The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 22, 1895, Image 2

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Til U'lilow Hat lUrrltrd Imlruiully
From Iba lluniiuraa (iotarumant.
Cleveland Says They
Not Be Violated.
II Warn All lllrna Agalna! lb Vlo.
lallitn nf Much l.awa In Thrlr
Kftiirta In Aaalal ulia.
Washington, June U. Secretary
Olncy i thoroughly determined that
llii! L'nltod State uovcrniuciit nIiiiU (Id;
all in it power and all that Interna
tional law r'iuiniH to prevent tho vio
lation of the United State treaty by
ja-raona who undertake to inako thin
country h tiaitti of hostile operation
against Spain, with wh&h power it 1m
hi )-aco. Complaint nave reached tlio
The Government to Thwart
Cuban Filibusters.
arrrvtary (Hnry Hill Ural With tf
Krvolulloiilala anil Tbrir Hymna-
llilivr With a Mining llaml.
Washington, Juno 13. The dctcrmi
nation to send the United State steam
Now Vork, June 14. A special from
8a u Juan del Norte. Nicaragua, to the
World say:
The Iloudurau government baa puid
to the United State about f:i5,000 tu
Kld in settlement of the claim of Mm.
Kenton for the murder of her husband.
The fori'KoiiiK dispatch i the first in
tiniatioii that the lieutou case had
already been made the subject of for
mal negotiation.
Charlii W. Ken ton, hi wife, Einma.n
and their nine went to Urewcrs' L
gm, Honduras, eight year ago.
Kenton Pk up a claim in lHlKt. The
projarty whh valued at :(0,000. Ken
ton had no trouble with the govern
ttw.iit f.r tin. riutii'in mitil a iilantera'
concern called thu WoikI & I Hitioii starting fnm our
Produce Company began ota-rating in
the territory near thu Kenton planta
tion. The officer and employea of thi
coneeru looked umiu Kenton' planta
tion with envy, and warn squatted on
part of it. They Htole Kenton'a ma-iam
and aoon la-caino mtirderouNly aggroa
aive. In March, IH'J'.i, eight men con
ecalerPthcinsclvc ill a grove near the
Kenton houae, and when he appeared
oja ned (Ire on him. Mm Kenton tried
to drag her hiialuiud in and a bullet
atrui'k her in thu riuht wrist. In a
The l.una lll(lia)ruiaii A(ain Hulila l'
lha klamalh-Agrr !.
Aahland. Or.. June 13. The regular
monthly hold-up of the Klamath Falla
i Ager tage oocurred laat uiKht about a
i liulf hiIIh north of the Totiar irrade. It
jwa a few minute paat 11 o'clock
.. . when the driver, Charles Hurueburg,
THE FLOUIDA SHORE m.ttn, the Mnw 0i, or,i,.r, "Halt and
throw out the express box and mail
pouches, and tell your paaschger to
get down," given by the loue highway
man. There were two passenger
aboard, one inaide. Churl Zwisler,
who wax on the scat with the driver,
out open the sacks, according to order,
Thu driver and passclikTr were then
Confirming Earlier
From China.
l.nral OMrlal ITnlrrllnii
the Mla.limarlra t Mill thu Mob
llt-.tmyril lb Hullilln".
Shanghai, June 13. The report
thu total destruction of thu missious
Cheng Tu, Kiat Ting and a no
ahip Kaleigh to the Florida coaat for j ordered to remove their coat and veata j njw j.,, uofir1(.,i, Thu local ollU'iala
thu punxe ol co-operating witn reve-. Hml thu driver onl rel to dh iik open i r,.fust.,i ,,rt(vtion to thu miaMoiiariea
the laix, but he told the robU-r the box ; j, , . t C1ni1.t,.(l
wiih empty, and when he ahajk it, the ! f ,.,,,,,11,1, the buililingi. The
miiwiion atatioua at other plaeta have
L.,11 thr..f,.!ii i1 Alamt twclltv adult
deemed audi u courau adviaablu for ; watt not opened. Thu robber ordered . il1lH. u .......u.rof children have tak n
Trade I light in H quarter, and
1...,,, .,. Ihw mil lar between.
Tim only unMirtant alteration in the
li.tU in lrriee, bl b 'v declined
Reports ,,,,,1,., heavy nieipt". home f011
vegetable! are in market, but (alitor
nia ntk has cleaned up. Cotinttv
orodiK e in uncbange.l. The itrwery and
pruviaion list i a latreported.
Whtat Market.
1 . 0 ...1.1 1- ..i. v.. ,!(
1 'j he Ileal inaraci, ia
! owing to the acaieityof U nnage. I'rlcn
re nominally nimo.c per uu.hci ii
Walla Walla J 53i54c for Valley.
rroiluco Markal.
Fixi'a I'ortland. Salem. Canca-lia and
Davton. are ipioted at MM -r barrel,
lioiddrop, Snowllake, J.(10; Hen-
ton coiintv, 2.iW; graham, r'.Mtat.W;
uuu cutu ra Ui prevent filibustering ex-1 thu laix. but he told the robU-r the box
ahorea, ia Waa emotv. and w In n h nhjk it, the
one of thu first acta of Mr. Olncy in hi robla r aeeiued satisfied and told the
new position. Secretary Herla rt has ' dfrVcr to put it liaek in thu whoii. It
, thu driver to take out one ol III lignts j ,... M, -i...,, tu Uud Vamen.
1 aud examine the inside of the wagon, I ',.(i tin, affair.
. .1 u . : I. ' airuea ii.t 111 III" liut mini. n
dcpa5tme,.t of Hta.o frU the Span ah , , . that men aru b- ing r.a-ru.ted iUm
I'll Slim 111:413 i"ii, nifii limb nil,,. .. t -
a-ditioiiH aru b avingo'ur ahorea for thu
puriaste of attacking Ciu Spanish fon'es
in Cuba. Whenever thu necsary evl
delicti can isi pnaluced, these infrac
tions of thu law are to lie aevcrely jinn
isbi il, for the aecretary of atato will
liave 110 just ground for complaint that
the United States bus failed ill its ob
ligations to other nations. Meanwhile,
however, it has la'cii deemed proja-r to
give formal warning to misguided mi
plu of what they may ex-ct, so this
afternoon the following pnxdamatioii,
signed by the president, waa issued
from thu atatu department:
"Whereas, thu island of Cuba ia now
thu seat of serious civil diaturbauecs,
accompanied by armed resistance to
the authority of thu established govern
ment of Spain, a power with which
the United Staea ia and desires to re
main 011 terms of ja-ace aud amity; and,
"Whereas, thu laws of thu United
Stati prohibit their citizens, aa well
aa all otiiera being within and auhject
to their jurisdiction from taking part
in audi disturbances, adversely to such
established government, by accepting
or rivciviug commissions for warlike
service auainst it; by enlistment, or
ppM'iiring others to enlist, for such
service; by lilting out or arming or
pris'iirmg to 1st lilted out, mid ships
of war for such service; y augmenting
the force of any ship of war engaged in
such service and arriving in any port
in thu United States, and by setting on
fiait or providing or preparing the
means for military enterprises to lie
carried 011 from thu United States
against the territory of such govern
ment. "Now, therefore, in recognition of
the laws aforesaid, and in discharge of
thu obligations of thu United States to
ward a friendly Hiwer, and aa a men- j
sure of prtvautioii, aud to thu end that
citizens of thu United States aud all
tiaik possession of Kenton a house.
They dragged thu dying man and the
wounded Johnson, who had la-cu
shot while on a visit to Ken
ton, to an Indian hut, aid tai n1
kept thcej uiiik r ard. Tavy aVcidcit
to go away with Uc . At last six
men forced Mrs. Reatoa iwari r ee
into a boat aad palled iT fraa the
beach. Ina few atiaah-s they ber4
tiring. One of her captira saW Hip
pantly: "There ga fcbaa." A
messenger camo to theat who told theat
that their part in the death of Kenton
waa known, and further that' there
were Nicaraguaii soldiers ia thu weigh
Isirhisal. The party held a coaxalta
tion and told Mrs. KentoH they womU
give her and her niece three days to
erosa the line into Nicaragua. After
almost Incredible hardshipa they
reached Hlucflclda. They arrived in
Nuw York May 0, 1HU4. Mrs. Kenton
apiM'uled to Secretary of State (resliam
for restitution by Honduras and for the
punishment of her husband's murder
ers. The result ia announced in the
alsive telegram.
Ilrnry Hrnl ti .fall.
Carson, New, June 14. James II.
Heuey waa put in jail this afteriuam.
He waa brought tip beforu the United
States commissioner yesterday, who
said he would place Heney'a bonds at
'.!, OHO. Heney'a attorneys objected
to this, aaying lie came voluntarily,
and telegraphed thu United States mar
shal to meet him in Lcudvillu, Colo.
The commissioner said he would allow
lleney to go on nla own recognisance
until the return of District Attorney
Jones, whom, he thought, should !
consulted. Jones returned bslav and
insisted that Heney'a lamda lsj placed
at .'.), 000, and would consent to
nothing less, lleney said he could not
give over f 10,000, and ao went to
prison lauding trial. Heney'a friends
I aomo daya past, aud conferred with thu
! president on the subject. Hu aud Sec
retary Olncy tlicu had a further collier- and then to h ave thu lmht and move
eue and as a result the formal orders ,,t ,,f t)lu waVj Mlt that, when he tin- Nntbha) H n In V a.lilngOMi.
to the Kaleigh were issued. ished, they might couiu back and get Washington, June I'.'. Thu Chinese
Written instruction carefully stating their coats. They moved 011 about fifty legation has received no information as
thu line of policy which thu adminis-1 yards and could w-e thu robla-r piitu : ti10 reported mansauru of Amurican
tration desires to pursue in regard to pluiuly aa he went through the regis- nilsaiouiirieH in Cheng Tu, and strong
the interference with filibusters will be: tei mail aud mats; but hu overhaikod
sent to Captain Miller, commanding : aoine registered letters and fill) in caah
the Kaleigh, and it is probable he will 1 that waa in Zwisler'a coat. After he
Is called to Washington for a confer- 1 had Katisfled himself hu culled to
ence with Acting Si-crctary McAdiai t( ,jrjv(.r n,i passengers to come back
before hi vessel leaves New York. Hud get their coats and what was left
These instructions are iiot available, (.f tho mail. While tin y were gather
but it ia kuowu hu will lie directed to ' ing up the mail, the robber again went
use the utmost care in ireveuting any . through the wagon to satisfy himself treaty of peace this interior city was
vessel frmi leaving our coast destined that there was nothing left. Hu then i ollu veral idacea to 1st oia'tied to
fir Calm with the obje t of rendering j bade them giaxl-iiight and they pulled j foreigners and foreign commerce. This,
aid to tie revolutionists. ine mere ut.
si at of araia ia not regarded aa a j The mIiIst was a man of medium
violatii of the neutrality laws, and size and wore a dark oven-out and light
la-fore aay vessel ia overhauled by the j straw hat. He had 110 mask but
Kaleigh thu oHicers must be thoroughly kept out of thu light ao that his fca
ooaviaccd thu suspected craft is fitted tures com Id not lie dew-rils-d. He only
oat as a fighting machine to tiperate I got a few dollars from thu passengers,
autiiiiat Spain. It is the desire of the ami, it is thought, but little from the
authorities that proper steps shall lie mail isaichca.
bopea aru entertained that thu aliair
may bu less serious than the meager re
port indicate. It ia stated at the le
gation that Cheng Tu is a largu city in
thu interior of China. Tho people are
far removed from the centers of for
eitru commerce, such as Canton and
Shanghai. Kn-cntly, however, by the
displayed not only by the Kaleigh, but
by revenue cutters, to prevent illegal
expeditions from leaving our shores,
and treasury ofllcials aru seriously con
sidering thu advisability of further
augmenting thu force of revenue cut
ters in southern waters.
The following letter from the treaa
utry department waa sent today to all
collectors of customs from New York to
thu Kio tlrandc:
"It ia a matter of rumor that at var
ious points in thu United States, at
! Viiriirliui Klaaa Are at Hair-Ma! fur
j Thrrr Ila).
: Washington, June 13. A Vene.ue
1 Ian tribute to thu memory of thu late
Secretary (insham has come to the
i state department through Minister An
drea d in the sliai of a note addressed
to him by Setior Jose I'ulido. the Vi ne
1 zuelan minister of foreign affairs. The
tempts aru making to enlist men toV " " " 1 , " -eiiuip
ami arm vessels ami by other il-! "'"' f,,1, that the lato w-retary
legal ineasurea to aid tho iiiMurrtvtioii ; h,,I' m"ku ,hw lM,ll,,- the
now in progn-sa in the island of Culai. I Venezuelaii boundary dispute thu .li- ,i.,...t i... f,. ! crowning glory of his administration.
others within its jurisdiction may . 'm auoriieya a.ii.i inai .loues aeiiou is
., 1 , i,i..i,i,. il !.., 1.. Ill direct violation of his promise to
deferred from subjecting themselves to
l"gul forfeitures and penalties, I,
(1 rover Cleveland, president of the
United States of America, do hereby
admonish all such citizens and other
M'rsoii to abstain from every violation
of laws hereinla'fore referred to, and
do here bv warn them that all such vio
lations of law will Ui rigorously prose
cutcil; and 1 do hereby enjoin upon all
olllcers of the United States charged
with the execution of said law the
utmost vigilance ill preventing viola
tions thereof, aud in bringing to trial
ami punishment any offenders against
the same.
"In testimony whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and caused thu aeal
of tho United States to la1 affixed.
"Done at the city of Washington,
this U'th day of June, ill the year of
our Ijord lH'.l.'i, and of the iudc.iidcuco
of the United States of America the
Tho issuance of the proclaaiatioa
gave rise to considerable disctD sio as to
whether it would not practically
amount to a recognition of thu re he Ik
as Is'lligereuts. Such aa ia ct
tion of thu proclamitiiot, hvuver,
not correct, accordisg to thu oawaaaj iC
aeveral wull-knowa pablie mm. Sai
tor MorictO, who la recogaia4 ia m
authority (0 intem(ioail hiw, wiM
aske.l alsiCt t&u Biiatif, sai:
"z?o recoefitiot t t)j ritj. 4 ttf
Is llien nts ia iCD'orde by tt iisihi
miQion, let jCst thu rcvouc istkeci.
There woOld have beet aiHvaty
for such aclioO if thu i-ral'ts wen'
belligerents, for t&c tie1 citizefs of
the United State woiflil have the right
to iCQl them iOOiti"Cs of war if thA
could eacajw the blis'kade of Spain. It
ia carrying out the law 011 the sub
ject."" Senator Cull aaid the proclamation
did not intend to accord to the insur
gents the rights of Isdligernts, and un
doubtedly did not do ao. It would not,
them, aayiug they were led to Is lieve
Heney'a Ismds would Is' tixed at not
over 10,0110 if he would surrender.
0iiiarl lu ( iiiilrai l to A Helm.
Ottawa. Out., June 14. Major Me
Icnuau, conservative, aked the house
ol commons toutirlit to nasi a bill to
however, have any effect in prcvcutingOpivveiit the fitting of government cou-
Oklnlliiina'a linlil Krrr.
Hulline, t). 1., June II. 1 lie acene
oil thu banks of Hoggy creek, south
west of ArapahiH', ia a muvr one for
agricultural Oklahoma. Instead of
diminishing thu gold fever grows apace.
People are rushing js'll inell along the
banks of the stream, where the camps
aru only a few bi t apart. A regular
hack line has tarn established between
Arapahiai and the gold Held. This
hack line leaves Arapahiai at T o'clock
A. M. and 1 1. M. daily. When it a-r-rives
in tiki city it is packs'4 with mia
era, everyone carryiitg a aackfal a?
"ire." At the same time aaea arc rid
ing into towa almost hoaa-ly wit-h saclin
of the precioas ow tica ai their sial
dles. The aearest towa to th aM
oaaip ia Cloud Chief, imi tWK hjw
takea ea a verMabhi aiUsiig tmva 11
ai'iiraace. Kihims (i aeslaariiws laiat
sabsiBM iaae ay, with th aiaail ia-
caja:ajiaa ar it aaal 9-mmt it txri
ihaace With.
iiished with tangible evidence, con
firmatory of such rumors, it deems it
of great importance that no possibility
Imi given for complaints that the gov
ernment of thu United States has in
any rcsHvt fallen short of ita full duty
to a friendly nation. Collectors of
customs for thu aeveral districts be
tween New York and llrownsvillo aru
esiMvially enjoined to see to it that the
neutrality laws of the United States,
Thu letter is dated Caracas, May 2'J,
j and is as follows:
"Yesterday at a late hour I nveived
your telegram announcing the death of
I his excellency, Secretary (in-sham,
j This calamity must sensibly uffect all
. who, in the last two years, have follow
I ed with any degree of interest the
I course of tho foreign policy of the
I United States, in which that distill
' guished statesman was displaying the
particularly wctiona f)2HU and 6311(1, of , K"'ai guts 01 111s inteiiivt. eue.ueia
the ri'visiHl statutes, are fully complied ! " iriy one of the countries of
a ............ ... ...i. !..u 1 1
imvi iv-, iii n iiilii nun i-vciii, nan citusi'ii
Willi " I
Acting Sivn-tary of the' the greatest sorrow, inasmuch as that
navy department, said this Hf,(.rll,H,,, : hl' 'ntlemaii had iliaplaye.l on var
that the instructions sent to the com- j i",,H H" and in an el.a1uent man
inodor.1 of thu cruiser Kaleigh for his ,M'r thu rihiy t""W hy which he
tfuidauce when on tiatrol duty off the w UH ' "'"-'" lowaros tne rcpunue,
Florida coast, were of the most com
prehensive kind and provided for a
full aud strict enforcement of the neu
trality laws. Thu Kaleigh probably
B'tiy ii aiaaNii aiaai
iHvir, ' 11. t n ftpiaa'tr, sn
veyir 1 !', W tiii4 I tai
caw as aiajse laaeiakl at Til'IA.
(bs4i sis'4 in bet throve that
jsat i Deuvir Wive hi iivaaiably
tiea ia har)' by kho ( h'se
It'aaas 4 'f.wm 11 tai tiax very i
ih'layed i (' joi'y to IVajva. Tla-
claim was itait' taut lHver had no
eustoi house. The .itter vii re
rerreil to the treasury departiciit at
Washington, and the surveyor at Ta
coma wif atirred to such an extent that
he wired Spencer that Immediate
transportation would ls accepted in
tho future.
those who were willing to help the Cu
liau cause. The president' pns lama
tion, he said, was rather stronger than
he liked, and then added:
"1 am in favor of thu independence
of Cuba, for it is a furegeuu conclusion
that the island will throw off the
Spanish yoke. In my judgment it is
a wild idea to supiQse this government
can support the government of Spain
over Cuba, or that it ought lo do it."!
Muil I'ay liiitrutiilty.
Washington, June 14. The confir
mation of rcsrt that American mis
sionary property in China had la'cii
destroyed makes it probable that the
United State government will require
China to make suitable indemnity
when the facta are officially establish
ed. A precedent for such recompense
waa made when the United Statea paid
China a considerable amount for mob
depredation on Chinese in the far
The report of losae to mission
traeis to aliens, lie thought It a cry
ing shame that the United State coil
tractors should annually take htm
dnds of thousands of dollar out of the
Dominion. The United States law.
he said, made it practically impossible
for Canadians to accun contracts in
the United tcs,
Trlril lu Hill Ihr Kiillro family.
Springview, Neb., June 14. U. A.
I0''i resident of Spring Creek,
came lQtotiay anil gave himself up to
the sheriff, claiming he had killed one
man, wounded thnv more and pounded
a woman nearly to death. The family
m lien anil woiiliiteii goes ey the name
of Vinalford and are hcgnica, l'or
ter, it aeeuis, went after aomo mort
gagtnl horse, the Womlford refused to
give them un and the fight ensued.
I'rai'llr fur th Natal Kratr.
San F"rancio, Juue 14. The United
Statea cruiser Olympia left this even
ing for Santa Crux, having on board a
battalion of the naval reserve. The
offlcem objected to the cruise, divlar
p nrtT lu China vary. It i said that j i tliBt their ahip should not bo turn.'!
tliu iiideiunity asked will cover not
only tho actual damage aud liau to the
American miaaiouario, but alto a iuiu
at recompense for the indignity offered.
Into au exeutniou boat; but when the
naval nwrve oflloeni appealed toSvn
tary Herbert, he made tint divired order.
will go first to Key West. This is the
only port 011 the Florida coast which a
vessel of her draught can aafely enter.
She then will make a thorough patrol
of the coast line, ami to render it
more difficult for a filibustering party
to get away, the cruiser's steam
launches aud small boats will Ih man
ned whenever it is luvessary to liaik
into uarniw inlets and passes for light
draft acluaiMor and yachts, which are
the favorite means of transportation of
te filibuster. With Spanish nien-
c-wiw lying oif thu Florida coast out
V the three-mile limit, aud the
lahrtuh iiaal her Woats swecjiing the in
aide wi!is, tho over-enthusiastic Cu
hiahs aa4 thiar Aavricaa sympathizers
wWi aaderhiko to drive the United
iao troiWe hv Ht Florida
a hie irf Wistih' laierathaas iaiast
Ml y . taaaaat ic Ctha am likely to
tat axss nth a atKtw hakl.
tlrl aT I.I r.
t iitBai, J III. At (I o'clock
t evitlitf , H. f. lallajan, a and
killed hiself ia the ibsm at ?roiit
al I stasas. 1 ha lat in ill
laalth ba a hM tiO', beia) sula-vt
to epileic fits, but up to a few min
utes hcbo lav killed hnself lie seemed
to Ik' in his usual good spirits. Two
friends dropped into hi saloon and
asked him to join them in a drink. He
did so, but remarked that it would lie
his last. They ptMih-lusid the idea,
but a he stepped Is'liind the liar, he
pickigl up hi pistol, placed it to his
head and aaid, "OiHsl-bye, everybody,"
and fin'd the fatal shot. Dillmau was
chief of police here for one term prior
to 1S00, and was once Bfter defeated
for the same office. Ho wa a Grand
Army man aud a little upward of no
year old. Ho leaves a wife but no
wa actuated towards the
I'leaso convey the expression of sincere
sentiments to the department of state,
in order that it may la communicated
to hi excellency, President Cleveland.
The national flag has this day locn or
dored to la. kept at half-mast on all
public buildings for three days in mem
ory of tho effort made by Mr. (iresh
am to secure a just ami amicable settle
ment of the Venezuelan-Hritisli dis
I it is explained, has agitated thu poo
pie, who lived by themselves from time
Tho missionaries are the only for
eigners who have heretofore settled in
1 Cheng Tu. Their iiuiiiIst is not known.
It is said the number of missionaries,
including their families, in the capital
' must be less than 10(1, including all
I nationalities. The missionary head
I ipiartcrs is at Cheng Tu, where it is
: iH'lieved there is not exceeding ten
! missionaries, the rest being scattered
I through the 1 m ince. Hut this infor
mation i based only on the general in
( formartion of Chinese ofllcials, as there
are not exact details as to the extent of
I tho missionary service through China.
I The tsung-li-yamell sought to secure
I from each foreign government a com
plete list of the missionaries and their
place of service, but this was not given.
It is said that thu emperor of China
and the tsung-li yumeu have given
every possible protection to the mis
sionaries, although it has lavu impos
sible to guard against mob violence,
particularly at remote interior points.
The Chinese governments has asked
foreigu government to appreciate these
difficulties, and has advised that the
missions should bo kept w ithin safe
limit. Hut the zeal of the mission
aries has led them to push forward
without fear of results, to places where
Chinese ofllcials have had difficulty iu
affording full protirtioii. Notwith
standing this the authorities at Peking
have done their utmost. They have
placed upon the viceroys of the province
tho responsibility of protecting the mis
sionaries, churches, etc., the viceroys
understanding that they will Isi de
graded if mobs are permittted to dis
turb the missions. As a result, the
viceroys' and their prefects of police are
active iu restraining mob outbreaks.
Tho Official Gazette of China recent
ly received here, show that a chanue
inu.rtlli. tl.'.KI
() tTs(1(KHl white aretioted
.w. ....:o: .,,.. 'IlL. ..rat' ltl')li
1... ..-...-If l '" I mom", n 1
the olK ..,,..., . .. ..,-.,,.M rllua; Haifa
t5.;5(Utl.UO; barrels, tJ.(J0ii(l.j cuset,
H y Timothy, !i((VJ.',0 per ton;
cheat, 5; clover, VI; outn.ld; wheat, .
UAUi.ay Feed barley, (WVu.OVie pe
cental; brewing, iiUf(iSoe per cental,
according lo quality.
Mauriria liran. $11.50; tborU
fll'.'sJ; chop feed, (ll'nil6; mi. Idlings,
none in market; chicken wheat, 71
in hoc er cental.
Uuri kb Fancy creamery ia quoted at
10ial2'...c; fancy dairy, IMlOc; (air U
good, j'wScj common, UinU.'gC pel
pou )!.
I'ota rots Weak ; top quotations art
2.V per oack. -
Onion tussl Oregon, L'.'yC iei sack;
new California, ll.fiu -r cental.
I'oui.tkv Chicken, old, :( H.'iO pel
dozen; broilera. tl &ht!i 50 per dozen;
duck, IllOOialUO; geese. .r..00(.ti.(HI;
turkeys, live, lUc )er poiinil ; dreesed,
IL'c per iMinnd.
F;ooa Oregon, are quoted at lie pel
Ciikksk-Oregon fu'l cream, 8(310c
per pound.
O.ikoo.n Vkoktaii.k Uahhuge, firm
at 1 '40 1 er kiiiih! ; radishes, lOi: per
dozen laiiicbes; greej onions, lUc j,ei
doZ"ii; hothouse lettuce, i.')(stU0c pet
dozen: aspaniKiis, -IOk'OUc t-r iluzeli
reen peas, (i'lHc per pound; rhubarb
1?'"2: uoos-elH-rrie. dc
TaoetcAL Fkuit California lemons
$:1.IKI(4.(U; Sicily, tri.UUi6.50; bananas,
Honolulu, f I.1O111L' 1 ft; .New Orleans,:
(n:l.75 per bunch; California navel
f:t.40m ;i.t;5 lajx ; pineapples, Honolulu,
flictXfH); uniar loaf, scarce at IS.50.
Cai.ikoiima Vkukiaui.ks (ireen lieu
quoted !.-.)(' 1 50 per lajx ; artichokes
40c tier dozen; cauliflower, 75cm f 1.00
' per dozen ; 50 per crate; encumbers
hoi house, i&c(if 1.00; game, 2 lejCTx: w
pound; asparagus, M.75n2.UO per box
new KI aloes, l'.,,c per laiuild ; lliubarb
L"fit;lc per pound; string beans, 10m
l'...c per iHiund.
Fiikmi FiiriT Apples, k'KI'Ii M'.it 2.50
, per (six; common, ".'i.'ditl ; new Oregon
fl.i5r2; struwbtrrea. California. $!('
i.zo per irate; uregon, tiiuUJjc per
pou nil ; cueniiH, iOiuinh: per Ihjx.
Wool alley, swiOc, according to
Quality ; UniMiia,7((!lcj fall clip, 6(atk;
r.asierii uregon, nta 1
Hoc Nominal at the following
raniie: .kuuu per puuml.
i' rs Almonds, soft phell, (Mile
per kiiiiii; paper shell, 12'e(.(14c; tie
crop caiuornia walnuts, soil shell
lldi 12V; standard walnuts, lO'viullc
iianan cnesnuls, ll"((itl4c; pecans
l.'baWc; Itrazils, lLa(jjl3c; liilierU,
HfrtlSe; peanuts, raw, funcy, 5(7c
lousieu, 10c; nicKory nuts, tjiulOi-; co
coaiiuts. llOc per dozen.
Fbovision Kauturn hams, medium,
ii.'odn.'c per pound; hams, picnic
H'-jialio; breakfast bacon lt'otifU'c
short clear sides, K'wOc; dry salt
sides, 7'u(.(Sc; dried lee( hams, l'J
(i.ic; lani, conipouml, 111 tins, i
lanl, pure, in tins, i10c; pigs' feet,
80s, .t.5(l; niirs' feet. 40s. t:t.'f! kii
Useful Information r.
" iui work.
I'rtlfMalMI It ia I ! ...
1lllaK-A Fr II.,,. ,.'. I
n" 1 raining r ,lllttQ "
Into whatever busiiie .
enter, much deiH iids ......
Thia fact 1 too much i ,..,7!,v'e
in many caa, the only r.,u '.,
ure. Solon iu..,i,l.. .1
iiaturul Inclination to avt .'1
work, but every man Van, d 7
schiHil hiniriulf to combii i ,.11 1.
after au improved m,.,i,..i ..''
r i 1
any time and .-o ju,t wl..,t he U. ,"
aud whut tho results have !..
" v ui 1111111 K1IOW Ou, , I
ha been doim U1
much or wtat. he is hmhI.u . "
definitely, and seldom knw
nartieiilur risrk bia i
0 know of no business l ,
methial i more needed tillin i
lfniii i if ,,r ,u.l,M.. a
... il l.
1.1.1. Oregon smoked hams, 11 ic per
pound; pickled hums, I'ajneless
lams, 10c; tincon, c; dry saltt-ides, 8c
had been made in the vicen.v at Chcm, r?"''... I ?!18' "i m
I u, and that a new one had just as- 1
sinned his duties. This, added to the
agitation of opening the city to for
eigners, may account for tho disturb
ances which have occurred.
Anna In a Church.
New York, June 13. A iooial to
tho World from Sun Jto, Costa Rica,
says: Thu police have seized a large
lot of arm which were, concealed
iu a church in the village of Saco. The
ownership of the arm ha not been
traced, but it i believed they were hid
den by conservatives for a revolution
which was la'iiig worked up during
the lato pnwnlental election.
Imllnii Evlilrni-r In Niii,i,rl of Ihr
Amerlraii I Itiltn.
Seattle, June 13. Another iinpor
taut piece of eviilenee 111 supiMirt of
the American claim that the Alaskan
iHiiindary run along 1'ortlaiul canal
and not Helim cliiinuel, as claimed by
tho Hritisli, was received by the Seattle
chamber of commerce today. It i 11
letter dated May 31. from I). Loask,
who migrated from Hritisli Columbia
to Anette island, which is iu the dis
puted territory, but was granted them
la,- tho United States government some
year ago. lu it the following- state
incuts are made:
"F'irst When we left our old borne
in llritidi Columbia, we were regarded
as foreigners by the Canadian authori
ties. "Second In the summer of lKf7,
whou we migrated to Alaska, Tort Ton
ga. just over Portland inlet, wa a
port of entry. Wo had to pav dutv to
a customhouse officer residing theru on
all dutiable articles wo brought over to
this country.
"Thin! We employed throe small
steamers to oouvey over our U'longiugs,
one of which the custom officer at
Port Simpson tried to detain as coining
from a foreigu country. Wo had to
receive our clearance paper at Port
Simpson la-fore coming over to Alaska.
"Fourth Having got over to Anette
island, the Canadian agent at Metlak
ahtla, H C, cease I to have any con
trol over us, which would not have
laon tho case if the boiiudary feuc had
been doubtful."
a' of Ihr Sllirr t iillrrlluii.
New ork, Juno 13. A special
from Pari aay: Tho mile of theSpitzer
collection or arms ami armor at the
gallery Petit, has opened. It wa fair
ly well attended. There wore, how
ever, no representative prvscut from
South Kensington, the Lsmviv or the
liorliu museum. The proceed of the
alo already amount to tlO.000.
Mitlr,l uf Caatlv'a A iiuliiliutul.
Washingtou, June 13. Secretary
Olncy ha received a brief telegram
from Minister Willis, dated Houolulu.
Juno 3, aud San Francisco, Juue 10,
aayiug that W. K. Castle ha Uvu ap
Muteti Hawaiian minister to the
Uulted State, in plac of Tburaton,
A lllllt
San Francisco, Juno 13. The ques
tion of authority botweou tho executive
anil literary committee of the Fourth
of July celebratiou committee which
involved the placing of the name of
IV... t ...
nev. .-vuiiii maw on mo literary pro
gramme has lioou settled, ami Miss
Shaw has consented to address au au
dience on the natiou' natal day.
There are seventy-two trade unions
iu this city, and from the present ap
pearance, not oue w ill accept (jie&ivi
tation of the executive of the $irth
of July celebration U parade on the na
tional holiday. Tho cause of this ap
parent lack of patriotism ccm to lie
various. HQlf a doien union have do
eided uot to parade, iu conformity
with tho action taken by tho labor
council last Friday evening. Several
other union will meet tonight and
pmliably take tho same action. The
trouble grvw out of a dissk-rveinont
about reprmutatiou ou the executive
(Muiinitteo which has the celebration
in hand.
A French 'oiiimiiy Maltra a rriiuaitiiii
ti lht llnwallan
San Francisco, Juno 12. The
steamer Australia arrived today from
Honolulu, bringing the following ad
vices dated Juno 8:
Aud ley Cooto, an Australian, who is
interested 111 different cables, arrive
011 tiio 1st to confer with the llawai
Meat Market.
Bunr Gross, top steers, ;i.00tg3.50;
i" "r .,1- B"r". f3.out.(.ou; cows,
T-..u,....,u, uieseeu new, aijttiC per
j,., .......
c,.TT'i-(:iro,", 1Ht BhwP' wethers,
-'.tiOe.1' ,5; ewes, :'.'.'5; dreesed intlt-
lon, iuji.-vc per lajiind.
KAi-uressed, small, 6((c; larze. 3
Hoos Gross, choice, heavy, 3.50(3
'; light ami feeders, J 25oi3.50;
"'"""i 1 ier pound.
Slerchanilliia Market,
' l1 4lI M,ONTCo.l,,1""ia. river No. 1, tolls,
,-cd l.J5(ttl.tHj; No. talis, lM'5vr2.50
ai- fancy. No. 1. (int.. i -r.. , u. t....i.
iau government regarding the proposed ; Jio-iJ.. tails, l.20ia l.;!0; No. !, tails, 1.P0
Pacific cable. Ho ha made a pmposi- -25. '
dry granulatwt, 6,c: cuihj crushed and
1 a French company that is willing ft ' V,' lm1'' V' lT MUui
. ...... 1111111" uini'ic DIIKur, lOtllKK.' ler (HJIIIld.
iiau govern- . CoiKkK-Coeta Kica, 22ial'3'11c; Rio 2t
dy; in n-- !''l-e' Salvador, 2lc-'llBc; Mocha,
de for ofll- V' (!'-,s':1 " Java, 31c; PalembaiiK
tion which will Ik cousiden-d by Presi
dent Dido and Ins cabinet. He
to build
1.. I. 1 1 1" ... 1 "
iiiviiiK in Aiu-kiiiim, .-anion ami iionu. maple sugar, lSiirbie ier ioiind
.... ..limn tut- iiitnaiiaii govern
ment to pay an annual subsidy
turn :io ibttrL-o u-ill 1m. tn.i.l..
cial message. He will make a similar ,,t".:' lfhat Jv. 23r2rH'; Ar-
pn'tsisitioti to the United States. .Mr. , iiHi 7-T.... I . , " 1 r"--M PMI
Cooto feels confident- that both govern- ZZul cS ' U,,,n,,,1' -180 I'
incuts will assist bis eoiiioniiv II.. .1.. .. ., , -
1 .1 ., -i 1 . . vu.ii. cieaoy uoinestic, 15 00 a 7 50
olarca the cil.l.i will lu. l...;i 1. 1 , . . . . u,w '.OA) niuiiu l"1 i"ii, lun-ill, f.fHJ(it II.O0, ItlMtllltU t f'....... ...Ill 1. Itl.VU w 0 ...1.:. ....
- -r 'lo lll IM' " '" i-iunil mine, i0. 1, 6'aC Mr
ill VVitwliimrl..,, f..l.,lu,H . IKlUllil Imttu l . I .. . . "
- - : 0 i''
inejr i.aofii if hih-ihiuu. i voHPAoK .Manilla rope, l'V-inch it
Ix.ndon, June 13. A Vienna dis- ! V"'1"1 10'- '"'-siHal.ticperK)niid.'
patch says during the trouble between ! nan"!", !i! ?5'" 5,25 fu'r u"k ! J-
the imlu-e anrl socialists last Sunday,!
"Texas Jack" happened to be practi'c-' '
ing near the sivne of tho riot with his ! SAN FRANmsnn
uorin Ainericau luilians. t.iio of the
(.isiiuivn onicren ' lexas I , -J. ", ,,, , f'',Lr : ramily ex
jack, hi cowIkw and Iudians, to V-, . v r,V 1 r utt,,reli ''akers'
r lour et cash prices : Family
a At t. I """ri" a-X-
catch tho socialists with their lassoc u:,Tfvi !,,lH-r. .2..!5(ri2.60.
tho workmen were thu thrown l "i " ."r '"r lK,KM- 2ti3'4c;
Six of
.i 1 .1 ,
iuiu jiiaci"! nuiier arrest, mere Waa it No. 1 shinpinL' 1H V.r .1
i considerable indignation among the choice, PIV; milling, WCndii '
jHHiplo in consiiiuence of the manner i Oats Milling, $1.07 I 171 . ..
in .1,.. 1,1... ...1 ... , . 1 nrtsw tl n?t i it? . f '"V. . Bnr-
There' Waa it No.
.. 1 in . -
v -. . . d , lAiii-v icmi X I V
Rool to choice. 115, rdti.o,).
in which tho laborer who gathered in ' Prtl-O
tne atnvts were treated. ' J'V i
. ai. win imc poor to fair
The Krtirl V.,,l l,lt.. ,JlM' i Kil,
riH.ix. Aria., June 12.-Adviees o j ' . . J. "
frvmi Hermosillo. Sonora. state tb,.r ItZk I"0?"'
iiermoaiiio, Minora, state that Potato -Nmr ki. .:. 1.. i.""u:
Saturday afternoon LieuteiiauPH'olonel I new potatoes in sacks oOai.i.'L"
Flore Hormosa, with fifty n gular of Krly Kote, in Ixixes from the
the Mexican army, came upon a band ILv,r' Oregon llurbanks ,d
of rebel Yaipii Indians in Chihuaouete "ver . '
canyou, I ppi-r Sonom, Hnd routed
them with heavy loss. Darkness term
inated the tight. On the Mexican side
"NIOB t'OO.I In Imi.. r.l:r...
n9U-; out, 25(1.5; Oron, ai
er centai h ' l(SA
a isdonel aud five soldier wcrv wound-! tl e.e, tit.f r.t .c ; do to i Si,.Tei.
ed and 0110 iorporal killed. A larire 8Uc; (i to 8 month.. c I .-.. -. .'.' 0
amount of buity was rtivvered from : hill, per iiuirnil K,a 10: Hn .!..(.-.. .... . ,
the Indians. Tho Yiupii rebellion is Northern. goo.i to choice. Hi lo,-'- ,i
the most serious ever L-tmu-n ....1 n... 1 defective, d'oinS1.!': .NVm.L "
its ita fiaid at mix- lump 1 .
shape that circunistaiic j ,.
wift hardly do even niialerHt,.Tj!
Such a tlock i very liable tu .
Home final, not relished bv it .1...
day, and when it refuses p, i'at
palatable fiaxl up clean have ita m,
cut down. I know a nn.n tl.,., .u
he had struck a giaal feci fr
try when he had access to a lurgKiou.
tity of rye, which he could obuin
little cost. Ho fed his hum on it j
after day, and as, after the Umt fi
ing tho fowl lagan to leave ,me c
1..... aI. . . - "
arpi cuuiiig uio quantity Ui. Ia ,
short time a few of the weaker fu,
concluded that death was lioa.orm.Um
such treatment aud tk tliealtenutm
of dying. Tho owner then tweke B
tho realization that his fowl awi
starve to death on rye.
A part of the system of th,. p,,,,,
raiser wi nld lw to have a settled
of feeding with a settled list uf H n,
fiaids to be fed lit the time of the f,.
ing of these rations, regulating tin
by the seasons and the (ibju-ta forwhick
the fowls are being dcvcln-d.
Ilim'ta Fur I lie Hitrar.
Don't check my head Pi high.
Don't cut off my tail ami then Hptt
me to Htaud easy without a fly net
Don't clip the hair off my ankles and
Dou't burn my feet w hen I am ,4
Don't yank thu bit in my mouth.
Don t say "Hack! when vnu nitti
"Stand still!"
Dou't expect me to eat when I bi
11 bad tooth.
Dou't bitch 1110 out iu the old iih
thu wind blowing hard.
Don't leave a shoe on me inure thu
four weeks,
Dou't trot 11 ic down hill.
Don't bo afraid to water me when 1
am warm. Do you ever drink whet
you aro warm?
Dou't whip me when I am afraid.
Dou't fill me full of useless medi
cine if I am sick.
Don't blister 1110 all over when I m
lame. Let 1110 rest.
Don't let some one drive me if thcr
do not know as much alsait going t I
do, especially n mail who is ilruulc
Don't forget to feed nie three tiim
a day.
Dou't call me 13 years eld whin I
am 20, aud expect me to Is1 us gucd u
Dou't hit 1110 over the head.
Dou't put blinder 011 me if I go well
without them.
Don't forget my salt.
Dou't run 1110 if I have the celir.
How would yon like that treatment
Don't burn tho burs out of my month
and think that you are curing the
Don't let some smart Aleck make t
trotter of inc.
Don't work all day without lifting
my collar.
Don't nut a mean, nasty bit in my
Don't leave mo iu flv time without
covering mo with a light blanket.
Don't allow my stable to lie too light
in the summer time.
1'iiliit tin Tlllia'.
Prof. Bailey told the New York kor-
ticultural society that tillage is cheiiai't
than manure. With proir tillv
we can draw npiat tlac immense r'-
serve i" pU at food iu the soil. The
manual labor reo,uirod for such tiHuf"
is cneaper tuna norrowing money i
fertilizers, while we still have iu '
soil a balance of fertility which is ni,t
drawing interest. Tillage makes plant
fiaid available for crops, breaks up the
capillarity of tho surface and interpose
between the moist undersoil and ttw
air a complete a mulch ( a weolii
blanket i to a cake of ice. Tillage of
itself is the first fundamental essential
of agriculture, aud tho fanner is the
one who doe the most of it. A spir
ited discussion followed, in which
number of cases were cited of orchards
bearing largo crops of apples w hen un
cultivated, to which Professor Hailcy
replied thut next to tillage and man
ures, pasturing with sheep and hogs
wa undoubtedly the best. If an or-
charts doing well without tillage, let
it alone; if not. plow it up.
Mexican force are tnakiug little- prog,
res against it.
Tar llrailllau Kuumtarjr IiUpiilr.
Rio do Janeiro. Juue ! Tl,..
light and clrW 8 iOcV
lUrrKK-Creaniery, fancy, 12 ,1 pt
-lOid. 11 V: dairy, fnev, loin,.-'
8 i8',c; store butter. 7-7 V Per pound
r.ous More. Ilidl2u.. ......i.'
cruiser ieradonte ha la-eu dispatched ', r ouck eggs, I3y 15c per
to Freuch Guinea. Adminil I1..1I..K..I u,"en.
will then procd to Pari with a view , nmlmTJl' o'1' Jew' 6cS.c;
sir- - - j SSH-'
Tiilierciilln nn llralthy ( un.
Careful test were conducted by Tp1"
fessor James Law during the pa.-t win
ter at Cornell experiment station-
'Taking all iu all. there is uothinK in
the record of teniia-riiture that would
indicate, either at the time of the test
or later, that tuberculin had in ".T
way proved inimical to tO general
health." The decline in milk produc
tion which followed is claimed M haye
la-en not more than the natural falli'ft
off. No effivt of tuN'rcuhu was h
srved on increase or decline of fat ia
tho milk. lrofesor Law conclude.
'So far a there i evidence before
everj thing points to the hamilessiicss
of a single test done on a a-mini ui"
mal system, even if such done were
peated aeveral time. Orange Judi
Farmer. Q