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SEPTEMBER 3, 1875.
Geo. P. Rowell A Co....................... Now York.
S. M. l’ett ingill A Co..................... New York.
Dan. I.. Green....................Josephine County.
Chas. Huches................................. Kerbyville
Ben 11 av mon d................................ Roek Point
L. P. Fisher,............................... San Francisco.
Thus. Boyce......................................... Francisco
Rowell A Chesrnan........
...St. Louis
Gus. A. Winckler
.......... Yreka
_______ —'
M. F. C hi
n.—Religious services every
Sunday, at t .fr usual hours, by the Rever­
ends J. R. N. Bell, J. S. McCain and M. A.
Williams, alternately.
C atholic C iiurcit .—Divine Services ev­
ery Snndav. at the usual hour, by Rev. Fa­
ther Blanchett.
M. E. Sr npa Y ScnooT..—Reerular meetings
•very Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
C atholic S unday S chool . — Regular
meetings every Sunday afternoon, at two
Stnare’ leave Jacksonville as follows :
For Rock Point, Grant’s Pass and Rose­
burg, every day at 8:30 a. m. Mail closes at
Sa. m.
For Phoenix, Ashland, Yreka and Red­
ding, California, every day at 2:30 p. m.
Mail closes at 2 p. in.
For Apnlegate, Kerbyville, Waldo and
Crescent City, everv Monday and Thursday
morning at 4 o’clock. Mail closes at 8 pi ni.
the preceding evening.
The mail for Central Point, Table Rock,
Faffle Point, Brownsborough and Sam’s
Valiev, leaves every Friday morning ;
closes the preceding evening.
The mail for Linkville, Hot Springs, Yai­
nax and Lake City, leaves Ashland every
Mondav morning. For Linkville every
Monday Thnrsdav and Friday morning^.'
Money Order Office open from 9 a. m. to
5 p. m.
O ffice Horns—From 7 a. m. to 7 p. m ;
Sundays, 30 minutes after arrival of stages.
Mail matter must be in on time or it will
not go.
M ax M uller , P. M.
IlnN. L. F. L ane . Democratic candidate
for Congress, "’ill address his fellow citizens
at the following times and places, to-wit :
Ashland..................................... September 7th
9 th
Kerby ville...
Opposing candidatos aro invited to join
T iie highest cash price paid for
county orders. For further particulars
apply at the T imes office.
B all .—The ball given Wednesday
evening by M. Chapman was a well
attended and pleasant affair.
R eturned .—T. G. Devens, who has
been absent from town for some time,
has returned, and reports having dis­
covered quartz mines that will lay the
Comstock in the shade. We hope so.
A shland , August 30th.
More wcdlocking.
Peach-cobblers are ripe.
A. D. Helman has gone to San Fran­
cisco in the interest of the Grangers.
N. II. Clayton, who, this Summer,
has been so successfully, engaged in
teaching school on Applegate, is now
making his relatives and friends hap­
py by a visitation.
Saturday, the 28th inst., Rev. Mr.
Frazier and Rev. M. A. Williams or­
ganized a Presbyterian church hero.
They have twenty-two or twenty-three
members. Messrs. Goodchild and
Grubbe, Sr., were elected Elders, and
Messrs. McCall, Goodchild and Walk­
er, Sr., Trustees. A largo congrega­
tion was at the 11 o’clock service on
Sabbath, at which time Rev. Mr. Fra­
zier made an able effort.
Again the undersigned is coreced
by a sense of his high duty as a chron­
icler to record the conjugation of two
of our friends, who were young and
th— fairest. Mr, Geo. Baldwin and
Miss Josie Nail were united in your
city Sabbath last.
They are sadly
missed in our social circle. They have
gone to Linkville to reside. We ten­
der our congratulations and hope that
their “union may prove a blessing to
them and many others.”
The'first of the week Messrs. W. C.
Daley and J. R. Tozer started on a
hunting excursion. On the Dead In­
dian road, near Mrs. Phoebe Walker’s,
they faced a plantigrade of the species
Americ«nus Bearum, (as I am
not proficient in Latinity, this may be
slightly erroneous). The nimrods
presented arms, and the aforesaid bear
essayed to make a physical demonstra­
tion, but changed his mind and direc­
tion and came in a nth of escaping ;
but a pop shot from our marshal made
a finis.
Messrs. Ro! ph, Prentice, Eubanks
and Michelson, are each having con­
structed a neat residence, and James
Ewing is materially modifying his.
Such reports as this could often be
made. They are not brown stone edi­
fices, but substantial cottage homes,
each in a “green garden spot.” Our
Ashland fathers seem to have the true
American ideas of home and education.
They regard the comfort, beauty and
attractiveness of their dwellings as
objects worthy of their most assiduous
care ; and make the thorough, practi­
cal education of their children their
continuous endeavor. P ilot R ock .
A ccident .—A son of Joel Dixon, of
Table Rock, last week fell from a tree,
dislocating the elbow of his left arm
and breaking a bone of the same. Dr.
A n E xpensive D og . The Justice’s
Matthias was summoned, and the suf­ Court was this week the scene of a
ferer is doing well.
suit for a dog, which proved rather
■ T ite T emperance C andidate .— interesting. S. Cohn sued George
We learn that Rev. G. W. Dimmlck, Schumpf for the recovery of the dog
the Temperance candidate, will also be Cuff, he alleged to be wrongfully
here on the 8th and join in the dis­ held by defendant, or damages to the
cussion with the other candidates. amount of $20, as t[ie value of said dog
Cuff. Legal talent was brought into
The more, the merrier.
P robate C ourt .—In this Court the matter came up for trial. A jury
Wednesday, Mrs. Fanny Clark was ap­ of six was summoned, but two failing
pointed administratrix of the estate of to make their appearance, four sat on
Gwen Clark, deceased. An appraise­ the case, who could not agree,
ment of the property of said estate was however, and were discharged'. Next
filed by J. A. Wilson, T. B. Kent and day another jury was summoned, who
J. Nunan, the appraisers appointed, finally brought in a verdict for the
and administratrix authorized to sell defendant. The costs in the case
amount to about $134, (nut including
personal property.
attorney’s fees) which are saddled on
N arrow E scape .—John Bolt, the the plaintiff. This is a large sum to
nffilde P. M. of Applegate, had a close expend on a dog, and then not get the
call on Thursday, the 26th ult. An animal in the bargain.
artery in his leg broke while he was
S heriff ’ s S ale .—The goods in the
engaged in his store, and before the
wound could be stanched the loss of store of John A. Boyer will be sold at
blood was so great as to render him Sheriff’s sale on Saturday, September
very weak. We are pleased to learn Uth, between the hours of 9 o’clock a .
that he is doing well and will be about m ., and four p . m . The stock consists
of groceries, provisions, boots and
as usual ere long.
shoes, tobacco and cigars, candies, nuts,
S chools .—The Sisters’ school com­ stationery, etc., of the first quality,
menced Monday last with a good at­ and those wishing the best of goods at
tendance of pupils.
their own rates should not fail to be on
Miss Mollie McCully’s school will re­ hand.
open on Monday, Sept. 13 th.
H orse S tolen .—Dr. J. P. Parker
The District School, under the man­
some time ago had a fine horse, run­
agement of Professors Merritt and Mc­
ning out on Rancheria Prairie, stolen
Fadden, will open next Monday, Sept.
by a stranger. We learn that the thief
6th. The rates of tuition have been has been tracked to Siskiyou county,
reduced to $3 per term for the higher California.
- •
■< ,r
department and $2 for the primary.
O ur cotemporary denies that Mr.
I n T own .—Judge Sifers, of Kerby­ Lane will receive the votes of any In­
ville, is in town, and reports matters dependents or Republicans. We could
livening up somewhat in Josephine mention the names of several, and
county,, owing, to mining interests some responsible men are among them,
there moving forward. He is engaged too.
on tho erection of the mill of the O. Q.
A dministrator ’ s S ale . — E. D.
M. A M. Co., of Portland, and says Foudray, administrator of the estate of
work thereon has been delayed some­ John Thurber, Sr., deceased, offers
what, owing to the saw mill in that some real estate for sale. Read the
section suspending operations, on ac­ advertisement.
count of low water. Lumber to finish
S heep .-—The baud of sheep belong­
the work will be procured from this
county, and Mr. Sifers’ business here ing to Walter Jackson and taken east
is in relation to the completion of the of the mountains a few weeks ago,
numbered about 2,000 bead.
Mrs. John Dick, of Linkville, is in
B. F. Dowell has returned from
Mrs. J. S. Burpee, a former resident
of this place, arrived in town last week
on a visit.
F. II. Lamb, Superintendent of the
W. U. Telegraph for this section, was
in town this week.
‘ -
Dr. Robinson, an early resident of
Jacksonville, but now living in Oak­
land, Cal., is in town.
Sheriff Manning and family left yes-
terday on a visit to relatives in Pen­
dleton, Umatilla county.
Ben Sachs lias returned from San
Francisco, where he has been laying in
a first-class stock of goods.
Mrs. II. C. Paige, nee Miss Emma
Coffin, formerly of this place, but now
of Portland, is in town on a visit.
Mrs. Seldetfand daughter, of Rose­
burg, sister and niece of Mrs. J. II.
Peun, are on a visit to this section.
P. D. Hull has been appointed trav­
eling agent of the Albany Democrat,
and has gone to Coos Bay on business
connected with that paper.
James C. McCully left for Salem
yesterday. He was accompanied by
his sister, Miss Isa, who goes to at­
tend the Willamette University.
Judge Watson returned last week
from a trip to Coos Bay. The Judge
reports everything lovely on the Bay,
and looks much improved himself.
B. W. Griffin, ex-Sheriff of Walla
Walla county, W. T., is sojourning
at present with his relations near
this place. He is a son of Capt. B. B.
C. C. Beekman and lady returned
Tuesday from a trip North. They
were also participants in the late grand
Masonic reunion and excursion, at
which an “away-up” time was had.
A rrival of the D emocratic C an ­
didate .—Hon. L. F. Lane, our candi­
date for Congress, arrived in town on
Monday’s stage and is now canvassing
this section. Tho flags were flying in
honor of his coming, and he was most
heartily received. It was the first
time we had the pleasure of meeting
Mr. Lane, and we found him a most
aftable and agreeable gentleman. He
was in excellent spirits, and he enters
the campaign with an energy and con­
fidence most gratifying to see. He re­
mained over night, and started the
next morning for Linkville, accom­
panied by II. L. Webb, where he goes
to open the joint Congressional cam­
paign, and will be met there by Mr.
Whitney, the Independent nominee.
T he R ailroad .—The Yreka Jour­
nal says it is understood that a largo
force of workmen are to follow the sur-
veyors on the railroad above Redding,
and that the work will be pushed for­
ward until a connection is. made with
the Oregon road. It is supposed work
will be commenced on the Oregon end
also, towards closing the gap. Where
the connection will be made is still un­
known to the public, and probably will
be for some time.
No M eeting .—The meeting of the
Agricultural Society, advertised to
come off last Saturday, failed to be
held, as but few of the members put in AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS,
W ood .—Those who have promised,
as also those who intend settling their
subscription in wood, are informed
that we are now ready to receive the
T he Indhms of Klamath Lake,
I nsane .—Amanda Centers was yesterday
Yainax and Warm Springs have been examined before Judge Watson by Dr. Cal­ POWDER OF EVERY DESCRIPTION,
for the past month In the Sclcian Val­ lender, and pronounced insane. She will
ley horse-racing <fhd hunting. They to-day be taken to the Asylum by J. B.
Fuse and Caps,
broke camp a short time ago and start­ Coates.
ed for their homes. According to the
C ounty C ourt .—The September
story of a Warm Spring Indian, says session of the County Court will be held Wooden and Willow Ware,
the Plaindealer, there is a chance for next week.
some trouble between the Warm
#^FTho National Gold Medal was award­
Springs and Klamaths. He says the ed to Bradley A Rulofson for the best Pho­
Klamaths accuse the Warm Springs tographs in the United States, and the PAINTS OILS VARNISHES, GLASS
Indians of stealing their horses, and Vienna Medal for the best in the W’orld.
429 Montgomery street, San Francisco.
they were going to resent the insult.
They would take their squaws out of
the way and returning will give the ASH—HARMON—Tn this city, at the resi­
Klamaths a sound threshing. But as dence’of H. Kelley, Esq.. Sept. 1st, bv Shot Brushes, Chains and Hose,
Judge Watson. Lewis Ash to Miss Ida
these Indians are great boasters and
Harmon—all of this county.
[Compliments received. May their voy­
talkers, we apprehend but little trouble
in that direction.
S urveying E xpedition .—A'Torce
of eleven men, headed by Charles Cad-
walader, Resident Englnqpr of the
California and Oregon Railroad, «ays
the Record-Union of the 26th ult., left
yesterday with the necessary outfit to
survey the line of that road from Read­
ing to the Oregon line. It is under­
stood to- be the intention of tho rail­
road company to connect the Califor­
nia and Oregon Railroad with the
Oregon Central Railroad as soon as pos­
A nother R ich L edge .—Reynolds, sible.
I ron D iscovery .—J. M. Sutton
Jewett & Co. have for the past
few months been prospecting a very some fifteen years ago discovered a
promising Jedge a short distance from mountain of iron oro opposite Gold
the Elizabeth mine, which has every Hill, in this county, which proved
evidence of proving a paying invest­ upon assay to contain 80 per cent,
ment. They are now crushing rock by metal. The quality of the iron has
means of an arastra, worked by horse been pronounced excellent, says the
power, and are always making expen­ Bulletin, and parties are now interest­
ses. The ore contains sulphurets, ing themselves to induce capitalists to
which they are unablo to work by erect smelting furnaces and commence
their process, but are throwing them the reduction of tho ore.
aside for future operations. The ledge is
F urther A ppointments .—At the
from three feet and upwards in width,
request of many friends, lion. L. F.
and seems to get better as the work
Lane has consented to address his fel­
proceeds. The company has fifty tons low citizens at Ashland on Tuesday,
on dump, and from present appearances
Sept, 7th, and at Applegate, at the
they seem to have a good thing. house of John Pearson, on Thursday,
We learn that Wm. Bybee is also
the 9th. It may be probable that one
or both of his opponents will join him,
J oint D iscussion . — Jacksonville
has been made the scene of the open­
ing of the joint discussions between the
candidates for Congress, and next
Wednesday, Sept. 8th, Honorables L.
F. Lane, Henry Warren and George
M. Whitney, the Democratic, Republi­
can and Independent nominees re­
spectively, wilt meet together at the
Court House and present their claims
to the citizens of Jackson county.
The discussion will commence at one
.o’clock p. M.
S achs B ros , are constantly receiv­
ing new goods, and have one of the
most complete and best assortments of
Odd Fellows’ Building, Jacksonville, Oregon,
general merchandise'ever brought to
Southern Oregon. “Quick sales and
small profits” is their motto, and those
desiring anything in their line will be
accommodated at the lowest rates. * TIN, SHEET IRON, COPPER, LEAD, «H.
as Mr. Lane invites them to partici­
pate at all times. Let a good attend­
ance greet our champion.
M ilitary O rders .—The following
order has been issued by Gen. Howard
from Portland: The public exigencies
requiring the immediate delivery of
the articles, the post commissary of
subsistence, Fort Klamath, is author­
ized to purchase in open market, at
the lowest obtainable rates, twenty-
five thousand pounds of potatoes and
thirteen thousand pounds of onions.
C hange .—Hon. W. J. Plymalo has
assumed charge of the Excelsior Liv­
ery Stable, J. W. Manning retiring.
He will always keep on hand the best
of turn-outs, and the wants of the pub­
lic will ever be attended to in a prompt
and satisfactory manner. Give him a
I nsane .—Wm. Allison, the young
man in charge of the authorities, was
examined before Judge Watson by
----------- >-----------
Dr. Matthias last week and pronounced
B oard of E qualization .—Asses­ insane. He was taken to the Asylum
sor Childers elsewhere gives notice on Sunday by R. L. Ish.
that the Board of Equalization will
meet at the County Clerk’s office on
T hanks .—A. W. Sturges has placed
the last Monday of this month and us under obligations for a lot of splen­
publicly examine the assessment roll. did cantaleups and other fruit.
All ¡»ersons feeling themselves ag­
James Buckley last week sent us
grieved at their assessment can then some fine peaches, for which ho has
have the same examined and rectified our thanks.
if incorrect
S heriff S ale .—Some real estate
T he S tate G range .—Delegates to
the State Grange, which meets in Port­ belonging to Daniel Doty and wife will
land, commencing on Tuesday, the be sold at Sheriff’s sale to-morrow, at
28th, on presenting their certificates 1 o’clock P. M. Read advertisement
and paying full fare one way on the elsewhere.
railroad will get tickets for the round
S uspended .—Oregon Division No.
1, Sons and Daughters of Temperance,
S ettle U p .—As will be seen elso- has suspended for three months.
where, the accounts of Manning A
F ine P eaches .—Mr. Cameron has
Ish have been placed in the hands of our thanks for a supply of the finest
H. K. Hanna, Esq., for collection, and peaches we have this year seen.
those indebted to said firm are re-
N ew G oods . —-E. Jacobs this week
quested to settle immediately.
received an excellent supply of new
M ore new goods at Kubli’s.
goods. Call and see them.
CENTERS—CO VLY—Tn Table Rock pre­
cinct. Sept. 1st, Isaac Centers to Miss
Sarah E. Conly.
I have secured th« services of a Fint-clasa
Mechanic, and am prepared to do all repair­
ing promptly and in superior style.
IM the accounts of the firm of Manning A TN CONNECTION WITH THE ABOVE,
Ish have been placed in my hands for col­ 1 I am receiving and have constantly on
lection. All persons indebted to said firm hand a full and first-class stock of
are requested to settle immediately.
Jacksonville, Sept. 2, 1875.
Ready-Made Clothing,
1M ers of lots in Quartzville, in the Galice GLASSWARE, CROCKERY, Etc., Etc.
Creek Mining District, that they are re­
quired to work out the amount oflabor due
on the road from said place to the stage
road, as per agreement, by the 23d of Sep­
Everything sold at reasonable rates.
tember. 1875, or, failing'to comply, they Give me a call.
will forfeit all right to the same.
of Jackson, State of Oregon, are hereby
T notified
that the Board of Equalization will
meet at the office of the County Clerk of
eaid county on the
Liwt Monday in September, 1875,
and publicly examine the assessment rolls
and correct all errors in valuation, descrip­
tion or quality of lands, lots, or other
verware, etc., has received a large ad­
property. All persons interested will ap­
dition to his well-selected stock of Jewelry
pear at the time and place appointed.
and silverware.
Assessor of Jackson County, Oregon.
Administrator's Sale of Real Estate.
Gold and Silver Watches. Gold and Silver
Chains, all imported from the first manufac­
turers in the East. A fine lot of SETH
Also all kinds of E tght -D ay and 30- hour
C locks ; P ocket C utlery and W illow
W are of all kinds ; a new assortment of th«
most elegant
1 decree of the County Court of the State
of Oregon for the County of Jackson, made
at the December term thereof, sitting for
the transaction of Probate business on De­
cember the Sth, 1874, the undersigned Ad­
ministrator of the estate of John Thurber,
Sr., deceased, will ofter for sale at public
Toys for the Holidays,
auction to the highest bidder for cash in U.
S. gold coin at the Court House door in
Jacksonville, Oregon, on
Saturday, October 2d, 1875,
the following described real property, situ­ Tn fa«t everything that is wanted for the hol-
ated in Jackson county, State of Oregon, idavs. A fine lot of SILVER-PLATTED
WARE of the best quality. Also a fine lot of
The east K.of the N. E. 14 of section 30 ;
the -east % of the S. W. *4 and the west % .Vu.wc Boxes, Accordeons, Guitars, Violins, etc.
of the S. E. 14 of section 30 ; the N. E.
A Fine Assortment of
the N. E. 54 of section 31 ; the S. W. 14 of
the N. W. *4 of section 20; the N. E. 54 of
the N. W. 54 and lots No. 3 and 7 in section Pipes, Pipe-stems, and anything of that
16. All in township No. 38, south of range kind that mav be wanted. I am also Agent
No. 1 west, containing in all four hundred for the GROVER A BAKER and FLOR­
and forty-threo and seventy-three hun­ ENCE Sewing Machines, and keep them
dredths acres.
constantly on hand. I have just received
Sale to commence at 1 o’clock p. M.
the latest improved Florence, which feeds
Administrator of the estate of John Thur­
pAV Jewelry, Watches and Clocks cleaned
ber, Sr., deceased.
and repaired and warranted. Also Sewing
Jacksonville, Sept. 1, 1875.
Machines cleaned and repaired.
Give mo a call.
Oregon St., Jacksonville,
F orestall S ummer F evers and all the
complaints generated by excessive heat, by
keeping the blood cool and the bowels free
Tarrant’s Effervescent Aperient,
at once a most refreshing draught and tho
best of all regulating medicines.
just received a new
stock of Harness, Buggies and Car­
H aving
riages, I am now prepared to furnish my
patrons and the public generally with as
As can be had on the Pacific Coast. Saddle
horses hired to go to any part of the country.
Animals BOUGHT and SOLD. Horses
broke to work single or double. Horses
otice is hereby given that l>oarded, and the best of care bestowed upon
from and after the 11th day of August, them while in my charge.
1875, the Patrons of Husbandry Milla will
grind on exchange, giving 37 pounds of ^MY TERMS ARE REASONABLE.
flour, 8 pounds of bran and 2 pounds of
shorts per bushel of good wheat.
A liberal share of the public patronage is
By order of the Board.
J. S. HERRIN, President.
F. M. P lymale , Secretary.
Phoenix, August 11, 1875.
County : The proprietors of the Ash­
land Mills will not exchange flour for wheat,
only fortlie producer’s own consumption^
and that in their own sacks, unbranded;
but will buy good milling wheat and pay
the highest market price.
Ashland, August 18, 1875.
sale his farm situated on Antelope creek.
12 miles east of Jacksonville, containing 480
acres of land, 400 acres being good farming
land and under fence. It is a good grain
farm and sheep ranch, well waterea and
good houses and barns upon it.
TERMS OF SALE—$11 per aore, one-half
down, the balance to suit purchaser.
N. B.—This la'nd will be eold in nnaliar
parcels, If desired.'