The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, March 13, 1897, Image 1

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m r-r S a V 11
I'll II' U TlllTfll -ejH
nn.i l inn n mt u hp mvnv : ; w
wuuuUHl IU1V ....u, ii ; in rvp m wp VI T'fiTiniT an ini.i,.xai-i.. u-i-i... unrtlf n mrnnntt iiAmnn .. rT
solium Jiuauiiuit. Alli ,,.,..,., DUUlJb AAUU1K Uil iiUiin).
I. -tweea
greiith nJ KlsslUh Ktrrci..
Out ! :
tli MonltH.
Ihrll onM.
Advertising rate 3 made known
on application.
Tli? BaUos o! o?er 150 mm Wert'
Mm al lb; 8;toil El'ltloi
Tils Aiteraaoa.
lui;.- tu lil'Altli,
A day (r fli-i-tloti.
ML V'eazle returned home to.l i v
Today's freight trains u.-ie annulled.
The loburg hills arc still ,-,,v, ,,,
Willi SHOW.
i..rr. - . I ,Wv K lurm-ll
lurried , . ,, ,...
- mis morning.
Ii ly l.u.rd. JUrrli . ,, , tl.e poll, opeuedal2 o'clock1 Lurch of,- ;,.,
I hi- afternoon fr i, reKuttr" annual today.
clio., election held forth- ,,rp(wof; The Cottage (ira.vv I . a I
clccliugoi.c director and a , ,.ti, (le ' ver"M'tl for :le.
e.i IIIHI ICCII li.I.. .. I. ... .. Ml.. l..-
" irirr in, v v ii o ..
Will be
relumed !i,im-
C!::: Crs'.-r.;
r..i.:r: D:e1
Tj .
,.- 2? "Xeilemeiil U-csu.e ofu difference of afternoon.
V'.-iLZi "I"""
nlni ii I
I'iiiimi on a ,.,jt which it wastta!.!
IwoiiM he settled by force if ,,ary
Clocks. Watches, Chains. Jewelry, Etc. i ih- polls this arienioon
i 1 lit point in question was In
REPAIKI" riiiiAini,! iwi.M'i
f-A II Work Warranted.
physician tu mii
.in;,-. ii'l n-iili-iiLo nvi-r piwtiiiii
I hi
; Vi to 'i, 0 to 'J . ui.
(( Dwlpi 1'rh' l Kur.'lBii mi l
Iwmwilc Mrlile anil Gnuiitc, Mniiiiiiii-iiin.
Hf'ttoiio '! Cemctury ttoik nf
ill lilmU for IKC.
R'llltmelte Slrwt, iieir l'itoiliiv. I'.'iin'iic, Or
Orru -0uc- l.ulf Unvk nniitli
if " li r i.Hinun'i
Q.W. Kl.i'IY
N. K. .Vjumitv,
Kinsey & Markley,
lu ivpiwy rwoim.i, who art
1-n.piTiy II.M.ltla votilllC I" K-huul
fli'' lion.
Many uialioritit-M wi-re couultetl and
virioiiH opiiiinimiin Hit) utattiie lawn
of tin- Muttf hikI I he foiiHlltution of Hit'
t'nil.'il Slulin in refereiii-e to whool
( Ii rlionH iiuve l-en puhlUlied.
At IIh hut im-elinu the board of school
(lir. clorK, by a majority f iu luvmberi,
l:iiM-ii a iVHniuiinii h.liiiii that ao
ttordniK to the coiitttitutinn of the IJ 8
woini-n ar not eulllled to vote In a
M liool t-lectioii and appoluted Judaea
noil ilerku of election whom they In
slrucU'il to cary out the purjwrt of the
I.x-coiin.y Judj-e A II Fisk, 8her
wood liurr and S M Wallace were an
pointed. When akd thia moniliiK If
women would lie allowed to vote they
replied Unit if a woiiiun presented liar-
elf ui the polls for the purpose of vol
Hit; her ballot would he rejected. "Ii'
l.wii Ii,
1 1 1 1 I : i : t !
Attorney Joe Yi.uiii!
CotttiKu I i rove,
Imac Larimer
j uoine in thlt city.
John S McClure reiiirni il inune fimu
Saleiii Sitlurduy ninht.
Secretary of State II ' Kmraid r. -turned
to Salem toduy.
Salem Joiirnul: Mi-slM-' Sn.itli i.
home from it vi-il ui r.uc n,,.
Ko-eliu-Iich mid fhr-ili - i'l :iriM
about the city are leafmi; mi: .
L C Mitrlin, a htmlciit of the liivini.
ty school returned fioin I larii-huii;
Salem Journal: J S McClure, i f Ku.
Kenp, arrivtd up from Portland
K K Wilxon, L 1 i I and J, liu
Smeed left forCalil'orni: I;it ni-ht r.
MissKdyth Vinceiil is cpiite,
posed at her Inune on Turllih and
llilyurd streets.
Mrs PlyiiiaU', a former roiihut of
Kueue hut now of JlaU-y, U viain
j l Trl II i 'I. I ,
I i t lie '!no el, , ' ! , 1 1
I iy a; ; 1 1 iiiinii ;, w
' ! !,.. diicctor nv :i tl,
v,i!r uvrr I'minlv .lu.l,,
111 ll'- i' polll llt. li.'.i 1
l elei-s I clerk, lie belli.:
the lie d.
It, llll
held yc'i-r
I'ill'iit i:i
ij"iity of n
I. Potter.
I 'raw Mas rc-tie- cau.ll-
All i 1 1 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 loll iiieei'tiit(? will lie held
by the women and friends tonight at
which tiiiic President Chapman, Dr
1'iir, U I and others will deliver
in thi'ir la half. The time und
pi. ice of tli" meeting is aiilioinnvd lu
. u i 't In t ( i ii in ii.
I lie i n 1 1 i c 1 1 :i t li ! I mceliii may be
turned paiiially Intuit rati Ileal ion ora
jolliilca' ion meeting I'tvause of the
eli i tiun o the caudiilale who was liu
clioiiv of the ladies.
I'll!) l loll S Ml tll.NO.
1'lic board of direct ois held a meet
mi; at I o clock this lllteriiiMUl, at
which time it was e peeled I hey would
hi-all the new director and rednlall
the ill ll and accept his bond.
M:i to "ImDlCie Holy Water" A IwX
out Blow lor U GUARD Man Caolit
Not ie Natnral aacbir a
"Bridal Tour."
I The e!e. 1 loll ft a
hilt .. I,, m, ,.,,
1 1. .;.! uii-i'ltl.'d.
i pr.'P'-ity 1 1 . . I . I . t -. have
1 1 1 1 1 1 vf of the p ist,
is still lufof,, be
Women, ho i ere
Vott i In -rhoi'l
In I I lu red. lore ill ti,l, c.ty,
r ilin mailt' hv the ! tii im
tots was Unit w.'ineii
nnittcd lo vote in the
as belli visteldav
Iteit ,,!i ,1,., ju,..,., curried out
' iihru- a- niado by the board,
ill-ot fie i,, nun's eioi-i. i !, ,1
hi!.' the el. . Ii. n uus in pioti -s that 1
it would cnte.tcd. i
It is sal, I II
but t lie
Umi.I .,
eo.lM l
el,c; ,:,
Tin' Kdilor f I he biiard Tells About
I'lienl J. Mi'.. Waterllli,' PUres.
be ,..
At ii is Cai iiimm, Mexico,
I'cb. I'll, !;.
I'i: vu lit aki: This it it orltibraled
waterlni; place mid has it population ol
al . it ,1,110,1, ,,,! it, name Indicatei
hot water, and is tleiived from the hot
spunks Incited In the suburbs. The
waters of Hi, s,. sjitins are used ill the
public baths, time laruu housts belmt
"' Ver, Unit the iiiuic locattd in the liiiiiieilini vleinliu .r
i .. i . ' - '
- itie w. .men w in. mcic : the railroad station. Two of the three
ri'iu-i .i i:,e prn il, K'e i.f voting weic in
favor ,,f II v lii,.ert's election and
f.i' t that
Corainfrcll mil I'robale
Oiioe in Chrisiimn Illnek.
Ullllii'-s s Sieu-
. tdROWH. B. D. PAINE. F. W. OS'.IURN.
I'ftlldtnt. Vict Kraiitltail. Cashier.
km Loan and M
Of:'ugene, - Oregon.
-n'rnKs-U. A. I'uliie, J. It. Iliirris. J. K
Utrlt, B. 1). I'Htiiu. IV. K. llruwii, J. K.
Kdbliiaoa, K. W. Diljiirn.
imopcijitsl. : : : $50,000.
t (Seieral Banking Business Transacted.
Ioettm allowed ou tlmo dcmiis.
Collntlnn eiitrmteil to our euro will receive
lane Ccuniy Bank.
IKntabllsheil lu 11.)
they vote at all" raid one of tbe relul,v' '" ,"U
Judges, "it will bp in a ballot box of Mraod Mrs Willouhl y, nf Col urc.
their own" are vlsititii; In lv.ieno uilu their
The women have announced all duuKtr Mis Stroud Lou
alont; that they intended to vote and. After a serious illness of two inoiut.H
Il is said, were encouraged In tit is by duration we are plca-ed to ! arn that J
a Kooilly number of the masculine pop- K KUisoti Is improviue; in health
uiaiioii. AiilidpatlUK trouble, besides Mrs Kruuk Spcrcr of Alhanv, is
the regular police, three upeclal police- visiting her inolhtr, Mrs lieu Divis, at
ineii were appointed and hherifl John- Henderson Nation for u lew days.
mill U'Usi Tfit nitkif ttt tit unruiliit f hhin I . .
' I"-- Imv J A IjOiiLOultoin. w in u i n aim ue present auu neip 10 ,,.. erv1V!( i Lebanon veslenlav.
- ..I ....I.I .. J 1 .1 I '
, K',.ce uuiu auu uprising uc- wturled to Kujielie this afternoon
nr. -pi, ..:... ui. r......i..,l it,., nil,
I . un iiiinni' .v. .... ... ..
P.y 2 o clock an eaer crowd llnoiiged llWnnM re,)or, ,,, t, ilur,i ,,f trtistc
I ... .1 !... . . .11.. I .11
iioom uieeoK.iM room ui me uiy '" of tbeOrefim llt insane a-vluiii.
in wiiico iiib eieciiou was to oe
A Qeneral Banking business
I" M branches transacted on
favorable terms.
A. O. HOVEY, President.
J. M. ABRAMS, t'ashier.
A. U. HOVEY', Jr., Asst. Cashr
T U Hwnaicis, S. B.Kakin,
r'rsiiidt.nt. CVh'i r
" E. Snoimirass, Assistant CaliUr.
1 1 i tm . i , f
IfaH Ml
Ot Eugene.
fld up tasb Capltfil $50,000
jrplus and Profits, 000
Eugene - - Oregon.
wntral banking btmineu d. U6 no reniinu
CHiT. 8iht rtrf n NKW YUKK,
Uvn ,',?,'.SAX F'lUN'CLSt'O and I'DHT-
UU of eighanu, oM on f..riik'n countries.
P"iU rsi-eivul subject to cheok or oertiti
ai u,l't
lm.?,ll,,cti"M Dtratl tou will iw oivt
When Ihetioiis were thrown open a
fow men entered and voted.
Judue Fisk declined to serve on the
eieciiou board and It It Henderson was
appointed ill his place.
The tlrst woman to approach the
colls whs Mrs Anna Hosteln. Slit
tendered her ballot and It w.,s refuted.
She insisted upon voting and a section
of I he I' S constitution was read to
her. She was of foreign nationality
and did not understand the meaning
of what was beinir read to her. Her
hal'iit was rejected and she was shown
the way out hy the oflleers.
After a number of men had voted,
Mrs I, Uilyeti and Mrs J II McHuug
were admitted and offered their bal
lots. Their votes were refused and A
President V H Chapman reluriid
today from Dallas, where he Icctuitil
before a teachers' institute atutilay
The Herman bakery on Willamette
street has been closed. Whether the
proprietor w ill n sume bu-ini -s in Ku
gene Is uncertain. j
Albany Democrat: U I Kineliarl i
of She Id, left today for I .., (iiant
county, where he will reside, and jro
Into the Block raiinK business.
West: The ChilUat arrived nl
Florence yesterday hiincJiH machin-
erv for O W Kurd's cieainery mid a
new stock of nmnU for some of our
Albany Democrat: A C Woodcck,
the well known Kuifm- bachelor, was
in the city yesterday noon. If Ira
a w be it Is taiil
Weif built by the city for the freo jise
ol the poorer people. The entire party
a majority of nil (In, woiu, n p u took of the baths ami snent th. .HV
...... .1.1 ii. . ... : -
'-"IT"" ir i,iii.ert. me i.ut inti,0 city. The waters are heavily
ii i iinnuaie n as men clietcl ; eliared w ith electricity, so it is said
lleie the ladies of the pnrfy pur
based t!n ceU'brated Mexican linen
drawn woik, which is inanufaclured
neic. iiunuteits oi .ticxiians were
present w ith samples wanting to tell
them ul many dillt-rei.t prices. They
would !-k for a piece "live dollars
how much you nive?" (always ex
pressed in Spauish you know.) They
would universally sill the aitlcle at
from one-half to otic-lifth the original
1 he liiaiiiilactiiri) of woolen gixxls
is cugiiited in extensively here, and a
smeller ives employment to iiullo a
nuinhcr of Americans.
it Is a line agricultural country,
collec tiiul corn being the leading pro-
iiissani iiiioui li. u Americans are
in business in thu city and surround -iui;
uiii.vs. One, of lhc.e tell us that
all w ho have money are getting large
returns from it. Jlu informed us that
il was impossible In purchase prorty
in the city, as the holders were recelv-
Ini; I a rye returns from it.
I. L. t
may cail-e thelil to illon th,, nuitler as
to carry I he case into tin) courts and
t would unseat their Icpresciitii
ll iweVer, those who arc oppned
t'i .Mr l.ilbeit may urge it Into the
im .il.and in this way bi bucked by
the women win. wish to insert their
ritlits for future elect ions,
lu Mr (iilbert's letter of acceptance
I he announced that be whh in favor of
judicious lediieiiii; of salaries and e.x-
; peiiscs n the city's scliools. This was
I understood by his fiieni'sto mean n
cliali',' ol iiiiuipaU aim pu.hally
some chaiio's in the corps of teachcts.
It is believe I by Mipportels of Mr.
(iilhelt that he will take the same
stand (hat Mr Frank, who was elected
i"",'im .ois inhi'ii luminal ins elec
tion w ill give the hoard power to biiim
about the ehnies desind by the ntiti
le id clement. Tim change cannot be
made before the end of the present
school year.
Il In sal.-obien said that Mr d'ilbt rt
j is In favor of placing the liihlc in the
school, and 11 is ipinc certain that he
was supported lit I he polls by those
vho wish to iiitroilucii llieliible in
Hie eily schools. In hi letter of ac
ceptauce, houcvur, Mr (iilbert stated
plainly thai he is opposed In the com
pulsory reading of the llihlo in the
school. I Ins, tliouh, would nut iu
die ite that he is oppo-e,l to iiiakini; il
optional. Should this in- his view it
Is lint likely that he Would be sup
ported by a majority of the bunnl, Mini
thus (his change caunoi be biim-ht
about al present.
TFESDAY, MA ltd I 0.
1.' I .iti.rftait.tjl In luvltttlf tit lliA
14 M lllTiri HH.IVh.iii I . , . ii 1,1 U111,ni
aaie, The Judges remained hnn.ov- --H- -;
able on Iheir uecisiou agaiusi
n,..ii,rli wvi'lieniHi.t was IiIltIi no
attempt was made to n-tort to force KuseI"'
i.. ii...: n .it-A mil in urrrii im m. I
y. iiiiiiiKfa "win wu fc
. - .... h- bU8y penwiw
iters auu rri v iimu " " .., r ir -
. . . ... . . .i. DOMll UIIH.
.nei:iiii.liil 1t ut WHH IHU.HI1 Llf HID InJHm I
.hi iw i i a" " '
tin: vuii:.
l'he vol" was as follow.
(iilbeit, f.r director
for director
; " .. ,, lhatceilalnly Mr W .odemk stands a
uieir 8.u.v i.. . . . .
ciiaucc lion iiii ic"" " i rotter
i.,..,..s of soother bachelor weddiii;; in i
I (iilbert's lllliluiitv I
'in 1 ... I I I I... .1 r.. ..I ,. .i..ti. ... . .. . .
and the election passed off very quiet- -- Tl" ,7
bv friends of women's suffrage.
were conveyed to the polls lu large
numbers early iu the day. They were
admitted to the polls in groups of five
hi n lime and each iu turn teudered
her ballot to the Judges who as often
as they came declined to accept and
they were shown out by the officers.
The friends of the women s cause are
mid unenviable' Total Vole east
gives notice 'Mi me votes were thrown out.
that small boys caught on llie slieetsi Women were iillou i .1 to voto lust
at lllght will be arrested unless they ! year and the total vote was hT'l, of
carry written permits from their par i u Inch Mr Frank ieei ivnl ."i i.t, a mu
enti, aud that parties owningchicKeiis jonty of i:td over his opponent.
must keen them up or they will be i wii.i, in: 1 1 ,m i.n.
prosecuted; the latter imtihYs the pub-j Th ril,ltH )lf ,,. , v,)to
lie that ashes or otlnr will not I ,.h,Hi election w ill be bvally tested,
be allowed iu the streets or allies. Unybi and early this innniliiL' the
'lQ8 Larire and Complete stock of
"Ple and Fancy Groceries bought
in the best markets,
1 n ofler ?he public better prices
llan any othefhoue In Eugene.
teoruiiuis!tf:Dat im prjCEJ(
u i
LKO AMI'fTATKH.-Kx Senator J N
determined to assert their rights at jjolpb Is in a dying condition I hi"
claimed by them and It Is said a test boms In Portland. For a number of
case will be made of today's election, years Mr Dnlpb has sull' ied frmu
thev have already stated that they will diabetes, a lute manifestation of the
carry tho matter luto the courts for disease being soreness and swelling ol
decision. the feet. A few days ago an ingrow
fhe ntimesol all those who attempt. hng toe nail was cut, mid gangreene
ed to vole were taken and the e'ection intervened. His foot and leg swelled
will be contested In the circuit court to au alarming extent, ami u counsel m
It is unt likely that it will be brought physicians decided on amputation u."
i at the term ef court uow lu session, being the only chance n pnuong me.
An ntteniDt was made to have the The operation was pertormeu yesi. r-
Judges and clerks of election arrested day afternoon at four o'clock, the l.g
this afternoon on the charge or mai- being cut on anoui i"r .... ,.es
feasance In olllce but District Attorney the knee. Mr Dolph stood the i.p.-ra-
Yates gave It as his opinion that they tlon well and ii"- are euteniuneu ,
not. Pommlttlni: a crime iDU thai that he win rec.ei, m c" :
... .... .....J I . . . ... .....a ill, ...rtiilltef biro
the matter would nave to ue reierrru enauces ie v
to the civil courts. . ,,AK J ,uk.-A former Lane
C iUUty bey lias llli' loin, inn nun
"1st BiRTiiDAV.-Frank VVilkinsycs- cuiplimeut paid him by Un- J.aker
terdav reached the 21st mile stone in city Republican: "Th-re i- litt.e to
the journey of life. Iu honor or me wondereu at tnai ju.ig.; i..h.n n.n
nsio,. n aftertxHin party was given flir aheail or ins iick-i ... .ms
....... i,,.nf his narentt, Mr and when vie mg iii n,uiio,i in o.-l
SI IUC "V " r ...
Mrs KM Wilkin, Eighth ami work of iiiscoun.
I.unch was servea ai even ng sessions are un
ptiuii' movers in the woman' cau-c
wtiu out hunting up attorneys for
coli-i.llali'ill. They weld not. ill thu
Ica-t daunted by the ini.Muii! of show
and tain which I'el m r was their
ardor ilaiiipeiicd iu toe b a-t by it.
They regard the action of the Judges
who refused to allow thein to vote
yc.-f. rday as an in-ult In their woman
hood. When a-lod if they would
i'ollte-t the election they all IIDtl III'. (I
that they eie not out for that ur
pi It they Men' goil.ej to find oil
win llier i, i not a tin mall can vole in a
school cli ctioii .iii'lthat they had re
tained AttoN.M- I. Uilyeti, A (.' Wniii
cod;. J M Williams ami A K Wheeler
for thai puipi-e.
I'ntlla ileieiiee -f the alturtieys
is had the mode of proceduri! will re
main uinle I'leil, It Is prolnible.
r. n I . . ... . , .
Pallj Guam, March . C-iUDty "", 1 ""'- """ t tiongli, t liai i it mi criiiiinui proe.iilj
.ties or a -nit tor damages w ill be I
brought agaiii-l the judges w ho served j
yi-'i,ay. Iln V are held responsible,!
1 1.-1 all 1 1
lo'.li day aii'l
order ol ei.cb
raleiular well
.A .1
,.li.... .iwlii. I.UIIcn was
"o'clock and about a down of ins day thus Keeping me
young friends were preseut to parllcl- cleared ca
Date in it. D.i;y -rl. ! ca
CirOV STORMY. I UC wr.uoe. nas..... .a
. ., i i,i-u. C'oLtage
A.NUinr-" - i .lormv s.liee M-t.-M-.y CM II-
firnVH II 10 it.v - -i
itirw I .ie ..-in in-.'., i.i e to." - . o
to about 4c, and mixed uo an I r.nii
r.-.wler: "rdttage
noiher newspaper. Ti.e plant of
S.ayh.n Times, which recently us
,K..,de,ll'ythedethoflti editor, iu
shipp-d to this
Horace Mann, of Stayton, will be IU
eiliter.and intends to get the tint
i- i ' i- cl ii ii, ed 1 1 ci I I he board of din
I ,. - I, i'i lei lljl.l to Hist rue IV,
ii (n.-e vot. nl women an, I u.en
having i,"' i omn.ilt.-d the act t
- !m e u let I.,, held t.i answer.
1 !,.- -r.ii d jury is i ow in sis-ion,
b it it i- let lilo-ly that uny eltort will
be made lo secure ii criminal ca-e
tl.ioiih the pie-ent grand Jury us
(lo - vt ho an- pushing the. matter lo a
II II I.aiii r is up from Portland.
II I II Met 'lung went to Salem
(oda '.
J 1. Page is thu retiring school di
Postmaster Henderson Is sick at h
home at Eighth ami Pearl street.
Fifteen new cu mbers were received
by the "Artisans" lit thill last meeting,
Tho venial iiuluox occurs March
111 This must be tho equinoctial
I-aac I.aiimer returned to Cottage
drove this afternoon after a short visit
iu Ibis city.
F I, Chambers had one of his thumbs
badly mashed w hile bow ling In Hunt's
alley last (light.
John (ieorgo and daughter, Miss
Rlietta of I, inn county, are visiting
relatives iu this city.
Cicswcll Is to have a new school
house. Arrangements aie now being
made for thu building.
Mr and Mrs Jus Willoughby of liar
risburg, w ho have, been vlsltiug rela
lives in this city, returned home this
K McMurphcy went lo Portland on
the overland this morning on bust
nes connected with the Eugene Real
E-tatc. and Investment Co.
Mr and Mis M It Cockerllne, of Tur
ner, urrived here today audi will visit
a few days with Ihulrson, Alex Cock
erlini' and family, after which they
w ill go to (.rants l'a.i to visit friends.
The I'llneville city marshal Is a busy
I, inn these days as the following from
the Review iilte-ts: 1 he marshal was
HUlhori.ed to sell a pistol put up by
Tom Paine, lor a fine and not redeem
ed. He w as also authorized to tlx up
a dog pound.
a (ioldsiuith Is still quite low. Two
I'ny-iciaiis are attending him con
stantly and have but very li t to hope of
his tecovery. He is suffering from
erysipelas ami also a large carbuncle
j ou his in rk. He is also quite feeble,
j being Tii years of age.
( orviillis (ia'.ctte: A "j.lgln a jsuk"
Is a hat I lo manage. Lawyer
II I'I Wilson bought several notes of
i the ilefiinel Hamilton A Job bauk
i that Assignee liryson deemed uucol-I'-ctahlc.
( lim of these i utes wu signed
by Lawyer M I. Pis-s and Wilson bts
1 sued Pipes therefore. X'phlu Job, In
giving evidence U'fore Referee Walter,
A Hull. light rosier.
We take a number of items of Inter
est from the City of Mexico Two Re
publics, newspaper, of Feb. 111. It ap
pears that others than the til'Altl.
representative took occasion to cele
brate a press and bridal excursion nt
the same time, Tho Two Republics
"The) following poster was got out
yesterday and by the management of
the llucareli bull-ring in English (?) as
compliment io t'e visiting editors.
nc i ww iirioiifs win say lor me
Information of the excursionists that
tho bull-tight Sunday will he Is-ll.r
than the English of this bill:"
Ureatest bull-baiting for the aflermsui I
of the Sunday 2S
of rebruary 18H7th at 3 o'clok presily
.'.TV . I i. VJ." " t 'tV V
t,-iv.,v ,
spring mnoiciNE
h simmo; i.ivl"! P:
Ut.-l bill!.' it. i lie-1 j
(Jutin ; tli Vi.iti r, y , t
an J til.' sv-! 1 i l;,.
inc Jv.iiiili''j v, i !,',, I ever ;ri I A't
tism. V i . 1'it 1 1 . .i
now, n:t ; y v,.n
I LATOR -don't
hi-.' all nature.
i lickej up by
v. .' brings on
ii." ;inJ Kheuma
-' c; v-Mir Liver
tiki; blMMONS '.. .'..I i,)i t r Jo it. It alsn
regul.iti's tli.' Liver :..v's it pr-iperlyat
work, whet yo. r '. -:. i.i w ill t-e free from
poison -imJ th- v. !i .1 1 )v invigorated.
iouK.ti';:i; isj::-, r HLooiiw-hm
your svst-.'i'i n i , a I njiti.m, and that
will cnlv he vv.'i - i t'i l ivr is kept active.
Try a Liv r "v en,,, .mj note the
(Jith ruu c l!it i'... milv SIM.MONS
LlVi 1 UV' I Alt ii - it bIM.WONS
l ivii: h'l-ii; i.Ainn v ;.ui, lliak1 tne
dllliTi'li. .'. i .iRc i! i.i pu , ,k r r l, ,uj j
alro.uly pr.'p.:rej. . r ir.ih,- K ,f the
powder: I'l't t.ikcM AHi ). -1 'i KUOU
LArok". You'll find t!io KLL) . en everv
P-vk igc. Look t,.r it.
J. II. Ztilln X Co., I'latail.-lplitu, Pfc
There wen tieaderlng
and oue Spaniard
of which was piked and put lo beon.
uerillyah three very good
Very dow u prices - Uveu the programs
The enterprise.
lilarlou County aud the State
Probably Have a Law Suit.
Marlon county has refused to pay
into the btatu treusury the amount
claimed as taxes by the state. Th
dillercuce In the accounts of the state
and those of thu county are about
Following Is a copy of a letter drawn
upon order of the court of Marlon
county by (leorge It Ringham, and
forwarded to State Treasurer MoU
chau. "I am Instructed by the county court
of Marion county to say to you lo
a coin- auswer to your letter of Feb. L7, 1897,
was the that Marlon county is not ln.l..M.l in
tho state of Oregon In the sum of S30
till fallm almo-t nice ir.tty .
hills ah .ut the city ate c .vend
...rl Indus of -ii'iiv and
doubtlsW quite deep f irth-r up iu the
l: is
i,.,it,.t like the make up nf t..--iill.-d llmt the note bad beeu paid,
o ly I f a en il a 'tioii is brought althu:ii;h not so n.arked on the bocks.
t be tried in the ci'- lb; tli. ugl.t Pipes, after paying the
e note ha I I. ft it lying on the counter
to and II h el been pill back in the bill
the supreme court. book.
tl, it '
the e
ei,,t I
cole, I
Will til
i : and 1 1 1 . 1 1 . v T w ay it is
,11 tnk.bly U' appealtd
"The excursionists have come and we
are theirs."
"The reception committee showed
up 00 strong at the depot, but when
tho train rolled In it appeared that 'we
were very few.' "
'"Do you speak English?' said one
or the fair excursionists to
mltteeman. 'Why, little
"Tha editors will And their mall at or any part thereof, or any amount on
the office of The Two Republics at any account of current exaeuse tax ISM. or
hour of the day or night. Make the In the sum of f 5 ltl.02 or any sum what
office your headquarters," ever on account of Interest state tax
"The party will have au excellent for ,8!)5 allJ llmt Marion county will
View or Lake Toxcooo aud the vol- P'8 11,9 tatu or Oregon (.11,070.05 on
canoes when they visit the auclent aC0,)Unt cur'put tax or lN'JO which
church of Guadalupe today. They "iouut will bo paid as soou as tho
will also have au opportunity to Im- wx collected. our charge or (34,-
bibe In holy water." 1 342.23 for lsixi tax is erroneous. Tba
"Quitealarge party oftheexcuraIon- C(rrecta,lloulltiH oove given (31,.
Ms attended the regular Thursday 978 05 "
night band concert last night at the The ahove Is specifically drawn up
Jardln, and expressed theiuelves de- Mn answer aud will precipitate lltl-
lighted with Mexican tnuslo and the 8fttl11 wltu tlle Btul-''
Mexican way or making It "
"It waa not the original Intention of
me promoteia of the Trees Excursion From the Newburg (iranhlo wa take
to convert It luto a Ukidai, Touii, hut the avotago standing of the coutestauta
man propose and nothing can stop an as decided by the three Judge, whose
editor or editress as the case may be." uarne uro not given, lu the recent
With Mexican njuolc, holy water, state oratorical contest:
aud a bull fight our editors must have Fred Fisk, University of Oregon, 02.
Their Standing.
enjoyed themselves lmmeosely.
A Lively Time In Justice TattV Court.
One Man Fined. Another Un
der ArreiU.
The generally quiet and peace-loving
P. E. Bauer, Pacific Uulverslty, 02L
E. J. Htuwart, Albany Collego, 01
Badie L. liond, Pacillo College, 87
H. P. Early, Willamette University,
J.S. Wallace, MeMlnuviUo College.
M 2.1-72.
Blanche (leorge, Monmouth Normal
community or Irving Is excited at the 80 1JU'
present time over criminal trial oM C. P. Kalght, Portland University,
young men disturbing the peace on HI 1U-
the eiahbath day, I Dally liuard, March s.
Lsst Buuday evening llert Whit- Christian Ahhociation
more, ayoung tnau about 20 years of The two Chrlsllau Association of
go, rtlntoa row with two young the Uulverslty or Oregou held a lolnt
lusnou the oultlde or, but uear the meeting at the Congregational church
church lu which services were being yesterday afternoon. Mr H It Kanna,
conducted by the United Brethren do- president of tho Y M C A., conducted
noinluatlon, aud used profane and the meeting, the subiect for cousldera.
abusive language. Hon being "Personal Work." A fair
A warrant was Issued for the arrest number was lu nlteiidance and much
ofWhltmore and he wa arrested by interest was manifested. The next
Constable J E Martin or Irving pre- meeting of the series will be held in
clnct,anda trial had before JusUce iVV.." w ay
W Jt Yate this morulug. Whltmore
plead guilty and wa lined (10 aud uouiinci isairaiuisir,
cost or ft day' linprltotimetit lu the At'HTiw, Tex., March 5, Tho house
county Jail. He said It would take a has tabled by a rising vote a resolution
mouth' bard work to earn that Instructing the speaker to wire Presl-
amount, and concluded to accept the deut McKinley congratulating him on
Imprisonment rather than pay. Con- his Inauguration i.nd assuring him of
slable Martin brought Whltmore to Texas' "heart v ex oneration In the
Eugeue today and turned him over to maintenance and enforcement of
th tender mercies of Sheriff Johnson. American right in foreign countries.
John Courtwright wa also arrested regardless of party Hues."
for a similar otreuse, and hi trial will
take place
Saturday before Justice
Diku. At her homo uear Junction
City March 8, lB'JT, of consumption,
Mrs Ingeraliul, aged 37 year,
8 mouths and 20 days. The fuueral
will be held Wednesday and the re-
Itev Oroll officiating.
Dally Cluard. March
A Good Lay For It. This Is a
good dav lor moving. Desnlte the n""'" ren 'a UP" cemetery,
snow and rain, J H Stiles aud family
movea into me .Miner nouse ou i Daily iiuar.1, U.r.tnl,
Eleventh etreet, which they have Sh.vkk The neighbor
purchased. Percy Long, who resided and friends of John Pollock, who re
in the Miller house, moved Into the tides about two miles west of town on
VVauershauer property ou Oak between the Blair road, will give him and his
Thirtieth and Fourteenth streets, wf0 tt surprise party this evening, the
which lie haa purchased; and A Brown .liver anniversary of their wedding
who resided in the VVauershauer house ,ittT
j -
has moved into the residence ou Fifth
and Charnelton streets vacated by Mr
Utiles. The Lamberty bakery, which
I... I ...... ...... ....... 1 I., II. .V'..
building ou Willamette street too ay
moved In a house on west Seventh
Pall;, March 1.
No HuoKtM. City cuuucll met last
night aud adjourned until tonight, a
there was not a quorum preseut.
Bokn. To the w Ife of Ag-h Itlce la
this city, March S, 1S07, a sou.
UtiiA nut next week. W