The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, November 18, 1899, Image 7

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i In nI. N oeiil.
II,.. ii:nt steel low scours any-
li-r. .
Wild ' ' "m1 Kf in Hie markets
ao i ,, - n ie-i milky plow at
Boot ( u 1 1 1 y lias made a tax levy
r 101 mill'.
floram "Mb wall papei at
k- 1 hi always get an extra for an
ri 1 1 .
, , I ! vs the highest price for
'II. '"""i r... n - i.iiv. in r
..I. ..nn I. I- T......
h i best hatrow made. F L
, . - 1,1. 190 acre excellent (arm
.u'hIk. Inquire of John Van
VN, l onurg, Ur.
Pl.v - iw ai'd pa ami cockle wlien
: 1. Kiming mill of K Li
1 1 tbal t guaranteed to take
'h ...INMSiiTA HOTaUi 11 the llace
11 I Hint rlii- mtlll lb? "JO i-enta.
I burn for guest Iium mint
of 1 niitli' at 3j i'piiu ir ivhii. If
Uteii. A I. Mo.viiiOMKHV, Prop.
1 c 1 cured by using
It '1 blels. One little
will give immediate relief, or
B,v r Ihik'-I. f m m nsnnsome
la b. . - l Met. For Kale by W L
hen von want your eye correctly
Hd tn ! palrof glasses see l)r Lowe
0 v'h.
11 '. hi ' ;i y : r 1 . irun 1 . 1 1
pi Ice mi Bain wagons, Ituclne
it..-, uuiri ninniui: I'luvtn nuu
In 1 I II . .I K In lllH I1I1IHII,
v iieiore tin mi is an sow.
II I II .i uii.ik ill ll'il. III-.. lllv lll-
-: i 1 1 1 1 hugeue Photo to.
1 il Barker uuu Works. Nice
w ''II' 1-, iiiiv - k ni 1 irn is v 1111 r-t imti
I ' . ' t II I n I 1 ill 1 1 f l.W 11 0"4
, $1,00 for c 'intiiiiHtfoii Muck board
111 !' Ml. 1 ! II I 21 111 I LJ H II II II III II riL 11 'II
MI'K - I i( 1,1 ri 1 II I I ( I I H.k IIII I I V ll J" ' . . I
i win n:i i- ! nun; hm.-i ri uit'iii m
)H llllH Viwir. lU'Ult'UlbtT UrJ UOW
I 111 X"
The prune crop of My rtle Creek ami
.OUU.nuU pouudaof dried fruit. The
cents I" 1 hiuijii.
Von never know what form of blood
fen liver clean by using DeWitt'a Lit
Rc Karly Riser and you will avoid
Houbli-. Tin-., are famous little pills
Dthii'B has bean heard from Henry
tl.ii. flu. ininniiiir ili.nutv m 1 1 rift
I had ilVMiK-p-ia llt'ysivm years
11 v.r fmitiil in., m Ittttfll ri.lli.f fill f
- - -
Kudu! Dyspepsia t un. Now I
.well and feel litx- a new man,"
Fleming, l urray, Ntb. It
In 1 che, 1 1 1 kirn.. 11. I 'urea all
uci-iTiue It. inoent v Lo,
ri 1 ' : 11 1: n n r.
McMu v r: "Mr. H. L.
. . 1.. ... ji.a 1 ...
in ill e-iieen.-. .111- Mill tarn i , .. ,
VI 1 1 1 1 1 I w RU
:..r "P. mucrut," Lan-
baiter, X V, says: "One Minute
SCoukIi ( ' 1 he best reiueily for
eroup 1 ever lined." Immediately rs
fjleve u'.n. cureacoughi, colds, croup,
Mtum 1, pneumonia, bronchitis, grippe
Hll thma' iii'l mil); troubles. It
Hp'l" ciiii'tipatiiiu. Vincent & Co,
Corner Dm j Sloie.
iHem Ji nrnal: "Mlea Lida '.Vllllt
aaip.'! :i to All auy and will also visit
jikerM .rj. K It. fckipworth, of
Ex I t teacher. Uae
Lakei' 1 .-li K ni. dy in any oaee
ouiriis, colds or noun. Should it
It., ive immeiiiati n In 1 money re-
l. -5 ct imdoU cis. for ale oy
I) Lauo.
i' i-iute land board at a meeting
krduv dceided to foreclose all mort
Inwbloh the Inierest was due
I , 1! 1. 1 1 i:e yi ar t ne ru.
m iildn't be without DeWlU'i
h Han 18 Iveftil any consldera
' write- llios. H Hhodes, Center
() Infallible lor pile.-, cuts, burns
:iii diseases, Hew are of counter-
V, u. 1 .., Con er Drug
II II Hudei , Summit, Ala, says:
Ihmk Kodol Dyspepsia l ure is a
ludid tntdlotm. I prcHcrite It, and
1 nfldenoelnlt grows with con
u .1 use." It digest what you eat
i qui iklv curt dyspepsia and Indl
00. VineeutiSt Co., Coruer Drug
Senator Proctor Says Dewey Is Mr. White, ol Blue River, Is Lane County Has $94,796.33 in SlierilT Withers Has Paid the
Not a Presidential Can
f ill to til Gurd.
LOKD N.Nov. 1 -The llors liavi'
Taking Out Ounces of
l:l usnl. Nov N
Kiver is is ilmimeil I
Warrants Outstanding.
of this . .. lliitiiiu , .in... mi tl,.
r..., .1... . i a r
i rue w i ii is iu. i mi u I III Ml , iiuiiy- fAt.
D one
OaIIt Uaard Nov 1 I
From the advance pages uf the re-
p rt ot tbt) tpttMal MMUnJttae, conlUn
. .--.Mm h liule more de- of Warner ltruwn. I. H I'utti-r ami A
reported ealopment work I done. wiu-eier, who were apiintni by the
Mr While, whoh i- a claim on Hold e.iunty court to I n vest I u ate (he I. k-
ol the helltl, clerk and treasurer, we
learn that Lane county has wsrrauts
nlflee Iri una iMbliiir mil irnht Irmii I tin
Daniel, of Virginia, m an interview ,,.,,,,.. ,,. wgJ ihM ,.x,.lle- lU
today, gives It as his optulon hat the lil miners in that dtotrtoi He has a
nlat form on which Urysn rsu in 18W( i small hand mill, eutistiuete.; by him-
smith. Few castialties are
among th Hrltish hrroc
hknatok daniki, Hip, Hlue Hlver dlsiru". and who
nvat.Mmi ! -ad rlob trtkeof qa irt on tlttM
Amount iu Full.
the amonnl of M,
may nqolra qonUflonUon and modifi
cation in 1900.
Lincoln, Neb., Noy. 10. Latest
returns Indicate a probability that the
republicans have elected one regent of
the state university.
Washington, Nov. 10. Senator
Froctor, of Vermont, declaies that
Dewey will not be a candidate twfore
the Natioual Democratic c invention.
Dewey Is a Vermonter and is said to
be on very Intimate terms with the
London, Nov. 10. A I'ieti rmaritz
burg dispatch of Nov. 11, gives It a
current rumor that Heneml Jouhert,
cotnniamler of the l(oer furees was
killed in a recent engagement.
That Trobblng Headache
Would quickly leave JOU, II you
used Dr King's New Life Tills. Thou
saniln of sutrerers have proved their
match less merit lor Slek mid Nervous
lien, Inches. They make pure blood
aud strong nerves and build up your
health. Eisy to tske. Try them. Only
25 cents. Money back If not cured.
Hold by U D I. inn. druggist.
Hardlurkers of Dawson Have Fount!
Kicher Fields at Auril City.
i'ortlsml 1 1 : -ri.
Chris Bartsoh, an old time hswuon City rnn,
ha. Leeii ipsndlnK a few ilsyn In I'ortlaml. Ho
avi that Dawaon la in very kuoi! coiHlllion
tlnaoclallv, and la the belt novenied mlninc
camp lu ihc world. Thinga SIS ss qaM and
! . vs: there aa they are In Portland, and
Suaday la a very much qultti'r nay In Pa ou
than here.
Ho thlnki that Caiw Nome la oslv a tem
porary affair., lhonjr.1,. be SJ men wlip.hayj.
lain around Uai.non for months not a
dollar have gone over to Cape 'Nomo and atruek
II at s HO-a day gait. Thla, In hl opinion, has
dune much Uiward creating the ImpraMloti that
ROJM wsi to become a gn ai mining svetlon.
Theae miners who have itruck It lucky there,
efler being hard up at DawstM ao long, have
written glowing accouuta homo, and thua
crculcd a rush tor Anvil City.
The Best Plaster.
A piece of flannel dampened with
Chamberlain's Pain Halm and bound
on to the affected parts Is superior to
any plaster. When troubled with
a pain in the chest or side, or a lame
back, give it a trial. You a'o certain
to be more than pleased with the prompt
relief In which It affords, Fain Balm
Is also a certain cure for rheumatism
For ssle by W L DeLauo.
Twentieth Century Club Meeting".
The club holds Its regular weekly
meeting ou Friday evening at 7:30
o'clock In Frank's hall. The program
will be In charge or President .Strong,
leader of the study of "twentieth
century democracy." The study will
be prosecuted uuder the topics out
lined below:
self, whleh grinds about wU pounds of
ris?k in a day. On an average from
eaeh li pounds of rock lie lies been
extract nig l'' ounces of gold. Ofoourso
this Is a t ich vi lli in the main ledge,
but the entire ledne Is -nu' i.i be tlch.
We believe this mine, w hen devel
oped, will be worth a fortune. The
quartz is det'omiHisetl end is fiee mill
ing. If this mill was located In Alaska
1' would soon have a national reputa
tion. I.ATKK.
From information just received from
tie BlnaBlver mines, we understand
thai Mr White has refused 116,000 in
cash for his claim.
Kxpertssay that he DM 900,000 worth
of iiuartz iu sight.
He ha attached water power to his
small mill. The ris k is averaging $1
per pound, or ("2,000 to the ton.
a snow BR Or MBTKUB8,
A Number Wan Seen al Harvard
BoflTOJIi Nov. iti. The sky cleared
tieautifully iu this vlcluity al about 1
o'clock this morning, and with the
moon swinging down Into the west, a
numlsT ot meleors were seen. Al the
Harvard observatory, a large one was
photographed soon after midnight, ami
the observers at that time were very
hopeful ol sighting many more before
outstanding to
The following 1 a uminry of Um
July 1-Amt outstanding
per former report I-
Auit Issued from July 1, 18B8
to Nov 7, 1890 from clerks
record M
J175.UJI n
Cancelled and filed with
clerk July 1, 1(488 to Nov 7,
1880 80.8 4S
Amount outstanding Nov 7,
1S08 $!U,7WU .13
Worn of
-,;sj isi
itlS tn
IIS 00
Disposes or Her 2.,00(l Share Soutli
etu Pacific Stock al $10 I'er
Snn Krarci co, Nov, 15. dispatch to
thr Call from New York states thst Vts
Jane Stanford has sold all her SoatUem
Pacific slock to the Uuntiudton-Speyet
syndicate. Her holdini-' sniounted to Mt,
(WO shaies, for which the TeitivSa about
MO r abare.
Letter Llt.
Nov. 16, 1890.
Baker, Ella Cadby, T C
Corgrove, Jim Cockrell, Mort
Dobson, Lester Kvert.Jas
(leering, Joseph (Srahain, (1 D
Gray, Iv.tS Hamerick, M E
Hall, Dee Johnson, Jas
Kentueo, Jennie Ferry, Harry
Lowe, Geo McClaln, Nellhh
Moray, RS Qn0, Mrs H H
l tofjan, T Frauds Bobiaoo, Folly
itoblnson, Mrs V Kierllti', K
Hwartman, A H Swope, Martha
BobOltl, John Tweeilen, Bertha
Weilhi'iilan.Siirrah Wellmau, W H
vVlloot, CblpMur Wlbon, J V E
A charge nt one rent will be made on all
letters guen out. I'rrauni calling loi letters
will please stale when advertised.
11 F. M, Cokna a 1' M
The building! for Ihi new excelsior
factory, uear the Wnter Couipam's
power house, are 1.,-mg steadily finish
ed. The largi drying shed is nun
plctedud now covers a giMid many
eonls uf the balm wissl to 1st us d by
i he lactory. The factory building is
enclosed, aud carpenters are patting
down l lit heavy 11 nfinp All the pre
i niiliary work Will be completed by
the tl i ML of UM year, anil the machinery
moved m. The excelsior factory,
regularly employing about ton band
Mill i li,-n become a reality. One matin-
faotOTV of the ilietuetislou of tins
otn added to Eugene each year would
soon accomplish wonders In tin lit
building of the town. It is poalbH to
gt them by earnest elforl.
(llinter Reading fdatter
This is getting nearthe first of
the year, when a settlemen
should be made for the WEEKLY
GUARD. If paid in advance one
year will give receipt for $1.50
For $2 00 in advance will send
the GUARD and Cincinnati En
quirerv a 75. .cent, papar onn
year. A splendid chance to get
two good papera for one price
$275 worth of reading matter
for $2 00.
TNt notifies
bally nuard, Nov I
Forawiek past a txuuinlttee con
sistlngof Warner llrown, L. II. Potter
am! A. Whieler has been experting
Hie book and accounts of the sherill,
clerk and tn usurer.
lo hty tln v virtually completed their
work, and the QOABO I (uruialietl
With Hie follow ing llgllie showing till'
amount einltzr'ed by tletiry J. Day,
i'e,iuty "herilT:
Original to 1 IsiiS fl.".l",7tw :i;i
Shelill nssi-Miient IKOS nl-
laeted i a
Sherill BSstssliienl l'is ie-
llnqnenl H to
Total Jli0,l7 H
Puriietl over to treasurer
piior to Nov 15, 1100 PM,06I 00
Tunitil ovi r to tn'astirer
Nov 13, ISiiu
t Directions en original roll..
Correction ou deli,tient roll
Total ISO 887 08
AMol'NT KaIIIK.l.t.ll.
Tax rei-elpls ou band Nov.
15, 1888 3,735 7lt
Cash on hand N iv 16,1800.., 1,401 ".'8
Showing a sliortagi" of
As Is a well known fiu't the day M
low ing tin- limlnig of a shorlage In
Day's see, Hint-, Sherill Withers phiccd
IB thi'tlrst National Hank of F.ugene
the "tint of $-.300 to Hie iTetlit of Lane
county, OregOU, lo make good all short
ages. The monej leas 674 waa tamed
over to the county treasurer this after
noon, which sum was relumed tc
Sherill Wither.
'I he tnsiks of the sberill's o flier arc
In excellent eotiilltiiili.
Micrlll Withers ha proven himself
an h,,n, -l mini in this matter, He lias
placid tin' Bounty to no expense, hut
ha loud the loss nrotil ilv. lb' has
made a most, excellent oilie r anil the
iHMinle uenerallv ackllou leilg. the
favcl and are try he has
robbed for In just eompeu-niion
The committee Unci Ihi'lsioits anil
accounts of the clerk and treasurer In
gtaul sbaHi ami viitually without
Hfiri is
Iii In Correspondence.
Nov. 10.
MIDI Howard Is leaching tbe Klk
Prairie school.
Miss lua Hcliade has gone to (ilen
tena. She will have charge of the post-
November 10: "The Development of olllct
the Democratic Idea In the Fnittsl
Htates since 1787."
November 17: "The Democracy ol
the Fathers, a study of the Constitu
tin d work is lieing done corduroy
ing I he BlualaW -tage road from Hale
postofllci' down.
H. S. Miller lias shed his mustache
and tbe bomelleat man you ever saw
Novembers!: "The Development of uu,.
Democracy up to 1830." H fw days Miss Clara Sparling, of
, i , ,
lie pain pi m uusu us -
. .:....! I ... . ... I i . , ir
mlwrl. Il ' .u.l' dm, D also
a a. i. . I . .s . iiii-L-lf
L. r .. .i wiili.
n i . .. .1 s r...t .a
tireffou PlOOttH Attention.
f M., i. ......
ue mi'm-MTs tn .iiwii a..0
. . .. . t t , ... I . ,it I ITS'.
i . . t ' . . I H II I I -4 (If
is a 1 VtTsas saiss m m u?lii I'lltu
t-iT iviiiK iu i-ui"! "
DfMOB nrior to or during the year
. n . - t f t 'i - ' 1 ' I I 1 ' : 1 1 ' I B 1 I
Is . 1 . kaM !..:' at thf
. . . i .. tMiptLnaii (111 HT !t-
rs V..iinmhar "1lt.
So care, So Py,
That is tin? war all drogvisU all (inive'a
aatsiess t inn .,,...,. -
'.Uliiin. II i tsBsaot to take aa
.nu,u MUD, ESI ituia
Wheat Valley wheat was nuoted
yesterday in Portland at from ol to 51.
This would mske wheat worth iu Eu
gene about 38 cents. Frelty hard time
for fanners, sura.
December 1: "The Development ol
Democracy from 1830 to I860."
Decembers: The Influence upon
Democracy of tbe Civil War aud B
Bargains in Property.
Elk Prairie, will start for Spokane,
Wash, where she will wed.
James Carlisle has been sick with
erysipelas. Burt Kirk with rheuma
tism, but are slowly improving. Dr.
Inloe Is quite 111 with lagrippe.
Igo Into has returned from Southern
Oregon. He 1 building a cabin on hi
claim and will seiid the winter with
ill with la-
The Lauer residence property ou
tVIIUmull. atruot alan I, lis Oil curlier
of Lincoln and 5th streets, will now be i bis father, who is quite
sold cheap, easy terms. Anyone desiring ' 1 1'l K -choice
property can obtain information
by calling on The hugene K-sl l-.state
A Investment Company, Eugene, Oregon.
I p'ln New salami.
For Infants and Children.
Bears the
oof cT;!
RaWTOW, Hew alad, Nov. J3, 1896.
I an very pleased Instate that since
I look the agency of Chamberlains
medicine the sale has been verv large,
more especially Of the Cough Itemedy.
Iu twoytan I haves-old more of this
...rtleiiiar remedy than of all other
he Kind You HavG Always Boij&'r.i I ma for taw piwvioo nv ytw. as
tu ii emcicy, i n
by HOMOf persons of the gosl results
they he received Drofli It, anil know
Its value from the use of it lu my own
boa abotd It Is so pleasant to Uke
that W bav to plao a lxttle beyond
the reach i f the children.
Will often cause a horrible burn,, For sale by W. L. ilelano.
oaM, cut or bruise. Bucklen's Ardb " SlrBJed from Eugene
,-a Halve, the best in the world, will m ,,f HJaptawibar, dark
kill the pain and promptly heal It. lirown or blhck j,.rey cow, dehorned
t ures Old Bores. Fever Hores, Ulcers, ud unmarkeil WblMenat In fore
B ilia, Kelone, Corns, all Hkm Erop-1 head and white In tlank. Iteward ror
Hons. Best Pile cure on earth. Only retosn or inrormatlon.
2,-1 cm. a box. Core guaranteed. Bold OaWIIMsl
at Llnu's Drug Btore. J Eugene, Nov. 7, ISW.
Ion Items.
Nov. 15.
Alt Stewart and wife returned to
their home yesterday, after a visit of
two or three day In Ooshen anil vicin
ity. A. M. Griffin will move to his moth
er's place on Fall Creek soon. He has
rented this place for a term or years.
Ilev. R. U. Callison preached a very
excellent sermon at the Lost Valle.
school bouse Hutiday.
Miss Alice M. Smith Is handling Ho
school lu a very oouimendable way,
giving good salisractlon to ail the pat
rons. Home grain I being sown right
along betweeu showers.
Maggie Tern pieman went to l'leas
aut Hill last week. She w ill tuako
her home for the present with her
cousin, Mrs. Bert Mathews.
Application is being made to have
the June postoffioe removed a mile
south or lis present locution and .".ft.
Lulu Woods to be appointed postmas
The Daily Ouah reaches this ol
flcc as regular ss lime, tin! its columns
are always filled with latest news.
The latest dispatches are a very com
mendable feature In the uews depart
ment. Al Mays and wife are visitor In the
neighborhood. Mr Maya having sHd
bis Interest In the "Wald" restaur 'it.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn thst there Is at least
one dreaded ill i. e that mi, nee his
been able (o cure In all it stages, and
that is ('atari h. Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is the only MSillve cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment, Hair Caterrb
cure Is taken Internally, actlngillrectlv
upon the blood and mucous i mfaiss of
the system, thereby destroying the
foundation ol the disease and giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in
doing Its work. The proprietor bave
so much : nth in lis curative powers
that i hey oiler One Bandred Doiar
ror any ease that it falls In cure. Send
for list of testimonials.
F. J I'iiknkv .t Co., Toledo, (.
Hold by DniCRiat, 780.
Hall's Family Pills are the liesl.
Dexter llama,
A " horjaand Tongues
A Frlgbtful Blunder
Could not express the raitOftOf An
nie E Hprlnger, of 1125 Howard street,
Philadelphia, P., when she found
that Dr King's New Discovery for
Consumption bad completely cured
her or a bar king cough that ror man v
years had made lire a burden. All
other remedies anil doctors could glvo
her no help, but she says or this lloyal
Cure: "It soon removed the pain In
mv rhe-t and I can now sleep soundly ;
something I can scarcely rememls r ol
doing before. I feel like sr undlng
praises throughout, ine univerar.
Ill vi III, I lien Dr Kl
win;,'.,- -
New Discnvery lor any trouble of tin
Thrust, ( best or Lungs. Price on,
and fl .00. trial bottles free at Linu s
Drug store: every bollle guaranteed.
"Bryan" I ( one.
Nov. 14.
Did you sec the meteors.
Arthur Edwards, of Unity, visited
at this place Siltitday and Suiinday.
Mr. Serpent bus moved Ins foullj
to Lugi oc, when the girls wld attend
Messrs. Janes, Joseph ami Dtnk I
Parker made a business visit to Ku
gene today.
Owing to Hie extension or the uutli
route to ion, Wis. Ne t, the mail
carrier has removed to that place.
Maliuda Mathews, P. M., uf June,
having resigned, Hie people have asked
that Airs. Kufe Wood lie appointed.
Mia Carrie Hutisaki r, who has Uen
baking an extended vl-it with rela
tiveat tills place and Lugeue, expects
to return to her home al Sau Fiancla
no Thursday.
The Dexter school Is running very
nicely Ibis fall with an atte&OaOO el
sniiiethlng like 'JO pupils. Mis Alic.
Smith, formerly a student of lln
Divinity sclusii, is leather.
We understand a petition has bcei.
pteainllfl tit ttlT county court aaklne
that Hi' boutulsrles of the road dlslrn l
Is changed. While in some wsys tins
would not Is- objii tioual le, it WOOW
leave very few wotkers to work the
main line nf tb( road Irom Hie fury I"
t liia sau VA tl,: n to sav nothing of lb
1 Push slid Pull rsd. It Is rather au
King's ! iiijustiee In "ur esiim nion
Valuabl iioais rer -ale-
1 have Is lead of valuable, thnr
uughhred, llrat-class billy gnats for sale
al law dollars per head. TbW iroais
r.. tmo vran old. ill exi ellsul eolidi-
... . . . - .
Bawaott, may answer to name of Hon and may l--i ii
"Boa.. " 1 months old. strayerl from K"t fan., ten miles 0. Wf
home of K W Zumwalt, Irving, 1 u. s
.l.v nlirht Keul. 1'J. HulUbls reward
for return
to owner or information
lending to recovery.
irvlng, Or.
All Inrormatlon relative to these
goats will Is promptly gln. Utters
of Inquiry maal addre-Msd to me at
Lngene, Orl
1 1 i t. i KNoor.
Everything in this line
reduced, small lots of
odds and end very low
feu tits
!. STr-vns and R vvcri
most economical in
t they ftakmtM the
at from the leaat fuel.
! .
iaiiV i
JL . , i;
HyBCEsrsffjptAftriH thewurldi
u ul i o ', i ted the world
rT' it tratle-mark.
Aak youi i i inr 1 B W Bis
f POi ' an I RANOB8.
The Kentuckey Governorship Secretary Gage Will Purchase
Is Settled
jMlal lo tli lluanl
I.kximiton, Ky, Nov. In. -The te
dlona rvooual of eteatkM returns in
this lire on governor li at au end and
tin c. lllllcale nrelfctiou will be issued
lu (.eels I, the democr tlc candidate.
It I ssid Taylor's Mends may eon
test l he Inaugural ol (lot-lad In-fore the
legislature, hut such a pus-ei illug can
hardly change aflnirs.
oOOOd tlietirave.
A startling iiniileul, ol whli h Mr
John Oliver of Philadelphia, was the
subject, is iiarrated hy hlin as follows:
"I wasiua most dreadful BOOslltiOO.
My skin was almost yellow, eyes sunk
tin. limgi , coated, pain continually In
back and sides, no appetite- gradually
growln winker dajf by dy. Thrw
pO lei be I IVfl me up. I'ortu
Iy a friend advised IrjIaVf 'Eleo-
trie bVtera;' and to my great joy uud
surprise, Lb llrst hotll made a Molded
li,iiriv uieiil. I continued their use
lor tone week and am now a weii
nun. I BOO they MVd my life and
rnbbd the grave of another Viotln."
N should rail to try H, tn. Only
10 otnte, eaaraateed, at l. inn' Drug
Not liv.
HoUea is berebi given
!! il to Ilia lluanl
Wil.lliMiT.ia, Nut, I',.- sti'ietarjr ol the
rrraaurjr (la Suiiuuiicsl I, star that ho Woultl
imrubaso auTermni'iil IsiikIs subject In rail tn
Um amount ul r'',,isi,0OD, usIUK ,srt o( tlie
, resent surplii. fur tliat jiiirKi.
Clin Aim, Nov. l.r. A nietaor lull at Webstar
cltT, Iowa, Iniiaslillna itself ns f.el hi tbo
Kniuinl It attraeta mieii alteiilinii.
11 VI ri II Hclns'l AppoinlmeaU
The following pulpits will be tilled
Munday, Nov. Ill, by lln- Kugcue Divin
ity school students:
Kern Itidge V. K. Hoven.
Heard Hbool house (". It. Moore.
Cnsiwell K. K. Beatnlresu.
Kltnlra -W. T, MstliMilt.
Hadleyvllle- M. K. Horn.
Dexter will lie supplied.
A revival meeting will cour.c nee at
1 1 aliey Friday, Kvanjellst J. B. Lis
ter preaching and K. M. Patterson,
liM'al pastor, leader in song service.
I'artios filing on public
lanclH uiulor thu tiinlior and
that the uoe ftone act of congreHs, may
navo inoii" nuuucatioa notices
published in any paper they
may doniro.
To Hccuro this privilege,
county is anl of i iualizatirMi will meet
on Monilay, Nov,mbr '.'7, 1H1M), at the
,'otirt house In F.ugene, Oregon, for the
purisasenf equalizing the assessment
Mill. All pcrmus heel Of erievsnces
irntliei i n it I fei'T lo nriiiK ikiuib ,ne .
...... ... , ,l.,l h. ,,,,e..r at the. hoWl'M-r, lIl.'V IHllSt takO tllB
aterteaM tloje
Dated, liugene, Oregon, Nov. 7, IHI.
UanJ Market
9foi IT, MNi
Buttn X Ui MX- s r mil.
Wool-15 c
Poultry-.'! Mi to 4 '0 r down.
Dl inl pruila lo tyf
Klour " sr sack.
Oils a5 to K) cents accoro i .
Usiliy. D iiIi is ilemand sniiipli - I -fore
Potatoes- 3u rent per busnrl.
'. J i cen'a eash aud acaic
W h tat ft ets.
Hops- 0 ti It) cents. Market has n t
tat opt lied.
Mahkiaok Lu KNHK.-lounly Ctrrl
I ,,t Issued a mrriau'e license lixls) lu
l'eiey ft'iger and Mlas Ids Da. is.
publication notice with them
from the html ollioc. which irf
their ri-ht. 1 1' left to ihe tlijj
crotion of the kind oflice Of
ricial the require4 notice will
In" published whertAe directs.
If von dotiire ur notice
piililishctl in the CiUaIU), do
tnaud the publication notico
of the register of the land
oflice, and hand or mail to
this ollico. lo not leave this
for the register of the laud
office to attend to, else publi
cation will he made in an
other pajH'r.
r- 4 Henderson, liniitiUlcrs si
EMcrs. Cftf. P. ani 7th ik