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JANUARY 2 1880
R eligio
ie . ms .—Rev. W. H. Klyce will
hold services a t the M. E. Church in this place
next Sunday m orning at 11 o’clock.... Elder
M. Peterson, owJig to the inclement weather,
will preach at his Residence next Sunday, in­
stead of at the Moi^nij District school-house.
Happy New Year !
The holidays are over.
Job printing is our specialty.
Schools re-open next Monday.
Social les flourish exulierantly.
C hristman P resent .—'A'h® e,l’lir of the
T imes was the recipient of
< pres­
ent from F. Breckenfeld, in he shape
elegant inkstand surm*>unte«l\hy a ,u'n’*Hurj'
thermometer, and takes occasioi t° thank
for this handsome gift. May frijj1*! ^rpJtcn-
feld's shadow never grow less and utfi&’je ever
■mile upon hi n.
German calendars can be obtained at the
T ime < office.
T ropical F klits in I< f . i /,«’ i >.—Jeter Britt
last week plucked the orajfige ^‘t has been
growing upon a tree ip, his co>ervatory for
sometime ]>ast, which was the*inest ami larg­
est specimen ,>f the fruit evteseen in this sec­
tion, weighing nearly three-y'Artersof a pound.
Six small oranges are maturing upon the same -
tree, while the merenry staids at freezing point
the wreck round.
Ashland had a Christmas *reo and many
were made happy.
Swear off, form good resolutions, and pay
the printer.
Fine, ornamental clocks at the New York
Store, at cost.
Cotton batting at 27Jc. per pound at the
New York Store.
Muslin worth 15c. per yard for 9c. At the
New York .Store.
Applegate's new preacher has not appeared
on the scene as yet.
Jesse Dollarhide drove
Jones (Cal.) last week.
100 hogs to Fort
School books can be exchanged one week
longer. After the 8th higher rates will obtain.
E. T. Kugler contemplates organizing
another class of music in Ashland at an early
An overcoat ami a jimps-Mi blossom are in­
dispensable articles to Adolphus Henry now a-
A pleasant Christmas party took place at
Hon J. B. Caldwell s residence, on William’s
C. D. Chapman of Linkville is in town.
Mining is suspended everywhere.
The cold snap has made mining items as
scarce as gold-dust.
Ed. Healey and Jimmy Burns are open­
ing a claim on Missouri Flat that promises
Henry Ankeny, who has been visiting
the Southern Oregon mines, has returned
to Marion county.
Matt. Obenchain has received information after spending Christmas in the valley.
from Bonanza, Lake county, to the effect that
B. F. Dowell has been elected Vice Presi­
snow lies to the depth of ten inches on a level, dent of the Philalathean Society of Roseburg,
Co.’s arastra is frozen tight and
and is two feet deep on the ridges.
W. C. Hale, of Linkville, is now a knight of ! operations have been discontinued until
Sleighing has beeu a popular amusement the yard-stick in Thatcher & Worden’s estab, more favorable weather.
since the snow-storm of last week.
It has lishment.
Copp’s Handbook of Mining Law and
been many years since this sport has been in­
Wm. Hoffman, Esq., agent of the Home every description of mining blanks can be
dulged in to any great extent here.
Mutual Fire Insurance Company, hasourthanks obtained it the T imes office.
A correspondent of the T imes , writing from
for a neat calendar.
J. Frost still asserts his sway and the
Linkville under date of the 21th ult., in­
miners are wearing an ultramarine hue.
Geo. Freeman has retired from the Siskiyou
forms us that the weather is clear and cold,
How long, O Lord, how long !
well satisfied with his experience as
sleighing good and stock doing well.
There is an unusual amount of snow in
driver over that route.
As the stage started from Roseburg one day
the mountains, which will form a base of
Jay Beach has gone to Reno to meet some
last week the front wheel twisted the axle
supply for tho miners when water begins to
stock recently imported from Keutucky fail in the Spring.
square off.
The mud and water had frozen
for his farm near Link villfe.
hard, which accounts for the accident.
Superintendent Klippci, of the Squaw
Geo. Yamlcs, Sterling’s P. M., informs us Lake Ditch Company, is in town awaiting a
A party in town one night recently adjourned
that snow lies quite deep there, but that the thaw. Ho made a tine run recently, but it I
with a general “booh-hooh,” in which the i
I was of short duration.
temperature is about the same as here.
young ladies freely participated. Soothing-
Dr. A. C. Stanley, of Table Rock, elsewhere
Superintendent Fitzpatrick, of the Apple­
syrup has advanced in price since then.
has something to say “to whom it may con­ gate Gravel Company, made us a pleasant
For ball tickets, programmes, rewards of
cern.” He is desirous of an immediate settle­ call last week. Ho informs us that the cold
merit, wedding invitations, cards of all kinds,
! weather has caused a temporary suspension
circulars, pamphlets, posters and other plain
Messrs. Martin, of Salem, who have been of operations there as elsewhero.
and fancy printing, go to the T imes office.
paying Jacksonville a brief visit, returned
A thaw is all that is necessary to give the
The thermometer indicated 18° below zero home Wednesday morning. They were well
miners an abundance of water. A warm
at the residence of I. W. Thomas, three miles I pleased with their stay here.
rain might prove disastrous to them, as
east of town, on the 23d. The mercury rarely I
as to others, a great quantity of snow
Miss Millie Vining, of Ashland, was given a ;
becomes so frisky, even on State O'casions
on the ground everywhere.
; party at the residence of Jas. A. Cardwell by j
At a meeting of the Philalathean Society of i her friends last Monday evening, which passed
Win. Healey camo down from Elliott
Roseburg, recently, Miss Alice Mosher was j off pleasantly.
: creek this week and reports the same story
adjudged the handsomest young lady and Bud
Geo. W. Frey was in town this week, from I
Hm minors Ibero as t Nowhere, His I
Crane the homeliest gentleman of that place.
has just completed a cabin and
whom we learn that cattle are faring tolerably
preparations for tho season's
We learn that John Marks, who is wintering well yet, though a continuance of the prevail­
j run.
his Angora goats near Chas. L. Thurman's, on ing weather may prove disastrous.
Thos. Berryman of Gal ice creek was in
Applegate, lost several head of them by a tree
T. L. Beck, Willow Springs’ energetic mi­
this week, from whom we learn that
that he was cutting down for browse falling on ner, was seized with a severe pain in the back
weather has not neglected that
■ while pulling on his boot the other morning
i section. Green Bros., of the Sugar Pine
Never in the history of Southern Oregon and has been incapacitated ever since.
j lodge, are still taking out ore that will pay
Dr. J. A. Callender, of Roseburg, a gentle­ ! $50 to the ton.
have the holidays passed off more quietly, the
disagreeable weather and bad roads having man well known in Jacksonville, arrived here | A correspondent of the Tiding*, writing
placed an embargo upon the festivities every­ Monday night and will spend a few days with from Williams'creek, says; “A good Win­
us. Time has dealt gently with the Doctor.
der for mining now seems an assured fact,
Hats in all colors, worth $2.50, for $1 each
ifi ER» ^t a regular meet- at the New York Store.
'<£^ee Ixxlge No. 4, I.
Game has been driven into the valley by the
even*u><» the follow­ deep snow m the mountains.
ed for the ensuing term:
Tobacco of all brands, first quality, 65c. per
P i\,Yoale, N. G.; Mrs. Rachel
(Kmnd at the New York Store.
(».; Chris. Ulrich, Secretary; Mrs.
J. II. lluffer, School Clerk, is collecting the
Luy, Treasurer; K. Kubli, Financial
recently levied l>y the district.
V- Installation will take place on
.ay evening, January 12th.
The County Commissioners’ and I’rohate
C ourts will be in session next week.
Ssw Y ear ' s C alls .—Several of tile young
The smaller streams are still prisoners to
,cntlemeu of Jacksonville spent New Year's
the icy fetters Jack Frost has forged.
Day quite pleasantly in calling on their lady
The Pat. Malone property was sold at Sher­
friends, who were none Itehind in e: xtending
sale in Douglas county recently.
the compliments of the season, serving an ele­
gant repast wherever company had been ex-
Jacksonville Lodge No. 10, I. O. O. F., will
pec ted. The custom of making New Year's install its officers to-morrow evening.
For all the ills that flesh is heir to, no mat­
calls is becoming popular everywhere, and in
W ool has stirred up a boom in the San Fran­
what the age, there is no household remedy
no place was it more thoroughly enjoyed than cisco market and brings a high price.
to Frose’s Hamburg Tea.
Besides, the
iu Jacksonville,
Himes, the well-known Portland printer,
children like it; there is nothing nauseating ■
P ajntll Act II» ent . - Mrs. Anna Dean of has our thanks for a handsome calendar.
about it.
Three and a half pounds of coffee, extra
"Willow Springs met with a painful and well
Oregonian-Pocahontas Tribe No. 1, Improved .
nigh serious accident last Sunday. She was I Costa Rica, for $1 at the New York Store.
Order of Red Men, will install its newly-elect­ j
engaged in opening a cau of fruit that had been
The measles have made their appearance in ed officers next Tuesday evening.
After the •
placed on the stove to thaw, when the lid sud­ Ashland, but do not promise to be general.
installation refreshments will be served an I a
denly tlew off and the boiling liquid was eject­
The weather still maintains its frigidity, sociable time had.
ed into her face, scalding her quite badly. The though it is not so cold as it was last week.
The large chronometer in 0. 0. Beekman's ’
fortunate circumstance that Mrs. Dean wore »
Fisher A Cohn desire an interview with banking-house refused duty several times dur­ i
spectacles at tbt time alone saved her eyesight
those indebted to them. They mean business. ing the past week, the cold weather having I
from destruction.
After a short thaw the
Better than a letter to vour friends in “the stopped the works.
M asonic I nstallations .
Last Saturday States:” A copy of the T imes sent regularly.
was St. John'sDav, an importatt event in Ma­
sonic chronology, upon the evening of which oc-
caaion'th* otlicers of Warren Lodge No. 10, A.
F. A A. M., amlOregont ’hapterNo. 4, Il A. M. (a
list of which appeared in the last issue of the
T imes ) were installed. The ceremonies were
■conducted by Gen.T.G. Reames, Deputy Grand
Master,ami Col. John E. Ross, retiring High
Priest. Afterthe installation an excelleut repast,
.served by Grob 4 Ulrich in the < lub Room,
f and a short time whiled away
•was pa
mazes of the festive dance. A
in the
' Muons and their families
nee and the affair proved a
y way.
M. Baum and wife of Ashland were iu town
P. B. Lewis, of the Kerby ville Mdls, was in the forepart of the week.
town this week. He informs us that the cold
N. DeLamatter and family of Josephine ■
spell has reached Josephine county and caused county are paying this place a visit.
a general suspension of business.
Joe Beach returned to Linkville Friday,
Very quiet.
Eighteen hundred and eighty !
M arriages , D ee .’»-’ a nd M ortgages .— Six­
We always take county scrip at par.
ty-eight couples were ma.happy during the
LeapMear, andthegirls “go-as-they-please. iy
year 1870, as shown by the marriage register
Suits worth $15 for $9 at the New York
in the County Clerk's
Three hundred
and forty deeds ami ninAy-two mortgages were
recorded during the name time. This denotes
The Applegate was frozen over in places
a considerable increase ov^er 1878
last week.
A flutter in Linkville society is anticipated
soon, the couple about to join the majority be­
ing well anti favorably known in this portion
of Oregon. “Thus we glide.”
“Dashings from Oregon' is to he the title of
the volume of poetry, now nearly ready for
publication, which Oregon’s favorite bard,
8am. L. Simpson, is preparing for the press, .
Mr. Wasson of Ventura county, California, I
We congratulate the ( zar of Russia upou a
The party given by Win. Eaton on New narrow escape from an attempt on Ins life. In
Year’s night was a success, notwithstanding starting for Moscow his baggage was sent on
the counter attractions.
ahead. He, starting soon after, pass«.»! it and
The Jacksonville Minstrelshave postponed reached Moscow safely, while the baggage was
their performance announced for to-morrow blown up.
A tunnel was found running to a
evening until another time.
house one hundred ami fifty feet from the
T he new year was ushered in quite auspic­ point where the explosion occurred. It is sup-
iously. The T imes , although “a day after the pose<l the author <>t this hellish plot was Buffer­
fair,” wishes its readers many happy returns ing from a diseased mind siiperimluced by se­
To pre­
of the day, hoping that joy and prosperity will vere pain in the back and kidneys.
is said
ever I>e their lot.
the ( zar has sent to Ho.lge, Davis A Co.,
Mrs. Margaret Hubbanl, relict of Jas. Hub­
I’ortlaiiil, Oregon, fora large shipment of the
bard, died at her reiidence on Wednesday last
Oregon Kidney Tea.
■ f pneumonia, after a brief illness. She was
one of the pioneer residents of Jackson county
B ig B ote ( H i : iu >1' ondi . n »' i --A correspon­
and leaves two daughters a mid son and a large dent, under »late of Jan. 1st, savs:
circle of friends to mourn her loss. “Requi-
1 lie »lance at Kings last night was a grand
sin-fess, D. Dunlap officiated as duel mu-
escat in pace.”
A box in the rear of Beekman’s bankin"-
Stock has fared poorly and many will die
house, in which some hot ashes had been de­ bofore Spring v<>mc*.
I he weather i- moderating a little.
posited, caught fire one night laat week and
’at. Mi'M.ijioii, th»’mail carrier, is punc­
might have caused a conflagration but for its
tual and gives geneial sali.»iactiou in this
timely discovery by J. A. Boyer, the clerk, local iiy.
--- — ——•----——
who was awakened from his slumbers by the
S ettlers can have their notices for final
persistent barking of his dog, which seemed
proof ami other land notices juibh-h.-d in the
aware of the impending danger.
I llMEsby requesting the otii ers of the lb se-
There was a house-warming Monday evening burg Land Otii ■»■, through theCouuty Clerk or
in honor of the comp etion of Geo. Brown’s other agents, to semi tne.n to this establish­
neat, new residence. Dancing to excellent mu­ ment, where the service will be performed at
sic furnished by Prof. Scott and Mr. Brown the very lowest rates.
was the order of the evening, ami a pleasant
time was experienced by those in attend- > F or S ale One of those superior Wke«.der
Repetitions iu this line would not hi A A iIson sewing machines. It is new, poa-
disapproved of by the young folks.
sess.-s ail the la est iinqrovcinents ami at­
A quartet returning from the party at Willow
springs 1 ist Tuesday evening broke down in the
midst of their journey. A charming tete-a-tete
was ruthlessly demoralized and the gallants
obliged to seek the nearest farm-house for
another vehicle, while the ladies were perched
upon the fence to await their return. A dead
ax wagon being procured, everything was soon
progressing swimming!;-.
Over forty couples were present at the party
given l>v the Jacksonville Band at Veit’s Hall
on Christmas night.
Everything passed ofl
buoyantly to the excellent music furnished ami
all seemed to thoroughly appreciate the affair,
which did not close until early morn. Tie
supper <lnl not excel the one provided for
and minors are correspondingly jubilant. General Grant at the Palace Hotel previous
Alex. Watts in making money on Horse­ to his departure for the East.
head in his placer claim, while uncovering
The Adin, Cal., “Hawkeye” Fays tha'
a bonanza in the shape of a quartz ledge at
“Hon.’ D.. C. Hay, (not altogether unknown
the same time.
in Jackson county) who ha 1 the contract foi
R. M. Garrett showed us a handsome
building the County Clerk s office at Alturas.
gold nugget last week that weighed $10(1.
Modoc county, after receiving the greater por
It was picked up bv John Moldrum in the
tion of his pay, silently ami -ecretly left the
Steamboat diggings, together with twelve
town between two days, and, by some over-
ounces in finer gold. Meldrum has been
"lit-, neglected to settle num -rous little bill-
mining in that locality with indifferent suc-
him. Hay is in demand at Alturas.
cess for sometime past, but has evidently
is in town prospecting fora location, which we I
hope he may find. He is an old miner and .
seems well pleased with our varied resources '
B. F. Myer, of Ashland precinct, fell from
his barn the other day while shoveling snow j
from the roof thereof, breaking his leg just j
above the ankle ami dislocating the ankle I struck the pay streak at last.
I B. F. Luce of Sail Francisco, who is in­
School Superintendent Fountain was in town terested in the Grand Applegate mines, was
Saturday on business connected with his office. recently in this section, sub rosa, inspect­
Many of the papers north of us failed to No one put in an appearance at the examina­ ing our mining resources. He is well
make their appearance during the holidays. tion of applicants for teacher’s certificates pleased with the outlook and located several
The local press was in ire enterprising and fur­ call ed by him.
claims while here, including:! quartz ledge
nished its readers with the regular issue,
A. Davison left for Yreka this week with a in the Willow Springs district. We are
w hich w as up to the usual standard.
large amount of cured ineat, drie I fruit, etc., l gradually receiving that attention from
The entertainment at Ashland College on the amounting in all to about 9.090 pounds. Ardy capitalists justly due ns.
23d is highly spoken of by those in attendance has opened a produce store at that place ami
A G rand S tcves . s . The ball given by Ruth
An interesting programme was presented. The seems to l>c prosptring.
Reliekah Degree Lulge No. 4, I. O. O. F.,
prizes for best recitations were awarded to
Nick Ficke wiv
a few days open a butch proved the event of the season. About eighty
Miss Lou Willits and G. J. Wrisley.
er-shop in the building now occupied by Mrs tichets were sold and, had the weather not
R. Cook is associated with Jas Herd in the I. W. Berry, who will remove her stock of been the worst, the number would probably
management of a saw-mill on Big Applegate. millinery into the front apartment of J. A have reached one hiiudre 1. Nothing was
The firm lias purchased a steam engine of Jep Cardwell’s new building.
spared for the comfort of the guests, the
( isrof HaMMin.
tachments, and is in perfect running or-
For further particu'ars enquire at th«
I’ i mes office. ______________
A <VRI).
To all who are sulf<«riiig from the error»
indiscretions of you: h, nc.-vous vv«-ak-
n<*ss, early d-c.iy, loss <>f manhood, »kc., I
1 will send a recipe that will cme you FREE
OF CHARGE. ’Ibis great remedy vvas
liscovered by a missionary in Notiih Amer­
ica. Send a self addn-sKod envelope to the
' R ev . J oseph T. I nman , >8fution I), Sew
j York t'ity.
I'. — M< D'>N( if'•»If — At ill*- I*— I* io-»)
<>1 th*- bride's pireiits, by ||on. S. J. Day,
• ounty In Igo, M irceilus and Ml-s
Helen M -Donough.
[We exiond our c iiigra:illations and wish
: the happy couple a long life of unalloyed
-------------------- ♦--------------------
B\Y LEY—In Table Rock district, D<c»‘tn-
ber 21st, to ilie wife ul 1 a i.nas Bayley, a
W HI* > 11 I' -Near Jacksonville, December
2- h !. to the wife oi Frol. Wm. A. W right,
a son.
ISAACS—On Butte creek, December 8th,
to tin* vvifeof (iu<>. W. Isaacs, a sou.
ND'KERStiN A' Wild*», December 28th,
to the vvif<* of I'. M. Nicki'rson. a son.
E vei .Y person engaged in growing fruits or
flowers should take a paper exclusively devot ,
e 1 to these subjects, as is “Purdy's Fruit Re­
*»*** ■ »'I ’ll— ■— i(* wara.wx
corder and Cottage Gardener” a monthly of i
16 pages, at only $1.00 per year, published in
that great Flower City ami fruit section, Roch­ HUBBARD — In Jvksoiiviiie. December
31st, Mrs, Margaret Hubbard; aged 54
ester, N. V , but controlled aud edited by A.
years »mil 11 months.
M. Purdy, of Palmyra, N. Y., a life-long fiu
—In Ashland. D»»c*m!>er 11th, 1879,
grower ami florist, and now having over one HILL
Mrs. Elizabeth Hill, r*‘liet of Isaac Hill;
hundred acres into fruits, flowers, Ac., aud ed­
age*! 73 years.3 mouths and 3 »lays.
iting Ins paper from a practical daily exjieri- ' [••.Mother Hili" was on«» of the pioneer
ence and years of close observation and study. residents of this county, coming to Rogue
Semi to him, at Palmyra. N. Y., for a speei- ; river valley when the re i man asserleii his
men copy, it will speak for itself. Or b\ ' sway and disptp“ 1 the encroachments of
sending on the subscription price now ($1.0(.l| civilization. She died in the ftillnes« of
you get the full volume for 1889 and either ol tier years, respected by all. Mrs. Hill
the following premiums, postpaid, now or next leaves three a tghtm’s (Mrs. J. H. Ru-sell,
Mrs. 1’. Dunn and Mrs. A. V. Gillette), all
members vicing with each other in doing their Spring, as you may choose: 1 lie three last |
of whom are residents of Ashland precinct,
utmost, and all s* eme-1 well satisfied w ith the numbers for 1S79J or Purdy's Gl-page Small
ami t ,vo sons, one living in this State—the
evening’s amusement. The supper was first- Fruit work; or either his beautiful Fruit or
other in (’alilornia. Iler estimable quali-
class in every particular, fully sustaining the Flower piece, 13x16 inches, or tour assorted
ti»*s of mini ami heart had won for h«*r a
excellent reputation enjoyed by the Rebekahs pot-grown roses, or four assorted geraniums, or large circle of friends, by whom she is sin­
as catere-s -s.
ten papers assorted choice flower seed, or on»- cerely ni'iur.ic 1. Another pur.' spirit ha«
strong root of the most beautiful, hardy ami been vvafte*! o’er the «lark river; another
P robate C ocrt P roceedings . The follow­ fragrant Honeysuckle grown the Heleana, or
housohol*! has been bet eft ; and the holy
ing proceedings have transpired in this Court 25 assorted strawlterry plants of the best sorts ,
word of Him, w’lodiieth all things well, has
since our last report:
grown for this latitude, or six assorted hardy } been exemplitied: “The righteous aliall
In the matter of the estate of Oliver M. raspberry plants, orsix best hardy gooseberries.
inherit th«? King lorn of IL'tiven.’*]
Hurt, deceased. Citation issued to Jas. Jones,
---------- 4»-. ■ —--
wjaM-gnw.’aagiarABrra an ■!*■ ■!!
executor to make semi annual exhibit on Fed. 3d.
A lmost a S eriols A<< ident . -The “Ash­
In the matter of the adoption of Amelia
1‘flug by Fred. Otten. Petition granted ami land Titlings,” speaking of the narrow escape !
name of said child changed to Amelia Otten by the participants in the Christmas ball at that
order of the ('ourt.
place had, savs: “A little after eleven the
bill supper was ready, ami more than half tin ,
A S olar E gliine . A total eclipse of the
had gone to supper, when an accident
sun, visible to the Pacific (’oast. will take place
to the hall which caused a change m .
January 11, 1880. This eclipse is eentral ami
of the ball. I he heavyweight
total along a line twentv miles south of, and
of snow on the roof caused it t»> press outward
parallel to a line drawn through Monterey and
at the eaves with such force as to split some o
Mariposa, Cal , ami Salt Lake City, Utah.
heavy upright timbers at the joints, wheri
I’here it will be total and elsewhere partial I
the tenons of the roof timbers were pinned. The
The eclipse will begin at Jacksonville at about
cracking of the timbers caused a stainpe»!»
2:30 r. m . The sun will set partially eclipsed.
from the hall, and the «lancing during the res'
Nr.w T own H all . The Board of Trustees of the night was done at the Lodge room and
propose purchasing the old Mensor building on one of the other rooms in the upper story of
the corner <>f Oregon and Main streetsand will the Masonic building." The discovery was
tit it up for a town hall, that can be used luckily made in time by Geo. Brown, one of
by public assemblages of every nature as well the musicians, and a serious calamity averted.
—- . .
as a place of meeting for the City Fathers.
Tin i. M erit At. wavs W ins .—In these
I bis has long been a necessity and we are days of sham it is retreshing to bee >tne ac­
pleased to see that steps have been taken in quainted with true merit. “For value re­
this direction.
ceived" could be appropriately printed on
Diphtheria has inado its appearance in Sam's
Valley, but does n >t seem to be of a dangerous
John Pearson, the veteran freighter, has just
tha Davison of Eden precinct and will soon be
the season's work, during which
ready to furnish an extra quality of lumber.
A Urge amount of ice is being put up at
team M i l * o K a \ A' ksonville .—It is a set-
Business men should not forget that bill time he has traveled 3,100 miles with his
«4 fact that this place is to have a steam W< tti rer s reservoir on Britt s hill for Sum­ heads, statements, letter-heads, envelopes and teams, freighting from Reading, Cal., for
^Frist mill, which will probably be in operation mer use.
every description of commercial printing, neat Thatcher & Worden, of Linkville.
'in tune for the grinding of the next crop. The
Business men will find a fine supply of iron­ ami cheap, can be obtained at the T imes office
Dillon, the celebrated barrister, who is now
citizens have subscribed the sum of $2,500, as clad notes And receipts in book form at the
this country in the interests of the
a bonus to Thos. T. McKenzie, who will move TI m bn office.
people of Ireland, is a distant relation
The party given by Mrs. Lavenburg at
the available maetxrnrry from his mill nearCen­
The December number of the “College ( 'e- Phoenix on Christmas eve was a repetition of of Matt. Dillon, of Jacksonville, dealer in tine
tral Point and construct a steam mill of ample roma has come to baud and is a sprightly, iu-
her former successes. Those in attendance en­ liquors ami eLars, and may conclude to pav
k capacity, in the management of which he will teresting one.
joyed themselves greatly and did ample jus him a visit before his return.
ai*ociated with E. D. Foudray, we learn.
A large assortment of elegant calling cards tice to the superb supper that had been pro­
,1m,,„ week these gentlemen located the site of
have just lieen received at the T imes office vided.
T hat M i sical C hallenge . The expected i
th\ "»I! 0,1 the
u,‘ar ,,o,lnan gulc,b a from New York.
public test of musical superiority between an
H. F. Phillips, the Linkville expressman,
shonldistance south of Febely s old brick-yard,
The party at Mart. Hurst’s, on Butte creek,
equal number of musical students and the re­
and vVpl arrange the preliminaries as soon as was well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by informs us that the mercury went down to 15
spective music institutions of this city has not
below Zero at that place last week.
Snow is
the coW< s|>ell ckises. This enterprise cannot those in attendance.
taken place, and, judging from present appear
alxuit a foot deep in the Klamath Lake basin,
but prove\of great convenience to the farmers
We learn that a lodge of the Ancient Order
I vnees, the public is likely to meet with a first-
of this viciivty, as they will be enabled to have of United Workingmen will be organized in though much deeper on the mountains, of I class disappointment, l’ rof. Kugler, of the
cou rse.
their crop grqttnd at any season of the year. It this place before long.
I Musical Conservatory, takes this method ot
is one that shiuhl have been inaugurated m
D. L. Hopkins, administrator of the estate I saying that the non-action of the managers of
Considerable stock is perishing by breaking
Jacksonville lonx since, ami the people are to through the ice on Klamath lake while endeav­ of Daniel Hopkins, deceased, w ill to-day sell 1 St. Mary's Academy is an admission on their
t>e complimented upon the public-spiritednees
oring to procure water.
several head of stock at Win. ('lark s place • part that they are unable to cope with him,
they have exhibited
For sale or rent the residence formerly oc­ To-morrow be will offer for sale the inill I i thus giving lit) the contest. Their own patrons,
F atal A u H'F. nt .- A serious accident oc­ cupied by Geo. W. Frey. For further partic­ property and other articles.
For further par­ ■ as well as the general public are thus to be de
curred on Yankee
k, in (liimuey Rock ulars apply at this office.
ticulars sec hand lulls.
f nied the only means of information for judging
precinct, on Dec. 29th, \ which Jos. H“ss, an
Telegraph poles *ud wires were demoral­
I). 11. Feathers, of the Singer Agency, has I of the qualifications of the music teacher of St.
old resulent of tnat sectiot^rame t« a horrible ized in places by the recent snow-storm, but several second-han 1 sewing machines, of «1 if- ; Mary s Academy and the progress students in
<ieath. From
what c»u
b> ’g»rned, it seems
From what
ferent makes, which he will sell very cheaj [) ' that institution are making in acquiring a
the damage was soon repaired.
„„ ......I in cuttV • down a tree
It is stated as a fact that a large number of and also warrant them for one year. He savs ; know ledge of music. Genuine musical talent,
‘ jn 11 he was
Ueevea, his brother i, W
birds ami rabbits have fallen victims to the he w ill take cash, or any tiling that is raised on I the world over, would disdain to hide its light
... K.e-» - j
-J, • ", Hess,
j beneath a bushel ; its mission is to retine and
a farm, except babies.
. ,
amputated soi J
who had an arm 1
• me since, weather, so extremely cold has it been.
Hie Roseburg “Star” thus ominously states l elevate, and a refusal to let the world know its
pulling occurred at the residence
was unable to gauge h-’./ »nd, while ’’A
! true merit and achievements is equivalent to
It the case : Ixjap-year customs ar“ all right, but
itast'rllc!t(]ay evening.
making one, his foot slippy
-e fr’jxen <>i •
the woman who gets dawn on her knees and a forfeiture of the public patronage it claims.
was wdl an.
3m| duly appreciated.
E xtra R eaping M atter . Holiday supple
ground ami he fell forward u- .er Reeves
a man to be hers, and receives a solemn Is it understood that St. Mary's Academy is ments, containing several colnmus of choice
ax, which was deseendi.^
tin»»- ai V*
<(f everything kept in a shake of the hea 1, must be prepared to bear I unwilling or unable to let its musical ligli miscellany, have been furnished our readers in
■truck the unfortunate man on the head, aifr Store, keeps a tin.
I shine before the world, and thus afford the pen
the sorrow like a man.
connection w ith the regular issue of the T imes
most cleaving it in twain. Reeves turned hit , variety store, nick,11^ diaries for 1880.
I pie an opportunity to see her good works?
We always aim to do our best by the pat runs
on his back and started for the houso (about . Religious services at
(-atholic Church on
But in order to give the managers of St. Mary's
>f this journal and shall continue making
o»X> yards distant) for water, but, before he I » ^instmas were well attended.
The ceremo­ many from this place, assembled at the resi-
returned, Hess toad VWiibiiGt ms last. these nies were beautiful and tht^ging excellent. denceof Mrs. Dean of Willow Springs Tuesday I Academy one more opportunity of demonstrat- improvements commensurate to the require
I mg the- competency of their musical instruc- ments of the day.
are al»out the circumstances of the affair as i N dand A McDaniel ami VV^tjen A Helms evening and spent several hours in tripping
tiwiy ware narrated by Reeves, who came to « set o it cold turkey an-’ other'., freshments the “light fantastic toe” to the dulcet strains ' tress, Prof. Kugler wishes to make this propo
N ew Y ear ' s P resent . Our allegiance to
A pleasant time was J sition for trying the superiority of the respect
town soon afterward for the Coroner. In the Christmas eve, which wen- • 'v appreciated. of Prof. Scott’s violin.
temperance cause alone prevents the ac
j ive musical institutes:
He proposes to place
absence of that officer, an inquest was held by
The Applegate Gravel Company ’ ''«rick fell had.
i two of his students a/ainst the music teacher knowledgment of the receipt of a demijohn
Justice Miller Wednesday, the result of which the other div. Two t'elestials nar. rly es­
Anton Rose, ditch tender for the Sterling if the Academy, each party agreeing to p< r of excellent wine manufactured from grapes
we have not learned as yet.
caped rapid transit to the “Flowery Kingdom.” Conqiany, had a narrow escape from being
form an equal number of pieces in public, and grown on <’ol. J. N. T. Miller's place. It was
E. 1’. Pickens, of Table Rock, has slaughter­ fnjzeu to death last week. He became thor­
R eal E state T ransactions . The following
the public to be sole judges of the merits of of excellent quality and tin1 T imes corps rend­
deeds have been recor led in the County Clerk’s ed a large num er of hogs this season and will oughly saturated with water while attending
ers thanks to Kobt. A. Miller, the donor.
each contesting partv. What say the mana­
furnish the market with choice bams, bacon, to his duties and before he could reach one of
■office since the last issue of the T imes :
gers of St. Mary’s to this ’
N otice to S heet M en . - From 1,000 to 3,-
H. T. Iulow to F. B. Inlowr, 2.37 acres in etc.
the cabins he was frozen stiff and well uig’i
head of sheep will be wintered w ith feed
Little Butte precinct. Consideration, $237.50.
Jackson county ball-tossers should begin perished.
L egion of H onor . - This organization met and shelter until May, if required, for on« •
John Weiss to P. McMahon. pr<q>erty on
preparations for 1880soon. The managers of
Third street, Jacksonville. Consideration,
The snow hangs on tenaciously, to the dis­ at the Court House last Friday evening au 1 half. No band of scabby or diseased sheep
the State Fair offer a p :rse of $80 as an incen­
SI 60.
of stockmen, who fear the worst idected David Linn President and Lewis G. will betaken. For particulars apply to Jasper
J. K. Helman to Polk Hull, premises in tive.
weather continue any length of Ross Secretary for the present term. It was Houck at the Ashland House, Ashland, Ogn.
Ashland. Consideration, J450.
The mortality among si eep on Big Butte is
As yet stock is looking well, but determined to hold the sessions of the Legion
John Orth to Geo. W. Stephenson, 274 25
I mtortant N otk e .—All those knowingthem
acres in Jacksonville precinct. Consideration, said to l<e considerable. W R. Cumtnons lost cannot bear up under a long siege, feeding hav­ every three weeks hereafter.
Misses I illie
100 head while driving a band of 600 to the
ing already become necessary. Some mortality Klippel and Fannie Dowell and James R. Little selves indebted to Kahler A Bro. should come
Jas. Thornton and others to W. II, Atkin- valley.
I is likely to result in any event before Spring
were appomte<l a committee to prepare a pro and settle with me at once, as the accounts
son, real estate in Ashland. Consideration,
Nothing new has been received from the
have been turned over to me and must be set­
si 50.
Some unprincipled individuals made awav gramme for the next entertainment, w hich wil*
front and the organ w ar must evidently have
tled by January 1st, 1889.
Jacob Wagner and others to W. H. Atkin-
with several hats belonging to those attending take place on January 16th.
■on, one-third interest in the Ashland Mill given way to holiday festivities cr to the cold
R obt . K ahi . er .
the Christmas ball, not even leaving their
property. Consideration, $3,000.
B lanks at the “T imes ” O ffice .—\\ e have
Martin Peterson to W. W. Briscoe, 160.51
The Word **.Soao<loiit."
A large numlier of sheep have been lost in shabby ones instead. Of all the contemptible
acres in Manzanita precin. t. Consideration, the mountains near Ashland by various par­ people on earth the sneak thief is the worst just printed a complete assortment of blank
id supervisor's receipts, assessment schedules Which lias already become a household
and summary justice will l>e dealt out to all
' word, is derived from the Greek,ami e<>m-
Jas. Thornton ami others to E. K. Ander­ ties; among whom are J. P. Walker and
‘‘Lr school districts, ironclad notes, deeds and
posed of two words, Sozo and Odontes ;
son, lot 3, bliK-k 17, in Ashland. Considera­
I mortgages of all kinds, attorney's summonses,
tion, $700-
The Jacksonville Dramatic Association will
The entertainment pven under the auspice« receq ts. Justice s blanks, etc., which will be “Sozo” translated, means to preserve, and
Wagner, Anderson A Co. to Ashland Lodce next week re-organize for the season. A series
of Ashland Lxlge, A. F. A A. M.,on the day l>e- I disposed of at reasonable rates. Every descrip- “Odontes" the teeth—“SoZODONT" a pre-
N’o. 23, A. F. A A. M , property m Ashland.
atlajr | tion of blanks kept on hand or printed toorder, ' server of the teeth. And it is true to its
of entertainments will probably be announced f<>rc < ’hriHtinn.Q i»wvvo«i
Consideration, $174.50.
name. It beautifies and preserves the
Rarely in the history of Jackson county has a
Ashland Manufacturing Co to Jas. Thorn­
and »11 orders from abroad promptly filled.
hardens and invigorates the gums,
ton, land in Ashland. Consideration, $300.
at a a ball than
The enow is reported very deep in the vi­ lu-ger attendance been noticeable
------ ...
I and corrects all impurities of the breath.
Same to Jacob Wagner, laud in Ashland. cinity of Stein’s mountain, and parties who w as present on this occasion, 113 tickets bei
T hank ».—We are under obligations to the The odor of this pure preparation is so de
Consideration, $150.
sold. The Masons are to be congratulated fair tnauagers of the Rebekahs' ball for a boun- i lightiul that it is a luxury to apply it. It is ,
V. S. patents to M. Peterson. J. J. Smith
i as harmless as water. Sold by drr.ggistt*.
upon the success that attend.-d their efforts. tifr^ supply of excellent “ake.
to its safetv.
and A. W. .Morri* ha't been recorded.
and perfumers.
every subscription receipt given by Jn-
dreu 'x Bazar. This marvelous paper, with
its low price, only $1.00 per year, is t!»o one
successful Fashion Paper publishe 1 in
America. Always original, r liable and in
ad, it is t lie acknowledged Stamford
Fashion authority of this country. Not­
withstanding its low price, every subscriber
is presented free with 50e. worth of patterns;
ami all those who subscribe for ¡Ss(i, begin­
ning with tho January number, will rec»’iv»-
as a present a gigantic supplement, 33x40
inches in size, which contains designs for
fancy work which could not b»< obtained
from any dealer tor less than $10.00. Foran
appropriate gift to mother, wife or sw»*et-
heart we can surely think of imthimr l>ett»>r ,
than a year's subscription to Andren '* Ifa- 1
.ar. All communications should be ad­
dressed to W. R. A ndrews , Publisher,
rribune Building, New York.
The Lightest Running,
The Simplest,
The Most rurrLle,
Tho Most Popular
It t* ra«1Iy nnAcrwtood, tr.akes tite
¿otiti* •lhr<-:i*'!
ti, /«''.ectf*»
;• "ulatiBg tensions «»*.«/ take«up,
/ «•• ¡I! d > tf.e xv bole range t>f ¡amity
» -.r.’. a. libo'tl <hF..«gc.
7 äc ** L3oi::cf tl»-
/ marie in the tn“*t
r'uraiil' tnannrr, trilli conical rtcel
’■>e -rings and coinpcrtsating Journals
tl. roughout.
Grntcliil Women.
None receive so mu«h benefit, ami none are
to profoumlly grateful and show such an in-,
terest in recommending Hop Bitters, as women.
It is the only remedy peculiarly ad ipted to i
the many ills the sex is almost universally sub­
ject to. ('lulls and fever, indigestion or de-1
ranged liver, constant or jierfodical sick head­
aches, weakii“ss in the back or kidneys, pain
in the shoulders and different parts of tin <
body, a feeling of lassitude ami despoinleney,
are all readily removed by these Bitters.- -
T/tcsf! popula r I * mr 1 2 Ut ZW M for
f cimi chiLìren9s ùress,
aro cut on a BysCcm eu|»cr!<>r to any
.’.’X uor9 und can be underfitcnnl by any
one. 1 u!l direct ioti ami ill ustrationo
on. each envelope.
Scud J\ve Centn for illu^lralt'd tuta*
logue of 1OOO
Se^inj Machfe® Co., ITcw York.
J ai ksonvh . i .I-, Dre. 31, 1879. ,
E ditor > entini : l : I find that you have i
state*! in vour paper that Herman Helms'j
chi’»!, which is sick with typhoid fever, .s
re»'overing. This is correct; but not under
Dr. Aiken's care, as you-state, as I have
been the only physician attending. Mr.
.Sentinel, please let the truth be known, if
you cannot be just.
TO Ant EKriftLKB.
The I IM IS Ims lit«* larg«-»l cirriilalion
exer attained in Nmiihern nregon by any
newspaper an I llirr«-f«»re olfers superior
inilucenu-uls to o ivertiser«. Our list is
principally cmiliiieil I«» Jackson. J»»f.
phine anil Take count lea. Iiu«iu*M I«*
• lion IJ take noie oi Ibi«,