The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 29, 1895, Image 9

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    Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
W C7
Absolutely pure
rpriilnf IHacloaur liillow III Rattira
uf Convict' lUaaon.
Three yeara lf linprlaouinent hava
lifted tlio fliI from the mind of man
im,i,M l to be h common home thief,
toi who noW revealed n l)t- "t-rltrt
Bik'dct. formerly n proaperoua London
nbvuU'iiin. A a climax to hit atrange
i,vrtitiire tlio lioiird of pardons will bo
,', once M-tit -l lr hi release from
lhetiit'r penitentiary In Philadelphia.
On M-'pl- ,h''", "irt'e homes were
rol.n the atuble of O. W. Young
man in thin city. The thief wua easily
irackrtl and was ruptured at Monnt
pititmint. I'" l ejecting his capture
, 0m, cr nhot in tlio hip and an
other wounded in tlio arm. The
borw) thief had a Kuntliot wound in the
ink-, and one arm was nearly torn fiom
Ilia "rot-ki't. He waa brought back to
WilliailK,rt and locked in tho county
jil W liile in prison liu made half a
ji.n attempt to end his life, lie waa
tried in IVcemlM r, 1 80 1, under the
nimie of HerUrt Spencer Darwin, waa
oitiviitid and sentenced to the peniten
tiary fr i'i J'eara. Before aentence
was pronounced it waa pretty conclil
nvrly fliown that at the time of his
trial the man waa Insane. Ho has spent
over two years in prison, and until the
tirt of the present year be showed no
cbitno in Iiis character or actions.
Tbi ii enme aaudden and startling de
Tf(iuiii'iit. The condemned thief, who
bad liown ao many signs of insanity
and wIiom bungling attempt to steal
three hoixes waa cattily overthrown,
showed sifjnf of returning reason,
lonelily these signs mnltiplivd, and now
the prisoner, aeemingly a perfectly ra
tional limn, announces his identity. He
ia nut Herbert tfnocr Darwin, but Dr.
Herbert Spencer. He came to thia conn
try in 1990 with f 0,000 in cash, lie In
tended to locate In the United Ktates.
Soon after bis arrival hia mind be
came a blank, nud be recalls nothing
that bus happened the meanwhile.
Through the penitentiary ofticials he
learned whero he had been tried and
convicted." Sufficient proof haa been
gathered, it is asserted, to establish the
truthfulness of Dr. Sjiencer'a claims that
he was Insimo when he stole the horKes
and neat ly ever aliice. Friends will use
every ellort possible to linvethminfortu
oate prisoner set free. Williaiusport
(i'a.) Uispatch.
Th TnglUli llonlfMfo la Making Prepara
tion! lo Knlrrlaiti Mtinjr nl la Till Year.
Already tho indications are that more
Americans are coming to Europe thia
year than ever before. The proprietors of
the principal hotels in London are rejoic
ing over tho fact that they have received
more applications for apartiiienta dur
ing the season from all parts of the
United States than at ho caily a date in
any previous yeai. If their expecta
tions iireunfullilltd. it will be a dismal
time lor the English lionifaco, for the
best of tliem found the Imliinro on the
wrong side of the ledger last year, and
America is the solo hope lor iniiny of
them. Uno thing only it was feared
might check the exodus, and that dan
ger is probably over. Most of tho steam
ship lines inndo boiuo advance in first
class fates last season In anticipation of
World's fair travel. It proved to be the
most unprofitable year for a long time.
Tho recent conference of managers of
the principal lima discussed the point
ntuiflleiiilly, lint tho managers were al
most unanimous in opposing a further
Tho agents recognize that tlio bulk of
American summer travel comprises
clergymen, schoolteachers mid others
having moderate salaries and long va
cations. A heavier tax would keep
tliem at home. It is further argued that
theso classes rather profit than suffer by
the hard times, so it ia expected that
travel this year will be unusually large.
Loudon Letter.
rmliirnt Itiacrlpllutt.
It is quite an interesting thing to
learn that some of our best knowns
proverba and inottoea were originally
used in connection with sundials. Be
fore tlio days of watches and clocks,
when dials and sun marks were among
tlio rude means of reckoning time, ii
whs a prevailing custom to Inscribe
tlu m.
Among the maxima traceable to this
source are, "Make hay while the sun
"'nines,' "The longest day must end'
and "All things do wax and wane."
Snndlalrt apoke tlio truth, as may I
inferred from n historic one which win
placed on St. Pint I'a cross, in London,
slid which proclaimed, "I number none
but sunny boms. " This no one will
Unulit who has had occasion to consult
a dial on an overcast day.
A famous dial in Sussex, England,
lxro four famous mottoes applicable to
tho flight or time and the brevity of
life. They were as follows: "Aftei
diitknesa, light." "Alas! how swift!"
"f warn whilst I move" and "So passes
Another old sundial spoke petulant
ly akjut tho same subject in the words,
"Sirrah, be irn hIhiiiI vonr business.''
I recovering from
Uie illness at
tending child
- birth, or who suf
i fir from the cf-
'i (Wis of disorders.
' derangement
a lid displace
ment of llie wo
mnnlv organs,
uill 'find relief a permanent curt in Dr. I icrce a
lavorite Prescription. Taken during
pregnancy, the "Prescription"
l'v preparing the avslem for parturition,
Urns assisting Nature and sliortriiing
"lalior." Tho painful ordeal child
hirth is robtie.! i its terror, and the
l init r thereof jrreatlv lessened, to lxUi
nioihvr and child, The period c"n
nnement ia alto greatly shortened, tin
mother strengtliened and built up, and
an abundant secretion of nourishment
for the child promoted.
t.r.dii'afc3A I
Ami Hi l.oii I. hull I .Ni.l (lie Oiilj
Itraaou fur Itrrrlt Ing l.iitrrii
nirnl Hew aril Klllier.
Fr.iin Journal, liun, Me
Samuel K. Jordan has just given tin
Journal uu uccouut of his life, which,
ill view of his extremely hard hit foi
the past few years w ill bo read w ith
'1 am 48 years old and have ulways
lived in New Portland. I enlisted in
the army in IHtlj us a private iu Com
uiuy A, 2 Mh .Muiiio Volunteers. My
army experiemv injured my health to
sumo extent, ultliough I worked at
hlacksiuithiiig i pine part of the time,
wheu HUiiileiily, seveial years ago, 1
was prostrated with what ablo physi
cians pronounced Iieomotor Ataxia.
At tlrst 1 could get ttround sumewhat
yet the disease pnign-ssed quitu rapidly
until I had hardly any feeling in my
legs and feet, they felt like slicks ol
wood and I grew so much worso that 1
could not movo for three) years without
help, as my neighbors and friends
could testify. I employed several phy
sicians iu my vicinity, and elsewhere,
and they nil told mu that medicines
would not help me, that they could do
nothing to effect a euro and that iu
time 1 should become entirely helpless.
1 became discouraged. I was a great
care to my wife ami friends. Shortly
a ter I met an old army comrade, Mr.
All. Purlin, a resident of Madison,
Me., and he iucideiilly mentioned bow
tie had tried Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for a severe case of rheumatism ami a
spinal and malarial trouble, that he
had s ii tiered iu consequence of his army
life, and had lieen greatly benefited by
their use. by his earnest recommenda
tion I was induced to try the pills.
After taking them for a time 1 began
to feel pricklv sensations iu my legs
and a return of strength so 1 could
movo them a little. Atter a few weeks
1 began to feel a marked improvement
iu my condition. I soon was enabled
to walk around a little with tho help
of crutches. After taking for some
tiiuo 1 can now walk without crutches,
mv general health, is much improved
and 1 have regained my old-time vigor.
1 can walk about uud enjoy lifo once
more, for which I feel very thankful,
ami this happy result is duo to the use
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo
People are not u patent medicine in
tho sense that name implies. They
were first compounded as a prescription
and used as such iu general pructico by
an eminent nhvsiciiin. So great was
their eflioiicy that it was deemed wise
to place them within tho reach of all.
Thev are now manufactured by tho Dr.
Williams' Medicine Company, Sche-
nocttidv, N. V.t and uro sold in boxes
(uever iu loose form by the dozen or
hundred, aud tho public aro cautioned
against numerous imitations sold iu
this shape) at CO ceuta a box, or six
boxes for fi.CO, and may be had of ull
druggists or direct by mail from Dr.
Williams Medicine Company.
Thara's Money In.ld Hint, 11 Thinks, Ila-
Itlr a airmii; uitca-
a v,.i ,lr..aui,l nlil man walked into
the reception office at IJellevuo hospital
the other afternoon and surprised the
clork by hauling a thick roll of green
backs out or one of bis pockets. He fol
lowed thia np by taking more bills oat
of the lining of his hat.
"Ifa all mino, no biiiu gioeiuiiy,
and I know whero I can get more."
He said he was Bernard Bergen, 09
...r. ni,i neildlor; tlint ho bad been
all ovor tho world, and thut be bad
money to bum.
"I'll till yon how it is," be went on.
decided lust night to become a mar
tyi to medical science. I have discov
eied that I haven strangediseaae which
hna nnt'ir IhH'II heard of before. When
tbe doctors cut me up, they'll learn
a ,l.w.i..r Mrnnnnnrcil the old peddler
n uwiui i'. - -
crazy and committed him to tho insane
. . . - fi.nnil
pavilion, in nis pocscm n
t'270 In bills and a handful of small
chunge. Ho refused to tell where ho got
the money.
When they cut mo np. he added,
you II And a lot more."
He said he had no friends, and that
all people wanted was to get away his
money. New Vork Press.
To Sura th Speculator.
The bishop of London has ordered his
clergy to make a special effort during
Leut on behalf of the worldlings of the
Stock Exchange and Lombard street,
who ceitainly ueed a spiritual awaken
ing as much as tho poor east end. The
bishop's Bclieme includes midday serv
ices at various ancient city churches,
aud aa business is very slack they have
been ao far well attended.
ti .....i. ..,.l,w Ijrukers regard the
scheino as a remarkably funny joke and
consider it their duty to help it along.
On Thursday during a dull interval on
the Stock bxenango some.. -
. special mission on behalf of the souls
of tbe bucket Bhop keepers, whereat
thera was much eutbnsia.m. -London
Wanted lo Help.
Mrs. Van Mission What are you
r ailing, my pet?
Liltlo Daughter I is readm a long
article 'bout bow to roact a turkey
"What for?"
"I thought nex' time you wont alum
mill I d ask to go wif yon, and w'ilo
rou was di-tributin tracts I'd tell em
how to roast a turkey. "Good New
Ireland was originally Irene, or the
Western Wo." It w.u called the
"Emeruld Isle" becanseof the brilliant
color of it verdure, which throughout
he year 1 a lively grcao.
The Kluillnn Uh I nile. I villi tnowi
The cold kr er a inwn;
A fr a lino ilrrainUiiil rem
Tb arm "Vi H.ih ing to n.
And aver lili-.a l ,u nd i hill
H lien Ii I. oniii r at th mill.
Tlw null hIh-.I with !tnirrr Llr,
Ik ley I. at .1. i, Ik i;
No clicr- lu iuhUir k llieiluorj
Noirstelrr iiicrr i;
The mtli l In I mi. the 1,111
Inn II la nliiiirat the mill.
The miller rruda hia aliimnao
And ihi'tt rre apriiiir.
When Intra tnine iuiiiMiiik dnwn tin
A Ml larka and vrerlea sine-.
The k In. Is uie wurld I lilank and Hill
When It la nluirrat the mill.
The miller' lfe. mre illconuul,
hlia liy the riix'tiirnt low,
And kiiilaaml ali -lira the era)' atuuk
r'rnm llhik-e linn n- blow.
There la no kh-Ii. i-iukI or 111,
When It la n oiler at the mill.
But In the mllli r'a Utile maid
Time haii-aon rimy tt'tntf.
The falrlra the ruiild never llml
III any haiml of rpruiit
Fill all I lie Un lit chimney nook
Through limuio of a atory Umk.
Ku-an II. fen it iu Yuutb'k Companion.
Gilbert de Satimur bad just returned
to Paris aTter 10 years' sojourn iu Amer
ica. He had left his country ruined and
almost hopeless, a victim to his passion
for gambling. Ho was quite young
when ho had left France, but he had
squandered away a largo foitune and so
had courageously decided to go into ex
ile and try bis luck in a new way
namely, by work! He had started away
with L20 in his pocket and had now re
turned after 10 years' slavery almost a
rich man again.
He was once more on the iHiulevards,
once more gaiing at the brilliantly
lighted shops and at the gay ciowd of
fashionable loungers who were strolling
along apparently without a care in I lie
world. At last, feeling a little tired, he
eat down at one of the tables outside a
cafe, idly wondering whether any of his
former friends would recognize him
agaiu now.
.Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoul
der, and turning miunl discovered an old
acquaintance of his.
"Do Sauiiiur, is it possible? Why,
old fellow, how many years is it since
we met, or ratlin since we parted?''
"Ten years. Koiival just 10 years
since I started off with my i'.'O to try
my luck over the sea."
"And what soit of luck have yon
had. old fellow?"
"Very fair Utter than 1 expected.
I've con e 1 nek anyhow with enough ol
the 'needful' to go along all right now.
How have you been getting on all these
"Well. I've had some changes, like
every one else. I'm mairied now and
am getting on all rig! t at least 1
should if 1 could only leave the con
founded cards alone."
"Take cure, Koiival. if you go in for
that still. 1 ought to have been a wnm
ing to some of yon. Why don't you
give that sort of thing up once and tor
"That's easier said than done. What
is a fellow to do at the club, aud then
if once you've won from a man you
cannot refuse to let him have his chance,
and so you go on. 1 say, you'll come
home with me? 1 want to hear all
about your doings and introdnco yon to
my wife.
"1 should like to come very much"
"Well, it's settled then. Now tell
me something about your lifo over yon
der. How did you ever get a start?"
"Well. I had a bad timo lit fust, 1
confess. The mottoof tho conntry there
ia 'Every man lor himself.' If one can
not hold one's own iu tlio fierce compe
tition that Is waged, then there ia noth
ing to do but give iu and disapear. On
the contrary, if you'vo got some grip in
yon and cati hold on and have got just
euongh money in your pocket to kiep
you from starving till yon get your foot
on the ladder, why, thero's a chance for
"I atood off at nothing, as 1 did not
know a soul iu tho wholo country. As
I knew a good deul about horses, I of
fered mv services as coachman to I
' New Vork physician and had tho honor
1 . , ,.: . 1 1 ,lv tn l-iul4
or uriving iiioi ououi m v v "
I his patients."
"De rianinur, is it possible?"
"It was, Rouval; that was precisely
how 1 commenced. When 1 had got
used to the life over theio and saw how
things went, I ventured on other things,
I and 1 certainly had good luck, for ev
erything 1 touched succeeded. As soon
i as 1 bad scraped a little money together
I I put it into somo shares in a railway
I company, and so I went on until I had
madowhat I considereu enougu iuidiu
back with."
"It'a been pretty rough on yon, Gil-
bert' - , ...
"It has, and I don t mind owning it
now. The hardest thing of all was to
keep myself from gambling away the
money as I made it. It was easy enough
to rough it as regards other things, both
luxuries and the necessities of lite, but
It was confoundedly hard to keep away
from the gaming tables, which exist
there just a much as here. Thank
heaven,! did resist though, or I shouldn't
lie here now."
"Ah, my dear fellow, yon won t be
long here in Palis before you'll give in
to your old habits. What can a man e
at the club? Cut come along. We must
start now. I want to introduce you to
mv wife."
The two men got tip and sauntered
along tho boulevards to the Avenue de
I Opera, where Jacques Rouval lived.
After dinner Rouval took his new
found friend into his smoking den,
theie to indulge Iu a cigar.
Do you caie to have a look in at
the club?" he asked him a little later on.
"No, I don't think I do this evening.
You know, it is not cheerful alter 10
years' alweiice to return to old haunts
which are filled with strangers and to
find all thoso one knows are uu longer
there, and after th long list you told
me about at dinnertime it seems to me
there is scarcely any one 1 know left."
Rouval waa not very delighted at this
decision. He was In the habit of going
to the club every evening and spending
aomehonra at the card tables, and it
bad become o fixed a babit with him
that be felt restlee and dissatisfied any
where elso. He would like to ask De
Sanmur to take a baud with him. but
nnder tbe circumstance ba acarcely
dared to. He kept casting furtivt
.lunrM at th little table In tb comer
of tb room, ted at Uualb f Bauajajj
who had noticed hi friend' uneasiness 1
and who from exicrictice guessed the '
cause, auggmted himself "that they
should just have a round or two at cards
to K-e how much be bad forgotten in 10
Rut I though, you had quite given
np playing fur ever and ever?" objected
bi friend.
'Yes, as a regular habit I have, but
it is quite another thing to have a game
quietly here like this."
Rouval wa only too delighted and
pulled the card table out with alacrity.
De Kuiimur played at firnt carelessly.
He hud only proposed it out of con
(ideration to his friend, and be felt
rather bored. Rouval kept winning and
appeared so contented with himself and
had such a triumphant manner thut De
Saumtir found himself getting interest
ed aud excited in spite of himself. The
more he lost tho moio persistent ho be
came. It was as though tbe old passion
of former days which for 10 year had
been kept ill coutiol by his strong will
hud completely got the mastery of him.
At first tho stakes had been insignificant,
but as ho continued to lose he became
more and more desperate, until at last
tho amount was getting so serious that
Rouval did not wish to continue.
"Rut as I have been tho loser so far,"
said Do Saumnr, "you cannot rcfuso to
go on surely!
"It is not for my own sake, but I
don't like it, (5 illicit. Yon mo hero at
my house, aud you are playing dosper
ate stakes."
"Well, that 'a my own lookout. It'
yonr turn to cut."
Day was beginning to break, and tlio
two men were still seated at the card
table. They had played all night, aud
now their eyes were fiery with excite
ment, and their hands trembled aa they
bandied the cards.
At last (iilliert de Saumur exclaimed,
"There, I cannot go on any morel"
Ronval looked at him anxiously,
thinking that he was ill, hut bo contin
ued :
"No, I've come to an end, that' all.
I cannot go on, because you have won
nearly every cent I imssesa. I'll give
you n check on my banker for it, and
that settles it."
A dead sileilco followed these words.
What was to be done? The play had
been strictly fail, and Rouval bad won
it fairly.
"My dear fellow, "said Ronval as De
Sauiiiur finished writing out tho check,
"I cannot take it ull. Keep something
for you i self."
"I have 110 left," replied De San
mur coldly. "That will be enough to
get buck where 1 came from. Work is
better for me than fortune. I have
proved that twice. I thought now 1 was
cured, but it appears I was mistaken. 1
suppose now 1 shall never see Paris
ugai". Uoodby, Ronval."
And be got up, and opening tbe door
took bis hat from the peg iu the hall
and went downstairs, followed by Rou
val, 'who accompanied him to the hall
door, mid who, when ho had closed it
after his friend, went back to his smok
ing den and paced np and down tbe
room until it was broad daylight.
" Very odd, " was tho verdict at the
club the next evening. "Not quite the
thing to take everything tho poor fid
low had worked 1(1 years for andsosend
hi in lack to perpetual exile." Million.
The New Came of Card Which la Inter
eating Eastern Nuclei.
"Desperntiou" is a game of cards
that is best descritad a n contiuulty of
sequences, regardloss of suit It i
a a ' I I .. II . P.A m l .i
plliyetl Willi llireo lull pitcKstil u latnn
each, nud the most convenient number
of players is 12, but eight or ten per
sons will find it a very delightful way
to speiitl an evening. In a party of la
dies and giiiitleineii tlio lietter way is lor
tlio one six to chulkligu tho other six
and then, sitting in couples at the table,
alternating the play.
Tho first duty is to select a hanker,
who should also act as umpire fur tbe
evening. The banker or dealt r should
then shuffle the three pucks of curds to
gether very thoroughly and count two
"nests, " of 80 cards each, tho one to be
known a "ladies' nest," tho other a
"gentlemen 'a nest," placing them at
,,im,itn mid of tlm t.ihlo. Kach player
then roceive a hand of six cards, denlt I
nno at a lima Theso hands aro plaoed
faco down diroctly in front of each
The piny la from tlio imimer to tne
left, and each player turns up a curd,
ami tho piny continue until an ace is
turned. The privilege of turning the
top card of center nests is takon by the
Hrst player or each side, w tien au ace
is turned np, It is planed in tho conter
of tho tablo, nud the fun begins, ine
purpose of tho gnmo is to exhaust the
center nests, and tlio gnmu ih won oj
tho side exhausting their nest first The
sequences in the center of tho table are
noo high to donoo, wlillo tut) sine so-
qucucc or partner hand are lilgli or
low. So that each partner plays on mo
center MtiuonccH, hi or Ills partner s
sequence and his own, in effect play
ing seven hands In a 1.' liami game.
a aeveti nnuiis in n i - in. no
The fun of the (funis is caused hy the
itttltv connectid therewith, which Is:
nenultv connected therewith
So pluyer is permitted hy wortl, look,
niii, motion or suKKestion to indicato
to tlio person playing any play or mis
play possilda an penulty of forfeitinR
the play of said player und haviug the
chanro of a st qneiiee pass to the next
player at taldn, which would uaturally
lie an opponent.
There is a frreat amount of sport in
this game for a social evening, aud it la
very popular in tho eastern eitic. It
can bo mado "progresaivVlf desired on
tho samo principles as enchre. Hi
Louis post Dispatch.
Kileniiallng Clreumatane.
Juilh'e What, voo plead extenuating
lirriiiiiKtant t? Why, yollr crime wai
nlniily ttrrihh;! After robhlng the
poor family of what little money they
hail iiiHtiiiKfl to accumulate by almont
atiirvin tin iiim lvn.yoii murdered them
alt father, mother and eight children,
. l,.ri,, iw mi them and aettitiB
' ., I...-.,.,,! I,..l
Iliein uii In.-. Hi' ii you burned their
hoiiitfl and killed eignt or tne omoera
who trie.l to Brret-t yoo. And what,
way I aak, then, are your extenuating
circUllirttlllieea? !
Priwiiier Your honor, It waa my
fiM offerjau of the kind: Coaton Trav- .
The liiineunlonR It ia jtiht aa eany
to love a d'irl iID money aa to lore on
without it.
Tbe lleirefa But It Uu't ao aaay to
get her.-London Budget. -
i oitt' school rou nova.
I Iral) llollt. Th. !.. Mailer al Itiirlln-1
; ksiiic, hau Mateo enmity, I'al., is one ol
the lieat aciinola lor boys on th 1'aeillc j
' Arvjrmi a tll eink, Ml H ekliLtrefeT' ':
M waa aitlu-itd with a utllil a tark ul apheio
naiilH laat ftuuiini-r." anwert the ;
and. ten, "liu una )tr I liav lakni lull nil If
Inn real."
Theehlrf lunetloii nf the kldm" to m-i-oa
v Imiii the i.i..mI, In fa niimiich iIimmkii
ili.-in, of reila'u linetiillieaaiiil walry imoiicW'
allien make dual e&K Itinuiali to li!al
'i r. 1'ne reit'iiHnn ul tli.-e. In ciiM.-tur ul
iiiai'tl.liy nl I hi' kldiu-la. la prtilulli ol
IliUhl'a illM'aar, ilrnav, olata'tea, altiiiinlllilrl
n,i tuber nulaili.a with a InimI le-id y. liu.
'filer a Stoniaeli III! .'re, a llliflily R4lietloiie,1
illnreite Hint tiliMid di'tmr, nl, imii'la the kid
nea when Ihaellie lo tene II .r allllmc linn- .
lion, ami alrain fritiii the t Hal nirtvni imparl ,
, t'e a lllell oifet r ami llin-ait'li lllelr o n
' iki, tire at orKatih of Ihe IsmIv. i a arrh ol thr
lail'ler, arael and ivt noon f ilu urine ie
al-o iiiHiailieft oretcrtetl hy itoa tietitii
promoter ami reaiura. Ue el untune (! ii Ma :
Urte. tlieiiinail-iii, eottatipal nit, l!IUui!uxs ;
ail I dNp.UalMi yield lo I lie II. Cera, htrtl It
' aiMt i eitly bei-ed. ial lo lite aeak a:nl tier-
roll-. i
Pr. I'ttlaer The ai'llon of wlnkl t la mil
vlihoiii Pi uae; people wl ok lo ken the ye
hall itioiat mi la water eu rfc - Not much they,
lon'tl The ieople wit i oolite In here wink to
keep lllelr lliru.n nmlat.
HOW 111 I IT
We nlfir On Hundred Hollar KewaM
lor any rar of I'atarrh thai cannot he
cure i hy Hall's Catarrh Cure!
tr. J. CIIKSKY A CO.. Props.,
Tilled. i, II hlo.
We, the umleniiKtied. hive known K. J
Cheney for the last l.'t years, and believe
him perleilly lionoralile in all business
transaction and linaneially aide to carry
out any obligations made by their linn,
tt'l.tit l'cx,
Wholesale 1 initials. Toledo, O.
Waiiumi Kikkan .V Mavii,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 1).
llall'a t'alarrh Cure ia taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and muooiia
surlnee of the svateui. Price. 7,'h). per Nil-
lie. Hold by all I'ruggiat. Tealiinoniaia
(io Kait from I'ortlnitd. Pendleton. Walla
Walla via O. It. .v. N. lo Spokane and Ureal
Noitliern Itaiiway to Montana. lukota.Ht.
Paul, Miiineaioli, Clm-ago, Omaha, hi
Imi. Kaal a d South. Kock ballast track;
Hue scenery ; new equipment Oreat North
ern I'alnee Sleepers and Diners; Family
Tourist Cars; bullet-Library Cant. Write
C. C. Donovan, lie' Agent, Portland,
Oretrtin, or r. I. VUntnev, II. P. ,v I. A.,
St. Paul, Minn., for printed mailer and In-
toriuation alsi t rate-, routes, etc.
I ca'Miot speak too highly of Piso Cure
for t on iiuinilon. M a. rmm M
W. 1W.I St , N. Y., Oct. lan.
Ml 'SIC! SfOIIK -Wlli'T II. Allen Co, !
Ideal, the larweai, vll Kl rsl Si, Portland.
Cnli'kerlng, HardtiiMti, Klaeher I'lattoa, Kaley
O tdtiia l. iw liili, eaay ter na.
alC S uil lor ualalogtie.
Tar Qua it for breakfast.
How is Your Blood?G. W. STAYER X GO.
Hit is h r and thin and lacking in lite'
l .ii.,ilu,r uti, I iniililv gif I In .h rel mrtilta. '
; cles, you are in danger of aickne from
disense genus and the enervating elteet o:
warm weatle-r. l'urify your blood with
Hood's Sursapari.Su
I The great blood puritier whii'h his proved
its merit I y a record ol rures triciiiulled
1 in medical history. Willi pure, rch
blood you will be'well and strong. Do
' not neglect Ihlt iuisirtant mtitter but
! take Hood's Sursapnrilla now.
' Ul ' o Dillo are taaleleaa, mild, elli-e-irlOOQ
S nlllb pve. Alldnitodala. i
1 until Eli)'tVttam lain
fur ratnrrk anil hurt re
, UnrH
I '
lierf it rt itift and re fuo.
rare. IViy ylfnmnt I
take, H'm. A'rnrrr, Utttk
til't, .V. )'.
KI.V'H ' It K.AM HAI.M Otieiis and rleanaea
the N sanl l'aiuage, Allaya I'altt ami liiHNinnta
lion. Ileal lite Horea, Prolcoli lb Muuihrane
I Irorii oolili, Keatore the Hettaea of l aate ai A
i ritnell. The Halm la quickly absorbed aud lvea
rvllel at onee.
A particle la applied Into eseh nnalrll, and U
agreeable. I'rloe, 60 eunta at pritKgila' or b;
mall. KI.Y IIKolllKHS,
M Warren Hlreel, New York.
Spetlil Dxlort fm Chronic. Pilule
and Wasting Diseases.
Ilr. I.lelill'a Invlirnraliir Ihe (realeat remeily for
Hemlnal Weakneaa, laa of Maul tsal and Private
Dlaeaaea, tlveremiiea lreiiiaturelieaa anil liretiarea
all ror lliarrlMre llfe'a tlullea, ileaaurea ami reaMin
alliillltea: fl olai b.ittle lven or aent rree to any
nne aearillilnit ayniitoina: call oraililreaa 4t"ttlary
41 . private entrant 4na Maanit HI., Han Kranelaeo
Nursing Mothers.Infants
j 14 II If -f
!twrarln qualltleaarfiitniirpajauwl.axtuall)
ottilaatlnir two bnxea ol anv o'hor brand. Fret
' from animal (Ilia. HKT VlIK HKNUINK.
and Ucalera ii'Urrallr.
ing liar llh "l Mi) Prraa. ,
M rltf it lor In urtnalioit.
nirvi j.K.a - w acll all Hit
iK-at flrali laai llll'j ck-a. M rlU
Cat lintov.
I. J. TRUMAN ft CO.,
y:ia Kuah "ireet, 8a rranelana, I'al.
I'leaao nrullnn llila Fa per wheu wrltlliK-
Itehln rilBiwywn hf mriat'ir Ilka varautratton. oaaai
InlMim itrluiiattitiain wu-in. iuta Imm an
! turn uf PnArualitif frilmm irlj i tur
which 4tdirrtlf on iivtaisTfaHMl, m0mtttjuimon,
lT ItrtiiDf, afl-clil-f tie'nnnnl enra. Trin a a.
tnu .u. l)r.fluaall'Uiaa..l.
jj. p. x, rj. No. 02-H. F. N. V. Xo.O
lllllvJi IIIIIULUll W aTHUr
rraalrall lraiU. iMUl kali I. ,
Luata Unfit ALL USl I Ail:
tn tlnia iM hr rtniaaiaia
tAiaa Drrap. 1 ata
1 '"
1 1 1 1
i. L J
Rrinps comfort and improvement and
tend t' personal enjoyment when
rightly iiied. The many, alio live tat
ter than ot Iters and enjoy life more, with
'ess exiK'HilituT, by more promptly
adapting the wo. Id' best product te
the needs of physical being, will altos!
he value to health of the pure liquit
axative principle embraced iu tin
remedy, Svrup of Figs,
Its excellence is due to its preaentinr
in the form most acceptable ami pleas
l it to the taste, the refreshing and truly
beneficial proicitic of a perfect lax
ative; effectually cleansing the system,
di-dH'lliug cttlds, headaches and fevers
ami permanently curing constipation.
It h is given satisfaction to million anil
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
lievs, Liver and Rowel without weak
ening them ami it Is K-rfecl!y free from
every objectionable sulistauce.
Syrup of Fig i for sale by all drug
gists iu 50c and fl tattle, but it i man
ufactured by tho California Fig fvrt:
Co. only, whose name i printed on ever;
package, also the name, Syrup of Fig,
and taiug well informed, ymi will not
accept any substitute if ollcred.
' - ppvaa..
In all It atagea
completely cradical-
ulcers yield to ita healing; now
moves (he poison and builds ui
owera. It re
nip l he system
Vtlaal4a mllt na lh ,tla aa.1 II. t..ta,tat aaallau M
awtf r aei-i n-ii i u
. Ail.u C.a
TO , . .
Geierul Agent for Aiu.Tvta A Tavlob
I iihksiikks, 'I K.tcTioN Kniiinks and
Diniixk Wooiuii BV I'owna.
Hare for aale
And nlhrr Machinery nl H aver A Walker
Stork lo t-loait out elieap.
Writ fur l alalimi and Trie.
ltoum5.'aj Worcester llluck, Portland, Or.
Tht UrgMl MMufaWtann sf
Cocoas and Chocolates
Oa Uib Caallanl, haa NMlva4
ttnm the frvMt
Industrial and Food
Caution: 'JtfTJZSZ
of Iht Ubrltiad rprt uu nut
KtarH,, couMimvrtthouM ntak tiri
thai our ptact of maiiiiarlur.
namttv. llnrrlivalrra M
U Df lUMtl fat flaHtt ttW k(a
Fulll Clillrrni ail, S.'ia twr
All Ural rltwilialrraaltuiild ae.
Corrvaoiit1t'ii! to li llril. HamilM
MUM with colil walrr.
Preserves all kinds or Fruit without cooking, and retains their
natural flavor.
Insist on
I in packages
Costs no more than inferior package soda
never spoils the flour, keeps soft, and Is ml.
versally acknowledged purest in tbe world.
Hade only by CHURCH k CO., New York,
fall y (roctra trtiTwaT,
Writ fa Am a4 Kiwlaai at aalaahl laaLpai TM
A Glorious Fenrtl!
July 3, 4, 5, '95
Portland, Oregon
Parade Starts 10:30 A. M.of
the Fourth
Gorgeous Pyrotechnic Display
Speed Association Races lo tbe Afternoon
for Parses Aggregating $29,000.
Races From kit 20 to Jul; 6.
Ht- ainall hills (or Programme.
Palmer & Rey Branch
Mmliniita in Ciurilon ami
I'rvsNva, Cyliiitlvr rrcsst-s,
Cutters, Motors uf oil kinds,
FoluVrs, lt intint Material.
I'iiUntas of Self-Spacing Type.
Sale Makcra or Copper-Alloy Type.
.Luamri.ntti a IwvuR.
waiiMilotlial"i 4a aialiilvl lanrr
Ix .llt., I li-a aalla aiilr l,.l (I-,!" Uaai iW
Kaa W luUr. 'I lI m ll-arfa. I UnliW tb
ami rWar Ih UaofUtaa, lallv than ouiaaUc
lliar -llrt nia vk.a. Id a.n.lm jh.
ill maMinl,ia rrww-iw a i r- -
ill lr . a liill ioi
ar LoivaNa.0 aUiA U.
Ifvi.ll liar III Pflalaaa i
ln,abalr a Bial.i 1
M.ik money iitlcl
It m
Vlliria in ...
Illlir liyolilpnat aara.
talal,llliall alaitil
II. anil JrairtlK-a avny
arltrle nmlrU fir Hit,
poultry buatucaa.
mnhanlralW Ilia ll
ffliacl. I'rclllratmortrl
A art I'aiitic Cuaal
imtla. Iiit vti rat
ku. mailed irec.gin
(i.llil-arrlntl.m rlr rtr . o"T wawrro
f ETALDM A IrlCCHATOR CO.,rtlalimi,Cl.
UaA.iill HiM'aa, lit H Main M , l.i Anu'lia
I a r Ct-Dt raah dlaPunnt.
Mitt tin a; (illrallon.
Kcllalilr ami alt.
4 tO., Pwtland. Or, Zn. ..K' JSKTI
(IN KKtlH Ull UUTri.KM)
Krnnd In lirilta TKV IT...
Noma Icrwnir Imai. roilTLAMIt, OR.
ot Iraltatloa
trails marks
and labcla.
lUiiiiTualfd I 1
naJL taiaimiu Li
a.raO HAAa fl