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    ‘¿hr grmratwîiws.
JUNE 9, 1877.
“T here ’ s M illions in I t .”—We
have reference to the Peacock-Copper-
tail lead of Bybee A Co., down at G fl­
lice creek.
Bybee and Ed. Smith re­
turned from there Thursday evening
and bring glowing reports, backed up
by some of the richest rock ever found
in this country. Bybee says there is
rock enough now on the dump to pro­
duce $8,000, at least calculation. He
stands on tiptoo now when reciting his
prospects and rocks back on his heels
with the solid weight of an actual mil­
lionaire. He intends to have a mill
at work on the rock as soon as it can
be put up.
He will work by the best
known methods—pans, concentrators,
etc. Ed. Smith will put up the mill
as soon as he completes an arastra for
the Green Brothers, who are working
what is evidently the continuation of
the Bybee lead. The rock is identi­
cally the same although miles up iu
the mountains from Bybee’s, and the
prospects are equally as good.
F orger A rrested . Monday last
Sheriff Manning arrested a iu.»n ém­
ployed at Win. Bybee’s, who is
charged with having committed forg­
ery in Marion county, a short time
since. He gave his name here as D
W. Brennan—or Drennan, in other in­
stances,—but has numerous aliases.
Hu formerly worked near Jefferson,
on lheO. AU. R. R.,and hypothecated
a forged note for $275 with or through
Reed A Co., brokers of Salem, on
which he procured $160. In a few
days the note was discovered to be a
forged one, ami steps were immediate­
ly taken for the apprehension of the
forger, with results as stated. On
Thursday morning last Sheriff Baker,
of Marion county, took the bird from
our jail and started with him for Sa­
lem. Is it not probable that thieves
aud roughs will soon learn to avoid
this piirt of the country, as they al-
most invariably get caught or killed
J oshed ’E m .— When the robbers
attacked the stage the other day
Lieut. Hoyle took advantage of their
attention to the other passengers ami
dropped his money into a water buck­
et in the boot. When they came to
examine him of course he had noth­
ing, and they dismissed him with the
remark that “soldiers aro always in­
fernally poor.” They got $120 from
one of the Chinamen but neglected to
search his bundle of dirty clothes and
thus missed $1300 secreted therein.
'There was no hurry or confusion in
the affair, ami the highwaymen leis­
urely departed and have not since been
heard from, only that their pursuers
chased them so closely at one time that
one of the robbers w s compelled to
abandon his horse anil take to the
brush afoot to avoid capture.
C ounty C ourt .—This body closed
its session Thursday. Little of gen­
eral importance was transacted. The
care of the County Hospital fur the
ensuing year was awarded to Dr. L.
Danforth for the sum of $1,980. Re-
jx>rts of viewers for changes in and es.
tablishruent of various county roads
were reported back for further action
thereon. A ferry license was granted
to A. J. Wileox, with rate of toll es­
tablished, to maintain a ferry on Rogue
river, at or near the mouth of Indian
T he S trawberry F estival .—Ac­
cording to announcement this affair
camo off on Thursday evening, and
as was anticipated proved a grand suc­
cess in every particular. The Sunday
School Library will derive material
benefit from the festival, as we are in­
formed that the net proceeds will foot
up $G0 or more, The admission fees
alone will nearly, if not quite, defray
the expenses.
B ig S trawberry .—Beekman, of
this place, has raised the champion
strawberry. It measures 8 by 7
inches in circumference and is about
three-fourths of an inch in diameter.
M ill somebody give the solid contents
of that measurement ? It is one big
berry made up of 8 or 10 smaller ones,
all grown together in the form of a
L ife I nsurance
P aid .— C. W.
Kahler* administrator of the estate of
John BUger, has been paid $3,000, the
amount of the Life Insurance policy
of the late John Bilger, from the Pa­
cific Mutual Life Insurance Company
of Sacraménto. There were two pol­
icies—one of $1,000 and another of
County Court wound up.
Wool is worth 20 cents.
Snow fell at Linkville last week.
Weather warm and crops growing
The District School for this District
has closed for the Summer vacation.
O. Gunnison, long a resident of this
place, has removed to Ashland.
Rev. M. A. Williams officiates at
the M. E. Church to-morrow at the
usuai hours.
The Border Troubles.
The hydraulic mines lately set in
operation at the mouth of Little Ap­
plegate have got down to square work
and muddy Main Applegate to its
mouth, we are informed. Their ditch
carries 1500 inches, which will all be
used when available and the mine in
full blast. As soon as the Winter sea­
son furnishes sufficient water they will
put on another pipe in a different
place. The boys about town have
been visiting this new wonder and are
emphatic in their pronunciations of its
grandeur. Several wagon loads paid
the mine a visit on Sunday1 last.
The-raids over the border by Mexi­
cans on the Texas frontier has become
insufferable, ahd our Government has
at last been induced to take measures
for its repression. To that end our
troops have been ordered to pursue
raiders over the border. The follow­
ing dispatch explains the orders to
Gen. Ord, and the limits of his actions:
N ew Y ork , June 1st. The ÏW
Washington special, speaking of Me­
Crary’s letter to .Sherman, .»ays tile
letter is understood by Sherman that
the military is not to wait until the
Mexican government is heard from
before pursuing marauders over the
lines, but is construed as giving per­
mission to Ord, when in pursuit of
robbers, to cross over if he thinks he
can catch them in a reasonable time,
and if he is in sight of them, or fol-
lowing a fresh trail, It is considered
reasonable for him to go a day’s march
into Mexican country. McCrary is of
the opinion the mere publication of the
order will go far to stop marauding,
for the knowledge that the military
are not allowed to pursue them beyond
the Rio Grande has always been a
temptation to raiders to run over into
The melodious organ grinder is
Quite a funny time was experienced
again among us and the average ju­
the other evening by the Mashal and
venile turns his mouth into a fly-trap.
; posse in tho capture of the drunken
Rev. Father Callan, of Yreka, ac­ Indian “Stonewall,” who got on a
companied by Masters Junker and spree and executed a scalp dance in
Roseborough, have been spending the the street. On attempting to arrest
week among us.
him, that redoubtable hero, who “bull­
Wanted, at this office, a double­ doses” Kanaka Flat occasionally, took
jawed, pivot-tongued, active man to to the woods at a Ten Broeck pace, and
pronounce the names reported in the was only captured by running over
European war bulletin.
him with a horse. After thus knock­
The base ball match last Saturday ing him down a time or two he squealed
between the Ashland and Jackson­ and is resting in Ad’s hotel awhile.
ville nines, resulted in a victory for
A number of our cotemporaries
the Jacksonville boys by 48 to 24.
throughout the State have purchased
new dresses and would all present
much improved appearances if they
would hire some good practical work­
men to use the material. Sun. Rob­
Nat. Langell and Rev. J. R. N inson, of Miller A Richards, of San
Bell, accompanied by Misses Eliza Francisco, seems to have circulated
Langell and Alice Hanley, started on among the craft pretty generally, and
a trip last Monday tor the Willamette. wherever his advice has been list-
ened to we can see more or less
Tho l>oys turned out en masse on
Thursday evening and treated the change for the l»etter.
Cornell, Turner and John S. Miller
newly-married couples to a genuine,
old-fashioned chiravari. Good nature have returned to their cinnabar claims
on Beaver creek, with a wagon load
ruled throughout.
We are requested to state that all of grub, etc., enough to do them a
persons having dishes used at the late month or two. They have gone out
strawberry festival will find the same this time to view out and construct a
at the club room, and are requested to wagon road over the mountains, a dis­
tance of about 12 mile*», to their mine.
call and identify them.
They will then take in some retorts
What’s the matter now ? A picnic
and commence business on a perma-
party ascended Table Rock Wednes­
nent and paying scale, They have
day ami they returned all sound and
lots of ore on the dump already.
cheerful. Was that because “Sargent”
Next week J. S. Howard, surveyor,
wasn’t along, for escort ?
will commence the permanent survey
The long existing sewing machine
of the ditch for the Portland-Sterling
monopoly by patent has bursted out,
Mining Company. The preliminary
and experts say that machines will
survey was 231 miles in length, with
soon sell for half or one-third cf the
a capacity of 4,060 inches. We pre­
prices formerly demanded.
sume that standard will be maintained
Geo. Holt has his new brick factory by the new Company, who announce
well under way and will soot» burn his their intention to conduct the work on
first kiln. It will take several hund­ the largest scale possible by the most
red thousand to put up his big hotel, approved modern method of hydraul-
but George will make the riffle.
j icing.
Thos. Gale, we are informed, has
Remember the 4 th. The proceed­
succeeded W. A. McPherson ou the ings of last night’s meeting were en­
Ashlaud Tidinys.
Me. goes to Wash- acted after we went to press.
irigton Territory to fill a Federal ap­
pointment in the revenue service.
STEAMER <<»<>. S. WK1U1IT.
T hree negroes m Columbus, Ga.,
May 23 (1>, Killed a Mrs. Chambers,
who resisted their attempt to rob her
house, and were hanged to a tree by a
mob, the hangman’s ropes being trace
All our big-town exchanges com­
plain of patronage given by their
youths to opium-smoking dens. They
are one luxury we don’t enjoy here.
The famous “Alleghenians’—with
Swiss Bellringers—are coming to see
us. They have sent us word that
they will be here soon and when they
do arrive ample notice will be given
of a show that our citizens can have
no fear of being bilked by.
J. M. Sutton, of Ashland, is among
us again, after his severe illness, look­
ing the worse for wear, but still worth
any number of dead men. He is
slowly recovering, but hopes to reach
his fighting weight in due course of
time. His present visit is influenced
by the meeting of the Pioneer Society.
C. A. Garrison, who resides three
miles east of Hopwood’s mill in this
county, met with the misfortune of
losing his outhouses and kitchen by
fire on the 26th ult. By great exer­
tion his residence was saved. His
loss luckily only amounts to about
$250, where he stood a good show to
lose thousands.
The citizens of Jacksonville, says
the Sentinel, have* made up a purse of
$25, to be given as a premium to the
winning second nine of any base ball
club organized in this county, the
game to be played here on the 4th of
July. The game part is all right;
but don’t the balance of it look a good
deal like gtpnl ling, contrary to both
the letter and spirit of the law, “in
such case made and provided.”
By Thursday’s stage from the South
came a number of our wandering citi­
zens and accompanying visitors, viz :
John Miller and wife, who went to
San Francisco on a visit via Portland
a month or so ago ; Mrs. Dill, mother
of Mrs. P. J. Ryan, who comes among
us on a visit; and lastly, Maj. J. T.
Glenn, of Oakland, Cal., accompanied
by Master Drum, son of John Drum,
formerly of this place.
H ome A gain . Judge E. B. Wat-
son returned home by yesterday’s
stage from the North, from his late
visit to lloseburg and the Coos Bay
lie was accompanied by
Miss Anabel Short.
F rom C alifornia .—John Oith’s
brother-in-law, Wm. Johnson, together
with his family, reached here a few
days ago from Redwood City, Cal. It
is their intention to make this their
permanent home.
T he P ioneers .—The Jackson Co.
Pioneer Society held a meeting in this
place on Thursday. The Secretary has
not been able to furnish a report of
proceedings in time for this issue.
Kahler Bro’s, soda fountain is in
operation. Bob. is engineer.
^tTThe National Gohl Medal was awarded
to Bradley A Rulofson lor the best Photo­
graphs in the United States, and the Vienna
Medal for the best in the world. 429 Mont­
gomery street, San Francisco.
----------- •------ —■
lloCK EN JOS—ARN()LD—1 n Yreka, at the
residence of Mr. Northeim, by Judge
Sherer, John liockenjos, of Jacksonville,
and Miss Eva Arnold, of Des Moines,
[The newly married couple reached this
place in due season and received the con­
gratulations of friends, young and old, and
all others hereby extend a welcome to the
strange lady who has become one of our
FICK E—REK’HTA R—At the M. E.Church,
in Jacksonville, Thursday evening, June
7, 1S77, by Rev. M. A. Williams, I*. N.
Eicke and Miss Henriet'a Reiclitar, all of
(»ILL—On Applegate, May 29th, ot conges­
tion of the lungs, William Gill, aged 12
I and South by entered land and on the West
by surveyed land. Situated in M »s>url
Flat Mining District, in Jackson county,-
State of Oregon, and described as follows:
The N. E.
of N. W. % oi Section 30r
1'ownship 37 South, of Range 4 West, cou-
1 taining 40 acres. The said claims are of
ree<>rd. The said claims were a<*quired by
said applicants by location ami by purchaser
and the same are now known as the Burk­
Matthews Gold Dost Mining.
Claims. All adverse claims must be filed
in th<* Roseburg Land Olliee lieivre the ex-1
piration of the sixty days of the publics«
! tion ot this notice.
It is hereby ordered that the above notice
be published tor sixty days in the D emo ­
cratic T imes , a weekly newspaper pub­
lished in Jacksonville, Oregon.
Given under my hand this 26th day of
May, A. I). 1877.
WM. R. WILLIS, Reght jr.
S J J n LI X Gr O F F
Administratrix 's Notice.
rilHE UNDERSIGNED having been
1 appointed by the County Court of Jack-
son county, Oregon, administratrix of the
estate of Henry b. Cromer, deceased, all
persons having claims against said estate
are requested to present the same, with the
proper vouchers, to the undersigned, within
six months lrom this dale; and all persons
owing said estate are notified to make im­
mediate payment.
SARA 11 CR( >MER, Administratrix.
June !», 1877.
1 termined to close out business imme­
diately, now offers for sale his entire stock
of cigars, tobacco, pipes, stationery, Yankee
notions, fancy goods, musical instruments,
frames and brackets, nutsand candies, jew­
elry and other articles t<»o numerous to
mention. AT COST. Kale positive and term«
cash. Those <lesiring anything in thia line
should call and see for themselves.
Jacksonville, May 16, 1877.
T he price of flour is getting so high
that several Danbury people of an
economical turn are giving money in­
stead of breäd to tramps.— Danbury
To Amelia Baker, William Baker, Samuel
Baker, liâmes Marion Baker ami Nancy
Ann Brown, heirs of the property and
estate of Napoleon Baker, deceased, and
ail others interested therein:
William Ray, administrator of said es­
tate, has tiled his petition praying for an or­
der of said Court to sell the following de­
scribed real property belonging to said es­
ta e, lo-vv il :
Lot No. . 3 and the N. *7 of N. W. *., and
the S. W. *7 of the N. W.
ot See. 27 and
has No. 1 , 2 ami 3 oi See. 2s, in Township
3s South, of Range 3 West, containing 157
am s, si uated in Jackson county, State of
< »regon.
Therefore notice is hereby given to the
heirs al law ot said estate, that the pnlyer
oi said petition will be heard and determined
at the Clerk’s office in Jacksonville, Jack-
son county, .'>ia'.e of < >regon, on
Tuesday, July 3.1877,
at 10 o’clock a . M., al which time the said
heirs and ail others unknown, are heieby
notified to appear ami show cause why an
order of sale should not lie made as in said
petition praved for.
By order of
County Judge.
E. D . I'oi iuiAv. Comity Clerk.
Jacksonville, June 5, 1877.
1 un* in informing the public that he has
iust opened out in £>ehumprs building, ob
California street, where he is prepared U»
execute all work in his line in the best man
nerand at reasonable rates.
Cleaning and repairing watches and
jewclrv a spe»*ialtv.
Give me a call.
1N the st<»ckholders of the Rising Star
Gold and silver Mining Company will moot
at the olliee of the company, in Jackson­
ville, on Saturday, June 9, 1877, for the pur­
pose ot electing directors and to transact
sucli other business as may come l>efore the
Done by order ot the stockholders.
A. C. JONES, Pres, pro tem.
E. D. F oudrav . Sec. protein.
Jacksonville, Muy 7, 18» <•
1 sale his farm situated on Antelope creek,
12jmiles east of Jacksonville, containing 480
ai-res of land, 400 acres ls*ing good farming
land and under leiu*e. It is a good grain
I farm and sheep ranch, well watered and
I good houses and barns upon it.
TERMS < >F SALE—$9 j»er aere, one-half
down, the balance to suit purchaser.
N. B.—This land will be sold in smaller
i parcels, if desired
Tiit* <<:>sp:*l ul' Merit.
Where there is so much rivalry as in the
manufacture of’amilv medicines, he who
would succeed must give positive and con­
vincing proof of merit. This is an age of
inquiry. People take nothing tor granted.
They must know the “irAr/x” and "irhert-
fores" betöre ackn iwledging the sup: riority
of one article over another. Among the
few preparations that have stood the test,
those manufactured by 11. V. Pierce, M. D.,
of the World’s Dispensary, Buffalo, N. Y.,
have for many years been foremost. The
truth of any statement made concerning
them can tie easily ascertained, for Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy and Dr. Pierce’s
Golden Medical Discovery are now pre­
scribed by many physicians in curing ob­
stinate eases ot Catarrh ami incipient Con­
sumption. The Discovery has no equal in
curing Coughs, Colds, Bronchial and Ner­
vous Atl’eciions. It allays all irritation of
the muenos membrane, aids digestion, amt
when used with Drs. Pierce's Pleasant Pur­
gative Pellets readily overcomes torpid lirer
and Constipation, while the Favorite Pre­
scription has no rival in the field ot pre­
pared medicine in curing diseases peculiar
to females. If you wish to "knoic thyself"
procure a copy of “The People's Common
Sense Medical Adviser,” an illustrated book
oi nearly loo pages, adapted to the wants ot
every body. Price 81.56, postage prepaid.
Address the author, 11. V. Pierce, Buffalo,
New York.
After more than three years have
passed, news has at last been received
from the lost steamer George S.
Wright, which is of a definite char­
acter, as follows :
V ictoria , June 3d.—A survivor of
the wreck of the lost steamship Geo. I
S. Wright has at last been discovered.
He is an Indian named Coma, and was
a coal heaver on board. He was re­
cognized on the street at Nanaimo the
other day, and arrested and brought to
Victoria. The Colonist says : Since
the disaster Coma has constantly
evaded the police, and until quite re­
cently it was not known that there
existed a single survivor of the wreck.
About a fortnight ago he ventured in­
to Nanaimo, where he was arrested by
Constable Stewart on Friday and ar­
rived here yesterday.
Coma con­
fessed to the superintendent of police,
after being duly cautioned, that at
night the boilers of the steamship ex­
ploded and she began to sink at once. • Every one, at times, feels the necessity of
Capt. Ainsley, with four U. S. officers some restorative of the vital powers, de­
and a passenger, got into a boat and pressed by mental or bodily exhaustion.
In such conditions, let every one, instead ot
told Coma, who was on deck, to get Hying
to the alcoholic or medicinal stimu­
in too. The rest of the people were lants, which must be ’followed by depres­
in bed or tried to escape by means of sion equal to their excitement, reinvigorate
his deranged system by the natural tonic
another boat. The Captain’s party, elements
of the P eruvian S yrup . Sold by
seven in all, pulled ashore, near Cape ! all druggists.
Caution, the party were nearly naked
ITiMoliclto»! Testimony.
and the Indians gave them blankets to
F ai it fieli >, M e ., April 28, 1804.
keep them warm. A day or two
Gentlemen—Seeing numerous certificates
afterwards three canoe loads of In­ in the Mimic Farmer ‘endorsing the merits
dians came to the spot and Captain ot the Great Lung Remedy, W» star ’ s B al ­
Ainsley offered the leader five hundred sam of W il » C hekiiy , 1 am induced ami 1
take great pleasure in giving publicity to
dollars to convey the shipwrecked men the
great cure it accomplished in my family
to Fort llupert. Four of the Indians iu the year 1856. During Hie summer ot
were armed with muskets with which that year my son, Henry A. Archer, now
postmaster in this place, was attacked with
they killed all the whites, tied stones spitting
of blood, cough, weakness of lungs,
to the bodies and sank them in deep and general debility, so much so that our
water. They robbed the budies of all family physician declared him to have a
seated consumption.” He was under
valuables including the captain’s gold “
medical treatment for a number ot months,
watch and ohain. They-^pared Coma but received no benefit from it. At length,
but told him that if he ever dared to from the solicitation ot himself aud others,
narrate the cirtf’unristances they would I was induced to purchase one bottle ot
WlsTAR’at B alsam of W ild C herry , which
kill his miner. Coma thinks that all benefitted him so rtuch 1 obtained another,
the people on board who were in bed which in a short time restored him to his
at the time of the explosion were usual state of health. I can safely recom­
mend this remedy to others in like condi­
drowned, as the boat went down rap­ tion, lor it is, 1 think, all it purports to be—
idly. The prisoner was to-day con­ THE GREAT LUNG REMEDY FOR THE TIMES !
The above statement, gentlemen, is my
fronted by the four prisoners who were
voluntary offering to you in favor of your
brought by the Rocket and have since Balsam, and is at your disposal. As ever,
been in gaol here, and identified two yours,
A ndrew A rcher .
of them as belongiing to the party of
’T he schooner New Bedford, only 20
feet long, sailed from New Bedlord,
Citation to Heirs
Mass., May 26 th, with Cant. Thomas
C’rapo and wife as passengers, bound In the County Court of the State of Oregon,
for the County of Jackson, June, 1677, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER.
for London, Englaud. This is the
sitting in probate.
smallest vessel that has ever atlempl- In the mailer ot the estate of Napoleon Ba­
ker, deceased.
ed the feat.
The May number of Oregon’s only
pictorial, the II ’e.d Shore, is on our ta­
ble. Interesting as usual, containing
1G pages of interesting local and mis­
cellaneous matter. Send $4 to L.
Satnuel, publisher, Portland, and get a
good family paper.
O dd F ellows , A ttention ! —The
Mining Notice.
members of Jacksonville Lodgo No.
10, I. O. O. F., are requested to be
R oseburg , (>REG*ttr May 26, 1S77. }
present at their hall on next Saturday
otice is hereby w - iven that
Peter Burkholter and S»m«el Mat­
evening, when they will hear some­
thews, whose post oilier address is Jackaon-
ville, Oregon, have made application for
thing to their benefit.
patent for pla<*rr claims, l>eing bounded on
1) an i el C ron em iller , Sec.
the North by surveyed lands, on the East
have been sold the last year, and not one
complaint has reached ns that they have
not done all that is claimed for them. In­
deed, scientific skill cannot go beyond the
result reached in these wonderful prepara­
tions. Added to Carbolic, Arnica, Mentha,
Seneca-oil and Witch-Hazel, are other in­
gredients, which m ike a family liniment
(fiat defies rivalry. Rheumatic »ml bed­
ridden cripples have by it been enabled to
throw way their crutches, and many win,
tor years have been alilieted with Neuralgia.
Sciatica, Caked Breasts, Weak Backs, Ac.,
have found permanent releaf.
Mr. Josiah Westlake, of Marysville, (>.,
“For years my Rheumatism has been so
bad that I have been unable to stir from
the hoti'-e. 1 have tried every remedy 1
could hear of. Finally, I learned of the
Centaur Liniment. The first three bottles
enabled me to walk without my crutches.
I am mending rapidly. 1 think your Lini­
ment simply a marvel.”
This Liniment cures Burns and Scalds
without a scar, extracts the poison from
bites and stings, cures Chilblains and
Frosted-feet, and is very efficacious for Ear­
ache, Itch and Cutaneous Eruptions.
T he C entaur L iniment , Y ellow W rap ­
per , is intended for the tough fibres, eords
and muscles ot horses, mules, ami animals.
R eau ! R eap !
Rev. Geo. W. Manorkill, Schoharie Co.,
N. ¥., says:
“ My horse was lame for a year with a fet­
lock wrench. All remedies utterly failed
to cure and I considered him worthless
until 1 commenced to use<'entanr Liniment,
which rapidly cured him. I heartily reco-
mend it.”
It makes very little difference whether
the ease be “wrench,” sprain, spavain
or lameness of any kind, the effects are
the same. The great power of the Liniment
is, however, shown in Poll-evel, Big-head,
Sweeny. Spavin, Ring-bone, Galls ami
Scratches. This Liniment is worth millions
of dollars yearly to the Stock-growers,
Livery-men, Farmers, and those having
valuable animals to care for. We warrant
its ellects and reler to any Farrier who has
ever used it.
Laboratory of J. B. Rose
46 St., New York.
A comple’e substitute for Castor Oil, with­
out it? unpleasant taste or recoil in the
throat. The result of 26 years’ practice by
Dr. Sain’l*Pitcher, of Massachusetts.
Pitcher’s Castoria is particularly recom­
mended for children. It destroys worms,
assimilates the food, and allows natural
sleep. Very eilieacious in Croup and for
children Teething. For Colds, Feverish­
ness, Disorders of the Bowels, and Stomach
Complaints, nothing is so effective. It is as
pleasant to take as honey, costs but 3.5
Cents, and can be had of any Druggist.
This is one of many testimonial;
“C ornwall , L ebanon C o ., P a ., )
March 17, 1874. j
“/kiir Sir,— I have used your C astoria
in my practice for some time. 1 take great
pleasure iu recommending it to the profession
as a sate, reliable and agreeable medicine.
It is particularly adapted to children where
the repugnant taste of Castor Oil renders it
so difficult to administer.
All Kinds of Job Printing
Mothers who try Castoria will tind that
they can sleep nights and that their babies
" J. B. R ose & Co., New York.
The Times Office
ORSE, Paint, Sash, Scrubbing and Black­
ening Bi ushe.s at JOHN MILLER'S.
1\ the undersigned have purchased the
interests of Wm. Irwin, W. F. Brown and
\V. W. Smith in the Courtney, Irwin A Co.
mine in Josephine county, and will ¡»ay all
debts of said company up to this date.
Picket creek, April 16, 1877.
Z y burrs, good water power, favorably lo­
cated in Kerbyville. For particulars, ad­
.. J. B. SIFERK,
Kerby ville. Josephine county. Oregon.
Estray Notice.
living in Table Rock precinct, one bay
horse, nine vears old, about 16 hands high,
branded on "the left shoulder with the letter
Y. The owner is reijuested to come for­
ward and provo property, nay damages and
take him a wav, or he will I k » sold according
to law.
hdisonvillr Mamin No. 148, U. 0. IL M.,
Holds its regular meetings every Thursday
i evening at the odd Fellows’ Hall. Brother»-
I in good standing are inviteil to attend.'
M ax M uller , IL 8.
Oreyonian I'orahontas Tribe Ko. 1. im­
proved order of Re<l Men, holds its
stated councils at the Red Men’s
Hall the third sun in every seven suns, in
the eighth run. A cordial invitation to alk
brothers in good standing.
E. B. W atson , C. ot R.
Warren Lotlif \o. 10, A. P. & A.
Holds its regular communication»
on the Wednesdav evenings or pre­
ceding the full moon, in Jacksonville, Ort--
(’. C. BEEKMAN, W. M.
M ax M uller , Sec’y.
Ortuon Chapter No. 4, R. A. I.,
Holds its regular meetings monthly on»
Tuesday evenings of or preceding each full
moon, at 7*2 o'clock. Companions in good
standing arc invited.
J. R. N. BELL, High Prieat.
J. II. II ynsox , Secretary.
-------- —...... .... —
JarksonviHe Lodgr N#. 10,1.0.0.
Holds its regular meetings every*
Saturday eveningat the Odd Fei-
ow’s Hall. Brothers in good standing are>
invited to attend.
D aniel C ronf . miller , Rec. Sec’y.
Ruth Rcbrkah Drgrre Lot!;? No» 4,1. 0. 0. F.,
Holds its regular meetings oif every other
I Monday <*vening at Odd Fellows Hall.
Members in good standing are invited to*
R achel F isher , R. S.
urrency or
wanted tor coin.
eastern DRirtw;
Apply at thia