The Democratic times. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1871-1907, April 03, 1885, Image 3

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ckio raiitíimíí.
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r n i. r t\
T. p. Judson, formerly «»f Ashland, a
clever gentleman, is now book k« rj«er
f«»r H B. Miller A (‘o. at Grant’s Pass.
Paint yotir h«»d-» s.
The welcome rain.
Rev K McLean, who bought L. S.
Dy ar - pla«<* in Klamath county la-t
year, offers 15JKM) lb», of potatoes for
Wednesday wa- all-fool»* day.
Grtawl*® Pass Items.
A number uf strangers arc in town look­
ing for location«.
Our S|»e» ial s«'h«>»»l me» ting was a failure,
but we will have another Saturday.
There are seven ur eight real-estate agents
here already ami more are promised
H. Abraham i-layingofl* a large pumber
of new lots in his additfon to this place.
Grant’s Pass continues to improve. A
number of new house* are in course of» on-
J. H. Stine’s newspaper outfit ha- arriv­
ed and the first i-suc of the “<’ouri»*r" w ill
appear this week.
All that Grant’s Pass needs n«)w. in th»*
way of business houses, is a saddler an«)
harness .shop am! a general hardware -t >r«
Mes-rs. 8t«»ne an«l Mullan of Minnesota
have bought Dr L. Townsend' farm near
Grant’s Pass and 50f> acr» • of -« h«-ol lami
in Josephine county, alwmi tie»* miles di-
tant; also one lot bark of Miller A t’o.’s
st»»rr. «»n which they < xpect to erect a bri< k
R lapi . k .
-St. Ta m ma nt/’» Pa if.
The Rv«l Men of this place, having com­
pleted their magnificent new wigwam, will
dedicate the name on the 12th of May
That day will aho be th« ov« a-ion of a
grand celebration, fur whi« h preparation i-
>>eing made on an exten-ivc scab*. The
programme will include a para«ie. literary
« \erci-t«s, band tournament, etc., during
the day ami a granil ball and supper in the
vm *ning
As the various committee- arc
already actively at
work, the public
may rest assured that this wiil be one
of the greatest events of the kin«! ever wit-
nrssed in Jacksonville, <>rigonian-P«»«'a
honta- Tribe has added a handsome and
-ubstantial ornament to our t««wn by th«*
erection of a ro-tly building, ami it i-
hoped that all our citizens will nianite-t
th< ir appreciation «»f the enterpri-e «4 the
Re«! Men by joining heartily in the < 11* •
I ration
A nuiiiber of visitor- from «iitl.-r-
rnt portion-oi -outhern < »n jon ami norili-
• ' a «‘aliturnia ar<-expected I»« attend
th«-advertisement for further particular-.
Read the new advcrti«« mrnt-.
pK k . so . xa L we.y tion .
Postmaster Muller has nreived in­
structions from Washington that ar­
Senator Miller of Josephine county ib
rangements have been made whereby
money orders ran hr drawn on China, ! in Portland.
Senator Prim will return from Salem
Egypt am! Sweden.
1 wo noteworthy -bort -tories have ■ thi« morning.
appeared in th«* April H.-rpcr
in" l’«»o
Much Momentum," l»y Jame- Lane Al
Th»* A. 0. V. \V. meet this evening.
leu. ami "How Faith Came and Went.”
April promise« to be a stormy month. a new sal«)on at Henley. CaL. and keep
a g«)ud stock uf choic»' li«|iiors and ci­ by Anuir T. Slo<son
On »lit - a number uf marriages in this
There will be another term «»f < ourt
next month. Two pers«)ns are in jail
A fresh assortment of orange- lorn
1 Shattuck is giving performances on
awaiting the pleasure of,th«* next gran«!
«»ns and uther tropical fruits ju*»t reefiv-
Ap -legate.
jury, ami it is quite likely that thi-num­
e«i by J.i« R Littb* «>f the S. F Variety
ber w ill be increased.
A thunder-storm was promised as wr bt«»r»*.
went to press.
When y«m want to tai - a pleasure
M » «-r> Fitz and Soule «>f Pho-nix w« re
J. .M. 5Vliarton is tea- hinsr th»* Willow in town 5\’«*dm « iay w ith a load of ti«h. ■ trip in the country or ar«' aalle«) away
pui nrgrnl business, remember that Ply-
Springs s«*b«»ol.
which they fouml m» trouble in <li-pus-
male's livery stable is the piar«* tn g«» to
Send t«» the T imes office for your horse ing of.
for a fast and -afe team.
and jack bills.
There hav«* been a lew st rimmagcs in
Geo. Engle, the genial -tag»- and « X-
Bacon is quoted at ten cents a pound fown lately and Marsha! < ’urti*’ ‘ cool­
pre-s agent at A-hland. is holding Li­
in this market
er” has been in use oil different occa-
: brad higher and -titter than usual. A
Grain is looking some« hat better than sions.
‘ boil on hi- neck is the cau«c of his put-
it did last w«*rk.
The Red Men's celebration promises I ting on thi- extra style.
Twenty yard* of calien for JU*hit < ’aro to be on® of the grainiest events that
Judg«' Day has been appointed histo­
ha- taken place in Jacksonville for many
Rn»s’.. Ph«« nix.
rian for the Odd Fellows’ «-rlebratfon in
Mi-« Annie Kent is te.p-hing th«* Myr­
’hi- place on April 2»>th, ami i- n«»w cii-
Seseral members «•! Banner L«»dg« No | gag« d in writing th«' history of Od«!J*'cl
tle iT«*ek «ch< Mil.
23. A <>. V. 5V.,oi thi.-pla« «' pai«l Med- , low-hip in Jacksonville.
J A. Hani« y ha- return»*«! from his
1 lord l«»«lge a fraternal visit la-t Saturday
trip to Portland.
John Orth is the ow ner of a fine three-
! evening.
quarter-Jersey Lull, which he keeps in
Mr-. E Kenner has r«*turnc«l from
The largest, bc-t ami cheapest st«»« k of • hi- pa-tun* m ar tow n. He charges a
Me«lford to remain.
legal blanks in Or«'g«»n, outside of P«»rt- j moderate price fur pa-tnragr. Read his
Tw<*lv«» yard* of Cab >t 5V for SLtO at
lam! am! Salem, can be found at the advertisement elsewhere.
Caro Bros ’. Pho nix.
T imes «»flice.
The egg laid on our table la-t week by
Henry Wrede was down from Eden
Subscription- taken al ihc T ime - oi­ J"lm Bolt of Applegate mca-ured nine
pneinct Wnlnr-day.
lier f«»r the S. F 'Examiner.” lhe best ¡inch»-one way and sewn inches tin*
I h«* new town «»tfieers of Mellor«! to«»k ».»nd eheapr-t paper on the coast. Only
other. We errc«l in stating that it was
their «eats thi- we» k
■ 11.50a year.
seven inches in diameter’
Reynold- Bros, have our thank- t«>r a
I he two-year-«>l«l child ot Mr. ami
We arc under obligations t«» J »
-U|»ply of choice apples.
Mr- i'ameron«»( Evans rre« k «lied a feu >imp-«)ii. -«•< rctary of the Pacific I o ixt
Two humlrcd dozen chi< kens wanted day.- ng«» and wa- buried in tlu* vicinity Blood II >r-« A-8« h iation. which i- now
of Woodville.
at Car»» Bros.*, Ph«eirix.
!i»»l«ling it-.-pring meeting at san Fran­
Drummer* continue abundant
J B. t’annaml M. Duffy have upcnvl
M Forman of Pho nix. the well-known
55 (♦. I\»*nn«'y of M«.'«!ford was in
• wheelwright, will sell a fine hack at
Jacksonville SVefilies«lay.
C«»n.*i«lerable li*ie:.'i«»n i
llig •jn in
* public -ah* on the '¿'»th in-t. Rmd his
notice cl-cw her«'.
Justice F«'U«lrav s c«)urt.
Nenthamer Bn»«, of Rock P«»int
in Jacksonville this week.
cisco. f«»r a sea-on ticket
A J Chapman, s«hnol - ti 1 h rintend-
ent of Jo.-ephinc county, wil! bold an
examination of applicant? lor teacher*’
certil’u ates to-morr«»w .a--iste»I Io 1‘rof-
H.iih.i'\a\ and Donmeyer.
Ib»y al Br w n. i .rim r v oi thi place,
i- managing \
hotel at
Yreka ( al
sopo- 'if
I»i'*k - tin«* -to< k
\ Ainan Fisher has lately r<«»'i\c<l
larg« a«l<lition.< I«» hi- alr«'ady extensive
-to« k of g;»"«l- and i- -elling vei *• « he.ip.
Wm. M« < arty -on <«t hr. ' I
Ge»» 5V. Holt La« gone to I*. » ■•!<* -
startc«! from My rile »reck with hi- fam­ IL* ki-.-p- tir-t-cla-s g«i" 1- ami m ver
-tali --n i" <!■» .-«»'i «• work thi re
ily la-t we«k for <'«»forad«». w hen* hr is fail- in gi\ing satisfaction.
Ja«. Stephen- has sold his pr«»p«?rty in ; interc-tcd in min« -.
On<* of the heaviest shower-<»i rain
Josephine county to Dr. Holton
Th»- proposed bam! contest at thi- that « \« r fell in that -«•« tion visit««!
B 55’ Powell of Medford is fitting up ! place during the R«'d Men s irlvbration I niontown ami Stcrlingvill«* pr« . im t-
a neat office in the ( entrai livtcl.
next month will no «loubt hr a novel Wednesday evening. Crops are conse­
Harry I. onbert of Grant - Pass ha- ami interesting affair.
quently looking finely there.
u tiirnci fr«»m east of the mountain!»
H'»n. Tho«. F. Beall sold a lot <»! ap­
1 he operation «*f the Ashland w«.«»len
Quit»* a number «»f strunger-
b<« n in Jacksonville lately.
HtlifjtoiiM lt'im.
Rev A. M Rus-rl! prea« he- al M»*di«»rd
next Sunday.
Rev. I*. A M"-e« will preach at I»n»wn-
l«or«»<»n the first Sunday in April
J. H Maxfield’-white sulphur bath« mill- ha- been impeded by tlu* scarcity
at Ashland are gaining in popularity.
<»f water, .«oinething unknown before at
r. J <’r<a «t iriitiiie painter, is at this sca.-on uf th»* year.
Ehb r M retrr-«»n will hold -cr\iv«’- at
th«* Mound .-chiml-house Sunday •
ple- ami dried fruit at PortlaiM la-l
week. He informs u- that he realized a
fair pri< «• fi»r the former, but did not do
m arly ••» well with the other.
R« v. A R Bickenbach will pr« .«• h at the
Fre-hytrrian Church in l‘h" tiix Suu.lay work on K. Kubli's house in thi* place.
Circuit court fur Josephine county
morning and in Jack*(»nvilh* in th»' « ven-
convene- «»no week from next Mon«l iv
Ihc Sabbath >« lino I A.-seniatioti h«*l«l
Mr. Jamieson, on«' of th«' most popular
a meeting at M»*dford la-t Saturday,
and elli< ient «'«iiulucturs uf thc<). A<’.
which wa - well att< mlcd.
R. R. Co , ha« resigne«! an«l is now ili
Roa«i *upcrvi>««rs‘ receipts, in quanti- j a!-" h< Id in the cvrmn;;
I Stacy of A-h’aml w.t •il Ja.'k-on- the employ of the Narrow-gauge I’ R
ti« - to -nil. for «.(!«• at th«* T tme - • «ili« e
I«* la-t week, lie wa- ac< •< unpanietl Co. in th»- Willamette \ alley
»•« •» H. Ly n h and M r«. I. I Brak»
tl»«' gentleman w h»» i« ah'iut «lartiiig
G. Karew«ki - -h»re in thi< piar
w« rv «town fl••>»» Wagm r err»* Matur­
•r»'w «*ry at that place.
I growing «'mpty la-? -<• many p« <
\ Pre.-byt« run ehur. h wa- urgan- taking udvatitage of hr great liargi
ILiiik <«id.iing-ami Jack Barth' are
h<* i- oil» rim-. If }«»u want .anythin;
IZt • I at Medford la-t Saturdav by Io \
ercml« A. R Bi. keiibach. M A Will- hi- line call b< fore it i- to«» la:
iam« ami J. V. Milligan
M ¡« I k*)ia No1un»l has • *tu m fi to
Th«* roads ire in excellent condition
Dr. Stirling »M Jo-ephinv county, a Josephine « oiiniy from th* Willaim ttc
for travel and -tag« > ar« making good
well-known phy-ician and surgeon, «ex­ valley, but exp<«-i- to locate in 1
pect-to locate at Kerhyville -'»«»n
H«* county with her -on. Ja- Stephen-, who
Th«' Portland pr«»«lu« e market i- very made us a « all thi- week.
h.a- taken up a place on Antelope • r« • k
«lull, with no -ign- of much improve­
A thing of beauty i- a joy («»rover.‘
S. veral hor«c- are in training f.»r th»
>oinr ami nothing i- more beautiful and l«a-f
race- a? ?tvdfor«i next month
W S Fif/gvraLl of t.«»l«l Hill i- put­ hor-rs from «mt.-ide of th«* »•unit are. ing than th«»-e fine photograph- Logan,
ting up a m at building near his pre-cut al-«»« xpect» d to parti« ipat<
the A-ldand ph«»t«»grapher. i- taking.
He phot«.graph« in all th«' late-t -tyles.
\V. A l‘ra-« r has gone t«» X* a Y i k.
freight f«»r Linkvilh* i* where D. D. M. Bean is, and IL A. Jones
lhe <>. A < R R. < o. m»w run- «»nly
being hauled from the A-hland depot a? is in « barge of tin property at th«* Si-ki <»m* pa-«eng» r ««»a- h to Ashland, hnv
yon and Buck R««< k tunncl.-
ing taken oil' th« -moking car a- a mat
i ha- H«>aglaml ha- g«»n«- to Klamath
Thelbyal St.John -• wing-m.i« him- ter of • < onomy. »>ur railroad system i*
»•ounty to l«M»k after hi.** father « -took can I»«* found at the land oftue in Me«l- truly 1.« r >ming «»m -bur-«* in « very par
They will be ex hange<l for hay, ticular.
Next Sunday i« Easter ami inipr<*s-i\v
• r\ i. ♦ - will be h« l«l at the f itbolic « hur« h
in thi** pla<•«'. Rev. F. X Blam h« t offh iat-
An evcolivn» < h»»ir will lx* in att» ml-
«m « t»»-wit
soprano. Mi--«*- • ora Lum.
" *pii:c l-li and A«la rivmah . 2<1 pari
ill'- sHpbvnia I-h; 3«I part. Mi--«- I una
Pape and Ella < ar«»n ; 4th part. Mi-- Celia
Juvenilechoru- EtticJiidgc. Mamie
Donegan, Emma Plymale Amelia Otten
• ml Winona Mfiler.
Htintl lit nrjlt.
1 h«- h'llowing is the programme of the
.«»ma rt to be given for the benefit of the
**;!v»-r < «>rnet Bamiof Jacksonville at Holt -
hall Saturday evening. April IIth
Music by band: 2. < h«»ru-; 3. !>c< laination.
ov < ba-. Bilger. I. Song. I»y Daisy Bilger.
Wana Miller and Emma Plymale ; ■’». Duet
>olu. by Vi-s Via Plymale; ’. Recita-
Hubbell; ihr Mon»*yles«
tion, by G. A
M..n. X Miieie, by band; !». S»ng. by little
girls; 1<». Rccitati"»i. by M.-*» Laura t .ird-
well; 11. S» Joiinnic Miller ; 12. l>m t.
P. McMahon -> in month« ago lo-t a
by A«lam Schmitt and «on; 13. Solo. by
Jvrrv tmlGto W. He. i.athnrn of Lit­ grain or t w ■nty-«l"llar pic <*«.
Ml-« (.’ora Linn; II. Chorus; IV Mti«i- by tle Butt«'pr< ¡net were in Jac ksonville
Tr«>u. fishing is n«»w permitte«! by the gray filly, which i« in w nearly a year
¡old. in the vicinitx'
Ashland. Hr
band ; H>. Song, by boy», An interesting Satur lay
game law and du« k- can be killc«) until
time i
Newt 11 Hall reque-t- us tn -fate that May Bt. other kind-nf game are yet i J will pay a liberal n ward for her re-
turn or any information that will lead
turn out ami give the baml a r<>u-ing bci cfiE he i« paring ‘JO «» m- a p«»unfi f«>r choice tinder the proba tion of th»* law.
t beret
\ fine and full as««»rtiuent of g» nt >
fw Troahte.
We pay m» :.ttrtni«»n w hat« ' «•»• t«« anon­
Mr«. Prim is di-p!aying th«* tinc-t :urni-hing goo I- «»i th.- latest -tyb'-. for Schmi«lling («»rinerly «»t thi-
We always
-pring ami -umim r wear ju-t revived ymous «••»mmunicati"H«
sto< k »*f tnillim ry « ver hr«»ueht t«» Ink
place, hada «liflirulty at Daytun. W
require that <'orrc*p«»mh'nt« give their
it Ja- R. Littb - variety -:<»r-
mi emmtu
with» H R«e«l. a painter also w «Il-known
trm* nain« -. which will m»f. ot « ««nrse,
A. i ha!« i- ha\ mg i ■- -nlonn « nlarge«! hr m.ide publi under ordinary < ir. um-
Th« Ashland trustee-, have passed an
here, and drew hi> pistol
H»' wa« arrest­
ed and l«onnd «ivrr in th« -tim of !!.»»<». in ordinal)«-e again-t allowing chicken- to ami greatly improv« «! and will put up a stam-c-.
billiard table-non
H«' w ill not m«»vv
A numlieruf small b««y- haw been in
d«-iault of which he wa« lodged in jail I he run at large.
int«» Ry an's n< w I ri« k building
the habit «-f keeping un.-cemiy hour-
-ympatby of thi« community i* with Mr.
Steve Currtin. the veteran hostler, i-
G. L. Webb will teach the «pring term , iml making considerable noise
>< bundling, and a petition in hi« favor. ' in charge uf the -tag»* -fork at Ruf’t-
of school at th« M< Andrew srh<K»l- -hal < urti- prop«»scs arresting them un
-igne«l by most of our citizens, was a<idre-s- < ole's station.
house. ami E. E Smith will soon coni- ! less they retir«'1 to their respective homes
ed b» th»' judge of that district, a«king fur a
Mrs M E V Wertz «•! Manzanita pre-
at th« pr«»per time.
modification cf his bail-boml
Family « inct i- quit«' ill and her ca-e i- deemed iiu m e a term on Antelope cn» k.
Emery, tin- A-hlaml furniture «le.aler,
trouble* are «ai<l to be at the bottom of the a critical one.
H. Anlauf nf Drain. D »uglas < ■ »ttnty, ha* sol«! hi- interest in the A-lilaml
n hole a flair.
J W. »'••Ilins of E«lcn precinct, who who ha-invented an ingeniou- eanrtle- planing mill ami will h< itafter pax es­
'has been quite ill. paid Jacksonville a sti« k. was in Ja« ►«»»nville thi« week pecial attcnti»»n to selling gm d> in his
ffore of Par f I ¡mate.
and sold quite a number of them
• line. He keeps a larg«*. supe rior *.--«»rt-
i h«-r who are <li«-atisfie«l with the trigi«l \ i«it Saturday.
ment «»t furniture, » tc.
Mar-ha! Cnrti« arr»--t» «l «••me young
w inter- of other States -h«ml<i read the fol
A 1 Dunlap ha- rented H. (’. Mcs-
55 1! Parker, admini-trator ni th«*
lowing »*. C. Garfkld. th«* «tati«»nnia-ter «»I «» ng« r s f'T 1 stab!» near the A-hland fellows for <li>turbing th« pea« c a few
nights since and Recorder Huiler ad- «•«tale «4 ». P. Parker deceased, as
lb* ».A i
R IL at Almaden, a small, railroa»l depot
will be seen <l-»where, offer« «oine
ministered n tine in two instances.
-heh« r» •! place in the mountain« «.»f J«».-e-
Last Saturday was a lively »lav in
timber laml for sal«1 at public
phinc ««»untv. report- that about the 1<Hh JacK-mvillc. nearly allot' «»ur Lu.-in«-«
Wm Tyler i- running a hack between tim
It will I»« m »1«I at tb« « «»urt-
thi- place ami A-hl .ml and i- pr«*pare«l h«»u > «lo«»r in this pin» e on April 11th.
lilt, he pi< ked half a pint of rip« straw- men doing well.
r »«airy pa «-eng« i- ami ]»n< kaj«« with
Kerrie- «»n a hill-ide. Tbose who have re
>••• !>r
L'-mp' i't "ii Saturday - and
A haml-"im' souvenir, giving th« pic­
pnunptn«*-- ami at re:«-onabk rat* -
-i«l< «l in -•julhern Oregon know that «traw-
y«»u will be cured tr» * I excluding n»e«li-
ture« of President Clex « laml. 5 i<« Pres-
berries ¡'loom there nearly all Winter. Thi-
cine»• u »'Large.
All tlio-c u h«> call mi Di. < Lemp< rt. ¡«lent Hcmlri' k-. I h«».«. J»'tlvrs<»n Sam­
is only anoth« r inst.m«'«' «»f the -up« rioritv
the German doctor, at .lack-<»nville, tor uel J. Tilden ami Andrew Ja«k-«»n. i«
55 uglier < re« k ha- L» « n
• •f our«limat»*.
treatment on Saturday- will I». treated given t" every -ui»«cril»er to th»* S F.
. «hipping a large «pianiity of fin»' apples i
Everybody «h««ul«l have
fn c of charge. ex< hiding medicine.
* nite h !•> hr It iti If.
t«» Han Francis« «».
< ha- J. II«»ward <»f Jo-rphinc county
lion rh«»3. F. B« all am! C Magruder «1
Trcn-urer Ream« -of Klamath « utility
There w« r« a fi w -lmwvr-of rain in
Manzanita precimt return»*«! from their i- pay ing «»tl all warrant- pr«>tv-tc«l prior was her«'thi- week
He inform- u- that
thi- -« « tion »luring the week, w hich ben­
visit to Portland a f«w »lays -ince. Tb«-ir
Mr. Kellogg, a brother of J I’ K« llog2
. !•» D» • 7th. DM
efit« «1 the crop and vegetation gem ral
mission prove«) -ucressful, the railroad
of Kerbyville, die«! there la-t week.
ly. It was need« «! ami fill at the criti­
Exchange <»n P«»rtlan«l ami Sun
company having arced««! t«> their pr->p« sal>
J. B. Ru—ell, lately of Ashland ha­ cal time. Farmer- w ho int« n«l to put in
«•¡.-c«> f«»r «ale at A. 1. J«»hn-«»n's land
t.» buihl a -wit« h ami atr*»r«l war« hou-e fa
<>rn are
o-tabli-h«*d marhl»w»rk-at Yrekn. < ul.,
• •tti« • in M»*«if«»r 1
| ever.
ilitirs nt Central Point
M Volk i« al
and is doing a line bii-in»-.*-. 11«' i- a
J. < Hannah «.>i Tabi«' Rock pre in« t
W R r..ii, r. »>,■• ha. .,i,c >'t th.' b< M
r» ady on th«* gr«»uml to make the «nney.
good workman and give- -ati-fa« tion.
am) Receiver K«i hl«*r am! *npt Brawl» fire retarne«! from hi- trip fo Klamath
■ farms in Little Butte pre. itu t. olkrt it
Now i- the time t«» in-ert hor-e afiver-
••«»untv la-t week.
for -al«* < ui rcn.unable tern,.. Anylxxlv
• xp« « te«l r • I«' th«'T«' -non
ti-cment-and Lav« Lilis print» 1 We are
who desires L invi »I in at, i \i < II"tit
S. B« er- inform- n- that R. < arter ha»
fully prepared to ■!•< all work in thi- line
I.utl<i'il iu •fall.
|»lurv should 1» .<• in. time in i .illimr <>n
-old hi- pia« «' in Plea-ant ere« k p e« inrt
in the I»« -t -tyle and at I'du < fi rat».-.
him. S'« a«|\« rtisemenl for fnrth.-r
\ muirr iiaiiiol W Taylor Ha- brougln to Mr Ellis i«»r I pi»
Fountain, "f th« I arm« r - Store at particular-.
tu Ja« k'onville fremi A-hland la-t Sii’urday
Ih-bcrt» À tl’N' il have < «»mmenevd
A law -uil. in w hich ' 55
\-hlami, aiiiioiim • « that In rcaftcr he
Ly Con «Cable Taylor. chiirg»«l wiih baving
breaking ground f«»r their new brick will-ell for ca-h only, but will mak< it was plaiutitL ami J s. IL »ward <h
!»r««k* i nit«» J«'fi»*ry A Co.’- jniwd« r-hoti-«
bniblnig at Nff«lf«*r«l
an object for th« public t.i buy <,f him. ant. was trie«! in Justice Futi»
oli Ih« Sjskiyuil inoiiutain- and al>strac tire
M«»-t «»I the « as« « app« alvi t«« the Su­
I he plaintitl
a quantity <•!‘ the « xp!«»-i' •« lt«ontaint»l
(mr«»l«l Demo» ratio friend< apt Keith court this week,
aw ardefi a judgment for $1<>.’» 2â. lu
H«' ha i.. i» r x«imin iti- »u in J u - :
Eubank-' preme* «»urt from th!-»listri« t Lavr been ot .!«»-• phine « utility wa- in town ye--
defendant propose- appealing t
• •»»uri an i wa« hel«l t<» an-w« r m thè smn <»f argm «I ami -ubmitted
lie s now proprietor of the • ir»-uit court, w«* learn.
*21»» in h'tault of w hi-h b»- ’a- ln»lg< «l n
L«»-t A number ««f pir.e- •»! Lami f« i ry form« rly owi e«l by \ W 1’reslvy.
Deputy Sheriff Ja«’«»b« has f«»uml a
thè coliLty jail.
mu-ie. Th« tinder will plea««* l«av<* the
Wante«l ihr»«* tlmu-aml pound- <»f • large number «»l taxpayer- who « «« aped
-amc at the T imi -oftire.
lloiir. for w hich the highest market price a--c--ment. from whum he collected a
N«)«tep-hav< b«*en taken t * appeal the
»> N« il ca-e a* yet. ami we have n«»t
learnvl that there will be.
All pvr-or.s having claim.« u ..tii.-t tlu
Red Men - building a-«<u iatioi». mi .u* ••tint
of labor ami material turni-hvd for the
construction of theireditiee in J.n k-onvdlr,
will present their claim« \ t 00: t.* the
finance committee for «rttlemrnt.
t ti
Nn Ki l l
( han iuaii Eiimn* «’ i •»innutb ••
A fine rain fell in Klamath county
thi- wv k. greatly benefiting th«1 « rop-
and vegetati«»!! generally
I w «» m*ai «lw« lling-hou-t - m M« »iford ami
I I nib
♦ »nein toan at'.*» I*a«s.
Ml arc
Lav«' a p« r«*• •« •ct title ami will l»<
on r« i
• rm-. For further
*«»n tbh
h df.r«
« all s«»«»n a
th« fiM>
«»fti •»'
P i\-<>TI
t'f»f .Sale.
\V I*. Hilli-informs u- that the pre­
ci a t« ot Evans ami Fha-ant « reek- are
rapidly -ettling up. A number uf im-
b Igrant- irrivedtber«' «luring the week. I
M 1» < hildcr-. Klamath county - «q-
( L.-r
Bin« klioln r <»f Apph’gam in
li« ient
--or. w ill comnienc«* hi- an­ for u- hy that a heavy -bower «»f rain
fi ll there W« •I ii »*-.I h v « veuing •••n«i-l
nual n-u -»ing trip at on« «
J D -Ir ar« r La« given up mining ««n rrahly more than tl-« v. I utc in thi*» -re­
f'or Sale.
I»*/•»»«r/», d.
Fhe rin mit court adi’Uij
alter bring in v --» o : ì nr.u!
Quite a numlxr of ca-v- writ disposed of
It was probably thv longv-r. if not the most
rM|»eiisivr. nuirt «-v« r h* Id in Ja« k« »n
will )»c paid
Cal! at Merritt's new store
■n Jat U-onville for further parti« ular-.
W ..rm r < re. k un«l « xp< - t-I** return to timi.
|»we on a visit la long.
M »»'•« !■ I»:,in. «'«»mm¡-«ion« rof Klam­
. ............. .. r- ar« gem rally cnterpri-iic.* ath « ounty . i- exp • ted in Ja< k-*»nville
Hr < u( Lie ; .«nd «tver<lv ««»me-
; »al I; mt I biisine-'- nu n ami oiler th« -•»«»n
timv -im • nml i- -till -ulL ring from the
»H -t imfuccment- t«» buyer-
Th» IV I»:«- been hardly a death in woiiml
Jaçk- n ««»’inty for the pa-t month.
What -f.-ti«»ii »‘«all equal tliii”
Attentmn i- callcl to Tr« usurer Fish
.■ in i* ûF' 4
’ '!‘r r‘"
«Icmptiun of n»nnty wnAr’int-
B W I’owell. J H lb hicl'l D. H
Miller nn«l R T. Lawton of M«*<li«»r<l
wen* in town «luring the week
( apt < U"ii ha - pm « h<«-u«l liiv Hub­
bard pr«q»«;ty on i*liii'«l Mi«»’. Reul-'
» -t ile Iran actions continue in Jackson
villc ami g<»od figure« are pai«l for town
Wm. Begg- ha- r« tmn« d from < ali-
ii'i'tiia and took geof the «tag» -t»w k
at King-bury - station this week. L«•—
li«* Merrick i- in < b«7r«-c r»f th«' stock at
1’. Britt t »«>k a number of photograph-
I lu un lvT'igmd dc.«iiing t«» remove t«>
A <hlaml
Portland - "on. < tT«: .di hi- h«>u«eh'’ld ami nf the new And hand-ome Rt«) Men -
The Jewi.-h fea-t ut Pa--'»v< r i- pr •-
kite hen furniture for -ale at rra^onabh* ' wigwam in this place Saturday
' gressing
Mr- J«v obs ha- our thank«
F«»r further particular« «•nqitirc
5V. II B«»«twi« k of Unfontowii has
for some niatxus, or unleavened l»rea«l,
at my re-id« n« r.
xhippcil II.«»*' (•>*• “» "PPl«’’* »‘•"il his
which is cotisunmd Ly Hebrew- during,
J.i« k‘oiH ilk-. Manh2*\ !"<•
pith-, to San Frum’i't o recently
that time
«erhibln-n wer»* in atumlem n
W ;« jn t !•• le.»i u that Mr un«I Mr-.
nt Rr.»i l . bin maim *- »rial g|\» n th»-
A. V Wim« r of Josephine county a few
littl«* tolk- :H R«»srLiirg fa«t week
day- -im*«* lo«t ihcir only daughter, a
Coii-i«b*rabL w«»rk i- bring «Jom
bright little m»«-<»f luxears OLiluary
lhe r«>a«l l»ctw
. m? t v.q-t'k
Wc < rr« 't in stating iti tli«- lu-i i--uv «»f
W. tirimi - Inform- n- that I’ ib< I tMi.sthat voulu McClung. dr«»wuc«l
H arflHfh
Mauer, ot Api'h -'.ite lia- i < Im keioith in th«1 Applogah . v.a- buric«l «m th«' riv­
AÎI i o
ms arc hereby notiti» d m-t »<• four le,r>. I> i* alive und doing nell.
er bank. H«' wa- «I« « »-ntly intern «!, bi­
Inirlior mv wife,
Taxen « ili Ite delimito nt after this remain- bting f'»II«-wc«l to their la-t rest­
lint t.< r<-|u«i»*iblf for any «h’l»t
«reek. Taxpa)« f should -etti»- at oner ing place in th< («rant « Pa.-« grave
W. H Iti mi iv.
. yard by a number of aojuaintance’.
■ ti the; wish to va'i «'Wit: md •’OM*
Jack Minili*. Mardi
pit i m¡ito
n /:/rv ve /; ti m ¿.
111 I D VI MïEll’s HU.L. iMHLXXP. M1RCH 2*th.
Mure |«¡ «««pc» t ing than ever i- promised j
«APfTAE PMIZk •7a.»a<i.
this season.
tafeare« 4« |»r«fM»r tt««
■ S«mic prospector« ar< in the Evans < reek
r Tin*
— und<*rsign«*d
• «»flors
for Mile his farm o£:X1»
Pr« si»h*nt G F Pennt baker.
; li-trict ami -peak Wi ll <«f a number of-*»i«*n*«-, xitunte
of . i>url«-P<»int. Two
-- —---- — 2; . 3 mib'-«*;vt „a
By order (»£ the chair the «•*• rctary read
: hundr d Mcraearo under fence and in cultivation.
, This jinrt im wat» r«*d by two good springs and th»* '
| Crit. Tolman and wife haw L it A«h th«* constitution an«! by-law- and nineteen ■ h‘<ig«'.« tber«-
, Jackson »««iinty -till ha- -oin»* >«f the befit i land is excel Im t. Balance timbered, principally ‘
j land for Portland.
prominent gentb-men came forward, signr«l
with black «»ak. an«! waterod fo Little Butt« . mak-
mines •)« the coast. All that is ne « -.-ary ■ ng it ex<v*)l«*nt pasture 1 <n«i. There i-a giMxi
\V. H. Benner of Will«»w Springs has i the constitution an 1 by-laws, and became
hoiis«* and otli«*r bnibiinga on the place;
' BV rlo ht rrfaf crrh fy that we
fo prove this is capital
I members of the as.-ociation.
also, a g«»o«i young orchard, with nlenty of grapes.
been in Portland.
><O f,., '.ill t'nr Moufhly auU
i The minutes of prvviou« meeting were
Henry Klippci, J. < . M« < ullv. Ja-. Law
V mt-.lHHUi'l llrtiuuiijK 0/ Th. l^nigiaaa
Abe Mensor ami win r« turn« «1 from
'■> place.
; renec and Adam Ruhl have g«»ne t«» Bcavci
rca«l an<1 approved.
■O.ite I-itt.'Di Cuwi>.iny. and in person
Roseburg this week.
»K'Haffe atul C'Mtrul th. Itraw.ngs th.iu-
l he -«'cretary rc*a*l u<*ommunication from I creek ami vi< inity on a prospecting tour.
I E. C. Kane an«l "ife were down from
.. I' ./>, anti that thtsamr are conducted
B. F. Miller, stating that it. was impos-ibh* «
ThcAim rii an Mining (¡ui«!e, the best au
i A«hland Sumlay ln«t »»n a vi-it
tuniexty, f.anuM, anil tn good faith tuuard
for him to attend without neglecting im­ thorite on thi- siibj« < t, for -ab al the T ime «
VMH RHJGNED TAKES THH METHOD all partus, awl we authorue ihe Campanil
F. M
Drake of Ashland paid his portant business at home he also rcjxirted «»fln'e; al-o blank notices for location of THE
1 of informing th«* public that h«* now k»*« j»s n til use this .-ertificati , with far-similes ofosir
i friends in town a visit thi« week.
of thr»«e4piarters Jersey blood. wh<» I iun O.J nut vies attache./, in its ailvectisements.'
progress in the matter of gaining informa­ ■ placer and «juartz min» -.
f«*w KU|>«*ri rs in Southern On*g«»n, in hi- pasture
Mr«. G M. Willard and John 1' K< I I tion and making a report as to w hat varie­
I Simmons. Ennis
(’u. of Josephine
! ly of]A«hland wen: in Jneluonvill. I n, -
Parties <i»*eiring to pla< «* th«*ir <•«.»> in thicen.
ties « frui' can !»«• -hipped at the most
«•«miity arc about putting in a hug«- flume, *la®UM will be ehar«<dS2.5n.wil
• m- pai
> ’
and expect to put their mammoth enter­ week for pastuntg'*.
.4 ( olvig hand« «! in his resignation
Prof. J N. Hall hit tor Linkvilb* thi-»
prise in working shape this year.
j»h<»p hi Juuksonvilh*.
week.t«» take charge nf the school at that
E J Curtis of the Si-kiyoti mountain ha*
Jackttotn file. April 2. 1—5.
Abram Bish was nominated for treasurer; 1
been tothc Now river.<’al. mine« and rcturn-
the rules were Muprnde»! and he was el« ct-
Jas. 1» Fountain, a prominent tner-
<*<! hum«* last week. He is not favorably bu­
■ < «l by acclamation.
« han «»f Ashland, made us a call Tues­
pre>«<*«l with tileni. though a great many
< oui»'•■«•ner*.
It wa* m»»ve<! and sceundvlthat 5\'in M
1 b»')gjng t<» the cMtat«* of J. P. Parlo r. d<*« «*HM*l.
! ’ oh ig. cx-treasurz'r. -h<»ul«i pay over to the i * others are.
liin.nM.rHt.'.l in
for 25 >>«rx bj tb* Lt<i.-
wdl I».
at public Htictjon at (h * Court H oum *
Messr-. Reynolds. Bailey and Walpole
Gv). Il < hi« k ot Portland paid the • i«M»r in .lark-oiivill»*, Oregon, on Haturday. April liitun* for Educational and Charitable purpoea.
. -ccrctary what money h»* Ladin hi- po*«es-
w"l. a .iipital oi »I.iUJ.i’llwhich a nnerf.
on,* o <*lo« k 1*. M. of - «id «iay. «»r m »
fo the Meadows paid our town a flying
i sion belonging t«) the ;«--<»« iation ; » arried. Schumpf lodge in Willow Springs precinct I much tli'*r<*of a.- will !»•• ri(*c«*>-ary to |t»«y all th«' funtl of iXn.Illt ha* -one* beon add'd.
Hy an overwh*-lniiu< popular ».di- it* franchia.
visit this week.
Ik sjteaks in flat­ i cvnainitig Uebt.- again»*» mhh ! estât»-: The un«Ì!- •«.
5V II 5Vi« kman -poke <«f the nceessitx a vi-it during the w« ek
made* part of th" prinent filatoi onatiluti.m
! vi«!«‘«l • u inmrest in th«* K«*v»-ranc<* ►.'•winill at Big adopted IbT. 2d. A. 1). KU.
F N. Blam het will start for | <»f having a fruit cannery at. Ashland, and tering t. rin- of ihefutuir of that mine, and Butte; the S
..f S E.
of h. t-i. 1 . .U, S. of R
ila <.ron<| hl.iKlp %nmbrr HrawlMwa
2 E.; tie* E. *- of N. W. -4 H »*,. and J . t ,.f b .E. ‘4 mio place inanthl). It nCT*r Mai* ar
Klamath county m xt Mo’uiay on a pas­ thought there w«»ubl be some effort made i thinks it can be sold fora round «uiu
S. 3 and N. E.
of N. E. * S.7. T.
8. of R.2E.
Look al the fr,l!owinK diatnbutioa
toral tour.
ihi- year !owar«l starting on« .
Enoch Gale of Grave creek w a- in town • .Said «ird«T «»f -ah* ha% ing
ma«!«* heretofore in
» - i * i . ewi * ii > urroiii sitv v«
k t w«n*k
IL' inform- u« , .1------ s. _
District \tbuncy K« nt ha« gone to ' <«. F McConnell -aid “1 have .shippvl the forepart of th« w« ' k
then*uft«*r. I '*rnw. «- hs I i t»i lain«!,
ol.‘".'1S‘'- * ».ASS ». IN THE A< ADEMY OF
Salem on hu-iness connected with the pea« lies fr«»m Ashland successfully. they that m«»-t of th< miner« of that section will
W. 11. PARKER, Adama-tiut«>r.
I wore <«f line «juality and foun«l ready -ale not be able to clean up. owing to the scarcity
Ma« key case.
II, 11—3 l.9lb Monthly Drawing.
I have al-o shipped a quantity .»f apples of water, and consequently their ««*a«on's
J. H. (irifiis, secretary ot the Fruit­
' thi« *•< ason. which brought a higher pri« «* work w ill n«»t amount to nun h.
iOi»-«»OOTicket, a- Fira Dollar* Each
growers' As-«»ciation, wa- in Jackson­
than any* other apples in the market. The
< liri.-. who is mining on on« of F ft Ut in
ville Satunlay.
n t>rooor*la>v
Oflicc of (’«»unty Treasun r.
1 ! " <•»!> l*.tU'rr <-rnr Totwì on
nn and
*nd «*ndorwd
<-ndnrn» h»
the gulch' ■* above Jackson er«*ek. recent­
jMckMxivdh', Aprii 2. 1»»5. »
pf . any
—ij Stat«-.
Geo. Conn of Pai-l«'v. Lake countv, ■ «bleed rates for tlm transportation of fruit,
ly* found a good-«ized nugget of gold and Voli» E IH IH -RI BY <»JVEN IBM THEPJ
was in th«* valley last w«ek. Hr will and with proper solicitation l»v thi- asso
‘-'trange a- :t may app«ar, the xi are fuud» ir. the cuiuity tr- a-urj f«»r th- i»--
«»»on return home
it ».on
ciatiun might be indue« d t«> I k * -till more larger ¡n r cent of iti--ilv« r. A large piece j dempti«»n <»f th«- f«.lb»wing eounU *»rra!im pn>-
1TÎIZI H Ob fiuti»,
up tu <)«*t«.l»«*r 9th. I -- i ;
«»f fina«
E I*. >!uith has « b»sp«I his term of liberal. W<* should endeavor to have one • »f tlm -amc « «•mpoiient part- wa- found in I NuiiPmr
l-r.«. ¡-.-»i. |*w7. issi. JS-3, isyi, |«j>,
«.f ima»
K>J. l-o,
|S77. 1»'. 1. 1KÓ. w; ■ 14»;, in 75 1**1.
« h«M»l in M«»uml «ii-trict. having given g«»o«l house in San Francisco u / mi one in
that neighborh<»od -omefiine ag«».
of Ja«
general satisfaction. *.
1.24. bU2, 1MÖ
j Portlaml that wecoubl rrlv upoti to re« eive
of io»
<’'L'i.)l»h- excitement is raging over] Int»*r«»st «»ii the sanie wiil c» n««* fr<»:n fi»i» date.
A. H. Burrows of Yreka, manager of
23. <Mi®
* 1«MÌ)
the di-cov rt v of a large amount vf »juartz
2S,( ìw »
theC. A (). Stage Co., was at Ashland . voritc peat h, am! the Northern spy ami near the h« ad of Gall’s creek, which is sup- f
< 'ounty ’! r«*as irer.
• Fall Pippin apple« the bc-t to «hip. in my
í» Appr«*x amatimi Prizes of B7fto
thi« week «»n business
posed to be rich with silver
An assay of ■
Major Lv«lic Smith, commamb r of the
some of the ore mad«' by J II. Fi«k nf Port­
Mr. McConnell wa-billowed by several
garri-«»n at Fort Klamath, ha- returned
land shows it to he uf a very* promising
ix it (nay roiK^m. that tic* undcrauciHsi will offer 1ÍM7 I’nn-h. atnoubtmg to..
« other gentlemen, who made remark- up«»n
from hi- trip to \’anc«»iiv«*r.
Apple -.U«.
*uoi. for
i«»r r:.t.*
rau* to duh*
emos ahuaJ<l
«hu«].! ù*
le ma«li»
| »‘haraetcr
A number of claim- have al­ j foi «ah*, on the 25th day of April, 1—5. in front of
the pr»*paruti«»n of tin* soil before planting
’ ’
t” th»* office of the company in New Orlenra.
ready Leon located. We cxpc< t t > give full­ I C. 8. 8»'rg»*nt’s st«»re. in the town <»f Ph«enix.
< ul. Wm Martin of Cow <Te« k v<«ll«*.
• •r< hard-. mw different meth«»ds «>f plant­
NOT! b. tfxpr«^.
er particulars in «»nr next i—ue and hope higheRt
d beat« r. for < a-h in I m d. the f<4- fill!«.
fatlii'r »«f Mr«. W. J. Plymal«*. i-paving
ing I ret s in '»rd« r to have the row « straight
u«»n»*y Ord -rs, or New Y<»rk Exchange in ordm«tw
, to confirm all r« port- "f the ri« hm<- <»f ■ lowingd«*scribud per>««nal |»roj»**rt> . to-wit:
relatiw- io this pla< <* a \ isit
• yl.-tter. »jirr.nryby Elj es» rail sums «.fSS
uid at right angle-, am! discus-ed the
and upward- at our«*xpenMe> addiessod
W « My« r and P Dunn, two prom ♦ qu«-ti«»n of high an«! low training for th« -c min* -
Th«* above dearrilMsl j.roj.' rty will L<* sohl to
M. A. DAUPHIN. N^-w Orleans. M.
muti «»f Hev«*nty-tiv«‘ dollars,
in« fit iarii;« r.-«>f Ashland precinct, were fruit tree-.
< aunty t inii'l.
y73.'l' lu id by th«''T.dgii'-i a^uin-t sai«!
♦VJ Neventlt Ht.. Washington. D. C.
at the county seat Tuesday.
The \pril tcrm of the «■••nuty cuininb- i wagon or hark. I<»rhu ju»*t and r«*a*onable charge®
W <
Myer, while he wa» back «a-t, i
Mak«- P.O. Money Orders jaiyable and addr«*»
for work don«* an«! material fnrmshrd far « mut .«* - Rog]Ht«*rcd L«*(t« r- to
with him ««»me specimen*» of apples
Sol Abraham of Roseburg has hern at
und<«r and fo virtue of section 17 of an uct pauaed
(’mi-idcrablr important biisine«« by th»* itgidatur»* of tin* Htdt <«f Oregon, nt itb
Grant - Pa-« for sometime past looking and pear-, whi< h he said astonished the week.
New Orleans. la*.
pc«»pie there. Being a-ked by a member will bv trati«aetcd.
after his landed interests there.
vide for h'-ii' of nú chames, laborr-rs. material
u-«*«!.” rt«-.. and ¡»n scrtbing the nianii«*r of th«*ir
.1 R Neil, Esq., of this place visited pre-« nt what kirn! of fruits werebe t iidapt-
.( Sad I hath.
: en forconi ent.
th«' Stat»* I nivers ty at Eugene city la-t «••I to this country, he named several kinds
In Philad* Iphia recently, at a cor«trier s
D®te«f March 2-, 1—5.
that he had test«'l and proved tube a suc­ inquest over th»* l»o«lv of a child, the jury
week whi< h his son is attending.
< ««¡roan's old stand.!
cess, which wer«* of excellent «quality, but I rcturncl a v» r<li( t that «b ath wa« cauhvi
Stanley Aiken am! Wm. Stuart of
i« mark« -! that p«-rhaps some of the new i by th«- administration of a patent cough
«yrup. containing morphia
Dr Sam i K.
l'lounce Rock pr« «'inrt wer« in Ja< ks«»n-
kinds now l»cing introduced might be much < ox of 5Va«hingtou state» that nut one
vill«' W«dn«‘sdn.v on lam! hii-ine--.
, hitler, aud it -o. they must be very g«»o«l.
e(»ngh mt'di« in« in ten i- free from thi« ob­
M M aycr the tailor, who left tor -an
< »n moti«»n of J. H <'hitw«»od the presi- jection. Afu*r careful analysis an«! pra«*ti-
Jo.,., i al., has returiK’il to Ashland « itli <1«-nt .secretary ami troasurerw ere appointed ■ al te«t- In • n«h»r>e« Red star < ough Cure
H«l«*l»> inf*>,-in*, the public that he 18 displayiaj
a- being purely \».*gctal»le. absolutely free
nt H e ,<lw.\e ^hmd a fi-'t-eiae- .dork of
a full line of gent's fnrni'hiiig goods, , a« a permanent committee and etnpowerr«l from opiates, poison- an«l narcotic®, lie
to select specimen uf fruit ami forward to 1 regard- it a- a most happx an«! valuable
thv State B »ard of Immigration.
.)n moti«»n «»f J. M. M«-Cull th»* chair wa-
“Kongli oil 4 uilghs.**
• mpowen I t.> appoint ««»nimittee of ihr« c
A-k fni "R< rimò on Cold*.’’ for Couche, cold»-
b» 1« '. i«<* an»! improve th«.’ present c«»iistitu- Son* I hr«»:«». 1 i*>ar-«*i.<- mh . Troche*. 15c.¿liquid.23c.
55 hi«-h he wd! m »!1
ii n ami r'port at tin* next r« gnlar meet
1Cong li oh KaK’’
David Wils<»n o| >ania< ruz. < al.. wav
ing. ¡'In* «'lmir appointed A L. Johnson of
CleaiBout rata, nuce, roachoe, flies. ants. bed.
on la-t Tm «day’s train, cn route to
Medford, W Bee-on of Wagner rrecK and bug*, skunk*. chipmunks. gopher-. 15c. Dmg»
Yakima. W I
where h«* has landed
S. B. Galey of Ashland as such committee.
Ilcarl Pains
• «»n motion W H. Atkinson. L Martin
Palpitation, Drop» icol Swelling«. Dizziness
J. W < <>w lc« ami < «aylord Bell of Med­
the um i > i : ut stallion
j ami Abram Bi-h w« re appointed to soln it Indigestion Headache, Sleeph «ene^e cured bo
ILr *t«>ck eviifti-te of
ford pai<i the county seat a visit
Well«' Health Rvuewer.”
person« engaged in fruit cultuni to be« «»me
l in y wer«' well pleased
members of the a.-s«H iation.
* |{ougii ou < •rrm.'’
with "Hr t«»w n.
The n»'.xt regular meeting was ordered to
A«k f«»r Wells’ "Rough en Corn«. ' ISc. Quick
Mm* ‘ .ay lord Bell, lately of Portland, !»e held at Ja< k-onvilk on '-aturday April complete cur«’. Hard or soft coni«», wart-, bun ions. ! Will make the -••a-on <>f !sR5. commencing April ;
1-t. nt Prurtt’- ¡.lac.*, j milvs »'H.-t <»f < ’♦ ntral P-unt.
and trm hrr of harp, piano and organ, 2.5th. l-<».
“Hough 011 I'Mtii*' f*<»roiise<l PliAAter. where t»» v *1 be four days; at I B. William-'
_»p»* cre* k 2 days, and ut Frad Han.
inn-ml« -«tiling in Jacksonville before
A vote of thank- was ten«!« r«'d
Strengthening, iirprov««* bent forb-ckache - •n - place ft Fable Rock I’. <>.. 2 day«, returning
long, we !«*arn.
Myer for the free u«» «•( his hall.
Bret Harte lftn very dark iron-gray. &<'tuaJ weight
Tlitn People.
Quin< y A. Grubb»' hu« returned to
<Jn motion nf J. M McCall the meeting »
15oi 11»«. • at.d all bon»- : i-5 y* ar- old. He wa- . »
W«*lls’H«*»dth Ron^wer” r«*tor«v* >«r/ilt|i and sired by the imported ( lydc-dal»* Lor-»-. "Old
Marion county* from
J. H <li*.i»r j-. Se<-
California. Hi.« adjourned
v g»»r. cure*. Dy -pepwiu. H* -.duché. NrrvousneM«. Harry," n<'ki.owl«*dged m be the njoet uniform
health has n<^
< cn benelitcd a un-at
and he«? bn «si i! g ire over import ««I to th<* Pacihc
Debility, fl.«>«.
• leal by the i. |
.In*r/>hin< f ounty IteiH*.
coast. Bret's «lain is the ( op|H*rls»tt<»m mare
own«*d b> 1 »r. (>-i" rn»* of Gilroy. and < «>ns d« n»d •' Everythu X’ i- fre^ù ani of good quality, ard
I her«' ar«' som»* • a«< - of whooping «• lgh
of ’!,<• h«*bt hro »d mat's« in Ani Tim. Her) pt ices an* put flown to
A H Mall*
who r< present- M
an ! th»* niH.'.y Throat Affections of children,
in Waldo.
i promptly, phrwwntly an«l saf»'ly r«*lu*T»*d by weight is It'»1 lbs.
Ehrnian A <’’«»♦ h< bren in this section
erms : c - for the
$12 for insurance,
Rough on Coughs. ’Troches. J5c.; Balsam 25c. payable nt ••mi of the Reason . or
Mrs M lkrvey i-quit«'ill at her home
during th«* past week, and took quite a
or wI en th«* mar«* is
in Kvrbyvill«'.
>1 ut tiers.
number of orders.
Tak<- a lrx«k at Br»*t aud judge for yonr-» If. anil
Country Produce horurht muí »«old.
1 f youarafaihng, broken, worn out and nr*rv<»ui«.
ieinemln'r f'olm&n'ft ohi stand, and give me a
Prnf« «sor Doiitney<’r will st.iit -vhu« J in UM* ’AV*1K Il- Jill llrncuvr." FL Druggist». you will b- very liable to breed to him.
Phil. Murphy, th» genial agent for
«•all when in town.
!!«•( ht P»n».-.' < ch*hrat<«l h»H»t- and shoe-, Waldo on tlu* »'»th «•( April
A. G. COLVIN* I’reiprifr
lia« b< «*u intervi« w ing hi« nnmcruu*
We hear to-day that Da\id fltinch s
H '«>u ar«1 l«»-in*j'«»ur grip on hf«*. try W«*11 r
customer.- in the valley.
h«»u-e Lunu d «fown
N«» further parti« u- Health Rnm-wi-r,” Gw* direct tu weak »»pota.
I he mt « ting was call»'«l tn order by \ ice-
Jersey Bull!
Administrator's Sale.
County Treasurer’s Second
Capital Prise. 475 000.
A Clear Skin
is only a part of beauty;
but it is a part. Every lady
may have it ; at least, what
looks like it.
Balm both freshens and
At Very Low Prices
recedes. Provisions. Etc., Etc.
The Lowest Notch !
J Nunan r«*tiirne«l from .-an
Saturday wher«' he laid in
iarg«*-t ami b»*-t stock- of j.
brought to Jacksonville
John Tyr»T, who w as working tor Dr.
Spence, cut hi- f«»< •t « i crelv with an ax
- (
Freds, lately from Tcnnes-« «'. is
pay ing the family of J J Holt of Eden
precinct a vhit
He ha« seine intentions
of locating her® permam ntly .
Supt. Colvig held th«* regular «|uart« r-
ly ' Xamination of applicant« for tea« Il­
er-' « crtiii« ales last Saturday
pcr-«»n« appli«d for certifii atc«.
Ex-Senator Nc-mith i- doing well
-in«-» his r« turn to hi- home in Polk
ounty. am! «trong h»»p<.
arc rnter-
tain» d of hi« «-oniplcte recovery.
< 1». I »wn-dalc.J K. Gill A <'o.'<a(!a
b|r travding agent. lingvre«!in Jackson
villc a few »lay.« re« cntly
There ,-eeni-
to be «<>?ne attraction for him here.
Hon. Wm. K abler an»l wifi* leave Ja« k-
«onvill«1 thi- week fi»r avi-itio Puget
x««und au»l « a«’« rn Oregon.
!'h«-y will
be gon,- -evcral month-. B*»n voyage.
G«.• W and Wm. A Wilshire,
are int« rt sted in stockraising in
«•ouniy. arrival at A «bland la«t
am! will >lri\e out s«»m< stock on
1 rani, »«ilnam, u prc-t nling Stone A
< •«. «»f sm Francisco, wholesale dealers
in harm ««. -addle-, etc . ha- been m
the valley during the w«-«*k. He i- hard
t«> l»« at.
lion I! K. Hanna, who ha« been at
Sah ni f«»r sometime past b»oking after
his «lients' interest« in a n nuber Aof
• a«e.- before the Supreme Court ha« re-
turn«*«l home.
Mr« Mattie Bridge, the lectur«*.«-. will
pr«»l»a1»ly appear before the people of
Jack««»nvillc in the near future she
ha- a -on attending th« Stat«* Vnivcr.-i-
ty at Eugene « ity.
Mi-- Hattie Matlmw-on, who ha« bevn in
the < o.juillc valley foing to school some­
time. r< tiiinc«! home La-t week
“Rouuti on » oo II irc I»«'.”
instant reli»*f for Nmiralgm. Toothache.F b cr.
nd.«*. A-k for ‘Rough on T<»othache. ’ 15nnd2rc,
■•retiy Women.
Ladies who would retain frpehn«*»* and vivacity
Don’t fail to try ' Wt IK Health Renewer.”
Second Sired. Eltrndin? from Lmir fo
Batte Strrrt*.
< alnrrhal Thr«»nt Affection*
Hacking, irritating Cough.-.. ( nldft. Korc Thr«»at.
The Laving l«*as«*d th* !»• w and
( hauncey Messing« r while attending the enr«*«! by "Hough ouCoughft.” Tr«»«'he*., iScenu*. extensiv«* hr irk
barn-rai«ing at ('baric- Anderson's place I
llouuti on
• »n Althousr. fell from the top of the build­
Kongh on Itch” cures humora. erupt ion«, ring­
ing. Wr are glad t«» «ay th«t hr su«taine«l worm.
t«‘tt«T, -alt rk-'iun. frosted feet, chillblainr.
no >crious injuries
The Hop«* <»l lb«1 >iUI»n
March J*th l«<.
i hildren, -l«>w in devr]c»pment. puny, scrawny,
I- now prepared to furnish all kind* of
arid «folien!«*. n*<* "Wells’ Health Konewer.”
The ,\>ic School Lair.
XWl«le Av»nke
Kn< h Poi>T. Marcii d. I«v>.
thr«'v or four I ioutm <*Y«*ry night rousrhme. G« t
To Tin I'JUToi: OK THE 1*1'11:-
imm<*dmt«‘reli«»f and-«»and r«*t by u-ing Wells’ And will repair
\ fair under-tanding of the new school "Rough on »'ougiiH." Troches. 15»'.; Bal-am. 25c.
lav i« important right at the present time, **K«»i*gh on Pain** Poron«tr<i Pin «ter
-o that school otlicers < an make definite
Also, constantly on hand
StrmutIrfinii g. improved. the best for backache
calculation tor spring work. The $.'»ul»onu« pain« in chest or aide, rheumatism, neuralgia.
law will not apply to the August apportion­ i
All kind« <»f Lumber kept <»n hand for «ale and
ment of State money.
planed to order.
Since tli<! treasurer reported to m< the When Baby was sick, w<* gave her ('ASTORIA.
When she was a Child, she cried for ( ASTORI A.
amount o! school monov on hand taxes
When ahe became Mian, she clung to ( ASTORIA
have been ru-hing in. «•» that against the
’ Whrnehe had children she gave them ( ASTORIA.
A HfeeiHltj.
third Monday m April there will be nearly
Is,doo for distribution
As indistricts have
reported it will require $2. l'>o of this to give
H I II K I / />.
the $.r«i l»onu> to each, leaving a «urplu> of
. f nearly $1.Viper child.
• TRKYLOR HECKATHORN At the reni«l«*v.*
<»f th«* t»n<b«'n ¡»nr«*!itb in ( hirnn«*y Ruck («KH-inet,
W m . M. C oi . vig ,
March 22«i bv \V. P Farl«»w, J. I’.. 1!. A. Tray­
All work guaranteed torat-clu—. and ex**«-pied
lor and Miss Dora Heekath<»rn.
| ®D the abort«*«» possible notice.
( ounty Supt. <»f Schools.
GVF.R1N BROWN At the r«*ni«knc<* «»f th«
biiii«*'R par«*ntH in thin cit\. M.-rch 31M. bj R«*v.
s.vr»/p of F'igr«.
A. R Bickenlwu'h, Jam»»»» T. G iuthi and M ihm
Nature's own true laxative. Pleasant
Barah A. Br«»wn.
|Ci»nipliivn*nts rec»*iv«il. We congratulat«' the
to the palate, n< «'i'ptablc to the -bun­
happy conpb«. and in c«»innion with a ho-t nf
a«h. harmless in its nature, pai ides« friends wish them a l«»ng and pr<»-p«*r<»UH career.]
in it« a<rion. <’ur«*< habitual ««»nstipa-
tion, bili<»n«nr«s. in«lic<‘stion ami kimln-d
linn \.
Cleanses the system, purifies the
bio«»«!, regulates tin- liver and a« ts on the BEESON On 5Vagner crock, March 'g th. to Mr.
and Mrs. W»*lb«»rn B«*«*son, a daughter.
bow« Is. Break« up « «»bl«, chill« ami fever«, MITCHELL-In fable Rock pr«‘cin«*t. March
P.Hh, f<» Mr. ami Mr.-. II. IL Mitch»*U. a daughter
etc. engthens Strthc «»« on which it
acts. Better than bitter, nauseous liver WELCH In Table Rock precinct, March 22d. to
Sir. and Sb-. J. B. \V»*lch, a daughter.
medicines, pill«, salts and draught-. Sam­
HENDRlt KS On Appl»*gato. March 24th. to Mr.
ple bottles tree, an«l large Lotties for «al»* by
and Mr«. Ed. ll«*n«lncks a daughter.
HELMAN- In Ashland. March 22d, to Mr. an«l
Merritt A Robinson of thi« place ‘
Mrs. Butler Helman, «daughter.
MOORE- In Ashland. March 2’tli, to Mr. nn«l Mrs.
Chas. Moore »daughter.
Muy 12. 1885
A middle aged widow desire« to corre­ PICKENS In Table Rock precinct. March 29th.
to Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Pickens, a son.
spond with n gentleman nlmut the -nine
CAREY -On 55’acnvr creek. March 2lbh.t«»Mr.
Object matrimony
an«! Mrs. Clint. ( ar«*y. a daughter.
M r - Hn bx Jlow\ hd ,
MORGAN- in A-hland. March 27th, to Mr. and |
Portland, < >r.
Mrs. Samuel Morgan, a «laughter.
Drawer H
Stier *«or to Hoed A Kioto I
lln*« lately n»: <!«• large addition«« to hie »tuck an«J
fak«*« plot.Mire in informing the |>e<»i>le of Jene-
nhin» county that |..* is pn pared to fill m H ord»-r»-
for all kiii«ÍH of
Furniture, Sash and Doors,
And «*\»Ty thing connect»*«] with the businraa.
A Specialty.
Mj a»»«-!« ar»* eqnal to and niy prices an ow
aiiyjn K«»uthern Orason.
Sutinfartion guara»t«*d. J. R. HALF.
Mill and Mining Machinery
At Jacksonville, Or.,
Allred sbx utu, Jr., lately of Portland,
but who ha- been in Douglas county for
sonu lime pa-t. i- pay ing Jack»unvil|e a
IL will return t«« the f«»riner
cnn-idrrable amount <»f money in taxe-. place in a few day.«.
11« i* alway- alive to th«* l»r-t inter« - t- of
( apt. G. H. Hurf«»n. formerly’ of Fort
the people at large am! i- proving him-
Klamath, ha- h«*»*n appointed major and
-rlf an efficient «»llicer.
in«pr, tor-general by President Cleve­
Pruett Bro« of Manzanita pre»-met
land. which is a promotion of a »leserv-
own one of the handsomest and best
ing "flii « t ami a worthy g« ntleman.
/>// It.
draft «tallions in southern Oregon. He
/ '«»!<liti.
\ Lrea-tpin. • mblemutic of the order of
wa- import«'«! from » alif«»rnia. weighs
D. .b weti. the original owner of
-On Murphy «reek. March 3»’Hh. Lola,
I »».»» II»-.. ami combine« ««»me of ’In- l««'-t th«' .h'Ui'tt l<«lg,- ami ¿grry in (¡rant’R Red M« n. was f.umd on <»ur stre ets r« « « nt W1MER
only daughter <-f Adam «nd \nnir E. Winer;
bloo I in the « itintry. I"r further par-
Pa-- precinct., paid hi- friend« in thi«
ti«*ular- ««•♦* a«lv«*rtisrment <'l-«?wher«'.
-«•ctimi t ' isi: la-t week. He now own» ing pr«»p<Tty ami paying for this notice.
stage pas.-« tige rs going »«»ith m*w
a’«' firm «»n S.iuvir»' Islaml. near
1» •«*. kfa-l at C B. Kingsbury'- -taii«»n,
1 Run on a Drug store.
<«\*n mil« - from \-idam!. ami take
N« \» r w as -ti< h a ru«h mad» for any I 'rug
A H. r»«>«»mar, m a<*ral -up«*iintcml- Store as i- m«w at E.
Brooks’ f«»r a trial
- upper at th»'sum« place coming n»»j th.
rnt o’. Svahsbury. Hailey A Co.'s stage ’ botth of Dr King s New Di-covery for
AH th«»-« who « ver -t«»pp<*.| there kvill
Cold«. All per i
■ v. il io ■ w!■■ n w -1\ that ylit* lines, pulsed through the valley
• lay a« c«»mpanie«l by his w ife, Hr is «ons affected with Asthma. Bronchitis.
< - oti t he v h
route het.»•
\ - Illand ami Delta are furni - ht »1 bv Mr- en route to Boi»e city. I. T., his hcad- • Hoarseness. Severe Cough«, or any affee-,
tion of the Throat an«! Lung«, can get a
trial bottle <»f this great remedy tree, bv
J <’. Whipp i- . «»nstantly rerriving
at above Drugstore. Regular sire «f.
Louis Jft« oby, a member of the new
designs am! i* prepared to •!•» all work
firm of Jacoby Bros of Gold Hill, ar­
in his line according to the latest styles.
rived from San I rancisco Tuesday, and
IL is« n»w«lc«l with «»rd« r- for marble ami i
informs us that a complete am! first-
«tone work, a’ he never fails to give -at-
class stock of goods will soon be dis-
i-fa« ti«»n. Call on him at hi- place, of play< «i by them. Mr. J. was for eight
busines- in Jack-.«nville ir you nc:*«| any y«*ars a salesman for Bachman Bros, of
thing of that kin»!
Hr furnishes mon­ San Francisco, a prominent dry-goods
uments, tombstones. ♦ !•■.. at the l«»w»*st firm of that city.
Mr A A Fink, u prominent cattle­
Th» deciding heat of the trotting race
of Koutium Oregon, ha- just re­
Oakland (Cal.) trotting
park recenti V. It will Le reniomhiTed tinue«! with hi- family from New Or
lean«, w here they have been taking in/
that Alt;.i.««*ni H. 1». and Moscow had
each won two beat- and E«l one. E«l the sights at the great expo-iti«»n. Mr
<h«l m.-r -tari in th« lai»t heat, owing to 1 ink was born in New Orleans and pass-
Li- indi«p*-ition
Altamont ami U. 1« c«I many years of Ids early lite there.
He Las* tw«» br«»thrr who -till prefi r
niafi« a » ¡os»' lini-Ii lor th«* L» at ami ra««
Th«* fi'iH'.ur w«»i m J '.‘»'.‘i 1». B. s«c«#nd Louisiana to any «»tber place.
ami Mo.-cow thir«l.
rim-. T« '-«m afl«l wife, lately of Me«l
Free from Upiatea, Kntrfitfi nnd Poison*,
Tin* Yreka (Cal.> f««undry « hanged ford, -tartc l for Arcata. Humbohlt
propri. tor- sometime -ince ami A. county, < al., thi« week
Mr. i
I For Cougha, Bore Throat,
Am* -, an experiem «- ! and first-« la«« Ullv «»f the 4 *.
». • R R. f o.'-, boss
fold*. llroneltltU,
Whooting Cough,
artisan, i« now* manager. It ha- also
<«*ipcnt« ¡ - during the extension of their
offrl'vn« ««fth» Throat «nd Lung*.
L« « n -uppli»'<l w ith new and ..up>«»v« d line toward • aiifornia am! built the
This powder never varies. A marwcl of purity
Fncr 50 cents a bottle. Sold by Drnrcl’ti» and
rtrvngin and whol«a<Mnvnewc More economuwl
niacliinerv. an«l Mi A - »' tin refort pre­ Grant s Pa««. Woodville ami ««tber de­ rr*
unabtr to induct thetr dr<ilrr tn promptly
the ordinary ►>nda, and cannot bcaoldincnre
pur* »1 t«» •!•• all kiml- ot Work in hi- line pot-. He i> a fir-t-ela— mechanic and grl it for them trill rerrire tiro bvUlrs.ExprimchaTurs
petition with the multitude of low teat, short
in a prompt ami •up« ri r manner ami a worthy gentleman and carries the best p'jtd. t>>/ eendinff one dollar to
weight* alum or phosphate powders. Sow» oxlt UI
at San Fram isco |frn »*-. R»ad what he ■ wishes of hi« many frieml- here and
caf *.
Duosg FoMtni Cu. 100 Wall-ib,
B&kUiorr. Barytas*. T. 8. A.
has to fay cDcwbvre.
elsewhere witli him.
R ed S tar
Absolutely Pure.
Emerging from their new Wigwam on corner of
( alifornin and 1 bird street-at 1 o'cha k »*. m ..the
(inter will parade the principal at root® of Jack.
aonrilJe, lead««! by the
I hl- tin*' < 1> i I'- ni I h 1 o and < 'op)»rrlx>ttoiB Stallion
will make th«* M*n.*«»n of 1--'. uh follows: Com-
mencingHt ni) nu«h]«s in IJagle Point, April 1st.
he will remain 4 «lays; theiid* to J. M. Mansfieid’e
near Willow Springe, where lie will remain 2dap>;
thence to R. \ . B«*a]]*f-. wher«* he will r»-main two
• ia>«; returning ever» 9th day to’Jne own Hfabl««
during th«* b«*HM>n.
Young Clyde wa- sited hj S. G. ReedV celebrat­
ed Clydesdale stallion, acknowledged to le* one of
the best horse«« ever brought to Oregon. Hin «inai
was a thoroughbred < opperhngtotn mare. She
was imported from Kentucky and wa- one of the
l»«*t brad inaree ever brought tn the State. A« to
hi«* tHKMhr.g uualiti«**. 1 will refer you to T. P.
Beall. R. V. Beall, John E*eld, J. W. Smith, Leri
Adam«, A. J. Daley. Janie»* Wil«*y. J. N. Traylor.
Bolwrt Potter nn«i others.
It ih not ner«-*wiry fo mak«* a great blow. Th«'
hone will -how f.r himself. He in large. w»*H
pr«>porti<»r»»d anti weighs about l?i*<>>lbe.
T erm - Season f7. |«ayubloat dose <>f Heaton; <]■ due when mare in known to be
"»th foal
Cor. 3d and E Streets,
Contaiuing 12o IL miuis . woii furni-fa-d.
On return of the pr«»ce*>rion to thv Wigwam
HON. H. K. HANNA, P. S.,
The l>«st
IR tho State.
Free Duses to and from the Hotel.
Ke ( liine-«- «-mploy«-l Kiwi no deviatoio ir
M'M l I s 25 c« nt». I«wiging 25 rent«» to 5u cent».
E. LEWISTON, Proprietoi.
Jacksonville Silver Comet Band
Having nermannntljr locate! fiere. I .ifl.-r
•ervi«-«* t«> the peoph* of bout hem Oregon.
House Painting, Paper Hanging,
Frescoing. Kalaomming, Btc..
Will d«*!iv«*r an addreen. which will be follow«-! Ihm, hi n>!>i>.'n>>r manner »ml »1 pric«* '• »uh
by appropriate rural and u -trun:«*ntal music tho time*. I rt-for to th* joU nf lAintin« I he»*
and the
l.r»viou»ly dot!» for rm-oninmmint.on. H><ti»f»r
^*7 (i,y«- m»-
and W k »* for ><»urae|f.
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Livery & Feed Stables
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Tumoots famished on short notice for all ooru«
grac«!rst tmll ever giv«*r. in S«»uthert. Oregon.
► ions. Give me a trial and I will prove ™i
Tick«*ts in«*luding supper—(
Grant’s Pana. Aug. R. ISM.
l ommHUf*« :
R« ( • |«tb>n H. Pape. Hr.. T. T. M< K* nzu*. Adam
Kchiuitt. E. I). Food ray, E. B. Wat*«m aud E.
I Mu-ir A. F. Eddv H. Pape, Jr.. I). 5V. <’rosby.
Floor Manager- J. ( . Whipp. William Meu«»or.
Chas. Nickell, » has. Puraoll. Braci B«*nn. ('barimi
Prim, J. T. Rohlin. David ('rooemiller.
D « «»ration—D. W. Crosby. IL Pape, Jr.. D.
Hardiu, John Bievenue, Frank L«>rani«.
General i'ommitt«-— A'iarn Srl miri. JamcaG.
Birdsey, J. R. Little.
Settle Up Notice!
.A "f H. P. H&nna. d»M'«*«M-d, arc retuMd to
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S. P. Uaxma. dececm.
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