The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, December 24, 1898, Image 7

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Sujiftnif .ludg. lirabj Slav if hi. hmm uf Un Um ClippJ Uhte .Sail Ii Br
Absolutely pure
wmp WM liiruil jMpi Nil lilt1 liiiulm I in
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
stwai mhw romu eo,, mtm .0.
Siosldo W'w.
Must. ol Dm I'l
Ill AN J' UUUfliI
Ibscribers who have piomis
r0od in settlement for the
tiKLY GUAHD account are
ested to deliver the same at
earliest convenience.
Km I'M.
tgretthM aijurneit until Jat
ih. h lino of Wall paper ut Preston A
Kinds of "Cr ink" pruners at
In Hardware Co.
I . .1.. -I. .... m I - 1. 1 1 I
o I K' ivt'f", Ulirqm, IHUIt' noivt ,
fcafnrXoiaa, Hee F L Ubanibers.
IfgMtitoek of artists supplies at
DO A Hale's
Bsinaking anil plain MWlOg dOlM
resldenoe on the corner of 5th
Monroe streets.
Popenpeeso, a native "f Germany,
I with i i- ik I.. ins intentloiiH
koniiug a citizen o the United
ri -i i'ut bicycle would be a neat
Lttnus present. A few at special
. I ail I I
M at r Li Liniiiwn .
lining knives, hand primers, long
ihort bundle pruners, pruuliiK
unil beetle shears, at Uritllin
Iwsre Co's.
i wall paper to make a faded
ki new would be a lasting
(present, b L Chambers haH a
bainla-rlaiu's Cholic, Cholera a d
'f. i Kemedy can always be de
led upon and la pleasant and -afe
ue. Bold by Osburn & I)e Lano
ressmaking and all kinds of plain
lug done at the house or will ((oout
I day or week. Miss Ora Pickard,
street, between Jefleraon and
e people of Menterey county, Cal
ls, have etitloued the governor
elp. Their appeal Is a pitiful one.
rain for mouths, and everything
Irnyi il and nothing to eat. How
L sensible Oregonlan kick at our
he English and German Expert Specialists
I u ri.THlclaun and Bureeon., H Oraduatcs from the best Medical OsUSSM lathe world.
crp:rated Under (he Laws ol California
nnvt. nf thr staff nf tho
becialista and Dr Meyers &
mtlilv visit to
I Friday, December 30
l" v will be at the
the .ilDienU cud bv the Elijah and I Ojrmw Expjrt Zt'vS
Wmm sad .11 other ot the Kllaev.; Mmm ffljj.i ffi
:-lieeae and all other of the Kldnejs , v AUo i
-. Liver, Spleen, Spine, Bowels. Heart. BtsA JfSS Itron
riahad Blood, lllood hno and S, rf.,la; OlJrt, J'ndS-T InmnU
WU.m.and other Throat and LttM xJi BawnUhS, Stiff and
1'aralvMs. Knoture. Dysentery, I ys-l. N -ralf. a, -he u ai i ,
Ii i -l"lnts; Female Complaint., toclodlni Ovanan trout "'jj " ,.h Kryi.illas, OoOI,
i. and Goiter: TobtOMS Opium, Cocaine and Liquor hal it. Headae he
W.'rm, Hili..usne, Dropey, G.ll Stone, tema, Heckle-, BlaiKiiea.,
! r 'liic Dianaeii L-euerallv.
W M-yem Corn N.rron. DsbilHy, WfflT"
M lK,N..n, ir.uklyandlierD.eritlT.salatWailsalWBtW
batt ami Herman E.nert MM J-j D "gtfj$gLfr
' - which have haHle I tb. .kill of other VjSSS by S lar
I'luttnn in Americ
1 I o the Drs-Toas whin THFr " r. -All ailin 1J'I . .,,tj,iw u hound tore-
" Expert Sne.Ull.U. A friendly ulb. whkh co.U aUK-lutely BBt,
'It n a iint deal of Rood. hether treatment u Uken or not
" .NIK .TI.KS W hile it U .iref.rable in many aJfTg
1 Genu. bMH 8aMkibi bav.. cond tfeuaaadi tSSTiiAMm in rfffH N
I" mi cnnottUidocUie write the nomeoniL..y. ii..- at KKEE. for-
J I .il.nent, book fo, men and men and treat SKT JJ mill Hill
I '-(- Ldenoa and other deaUsg. ith atieDC. or proepectlTe panena mc
Terms and Prices Watbiu the Beach of All
Main Office. 731 Market St, Stt Krancisco.
Mrs Krcd pillsrd and Utile t hilu of
Uostaeti Injured.
Oailr (Mart, Deo
At 4 o'clock this SitarBON a ruu
awy . ccurrtd in which Mrs Kred Dl!
lard and tit I It? child, of Qoabeu, were
Injured, but at Ibll UOM it is thought
not very seriously.
The team, which whs In charge of
Geo Htewart, started from the feed
yard on Willamette Mm t, and run
ning north turned on Ninth. As they
turned the corner Mr- Dtllafd who was
holding the child on her lap, fell
Irom the wugon alighting dit.itly
on the child. Mrs Dlliard received
a gash ou her forehead ami an
other on her left wrist The child is
bruised some by the tall, but not
I r Cheshire appeared on the scene,
and the Injured lai'y and child were
taken in Leamed's mlllnery store.
Mr Stewart fell fiom the wagon near
All Billy's store, where the wagon
turned upside down. The team was
captured without any further damage
being done.
Stock Raacfa tor sale.
4tX) acres nil fenced. 10 acres in cul
tivation. U in timothy, uew house, 12
bams, 'S tons of oat and turn thy hay.
New mowing machine and haytake,
wagon, plow and harrow. 2 mules, Pi
cows, 3 calves, 1 heifer and 1 bull.
ALL FOB $2,000.
C Domeykr,
Eugene, Oregon.
Pure Brandy. Examined by the
best of judges and found to be strictly
pure ami the best of stimulants. For
sale at 75 cents er imart or $2 50 per
gallon, 5th and Blair streets, Kugene,
Oregon. Made by I M Francis.
Marrikd. Justice C A Wlnter
meier united N (1 Hayes and R J
Hplvey of liadiey vllle, in marriage
Monday, Dec 19. They are well kuown
young people of the western end of the
county and will be warmly eougratu
lated by their friends.
lor $250,000. Established 26 tears
Enelish and German Expert
Co. will make their regular
. .. . . ... linj
. , . , .u. rui,h aad
Tk 1 trtsas ' -.XA
lasts Mriiham tPP,ai
(Salem Jiuiriinl, Dtv Jit;
hJmUmF a Moors of Um saprssaa
oouit hai sigatd esrUleats f praba-
tlriauiM. that SUSpSMh SSSOtlUOD of
mtonaj in lbs m- of (laada BnntoOi
the LaWS county n.urdrn r, who wan
tobosxranitd next Kriday jr bang
'Tb! monism of John Unu will
thtln Ik- (Iven h ISSSS of hff tboMI thltr
SfSSBS, I'tmliiiK mi mial to ir
nuprcnie eourt.
"JsjdfS Haiulltou rafnasd toKranta
cvrlltk-ato of prohahle Oattas, allboflf h
it ih Um usual anal mi to rant smm au
anix al Ii all cue of rapital pualsb
"Hut u lure thin ia rrfint a tiy t tu
trlal jude it Iimh tu-arly ala ayn tmi
Krautrd ly a JustlOS ol I he Mipremo
court. No lueta a rsqutsl Inaeaasof
SSOtSOOS lor cailal pUutsbmsnl va
sssr rsfttsad bj Qovsroor LoHlvbsn
he waw ii the bench.
"Mcctiou MID of IBS code, lo tfco
oploloo of abls orlmioal mwvsfs,
bOUld bo aBMndsd no thataeenteuif
oft-Hpitni puoioboMfli ibould bsoums
"IpwCssto" proof of protutitt- moss
and a ground lot apal, hi a otattsrol
right lo the OOOdomncd man, not a
malloi of graos w ith a Jud . s
"Within the tenure of one of the
prsSSOt ;u-i.. - four men have hee u
executed btlON Ihc tranitcMpi could he
laid helore llictn upon Wblob III gTSDl
the inspsosloa of odgflMO("
1 HE 8l)PRkMKCOl Kl
l'n bsbls L'susoof Appoal Orrtlflsd b
.lu lice r A Moore.
Following ia the otllcial IuhIi uuu iit
from lbs supreme court which delayn
the execution of Claude Bran ton:
Mtate V8 I'luuiie BraOtOO.
Now, 00 Ibis day OOOMS liie defend
ant, Claude Bran ton, by W C II ils bin
attorney and apilie. lor a certillcale of
piotiahle caune, the state opposing liy
Ueo M BroWO and I. T ilarrin it- at
turueytt, and it appearing to DM, DOS of
the justice ol the HUpienic court of the
atate of Oregon, that the defendant,
Claude Brantou wan indicted, tried
and convicted, in the circuit court of
LaDS county, Oregon, of the crime nf
murder in the tiret degree, alleged to
have been committed iu the killiug of
one John A Linn, and having been
sentenced to be I augid ou Drcemtwr
13, 1S0S, he ha- perfected au appeal
froiu the judgment thua rendered and
filed iu the offlos of the clerk of the
supreme court of Oregon a judgment
roll, and upon Inspecting filename I
certify that in my opinion there Is
probable caune of appal
Oiveu under my hand this V'lh day
of December, 1888.
Fkank A Moobi,
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
of Oregon
The Coming Woman
Who goes to the club while her bus
baud tends the baby, as well as the
good old-fashioned w oman who looks
alter her home, will both at times gsl
rundown In health. They will be
troubled with Ions of appetite, head
aches, slee, lessness, fainting or diz.y
spelN. The most wonderful remedy
for these women Is Klcctrlc Hitters
Thousands of nullerera from lame back
and weak kidneys rise up and call it
blesst d. It is the medicine for womeo,
Kema'e complaints anil nervous
troubles of all kinds are soou relieved
by the use of Klcctrlc Hitters. Delicate
women should keep this remedy on
hand to build up IDS system. Only
50c ptr bottle, For sale by Wllkins &
Letter List
Fugene, Or, Dec 22, 1898.
Frank Fisher A C (ialvert
Mrs Minnie Melvln.
A than, ol one rent will be made nn all
letter, given out. PtrlOOl calling loi letter,
will pleaw.tate when advertlaed.
For Infants and Children.
Ih! Kind You Hate Always Bought
Bears tho
Signature of
Goats WAMTID. Uall ou or address
D EKlaoi.k, Koyal, Oregon.
A cobbler's outllt for Xmaa will
aoon pay for Itself. F L Chaml ers has
them, cheap.
Hoseburg Hevie: Root Hrown.who
wasroseilously hurt in the Hohemla
mines over a vear ao, is still In a very
bad condition, and now appears to be
gradually falling. He la now at Mr
Hlakely's on the North Dmpqsjm
Odds and ends in Shoes
$3 CO, $2 75, $2.50 Shoes
All for $1.50
$2.00. $1 80. $1 75 Shoes $1 25
Dm Forget to J BILLY.
riti I in B) ! i mi M niihs
The blotting up of Ibo Utialy ators
and the miraculous escape . f the
several person, on the lionle has la u
'he alisorhiiig topic thfOOgblU the
country since the UQUUIIOQUS Ual Krl
day aftSfltOM at abOUl 4 o'clwk a- re
lated in a Times dispatch from Monroe,
TbS village of Dusly bj located elgbll - n
lubes southeast of " orvalli- TbS
priuclpai business bOtMS Is a II IDSral
msfwbaodlm stun tuctdijotsd i Mr
Hugh Kay, bo Is sJso II e gas DMSlsr,
The people ot the liclgtlboth I :,rc
provided with a tri weekly mall
BSff lee, being on the route bstWSSO
PbHomalbaOd Monroe. Chat I. Allan
Oarrtas lbs mail, and he stales that
when be as wlibin two bundled
yat.i- of tba gostofBm he was lurprls d
0 a ten itde ex plosion and saw the alU
of the store DUlMIOS thntH BBOBdjSf
and u chorus of en am- from the lo
callly He quickly reahxed what had
occurred, ami, knowing 'hat a 0009 bst
ol poisons were always at that hour
collected at the store awaiting the ar
rival of the mall, ba-lei ed lo the scene
hi the belief that lie Mould wltOSSS the
mangled remains nf the inmates, but
fortunately his SSpeetOtloal Were not
real. rid. Ol five DSfSOOS who were in
the store at the II DM UOOS were injured.
The store is looolsd at the Juuctlon
of the road running ea-t to the valley
from Alsea and what is kuotttiasthc
hill road running south from Deaf
Philomath, The balldlog bum malb(
the Alsea road iasslug lu front and
the Philomath road passing along the
i-t side. Adjoining the west side of
the Pudding Is a shed or watebou-e.
The store rnoui is about IHxMI bet, and
counters and shelvesexiend i early Ills
Ibll length ou the side, the postofllco
department being In front on IDS west
About the s'ore sat a jolly gathering
of persons from the tic Ighhoiitig fauns
Waiting for the mail. Asa OMUOBOf
amusement, QeOfgS Ksodell secured
an eccentric piece of tirewotks ktmw n
as the D.-wey match, with the intiu
Uafl of providing a pyrotechnic display
on a small scale. W hen it was touched
otl Its emission of lire cau-ed Mr Ken
dall lo drop It, and after lodolgtog In
various antics, It bounded behilid the
counter and Ignited the powdaf before
mentioned. ihe explosion which
wrecked the building followed, and
the fact that all IhSM pan 01 w ere not
killed, it is thought, wat due to the
protection sllorded by the heavy coin.,
ter, which lifted several feet to the
The entire cast side and front end of
the building were blown away allow
ing the roof to settle upon the shelving.
The ro f of the frout parch was
thrown lulu Ihe road, and tho ceiling
was loosened its entire exlei t, portions
of It being Mown through the roof.
Along the west side ami north end of
the building were sheds and these ap- i
pareutly arrested the force ol Hie ex
plosion aud OaOatd it to expand Itself
agalnwl the parts leaa protected.
When the people had partially re
covered from the shock It was seen
that the building had taken lire, but the
Haines were extinguished witli a fuw
hueketsful of wa'er. Dam ige to the
goods was considerable, audit will be
necessary to almos. entirely rebuild
the structure. Mr Kay has iDSUraDOl
stiflleient to cover the actual loss, and
it Is understood, had been grunted 0
H-rmlt, by his c unpauy to carry the
regulation amount of powder, which
in fifty pounds.
Mr Kay had a short time previous
to the exploniou sold some powder Ut
a eti.tomer aud it ia uuppo-eil (hat bo
allowed a imsll iUanl!ly to romslO on
the top of the can and careles ly replao
ed the stopper. Hy this agency the
partial can was set ofl anil Unit In lom
eXpLded a lull can near by, About
thirty pounds of powder cau-ed the
The ex ,iloslon wjm heard at Monroe
SOd a gentleman then-, noting the
direction, exclaimed, "Tin re goal the
Dusty Htore."
Krec of t ha gS to hutrerers.
Cut this out and take it lo your
druggist and get a sample b ittle flee of
Or King's New Discovery for con
sump' ion, coughs and colds. They do
not a-k you to buy before trying. Tins
will show you Ho- great merits ofthis
truly wonderful remedy, and show you
what can Is- accompnsiieu ny tne
regular i.s bottle. This is no experi
ment, and would le disastrous to the
proprietors, did they not know It
w ould invariably cure. Many of .he
best physicians are now using It In
their practice with great rtsults.and
are relying 00 It In DMSt sevi re OSSSa.
It is guaranteed. Trial hottles free at
'A iikinsA Lloo's drag store, Regoku
size !'.) cents aud W.
Cbrlstmaa I'resentH.
For setvlceable Christmas present
nickel plated tea and c Itee pots are
suggested, also the new baking dl.h,
gtanlte dish pan, "never rust" pail, a
wringer, ax, saw, hammer, aablst's
outllt, small set carpentor'a UU
wheelbarrow, aud a thousand other
things just as goo 1 at F L t'hsoibere'
hardware store.
I.'ncle Hani'a harness all at Preston dc
Oai 4 Henderson, Undertakers nd
etnbalmert, Cor. Wil- and 7th tU.
Interest in the propagation of sal
mon i a. the ta-st methods
daeelopaod the certainty that artifi
cial batchit g is necessary to keep up
the supply! says lbs Uorvallls rimes
Ol D Otli The general go. crumeiit is
doll us part towards keeping up the
Mlmon ludu-try aud Intelligent action
00 Hi pari of IntsreO sd states Mil
DOduuMsdly accomplish the desired
Last Monday a special car was at
taebrd tOtOS west bound C v K train
and It ooataintd i.inmiihki ciiimMiu or
Ouinniil salmon eggs, iu chatge of
Frank Middb ton, calendar clerk of Ihe
OfSgl u M'tmti' He had bWO selected
as a spaclsl mssasngat lo go to the
hatchery at I tat tie Cieik, Tehama
comity, calif, secure these eggs and
transport them to the MaplStoa hatch
er) ou lbs Slusluw river, in the
western part of Lane county. The tug
Robarta wan iu wailing at fauina
conviy Mr Middletou and the eggs
to their destination.
I'be eggs are I tat spotted lu seven
tot n oases, each case containing slx
Itei 1 1 at sou which tin- embryo sal
mon arc placed. It In necessary In
trai sit to keep the lamparatOIS sur
rounding tin-eggs at abOOt U degrtes
and this OOOdltlon necessltatea ex
treme care in parsing over the varying
altltodes OO SUOO a route as that bs
I Wson, bats and Central t'nlifornia.
(lis railroad- lianspon (be eggs free of
K,tl(iO,Otiti Lost on Horse Kacea.
It Is staled that a mint won aud lost
: 'i.l. o I""! ou l.or.-e races. For twenty
years he kept at It, and most of the
time he was successful. At last fortune
turned ag tinsl him, anil today be Is
penniless, (iambhug Is a gotal ileal
like neglect of health. It can Int kept
up a long time, but lu the end It Is
disastrous. Fortunes are hari'cr to re
store than health. Tho llrnt step to
ward winning back lost health Is to
last r the digestive OtgMM ton normal
condition. For this purpose Hos
tetter'e Stomach Hitters is far adead of
anything else. This remedy Is a
spicule for Indigestion, dyspepsia,
fever, ague, nervousness and sleepless-in--
It is a wonderful tonic, ilrug-gi-t
sell it everywhere.
Older Made.
Tbs Mmmlmlonen court of bans
county has made the following older:
Now at till-time and lu I
notlM given by order of the hoard of
equalization to II K aud H V Hladden
to appear In fort- the hoard and show
cause why their assessment should not
be raised from : I : per aero (o $'IU per
acre, anil the (line for their appearance
having been extended by said board
of equalisation until the Dsosmbsi
term of said court, aud theru being no
appearance, It la thereforu ordered by
the court that the assessment of H F.
and B P Sladden bo raised In accor
dance with .uch notice, i. ., fiom H-'l
to UO H.-r acre.
Free Xmgi lllnnar,
The ofllcers and soldieiaof the Halva
tiou Army are busy making prepara
tioDS to give a free dinucl to the pom
of tho city on Saturday Dec 24th. The
Christmas dinnsr last year proved a
success III every way, and was appreci
ated by those who otherwise would
not have bad a Christmai. dinner. The
OltlsSDS of EugSOS and vicinity were
vsryklodln giving to this worthy
came, and they tti asketl to kindly
help In the Hurt this yeat. Comtnlltves
are appointed to solicit, but don't wait
for the committee, but send your name
and addll Ml tnCaptaln I'otarfwho will
hieihal someone call t for yourilotia
tion. Tho most needed articles are all
kinds of meats, chickens, bread and
butter, potatoes, cabbage, pickles,
salads, fiuit both WOOed and raw,
bakeil be Hi", jellies, cakes, pies, tea,
coll'ec and milk. All will he thank
lully ISOelVsd at tbs Salvation Army
kiepii g in Toaefa With His roin
pani's olanati Here.
0 B Markhstu, general freight and
passenger agent of the (Southern I'a
elflc Company, accompauleil by bis
traveling freight agent, II B liOiins
bury, spent the day in Kugene.
Mr Mark ham stated to a ( if Aim
reporter that bs was not making IBS
trip with any iclal Interest in view,
but that it was one of his periodical
tri) t, by which bS keeps familiar with
the workings of all Ihe lines uuder his
) Iliad let lOD, This enables him lo be
constantly tr -pan d to further the In.
terests of the great traveling aud ship
lug public of this vicinity, by granting
those concessions necessary for a har
monious conduct of business allalrs.
Mr Markham feels especially grateful
at the healthy increase ol the com
natiy' business lu Oregon, slnca his
transfer here, aud the appointment of
Mich a thorough railroad man as Mr
' I.ounsbury to his preseui position is
only another evidence or Mr Mars
ham' keen foresight.
Wednesday' Portland Telegram:
"MraJsckaou, tescher of the primary
department of tbe Woodstock school,
will leave for hosjene on rriday even
iug, where she will spend ber holiday
1 vacation.
Is the only plow made that
is better than the No. 40
Oliver chilled. See it at
Is Appointed Secrotary of the
u msi a AnnasNioit
Washington, Dec, 21. The pmaldsttt
totlay nominated Kthau A Hitchcock,
of Missouri, to be secretary of the lu
lei lor, ami K M Johnson, ol California,
to be register of the land olllce at
Marysville, Cal.
Hitchcock In at present ambassador
to Kussla. He wan apM)lntcd minister
more than a year ago, aud when the
rank was rained to an umbasny he was
llltchcia'k Is a wealthy lavyerand
buslucsa man of Ht Louis, and wan for
somo time au extensive plate glaaa
manufacturer. He Is u great-grandson
of Ethan Alleu.of Kcvolutiunary fame.
His ancestors were from Vermont, tint
his father moved south and Hitchcock
wsa born at Mobile, Ala.
Minlily ennipleilons, Nauseating breath
ossm tran oareals ooastlpaalaai Kail', cinv.r
Hoot Tea is an abanlutu curs and litis isieu
m .lit fur lifly years nn an almulule guarantee.
rrses .- 1 1. an.) .si cla. ror .ai. at VYIIslBi
ami I. in ii lriifxlt.
Iliieklen's aroii-a ."slve.
1 he Is-at salve in the world for cuts
bruises, sores, Miners, salt rheum, fever
aoiee, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains
oorna, and all skin eruptions, and
isisillvfly cures plies, or no pay re-
oulrcd It is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money rcitihdcd
on KVKin ittn n k
Of Bbttobs Osasaaipiioa ''nr. i. tali sar-
antse: "All ws aak of yu it tn I
thiols of the smtsasi "i tali botth (altUolly,
then if you can .ay ynu are not baBSdMsd IS
turn tlis bottle to your dltW it and BS may
refund Ilia pries paid." I'm-n - i et, ."iD eta
and tfl.uo. I'ur sals at Wilkin, ami Unu
"Money talks."
So do money-back
I Ml i o nr
Schillings Best.
rtt by
ar U
Anotiikk Chkih'im ah. Today's
Malem Htatesman: Claude Itranton,
the Lane county murderer, Is rejoicing
that he will have an ODpOTtOnltf lo
enjoy one more Clirlstmas on this
mundane sphere.
tia Ut of riirils Spieading Their
PIdh at llie Poultry Show.
A MOST Ml 14 I tl I. i:IIIHIT
pally Oaartl li-o 23
The poultry show uuder auspices Of
tbe Willamette Poultry Association Is
attr. cling considerable Interest and
the attendance Is large.
A number of uew coups havo been
brought in aud the rooms aro well
tilled with the finest lot of birds ever
seen In Kugene.
Oeo Downs, sr, the Judge of awards
has already commenced his work,
and will probably finish this aftcmoou
or tomorrow.
This lathe second annual show given
by the association and the management
has occtudou for considerable congratu
lation on the success they have at
Two Pointed tnn-tious Auswervd.
What Is the use of making a better
article than your competitor If you can
not get a better price for It"
Ans-Ai there Is no dlttcrcuce in the
price the the public will buy only tho
better, so that while our profits may
Ire smaller on a single ssle they will be
much greater lu the aggregate.
How can you get tbe public to know
your make la the best?
II both articles sre brought promin
ently before the public both sru certain
to bv tried aud the public will very
rpilckly pass judgment on them and
use only the better one.
This explains tbe largo sale on
Chamberlain's Cough Htmedy. Tbe
people have been unlug It for years aud
have found that It can always be de
pended upon. They may occasionally
take up with some fashionable novelty
put forth with exaggerated claims, but
are certain to return to the one remedy
that they know to la) reliable, ami for
coughs, colds and croup there it
nothing eiptal to Chamberlain's Cough
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Th. want cold or cough can be cured with
Hhllnh's C'hukIi and Consumption Cure. Sold
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ToWkij Clerk Lee has Issued a
marriage permit to N U Hayes, i, au
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being certllled to by H K Owen.