The Democratic times. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1871-1907, January 20, 1882, Image 3

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.FANFARA 20. 1**2
Cohl and frosty.
Hostel's baths uro popular.
W anted .—Corn «pondenee for the
T ime * from every portion of Southern
Oregon on matters of local importance.
( old* are becoming general.
T he B hst . Subscribe for the San
Francisco Ei-amitcr, tho liest paper
published on tho Coast. Only SI ■*«■•
per year. Subscriptions taken at the
T imes office.
City election oe.-tirs March 1st.
Real the new advertisements,
l’ay the printer, by ull nu ans.
County »erip taken at pur here.
The snow still linge rs in piners.
Printing for »ocietie* a specialty.
Circuit ( ourt is ir aiti approaching.
F ob S ale .—A new, genuine Singer
The days aro growing perceptibly
sewing-machine, w ith all the late im
provaments and attachment*.
Blackleg has reached tho Chowan, an
never been used. For further pa' ticu-
lars, apply at the T imes office.
A-k for Atnmen’.s Cough Syrup at
A F ai . se R lpobt . l’pon the repre­ Brook»’.
sentation *f a certain person m thi
The street lamps are convenient these
place. Justice Buffer. District Attor
dark nights.
ney Kent and J. R. Neil went down to
Adar. I Chapter No. -'l.G. E. 8., meets
Rogue river, near Woodville, this week
to exhume the body of au infant the this evening.
There is a foot and a half of snow at
said party charged had been buried in
that vicinity by a former resident. It is I'ort Klamath.
unnecessary to state that the story
Suri' Cure Ammcu’s Cough Syrup.
proved a myth of large proportions.
Brooks keeps it.
O banoe Tnri
I’, liritt of this place
has an orange tree in full I’loorn at hi
i-onservatory, on which .ire al-o about
thirty oranges of g. . *1 size and quality,
that will rip. n in <lne time. This is
pei Imp* the only tree of the kind grow
ing successfully iu Oregon, an.I Mr.
Britt is quite naturally proud of it. 11.•
also cultivates with success several
other tropical plants of great beauty
and value.
J)|s. I.VIMEII. W. S. AV. lib who is
under indictment for the larceny of a
h'.rse in Luke county, writes to the
T imes that the Yreka
about hi» shooting a man iu Butte
county. Cal., is false, and that he will
also prove his innocence of tho crime h<
is indicted for, claiming th; t h< bought
the horso in question. He says he has
U en misrepresented and m .ltr ited In
the pre-s generally and hopes that lie
« ill lie tiven a fair show.
i »nly nine interment- were made iu
A-liland iu ISM.
AVtii. Bybee, Jr., has returne<hfroiii
Josephine county.
\ alley wool -till rates as high as 2* •.
in the S. I', maiket.
The stage il..... u<>t arrive at any par­
ticular time now a slays.
Justi- e Wright - Court at Linkville
is doing u lively busin«'-».
Tlie Ashland Woolen
I im V jhni pouml* of wool in
Read Grob A Ulrich’s now adva rtise-
The S ^'i.’.ri- /‘i-e**, putlislmd at
mi'iit. They ke««p a first d i-* bakery San Francisco by Dewey A Co., has
and luiich-liouse and always give satis- entercil a new volume. It is a first
class paper in every respect ami is de­
Rol«i-in Wright, a tlrst-elas* 1“!r.«'k serving of tlio fullest mensure <■£ sue-
smith, i- permanently c-tablishe«! ut cess.
Central Point nml «loing a flourishing
< »nly two incili s ef snow fel) last
week at Linkville and that did Hot lie
There was a pleasant party at B. I’. i long.
Comparativcly little of ■’thè
Baker's, Big Butte, u few evening- j beautiful" has fallen in Lal.o county
since. D. Dunlap efliciently olh.-iatoil this sea-on and stock of all kinds are
a* musician.
doing w«ll.
The theriimnieter lias tumbb d <lown
L. AA. Woma k of l'or« -t cri ck,
ns low n* 13 above zero during th«’ while at work in hi* mimi tki* vn ek,
past week. Th« night* and ni* ruing* was struck on tho h'gby a falling boul­
ar«“ bitterly cold.
der of considerable proportions an l se­
AA e i let t i h“irn that Sheriff I’.vIn«' verely hurt.
Fortunately, uo bones
is quite ill at hi- l'e-idenci', th High Ills | were broken.
i-omlition has somewhat imprcvcil in
Impure blood causes poor circulation,
th" past few «lav*.
| tlu'U disorders, iu h in Liver and Kid
Quite i number of strangers are now­
ney Complaint, Dyspepsia, Constipa­
in tho v illcv looking for homes, an 1
tion, pile-. Skill Dis.'l'iler- etc., which
vv«. expect t<> h«ar of many farms b ing
aro curable by King of the Blood, See
solil in th< Spring.
Goo-« 1. ik« i- froz< u over ami skating
The Pre-by tori in Mite So«'i«»ty held
on it* smooth, icv siirfiu-e i* a popular
another of it- pleasant t.meting« at tho j
amusement with the «lenizeiis of that
| re-idense of AVm. Huffman, I! q., last j
- ■ 'tiou ii.«w-a-ilays.
AVeducsdiiv «'veiiiim . being well attend-1
Tho I'hihl of (). Gunnison of ed. Tim sum of
1 was
........ contribut d . .
A-lilai: 1 di. d last week, and was burievl by tho e pr« sent.
along-id*. its m««tli«r. who departed this
Chas. L. Mo-lmr, formerly of this
life a shi rt tim«' before.
[da ■<>, but >u.w i imaged in jnirnali mi
.I i«..’ >
er anil Samuel Vo io, ol«l it I’ll.enix. -Ariz in.v. h is our thank* f «r i
r«-i<L nts >f ,l.i I,->uv ill«, ar«* <|-.ii:«. ill a pamphlet <L . riptivc of that territory, ;
it tli<‘ County Hospital ami not « x con.pili'«! by 1! m. 1“. Hamilton. It is
p. « t« 1 t « survive long.
an intere -till" Will k.
An individual snrchai ■■ 1 with liq­
11 in- AA i-tar I’ils ini of AVild ■ har­
uor wa* arreste«! l«y officer Si-hultz <>ti ry alwav- “1 hand. It cure* C 'lglis.1
j Wedm-day. Judge Xnnun tin. I him Collis, 111 ,111.'hit:Avh '.ipili;; ( High, '
I >."i ami costs f «r hi- froli«“.
Croup, Iutltmnzi-., ( on-umption, an l
Si.’»"" a year can Is- made at working all .ml l.'ing Complaints. F*»
j for E. G Rid .ut AC«.. |0 B.ui'Iav cent- and ~T a bottle.
Ask to see large bottle
l street. New York, Semi for their eat-
There w ¡11 b ■ great demand for the;
Cough Syrup. Brooks keeps it.
' a'.o ue and full ]>irtieular*.
fruit of J;mk-on county when tho. rail-,
The barometer indicates a change in
.A prot..i«t«d meeting h i 1«e-n « 'ing i- i imiplet«'I. and those who ate
the weather. ILqx- it dosen't lie.
■ rn ii! tie South Prairie di-triet school wi-ewill einiiuenee sitting out fruit1
N' te. receipt, cheek and order b > >k h .us«,md w a ■ well ntt<■ ml .1. R«. v. i:. .1 tre •* nt o': ■. Our fruit is »■ -on 1 to
at th« T imes otlic nt reduced rates.
, Sharp « f this official. 1.
m«m grown any where.
The mercury w< nt down to lo nlsoo
1 rr I. < Ittcn of thi- place and i
Cold w. itimr j r. vails in I. dm county,
zero at Ashland one night la 4 week.
AA ilsuii of Manzanita pr«.«itict,
the thei'lii'«ii t«i :■ ' li ; down to w.thiti
Geo. Stepheus n steps high now a hav- In“, n quite ill «luring tho
a f< w «legrees of , -ro «luring th«' pa-t
«lav*. A grandson is what's th ' matter. we«'k. are lu.vv convalesi iu p
.At Sg tm< r s. m.i tin' S. <».
( i!«t l ive inform« us that Bi b- c'* wa ;oti read, tim m ii urv stood ut 1"
A «'o-.iple f.n .c known in A-hlaml
will lie unit' d in matrimony this we.-k. ’ "1 I ferry l.oiit w.c* r< ■.«;«. •• I th« other boiow . .......... . t:m I !t!i.
. «1 iy , four mi!«-- b«low it* f «r:.i u mo n -
Tim Pinn.'. r h itel at Tim Dall. ha
Louis Ih tzobl, a piotu'er re i.l. nt <»t ing. It will la’ taken apart s «on.
I ■ :i } cit«-: i ; -i I by < I. p. Jackson,
this place is seriously ill with «Iropsy.
She«.make Bros. (,f AVilliim* ci k lately of Pr.. ill. . ami is now known
Henry Norton of A hlaml has a l b I have killed sixty <l«.er ami live cinna- a- tl* ■ .I.i k- .,i Hott*«*. < >!iv. r i- mi
a handsomo ¡"pun <»f blacks t » his st t i ' “lil'. ar. in th ■ vi inity ..f Gravl.i !, «111 lian.l at th l»us:m’«-s and will 11<
<I"tlI't ke«o a first-e!.i., ho“« I.
mount.oil «luring th ■ pa-t -«
(i. R. Retain • | i ■ 1 through town
.An « x 1'eiit quality <«!' ery.-t illi 1
Th«'«pnrti'rly in«« ! nz of th«’ M. 1!.
this we« k, ■ ■>
for Yrek.1 from tlu- Churi'h. South, at I!«.!' Point li-t m ' ir was r. . «.tly f mud in th«' butt.....
I Saturday and S in.lav. w.i< wwli atte:i 1- of n can of sorghum molas-es mnnuf m-
H vmi . nial . We Ilia in ree ipt of :in
invitation to attend the nupfi ils of Mi >
A.I al i ne 1 . her, the aecompli-hed
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. l'i-h«r
(formerly of this placel, and Leopold
Kehit'ufeld, a prominent merchant of
< elusa. Cal., which will take pia
the resilience of the bride's parents i.i
San Franeisco next Sunday evening. |
We f-stt lld mil eongia’iilatmiis iu ad
vanee and B ish the c.mtlaetiug parle
a long and happy journey through life.
Faozr.N I r. The weither duriti.'
A sm»w st »rm pr» \ ill W«- In-»s.1 »v, i« d ami proved an in: resting one.
thè pimt week has ls-en thè cul li -t of
but it w.c* m ith» r heavy n »r of I »n_! du-
A'. « wer-. nu '
n 1 mt vv<'« in - iv-
thè seast.n. thè night, being verv col l
, ion.
; ing that tin'Chin« -.■ ! <> .* who return d
and frosty. Tlm tlays li ivo b-»n pica
Thirty two dollars ¡n r he id is being from I! «- 1.;- g l ist v k w ¡th J. A.
aut motigli, though tir« -un h i, n«i
r •.. i ■ .i 1 c
i « -f,
yrt aucoeedutl in thawing tlm froz«n I .rd for g* »1 beef stx ■ :\s iu S.-k'you ■ «r.! w ■ i. 11:i 1 t.
I' -tai < ard* «'I«11 1«« i. - . 1 l or «lunuin:'
ground. A* a eons. qu< neo. minili
< >1 I tj {. '-!■ Hl. s:ip“i ior t » the be t |"l I". «... No p :: «-•« r can open ;•
Mini farming are ut a standstill and
nearly'evi ry imlintry is in - i - -/■-.. bibbitt rm t il. for salj at the T imes -cal. «1 pa ';«: il ' i . of any kind. Th ■■•« are
■ hit« rulin '-««f th«' I'«-! < «:!i ■ • D« i".rt-
It is to be luqw-d that tliis nnfiv ualde ‘ • »time, (die ip.
state of affair* wi’i not lust ). «ig, and
»1 \V. M mn¡trg hi* had the Linkville ' merit.
tlmt thè atagn itimi n br,-,i•- ev« ■
Th" roi: 1 to Linkvil!.', «'xc< ptin.'tiiat
■ li\er\ stables l?t 1 up in tai
where m.uiifist r> 111 s... n I .- . i
P '. t .oU o ; (J, . <¡1,1: S’ltiU'- I"
1 vonient tiiantt» r.
R elioiov » IriAis. Lev. B. ( . O.-
1L V\ . Anderson l;a- lat. lv surveyed : tin. i in f iir < e..t:t ci imd Phiil
exp”, -s
by will h »Id ser a ires at tho Will
mini’ig gr
t on (¡rave creek
Springs school-Louse n \t .Sun
lor E F. Walker.
morning at 11 o’clock . . !'!1 r M.
.1 D. (’.rr, the wcll-kn »warn » I c • a- who
Peterson will pre.t Ii at I. « de Point on
tm -tor, i
<:d to have bi.I on » g: r
Sunday at the usual i-i »ruing L.uir.
. many m lil r nites.
v « r v
llegiilar service*at th» Catholic ( kun h
Tho infant child <»f (L «>. W. Wiim
next Sntidav, B *v. I . X. Bl inch« t otlic -
Tim vi ‘'.vo’s
¿»it .] by tl < (’ '’iptv
. K ‘V. M. A Williams will hold » f Wald.» died mu div recent! v. a ho; t
(’«■ »i!,-si..n is t'ns wt t \ viov.. 1 » nt
divine M>ni‘es at the Presbyterian J time after its birth.
< hnrclin» \t Si.'.lip im-rhing «
r-» i 1
1’ »-h r printiu - of every kind from t': p: »I» ■ I «-lianoo in t:
lb v B. »L Sharp will preach at
th • smulic-'t to the Lirgrst a sp» eialty ii¡4 from »I.i •Lvnvill • to Wiliov.
I’h.» nix next Sunday at 11
m . and Ìli
• Sprin •
the M. E. Church in this city at 7 r. M at th»* Ti Mr s otueo.
Boi xn O ver .—Thus. Keahlier, T.
CnvmandD. Wilde were ttrie tel in
California last w,ek by virtue of a w ur­
runt sworn out of Justice Del’eatt's
Court at Ashland, cl. irging them with
larceny of work x«n, and brought
back for trial. The first named was
held to answer at the n«xt term of Cir­
cuit Court in the sum of S:»/o, mid
gave bonds for his appearance. The
charge ngainst tho others was dis­
miss- d. Til" St i‘e w ■ r : re* :;!< 1 bv
B li. Willits, A. I’ ll.tmmond and W.
A. Wil-liiie, nn] S. L. Howard ap­
peared for th« th f< ndant. K»‘ahli-r
< lie boil-, ht th« oxen from
D. Dunlap of Bi Butte last Snnmr r
and that tliev are his prop- rtv, w hil" J.
< liandh r. the e «npl aver- that
they were turn" I over to him in a set­
tlement with th" defendant.
'fho condition of W A. Talh :.t of
W o nor er« k is -m h that l:e is m t c\
p( t’d to survive long.
(’apt. 1>. J. Ferreo will improve
Lak» vi av (’«»ttage hotel,in Lake county .
by adding a neat veramla.
Veit Schutz' pathway will bo lighted
bv a lamp at the corner of First and
I .ilif trnia
et* hereafter.
t 111 '• 1 ire'll..«'!.' I.l ‘d bv ( ’ ( '. M' ( '!■ 11
«loti of S.u i * vailey. Tl i- is evi.!« u. ■
ll. it sn 'ir cau 1« proda.-i 1 here.
.Attciitmn i* «•.illeil to the Singer S.
M. Ml'..'. < '.«.'• a 1 vi . ti- -a nt, whi«!: ■!■
-ir«s to w.i' ii th« public a ««in-t I'niiiit, r-
f. it*. Its mai hinc-ar»' un.-x«- 11« 1 an 1
have alw.i; - giviT.-n«'li general -:ti--
f ' t:. «1 th.;' m my : a. i t it * ■' s nr • iu I'
in irk«t.
A department devoted to the inter i of
The miner is idle again.
the Bchuol Bild under the management ut the
AV. ('. Miller informs us that somo of principal thereof.
D. 8. K. Buick of Myrtle creek ttr-
the miners of Forest creek are working
rive.l in town yesterday.
Mrs. E. R. Reatnes of Linkville is a little iu spite of the frosty w. atlier.
C. S' lliejlelitl is ill town.
ill. but not ditligeiously so.
Kiley Hinkle u d Win. lieelcy- were
'I he essentials of'effective writing and
S. B. Grubb of Ashland preeinet lias down from Appli 'ate this week and re­
“peaking are 1 bought, feeling and lan­
gone out to his Lake county ranch.
guage. 'i’o obtain these should lo J*n
IJ -mcr Harkness and family of Grave prc-.nt.
object of pr.marv imj»ortance in r cry
The .1 «.
.«. V <««'//;/ I'l'l-, tho best sc hool. 'I he world hinges uj»on thought .
creek uro spending a few days in town.
w >
can be obtained nt the and is rotated by expression. The great­ Is the only safo uud al."olute remedy
Jas Lawrence came down from Ash
land this week, but did not remain T imes office. Al ■<« blank notices of lo- est throngs follow Ihoso who are might- For Malaria in all iti Types
iest in intcllcrt, most potent with voire or |
cation "f quartz and placer mine*.
¡»cn. The power to think,to think rapid. ’
J. W. Manning of Linkville arrived
Th ’ rains of lust week promised well ly and with siu-erity, and toexpre«« the)
Dull Aching Pain«, R»
in town yesterday und will r< main a few for the mini rs, lint .lack Frost took thought thus evolved in suitable words,
mitti'iit, Intermittent Fever«, Dumb
possession as so Hi as there M.i- a good should l»c abundantly <*ultivati-d. Noth­
Ague, Di«tre«"it»g Headache«.
Ilolmnn'» Pail hasaucli com­
Tlios. Ungers, who li is been sufler- In ad of w ater and lias held (pay ever ing in school work conduces more to
plete control over all di«-
facility r>f thought and expression than
ing with a m vere cough, is uow im- since.
ea-cs of tin« Stomach and
Liver, including »¡1
impromptu composition exercises. Iu
B. AV. Hu ton if l'oot
cm "k in
f it-in* of flyspep.sia,
Miss Alta. 1 loss, who has been pay ing forms us that Lance A ( o. are t-ug.igi d the higher department of the school
l.iliousm m , Tor­
theseexcn ’Hes have occurred with reg­
pid Liver, ‘ '•
the W illametto valley a visit, Returned ill building a ditch from Lon; ig gulch to
in the Buck and Side.
’ •
hom>- yesterday
In n guh'h, whigh will afford them n present school years. Tho hour after re
This i» tho only known remedy that
Mrs. Jus. Thornton of Ashland is ■ •onsiilerable volume of water. It will coss in lheafternoon is ¡H^cted: tlie pu­ positively <'X|*‘I* every veatige of Mal*-
a! I nin, ‘roin tlieSyatem wilhoutendan-
quite ill and not expected to live long, ls> a mile long.
pils are ready with slate or paper; tin gering tlie health. . . .
r».- ». • -r
wu me sorry to say.
I'rol In . A. laiomln ssv«: “HI« nearer
subject is given out, ami as so«>n as each
John Lanterman, at
I'.. L. Sellieff.dill lia gone to British
has written two hundred words and the
lisliment, is engage ! in
nm.l:«itm.' This i"done <’U III" priDoiple
<'oluiiibin mid will vi-it Alaska before
per an<l ««tlier paraphernalia for M El- lhe pupil is excused, 'lhe following • a Ab- i pilon, iif which DR. H'jLM AN'ti
n turning to California.
PAD i* the genuintar.d only tr us expo­
vey A tSiinmoii .' hydraulic at Gali«'«' composition was the result of a half nent.
< '1. s G. Whipple of I ...t Klamath
I ..r h !I A i .’ mc «/ Truulilrt and /Alin in
«•r.a k. Mr. Faniiing i* « ng.igi'd in put­ hour’s work at the last exercise:
- '
i-sp.-iuling tlm Winter at Cloverdule,
ting the pip«' together at the mill«*.
oil Klli.Xit}
tlie best remedy irv
< al., w ith his family.
ill«- v ..rid, and recommended by the
L. S 1‘. Marsh has lini-J+u.1 his con
M« *. .! I-;miilty.
tracts nt l'mt Klamath and is expected week lia- discourage«! miners consider er. is one <jf the many large streams Beware of BOGUS Pad«.
ably, imismiK'h as it has caused u total which rise in tho .Siskiyou mountains.
it! A-hlimd ill a f«w days.
I i h g«i iiiiw Hi.‘i )JA fi I'AAJ heal«
Iu the waiter, after a heavy rain or sn»>w
/',. *'■ /ti i'inm- tii'ii i/ 'if i}ie lltiL-
M < B.< tiehain returned to Sprague sn-pi'tidou of work in altno-t nil cn»«--. storm, it becomes almost impassable. tin«
MAX 7'1/»«*»., with the above trad«-
river, Ttake county , this week, w here Shoulil there be some lain s mn, they I)rri;igthe sunimer months, when the in.o k print« «1 in green. Buy none with
v. illl ' »!•!«’ f i m iko «piito n run, for
he i.n large stock interests.
wati ris very low this »tream ft’rni.shes «mt /■ it. Sn’. Ini all Dinffgint». DR.
the people in its vicinity with :•? undanre .V.l A'.S a.lvii-e is FBKM. Full treatiee
D. I.. Stearu-of Wagner creek WÎW 111 th« grouml i* full of v. at'-r.
A. II. Ma ly w. nt up. tot'. Squr.v of fine Hsn. In tho spring, when the scut free on apnlk-ation. Aiidreaa
town this wi-t 1, mill ri‘|wirts the health
Lal« <’ «.’-«li.'g'ings tlii-w« 1. to put a earth ia <FOthed in green, and lhe trees region unusually ¡ o < h 1.
71« Broadway, New luik.
P. O. Box 2112.
Mr. Milk r of Minnt ■sota. a < ivil en­ th.iii-alid fl et of new pipe, jtl-t recei'. 1.
\ allev is ailmire I by many for its bu iuti-
gineer, is at present in Jacksonville. tog«th«r. Thi- company will r«*ume fiil scenery. Tim soil of the valley bor<
al< < . i tug (>n this stream is r< markable for Valnahle Resource for thè
11« proposes locating on the northwest operations on a mor«- exten-ive
th all < Ver .1* SOO11 a • tile weithr mo.l- i's feiUbly. Vegetables are largely pro
dneed,especially the |H»t;‘to.
11. M. Chapui of R u ./ ii . ej ; v. ■ was in ■ rate». AV. hope il will me ; with that
Appleuate is greatlv enlarged bef.ire il
reaotircps which modi
t< wu thi- week after some fixtures f ir UtllioUll b 1 sue«.« -s it riehiv <i«. rv. -. llow mg into it. <hm of these streams is
c.i %kill ha»* available forth«
Lilitated. none
M I'.lvcy A Stmuiotis' mir« ut Gali.«
(i.-.i. Sclmmpf inform- us tin; a L’c t Little Applegat«1, which nN» has its
lank’* higher than
er< vk.
i.iml lirm will probably put up a null
Waguer Ibitte. This stream is noted for
at his «piartz ledge, which will b.-e ipa- tho rujuc’l mountain scenery through
‘h H passes.
1.1 e of grinding s. ver il tons of ore per
The ground along I he erc< k is rem.» »La­
weck, liefore long, This firm Iris fur- bi» for its richness iti gold, and is < xten-
iii'li«'«! -< of these mill- throngli- sivrly mined by white nu n ami also by
<’liin«'«'. on > mine, o,vnrd by (’hi1 a «• inpn hf ntdve rtonodv for Liver Com-
out the liortliwest eo.i-t, ,i?i«l they will i-ie
: i :; H ¡; . 11- I .' I .• '
: , ; ■* ( H - ‘»I e • 4» 1
allow Mr. ejelllimpf to te-t it before Vi i;. ri 1. ‘i-
.«■■] I >y the (■ -< < g ! \. <> I mt. i y*-} ( ptia, ConMipalion. Chilla A
IVvor. ' ' ?y. X>rvoiiM»eMi, Sick limui,
In druilics.
nts aU*ibiftab!e to Me
Little Ap;»!egate is very irregular in
¡ ohmio *- Amonir its injcredientB are
iisdrsrent. It wind1 in ami out among .V
I»and<‘iion, BiUtemut, Black.
the iiioum:»ins, and is rr<»sM*d twenty six
!’ ■■*! .<!;< , 1 »ivter K» h H, Calisaya*
lino’s by travelers in a distance of six I:••
! ’• iup Wahuo,
\ eitniNDA Bt’i K.
(>>»]den St a1, A'<* Ac.
• • it.
Tin- fiive, Lh ndod properties of tLofü
A Cu.’». E a rv'-hf k!n»ws j-vuing \< j ’íii • rcuicd.cs constitute an »Her­
iti i !i:ji(•< are r -!«l ior tu ice uìiat ili» y ‘ at i\- : >nie and general corrective of
Ib»!i. I’.. B. Watson, Sii|»r»-m»‘J ml.
s J dhi I ì Ite, .’»nd th<: rt :iM»n thè purcliaM-r ' ilií- h
”1 r’rtHM, ami endow it with h
prie -< is bucausL he pays: l*t, f«»i ■ | :» A (t a \ alue entitling it to lhe iir»t
is expect» 1 Jo return from Salem th<-
a in»-!¡cinal s:dcguard for forti--
in» ; *2 I, t!;c travelm^
s <»f . •
fon part of m-xt month, areoinpani’ d
*-y "1(111 a. ait si nialai ia! and oth­
• 1 round eoniiniv: u t » thè ascili i I v i
!»;• his family.
l<> hiin; 3<1, thè » -• l of collcct d ii . i er i;«.t: ulics which cause MTioiisdistnrb-
mi he buys oh tiinc. The u.iy t-> ! ;<m <of lhe Li\cr. Il n iaxesthe bowelji
\ Lr<>.her of I). E. <’urt s <»f th:
hi.- is to Luy your m uhin.s fu* j ui'.L u u’nphm: | uriñes tl»e blood, ar«
phve, a »mpanied by hi- family, ar
pain and spawtna in the aide or
. ir !;••- «<i pi ’
i ì. ¡ a p
re- i<
:i:«Í< I I'luJe. j unties a billon» breath
rived from Indiana this we< k. and will
la I lot of t:.e < '.»«f.d Ntw York '•!.»
( fiiplrtdy relieve« the many imle-
probably 1 •< ate here.
-, L’"’ upjiit r thè I h -t »n i - in»!
jujiioms v hicli t ument mu L
k s. m ith i ! >ant iiimiturr, c»»j*taìn- < ! • ! : n» d\sjM j sia liver rpmplaint
\ . (’ook. who 1- - bi on taking a L» »’-.
e l.ift at iiiipi’tiAeint’ht'S. a*i i al! thè tii i Ki ¡ney troubles. It also efTeoi.uaI
at the mine i in this s«-« ‘ion, return» 1
ntA «• »»»pleU*. va hii li i will nell at r« nioxes tiios(‘ nervous »yfriptoma fe-t
■ •ìi inachine is a> joinpa:ii<-<l Ly thè \ ai :«’D I up is impcrh-ctly aecreted, or ia
to r<>rtl.m»l d n :’i_r the past w » k. w«Jl
urei«' guarantee h-r live yenr». mi-d’!**<•♦<■»!
'*afi>’’ I with hi - trip.
tli«»<c machine.«, and &ave filty
IL dinixiond: Co., San Francisco, whole­
A 1>. H hnan of A-ldan-1 ]i-tnin»‘ l
sale a^t nt», tor li e Facifre ('oast.
in Luyins.
For hile everx u here.
from .I - 'j-hine •••■uni v T«i - lay. win-re
h- ii ‘alh.l the<»iT;.- rs .«f Jv’rbvvilh
<4.1 style S:nwer r.T*i
■f O Id F. il »W-.
. I alar
• id ui I other jniT‘1 • n-
t by brit ring me tl.
¡•I« a
Business Notice !
V as (
m ni i
Mr. I.
in ext
i <•-
i.l !..
A l.A d\
j : ’■ r uii: i.-> tlirvat«’!:-’’! 1>\
w red.l.nt oft iwu. w m • we.-, xtibjectoil to
Bi-Is for i’ irrvin th'» mail for the n »Lower of easswords troni an ir; ci
y»ar lH‘irinninp July I. IS*2, will be l»1o old gentlcmin lately fr.»:u th«
op» n« I at the P i‘t < >!li • I > 'i'T.•♦!!!• iP <»i.mge grov *. of ( ’i!iif«>r:e;i. The- {«»r-
t lii - v. •» ].. *w1 contracts will be award­ m« i « \ i h ntlv pri/ s his « h ir.u t -r
highly, a « «Lima-O's aro rated nway-up.
ed in Mardi.
Ironclad an.l common promis orv
'I'll • (’“itA (’nineil lias paswd a cur
if »t« s. eh:itt«‘l ani ’»al e date rnutg.a-
few ordinance an I boys nn»b*r Is you*
g -s. w arr.iidy and «|U!telaim <b‘ 1
must liorcifi» r retir»- from the strr«
i « > •« • ' 'mt.i 'n* »n ». .Lotie N an 1 ( »»t-
at a fo ’.' íí » Lour, under ¡min of «ir­ sf !»le's Litt. ’-. *, nul everything in the
r' ’t and fine.
blank line, all after the Lit. t f »rm .
‘Squire \ atiiiniiirr rd K wk F->.‘n? ■ »iiskintly on Lan I at the T imes olli« e.
A large stock of cigars and toliaee is
of the best and most popular brands
precinct w is in town ib.i inp tlm \v-< 1.
may be found nt -I. Niitian's.
and reports industries gem-rally sus-
AV. A. Childers of Sam’s valley, an pend»*4 then* iu cun >< »¡ib
oí the
old an 1 ro«]>«i te.l citizen of tliis county, cold weather.
is lying at tho p >iut of d< nth.
Air*. Williams «u of .All>i«in, AVi -
Th >s. F. R igors and Frod.Ktwman cousin, <b sir«'- to know of th«“ whiTf.i-
leave for Calif «•ni.t to dnv, going as bout* of h« r son, Frank AVilliiu. >n,
fas a« It ‘ 1 Bluff’. I! in
• /'.
who during a portion < f
r« .-i lc«l
Wliiti paper, jnst the thing for writ­ in Jacksonville
ing npon with pencil, for sa’ ■ at tho
li““v. T. <«. AVilliim* of Yri'lin I. •
A' :: rxr*. David IL M il r. living
T imi - office in quantities to suit.
tnri'd 'it .A klan.I oil - The Sun'' la-t
near t >wu.
was thrown from his
X.Coik of Willow Soring;. Filler Friday «“v. ning ami wa* pn-ct«' 1 by n
wagon |a-t A\'«'dne*«lay morning ami
o) \pph ite and Dr. Stanley of goo 1 sized audience, Ills eli *rt 1-
HUstain« d a fracture of tho collar bon«-,
highly spoki’U of.
besides re«* iving severe bruises al««ut Sam's valley wer-. in town this week.
1 in-in« - < nicii «an g«*t th« ir bilih 'ii I«,
the bead and shoulders. It seems that
I». H. Feathers nn t x-client sec-
st«.t« ni.'nts. b'tterh ■ id*, and every ««th-
l.e wa* driving his team through u me oml-liand Sin ' r sewing machine which
®r kirnl of «-ommori'ial printin'.; at th«
timlier, wh.-n a sapling struck the s« it he will trade for a goo 1 milch cow.
T imi < ofli ■ . Th" b- .t work < X' .'tit«‘«l
of the wagon ami flirt w it forward,
Sturgis 11. till 'tie, nephew of \. W. h« r«‘ at « «
rn rates.
•lashing’ him to the gr-nml. with th«'
Stur. is of this e.inntv. and lati-lv from
It is pr« t y goni evi1'neo of il .li-
above ccn*cqnence*. Dr. Scrogg* is b w i. is practicing law at
m l.
hoiK’st man to take a tiewspaper some-
in attemlaneo.
1». H. Shook returned to f. ik. county time, and without piving tv hat t yon
AV. 1'ieil of Flotin«“«“ Ro«'k precinct '
during th" past xvoek. finding cattle »11. reqll' -t thè pnltli her bv !>«'
] I ll
was severely bruised several «lays since
scarce hero an 1 too high for invo Imeut. «■ald to -t<>p th« paper.
while logging, a chain slip)«ing nml
l'« i* a candidate for
lKames Bro«., Joo Solomon A Co.,
striking him with trememb.'.is f-i-cu
across th«> hips. Although no bone Bilger «V M zl v and others <.f our mer­ patrona ", and a* ucli propose*
were broken, his itijuri«'sare quite pain­ chants received new poods this we- k. ing spanking t«'am- nml tirst clas- v.>-
ful, the flesh being rendered va ry blin k
hi«'l«s «'oii-'aiiflv on haul, in ord«: t"
\n insane mm named John Cay lm-
by the c««neussiou.
eiiti'h theTi ip liar breeze.
D- unis Murphy of this place cut Ins was killed by a Sheriff's poss« in Baker
A p; ! ;ti ..I to r« • >r<• th • mail serv i««
foot severely with an ax this week, eminty recently, while resisting arrest.
I h I wi -'U Lakeview nml Linkville t«
while cutting wood.
\V. J. < ' »oksey of II irnoy valley has six «lav* per w«’< k i* Lein ■ exten-
M. E. Ctixt ekt . A concert for tho n fine ■'Scamperdown" colt, two years -ivelv .11 eu'a'ed illel■ n«d. AVe hope
benefit of the M E. Church will take old. that weighs nearly l.iMHt pounds its II Fail'll will li.’ mi «',', ■ ,ful.
place at M.tdamo Holt's hall on Tues­
I'. J. 1 illi'.tt of Tab u pi • «'¡net informs
For the best ami finest work in Hie
day evening, January 21th, which will
that eayotes ni<> troubling slu'i'p-
blacksmith lino, call on I 'ronmnillor A
no doubt lie an interesting affair. The Birdsey. They always give satisfa— ovvii. rs in th it rc;:i«-n badly, lie fi «1
into a band of six th« other «lav, killing
committee m charge of it have prepared
on«- ami ba lly woundin ' another.
thu following programme: 1. Opening
A. F. MeCarton of T.inkville has
If von h.i«e anything t i sell, advert i
song; 2. Reading, G. A. Hubbell; ■'•.
<>p. nod a bo irding house in Heidrich's it in the Tim:* anil you will Ms>n find
Song by little girls; I. Recitation, Mi-c
former stand. H" tillderstand.s the bus­ piircha*« rs. Thi- paper ha- tiie large-t
Emma Armstrong; Ft. Dnef, Byron
«■iri nlntioti enjoyed l«v any paper pub­
Sharp and Fred. Kahler; C>. ( untie
lish'd in < begun, ontsid« of i’urtialld.
din t, Clara N> uber and Jeiiiii«’ Mo u. .
( nrl\ V\'< l>b i,h i!f
ner of a black
7. Declamation, Frank l’resl. v; s. S.ui l’rnncisi-o market and local dealers
Dtvet, Jessie Langell utld Maggie Shi| >- am not offering as much for th"in as smith ami x\a y n-maker’s hop at Link
xille, tuiccei ■ ling to Aitiiur Carrick's
ley ; !•. Tab], an; 10. Quartette, Martha usual.
Armstrong. K |le < aton, Nellie Lay
'I he finest pi inting of every descrip­ interest in one of the shops at th.'it
plaeei. Mr. Woodcock is his partner,
and Ada I'lvmaie; ||. Reading, Mi — tion. plain, fancy and in colors, done
Fountain of tb»- Farmers’ Store at
at Sin liam iseo
Issie M«Cnlly; 12. Si.lo, Mrs. I! *-■■ .,t th? T imes <.f!i
\ -hl 111 1 • >mni’■:;«■ - tho m v year with
Kenney ; 13. R --itation. .Via 1‘lvmale; prices.
n full cud I'r-t-i’l.isi sto-k i f gen -ral
11. Chorus; 1 •’>. Song bv tho ltoy-; 111.
K-iilron.l or no railroad, Cirdwell merchandise and will Im hippy to
I>• «l unation, Chas. Itilg«r; 17. D m < t, propim ■* t > keep th" finest of turnouts
meet hi' iitimi rods fritlids ns of lore.
Ada and Katu 1‘lvmale; Is. Song by
little girls; 11». Solo, Dr Kahler; 2'1. and lu st accommodations for the equine , A Llivlis i. 111 h of Sucker creek, Jo­
Reading, Miss Anuie Little; 21. Comic •pecica.
sephine county, Slocum by name, lmd
s|ie«eli, li. J. Borough: 22 Song by
Ths lun lsoniest assortment of call­
Ithe sight of his rem lining ove serious­
little boys; 23. Comic s do. Miss Laitrn
ing cards of every kind ha* just been
Htibltvll; 21. Recitation, Miss Anna
ly impaired by a piece of red-hot iron
Bilger; 2o. Closing song. An udtuis- received at the T imes office, direct from It is ft ire ] that total blindness may in-
, ■I sue.
tioii fee of 25 tents will be chai—ed.
ranch in
C. C. Beekman. wlif> Iris lie. n pav m-
hi- ohi homi' in New York a p"otiact«d
visit, is expected homo in a few «lav,,
having arrived in San Francisco last
W . lncsdav.
Wm. Din-m. no; ill?w of I’at. A|.Mi­
h ui of this place. ni! ive.l fioin Ni.i rura
Fall* several <lavs ag > and will lo ■ do.
'l he toad - ar»’ it such a sorry pii; ip,
IL- is nt |ircsent driving the Butte
both north and south, that the stai • •> creek express.
ur- ailing b. l iml titrn». List M i 1 i\
Dr. R«binson is < \’K- ’ti I tO I etnrn
no stage u-rived from th«’ north, as the
one from the south earn.’ t.» hand so in a few «lavs. < >a i r- to th«“ -ale of
I it»* that r« guiar connection was imp<»> tli" li-mc farm not being «'«insumnuted.
‘ibh‘. It isa v.<»U(L r that mail* arrive his m .ther and sister rill not m eoui-
pnny him her« .
at all.
Phillips mil Wm. Cook <f
Rev. I’. \ B'-un-li«t. who rettimeli
Ashland p ii I thi* pla«'e a v i -it.Tr.« sd ly
from Josephine county la t l'ri.lay, in
’I’h«“ former informs ns that tlu'i-e i- id-
forms ir that v«-ry « '11 w< atlim- i* al­
most four f. « t of snow on the Col l
ti > privai« nt there. nml flint th’ min­ Springs moutitain.
or a««' frozen up tight nml nimble t<> «Io
n i t'.
j.,«! a they w< r<‘ ftirni-hed
with plenty of water un«l nnticiputing a the condition of S. AV. Sb irro«-!;, late
profitable run.
of* coiintv. wh « is nn.b r
Two ' Ll l-mhelors of t i* county, th«“ tu atm« lit of Dr. Mi!l«r for eatu-er.
is somewhat itnpi'ove«l.
who too* unto themselves young «viva s
C. J. Howard, who has bc«“ti with
ally, have f iumi th«' sea of
Doi-on's surveying |«arty in th«' Grave
matriinonv t io <l« i p for tin nì nml ar<‘
an’. .«I- to < r ivvti-h A lawyer h i- b i n cr«'< k hill* for soni, time pa-t. return d
«n ig«d lo f i.ilitato their elimination homo this week. II « report* plenty of
from tho matrimoni il lialter, '1'i.s ul- snow ami < ohi weather.
wav- b" 1 to look befor«' you leap
Mrs. W. It « son of AA’a ner creek was
A petition t « re « iablish the real unfortunate enough to pi ree her f«-ot
leading from Jacksonville I > Farmer'.• with a pair of sci-sor* the other «lay.
Flat. whid. wa - vacated at tho last f. nil Th«' w «mu 1. alt hough n si'vi're one. is
not coii-iden'il «lunger«ms.
of th«» C'Uinf v Commi ;-iia: i ■«' Court,
Beu .Miller of th«. S.u-.line Creek Nut
i- in circulation.
A* this vacation
woiihl woili an in] list ice to several p ir scry brought a Ioni of fruit ‘ trees,
ti< -.-it i- probable that th«* (‘omnii* shrubbery, etc., to town 1 i-t we, k.
R.onor* will a.-I favorably upon th« p« which «'ommanil« 1 a r«.rl V v s lie. 11« is
exei lb d by none in Southern Oregon.
Th« petition for th«' r< nioval of A\
John SF .in >ro of Sim's vali« y will
A. Wright, the « ili,'lent po-tr i.ti r of loav«' for I'rinviHe. Wasco county, lie
Linkville, cam«» loan ignominious ami f >ro long. He has lately purclris. 4
premature ileatli.
Mr. Wright 1 i- over l’f heail of cattle and expects to
given utiiver-al sa*isfaeti m. tl«- drive 2"tt h. ad to Easti'rn <>regon in
only finn that coiil.l b. urg. I ngiiii’t the Spi ing.
him was his 1 >« luoer.wv.something th it
('apt. II. K«'lly lias rOni-ne 1 to Cayot«.
is really in his favor. 11 ir lly at: « body
creek for the purpose of serving upon
colli 1 b,“ found t" s l 11 tl.e petition
Win R'llile mi ord-r a rain-t wad", i-
It is rumor«'«! flint Put M«M ilion of.
this pia«-.' i- the lowest bi«Ll r for the stnd by -Im!«" Hanna. Litigation in
this ea- • i - liable to continue for some­
mail route.« lulw :i A bland ami Lak«- time longi-r.
vi«w nml .I.i«!; uivill«' ami ( i<- «.n'
lion. C. W. Broback. formerly Rep
City. AA e a!- , b arn that .1, AA C uii -
liiiigl' im of this pia«'* w ill probablv • r« -' i«tafivo from Lak« county, lias pur-
«•nr«, th»' «'«'¡itiact for carri ing the mails «•lias.'d Hi'iirv Norton's farm in I', h i;
«•nt!« tout«.* b.tweeri this pl i«.L nml precinct, pay ing si.»«»'for if. IL» his
Big Butt«* ami Wright's post ofli ’c ou ■«Ir« a l v taken charge nml assumed the
«•<>/« of farmer.
Appi 'gate.
Win. Harris, a member of the fu ni
I'll« A
'i.l i ■
!! r, "wi'l pre-
tli" A-lihiinl
s«“ut in its I'lbrn iry number, tobepnb
retire» soon and willin’-n •<■««■.L 1 bv G.
lisle 1 oh th«' l-'ith of tli" pr< -"'lit n »nth.
W. Fonlye«'. Mr. Harris will ret tin­
Part 111 of it cries of articles on * lhe to Santa Ro-a. something his many
Christian Religion/'
ft will b from frieml* in Jack; m county will regret.
the pmi of l «■•'«. !'. l’ish« r, th« « miti nt
IL T ('hitwooil and h's sister, Miss
prof' - «.- of « <••]• sia*;, nl hist ry in
ix , 1/1
ll.tuvi, Ji pi I ■ 1 t GHUllfjli
I ■ l V. II
of .1
through town
the A «I Divinity School—us tboronzh Katie,
n scholar ami usable a «lefen«!« r of th« 1 la-t Saturday, on tlmir way t > Portland.
( mi-tian faith i:s this country uil'urds. Um latter will rem tin in th ¡t pl i«o for
! the Winter, a gn«‘*t of C. B AVnt-o:i
I itigli- Atumeu's(.'oligli .syrup. Brod.s ami family, but Il.iin. will return before
kail's it.
I long.
«Xll pci sons indebted to the
I». If. 1’1 A
A’iiiib n á C«» '•‘yrup.
!‘.n.«.ks keep. it.
W hy is th rn n<>
»»i Wheidor A
Wi '.->n Rowing ir. it iiüio ? 'I lio answer is
-i:n:»l” otiough: ! hey h ive patriils worth
protecting, and tin v <i » protect them.
Mi rtt-'Kot.o..t< vi. Ber ;;r t *.: Is -1.
< ‘ »in¡Finios Lavo ati<*iupte<1 l»> manufac­
ail itiiHsi i ci V. h.-elerA V.’iJ-on a \ -
M. A. W illiai
!.. fura I m I ua
in_; i;..;«’h;ii« . loi’' ni|»ellt‘«l to aLan-
the following I.ib'.«. w hi<-h w ill be found
:1 i ' i. 1 -
valuable for ta ft retice, a-it a -eur.itely • tup
itcuot- .< th« ta. at: t -mperatnr. of 1
Cro io Ai.niD u’s Cuiijh Sjrup. Brooks
keeps it.
river valli v for th- pa t war:
( '!.>'! II! ft FANI!» K’.*’11T«1 Mi!« TCSpl'C
tully aniDi’ih 'oi* t<> the puLhe tiiat lie
pt ■). tr. i t‘ -«;■• .'«r kin Is o! (•|«»tli<-s ck-aijti
.it tin- lolh’AV .tZ r ib s:
lit b' iln .- c<,
Ab.utli. Tiieriitoiii« tec.
jsJ <M; p-uitloni'A’i s e<»at, 7»” cents; pant»», 75
v nt>; suit, 'I Ô0; hats. ¿5 cents, liu has
■j Av a i" rii >"n!»!.it’li<>!’ in Lis line. Ji s
A.M M.
i«leih.'c at the »lackNOhviile 11 t^l
*1» -
12 2ÍI 2* ."iti
1‘iius in 11.«’ c I hs ‘'s
1Ì .ÌS _’f,
>JJUp. 1*»IU »k- kv ‘ p- it.
.72 24
.Ml 31
’• <
«5 «5
business now lietore the
public. You can make mor*,
ey taster at work for us than
.ii an vthing < !s<*. <'apital not needed. We
wi'l start you. $12 a day »nd upwards
niade nt home by the induatriou«. Men,
v< !iien. t»oys ¡Mid gills wanted every­
where io work for us. Now is the time,
'i ■ u can woik in spare time only or rlvp
a <»iir aa hob» time to the Infaintaa. You
can Live at home and do the work. No
»¡L( r business will pi|y you nearly as
w< JI. No bn»- can fail to make enoimou»
I».»x by » nix.i^ing at once. I’ostly Outfit
ui.I terms fr<*e. Money made fait task
ly, an 1 honorably. Address Tut a a if J
August i,Maine.
«:i soi­
•!■ • i fo v
should b<- ir
aro from 2 t
unders igned, either by Note
or Bonk Account* are noti­
fied to come forward and
settle, without delay, AS
Jan. 4 1S82.
Tie Tacoma I ' ■• say ■: -T>i .'ill. «I
I'.ekleson. having fini-hed his work on
the Snoqualmie F.a-s, l.t-t Monday
inox id over <>u the I iieom.i Pass rollte,
where work will be pro eeutixl nil
Winter, if pi die; 1 le. \\ elk w ill I»'
dolio on one of the ] :.sses 1, a.lin ; into
Green rite-r. which his imi ¡utile io
been explored, und tip. >t says th it
a pr limitiary even'll i‘ii:i shows the
entire practicability of building a
railroad through if, am! th ■ timi 1 v. ill
be only 1 JKHJ feet in I 'll. th.
rii riJtsoNs ishebted totbe .
. \ undersigned, either by note or book
r .’nested to come forward
.m l - « i p at huit , un 1 mm*.bave,
mon y. The accounts of tliowe wbo do
net settle in a reasonable time will l>e
pl e ' in the hands of an attorney tbr
.■«lieu. 1 mein Just what J say,'and
an early set : !< in-lit w ill sax e costal
l '.« p«r lian lrv«l.
I .ar i, I«. r ¡1« in tir.»
Ham an 1 It«. >n
■! .«¡'I'!« . ]' r IL
•• phmis, " ..........
“ p, nr*.
" pi acile». “
. . . .
S .• «hum nml. «s.........
■ Im k. ii . p«-r «l.'Z.'ii.
l ui - v-,
1 ••■<' i -: m . i -...........................
JTT — «I
«*t TT'
A Sure Ctire Foani at Last!
No One Need Suficr!
»ltd Fl ««to »HarrllcMte End Verein«*».™ »rtlhoNt
-ip Mat, " • wpa.lw,
t ■ X.s *, Bud fl ! I iL x-riptinn«, »Tiere
a t I V
- ' vMIe' e* < f X gelali* Hi»d Ft. W*T S<»4». PUaU,
'. 'I'.*»..' . I- ■ -<l I« t<* H.'l
In ’ ’■ r.M« f r I Miliar ra th*
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D. M. 1EHRY & CO, Detroit, Mich.
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Bounty and new
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doubt fi* to whether entitled to anvthing
HEÀltS . 1 ■ , I i"j - . Cì.'vehml. (».
in flu. I’m-tl m 1 B uine-• C.illege. Ap­
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M:tinj*, FTODDART At CO.. Solicitors of Claims
I orlLml, Or« _ li.
t.. 1 ratcxiU. 413 U SL, N. W, \\ «*iLiu<ujo, D. G
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lu I i> i* >n<i > w ii pi i - DISSOLUTION NOTICE
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formula freni v. 1,1.1. Anmicn's t'oug.i
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this lime.
1!,. ... wli.i violi! I - iy, • '.t. ; ber Immillili" NiiAll In -.mi’s valh-v, .!*i"i;iiv <<;li.
to Air and Mrs. Will. Noah i, - n.
a tt i 'i c. ni size is piegare I. Ask voiir
I U I ..armai-, a, l-f>2.
druggist lo get it fbr voti. Fu 1 .tt'ès ¡e - I El'!! I’AStiX- N- r I i'-k •miville, t.ui
15 et*., 50 et*., ?1.
nary lltli. to Mr. and .Mrs. l ine
IIN'G inaili.i,> -, i .«li-lilng Iron«,.
St. plit-ti.—n, » e-ti.
...¡«.- wiiim,,..
*0!. h MeKEE.—In A-lilan I. taimvrv 17th, t<. 1 ai I Mgubbiiig
’«. ■»-“«•-. *1
Mr. ami Mrs.
M,K«. , » daughter ’
• i’i:i>. OTTÄN-tC