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mininq news .
Brown Bros.» cattle, with the intention
of buying them.
Beautiful weather.
Messrs. Foudray, Watson A Man­
H. F. Phillips returned from Cali­ ning have men employed running a
Croquet is in bloom»
fornia the other day, bringing along tunnel into their quartz lodge on Brush
Roads getting dusty.
with him several carriages and bug­ Creek. Work is progressing finely
The base ball season has openod.
gies, for which E. F. Walker and him­ and the prospects are considered good.
Sweet cider at Wintjen A Helms.
self traded horses while on their trip
Hon. Henry Klippel, who the other
Garden sass is becoming abundant. there last Fall.
day arrived from the Elizabeth ledge,
II. Amy, of the Eureka Mills, was
See changes in the programme of the
reports matters progressing finely
Red Men’s celebration.
there. The main ledge has been
The May term of the County Court
found, which is four feet wide and con­
cold subsequently, and his injuries stantly increasing in width.
will commence next week.
threatened to be dangerous at one time.
The M. E. Sunday School will have
We this week saw some of the ore
We are pleased to learn that he is
a picnic at Bybee’s Grove to-morrow.
from the enormous cinnabar ledge on
rapidly recovering.
the Hills three miles south-east of town,
Attention is called to the array of
There being an unusual strain of owned by Messrs. Bilger, Coates, Fou­
new advertisements in another column.
business liable to be docketed for the
Several new fences have been and June term of the Circuit Court, it is dray and others. It is fine-looking
are yet in course of construction about probable that Judge Prim will convene rock and will doubtless yield well.
The Ptaindealer learns that E. .G.
the Court before the regular time, as
You must advertise if you wish to he will have to hold Court in Lake, Browning’s quartz ledge on Grave
sell your goods with dispatch and commencing the fourth Monday in Creek has been worked out This
ledge has been paying handsomely for
some time past—a number of years—
J. S. Howard last week made a dia­
The President of the Siskiyou Agri­
and we should be sorry to record its
gram of the scene of the Johnson- cultural Society requests the Journal
entire failure. We hope the report
Doty affray.
to slate that the residents of Jackson may be at error.
The young folks will to-morrow cel­ and Lake counties, in Oregon, *are
The working of placer mines has not
ebrate the 1st of May by a picnic on privileged to contest for premiums at j
their county fair next Fall, and are re- j been very extensive this season, owing
Rogue river.
to the limited supply of water. Quite
A large number of horses, mules, spectfully invited to bring in stock and
a little sum has been cleaned up, how­
cattle and bogs will be driven out of products for exhibition.
ever, considering the obstacles in the
the county this year.
E xamination of D oty .—Justice way. An abundance of water is all
J. E. Beggs left for Roseburg Stinson’s Court was occupied the great­ that is needed to make times lively
Wednesday with a load of deer skins, er part of last Saturday and up to late again, for there is plenty of good min­
shipped by John Orth.
that evening with the examination of ing ground left.
We learn that James R. Neil pro­ Daniel Doty, charged with assault to
From Mr. Uested, of Wolf Creek,
poses removing to Linkville for the
the Roseburg paper learns that Geo.
House was thronged the greater portion Southwell is the lucky man ; that one
purpose of practicing law there.
W. J. Lewis has taken Isaac Con­ of the time, and the greatest interest day recently he found in his mining
stant’s gray stallion “Sampson” to was manifested throughout. H. K. claim on Cayote Creek a nugget of
Hanna, Esq., Prosecuting Attorney, gold weighing 24 J ounces, and equal
Siskiyou county, for the season.
James Lynch, an old stage driver, appeared for the State, and Messrs. in value to about $444. Is this anoth­
is now confined in the County Hos­ Kahler A Watson for the defendant. er nugget, or is Uested mistaken in
pital with dropsy. He is in a critical The examination of witnesses and the the name and size of the piece, and
statement of Doty took up the entire this the chunk of gold mentioned late­
day, the respective attorneys making ly in the T imes as being found by
Fisher A Caro this week received
their pleas in the evening, after a short Sam. Stockton ?
new Spring and Summer goods, and
adjournment. The Justice held the
are expecting more in a few days.
P ersonal .—Col. J. N. T. Miller has
defendant to appear before the Grand
Call and see them.
Jury, and remanded him to Jail with­ gone to Lake county to look after his
The freighting season is about fairly out bail. We have no desire to review stock interests there.
opened. We understand that some of the testimony adduced at present,
G. Karewski has returned from Port­
our merchants intend shipping by way knowing the effect of such action on land.
of Crescent City this year.
Sol. Sachs returned from San Fran­
the public mind ; but we assure our
The snow is about all gone in the readers that a full and concise report cisco Saturday.
Geo. Nourse, of Linkville, arrived in
valley sections around Fort Klamath, will be furnished them of this and
and the weather there, as everywhere other prominent affairs at the proper town Wednesday.
Dr. H. T. Inlow, of Ashland, favored
else, has been warm lately.
us with a call yesterday.
The condition of Brooks Johnson is
*»rrU»*e« la Jackson Coaaty.
John Noland and family left fortheir
but little improved, and the chances
To the E ditor of the T imes :
new home in San Leandro, Cal., this
for his recovery are not the best. He
The first record of a marriage in the week.
is as badly paralyzed as ever.
County Clerk’s office bears date of Jan-
R. B. Hatton and Chas. K. Klum,
The mails delayed by the breaking i uary 17, 1854, and from that time to of Ashland, favored us with a call this
of the Union Pacific railroad by floods this date there have been recorded 533 week.
in Utah, are now coming along, and marriages.
Wm. Bybee left last week on a busi­
the stages are heavily loaded in con­
February 14, 1863, the first marriage ness trip to Siskiyou and Del Norte
license was issued, since which time counties.
Ben. Sachs this week received a j there have been issued 467 licenses.
Mr. Webb, an agent of the well
supply of new goods, and will to-day • The first 9 nine years there
known firm of Corbitt A Macleay,
were recorded.......... -.............. 66 marriages
receive a full and elegant Spring and The
Portland, is in this section at present.
following twelve years li­
censes were issued............... 467
Summer stock. He will take flour in
Louis B. Tucker, Stage Agent, ar­
exchange for goods.
Total........... ................ . ............ 533 marriages rived from a trip North this week.
There were a number of marriages
We learn that the Stage Company
John G. Lanterman, for some years
will not commence running on Sum­ contracted in this valley previous to past a resident of this place, left for
mer time for a week or ten days yet, January, 1854, and since then up to his farm near Grant’s Pass this week,
as the roads in some portions of this the time the marriage license law went where he will hereafter devote him­
into operation, which was in October self to tilling the Soil and raisingstock.
State are rather rough.
H. L. Webb returned from East
Street Commissioner Day is after 15, 1862, that are not recorded in this
Portland yesterday, having turned
the Chinese liable to road tax, and pro­
oudray , Clerk.
Smith over to authorities of the In­
poses making them either work out
ay , Deputy. sane Asylum.
the same or pungle the equivalent.
—---- .
„, —----------- e---------- -- , —
Which the same is correct
D ied .—Thos. W. Johnson, shot by
P atrons of H usbandry M ill C o .
A grand ball will be given at L. Daniel Doty on the 18th, died from —An association of prominent Grang­
Herl ing’s old stand, on Poorman’s his wounds last Sunday evening, and ers have purchased the Wimer Flour­
Creek, on Monday, May 10th. Good was burled the next day. A post
ing Mills of Phcenix, and they propose
music and supper will be provided, mortem examination was made on the
In a short time to assume the manage­
body by Doctors Callender A Matthias, i
and everybody is invited to attend.
ment thereof. They filed articles of
The case of John Fritz vs. J. N. T. which revealed the fact that the load incorporation in the County Clerk’s
Miller, administrator of the estate of struck him in the left groin, near the office on the 16th instant. The asso­
W. Nus, has been appealed from the hip, passing through the large bowel ciation will be known as the Patrons of
Probate to the Circuit Court by the and lodging in the muscles of the back. Husbandry Mill Company. The capi­
Only one shot was discovered, as it was
plaintiff H. Kelly is his attorney.
tal stock is placed at $12,000, divided
found necessary to dissect portions of
The railing along the cemetery road the body, and mortification having al­ Into shares of $100 each. The objects
has been repainted. The gates and ready set in, further operations were of the company is to carry on a gener­
fence will also receive a coat or two, abandoned. The shot found was a al milling business—buy wheat, sell
which will greatly improve their ap­ buckshot, and the gun was doubtless flour and grind. The following gen­
pearance. Carter A Son are doing loaded with that ammunition. A Cor­ tlemen are the incorporators : John
E. Ross, J. N. T. Miller, Fred Barna-
the work.
oner’s Inquest was also held, but the
burg, Jacob Ish, F. M. Plymale, Con­
Mr. Brown, father of the Brown official document thereof was not filed
rad Mingus, John S. Herrin, N. C.
brothers, left for his home in the Wil­ till yesterday.
Dean, John O’Brien, James D. Buck-
lamette for the purpose of procuring
I mproved O rder of R ed M en .— ley, L. Chappel, Thos. Wright, Wm.
bonds for his son William, who Judge
Ray, Jesse Dollarhide, John Watson.
Prim has admitted to bail in the sum The members of Oregonian-Pocahontas
Tribe No. 1, L O. R. M., will meet at
A shland N otes .-Matters are quiet
of $10,000.
here, but looking up.
The dub with which Doty beat Mrs.
Mrs. Fox, wife of Mr. Fox, of the
Johnson has been found. It Is about
a . m ., for the purpose of celebrating firm of Wagner, Anderson A Co., died
three feet long, of green white oak,
8t. Tammany’s Day., Members of last Sunday.
and portions of the twigs remain.
The Ashland Base Ball Club will
Stains of blood are discernible hi dif­ other Tribes are invited to meet with
has . W. S avage ,
play the Greenhorn Base Ball Club, of
ferent places.
Chief of Records.
Yreka, a match game to-morrow on
H. M. Hopewell, who taught school
Jacksonville, April 28, 1875.
the latter’s grounds. This will be the
in this county quite recently, is now
first of a series of three games to be
teaching in Shasta county, Cat Wp
J osephine C ourt .—Judge Prim
have received some excellent poetry and the attorneys in attendance on the played. The Ashland boys are said to
be In good trim, and will make it in­
from him, which will appear in due April term of the Josephine Circuit
teresting, to say the least, for their
course of time.
Court returned yesterday. We learn
Yreka competitors.
Some cattle men, who have bean that the business was comparatively
sojourning in town for a short time light The Briggs case was changed
T hanks . — Mrs. Horne has our
past, left last week for Lake county, to this county for trial at the coming thanks for a liberal supply of delicious
] cake.
where they propose looking at the June term.
FRIDAY,.............................. APRIL 30,1875.
Geo. P. Rowell A Co..................... New York.
S. M. Pettingill A Co................... New York.
I>an. L. Green..................Josephine County,
('has. Hughes........... *................. Kerbvville
Ben Haymond*............................ Rock Point
L. P. Fisher,............................ San Frnneiaco.
Thos. Boyce............................. San Francisco
Rowell A Chesman......................... St. Louis
Ous. A. Winckler................................. Yreka
M. F.. CnrncTT.—Religious service* every
Sunday, at the usual hours, bv the Rever­
ends J. R. N. Bell. J. S. McCain and M. A.
Williams, alternately.
C athouc C hvbch .-—Divine Services ev-
at the usual hour, by Rev. Fa­
ther Blanchett.
M. E. S unday S chool .—Regular meetings
every Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock.
C atholic S unday S chool . — Regular
meetings every Sunday afternoon, at two
Stages leave Jacksonville as follows :
For Rock Point, Grant’s Pass and Rose­
burg. every day at 8 a. ni. Mail closes at
7:30 p. in.
For Phoenix, Ashland. Yreka and Red­
ding, California, every day at 10:30 a. m.
Mail closes at 10 a. in.
For Applegate, Kerbvville, Waldo and
Crescent City, every Monday and Thursday
morning at 4 o’clock. Mail closes at 8 p. ni.
the preceding evening.
The mail for Central Point, Table Rock,
Eagle Point, Brownsborongh and Sam’s
Valiev, leaves every Friday morning ;
closes the preceding evening.
The mail for Linkville, not Springs, Yai­
nax and I.ake City, leaves Ashland every
• "Monday morning. For Linkville every
Monday and Thursday mornings.
Money Order Office open from 9 a. m. to
5 p. m.
O fficr H ours —From 7 a. m. to 7 p.m.;
Sundays, 30 minutes after arrival of stages.
Mail matter must be in on time or it will
not go.
M ax M uller , P. M.
A gent at Y reka .—Gustave A.
"Winckler is our authorized agent at
Yreka, to whom all moneys due this
office may be paid, and for which he
will receipt.
S ettle U p .—John Noland has left
his notes and accounts in the hands of
J. Nunan, with whom they may be
settled. All such unsettled within a
month from this date, will be placed
in the hands of an officer for collection.
See notice.
N ew Goons.—The firms of Sachs
Bros, and Reames Bros, this week
opened most complete and elegant
stocks of Spring and Summer goods of
the latest styles, consisting of hats,
clothing, millinery, etc. Don’t fail to
call and see them.
R eturned .—Geo. Stephenson, who
took Alex. Martin’s hand of horses
and mules to California week before
last, returned a few days ago, having
disposed of the entire number before
getting as far as Reading. They were
sold without any trouble, and brought
good figures.
H eavy E xpense .—The unusual
abundance of crime this year will be a
heavy expense to the county. There
were al>out $5,000 outstanding when
the present administration took charge
of affairs, and considering the fact that
no extra provision was madeTherefor,
together with this unexpected increase
of expenses, the county will necessari­
ly run somewhat behind.
I nformation W anted .—Informa­
tion is wanted of the whereabouts of
James P. Johnson, who left this sec­
tion a few months ago. When last
heard from he was at Cottonwood,
Shasta county, Cal. His presence is
needed at home to attend on' his
wounded brother, who is suffering
from the effects of pistol wounds. Ad­
dress Elizabeth Johnson, JacksonviMe,
Oregon. California papers please copy.
■ *--m
■ , ■,
P robate C ourt .—In the Probate
Court last week, the following busi­
ness was transacted :
In the matter of the guardianship.of
George T. Baldwin. C. L. Hammond
resigned his trust as guardian, and
Robt. T. Baldwin, Sr., was appointed
In the matter of the estate of Geo.
II. Erb. Will admitted to probate,
and Elizabeth Erb appointed executrix
under will. John P. WiiMcer, John L.
Grubbe and John Devlin appointed
I. O. O. F.—There was a good at­
tendance of Odd Fellows present last
Monday to celebrate the fifty-sixth an-
iversary of the introduction of their
Order in the United States. The flag
of the Order was raised, as were those
in some other localities, while appro­
priate exercises were had at the Hall
at the appointed hour. The members
and the invited guests sat down to an
excellent collation, prepared by Mrs.
Horne, at half-past nine P. M., after
which everybody adjourned, to Veit’s
Hall and tripped tbo “light fantastic”
until the “wee sma* hours of morning.”
The celebration was altogether a very |
pleasant affair#
-------------- — .U ■
LftkeCoaaty Items.
L inkville , April 22d.
Mosquitoes abundant
High Waters on the Lake City road.
Sunny days, grass growing, and
everything lovely.
A majority of Commissioners being
absent, County Court was necessarily
a failure.
School is to commence in Linkville
on the first Monday in May, H. Clay­
ton, of Ashland, teacher.
S. B. Cranston has been appointed
Register of the Linkville Land Office,
vice W. J. Small resigned.
Many of the settlers in Sprague Riv­
er Valley seem much dissatisfied, and
talk of leaving for Arizona this com­
ing Fall.
Goose Lake Valley has the appear­
ance of prosperity. Stock looking well,
and farmers are busy plowing and
D. S. K. Buick organized a Grange
at Hot Springs on the 15th inst. The
people In that locality seem to be
highly in favor of the Grange move­
Dull times in Surprise Valley, Cal.,
as far as ready cash is concerned, but
the farmers, judging from the amount
of farm work going on, are not in the
least discouraged.
As many as thirty families will soon
be in readiness to start from Surprise
for the Panamint mines, Inyo county,
Cal., which are authentically reported
as extremely rich.
Ochoho’s band of Piutes are return­
ing to the Yainax Reservation. It
seems that Ochoho had choice of res­
ervations, either Yainax or Malheur,
and chose the former. The Indians
are certainly in a very destitute con­
A R are E ngraving .—We have
received from George Stinson A Co.,
Portland, Maine, art publishers, a very
beautiful engraving called, “The Little
Orphan’s Dream,” which represents a
sleeping child dreaming of its angel
mother, who, with shadowy wings,
bends over and presents a lily to the
sleeping child. The picture is well
engraved, of sufficient size to fill a
handsome frame, the figures and de­
sign are harmonious and pleasing and
the artist whose mind conceived it has
transferred to his work the" beautiful
thought that dwelt in his mind and
has contributed to the mind of every
beholder an impression that does not
grow weaker with being often re­
freshed. The advertisement of this
firm was published some weeks ago
and the excellence of this picture sat­
isfies us they deserve to be encouraged.
A rrested .—A young negro, named
Harris, was last week arrested on Lit­
tle Butte Creek by Stephen Booth and
Frank Dow, and brought to town and
lodged in Jail. A short time ago
Manning A Ish lost a horse from the
farm of Phillip Riley, and Harris was
lately seen taking an animal answer­
ing his description through Browns-
borough ; hence his arrest Harris
had a preliminary examination before
Justice Stinson on Monday, who held
him to appear before the Grand Jury
in the sum of $800 bonds, in default of
which he was remanded to Jail.
———„ ■
A nnual M eeting . — The annual
meeting of the Jackson County Agri­
cultural Society will be held at the
Court House on Saturday, May 8,
1875. Officers of the Society for the
ensuing year will then be elected, and
other business of importance trans­
acted. A full attendance of the So­
ciety is requested.
-------- . ■
F orwarding .—-Attention is called
to the advertisement of Bush A John­
son, successors to Johnson A Hearn,
forwarding and commission merchant,
at Reading, Cai. They are experienced
hands in the business and will doubt­
less give general satisfaction.
--- —----<
D issolution .—The firm of Judge
A Nunan, saddlers, has been dissolved,
and those indebted are requested to
settle with Mr. Judge immediately
and save trouble. See notice.
-------- •--------
S old O ut .—J. Wimer A Son have
sold their mills at Phcenix to an asso­
ciation of Patrons of Husbandry, and
have something of importance to say
elsewhere to all concerned.
WILCOX—On Big Butte, April 15th, to th«
wife of A. J. Wilcox, twin»—a boy and
girl, weighing 19 pounds.
NUNAN—Tn this city, April 23d, to th« Wife
of J. Nunen, a son.
he firm of judge a nunan is
this day dissolved by mutnal consent.
All persons indebted to the late firm will
save themselves trouble by please paying
Henry Judge immediately.
Jacksonville, April 29, 1875.
ll persons indebted to the
undersigned by note or account, are
A hereby
notified that they can settle with Mr.
Jerry’Nunan within one month from date.
After that time, all such unsettled will be
placed in the hands of an officer for collec­
Jacksonville, April 30,1875.
Jackson County Agricultural Society,
for the election of officers and the transac­
tion of other important business, will be
held at the Court Rouse in Jacksonville on
Saturday, May 8, 1875, at 1 o’clock P. M. A
full attendance is respectfully requested.
Bv order of
W. J. P lymale , Sec’y.
MONDAY, MAY 10, 1875.
music and other accom -
modations provided. Everybody is in­
G ood
vited to attend.
is hereby given that
J. Wimer A Son have sold their Flour­
N otice
ing Mills at Phoenix, and notify that all
knowing themselves as having wheat in
their mills will bring sacks ana have th«
same ground up by the 10th day of May.
To all who fail to do the same we give no­
tice that we will furnish »acks ana charge
12J4 cents per sack in wheat at 50 cent« per
bushel. We will not be responsible for
anything left in the mills after the 20th day
of June.
And notice is further given that all know­
ing themselves indebted to said firm bv
book account will come forward and settie
immediately, or the.y will be left with an at­
torney with 10 percent, added for collection.
Phoenix, April 26, 1875.
I .ate Bush & Co. | Late of Johnson A Hearn.
Forwarding A Commission Merchants,
terminus of c . and o . railroad .
goods care b . a j . also
buy Wool, Hides, Deer Skin», Sheep
M ark
Pelts, etc.
We trust our knowledge of busineee and
the wants of our patrons is a guarantee *****
we will do business to their entire satisfac­
Reading, April 13, 1875.
Estray Notice.
up by the undersigned ,
residing on Evans Creek, about twelve
T aken
miles from its mouth, in Jackson county,
about the 1st of February, 1875, one bay
horse, with one hind foot while, about 15
hands high and about five years old.
Appraised at $25 by C. Schieffelln, J. P.
Notice of Final Settlement
In the County Court of the State of Oregon,
for Josephine county, sitting in Probate.
In the matter of the Estate of Dr. Wm. B.
17 said estate, having filed in said Court
his final account for settlement, prays the
Court for an order appointing a time for
hearing of objections to the same. There­
fore notice is hereby given that said final
account will be heard and determined in
said Court on Monday, the 5th day of July,
A. D. 1875, at which time all persons having
any objections to said final account and set­
tlement must then and there make the same.
By order of Hon. M. F. Baldwin, County
undersigned would here -
by inform the public that he has ONE
T he
THOUSAND BUSHELS of superior Jackson
Creek Lime for sale cheap. Persons wish­
ing Brick-laying or Plastering done in the
best style and at reasonable rates will do
well to call on me. For farther information
inquire at the Franco-American Hotel.
_ ,
Jacksonville, Feb. 11, 1875.
Last Notice to Tax-Pajere!
is hereby given to those
persons who have not paid their taxes
N otice
for the year 1874, that I will in a few days
ride for taxes and charge tl»c tax-payer
mileage, and you that have not paid had bet­
ter settle immediately and save costs. The
taxes must and shall be collected, and this
is is the last warning.
Sheriff and Tax-Collector of Jackson Co.
N ew J ail . — The County Jail
nearly finished and the prisoners will
be removed into it in a few days. We
will give a full description of it ere
he undersigned is prepared
......... ♦--------
to make preliminary survey of Mining
P ostmaster A ppointed .—Edwin
Claims in conformity to the new law of
Morgan has been appointed Postmaster Congress. AU lode claims held under said
law are required to be surveyed and the
of the Sam’s Valley Post Office, vice survey recorded.
J AM ES 8. HOW ARD, Surveyor.
Jerry Hannahan resigned.
Oflice at Jacksonville, Oregon.