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In Tnx D emocratic T imes will be charged at
tho following rates
Published Every Saturday Morn In g
Publishers and Proprietors.
First insertion, (ten lines or less)............ ...JS 00
For each weak thereafter.......... . ....................... W 00
A liberal dedaeUon from the above rates will h«
made on quarterly and yearly advertisements.
OFFICE—On California St,, orir Reimei A Wil-
■on’s Livery Stable.
Subscription, per annum,.........
Six nmn'h*...................................
ta oo
*1 50
Mr. Slater’s Oregon Branch Pacific
Railroad Bill-
F irst J vdicial D istrict .—Circuit Judge, P.
P. nrim ; Prosecuting Attorney. II. K. Hanna.
Jredbaon CoaHty—Circuit Court, Second Monday
in February and November. County Court, first
Monday in each month.
CoHu'y Officers —.Judge. T. IT. B. Shipley;
Clerk, Silas J. Day ; Sheriff, Henry Klippci ;
Deputy Sheriff. E. D. Foadray ; Treasurer, John
Neuber ; Assessor, David Kedpsth : Coantv Com­
missioners, John S. Herrin, Thomas Wright ;
■School Superintendent. Win. M. Turner ; Survey­
or, J. 8. Howard ; Coroner, L. Gauung.
Totes f’t Jttektonrille.— Trustees, James A. Wil­
son. N. Fisher. Lewis Zigler, John Bilger aud J.
;S. Howard : Recorder, U. S. Hayden ; Treiu-
urer, Henry Pape ; Marshal, James P. McDaniel.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of , lands t > such company on any completed sec-
Representalires of the-- United State*
q/*( tion after the first shall be made by the See
ized pursuant'to the laws of the State of regulations anti restrict i< its as nitty he pte-
Oregon, f«r ih«t purpose of constructing a sciibed by the Secretary of the Interior.
railroad and telegraph line, by articles of in I
S ec . 5. That the said company shall file
corporation dated the ninth day of Julv, with the Se-retnry of the Inter <ir its assent
anno Domini eighteen hundred and sixty to this net within one year from the date of
eight, the right of way through the public its passage, and the foreg- ing grant is upon
lands of the United States, of the wi. th of condition said company shall complete
J osephine covxty .
— and —
Cowniv Officers.— Judge, J. B. Sifers ; Sheriff.
Daniel L Green ; Clerk. Charles Hughes ; Asses-
•or. R. E. Foley ; Treasurer. Wui. Naueke ;
Commissioners, Thomas G. Patterson, H. Wood-
t >ek ; School Superintendent, R. R. Midùles-
"I the Interior Utt each succeeding Compleitd
1 **<-■’ion of ten miles of the main line of said
j railroad . Prodded, That no certificate ol
America in Congress assembled. That for the 1 r. tary of t'te Interior until he shall have re-
purpese of Hiding in the construction of tfCeived a report, as aforesaid, of the price
railroad ami telegraph line from a point on fixed on the land certified for the next pre
the Central Pacific Railroad, nt or n«*ar, bur i cedi».* completed section of said railroad o.
| not east of the north bend of the lltimholdt branch thereof : And vrodded further, Thu
1 river, in the Slate of Nevada, by the near I the sections < f lull 1 wniclt tdiall remain to the
e»t eligible route in the States of Nevada ami United State.-e withi-i the limits of this gram
Oregon, to a junction with the line of the shall, except when located under the home
Oregon and California Railroad in the Rogue stead act, be sold at two do.I.irs ami fifty
River Vnlley, in the State of Oreg« 11. there cents per acre t > actual seitleis only, und it.
is herebv gtanted to the Oregon Branch P.t quantities not greater than one hiimlred and
cific Railroad Company, a corporation organ sixty acres to any one person, under su.-li
Jai-kuficillr Pirtiuct.— Justice of the Peace,
-James R. Wa.le ; Constable, N. Stephenson.
Jiurpkine ('nmty.— Circuit Court. 2d Monday
in April and Fourth Monday in October. County
Court. First Monday in January, April, July and
pnsincss Carlm
Every variety of Job Work executed with neat
aess and dispatch, at reasonable rate*.
i one hundred feet on each side of said road, a section of twenty or more mil« 3 of said rail­
and all necessary grmtrds for stations, de- road and te'eg'uph within tw • years from i's
; I ots, shops, bu> ding', »¡Je tracks, turn tables passage, ami twenty miles each year there­
■ and water stations, not exceeding forty :»cr.-s after umil the whole shall be completed.
i at anv one place; and uls» the right to take
' from public lands adjacent to the line of said
railroad, timber, stone, water, ami other tna
tcrials necessary for the construction thereof;
How the Democratic Party Got the
Nickname of Locofoco.
par- LEGAL TENDERS taken at par for
Post Moitem Scandals—Hyenas Prowl
in£ Among the Dust of Mt Vernon. uf themselves w»>u-d make a
strong case in support of the truth of our as­
sertion, but there ere other items of evidence
<>f even greater weight of authority than
[From the Cincinnati Commercial.]
Neither Mr. John Ma-sl all r»or Mr. Jared these.
Sparks, nor any oilier of his biograpliers, line
wasiiixcton ’ s dear son .
exhibited our Washington to us in the tendei
The family of Coloue! PuBcy were in pos­
relation of “father.” It is a well known fact session of four or five likenesses of Washing-
that his marriage wi 1» Murtha C’ustis was on, taken at different periods of bis life,
not blessed wi’lt children ; but is not so web given to him as souvenirs of an intimat« re-
known tl at there is but little doubt that hei^ard. Washington kept up a correspondence
sustaintd the r*l>ti<m i f father to a gentle with him of the most confidential character,
man who sened for a time upon bis stafi sometimes addressing him as “My Dear
during the war of the Revolution, and who Son.” These letters are or were very re-
allerwnrd occupied the responsible position 'cently in existence, and in the possession of
of Governor of that portion of the Northwest]
a gentleman of this State.
Territory compr'sed within tho bound,trie? ol
The Posey family are now extinct. Gover­
the Sift'e ««I Indiana.
nor Posey married, and left surviving him,
The curious visitor to Indianapolis, the as his only i-stte, one son. The sou lived
Capital city uf the State of Indiana, who de und died a bachelor, without any known is*
sires to view tho public buildings and other 'ue. lie inherited u9 Leirlooin3 the minia­
. notable objects of interest to be seen, we w ill tures of Washington, «nd also the papers of
¡suppose to have arrived ut the State House. his father, including the.-e letters. When be
Entering the p ssiigeway to his righthand,] ¡died, the gentleman I refer to above becnia«
On the eastern side «if the building, he secs; ins literary executor, and came into pusses*
mi entrance tu the fi st of a “suit’’ of moms 'ion of the Washington letters.
occupied by the State Executive as the pub.
I cannot conceive a more valuable and in­
I c « ffices assigned for the transaction of busi teresting contril ution to American history
Hess counecteu w ith l>is depurtment uf the than portions of these letters would be. They
would exhibit our beloved chief in an aspect
State Government.
new—one that has escaped the ob»
Entering, you will be cord ally greete«! by
the G -ventor himself or his pleasant and ac- set vations and researches of all his biogra­
comm- diuii-g private secretary. Captu'i« J< lm phers, to wit: in the light (fa monitor, ad­
and also each alternate section of the said
Matches are ¡1 very common article. Those
piiblic lands not mineral, except iron und <>f sulphur tips, tind those which tip their M. Commons, either of whom w ili make you viser and confidential friend to a young man
! coal land*, neare.-t to the said r< ad and wiilt
-eel perfectly at Lome, and will take pleasure toward whom he felt the longing tenderness,
every Saturday evening at the Odd Fellows'
subj-cts into sulpl ur before their time, are
the chetislied love of a father to a son, upon
Hall. Brothers in good standing are invited to
:n pointing (>ut and explaining to y<
■ in the limits uf ten alternate sectmt.s in
.»like Use ul ¡»mi bjm-fi t-ot, though each cl >Si*
wlmm he wou d lavish with unstinted hand
California St., (Up Stairs.) over Reames width o’t each side there«!, designated by >iii<-llz strongly of the p t. We were rereutly lurioU* objects of interest cutitaitied
T11OS. PAULSON, R. Sec y.
the rich fruits of n ripe experience, and to
■ odJ numbers, tu the amount of ten such ul­
■ partments.
Joux B ilger , )
Ji Wilson’s Livery Stable,
reading an article which convinced us that
whom lie would expose more fully than to
11. K i . icpel , > Trustees.
ternate •eelions in w.dth on each side thereof
imi’ches have no ordinary history in th«*
11. V. H elms , )
*• A
any other, save bis wife, the innermost rc*
per mile, which shall not hav.* been reserve i
Among these are the portrai 3 in oil of ah
Regular Rr'nek th Degree meeting, last Monday
United States. I’.-ople remember them nt a
cesses of his heart. It would complete our
or disposed of by the United States, and to
night of each month, at 7 J o'clock p. m.
price of nearly a cent euch. They a I came 1 those w ho have bem G--vernois uf the C»m-
view of the man us he was, and. in my e»ti-
May 1st. 1S69.
which homestead or pre emptier», or miner’s
from E i»ir> l then. It was not until 1832 1 nmnweaith down to ti e present incumbent,
tnation, would only serve to exalt him still
possessory rights shall 11 >t have been attached
that an C' '
i*ing Yankee began the man i i'hey hnve been puititid t«i»d bung around j
tn >re in the juJt regard of the woild. As to
at the ti-i.e the lineot the real shall be fixed.
u'ucture ol m.itche* in New York, and g>vr these walls tn accordauce with a resolution <>t | what Mrs. Grundy might say abod^the mat­
S ec . 2. That when the pre-i.lent of said
S‘»ou after ¡ the General Assembly, winch was adopted
I ■ hetti the mime of “LiM-or<>cnS.”
ter, I do rot take thut into the account, be­
| company shall notify the P.esident of the
Wards thvie was n stormy pniiticul meeting several \enrs ago, ami now embraces a com
sensible people nowadays have ceased
JACKSONVILLE, OREGON i United States under oath that ten miles of I of a section of the Democratic party in old p etc list ol all «he G vcrnois, ill ugh in Some to cure »bout what Mrs. Grundy says. Sh«
■ the said railroad ami telegraph line have been
Will practice in the Supreme Court. District, and
I Tummanj Hall in New Y“fk. In the 0011(11 Cii'es an iiulbeiitic likemss front which the lias lost caste, and in the circles that are
other Courts of this State.
j completed, the President >d’ the United Stales
s'on, the opponents of the meeting managed urtirt employed might make a perfect coj y worth considering she is tabooed.
OFFICE—In building formerly occupied by O.
shall appoint three cmtmissi.‘nets tuex.iium«*
Jneobs—oppo.-ite Court House square.
to tutu off all
« 1‘glits in the hall ami leave was ubiained only alter patient search aud ut
the same ; and if the cotnmi'-i ‘ii’-rs sh:nl
the meeting in darkness. But one Merritt, Cuttsidvruble expet sc.
Immigration and Population.
Dr. L. T. DAVIS,
report that ten miles uf said railroad and tel­
a prom m nt lo tai politician, happened to h ive
'l’fie visitor will hard’y fail to notice a por­
egraph line have been complet«*«l, and are i
Statistics furnished by the Statistical Bu­
a b >x ui L c f >c .s in his pocket, and the gits trait banging just over the door that he first
Office—■ On Fino etroct
fitrui'hed with the rolling-stock und neces*ary
wns 1 elk Miuid much cheering : nt>d the pro enters. I l is the face of a bei.r-Hes« youth, reau nt Washington show that th« total im-
Opposite 1 he Old
equipments, the Pr sid nit o! the Luiled
C''s were continued. Toe incident at certamiy imt <>Ver ci gliieen or nineteen y eat* migration to the United States for the last
aving a large and WELL SELECT- elates shall euu-e the lands h. reii.before
Iracted mueli n dice ; a triumpli >nt song was o! uge, und :t >8 un exceedingly hanlsome fifty one years was 7.543.317, and of there
ed assortment of
s L ivery S taid e .
granted, ia respett oi the said ten in.les, t >
written in praise of L »coiocos ; the j ar v got lace io luiik ujuiii. The hair—wiiiilt is drill, immigrants 3,857,793 came from Grant Bri­
be surveyed, des gnated, a iJ act apart fur
the nickname i f L »eotocvs, the matches a most black—is cut squHie acrus* the fore tain, inc'uding Ireland, Scotland and Wales,
the Iwm fit nt said company.
s >ld far and wi ll*.
b» ad in u stiuii*ht line drawn from the upper while Germany, not including Prussia, sent
S ec . 3 'l imt wh-it the said company shall
edge of one unirle io the other, the side and m 2 268.111; Prussia, 100.372; Sweden
I fi e wita the S«c etarv of the lit eri -r their
he E mpire 1* P eace .”—The Chronicle.
ti GERY. -ia l will i-.ttea l promptlv l<» all ca I-
back Imirfl-uing down behind the ears ul­ and Norway, 153.928; Holland, 31,118;
resolution, duly certified ui.d tr their seal,
■on profe*sioiial businezs. llis ofDce and rc-nleuei
of tlii'Cilv. tint'spe.«KS for Grant and lis1 most to the idiou'.ilem. Then* is the full, ruf France. 245.812; Switzerland, 61.572; Cbi-
accepting tl.e «jraats l»vr. inl.ef re made, on
• rc at
• I-signs- : “Il ti.e E 11 pi re is p«-ace und the ¡ tie I shirt bo*« tn, etiff collar, au militaire, oi mi, 109,502; A'nca, 284,491. These details
The Overbeck Hospital,
the terms, ami conditions herein.itt<*r speci j
Republic i. i» l—tí the Empire is safety and the fashion of a previous generation. The • over the principal sources of immigration,
Ou Oregon Street, Jackionville. Oregon.
i ii' «1. and shall als 1 file vv i. h ¡lie said Sucre u. v
• ! ■ I».- Re o c is not—we want the Empire.’
r utid, peachy cheek, email chin, full, ripe although there is a long list from 20,000
their du y cerutmd plat of the Inmo! the .'¡lid
D. B. REA.
i Bv It-* i» i . mi-representations the r¡»diei>l* lips and large eyes, nt d the tout ensemble. down to 2 men.
1 road tie sot v- yed mi I cstablish-d Oy «Item, he
FAY & BE k
¡are trving to prove that “the Republic is nut
D< ducting the immigration from China and
suggesting to your mil d the i leas ol grav.ty,
said Secretary shall designa’e the lands s • ;
peace. ” Napoleon gave a gios* to his usor- almost melancholy, in the lace, will cause Africa (»he latter principally, If not all,
conditionally granted, and cause such desig ,
pation bv saying “the Empire is peace. •» you to look a.iiin with a deeper interest upon slaves), leaves 7,149.324 as the number uf
OFFICE—In Court Ilvnse, up stairs.
natioU to be entered on the plats of the prop. [
white immigrants. The total white popula­
¡Grant Said “let u< have pence,” and crcatlv that fair young Countenance.
Will practice in the Supremo an 1 other Courts
er land t filies, ami thereafter the lands »0 j
of the United Slates in 1820—fifty one
¡admires the new German Empire; it is so
of this State.
Your inquiry will be unsweted by the in­
designated snail be sul ject to sale only in
years ago—was only 7.872.711. Thut is, the
like our Gocernment. The radicals are now
formation tlmt it is the port 1 ail of Colonel
accordance with the pr«ivi.*i >ns of this act.
T-fr* Particular attention paid to the collection
white immigration since 1820 is about equal
■trving to gi"e (Grant) a military power
of Claims »gainst the F.-'l* ral and State Govern­
I’osev, the tir.-l Territorial G< Vertior of In­
ec . 4.
| to the total white population uf the cuuntiy
We are prepared to do all kinds of
ments. the Entry of Lands under the Pre-einptioi.
: greater than that po-s ss> d by King or Ku>
diana, and that the portrait was painted from i
act, excepting such aS arc i>ecessuiy i«»r the:
and Homestead Laws, ami to the Entry ol Mineral
at that time. From these figures it is pretty
: ser. If MiceiS*ful. how few 8 ep* arc neeec-
Lodes under the recent Act of Congress.
1 If.
a miniuture bkene.-s d tie clt ivuiy when he
company to reserve for «lepots, s'u ions, side
narv Io carry »mt his ambitious designs, and w'ub quite young, uud winch vus the only Safe to conclude that not much, if any, mote
track*, woodyatd*, standing ground, and
net out the programme laid down bv his co- likeness of bim extant. Tnere your infurimi than one half of the white people in the coun­
other needful uses in operating the road, ami
e m-pirator, the now impeached Governor tiott would pr-bably cease, aud you Would try ear» date their native Americanism further
excepting mineral lands, and timber hind*
Dental Rooms in buildtag f- rtnerlv occupied bj
llol.len, uf North The cry o- leave the building without conceiving the idea i ! back than half a century ago; and very
Dr. E. H. Greeninan, corner California and Fifth
n it fit lor cultivation after the timber there
likely one-ninth of the present white popula­
Grint’s friends that “t'lc Em.iire is peace, t»
Streets. Al! -tvies of Dental work done on short
thnf you It-ol gax«*d upon the “counterfeit re I
011 ia removed, be Hold to actual settlers '
tion of the country was actually burn un for­, at reduced prices. L...—
only, in quantities not exceeding one quarter j i means nothing more nor less than the perpet •eu'iblat'Ce” ol a veritable son <>f the “Fa her
given to the regulation of children’s teeth, , Teeth
suil,— Sac. Reporter.
nation of radical rub*, with Grant as Emprr
extracted without pain by the use of the late
of his Countiy ;” jet the story of his birth
method of local anasth<-sia. Ail work warranted.
I or. We are not nlarmists ; historv repent». and paternity is often canvassed nniung the
Congressional- and restrictions as may be prescribed |
Satisfaction guaranteed.
nnv20 3m.
older ¡.nd more prominent citizens of the
Nov. 20th. i860.
by the Secretary of tl:e Interior, at Fuch
the history of R•publics in America.— JFaj/i State, and perhaps umside uf it ; and nunc:
W ashington , April 6th.
prices as will secure to said cunp.ny, its ■
I ington Cor. Sac. Reporter.
wlm are acquainted with the evidence upon j Io the Senate, D-.v-s, of Kentucky, re­
sUeceSiurs or assigns its aforc*a<^. an average i
which it i« s:s doubts the nssertioii that Colo 1 quested leave to make a personal explanation,
price oi not more than two d-Tars ai d fifty I
The St. L ms organ oi Senator Shurz, th*’
l Posey wa* a s-m of Ge> rge Washington, tutid sent to the Clerk’s desk paragraphs from
cents per nere for the land actually certitbd .
Westliche Post, tints speak> of the feelings
W ashington ’ s intere - t in a y -. ung man . ' the New York Herald in reference lu the kit«
for each completed section of ten miles ol ,
suid railroad ; arid to insure an enhireemem I uni determination of the Gentian Repub i
The history of the matter, stu cinctly stat« d. scene between Inin und Butler, which repre­
cans of that c tv :
1 of this se« t on, it h I iu I i be the duty of the]
runs ub ut in this wise: Tie P sey family, sented the two gintiemen 113 hurling epithets
aving located in J acksonville ,
___ infoi'Ais the citizens of this place and vicinity
•company receiving the i-e.tifi ates from the
coiisi.'iiug of husband ami wile. w«*te tenants • uch as “G—d <1—d scoundrel” aud “d—d
that he is now prepared to take orders for all kinds
act-* in such a manner that Germans <>f lion
Secretary of the Interior as afor> si d, fur th»
•I the Mount Verttou estate. The then C<>1 old foul” at ench other, lie ulao asked for
oi gents’ and boy’s clothing at reasonable prices.
ur..b e chnrtnteis cun no longer net with it.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
lands granted in aid of the construction uf
«met G'-urg«* Wu-hingtoii was married to Mrs the reading of an extract from the Globe of
C ieasing and R epairing done. 'W'l?.
the first section of ten miles of suid railroad,
Cus is in 1758. About 1754 Mrs. Pm-ey was tiis late speech, in which Davis is said to have
is no other remedy except the disR-'lut 0-» «>1
July 2.1, 1870.___________
and within one vear thereafter, to fix a price
left a widow by the «lea It <«f her husb>tid. been spared in view of dishonored old age.
on each one bin.died and sixty aero tract de
Washiugloti. then a young man. frequently Davis then rel ited tho circumstance of th«
scr>bed in 8»id cerlificatcs, in 6uch manner
hume<l und fished <>n the e*tute, an I s «me aking from Mr. Brown, of New Orleans, of
I best c .nine's of well
and at such rates thut the average price o!
times, when b«*lat«d. accepte«! or s-mglit the a lot uf plate by Butler’s orders, and he
• he R»niib i -an nartv from within are unbred
the whole amount certified ahull not exee -d
hospi aliiies of Mrs. Posey’s h-iuse, who is! (Davis) charged that Butler’s action was not
ed. The Republican party ought to be defeat­
Davis bad unavailing!/
two dollars and fifty cent* per nere. aud re
represented an a lady of very considerable suspicion.
personal attractions. At what time, or how asked President Lincoln to compel its.restore*
port the same to the Secretary of the Interior,
hoice liquors AND CIGARS CON-
it came abmn that the relations between the»«* |ti«>n by Butler. He had from time to time
expoairc a copy of such report to the public
stanti/ on hand.
manner at the next election."
two assumed 1» m->re intimate chara«:ter than •poken to Butler, and the other day, when
in the office of the secretary of such comp my
hostess at.d guest is, of course, unknown ; Buller stared insolently at him, he ad Ir eased
and another in the land office of the district ;
How t > K im . S qvirre ’ s . — We fimi the f-d hut it is certain that some tw«» years after the
the concloding part of his speech to bim,
and anv person desiring to nctuully settle
lowin ' new met' od ol «Instruct ton in the fiat.
12 -2 Cents.
death <»f her Ini-band—si c, in the inter ni. Butler still continuing his insolent stare, even
upon nn«l improve mi I bind, or any Govern
Independent of the 8 It :
July 17 th. 1869.
having remain« d femme sole— a son wa* born when his speech was finished. He then asked
ment atib-diviamn thereof, slmll I ave the right
Oto* of the greatest enemies that the far­ loiter, who grew up to be that same youth Butler what he meant by staring, and got no
to purchase, nt the price so fixed, any tins «M
pareel of said land upon pavment of s«i<) mer of Cl orni.-» has to contend iigainst is w hose portrait adorns the wa 1 of the Guver reply. Davis then said, “You d—d old
price ; and on payment thereof it nhall be the the squirrel—n m<»,t “pestiferous varmint.’' mir’s mansion nt Indianapolis.
scoundrel, what are you doing here?” But­
duty of the «ecretary of ruc I i company t«» A recent tn -tlmd of killing them has jn-t
It is uls«» certain that Washington fgrettlv ler said, “I want nothing to do with yout
refitted this »Id and favorite place of rezert,
make out duplicate certificates of the sale, Mite to light. mol. we believe, is the inven- to hi« credit ns a j i*t and eqnitnb'e m -n, it you are an old man.” Davis replied, “I’m
now offer* the ve*y best of liquors and *egars at
Attorney and founsellor-at-Law,
Attorneys and CounseUors-at.Law,
12 1-2 CENTS.
The Saloon ia commodious, the billiard tables
are of the latest and most improved pattern, and
the wants of guests promptly supplied.
For Drinks.
0Q Points of
Those knowing themselves indebted to me will
do well to call without delay and settle, as I must
have money, and that soon.
Jan. 14-tf.
tumis nu miss
ms :
under th« seal of the company, send one to
the Secretary of the Interior, and deliver the
other tu the purchaser ; and it r I ih II be the
duty cf the Secretary of the Interior t*i issue
ti<>n of a farmer residing near San J-tse.
Take the enm-non oak boll, which grows 1
iilenteo,‘«’v i i this Sia’e, ami altor peeling
the unter s-irfaee, saturate it with kerosene •
place it in a squirrel I
acrihed in bin certificate, as in case* of land h de, n-td the R n*>lce und gns escaping will I
ao'd by the United State« ; nnd the «am» k II tb«*»n »very non. At one ranch near this >
You who want Job Printing done, give form of proceeding «hall be <>l>«erve«| wi'h citv <.y-r 100 nt »base little pests were de
And all other kinds of printing required
to be done in the community, on
very reasonable terms.
to such purchaser a patent for the land de
then set fire o it ani
us a call, and we will satisfy you both in styleand
respect to the load certified by the Secretary struysd
in one day by this means.
mir theory be correc') always to the day uf
lii« death manifested a warm an«l friendlv in
•erest in the fortunes of this young num. lie
charged himself with his ma n'enance mid
young enough to go out of the Senate cham­
ber with you, to any place you may name.”
\Vil«on interferred, and shortly after Butler
left. Thin, D »vis said, w. S his only «leu •
edncat’.on. ami when he arrive«! at n proper for making allusion in the Senate chamber to
aye he wns f««r h time a member of the inili n recognized scoundrel, liar and blackguard.
The Vice President rapped, stating that
tnry family uf the General in the fiehl, and
wan not in order, Davis haviog ooa-
subs-qiiently, l«y his iiifluenc». was made the
Governor of the Territory of Indiana.
Theae eluded, «at down.