The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, November 11, 1899, Image 7

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f. Tuk
nit l'ppr !!.,..,, I ad
Sooner I ii i ii I .11.1 Tin. Vi.r-
iu Dur,
the Food
T 1 11 I
ioyai mKinii row
Royal Baking Powder
possesses peculiar quali
ties not found in other
leavening agents, whieh
arise from the superior
fitness, purity and health
fulness of its ingredients.
dcr leavens the food nerfectlv
- 1
by its own inherent power without changing or
impairing any of the elements of the flour.
Thus the hot-breads, hot-rolls and muffins, and
the delicious hot griddle-cakes raised by the Royal
Baking Powder are wholesome and digestible, and
may be eaten without distress, even by persons of
delicate digestion.
Alum baking powdtn arc low prirctt, as alum costs but
two cents a lmunil ; hut alum in a corrosive poison and
it renders the baking powder dangerous to use in food.
Report (mm
that winter hai i
"T to make i
I a hitch
a h it' .-r of
injuries proved
BmM Wmmjb lulu.
I have no earthly ohjeetion to women
Hinokiuu; only, if they do smoke, they
should smoke seriously. Moit of therii
just fool a little with a clitarettu.
A Mortem In. i, in, , .
The wonderful ailinnra m in ,i.
... uMU ,uu ih-m, c tinnioH til
" !"...-. ..-uern. n nine in-
mletit recounted hv the ,uUt in I u I Vrtiif i.ia,iiilf ..... a... i
(Ohio) Sentinel is characteristic. One, at all. If they ruallv mean it let
evening, n short time airo, u society in them take to eieurs ui,l ni.wn. i
a Lfiillon of cream, a 1 1 iniic.l ,,U i ... ., rx.1i.l7 ......
lie committee called Uf) llV fi'li'titii .ii.- i i 1 1 1 f ia 1 1 r .... I L. II rwn , .
- i - aa. imiiu', un, wen, liunu-
proprietors of a milk farm two niiiniialrv it
,iu . , . , " J ' " ii V IIUW
. ... ' siv imu nuiuiuj. r-nf i!vn-
iy cniiirt turnwi it. Thi, ni,lr wua ....,.L.. .... I .... l 1 i .
it. There is no jilnvin there. She
" ' wa i 1UII.IUH Wil
li I in .111 Inlnnl.i.. .1. i . - . I
was made, the cream m Hulio.
The milk had been drawn from
cow, put into a setiarator. the
on a bicycle. A few years airo
committee would have had to sen.!
looks on it as a aacred duty. She has
a long pi.e with a woo.len stem and
tho hark on, and a tine big bowl a
retrular man's pipe. When ahe was
visiting DM, she just loadei np and
smoked, anl loaded up and smoked,
and loiwled Ut) aild stnnke.! n.uln Gh.
in the afternoon, "vpHterHiiv'a mnt li.uu. i i,- .i
- e j " . ...n.H. . twin auoijier I M 1 1 V
would have had to he skimmed, who has a loinc Turkish nit.
too, means uusiness. i women
ever to be genuine. --
In Germany the capiUl for carrylntr,
on the pawnshops l.y the municipal au
thorities is derived either from the city
or the city savings umi,
uHuallv operated in conuoc-
me dot naa not treed too Dim
- ..... ,, , ji,- llllKIU
ct back JD time for the '
4 iiui
Itark Island IVraonnlly ""
ducted Weekly SCaeueelon..' mindful of the comfort ot
Wllien in
to tnc mrai wiui
offered in pawn are
valued by sworn
Twin Chtekena.
twenty-five dollars lor a pair of
Rpnn chickens is a liberal price, yet
a .Massachusetts farmer rejected it.
Ilii pair of chickens, he thinks, are
quite unique, for they are twins, five
weeks old, and it is aaid that two
chickens bom from a single DM have
nover latfore l-een prove-l to live lawond
eight days. The huff brahma hen' laid
rather a larve egg, but no one thought
much about it until one morning the
farmer saw two bills instead of one
trying to break out of the ahell. lie
quickly removed the egg to the kitchen,
extricated the twin cliicks, wrapped
them iu cotton tutting and placed them
in the oven. For three weeks the
chickens were kept in doors on a diet
of malted milk and brandy dropped
down their throats with a medicine
dropper. The twins are now hale en,
hearty and run. .V-m. iney are e-
elusive little aristocrats ami ueuner
of them will associate with any other
chicken except his twin.
Aid. Chase approves a guggeetion re
cently made by Comptroller Wolf for a
solution of the problem of the rate of
fare to be charged by the Milwaukee
Klectrlo Railway and Light Company.
Mr. Wolf suggested that a 4-cent fare
tie charged for a single trip without
transfer privileges, and that a 6-cent
fare be charged when the paaaenger de
aired a transfer. This plan has been
adopted In Cleveland.
has iiL'alu come
w feature in connection wltn tneir
lar personally conducted weekly
rsions. All through tourist cars
heir personally conducted exiur- .fr,.iin f.irih. faklU
k urn now provided with tho lllus- i .i,,i ... ,nnte to tho East
A .......1.1.. ....n.iMl.Ml U VIZ Ljlie. . .. 1 ... .. i ... 1 .... 1. ill., ii, -
J - - .1111 lull.''. -
, Judge, Leslie's, Harper's and i comforts offered by the
trated London News, fresh each (jran,i9 Western Kailway in con-
i. r .1... .v.... ilii i.t their lulirollH. .. ., .... i. jb u,,. iianrtA
v are olaced in substauital binders, ,
i i ' i i . 1 1 1 1 i Midland railroads. It is
..... iv iii irked with mime ol imtuxu- ., .. , i . I line passing
f-' LJ - HID I'll I J ' " " "
etc directly through Salt kake tlty, ami
his is a distinctive feature of the . 1(d,Doti to the glimpse it affoids of
i. ii.... i it uYi'iirtoiuiH. and .. m i. .1... I.,. ,i Knit Luke.
."." 1 1 1 e Aoiiiiiio .i;i
1 no doubt be much appreciated oy .. Jt valtcl Hnd the picturesque
traveling public. The Koek Island vaeVi jt 0ffeis choice of six dls
irslons are up to date in every par- ljnot toutet to the Kast and the most
lur ... ... I.,.. ,,,i ,,.iv in the world. A
' iiiiihii iuu.ii mm J
I .1 n r.. . ,,, til . . .. ....I il
mi- inn lnioriiutiiiiii i nwm ,iam . miiw iraia w ... wiw."
1. i .1 l I ! , ... .ii, int. , IX- .. l .,.. nr. Iimrr h lelillil! I Ths rr-ulrrl OI 111 i. e
a 1 : . . ........ no., Ullll II 1 - . , . .
cars, tree reouaiuD -
. ... t... i .linmif rnr nrvioe are now in
the interior mlicate
ome to tav. and .
riHunl date lor dual M.'
navigation on the Yukon and upper
rivers, .ay. the Alaskan. The aeather
from Lb barge uorthward has Uen
much llow aero for a week past, ami
Ince then telegraph Information uas to
the effect that the thermometer was 18
degreea below tero at llootaltmpm
which is about 20 miles below lower
I Harse, and 33 degrees lailow at
timat quantities of Ice are coming
out of tributary river., and it would
uo. m surprising If Uie Yuk. u should
Mock with ice soon after the 37 inst.
To all api-earauce a maderatinn of the
weather is the only thing in human rea
son to prevent the river from dosing a
full week earlier than il did lust year.
A gentleman who la pretty well ex
perienced In Klondike navigation says
that the chancua aro very good for
catcning lully 100 saw a in the
when the ukon close. This i
It is well known that
" " iwnneii wltn tile eiecta
tlon of wintering this aide of Dawson
and some scows will vet leave lleuuett
with the intention of waiting for spring
i iaitipi ij? iiargtt
There wen- six men on the two scows
wrecaed in Whit. Horse rapids lately
ou. lour oi tnem were reacued. Mr
nooinson nad ins in his body when
brought to akorc, and J. T. llethuue
trieiievery mean, to resuscitate hlu
uu. nis enorw were in vain, and the
cold water or Internal
fatal to hi :u.
it turns . it that the stoamtioat
Liindeman miy not be a total hss.
fll "lUdyAnn the owners of tho
Liindeman sawd tho cargo of a Dawson
ne s wrecked scow, for which they
v. i r ..... Rtl mi 1
... R . .u.vv. iMiiin;e, so tnev are
ahead on diaaXers, as the total cost to
tnem of the Undeman wasonly 1,600,
although shecriginally cost fl,000.
Trottd a noomeranp;.
lion. u. Clifford is satisfied
with the Atlb ountry as a mining dis
Wet, but he nys it is not a irreat pro
ducer. He tank valuable quatrx will
aoon oo aiscttcred, but pronounces the
country on tke whole no poor-man
camp, ne uyi Hirthr to the Alunkui.
"From wlnt I can learn of the banks
of Atlin the output ia placer this year
win ne trom 1 7SO,00t to f 1,000,000.
"Tho Anaconda p-obp of nuarti
claims, purchased no long ago by Lord
Hamilton, are lalni developed bv a
mall crew. A day aid night shift is
st work, and alread' the men have
tunneled 30 to1 40 feetand tho prospects
get lietter the farther they go.
1 he alien exclusim law dlsconraueil
the Investment of caiital in ltlln this
year, but I look for h,draulici to take
the lead in the development of the
vs that he has reliitin.'
information that up till October IB,
royalty paid on the Atlin placer out
put for the season amounted to 410,
000, and It was estimated In official
circles that tha output will be more
than a million.
General mining along the creeks will
continue throe weeks more, aays Mr.
Ies. and after that drifting will lie
done to aome extent on Borne of tho
reeke through the winter, lie estl-
ates BOO pooplo will remain in tne
Atiln country this winter.
delivery, or two
capacity of the
.frlru War li . . Urlp, ,1
I: i. Dun A Co '.trade review says:
hear, and not (acts made a war in
Siuth Africa seem a menace to property
here, and a week of eonliict has cleared
way the fear. Ilriltsh markets r
securities hao lieen helped by the he
111 . tDAl mining shares would he ratth
BON without iom control in mining
Urge purchases here of ammunition
and meats have swelled the halan.e
due thin iMiintiy. Money market- havu
K-ri vin less eiulwrrassed. stocks hum
gradually advancwl, Industrie are still
supsirtHl by a volume of demand lor
hu h uo precedent can he found, and
pnrmaatS throufe the priucjpal clear
ilii: kNW for the past week have I u
.m t. per cent larger than last year, and
87.8 r cent larger than in iir. So
great an Inereae shows the net business
of many p. inn forces making for pub
lic prosperity.
The heaviest transactions In steel rails
ever made so early cover 1.600.000
tons lor next year's
thirds of the entire
Market for minor metals are react
ing, uu naving (alien to f30.03, with
a recovery to fSl.l'S on sales iu (Mo
ner ou tous larger than usual, and
'""l"' "W birgely offensl at
$17.87 1. Ixiad Is a shaihi l,.,r u
N.6TM, and spi lter is deiuorallxe.1 and
OBtfM at f 5. Coke holds strong, short
ueas ot cars hinderimr deliveries
though more ovens than ever before are
Wheat remains practically un
cnangisi, while Atlantic oximrtA, (lour
included, havelavu W.U3a,Nl', bushel
in lour w wks, agauist 13.4S8.OSil last
year; I'acllic exsirts, a,H7,7711
against 3,l.'4,80il last voar.
railures for the wwk have been 100
in tne l uitod SUtes, against Tlti last
rorllaad Market.
Wheat Walla Walla, 66cB5S'o;
S'alley, BHc; ltluestem, 6lo lairhushal.
Hour Host irrades. M.Uti Mku
$3.U6; superllne, a.!6 per barrel.
at Choii-e white, 34(it36c: choii-
gray. 8aci88o per bushel.
Ilarley ree.1 liarlev. f llti J in on-
brewing, $18.60C 20.00 per ton.
MlllsIutlH llran. II 7 per ton: mid.
dliugs, $aa; shorto, $18; chop, $16 per
iswurlau'. OaatlBfJl far a Surf Halk.
A MlsAourisn at Manhattan la-aeh
ked with conteiiijit at (he men loll
ing in the sand. "Shucks." said he.
"they think they are having fun
llaie to con,,. ,i,,ri. to ..,. in tl, unrf
Tliey ought to In,. , d Mlsauurv. ou
the rner. You gel the sand and water
mixed there unetitues a man get
"'ie -and than water and has logo
home and 1 washed off. Them mud
baths in the northwest that you Im.r
an much ain't iu it with a wash 1
in Urn old Missoury."
Thorite, the Hew,e,
Distliigul.hcd itself t,y ptajlai thnitiKh a I
4l inch .le. I phtta If its MMDM nmiiti
ues. il kill si nrvsi a reeonl in Hie
military world a. , ..teller . Siomscli lilt. I
tsrs m the Mtdical korld Huthltu baa
appeared w liu It i A 1 1 riitial tin. aoiiilerful i me (r All .n.eate. o( the Monty h
liver or IUmj s
ranama canal construction amnlovaa
stvi .i.iini men.
Piso'sfure f..r foil. un iiiinui has aved
rite it- lortot hill. C L Maker 4
Kegent Sq 1'hlladelplna, pa , Itee. . Do.
ho. 1 1 .
Mothers will Hnd Mr,. Wiuslow's (toolh
Ing IJvrup tha best rrntnly to u. for Ihrir
Bhildrr.. during tha teatbina, psrlod.
Comfort fJdtpndl on thinking, uot ou
Take Laxative llnitno tjuiiiiuu Ta'dets.
money If it
plumheis get $3 for eight
All druggists reluiid the
fans to cure. K. W. (irovo'a
la on each laix. L'Bc,
business nypiires haste.
Tho king's
but uot hurrv
FITS '"""'AsekUy i ' No
L"9 n.rsrsl d.i un of pr. kliiw. oie.i
Is.-rvn mam ....... m...,.i .... l- T
b....,..,,., ,rr..b7,;,i inEDnClAVrM
arch m, l'lilltoip,UL i. ' '
The National Consumers' Iwiie
have adoptetl a label to distiiii-iush
ladies' garments which are made in
sweatshops or under uiifatr conditions
as to wages and hours. It is not a ri
val of the regular trades union laM,
but will he used on goods produced by
working men and women who get just
treatment from employers, even if the
io uot peioug to laUir organisations
The Walter Steel Company's plant
in beading has laen absorbed by tho
MaltorStetd t'ompany of Jersey City
N. J., recently orgauiaeil with a caul
tal of $100,000.
Hsrh.rt M. Kuh. a nro.ra
MtMM rl.ot ..r i ,e Vlti. .in,
If. T.. said: -Tb. d.K-Uir. dl.nsrewi
ID my ease, ... i jB,i iu. trla.
ADulh.r Ui.t it wa. lauiidle. aad li
oo. I tried niaa remedi.s but did
nut rrtira tb. illgiitaai txneflt. I
... ,uw irci-.i ami ii.rM.u. ami
had i.e. ii. reduced In eil.i ;mn
IV. puiiiid. to lea. than I a in,, day
' ...iiiii.u.ieu ,ir. i. am.'
I Id rills Pir l ain I'eutiia 1 triad
th.m ADd lha raault . ludnavl mar
.1oua M . imii. r.turnl And I
''San In fee, I and lulu ml
iii" ui UN ten in Imi my -hy- l
leal eotidtllnn waa bstt.r than It '
nan niD lur yi-ar. and 1 was a wall
" II east i M Ftik
Hwnm to aad stibsertbed tiefuru at
tlil. Ittb day of No.smb.r, ISM.
i.i.u ii woopaprr,
.Votary SuMia.
-Vwa IK. Mugl: 1Mb finesat, ,
Of Wlllltais' Pink Pillt t.r P.u P...I,
sr. n.t.r (IS b Ihn Suras r Sundr.i).
MafcMat la sir. to
Al All druk)U.
l IS. flr Wllman M.dlclaa
... scs.sKiAt). a t . to p.r bat.
km.. 12 SO
LI . A.. t 1 , ... 1 ,. tl lit.. tit V.
Cooiier, O. A. P. D., 246 Washiug
St Portland. Oreaon.
were in
men iu
hen Ninovoh and isanyion
endor of their might
were predicting eclipses making ; ' pOItlan(i 0r
logues and giving uaiiioo " m
Nineveh and Hahylon were
mounds of earth and rubbish
.,i . t. ... in. lint..
L'ivilization and life of tne empire
ome demand absorbs almost all tho
. 1 a A .... torn rttlt
thiit the export trade in this liuehaH
a .-, 1 ..I i i , 4 1 ' m i i ( Ml-' or
. "... 1 1
o export houHen in ew lone, now
n have been doin a lively buHinw
1 AV- .....
The Swedes are probably the tallewt
i i- i ... .... unti httVll Oil UM
......t" tli Mr?4. l"
lit lie, oicvti m
a. avi.i .mi ia ilnc tl)
rdttl exercise, for Ling's swedinn
inntiirir iih(Mlln. ttU.l niUCtl Utteil
. t i . i ii M
Tht miPhPn of Saxony poneeiwe8 four
i i i n...l iieiintv li
l tllllt t li , i t I I US III LUC mm
iland. The favorite wives of the
.... . I '. ... T...I.,.,'
i. r r iiroiii il ti,.s il i- oi w.
neicrn queen can tasai
Kery workman in the building
trada .if Ceeuntiin. Pa., is on a strike
operation yia these lines.
For pamphlets descriptive ot the
"Great Salt Lake Route," apply to J.
n Mansfield, tteiietal agent, .00 "son
OllmatSi o.nry and Natura's Sani
tarium. Scenery, altitude, sunshine and air,
cinutitnt'e the factors which are rapid
ly making Colorado the health and ,
pleasure grounds of the world. I
Here the sun shines 857 days of the
average year, and It blends with the j
crisp electric mountain air to produce
a climate matchless in the known
World. No pen can portray, no brush
can picture the majestio grandeur of
the scenery along the line of the Denver
& Bio Grande Railroad in Colorado,
l'arties .going Kast should travel via
this line which is known all over the
world as the Scenic Line of the world.
For any information regarding rates,
time tables, etc., call on or address R.
C. Xichol, general agent, 251 Wash
ington street, Portland, Or., or any
in agent of the O. R. & B. Co., or South-
eru l'aclfic Company.
Of 25 countries 19 have nags wiui
red In them, the list Including the
Tho assessors of Montreal are having
no little discussion with the street rail
way company, the Hell Telephone Com
pany and other largo comjianiea, as to
the machinery tax. The street railway
company has now, through Ita lawyer,
informed the assessors, that It does not
consider any tax can be legally placed
upon Ita poles, rails, etc.
ner will be plesifd to
eait one dreaded diaeAie
,TT.i aei.'ui-e haa been able lo cur. in Ail ni
i hat sen in e o.ii . , .,,, , l ure
T,"fi,. only iKxiilru cur. known to the mixln aI
,,. ' TalArrb. belna a constitutional dly
SEhl rMiM a con.tTluili.nAl t'eAtmeiil
Hall's I'stArrh Cure Is tsk.n InWrnAlly, Aeilnf
V....'.7i. .. the hl,od And mucous iiir(A i'k
nl Iho'm, inereuy ur,uii(...
tlon of lha dltenae. And flrlnf the liAtlent
il "ni h by bull.lln. M tb. con.tlintlon snd
m Uta 1IA work. Th. tiro-
!5SSCS ... mnrh faith In Ita curanv.
. IhA thiy oB.r On. Hundred poIlArt
il tittimoulali. AddreAl
, tintltlAllitocure. Bend tor u.l
s. Ad'ireM , .
f. J. CHUNKY 4 CO.. Toledo, O
Bold bydrtiMlsti.ttc.
Usll't VAmlly I'll" am th. best.
The California state loard of health
urges a strict quarantine against con
-eimnHves. as beiui.' much more danger
mis than those afflicted with smallpox
or yellow fairer.
Wood carvers are in demand in New
York and the trade is booming. Mem
t...r nf the craft are coming from Lou
don to secure work.
The man who condemns
condemns himself most.
all others
m of United States, Kngland, Fram e. Ger
many, Austria, Italy, r-pam.
Ikdg'ium, Sweden. SwlUerlaud, Tur
key, Mexico, Chile, Portugal, Venezu
ela and Cuba.
The United States silk flag offered
by German Typographia No. 6, Cleve-
1. ocru."u' :.r,; bind, to the oaioil aecurimt the largest
wi emorce tneir wageoimc . .
tied up, an uumuo. ui
ing rules. Every job
work being stopped on
work alike.
fair and unfair
Citixen waa won
ten' union.
subscriliers for the nv
l,nnro..d Tr.ln
Tha t) R. & N. and Oregon 8hor
r.le.. have added a buffet, smoking am
library car to their Hortland-Chioago
tli.ounb tiain. and a dining car service
h. been iDanguarsted. The train
...... I lth the latest chair cars
aL ,.r..ei,a and luxurious flrst-clasi
....i ne.lln.r sleepen. Diieot connec
m.rl at Grauaer with Union Fa
..; i .t Oirden with Rio Grand
ii. from all points in Oregon, Wash
inirmn and Idaho to all Eaatem cit.ea.
For information, rates, etc., call
II R. mm N. aitent. Ol uoreaa
by the Granite Cut-
II. Hurlhurt,
General Passenger Agen
There are still four widows of revo
lutionary soldier on the pension rolls
of the government at Washington. At
this rate the United States will lie pay
ing pensions to soldiers of the civil
war or their widows well on In the last
quarter of the coming century and to
soldiers or their widows of the Spanish-American
war nearly to the close of
the first quarter of the twenty-first cen
tury. The Boot and Shoe Workers' Na
tional Union will begin the publica
tion on January 1, of a journal to be
tWvotod to the interests of the crait
A trade paper mentions that another
I new molding marine naa iw
a t... V,u (iwratiou of wbi. h tlire.
' the work of aome 00 odd
UiCU '
t-iT,tm' nt Decorator.' union
rr,M.m inairiin4t-l cne-1
oi.. tne ts oer day of eight
, Bie prov.u-a y r - -a
1. I. averred l.V a UtUHntS VIllurjeae lejuin. a-- '
doctor that nervousness la kept out of the unian's tera
the Celestial Kmpire by the u ot etn , o( 20 per cant of th.
Only commercial houses that have
paid taxes for the privileges can do
business through agents in Russia.
Traveling men are also obliged to pay
individual taxes for permission to sell
goods aa representative of these
housee, whether they are domestic
or foreign enterprises.
Are flalmon Trout Trout T
This Is tho closed aeaon for trout un
der the new law. There is some nis-
irrpemeut as to whether the fish popu
larly known as the salmon trout should
called a trout, aaya tne i omuim
Mnnv persons, particularly moan
who like to fish for them In tho winter
rime insist that tho salmon trout ih a
vouna ateelhead, and that fishermen are
unmixed to them lie cause they eat eggs
. . . i i i
aelil. b. rhinook sa mon nave ubuubik..
It will be left for the court to decide
thla mooted question, over wnicn
learned doctors disagree, and most
people beltevo that they will uecine it
1 a a - a ,,, al...
the matter ot met way aiiu t"
salmon trout a trout.
This species is the only kind ol trout
that will bit in the winter time, ann
many Portland sportsmen have been
accustomed to fishing for them all
winter long. They are gamey, aim xno
meat U of excellent navor, aim tne
flan form a good change of diet during
the winter time.
Improving Wharf.
Tha cltv wharf at Juneau has un
dergone wonderful change during the
nast 10 days, and the Pacific Coaat
Company, which owns a net work ol
wharves along tne water imui, umm
started in earnest to construct its mam
moth bunkers with a capacity of 9,000
tons of coal. Thla ia a $10,000 im
provemout. The old warehouse lias
been cut in two, ana wswaa. r--
a ., itinnrn nt
sent a hmansiue to mo """-
steamers, leaving a large aociyam
.....,, It nnrl the other section. The
new bunkers will be directly to the
south and the piledrlver crew is now at
work putting In torreao-prooi pur.,
which come directly from Puget sound
tv,m laa are covered with tar and
r . a .
wraiip-d in heavy canvass, ...... uj ....r
means are insured against the ravages
of the torredo.
Loeatloai I"' 11 Hateherle.
nr.. ni the crime ohiei ta of the re
e.nt trin of Fish Commissioner Reed
along the ooast of Oregon waa
i.... ..inn. for new hatcheries.
oeedad In determining upon but one site
tv.. ., decided on la on Coos bay
to find
He sue
.oled shoes. The nam wmm w sj - .mtaot the Atlantic """LSLii- at. v Manila
the Anglo-Saxon race are san. to u -.. - . y, cargo m .
cause of their extreme nervous ten- e -L
, I without
.v... nn the south fork of Coos
U I I ti. ' .
river, above the headof tide water.
rortr-lill. Vlcllto.
W. M. Johnson, who ha Just returned
fmen a trio to Jack Waoe creex, n
.w. ih. rlrownlnii of Henry Hornung
ta the watera of Forty-Mile river on the
17th of 6cptember.
laekad.-Bann.r Csptnr.d
Tha staauner Lahuan, of Hong Kong
ni aoo ton, with a prlxe crew from
the United State gunboat Caatlne on
i. haa arrived here. She waa c-
. a '.ML rnnnlnit'the blockade off
I""" " .. a ..!
T.lairt. She naa nnioanon
Rdvifcay rower . , - 4UBaVch.
nlicitaUou, is oouajatuumu-i. -
nay llmothy, flli.t 1 1: clover. 7
, uregon wil, hav. Stl oc 7 i r ..
Mutter Fancy creamery. 60(ifif.e:
sewuds, -.aSfeMSc; dairy. S7)(!t40oi
store, 26(t35o.
F-gge M S (4 25o per doxen.
Cheese Oregon full cream tan-
Young America, Uc; new chtHwe 10c
per pound.
l'oultry (Sickens, Bind. t3 .Mai
4.00 iht doxen: hena ti Ml-
. , t - . .... rj, iun,
S.OOdf H .'iil; eiHise. .AOnrtl ill) foe. .1.1.
4.fi0c4.5O for young; ducks, $4.60
per doaen; turkeys, live, IBojDHo
per pound.
UMM fllll 7flr rane .at, .
laiaus, bfflovT- - '
7fio tau- dozen: cuoumlieni, ouv r-
liox; peaa, 8(d)4o per pound; tomatoes,
76o per laix; green corn, iatl
15c per dozen.
Hops 7(Jtllo; 1898 crop, 56o.
Wool Valley, 1J(s(1bo per pound;
F.asteru Oregon, 8oJ14o; mohair, 87(0)
50o ier pound.
MutUin Gross, laost sheep, wethers
uid ewes, a hic; dresscal mutton, Oh
7c per pound; lamln, 7o per pound.
Hogs Gross, choice heavy, $6.00;
light and feeders, $4.60; dressed,
$6.00 . 6. 50 per 100 pounds.
lltH,(t;nis, top steers, $8.6004.00;
cows, $3(88.60; dressed beef, 6t(i
7 'c. per pound.
Veal Large, 6,SJ7.l'o; small, 80
B.'ae per pouutb
aeatll. Markets.
Onions, new, fl.001.36 per sack.
PotatOMi new, $1)1(4 let.
lleets, per sack, 85c.
Turnips, jar sack, 76o.
Carrots, per sack, 76o.
Parsnips, per sack, 0e.
Cauliflower, 75o per doxen.
Cabbage, native and California, $1
1.26 per 100 stunds.
Peaches, 66C4HOO.
Apple, $1.95(41.60 JpU Ikjx.
Pears, $1.00C41! 1T box.
Pi mm. ooc per bos.
Watermelons, $1.60.
Nutuiovrs. 60(4 76o.
Hutter ('reamery, 28o per pound;
dairy. 17 32c; ranch, 20o per poumi.
Kggs Unn, 80c.
').. Native. 18(4 14o.
Poultry 11(4 13'tic; dressed, 180.
llav l'uitet Sound timothy, $13.00;
choice l'juttern Washington timoiny,
Wlvde, $33.00; crackeil, $38
eed meal. $28.
Barley Rolled or ground, per ton
.! whole.
Flour Patent, per barrel, auo
ileiidtail straights, $8.36; Califoniia
x:t 25: buckwheat flour, H.tU gra
i.u... ....r .nrre . I2.U0: w Hole w niwi
Hmir. 83.00: rye flour, $8.76.
Millstuffs llran, twr ton, 815.00
ahorts. nal ton, 118.00.
j.MS:hoppeal fewi, f20.0U per win,
middlings, per ton, $23; oil cake meal,
per ton, $86.00.
Wool Spring Nevada, 130140 pet
pound; F.astern Oregon, 12(4l0o; val
ley, 18M20c; Nortnem, sujiuo.
llojie 18KK crop, Hlflllo pei
Gnions Yellow, (otgnoo por .a;.
HutU;r Fancy creamery 211 (3 80c;
do seconds, 27 S038c; fancy dairy,
(g27c; do seconds, 28(424o per pounn.
Fggs Store, 26(438o; fancy ranch,
Millstuffs - Middlings, flB.UU
20.60; bran, $17.50018.00.
jUyYVbeat $7,60 0 10; wheat and
ottt $7.0()O 00; beat barley $6,000
7. no; alfalfa. $5.0007.00 per ton;
straw, 25(4 4Uc per bale.
Potatoes Karly Rose, 40O60o; Ore
gon Hurbanks. $1.36 0 1 60; river Bur
banks, 60076c; Hallnaa Burbanks,
at is-r sack.
Cltrua Fruit Orange, Valencia,
$2.7508.25; Mexican llmee, $4,000
6.00; tillfornia lemons 76oO$l-&0;
do choice $1.75 0 3.00 per box.
ftopleal Fruits Banana, $1,800
1.60 per bunch; pineapple, nom
lnal; Persian dates. ll(0a pw
I pound.
A gorgeous bicycle has recently been
sent from France to an Indian rajah,
lha imrta which on an ordinary ma
chine are nickel plated are iu this bicy
cle of fold. Fven the spokes are cased
with gold. The gold-cased rims ate
studded alternately with tuniuoises and
ruble. A scarlet cloth held down
with Jewels covers the saddle.
There is a walnut tree 1,200 years
old in the Haider valley, near Balak
lava. It lielongs to five lurtar fatuilii s,
and still yields nearly 100,000 nuts an
nually, which are divided equally be
tween the five owners.
The l-nard of charlttoH' tabulated sta
tistics show that out of a population of
lln,N4U in Porto Rico, there are 2U1,.
OM Indigent and 1 1,858 sick. The
mini! it of deaths as a result of the re
cent hum, ane was 2,010.
A llurglary Ntiirjr,
They were telling "burglary atoriea"
on the veranda iu fnint of tho grocery
store in a down-east town, "Tho
niHtl'a u-,ni tl , ,1.. .U.l 1 I
. ....... ,. M i , i i lie nun'
L... i I - a .a , . . ..
I ne unn cut iu tne iioor, mi, I the star
oor nervts. tUo, on pun blood if talker, "when the woman seiied the
you tuooW hw (hem strong. Men And I v,ri"t m''11 on 'n "Iia of tho strug
""t" -who drt ntrmjous arc so txttust ' "11,u ont,,i1,, In the morn
their nerves art sttrvtd. When rAu i l"K tho ,iurllir WB" found doml, hav-
" I'll? I I a. , .Ull f)lIN. II .. .... I... 1 1 .... I
I r mmmm a A ia v TT 111 II nil ItfUUII
eecaM) impossible; but the brave wo-
M-haul li,,l Limw v wu, ,,..t,l lt(.
The agricultural department. Wash
ington. 1). t'., has a machine for tak
ing continuous phonigraphs of growing
plants. It works automatically, tak
ing a picture each hour, and during the
night an electric light la thrown into
circuit as the oxptsiures are made.
Duly Feed
Man and Steed.
nuke their blood rich and pure ruith Hood's
Hoi Uo. Kir Tn ht M "I Cupi" Without Taking Ikei?
-aasaM ... mm think rou hare wuleit HaataM lime snil ufl.r.'d .nmisht
JLW AWW lrnp.r, tasraelie, Niimlineaa, Malaria, aad
tTNoc Ma.l tk?AlMyMAiaduaMAa; Saa all otBi teme. ... kaiwa, and
jreart, nl tn. Atsne-i sn . .,,,, 1Uritli ln, .. .laelilo Iwit. .nit
In . nl Bheiim.ll.m . nolns '- "Z sill m. MN v.lll-
I an, ii nmlilniil, nit iney i" 1 , , r,,,iy CllKI. " Pni.." Il nut niily in.
S& tim. asai matin, bat 7." ',,,0J'" ,'S i LSf Z To num. -i-. ''' i-' b"'1'' '
be.t BMdlelBS, Imi UU Il. chrai-a.l. for a il nu wh J ' . , M., a iv a.niul.
rtnaiil n in a. i . .,
100-104 a . Lena
AKi til. WAIll.
Wtilu tn-d.j.
t ..... r and Wlr. Work.
and Iron lencins . -
Ma.hln.rr and Supiill..-
CAWHTON 00., NQI". avP-
sawaiTi aatai mwwm
A Bargain.
A twenty-live ton locomotive and tender
with 8V trs' k, for sale at a harsaln. t all
on or write John l'oole, foot of Morrison
street. m
and Maslo I -m Bsrssln LIa
(io. 16 new ready lur muling.
T. 1". ANI'HKWS, fill Muntsnmvry
St. Han ItAtiel.eo.
You CiD't likt I HiUke bj Tiling the
... M ANUFAOTUaaP BY ...
ur suti thi: lias.
For H Is tn fAVorttf through Dining
and Buffet-Library Car Lin East.
Vi,r Inrlli.r iiarlliMilara call nn of aAdrjsa
1, K. NAtlK
. li. T. A.
C. O. TtllllV
W R t tlMAN.O. A.
T V. A.
Portland, Oh.
8 onm Pumps
and wnt..r
Pumping I'l.nli ol
Any Dassaattfi
U M il A unit I n
a VI-. t Mlreel. I'tirtliinil.
Mi.1 1 . 1 1 1 I )
124 Third Sir eel.
a. w mi mart !. ttnoc.
Relief for Wpmeri
a ikcm mm. BBJ RBBH v .arinT
French Female Pills.
laJeail l.r thoaaaiula ' .ali.fl.-l la.lla.aa
l rraaaa klwatt r-i.A'
Ivan 1 1 ii . i ii un i-i M
W- It.-. .H I lllrnn 'll
Srtutl Drug C.1 m tVowlti.. How twk Cll
8J8Jfa 8 ni."
All Kln'W.
Barters ink
No hnuwlinld nn aanrn i i. i'"
out II. Krery hniwli'ild aa.
affnnl in Iiav. It.
a. a al . M
"'.'.'"" r.a... i. n C tiier .III re-
waraa... . a. a ....... , ,.
re .III'. n '.. ... ...
priHweiillng clalmi ilnre is.s.
civ. qui
Kiaff Hik Oars'
w VI
tr.ited tel.n
tin. al I . sad
ri.iirl.lrlitl al
ly CirrtiAMlsn
C M WOOOASU 4 CO . 108 l.e.s II . r.rtun..
Illllftl "t "' ' leanlalnr A N WOT V tl I-
UbNlel ,, yt Mr. H llo.n, M IU .uk W I..
1 hat tlted. languid tn.llng.lti. (stint In lh
tiaek ami the i hrnulc headArh. will dUaiipear
quickly It ynu lake
Hoore's Revealed Remedy
t. la an M i .-1 1 1 1 I 1 1 t,,r Wfltnttl
raaant lo lAlr. 11 uu (avr uilll. .a
ONE FOR A DOR6. r" 8j8 H.
lod Ksaaasla, lie el1m(il..inil Purily In.
Hlianl. AM I'lti .tmoindrre.aiil BlIloaanMS. D.
mil UrlM ur Alik.n Tornn.lnc y.o. wa wiM mall
mpl. free, or lull Imi fur Me. PR. IIOSANKW
CO., Ihlladu , retiaa. i by : r, r.i.u.
ITTlTl!.llTllMPri,.:s. a wmlrtaiamdaaaM IW'.lf.
ThV.""i. M llaa BII.J. a...a.-. I'.,ir.,'ll.g
.V ONI.V n.e,llelu. elikji "I" f ' ""2
,,, ,1.,, ,u,.. ia aaa ...r fa lr.1 U, oir., no
f, ,. fla u S3 ia..oui you- II Si atluflr mtm.
airm-r an. I 1. L oll.." rr-'i'i '" .... a
tai.t.y .li h Si kit mimmjl fJ m
tmuu, V7W(!UaferaB. m
CaeriaUar IMlied uo reliaeaV
n( AMX1.B
I oush Syrup, f MS Oiasl.
In Orua. Sa.ld by arallli".
r.o hit u f-r uldriomJ
Irritaitlont ur ul.rUoa.
...t U ItrtaUrt, laTf- .-.I ZmZ AAlHa.
r.-"i Ml. WT2JZ ..Tai.
CuUNIM'0A;00. " ' mmi Vm.
uf ,.i ID paBBM arirm
uUr R-rit un rRtuwt.
LM la w Java. V
aay ai,4 ! S'
i laal'sl
Igat ,g aatI,,a
BAB B."'' 'mmaM
. P. N. 11.
NO. 48-'.
117 II KM writing
Tl budU.1 MMS ...per
ailt.rtls.ra pli