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‘g w« .i* ■ < r >***•.*»ii< iaj<M i n.
»¿hr Srmunntic Lillies.
FRIDAY,............................... \UGUST 10, 1S77.
E piscopal V isit . — Archbishop
Blanchet, of Portland, will soon make
this place an episcopal visit, for the
purpose of administering the sacra­
ment of continuation.
C ase D ecided —in the (’»unty
Court this week, in the case of M. Col­
well vs. Thos. K. Irwin, the jury re­
turned a verdict fur the plaintiff for
§114 and costs, together with other
property sued for.
■ —'
F ire .—The atmosphere is filled
with smoke from fires prevailing in
the mountains, making it warm and
oppressive. It would be a too fortu­
nate occurrence if we should escape
such an annual affliction.
—- ■ - -
I MIM. ■
Miss Ellie Wilton, leading lady at
the California theatre, San Francisco,
Matter Jackson has gone to the
well known in this section, is now
Sultry weather.
performing at Portland.
Hon. Geo. B. Dorris and family have
Col. Stone is in town.
Wm. Ray, administrator of the es­
returned to Eugene City.
Indians quiet In Lak»’.
tate of Napoleon Baker, deceased, else­
E. C. Lord, of A. P. Ilotalingtfc Co.,
Rusticating fashionable.
where offers far sale some choice real
Portland, was in town this week.
estate. Read his notice.
On-dit— Another tie affair.
Mrs. Burpee, of Oakland, Cal., a for­
All kinds of fiuit coming into mar­
What next? A young lady in town
runs all of her love-letters through mer resident of this place, is back on a
Abell A Welsh have gone to Eu­ the fluting machine before sending
R. C. Corbally, Bancroft & Co.’s gon­
them to their destination.
Latest developments seem to indicate ial traveling agent, was in town yes­
W. II. McDaniel has returned from
that the strikers in this section have terday.
Lake county.
Adam Klippel, a brother of Hqn.
We hear of a new stable about being ceased their insurrectionary uprisings,
Henry Klippel, is shortly expected on
but have not gone to work.
luilt in town.
Peter Britt started the other day a visit to this region.
David (Tonemiller has returned from
Miss Mary Berry has returned from
for Lake county, where he will take
the mountains.
photographic views of the most prom­ Josephine, where she has been en­
Geo. Nurse is about to build a saw­
gaged as a “school-marm.”
inent scenery that section affords.
mill on Link river.
Major Glenn ami Frank Drum loft
The fashion able male shirt collar is
Wintjeh A Helms have some of the
gradually decreasing in height- A .‘for home Sunday, rta Portland, after a
best cigars in town.
young man can now pass under a tele­ two months’ sojourn among us.
W. F. Cornell left for San Francisco graph wire without ducking his head.
The Sisters of the Holy Names re-
on the last steamer.
Josephine can boast, of more roman­ turne»l home Friday, and will reopen
No houses to rent in Jacksonville tic marriages than any coun ty in the St. Mary’s Academy during the pres­
for either love or money.
State. Another couple recently eloped ent month.
The absence of the street sprinkler from Kerbyville and were made one
Judge Day and family will next
is perceptible these days.
at Crescent City.
week start for Walla Walla, Washing­
Geo. W. Holt is hauling brick on the
The stage from the south was several ton Territory, on a visit to friends
site of his proposed hotel.
hours late on Tuesday, owing to the lo­ and relations there.
The sulphur spring near town has comotive breaking down and the con­
I)r. W Jackson returned last week
succumbed to th«* hot weather.
sequent failure of the cars to connect from a professional trip through Lake
and Modoc counties. Ho may now be
Local correspondence solicited from on tpne at Reading.
Last Sunday was Johnny Bolt’s an­ found at his office as usual.
all portions of Southern Oregon
H orse R ecovered .—A fellow stole
n horse and saddle from Jeff'. Beall,
living near Pluenix, one day last
week. Sheriff Manning was informed
of the affair, hut the thief turned the
animal loose near this place and the
properly was soon after recovered.
A ccepted .—The Ashland Base Ball
Club has finally answered the chal­
lenge sent them by the Jacksonville
Club and agreed to play a match game
for a bat to be known as the ‘•C’liam-
pion Bat of Southern Oregon.” The
Jacksonville Club will meet at the
A correspondent says Jay Beach’s
Court House Ibis afternoon to take ac­ Altamont now does a mile in 2:36.
tion thereon.
Kahler A Bro. and Reames Bros, have
■ . ................. -
•’ ■
received new goods within the past
P rorate C ourt .—The following
I week.
business has been transacted in this
Mi-s Maggie Thomas has returned
Court since our last:
In the matter of the estate of Henry to Jat ksonville, after several years’ ab­
D. Cromer. Inventory and appraise­ sence.
ment filed, (showing the estate to be
valued at $406.4h) which was exam­
ined and approved.
In the matter of the estate of Napo­
leon Baker. Administrator’s petition
Io sell real estate granted.
- ■
A Norn. R E nterprise .—A com­
pany, compose«! of Henry Klippel, H.
K. Hanna and James A. Wil-on, have
inaugurated a new mining enterprise,
which they are pushing ahead as rap-
Jdly as possible. They have surveyed
the location »»f a ditch running from
near Squaw I/ike to their diggings
■»’ear N. Wright’s, on Big Applegate,
about half a mile of which lias already
♦»een dug. The length of the ditch
will I m * about seven and a half miles,
and the projectors are sanguine of it
developing a tract of rich gtound.
A L arge <’\ v ' e .— Au immense un­
derground recess, several hundred
yards in extent, was recently discov­
ered fifteen miles southeast of Will­
iamsburg, Jo-ephine county, bv a
party of ladies and gentlemen. Hun.
W. W. Fidler was one of the number,
and furnishes an extended account of
the discovery.
stream of wat»*r is­
sues from the mouth, and many of its
compartments are described as won-
<lrot»s|y beautiful. The party partially
explored its depths, hut much of its
extent is yet unknown and remain-
for future explorers.
— ♦ - - - - -
- •
A ccident .—A Rock Point enrre-
epondent writes us that a son of Benj.
Emerson, of Foot’s creek, aged about
fourteen years, was accidentally sho’
on the 4th inst. He was handling a
loader! rifle at the time the accident
occurred, and had just placed it over
the fence, preparatory to climbing over
himself, when a smaller brother let an
axe fall on the hammer, causing it to
gooff. The bullet went through the
left arm, breaking it near the shoulder,
and almost completely shattering the
bone. Doctors Aiken and Colvig at­
tended the little sufferer, and express
hopes of his recovery without ttie ne­
cessity of amputation.
Wejiearthat L >uis Horne and fam­
ily intend returning from Eureka, Cal.,
ere long.
Pat. McMahon’s brother Dan. was
not killed, as reported from Yreka the
other d iv.
Henry P.q e left yesterday for Eiliott
creek, to look after his mining inter­
ests there.
L J. White is at pro-amt sojourning
at the Soda Springs. His condition is
n»»t improved.
The County C »urt was in session
this week. l'ne proceedings will ap­
pear in our next.
Jacksonville is cai-idcred a hard
place by »»ne-hor-e -hows—a very good
repctati >n to have.
A bran n»-w sewing-machine can bp
had cheap by inquiring at the T imes
office immediately.
A good advertisement once, and
then discontinued, creates the impres.
sion that the man has failed.
Rev. M. A. Williams will hold di­
vine services at tin* M. E Church Sun­
day morning at the u-uil hour.
Mrs. G. W. Crystal has placed us
under obligations for a supply of fresh
tigs and pears, which were delicious.
Geo. W. Frey has purchased Geo.
Schumpf’.s hou-e on Jackson creek,
arid will permanently locate among us.
The Wyman troupe, formerly with
the Alleghanians, assisted by Signor
Morrell, are on their way to this place.
J. II. Russell desires to know the
whereabouts of a set of harness shipped •
from Roseburg some time last March.
I .1 ■ mm. ' g —a—■—i
In Memoriiun.
At a regular meeting of Jacksonville
Grange No. 88, P. of II., held on the
4th inst., the following preamble and
resolutions were adopted:
W hereas , it has pleased our Supreme
Master, in his wisdom, to remove from her
field of labor our beloved sister, J. Ellen
Ish; therefore, be it
/{(solved, That, by the death of <>ir
worthy sister, this Grange has lost an effi­
cient and faithful officer, society one of its
brightest ornaments; the bereaved family a
tender ami affectionate wife and mother;
ami, while we bow with submission to the
I will of llim who doelh all things well, we '
feel our loss sincerely.
lie,solved, That we tender our heartfelt
sympathy and condolence to the bereaved
famil v.
/O.sob ed. That these resolutions be spread
upon the minutes of this Grange, and that a
copy, under seal, be sent to the family of
■ the deceased, ami also that copies be fur­
nished the county papers for publication.
M rs . R. M. M c D onough , )
M rs . J axe 1’ lymale ,
Miss A nnie M iller ,
- **
A T imely W arning .—Cutting
niversary and a high time was had on
Senator Mitchell arrive,! from Ash.
Applegate. The brass band was in land Tuesday evening, accompanied
attendance from this place, furnishing by Messrs. J. M. McCall, O. C. Apple­
music tor the occasion.
gate and W. A. McPherson. He is
The roads through Lake county not on his way to Portland.
timber on Government kind is fre.
quently indulged in, although there is
a penalty attached to it. The authori­
ties aro becoming stricter in the ob­
servance of the law prohibiting this,
and it will be well for all to take heed.
Three persons found guilty of this of­
fense in California were each recently
sentenced to pay a line of $42 and be
imprisoned for ten days in the county
jail. In passing these sentences Ju»lge
Hoffman said he did not intend to be
severe in cases where the offending
parties were bona Jide settlers and
making valuable improvements on
their land. He regarded the destruc­
tion of timber on Government, land as
great an offense as if the land belonged
to a private individual. He character­
ized the cutting of timber on public
land as stealing, which should be pun­
ished with equal severity as in cases of
the theft of private property. The
offenders were warned tbit if brought
before the Court fora like offense the
second time they need not expect so
much leniency.
being embellished with as many toll­
Messrs. Prim, Fou«iray, Orth and
houses as other roads, a great portion , Nunan, who have been on a trip to
of the overland immigration to Oregon Crater Lake, returned Tuesday. They
comes in ria that section.
i are in a go«>d state of preservation,
Those glorious summer nights are having experienced a fine time.
here when the lover whispers impas­
A party composed of J. R. Neil and
sioned words in the ear of a fanned family, J. R. Tozer and family, Mrs.
maiden and feels his undershirt stick­ .1. Houck, Misses Kate Thornton and
ing to him closer than a brother.
Alice Alford, Levi Willits, Leander
Detective Lees, of San Francisco, ■ Neil ami others from Ashland, left
------- 0 - -------
passe»! through here last week for Wednesday to enjoy the sea breezes at
F rom F agan to P reacher .—Bo­
Portland. He is after W. S. Cannon,
gus Charley, the Moi’oc and hereof
---------- -------------
of Healdsburg, (Cal.) who has been ar­
many a light in the lava beds, is now a
W hat is N eeded .—If some capi­
rested there on a charge of embezzle­
Methodist, and is running a camp
talists would bring in a ditch from
meeting down in Kansas, assisted by
Rogue river, Butte creek or any »»four
A woman living on Emigrant creek, streams, capable of carrying several such adjuncts as a broadcloth suit, plug
above Ashland, l»»-t four children one thousand inches of water, to work the hat ami paper collar. His own con­
versation, at the point of the bayonet,
»lay last week. They were found in a
i various placer minesnow lying idle,
makes him a valuable exhorter.
cabin tin* next morning, however,
they would inaugurate an enterprise
----- ——4^----------
having wandered about nearly all , which would not only be of profit to
S old O ut .—Pat. McMahon has sold
themselves but of great benefit to tin* his interest in the I nion Livery Sta-
The Madame’s premises narrowly i country. There are still plenty of hie to his partner, James A. Cardwell,
»•S'*apo»l destruction from fire one day rich diggings in Willow Springs, Jack- who will hereafter comiuct it. Tue
last week. A hopper in th»*back yard sou creek mid various other district*, price paid was $3,800. Cardwell is as
caught afire and was blazing quite which ot»ly lack water to develop ever prepared to furnish tine turnouts
livdv when it was fortunately discov­ them. The owners of such a ditch on short notice, and only asks a trial.
ered and extinguished.
would experience little risk in getting
F ine O re .—’Squire Kent this week
of their supply at good rates, and
S. Arrasmith arrived from the head
showed us some fine specimens of cin­
of Elliott creek this week, where he is miners would have an opportunity of;
nabar from the Emeline Company’s
interested in placer diggings with working out their claims, thus benefit­
mine «in Beaver creek. It will not
Henry Pape, Wm. Bybee and Pony ing till.
take very much of that sort of ore to
---------------------- >. ■ —, -- --------
Hampton. The ditch from the creek
L iberai I nducements .—We have insure a big thing, which the owners
to their claim is about completed.
due-bills on the U. S. Piano Compa- ' have every indication of having.
J. M. M(Connell, of Bearcreek, left
ny and also the Shoninger Organ Com­
a coup!»’ of curiosities in the egg line
T ime E xtended .—The
pany, which will be received at par
at S. P. Jones’ this week. One of
Commissioners have allowed Assessor
I in payment for instruments of their
them is unusually large, measuring
Goddard until the hist Monday in
i celebrate«! manufacture, at factor]/
several inches each way,while the other
.September in which to complete the
prices. These due-bills will be sold at
is even smaller than a pigeon’s egg—
assessment of the counly.
a discount, and those desiring either a
making quite a contrast.
ytiTThe National Gold Medal was awarded
first-class piano or organ of established
Ed. F. Lewis and others started this j reputation should call at the T imes to Bradley A Rulofson lor the best Photo­
graphs in the United States, ami the Vienna
week for Applegate to prospect the office at once.
Medal for the best in the world. 429 Mont­
gomery street, San Francisco.
placer diggings they have located in
O regon D irectory .—We this week
that section. They expect to be able
to work the be«l of the little Apple­ received a call from Mart. L. Cham­ S1IALLER—POOL—At the resideiwe of
the bride's parents, on Butte creek, Au­
gate when the Sterling company turns berlin, who is canvassing this section
gust .'»th, by L. Tinkham, J. 1’., John
the water of that stream into its ditch. in the interests of D. II. Stearns’ Ore­
Shalk*r and Miss Josephine Pool—all ot
this county.
Thos. Kahler returned from Sheri­ gon directory. It will contain a com­
dan, Cal., last week, to which place he plete description ot the State, the
drove a ban,I of cattle from this sec­ names of her officials an«I prominent
Oregon Chapter No. i, R. A. )!.,
tion. Torn says California is a parched- business men, her resources and nat­
its regular meetings monthly on
up desert this season, with nothing to ural advantages, etc., and will doubt, Tuesday evenings of or preceding each full
moon, at 7'a o'clock. Companions in good
recommend it, and never to be com­ less be a work of importance.
Joe. Wetterer has a new brewer
from San Francisco, and will hereafter
furn^h an article of beer excelled by
An O ld Fellows’ encampment will
soon be institute«! in this place. Some
of the pharaphernaliu arrived last
The minstrel show has come an«l |
gone. The troupe and Jacksonville i
pared with Jackson county.
ha»i about the .same opinion of each
It is cheaper for those intending to
go to San Francisco to travel ria Port­
Mrs. Baird, living near (irant’.s
R eligious D iscussion .—A. Miller, Pass, recently lost her entire ciop by land. Opposition has reduced the fare
Jr., ol the old school Baptists, and Mar­ a fire kindled to burn the stubble off between those two places from $25 to
$10 for first-class passage. A corres-
tin Peterson, of the Christian order, will her field.
{ ponding reduction has also been made
hold a protracted discussion at the
A sister of the late Mrs. Ish is ex­
Baptist Church, in Manzanita precinct, pected from Virginia. She has been in freight, which is now only $2 a I
commencing on Monday, September detained by the strikers on Eastern
Mr. Thompson with a force of men
10th. The following propositions will railways.
( is now engaged in pushing the West­
t>e discussed:
The July number of the If c.sf Shore 1
ern Union Telegraph Co.’s line towards
1. The Scripture teaches that God
is out and is magnificent in all its pro­
Jacksonville. Already he has reached
did, according to His eternal purpose,
portions. Is contains an engraving of
a point 40 miles this side of Roseburg.
which he purposed in Chri.-.t Jesus our
Tattle Rock.
Within two months it is expected that I
Lord, predestinate untoejernal life the
Chris. Weiss took a load of bacon the line will be completed clear
elect body of Jesus Christ (the church, '
to Yreka for Jensen <fc Iffland on through to Yreka.
his children,) by grace given them in
Christ Jesus, before the world began. Wednesday. He will bring back beer
A letter from Rock Point says an
for Henry Pape.
emigrant train consisting of 30 wagons
Together with the final ¡»erseverance
left Missouri last spring for Oregon.
of all the saints. Mr. Miller affirms
We learn that they are “nearly in”
and Mr. Peterson denies.
and expect to locate in this vicinity. I
2. The Scripture teaches that whoso­
ever will, may hear, believe, obey and 1
J. M. Cook, of this place, who went
be saved. Mr. Peterson takes the af- |
Jack Montgomery »had his hand east last season, has lately returned.
firmativeof the proposition, and Mr. badly bitten by a hog last Tuesday. He gave the people composing the
The poisonous tusks of the animal in- ' train the “Oregon fever” whilst he
Miller the negative.
was back there.
Aided a severe wound.
All are invited to attend.
- ■ ■ ■"
ITU»■;■■■« UB
Fisher & Caro’s.
Our Stock J Fust be Sold !
I eluded to sell their entire stock of mor-
i cliandise and close out business, now offer
for sale for CASH or its etpiivalent, at
a large stock of Dry and Fancy Goods,
Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Hats, Groceries,
Tobacco, (’rockery and Glassware, etc., etc.
To convinc«* the public that we mean bus­
iness we <;uote the prices of a few staple ar­
ticles as an illustration :
14 yards of standard prints......................... $1.00
White Rock ami Lowusdale
Muslins.....................................12?^c. per yard
Dress Linen................................ .Tl’ic.
Grass Cloths.............................. 12J^c.
Bed Ticking................................. “
Best Brands of Teas................ 50e. per pound
Costa Rica Coffee....................... 25c.
Ami all other articles at corresponding
low rates.
The public is invited to call and avail
themselves of this opportunity of securing
bargains beiore it is too late.
All persons knowing themselves indebted
by either note or book account are hereby
notified to settle by September 1st next, or
their accounts will be placed in the hands
of our attorney tor forced collectiou.
Those interested will please take n»»ti<,e.
Jacksonville, July 14, 1877.
F. & C.
All Kinds of Job Printing
The Times Office.
kj ot Jacksonville, and half a mile north
of Ashland, Is prepared to do general Cus­
tom ami Exchang«» Business.
Flour ami Feed al the
Thirty-six pounds of dour, two pounds
of shorts and eight pounds of bran given per
bushel of good wheat. Will sack and brand
the sacks—customers furnishing the sacks.
My brother, G. F. Billings, will have
charge of the business, being assisted by
competent millers.
/•«r Everything as represented or no sale.
Geo. P. Rowell A Co.......................... .Vevv York.
S. M. Pettingill A Co...................... .\'ew York.
Dan. L. Green..................... Josephine County.
Chas. 11 uglies...................................... Kerbyville
standing are invited.
Ben Haymond.................................... Rock'Point
----------------------------- a- ■ ■
J. R. N. BELL, High Priest.
L. P. Fisher,................................. San Francisco.
P lan of A ppointments .—The fol­
M ax M uli . eb , Secretary.
Thos. Bovce................................... San Francisco
Rowell A Chesman............................... St. Louis
lowing are my appointments for the
(Jus. A. Winckler........................................ Yreka
ensuing two months :
prove»! order of Red Men, holds its R. B. Hatton.......................................... Lakeview
stated councils at the Red Men’s
August 19th, or 3d Sunday, campinceting
at Butte creek, one mile below Eagle Point. [ Hall the third sun in every seven suns, in
the eighth run. A cordiai invitation to all
August 2»>th, or 4th Sunday, at Jackson­ brothers in good standing.
ville, morning ami evening.
11. K. HANNA, Sachem.
J ohn C imborsky , C. ot R.
September 2d, or 1st Sunday, at Foot's i
1 finest Panorama Lanterns on this ('oast,
creek, preaching at 11 o'clock a . m . Lecture
l'or Stereopticon and Dissolving Views it is
Warren Lodge No. 1(1, A. F. & A. M., unexcelled. The slide glassesaro ot the fin­
at 3 o’clock 1*. .v. Basket Meeting.
Holds its regular communications est assortment, embracing foreign and
J. R. N. B ell , Pastor.
X on the Wednesday evenings or pre­ American scenes, comic and grave. Will bo
ceding the full moon, in Jacksonville, Ore­ I sold al less than cost. Everything is en­
tirely new and in good working order.
F or the S tate F air .—W. C. My­ gon.
Apply to
(JEo. («ROTZ,
M ax M uller , Sec’y.
er, of Ashland, called on us this week.
Kerbyville, Oregon.
He is getting ready to atten«l the an- UylW? Jncksoni ilk Loiter No. 10,1.0. (I. F.,
Holds its regular meetings every
ntial State Fair, where he will exhibit iv
eveningat the odd Fei-
some fine specimens of his stock. The i
ow's Hall, Brothers in good standing are
invited to attend.
J. H. P enn , Rec. Sec’v.
Percheron horse gives excellent satis­
faction in the Willamette, and Mr.
Myer is quite successful in his intro­
duction there.
G range M eeting .—The Jackson-
ville District Pomona Grange will meet
in the Grange Hall in Jacksonville on
Thursday, August 16th, at 10 o’clock
a . M.
Members will please be present
on time.
J. S. H errin , W. M.
Jacksonville Stimuli Xo. 148,1’. (I. R. M.,
Holds its regular meetings everv Thursday
evening at the Gild Fellows’ Hail. Brothers
in good standing are invited to attend.
M ax M ulleb , R. S.
Ruth Rebekah Degree Loiter No. 1,1, 0. 0. F.,
Holds its regular meetings on every other
Monday evening at odd Fellows* llall.
Members in good standing are invited to
R achel F ish hi :, R. S.
I salo one hundred and forty head ot
line Angora goats in first-class condition.
Apply to
Chavner’s Rauch, Jackson County.
Farms for Sale.
Persons desiring to purchase good farms
of any size will do well to enquire ot
J ohn BOLT, Applegate, Oregon.
O you want protection ?
Buy a Pistol or
U Knife, or both, ot JOHN MILLER.
IL. Whetstones, Tape and Chalk Linen
O for sale at