The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, September 11, 1897, Image 1

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ESTiBLisnEJi vor the oiWEinjTioi opoEJociiTir riuiciriiUM to mi n BosnTtiTijiy bt tdriwht of on brow
I . .EM U ' l"me" """""
t -ih ll
nir. rates
" complication
mads known
lf ill biuliK"
letters to GUARD,
Latches, Chains. Jewelry, Etc,
r.,.in and Surgeon
. , ,rrnrnn.i)(B(. Bonn:
Mill MUM
-wjw and New Prices In Foreign snd
iiUe Slrble end Oraulte, Monuments,
Baditonet and Cemetery work of
til kind! for 189.
I..,.. near PostofBos. Kuiene, Or
ica-One-hall block south of'a
riJ.WAl.0N, b. E.
allpiiclke iu all the ctuitsof
JCotlo Walton Llock.
Jirir.i purehmtd the office nd fixtures 0
w v iiAndHrion. 1 am now
! to do anything In the Hue o Deutlatry
tbof e uiJ otlice.
Ctm ma Bridge work s Specialty.
NO 37
The Light anil Wain Hauls Will
k Put in at Once.
. HOW N,
Mt Loan and Savings
ICT0R3-D. A. Paltie, J. B. Hurls, J.
"wn, B. D. Paine, W. K. Brown, ). F.
Kobiuou, F. W. Otbura.
Hi Dd Capital. : : : $50,000.
W Banking Business Transacted
.tallowed on time deposit.
Uoiiienirustedtoourcrt will receive
i attention
)ne County Bank.
(btaMUbed In 1882.)
0ner Banking buali
branches transacted
fb(o terms.
f G. HOVEY, President.
'. M.ABRAMS, Cashier.
nuvjiX'jB., Aast Cain
5 PreaiJent.
oxouiiAiu. A r..t.u.
8. B.Eakik,
i National Bank
Oi Eugene.
u on likh rnfi 4)(a aaa
Wind Profits, $50,000
gene - - Oregon.
t!J2ll!tlB bnalneae done on rura
"IS) sfi? NKW YORK.
Jd on foreign ootmtHee.
(ujaobjeot to check or oertifi
t?1J"nMtoj to a vfll raoeiTe
Oilier linprevrineule .tlstfr
Patl, ouaia, kViemU.-r C.
ThU ruoruli.K a Guard ri'orler vU
M the Unlvermty of Oregon groundu
nd fouuJ that woik Ims already com
menced on the laiiroVfiiitnt8 ordend
a theieceiuiuwlingof tlie t-xecutlve
connultlee of the lou id of regent.
The new electrlo light nud water
plautewlllU) i.laitd in I he iliical
lahoiatory In Hie UHement of Hie gyn.
iboiuiii. xurKiiieu are toiinv .
vatlug to ijlaee In afouudation for tli
new pumpe, which will be located Jubt
went 01 me two boilers. They will use
water rrom the first large well which
Is Just south of the gymnasium prut
and was used before the the cunmm
was couiiecieu wun me city water
work. The well Is large and well
mint and the water said to be Que. It
will be pumped dry and thoroughly
overhauled and renovated before bei
put to active usesgulo.
A uew rj-horee -power Sruxel en-
glLe will be placed In, and w ill be lo
cated by the side of the engine now in
the laboratory. The new dynamo will
be located by the side of the little
dynamo now In use. Prof Frledel,
who bos the matter iu charge, in
formed the reporter they would have
a maximum capacity of 1500 light. It
has not been decided yet whether the
new dynamo will be purchased from
abroad or marie here. Anew luthe.
planer and drill press have been added
to the equipment of the physical litiga
tory, which will greatly facilitate
technical work.
The water power will bo uuittuented
by two tanks, 1500 gallons each, w hicli
will Le placed In the towers of Dcady
The lutention is to allow ueedy and
worthy students to do as much of the
work as possible, e pcdally those w ho
have the laboratory work in their cur
riculum. Tills is following out a hvh
tern adopted at Cornell University
1th considerable success, the erection
of several buildiugs of that school be
ing entirely the work of etudeuts.
The Collier buru is being thoroughly
overhauled and refitted for Profei-sor
McAlister's uew quarters, and the
astronomical observatory will be quar
tered thero also.
The w ires to I ho various buildings
from the electrlo light plant w ill be
above ground, the poles having already
baen placed in posltlonlfor the system of
electrlo bells which was put in by Seth
Janitor Close Is busy also with lira
work and is Btralghteuing up the cam
pus fence. When the first semester
opens September 20lh everything is
expected to be in good shape.
Interviews With Growers Indicate a
Third or a Crop iu Lane.
DalljrGuatd, BvptcmberO.
Duriug the past forty eight hours a
Uuard reporter has talked with many
of the leading hop growers of Laue
cunty. They are unanimous iu the
oplniou that a very small crop of hops
will be the result rf the harvest iu the
county. Hardly any or mem preuict
over a third of a crop. Aud in this
computatio.i it must be remembered
that It Is made on the basis that l lie
greater portion of those uuharvested
will yet be saved.
Mould Is appearing In nearly eveiy
yarJ aud spreading rapidly, and the
present showery weather is wnen it
flourishes best.
One grower said his crop would fall
15,000 pounds below his estimate, an
other 17,000 lb-, another 20,003, while
seeral state the amount a I the way
rom 10,000 to '5,000.
It has been a hard year o . the pro
ducers of bops.
J Iavles returned from Junction
Postmaster Itouey of Cioshen, was In
he city today.
Judge J J Daly of IUIss, Bp, nt Sun
day Iu Kugene.
Mrs Phil Xels of Halem, ha returned
rroui holey Spring.
I'ean Haudeison arrived home on
today's morulug local.
J A llushuell and wife of Junction,
were in town over Sunday.
A ,1 . 1.. it ... . .
.iioeri amer or ppringtleid, wa
d lug business in Kugsne today.
J H Uoodmau went to Cottage
urove this afternoon for a short vleit.
Miss C B Keeoey aud brother, Har
ry, of Jasper, were In the city today.
Dr W W Oglesby of Junction, was
an arrival by today's afternoon local
Hon H B Miller wcut to Newport
today to accompany his family home,
Mrs S Handsaker aud son Thomas,
left on this morning's local forTacoma
Miss Agnes Harris arrived home
today from Salem, where she has b-?eo
the guest of Mrs C F Martin.
James Ricktl, nlghtwatch at the
capitol building, Salem, is up for a
week's visit w ith his fam ly.
Mr and Mrs Frank Scott of Crrswell
leave tonight for a trip to California.
They will be absent two weeks.
Hon II R Kiucaid and wife and son,
Webater, were registered at the Hotel
Helcia, Helena Montana, last Friday
Th's I labor day a-eoidiug to a law
made by the Oregon legislature. Our
piople are laboring but notceiebiatlng.
The Eugene public schools will be
gin their sessions next Monday. The
I niverslty of Oregon the week follow
urinaries fried 1 was a passenger
ii' Portland today where he goes in
the interest of the university improve,
Win Killlngswortli, of P rtland was
passenger on the steamer Elder that
sailed from Portland. Sunday, for
Gave tlie Ciaadian Authorities (lie
Slip. Dangerous Craft fi-r
Ocean Navigation.
Officers Recommended.
The Oregon congressional delegation
Saturday agreed upon the following
recomu-eudatlont for appointment to
federal offljes In Oregon: United States
marshal Zoeth Houser.of Umatilla
county. United States district at
torney, John H Hall, of Portland.
Armruiser of customs, Willamette die-
trict, at Portland, Colonel Owen Hum
Frank Carman and Elmei Liverman
S P employes are in Eugene aud will
leave iu a day or so up the Military
road for an outing.
J T Wetherbe this morning pur
chased a fine team of horses from
Marion Bonuett, and will use the same
on his farm U' fir Creswell.
Monmouth item: Prof 15 F Mulkey,
has reuted 1. I) M Doty's residence
and his niolhi'i-Iii-huv, Mrs Parks, of
riea-aut Hill, will keep house for him
this winter.
Mayor Wm Kuykeudall went to
Gardiner Saturday to accompany his
family hom?, they having spent the
summer there. They arrived on to
day's 10:50 local.
The Ed I! nun stoc k of goods is be
n g moved to the Titus block, his new
quarters. Mr Uaum was in the Camp
bell block 1 1 years Instead of 8, as
previously stateJ.
Mrand Mrs Fred Xackerman and
Mis Rogers ond child, of Salem, who
have been sojourning at Belknap
SpriDgs, pissed through Eugene yes
terday en route heme.
The MisMs Meyersteln, of San Fran
cisco, who have been the gues's of rel
atives, Goldsmith and Julius Gold
smith and families, started this morn
ing on their return home.
Mis Lou Rnshaw returned h3me
on today's 2.04 local from a visit at
Salem, Independence and Xewport-by-the-sea.
Her many friends will be
glad to welcome her back.
P N Laird and family of Pleasant
Hill, and John Handsaker of Eugene,
have returned from a weeks outlug up
the Middle Foik. While absent they
feasted o i vei.isou and trout.
C B Jeffries has caused the arrest of
Willis Brown in Porllund on charge of
libel. Both parties are fruit commis
sion agents ond their personal difficul
ties are the result of business rivalries.
Commissioner W T Bailey is now on
the lower Siuslaw on a road Inspecting
tour. Several bridges in that section
also demand the county's attention.
He Is expected to return In a day or
Bolivar Cogswell of Linn county, was
In the city today, hiring a plasterer,
Mr Lombard, and contracting for bis
machine work of George Midgley.
He received bids from Portland, Salem,
Albany and Eugene, and Mr Mldgle,
was the lowest. , u
Coquille Bulletin: "Rev J B Mo
CVIu bids our city farewell Mo .day
mornin.- by takiog leave for Central
a.. ..!.. a Via has
I CI II i , - -
.lit .
mere, of Portland. Register of L Mieu , u.e a.rgned the pastorate o m
States land office, at Oregon city, 1 l ,,,ur,b, and the change is m.u.
Oeer, of Marion county.
Gloky TKKKis.-iuce our la.t re
port the Issuance of marriage licenses
na. take., a boom, aud Clerk Jennies
am, an Increase of busiuess in that
line this fall The come-ear!y-aud-avoid
.inrush Dolicv w ill not have t ad-
not thought
the-rusb policy
hered to however, as it is
tl, nriceof llceus S will go
.n.l lodav Dermic
.. Mar n Row
. 1.. v r-i,.nman. 28: Lawrence
Moxley,23,and Mi Clara M tr'
18; Clarence L Lerwlll, 20, and
Amy Angeline Shipley, 2..
in hopes of benefitting Mrs McCain's
,,oor health." Mr McCain formerly
resided in Eugene.
Si-edForLuel.-"CB JefJries,of
! he firm of CB Jeflries 4 Co., fruit
packers and shipper., 326 Chamber of
Commerce was arreted Saturday on
comrlalut of Wi lis Brown, for pub-
.sat-'lisblugiuacircul.r alleged 'awe mat-
w urn
fZ W in which it was said that he
i and Miss dodging hi. creditors, e c. Jeflri
'Terence O Co are doing .large business .11 .
flrles A
! the state. Uiownrfpiu...u
I flrm and is competing ft busines "-
portl.nd Tribune.
i ue river steamer l-.ugene, mat was
built for Unfile on the upper NVillam
et.e, her builders not supinteing she
would ever encounter dangers more
erious that sunken snugs aud shallow
river btrs, is on her way to Alaska
loaded with Klondike gold seekers.
The Eugene was not built with the
view of withstanding the pounding
and buffeting of the ocean waves and,
although her hull was strengthened
before ieavlug Portland, she may
never reach the great Yukou river
whose waters are supposed to flow over
beds of gold. The Eugene is a flat bot
tomed boat built for traffic on the up
per Willamette and, for a time, a
couple of wluters ago, made Irregular
trips to Eugene, the town after which
she was uamed. The traffio on the
upper river was attended with too
mauy difficulties and she soou ceased
coming here, plying is a freight boat
on the lower river aud Columbia as
opportunity offered.
it well Illustrates the passion gold
awakens In the minds of meu that
hundreds shou'd take passage la such
au unsuitable and dangerous craft for
ocean navigation. Her passengers
take their lives In their hands. Still
provision was made for possible ac
cident aud disaster by convoying her
by a seaworthy boat. The Exam
iner of Friday has .his regarding the
Eugene's trip:
"Victoria, Sept 2. The river boat
Eugene, from Portluud, was today
chased up tbe Souud by a British cus
toms tugboat for violation of the rules
of this port and those of the Cnlon.
'The Eugeue is a boxed-up, flat
bottomtd, uoseaworthy st rn-wheeler
which Is being towed to Si Michaels
by the Bristol. On the way from Port
land she put In at Astoria aud again
at Port Towusend In a disabled con
dition. At scon as repairs were com
pleted the Bristol took her In tow aud
brought her up as far as the outer
wharf at this port. She baa no clear
ance papers aud no right to land here.
A fine polut has been raised as to
whether she really did land. She was
in tow of the Bristol, which did make
fast to the wharf, though she w as in
British waters. Tbe Bristol coaled at
Union, just opposite Comox, still hav
ing tbe Eugene In tow. At that place,
however, the customs authorities claim
the stearnwbeeler made fast to the
wbarf. At any rate a customs officer
was put on board. This afternoon
message reached Victoria that the Eu
gene had slipped ber mooring, carry
ing 08 the customs official with her.
The Bristol followed ber out and a lit
tle later, so the story goes, a lug was
dispatched from Nlaualmo to bring tlie
Eugeue back, or at least to take off the
ustocus official. It Is not believed
that anything can be done In the mat
ter of forcing the Eugene to return. At
pr ent she Is steaming up tbe island
passage and In due time will be over
taken and towed along by the Bristol.
"Behind this little trouble with the
customs officials there Is a story cur
rent among local captains that Cap
tain Mclutyreof the Bristol, does not
relish his task or towing tbe Eugeue.
That tbe lattsr vessel Is likely to go to
pieces the moment she encounters
rough water la (be concensus of opin
ion. At every place she has been seen
by sailing men tbe verdict has been,
She will not reach St Michaels,- ana
the fact that she has had to be repalied
already adds oorroboratlvs force to the
statement. The captain or the Eu
gene Is credited with the utterance
that If he can only make Biuauo win
be content fo remain there for the winter
"The Eueene. at the time she reached
Union was under a flue of f ICO, Impos
ed for the violation of the entrance aud
clearance law at Victoria. Collector
Milne has Intimated that the first op
portunity will be taken advantage of
to reciprocate the courtesy shown tbe
Danube by United Stales customs oi-
fieers at Bkaguay. 1 be Eugene maue
it a point to emphasise her nationality
when steaming out of Union harbor
today by raising tbe stars and stripes,
and this little Incident does not ny
nv means increase Collector Milne's
irood humor. He anuouuceJ onlulit
that be will now communicate by tlie
overland passage with the Mortbwest
mounted police officers at Dawson
City, so that the Eugene may be selz
ed Immediately upon ber arrival In
British Yukon waters. Her penalty
is certain to be a serious one, for she
has not only now to face the accuse
Hon of breaking the customs regula
lions, but tbe far more serious charge
of escaping from custody.
"Tbe captain of the Eugene wired
today to FC Davldge A Co., charterers
of tbe Bristol, urging them to 'square'
her w llli the custo n authorities. The
reply was that (ho owners! must tit
tend to the case Taking into consid
eration the j roinlse of the miners who
are her patscugeri that they will teus
ber upon her arrival Iu Yukou waters;
the prospect of a long detention hy
the Ice at tlie Arctlo circle lends and
the Interesting reception that await
her in Dawson City, the present trip
of tho Eugene promises to be an event
ful ene."
Two Cases Will be Made Injunction
and lo Restore Sijuarf.
UUbop Hargrove, of .NaUllle,
Kugene-A Sketch of His
PeUj Uuenl, September e.
Bishop R II lltrgrove and wifo of
Nashville, Teuu., arrived here from
the north this afternoon aud will
visit lor a day or two. While the
IUshop and his aife remaiu they will
be the guests at the home of our fel
low townsman, E R Skipworlh.
The Bishop came west early Iu Au
gust to hold five auuual conferences of
the M E church, S.iuth. Having al
ready presided over the Moulana and
East Columbia conferences, be will
next preside over the Columbia, which
convenes at Rxeburg the 9th prox.
Bishop Hargrove I oue of the most
emlueut of the general superintendents
of bis church. Having been elected
bishop In May, 1SS2, ho has traveled
over tbe United States and Mexico
preachlug aud laboring Iu behalf ol
Christianity and In the luterests of his
own church. The BUhop Is uot a
stranger to the Pacillo coast, this being
his second official visit lo the church.
Bishop Hargrove Is au accomplished
scholar and ha for many year been
oue of the foremost meu of the South
la the promotion of edu-ation. He
has been president of Ceutenary Col
lege, Suiutut-rtleld, Ala., aud of Ten
neie Female College, Franklin, Tenn.
After the death of Bishop McTyelre
In Febiuury, ISM), he was elected presi
dent ol the board of trusts of Vander-
bllt University of Nashville, Tenn.,
and has served continuously lu that
capacity ever since. The Bishop, ac
companied by Regent Friendly and
Prof Young.will visit the University of
Oregon tomorrow morning.
Mrs Hargrove, the Bi -hop's wife, Is
a lady of rare attainments, and Is as
zealous in tho work of the church as Is
her distinguished husband. She Is
general secretary of tho Woman's Par
sonage and Home Mission Society, and
Is traveling with the Bishop In the
particular Interest of that department
of the work especially committed to
her care. Her lulluence In the church
and in the society Is great, aud withal
distinctively for good. M s Hargrove
has steadily refused to etipoute the
cause of woman suffrage, but to the
contrary has always been anti-woman
suffrage to the cove.
The Bishop and Mrs Hargrove are
delighted with Oregon, and also reports
well of the M E church, South, on this
coast The chuich at large has made
great pi ogress In the last gem ration,
having In 1800, 440,000 mem. era aud
In 1807, 1 ,50000. We greet tho Bishop
and Mrs Hargrove most cordially.
Mork Poor Pricks. The Kao-
ramento Fruit World of Thursday, has
tbe following dispatch, which is self
explanatory, and makes fruit growers
wear solemn faces: Chicago, Sept 2.
C F X 10,213, fm Eugene, August 23d:
Hannelmau Bros, Italian CO, Bartlelts
85; S-gar, Silver 60, Itallau 65. 801
packages grossed $100." This will
hardly pay expenses after leaving tbe
packing bouse here.
A Quick Sktti.kmknt. Last week
the O C A E steamer outward bound
from San Francitco to Yaquiua, dam
aged about a carload of sugar consigned
to K II Ingham, this city. Today Mr
Ingham received notification by tel.
egrnu that the OCA K would replace
tbe damaged sacchaiine aud the same
would be up on the next steamer.
This Is a very quick adjustment of
Takino Evidence. Evidence la
being taken In the Llveruiore divorce
case before Referee II D Norton, In
this city. Attorneys A C Woodcock
and Geo A Dorr Is appear for the plain
tiff while Attorneys L BilyeuaudJJ
Dally are looking after the Interests of
the defendant It Is a hotly coutested
Grand Commandkkv. The grand
commandery, Knights Templar, wll
convene In Eugeue, Thursday, Octo
ber 14th. Ivanhoe eommaudery, of
Eugene, l making great preparations
to entertain ll. cm suitably. The eo
nle of tills ciiy will give the Sir
Heights a ui.rdial reception.
In CiHciir t.uiKi'. W (! Hern
bree, pl iiu ifl, va C P Houston and F
M Parker, as Junction City Milling Co;
to recover 1-JtO, and interest at 10 per
cent from March 10, In'jO, and (-50
attorneys fees; 1119.03 with interest at
10 percent from Oct 1,1810, aud for
costs and disbursements of actlou.
Married. At the home of the
bride's parent, Mr and M s A J Chap
man, in Fairmount, Saturday, Sept 4,
1807 by Rev M L Rose, M a re n Rose
and Miss Gussie E Chapman. The
Guard tenders its congratulations.
Papers Will he t lit Tble Week.
t'alljr (itunl, Hele
A Guard reporter Unlay saw Al
ton ey W K Scarborough aud from
him learned that the work of enjoin
ing the commlssioiieis from erecting
the court house will be commenced at
"Two suits will bo made," said the
attorney, ''one an Injunction restrain
ing them from build lug, and the other
to rest ire the square at It was origin
When asked as to the time tbe pa
pers would be tiled be replied:
It will Ih done this week. Tlie
naiHTS are now made out, aud the
money has been subscribed fsr the suit
but uot yet collected. As soou as this
Is done the papers will be placed on
file. It Is our lutention t3 carry the
matter to the supreme court, aud fully
tatlafy ourselves that Lane county's
title to the laud Is Incontrovertible be
fore a now- building Is erected, t be
lieve aUo, "said Mr Scarborough, "that
this Is the wish of 90 percent of the
people In Laue county outside of Eugene."
The Victim Formerly Lived at Cot
tage Urove.
John Duffey has been runulng a
little garden patch on the Willamette
river, says the Albany Democrat, sluce
lSUl, llvinir iu a Utile cottage or but all
alone, doing bis work and coming to
the city w heu he bad things to sell,
but generally returning home at night,
when ho did, well Intoxicated, run
ning bis w heelbarrow before hliu In a
Jagged course. He made bis last trip
on last Friday night.
Sunday morning Ed Sacrey In run
ning down to the creek after a chicken
found the body of Duffey lying face
dow nlu about six Inches of water.
Ho undoubtedly on Friday night
missed tho path to his hut and walked
off the bank about forty feet high.
There was a cut lu bis forehead show
ing that he had struck something.
Ills wheelbarrow was found about half
way down tbe bank, havlug caught
on the bushes. '
John Duftey came to Albany from
Cottage Grove lu about 18H0, and had
lived most of tho time near the place
of his death. He was seveniy-ilx
years of age, bad been married aud
had two children and a sister living
somewhere; but little Is kuowu of his
past. It has been reported that Duffey
was worth $20,000 In Minnesota prop
erty and that be had money at Inter
est In Oregon; but It Is doubtful if this
is a fact.
Two to Make One.
Dally (Juard.Beptcmber 7.
Judge Flskand Barney Paine, by
hitching together, are able to make
one good man. iuis morsiug me
Chinese pheasant bunting fever struck
lu on them, and nothing would do but
they must go together. In fact It was
almost a necessity that they should
uot be separated.
The Judgo has a very sore hand
while Barney Is a filleted with a soie
leg; so It will readily be seen that by
splicing they make one good whole
sound man. To mako the combina
tion harmonious they persuaded tbe
three legged pointer dog that may oc
casionally be seen on our streets to ao
company them to do the pointing.
If ever men started out to huut under
difficulties they are the ones. But we
stand sponsor for the statement If
ever Barney or tbe Judge gets a pheas
aut In range bis wife will have a bird
to put In the frylug pan.
Accident at Lebaneu.
Sunday afternoon as O W Aldrlch
and his son, Edward, proprietors of
the Chaintilon flourlus mill at Leb
ai on. were attempting to stop a leak In
one side of the warehouse, tbe whole
end or the warehouse gave way, com
pletely coveriug them. Tlie .larm
soon spread over the town aud lu a few
minutes a large crowd of meo were at
wcrk with shovels removing the Im
mense pile of wheat that covered them.
The men were burled under tlie wheat
nearly an hour, aud when they were
shoveled out the father was dead. The
sou wai badly bruised, but It Is thought
be Is not seriously injured.
Portland Casuallie .
Portland. SeiitO.Sumuel E lol-
man, grocer of Portsmouth, thin city
sulci ed this morning by shooting
himself lu the head with piUo
Financial troubles the cause.
Dell Elbon. dck hand on river
steamer Ocean Wave fell overboaid
and was drowned this uioalng a the
boat passed through Burnside bridge.
t 'VIE gu Iator7
Is Simmons I ivcrt Prc-.i'UTOR-jon't
tU"t to take it. 1 he I Ivrr Rets sliiRglh
duriiiK' the Winter, j ct like all nature,
and llu- sv .t. i;i k i:u i i hoked up by
the n,ij! r.i i:.l v. i .lc, uliUh Wing on
Mal'ith. levir nn I A cue and Kheuma
tism. Y m wj'it t ) wake up your Liver
now. k;t t : vu t.ike SIMMONS
I.IVLH :V.:..UOI to do it. It also
rcul.itcs the Llvcr-keeps it prnperly at
work, wlie.t your vstom will be free from
poiwn .in J 1 1 s r whole hojy Invigorated.
You g?t Till: li:sT lil.OOI) when
voir system it :i AI conjitlon, anj that
w ill omv be whni the Liver lskpt active.
1 ry a Liver kouiedy" cine and note the
dillcruke. Hut t.ikc onlv SIMMONS
Livik Kitiii AroK it h Simmons
livti: l;.ui;i..roi whk-h makes the
dilferciuv. r.ike it in ponder " In HjuIJ
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J. 1L iCciUu Co., Pa.
A Changing Shlftlur Channel on tbe
Lower Kiver. Boundary 1,1 no
between Two Counties'
Simpson, the Oregon poet, In his
beautiful "Ode to tlie WllUmette,"
says, "lime that mars us, mains and
soars us, leaves no track or trench
ou thee," but a person coming down
the river at the present time, says the
MoMlunvllle Reporter, would come to
the conclusion (hat Father Time Is
making as much of an impression on
tho river as he Is on the humau race.
The river Is changing aud shiftiug
continually; laud that was on this side
live years ago now Is In the middle of
the river, aud luud that was In Yamhill
county ten years ago is now lu Marlou
i unty. At other places land that waa
u Marion county Is now In Yamhill.
It Is not known lu tlie fall In what
clianuel tho river will be In the spring.
I u some places the river runs lu two
channels, and ut this lime ol the yer
It Is only by continuous hard work
that the boats can be kept running.
Cant. Hutch with the uew UH snag
I boat. Muthnloma. ban about thirty-
five men employed building wing
dams to throw all the water Into one
channel, driving piling and filling In
with dirt i.nd fascines to keep the
water from cutting through tbe
Moving the Court House.
Pally Uiisrd, September 7.
Work was commenced this morning
by the contrnetoia, V McFarland and ,
Chas Johnson, on the job of moving
the Laue county coutt house from its
present site on the public square to tbe
lot fronting on Seventh street, north
aud a little east of tbe building. Por
tions of the foundation have been torn
out, the bell removed aud tbe belfry
torn down. The roof, where tbe belfry
waa removed, will tie shingled over.
The court bouse Is being moved by
It Campbell. He has entered Into
an agreement with the o mimlsalonera
court of Laue county to move tbe
building aud vault to the n w location
without damage, or Interruption
to the usual everyday couuty busi
ness. The vault will be changed
from the present location on the east
to tne north end of the clerk's office.
The county will occupy the building
as usual for the years 1807 and lb08,
or until the new court bouse, wblcb
will be built on the site of the old
one, la finished, when me prop
erty falls to Mr Campbell o be used
for any ( urpose he may elect. It la
expected the moving will require
about two weeks time.
A slde'walk to better accommodate
the public will probably be built on
the north and east sides of the street
that fucs the court house In those
Dully Uuerd St'tember 7.
Adultery Cask Dismissed- Deputy
Prosecuting Attorney L T Harris, who
was called to Collage Grove to act lor
the state lu an sdultery case before Jus
tice Medby of i bit precinct, returned
on the morning local, aud to a Guard
reporter stated tlie case had been die
missed. The plaintiff was Thomas
Berry and the defendants his wife and
one Frank Henderson. Berry and
wife bad separated bel'.g unable to
reside together amicably, aud on re
turning to his former domicile Beiry
ch lined to have found evidence suffi
cient to warrant him in bringing th
above charge It appears to have been
acrse of Jealous husbaud, and the
charges without foundation.
Will Teach. The Nupa, Cel.,
Journal, of Sentembur 3rd cou talus the
following: "ProfN L Narregan has
ben eiiuiig'd to leach the Browu VaU
by school. Prof Navregan was for
several years a teacher lu the Unive'
sily of Oregon." I le has many friends
lu Eugene who wish him iuucutuccess
In bis new home.