The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 29, 1895, Image 1

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NO. 27.
The Eugene City Guard.
I'ublltltT mil IToprletor.
uTIi'K -')' the Kat il l f Willamette
s. .,, Vt v mth an I Kiifhth Ktre-U,
t i on
, 1.00
, .78
j' .r un rii
r.r ra io-.'H.
Ilikt Mt-le Known on
Tim will bo ohareJ it ths ful-
'oinj rt: .
Outura tlinw montlu
04,nri uemtlu
.m nifi voar
..$ 00
.. 8 00
..12 00
Tnujieot o-itieas in ll column, 20 rent
jUvertiaiiU M!U will he rsu UroJ -viorWIy.
All jb work nmt to paid roa om pilivehv.
Qxki., Chains. Jewelry, Etc.
jjrAIIVVorli Warranted, -Cl,
L. W. BROWN, M. D.
rMiyslclainnd Surgeon.
lltlirt ami mi'lruue ivr piwtiilfio. Hour:
;uVk ui.i i to 2, II to 9 p. m.
33. 0. mL2SES.
.Vrw IViitns and Nuw I'rlcvt III Koielsn slid
lhimi'iiic .M.ublesud (.Iran I to, MunuuifUts,
II,-. 1-lcm t ml Ceioetury work of
nil kinds for 1K.'5.
sllUmfllo Street, in'r IVntofilce. Eut'cae, Or
t-OiR' hnlf block loiilh of ChrUinsa'i
At residence cor. Oth and Lincoln .Sis
w.K. SCARBOROUGH, Manager.
Ofllce upstairs In MeClaren's build
ing, corner 8th and Willumette streets
0. II -NDHll K.-l,
Kakin, Jiu,
01 Eugene.
hU Us!i Capita! $50,000
Surphis and Fronts, $50,000
Eugene - - Oregon.
A nein-rol hinltiukj huniaen dnn on reason
J;I' U-rms. drafts on NEW YOKK,
Hit AUU. san FKANCI3CO and POUT-
bill, of eiehtiiji mid on foreign countries,
u'lMiUi-w.-jmliubjwt to check or oertifir
of dei cwit
All iil,-ti,in entnwted to u will recoire
"rumpt tteui..'in.
u' !) Moines, Iow, writes under date ot
March 23, 18U3i
B. Med. Mfo. Co.,
, Dufur, Oregon.
(jK.ntlemkx: On arriving home last
ek, I found all well and anxiously
aiting. Our little girl, eight and oue
w'f years old, who had wanted away
l08 pounds, ! now well, strong and
vif-orous and well fleshed up. S. .
lougn Cure lias done Its work well,
wh of the children tike It. Your a
n. Cough Cure has cured and kept
way all hoainiRvw from me. Ho give
U - .e.Very 0lw wlt" p-reetlngs for all. I
ishing you prosperity, we are
ours,iR. and Mrs. J. F.Ford. I l-A fresh and cheerful, audi
"'y for the -i;.?!:,. -t WOrk. rlesnse t' e vlem I
. .1 "'iwlsclw uiid Liver i:ut. l-y uklna
,wor three o,,w, W(H.fc,
Wid under a poiilve iruarntitoe
cuuu per uottte by all drufguta.
suple an-.'. . inry Orocerlea bought In the
Exclusively For Cash,
' 'ii offer the public letter prices
any otiier liouse
fru ,V
f ail ri'i-ls tulicu at market
Spring and Summer ol 1835.
Newest Stock anJ Lowest Prices.
Boirpets, jMatsaijdJrimrriirjs.
I? Catest Styles ar?d $l?ade5.
We.tBde Willamette Si., betnc-n aih ati.l Imh.
il latalljr Slni-itu m Mm
Frank Welilcii.
Wo take the following tllf pa tvh
frniii tlm Sun Francisco i:tniiiiier:
HUTTK Mont June )!. Kriink Wcl
ilen, a ciMik wh fatally shot by
Habh, n waiter about N:.'J() o'clock this
evening, lliilih lost his H.iiiiiii n few
days nifo and blamed WcMcn for it
ami threuteiiuil to get even, w'lich ho
dill when lie
inei u. e i. il u r on llie
A rumor Is prvnlent that young
Uuuu and WdMo'i if"t into a ini trni
and both comiueucvil shouting ami
that ltahb wns the better shot.
Uiihb isayounir man U'tuivn 21
and 24 years of one and w as resred in
Eugene being a hiii of A J Unhb. He
ran a restaurant In 1'orlland for a year
or two. He has been luutried bulls
now dlvureed from his w ife. His rela
tives have the sympathy of the ople
generally, and it is hoped that when
full particulars are received that Babb
wns Justifiable.
Palljr Uutrd, June '.'I.
I kvi xo Ca m I'M kkti so. Five teams
went from the U 11 church to the Irv
I.. - - .... . . .
'". 7. . T,u" Knu" ,M J,s'Vr""y
" ,r """"" '" ' per-
day school at 10 o'clock, over four hun '
ilred seholnis Iu.Iii.f our. I ir..v l
E Hnyder preached at 11 o'clock. The
. . 1 ....... 1
larirA IiilMtriiiiflii u-na IllWil u'ith tuini.l...
tin. inirikliiu u-op.t mi, I,ij :
remained on the outside. Fully one
thoiiKiiud HHiple were present at this
union service. Five persons united
with the church, and nt .'I o'clock p i:i
ten persons were baptized. Th Jun
ior rails' was held at 1:30 o'clock and
was w 111 attended. I lev Hell, of Phil
omath preached in the evei ii'n to a
lare assemblage ot people. Tlio bet
order prevailed thioUKhoiit the day
yesterday, which, couidcrliig the
large liumlier present, is speakinic well
for the people of the vicinities of Irv
ing and Eugene.
A Very ( Comi-asv. a pat
ent susH'iuler company of Wnshville,
Tenn., which possesses nil unlimited
miK.uut of gall, Is Hfiiiliuir. saiiides ol
its goods to people IhroiiKliout the
county, Hi'couipanylni; the articles
with an explantitory letter aklni the
person tvcviviiiK tliciii to give them a
trial and then If they suit, to purchase
tliem for the very modest t?) sum of
one dollar for two pairs equally as
good can he bought in Eugene for 21
cents per pain; but on condition they
do not suit after trial, tiicy are to lie
returned to the company. Many people
will perhaps put t hem on uiitlmught
fully and wear them w lieu thecompaiiy
wmi Id doubtless try to lorcd a collec
tion oil' of tin iu.
Won Skcxjnd Money. In the free
for all pace for 3 year-olds, for a pure
of $400, at Portland, Saturday, Sophie
IL, owned by Pickard A SomuierviHe,
of this city, took second money, being
the sum of $120. She won the llrst
heat in 2:2o; the second she was only
defeated bv a neck, and ulso Ust the
third and fourth heats, the lust three
heats being won bv Harvey Mac In
2:23), 2:23, 2:l!i. The betting on the
first heat was: Harvey Mao $20, Hal
Corbet t tl4. tlm Held, ill which was
Sophie It., $3; mutuals paid $20.10.
Daily Guard, June Jl.
In Ecoenk. Mose Saxon, an old
iloneer, who left heroin 1S78 for the
I'alotise country, is in Eugene vftotinip
old friends. Mr. Saxon lias been In
Rout hern Oreirou nrosnectinir. and is
now en route to his home near Colfax,
Wash. He informs us that last year
he left 300 acres of tine grain uncut, as
the price would not pay the -exienso
of harvesting. This year lie will have
about 300 acres of grain, and is sum
mer fallowing 400 acres of land. Mose
looks nearly ns young as he did 20
year ago. His many fi lends were
glud to to shake his hand once again.
0 Dally Unaid, June 21.
To McKenzie Falls. County
School Superintendent J O Hteveu
son left on Ids idcycle for Mc
Kenzie falls. He will visit tlio schools
up the McKeiuio and also ungle for
the festive trout along his route. He
took with him blankets and other ac
coutrements, also a long cane tishlni
pole and a frying pan in which tocook
ills tisli. He was Accompanied by Hev
W S Oilliert.
Hold. Saturday afternoon an undi
vided one-half Interest In the Tlio...
Swift place, consisting of 100 acres, ly
ing southwest ol Eugene, was sold at
administrators sale. It was purchased
by T. Hendricks for i7.1. Three
years ago it would have sold for 10
jier acre,
Hailr uuard, June .'I.
Will (Jrahl'atk. Misses Ilcrtha
Dlalrand Myra Calif, of Eugene, will
graduate from nurses training school,
connected with the (lood Suuiantau
hosplUd, at Portland, tonight, lloth
the young ladles have many friends in
Kugene who will be glad to learn of
their suceesa.
Dally Uuard. June -1.
Wheat Sold. H Friendly yester
day , sold ta I'ortlaiid -purties 0,0X)
bushels of wheat; terms private.
CUs answered Ua; or
gene, milmutte street.
Heim-iuner tlmt I ho train have
changed time.
Cominlssloneis court adjourned Sat- j
urduy cvcnini.
Mrs. Joel McCormick, of tli - lower!
Siii!iiv, Int. Iseu visiting n-lntlies
j here.
The new lime tuhle on tile railroad
winl into client last evening nt 0
I George Nolwid of Astoria In having
A IniiiilMiine coltuge built ut Seaside!
I Cllltftop beach.
j Chun. E. Wolenlt has la en elected!
! president of a Milver club nt Medford
: with llK) member. I
J II. nice, t lie com bov preacher. 1
nnd his w Ife are in town, uiid lire hold
in Servia n on the street.
'riiere U a circus hovering about in
EiiKteiu Orison somewhere nnd tlm
small boy lives III i
J It Harris and the Eugene Loan & '
Sin incs liank, w ill have the fronts of I
(heir tiuildlliKS repainted at once. I
1' ishiui; and pienie prtlcs alonx die
hanks of the MeKiiizi nn.l Will,.,,.
.( riVl'Tri Vi-Kt.,P,l,it. U'.tru i,iiii...r..u
'rank Kiiimn rmle a centurv vm.ter.
day. He made the run to i.'orvallis
and lack on a Monarch before noon.
Mr. and Mrs. L. X. price of Mon-rM-,
and I'rof Shiek and l!ev Hell of
i'hilomatli, made Eugene a hort visit
Earl IioseU ry, K V, the premier of
England has resl(ue). The queen has
called Lord Sali-lmry to form u new
icoi;c, 1 Ii. le of Hale, was in town
today, lie says a great crowd will be
present at the theshir picnic next
Salem Journal: Tlio Sta'e uuiver
sity has made itachelors of Law of
Uovernor Lord and Chief Justice liean
mi honor woilhlly conferred.
C'orvallis Times: John Long, the
victim of llie last shooting allray is IIH
l"'i:er under the care of a physician,
.1 111.. lu..,'vu lu nr.. ..I I.... I I ..
recovery Is practically
(leo Croner returned from the Mo today. He met the Chapman
Wethertiee crowd at Jtock House, and
says they were a tired and dusty look
ing set.
Prof E II McElroy the other day de
livered the commencement address be
fore the graduating class of the Port
laud High School. It was highly
coiiiplinieuttd by the pajiers of I'ort
laiid Hosoburg Phiindealer: W. W. Card
well, one of our wideawake attorneys
returned yesterday from a visit to Cot
tage (iroveaud the ltohemia mines.
! He reports good crops in proseet and
! the nulling iiiteiest tlattering.
The Aiumiii Associutlou ot the law
school of the University of Oregon
gave their liflh annual reunion ami
banquet Saturday evening at Kntnii &
Uraiides' restaurant, Portland. There
I were about 40 members nnd guests
1 Mis-Clara Coleman, sister of Mrs
, Silvey Stuart, of the Eaut tilde, has left
! for her home in Coburg, Or. Miss
I Coleman lis Uh-ii the guest ol her his
' ter during Iter iittemlence at the city's
high bcIksiI. Oregoniau.
The Dalles Chronicle: Mr. Charles A
I Winterinier a Dalles boy who has been
a student in the University of Oregon
i nt Eugene, came home last night. Mr
Winterinier Is a iiietiitier or tins ytur s
Junior class, nod next June will receive
his aipioiuu irom inai wormy insiiiu
lion. Vale Gazette: Tills is a day of rus
tlers in every trade.profession and call
ing. and this community is one of the
I rustling sort. Last Sunday afternoon
Itev Atkinson helil divine services in
Vale ami before church he went to all
the saloons and invited all present to
come to church and hear his sermon
Ho did it in a quiet, gentlemanly and
unostentatious manner and many
Cyrus Ilaldildge, of the d;funct
United States llanklng Company, and
the chief promoter of of the American
Central Hallway Company, Is said to
lie at Kco lilutl' working on his old
railroad scheme. Klamath Falls Ex
press. Has tlsn Express heard any
thing ubout Kaldridge being at the
Isittom of the California, Oregon and
Idaho road? If not, just prick up a
weather ear and listen "right close.
Lakevlew Examiner.
t ally Uuard, June 2.
Gored iiy a Hull. Kov I D Driver
was seveiely gored by a bull last even
ing at his farm Just south of town.
Mr Driver entered a corral where the
animal wns, It attacked hitii, crowd
ing him into a wire fetioe and goring
him in the breast and in one of his
jegs. He w as also badly lucerated by
the barbed wire of the fence.
Dally Uuard, June '.'1.
A Taua.ntilar.-Ooo Hall Ciund
a large t irantular in a bunch of ba
nannas last evening. He waa reuiov
lug some of the fruit and came very
nearly getting hold of the tarantular.
It was placed in a bottle of alcohol
for preservation und is now on exhibi
tion at the store.
Dally Uuaid, June'Jt
To iln Married. County Clerk
Jennings this morning Issued a mar
riage license to Mr (Korgo X McLean
and Miss Agnes Millican, The voung
couple w ill be married at the residence
of the bride's parents tomorrow, In
Camp Creek precinct. In advance the
Guard tenders congratulation.
Dally Guard, June il.
iNKiiiANCK Paid. The State In-
aillr'llICA I 'it.
till' 1(14 Ol't' asloned bv the buruluir of
John ' 1 ililpt ' 's r.-oieliee neartiosh
ell, several wi-ehs sliitf. The amount
paid was llKr3.
Opposite Hotel Eu-
Dally tiu.rd, June .'J.
Mack Sommcrvllle visited Junction
Arthur Vea.le returned to Portland
Sam (hildsinlth, of Portland Is in
II C Owen will go to the races tomorrow.
Father Stravius returned homo
Hon. II. It. Miller went to Portland
this morning.
ltishop J. S. Mills arrived home on
the 2DI train.
T J Coflmiin, of Portland, spent Sun
day lu Eugene.
Miss Green returned from Portland
this bfleruiMiu.
J L Page is nearly recovered from his
facial parulysis.
P. Avery and sou, ol Corvallis, were
lu Eugene today.
Dr Mott, of Salem, visited in Etl
gene over Suuday.
r. u rKipwortii visited junction on
I icy a i unsint-ss louay.
i... i. . i
I MissO. Wynne returned home to
Cottage Grove this afternoon.
E C .Smith went up the Willamette
today on a brief tlshiiig trip
Mrs A Harding was a passenger to
Gervais on the 110 train today.
Frank Mattesou Is visiting with his
folks at Fall Creek fur a few days.
Wid McGce Is acting as marshal dur
ing II J Day's to the springs.
Mrs E C Lake is attending com
mencement exercises at Corvallis.
Miss Laura Miller left on a visit to
points down the valley this morning.
Geo. F. Craw arrived home from a
visit to Sail Francisco this afternoon
Miss Ina Edwards of High Itaukhas
uu iut recovered rrom tier receul Ill
ness George T. Hall returned last even
ing from a short business trip to Priuo-
John Kea venue, we are pleased to
state, Is ugaiu able to be about the
Secretary Kiucald returned to Sa
lem today, after visiting over Sunday
witti Ills lainily.
Miss Lotta Johnson is acting as as
siMant clerk In the. S. P. freight olllce
fir a few days.
I toy Itean camo up from Salem to
day to visit with Ids grand parents,
1'roL and Airs, (.umlon.
Llovd Scott a university student, re
turned to his home at Saleiu this
morning on the 11:20 train.
Fred Chambers returned to In-
deiendeiice today, after visiting over
Sunday with his' folks iu this city.
Miss Agnes Millican who has been
teaching school as Pendleton, arrived
here on the I'll I tiaiu this altemoon.
Messrs Thompson, Honey and GrllHn
claim they caught forty trout coming
down the Willamette river yesterday.
Frank Matthews, of the class of 'Oo
University of Oregon, left for his
h due this morning.
Charley Goldsmith and Henry Hyre
returned today from tho Foley springs.
lhey report having had a splendid
Attorneys Geo. U Dorris and L 1111-
yeu returned Irom hernial Sunday
mornlug, where they had beeu on le
gal busiuess for a couple of days.
Corvallis Times: Misses Maud and
Can le Matlock, daughters ol the May
or ol Kugene arrived Friday to attend
ciiiinibnceuieiit, and are the guests of
the Misses Hamilton.
Dr. C. E. Loamls returned from a
visit to Foley Springs this morning.
lillu at llie springs lie lapK-d Air.
Honey and took away from him quite
a quantity of water. He left the geu
tiemail feeling quite comfortable.
Al Auteii returned from a two weeks'
trip to the ltelknap Springs last even
ing. He Bays there are about 70 per
sons t imping at that place and eight
boarders at tno Hotel. Al lens auoui
some great catches of llsh which no-
iMidy, except wave nice, Dciiwe. J. it.
Camplaill will return home Saturday
or Sunday.
I-i 1'oleradu..
We take the following Hem from the
Dally Advertiser, of Trinidad, Colura-
do, of June lHth:
"Air. leutscn arrived in me cuy
yesterday from Eugene, OreK"". '
route to Fort Worth to visit his broth
er. Air. leutscii ten l'.ugene nve
weeks ago and has covered the entire
distaifce, over 2,000 .idles, besides uu.
merous side trips, with a uicycio aim
lias come through In good shape, not
havinir iiunctured Ids tires once. He
tips the scales at 183 pounds and had
learned to ride but a short time before
starting on this Journey. "
In a short earn hen writes ine
(Juard fromtheabove place: 'I am
the guest here of Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Perkins nnd will be in tins place tor
two or three days. I hev have made
my visit with them very pleasant "
Tireiiok It. The late recurrence
of stage robU-ries on the route from
Ager to Klamntii runs nas resuiieu in
Wells, Fargo A Co., ngaia w ithdraw.
iuir fniui business over that line and
the closing of their express oftlccs at
Klamath halls, the one in that coun
try for some time. The ex proas company
withdrew rrom business over a num
ber of ataire lines In northern Call for
nin and southern Oregon a couple of
years ago, but to accommodate tho
Klamath county eoplo who have no
bank, reestablished their service from
Ager to Klamath Falls.
Xamk Cuanoed- The H P com
pany has changed the iiniiio of its
station at Sprmglleld to that or Hen
derson. Tins will make two stations
by that name which the company
has on Its lines, ench whhlu one
mile of the other. While the station
will be known as Henderson by the
company, It will doubt Im-s continue to
be known as Springfield by the peo.
Dally Guard, JuneiX
To Fall CreeK. Deputy Prosecut
ing Attorney Williams and Attorney
J K Young, left fur Fall Creek this
morning. Williams will appear for
the stateln the case sgalnst H P Hayes
before it. (J. Calllsoii, today, arrested
on the charge of Incest, toung and
Mattesou will look after the defend
ant's Interests.
'i ii f: fall ckkkk cask.
CoroiirT Harris Ketnrtifd.--
Taken to Fall Creek.
Other Facts.
I 'ally (iuard, June .'I
Coroner John W Harris returned
home from Fall Creek Saturday evi n
lug. Altera full and complete Inves
tigation of the death of Mr Walker lie
came to the conclusion that he died
from natural causes. Iu fact, then
were no symptoms, at all of poUoning.
The mail had no spasms nt all, and
died from neuralgia of the heart, and
all his complaints were of great pain
in tho region of (lie heart. Then he
had lieeii troubled prvvlotidy from the
same deseasc. Thercfnre the coroner
did pot exhume 'Aw body.
The man who has caused the Fall
('ris k acm-atlon, 11 P Hayes, was taken
to tall Creek, by lK-puty t unstable
CIiim M Kisseiiger late Saturday alter
noon, and uhiii his arinignnieci before
Justice HO Callison, the pieliini'iarv
examliiatlon was set for Tuesday
morning at iu o ciock. iH-putv l rose
cutlng Attorney Williams will appear
for the state and Attorneys J E doling
and r i Alalterson on behair or the
The citizens of Fall Creek were high
ly indignant at the conduct of llie de
fendant, and his arrest caused con
siderable excitement, but no move was
made to take the law into their own
The young lady betrayed lu the case,
Miss Susan Walker say's the Intimacy
between herself and her uncle com
menced about one yetr ago; and she
makes a full confession of his betrayal.
She says that they occupied the same
room in the Hotel Kugene on the
night of the 20th of last September. S
E Hmwn, tho proprietor of the hotel,
says that while he was out on the
street that dav, Hayes came in and
registered as "il P Hayes and nelcc"
and was assigned to room 8; when he
came In an hour or two afterwards he
went to Hayes and gave him a lectur
ing and then Hayes secured an extra
room for the young woman. Ho had
evidently Is-came quite Isild.
The couple are not full uncle and
iielco, being half uncle and lielee,
Hayes being a half brother of llie young
lady's father.
Heps Around l'nyallup.
Training and spraying Is going on.
There are plenty of lice, and where
there Is no thought ot abandoning the
crop a hard light is being made with
them, says the I'liyallun Citizen. Hut
com.iarnlively, few hops look well, for
some cause or another; a large amount
of the acreage has been abandoned or
plowed up, ami It can be salely estima
ted that Washington will not produce
over '.UOOO bales, unless there Is a
market change to eucotirngo those who
have about inado up their minds to
abandon their crop, to stick to the
business until after picking.
A Oasolink itoAT. Mr. W. H. Mo '
Cor uack received on the Koharts Sat
urday a 3-horse-iHiwer gasoline engine,
says the Florence West, to be used in
his new boat, now under construction.
Chas. ShertKiiidy is bulldli.g tlio little
vessel, the dimensions ot wuleli will
be: Keel, 2IJ ft.; over all, 2,'lJ ft.;
beam, 6) feet. Mr. McCoruack says
that the completion of the boat may tie
delayed fir some time on account of
the coming Haying season.
Poor Streets. The Salom Journal
bicycle correspondent says: "The
streets of Albany are not as good as
the average county road. Simply a
succession of holes and humps lu tho
gravel. They de not need to pass an
rdlaance against nisi driving is-cause
the man who drives fast bore is likely
to go le the hospital and the buggy or
other vehicle to tho shop. This is tho
state of of tho streets. There are
a few pretty good ones or rather with
good places in mem. cugene next."
What will he say about our streets,'
Very 111. Portland Hun: "H. (1.
Malhles, editor of tho Oregon Knight,
is lying very low with Ilright's disease
at his home, 403 ICast Twelfth street
The chances of recovery are against
him." The gentlemaa is a iiieniU-r of
the executive commitUe uf the Oregon
Press Association and two weeks ago
Was with ye editor at Newport mak
ing arrangements for the meeting of
the association. At that timo he seem
ed to be lu the very best of health.
We hope for his recovery.
Dally Uuard, June 'A
A Huri'Rihk. . Mrs. Heavers, of
Seattle, Wash., arrived here on last
night's overland train on a visit to her
parents, Air. and Airs. lu. Jl. iirodio,
and other friends. Her arrival was
uuite a pleasant surprise to the old
elks as they had received no notice of
her coming.
Dally Uuard, June l
Settled hy Arbitration. J. It.
Pitzer and wife at tho late term of cir
cuit court sued N G Pitzer for the sum
of t-'MW ror labor performed. The par
ties to the suit wisely concluded to ar
bitrate the matter, before H. M. Titus,
C. W. Younir and Isaac Cox. 'lhey
met at Trent yesterday, heard the case
and awarded the nlalntltl's the sum of
Implement Stork A new Imple
ment store has been opened up in the
l uildlng formerly occupied by "Ax
Hillv" on Ninth street. The machin
ery iKilougs to D M Osburn A Co. of
l'ortlaud ana is me same sioca which
Scott Mc.Muirnv hud charge of last
season. J ri Harris will handle the
stock this season.
Not at All. Salem Journal:
'Albaliv und Eugene papers seem t
be Jealous of Salem because the icoplc
of this city are to bave one tuoro train
upon which to take their money to
Portland to trade." Eugene is satisfied
with her train servioe.
Br lk Hiver Minkh. bewtll Smith
is in town and he Informs us that some
Utah mine capitalists have been Hi-
sm-ctluu the Hlue Hlver mines and are
liisblv pleased with them. He also
says the road Is In excellent condition.
00 Day Halk. Fer the next sixty
days A V Peters will sell good at
prices never before equalled In Oregon,
lie la compelled to raise a large sjiii of
monef and takes this means of secur
ing it
It II Jeans road; dismissed, not be
ing in loini to give the court Jurlsdic
i Ion.
l'clltioti for a bridfie across Long
rum, 20 miles west of Kugene; con
tinned for Inspection of said bridge.
l't liliou lor u road or public ease
incut In tp Is a, r 'i w; di;;
missed tor
want of utisilicti(,ii.
Petition tor a bridi!!' across How
liver, at the Frank ltass ford, the
court having made ix rsoiial InsiH-ctiou
of the site for said bridge and deeming
the same mi-mlal'le, it is ordered that
the piaver of the net It loin rs Is) not
In the in ittcr of tlio vacation of I
portion ot Hendricks' addition to Col
lege Hill park; continued, no proof of
pasting ol notices Is-lng on Die.
Petition for relief of Henry Worth
lev; continued for explanation,
In the matter of the resignation nf
Julius kis'pp, constable of Hermann
precinct: resignation not accepted
Heport of viewers and surveyors for
the relocation nf count v road No. 1:11;
reports read, considered and api roved,
and clerk ordered to record the same in
road records.
W II Kenton, J P, State vs Hob
erl I taker
( out miicd for correct ion.
f 03
J W Kimball, constable, State
vs Kohcit Maker
Continued for coirccttou.
(Vila Hiindsaker, witness State
8 40
vs liols-it linker 2
Continued for corrcctien.
Minnie Chaiidless, witness State
vs I tolicit linker
Continued for correction.
J E ClinndlesH, w Itne.s Stale vS
Hubert linker
Continued for correction.
T Howard w Uncus State vs
Robert linker
Continued for correction.
Thomas Hulls, witness State vs
HoU'it linker ...
( 'out limed for correct Ion.
Charles Cluiudless, witness VS
KoU-rt linker
Continued lor correction.
William Veateh, witness State
vs Hubert linker
2 20
4 20
1 50
2 00
Continued for correction.
At this time the court considered
bids for furnishing blocks for county
bridge on Coyote creek on Sluslaw
road, blocks to' lie four feet long and
tint less than 'JO inches through. J A
Jeans ami J Huston bid ,'t-i cents each;
J K Ionian, :t:t cents each. The con
tract was awarded to J F Ionian.
Petition for bridge across Mosby
creek; not giaiited.
Itebato of taxes to Anulo llcltcr;
Norton A Klnsev, her attorneys, ask
tin court to allow tho said Annie
Heiter a rebate of I'.l.'.ll being the
amount paid by law for lands sold for
taxes, Is-ing luiproiM-rly desorllied and
covered by slicrlll a oertllleate of sale
No. tis in ism. Petition not allowed.
At this time the court allowed to O
W rebate on taxes on an
erroneous slu-rUPs assessment for 18tt4.
Petition of citizens of Jasper for a
bridire: petition of P. S. Hills aud 6
others for a bridge across mill pund at
Hills creek; It Is ordered by tho court
that J T Calllsoii be authorized to visit
the proposed situ and bridge aud re
port at the July term of this court.
C. Al. lining men ins ounii as chock
Inspector and said bond wus approved
lV the (sun t. Johnson coroner's Inquest
witness, Norman K Lewis,
claimed 1.70 allowed
Estie llortoii. coroner's inquest
witness, Norman E Lewis
claimed 1.70 allowed
1 M
1 CO
J D Wilson, coroner's Inquest,
witness, Norman E Lewis;
claimed f 1.70; allowed
1 50
W L McFarlaud, coroner's In
quest, witness, Norman Lewis,
claimed 11.70; allowed
1 60
James McFarlaud, coroner's In
quest, witness, Norman Lewis,
claimed 11.70; ullowed
1 60
E Weiderman, Oiuiiur'j Inquest,,
witness, Norman K. Lewis,
claimed 1 70; allowed
C M Collier, county surveyor
Heal Kstate Transfers'.
Reported dally Iiy Ki'iiRNS AaaTSaerCoMPAMT
W. K. rh 'ASaoniil'ull, Manager.
U. H. to Ileiilauiln It Holt and wife,
claim No 40. Not. 3002, parts of see 4, 6,
H, It, tp 1(1, Slt3 W, 323 ia-100 acrea.
Kcnjamm wnodiiouse to jenn ana
I...I. IVT....I l...,,u.. .1 l ni ,ul 111 nt
nillllulT innimmm:. tj 3 ... "f "1 v
s e t seo 20 tp 10; a r 1 east, 100 acres.
J F W Uaubert and wire to Ada A
Millard, a tract ol land In sw) of sol
sec 10, tp 18, s r 11 west, 4 acres; 1100.
Alack I'.nglaiid ei ai, oy guaruian,
to Etta Hello Simmons, lot 3 and 4, seo
6, tp20, s r 3 west, 34 61-100 acres;
O A C H It Co, to L D Scarborough,
n of s e I. sec tn 10, a r 3 west, 80
acres; 1100.00.
JulluA Moons, et al., to W II II
Miller, sj ofs w, seo 15, e) of se sec
. .. . . i , ai-.-.l lul
III, ip II, r 1 vtesi, iu.. u,;ieo, f .mu.uv,
Geo M Miller and wlfo to Henry
Odell, lots 3 and 4, block 20; $500.
J II Wlilteaker, referee, to Margaret
Footc, lot 3, block 8; 1100.
Pally Uuard, June 'JO.
Is JAM..-H P Hayes tie Full
Creek Incest man, was taken liefore
Justice Callison nt that place yesterday
aud waived a prwlitiiiiuiry examination
He wns bound over In the sum of 1000
to apH-ar before the next grand Jury.
It was Impossible for him to give the
desired bonds and he was brought here
lust evening and committed to the
county Jail. At tho preliminary ex
amination J M Williams appeared In
Iwhalf of the statu and J E Young and
F C Mutteson fur the defendant. The
attorneys all returned home last even
ing. Pally Uuard, June 21.
For the Si'riniih. F L Miller and
wife, and Mrs H W Sparks anil son
all of Portland, and Murshul Day were
taken t-i Foley springs In one of Ell
Huug's pri'ute conveyances this morn
ing. Ktunk Stewart acted as driver.
Dally Guard, June Ji.
Picnic Party. A pnrt consisting
of 11 N Cockerllno, Mrs. L hlmali, Mrs
Moore, the Misses Straight and the
Misses Kerns are blenielng on the
banks of the Willamette below the
rivor bridge today.
Married Sunday, June 10, 1805,
In Junction City, by Elder A. D.
Skaggs, .Mr. Stvphea II. ItolierUon aud
Miss Ida Ul;Ii.
Ths Bait Spring Midlclne
Just now everybojy I thinking skint
bluing something lor the blooJ.
A Spring medldne as we speak ol
It. AnJ It's a gooj thing to do, but you
want to Ret the proper medicine. If you
consult y our physician he will tell you to
TafrP a G00 LIVEr)
and that, because the liver every
thing to do with the blood. II the liver
Is sluggish the system Is clogJ, the
blooJ becomes Impure, anJ the whole
boJy suiters. Lvery meJklne recom
mendeJ for the blooJ is supposeJ to
work on the liver. Then pet nt once the
"Kino oh Livlr Mudicinls,"
It does Its work well, anJ tones up the
whole system. It is " Belter than Pills,"
nd can be had In liquid or powder.
City Ordinances.
All ordinance to prohibit persons
from tying or staking out nuliiinls lu
the streets and alleys in tho city of Eu
gene. I he city of l'.ugene docs ordain as
Sec 1. That It shall be unlawful
for any porson or persons to tie or
stakeout for tho pui poso of pasturing
or grazing In any of the streets or al
leys In the city of Eugene, any horse,
cow or at tier animal.
Seo. 2. That any person violating
ths provisions of section I of this ordi
nance shall, iimiii conviction Isuore the
city recorder, bo lined not less than
two tlullars nor more than ten dollars
and costs, und in default of payment
of said line aud costs of prosecution,
shall be imprisoned in the city Jail one
day for each two dollars of such tine
and costs.
An ordinance to prohibit dogs from
running at largo without license.
The city or Kugene docs ordain as
Sec. 1. That hereafter It shall be
unlawful for any dog or dogs to go at
large lu any of the streets, squares or
alleys, or other public places iu tills
city, without having a collar of leather
or metal secured atsiul its neck, with
a iiuiiiIht stumped thereon.
Sec. V. The owner or person Having
in charge any dog permitted to run at
large w ithin tho city limits, shall on
or before the first day of July of each
year, pay Into tlio city treasury,
through the Kccordcr the sum of ono
dollar for each male dog and two dol
lars and lirty cents tr...iO) tor cacti
slut, aa license, and the further sum
of twenty-live cents as Recorder's fee,
and twenty-live cents for a number,
which shall entitle him to n number;
the Heoorder designating tho owner's
name and tho iiuiulH-r, which shall
correspond with that wirn by the dog.
Seo. U. The city marshal snail re
ceive one dollar and expenses of keep
ing, for eacli dog killed and burled, or
otherwise disposed by him iu accord
ance with the provisions of this ordi
nance, the same to be paid by the
Sec. v. llie time ror issuing license.
and tlio date of expiration, shall bo
the first day of July, amino license
shall be Issued for a shorter period
than one year.
Passed June 10, Ift'J5.
It. F. Dorkin,
Approved Juno 13, 1S05:
J, I). Matlock,
Delkciateh. Lane county Is repre
sented at the great ChrLllan church
meeting at Turner bv tho pillowing
delegates: Eugene. P H Burnett, 1'
J Alctiierson, Airs V i Aicrnersou, 'nu,..lii I W li,LI,i Mr. In.
plegate. Junction. Genevieve Ma-
irs, jotiu iianusitker, iranic inning-
bin. MmW L Urlslow, of Pleasant
Hill, spoke at the meeting today on
"Why so many of our auxiliary meet
ings seem and are uninteresting."
Uto Sale. Salem Jourunl: It Is
reported that Ben Cook, of Oregon
Iod Co.. has about elVected the sale
of the 00 acie Cottle fruit farm, In the
Liberty neighborhood, to au eastern
syndicate, at the price of $300 an acre.
That would be a pretty snug sum for
a 4-year-old fruit tract. Hut it Is one
of tho liest ones In the county, and lu
this valley.
An Aiilk Effort. Albany Dotu
ocrat: "The attention or the Salem
Journal Is called to tlm fact that E. H.
McElroy, prefessor of F.ngllsh litera
ture lu the State University, delivered
the address before the graduating class
of the high school of Portland, which
Is said to Have beeu au ante eiiori."
Highest Honors World's Fair,
dold Medal. Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard.