The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, November 06, 1897, Image 1

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rates made known
."" on application
builutae Vrttsre to GUARD,
Dealer in
jjclu, Watches, Chains. Jewelry, Etc.
j-jiiWarli Warrants.
lw. brown, m. d.
Dh..tolan and ourgeon,
nfel ud OT.r postoffie.
hf Detll and Naw Price In Foreign ana
IwaMtle Jlarbls and Oronlta, Monument,
Headitonea and Cemetary work of
all klndi lor IK.
Ulwttu Htrtwt, nor Poitoffloa. Kuine,Or
Omct-One-bBll block soutk ol Chrliman'i
ULT11.V1T(I. ltUUI
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Will f lattice iv H ll
'Offloalo Walton Llock.
RVrlnf purchated the offlc and allures o
tktktaikct-utd W. V. Hauderaon, 1 am , now
,iiwi to do anything In ins Una o DoulUlr
ui tuna asm umce,
Croan ana Brleas wort a tpaclaltf,
a. d. nunc r.w
km Loan and Savings
- - Oregon.
UCT0R8-D. A. Paina, J. B. Harris. J. I
Ua?l, B. D. Paine. W. B. Brown, J. F.
Kouiueon, T. w, UiDarn.
ruiDDCajitai, : : : $50,000.
Banking Business Transacted
InUilt lllnviul An tlm. d.MMltS.
ColletlonientiuitedtoouroaM will recolve
mpl attention.
Lane County Bank,
(KaUriUahed In 1881)
A general Banking business
II all hnnrhai transacted On
vorable terms.
A. O. HOVEY, President.
A. G. HOVEY' JR.. AfrtttfD
T. O. Hsanaiaica.
P K. SKODOBAsa, Aaalatant Caahiar.
First national Basis
01 Eugene.
Paid nn I nth f.nittl 150.000
Surplus tad ProflMW.OOO
Eugene - - Oregon.
A nna&i knWt. iu.Ji.Ha Hnn. ob naaotv
laUrmi. Iht draft, on NKW YORK,
1AI. APmi.1V
HUU ol eiehaoga'enld oa (oralgn ooontriea.
PwltaraoiTdaubJaottp aback or oertifi
aaUnf All ooUootiona aotraiUd to oa will reoeira
topt attanttom,
tion Service Very
Wm P Cou'deo of Tarai Delivers an
Eloipl Address.
Ottarr Eierclora la U.iall.
Daily Guard Kortmbar 1.
The Eugene Divinity school build
ing, now formally dedicated la the ex
ercises of yesterday, will be placed In
active ue. Cowls memorial hall and
aonex were crowded to their u tint at
capacity by those In attendance, and
this provea the d iy of birth fur an lo
stltutlon from which much la rightly
The exercises of the afternoon begun
at2;30wllb a voluntary by the or
ganist, Miss Pearl Laklo. Iheaudl
enoeled by the Divinity school choir
sang "All Hall the Powtr of Jesus
Name." Bishop Mills then oflered a
beautiful prayer, after which il e choir
rendered a selection, "The Itlble."
Dean Banderson Introduced to the
assembly, Rev Win F Cowdeo.superln
tendeut of Missions for tbo Pacific
Nortbwe t, wbo spoke eloquently a- d
at some length on the origin of the
Eugene Divluity school, paying some
beautiful tributes to thi success of
Dean Banderson and his co-workers
and rompllmentli g the people at large
upon the erection and founding of this
grand Institution, erected for the use
of dlsemioatlng Bible Instruction to
the young men and young women of
the stale ol Oregon who come hereto
attei d the state university. He spoke
or the educational f duties or the peo
ple with whom be stauds Identified,
and staled that the plsu upon whiob
this school Is erected under the
shadow or the state university and In
such a manner adjacent to that Insti
tution that the students from each
have the beutfit of the other school,
01 'gloated in the minds or the women
of tbo C V B M (the women's mission
ary soc.etyoftbe Christian church.)
The flnit one or this kind was built at
Ann Arbor, Michigan, in connection
with the University or Michigan.
Another one at Berkeley, Cal, In con
neo Ion with the University or Califor
nia. He said: "The people or iub
Christian church have no theological
schools, we have no need ror mem.
We Lave Bible schools but we have no
theology. We teach young men tne
Bible and believe that will lead them
to the true theology, wheu by teach
ing them tuelogy; it might bias
their minds in such a manner that
thev would accept error. Dean Ban-
deraon la not here to leach about the
rii.i. hut to teach the Bible
io.tudvit.and what It meana." He
sDokeofthe benefits derived by the
ministry fron tne universiuw,
i.ii v nn account or the existing
hw manv school, and students or the
universities that l&creare coomuis be
1 I
tween science and the bible; between
f.iih and reason. By being associated
wl h them the mlnisterlel students roe-
... .mutinied with their douota
and are mow able to cops with them,
Hat-mnhatlzed the need or an ea
ucMted ministry and saia ine iim
bud lorever passed that the prea 'ner
wi'-li me personal magnetism and a
few bible truths, and wbo was able to
n..u nn exhortation was a BCIC0 S8IU1
miniver. The Brest educational in
stltutlons ol this age are m.u
scholars and the preacher must oe aoie
even to educate, to teach these or he Is
a rain. Closing be said:
The ureacher of today must present
thecla'ms of the bible in sucu a mau
ner as to ar peal to the reason oi men
If he would have them accept it, and
i. fur this purpose, to equip
vounamcn of this state that thla In-
1 . . . III HnA
stltutlon is Intended anu you wm
that In time it will cause bible knowl
edsetobesi multiplied that the peo-
pie of Mill, city win oe oeiver
H ft i (lie liiio mo iui .
f iat ice were anajuu
are to
be cjui.liiiiented upon ne
ment. here."
BUhop Mills wm men iuuuu-
friend to the Institution and spoke
. ..u .k r iim school and
warmiy oi wi - --
especially of the success of Dean Ban-
7on. Heid: "That this wa. an
Son upon which ail CbrWtndom
of Christ's body " v"'
01 " ir nnAmemlxr suffers,
-onnecHu --, one
,11 members suner w.m ... -
" t ini il memoirs n-Jolce
SuVHe .aldtb.good that would
'lJ ' .. , i...lM..llnn waS lin-
result from mis iu...
meble. asnar
Dr Chapman then sjxike concerning
the connection or the attitude or the U
or 0 toward the Divinity tcVol. He
said be bad watched with deep Inter
est the progreee or the school and was
glad It wm located here. He said the,
regents and officers or the U or O had
placed no limitations upon the oppor
tunities of the Divinity students. They
bad given with willing hand, but
It at they had also received freely. He
said that I e could see that since the
establishment or the Divinity Bchool
and the college Y MCA, that tl.ey
bad better clasa or students In the
University. He was glad or Its erec
tion aud said that be would ball with
delight the day that the University of
Oregon woulu be surrounded on all
sides by Divinity schools of all denom
Dean Banderson then spoke of the
woik and workers, mentioning especi
ally the name of Judge Cowls, de
ceased, of McMinuvllle, and his wife,
who gave f 1400 toward the erection of
the building. Tears or sorrow came to
his eyes aa he spoke or the darkuets
that was upon his soul the day he
learned or the death or that Rood man,
Judge Cw!s. Hon T O Hendricks, be
said, was also one or the early friends
aud helpers ol the Institution. He
spoke or the good work of the b'.illdlng
committee and Mr Hummers, the
superlutendeut of construction.
A number waa then rendered by
the Divinity School choir and the
services closed with the offering or the
Dedicatory Prayer by Rev Morton L
Rose, pastor of the Christian church of
The history of the organization and
grwth of this school Is the history of
the energy and zeal of the dean, E C
Sanderson, aided by promlueut mem-
beis of the church over thestate whom
be succeeded in interesting In the edu
cational movement.
The articles of incorporation were
obtained In the fall oflbOo with the
lollowlng board or regents: JW Cowls,
McMinuvllle; J A Busbnell, Junction;
W H Oaborn, Balem; J H Haw ley
Monmouth; J D Matlock, Eugene; J
T Callison, Euaene; P J Flint, North
Yakima, Waah. The school opened
OctO, 1805, In a rented but commodi
ous UUIIUing, me aneuaauce ueiug
very salisfactoiy. The foundation of a
library waa laid that year, whlc'i lias
steadily grown until It contains sever
al hundred volumes. The second year
was even more satisfactory. During
the summer of 1806, the opportunity of
acquiring a splendid plot of ground
dlolnlng the University campus pre
sented Itself and ws promptly taken
advantage of by the board. Almost
mmedlately an effort ror a new uuuu-
a a J
ing waa commenced anu lurs juuge
J W Cowls, who was elected to a place
on the board to succeed her husband,
now deceased, subscribed S 1000, with
the ouly proviso that the chapel ol the
school should be known as the "Cowls
memorial cbapel." Dean Banderson
made Ions' canvwslng tours aud was
successful to the extent that when the
building aeaeou opened this year, tne
contract for the new structure was let,
the work besan and the One new Dunn
ing now adorning their property Is the
retult. . .
Extended descriptions or the build
ing have already bem published, to
that a general outline only Is neces
sary. The basement contains the fur
naces, warerooms, ana a iew iuuiu. .u.
students. The first floor contains the
Cowls memorial, chapel, recitation
rooms, library, dean'a offices, etc i ne
nd flior is arranged for a dormi
tory and will accommodate a number
f.n,Hnta. The Plan or the building
. . J..1..1.1. .uniii to tne nceos oi
IS BUUJlwJ " , , .
.Mmol. belnir rurnace-neaieu
... !... iiiitid bv electricity, wa-
lUrouKuuu., . ..
- t-. .'B nifllns.
terfroin me jugeuo wu.j
a Wire cesspool has oeen con
structed for uee until the sewer system
i. .vended that far.
Th. orna or Instm tors Is efficient,
,nd thorough, and la sufficient for the
present needs or the school, studies In
the classical courses being taken at the
University or Oregou.
The Instructors at pieeent are as fol
Fnrna C Bauderson, Dean A B,
Oskaloosa college, 1883; A M, 0ka
i. rolleee. 1886; B D, Drake unl
R B T. University ol
Chicago, 1804; D D, Willamette
.orultff 1RQ6.
Morton LBose, associate professor
graduate from the Bible college, Drake
iin J Handsaker, leader
.i..innarv history and biography,
The executive ooniruiuee oi iu
- ... . . i .
u j -r nmiii la aa loiiows; irrci-
HPnt. J A Bushnell; vice presldenU,
D Matlock and J t uainw.u,
t. t o r.i- Mor.tarv. W R H illen
lr a i
beck; and Dean E C Banderson.
Daily Guard, Soremoerl.
itimhcr Mashed Off. A
duiii at the Ccbuw shingle mill to-
Hav bad bla left fore floger masbed off
j k. ih. Hm Dr
at the aeoouu jmu. j
f w ir.rrla dressed the
A "
MARRIED.-AI the residence of J
n. Snrinalleld, Oct 28, 1807, M
n.,i.t L Young and Miss Mary W
Thompson, both of Lane county
0 ti. Afftpl.tlnir.
U 11 Horaerull, ofCorvallia, la In the
Alf Walker of Cottage firove, was In
Eugene today. -
n A WaHhburne.the Bpriug field mill
man Is In the city.
I'M I'eiigra returned to Brownsville,
on today's 10:50 local.
C V Uverbaugb, oftlfe Uulou Paciflo
railroad Is In the cltyy I
Alf Walker returpd to Cottage
Grov this af tern ion.
Mrs O race Osburn went to Junction
on this morning's local.
Poa.iuuii'.er J W Shumate of Walter
villa wiis lu lown tooUy. .,
Ell Ilangk and wife will leave for the
Eut Thu nday morning.
Twenty car loads or wheal were
by the Eugene mill yesterday.
H N Cockerllue went to points
north by this moru lug's local.
Wm Mayer and J W Wllhrow inndo
a business trip to Junction today.
fa inters are now busily engaged on
the new ChriHtlan church building.
N H Tlitt, or Portland, rfpreseutlng
the Portland hospital, Is lo the city.
Miss Gertrude Wldmer arrived home
this afternoon from a visit at Heat lie.
8am May, the well known Harris-
burg merchant, Is In the city on busi
MIks Jennie Porter, or Halsey, bat
been visiting frleuds In Eugene for a
few days.
Miss Clartf Pengrais still In a very
critical ooudltl'w, being reported no
better today.
David Link is moving his boot and
shoe store into the V T Campbell
b.lck building.
The appiaisement of Dr W M
Smith's estate at Turner amounts to a
little over $13,000.
Bupt Fields and Itoadmaster
Grondahlortho Botithern Paciflo, re
turned to Portland today.
The business streets are being clean
ed up todav by hobos, who are sojourn
lng a few days under sentence.
A letter received from Wld McOee,
Folsom, California, says he has been
sick but U again able to resume work.
Circuit court will be compelled to
adjouru Saturday evening as the Ber
ton county term of circuit court con
venes in Corvallls next Monday.
Mrs Fannie Lonnsburyof Portland)
ruHpectorof the Womau's Relief Corps
of the ftate. went to Cottage Urove
this afternoon on an official visit.
Mrs Lockwood, mother or Mrs M I.
Wttshburne, will leave on a visit to
relatives and friends In Missouri
Thursday morning, via the u P R R.
Mr aud Mrs John Turley and Mrs
Mary Hayes left for their home in
Heppner on this morning's local. Tbey
have been visiting relatives lu Ibis
O Pierce, or the Fojrteenth Infantry,
U B A came over from Vancouver yes
terday on . a short visit. He made the
trip on a wheel and reports the roads
rather rough.
There are three candidates lo rent
the Willamette hotel at balem, ore
being the proprietor of the Por'land
as a side Issoe. It Is said to be an ele
phant to run.
The town oiHumpter, uaaer couuijr,
has a population of nearly 1,000. One
year ago it waa a worn oun ymuer
camp with a population ouess man
100. What a change!
The Union Pacific railroad waa sold
at auction yefterday at Omaha, Neb.
The reorganization got it for 5t,07V
737. The government will lack over
$400,000 of receiving the expected t58,
a flHh supposed to be a herring or
mackerel found in large numbers at Ya
quina Bay was aent to Pror Cordley, or
i. n a who said u was aiuiyij
Clupanodon Caeruleus, that la a Cal
i rnrnia sardine.
The two women serving out cuy
sentence have been transferred to the
ammnn's cell lu the county Jail mrougn
the klndneas or Sheriff Johnson. They
t i. harjpv as they have been
singing all day.
f i, Kalein Dally journal nas cu
lnred to an eight column size. It Is
splenJld paper and lla proprietori are
entitled to tue paironauo iu ouuic
them to enlarge. Way me paper grow
Inrtror and larger.
'I'nriav's Salem Statesman: LRlckell
the night guard at the state capltol,
was summoned to his home In Eugene
vesterday morning by a telegram an-
nounclng the almost isiai iimwvi
venerable father. He departed south
nn Hia forenoon local train.
Balem Statesman: neaidem w v
Hawley started yesterday for Deuve-,
Colorado. He goes lo anena me senji-
nual meeting of the controlling com'
niittee of the Woodmen or the World
l, ih chairman, ue win oe
SJI TV -!- '
nrobably two weeks.
Mrs W U lrioe reiuruou vu ui
morning's overland from Sacramento,
California where ahe bad been In at
tendance upon her husband, wbo bad
. m , . i - i,i.
been quite 111. Mr Trine la now im
nrovinz and Iwlll take the race mare,
Be-jile UaJkin to uaaiana or Aiauima
this winter. He will not be able to
n . a , A -
work for a month or so yet, and weighs
now OIllV 130 pounds, bis normal
weight, being about 180.
The CooBcil Passes llic New Electric
Light Franchise.
Ordlaaae la tall.
Dally Guard Koremtwr 2.
The common council met hut even
ing at the call or the mayor. P.eaent
Mayor Kuykendall aud Councilmen
Day, Uray, Fiber. Horn and Lurkey
On motion or Councilman I'uy the ro
oorder waa aulhoil.rd to hue Mr
Gran beck a license at the ra'e or flO
per week toexhlbl his moukey show.
Engrossed ordinance of electrlo light
plant read twice and rules suspended
and read third time aud put iiiou 1U
passage. The ordinance which Is aa
follows was passed by a unanimous
To provide ror additional electrlo
rucilities In the city or Eugene, aud
authorizing the erection aud construc
tion or lines or poles and all other
apparatus lor the operation and main
tenance thereof.
Be It ordained by (be common coun
cil of the city or Eugene:
Section 1 That authority be and la
hereby granted by the common coun
cil or I he city or Eugene to Edwin M
Force and associates, their successors
aud assigns, for the period or fifty (50)
years, to erect, construct, equip, fur-
ulsh, maintain and operate within the
corporate limits ol the city of Eugene,
In the state or Oregon, aud In all plats
and additions that are or may be at
aiytlmn hereafter addel thereto, a
modern electrlo system.
Bection 2.-Tbat the said partlea
mentioned in seotu i a ai "if
lzed to erect poles and run wires In,
over, through or under the avenues,
streets, alleys, parka and publlo places
of the city. To repair, renew aud ex
tend the samaa the requirements or
their business demaud, subject to the
conditions provided for lu succeeding
Section 8. That the plucv l'i
which It la pioposed to erea poit
shall be submitted to the street com
inlltee or the common couucll for ap
proval of location, aud no poUa shall
be erected without such approval. But
this shall not be coustrued so as to pre
vent aald parlies of section one from
extending their lines or setting their
poleo In any part ol the city necessary
for the extension and successful opera
tion ot their business. In all casts
where the walks or streeta are dis
turbed by said grautces, they shall
without delay replace said walks or
streets to aa good condition aa tbey
found them and clean 'up aud remove
all rubbish and litter, to the satisfac
tion of the street commissioner.
Section 4. That all the poles aud
line work shall be set aud work done
as near as Is practicable lu accordance
with tbe rules or the Board of Electri
cal Insurance Exchange, provided
that It will not tend to Increase the
fire risk or ratea or Insurance.
Section 6. That where the malna
or the multiple lighting system cross
each other at Junctloua or avenues,
streeta or alleye that they shall. at tuav provided with switches or
out-out boxes, eo that the current can
be cut out In c ise or flie from tiiui sec
tion of the city. And all uch pons
hall be stepped.
Ruction 6-That the city shall have
ti. ritfht under the aupervlslon of the
mavoror electrician or tne pany oi
Motion one. to run wins upou u
. IUa
poles aud struclurea erected under mis
franchise, for the purpose or establish
ing and operating a City Fire Alarm or
Police Telegiapu System.
Section 7. That the said partlea or
wMaou one shall have the right to at
tach their wires to any poles berearter
ended by tbe city, when done under
tbe supervision of the proper cuy
tho lty.
Skction 8 -That ir the syidein la not
In nperatlou on or before the first day
nfAuuust. 1808. that nils iraucuiw
shall become null and void, unless iub
delay Is caused b procena or law or oy
natural elements, floods or lire.
Section. 9-That the said Edward
M Force, bis succeMrs or
assigns, shall within sixty (6j) days of
,i. ..aaof ihla ordinance and Its
v Liu " n -
.nnroval bv the mayor, fll their writ
teu rcc- ptance of Its pnivlnons, with
the CilV It-cord, r, togeihi-r wMi a vr.
tiffed check ..f live hundred dollars
(loOO.) Bald check la to he hold as a that. Lha eliictrio Dliint shall
be In operation by August lt, 18! S,
aud when in operation said checks to
be returned. In cose they shall nsve
performed five hundred doi'.urs I. a.uj
In labor, actual or material, for ti e
proposed system, wltblu thesixiy w)
days pending acceptance, tbey shall
not then be renuirea to uepnau
In case or tbelr railure to Me their w-
ntancaand certified check, or per
form the labor, aa above spicUled, then
thl franchise shall be forfeited
N L Cornelius Is In Eugene again.
The brick work on (he Pratt building
Is completed.
Secretary Klocald returned to Ba
lem this forenoon.
Salem baa 1500 pupils In attendance
on the publlo school.
Uncle Johnny Diamond, of Coburg
waa In Eugene today.
Al Waddle, the well known Port
land drummer, was In tbe city today.
Hon II B Miller bss returnrd home
from Portlaud and Boutbern Oregon.
Miss Catherine O Coggswcll, of Port
land, Is vlsitlog In Eugene, and will
temaln for some lime.
Rev M L Rose went to Junction this
morning to resume his revival meet
ings at that place.
Olen O Po-Aers, an employ of tbe
state asylum at Salem came up last
evening on a abort visit.
Attorney Woodcock and James
Abrams went to Dougtaa county thla
afternoon lor a short atny.
Jamea Pelton and Z M Brown, of
Prlnevllle, and UN Thompson, of
Chicago, cattlemen, are lu the olty.
J Roateln, secretary of the Victoria
Transfer Co, ot Victoria, B C. la in tbe
city visiting bla brother L A Rosteln.
Baker City Republican, Oct 28: Carl
Batteeand Rolllo Rossman, of Eu
gene, ai rived In this city lb la morn
log. Balem Journal of Saturday: Mlas
Rosalie Friendly, ol Eugene, Is a guest
of tbe Misses Pains at tbe asylum for a
few days.
Miss Edythe Hoffman leavee on to
night's overland train for Ban Francis
co, where she will visit two or three
Florence West: Aldsn Hayes and
wife are preparing to move to Eugene
where they expect to make tbelr borne
tor a time.
Cos Matlock threw a royal flush and
J W Wlthrow a straight flush on
Julius Ooldsmlth's slot machine Sat
urday night.
GemlinaRoblnctt has been appoint
ed administratrix of tbe estate or
James- Roblnett, deceased. Probable
value of estate, f 2,000.
Albany Democrat: Mlas Maltls
Lee, sister or C O Lee and one of Lane
couuty'a school maams, la In tbe city
the guest or her brother.
Geo H Yerlngton came down from
tbe Blue River mlnea Saturday and
has taken a position In Yerlngton's
Ninth street pharmacy.
Shed Garrison went to Salem thla
forenoon where be baa taken ft post
lion as printer and assistant engineer
In the deaf mute school.
Ed Pengra la In the city on ft visit to
his sister, Miss Clare, who la quite III
withetomaoh troubles at tbe family
resideoce on Eleventh street
A marriage license, waa Issued this
afternoon by County Clerk Jennings,
to Benton Wlscaraon. 23 years, and
Miss Emma Q Harris, Zi yeaia.
R R Watts, ot Corvallls, who baa
been Inspecting tbe Blue RWer mines
for a week arrived down today. He
thlnki the mines have ft great future-
New Circuit Court Cases.
The following cases were filed Satur
J H Soever vs R Bmole: to recover
money on ft promissory note. iuog
a W A
ment Is asked for $220 and interest
J H Soever va R Bmole; to recover
money. Judgment la as sea ror tooo
and possession of premises.
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difference. Take it in powder or in liquid
already prepared, or make a tea jf the
powder; but take SIMMONS LIVER REGU
Lator. You'll find the KED Z on every
p ckage. Look for It
J. IL ZoUla A Oa, I'hlladelpbia, Pa.
Died Suddenly at Ills Heme Sear
Springfield This Fereaoon.
DailT Guard, Xorembar 1.
About 11 o'clock tbla forenoon A D
Burton, familiarly known aa "Dolly,"
died suddenly at bla home one bait
mile below Springfield on the east aide
of the river.
Mr Button bad been engaged de
horning a bull and after the work was
flnlahed went to bla borne complain
ing ol being hot and abort of breath,
and eoon died. It la supposed death
waa caused by heart failure.
A D Burton came to Oregon In 1862
from Missouri. He married Mlas
Martha Gordpasture a atep daughter
of Jaoob Gillespie's. His wlfo died In
1893. In 1881 be waa elected a mem
ber or tbe lower bouse In tbe state leg
islature. He waa about OS years or age.
A D Burton, though a man of strong
likes and dislikes, vu ft good citizen;
ft man of honor and probity.
Therankaot the pioneers are rap-
Idly thinning. No announcement ot
tho date of tbe funeral has yet been
Dr T W Harrla waa called. He aayi
that Mr Burton after dehorning tbe
animal, raised up, staggered and fell
to tbe ground. Mr Brattaln raised
him up when he gasped once or twice
and fell over dead. He bad suffered
1th heart disease for number ot
Another Suit.-B E MoClure, R
Casebter aud J W Gross have aued J
D Howard and George Porter In tbe
Lane county circuit court, for the
closing up of ft partnership between
Howard and the plaintiffs In the
"Elmlra Mill Co." It la alleged In tbe
complaint that the aald Howard baa
sold 1,000,000 feet of saw logs, worth
$4,700, nd $300 worth of logs to for
ard, Insolvent, fraudulently, and asks
that a receiver be appointed for tbe
partnership and all property be sold to
tbe highest bidder for cash, and all
debts be paid, and tbe balance be
equally divided among tbe partners.
It also asks that tbe pretended aale to
Porter be cancelled. Judge Fullertou
has Issued an loluuotlon to Porter pre
venting him from disposing of the
property or Interfering with It during
tbe pendeucy of tbe suit
Meobanloa overalls In black
eight pockets, elastlo suspen
ders Caatrtpan collouad panU........
75c ta
Uaevy ritiU ami uc uuw a 1
unf.nre'4r. .. .... : ... ., ,v ,j
Boys' nauinl g;y and v.? V
lined sidwear...
Heavy Cno, ail alssa, ana . ; f j ,
Good heavy shoe $1.00 and p
Tbe genuine anar proof gum
boots, ahort $3 00, long $400
Velvet grip Hall eupportere.
Blanket from 60 ota ft pair up
u -
lew KeHiod of RecQvering Umbrellas.
: "J
t- '
if, r