The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, April 21, 1900, Image 4

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    Eugene City Guard
Union State Ticket.
fr tlsstsrs.
w Mi-ure. OmtUUfOmm
IfeUBIutrt MOHBOU..I .
ImMKrun-r Mulliiomsl. oun 7
jobnWMuksr I"1""
ft Supreme ivdf.
M.rl..n :.,
For Food Cesirsllileser.
W U schulmerlcS Wistalpgton ONS
liiiriii Writ outriet.
OrMMMdMif u. count
Lane County Citizens' Ticket.
For Jlut Heuator
R M. VEATCH, Cottigo Orofo.
For ltepreseiitatlTOS
LEVI OKKIl. t-'oltauaUrove.
THAU, tl AH WOOD, Klorenoo.
Kor Uoonty Juiige
H. It KINCAII), Eugene.
For Commissioner
j ii h I IX, "f EfloWdaoo.
Fur Clerk
H. M. Ml M.IOHN, or Juration.
w. w. withkk, "f Thoratoo.
For TreiHurer
A. H. I'AT TEUTON, "f Eugene.
For PotlOOl HuiLTliiletidelit
V M. MII.EEK, of ('.. -well
For AJMMor
K. It. I'AItKEIt, of Loot Valley.
For Hurvejor
For Coroner
IIt. W. L. OHESHIHB, of Eu
gene. HMUWOt 6ffNWi kuiiknk.
For Jum lee
For l.'onslable
linMri II. Veotch liftd five
voarn in Koceburg and the a-.ii mil
ance of llmse yearB give the editor
of the KoseburR Daily Kerinw the
opportunity for Issatowal of merited
comnlimentH. The Review iayi
Han. It. M. Veatch. the Union
nominee for pint ttenator tor Lane,
Dottllaa and JOMDOIM oountiea,
w mme nhnice for the ixisitiiiii
Mr. Vetoh baa in past yeara railh
fully eerel bil constituency in
both brannhea of the Oregon iegla
lature. He alio gained many
friends hy hia able administration
of the ollice of register of the Koae
burg land district. Aa a oitiien
and neighbor Mr. Veatch ia a
prince among men. He ia scrupu
lously honeHt in publin and private
lifo. He haa ex -el lent business
and legiilatlve abil tv, and hia
large experience in the manage
ment of public affair will make
him valuable member of the
Oregon aenate for the next four
That is sbout tlie mildest form of otrt
crv man innkes when rheunnrtistii ul
,lcly twrak. h.m. Id iU woe fonn.
,1, immtieni ia a living death. vic
Um. lacapabli of OVUM liand or loot,
boa no lift in the great ptoceioton of
life, on which be
B. a
, 1
Kaxes witn noi
Ida eyta. A great
many anfferero
(fan rhemiiHtiim,
who had given up
hoi, have lttn
cured by the uo of
Dr. Harea'i 'oid-
en Melical !';
covery. A mcdi-
rinm which Will
rleanot the blood
from uric add and
other poiaoua, will
cure rheumatlatn.
Ooldaa Medical
Discovery" haa
no eriual in ita
power to cleanae
the blood anil to
enrich it. "In-c-overy
" contains
neither alcohol
nor narcotic
l tied been trout
Irr with rlirunintleai
f.,r lwrlv yri."
wrlln Mr . J Me
lt night, of Cedee.
a. C.. "SO ln l BBMi
1 touM not ! my
ld. I wee. belly
Matters of Interest Connected
With the Enterprise.
f Hi.filerl
mm nif up Iodic
mm-a.a A.-i,.r anrl t WO "f thttn
I nm mm .t mm . I JF'ja mirk
None oi inwru
IO Ulf none ui
- . . l i Idrk mtM II ' 1 l ' w m
( -Oolden Mr-licl Oiarwreiy,' and fou vll
wffrMnVi'vr yer. with rhumaUa."
Dr llerce'a Medical Advioer, In papav
binding, fim on receipt of WUII Mgl
HumiH 10 y eaprn of mailing a.
AM ri lr K. V. I'lerco, lluffalo, N. V.
Court House Items
Chattel mort(ra 1600 00
OnUBbM to Hadle Commlna,
loU 8, 4 and 6, block 01, Janntlon; aloo
loU 8, 4 and 5, blook 86; tl Q'Jltclalm.
A V I'etero and Bell Jennings 28.9x84
feet on Eighth atreet; fl. Quitclaim.
A L Mill-, truitee, to the (Jolted
Hlateo, 442 acre. In tp 18 a r 2 e; Cif
rade reserve act.
W W Tucker t Amanda 0 Hull, 100
acre In tp 20a r4 w; 1500.
Ouardlanablp of U D Purkeroon, a
minor. Itond flled in the aumof I10O0.
Hurety, W 1 Cheshire.
Guardianship of N Earl, Walter It,
Prank 0 and John L Dlllard, minora.
Iteport Hied.
Transcript of Judgment ill case of Q
O Warner et al vs Oias Kruueau et al,
from Douirlas county, tiled. C'osts In
case, $81)8.
Calam QUi claim, Hobemla, by
Malcolm L Campbell locator.
Washington claim, Bohemia, by
Prink ll llughee and Iewls tlartwlg.
(loldcu Crown claim, llohemla, by
Krauk H Itughea, locator.
Iletweeii H A Hi Earlo and Colonel
J Oliusted. Olmstead promises to pay
HI Karle $80 per month for work in the
ltluu Hlver iiilnee for a period of live,
,irn mill one-half of the urooeeds of
i II mines.
Martin Olson, a uatlve of Hwedeu
diullted to full clllcensulp.
And now Henttor Hanna'p
health will preclude bil MOtptlop
the chairmanship of lh National
K. public in commitiee for the cam
paign thia fall. The truth la
Hanna's connection with truala,
his open ami notorioua use of
money for the purenase of the prea
idency in lS!)(t, and later the Ohio
MQatorthlp lin n,Bl'" 0ie very
name pf Hanna a stench in the
nostrils of men who hold pilitical
purity as dearly as personal hoinr.
Hanna muat Iki got out of sinht.
Yet be will conduot the McKinlev
campaign, no matter aa to the
llnurehead who will take the name
of chairman. The Republican
party has too bright a page in the
history of the country to allow its
honor to Iki further trailed in the
dust by this prince of corruption
lata Better a fair defeat than the
possession of stolen honors.
The announcement cornea from
Minnesota that a itrong move id
under way to accure the vicc-preai
dential nomination for Hon. Chas.
A Tow 04k Silver Republican, of that
state. Mr. Towue ia one of the
ahlettmon in public life in the
I'nited States, and would creditably
fill any office within the gilt of the
iieonle. If every other section of
the country will hring out a favor
ite son of the character and atand
ing of Mr. Towne the convention at
Kansas City will have n difficulty
in selecting a worthy running mate
for Mr. Bryan.
The Belgian hare "craze" is the
latest. It may turn out something
similar to the carp crotchet that
alllicled so many :f our people
about filteeu years ago. The hare
or rabbit ia very destructive of
grass, tender vegetation and young
trees. The fanciers may unwit
tingly be introducing a peat.
Remarkable Cure of Rbeamatiun
KKNNA, Jni'k-i.11 ('.., W. Va,
About three years nun III V wife bad
ii allack of 1 1 1 -1 1 1 which con
lined her In her bed fur over a uinnt h
Kiid rendered naf unable lo walk a step
wllhoul ,i .-. . ber 1 1 111 Ink tielug
Mwollen lo double their uoriual sUe.
Mr. H. Maddux Insisted on my using
I'lminU'rlalu's I'alu Italm I purchased
a fifty-cent iH.llle and used It according
to the directions and the next morning
she will... I lu breakfast without assist
ance In any manner, aud she lins not
had a similar attack since. A, B.
I'akmonn. For aale by W. Ij. DeLano.
win aaaivi sooa
Mr. Edward I-. Tbomp-on, of I'ort
lai d, repreoeiitlng the firm 04 llait
Uiau, Thorn asnu 4 Towers. I" in th'-
city on boslnes- connecleil wltli Hie
location of the Danish colony IB mis
ulfli.llv Ah slHled 111 the Ol'AKD
before, the Danish people, through
their mloslonary, Bev. I. L. Han
sen, have cloaed a deal for the purchase
of the farm of E. C. Health, west of ibis
cily, and various families of Danes
will at once locate on the same, buying
tracta of land of from 40 to 80 ai res
each, making a community of nd
amall proportions which will l trlbu
tary lo this city aa a marketing point
for the various products of their llllle
farms, such aa fruit, bulter, eggs,
poultry, ete.
Mr. Hinl'.h has lan interested in
this matter for some time, and his
work haa happily bad gl results so
far. To Insure success In the under
taking, however, it will lie necessary
to secure the co-operation of the
buslneas community of Ibis city, and
also to receive assurance that oilier
Innla of run l.e Secured III the
near vicinity, without exce-sive raise
of realty valuations. Hucb a move
would tend lo destroy the Intention
and object of i lie people who desire In
come here for Iocs Hon. Mr. Hml'h
states that the Danes, who ar' all
members of the Danish church, del e
a church erected, where the members
of the community can hold their
religious services, and a subscription
will soon he solicited f.-r tbli purpose,
The location of these people Is not
in a colony sense, lor they will own
their own lands In severally, and only
desire to buy together lo order that
that ihey may havea church MOafJlbM
by a I. In their business allalrs (.
will liaM dealings us individuals.
Rl v Hansen, the missionary , v,ii
attend the meeting of the United
Hlales association of Danish ChUrObrs
at Itlalr, Nebraska, on juue 7, ai d at
that time ihls location of families in
Lane count v will be brotubl up.
Evciy detail of land, climate, market,
temperature, fertility of soil, ami olio r
things Ol interest will lie prepared for
the Information of the Intending
locators, and it Is sxpeoted tuftl large
Domber will want to a nut. it
only remains to be seen Wbebil I
sufllcleul ainouiitof laud In the vicinity
can t.e secured at a reasonable prlc
I hero are ouly two other OomOtUUt-
ties of Danes In the WeM, one in
Texas ami the other ill North I .k la.
The latter has been orgatii.ul lot
three vears yet has 460 families Tin
extreme heat of Texas and lite mi vure
cold of Dakota, however, Is llld nig
the Danes to seek a climate more mild
and yet prolific. The lllametle
valley will prove to be their Mecca.
MrHmllh. who has taken a great
intertwt lu this matter, Is satisfied that
the success of Lane county deauds on
Intensified funning and will continue
to look into Uie matter f..r (lie proposed
emlgranls,to the end that iln lr desius
ami objeeti may ta. attained; that tbej
may l.ave their community Wganlla
tb. n aa a church and al lbs aaOM lime
secure the little tracts of land, which
as an Industrious p ipla Hiey will
make pri duotlve
Diatll I nun lluui(er.
Among fie mmi MteOB of today,
India isr-d . lir-'. it l the normal
tin.. I i 10,000900 tog i" ad hungry
eveiy Mlgllt, Mil now more than 0",
MyNO, a s p il iliou aim t eipjal I"
that of the Ulllled Hlau-s, is expose.! Ill
all the li., of fa nine. The country
baat not reeovered fratn tbs famine or
'97 and now a worse one is on. For
eight months no crop MM l expected
and tbo fetnlM will best its height
from April ! DipUBlbat, One thing
tbat makes this famine so bad
Is that tin Watif -uppliesare glvini!
out. Death from starvation is au
every day L0OUrreDOi parents are;
abandoning and killing Ihelr children
banOM tb' ' ar- unable to support
Kmaclii ed men, women and cinl
dren are met on the roads walking orj
trying u walk 100 miles toa govern- j
MOt relief oatap. In these oa'iM li e
ovenni ii i-trying lo meet a part Of
ii... i,v L'lvn.if work at from o .
oent to four cents per dev. But
millions .re 100 weak lo breaa r.s:k all
day at any price and death l the
Hire Is an opportunity in answer the
call of luimanily. Five cent IH
km Ilia for a da,: five dollars will
save a life during tne lamioe. wu-
hundred dollars will dig a well that
Will IMOre bOODtifUl eropl on severs!
ii. res of land.
Every tttlaaionary moiety It appeal"
Ing for famine funds. Tbe chrl-iian
.1 r.f New Vnrk, Is raising
money to send a -hlpl'.ad of corn.
Next week subscription papers will I
st several of the leading stores in
The Y. ftf.U A., of toe University,
will Ik- glail to send one or more
StOOeD'a to any of the neighboring
Pisces to speak on this subject. Any
nie wishing to arrange for a mr ling
In his or her neighborhood should
correspond at once with L. A. Ball
man, Eugene, Oregon, chairman Y.
M. Oi A. inlssinnary committee.
Yci kno ill "bout
ii. 1 1 e ru- n,
worry, turn
baa bob. Yu
rr. at WtlK'll
uron you. ivs
can it! ' got !
..... cl'ive to
X in", lull i i; ...... --
your work. Sleep fails, and
re on tie
nervous cxhiustion
, be done? Tate
5 Our HortL Window I
win- m
II" ;c
n, flfrv vears it has been lifting
up the discouraged. g;ving.rtst to
life overworked, and bringing re
frcshinp sleep to the depressed.
It is the best nene tonic you
can take.
ll.U s swtta. " iroifliu.
h,v, DW Ayr's niedi. lnef"rmora
. .r ur i. I "i "" ' L
w.,,t..L,.utv. m
Jin. !l, iw.
kth.. ir lfjwj.jajsgesa
Kuoti, KanMS.
Is lull of the latest novelt
in JLaaies neus ana Purses
Suuth Window
Displays an elegant Uy
Our Store
Springfield Meteor.
Edenvale Items.
April 16. i&io.
Mr and Mrs P N Laird and Miss
IV. rl llaoghmati who have been 111
with the grippe are slowly recovering.
Robert Drury and eon Forrest nave
gone to the Hlue Itlver mines 0 work
ti.eir clims on the Lucky Hoy l-'ge.
M iss i arrie Bridges Is so far Improved
In health ag 10 he able to lglll her
school nt Enterprise.
Carl Baligliiuali has gone lo Blachley
where he will leach the spring aud
"Uiiimer school.
Mr and Mrs vVesley Lawrence, of
Junction, visited relatives here the
drat of the month. They went imm
bere In Seattle, from which place they
srlll start for t aa- N. me about he
6th of May.
A farewell party was tendered Jake
Bartaeh last Baturday evenlug at the
residence of his brother Casper. Mr
D.suh .., Km PorllHinl Monday. He
o Cure, No Paj.
Tkat Is Ike wur aU dngslsta iirve
rMslsas OaQl Taaiefof Chills, uiria sad
HilliiDeM. ll is iui plrwaut to Ukj as
IjSUidd Sypip. .Ml cents
The people of oar neighboring; town
of Hprlogfiold nre still excited over the
meteor that waa seen lo fall into the
nver bottom u slmrt distance alsive
,1... .. Miiiiilti 1 1 ii it
.llf I'liimnj W "a 11,1 ft' , . tl a I 1
The meteor fell between six and will take a course in the Portland
seven o'clock, before ll.c Mill had irone Rusll.ess College before returning,
down, and waa observed by a numberj DOBCA8.
ol pel-. ns In seaccounts substantially
coincide. II appeared lo be about a I
foot I u diameter and three feet long,
tell at an angle ol about IS degrees,
itnd did not move with noticeable
swiftness, Il passed very near the the
lop of fburaton batte, south ofHpring
Qi Id, and appeared to t - 1 1 Hi tbe near
vicinii v of tlie N. I- honvard.
The alleged meteoric mck brought j receiving t
in for Inspection was the work or
practical jokers. If il wi-h a solid
meteor no discovery of the place It
-truck tlie "urlli nas yet been made.
To Care a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Broom QnlnlM Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money
if It falls to cure. E, W. irove's signa
ture Is ou each box. 123c.
We are now
Hegiitarl You caunot vote in
June, or November unices your
name ii on the county regiatry of
I -'ii i Markei
April 10, isoa
Bulter-M to 60c per ro
Wool BOa
Poullry-SS oO to ft Ml i ODggO.
Dried prunes 3 to 6o
Flour 75 per sack.
Oats 26 to 35 cents accord I mr to
quality. Dealers demand sentries be
fore purchasing,
l'otatoea 86c. oaah per bushel.
Kggs- 10 cents.
Wheat 38 to tocts.
M"ps ft to 8 oeuta.
Halm Wood Wanted
We want t.) purchase 2.600 cords of
balm WOOd. Kor further particulars
apply al our office.
Ki'oknk Ey.eKi.NioK Wokks.
The toig Mother
She thinks tittle of her
self, ami fails to notice how
pic and thin she is grow
ing. She worries constantly
over the baby t hat does not
thrive, although its food
seems abundant.
nourishes and strengthens
the nursing mother and sup
plies to the baby's food the
bone-forming and fat-producing
elements which
were ticking.
Km us! S, oo, " dniaMa
iCOTT BovVNh, i Nssr TssV
Cay & Henderson, UndbiUKen w
Emuaimers. Cor. Wil ana 7th stt
The Least Hair
Casts a Shadow
Spring and
Summer Goods
Ami have to offer to
the largest atuck ol
Shirt Waists
and Hats
Cold Steel or Death.
" There Is but out' small Oh inoa lo
save your lilr, aud that It through an
operation," was tbo awful prospect set
before Mrs I 11 Hunt, I f LlOOi Rldga,
Wis, by bar doon , stier vainly ".ving
to cure her ol a lri(lilful oass ot
Miomaeh trouble aud yellow JsUOdlOi,
He didn't OOUUt on the inarveloUH
power Of BltOirlO Hitters to cure
Itomaoh and liver tr ubles, but she
board t it, tiak savtn botUaa, was
wholly OUrod, avoided surgaon'l knife,
now weighs more and i. . I- bailor than
ever. It's positively goarantevd lo
cure stom u'h, liver and kidney Irouhli -and
never diappoints. Prloa, .ale, at
Do I, aim's .Ii iu store.
Grand Opportu nliv.
Your ahatoamnh anlamd free. To
each purchaser ol a eau of llak ng
powder at bfto. Hiilo of picture, ltix-H.
Hi in pie of the work can be seen by
oa " .iik- at the store.
Bdio'i v.ii.iKiv Btumb,
Kighthrit, Eugvtte, Or.
MlsaiMi. A line lil-li MttVI bt
longing to a 0 Antan i missing and
thai aotlatnao w. u ! anpraelata any loading lo lit reonvt ry,
FOK WAliK A fine o.k i !,, mx
iH'tave Kstey 0njm( oak Pei'ioi in
suite, tables, large b.nk e;-', st Vll
nuohlno and bona aud surrey, w
DHpanlding, Bast Ninth street,
A STU.V. HOK.-l . fame to Ih. I.
N. Mulk.y bra , Pleaaaol Hill,
about one month all 00. Na v.-,r
llug ii re wit, ir.n g ay, Owuer
can have animal by proving provert,
paying for keep, and a lverlUiiig if
sau.e. i, C. TaULB, I". :an't Hill.
FOR 8ALK-A line ah eh ratieh cou
talulng JJ0 aorat for ssle at a banjaJo,
Will ell as a w bole or in parti, 0 e
containing linplemei.ts, bouse m a
two barns, oonslstlng of IM m n
the other pasture land pri ael pally,
Hltuated six miles froiu Kugene.
i 'all on or addrraa J M Oearhart, i
Kugeue, Oregvn.
drop of poison
I, unless checked in
ic, mak e the whole impure.
. 'arsprltU is the
leader in blood purifiers.
,V , : '. laiMHj hit ftrOtga sunshint
t- c:ry haiuehoUL
L"! y S ) e p S i a - " Tor sir months my sys
fl out of orJer o.'Jh dyspepsti and
;. Sptnt lets of monty in
-. . but Hood" $ SvMptftbi caratf ma
' . v.' Jos. S. Zjiub. Gtno, Neb.
Lruptiono " hid Annoying trap.
mi anatd para Hood. nd physi-
'ttmtni ftitd to bvmftt. Hootfs
; - i HmOVtd them And I Am no
. , ytd.M W. R. Hudson.
NwMna, 'j.
Jfcodli Sauafmuffa
I'S rsiMai J
ii a
ever brought to t in market,
and at pi MSI to suit you.
Our t. k nf Sill IKS i cuni
plslaaad prloss aissrlgha, I'mue
huiI -c' tht Isr'est -t . k of khs!h
I i the valtsr.
in v
i Villa th oott lrrtUUnn nd
ouly emlnartle lo ttkoj oilri Mtd't SaraajparlUaC
ii i ran n. hit tad
vnd lu oa, ttate yur
walghl BM betgbt BIBB
numbvr inehca sirnunil
ImmI)' a.! bnsi artl nh,
1 wu writ' a iti) tht
BriiUtfhl I'lu-k Isp t
inn ry fxpn-g-. t.
ii. tl,, . . i mot
asalnaUoa. cmq
n aBaaMBJk4 try It
on ( your ntrrt
MgWBBl t'flU's ,ntl
If lottM pBfMUj!
Mtlarartory, rt
Bhtl) r prrsrntrd
sua w or htartt
nf. fmj th.
Mem aawwt BBB
iPiciAi qml
ki -."
iii. I eiiiras
f harrta will . . r ,.- u lw U
k..i. r..r i. mm .n.
TMs Circular Plush Cap 7:.:Ir!.lVV!l'Lr,.,
halt's C3 l'1ub, E bT OUt toll '
i ihroiltftiiut with Imrrli..! Ma H bltalBs blnearrvst, vrx
PUbt'rmWlT BJBWaVMfMq itlt MfB4 braid gfi.l Mark
rspavttnir Dlttsi : bi rrtminws allaroui lllhutni
rtnrBlat Thlbot lur. hfl with WruMingj
1 unit rthorrhiimiila Hrttr Iwf iVaa l 'V I atAlgn. tddrvaa,
Kin, ajjjiaapa jfj "iuu. aaSM
Watch, Clock, Jewelry and
Umbrella Repairing
Soldering of all kinds, soft or hard, gold,
silver ana steel. Prion reasonable. All
work guaranteed, Give me a call.
W, L. COPPERNOLL. Jeweler.
Cubans Oesl Estate sd Isetttmest Office.
Telephose Oo. Mils 144.
Is stocked with all the
' things for Spring wear.
we solicit your inspectio
Photographic supplies.
Free dark room.
out of Business
Will soli my entire stock of
Millinery ;ind Fancy Goods at and
w a
Cor. 7th ti
Shirt Waists
and Parasols.
I Kauffman
HAT 1-i-v.f - -vT OTA TVT rp