma arrive 1 from Ashland last w«‘ek, ac­ gran t celebration at lhe county-seat on
ited by the tiie ti nd, an*i more than a
wo may look to see the oceans united by companying Gilbert Anderson home for a pro­ Juiy4tb 0 •
quarter of. a million «ioiUr.s’ worth of
tracted stay.
Mrs. M. Peterson, who ha« been quite ill
prop« rty was consumed in AU incredibly a water-way winch will prove a formi­
Several teamst«*rs are hauling wheat, eggs
dable com|K’titor to the transcontinental
short time. About half of the loss ih
an i other produce to the railroad. A few during the past week, is retried better at
covered by insu«an<*e. This is the third railways in the cotunierce of this coast. y«*ars ago it was just the other way. Who says Ibis writing.
we are not progr«*saing.
Go tn J. C. Sheridan’s for your hard­
big tne in Reno in twelve years.
A t (lie annual meeting of the National
Linkvlllc’s celebration on July 4th will bv ware. tinware, and tiie celebrated Superior
Civil Service Asseciatioti held recently one of th«* best ever held east of the mountains, St. L >uis stove.
Tnc governor of Illinois hat called out in Now York, Hie address of its presi­ am! activ«* preparation ar«* already being made
It is reported that the ow ner of one of
the militia to quell a iiot among ll.e dent, George William Curtis, was read therefor by the band boys.
Flour is a drug in tin* mark'd at Sis a thou­ our hardware stores proposes trading Lis
striking coal miners at Brai lwood. Illi­ by the secretary. It was devoted to a
sand. We pr«*dict«s| that Klamath county business fora iuriu.
nois. l'ba strikera are principally Ital­ careful review of the acts of Mr. liarn- would soon l»e a great grain-growing section,
The planing mill, cannery and fair
ians an I the civil authorities were totady eon's administration since his induction and our prediction has been veritnsi.
ground buildings will give employment
incapable of coping with them. More of into office, and shows how utterly disre-
Fred Sp< ncer, who was so s«*v, rely used up tj a Urge number of o ur citisens this
a M ■ ar bj a roi k-biaM < xploalon, nas never sutLmt r.
the beauties of our tariff and gardful ol its civil-service pledges his I fully
recovereti from his injuries received at
paupci-contract system.
patty has tieen.
Chas. Rippey ba«i the misfortune to lose
tiiat time, and is sti.'i incapacitat«-d for hard
a valuab e cow. which became entangled
E vil HY technical violation of the land
Th«.» ‘Star'’ says that it is now probable* that in a picket rope uud broke her neck last
T h « (tension appropriations for the laws should Ire thoroughly considered
Conger will rais«* a crop of peaches, apri­ Monday.
current ti-cal year aggregate »88.AJO,(KM); Is-foie it >s held conclusive against the Joe
cots an i m*ctarin«*s this s«*asun from his young
J. W. Merritt’s building has had the “in­
and still we have hard times. The claimant, and we are glad to see that orchard in Linkvilie. His nppl«» and plum
sides” turned out of it, and after some
scheme of the negro race, to secure an the interior department is very Literal in trees will bear abundantly.
by the plasterers will be ready for
Tie* Linkvilie kninteurs have been rc«|U(*s-
appropriation from the general govern­ its decisions, in a case wiieie .the ill-
to repruduve "Hr« a«i Cpun the WaU rs” at its new*occupant.
ment to compensate them (or the time lie*» of a man's wile comp, lied removal te«i
the county-s« at, and will probably do so dur­
strawberry festival given here
spent by them and their ancestors in from a claim in The Da.les district, of ing court w« t k. Th« y will also present “Little
under the auspices of the Ladies’ Aid So­
s-rvitude. is the only way of offsetting himself aud family, lhe secretary hauls Brown Jug’’ ai»out the sume time.
ciety last Tuesday evening passed off
County Survej’or M«»ore, of Linkvilie ac-
th - evil effect« of the present high tariff good was intended and the entiy
coinpanhsl bv T. W. Colvin and Ge«». Fenland, pleasantly. A snug sum was realized.
The cash mu*t be turned loose.
cannot be canceled.
w«-reat Paish y. Lake county, last we« km th«*
What Central Point needs more than any­
rapacity of arbitrators t«> s«ttl«* the <lisput«*d
O.Nk of the suits growing out of the boundary line between Pun Avery and J. I). thin.: else is a good newspaper, and we me
T he Yieki Journal ■oyu it is re-
surprised that our citizens do not promptly
F.em Uweus failure last year, Hollowell Coughlin.
enter into negotiations to secure such an
ported that noTots will be »old at Klam­
A Colruru vs. Roliert 1‘lnppa, was settled
Siu riff Child’Ts hasservid notices upon the enterprise.
ath »-it F until w.t-mills ate erected, which
’ by stipulation m the (J. 8. circuit couit n»il«»wing p«-rsoUM, notic ing them that they
Our '‘Tiding»” correspondent complains
will be about next fall. It nt »lt>o stat­
have been drawn to serve as jurors at the
; at Ron land last week, each party pay­ June term «»f the circuit court; S. II. Pat­ because the school assessment valuation
ed anotier dam is to be built some 16
ing tbeit own costs ami judgment being terson. K. B. Hatton. E. B Currey, Joseph oi the Central Point townsite of 2U0acr«s
miles up the rtrer from the present daui
' tendered for plaintiffs m the sum ui Hili. Sam’l Paik t . Chas. Putnr.m, Jos. Conger, is only |2u0d. He is ap interested profes­
at ll.e railroad crossing. The saw-iuills
Jas. M rt«'P, E. S. Tull, Thomas Michael, Mat sional kicker.
will proliablv h« in o|>eralb>n for i.irnish- fllMO. Ibis is the tiist of the nuim-ruus Obrnchain, J. F. A la; s. Win. St«»nebrak* r, H.
suits giowing out of the failure winch I., Dus*'iibery, M. 1- <).r, Si’iipsoji W ilson. J.
H. Laidlu.r, late of Kmg|lou, New
ing bud ding lumber alivut lhe time the
i has been tmally m tiled, the evidence m L K iti h h , N. I Hildebrand. A.C. Harwood, Mexi o, was in the valley last week, pros­
lots are effered, thus making a good
W. P. M«««»r«*, G. W. Smith, 1>. (Y«»n«*miller, M. per’, ing several towns with a view of es
K. Frain, K. A. Emmitt. A. M. St«»ut.L. A. Lew­
home market to start with.
that no jury could be found to agree U|>- is, W. G. Knighton, J. W. Jorv, Wm. Chirk, E. la 4 shinga newspaj»er. He did not fancy
the outlook and departed fur Montana on
Elvcy and G. W. Sutton.
on a verdict.
Ou« Hprightly cotemporary, the J.ike
Munday evening.
T ub state board of horticulture was in
county Examiner, is highly gralitieil over
More than 300 acres o' young orchard in
the (act that the Tix«a now only claims session in Salem last week aud discovered
the territory tiioutary to Central Point
come into bearing in a year or two.
t > tie the official papor of Jackson coun­ that the work of combatting the fruit
Fruit and main prospects frerc never better.
ty, whereas it was also the official jour* (K'sls was Inaugurated none too soon.
As.. .* -r tteain is n..w interviewing the hv - lhe trees set out lhe piosent season have
very few of them died, and apples trees ts
nai (or Josephiue and Lake counties Besides the green aphis and codlin moth eriur« taxpsj er.
It is re|H»rtr.t that theGnint'sPasn-Tourler” peci.J.y are locking exceedingly thnh> at
when the liiigant law wax in force and they find the "San Jose scale” gaining a
has changed hands.
those sections had no newspaper. Were ilai.geious foothold in the Rogue river
Henry Wilson has built a neat store
II. F. Howell is In this county looktng alter
it not that that little headline acted uh a I valley, and the woolly aphis in western Indian
war claims.
building east of the depot and near tiie
red rag does toward a Spanish hull, anil Oregon. The boaid w.ll issue bulletin
Geo. W. N'.vk. r and family, lately of Ohio, Baptist church, where tie keeps a nice as
aiiotiled us no little would
have located near Leland.
surtment of ini.lint rv goods, notions, cut­
sons interested in Irut' to send for copies
have disappeared long ago.
Chas Huneari and Mm. Brown were married lery, groceries, tinwa e, etc. His prices
in Jar k*..ii county hist We. k.
to tiie secretary.
are reasonable. He will also pay the high­
I* the glorious Fourth going to I*.* over- est price for egg?.
A t a banquet tendered ex-Breaident lor-u
T iik recent school elections in Went
-d in pintle county?
Central Pui it Is olcaJily working out its
Virginia show the state to l>e Democrat­ 1 Cleveland al New York by the Young
J. ttt'hipp and wife of Jacksonville were In owH^lvu'ion. No cominunity in western
ic by not I- sh than tWOO. This» (act Men's Democratic club on the 27th, the Grant's Pass on.- day List we< a
Oregon l«a-» shown a more liberal dispoai*
»lone should be sufficient to Mitetanti- late executive responded to a call for a
J I’. Hr >wn of Hillah >ro. Ids.. Is visiting his tion in sub-siuizing outside enterprises io be
ale the charge that the Republicans won speech in an eloquent style which aious­ uncle, T. P. Juds >n of Grant's Pass.
located «11 our in d*t, or m taking slock in
Hr. Jessup of Grant s Pass' l> ,n-t..u hotel, meiitoii »us undertakings which w id I iurc
their temporary advantage there last t'd the wildest enthusiasm on the part of
has been paying Evans creek h visit.
November only by the unscrupulous use all present, and every faction of the New
to the good of the whole valley.
Hr. Fiannagan is raising s>in"of tin- tluevt
of uiHimited money, i’ieston county, Yoik lKuuoci:uy was well represent, d. straw Is rries in bis garden at Grant's Pass.
Our sch >*>1 clerk is rightly indignant at
which last fall apparently gave Harri- llie ringing utterances of the great
W. L. Blackburn and Geo. Thornton of lhe rep »rtof lhe corres patent of the “lid-
iiias” c Jticerning Lis assessment of the
non löt» majori.y, now goes 8-M) Demo­ champion ot retorui can to day arouse Grant's Pass have returned from Portland.
In Kanawha county the appar­ more genuine enthusiasm in the Demo­ rial day will Is-appropriately observed Central Point tuwnsite. The facts of
ent Republican majority is cut down cratic heart of the continent than »ver at Grunt s Pass hr John A. I. anil Pest No ;s< tne case are these: The total townsite whm
as'C'^ed at a valuation ol about 140.000,
before. It is his mission to educate the G. A. K.
from 15-J-J to less thuii -0J.
K»-v. F. S. N...-I <jf .Licksonvillc is n nv in this the unsold portion only was assessed at
masses on the most important issue now county
and will
>2000. which all who are well informed wid
Tug secretary of the navy lias »ent the before the country, aud in the opinion of Sunday.
agree was an equitable assessment.
revenue cutter, A’ uj A, to Benring sea, many he will again tie tl.e standard-
Supt. Ma—.e 1* holding his regular quarter­
Dr, C J, Wynkoop of Kansas spent sev
ly < .»amination ’d' applk'Huts tor teacher's
a ith a copy of the laws relating to the 1 bearer of true Democracy in 1892.
eral davs in town during the w«ek, and
fisheries, and instructions toenio'ce the
on Tue*<da) s southbound train fur his
T he foldier element is not being neg­
it v Mr. Jonea.....................................................
saim». lhe reveuuecutter Bear a 11 fol­
fr in lirain. having l.e.-u called thith> r bv home in tin* east, announcing his determi­
nation t > return with hi*» family about Au­
low in a few days. As it is reported that I
air knesa in bls family.
i ate glad to be able to say. The leusun
a British war v»*a*vi is to be dis» .uelied I ' comaii '«inner has reported favorably the
T. Shattuck -tins nft<-cn aer.-s planted in veg. gust 10th next, to settle p«*rminently in
-ntril Point and <»pen a fine drug stoie.
et it..- s. mi I a!<> * t scv.val thousand
to the same place, the I'. S. vessel J/u-
claim ot ine brave struck off' on
tue swt < t-iK tato plants tatclj
He will invest largely here and will be a
quoit is now being fitted up to assist the
.eg by a demijobu thrown by ti.e cor­
Th*- time f.«r ri cetvlng Id Is for thcconsi ruc­ very d« siraule acquisition to the commu­
revenue cutters. The United State*
poral of Ins company, fiom which con- tion of tne new epera house nt Grant's Pass nity.
huld.N puHSesMun of I he w»«st ball of Beh­
has been extended to June.
The frame of the planing-mill is up and
< ussioti the «olilier ha.- never recovered.
ring sea and Kiisaia theoth -rh.di. hence Tue claim of the man who was tripped
Wcnres-.rry to |.«irn that Eugen.-Hoover, tin* bn.I ling wdl under way. It will be
on -or Giant * 1’a*-. live business tnen. is se­ th«>r<»ughiy equipped w.tb about fOOOU
no Butiah have anv^ight to fidi in that
by a comrade while running, thereby riously ntnictcd with asthma.
st« tion, without violation of the laws of
worth of ma hirivry, an t will be in opera­
i breaking Ins collar bone,was also repott-
Mm. Lulu Pullman, wlm tin- la-en visiting lion in a very short time. The original
the United States ami Russia.
I li'.l favorably. The dispati lies do not her broth, r, E. C. N. well i.t Gnml . p.c
p.iiii ft* the company has bren somewh it
returned t>> HutnUddl county. Cal.
state whether he was tunning from or
changed, the citizens having subscribed
Mr ----------
Martin, who has been
a r.-sldent at th«>
Tit* Southern Oregon District Agricul­
_ ...........................
towards the ein-my at the time of Ins L.«1;i> • tl* AH’ ii
liberal bontis to the company, who bind
n* ar Grunt « Pass, for
tural board wdl meet to-moriow at
themselves Io «4« mb nut» the null in opera-
mishap. Ttie mighty reduction of the tnan> year* puxt. died one day last we< k
Grant's Pass fol the purpo-e u( locating
J. <’. Whipp of the Ja« k*onvillc marble ti n fur ten y ears.
surplus by the Republican administra­
the district lair. No less than three
Tne site sclecte 1 for the fair ground«,
tion has thus been inaugurated by run­ w n k-t «rill t'n> ni*h «oiuceh^ant stonewut k for
J. T. Lay t*>n A Co.’s tine new brick buildin«.
county associations will make strenuous ner.
about one mile west of town, was survi
| The ladies of the M. E. church of Grant's Mon lav, and wirs found to be ev en better
efforts to secure the location on grounds
T ub papers relate a story of ex Sheriff | Pa*« will hold a strawberry and le« -crcain fes- adapt«d for the purpose than was at first
belonging to them in their respective
tival next Saturday. It will be a pleasant af­
^ippo-«e«l. A fu I mile track a most level
counties, and we are cuntidi nt that if Hogan, of Ruaeburg, who was disap­ fair.
the claims of Jackson county lor prefer­ pointed because Cleveland did not make
Dr. Kr in-'r has been chea ai ns renresenta- can be secund; abundance of shade will
r« tamed after clearing the center <-f lhe
ment are rightly considered by the hoard him United Mates marshal. Not having tivc fr-»m Grant’s Pass t . th grand l.wtge of
the A. <>. I . W., which mea-te In Purthmd lu tract; tine water can be obtained anywhere
that we will get the p< >»•». Every |wuit that to attend to i e went to Spokane July.
at a depth of a few feet; and the fine sys­
is naturally in our favor—location, at­ Fads and relieved his foiled autbiltoii
T. Y. l»< nn I im r torne«! from McMinnv’ll* tem of publicr a Is that converge here, not
tendance, exhibits, desirable grounds, by buying town lots and selling them where h. attendiil th>- ci-»n-l I .!k-. , f odd to speak « f th»* attractive appearance of the
assurance of good weather for holding again, clearing tloO.OJO; selling what FVII uwmbs reyn «< ntativc from G .11. n Huie valley tuuii this point of observation, con­
stitute one of th«» most li ariy perfect site*
fail exhibitions, and a population so pro­ cost him |2'A) J ioi Hi»,HO1)—*>r could if lie | lodge (if Grant s Pass.
ft isn't every man who has
Grant « Pa«« i-« grading and hnpr >vin«c h< r .'«■rag'»at «listrict fa:r that it has been
gressive tiiat the auciess of the district only would
j*tre« t >. building vuiv rt« Mil l bridges across anyon ’s go »d fortune to witness in the
(air will be guaranteed in advance if lo­
Gilbert ( r*» k. and making «»tn«» pxcparniions The gr«»vc is well deserving of itn
cated on the grounds of the Jackson sowed; but almost ally good trade or I for the coining boom.
Th re w iii n > d >ul»t be «iuit»* a number«» f*. title of the Jackson Countv Agricultural
ciHinty agricultural association.
seeking alter office. Tue office-seeker cursionists from P«>rth<n<i and the Willamette Park.
<»n the ;jl»t an«l considerable property
T iik myatemua murder of Dr. (’ronin m ver knows wi at he has, and the man at Grant's Paas will probably !>♦• aol«!.
Heart Disease,
of Uhn*Mj early in Aliy is attracting
Judge ( olvig having Fufflciently recovered
Bead the hospitd reports, r»aj the mor­
international nttwnhoa from th«» <»p n
tuary report«, it#n«l the medical publua-
a t« rm of the probat«* and county c<«m- tiuns, read Hit» daily newspaper*«, and learn
•i>-on ion expre»Hed by th*» detective« of ery man who is disappointed may not duties,
iniaaioners' courts was hel«l thia wc< k.
widespread is heart dL« mm «*, how diffi­
an English or Irish plot in connection
A carload of lumber from the Gilbert creek
with hi* taking off. The funeral of the gan did, trill any man tit to have an ofli- mill was last w« « k nveived by Strv» t i'omniis- cult of detection it is to most people, how
murdere«t man,which took place in Chi­ cia! positiou can do aa well for himself si«»u r R*-.\ nolds. to b uso«f in c Histructing many ami how sudden are the deaths it
causes. Then read Dr. Elint’s treatise on
culverts, tuid^cs, • tc., in Grant s Pass.
cago fast Suti'lay, was one of the m«>ar at office cau for hint.— Ortfoniun.
The Hnithern Oiog .n Agricultural Board heart disease, and learn what it is. what
notable event» in the history •»( the city,
T he Samoan muddle seems to be on nusts at Grant s Pass to-morrow. A liv *lv causes it, what diseases it gives rise to.
there being not leas than 7000 men in the road to amicable adjustment, as Bis­ time is nutir¡oat's!, ns the p’.u-. f.,» holding th«» win*' Hs -ymptoins are, and how it may be
line in the proc**xsion, representing tne marck iiaa come to the wise conclusion next annual fair will then t»c dtsdgnated.
attacked. I f y.>u lind that you have heart
Mrs. Ina Bunch will «ntertain herj»arents disease, ask v«»ur druggist for a bottle of
different lienevolenl and natiu.»al ajrie- ’ that lie does not wish to dominate things
tiea of winch the doctor wax a member. m tiiat distant and unimportant quarter »ide in Calif«-rniH and will summer h« reaftcr Dr. Flint's remedy. The treatise may be
The a>sai-thnation is the aensat <>n of the ol the woild. He therefore severely in this «ounty t<> escape the intense heat of
h«»»ir, and as etch succeeding tinead <»f censures the German consul Knapp.*, the aouthem country.
Mr. N. H. Fruhchs’ein, of Mobile. Ala.,
Mrs. < «1. sf ,tl» of Yr> ka has b«*en visiting at
tl • nn »eiy ia unravelled by the d**tec- who assumed so much authority, and
I take great pleasure in recoiu-
rvdi' iiuring th»* wc«k. accompanied by write?
♦ •*» the g»*m rai public watebe* the ¡no- wh .ie u. mine, ring spirit was the iau*e Wild*
h'r br« th« i* and ius wife, wuo r«*«*en<lv * nm«* mending Dr. King's New Discovery for
u « ss uf tiie investigation with an absorp­ of all the trouble, amt if the old order of from oiiio, and nrv looking «»ver mutlurfi con>uniption. having used it for « severe
tion fturpamiing the engr«'Hsing interest things prevailed in Europe, Knappe'a California and south« ru Urrgon, with a view* attack <»f bronchitis and catarrh. It gave
to locating.
taken in the Maxw« 11-Prelle« affair at head would be enclosed in a knapsack
me instant relief and entirely cured me
It is aim «unctsl that a cr« am« r\ wi,! so«»n be and I have not been afflicted since, I also
8t. Louis some y«*ars ag ».
and ipt etly made way with lor his audac- hi the \ i«unity . f Grant's Puss,and be^ to s’at* that [ had tried other reiue-
ity, Bismarck would aiso very much tiiat articles of incorporation have already
J ohn T. A pfm ^ usoh , u leading Kqmbli- like to get his lingers on Klein, the San b« «n fibii in th«* «dfi« «* «»f th«* s. cretarv < ’f di«•*« with no good result Have a so used
Thi* will prow an imp«»rtant < nt« r- El« < tr e B.iters and Dr. K’n<*s New Life
can blatherskite, has beer» app«jinted as I' ranci.-co l.ruinintr correspondent, who, stat«*.
pns«* to this s» ction.
both of which I can recommend
register of the Oregon city land <d!h e, it is averred by lhe to-rmans, gave the
I he fi xfival given by the Grant’s Pass brass Dr King’s New Discovery for cunsump-
i e \V. T. B'lrm v, the present efficient order to the natives to tire in the battle liaiid at Musi«* hall last Saturday ev« ning was t on,coughs and colds is sold on a posi-
incumbent.* .Mr. B.’s term will not ex­ in w hich some forty-six German soldiers a suct*t..-s, th«- attendance being good an<! ti\c guarantee, Trial b »tiles free at all
straw lx rries and « ream w re in demand. A
pire for Mometiim», but the reason of his m. t tin ir death. Klein is a naturalized neat «inn was rta!iz«.<l, which will assist in drug su»res.
removal in a most frivolous one—not American citizen, am) he will hardly be purchasing n« w uniforms and Instruments.
Terrible Forewarning».
founded on anything of a legitimate turned over to the tender men ies of the
C. (>. Morgan, L>rin« rlv U m k k'*rper Mr the
S. P. I). & L Co. at Grant s Pasa.jind Miss Mat-
Cough in the morning, hurried or diffi­
character. Ap|M»rson is such a «diromc
Germans, says the Sundan IVricouu.
tie Long of Mer!in were lnarrb-d at th«* resi- cult breathing, raising phlegm, tightness
and persistent utfice-seek«*r that a ¡»lace
den«*«* id »h«* I ; id« - mother on«* dav lust w«*« k.
W e notice that several men, who owe Lhiy i» :i 11.r port T >wns« nd. \V. T..s«»on aft« r in the chest, quickened pulse, ch’lliness in
must be made for him; so Burney was
the evening or sweats at night, nil or any
charged with the crime of giving Dem- more »1 less money, are disposing of tlx < « r«*mon*.. w her«* Mr. M. is In the r»*al-es- of these things are the first stages of con­
tat biisimsv May bappin«*-*» and | r«tMperitv
or ratic newspaper* the I on's abate of hi** tin ir property to their wives or tome b«* th« lrs
Dr. Acker's English remedy
pationage. and the great and truly Har­ otiier relative. This is not a safe pro­
for consumption will cure these fearful
symptoms, and is sold under a positive
rison “fired Iniu.’’ Anybody who ¡-up- ceeding, asthose sffes can and will he set
guarantee by 1’ <* Brooks.
- m that App«*r«on will throw even a«ide for fraud. Courts of justice will
half of the land notices to Democratic not countenance such dishonest at­
YViaiJ Growers. Attention
journals is a fit mi ject tor the insam* tempts to defraud cied tor», and have
I npi pay in cash th" li ehest market
awyluiD and is dangerous to be at iarg»». rendered il. c.siot s adversely to that
i tii e for yuur spiind clip of w ol.
But, probably Harrison considers it of­ kind of biKuness. Hie court ol appeals of
J, N uxax .
fensive partibanrdiip to give all the pa­ Maryland has also recently decided that
Ja- ksonvil'e.May 9, 1819.
in case of prop, rly held by a woman tl.e
tronage to Republicans papers.
proof must always be at hand that it was
Fur Hair.
Wt can hardly refrain from smiling I'.tid f r out of her own mom y, and it
A »pin nf large, young h >r*es. a goo I
it is taken for
when we sec the Yreka Journal and tint is not furnished
w gon and doubt* ,e> of Inrnen, nearly
other rabid R»*| ublic in journals compar­ granted that the husband furnished the
new Will Is* s ild separately it desired, at
ing Blaine with B amarvk fh a diplomat jnii chaso money. This decision has
w rates. Fur further particular»enquire
an«i »lateMbaii. The Samoan question caused constipation there, as it in-
I>. J. H. I’ babck , Sterling.
is now being solved at Berlin as between vo I vcm tith f! 1 < toih -thiid of the p op< r-
the I nitr‘1 States and Germany, but it tv tn the state and h aves tfiat property
ia safe to May that our government wi.l <di ha’.»l*’ f«>r th»« debts of lhe husband.
not get a whit the I »eat of the Genual'* Good lawyers hold that this decision has1
■' Hi1
I ie.
i Ie
from tain. Itching Pii«» ars known by moltturv tits pwvpirstio>i,
There is as much difference between foundation in common law* and is ap
turcs Ilynrntery nd ili'irrlmea, griping in I cauilng Interne Itohlng whon warm. TNs form 0« well
Blain«» and l’i-»«k as there is l»»*twv< n pl cable to all the Htates.
‘.”.'l|,."r iL‘
> l!v wTnB *‘ *"*• B"*dln' •n<l «^rtredtog. yteM at once te
li i.Hi t<> ti. , iii 4 it le.its tl.e mother.
day and night. The former is simply an
¡•nee g.<
MsUite politician and an arrant dema­
----------- «------ —
which acts directly on the porta affected, absorb» to-
gogue, who care» in« re for the ad van«'-
Trav« I ia increasing rapidly.
Children Cry for Pitcher’s Castoria
™**'»"•»••"« frH 0* «*•"•»*«
mrid of hin.M«*h and his friends than the
lVI d I Dfu^,1U w "’•w
Bounie. Piqua, 0.
We un* having sotn«* warm weather.
jieoplv’.« interests, while Bismarck h is
Iinprowm«-uu « «intinue <*v«*ry where.
mu « cessiully and very ably conducted
Wm. Davis has r»*turu'*«l to Susanville, Cal.
th«* affairs of one of the greatest nations
Mr. Welluns is building a u-at dwelling near
in tfir world f r many \ ears, ami in firm s Kent».
d u.nt misery cxperienc«'d when wo nud-
of greut « r and nndvr t' ving circtiin-
A-«' ssur Smart is making a tirat-classasac**-
deuly bc<*«>me aware that we possess a
Mtam es. Blaine was never very promi­ m nt.
iatM>li«->d arrangement called a stomach.
The stomach Is the reservoir from which
nent until after our civil war and in
Linkrille*» KUV'ulry company Is drilling reg­
every fibre anti ll'-suo must bo nourished
piping turn Hof peace, all «•! his fighting ularly.
andany trouble w it li it issoon feltthrouglV
I. inkville’yt iw n « hx-ti« a <ak<> pine«* thia
having Iwen «fme through a anbHtitut**. Wet
the whole sx*« - t. Among a dozen
dysp« pth s no t*A .« v .¡I have the saino pre­
L. II. Butin is building a nice dwehinx iu
symptoms. !>;, spcpticsotactive
T here is a crinfurlahleiecling ¡***rvd b P m * valley.
Inei.1.1! |.<>wi i and a bilioust« mperament
ing cnitlioifi Oregon in« ¡d«»nt t«» g>>«i
Luikviile has Wirw paint« r i-ml S. L. Lloyd
Hie eut>i« «.•: to **i< k Ifeadat b«*; those,
fieshy and phL -.tuj ..’ «ve C oim I I pat ion,
crops, good r.ingv, full barns an«i i.*t « at I m tiia name.
wliile t he t li > n a :.«l h < t V oumim m a hap dotted
W. I». W > nl*j..H.*k of Ta!«* lak? n >w sports a
tie that is ••»<>:<• ativ«» «>i th « h>gho«t an«l
togloomy for4*i>odiiigs. Koumd vabepiu*
s «* h i ' .
trut*»l pr R.>*»niy, aJb**.t fu I ¡ km kefs can
are u.»n«t. r.’i ’y t. . Ifni; others havfc
Dair> 's vl«*l«ration on July it'a will I m * a
groat irritability of l« inj>«*r.
not be cvMinivd an»< g our b!«»es.»ig*- just haiebe
«me affair.
Whatever f«»rm DysjM*i>sia may take,
at ibis time. It is a mo*t auspicious
thing Is certain,
W. L. W«*bsf, r’s a«xia work-» will |oon L-*
time,however, to mute hi i ringirg about rt ady for buatneaa.
The umlrrlyiiig tause ««
A still higher state «1 pros; erilv bv
Curl«*) XV« bbdrlv«*s the finest ¡«air of black
in the hlt'TH,
ing the in fere
of tl.e b v,» town* al ng geldings .n th«* county.
and one thln.r more Is equally certain, no
th * railroad aftd s« curing the di.str • fair
J-»hn GU im's new livery stable at Linkvlllc
One will rvinuin n tlj >p«*pti<. wh«j will
for the county al large. Any .*ne p«»>- I w >11 h «>. »ti be comm nc«*’l.
Circuit court for this county coimnencie
eeMfd of corn tn« »n *en->r wiil r«a<lly j*ei-
It will correct
« hi . w«« k fr«»in ucy I M «nday.
reive that wherever the gr«-»i ««I* may b»»
Acidity of the
Miv J’h «. be Wo.Mison <>f R<»nunz.i has t« ■* n
located the fair cannot l.«il lu b n« fit «ii— vieitiUM
MejuLs in Po«* valh y.
rrctly everv towai in Ih-* valley. TI e
T’.uunj M > »r•*. who wass.*nt to the peniten­
Expel foul gases,
mere fact of its being in ri’jaer p ximi- tiary a few years ag >, 1««« >rturil«*d.
Allay Irritation,
ly toauv «me point dona t ut iinp’v tha*
J. I^Colahan is making |»««v|>cralions to
tiiat particular town can inonop« J z - its m«»veins mill to its n« w location.
Assist Digestion,
Th«- Haj nesvilh* public school u under the
a«i vantages. A mortiing or cv«*tiiig
and, ut the same I
i tRcu nt m tn-igfin« ut of Smith Orr.
The Chief Rrima for the great auc-
drive of a few m«le* over oar fine -um-
Tin* «jiM* t«'* ly teacher's examination is being
eesi of Hood's Sarsaparilla Is found tn the
nier roads i* rattier desirable than other- he I at Linkviuc by Sept. Fountain.
Start the hirer to irorking,
article Itself. It Is merit that wins, and ths
uise to those who deaire the g<w<! of the
1C E ***1)« n«*’*r. <>f Spein. <*r <*r» 'k. was ov«*rto
taet that Hood's Sarsaparilla actually ao-
when ull other trouble*
countv above inf re peraoraij profit or the Ashlan«! last w«*«k after family auppli«*a,
tu^wli’bes what Is claimed for It, Is what
toon di.nappear.
K xlifirJiuti of wounded VM««>. It is
W. JI I’. L« gat”, th«* popular K« «o tilacü
has given u> Ulis medicine a impularlty and
"My wife was a confirmed dpneptic. Some
not a lime when a simple obstrn«*i»«*•;>: smith, is t»uil !ing himaeir a n«*nt r«*aid« iu «*.
tajee y<or>
' v t
< D
sale greater than that o| a»" other sartapa-
J« rry Martin. Bud Stewart un«i <>th«r r» si­
or marplot ¡«olu'y will work a benefit t««
Mprit Win« rMto or 14004 »'-*
ft« » mi of Ibis c-*unty arc in K »gu«* riv« r val’ey. I KegtiUt ■« 1 irei , '•■.*•- i .«f it ha*
any rooininnity in southern Oregon, and
J«is. S**»«i-. •• ho a-sSt.qi Gen. J »itn E. Mill» r
IVIUtll »» IIIo ner before the pnbtte.
given her, and may nil ». • > r*-jj •.*» * ?;nt ¡»re
we trust that 11 an> sarii ¡»* lirv has treen In driving a baled of horses to Salem, ha*» r.*-
afflicted in
y, v. Seiber <ht ■ •. i r « «h r
Hood's Sarsaparilla cures Scrofula, Salt
woe. use S r*. - I. ver K
. -.1 j k- 1
outlined that it will !•*.* at*.«ml red be­ turned.
tthcun, and all Humors, Dyspepsia, Sick
1’rcd. «■ ■g-w. ii, th«* w«*H-kn «-*) at«- rn«y. is
confident 1 .. h w d I <• t • red to . '.i '• ho wdl
fore its hocuncrang it fluence ie ;riv«*n a att<
Headache. Biliousness, overcomes That
iidiiiL tit» circuit court wlrich L. now in
be advised."
m . .* !. K j . ì . sh , P rt \
y, Ga.
chan* e t«> re <ct upon those who lather sessiou at Lak« vitw.
Tired Feeling, creates an Appetite, atiengy:-
it. We d» Min» al»uvu u«1 things not to
Dire 9bal igou
the lenitine,
K -si b nts b> tw < r. J. A. Fnircbfid's ranch
ens the Nerves, builds up the Whole System.
impugn annbody’* motives, but w«ju*d and Ho|e-ln-*’,«*-gr hi h I will soon make a
Meed'. Haraapwrillw Is sold by all drug­
wiUi re? 2° ‘ r’- ‘ M'r; pper,
roH«i I»« t»»«*» i» tin* two places, so that
rv* un»in« iid a broad-gang«* policy just at sir.dg.*."«
JRt.PAw m only ». f
gists. ft; six for $5. Prepared by C. I. Hood
Link’. .Il»- and Keuo will be r« iKhcd more con-
thia time.
Vtful entiy.
fc Co., Apothecaries, Lowell,U1-
own ns
Louisiana State Lottery Company
Has been platted and thrown upon the niiirket iu lots ranging in size from two to eight acres at prices
varying from £ 18.00 to $40.00 per acre—figures which barely cover the original cost of the property and
expense of surveying. This property was purchased and subdivided,
Incorporated by the LcffWatur« in 1M3 for
E.lucatfunal and Charitable i.urp.«-., aud it,
franchlH«' made a part ot the pr< - nt btatu
Conhtitution. in KM. by an overwhelming |>op-
ular vote.
fake place Seml-Aunually, June and Dccem-
her, aivi ita grand SINGLE NUMIIEll draa-
Inira tak.- place in each of the other bn montti.
of the year, and are ail drawn in public, at
the Academy i t Music, New Urbana. La.
Notary Public and Conveyancer.
“»Fr do hereby certify that wetupervtte
the arrangements (or atltne Monthly ana
semi-annual dratrings of The Louisiana
.State iMttery Company, and tn person
manage and control the Drawings them­
selves, and that the same are conducted
honesty, fairness, and tn good faith toward
all parties, and we authorize the Company
to use this certificate, with facsimiles of our
signatures attached, in its advertisements.
but to induce a desirable - lass of immigration to settle in what is acknowledged to be the most desirable
fruit section in Southern Oregon. The land is deep, rich soil, a large portion of it being sub-irrigated by
drainage from the mountain and is covered with a thrifty growth of pine, laurel and manzantia brush, the
value of which for tirewood will more than pay the cost of clearing the land, as wood is worth $3.00 pet­
cord on the ground. The entire tract lies directly in the
of Jackson county. There has never been a season when orchards on adjoining land have failed to pro­
duce a good crop. It is one of the few sections in the county where the paper-shell almond will produce
ExERy Y ear . The certainty of an annual crop will make this land infinitely more valuable in the near
future of fruit-growing than those sections subject to killing spring frosts.
It is All in the Thermal Belt,
and will produce qjgry variety of semi tropical fruits in the highest perfection. Intending settlers should
inspect this property closely before investing elsewhere, as evety lot will have a permanent and intrinsic
value for fruitgrowing, regardless of euiroundings. The property is all
Jackson County Securities Bought
and Sold.
Farms, Villago Lets, Improved
and Unimprcved for
Sale or Sent.
I acribed
No. 1.
M’c th«- undersigned. Banksand Bankers,will
nay all Prizes drawn in the Louisiana State
Lott« rice which may be presented at our couu-
Pr« s. Louisiana National Bank.
Pr« s. State National Bank.
Pr< s. Ñ. O. National Bank.
Pres. Union National Bank
On«- hundred and sixty acres of N<». 1 choice,
level land, <»v«*r on«*-hait ♦ n<*ioM««i with u sub­
stantial fence; on«» ut th<* very b< at fruit and
vvg«*tabie ranch«* in the county; rich, aandy
loam, watercti by Applegate; improved
with u good dwelling-bouae with six room«, a
good log barn, granaries and other outbuild­
ings; two hundred bearing fruit trees, asaorted
and the Jacksonville Public Schools, which rank among the beet in the state. The entire tract adjoins varieties, mostly tali and winter apples, plenty MAMMOTH DRAWING
of small fruits, near a good school, good out­
.It thr Academy of Jturic, New Or­
the corporate limits of Jacksonville. The branch line of railroad from the O.
C. to the county-seat will side
range for st-xk; government title. Price,
ica,,», Toctday, June 19,18S9.
undoubtedly be built soon.
def« ttp «! payments to bv secured by a ’mort­
gage on the premises.
No. 2.
A good farm of 200 acres on Evans ere- k. in 100,000 Ticket« at <40. E£lwc* at
<20 Quarter« SIO- Fights
th«* Meadows. Iinprovtxi with a dw«4ling 10x24
<5. Twentieths S2.
Inferior fruit land is elsewhere selling for live times the figure at which these desirable lots are offered. fe«*t with five rooms, u barn and stables. H)
Fortieth ¿1.
For fufthcr particulars apply to
ered and a tin«* outside range for stock. A N o.
1 PRIZE OFtWQ.UOU is..................... i 60(1.000
A. L>. REUTER. Trustee, Jacksonville, Oregon
cash. Title perfect.
1 PRIZE OF 3W».(W0 1«.......................... 300.000
1 PRIZE OF l<M».ft«i 1«.......................... 1U0.0U0
N-.. 3.
J PRIZE < >F 50.000 is.......................
Four miles from Central Point railroad sta­
PRIZES OF 10.000 are.........
road, about forty acres of whicii is gocsl grain
10 PRIZES OF 5.OÜ0 are
land and forty acres good fruit land. Improv-
2.3 PRIZES OF 2.0UU ar«*..
.*d with a dw«*lliug-b->usc. Title ¡»erfvet. Price,
Mil arc..
$.«) (10. cash.
No. 4.
4i mj are..
A fin«* stock and grain farm of 400 ncr«.«; 3ft)
a« r. k under f«*nc«*; 300 acres farm land; 100acrch
100PR1ZK8OF WNare....................... |
pasture and wood land; t« n ucrca of a g.»««d
]<«) PRIZL h <>F Hilare..
vouug orchard and a nice young vineyard;
WO PRIZES UF 4UÜ arv......................
iw<> dwelling-houses and two good wells on the
/ place. There will in- s»»ld with tiie farm a large
amount «»f agricultural implements and some I.W8 PRIZES OF 21MJ are . .
househ«»ld furniture; als » a number <»f gard« n
t:w»ls. All go with the place. Go««d outside Í144 PRIZES AM< »UNTINO TO
rang-* for stock. Pric«\ *o.5U0; half cash, bal­
ance in two <*« juh 1 v«-arly payments, to draw 1« -
gal interest from dav of sale, to be rt-*cur«*d; or
all cash, nt option of the purchaser. This ¡and
is situated w«*st of tin* Deblnger Gap. Title
tiF’For Club Rat«*, or any further inf«»rma-
|»erf«x*t. A g-»ud hum«* fur som« body .
tion <iewr«<i. write legibly to the undersigned,
No. 5.
stating y«»ur residence, with State,
Wa have now « ju our ahulvM the mo»t Elegant Aêrortm^nt of
The west half of the southwest quarter and Count'. Str« «t and Numb«*r. More rapid r«-
and Mining Claims Bought and Sold on Com- the southw« st «juartt r uf the northwest quar­ turn mail delivery will !>•• asaured by your en­
ter <-f B« utif»n 3(1. township 3H south, rang«, on«* closing un « nv« lop« bearing your full address.
♦*ast; aiso the south half of the s >utbcftst quar­
INING PATENTS obtained at reasonable ter and n«»rthw«*t quart-rof ««»utheast quart«*r
and u«-rtfieaat «juarter <»f s-mtiiw« <1 «¡uart< r of
ratea and with dispatch.
o«*<*ti«»n 15, tow nship37 s--uth, < -1 rang«* on«' < ast. Addr« KH M. A. DAI PHIN. N« w Orh ans. I ji .
Ur, M. A DAI PHIÑ, Washington, D C.
ROMPT ATTENTION given to all basine«« containing 2>*2 acres in ull. Price, live dollars
per acre.
Bj « nîinary l« tt«*r. cuntaining Money <»rd«r
connected with the Land Office.
In tho very latent ahad»*a of Cash meres. Serges, Henriettas Sicilian««, Alm as. Combinat ions Man­
No. 6.
Issued by uh « apn as Companies. New York
chester Cashmere* Bunting*. Satteene, I^awns, Ginghams Print«. Percales, Etc., Etc.
Forty acr«M of tiinb«*r land close* to the coun­ Lxchang«*, Draft or Postal Note.
ty road h uding to th«* Big Butte saw-mill; va1-
u'ablr chivfiy for rail timber. Government ti­
No. 42.
SOOacrea. tle. The own«*r is out of the stst«- and th«- land Aildrf»» R pitcrrd Ltllrrs Cictaiaing Cur-
JU.' acre» of unimproved land, 30 acres of winch will be sold for five dollars per acre, cash. A
renn to
We have Piquee, Zephyr, Plaids. Fancy Laca Checks, India Linens, Victoria an«I Biehop Lawns is prairie land aud the tialance good Umber land. bargain for somebody.
Mi‘K’x>d Jru.t and grain land, with two living
Dotted Hwiss, Hwus Flouncing and All-over Embroideries.
•pnng« of ' water.
- - - Four in il«»» from Jacksonville.
Kew Orlraua. La,
Two hundred and forty acr«*—-sixty acr«*
No. 40.
IGO acres, fenced and in cultivation; improved ’with a
‘ payment «»fall
Uniinpruvwi, well
___ watered, and fcrat-claee nice bearing orchard ot tine assorted fruit nL.ll raJl nEli pttz«*« tb<
Evei y tliinjg New an<l
u guaranteed
place to make a g«M»d Lome.
tret«; a dwelling house, a barn and oth«*rout- BY FOUR NATIONAL BANKS of New Or­
Tw-» Kreama ot wiftei run through leans. Mild the ti<*k< ts are sign«d by the Pr«*si-
Nu. 55.
400 acre«. bousea.
this place. Jt is susceptible of being divi 1« <1
Unimproved, level, rich gra**«« and fruit land ; into two piece« of one hundred and twenty d< nt of an institution, whose chartered rights.
We have als«» jnst «»pened up the largest stock uf
niumug water, title donation claim. A great hch * each. The north half of this place* is un- ar«-r-«• "gji./.-'-l in th« ¡.-■ urtu: there­
fore, L« *are of all imitati--ns <»r annunyuiuus
bargain ; 7 miles east of Central Point.
j improved. The improved ft» acr«*s are worth schemi s.
No. 78.
200 acre«. !
The other 1*» a«*r«*«,
F<>ur tuili-s
ONE DOLLAR lathe price of the smalkwt
Mostly fet.ced in grain told«, mwidow. pasture, from (’« ntral Point railroad station. Title per­ part or fia< lion «»f a th k t ISSUED BY US in
orciiMHi and garden ; all rich, black, alluvial fect.
any drawing. Anything in «»ur naiucoffer«-d
No. H.
s«»ii ; about 1'4_> acres of plow land ; threeaprings
for l«*ss than a dollar is a swindle.
of pure water ; Htr«*am tiowingturough theplace ; I ( ~
A farm of 120acr«s. improv«*d with« c-in-
orchaid l»«wt variety of fruit , large.c*nniuodi«»u»> f«'rtal»l«* dwelling;
Amt tin Mt line of H'lts. Farniahing G o « m 1 s , B oo I jj m «1 Shoe’. Etc., over brought to|Soutueni Oregon dweiling-Louse, large barn a: <1 numerous out- ' tivation,
tivat with
—’«»■■* a living spring n«*ar th«* dwcli-
building«. No bettor location for stock ranch . i :z:~.
*ng. On«* of tin-v« ry b-*st stock ranges m th«
in Oregon Summer range inexhaustible; Lf- county. Yank«*«* ere« k flows through this land.
teen mile« from railroad depot.
Title perfect. Price.
Manufacturer ami Dealer in
We have also jaet receivod from Eastern Manufacturer*, the hand*»inet«t line <»f
JOO aero«.
No. ».
A fine farm u««ar Eagle Point, Or., all fenced,
A good place of lGOacrce, improved w ith a
1UU acr«re» in caltivation. excellent house. go«»d I go-td. I1«*W it Kid« •<!»•<•. I.Mffit re«,<!
■dxty acres fenced, with an orchard of about
I l»arn and other outbuildu gs, 125 fruit trees. No
1 mill-eite. go«»<j well, living spring«, «-trnani uf on«* hundred ansurtvd fruit trees; on«- Iarg«*
—1000 rolla. all beautiful patterns—ever diaplajwd in this eectain
water fiowing through and a system of irrigating
ditches by means of which 5‘»a«*rt«t» of land may
iy* Remember that w j ar.» able to giv»* th«» very lowest ti^ur«»*» on (rr<»<arie*. Provisions, Etc
be irrigated Excellent bargain Terms cash.
REAMES A WHITE, Jack, »nv.ll.«, Or^.p.
No. 80.
No. 10.
480acroa 2*<0 acres rich, ’evel, bottom land,
A brick house and large h t in Ja< k*env ille,
clear«*«! ; 10 acre« lenc^t. s:n:«ll house and sta­ with
rtablr h -me. i«n-l till-
ble; b siring or- hani ol cnoice vau.*ty of applet; p«ri«et. Pn«*e. <«MV. $-*’•'
cash and balaiic«* In
28U acres of yellow aud eugar-pine timlier : good three
six. tw« lve an<i «*igh-
site for saw mill , ihhm I r«»ud»* summer and win­ t«*« n m-mths; deferriM payments
to drav ti n
ter Evaus cr«H*k runs <»n the cast boundary <«f per cuife int« rest.
said land and can Be utilized for irrigation bix
No. 11.
mil«»» fr« in K. R. d(<pol; une fourth mile from
A c«»mf«>rtal»le frame hous«* in Jacksonville
school and post office Price |12 per acre.
f -1 «al«* or r«*nt on reasonable terms; thr«»«
No. bl.
ro«.ms and kitchen: located on Third str«*« t.
IMO acres, unimproved ; gll 1« vel. rich, forttom and has a go«Ki well of wat< r at the door, with
land ; well wafer, d. plenty uf timber, and «-an all i»eces«ary outhouse*. Wil! be sold vlieap.
I 7
» e rr.a-i«-ti-.«»
dairj ranch hi tiie state of Ore- •*.- the own« i is ui «-astern Oregon apd ha* no
f . ¿3 mu«-s from A*- lan«l. Price $6 p»-r acre. further use for th«* property.
. • ’ ui' a. <■ ;stj iu han«i, halanc* on ea.-y terms.
No. 12.
No 82.
A g«xxi little farm of l<>0 u« r«* n«*ar Antioch
aving puled to close out my bus -
177 acr«a; fit» m ' tm - fenced anil in cultivation. sch«Mil-house. Improved with ag ><»d dwciling-
iness in Jacksonville, as 1 Lad wished to du,
H-. uk ««. tiarn. orchard. m»*»«dow, one half Mitnrcat
, tc.;
i a ., < ,3b
— ’ ii.
i < s
i • »i
boiis« . «tables, «
a fine,
j I Lave concluded to contir us the sam*«»n a largur
in wa'cr «liitu and water-right, anti a system <»f youug bearing orchard. an«i also u
in *<*alefhau
ever. 1 was in Snr. Francisco recently.
irrigation by wind» 12.« acres maybe irrigated, a benring condition; will be sold
a I where 1 laid
in one of the Iarg st and Iwwt stock«
btr««arn «.i water running pn north taiundary «>f g<»«.al bargain. Title perfict.
I 1 .»• place,
nl.Xrp. len
i I'M fri.tvi
of ail kinds of Firearm«. Ammunition. (Cutlery,
from t the county-seat, and
No. 13.
Haidwareand Sporting Goods ever brought to
«.nv aud a half mile«« from pobtoffico and school­
A «1« Mirai»]«* body of go«a! land cheap, being j thia market. Goods sold at the luwcre-t p*jseibis
house Price $35U).
NE*4 of SIA4 and tin* SEVx of Sl'2‘4. we. 33, ( price«.
20 acres. th« ;»4
S. It 4 W; th«* N wq of SWq andth«* KWU
1 will guarantee these G«M,ds to be iust what
13 acre*- » t in alfalfa, balaact b« st of vine«ard • tp.
q. R«*e. ;14, tp. .4 S. R 4 W; tn«* SWU of 1 I represent them to be. Being thankful to my
and < rchard Irmd. fine large spring of pure wnter N Wk. ’ and
’d NE‘t. s.-e. 3 tp. 3.» S. R 4 W; I old customers fur their ¡»ast patronage bo liberal •
un tie« tiacl, goo I location for amunli dairy with th«* NE4 of tli. NE SS
ave. 4. fi». 35N. R 4 W;
57 ly beetow«<1, I would respectfully «ohnt a con-
good «»ut i;mg««. tfitualtsl adjacent to the corpor­ aerea ih alt. and 4, lying
in Pleasant creek pre- unaance of the same.
ate limitb of JackBonyilie and 5 xuilw from Med- ciuct, Jackson county. Price §ió per acr«*.
No. 14.
160 acr«»«.
A nice place*, partly enclosed and a box house
10 acres undor fen<w-and cultivation. Irrigat.
ing ditch with sufficient water to irrigate 4u a<*r«*s
HU<i the balance vastly cleared, all first clast» ti r. an«i the Mouth« ast quarter of the s>«uth- lone of the beet Htoc*r or Dairy tarn:, m South-
land Situated on Evans creek 23 mil» « from R. w« st quarter of a«*cth»n six, and the north«.*aat ern Oregon, situated on Deer < reek. Joaephins
R depot, g<xai roads suumier aud winter. This • luartcr ot the n«»ithw«st «quarter uf fwetion County . eontainin< >20 acrM uf nch bottom land
seven, township 35 south, of range one wot, in e.peciallj adapted to the growth ot timothy hay
ie a bat gain.
Jackson county, containing 16C acr«*. Price, and clover. About one-half is cleared and in
80 acre* I $¡3 per acre.
cultivation, and in,—t of th. balance can be Matly
All I<*vel and rich botton land. 15 ncrea under |
No. 15.
c.aarid. There i. a »tream of water runnin«
fence an«l in cultivation. Small home and a ; The SWq of kvc . 34. tp. 56 south, of rang«* 3 tbroachthe placethe jeer round.i.flordinc plenti
barn l * mjla fr«»m FCtiool Louse and p«»Kt offi *e.
of water foi .tuck and for irnsaunc The
H«*ven miles from railroad depc»L 8ituat«*«i on proximity to McCallister’« v«*hbratvd springs place mall incloeed bj a»ood rail fence. Iber-
Evaiia creek.
on Butt«*" ere» k. Price, $10 per acre. A first- ai d barn and JOP young fruit tree, on
the place. It al.u ha. the beet out.ide range in
class in vestment.
With Serrated Guard. Drive Wheel« iiit«*rvhangcnblr and Tilting Lever. Th«* upper aid«* of the
5G7 acres, nil fenced and io cultivation. If is
thecountj; al«i another .gcolleitt place contain,
No. 16.
cutter present« a perfectly smooth surf ar«» ov« r its whole l«ngth, an-l i« the only Mower made situated in tiie h«ait of Rogue river valley, one
12n actoe
Lots numbered on«* and two of s«*ction 31. In ing
that way, with Sickh* Edge Guard Platt*, wht h prevent the grass from «lipping forward mile from C«*ntral Point depot. Three c«»mfort-
For full particular« call upon oraddrege
when the «<*ctlon «trikca it, besid«* having the only Guard that «harp« ns iis« If, giving tin* abledwellings and 3 bares .ire on this tract , Aic«» tow nship 35 H-aith. of rang«* 1 w< st; also the lot
S taxdakd M owkks tin* greatest cutting power vvil' *
other m«»w«*r. as thous­ an orchard of a choice variety of fruit. Tne soil numbrr«*d 1 of ae«*ti«-u «». in township ;W south,
Kerbyville Orecor
range 1 w «*st, containing in all »6 ac res.
ands can testify to. Al*» ’
is free, rich block loam, and will g-ow alfalfa ot
Aiu also ageut for the
without irrigation. Will be sold hk a whois or
No. 17.
subdivided into 3 farmsof XO,197,t7(Lacre tracts.
A comfortabh* framehouse with« very large
1 n«*rc»H no waste land on this tract, and ia with-
out <jue«tion one ol tiie best f.'trmti in Jackson lot in Jacksonville, in a g«»od n« tgbborho<»d. i
county. For terms and price« cal! on or addrt ss for ual«* on r« asontu»!«* t« rm*; ha* a iarg«; ait-
the un<h’rai«’ned «1 Jaek*»onviile or at Medford ting-r«.Mnn with a g<x>d fireplace, twug«H»d t»od-
Next door to Scott & Jennmg»',
rooins and a kitch«*n. ago<»«l w«*tl of water at
Hodgt 's Liglii«*st Draft and M
Durable Header ma«!«*, with sEi,r-Ai».irsTiku keei ., flu* D«*« t - to Faria, Job niton 4 Erfora.
Ith- d'Kir. wood h«.»u »♦*, etc. Price,
ing A.'l Steel Twin«* Bind«*rs, with improv«*d steel bundle curri« rs, saw-mills, all uf which ma­
No. 18.
chinery is too well-kn »w n to ne«*«l comment; a!*u» the Nt^vf«»n Wagons, (’:irriag«*s and Hacks.
filnucr«»« of sugar-pino timi»«’r land, situated iu
Cail and see for yourselves before purchasing
F. HIBBARD, Medford, Or.
tl.e Rogue river timber i»elt, and a firat-clftM,
doable suw-nnll with t'lrbme wh<**d and Ml
Lands in aeetionaT, IH. 19,20,29. and NH of
abundance of water-power. M»ll capacity. Io < xxj s«*ciion 30. in township & south, rang«* 1 wot;
feet per day, all complete and in A 1 running «•ontaining 1!:«; act< *-; and tends tnaecUona 12,
he table ih constantly FURMsniD
«»rder. Also on* blacksmithshop and tools, one 14,23, 24 and 2T», in town ship 35 south, <»f rang«
with the best the market afford*«.
frame barn.4<»x6«» feet, two box houses, etc. Trice, 2 w«*st, containing 1000 iutcs . If ull of tne
employed, and no pains si«rod to
abovc-mpnti<»n«*d land should be Mold in one give satisfart ton.
p« r acr<* is th«* price. If aol«l in <pian-
In.tirs. 25 cents.
F9 I have Great Bargains to «»filer and it titicM not lew than 40Hcrcs, at $10 to $15 p«-r
will pay you to keep a c 1«» hh watch on thia apace acre, according to the quality and <|uantity ot
for the next aix mouths for Special Bargains. If land sold. Terms, on«' third catOt at tim«* of
you have any property for sale, come aud aee me sal«*, balance on tiinetofiuit purchaser; d«f« r-
Portland. Oregon
119 First Streat
ud payments to b«* secured by a iimrtgago on
L and Orrita *r Ibwr.nt’iiG. On..»
and 1 will do iny beat for you.
M h \ 25 l »<«!♦ i
the premise*. This land is mostly slightly roil­
Office next door to Grand Central Hotel
ing clay soil, and is among the I»«, st fruit lands pOMPLAINT HAVING BEEN LNTEUED AT
this office by Joseph C. Gag«* again«t Jam«*
in Jackson county. No. 19.
380 arn* of improved land an«! 80 a« r«* un- M. Young for abandoning Id« h<>in«*t«*ad en­
Wholeeal«a.ul Ketail Dealers in
impr<>v«xl. In Hevti«»n 13. township :fó south, try, No. 8798. date«! Mar«*h Ik, I nks , u|«»n the
NVVkj of N'Wi j, Hiid Ix*t No. 1. «<X5. ;G. and lot
rang«* 2 * « st. I’rit*«* f«»r the lot. $2V per acre.
No. I. sue. 32. township 34 S. range 1 W, in
No. 20.
Ja<k«<>n county. Oregon, w ith a vu w to tho
Land li* s<x*tl«»n 36, township 35 south, rang«* cancellation of raid « ntry, th-* raid parti« « urn
Silver and 8ilv«ir Plated W ire, Spectan|«*H and Optical Goods; agent*, for the Kockford
2 w«at; ibs-» lands in motions 31 and tht* south btToby aummoiuxl to apt»« ar at the count}*
Kai Ima
Iron Watches.
half ol sicti ii 3t». t.»unship35 south, range 1 «1« rk’s offi«*«'. in Jin knonvlll«*. Oregon, on the
IV1LL MAKE THE REASON OF 1R8i» AH FOL- west, containing 1500 acr*a; all fenced with.a 18th day < f July. 1KH». nt IU ««’ckx k A. M , to re-
Water. Rerairing carefally *xecntod.
▼V l.»ws: Commencing at Henry Brown’s place goo«I rail fence and runs to ltogue riv« r. Will *«i>oiid and furnish ttMiinony coucrrning said
Ha I er hnn l»M«'k»ur.'«<
; -n«.» re-.«l. ««-» >■ »forre ««rehno rel^owi n-
n«*ar Brownsboro on M«»nday. April 22d. and re bv aol«l th« a;» in lota to suit purchase!«, an«i alh-gud abandonm« ut.
maining ti rredays: thence to my place in Table at ¡»ric«‘M uvcordiiig t«» ««•h-ctions made.
« HAS. w JOHNSTON, Rcgmt« r.
R«> k precinct, r»*iurni! g t«» each stand every
A. C. J ones . Rtcciv. r.
No. 22.
W A f|T A I TP|J Without Health eta-
ninth day during the season ending July 1, lHbV.
A No. 1 grain and M-.« k farm «»f 320 acr«w. 5
I n not be cnioycd.
Strayed or Stolen
miles from < - nt nil Point railroad station and
N«»rf.»lk ism beautiful dark brown horse, of aix inihs from Mvdf-r«i rabroad state n; all
style and action. 17 hands high and weighs level, bin« k laud nini inch »w««l wit ha nine-rail
51 <*r<*liJ»nt rl'h«iloi tine
!.'>(«> pounds; his dam was half Norfolk and half fence, and nil under cultivation. Iim»rov«*d TMLOM THE If! TrF. CREEK RANGE. ONK
B« llfotinder; he wo.-« sired by a brown Clydee- with a small du elling-house, a barn 30x30 f«*« t. r «mull dun-c<»i«»r<*d mar«*, with white «pot in
lorehi-ad, ;ig«*i about eight year«, bran«f<»d “C
Jah« horse, weighing 18oo pounds,
Iarg«* granate-, a k - hm I apiirg which furnlahve
1 kiiMm-Beason. J8; insurance, f 12. Any per­ ph nty of HHi. d«»in« sti<* Hn<lM-.< k pur- It ’ on 1« ft i-hotiid« r with a larger brand “C”
son* disposing <>f mares forfeit ti»« ir insurant e. p«-b«'H TbH tarín ;■ •*«•*« « p* ii h* <»f b«'n«g di»• *1- j«ist above th«* lirst-uaniiil brand: alnn one
1 wiil use all dilig«?nce to {iravent acoidents, «xi into two, thr««.* and t«Hir farm»« n* «*v. ry j v u at*«* htu years old, bruodcu
with 1« tl« i *•< ’’ 4»n let! shoulder; ali»«» h dark
but wiil not lie responsible for ary occnrnn*?.
acre of it is good lund an«! u « mi ascn-n j hu -I iron-gray yearling «suit, running with the
It»« the bevt helper to Health and the uuickesl
postufiic« . Title j»« rf«n t. Pnce.
per acre. inures, and nni>rand<xi. He has «mail whit«
cure on Earth. Use it In time for all diseases of
No. 23.
Ktar In i.»n lo ud. A liberal reward will b<* paid
the Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Skitu It
A farm of 124 nerve, nil 1« vet Inn«!, four mil«« l- r th« ir return to Hi«* undcrslgiuxl. or for
cures Rheumatism. Malaria. Coated Tongue
from Central Point niilroa«! station, all f«*im «1 inf«»rniMtlon ct.ncerniug them.
a i l Headache, relieves Constipation. Bilious­
with a rail fenc«* and ov« r 100 acr*« In cultiva­ XAddr«w.
ness and Dyspepsia, drives all impurities out ot
Eagle Point.
tion. Black soil, impruv.x! with adweliing-
the Bl«»od and dries up old Sores. The Eusincss
fashionubh* cloths. Imlahiugs, cte,. con­
men buv it, the Workingmen use ^,the Ladas
stantly kept on lumd, and nothing but tlrst-
fe«*t. wiMMihoun«* 20x20 feet, n«nr a g<s»d si h---l.
take it the Childrt u cry for it and the 1 arnieis
E. K. BREITMAN, Proprietor,
Estray Notice
claHS woik turn«*«! out.
two g«K»d w«*llsof wat« r amt g«M«<l outei«!« range
aav it is thclt best health preserver.
All order* till«*«! promptly at reasonable
for stock. Government till«. Price. £3 '«oo cash.
¿old eyeyy^hete, Ji ov a botMe; six for fs
rat« *« and satisfa«.!!« u guarant« «•<!.
No. 34.
M« df‘«rd. Muy 13, !W.
Th«* F. M. Fred«-nburg farm. siiUMt«*«! in ■«« -
This well-known honae has been renovated tlon li. («»wostiip .si a«»u.b. . an^«» u u« l « qi-
hroughout ui-u
taining iaO «<•■€«»»; about 4*'«**!'•* feiu«*d with a
gt»«»d rail l«*ne«* and in cultl vatn n. balait« «- un­
I Final Notice «o Delinquent
improved lari«!; two »pring»ot wat« r. «in« n« ar
house; Kogu<* nv«* forms th« w«st«rn
A KO«»<1 sample room for commercial traveler» th«*
boundary « f this place. Improv«*d a ith a
oney To loan on long time AT
has lieen fitted up in connection with the hotel.
14x28 f«*« t with 4 r. « ms, sh«*d l-arn
Low luihfon lt«*al Estate &*curitv.
Call «»n or addrvHs
17x36 Text and «»th« r outbuildings. This pin« ••
lin«|u« nt tax »Ut «»I Jackvii county,Or« g«»U,
Is on th«* « ast sid«* of Bogue riv« r. ;q ot a mil«*
from Gold HillraHrnd sfatP-u. G<»v«rnimm
wairant from the Hon. County Court f«»r its
Medford, Oregon. ii!iiii«*diiit<* « «»llvction. AH p< rsona who ar«* on 4 1.1. I’KHSORS KSuWIJft» TH1MMEI.VE8 till«*, pi h «* |2.5uC. Tcrtiis « m -fialf at »hm
Rai-I list will pleasorall at my «.flic«* in Jacks-Hi- 2 k iiniebt« «I to th« •■sthlHof John N««land, de- of aid«*, balance«»n oh«* y ar * mu* . to I»«- s«-
Choice Landa Fc>r (Sale,
vill«* Min! M«*tti<* without furtlv r delay, h * i will «•«• h -»» i . are I ereby i ««titled to eettJe th« sitine <*ur«d by a m«»rtgag « n the pr« mis* >; or m H
Sçttl*>-Up Notice.
VOKJ-’AI.K, ff-'i!-A( liltiOl' LASli- itV A-~K1 H
I»«*« .»mpvllt’d t » I« vy up- n the pr-.p« i-ty of th«* w it h 'Villard < rs » f- -rd. attorney for the estutc. st «•ash at option of purclmn« r.
s-il-1 d« 'in«|U< nt*, jn (>i-d, r to « nf«»rc<* payin«*nt his «»ilice ii» Madfurd. witimhf further d»daj and
Parti- ® w Nhlng t» purchase any < f th«* abov« 1 «»f ifti'H) land jn the valley, ni»od for finit ur
A 4 LL
' N. <»f said ti«<, if n-it paid at oner. A i»r««mpt thereby ►s^«» r«» ♦«.
lands, can «t p « tf at M««lfoi 1. * n« r«* tin y will grain.
Adrrf* -iatratnx nf ssi'i Fst/tfe
ai . »I'-rslgn«*«!
«i'TslgiH*«! by n«Mc
note or iMM»k
Iwnik aronlnt
ar«* cut,,pM’inc«k with th«* law will «live inrth«*r
in« t i.t th« railroad d< p t <»n tit- uirival <1
Tw«» tl on-st d hix Land ed acr« «> f<M t-Li!I and
h«r«*by n<«tiff«*d tost-Hlv tip within th«) next c«»f*ia.
trains by M«*«fsn». Wrigley X (’<»., rial «*- mountaut-aide ffti-d. tcod for fruit, da in ng or
My dcpuilvH ,«*||«> gin riding and making 1 n
t«*n «lays or stmid th«» consc«ni<*nces. I bnv«*
mm I •dockra»»»«™?. lt>r tract of b r»d ht» over »--»m
cl«»st*<l <mt my budncM In Jacks« hi villc »uid levi«*s «»u and aft«T May i». l-*a.
r I imp «* to any «.f fh<* ian«is I bavt f- r mi «*, 1r< ♦
pf fencing dwelling ! oum . a »lurk shed
must have an iniiaeditdc Kctthmtent of all out­
t* •
■u‘, ’ T
'ox*.4| feet, ard pl* r*ty of living w«.t«*r
uf charge for convey ance.
, - ’ -
Sh« rill nuj Tax-Collector «>f Jackaoti cuuuty, nEUblâN Ul ’
standing accounts.
( »11 Uti ■ r »Jdr...
J. H. Ithl.RIR,
< Irtwoa.
♦ B UUvr.TMitjCu'..» tw h.-ytj.f .
!iuiw j’onu, I /«cÿWrrUî», Onpc, Oct », M.
JUhUbd, JtcUop fo. Or.
JacksunFillc, May 1A, look.
bsau (UM; tor WtAl
AOtksçs MSOtfv-«
¿Mtovanjle, May 10, UW.
I 4
Tillß TINIld
CAPITAL PRIZE, $600,000.
Estate Agent
REAMES & WHITE’S ! Conveyancing in all its Branches.
Ladies Fine Dress Goods M
Gent’s Clothing
Decorative Wall Papers
Varnish, Glass, Cutlery. Etc.,
Jacksonville, Oregon.
MRS. J. C. TAYLOR, Proprietress
f»D nA n«u un<n nil r nraamw
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Clocks!
Y y