The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 29, 1895, Image 3

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n....,v.d this M1honle "',n
T il ' hrf. Pl.t,
J, nmi-'ncllwd and polarised
Al niilliuiiiperlc n,,
n !, lie expressed onm
A..'" o'"" '" , V"" TV
In vMi" rir-toD nd dvusrno Of
Or "Jrnnt mid ro Hunt snd bolts
ui.1 he "By the rent broken circuit.
, r ,,, by the Kuhi..k..r(t coll.
yu; negative ""W" '' dr1 T."
To subway ndcr
Wit a "I"" Inductlw affection, i"ih hv" hml
I'm fn' "'" wm' hv rV.u,"lt'4
In favor f some other lad.'
Tll,n n pn t. Ilk a galvanometer
or an oxUitic mkIIo, It smote her,
And lw said. "of 1 lmvo
A tr,," " " Kd"lon muUT.
tio he onrtl the clnult and clasped ber
In nu tur will hfld her there,
An, ,h. ni I he bell electric
., n,i. tl.crii.o electric pair.
i- Weaterfleld hurried from Tad- i
in si 'i i ioii and in (uartr of un hour 1
s ..t home. i
"Mvdiar Arthurl" Mclalmed Mra. Wea-
jfia. She put down lier en and d rou
nd tli' bloitnm pml luwtily over mine writ.
H l c-xiMe-t you until tomorrow."
tt'estrrlli'ld HtiMiH-d and klnaed hi wife.
-I'll Kn Imck if you like, sweet."
u.lliil her sweet because lier name was
F,Ilir.mde. Hide he waaqulte a young
"I I.S.I all ellKaueiliri.i n.r i.miikiii, m. I
Jlhoiiwlil full)'- I had better put It off."
"vtatHll. I shall iHioutat that lecture."
-i;,sj.l'" with an air of relief. "Wbat'a!
our buok tlieref Ut me look at It."
"Hrtter not. dear. I ouly boutjlit it just
10 kill time."
"Sounds likea criminal oflenae."
"To rvd many of these tiling"." said
'etrrhVld. takinuaway the French novel.
Jbonestyor sincerity In the world; that ,
"iUh'et vauue Imprewtlon that 1 1) ere li
,v,n boiwiiold Is a liieuiiKe a trobt."
" know what you mean. My new book
will bve nothiiiK of that III it."
"If It reflects the pniprietlea," remarked
Wrtrrllelil. "people will think that a man
bat writien it."
"I can't help wishing I had knocked about
more," mid Sir Westerlleld thouKbtfully
"Knocked whoaljoutf"
"Tiirre are such a lot of situation In life
that I have never experienced. Now, a limn
onrunalout and go just where be pleases."
"I'm afraid it can't be remedied, dear,"
bf said
"Tlmt's Jut why I'm Kruniblln. I've
been down iu the east end while you have
"Nut alor.e. I lioie t"
"Oh, no, dear. No. Not alone," Mrs. We
IrrHelil liuubcd. "I bad some one to ao
ainiuuir inc.''
"I'm t;!ni! of that Vou can't be too care
ful." "That '4 what I thnuubt. Did your speech I lie congress? I bouKbtup
ill the papers that bad reHirta alwut it. It
irriut to me, mister, that if I dou't biiHtlt
you'll p t more talked about than I."
"I like to keep as near you as I cau, dear."
"I'uliatid me, sir, as you value your liful"
At which challenge Westerlleld of course
nine from the other side of the table and
kiwed brrnuain
... .;. ....... ..i. ..ii ..-.,. v..s.n..i.i
t. uis ii-tiiiimimvi, Tint,,,,
e..t round to the Hoyal Institution after
d.nuerwiiliont asking Krn.yutrude about
bfrauHjmtmeiit. The Ireturer did not ap- I
,r l h. ha-k ( t.l.ln..f I
bin sludy nas a can!
"I am koiiik lo Hammersmith with Lieu
trnaut Kiiicliaui. Hack late."
Ur Westerlleld went on with the novel.
At iae 117 be suddenly stopped.
"n bo the devil is Lieutenant Kiucbamf"
be cried.
There was no one In the room' to auswer.
H( pressed the belL
"Ves, sir."
"l)o you know" he picked up the card
"do you know any one uamed l.ieuleuaut
.Maria repressed a broad smile with difD
"Ub, yes, sir," Maria Killed, aud coiiglied
little to pass It off. " Ves, sir, quit welt
Called here twoor three times aiuce you've
oeen sway "
"To see your mistress f"
"Ves, ir They bad diuner together one
feuinu. Seemed very thick with each
other, they did. And one night a Captain
Somebody called as well, and you should
'ard them two carry on."
"U-is Lieutenant Kiiicham youngf"
"Mejiim age, sir. Not what I should call
"actly goixi looking, and, on the other
ad, not bad. Of course some of 'em iu
Jli army, as cook says, are perfect bird
frighleiiers. Cook used to have a young
man iu (he grenadiers, and he told cook a
rr Juke alsjut one of 'em. It appears"-
"lou needn't wait, Maria." He spoke
llh such unexpected decision that the
"id quite started. "If your mistresscomes
.ali her to wait for me."
Very good, sir."
"One moment, Maria. Do you happen
kuow to what address your mistress has
;h, yes, sir. I know."
bive it to meat ouce," be said sternly.
Lome, uow, let me have no prevarica
,lon. This is a matter of nearly life and
ileal h,"
"tiaw bless my soull" suid Maria, with a
fwriiseil. Hurried manner. "Kaucy ll com
m to this;"
"Give ue the address, I say."
Mana gave the add ress, and Dr. Wesler
" look it down. The maid fetched his
d hut,
"l am giug out, Carey." Dr. Wester
S, u Mopped at the door by a friend
Jm Just olf to Hammersmith to make
"N" inquiries."
"''II come with you." said Mr. Carey
v. only j,lst flllsuej work Ht the 1Vm
' "d I was calling t0 ask when you
'(."."Pwl borne. I know Mrs. West,
ny " 8carccy ttnyody wufe you or
Scarcely anybcxly."
I like.1 her book," went on Mr
?,r' "svhat will the next be likef"
terfl n"s'ht t0 very lively," said Win
to . c"1,lly be could. "She seems
tuklllU lot of trouble over It."
"'""'Kin sight of his reflection In a ml
r the hall. We are not all of a millla
i P!V(1Hr"". nd it occurred swiftly to
eitiii 1 tiult he Possessed distinctly a
"'"'an y. of features.
tile hnntim n 4 i tT
Jb way Westerfleld thought out the
Perch to be addressed to bis errant
ife has gone out." said WesKrfleld,
'""pit over the s
"loess, and"-
on some
""he Is a deuce of a one to work," said
ir. I arv .i ... ...
varev. "I . i.... -i..
. - -- .,,,,: in rt ur. --
"mined trie on certain points of law, and
''nd at tb end that 1 had told ber
rly all I knew."
The Information Is sure to be useful to
,V tiJl1 he other grimly. "I want to
tioo r """""'luis. If you want a scarn-
tbont ? TUr Wif' bow wouW yoU
"A !
Ln.i.:. " M""ii"i, imiiu i v-nu i(
... not married," said Mr. Carey,
--.n st the whit ash of bis cigar, "there
U? "it, for m. to get a
1 a ' .. . 1
. .mniertlat. 1- . a
otne luinatleiici. "I
mean any Imtlr
H'pi-ii.i w.,,M,ollrt
rlil nf my partner
lion, word for onl. t,t Ve.ieril,ld
tsked me lint long since."
"A very mil Ural Inoul
,,,, ... ' J "rt I'lll,
Hut Hlmt In the world canyon ant to
know ll fori Wre uol wntii, romance
sre your"
No. There's uo n.n.nnce on n,v nidc of
the game. Carey. M ,n-(t.I earnest "
"I I ml n row "
"Not yet. Going to have one, though "
t '.Nonsense!'' cried Mr. Carey Joyously.
1 II Oct you a halt sovereign j,,ii iloii't."
"I haven't hml a lct since I left school "
Mill Westerlleld, "but 1 11 tke Hint." '
"With young married eopc," said Mr
Curvy wisely, "it Q so easy fr itt, c
put to errata a great dial of trouble
Now. If there's hii tliiiiK of t bat kind.
csterfleld, take my advice and give way "
"I'll give anything ele." wild Wester
field, "but I'll be liHiigcd if I'll give way."
"There' no question of hanging," said
Mr. Carey. "It's not a capital offense. All
you've got to do U to use savolr faire.1'
"Here she Is." cried Wenieril.-M
. HI" youim wife, warmly wrapiml lu fu,
wan liiirrylnx aloiui. she did not look
Hide, Hhedld not eveu ulanoeat the linliteil
Uil.op window.
"U-t ii h Kt-t out," said Mr. Carey, pultiiiK
inn ui.iort'iia up. "Ami nillid, WiMitIIi-M,
no unnecessary iionneuw. I want lo win
,bl lm" HovereiKii." .
, I'IHI1 i'sterfl.1,1 to see Low calmly
b " Wif ""'I"' ""ir "Uilili-n apiK-anuire.
1 want to m-t Home ciirars." suid il,
adroit Mr. Carey "Vou two o on. I shall
catch you tip."
The two tall youim ople walked on side
by side. The bustle of hussen and passiiiK
trullic made a serious scene out of the (men
tion. I'm Kind you bnvecoiue down, Arthur,"
I ..l.l l.l..l.l 1 ....1
ome one. but but ther ali.ln't Inrn m. ut
. ' "tr
tue 1,m
' Anylioilj I knowf
Uu- "- tli. dear, na I sliouliln't care
would lie a terrible aruumeiit."
"That is quite likely," be mild. "I am
afraid there must lie some argument a it
la. I stronitly object, Krmyiitrudc I very
ftlronjjly object to tliese excursion! of )ount.
They are not seemly, they are not discreet.
Hut I don't go alone," she urged. '
"I am afraid," he answered decidedly,
"that that does not improve the ascct, so
far as I am concerned."
"My dear Arthur," she said, "you must '
pleasesllow me some llbertv." '
"I think," he replied stitliy. "that 1 had i
better give yon all that you want." j
"That's what I mean," said Mrs. Wester
field, with eagerness. "Kor instance, take 1
Lieutenant Kinchiim."
"I will leave that for you to do."
"Don't be alisiird, dear. Now, there's a 1
case where by a little assistance I have
been able to get capital stuff for my book." j
"HeallyV Arthur Westerlleld laughed j
wildly. "Of course anything is Justillcd j
so long as you get 'copy' out of it."
"Almost anything, dear," she corrected
hi in sedately. "One lias, of course, to draw I
the line somewhere." ;
"Is there any necessity for that? It seems :
to me"
"Now, Just look here."
There was a group rouud a lampost. A !
red banner with lettering upon it stood be-
mini a semicircle oi unuoruieu men ami
wouieu. A woman was sinaking breath
lessly with no stops.
"Ho yes my friends come tonight do not
delay. I know you're all black hearted 1
sinners" I
" 'Kre," said the crowd rciiionstrntivelr,
"cheese it." i
, , .,, ... ,,, , ,
kl lo. yo". . (S,,lll '" ,h "n,
h gh pitched voice The shaker pulled her .
"""'" ,
one large fm.t determlueilly.) "Ho yes you
are all black come and be washed come and
Is? made whiter than snow once I wus a
sinner like yourselves aud I went lo tliea
1 ten I did and I used to go to dawuees"
! "1 want to sH-ak lo her," said Mrs. Wes
, terllel.l, "as sixju as she has finished. I told
i you, didu't 1, that she had liecn very good
i ill giving me iiiforimition. The poor girl
tells me she is going lo be made a captain
Westerlleld put one hand on her sbotil
' der.
j "And her name Is Is Finch"
i "You've guessed'lt, mister," said Mrs.
' Westerlleld, with herconilc atTcctatiou of
a nasal twang. "You've guesMsJ it Inonce.'
"I'll say g.ssl nlghtloyoii twoyoung m-o-pie,"
said Mr. Carey "I've got a man to
meet at 10."
"One moment, Carey."
Westerfleld felt ill bis pocket and pro
duced a coin and handed it over.
"I thought you'd lose," said Mr. Carey.
St. James Budget.
A Msrrled Mao's Itl.l.U.
- .
"I sav." said a friend the other day. i
"you are an old baud at it. I have only
just got married an I don't uuderstuiid
much about the business. 1 should like to
know whether a married man has Hiiy
rights left when be takes unto himself a
"Hlghtsf Yes, lots. He has a right to
pay all the bills"
"Stopl I mean this. Let me give you
mi Instance. KverV box. every chest of
fact, !
drawers and portmanteau, and, In
every available receptacle of every decrip
tlou is stuffed full of my wife's pn.H-rty, !
and when 1 waut to put aw ay a lew cuus
and collars"
"Hold hard. I know what you mean.
Listen, yotiug man. If your bedriHun were
300 yanls long, lined from the floor to the
ceiling with shelves, and you wanted a pluce
to stow awav a couple of shirts, you
couldu't find a nook that wasu't full of ,
hairpius, old false fronts, scent bottles, oilU i
gloves, powder puffs, little bits of ta. so !
, vv.,., ,-, (.n. i
just accept the inevitable. Wrap your per
sonal property in an old newspaier parcel
and hide it under the bed."
He grinned Inmically, but paed oo, a
sadder and a wiser man. New York Ad
vertiser. Torture In Spif n.
A new form of torturo has been de
iu.wi in Knnin which is said to quite
i...r..nd anv of tho terrible machines :
formerly employed ly the inquisition. 1
It has, however, had the result of
trading complete confessions from all
the annrchists guilty of bomb throwing, i
As soon as arrested Codina, Cerernelo
i !...!. ......minions were put on a
HI... ...... s.'-.-i - -
diet of salt codfish and bread, without
water. After several days of this treat
ment they were led Ufore the juge
d'instriu'tioii. On the judges dok
stood a bottle of water and a glass.
Each prisoner instinctively threw him
self against bis guards in a vain at-
... -,., i tim water. The judge
lein.'i -
-nr.ilT.S of Wter If tile
prisoner would confess, but thrcutot.ed
' . . l.u .....lfish
hilll Wlttl-S coniiiiiiiinc.- ' s
I ,i;.. If b. remained intractable.
..mmwiI tho ordcail. '
An African Bnsks Story.
9cr the ostrich farm of Mr. Mollorhy,
f.,ir,n a larae black snske was
.'. ...,.,i Ai It anoenrtd unusually
WestcrllclJ. Willi
fat In Ion bi Its length It was cut ,,.,-). fr,,sl for the purso ..f ena
o,s..i. Inside it was found a -allow i inak. ,,., , ,..,., M well the com-
. ....e,t as long as Itself. Inside the yellow u, riwrt ,y the imKlu. of their
- -- -- . i. ..
""V.-T. found a al " .k-.
7 :to euus. each of which con
a ..n snake, app-rentl, not
. . , i. t.itiiiMirurT rm"'""
for Its temporary entomb-
'"cu .lu.n for... a total of 8i0
U pound,
i.t and well formed In
Uieni. ' ...w T.lh.
I ITll'lili'it .... . . I
AivrAi lhlvKS IJUOTii
Kept Him Id lll,iM, l,.an nrle4
Him lo Ilrrli Vlrclnl-Tli Howard ol
.1IMMMM tiered l ll,. ti,ernn.rnt
IU.I Not ll, I'nwrr ( nii
Tfirodicl in C'lmrl.n counlv, Md.,
not lung ago Thomas A. Junes.' at the
ge of 74. Join s In Id n Hiiioii iu thu
Wasblngiun ,:-y yard, ilt WlM
min.-d through lli indui'iirn of Con.
gressiimu Mud.l of Matyland. who had
informed thu mrn tury of thu uavy that
Jones had played a prominent part in
the I'scupo of John Wilkes Huotli, tlio
assassin of I'residint Lincoln.
"It'sqnitu true," iiilmitted Jouoa at
tlmtimoof hisdiMiiissal. "John Wilkes
Uooth. Willi a lirukfii auklo, tick and
auflerifcu Qu turturos of thu daiulied,
wus placed in my hamls to be spirited
across tlio river, mid tho :)uo,c?io re
ward, or tviii t.i.ouo.ooii, would nut
hnve roused mo (o turiO traitor to the
outlurn Coiifcdi racy, llio pooplu 1
loved, und surrender a iiiuu wiioso life
' i y k' piiig, even if I did know
hn hud isussiimud Irfsiilcnt Lincoln. "
Jones afterward told how lloothrauiu
into his hands. "It was on tlio morning
of thu lllth c.f April." ho suid, "when
friends of Samuel Cox caiiio to my
house on Huckleberry farm, Maryland,
Olid tcld ti. o that Cox wanted to seo mo
at unco. 1 hml heard the evening before
that Lincoln had boon killed I had a
I horsu saddled und rodo over to Cox's,
i who told mo that Uooth and David
. Ilcrold had Ix eu tlitru and wanted as
sistanru to get ucross the river. 1 was
told whero tho men were in a piito
thicket about a mile and n hull from
the lionso.
"I was given instructions how to
reach them without being shot certain
signs by whistling, etc. I'pun reaching
tlio dense pines I met flcruld, lo whom
I explained that I was scut by Cox. I
was then piloted to where llisitli was.
Ho lay on tlio ground wrapped iu a pilo
; of blankets, and his face lioro traces of
pain. Iiooth asked many questions as to
what pcoplo thought of tlio iissassiiiu
i tlon. Ho appeared to bo proud of what
I ho had ilonu. 1 at thu timu thought he
j had ilonu o good act, but, great Ciod, 1
' soon saw thut it was tho worst blow
1 ever struck for tho south I
"I did tho U-st I could for tho poor
fellow. I carried him papers to read mid
something to rut and tried to keep him
in good spirits until' I got a chuiico to
scud him across the river Tho country
was full of soldiers mid detectives, and I
did not know how soon I could get biiu
" I think it was tho following Tuesday
I wont tip to Port Tobacco to sou how
tho land lay, and it was there, in thu
barToom of Ilrawni r's hotel, that Cap
tain William Williams, chiet of the
L'uitod States secret service, said lie
wonld trivo :SOO.OOO to anv man who
! would tell where Booth was."
j "That's true," admitted Captain
Williams at thu time of tho above inter
view, "and lie would have been ieneral
Jones instend of a discharged employeo
from tho navy yard if lie had giveu tho
information. "
"1 did tho best I could for Iiooth and
Uorold, " continued Junes. "1 did not
know them, but when Cox put them in
my keeping nothing would have, tempt
ed mo to betray them. I could have
placed my hands on (looth, but honor
and truth were worth more to mu than
tbo cut iro wealth of the government
"At the expiration of the sixth day 1
heard the ofliccrs givu orders for tho
cavalry to go down iu St. Mary's comi
ty; that tlio assassins wero tlieru. That
was my chuiico, and i madu gisxl time
to where Ilmith uud Ilcrold went con
cealed. Booth was glad lo know that his
time to gut into Virginia had coino.
"Tho night was dark, mid Ilcrold and
I lifted Booth on to my liorso. Our prog
ress was slow. Wc finally reached my
house, and I went in to get them some
thing to eat We then proceeded to the
river. Booth was lifted into the bout
and was placed iu tho stem, while Hor
old took the oars. 1 then lighted a can
dle and showed Booth by his compass
how to .tour to get into Muchodoo creek
n,..l min him diriirtioiia to Mrs. Uuoseu-
"u ', , " , .....
berry's, who, 1 thought, would tuko
care of him. That was tho last I saw of
l Booth.
"When notices were posted op that
to furnish bread or water to Booth
meant death," went ou Joues, "I fult
pretty shaky. I knew that Booth hud
' bit the Virgiuia shore. I was arrested
1 and tukeu to Washington, where I was
bold for seven weeks. Then 1 was dis-
chargod because nobody believurl 1 Knew
anything. ' New York World.
Scat of tlx Thunder (iod.
"Trombling mountain," a massive
pilo of peculiarly arranged rocks lying
ou Rogue river, almost directly north
of Montreal, was known to the Indians
by a combination of words signifying
scat of tho thunder goa -'Accoruiug
to their traditions, tho thunder god lor
, i ........ A ...! a. itiiti.i.tittmr
nierlv usod a broad and deep indentation
on iu summit as a seat, and that there
in he would sit for three days In spring,
seven In summer, flvo in autumn and
two in winter. They also believed that
during the time ha was present great
chasms would open the 1o of the
mountain, from which Hre wold stream
... umn without ratisinft.
Nothing is
known concerning the eSrly history of
,hu ,ountuln, but it is thought that
tn9 legend refers to old time volcanfo
action, an opinion strengthened by its
geographical name "Trembling
niountuln. " St Lonis Republic.
An Opeulng.
"Why don t you quit the stage and
start a secondhand book storo?"
"I duu t see why there is any especial
call for mo to start a secondhand book
stole any more than any other busi
ness," replied tho actor haughtily
"Oh, I thought it would suit you
Dretty well. It is tho very place for back
numbers. "-Cincinnati Tribune.
. .
swlsllil swp is rn , I. now ofT.-ns! to the Iss..
i.', ..f l'rls bv the so culled nailnaloun-
,( Then- are two sorts of snap, tho Tn
I(ijlt u, t t.,.mimes the cuke, and the
j.,,,,,,",!!. at half that prl.-e. The artlrh-s
. , , .... iniloii are giiarniitiss'l to
.11 lllfallllfjla"
lunsland IsTfiiinisl. The
.. .. - .
A Thre a Foot Dwarf.
Hurt land. Me., has a dwarf, Merle Bart-
ii-fif.nii mist., iut a iinn
. " " ,, ,H old, art Inch. high
' ' . . . . .. .. ll. 1. Inlaltl
and weighs nut it puuuua.
giut aud well formed In svsry way.
Tor Ilia H eo n.l Tims IU LratU the lor.
lorn Hop,
"If Cuba column mis me, I am hers in
i)U'y!" Thus T as Kstnula I'alina
when informed
that the Cuban
tmiirgciits w h o
mv buttling so
al lain ly fur IiNt
ty had chosen htm
ptv.iil. nt (,f .
ri-.ullli-tlmt thus
far esi-ts only ill
name, rrcsldcnt
l'alina is n nl
dent of Cent nil
Valley, X. V., but
will leave for tho
scene of I be war
as wsiii as be is
rilKsll.KNTPAt.VIA. ,,ly ,
of III el. vt Ioii. "lam nutt. si ul.l lodoa
I tile HkIiIIiik," be says quietly.
l'rvMilciii I'almn in.w c.nulu. is a large
inlnarv for the ediicnii.m of wivtttby Cu
buns m Cent nil Valley, but for years lias
Uvl' iilrntillr.l with M-hclin-s fur the IIIht
ail.Wuf I'ulm. Iluwaslsirii in llayu ) .,
CuIki, llil yeiirs ago. and In I vis. at t he Is--ginning
of tlio famous ten years' war, was 1. 1 the cliamlsT of deputies of the
pnivWonal government and t-s.k the Held
w ith a largo body of Cuban I i
nuinige and his marked ahllllv for leader
ship won fur blm one high olll.v after an
oiher. and in IsTA, U-funi thu great war
cIismsI, lie was ch.sM-n pns.lil. nt of the
Ill 177 1'ro.ldctit l'alina is captured
bv Suiiilh ir.,,s and plmvd lu prison.
When the war ended, a year later, be was
M-t at liU-rty ami made New York bis
home. A nunils-r of years ago be founded
the Institute Ktnu!u Talma lit Central
Valley and has alsuil &u piu.lls, the ma
jority of whom are Culutns. Ills wife was
the daughter of a rich Culmii, and the cou
ple have (le briglit chlhln-n. President
Kstnula ss-aks Swinish, Kn n. li anil Kng
llsh llueiilly, is ex.issliugly well nlucaliil
and has the manners of a courtier. Like
most I'lilums he is short In stature, but he
curries Ills Hi) yearsllghilyand s4Vins to Is' for many a hard caiuuilgn.
In explaining bis ehs iloii rnwldenl I'al
ma Imsl.Mly nivs: "This n'Voll.tloii is
i-onsldensl n continuation of the last war,
and us 1 then bad the boiiorto Isi pn-sldctit
I am not surprised Hint they wish me to
isuitiniiii In that ..nice. I shall Ihj pn-si-dent
only mi long as the war lusts, and
when It is nt an end thu ssiilo will Is'
called iiK.n to ch.sssi my successor. Our
men will Im able to maintain their h.sI
ll.ui In theiiiounii.lnous n-volnl binary dis
tricts for years wli bout siinvutlcrlng. If
wo fnt) Culia mid I am chosen pn-sldcnt
iigain, I shall endeavor to establish a un
ionist republic, us Culm Is not yet rix for
the federal system, lu all other ressvts I
shall follow the example of tho 1 nil. si
States, the lo.sli l n-publio of tbo world,
for I want for my country a fnsa oople
ami a government."
Kerr l (iul.lrn Wedding of Mary A. Llvxr and Her Husband,
Mrs. Mary A. I.lvermon, tho famous
ti'iiiM'n.nco reformer and woman sulTra
gisi, and her husband, llev. Daniel I'arker
l.lvermore, nnvntly celebrated their golden
w.Hlding nt Melrose, a suburb of Huston.
They wore, married iu Hoston May II, 1SI.",
liavi'ciw h half a century toeoiiscl
enllous and fruitful elTort toward thu Isi
lermeiit of the world ami are still enjoying
gissl health for ss.phof their advunml
years. Mrs. IJvcrmorn was Ix.rii In ll.wlon
Itiv. P.', Iv.M, and was thu daughter of
Timothy Hlce, who served In thu Culled navy during the war of lSI'J. She
was from the llosloll public
sch.silsat the ago of 1.1 niul ns' one
of the six m.iliils dlslribiit.Hl for gsal
s.-holaisblp. SI in next completed n four
years' course ut Charlestown Kemale sem
inary In two years and was cl.s'tcd a mem
1st of tho faculty.
In a short time shen'moved to Virginia,
when she oIll.'lat.Klas govern. sjsoii a largo
plantation and a very titifav.mililo
opinion of slavery. Shu rctiiriusl north a
radical nlHilltlonlst und negl.s i.H:! no op
portunity for spreading her views. At the
n;;e of X'l she Iss-ame the wife of the Itcv.
Mr. l.lveriiion, who bad Is-guu bis minis
lerlal cons r nt t he ago of I'.l. Tim titsti,
MliS LIVCIl.VIOlllI. 1IEV. lilt. LlVKItMOllK.
halilis of study and alms of the couple
wen. alike, and for 50 yours they have Imvii
coiigeiiinl companions and coworkers.
In It.'. they nunovisl to Chicago, then a
small town, and Mr. Llvcrmom lsrainc
pniirletor of a Cnlversallst
Mrs. Livermoru was bis nsss'iulo (alitor
and often. In his absence, comlucted the
enttn. business and editorial munngcmciit
of thu pajsT and at thu same time contrll.
III. si stories, sketches ami letters to eastern
s'rtisllcU. Sho also did coiishlcrablu ru
IK.rtorlal work and was tho only woman
res.rter pn-wiit when Lincoln was first
nominated for the pnwldeiicy at the Chi
cago convention. During the war as un
assishito iiicinlxT of tho States
sanitary commission shown untiring In
ber efforts to n llevo the sick and wounded
soldiers, mid shu delivensi iiuincroui pub
lic, organlzHl sanitary fairs and
did a grt'ot work that will long bo romem
I Is-nsl.
Mnce the war she lias written a nuiiils-r
of very' successful hooks mid has Iss n very
prominent in woman suffmge and temper
ance reform work. Sho Is a believer In
nationalism and n-gitnls sik LiIIsio, as ex
is.undisl In America, as " Christ I
unity." Mm has travcli-d many thousands
of nilles as n lis'lun rand is w it hunt doubt
oun of thu iiblcst women in the Unite!
Metal llallr.avi lira.
A protest against the denudation of
forests in order to secure mutoriul for
railroad ties is miido in a report Issued
by the agricultural department at Wash
ington on tho use of metal railroad ties
and preservative processes and motal tie
plutos for wooden ties. It shows that
about 20 per cent of tho railroad mile
ago of the world, outside of the United
Btates and Cunado, is laid on metal. Iu
the United Stutcs little practical prog
ress in metal ties is rejiorted. Tho pro
portion of track laid with metal ties to
tho total length of railways throughout
tho world has increased from 7 per cent
In 1800 to 10 per cent In ISO. Rail
way Review.
Ills Kpliaph.
A young Swede was recently scalded
to death by thu explosion of a boiler in
Oregon. As the young fellow had been
very jKipular among bis associates a
com in 1 1 1 was sppoin ted tocm-t a small
Monument over bis grave. After con
siderable hard work the committee pro
duced a slone with the following In
scription: "bacrtd to the memory of onr esteem
ed friend, Lars Larson' West Coast
Tlir Man Taken I'ruiu an lr Kim Which
Waa t arrl( Thrm la Orlaln llralh.
Ca'.itaui L. (. Lawson, William P.
Kay and W. V. Wilkinson, members of
the Evsiistou life saving crew, had a
narrow escape from dcatn the other
morning while attempting to clear mi
chor b e away from the waterworks in
let. Thu men were iu a small rowbont
and wero caught Islweeu large cakes of
Moating ire and carried two miles out
into the lake. After a hard fight with
the II. ating ice tlu-y wele rescued by a
volunteer party consisting of Sam l'ee
ney, chief engineer at the Kvanstoti wa
terworks; John Moore, the) lighthouse
keeper, and BobSkyh sand Hymn Daw
son, firemen at the waterworks.
Kiirly in the morning water was run -
mug very siow iv lino ine largo main,
ml fearing niiotlier water famine Cup
tain Lawson ami hiscompuuioiis started
fur the imake, which is one mile oil
shore. heavy wind had been blowing
inshore all night Wfore, and tho shore
was lined Willi great cakes of ice. "Aft
er working hard the men succeeded in
launching their lxHt mid started
through the Imbbing cukes for the inlet.
When itlxiut half the distance hud been
covered, the men noticed that tbo wind
had changed ana was blowing hard
" i t t i
lrom idishore, and that largo Held of
ico was forming in a solid muss iilHiiit
their little craft and Hunting rupidty
out into tlio lake. 1'ike poles wero used,
but it soon became apparent that unless
some aid came s.mii they would Im) car
ried fur out.
A white handkerchief was tied to an
oar, and tho men took turns waving it.
Tho signal was seen by John Moore,
who was ut work at the top of tho light
house lower. He hurried to tho water
works, a short distance away, and told
Engineer IVcncy, and iH.tb men, realii
ing tho .lunger in which their comrades
were, called kylcs and I'awson. and
hurriedly manning another Isuit tho
four men started to the rescue. The off
shore wind l y this time had cleared tho
shore water, and tho rescuing party
soon reached thu ice Hoe, in thu center
of which was the boat containing the
., . ... ..
thteo men. A lifo line was thrown
ucnws lo the prisoners, uud one after an-
j other they jumped from cako to cuke
and reached the rescuing boat. They
were forced to abandon their own boat,
which was fust in I ho ice. Tbo men
wero nil brought to tho waterworks of
fice. Chicago Kecord.
Iteaaun to llrllrve That W. Will llaa to
(i.iaril Against lit. I'la(..a This V.r,
For over two years tho Asiatic cholera
has been cpidemiu in western Russia,
but as we have had reports of Hie sub
sidence of its ravages during tho win
ter months there was hoe that there
might not bea lecurrence this spring of
Hie unhappy experiences of that season
in IMi-J ami 1":). Wo regret that tho
disputcht s nt hand aro tinfiivoiuble.
There lmvo ls-en violent outbreaks of
the disease during tho past week at a
number of thu populoiu centers of the
western provinces, olio of thu most vio
lent of lb. in as fur west as the city of
Warsaw, mid from thut place both Her
many and Austria aro again directly
Thero is reason, therefore, to fear
that N-w York will have to 1 on tho
guard for yet another year and that
heto will he need for tbo il.ncst vigi-
lance on tue pun oi ine iiiucers ui our
quarantine service. Wo do not doubt
the ability of these officers to maintain
the safety of the city.
It is to bo hoped that the European
governments represented in thu interna
tional sanitary commission which has
held a conference in Paris will provide
for tho prompt execution of those de
fensive meiisiites which have met with
tho approval of the delegatus. This au
thoritative commission was organised
for tho express purpose of preparing ail
auticholeia programme acceptable to the
leading powers of the world, und it will
be a publio shame if the recommenda
tions it bus made this year shall be neg
lected, ns were those miido at its session
of last year. New York Sun.
It lias round That Pollution In This
Stream Increased Ilia llralh Kala.
The city of Lawrence, Mass., is ex
perimenting with a "filter bed" with
which It hopes to purify tho wuter of
the Mernniuc river, the source of the
water supply of that city. Tho sum of
fllO.OOO already has been expended for
the purpose. The experiment is being
made in pursuance of the discovery
uinde two years ngo by the state board
of health of Massachusetts that certain
cities which hud suffered especially
from typhoid fever were using water
from polluted rivers. The Is.ard gave
assurance that by the use of filter beds
OH per cent of the bacteria organisms,
some of which aro harmful, would be
The filtering was begun Sept. 20,
since which time daily investigation
shows thut this proportion of the bac
teria is removed lrom the wuter, and
also that the water Is so purified that
three-fourths of the remaining 9 per
cent die before the water reaches the
dwelling houses. The fact that the
number of deutbsfrom typhoid fever In
that city during the months of OctolsT
and November of lust year was only
one each month, whilo formerly tho av
erage for five years was five each month,
seems to furnish conclusive evidence
Hint there is a virtno in the plan rec
ommended by the Massuchuaotfct board.
Troy Press.
New Vaar's Cards In Franc..
he custom in Francoof sending one's
visiting card to acquaintances on Now
Year's day is rapidly increasing. Even
tho establishing of a society lor the
suppression of complimentary visiting
cards has been powerless against the
progress of fushion. The French post
oflice officials have made an interesting
calculation on the subject. It is reck
oned that in tbo department of the Seine
alone, which of course includes Purls,
8,750,000 visiting card were delivered
by postmen on the 1st of January, 1UHI.
The following year It had risen to
0,500.000, the year after to 13,000,000
and filially, in 1B94, it reached nearly
15,500,000. Paris Journal.
"The Blue Bells of Scotland" was
the work of Auulo McVicar, afterward
Mrs. Orant, the daughter of $vottisb
olficcr iu the British army. Tbe melody
was long believed to be Scottish, but Is
now known to be of English origin, be
ing an old English folk song.
IHflilml la Opinion aa lu !!. fuara That
Should II Taken -The I nail net of an In
dian lly-A Mir-
Which nliowe.l tl. War.
We were bait. It had come lo such a
pass IhSfKcach of us as emphatically posi
tive I luii the little 1 1 Hay company
post we wished to reach lay in auoiher
direct ion from that In which we were trav
eling -and llielhr.e s.-parate opinions were
all dilTerei.t. Kach of n wereii rtain that
his two companions were lint, as we gazed
In.iiI us over I lie seemingly limit l.-ss snow
I rovi-ml iirnirie.Hvaii winch slr.'lche.l ..mill
- aides as far as i he eye could reach, yet Willi
But one .list iuuiiirhiiiK landmark.
' We were Joiiine) ing across one of the
(rest plains of nortliw. stern Canada, the
I country w hose mam Industry is I nipping
if trapping may Is ci.lle.lau Industry the
. fur laud of the world, and, in trulh, the
writer fill its immensity more than he had
i ever Iss-n conscious of it Is fore or Iiom-s
ever lo Is- naiu. K.T four long days we
had seen hIsmiIi ilely no sign that even sug
J jested thccxisli ucrof man. We.uiir.logt
1 slid dog sledge, seem. si aim. sl ii.linilesiiual
alums iih.ii this last expanse of rolling,
i w lute n.lsil lau.lscaiH.
S n III... .Hn..... -.. nil. . I. .or .'in-... us .iiii.-r to f.-el t hat a H-raot. .-oiil.l ever reach a
ll had iH-comeililliciill for one of us Amer
given poll. I over ll.islriH'kl.'ssBild.riiessby
the successive spans in I lie com pass of a per
s ili'sslep. One of us hail a suspicion Dial
we had passed oiirdcstination uim.ii one side
or the other. No one u ho has not traversed
a trackless waste can how hard it is
lo nt kon the .list mice travcli-d each day of a
loiKlramp. Hull a calculal Ion of onc'ssi
lion at nightfall may n iihai.) .l.
grceof exactness.
We Dually decided that each should go
bis way when I lie journey should again
be rcsuimd. This plan would most cer
laluly result fatally for the two who
would Is- unable lo reach shelier Is fore
thu scanty supply of f.ssl which would
Iw their share Mould Is-iom.. exhausted.
Then, was a possilulity of meeting with
some plain Indians or of hugging auf
llcieiit giinie for f.ssl, but only a slight
Hssibility. However, one's self concern
is stniugely blunted by the bilitig eld ol
greatly ciiucrrni-d over the fearful chimera
(w ,Hkl.
q.Jie uliimatum as to the separation was
j reached nt night, lu the morning wr
i prepared lo part company.' Kach of Us
! was to take a ilog along lor n compau
Ion," we Americans told ourselves, try
lug lo put the thought from our minds
thai I he animal might, lu a great ex
(remit)', he made use of in a far less
pleasant personal capacity. Ilaptiste, I lie
young Crce Indian boy who drove for Us,
l.sik this matter with less unpleasant
ni.ti.'ip.tlotis. He pinched Hie
of Shoal iuga, the cur becoming bis lot,
In an IndiHereiit manner w hich caused us
to hs.k the other way.
Ilaptiste was a w.mmI Indian, not a lie bad bad little exH rieiice
even ill the w.ssls, having becu boy to our
of the Hudson Hay company's olllcers at
one of the larger posts ever since he was
old enough to be of any use. Our skilled
gul. lo with whom we bad started mil
ba.1 been disabled ill a ipianvl at a slop
ping plair, and no sulistituto could then
lie had, or we never should have attempt
rd crossing this great prairie ocean with
the Uy.
We w ere distillled to have more fall I.
in the Instinct of even an unskilled w.snI
Indian lad than we bad. When we bad
1 actually parted fn.m one another, each
: going bis separate way, une of us cared
, to display the wavering cowardice of a
i luckwanl. We only turned agalu
. hw ,((V(m, U- ,k. , 10 (lim.,im
bad lukeii. I am sure that I shall never
gaze ou any phenomena of nature with
the thrill of wonder and satisfaction that
I did upon the oue tu which Ilaptiste
thru called our eager attention.
The sun had Just risen. An Infinite si
lence hi d stolen over the trackless, wavy
snow expnnso alwut us. The heavens lu
the west were one great bliue of yellow
glory, wanning the glistening crystals of
the landscape into orange, opal, tea
shell tints. The Inverted plain hung, lined
In dreary, Incaii.lesoent emerald, fur
our heads another, a spirit worldl The
patches of sage, s.plar and aicu of Hie
country alx.ul us were minutely reflected
there, though they might Im hidden miles
beyond the horizon attainable by our vision.
Distance was annihilated. The pictures
seemed almost unn'ttl. Kvery feuturecamr
out with the photographic minuteness of
detail of the scene upon the ground gloss
of the camera.
We gazed aloft breathlessly and with
somewhat of the fear that If w e spoke the
whole weinl panorama would fade away,
as do the ghost forms when verbally ad
dressed, which we read. We became
mot Ion l.-ss, awkwardly cnoted statues,
and doubtless parts of a like rellectiuu lo
he seen fur us.
Half a dozen small log buildings and
high bark stages, iiik.ii which lay game
and other pn.visioua safe fnim the dogs
and wolves, were dimly discernible at a
point toward which Ilaptiste K.liiied. We
recognized them quickly as belonging to
the little post which wa had left some
months before, and to which ws were
wearily returning,
The mirage ever changing, ever grow
ing clear, then faint again faded away
Into the clear daylight of the new day.
Hut we kuew uow that the little Hudson
Bay company sst Itself was to be found
directly under the point In which it bad
been so providentially mirrored In the sky.
Tha Kxntucklau't I'.rll,
It la not so very long sgo since a sua
Mwsfiit candidate for omign'ss from Ken
tucky gave a new turn to the trndltlun
concerning his native stale. He was at
tending un aftermsm tea. Ahscntmludcd
ly be tuok a cup of tbo Innocuous buverngo
which had the honor of christening tho
occasion. He was alsiut to take another
when the voice of bis wlfo staid his ha ml.
"My di ar," she said (Irmly, "you must
not drink another dn.p uf that You will
ruin your constitution." Kate Field's
Hm.llli.g Salts.
Good and Invigorating smelling salts,
Serviceable and lasting, any woman can
make for herself after this riwlpu: A few
cents' worth of lump ammonia cracked
Into bits as big as green pens should he
put Into thu vlnnlgietU) that ought to Is)
of glass, with a top of any metal. On the
ammonia pour gissl oologne until the bot
tle Is full, cork It up tightly sml do not
o;An It for a whole day. After thot It may
be froely used ami will for twoor Hm
months remain fnsh and fragraiit.
Mount lllanc In M lnltr,
The Mont Bluno observatory is un
dergoing its inestimably worst season,
and thu most interesting news of the
kind during the coming spring will be
tbe account of how its occupuuts passed
the winter and what observations they
were enabled to make. But it is not
exH ted thut much cun be dune In
winter, except In connection with me
teorology, and we must look for what
ever discovert" are to come through the
sdvautug.-s of high altitudes to the
South A uierican and Califorulan observ
atories. English Mevhsulo.
Mt Coat 19 l-s Cats Each, and All
Must lla I'rapald.
The telegraph service of Croat Britain
It nndoubt.i.lly quicker, mora reliable
and cheaper than that of the United
States. I miiko this statement after
proper allowance, of thu differences In
distances. It costs 13',' cents for 13
words and I cent for every additional
word. This for (Ireat Britain aud Ire
land a uniform rata
It works admirably, ns nearly all tba
postolliccs aro also telegraph offices. As
a rule, tliopooploaro civil and obliging,
and the delivery of messages more
prompt than with ns.
These postoflloes, which Include, as a
rule, news stands and stationers' shops,
aro scattered all over tho city, especial
ly in London, and oun has no such trou
ble in getting p.wtoftlco orders, postal
notes, stamps, eta, as Is too often the
case In New York.
Another great ndvantago of the Brit-h-ll
system is that thcro Is no such thing
as sending messages "collect " You can
prepay nu answer to a telegram, and the
boy brings up a blank with tho telegram
when an answer has Isjen paid for.
Again, if yon writo to any ono and
want a telegraphic reply, merely inclose
a blank witli sixpenny postage stamps
afllxcd. This saves the trouble of trans
mitting money ur imposing nu a friend
for reply.
At ono of tho big city dinners few
weeks ago 1 sat opposite V. II. I'reece,
C. II., the engineer in chief and eloo
triciau of British Telegraphio Wonder
land. Ho was greatly interested iu tho
fact that we counted tho population by
tlio means of electricity, ami of course
kuew exactly how it was dona
Tho iucreaso in 25 years of messages
alone, from 0,600, 000, when throe pri
vate companies controlled tho business,
to 70,000, 000 messages In H)4, lulls its
own story. That the number of oflloes
has increased threefold, now numbering
0,000, and the miles of wire have in
creased from 00,000 to 200,000 surely
this Indicates that tho public are well
aud cheaply served
Financially tho telegraph department
Is today paying expeusisx, but not the In
terest on tho money Invested. It is
claimed, howovor, that tho division of
expenses between the postofllce branch
and tlio telegraph branch was of such
an artificial character that the two serv
ices should In) looked nt together finan
cially. This would show a net annual
surplus of from 1 1 3, 7 50, 000 to 1 1 o, 000,
000 a very handsome addition to the
publio revenues,
A uniform telegraph sorvlce, say, of
SS oents per message, Is no more, lu this
advanced day of electrical appliances,
than a uniform 9 cent letter rata was
wheu adopted. Chicago Inter Oceau.
Why This IImmIIIu. So Ortaa AppM la
tiia Ihslljr Newspapers.
It Is au oild trait in human nature
that a man who bus boon ordered by bis
physician to tuko pnregorlo will never
tuko it If thero Is any cnrbollo acid or
prussio aoid In tlio lionso that ho can
absorb In preference
Statisticians who have studied the
thlug declare tlmt an Invalid will search
the whole house for a poisonous drug
tud drink It rather than the medicine
ordered by the doctor. The death no
lloos Li tlio newspapers In oases of that
kind aro generally headed, "Took the
Wrong Medicine."
A man arrived at bis homo tho other
sveulng, and glancing ou the bureau
law a bottlo of liquid that he bud been
ordered by tho doctor to take.
"Tlmt looks llko tho stuff," said be,
"but I'm not sure. As I was locking op
the ooliar I saw behind an old shelf
blue bottlo that looked as If It hadn't
boon touched for years. It said ou It,
'Sulphuric Add.' Now thut bottle ou
tho table looks exactly lika the one I
drank out of lust night, but still I have
an Idea that tho stuff down In the collar
U what tho doctor means for ine. I
dou't know how the dlokcus it got dowu
there wheu It'a meant for me to take,
or bow this bottlo that isn't mount for
mo to take got ou this bureau. But I'm
not going to take any chances. I'll Just
go down Into tho collar aud make sure,
aud I'll throw this stuff out of the win
dow." Thou be cautiously wout down stairs
and took the sulphurlo acid, and he
was buriod In duo form after an ambu
lance surgeon had done bis best aud the
oorouor'a physician had made a com
plete Investigation and autopsy.
It Isn't only children who make those
blunders. Doctors will toll you that they
novo ouly to IuImiI a bottlo "Lotion, For
External Application Ouly," to make
sure of Its being drunk. If patient
guts a bottlo of comsdve. sublimate to
put on a fulun on bit great toe aud
doesn't nse It all, ho will carefully save
it Tun years afterward a doctor give
some oongh mixture to him, and thou he
goos und hunts up the corrosive subli
mate bottlo, plays three card monto with
it and the cough mixture gota them
thoroughly m ixed up so that be onn 't toll
one from the other, and then when ho
fools thut tightness across the chost that
the doctor told him abjut he swallows
a part of the oorrosive sublimate and
leaves his widow to oolloct the lifo
Insurance. By no accident Is the cough
mixture ever takou it Is always the
oorrosive sublimate. New Vork Her
ald. Dr. ds Korea's LstUr.
At a rocunt exhibition of dolls in Chi
cago it doll was shown which onoe had
lutter addressed to it by the late Ur.
do Koven, the great Episcopal high
church leader. It was as follows:
Mv DsAn Wx I sin glad to hnar of your
birth, and thai yoo went named fur ma. sml
tliat y..u ara of wax. You could not Im. of bet
fs r stuff for a minister. Vou will look sweet.
This will plcnaa the young. Vou cannot tulk
too much. This will please lh old. Von cun
wink st thliurs, which you will have to do.
You will eat little; you will need but small
pay. When you are bruised, you nan be put on
s shelf without s word, and a doll, now, frnih,
and wllh nsl cheeks, will lake your plana. If
you hav to bo a martyr by lire, you will mall
easy and Suva pain to tluste who hsvs to put
you In, but If you do rsl to even on llttla
girl like U yuur lire will 1 worth (rest
deal. Mognodby.from yoor affection! friend,
South African tluahmaa.
Civilization Is making rapid strides In
Bouth Africa, but the busbman yet
mukes his own knife and with consider
able Ingenuity. They dig a little Iron,
Dud a broken hatchet or a hoop from a
rain barrel, and out of theso parts they
form even axes, adzos, hammers aud
about everything they need In that Hue,
These implements are of course very
erode, but the native bas ruuoh patieuoe.
-Uardwara. -
mean IOu In partictjlar," sahj