The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 29, 1895, Image 10

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for Infants and Children.
Caatorla Is ao will syliitl toelillilren that
I recommend It a superior tnny prvMerlptlou
soown to me." 11 A. Aatnrs, M. 1).,
Ill So. Oxforl BU, DnxiWIfU, N. Y.
"Ths use of 'Castorls U so universal unit
It unfit o wU known It im-iiui work
til supererogation to endorse It. JVw are the
Intelligent families who do not keep OuU'ria
within easy mwh.n
Cuuoe VtiaTTH, f. 1 1.,
Hew York City.
Ca.torla con Colic, CjnKlpH.
Iur Klamath, Mairlima, I'ruclaUus,
KiU Worms, give alerp, and mUi
K tit Ion,
Without Usurious mrdU-atlon.
Tor frml y.-ars I liavs reeomnv-ri.""
your 't'"Urtia,' ami iiluill always coiitir 4 ',
do m It lua invariably produced U-m.i. l.I
Knwm y. ri3t, m. n,
IJBlb Street and "ill Ave., New York CI!.
Tns Casrani Oosmxt, 77 Jfnuur Htit, Nw Yos rr,
fishermen AttentionI
We have no bait
Our line la sure to draw. '
Qonfort and pleasure to be
Qaogtyt it? "Our ftet."
lllore starling totb rlrer lay
CIGARS "Popular brawls."
TOUACCO "All makes."
CANDY "All prices.
no. Julius goldsmith.
j C. CHURCH. I. 0. PINE, .l. OsBURN,
rresiatni. vice rriiiyim, v.......
Euffcnc Loan and Savings
Of Eugene, - - Oregon.
DIRBCTOUrV-J. 13. Church, J. B. lUrrU, W.I
11 TOW U, I. V. I 1110, r. n. vuumi.
Fall Up Capital.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest allowed on time deposits.
Collection entrusted to our car will receive
prompt alUiitluu.
Breeding pw second
to none in the stale.
W'liltu nnd llarrcd
Plymouth Hocks, Hull
ami lliown Leghorns.
Htul (silver
Efss $1.50 per 15; two sctllnns $2.50.
1 aim hare a few ehol.-o Knull.ti llerlohlre
lgs lor ssle. satisfaction gueiaiilrml. Address
An i v it. ki ,
Cotuirg, Ort'iton.
Lane County Bank.
(Established In 1UJ.)
A genaral Banking business
In all branches transacted on
favorable terms.
A. O. HOVEY, rrvMltlctir.
J. M. AI1KAM8, (.'umIiUt.
A. U. 110VKY, Jr., AssLCashr.
Caked & Inflamed Udder.
Rheumatic Pains,
Bruises and Strains,
Running Sores,
Stiff Joints,
Harness & Saddle Sores,
Insect Bites,
All Cattle Ailments,
AH Horse Ailments,
All 5heep Ailments,
Penetrates Muscle..
Membrane and Tissue
Quickly to the Very
Seat of Pain and
Ousts It in a Jiffy.
Rub In Vigorously.
Mustang Liniment conquers
Make rUa or Deaat wall
A (,uerr Case.
I'liu Kat Oregon Ian of l'utirl It-ton
Iih this alsmt u former resident of
Luue county:
"O. C. lluiilrlckn was urrt-eted I ri
luy fveiilnu at 6 oVIw-k, on a wiirnint
L.ikmI from JiHlice 1'urktn' iwirt. I re
oII.-iiho cliariiBil wan lan-t-iiy ly Imlltf:
Mr. llfiiilrlcka l an fxriiipt iii-iiiIm r
of Trotfctlon Knulne company, ami
liuil In hi ioHHHioii a viial, fturl of a
uniform lie uil an artlvj) llre-
lliiiu. From till cout h ri'liinveil the
bruHK tiuttoiiH, nml wan wearing It u
ail every day Kuruieiit. Foreliian
C.X.Clark reivnily IhMUid a imtli-e
for the return of all hucIi iroH-ity and
Mr. lleiidrlikit did not comply with
tho rt(tieHt. Foreman Clark then
xworeouta coinplulut and thu t-ae
wan heard Frlduv evonlnif at 7 o'cltM-k.
The facta M to the poMomlon of the
coat hy HelidrlckH were not di iiled ly
the defenm, and Ilia Juntlco took the
raw) under ailvlw-iin lit until inn morn
ing, when VSi line and cohU were Im
The next day the K. (). Iiiui I ho fol
lowing llein: "C. C. Hendrii'ka Iihm
employed lU-eili-r A lUtli-y to apeiil
hi ciiHeof lan-eny hy bailee, In which
he win convicted aud llued aud
csta. auioiiiitluK in all to $17.00. C.
X. Clark, fort uiuu of 1'rotectloii En U-ituu a civil no-
tion MKulnat lletidrlfka to recover the
coxt of thu coat wlili-li I ho ili-li-luiuiit
had In liiii poHnewiioil and fulled to turn
It look an if the cuau wan one com
menced forplte work.
Fkstivai. at Ckkxwki.!.. On Sat
unlay eveiihiK, Juiie.'iotli.the Fp worth
leiiKiiu will kIvc an Ice crt-nin and
alrawherry fcllval at 11 C Walluce'a
l lie fai-lory, JiinI north of Creawell. I he
UulldliiK Ih new ami commodloiM, ami
llKiiodtlitie Ih injured. All are Invited.
ClIttTI.ATIMI I.iiihakv. The new
hiMika of the clrciilalniK library w ill
arrive here alioul July ltl. There nru
111 liiMikn In the lint, and are among
the IhihI of worka.
A tiin in Florida litis been
named Trilby. It will iittrucl the
l.ittlo HillicK, I.itirdfl ami Tvcnga
Iih, but Hciieililu K'u)lu Bliould etuy
away, ltcltir get utiiung the big
feet of Cliicug ) tliun tho Htart 8 of
A Kciitlciiiaii who rciTiitly dicil
in Vicnnu nt tho ago of 70 had
been u Hiiiokcr Hiiu'o he wn 17.
Durini: tliat time hu had Hinokt-d
3'JS,713 cignrn, -lo.C'J'J of which were
giftH. TIioho ho paid (or cot-1 him
iMurnhul Meade micil tho Ari
zona Star for 3',000 and got
judgment of$l. Were boino man
to Btie for 1 lio would coino about
as clouo to getting the $35,000.
Character in a very valuable thing;
but thu trutli is men who ure really
rlandercd do not n a rulo rush
into tho courts for redrens. They
get it by their lives.
Corvnllis Times: From l'rof. F.
L. Washburn it is learned that the
scheme of boring a hole in a tree,
inserting sulphur, and then plug
gins up tho bole as a sure method
of killing tent caterpillars will not
work. Thu sulphur is not dissol
uble in thu sap of the tree, and will
not as stated, rise in thu san to the
leaves nnd kill tho caterpillars by
the thousand. There aro about
fifty newspapers in Oregon that
ought te do whut the Times here
docs, correct tho statement ull of
them have published.
The United States exacted from
China in 1S.7S, for damages sus
tained by citizens, a sum equiva
lent to '$730,238, but tho whole1
amount was subsequently returned
in installments as an evidenco of
friendly feeling towards the ancient
empire. Japan was also required
to pay the United States between
180 1 and 1874 the sum of $780,000
for damages to an American steamer
and expenses incurred in opening
a provincial port, and tho whole
amount was returned to Japan in
1883. These aro credible leaves in
our international history, and show
the difference between fair dealing
and playing the bully.
Swift and Company, of Chicago,
built the largest cake in thu world
to advertise their Cotocuet at the
opening of tho new department
store of A. M. Kothseuild Jt Co.
It was cut into -10,000 peieics and
served to every one w ho came. A
series of eighteen cash prizes was
otl'ered to those who guessed near
est the weight of it. Tho cake was
advertised liberally by reading
notices and display and as nearly
as anything can bo it Ix-came the
talk of Chicago. At every door hi
the store a young lady was stationed
to hand a card to every lady who
came in, inviting her to get a slice
of the cake, and in the large space
allotted to tlio display young ladies
served the enke to tho multitude of
vinitor and registered the guesses
at the weight of it.
i rout iSrituin has 8,7li(l,000
women. lielziuni has 1,.'!10,(M)0
ubovi) 1). Il'.iiiiiuiii.i has 1,2(10,000
over IS. Switzerland has b'JO.000
women ubovo 18. Norway Ims
30.,000 wo'iien iiioTo thu n 10.
Italy has 0,80,000 women of mar
riageable, uire. Spain has -1,130,000
women over the ago of 10. Sweden
has 1.170,000 women over 18 years
ofuge. (irt-ece has -100,000 women
over 20 years of nge. There are
8,580,000 grown women in France.
Austria has 0,080,000 women above
the ago of 18. The little kingdom
nf Denmark has -100,000 women.
The United States bus 30,551,370
female papulation, l'ortugal lies
1,OSO,000 women more than 17
years old. Iiitjreat Uritain there
are 1017 women to 1000 men. In
North America there are 070 women
to 10U0 men. Tho ( Jeruian empire
has 10,010,000 women over the uge
of 10. Holland, though small in
size, has 1,070,000 women, young
and old.
C'orvalFs Time": An attorney
wl.oi-H iru-dwot' y. thinks that
at 1- art a month and perhaps more
must elapse before the supreme
ourtKill bund down an opinion
in the O P apKal case. The case,
ho said was one of the or first kind
thut had ev.-r appeared in the
Pacific Coast courts for adjudica
tion; in fact it was doubtlul if the
whole United States furnished
many similar instances, and the
Oregon court would give the sub
ject matter t-laborato and most care
ful attention, to tho end that tin
opinion when rendered would be
thorough and unassailable in me
law magazines of the country.
Time, lubor and deep research
would be required in order to pro-
duoe such an opinion; and this
attorney would bo extremely sur
prised if the decision of tho ciso
would lo forthcoming even in so
short a tiino us a month from the
date it was argued.
Allen C. Sluuson, writing from
Washington, I), C, gives this one:
A new and somewhat gay senator
from the West not the Pacific
coast did not bring his family to
Washington last season. A few
days ago ho came bauk to this city
accompanied by one of his daugh
ters. After Ss inliiig the day in
seeing the town, he left her with
some ladies in the parlor of the
Arlington at night. She was a
sweet, attractive girl, but it was
not hard to tell she was new to the
capital; and a kindly Washington
woman, who was in tho parlor,
took occasion to draw her to one
side and say in a confidential tone:
"You must pardon mo my dear; I
don't know just how well you are
acquainted with Senator (naming
tho young lady's father), but if 1
were you I would not go about
with him quite so freely, for it is
worth any woman's reputation to
1m seen in' public with him in
Tho following is as emphatic a
picco of testimony in f.tvor of ad
vertising as one often reads. It is
from the llarrisburg Keview: Some
months ago, when Mr. Norton was
running the blacksmith shop on
Second between Smith and Monroe
streets alone, and doing no adver
tising, tho business done amounted
to scarcely nothing, and when u
Keview representative tackled him
for an advertisement, ho informed
us that it would not help him to
tho extent of a quarter of a dol
lar, liut when hu enlarged his
business and had taken in a part
ner, Mr llishop, he resolved on a
a different policy, and lorthwith
went to advertising, not only in
tho homo paper, but in adjoining
towns as well; and as a result,
their business lias increased suf
ficiently for tho steady t inpay
ment of three first class mechanics.
This practically illustrates the ben
efit of the free uso of printer's ink
Anyone doubting this statement is
respectfully referred to tho parties
New York Journal: A neat ruse
adopted is this: A business cord
is placed in a plain envelope, which
is sealed and addessed in a femi
nine hand to a mythical lady in
some fashionable locality. Messen
gers distribute these envelopes
quietly in tho letter boxes and
hallways of flats and private hous-s
and the advertiser counts on wo
man's curiosity to do the rest. His
idea is that the first impulse of the
finder of one of these letters will lie
to put a stamp on it,
tho second is to look around sus
piciously to see if anybody is look
ing, and then take the first oppor
tunity to open it over tho steam of
A kettle.
Nothing but praise is heard
among democrats of President
Cleveland's new secretary of state
and attorney general. Mr. Olney
has proven his worth, and there
isn't a doubt that Judge Harmon
w ill not do likew ise.
All democrats do not endorse
President 0 Cleveland's financial
views, but they all give him credit
for havinc the cour.iee ot his con
victions, a quality which none on
the republican leaders are display
ing just now.
- Pun, in his commercial report
for the current wcik, s is it is no
longer a question whether busi
ness improxes. Not for a long time
have the reports from ull over the
country been so uniformly favor-
l'rof Johnson arrived homo IliN
ilftfl ll'X'M,
C I, Williams, of Silver Like, Is In
the city.
Mr M Un.Uiry returned homo tu
Lebanon today.
Chrla lii.rtt.Wi has recovered from
his n cent lllnesH.
Mr Holt Is rebuilding bis livery
.table at Coburg.
The city Is ordering a large: amount
or sidewulks rebuilt.
I)l V. I) McKenney is confined to bin
room willi siekuesi.
TheCoburg saw mill Is mow run
ning day uud night.
(Salisbury will succeed Itoeebery as
premier of Fuiflund.
Xorrls Humphrey has comp!tcd two
ilry!M on his fruit farm.
The reserve ill the U K treasury lias
pasted the 1 100,000,000 mark.
M Us Mary lierger went to Portland
on tliis morning's early train.
The railroad comniMoners now re
port the O. J. K. Jt. In gisid condi
tion. A new sidewalk Is being put In on
(lib, street, between Olive and Char
nelton. Hheritr Johnson and bis deputies
huvo commenced riding to collect
A new siilewnlk Is being built in
front of the Christian church on Ninth
The water works reservoir on the
butle wa-i giveii a thorough cleaning
thin forenoon.
Hugh Thompson expects to go tr.
FrUsell's at McKenzlu bridge tomoirow
to hihiiiI a week fulling.
MUcs V E Aduir and C H Hall
have IsH-n re-elected teuchers In the
Porlluud public schools.
Itev Herbert Johnson arrived on
the local I rain this afternoon and will
visit a few days in Eugene.
Four heavily loaded wagons panned
through here this afternoon from Irv
ing wltli wheat for the Springfield
11 It Miller's horse Palhmouut
paced yesterday at Portland. In the
iat heat he w an second, when the time
made wus 1!:1U.
(ieorge Parks and Ed Hangs were In
Ein-ene Imit night. They went to
Portland on this morning's early
The graduating exercises of theO. A.
C. will occur Wednesday. There are
61 In Hit- class, the most in the history
of the school.
The thermometer registered at 3:.'I0
this uflern.Miii 84 degree. The weath
er bureau predicts it w 111 be warmer
tomorrow nnd Thursday.
L I. Schell, ef Fulrmouiit anlved
home troni Salem this afternoon. His
wife is quitosick and will lie compelled
to remain In Salem some time yet.
Congressman Hermann will be ac
corded a ptiblii) reception at ItoMuirg,
by his fellow citizens, lrresHH-tive f
political lines, next Friday evening.
IU v I I) I'rlver was down town this
forenoon. He is not auxloim to have
another combat with his hill ship.
He would rather tackle "lugcrsoll and
the devil."
W E Cormaii, of tho O It & X Co,
spent last night la Eugene. He in
forms ns his-company will build a
boat of loo tons capacity for the upper
J 11 lllce, the cowlsiy preacher, and
wife, held titrlh last night on thtt
streets and announced meetings for to
day. However they have failed to put
in nil 1. 1 -pea ranee today. They prob
ably went t l'ortlaiid on the esrly
A Vitus & Sons bought of M Levin
ger last year u Minneapolis. Itiiideriind
Inst Sat'tirdi.y IhiiiuIiI another of the
smite make, 'which is a great endorse
incut for that machine.
Albany Democrat: Prof J E Love,
of this city, recently of the Cottage
ti rove schools, has accepted a position
in the Hralu Normal school. Mr.
Love Is gaining an excellent reputation
as an educator,
Monday's lioseburg Plaindenler:
S'liator Alley, edilor of the West at
Florence, Lane county, called today.
The senator is looking little uud hearty,
as if "the world, the and the
goltl bugs were under his feet."
Luther Fisher has returned home
from Aim Arbor, Michigan, and will
sHnd his vacation in Eugene. He Is
taking a course in the law school at
that place.
E C Lake, of this city, is one of tho
vice presidents of the Harrishurg
Fourth of July eeU lnration, and S A
Htilin Is the reader.
Mrs. J. W. 1 1 it tr will leave on the
early train tomorrow morning for tsun
Jose, California, where she expects to
reside iu the future.
Mis Emma Withers has returned
home from lr:iln, where slie has been
attending the normal school.
Item in the Salem Statesman from
the Turner Christum nicectiug: Itev.
It F ltonnell, state missionary, Wild
his report, showing what work'he hail
done up to the time he resigned to ao
cept the pastorate at Eugene.
Salem Journal of Monday: MrOeo
McLain. of Lane county, was a imsseii
gt n to Portland on today's local train.
Tomorrow be will lie married iu tho
metro-Mills, to Miss Agues Millicnti, the
daughter of one of Lane county's most
prominent stock misers,
Albany Democrat: The residence of
Olney Fry, Sr., was sold at admini
strator's sale lust Saturday to J A
Wilson for ll.'JOO. It adjoins Linn
Engine Co. No. l' bouse and was at
one lime during the boom bonded for
alx'iil f,nOti.
W.J. Edwards and son, Fred, and
Miss Itlaiich Edwards arrived here
from Mayvllle, liilllam county yester
day, coming by (he MeKenzie route.
Mr. Edwards and sou will go lo Cor
vnllis tomorrow to attend the com
mencement exercises of tho Agricultu
ral college Thursday, bis son Frank
being a member of the graduating
Oa.iy OuatM, June -Y-.
A Kkikti'ion. A reception was
tend--red lo Mrs. Prot. Mark Hailey,
jr., of Seattle, Washington, by Mrs.
I'rol. Murk 11 i'.i y, sr., at ln'r rest
dence, corner of Ninth aud High
stuvistltb nitcrnoon. tj'ilte a mini
tn r of Eugene Indies were present aud
an enjoyable afternoon whs scut.
Tea wtis seivtd with refreshments.
Pally Onsr-l. June .H.
Fisiiimi I'AltTV.- V llshimr OHrt v
consisting of Fied I.. iliiian, Prof Or
ion and Mcssrt Instill, two gentle
men out irntn the East, left this after
itotui for II viand's where they will
I'lunoli a bont and fish down tho
Dikiv At (ilenada, en Wednesday,
June ltHh, MileN, sou of W E Wairvii,
n gc I y. uii ami 5 months. Funeral
took place at '.' p. in. Thuistlay. Inter
ment iu I. O O. F. cemetery!
How lo Kill jour Hep Field, iarleiis,
Oniiaiil or tiralii Fields or
Jiesti Wilis el-.
t r i.m..i .. In, bus fi
Just across the river north of lown ms
received some uwiiwu ----
from liis daughter In Elk City, Kansas,
which she explains iu u letter may be
of use to destroy hop lice, BmIl,,''r
vegetable destroying ImsccI. Iu Uie
letter alio slates (hut she has Just re
turned from a visit to a neighbors, and
that they were doing wonderful work
killing chinch bugs with diseased bugs.
She writes that farmers there ure s .ly
ing hugs by the ilimisunds Willi tins
meihodunil think it is a grand thing.
It will withuut doubt work Just as
well on hop lice and Mr Flint intends
trvlng the experiment. Anyone tie
siriiig to try the method can secure
the diseased bugs from Mr Flint r
from the experimental stution or Hie
University of Kansas.
Following ure Instructions how to
proceed iu killing Imp lice:
'Make a box of seventh-eights Inch
materiul about 'J. I x.t(ix Indies. Make
the cover tight lilting, so that the bugs
cannot readily eseaK. Each farmer
should have two boxes, and after the
ilrst box lias Income well hturted, he
should start the second from infection
ebtalned from the Ilrst. Place the
boxes so as to exclude t hem from the
sun and wind.
"To start the infection In the boxes
sprinkle them thoroughly !' wttler
Inside and out. Place an even layer
of soil Iu the lioxes, half an inch deep.
The soil should be free from leaves or
anything liable to decay. Sprinkle
The soil until moistened through, but
not muddy. Put a thin layer of hops,
or leaves, over the soil In the boxes,
and distribute over this, at regular
intervals, live or six of the white
fungus covered bugs. Then put Into
the boxen healthy bugs from the Held
until they are crowded but not packed
over one another. Lastly, close and
fasten down the covers. Examine the
boxes daily and sprinkle down the
sides and soil as often as they appear
to be petting dry. As soon as the
wbite-fungus-covered bugs U'gln to
increase iu the boxes, commence to
gather them for the infection of the
Held. They should be ready for use
after being In the boxes three or lour
days. Alw ays leave a few of the w bite-fungus-covered
bugs In the boxes for
continued Infection.
"To infect a Held with tho white
fungus disease gather from the boxes
dead bugs aud live bugs, white-covered
fungus bugs and non-whlte-covered-fungus
bugs, anil sculler tliem in the
field where the bugs are thickest,
among the leaves anil vins of the hop.
Continue to scatter bugs from the In
fection boxes over the Ileitis at Inter
vals of three days or less, until it is
seen that bugs nre dying rapidly all
over the field. Tills should be contin
ued until the bugs are all destroyed."
McLeati-.Milllcan Wrddlug.
Pally Uuartl, Jniie '.'D.
Mr. (eo. N. McLean and Miss Ag
nes Milliciin were married in the First
Presbyterian church at Portland Tues
dny morning. June 25, lh'Jo, the pastor
ol the church olUciating.
The groom is a sou of l he lute Joseph
McLean, of Camp Creek, and Is a
young man of good educutlon, business
oualilications and excellent habits.
The bride is a daughter of Mr. Iiolart
Millican, I he weli known MeKenzie
stock raiser, and is a young lady w ho
is well educated ami highly accom
plished, having just completed a year
as teacher in the IVmllcton public
schools. Ity this marriage, two pio
ueeer families of Lune county have
U-i'ii united.
Mr. and Mrs. McLean came up from
Portland on t lie -:04 trai ii today, uud
will go to their Camp Creek home,
where they will icside.
The Ot'AKD joins with the many
friends of the young couple in wishing
tht in a Inu, happy and prosperous
man ltd life.
PoitTi.AXi), June 20, 4:"0 p. in. The
celebrated case of thu United States
vs. Miss Mary llerger, of Eugene, In
dicted for sending indecent letters
through the United Slates mails, was
called ut 11 o'clock this foremmn. The
U. 8. court soon w as densely packed
with spectators.
U. S. Attorney Dntilel H. Murphey
opened the cice in lielialf of the gov
ernment in a few statements. Attor
ney L. llilyeti, of Eugene, followed iu
an adilross for the defendant.
The following witnesses have been
called nnd teslilied: Miss MaeHufT,
MrsDr T W Harris uud Mrs W M
lteushaw-,antl ut this time Mrs Mary
lltitler is en tho stand.
The evidence thus far elicited tends
to criminate Mrs J L McKenney. and
highly favors the defendant. The wlu
Hisses for the government speuk high
ly u uie cnurucicr oi .miss lierger.
ine wise win prounuiy not go
it, i no jury ueiore tomorrow.
PflT Dkcidkii. Judge Stearns, of
i-oriiana, mis oecnieu the ease MSB
Eakln vs W H Pool, a foreclosure suit,
Iu favor of plaintiff. The judgment is
for l.lf.K) ami f 150 attorney tees. The
case w as hull v A i-Wi.
cck. of Eugene, appearing for plalutitf
mm v upics Aiiea, oi rortlanu, for
Almost in DesDair
Hut Finally
By Taking-
"For flftfen inn, I a, a uf-
I.T.T (I, .Ml lllill'JMtitill ill IU wont Inraic
I li-si.-it the skill ol many dix-tors, but
si.-v. wm nii.i worse, until I became
. r:tk IpiiuM not walk titty yards
without navlng to Ml down ami rest. My
t.nii.tfh. liver, and heart became street
fit, .iiul I ttioutflit I would surely die. I
lil- d Ayrr's Tills anil they helped me
riltt away. I e.miltuie.1 their use and
-vn now entirely welt. I donl know of
n thing tlut wilt so quickly relieve
and cure the terrible aulterlng ol dy.
I"lli as Avers ri!l."Jonx C.
riurviuiin, llnxlle, "Warren Co., N. C
Received Highest Awards
light... pr ty lF?v5:
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Iieaaers soio in v urinaii ethers combinti
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more jonc jicki h-svs
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and liKhlrtt tnn mown in u. "i ir, j
wrarout. no ir.rnon, no o-n-. . -v ----- - - ' rer tv!n,
l-ciiiswhrel. This proves its ilKUKlli. Iluytlt.-. a.t ' l.aiti li.uo. U( I uhi dian-
sino for oun rsre-roa-ALL ..-OuTiiTro cataioguc
HP. 11. Mi- IVrcl l)i,tlMtn. .
Also the largest ana most cowiiueio biock ol repairjin-
lt'illn.oAlla vnllae T'nll nnd un un. .
WAGONS, HARDWARE, Etc. Cor. 9th and 0ak,Eu;t
Junction City : Milling Compas
o o o oo
o o no
The most popular (lour in tho market. .SUliyl
leading grocers.
A Pkctmak Coi.v.-Oeo. Gill acci
dentally became the possessor of a very
ptculinr piece of coin the other day,
w hich is a remarkable piece of work
manship. It lias the apiieurunce ofan
ordinary half-dollar piece, and so ex
act are the fittings that the closest
scrutiny will not teveal Its connec
tions. However, the coin Is made to
open en hinges, similar to a watch
charm, and on tho Interior is a photo
graph of a very beautiful young lady.
Mr. (till discovered the secret of the
coin by acclduntly dropping it to the
floor, when it sprang open. It has
doubtless beeu passed as change
through mistake by its owner.
Ai.fai.ka. Douglas A Levlnger
have twelve acres of alfalfa on their
farm above Springfield, which look
tine and promises to make an excel
lent crop. It was sown lust April, and
is on river bottom laud.
Marriage Licensks. Cointy
Clerk Jennings today Issued the fol
lowing marriage licenses: J A Lakiu
and Josie M Cook: tleorge W Buapp
and Annie E Iteames.
Wx$$ eonitliatlon,
a tl I- LI llimiiaussi
lf V !
This eitra-
or.lnnry Ko
Jnveuaior Is
fi. moat
discovery of
the aee. It
has been en
dorwd hy the
n.en of
Kuropo and
Hudyia la
jnuely vege-
Hudyan stops
of the dls-
cnargo in !
davH. ('urea
in st
Palling Hen-
Miions, nerr
otis twitching
ol Uie eyes
and other
i U.
and tones the
Hudjsa cures
and restores
weak organs.
Pains In Uie
back, lours
K w A m m n .
nlkht stopped
qntcklT. Orer2.0rO private endorsemecta,
I reuinturenota Means unnolenry In the first
turn. It Is a symptom of seminal weakncdi
aud barrrnnrm. H can be stopped iu Ml days
by the use or Hint yan.
The new diwovery waa tnat by the Bneelal
tjtiofthe old famousHudson Msdlcal Instllute.
ll Is Ida stroniteiit TltaJln-r made. It la very
powerful, but haimliiw. Sold for 11.00 a cau
sae or packages for K.00(plaln sealed boies).
Wnttea guarantee given for a cure. If you buy
six boxes and are lot entirely cured, six mora
will bo scut to vou fn-eofail charms.
Sendfir rlrcuinraml u-MlmnnFuls. Adlraas
JnncUoo Mocktoii,.lirkrt it tills Hta,
"an I'r-iiicla.-o, Cul,
ERTY. Estate of Elisabeth II. llteedine, de
ceHSetl. Notice ia her by given that by virtue of
the Uri will an 1 lestmenl ot Klizabnh H
Breetltng decets A, duly recorded in Vol
urns One on pane 318, Recorl n( Wills of
Lane county, Or. goo, I will offer for sale
on Monday the 29th da of July, 1895, at
Public Anotion at 'he Conrt House door at
Eugene Cily. in Lsu county, 8tle of Ore
gon, between the hours of rine o'clock a
IU. and fonr n'nloclr n n Af : i j
... . f i miu oay, ai
one o clock, the following described real
j... v -" ine noiiation Land
Claim nl Jubn F-tK... ill v.........
B1SJ, Claim No. 5h, being pnrts of section-
one Iwi, k wl 1 . u . .. j . , , . .. .
,. r-.yru in luaxaeip iy rsouth,
Kang-one wet in Lsue county, On gon enn
Uintiig liWacrea, except an.l reserving there
iroui ml, ii-r.1. ..I.I . .
. '. vii a. narner,
the amount to sll being 100 acres. I will
MlA bull t U . ....... . : . . .
.. ,r miun nmr ami place the fol
lowing li.K.rih.1 r,.., ..
. .1.7 v 7L ,-"C'"j. vummerniig
t the Sjulh east comer of th ..ration
laud Claim nl flinn. T I . .
hei.ce weal 1 12 red., ihencs sou h 61 rod-.
u-ur.M ioos. tneoos nonhKt rods el batoning; containi.g tifty-ij.
c,rN in sccti.Mi eleven township i inel.en
wu'h, rrRe.,i. wes . in Lkii n.,.i. .
Kn. rnuisof sa s. ea-li in h.i.J
Us j SV. Hnniv
Cko B Deai. is,
Atly. fur E.tste.
On Improved Farr.5
KttiKNK, : : : nsr
Day & HendepGRs
Kitchen Tables
Fall Leaf ....
Extension "
Maple Hrueau.
Wttrh Stand with
Bed Steatl
Wire Mattress
Top Matress
Kitchen chair
Cane rockers
All Wool Carpet..
3 ply wool arpel..
!i I
o5 uvl;lii g
88 WLOi
r yuu sliouiil n-
C9 1. It Is nunle right lioreuthoa
nX 9. It la made of t tie "rjr fn '
ina materluj aud i riaraiiUv.
su pur lor to the u-ry 1 l
8. The muk.-nt gunmni. f
tiu and every n-t
aullinriwil to ri'ln '
OO Ciomst taviuu, I'.irli I
1 ... .aaalNiUUal
Tur ainSIVilfii-'l
n -rs ' -' -T.-r53
For sale at YerlnKtoiiJijw,l'-
. 7 ... ...I -rlllM
All persons who hum
assessor or given In their a-
are requested to call I" ' h:,
assessor's olllce not lhr "'f',,,,;,
JO and allBl.d lo It. A 1""""
fnient may save taxpaveis a n
noyanceana at me
an equitable assessmenj. , .
Notice is her. by given
Dorris baa been ihi'y iilM";1"'
tratorof thees-ut- 1,1 lti i
ceased. All rx n lit have e r i"' 'i
I t
h,- H
said estate are Ii. n-uh
ineaemeio tne auum - .-,-
office in Or.g n. el,in-'
f fin the dale f this noli"
Muy4ih. 1SD5 .
(,K" ii
NOTU'bTXM Ti ; L t U'"
.. u- o "''
Noli.- I- h.rely gitrMli"' (.m
bali-ti dnly app-.tnlxt " " (),f-''
the, slate of Jtlncca ""
.i '
All per. n ham g c sin -
nt- sre l.t leby noiin- n ' 1 1 ,
t the adiniui-l'Htor "" (ir
ar.l rUv,.ts lUi.k el 1 .in.' ; , ,.i
within aii miMb ni " ' 1 ""
Geo It. Dossis.
Ally f r Estate
A.tmi '"