The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, March 05, 1898, Image 8

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    Eugene City Caard.
I. L. C4rtL. rraprlalar.
Intarmtlng f'ollMllaa of Carraat Evant
1 f'ondanwd Korm from
Holh Continent.
TIib eteamrr Eller plying between
Portland and Ahuka orU, report an
exoeedinly roiitfh trip down. Tim
waa the worst tlie craw and (iflloers of
the Elder have ever enoonntered, and,
owing to her lciiig without ballast, all
control of tliu venael lual, and it
u only owing to the vigilance of the
officer, that aha w saved from going
with cranh on one of the thousand, of
mull island in this district. She wan
forced to remain at sea for 8 hours.
The gale, while It hutted, wa terrific,
and attained velocity of at leant 100
mili'i an hour. Th vessel', profiler
blade were broken ati'l ilia wa com
pelled to lay over at Nanaiino for
At Philadelphia the birth'lay anni
veriary of tleorge Washington vuaoom
liiemorateil with appropriate axcruiae
at tliu Academy of Music The future
of the day waa an addre to the ftii
dcntsof the university of V.n.y Ivunla,
delivered by President MeKinley. The
). resilient paid an eloquent tribute to
the memory of the Father of Our
Country, and from Ilia life and deed
drew a h-won aa to the duties of the
American people of today. At Chi
cago, ex-President llurrrison delivered
an address larfore the Union league
(Muh, chooing aa hia subject, "The
Duties of Wealth." At nuiiit-roii other
citiea the occasion waa aro. Mutely
observed, with street parade and liter
ary exercise.
The senate haa pase a bill to add
two artillery regiment to the atreiitli
of the army. Thia measure hna lieen
urged for many montha by nllli'iula of
the war department, who foreauw that
while congre of hitn yeara had tuken
measure for the protection of our
roast by additiomil nppropriationa for
extensive wink rncl great guns, it bad
Hot proidol the meu iteecsury to
oiiernte these englm-a of war. Shout. 1
the hmiiHi pas. tho bill, it will enable
the department to curry out plana it hna
long bad in view. Criticism lutely
panted Umiii the atute of the army and
our forlllli'atioiia havo cause. I Incicit-eil
activity in military nmttera, and to
nine extent thia la responsible for re
jxirta arriving from variolic quarter of
luoveiuenta at army st.
The llethleliein Company, ateol
mill, giving employment to 1,000
banda, haa reaomed woik, after an idle
tieaa of mine montha.
The Carpenter Html Company, of
Heading, I'a., la working a double turn
' on ordera from the navy department for
teel project I lea.
V. J. Scanlan, the once famous
Irieh actor, died of pnreaia ill a New
lork Insane iiKylnin, where hu bad
been ci in II tied for live year.
Luther C. Hilling, pay disvetor in
the United Sliitea nuvy, haa been found
guilty of inlnehiiod and cundulou eon
duct by a court maitlul ut Washington,
and sentenced to dmmismil from the
The Ureal Commonwealth Develop
nieiit aiul Mining C'uiipimy baa applied
to the Dominion parliament for a ran
Mad charter from Kdinoiitoii to the
Aluaka line by wuy of Peace, Luird and
Telly rivura.
The board of director of the Eastern
Oregon ft Washington Kiremeu' Asso
rintioii have met in Walla Walla and
elected La (lrundo aa the place for
holding the licit annual meeting and
tournament of the ussociut ion, June It,
16 and III.
A sweeping reduction of over H,0lH,-
000 from the amount cuiried by the
current law ia made in the aiindry
civil appropriation bill, repotted to
the hnuau Tuesday, the aiigiegiile ap
propriation carried being f U.TtU.Hiill.
The total 1 113,384,641 less than the
regular and supplemental otlleial cstl
matea made for the lineal year Isut),
and fH,H0l,HH0 leva t It it it the appropria
tions made for the current llscal year.
A I'ort Townsend, Wash., dispatch
aya: Aa a ronaeuuenca of the unfa
vorable criticism that baa followed the
sinking of the slcumcr Clara Nevada
and the trouble that attended the de
parture of the North Pacific for the
north, currying gnlilscckors, Colonel
Hut'slis, collector of customs, ha de
termined to compel vessels bound for
Alaska to curry only the number of
passengers allowed by the federul er
mil. The new wharf at Tampico, con
tructel by the Central railroad, under
government supervision, wua totally
deatroytHl by II i Hun.l.ty. The cauxe
of the fire la iinkmivyn. The construe
tion of the wharf Wua i-otiniicnocd in
July, IHU'J, and it a to be one of the
llneat on the Spitiiiidi-Aiiicricuu coitu
It length was 11,676 foot, and nil ia
burned. The ctmtoin house under cou
nt rncl ion and neatly completed, was
damaged to Ilia extent of ul'oul fSoO,
000. The total loss on whaif, etistoiu
bouse and merchandise is ncuily f j,
000,000; fullly insured.
Hon. Sun ford II. Dole, prtwident of
Ilia republic! of Hawaii, was tendered a
public reception at San Francisco nt the
chauiber of commcree, and met with a
cordial and fluttering recognition on tha
part of the crowd of eiple.
8tHretary ti:ige siint with a good
deal of interest to the f.tct that the cus
tom! receipt for this fiscal year at lust
have overtaken din receipts for the
same period of the prior llscal year.
The total receipt for litis liscal year
have reached S4,0!itt,&Utl.
The interstate commerce commission
lias suspended oeration of the long and
short haul cluue of the iiitemlatv imiu
merce act in (uvor uf railtoad lines in
the United hlate in coniietilion with
the Canadian l'acillc road.
Itepreientative Lewia.ot Waaltington,
who baa Just returned to Washington
from Ottawa, where be went to appeal
to the Canadian government for some
modifications to the Canadian regula
tions requiring American miners bounj
for the Klondike to procure their
license at Vancouver, Viottttia or
Dawson, was unable to secure any con
cession (rum tlielXiuiinioit govcruiueuW
(la Ktra mm4 Mr.r.a.a Airallr
I fum the Vvrga at W ar.
New York, Feb. tH.A dispatch to
the Herald foui I'anaina Bays: Ad
vice receive.) today from Costa itica
state that at a banquet given on him
day night, 1'ieiideiit Iglesia said the
situation between Costa Kica and Nic
aragua ia such that war is inevitable.
Further advices from (ta Idea aay
that on February JO there was a large
popular demonstration in which more
than 6,000 pernons showed their ap
proval of the attitude of the govern
ment toward Nicaragua, and more
troop were sent on February 20 to the
frontier, ilostilitic with Nicaragua
are expected at any moment. Many
prominent member of the American
colmiy have offered to aid the govern
ment with men and money. One of
them, Janie Dennett', offered to give
fiiO.OOO. The French colony has also
promised to take up arm in defense of
Costa Kica in (Jim event of war.
Kince the uiitieceslul revolution
broke out in Nicaragua on February 6,
which l'rid-nt Zelaya (barge the
Costa Kican government with aiding,
there ba been little communication
with the Cota Uicau capital. M' -sagi-s
sent from here are in plain lan
guage at sender's risk and aubject to
A ecial com miss inner arrived at
Colon a few days ago with a dispatch
from Witahiugtou. Keplica were sent
to I'ort Li moil by the steamship New
jiort. It is Muted that the same com
missioner hud a private conference
with the government anlhorltie here.
His ohjit'l is to enlist Colombia on
Costa Kica' side should the (ireater
Kepuhlio of Centra I America or the
triple alliance declare war aguinst her.
t uba Mliro' Hour mf Triumph Near
I llan.l.
New Yoik, Felt. iH.A dispatch to
lint Tribune from Havana says: In
the uncertainty of the relations with
the United States, the iinportuneo of
the recent action of the autonomist
party i overlooked, lis central com
mittee bus formally approved the plan
which 1 a confession of the failure of
the piesent s heme of autonomy and tin
offer to the insurgent to concede every
thing except tho withdrawal of the
Spanish flag.
It (ignillcunce is in the fact that
Henor (Jovin, of the autonomist cabinet,
was a leading spirit in the meeting,
and offered the resolution or treating
with the Insurgent, which contain a
series of proiioeitioos otttliiteil by liihra
two weeks ago when the radical anion
Jinist party was formed. These cover
everything but indeieudencu.
The transignetes are still hostile to
the government. Among tlietti the
Maine inquiry is adding to the smother
ed anti-American feeling. The author
ities profess ability to hold it in check.
A T. neitieni llou hi Cliai levlun, H, ('.,
Hums With ratal l(nll.
Charleston, H. C, Feb. 'JH. Nine
lives were lost in n feurlul lire which
ruged for a abort time here this morn
lug. At 8: 10 A. M., a policNtinu on
duty noticed big sparks Hying from the
tetittneiit bouse nt I tit) Church street.
The olllivr found that a blaze was is
suing from one of the windows on the
lirst floor. . The door were broken ocii
and the family on that floor rushed nut
without injury. Somebody yelled that
a family of women were sleeping on
the third floor. The mlic rushed up
stairs and when they rendu) the top
tl. sir the lilcsuving work was slopped
by the flames, w hich seemed to be over
the entire floor. Screams from dying
women were heard, and Officer Hitgley
rushed in and pulled out three charred
bodies. The quick work of the tliu
department chocked the flumes, but not
until nine lives had been lost. Tho
lead are: Mr. Kchccv.t Knii kinever,
Albert O'Ncil, Caswell O'Ncil, Joseph
ins Knickmeyer, 7 year old; Katie
Kiiickmeyer, Itf year old; Ijcona
Knickmeyer, D years old, Francis
Knickmeyer, 6 years old, Li 1 1 la Knick
meyer, 3 year old; a bnhy of Mr.
Knickmeyer, I mouth old.
Th I'ruress llvarrllitxl lit lit Kleeltieat
Ititt lew.
New York, Feb. 'JS. The Electrical
Keview will publish today the lirst
authentic account of branding fur seal
by electricity to prevent the destruc
tion of tho female seals. The article is
written by Klmer K. Fanner, of Stan
ford university, who accompanied tho
United States fur seal oolumisiiion to
the 1'ril'ylotT islands lust August,
when the experiment whs tried.
The electrical apparatus consists of
a small dynamo peruteilly a gasoline
engine atuj a branding cautery simi
lar to tliut used by physicians, The
young female seals were marked by
drawing the hot platinum cautery
across the back, which resulted in de
stroying the fur so that even if the seal
were afterward killed tho commercial
value of the lur would ln destroyed.
Il is probable that the experiments
will be carried further by means of im
proved electrical apparatus.
A writer in the Fortnightly Keview
thinks that 66,000 farmers, each with
a 100 acre farm in Canada, could sup
ply all the wheal Knglund needs.
euuil Amunit the Hhaft.
lVndletou, Or., Feb. JS. Clarence
Dupiilt, sued 3', was fatally hurt by
being wound around the shaft at the
woolen mill late last night. Dupuis
was employed in the picker-room, and
went below to remove a belt without
waiting for the machinery to stop. A
set pin in the shall caught hi blouse,
whirled him over and over, breaking
many bones and hurling hiiu internal
ly, so that lie died sevetal hours after
ward. Dupuis acted against the mill regula
tion in trying to remove the bell le
fot the machinery had been stopped.
He was married ami ha a young wife,
who bad Just given birth to a child.
The accident is greatly deplored.
Th Cabin. I Mating.
Washington, Feb. . Tha first full
meeting of the cabinet In aoiue weeks
wit held today, both Alger and Sher
man, who have been sick, twing pres
ent. The cabinet talked about the
Maine disaster at some length as cur
rent topic id vital interest, but do so-
tiuu was taken.
. , - ..: v... nm n-r ap crcncVCI?!
France Denies Right of Free
Speech and Free Press.
UUrasalng lrffua (ainpalge
-l.a.r IH.b.rr.4.
I'aris, Feb. 2H. The new dictator
hip haa decided to auppres the free
dom of speech and the freedom of the
This decision was annotinoed by
Meline in the chamber of deputies this
Four newspars tonight were noti
fied that il ii il le they cease discussing
the Dreyfus campaign tomorrow they
will be rigorously prosecuted.
A number of oorressinilent of for
eign newspapers were warned that un
less they abandon their hostile dis
patches they will be expelled from
It is even asserted that Illowitx, the
correspondent of the London Times,
! was also warned.
Uecuuse of bis courageous action
as an ofllcer in the war department
and in the Zda trial, Colonel l'icquurt,
by a decree issued tonight. waa expelled
from the army and placed under three
years of mico suiveilluiice.
The lawyer who advised him lias
been auss-nded from the bur.
K-terbuxy has received official er
mission to prosecute Mathieu Dreyfus.
The announcement was made that
more rigorous measure of the same
high-handed silicy will soon be prom
ulgated. Concluding his official warn ing, Me
line laid:
"I trust it will be understood that if
the agitation continues after yester
day's verdict we shall 1st in the pres
ence of a parly issue. Kiiuiigb evil has
already becu done internally. The
life of the nation ha been checked.
A part of the foreign press denounces
us. This must lie slopod, in the in
terests of aace, of the army, ami of
our foreign relations. The government
must deal with tho wound it desires
to heal, and it will iutoae silence
upon everybody. It will take such dis
ciplinary measures its the circum
stances demand. Noltody can continue
the agitation in gixsl faith, and after
tomorrow the government will sup
press all attempts to continue it. The
government is applying the laws at its
disposal, and if the weapon are insuffi
cient, it w ill ask for more." (Ureut
tumult). "The vote of this house w ill
prove tliut when patriotism is involved,
there uro no parlies. F.verybody ral
lies under thai flag."
The i auaillan I'arlllc .Makes Low Hat
lu lha ICatl.
Suu Francisco, Feb. 28. The Cana
dian l'ucifio threw a bombshell into the
camp of tho 'American railroad uncut
this morning by announcing Unit tick
et would be sold from Sao Francisco
to New Yoik via Vancouver at flo
lirst cluss and :I0 second-class. The
lowest tirsl-clafc rates by tho Central
and Union I'acillo are f7U. Agent
here suv that fact-bound business bv
the Canadian road is slight at this sea
son, and they don't fctiMlciunralization,
but they recognize the dancer to Klon
dike business if these rates are enforced
in tho Hast. In fact, the Southern
l'acillc will have to meet the cut or see
all Klondike travel go to Victoria and
Seattle. Kverytblng deiend on the
Chicago meeting. If the Canadian l'a
oillc cannot bo placated then the Smith
em l'ncillc will be compelled to cut the
present rates nearly in half.
i ruatiail lo Heath.
San Francisco, Feb. 28 Charles
Ijtpan, superintendent of construction
on the Cull building, was instantly
killed this afternoon, in the freight
elevator on the Third-stieet side of the
Lappan was nt work in the base
ment, and stepped on the freight eleva
tor. It is believed be pulled the wrong
rope, and w hen the elevator started up,
attempted to Jumii out. His body was
caught between the floor of the eleva
tor and the tlrst lloor and was terribly
crushed. Death must have been in
stantaneous, for his whole chest was
crushed to a pul.
Will Nut Hrll Culia.
London, Feb. 28. The Standard's
Madrid corrcsiMitidcnt say that he lias
found by an exhaustive canvass that all
parties are amused and indignant at
the suggestion that Spain should sell
Cuba, saying that it meant that the
monarchy would be menaced by an ir
resistable popular movement supported
by the army and navy. The tinunciers
make the practical objection that, us
the Cuban debt is almost entirely held
by Spaniards, the price suggested
would not satisfy half tho compensa
tion required. None of the ministers
would entertain the suggestion.
Nhltiiiinti t ram Canadian I'ulnU.
Ottawa, Feb. 28. The Canadian
government has decided to permit Can
adian giMsIs to be shipped from Van
couver and Victoria in American ves
sels free of duty by St. Michaels to the
Yukon for tho coining season. An or
der to this effect ba been sent to the
customs oftlcv on the coast. The order
applies to the Yukon route by St. Mi
chaels, and docs not include Skugway.
Tacoma, Feb. 28. The Midnight
Sun is the name of a tiny craft about
to sail for Alaska from Tacoma. The
boat is flat bottomed, 24 feet long, 6
feel wide and 2 feet deep, provided
with aide paddle-wheels, a two-borso
power Iniiler and a steam engine. Only
her two owners will go in her with
their outtits.
San Francisco, Feb. 28. A partv of
goldseeker bound for the Klondike
has just arrived front Gloucester,
Mass., on the small schooner Hattie I.
Phillips. The voyage wa made in 129
Jays. Stie made a stop of five days at
Sandy point A heavy storm was en
countered in the Uolf stream, and she
was hove to for 87 hours. Six atop
were made in the Strait of Magellan.
The men, who are nearly all artisan or
flsrtcrmen, will sell their vessel here
and go north by steamer.
Colorado ha pawed California and
takeu Hint tank a a gold beariug slat.
1-raniBt Wr4 la r..arjr Kln
Ike Main.
Havana, Feb. 28. The wreck of the
Maine is slowly but surely sinking into
the mod. Uefore the Lull can be
raised it will be iieeearr to move the
gun and deck debris. For lack of
proer appliance, practically nothing
in thi line ha been accomplish'!.
The cloudy weather and rain made
the work of the diver unsatisfactory
today, and very little wu done. It i
aid that a hole ha b-eii made by th
diver in one of the forward hatche,
and it l hope. that anumlx-r of Uslie
will be recovered.
The court of inquiry sat longer than
osual today, the six diver being exam
ined more in detail than heretofore.
At the afternoon scwiori the examina
tion of the divei wa continued. A
civilian whose testimony i said to ba
of importance, was also examined.
The name of thewilne- and all parth
ulars of the evidence are withheld.
Late today, the paymaster' :ife,
with 122,600, and hi pa-'rs, was
lateri from the wick. this,
no statement is made a to the value
and nature (if the contents. A large
quantity of water ran out when the sale
was raised above the surfinv.
Tho complaint is still made that the
electric lamp are id little ue to the
divers, as tho light i faint and uncer
tain, and to hold ihein titkc one of the
diver' bunds. Tiny have as-uredly
proved of little Value in the present
So fur as rejK.rls made public go,
workmen tin the Light Arm with the
assistance of the naval diver are labor
ing hard to recover the bodies under
the hutch which led to the flieroom
platform. It is hoped the isslie will
lie taken out tomorrow.
The Havana paper print long ex
tracts from the American pupcrs but of
course ouly of delayed news. All the
Americans ate anxiously waiting the
arrival of tomorrow' mail.
Coiisul-tleiierul Lee say be has re
ceived no news of imisirtuiicu Iriuii the
State department.
The Spanish cruiser Alfonso XIII hti
been towe l to a buoy further within
the harbor to make loom for tliu cruiser
Vizcuya which is exjs'cled here tomor
row or the next duy from New York.
The wounded ure reported a doing
well today.
The w let-king tug Light Arm is
engaged in removing such purls of the
wreck as il is possible lo bundle in ad
vance of the arrival of strong tugs und
derrick ftoin the north. It i believed
the divers fioin the fleet und Kight
Arm will lemuiil atwotk when the
Mangrove leavet. The Fern will lie
the ouly Untied State vessel ill the
harbor alter the M yigrove goes.
1'lant l.ln Halil lo It I'rrimrvil lu l.anil
Troops la llataiia.
Tampa Flu. Feb. 28. Although the
officials of the company have not so
sluted publicly, nearly every laxly here
understands that the l'lunt system has
completed urraiigements for the trims
isirtntion of troop nud munitions of
war to Havana on short notice. All of
the ship have been placed in condition
for an emergency. Should war be de
clared it is said that the company bus
perfected plans to land a lurgu IhhIv of
troops in Havana within .'It) hours after
their arrival at this place. Troops can
be transported from Washington and
New York to this port in from 21 to 110
hoot. The company bus also made ar
rangement it is saiil to land promptly
men and iirm at Kev West and all
strutcgic Kints on the coast of Florida
and ul Mobile.
All Important Kteltt lu Ormr at New
port News Moon.
Kichmond, Va., Feb. 28. The ofll
cer of tho NewtHirt Ncus shipyard an
nounce that the double launching of
the battleships Kentucky und Keursage
will take place March 24, and will be
the lirst double launching of first -class
battle-ship in the world.
Uovernor llradley and staff will come
from Kentucky, und Miss Christine
Krudley will christen the Kentucky
with a bottle of water taken from the
spring from which Abiahani Lincoln
drank when a hoy, while Mrs. Winslow,
wife of Lieutenant Wilson, U. S. N.,
will stand spousoa-for the Keursurge.
The ships could be put in coin mission
in six months if necessary, but the con
tractors have no hurry orders.
Tho Illinois, the third l.ig battle-ship
building nt New poit News, is only a
month or two behind the othets.
Nnanlnrtla Kaai-r for War.
'London Feb. 28. According to a
special dispatch from Madrid report
received there from the United Stales
to the effect that public opinion in the
latter country is becoming more ex
cited owing to the impression that the
Maine disaster was not due to accident
are "rcstirring popular feeling here (iu
Madrid) and the conviction is increasing
in ministerial circles that the worst
must lie expected. "
Continuing the dispatch says: "The
government has no choice if the United
States adopts a threatening attitude for
the prospect of war is popular with ull
parlies und the more excitable newspa
pers are already urging tin government
to take measure to enable Spain to
strike the tlrst and divisive blow."
Town Nearly li.lroy,l.
Tacoma, Wash., Feb. 2S. Floo.1
and avalanches have partly destroyed
ibe town of Monte Cristo, situated iu
the heart of the Cascade mountains.
The railroad connecting the place with
Kverett lis been washed out, and the
lack of railroad connections bus caused
the concentrator and the part of the
Monte Ctisto mine which John D.
Rockefeller own to hut down.
In 1S9T Ohio furnished almost 37,
000 tons of grindstones.
Artillery Mill In Nou Commute.
Washington. Feb. 3H. There wa but
one vote in the house committee, on
military affairs today against favoiably
reporting the icnate bill providing for
two additional regiment of artillery.
It wa delivered bv C-ox, Democrat, of
Tennessee. The sentiment in the com
mittee was overwhelming for the two
additional regiment to promptly man
gun which are being erected along lha
Infant school began in New Lanark,
Sootlaud, in 1815; in England not till
181 J.
Due to Warlike Preparations
a At-. Tst11
Througnoui mc w
N...s.t ut i nn. " "' "
A11.g,d With
IT..I'1'UI 'IrKlnl'-r-Waaltington,
Feb. there
i. nothing to indicate innt -' "
Spain i inevitable, a of pervade all section, of the coun
try. The government, without adonl.t,
is preparing for a possible emergency.
Unusual activity is ret-.rted ul navy
vard. barrack, and recruiting station,
and where war material i bennj maim
factored, order have been received to
push the work with ull speed. As a
result of the tension, st.s k and hotels
jn the New York exchange .Iroppel
from 1 to 12 point, and the New
and Chicago w heat markets were affect
ed .vwpatheticallly.In the London stock
market, American shares sold at in
cline. The aeiuite fortunately did not
add to the excitement yesterday, the
Jingoes doubtless being absclit. In the
bouse, an increase in th appropriation
for caring for the Springfield, Mass.,
arsenal, was accepted without protest.
Th Natal Militia.
Washington, Feb. 2H.-The navy
department today gave out ligure show
ing the strength of the naval militia up
to date. This allows a total force id
4,445 officers and enlisted men, winch
is a gratifying increase from the 3,703
shown bv'the former report.
Aside from this, new brigades are
in process of formutioii, which promises
to swell the total to much lurger figure
at an early date. The organization of
this auxiliary arm of the naval service
is under the immediate direction of
Lieutenant (iibboli. U. S. N., whose
energy has accomplished much is se
curing state organization und m the
harmonizing of the bodies into one com
pact force, capable in emergency of co
operating with the regular navy.
In his last report, Assistant Secretary
Koosevelt said that the state naval mil
itia, in the event of a sudden emer
gency, could be utilized at once for
manning the smaller cruisers. It could
be depended upon mainly, he said, us a
second line of defense, und ulso be used
in placing mines and the establishment
of signal station for coast defense.
The appropriation of ;.0,OHO tliut is
to aid the work of the naval militia will
be distributed among the states in a
few days.
tvlilrnr Thai lha Klrtl Explusiun Wa
Itrnrath Ilia Ship.
Washington, Feb. 2(1. The Evening
Star bus received the following cable
gram from Charles Pepper, its staff cor
respondent in Cuba:
At this writing diveis are developing
important results. From the examina
tion of the inner wreckage they have
secured evidence which Seems conclu
sive that the explosion came from un
tlemeath the ship. Some of the smaller
magazines may hitve exploded. The
muni, 10-iticli iiuigazine did nut explode.
The condition of the interior of the ship
show further probability of the wreck
buving been title tooutsidlTforces. The
further the investigation progresses,
the more untenable becomes the theory
which the Spanish government adduced
to show accidental cause. It is evident
the Spanish cusu will be based on the
claim that the lire preceded the explo
sion. Captain Sampson und his colleagues
of tho naval board say that outside
evidence is offered regarding the tor
pedo flout producing the explosion.
Said one diver, who bud been engaged
in the work of getting bodies out from
under the hutch:
"(4ihl may lie merciful to the men
who blew-those poor fellows into eter
nity, the United Stutes should not."
This wus before Long's order pro
hibiting ofllcers from talking hud been
issued. This diver evidently thought
the explosion wus not un accident. He
hud an expert's capacity und oppor
tunity for judging.
The Havana public is not permitted
to know the intensity of public senti
ment in the United Stutes. Only
meager detail ute permitted to be
know n of what happens in Washington.
Congress is watched with exce.-sive
anxiety by palace officials, hut tho
populace know nothing of what is
liable to happen. Evidence of ill-feel-iug
toward the American people and
anxiety over the Maine disuster does
not lessen.
The Maine inquiry dwarfs interest
in Cuban politics, but recent develop
ment carry an official confession of
tho failure of autonomy.
War rreparatlona In Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia, Feb. 20. Major-Gen-eral
Snuwden, commander of the na
tional gourd of Pennsylvania, bus issued
general orders lo every officer in the
Hate to recruit hi command up to the
full quota retpiired by law. The or
der were issued the days ago with in
structions that they be kept a profound
secret. The officers were instructed
to have their men ready to march fully
armed and equipiied at 21 hours' notice.
New York, Feb. 2(1. A Tribune
dispatch from Havana says: The out
look in Cuba does not grow more prom
ising. The exact siuution is that the
government officials were never so
much disturbed us today. This is part
ly due to information from Washington
and Madrid. News from these places
which is permitted to reach the public
is so meager that U-tter judgment can
be formed iu the United States than
here as to whether the fears u I the
officials are exaggerated.
General IUInrll a California.
Suit Francisco, Feb. 26. Report
from all part of the state indicate a
general rain has fallen during the past
24 lours, to the great lienetit of the
growing crop, which bad been suffer
ing from the long-coutinued drought.
Mounted Pollra for Stlrkeen. ,
Vancouver, B. C. Feb. 20. The
Canadian government has decided to
nation mounted police in the Stickecn
river country. A small detachment of
police left tonight on the steamer Dan
libe. They will 1 located at Uleuora
Telegraph creek aud Lake Tesliu.
w.r w t.h spam bu,,b'
Situation I .
Chicago. Feb. 2.-The Tribune thi
niorldng Ti"-
from Wusl.iii('"n: , .
To a senator who called- upon him
vesterday in order wine ieriom
S i to (he policy of the admin-
n ion President McKinley, !!, the
utmost frankness, uttered the following
W'io not proisise to do anything at
all to accelerate war with Spam. L P
S t .. present I do not think war
either K.ry or inevitable. wou d
,. lux in my duty, however f I Jul
not prepare for the future. The .liua
io i iagruv. and the policy ; of the ad
Ligation will be determined almost
;:;,tir,.,v by ti, .... or -"
time to time. There l no necessity of
alarming the pe e. but congreM mu
b ready to assist the administration making too many imiuine as
t the course ol current events.
There i no doubt ol the fact that the
Kovenitnent of the United State U
Hctuully preparing It.r war will. Spain.
It is not inevitable that war will follow,
but the activity i too ui stukuble o
be concealed. The president und hi
cabinet unite in the belief still, in spite
of ull evidence to the contrary, that the
explosion of the Maine wus an unfortu
nate accident, but they recognize the
fuel that the contrary may prove true
ut almost any hour, and that if it U
shown even iiifcrentinlly that Spurn
had a hand in the catastrophe there
will be but one thing to do, and that
will be to seize the island of Cuba by
force of arms. At no time since the
war of the rebellion lui the military
brunch of the government been w active
aa it i today.
It i a significant fact that within the
hist two diys there ha been a remark
able change of opinion iu the nuvy de
partment iu it'gar.l to the explosion on
the Maine. When the lirst news arrived
here lust week exert ut the depart
ment were nearly divided a between
accident und design, but today after
itudving the late reports, und especially
photographs sent fiom Havana, nino
out of ten of the officer of the depart
ment exnress the belief that the Maine
was anchored over a submarine mine.
The only difference of opinion seem
to be us to whether the mine was ex
ploded by Spanish ofllcers acting under
orders, or by some enthusiast. The
latter opinion is generally held, but it
is said tliut this does not lessen in any
degree the reMinsibility of Spiiin for
the horrible catastrophe.
If the Spanish officers allowed the
warship to lie moored to a buoy which
was attached to a submarine mine,
they thereby became reionsiblo for
the result, whether the mine wus ei
ploded by official order or not. The
placing of the Maine iu nn exposed
place in the harbor if il wus done nt all,
wag doue by Spanish officers, and if
the mine was exploded by anybody at
all, they were directly responsible, und
will le so held by President Mi-Kin-Icy'
Hill for That I'urpose Introduced lulu
the lluuse.
Washington, Feb. 20. I!epre-ei:t;i-tive
Hoiitelle, of Maine, chairman of
the house committee on naval uffairs,
introduced u bill this afternoon provid
ing for the relief of the victims of the
battle-ship Maine. It follows generally
the lines of the Satnoan db inter relief
bill of 1SU0, and is the result of sev
eral days' conference in committee,
and embodies the views of tho admin
istration, lioutello hud a conference
with President McKinley today, at
which he went over w ith him the pro
posed legislation, and later submitted
the tneiiHuro at an informal meeting of
some of the commiltee. It will be re
ferred buck to the committee immedi
ately, und its passage expedited. The
bill provides for the payment of 13
months' pay to the widows or child
ren, or, if there be no such, to the
parents, or if neither of these, to the
brothers und sisters of each of these
killed in the Maine disaster. In addi
tion, the legal heirs of tuch of the vic
tims shall receive any arrears of pay
due at the time of death. It is pro
vided also that any allotments previ
ously made by any of the deceased to
any relatives of the men muntionod
shall be continued for throe months,
the nmounts to paid to be deducted
from the 13 months' pay otherwise allowed.
Kpaiilnril CanteM Titer It a Mine
I nder the Harbor Knlranra.
Havana, Feb. 2tl. In connection
with the claim made by the Cubans
that there are mine galleries under the
harbor of Havana, leading from sub
terranean passages and known to hnve
existed for ycurs, between Fort Caban
as, Morro castle, and thia 'port, the
Spaniards explain tliut for over a cen
tury, a subterranean passage about two
miles long and eight feet wide at its
narrowest diameter, capable of giving
passage to a column of troops, has ex
isted from tho nuvyyard toCustillo del
Principe. But, the Spaniards further
assert, the existence of this passage, was
not known to the present authorities,
or to those who have been in power for
many years past. The entrance and
exit, it is added, hnve been closed for
years past, by thick walls now covered
with debris, and their exuet locution ia
said to be lost. At the same time, it is
admitted that the mutter regarding the
subterranean passage can be found in
old documents in tho archive of Ha
vana Finally, the Spaniards insist
that this passage not go under
the harbor at any point.
Warship Headed fur Havana.
Las Palas, Canary Islands, Feb. 26
The Spanish armored cruiser Altnil
rante 0iuedo left today for Havana.
The Italian third-class cruiser Gio
vanni Buusani is expected here Satur
day next. She is on her way to Cuba.
tiank Vault Blown Opn.
St. Louis, Feb. 28.-A special to th,
Pc .Dispatch from Shipman, III.,
as to. ay blown open by robbers, who
used nitroglycerin. The robber, on y
obtained f 10 in pennies, a. they we e
scared away before being ,b!e to break
into th. inner steel safe, which con
Mined thousand, of dollars.
Richard Allen and Tom Holme, were
lynched at Mayfi.ld, Kv Ail.n
"bbed. house, and HolmkllW S
wlf. hi month, ago.
Condition of Reconcentrad0
in Matanzas.
Fourteen Thouiaud) I'erioui lh
blutly Without rood-,,"'
AutonomUta' Lataat Mora.
Santiago, do Cuba, Feb. 25. vi'bib.
tho United State, oruiser MonigonJ)
wa. at Matanza. recently 8 bo,iZ
ofllcers was aptioiiitcd to inquire lut
the condition of the people in t,!
province. 1M
Although the exact terms of tins,,
port are not known, it niuy be uii
that in subsjance it sets forth tb-t
there are 14,000 people absolntei,
without food and clothing within II,
city limits. About 3,000 of
live in small huta of palm brancU
The other 11,000 niifortunatei i,ei.
the streets of the city and ure alsolm.
ly without home or shelter. Tliw,
1L000 people ore of the lulling c.
who have been driven into the cilia
from their country homes, which hit.
been destroyed by the war nKirstiooi
Most of them are women ami chitrrfB
and they are emaciated, sick am aL
most beyond relief, unless they ai
have tho benefit of regular treatmut
in the hospital.. A. it is, they in
dying in the streets for want of food.
According to statistics gathered froq
the best ofllcinl sources, the number of
deaths in the province of Matum
from starvation is 80,000, an
number of starving people at prwtm 1
in the province is estimated at IS ton
out of a total population of 263,616 ia
December, 1807, and tho number of
starving people is rapidly iiicreaiin&
In tho city of MutHnzas altmt then
hnve been about 11,000 deuthi doricj
the past year and the number ii inert
ing daily. The deuth rato at present
averages 46 per duy, as shown b; tt
reports at the cemetery. The in.
creased death rate is due to the fat.
that the distress is no longer condnsl
to the laboring class, most of whoa
have already perished. Itisnowti.
tended to the people who befora tbt
war were in moderately comfertibw
circumstances. Those now Legging ii
the streets were in large purt welt-to-do
people or children of the well-to-do.
The citizens of the city of Miitintu
themselves are begging for the ictml
necessities of life, having exbanttrl
their resources in order to supply tl
needs of the laboring class who hart
been quartered upon them.
The citizens of Matanzas have u
organized system of relief for the stanr
ing people, but it is entirely intnlequiti
und is daily becoming more glaringl;
so, for the resources of those who wen
well-to-do are rapidly d iminiehirtf,
while the detnund for food is constantly
increasing. - At one of the stations tlx
board of officers found 100 penoni
starving, this being the actual nornta
of people for which the citizens bad
been able to provide relief thert
Puna of rice and lisli were arranged it
rows ready for distribution among IU
people who were waiting in anoihs
purt of the houso. But this relief da
not begin to supply the 14,000
who are starving in the streets, forth
citizens are only able to issue M
once daily at each place and tlieos
only about 100 ut a time. Consequent
ly only about 000 of the destitute p
pie receive food in a day. It should M
added that n large number of the citi
zens of Matanzas have fed the etarvim
in the streets in front of their on
homes, but the citizens themselves an
fueling the pinch nnd privation, inl
unless assistance soon conies to then,
they will be compelled, in self prot
tion, to cease the work of charity ii
which they are now engaged and whick
is seemingly the only salvation forth
starving thousands.
The only public relief nt Mutants!
that given to the sick children br the
management of the emergency horpiul
which is under direction of the voim
teer fire department of Mutant
There are ubout 80 children treats!
daily, furnished with nourishment, wi
der the direction of the city phyiiciw.
These statements are the coiiclmw
facts und figures arrived at by
of United States naval ofllcers. Vim
tho ofllcers landed, they were constant
ly followed by clamoring crowdi a
starving men, women and cliiMr
who importuned them in the v
heartrending manner for a li ttle W
for the want of which they wereilw
The United Stntes consul at M
zas has done everything possible nn
tho eircumstanoes, buf when the N"1'
gomery loft the oonsul hud only eiionf"
rations remaining to lust ubout I"
Work at Leaaue Ialn1-
Philadelphia, Feb. 25. Imper1'"
orders were issued today to tliepai""!1
working on the eruiscr Minni-ai!"
the drydock at League island, that ' I' .
must tlniHh her so that she can b Doij
od at high tide tomorrow. The for
men bus been enlarged ""..! .
worked until dusk tonight and
suine nt daylight in the morning- 11
navy yard' was crowded today '
men desiring to enlist, but onlJK
were accepted.
An Irrevocable Heel"!'"1'
X- xr-l n A .li.niltl'h f
new iotk, ruo. o. "-r- .
the Herald from Madrid says: A,B
question of the purchase oi -
again being pushed in hingteu
may be of interest to state, on
highest authority, that rul"
never, no matter what govenin'"1
in power, consider any s-,n '"j
tion or any compromise in Cu1, '-(fj
the broud measure of autonomy r
by the liberal government. Tli
irrevocable decision.
In Fighting order. .
Norfolk, V." Feb. -
reported ready for sea at noon t
the monitoi Terror is still villg h ,
dock awaiting orders. She '
leave tonight, possibly not lot
days. It is believed the chai'KJ ' ,
Vitcaya'a plans has result i
change of those ( f the Terror. tf
pedo boat Winslow will
ea by Monday, and the M
week. The Puritau will
ready to leave the yard under iu- j
The number of men nt tl" J
probably be doubled by March L