The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, July 06, 1895, Image 1

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NO. 28.
Tlie EiScnc City (iuanl.
I. L. CAMlMiKLli,
.ubiis't"" i MVi'riclor.
.:Tl :
lii- K ft I
lev "i"! 1 1
1 1 ')K a;-v 1 iff i" i '.
,- . 1 1 1 .
., a. t - .
I .jrf u 'ii'.li.
,( in
;.' r.
Ji iUs Miik Known on
n if kl'i'-lw will ! eliuvjd ntlis f-tl-
,lu,,,,iaMt!irui.mtu M 00
;)0,.imi mouth H no
......UN iio yr
' TriiHbut n.'tiwx In l'Wl ivlutnii, 20 cent
. liu. J..r asi-h inaertian.
i vrtidntt bills will b reu lorod i...rterly.
i..b wir oiuat be Pui WI'M ocuvfur.
Cljiks. Watches, Clings. Jewelry, Etc.
fr-.llVorb IVarraiued.'l
L. W. BROWN, M. D.
Physician nrul Surgeon.
0:li.- ami rrilnc ar p.wtiilliee. IIur!
J x,, 'J . m.i 12 to 2, 0 to 9 i- m.
Sew Di-ila ami New Trice In Pnreixn ud
lhj'iifiiic Marble and liritnlto, ItoiiinneuU,
He I .tone ami fJ.iuolery work ot
all kind fr IS.
A 111 mi-ite S:reot, near IVftofllr).. Eugene, Or
Blur It.
-O u-lialf bloc' milh ol ClirUmau'a
At residetnv cor. .jth mid Lincoln St
Oilloo UHtaii:s'ln MeClari-n't hulld
la j, corner Mil and Willai-.ietle slni ts
li. lid IIUCIH.
I'r .iJ. I.t.
a ii
Kakis. .Ik.,
Oi Eugene.
S:ifii iH am! Profits, $50,05)0
- - Oregon.
A il v.;l '. viiWIai.' I' iftn.i 1""e on v'ie
t-ni. Si.;ht .ttaf-i w NK'A VuifK.
rilll'AiiH. .-.AN V KAN'l'ISl'tl and l'"15 1
vn, D.i.-.ui):;.
Ilil'. ef eXi'Lan? sold n f.'WiuU cmntne.
l''liiureiviv.lutj i't U nlioia '.r witib
CW ol iU- cmiI.
V;l oo;li I itoi tutrinle I t" ' '
pnwiDt atl"iil".l.
Of l)a M iitin. low k. write under data ot
M r.-h 2t, KSILI!
S. . Med. Mf. Co.,
l)i:fur, On-gor.
Gkntlemkn: On arriving home butt
week, I found nil well and anxiously
waiting. Our little girl, eight and one
Imlf years old, who had wasted away
to 3S pounds, is now well, utrong uiid
vigomus, and well tleshed up. . J j.
('nigh Cure ban done Its work well.
Itoih of tli i-hllilrt-ii like it. Your 8.
11. Cough Cure liaH curwl and kept
nwiv all hoarsiu-sH from me. So give
Ii n every one, with giwtlngs for all.
vt iHinng you prosperity, we are
Yours W and Mrs. J. F. Kokd
II you wUh to r.-M freih and oh-H-rful. and
r'tr lor tin. s-.r! :' work, eleante t' e vtein
with the lleadaele- and Liyer Cure,
Iiv takinii
two or three d.iK a wee.
Hold under a ptu-iilve K'larantea
M oeuu pc Isittle by all driucm'l.
ol aunil. .! .'alien Orocetlua laiuiiil m
tiwl .narkuui
KxclusV.cly For Ciish,
I can oiler the public better price
Iban any other house
" iv.
d .li.
dim is taken at trliet
MIs - j. h. harriss.
Spring and Summsr of 1335.
Newest Stoci ani test Prices.
Borets, atsaijd Jrimfliirptjs,
I7 Catest Styles ar;d Shades.
Weil S i'iu Willamette St., b-twevii 'Jth and hull, j
Personal .Vt.s.
I alii tiiintd, July I.
Tlie Salem Statesman of yesterday,
hud tliu following ri i e 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 of Eugene
ministers unending the great meelitij;
nt Turner:
"ltev. 11. F. Bunnell wan on t!iu
grounds again yesterday, after uti ab
sence of two days. Ibis ;-i-ntl-iiinn,
almost gigantic in stature. Untie of the
most pleasant companions u mil n
would WHiit, always ready with h
cheerful woril unil u pleasant entile-,
Htul his cheerful luugii liiiitii;
tlirouxli tint rovu MiirriiiiiilinK the
tuliernuL'lo woulil cure the most heri
ou ciiMt' of the liltten (lint luiiintti U
I it IT wilt' ever ulllieled with.
"Itev. 11. K. llotitiell of Ell'eiie, miir
gesteil t hut us tiimiy of the CMiiiperM us
villi do ho, remain until Moailny fore
noon, when H Ko.xlhyu iueeli:it; will I e
held. He Mated that Ik' hu I always
Isten liceu-tiiine.l to this feature in
cuinptueetiiiKs in the East, tititl
tliought them Home of t hu itint Inter
t'Ht liirf of the n riea. The mi;cMtlo:i
will prohuhly hrinK thin ciikIoiii into
life here, unil will If mice niloitt d I e
comu a jtei ttiutietit feutuie ol the atiiiU
id meeting.
A iiniiu twrviec was liel'l tit i :.('.)
o'clock liiht eveuinuuud nt 8 o'clock
ltev. 1. H. lluruett preached a teriiKill
that whs full of good thoughts mid was
llHtened to ly ti uotiil-sizeii nuillence.
His BUblect was "I'aiil's Kstlmuto of n
fiiiew-Hsful Life." Acts 20:i4."
T. Trttcy w.m Slmt uud Killed
this Mot iilntr Wltil.' ticingr
tn Work.
Skt1.i1 to tlio Daily i.iuiiu.
NVoi.k C'kkek. Oiivcii, July 1
This morning utmut 6 o'clock 'I
Trucv was shot while colinr to wnrk in
il (il:it t. claim nbnllt nine tulles from
this place. Iliete nail necll irnuute
hrert iiijff ir koiih time over Ihe cliitm.
lie was slmt from ambush. Tracy
died about thirty minutt-s after the
dhootinu. The eoroner'8 iiitiest l a
not been held yet.
Ihe 31 a-s Meetii .
Daily 'Jiianl, July I.
Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock til
theCutiiberluid l'rodiyterla'i C!iur h,
a I'iru'j and etithuisastli) mas meeting
of theyoun peniile and business nieu
of tliecily was nddessed by ltev ('lias
H Curtis, of l'orllaml, chairman of the
"l'ortland 'VI" eoininitlei', nl-o by
Mavor Mutlmk. llishop Mills, uud
1'iiHtors Louv bottom, (itlbert, 11 uM
mall, and Snyder.
A resolution was uu iniiuoiuh adopt
ed that Euceiic will lai-e f VKi ns her
share of Ihe mo'iey nrt-ded to bring
the '1)7 International i'onveiillon to
The Fimt Conitreff nlional society
has already pl.'dged of this, and
the other societies will iniinediutcdly
fall in line.
There is no doubt licit Oregon waul
the '7 convention.
l ottue (iruve Ileitis.
Leader, June 21.
M C Ilfind, the genial and popular
agent of Ihe. S 1 railroad olllce here, is
going to have a vucal ion. lie and his
estlm ible wife ind biby to, expect
t leave Tuexl.iy for Ya(iiina Hay, to
enjoy the cool breezes und charming
scenery a few weeks.
Utile Jimmle Harnies am.' b:otlnr
were riding ii rsi-hnck TliuiMilay morn
ing, when tlie h irse timk a tired spell
mid ft 11 down. Two bones were brok
en in Jinimie's left linn.
it, .i nn Ilo.iDS.-rrinevillo Kevle.v:
"We are in receipt or a letter from Mr.
J. I". Combs, postmarked al Kelknap
springs uud dated June 1 j. Mr Combs
relates some rainer uiifucuiMiui iri
ionces wliile crossing the lava on his
way over Suyt he struck mow 10 Aft
deep and the worst roads he ever un
dertook to travel over; lind to curry
his loud or 8 K) pounds over some snow
drifts nml up hill.which bethinks will
go a long way toward curing his rheu
matism, even ii ii uiu kuwv mm
l.i tt .run in. 1 1 1 k lieentiiintr to a gelt tie-
niui." lie" reports liiuiM'ir and Mrs,
Combs well and comfortably siluated
and thinks of spending some time at
the pprings."
Klhioi-rly IIcilT. Dtiw Huir was
iinrt In the recent rail-
r.,.l wreck. Tlis spine was wrenched
and his head badly bruised. The in
tention was to bring him home yes
terday, but he was unable to remove
from his room. He Is receiving the
liest care the company call give bun at
Oakland. .
Vi t. riRAVK. Mr Chas. A East.
I... ..I him kMn eneiieed to deliver the
l' it, f T.ilir oration at Hrownsville
til vminir man is an original and
ready c)cakcr, and will pUuse the r
pie of that places
r .,..wrcf T.Erri'RKR. Sann Ichiro
Hirota," the Japniio-e lecturer, spoke
in the Congregational church lusteyen-
Ing. The lecture wasqnue uneiei.".n,
but the attendance was light owing to
the fact that there were several ocial
inL rilnee liit evening. Sir.
Ilirota will probably return here next
Mjriueu.-June 2'0h. at the resl
deuce or the parenU of the bride, near
North Yamhill, Miss Blanche Miller
:Ti.enf. I'. II. Jnnca. Itev. MeCutch-
" .. ..m..i,.tin I'rof. Jotui is the new
principal or" the McMinnville city
hools and Is well known by many
here. 0
War ku hi.mii -i .i""j "
Corvallis local in.uran
oon U pies. and wsr is raging among
the agents. One agent at Albany ha.
Xed to take g.s si
building free ef charge. I hi ! V
IH'licj lot H concerned.
. . . ,.
July lt.
The stores clow ut H o'clock tonight.
Times are Improving rii;ht here ill
ti.!(:e Maey, of llarrisUiig, visited
r.iiu-i i e I' ibiy.
Mis W C Yorati returned rroni llar
lisburg ti'day.
lite a nutober of drummers in
tni n over Sunday.
i'riib.ite court today; comiiiisnioi'.irs
court Wcduii-ilay.
Mrs (i Ilcttman arrived hoiiie from
I'urtlaiid this nftcinoou.
V II Abratns and w ife returned to
their home at Salem this forenoon.
Attorney J M Williams went to Al
liuny this uniruiii on Icptl bl,sihess.
Horace lluruett leturued yei-terday
from a three weeks' trip down the val
ley. The fees received by the county clerk
for the month of June iiiik tinted to
A patty of four nieu ft'om McMinn
ville passed tbroiiuli here yesterday
cnroule to the llelkntii vprl.igs.
A iiiarriiige license was issued today
toO-cur 1). Wheeler and Del.a E.
King'ley, by the county clerk.
City Marshal II J Day writes to
Howe i!c liice from the upper McKeu
7.le that he caught YS iroiit last I' ll
day. Work on the llouritig mill granary
is Udug rusbeil li,- n large b reeof cur-
iieulcrs. It will be in readiness for
liar Vint.
lteit Miller uud Harker tied mi the
rullleofllie bic cleat barker's store
Saturday night. ltert bought Harder'
The Ice Company lias kindly con-en
ted to blow their whistle each evening
at 8 o clock for the stores to close.
J F Hoblnsou's little boy Halph is
considerable U-lter today, uud toe
nlivsieans in charge have lioiie of bis
coinpl te recovery.
rrineville Keview: Ed Hurbln, ac
companled liy his nioiner, starieu i
the N illamelle vuliey via l lie iseiKiiup
springs lust ediHsiiay.
The larire maple tree on the corner
at the lloltmuu House is dying. Too
many electric light wires strung on it
is supposed to be the cause.
rrineville It' -view: S.J. Newsmn
arrived from Eugene Wednesday. Ho
will return soon for his family, who
expect to summer (in this title nt Hie
Sunday's Salem Statesman: Miss
L C Carson, professor or rhetoric and
elocution in the state university ut
Eugene, is ill the city the guest of Mrs.
U S lie. in.
It is rumored that the Eugene con
llui:eiit attending the Portland races
fell heavilv on the hurdli race Sat ur
duy. They had a "300 to 1 shot," but
their lior.-e fell much to their conster
At the Chiiutmii'ua meeting to be
In Id at Oregon City July 10 to ill, a
number of led iris will be delivered.
President Chapnmn will lecture on
"Lear and Macbeth" and Prof Condon
on "Some lieolcgic Problems."
A prominent young lady visiting in
Eugene today took a header from a
bievcle, she was learning to master,
br-iising her face somewhat. She was
conveyed home in a carriage and Is
now tilsiut recovered.
At 15 irker's rallla Saturday night,
Harker and X X X tied on the bicycle;
Harker and 8 H Friendly on the
sweater, and John 1 larger and C 1'
Cardwell on the revolver.
I leiu v Jordan left yesterday morn
ing on 'the train for San FrnnciFco.
He expects to telurn here in about six
months to remain permanently. Ho
received fiiUO from California Saturday
morning so ho is a real capitalist, now .
Tlie local Insurance organization
w ill hold a meeting tomorrow tuier
noon i.l 2 o'clock. We understand
that one agent gave notice today that
he would w ithttraw iroin me compact.
rids looks like another war migiti
break out here.
J M Shelley ,of Portland, well kn iw n
n Eugene, has returned from the
National Convention of drummer
held in Texas recently. Ho hlso made
an excursion to Mexico, ami repons
having had n grand time.
1-i i-xchumreNUVs: "IfcatHo
get bloated put a handful of pep-r in
r. .-il.. 'I'l.u vi.,l.nt aiieexitnr
the nostrils. Tlie vioiem siieezmn
that ensiles will eniiiilo tne auimui to
iret rid or the gas In the Homacli, uttu
tt ,1 It ( l.ltil
all w ill IS! wen." ii'.-oieiiiuei nuni...-.
give it a trial the next time im animal
gets an overdose or anything.
Probate Mutters.
.'.,i.iti. or John Taylor, deceased.
I. .1.1.. ti.ltip iifestuttt f3.!iKJ. W B
i... ..I. in. intuit niiiiiiiiistruinr wnn
j-S,(Xi( bonds, with K V Hownrd, M
lluilev, Joscpn riernuerg mm "''
Senders, as sureties. Appruiseis.
Frank W k nson, II JITiann, ivom
Clow, who reported, real estate $J,0W,
a... ilMl !) J1!
iH-rsoniil property tun, noies f.,u...,
total HI 7H.3U. Administrator author
ized to sell m-rsoiial property ut public
uunruiansnip oi mwci v u...,
now Holland. Uo idstneii. exonerated
and discharged.
Estate or Joseph Haller, deceased. J
II McChingnnil TO Hendricks pp.
pointed administrates, with JLihkj
bonds. ... ,
Estate of John V Purkerson, de
ceased. Keporl of sale or personal
proiK-rty for tt" approved.
Estate of TW I'.ii U. rM.a deceiised.
Itepnrt or sale of personal propt i ty l"f
$U"i.a approved.
Estate or Austin Mann, sr. Prob
able value ol estate f-V). Oeo )
Knowles appointed administrator with
im Ponds; ninety. W Hur l Ai':
prat., sup;- ! ..: H J Dickey,
I Kiibv und S S Milledge.
Estate r John Stoops, deceased.
Apprai-ers reported real estate valued
ul jl l)ii uikI iiersoiial property valued
at tdal t-l.h-SO.
f..,.t- vie-A Id let was received
i.i. ..... r,.imr I mm the marshal of
Itutle Citv. Montana, concerning the
i. i i. .i..m. imr iiow' About all II said
was that be did not think young Uubb
was In a "ban uox. i
six days en route ta this city.
Uai.y OaarJ, J' B-".
A OIKL. H P'i t" tl wife ft(ieoTe
Sniiih. near Coburg, Iht niorulug, a
Prof Held Is home again.
Lew O Powers, of McKcnle bridge
is here.
Clarence Luckey Is l.enie from Crook
Mrs L (I Adair returind liome fnitu
Portland today.
Harney May wa up from Harm
urg yesterday.
Ir. E. D. McKenney Is now able to
be down tow u again.
Attorney A C WtHxIcwk went to
Portland this morning.
Harry Milllorn, of Cr.sik county,
visited in Eugene today.
Harney May, of llarrl-burg, was
visiting in Eugene today.
F J Hachelder. the well known
drummer, x'iit Sunday here.
J 11 O'Neill, the well known travel
i tig railroad ngei.t Is In Eugene.
C. II. Hurkbolder and A. Lurch, of
Lematl, were in Eugene today.
J P Jones. S P It K ntP-nt was in
Eugene over last night, of Portland.
It. A. Washhuriie. of Springfield.
gave the til ARl) a pleasant call today.
Prol Mark Hailev. Jr. and wire, left
for their home in Sea tile, Wash., yes
A. C. Allien and family six-nl Sun
day with Mr. tsloue and family, or
Cliailes A Eastland has commenced
the study of law in the olllce or Hilyeti
Pror McElroy siient Sunday In Eu-
gene, n-iiiriiing 10 nuieiu on inj
early traiu.
. i...: . . '..i ...i......
II U Humphrty was a passenger on
this morning's early train lor tlie
J U Camnliell will not return home
from the upper McKen.le until alter
(lie Fourth.
Carey F Martin, or Salem, came up
on his bicycle yesterday, rciuriiug
liome today.
Walter Edrls has retuniud ft-oni hi
trip to Ciilifiirnla. He says ho bad a
very pleasant trip.
T. J. Heckley, of Portland, arrived
here last evening, and will visit in Eu-
ncne for a few days.
Wm. Smith and bis son George have
returned f rum Crook county. The
trip benefited George's health.
Charley Day writes that he will soon
leave Hutto, Montana, for Boise City,
Idaho, where he bus obtained a good
(ieo. W. Pickett returned home from
Pol Hand yesterday afternoon, after an
absence oi' two weeks. He is loud In
his ptnise or the racing events.
Miss Bertha Goldsmith spent Sun
day at Dr. Mharples' fruit farm visit
ing with Mrs Sliarples and Miss Ada.
She returnod homo this morning.
Misses Clara Hawkins and Ella
Brewster w ill spend tlie 4tli at New
port. They go nearly to Corvallis In
a buggy and from there by rail on tho
Ed Brodio, the active young news,
paper man rthe West, arrived in Eu
gene Saturday night from Florence.
He reports tunes as improving at our
city by tho sea.
Frank Stewart, for Ell Bangs, yes
lerilnv after the arrival of thealleriiooli
train, lea with Mr Baker and family
with u private conveyance lor mo
tho Foley springs.
SuiulaVa Baker City Denioirat:
Hon. H. 'II. Friendlv, of Eugene and
legent of the Slate 1'iilverslty of that
place, is on a visit to the city, the guest
or .Mr. unil airs, ran auut.
Miss Grace Brown returned home
from the upper McKeiizieon her wheel
S iturduy afternoon. Considering that
the vouuir ladv lias been riding it lor
mil) one mouth, il shows good work.
Henry Owen returned homo rrom
Portland yesterday afternoon. He
says he was compelled to Hue from the
wicked city, us lie was uiruici oi toe
temptation overcoming even his ier
fed pureness.
Attorney W. J. D'Arcy, of Salem,
was in Eugene over last night on le
gal business. Jack Is a bright, ener
getic young limb of the law, and we
are glad to learn that hu is making a
success or his chosen profession.
Miss Mnttlo Williams, of Ellensburg,
Wash., arrived here this afternoon,
and will visit with tlie Misses Croncr
for a few duys. She resided in Eugene
a few years since.
Low iNHi'KANt'K. The Corvallis
Times says: Tlie amazing low rates
given by the dlllerent companies dem
onstrate bow bitter has Is-eil the light.
I'lie nubile, school building, for in
stance, was Insured Friday by the di
rectors nt 113.000 fur a term or three
years. The total premium paid for
the three year was 3tl. 1 he regular
rule hitherto paid would have made
Hie nretiiiuui $3!K). making the amount
saved by the directors $351, and to
make the deal stronger the companies
Issued a policy that cannot lie canueii
ed. The policies were written by tlie
I'linenix lor 1-7.000 and the Home for
K1.000. The county court houso was
nlso reinsured at an astonishingly low
rate. The utiiouiit was $3.t,(XjO, and
the term was for three year. At the
old rule the premium would have cost
the tnxtiuvers ti.Mi ui me cui rate me
3..0OO placed on tlie building for three
veins Saturday Cost, beside eflsl a
small amount due on unexpired pull
cies, f.VI.00.
Florence lie ilia.
The West, June 20.
The freight rule on lutnlier from this
river bus been raised 50 cents per I'XMJ
feet on uccoiiut of the condition of the
Wm Kvle itiien Is yiitl Ing a gasoline
Uunch on the river I i ll few inunlbs,
which will make duily Irlus between
Florence and the head of tide-. The 81
usluw fleet is increasing.
Last Saturday evening at H o'clock
the llohurt biougbt In two scow rrom
Coos bay, dropped them at the govern
ment dock at Hie mouth or the river
and Immediately proceeded to YHiUlna
bay without steaming up to Florence,
wherw two naasenger had Ismjii wait
ing lor six day to go to Ya'palna.
Dkmokkkt Medal Co.ntkht. The
Deuiorest medal contest at the C. P.
church Saturday evening was rairly
well attended. Mis Letly Hlultb Won
the handsome mcdul.
lliree Men Hold tip tli.i Noitlilmund
Overland, Iti t'ow t retk Canyon.
lutiy iiu:d, July .'.
Messages were llahed over the tele
graph wire lust night conveying Ihe
new or ore of (lie most daring and
suuhWuI Iruin robberies ever -rpe-trated
on the 1'aeillc Coast.
A dynamite cartridge was placed on
the rails nt u point iist at Hie entrance
to Cow Creek Canyon, about l" mile
beyond Kiddle. As the heavy north-
hound overland rrom San Francisco to
Portland eame along the earttidge wu
exploded and the engineer stopped the
Three nhbei made their appearance
and one r them com pel led tint tire
man, a brakeui in and a tramp to go
before him w title lie roblied the Passcm
gers of their money and valuables, the
other robbers standing guard on I lie
outside. After getting all they could
from tho passengers, Hie robU-rs re
turned to tho express car and com
manded the express niecngcr to open
I lie safe. This he Could liol do as the
safe is operated w ith a time lock w hich
opens only at a few points between
Portland and San Francisco. The
roblitrs "looted" the mail car, securing
considerable registered mutter. Il Is
not know n definitely how much the
rubbers obtained, but Ihelr heaviest
haul was probably from the passengers,
the amount secured Iwing upwards oi
several hundred dollars, beside watch
es mill oilier valuables.
After the roblsrs had completed
their work Ihev gave the engineer In
structioiis to w ait olio hour after the
Inst sb.ot was llred before resuming
the Journey, stating that ho w ould be
shot if lie moved Hie train is-tore nun
time. They then went down the
track a short distance, Hrcd volley,
putting out tlie headlight of the el;
eette. and then disappeared.
After waiting an hour tiro train was
strain started upon its Journey, but
was compelled to uiovo very slowly
ou lug to the crippled condition of the
engine, the Itatiges ol the small wheels
ot the trucks having been broken by
the explosion of the charge. Alter
nmdiinir Kiddles Ihe engine was turn
ed around and ran backwards, making
a little tieller tinio from there to Kowe-
btirg w here another engine was pro
eu red.
The train reached this city between
seven and eight o'clock this morning,
being about four hours lute. II taire
no evidence or having been I lie scene
of a desperate robls'ry other than that
tlii-r. were a few marks on tlie oaches
from pbols and a glass in a window of
one or Hie couches was broken where a
Imllei bud iiussed through it. One of
the nasseiigers hel I his h it out tlie of
window and called fora collect Ion, say
Ing that they were all "broke."
A Pltl'MM Elt'rt 8TOKY.
C. II. Kiltonhouse. u Chicago drum
mer, who was on the train iiml wit
nessed the robbery, t-Hs the story
atsiut as follows:
"I w as In a llrsl class day coach, up
next to the front of the Iruin and our
car was tho llrst ono entered by the
roblars. Tho report of the torpedo
was tho llrst Intimation I luminal
anvthiug was wrong. There were two
exnlostoiis. and throe charges had bej'ii
nlaced on the rails. I'll" llrst was a
tnrnedo to serve as a warning, the eo
ond w as a dynamite cartridge and tlie
third was a heavy charge or dynamite
placed there to blow up the engine
should the engineer fall to slop his
train at tho explosion of tlie llrst
charges. 1 1 was Just 10:13 o'clock
when the tram was ampix-u. romu m
ihe iiusHeiigers stuck their heads out
of the windows to see w hat the matter
was. About that time I heard a voice
on tliu outside saying In unmistakable
tones or command. Jd Jur nenii
back In there, you d a .' Then
we knew w hat was the mailer and
everybody got tbulr heads Inside oftho
cars and kept them there. Iliure
were time of the robbers ami uiey
made the fireman and brakeiiiau go
with tliein to the express ami mall
cars. When they reached our car Hie
roblier made the llreiiian, brakeman
unil n l ramn go in front of them. On
ly one robber Weill Uirotlgil ine cur, me
nl hem keeping guard on llio ouisiue.
Tlie robber ordered, 'Throw up your
hands!' und everybody's linnns weni
Up. Aspe Weill inroiigii hid no
commanded the passt -tigers to 'dig up'
np 'ifd down In vour leans' and all such
expressions an thai. Hu had a large
sack which he held out for tho passen
ger to empty their money Into. Il
they exH-rienced any uimcuiiy m gei-
I.... I...I w ..iru..ri tlt..ll ho would allV.
llllfi UICM l' '" " - J
'Ut me assist you,' or 'I can get 11 for
yoa,' and if they didn't have much he
would r irk. 'You are mighty poor.'
He carried a huge revolver the largest
I ever saw. Jlelore lie i-ame inio too
car I took out my watch and mileage
ticket mid nut l hem under uie seui
but afterwards thought better or the
matter and concluded If he wuuled it
f U'l.l 1 III ilmiittu nil I had to him. I
had irolteil mV IKK ket book out and
was holding II in my mums over mjr
i...... I u il. ciiino m v turn to con
triliiilu Ho took IliV pocket book, unu
I nUed lilm If hu would return It to
Hi It IV lien in, bad uotlcu what he want
ed At llrst ho did not sihmii Inclined
lo do so but finally said he guefseu no
could accommodate me that mucii. i
1 1,.. v, to ask him If liu would
ulwi return some papers to mo I had
u liieh would be of no value to him
lie declined, saying that they might
i ... ..f niui I,, him. When lut had got
ten through with me and passed on I
fll vurv mill. Ii rulleved. 1 wu terri
bly T ightened and would have done
stivtliingfor him. My coat wu but-
i,.,,m,i iii, mid bo did not see my watch
s .n,i not call for it. and after he nail
gone I found my mileage ticket under
Hie seat. He only took a few watches
rrom our car lull look watcnes, jewel
re urn I I'vervtlilnir from the tsoplo in
tin-o: her e ars. II " i - nut molest tlie
i , ! . . .1 .:!. loblillig only Hie gi litle
ui.ii iiiisM-ii-rcrs. Hew. .a a very lull
lllltll and wits geateel in Ills bearing
and talk. AP the time howaK'l''K
through tho car Hi robuerson the out
sI.Im ki-nL llrlinr their guns and ex plod
ing b unbs. The explosion ol the
luiioha would cause the cnrtorliuUo
and ruttlo and we were afraid if any
n -.Istiiiice was attempted they woulil
throw one under the car. When the
robU-r started lo come in thecarCon
,l,i,.i,,r Tom Kernev got 111 the ladies
rloHet and lin ked the tbHir. After he
i,,i luM.n in iln-rx u wiiile he wanted
to see what was going on outside and
eunoiii I old of a hook aud drew lilm
ir mi t look over the top. The
hook bryi and let bliu
rail, nearly frightening; htm
to ilenth, us he thought sure tliey
wotlld tliu! him then. They did dot
find llie I'lillmttil conductor cither, ns
ho whs stowed awuy in no u ht birth.
Slu-rlll f Ikiuglus coiiiiiy, wu mi
boiird with a prisoner. Tlie robU-r
got thirty cents from tho ) rlsotn r,
nit when he tumid out who lie was,
gave the money back. lie also re
iilestiil the slid III Ii) dig upwlial
money lo had about hltti. An Irish
man iad several dollars in silver in
one pocket and 7i or Ml dollurs in gold
111 lie oilier, lie uiiiien to iiikc tue
gold out nod put it ill bis shoe und
give the silver to the robin r, but in
bis bight, niude a mistake, putting the
liver In Ills NliiH'ttud giving tliu gold
to the roldn-r. lie felt very bad annul
it ulterwtirds mid thought it was a
pie ly rough way to treat u fi-llow who
had Just t-ome out lo nits country, i
lo nut lliltiK I ever leu so nappy in-
fore in my life a I did w lieu Hie ruti-
tiers had lluislicd their work of "loot,
lug" I he train and bad fired llie llnul
volley which Intllcaled Hint they were
going. Wo liad all iK-eti tttribly
Irlgblelieil and when they were gone
It was an nwful stialu oil our minds.
l lie roblx-rs gave Ihe engtneer orders
to nut ni'ive the traiu for an hour after
they bad llred Ihe last vol by, and I bell
shooting out the headlight Ol-uinticured
down the track, ror llie next hour
everything was us still as dentil, no one
hardly during to stir from ineir seals.
I was not cxtH'clIng to run Into any
thing of that kind and luivo had all
the experience I w aul In I bat line. I
had Intended to slop al Itoscnurg; mil
being deprived of funds ooiuu on to
Another gelilli liliin wiiii w lis a pass.
enger through this morning, told the
story of the houl-up a ll Is given
aiiove, dill'cringoiily as to the number
orrohlier. llcevidciiuy was consider
ably excited and ststtd that there
were as least six runners, no say one
man went through tlie cur, one sbsid
In the door and two passed nlong on
the outside on each side of the car,
keening wntch through tlio windows where the fellow was at work
Oil lilt IIIHllle. 110 Says; - l lie leuow i
. . . . ..-i.l... r ll . i
got L'- from me and (7- uud a gold
u-iiieli from the man who was silling I
in Die sent with me." Ills story In Ihe
main wua exact v as that told by Mr.
Itltteuhouse. He isindsirated llii'Btate-
inetil thai tlie conductor locked him
self mi In the closet.
A sM-i-liil train wu iiiinioiipav imsc-
..... . i . ...
burg ami one at liratil h -ums,jooiu e
peeling to reach lite scene or tliu hold-
tin alxiut dnyllghl. Tlio Southern
l'uellbi olllclnls are liinklng fin tlicr ur-
riingmi nls tmliiy ror lite eupture or tho
highwaymen, and il is likely they will
oiler a IllK-ral reward.
H here tlie l'rullt Come In.
The Fiwsll Journal gives the rollow
Ing receipt ror inuklng millions:
William Dickson Lord, who lost a
fortune w hile ill the horso business at
Kowe Creek, Gllllalil It lien Wasco)
emiiit v. veurs nun. has started in to
make a fortune in tlio same business,
having recently accepted a situation
as iruvi'lliiLr nccnl of tho Horse Can
ning Co. or Portland. Mr. Lord says
that his fl mi has purchased 7IKI0 head
of liarm-a from Jake Swltzler of Ullia-
I illi count v nt 3 IHT I lend, and ho is
logo after the llrst consignment of
them next week. Tim 3 purchase
it-loo wll i e recovered by ineleiy sell
linr the bide fur tl'.fiO ntid the mane
and tall lor fill tH'til, icaviHg ino w nine
if llieskinneii norse ior worsmgea-
iienses and plimt. Ho said that .100
lOlllld or grease mm is-en gin u a
nrmi home, and t int 1H) pounds ol
trreaao would be rendered iroui ine
amallisit envuse. I he grease will
probably be sold as oleomargarine nt
U cents liel pound. J10 iiiiuks mere
million In ll.
l lose f the I'rrsnell Kcliool.
, "7 , ,
wing Is a report or the
ttrlcl 03, near Creswell, for
The following
acl I In district (13.
Die term beginning April isi aim cmi-
lug June SHtli. Day tauilil ou; xo
pupils enrolled as '' UBi"
teaiiiti.t-tjiionj, ..,,v -',"v,
.ii.itu uii.tit.liiiiivi Villi 1 lines
A vertigo daily Httenditnco IMljj 'limes
tardy 2. The following nam were
i need II noil I III Hill Ol lioour at toe
lose of l he term: liar a linger, uosu
... .. ..
Close in llie teriiii vniiw ..i..-..
Moxley; Dosla, Jane, Trudy and Corry
Hamilton; Emery snytier, Anniiraiiu
Vina Dttiiiarest. Albert and Johnnie
Mcfubbln. Elllo nud Nellie Moore;
Georulo. Kobblo and Nellie Day. The
school closed with a picnic, tliu prom
Incut fouture of whlcli .vas me nug
raising. Addresses were made by ltev
Krunk iiuv. or isnriiigiieiu. aim iw-v
Loiigbottom, or Eugene, the inner
..uu...t,.n.. ilinl.tinuti ti I Inra llagerl
presenting diplomas to Clara Huger
and Hamilton.
. mi. ...... 1
day t)reK)iiiati has a good f J1-
Jos Teal, one of the pioneer merchant
- .1.1.. m.'e....ri 1- 1 111 .liu., noil
oflhUcity. Mr-Teal Is Hllll alive
well In l-ortlaiKl. Jieieim aisuii, t
He tells about the
the llmtaleainlsiat that ver reached
inreiiu. 11 was tne
sluamvr jatnes
Clinton, astern wheeler, In the year
1K.-.7. and she was loadeil witn goons
for Mr Teal, nt Hie rate of f 10 per ton.
Before she would undertake uie trip
ho hud to rlvo the proprietor an
liiili iiilfvlnir Imud In the sum of one
third of her value, whlcli was f.l7,noo.
lie end the nturv evv Willi llieloliow
Ing words: "That was a grvat day at
Eugene. Tho run nnd rey-.lrv wus cur-
rle.T far Into Hie night. 1 lice t.z.ti. go
upagrnndball, and toplH'd toll will
a splendid tipiicr, and there s a lot ol
old-timer left uti the valley today
wlin will reiuember tho day llie IIT'I
steamer came to Eugene.
ki-Kioi'H Art iDENT. Mr. Butlernnd
Miss Eva Hyde, who reside In the
nelKhnorhood of McKeiule Bridge,
met with a sennits accident nt Slide
Point while returning from a dance
lust Saturday morning. They were
rlillmr 111 a cart when a purl 01 ine
luiriivua irnve IWUV und tllO UOMU coin-
tl 14114 ed kicking, demolishing the
front of thecart and striking Hie young
lady on both legs just lielow the knees.
Her leg were badly cut and bruised
by the horse' hoofs. Homo persons
u-l,n u-i.rn ill a wauoil Imllltld. also re-
iiiriiimr from the tlauce. rendered
their assistance and dressed the
wound of the young ludy, who bled
quite freely fur seiuo lime.
Will Pkoiiahly Stay, From one
ol tlio owners of the Kuclis guti factory
w learn Hint it will remain In Eugene
and not w removed to roruanu a ru
mored. We hope this I a met.
W y S..IW, r ts j, pi .
f .'Vl,4j'd,.',
.-V-silE KIM'V-5.'
.t- -7'
- - -
Header, did you ever lako Simmon
Liver Medicines?" F.verybotly neods
take a liver remedy. It is a sluggish or
diseased liver that Impairs digestion
and causes const ipat ion, when the waste
that should ho carried off remains in
the body and (Hiisonn the whole system.
That dull, heavy feeling 1m duo to a
torpid liver. lliliousncHH, Headache,
Malaria and Indigestion aro all liver
discjiscH. Keen the liver nctivo by an
occaatonal dose of Simmons Liver Reg
ulator and you'll get rid or thoso trou
bles, and givo tono to tho wholo sy
tem. For a laxalivo Slinmona Liver
Keirulator la iiirrTEii tiiam Pills. It
does not (frlo, nor wcnk(n, but greatly
refreshes and streiigiiiens.
Every packngo litis tlio Kcu A
stump on tho wrnppor. J. II.
'clliii iV Co., 1'liilattclpUHi.
!Suuiutlilug (lot Ills Mioes.
Wallace ChamlH-rlain, the traner.
Is home agtilii after an itbseuce of two
months trapping on the headwater of
tho Willamette river. He says that
he did not have very good luck this
trip. At tlio iMilnt w here he was tho
snow Is now eight feet deep in ninny
places. A Tew nlglits before ho left a
li.., . i i.l..... ...i.l.. I. i..r. i.l...
little llieinenv oeetllieo men leiv mm
In anytlilng but a pleasant predlca
incut, ami ended ins stay in mai vi
elnlty very abruptly, llo retired at
night ns usual, knowing inai ne was
lu a stsit of the world Inhabited only
by wild animals aud that there wu
not another human being within many
miles id him. 1 lo wa cumpcu near a
precipice, and among his ctsiklng
utensils was a tin can. He wore a
pair of heavy logging shoes, and be
fore retiring pulled them oil and threw
llieiiitoene side. During the night
he was aroused by the clattering of the
tin can ns it rolled over mid down tlie
side of the precipice. Thinking that
sumo animal must bo about bis camp,
he got up to Investigate, ami looked
for Ids shoes but did not find them. It
was then in the early morning and
was getting light, so he wrapped up
his feel In some pieces of blanket and
hunted all about tho camp for hi
shoes hut was unable to Und any trace
of tbem, or whal bad liucoiuu of them.
I he snow was hard nud he could uud
nnanliiial tracks. Ho was Indeed In a
bad 11 x. He could not stay and travel
barefoot over the snow in a mountain
ous cniintiy, and he did not have
another pair of shoes. The only thing
to tlo was to come liome and to do this
ho cut pieces rrom his blankets w ith
which to wrap his feet until hu reach-
L,l niu Inhabited weld BL'aln and pro
cured another pair of shoes.
1 The Uubb Case.
A friend In Hutto, Mont inn, write
under ditto of June IMlh concerning
tho Uubb case ns follows:
The account by tho Hutto Miner
was sulwtiintiuliy correct. W H Hhaw
will defend the young man and say
he is churged with "assault (o commit
murder." Ho expects to enter a plea
ot not guilty this morning, and get
relu-il tofl.OUO, niultii a sbort
tllll0 r,, ,H reienso. He will prob-
. . . n, , , , ul)1)llt t ut
t(.tt Tullv tvallzes Hint he Is In a
tlglit box, tlio igh he is In good spirits
anil has plenty oi nerve leu.
1 ... 1 . t.i i
is naw says no win leave hoiuiok un
done In the way of putting up a de-
reuse, and lully expects to ace pi it hltu
III the end.
Weldou Is still coll 11 tied to hi room
but Is expected to bj about sooti. He
Is a big quarrelsome fellow. It scorns
the trouble originated by his falsely
accusing Bulib or "holding out" cash
rrom tho receipts at tliu restaurant..
llabu has worked steadily since com-
, , ll( ,lu ttwv, ,.,,joyed the
......,i.i.,.., i,u .,t,i,,i,.e..m
, 1( ljku(, by , ftwpiaintances, and
. .. ., .... i.i- 1....1 r..n
at tlie tlmo or the trouble hud mil
churgeofthe night shift ot waiter at
Sherman's restaurant.
Pally lluird, July 1.
. ,,
Home traveler camped
just norther the
, moi-rui ri
inio a g nerat n
new (louring mill got
atrial l.tal llhflir 1 I1H
fut,orof tli fiunlly wu badly bruised
un about tho head by a ami. They
" ,, their wav thl morning.
., ,,i., ,, nl,enniu
no arrests being made, as no one came
up town to iniorm ine ouicers, al
though the near uy resilient w
greatly dlsturbi'd by the noise.
A Laikik An. In today' Guard
S. H. Friendly has a lame advertise
ment. It is his midsummer sale, aim
he quote some very lw prices. Ho
believes thoroughly in tho free use or
,)rlll,,irHnllU all( u not arrald
wml h(J w, ,.,, KnwU foPi n,
am, t.n gtralght t- thestoi
o()k at Uw hargnlns ollered.
arrald loien
cad It
store aud
Highest Honors World's Fair,
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Tcrfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.