The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 19, 1897, Image 8

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I. L. CAMPBELL. Proprietor.
Pataa toiu-r, Allaa llmr Lit, Arraatad
In Aahland.
Ashland, Or., June 14. S. E. Lowe.
'of uri Eastern detective awncr. left
here on thin cveiiing'a train for Port-
Ian. I, en runt.) eastward, with Batea
alias Homer Lee, arrested by
sir Anti lurfl lute last evening en
a requisition from the governor of Mia.
mmri, on a charge of murder in the first
I It 1m allv''l tluit fix years ago last
April Sojst murdered din wife and two
'children, ut Archie, CasH count, in j
, Mis-onri, by deliberately chopping them I
j to pieces with a hand ax.
Smt, according to hiit own story,
Athcricu.1. Wl,H ...r.l..r,.,l In I"""" """V "'" -Missouri III JHU1,
:.. ....... ' I W.I"
tnUrtatlng Coll.ctloa of Currant Kfaatt
la Condsnaad form Wram
fuih CvatloaaU.
An epidemic, of cholera has broken
out in Bangkok.
Proof iH punitive that Dr. Unit, the
She Leaves the Navy. Yard
Under Sealed Orders.
It la NurmlHd That Hha la Aftar rill-buatora-rully
Coaled and
prison in Cuba.
i over in Washington two months.
! lie then came to Oregon, mid lived in
iSoHton, June U. The Unite.J State
(miner New Vnrlr. the H.....I.;,. ,.t .1...
North Atluntio squadron, with Hear ' '"' 1 'xl' "rl
A'limral .Montgomery shard on board,
steamed out of the harlxir at 6 o'clock
frrarrulliin ! Ifl '"
Wollii-ll ( olililiurt.
New York, June N. A dispatch
fiom Havana to t fir J.u;rnal say:
Weyler continue" p,r--cntion i'f help
less Cuban Women, who have relative"
ill the rebel ranks s.-hora Sir ing,
whose husband i." a Cuban load-r late
ly l'aiituro.1. .lia.'.el fnuu her
holm; mi. I thrown ilitw the home of ile
tention, where she Will be kept "ill--oiiuiiiinie
i lii" until h'-r hush ind's
ourt-martial and execution at I'abiina"
Six insurgent", who surrendered to
Spanish authorities at "alitiil."' 'le Cll-
tn b" pardoned
Jones, Vest and Caffery Open
for the Opposition.
Evidence of Stead
A txolerexpbHe,in the print work" the Willamette valley, above (Win'"''" afternoon, not a soul on hour.l
of Norccga Bros., I'uebla, Mexico, kill- City, fr year ami a half. He then knowing to what K,rt she in bound, fur
mg nu or more pen-on
Fire destroyed SO.OOO worth of prop
erty in Cairo, III. Twenty-five he. I
of horses aii'l a number of dwellings
were burne.l.
A cloudburst, which canned the rivei
Morgo in Frame to rise suddenly,
wrecked over fillO faetorieH an. I work
HhnpK an. I dew. late. I many Hinull towna.
It in fiii. I in Astoria, Unn what in
apparently e, authority, that .Mai.
e".lin W. Sale, of Young's l!iver, whose
licap,earaiii'e in Manh laht rreate.
aiiiiiewhat of a feiinHiiiiun in alive aiel
F..iithitiaken were experience. i(l the
ctalei.f (laxiiea. Alexin., aiel Home. lam-ll.-e
wan ..,ne nu the inlhinllM of Te
huaiitepec, where flibtly i'oiHtruete.
Ii.mim were eia. ke.l. Unehhoek hoite.1
4(1 heion.ln.
Jerome Smeather". bin w if.- all. I neven '
rhiMn n wen. M,iwiie. at Velvinirton,
Kv., with I'ariH K'reen, wlihli i j.
il-iitallv fell in a bucket of water, due
rhiM m rcM.ite. I.-it.l. two .lyin ami
jHifBibly none will recover.
1 1 iiij; to engineer ami coielnctor for
". (tiiiK orlern a freight train rrai-he.
into a woik train, both iroimr at a ,iu,
I I, near Hiiilmin WiwoiiBin.
workmen were inMaiilly
binlieH beiliL' biirne,!
There Wiin a 1'ollinion between Ameri-
iin an. I Spanish marine jM v,.M1 (,,,
.Mexico. T, Spaninl, hurrahe.l for
Weylera'i.l the Ami-i'ieauM for Cuba.
Tiie latter weiehepe. by .Mexican ami
o" the maiiiicM rri. put to lliebt.
The .l. piitnient of Ntiite ban N-en
olliciallv inf..rnie. that an internation.
ul conference will be hcM in Iterlin
fiom (1,-tober II to 10, N'.l7, to ,li UHH
the hpiony ipieHtion. There will be
lectured an. I exhibit
i". lllilB-
rate of i
an. I four
kill. -I, threi
went to PorthiiKl, he cay, ami live.l
there four year", U-iiijf known an Hamly
Hiper. an. I having employiuent moMt of
the time with the Pullman Car Com
puny in eleaiiiiijf ami niicIi woik in the
raihoa.l yarln. lie whn marrie.l in
I'ortlaml, an.l hi" wife iH there now,
I hound he refie.l to yive her u.hlreHH.
When oper left I'ortliin.l, it in claime.
be h.i.l aa-year obl i-hibl wilh him, ami
it if HUHpecte.l tloit he liiiele Way with
thiMchiH, to, after leaving Porllaml.
Soper b ft l', h,,t April, ami
pave, (IiioiikIi here to SiironH. where
he remaiiie l a we.-k, an. I then eamt;
back to A"hlaii., April as, where he
ha" been working ninee in fanning aid
oi. har.l woik. lie ha. I b io.e.1 an or
elini.l Iriii t here, ami, ut the time of
hi anet, UiiH woikinv on the Owen
farm, Hoiilh o tow n, 'i'ho-e who have
I known him hiv tbiit he wan an excee.l
inly quiet aiel inotTennive man, ami
wan an uniirually jf worker. He
wan known here an Homer
When arret, ., he ilnl not .leny beinu
i ilea oper, the man w.mte.l, tl
lie .oen not a.liiiit the crime c
ii.'ain-t him.
Iowe, tM. yoim ilete. tive who cap
tin. . him, claim" to have (.pent a year
an.l a half in H.MrchiiiK for Super, an. I
I" have I n on the ca-e off ami on for
hix yearn, locating bin man in I'ortlaml
I. ml lie. ember. He wan not entiiely
mtiMlicI, no returne.l for further iuntruo
tioiin. to come back ami follow his trail
from I'oitlaml thin way. lleclaimHto
have Hpent uionibH in following u clew
at Cripple Creek, iiii.I then returne.l
F.a-t with the wroiix man.
iml parole.l
leeree, have
an.l Hhnt.
The town of LI (
ern triH'ha, wai ent
recently. Tin V
inh honpital mi l
J lei i) amne-ty
ciirt-iiiiii tiiilcl
. on the wei-t-l.y
Vl-i ! I the I.m-.iI Spall-
, onii-.'iit.-il all
l.t, but 1 1 -1 not
It will only I when the big whita)
rruiner in well outni.le of Honton liKht,
with her pilot over the able, that the
eale.l onlerH will be oi-ne. ami her -,""'H ""I'l'lie" in
(lertiiiiitioii iiHcertaineil. molei-t the inin.ile-.
It i generally believe.l, however, i 'Jr. Pa(iiera, a woun le I Ciihan nur
that when nl,e reie heH C,iio t,'o., ahe f'"" fiom Ca-tiUo'n nlatf, who
will turn her iiohh to the nouthwai. I an.l ''i'"-'" "avana to re-
that her twin nercWH will not Moi. until : nllM,rte, wax .i-. by the pan
Che ih HOiiiewhere ill the
lieihhorhiMt'l of Cuba; for when nhe
ftarte.l fhe wan fully proviniom-.l aiel
eo.ile.l, an. I couhl, if nen-HMary, v to
liibraltar or a lonj ili-tanco without
laying in nnppli. h.
The New Voik arrive.l hereon .May
21 to paiticipate in tint cremonieH al
temliiiK the unveili:, of the Shaw
moiiiiineiit. The battle-ship Mafnaciiii
FettH (miiiu with the UaKniiip, while the
battleship Texas had arrivcl mine
hiya pnviou-ly. Tha Texai left a few
hiyn nee, but the other two (hips have
been nwiiiBing at their luoorinH ell
the navy-yar.l until today.
The rear a'lmiral mijht have ha.l
omo Inkling of uu important rniif .i
from the fact that for the f .l iy.i
the entire crew ban been har.l at work
K' ttinij tlm nliip ready for aea, while
her coal bunkern have Uen tilled to
ovprflowinir. shortly after 4 o'clock,
the ifuiii of the cruiser boomed a part-;
inn Haluto to Commodore Howisoii, nf
the navy -yard. The anchor was
weighed ami Uu rruicr ctviin arouinl
in the xtri am and nt.irtc.1 out to cea.
although a fuiioiin fraie wuh llu ini.
i-h police. iiii.I ..ut to the inilitarv
hospital of San Ambro-io. j
F.I Cominercjo, in iin editorial com-
pliineptary to Piemier Canova-. n;i n .
that. HuiM.ite. by I), puy .e at '
Wa-hiiijitoii, he en 1. avored to maitain j
apparently c.,. rehitioiH with the
I'll I led Slate" nirnply to naili time to ;
reinforce the aim a. la and I 1 1 - r arm
the .-puiinh port" and complete certain
liydock" alreadv under Wiiv.
i.i..n. Itrlatloa to the Hawaiian
I.IhiuU Went oer-Tllliiian
Fatnra Ki(nrt Bountj..
WanhiiiKtoii. June li. The lonu-de-ferre.l
debate on the sui,'ar nchedule of
the tariff hill came on abruptly at 1
o'clock today, after the cenate h:nl dis
niHe. of the cereal" in the agricultural
nchedulc. Joiiea of Arkanca" opened j
the debate to Home extent, anxweriiiK j
Al lrich'H Htatemeiit on the HUKarj
Hi-hediile. Vent Heverelv criticincd the.
niiL'ar trut, and urgfifl that the raten
were a further triliiite to us vain ir
sourcen. Caffery of Louisiana also op
poHe.l the H. hedule an a whole.
No linal action was taken on any
feature of the schedule, further than
the withdrawal of the original nenate
committee amendment". Ilii" leaven ;
the houne provinionn of the bill, with
an amendment increaninu the houne !
defTeretitial from 875-1000 to 5-10U:
cent per pound. '
The provisions' relating to the Ha
waiian inlands went over by mutual
Karly in the day Tillman made a
lively speech in favor of the amend
ment giving an export duty on agricul
tural products. The bounty amend
ment was defeated, 10 to 59.
A Number of Olfliera lteirlel Killed
lir tha Natlvea.
Bombay, .lime 14. A dispatch from
Silma announces serious trouble on the
northern frontier, and the massacre of
a number of Uritndi oincem and native
soldiers ill the eovermiient employ.
From particular" obtainuhle it seems
that two eunH belong n;,' to the IJomlmy
mounted battery, escorted by 3(10 men
l.1,,i,eii to the First regiment of
Sikha and the First Punjab infantry,
were treacherously attacked in Tovlii
vallev bv a large force of hostile nil-
: i t ...l ! i
t e..n I he Hint rclloriH Sill. I -Olouci , ,
Bunnv. two oni. ern and 2(1 pi ivaten had ' V,J "C'k . r,"'-li't
t'entlv. He
y Gr0
0F CESEmtl!
From All
ipolln ailrt Will o Ile I'rrnill-
leil lit liei(ll.
Wa-hinglon, June II. For the lirst
time in many yearn the secretary of the
navy has inteiHise. bin veto upon the
application of a junior oUi. er to leave
the naval service. In the pi lit case
till 'adel" at Allllilpolin, tieolL'e
a, to
A Spanish captain and two lieuten
ants were tried by com t-niai t ial in (
Cabanas fortress ami sentenced tube
ahot for coHiudice in having, after 1 1
days Hiege, Hurremleied the govei iiincnt
ions ai ana tirro in eiistern I'll
tne patriot ToreeH of (leneral
More than three score of men have
recently deseited from the warsbip
New Yoik and .Massachu ettn, together
with those who left the Texas while
she wan in New Yoik. Tw v eight
men look Fiench leave of the Texan
and !I0 are missing f , N,.w York.
It in not known bow manv are minning
from the Massachusetts. ' In every case
the di seiters are of foreign birth."
Alfred Peaice, in attempting t,
Ix'ar.l a train at Mendota, Cal., wuh
run over ami horribly mangled. Ho
died at the hospital a few bonis after
the accident.
Lansing, la., wan visited by a sup
posed eaitliquake. Aii explanation has
been found in the fact that a meteor
Wan seen In rail near the city at the time
or the nho. k.
lumen Williams, c.lilorof theChron.
bde, of Armor,., 1. T., was shot ami
killed bv a piomiiicnt attorney of that
city for an attack made through the
columns of Williams' paper.
The grasshopp,.,,, r IIK consider
able damage in Morrow county, (lr,
tlardeiiH b.ive been completely ruined
arouinl Lexington, ami in many places
entire fields of wheat have been eaten
The pleasure steamer llermosa, of
San Fiam ivco, while 20 miles oir I...
Uoldcii tl.ite, was shaken up consider
ldy while on her last outward trip by
colliding with a whale. The whale
was nearly cut in two and the steamer
will have to go to the di jd.s k for re
pairs. News coin. -n fiom (Irani county, Or.,
of the tragic dc.rtl, of JclT Con lev,
ahccpuian, at his cabin in the uioiiii.
tains. He went to thecreek to get wa
ter, mid as he stooped over, his pistol
fell from bin belt against the pail he
wan carrying, IIM, 1 1 , Wl(!
charged. The bullet passed through
his body, resulting in death the follow
log lay.
An Astoria dispatch says the past
week lias seen a la.lical change for the
better in the run of salmon. The do
liveries of lisli have been remarkably
Urge, even for this time f t, year.
The canneries ate all running at full
capacity. Not only are the Ihdi un
usually numerous, but the run Us li
quidity is cxtraoulinaiily line. As an
example, a tUhetmaii one looming, f.
ter a lew hours' work, turned into one
of the lower town ciinneriea HOchinook
hcb averaged by actual
Weight moie than (iO siunds ap,ve.
n '-oiniuiiiee ot Herman
Li. 1 it
ninnute ll,lCSSe.l a
to tne loicign office complaining of
American iMmititiun, mid asking for
a heavy import duty on Ameiicaii
cycles, on the ground that if nu, h duty
i not imposed, 2,000 men ,n
tlcr.nan ejele faciei ies will he thrown
out of woik, owing to tl,H cxtradordin
ary cbeapiiefH of Ameiicaii wbccln.
The petition, it is said, in not likely to
.-- umiisi, uir ine chciipucss
pluine.l of gem-tally lasis oulv
tne cycle in question U
The lilibusteritig, ban Inen
charge or filibustering an ihe.e wan no
jmihu nun he Had U-en uutlitted in thia.
A well dreswd man, about 4S vears of
age, committed inicide in don't of the
bandstand at (iol.len (Iste pik, San
Franciaco, by awallowing cvauid'e cf
stassuini. A not. signed "j. t'. Itur
tn." to the effect that he had been
without to. I ror four daya. and could
think of no easier way out of bia mia
ery, was found in hit Hsket, but U..
Tnd thia there WM no ci,.w lo h
:.l.,l,oi i,f a li.oi ( ul),,!, Nhrll hi tha
Indian Head Trotlng; l.roioi.U.
Washington, June I I. The state of
j Maryland tri'iubled lam evening as the
result of an explonioii of !t::tl H,un.n of
gun cotton at the government proving
ground" at Indian Head. A 12-inch
ll h-loa.iing rifle weighing lol.ooO
poumlH and woith '.Ti, (ion. was blown
to pieces. The ai r-covered "bomb
proof" in which the spectators take
refuge w hile tesls are made wan wrecked
and a dozen naval ofllcers and ordnance
exerts narrowly escaped with their,
The fin d lest was being made of a
gun cotton shell invented by a Chicago
man, ami through some umiccoiiutabhi
accident the shell exploded in the gun,
wicekihg the luoii-ler and its carriage
mid throw ing some of (be pieces more
than a mile down the Potomac.
Colonel O'Neill, the chief of ord
nance for the navy, mid several Cnited
Stales naval oltlcers ami naval attaches
from the various foreign legations bad
r..... l. .
ioi i.Moiieiv i.ihcii rciiiL'e on a mivy-
yar.l tug about a mile f , shore.
Lieutenant Anderson, who had been
directed to fire (he gun by electricity
when the signal was given from (he
tug, had g behind a big earth bank
or "milt" ills. ut :iuo yards fiom the
gun. Ile and other spectators were
unhurt, though a massive piece of the
gun, weighing many tons, Hew through
the air with (rightful velocity and
struck the water within loo feel ir the
If the spectators ha I gone into the
"i'oinbproof," an they usually do, w hen
such tents are male, they would all
have been killed, lor a big piece of steel
at nick it and ripped thiough the l'J.
inch armor as if it bad been so much
paper. A great hole was loin in the
ground win. re the gun stood and the
buil. lines at the piov ing giouii.U were
badly shaken. Not a particle of the
lilassixe gnu or its cairiage r ill .
This Wiis the laigcst charge o( gun
ver lire. I or attempted to be
flie.l from a powder gun. The govern
ment (laid ah.. ul .'...000 for the gun
blown up, mid it was built t-pe, ially
(or these tests. A shell shot fiom this
gun w as expecled to pet folate 21 inches
of steel at a di-lancc of 1, 500 yards and
lo liavel from nix to ten miles before
losing iin momentum.
Nsl Onlelnla lirlli-rnl.
j Washington, Juno 1 1. The navy de
partment olllcials were singularly re
served almiit the movements of the
New Vork, ami showed a reluctance to
answer any questions. Secretary lmg,
in answer to a diiect interrogation, re
plied: "The New York is not going to
Cuba; she will next Is- heard from at
Home point on the Atlantic coast well
north of Cuba."
The secretary refused to answer fur
ther. It was learned, however, that
tin- cruiser iH expected to report next at
Hampton Loads, Va., ami that she
will be at sea about two days. It is
Hurmised that the navy department, i
which has been charged of late with
the whole duty of lis. king after fili
busters afloat, has been advised of the
intention of some formidable expedi
tion Is. mi. I for Culm to put out from
Home northern port. In such case, the
department would send out a smaller
cruiser usually, but it is said that at
thin ti it Wiis a case of choice of the
vessel able to g. t under way lirst.
Weber of Arkansas,
Pennsylvania, and P. L. Pratt
liois, sought to resign. Thev I
plele.l years' service ;it the acad
emy, the last year being devoted to the
engineering branch, ami de-irc.1 to
leave and engage in private bu.-ine".
Secretary Long, however, found that
the engineer corps was sadly in need of
nfllcers owing to the rapid depletion of
the ranks of the older engineers in late
ycais, and he decided Unit an these
young men had been educated at the
expense of the government, they should
render service in return.
The cadets, upon admission to the
academy, are required to pledge them
selves to nerve the government m. ,-s
than eight yeais, so these young men
will be obliged In take the ii-ual two
years' cruise, which round" out the
Aniiasilis i rse, at the end of which
time they will receive their comiiiin-1
sinus as assistant engineers in the
navy and Is- regularly assigned to.lutv. i
Wrl-i-a Trrin la Nhnrl.
New Yoik, June 14. A dispatch to
the Herald fnuu Havana says: It is
believed here since the long suppresse.l
new " of the allans in Madrid have been
made public that I leneral Wcyler'a re
tain to Spain will be the mo-i i j . 1 1 -ant
result of Cunnvas' succs in retain
ing jaiwer. Pnvate lelcgiams have
been sent to persons heie in which it
was distinctly stated that Camp..".
HomingucK and had given their
Hiipport to Caiiovan only w i t It th plain
Htipulalioii that (ieneral W.ylcr should
In fid, it is felt here that (leneral
Caniios, who is now in power in Spain
and tills the popular eye, would not on
any ii.wunt lend himself to the con
Initiation of (leneral Wcyler'a policv.
The plan is to scud Ucncial Mann here
fiom Porto Lico and then supplant him
in turn by ( lllanco or Campos.
A Teat Vote nu SuKnr.
Washington, June 1 1. The test vote
.in the sugar m hedule wa" taken bite
tisliiy. resulting in the adoption of the
licpublican caucus amendment, increas
ing the duty on relined sugar from
I. OS? to I.OH.i cents per pound, by the
close vote of ayes .I'.', uom ;to. 'l'H,
iilllrinalive vote wa" made up of 2:1 lie-
publicans, 1 Hen rat (McKnciyi, 1
silver liepublicaii (Jones of Nevada),
and I Populist i stewarl l. The nega
tive vote wan ma le upof Democrats,
3 Populists and silver Lepul
it was the closest vote M far tak
an issue of importance, and w
e. as allowing that any amendments
having the sanct of the can mis were
assured of adoption.
The vote was taken after a day sient
in speeches on the etlect of the sugar
schedule. The main s) , b ,,f t. ,av
came from Alli-on, m charge of the
bill, ami Wiis in the tiatuic of an an-
nvr to tl hmves made iiL-ainst the
sugar schedule as a w hole, and a defense
of It. (lorinan spoke against the nched
tile and the entire bill, pointing out:
thai its cltect wan to burden til
pie, w itiiout opening to u
kets. White reviewed tin
licpublican senate's ,,n th
Cunoulttee Ami'liiliiiplit.
! Washington, Juno 12. The liepub
licaii members of the finance commit
i tee w ill withdraw the amendments for
I an additional tax on beer and for a
j duty of 10 cent per pound on tea. The
i question of revenue is giving the com
! inittee considerable concern. If there
( ollins of i (ilmuld be a withdrawal of the increase
ot Uli- ' on tobacco, the bill would not meet the
ild com- i ii,..i,js ,i4 u revenue oro.hicer. Kor tliij
reason, it has been practically deter
mined to make a bank check stamp tax.
Th" committee has agreed upon a
number of additional amendments tj
the agricultural schedule, the most im
portant of them relating to fish.
The rate on chicory root was fixed at
2'... cents per HPiiiid, the present rate
being .') cents mid the original linanco
committee rate of 2 cents.
' erning the Hawaiian treaty,
i there are several projiositioiifl under
consideration by the committee. They
include the indorsement of the Davis
amendment and continuing: the pres
ent treaty in force without reservation,
a suggestion to the president that a
new treaty should be negotiated, modi,
fving the terms of the existing agree
1 melit so as to render them less partial
to Hawaii, and a proposition looking
to the giving of a year's notice to the
Hawaiian government of the abroga
tion of the present treaty. This latter
proposition is understood to originate
with Senator A Idrich, and is antagon-
io n ny the s ial champions of Ha-
waii. The opinion is freely expressed
hy senators that the question of annex
ation will be taken up by the adminis
tration as soon as the tariff bill is
I i. killed, and three officers and 21
men injured. Indications are that the
affair is more than a conflict with war
like native", and that the notorious
Mullah of Piewin.lah is at the bottom
of the trouble.
The latent advices, however, are that
a political officer, Mr. (tee, wan visit
ing Shirani with an escort of troops,
w hen he was attacked at Manza by su
perior forces. The Hritah troops were
compelled to retreat and were followed
several miles by overwhelming numbers
of the enemy. The lighting was des
perate. All the British officers were
severely wounded. Captain Browne,
of the First Sikhs, son of the late Sir
James Browne, and Lieutenant Crook
shank, of the royal artillery, were;
killed and Surgeon Higginson, Lieuten
ant Iligginson, of the First Sikhs, and j
Lieutenant Scaton Browne, of the Pull- !
jiib infantry were wounded.
A second dispatch says Colonel dray
has taken command of the British '
i troops, and it is inferred that tolonel
' Bunny is among the dead, us ut lirst :
I announced. j
I Tochi valley lies north of (liimala, i
mid on the road to (ilinrii anil Wuzir
i islam. It has been controlled by the
British since the elimination of the
I Ilimloo-Afhgan frontier, but the tribes
have always been turbulent. The inn-
: lab of Piewimlah is a notorious fanati
cal priest, and has always been hostile
to the British.
iv. lie rece v...l n .
M .1 " l'tnta .
ior the sheen. u.l
Ifi I..
-UleJM la.
LVni, -
inn ii...- ' "'"M
l'lshermen aln,,,, t)
Hllea report a go,,
the river, and if n. "7
falling expect a large ,,,,7
1 ho Pioneer Mill c.
City, in Union c .'T
.....I... ". '"h.t,
r,' or i
ordTH for 5,000 i
f..r direct sl,inn,.., , .n:fr.
xt: ... MUm
Nineteen double.
.. 'el...
oi joe irailes
r i.. ."'""H
Mice,,. They go 4
, North Dakota, on the I i.J?.
Northern. "
The liremen's to,ir,,a,n(,nt .
unteer firemen of Kas,ern "J,
Southwestern Washing, '
Uiker City last wee k i;,'
attended. """'-Ur
Tho new postofllce j ial
speeded hy Chief Pnla I,,,'1"
"'d Inspector Thrall, and , f''"
w!r:;ut,, Wn,-X
Ill l ie D.I lea nt l ... .... . .
000 pounds a day, ,,d
are bein ra,nlly fill,. , w, ,le f
-Mountaineer. ' "
The track ut the
llltna t ... n
qui lie, connecting t. new'
with the main track, about 1 pit?
is m.arly completed. T,e
been done rapidly, many citify
: a helping hand and pmtii.r in
Cunt l-Hi'tiira I n.ikliiK Over Die Site Hi
Marrowstone rolnt.
Port Townsend, Wash., June 11.
The advertisement by the government
for bids to prepare the site for the ereo
tion of Puget sound fortifications here
has brought to inspect the site con
tractors from all over Washington, Or
egon and California. Mai row. stone
point is a rough steep, high pr.mion-
""" 11 lst w,,lk ""I necessarily tank after the water is tiiru.sjii,
be the providing of a source of fiesh savs the Astoi Un. S
i.r.i .1.... ..r .. t. ....
three pretly heavy cuts, but tli.t,
I bravely tackled and flnil,Hl. '
U,1,,..ri..t I..... uli
. ' "I' ' 1,1 .-mieLis, j
had the new reservoir .-c.uit.. ,
; when the water had nearlv , i,
taken out of the hi.- .,uk. the Via
was found to Ihj iil,., with ta-j,:
mountain trout, of all fiz-s and
Mr. Shields had all the ti-b car,!-',
preserve.!, ami will rep.v thero la i
water. Prospective contractors think
it will he necessary to dig a well SO to
100 feet deep to obtain it. The con
tract for the Marrow-stone point work
will be let June ltd. Condemnation
pro, cediiigs for title to 1,000 acres for
the foi t ideation site on Point Wilson
are under way and bids for contracts
for preparing the site will appear in a
short time. Fifteen hundred acres of
land are included in the Point Wilson
fortification reserve. The advertise
ment for bids stipulates that work
must begin within 10 davs after the
contract is awarded.
ken on
IHa.aiM-araiH-f. of th l'i,. lt of ,h.
Koresl Unite Hank.
Forest drove, Or., June 14. The
Forest (trove bank closed its doors at
noon today, because of an order to that
etlect received by Cashier F. T. Kane
from Anton Planner, the president of
the bank.
The order came in a registered lettei
to Mr. Kane, from Portland, in which
Utter was also an assignment to S
Hughes and A. Hiiiman, made by Mr
Planner for the benetit of all his'cred-It.ils.
Ill the
Hair unit Shiii ii- r,
anil White Hull W ill Kiirrioiiler.
Denver, Colo., June 14. A snecial
the liockv Mount Hill ltU-u fa-.,...
Mi esCitv, Mont., says: Sheriff (Jihb
and St.K-k Inspector Smith reached this
city this evening, having i custody
Yellow Hair and Sam Crow, the two
Cheyenne Indians implicated in the
Hoover iini-der. Agent Slouch called
the Indians all in and the arrests were
made by the Sheriff, no resistance be
'"K ottered. Chief White Bull is still
at liberty, but can be mrested at unv
time, having expressed himself as will
ing to appear in court when wanted
I he sheriff, lid not think it advisable
to ar.est him until matters had subsid
ed a little.
The I. i, rl.l A. U"..i...
1 1 ii . v-empwr,
llillsboro, has co em-H a n-tu-i
that will have a capi.-ityuf lOl.v
gallons, iin. tank on the ton
llillsboro holds 70,(101) giilloii;, n:
wiui inu new tank the rcs.-rve ry;
will be 170,000 gallon-, cm.iiglit.ik-!
four streams flowing for tliMjr,!,
half or four hours. The new unktl
he set in the rear of the stutiojul
(.... .i
" n.e .oiiiii.
(tood crops of goo-c!i,'rrie8ir'rn!
on a number of ranches in Tlu-sw
county this year. The berries ml
sold in the Sound mark. ts.
The lieu-land settlers in Eevi
Washington are preparing to o'ltiav
to tight the Northern Pactm- Kiilns;
Company for titles to their lan la.
The plat of township 24 north. nrr
11 ,t-..o l...u I....... i:i . i :.. .1... ot.-..
..-fc, ii, in oeei. lui'.l ill mc cji
hind office and applications fur laolii
this township are now beiii rwrifi
There are uhout 1,000 sliiiiule k'.s
in the Toiitle river, bet wirn them'
and Tower, in Cowlitz county. Tu
river is low, and the drivem are kit
ing a hard time getting the Muof-
A number of wheat sacks lure!'
stolen from the warehouse! in Ai'
Walla Walla county, lately. In
night more than 2.00(1 "iick ft
stolen. There is no clew to the thin
econiea famous.
Hteaincr Three
acquitted of the
A ( I'lonr In Inn a.
Mason Ciiy, la , June II. At 0:50
tonight a cyclone stiuck lioithwcnl ol
Lyle, Iowa, taking a souiheiistcrly
com se. Sevciiil people me reported
killed and injuied. The tore
up nouses mi l other buildings in Us
course, mid the teriitory is now hare.
The path of the storm wan about half
a mile in width. All telegraph Imca
north are down, and box-cats on Hid
ings we e ciui-hcl into kindling.
A cyclone passed over the town of
Kamiiyoh, Wilmar eotintv, Minn., ami
entirely dcniolished the buildings on
the or John Itetquist.
A. W. Miioinll c. l.l, n Isll, Kllleil.
Snikane, June 14. Aided W, Nick
erson, an old resident of this citv, and
loimciiy manager of the Chatterov
Lumber Company, was killed today by
the collapsing of the second "f a
building at Second and Mill streets.
The building was partlv destroyed by
lire several weeks ago. Nickers'on mid
his partner had bought it, and were
tearing it down for the materials. Two
oilier men were near Nickeisou.
Chai Ua Ki icsson was slightly injured.
Hrr llor.s al llrr I'uneral.
Alanusla, Cat., June
head of the funeral
-o.oi a. l errin, yeatenlay, was Koy,
the H t gray hotae of the dniase,, at to the carriage she wan mvua
toti.ed to ride during her lifetime.
Mra. Perriii di.s Saturday morning.
It wai in accordance with her last wish
that Koy, with crape about bia uek,
lead the funeral college.
.ll.l.oi ..r One of W . yli r a irrala.
New York, June . . dispatch
to (he Journal from Havana savs: An
other of Wcyler'a geneials, I.0110, inspector-general
of the civil gii.ud in
Cuba ami military governor of Havana,
has resigned ill dis.-iist, m ,.X.,.tl 't
leave the island by the transatlantic
liner sailing on June ;ii for Spain di
reel. Lono regards Wcyler'a cailv iccill
as quite assured mid think" lliamoor
l-pc Doiningiie w ill come out an his
successor. Hon, arc unusually inn.
mate with Marline Camims, to'obi .in
whose supimii in the recent minit,f ,.,
crisis Caiiovan is known to have ma le
imH.itaiit concessions. Wcylcr is 10
is'itcd to have cabled Canox as insisting
that Minister Dupuy de Uune demand
from the Washington government the
extradition of Nunc. Cartaya and Ar
teagii, alleged tilibusters recently cap
tunsl by the Cnitcd Stales aullmruns
on the Florida coast, alleging old cum
inal indictments against three of them,
said to U still iK'iiding in the courts
' u'o-
1 new mar
records of
Stl'Mt- scli.t.l.
uie .luring tn,. .h bate on the Wilson
bill, iirraigning them f,,t inconsistencv.
Catlcry and Stewart al-,. spoke, th,'
former ii-ainst and the latter foi the
sugar schedule. j
Hie fltst paragtaph
schedule was not linallv
1.. .1.- .: t 1 -
in nine 01 adjournment.
id that h(
id the
of up
Shut 11 s,, .,. ,,.r.
Little Lock, A.k . June II. Mis,
Lcnad.Kidnian, one of the most popar
society Indies of Dai. Idle, W;ts killed in
most shocking maimer at l:.,v.o- 1.1-
1 ... ..: .1 1 . ,.
1.1.-1 iiiiiiu, 1 ne 1 en couutv
feing III 1. 1 at that p,.,..
number of teacheis aie in
Last night a piiny of
gentlemen were out
went to a house wl
normal is
ind a large
young ladies and
serenading, and
ic a i i 1 11 it t, , -
..unci i.ipp was stoppin,.. v
awiikened by the s. ien ,1... 1 ;. .. ratcly tncl a ,.,.t.. shot into the
acrcnading p.irly. 'u, M,,(,, Mnt k
Mim()oo,lniiiu in the neck, causing i.
alant death. The inurdcier was ir
rested and spirited away to Danville bv
ioe inn, cis, who that
would I,, made by the excit.
lynch him.
etter. Mr. Pf Itlltilf 0 I. I 1 I. .. a
he felt that he had reached the ,H,i
' '" " io go on With hi.
.m ss miairs, as he did not f,
Would I... 1,1,1.. ... . . ,
'o sian.i tne menti
-tram; that he intended .0 gooff mnonv
strangers for quiet, audit he got well,
W""M r''""-"; if not, he would di.
among strangers.
It i" feared here by many that he hai
commuted suicide.
-M'out three n t, .. r, 1f
1 l.lll HIT
serious illness. u. 1.... , ....
, r-''"vcrc,. He had for the last few
'ays a premonition that he would have
11 '-'orrence of the trouble, ami fe ued
"''t it would result fatally.
Mr. Planner was considered one of
"' "a.i plenty to pav
l''a""s against him. The're does
seem to Is. ,0,.. ,
. , , . '.i-ou - iv any one
'-til l worry ho have claim's aga , '
J""- An inventory of his real es ate
-naUdTects w,l, i,,,,,,,,,, t(( ,
:,,V:n. .,l, m
assets ar;: " ",W "'""abilities
an attempt
'"I I pie to
menacing the
t agllca
town of
14. At the
pnvession of .Mrs,
Nrieral Minor fc.iastm, .(,.
New York. June U.-A dispatch to
the Journal from Havana sav : Four
w.ousan.i insurgents from the Fast,
uepariment, led by t leneral Kod,
ami ivointin, hav
.M.itan.i", entensl Havana
ami are now
1 mar del ,o advices rcs.rt a hoi
tight three days ago wntmi sight of
the town of I'oimolacion del Sur Two
Spanish captains, a lieutenant and nu
privates were killed, but the rcl,
were, vni, H1 led to retire in gieat dmor
der. In ait engagement ..,u, 1
I : , . " n-" i"e IAI
-on .n sugar estste
p u ts of At'iica,
an article
Arabia and
of food
Mr Pfanner did a large real estate
Washington, J,,e 14.-A telegram
receiyed at the war department from
'"adquarters at St. Paul states that all
s now quiet among the Indians in
Souther,. Montana, and that it is safe
0 withdraw ithe troops sent from Forts
Custer ai,(Uv.ogh1 which will be done.
May Nrnri-h I lie Klha.
Milwaukee, June U.It , wm.k-
"IK company which has discovered the
long-lost Pcwiibio is successful w ith its
"'w diving apparatus in this venture
a contract will be closed with theNorth
('crnian LJoyd to recover the ocean;
The Kibe lies i J50 feet of ,,., tt 1
'"Hh at which diving MU .r, )f ,.
'"'structcl have been useless ,d
o.u observations and soun.nngs.'aken,:
1 kin c ,',:'''ll"0,V The Elb
sunk .11 collision 111 the North Foa on
!' "K'l.t of January 3o, ik,,5, , Z
"ves wee lost. The officer , hi
"recking company have been ncgoti " '
i" W1,h ,hl "'".. Lloyd Company !
-r some months and the result 0
IVwabic will decide the outcome
"Inn-li by I lKhininK.
In ! -aiiapolis. Ind., June 1 1. , f
ere thunder stoiin came up this ift,
noon at a o'clock, and William ti'wei
and M: ,., Aiiliw Wl,tv kllK, t
14- Cantain
' steamship S int.i liosa
on the
canvas n.
of bulling
center sic
and t'hai les
eie killed.
"". N. D., June 14 While
11 were working on th.. t
yesterday t10
'.v lighlnir...
Walters and Charles Smnij
rour others were sh
I'to" circus
wan stiuck
rr.,r , I,rowIlr(.
n rrancisco, JI10, of th
"" sift" that
Poit Ib.rfor.i ... .' l,'traiice to
one of hi",, ' K- -V-rs.
tnanv year - - t " 'r
Vf";-;!!. He had bee,, in f(1
I'eath on ',,,
San Francisco, June 14. Tito bri.,
('Clieva. wh ,.h . 1 . . llnN'
l" mis arrived. C
son reports that First
Lai.leck had been l,,s.
that one of th.. a ,;i.. 1. . . .
on thevov " won crippled
Sydney on
aptain Pmil.
Officer W. E
lost overboard, and
loaton, June U a.. .
1 .... . .. '. r
""""" III IK
oraoim. time,
an. is siit'i.s.. I 1 . 1
. 11 . 11
' ICilV
cl"ld in (hi, oitv
i tragio
i'low an.l one
Hear I'.iti . 1 .1.
1.... . . . " ' "euiiis,
"""n .ar,ei am! Hahia Honda, the
Spanish ivbnuu b, ;t0 killl and up
ward of loo, 1
Tllis iH ill U'lUliir'. . 11.. I. .. .
., . ".-..iiici pacilict
1 1 lie insurueiiin f...r n...
"tghl, retired int ,i..,lr (,,l(i..i
tlillia I,, l ... , . . . .
'aiall In an :ll.....
I m I'lo, too.. Jon.. 11 MM. i.
....-. l.r,. Wryl H
Havana. .In . . ,
ilav of
llur .Vi.x
rains of W...I..... i : "." ''ssive
reporta fro ',1 il Zr Z n ""'l 1,10
antral sections of Now ' K !'lI 'r'i
'-rlya ,:, n" ,,,U,U,I,,
Jamage,,,rai,,ra, X; - ''-l "eat
"gating at h 0" t o ' T7-, '
" June has not )...... .' ' 'y' .ItN l'l"l
years. " KUO"n
The coiumissioneisof ('lieliali.w"?
have grante.l a petition for a ii!'
right-of-wav from Aherdivn to
sano, along the old country roil, fct'
bicycle path. The road is to be
hy private subscription, ami a "!
of the neccsMiry funds has already b
The governor and aeeretiiry offW
have issued a deed to the t'liitelfUta
government, conveying the tild-'
ironting the .Magnolia Irinn".;
at Seattle, for a military site.
the first deed of the kind issued n
the law passed in 1SS0 by the iuw
W ashington.
The Medical Lake Granite Com'
has secured the contract for fiipi'lj
the granite for the army int at
kane, and has put on a larp
! cutters, blasters and genenil q111'"?'
men, all of whom are busy. It i-"'
mated that the filling of theivntr
will require three month ol lf
! The Indians at Kettle Fal Is oLii m tb
white men's fishwheds are wf
them of their rights, as no
havo found their wmv up the river !'
three years at least not elioiti
give even "one lish to one In liii".
: . . , .1 tlul U'
11 was reported in tne spu.'s
liana were suffering oil the n'f'r""'
for want of food. This w.i
those who have not yet lciirtad to i
enough to last through w inter, ut"1'1
inerly depended upon dried wla1
The money order business m
pin has inort'iised 4,0D0 a nion
cause of the refusal of the i'"'J4 '
state and commissioner of I"1'''10
to accept bank checks in P-'.0"'
remittances to their .li'j'urtiiicnt-
Legislation for the sc!n'l fl'
closed in Whatcom with I.M M'.
about 300 I"'1"', ,j ii""
interv". '
on the books.
Evidently there are
men voters w ho are not
last yer
- .-I..., iiiir ii, ,.ir, ,i .m.. . , "e iier-i
;":. ""-fi-..,H'ri,,te,hr;,; ::i:;u;"'v: u (,-
th- i, tor .val mines and a p.omi , :',. J"st Pr,'v'" to Hen
"H i. ty of this eiiv ... . . " ' 5 n'lur" to Havana. I,
I,..r,...i . . t .. . ... ...unv icie.1 some ..t ti ,-"-.
of I
nil.Hi from Milan,
a very remarkable edio. It
castle ol Sunonettii and
hot of a piatol 0 lliuea.
is al
.- s Ol.l Hlr.ui.. ... 1 .1
I :,, ... , s ine
bills. ,-y ,.r i i... i
.1...;.. . , i, or-
.I sr oMuinns to march
them, but not a word of the ,
I-a Luna had Us,.,, 0.ib!is to
department al Madrid.
city, was f ii.m..
lay .y the explosion of a , ,
'niiie with which she was cleaning
--or hum mis alter. ,....
turn to Havana, he .,
? ol l,oi.i..'
in sanct, .... i
won..- , ......ii
Her , ts ..1.1 ... .... I,... ": l,'T1" 60 dead on tl,. .
,ta . si, i i i in r 11. I l .... .i-i , ur .1
rf'sonera uv. ... i . .
-- un- tiuiios ..r
tu trvi
ig to nay,. ,,.r.
Ic'cat a(
the war
rattan I'lantrra W ant a Trraly.
Luna, Peru, June 14. Thy sug.r
PHsla.vr, I,. iviitioiosl tl
... o.
hi matter has
in official reporta.
Winnies on 6i
loree near
I'omtnand of
forcs to r.
the reh.
twn neghvted
i n,i,r,.ti
nu i'-'
nine 14. 1
:. a terribl.. 1 .
.i ..: 'OA-iii oc-
t Maes-
was Dreciniiu.i ... ., ." '"I'l'-'e
' "' bottom
1 ---..
l"'''I- Ten ,..
of overwindine a..'.:,,' ,,0'!'Tlehce
, . h i i line
ciirrtM in the ;,:.i. ...
teu. n, """cry
""""gatuhire, Wale,
0 fis.t
of a
"'ill an.l
Lc i 1 1 . 1 l- ..
.-.twlu.le a iNUiimercial trea , , U' AUV -N'- Were ,J I T
. June 1 4 ti...
elev,.,.,. ... ..'" Krpat
together wi,h Bl rli. .
"'i 'veral eVi l. K" ''""r store
iltJS, 000 1 -oo,000, uisuiaiice.
the male registration
about 1,400.
State Tronanrer Yoiltl
call for state Uu.d No. 3. ainoujt'-.
5,000, issued ill lsyo at the t;
of the territorial iii.lchi',.lnrt"
he paid at any time after
the option of the state. iy
hou-1 of thia seriea wa" ''a",Hl i;;
treaaurer last April. The total
of these bonds ouist-i"11"'
1:100,000. : . t
.rise s n 1 1 1 s ,. ..-.s,:
. . .....I ISIJU-', in an effort t cue- ,
nt of tr,:l mm .n in ..lea of l"f
iiill some time last month, w '
iiarkablrt reiir,l bv ".iwiint
llear ihinles iu exact lv 1 I"""