The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 15, 1895, Image 1

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l II Jill
L 27
NO. 25.
tEJ?ene CU) Guard.
. ... $i 00
.xUtj Knoimon
, ApUktttion.
j ,m vv:........woo
"""'.ffliloulrr.Un. 20 cent
J1KAI.KR IN 2513
I). tfctcSs CSrSi Jewelry, Etc.
,rjllvYrb V;CruW(l4-
.W. BROWN, M. D:
vslclan nnd Surgeon.
asliwideiie",r pmtnfnce. Horn;
a .; IS to 2, it Ui V ). in.
and New Prices In Foreign and
fertile Marble and Granite, Monunftuti,
Hl,tonee and Cemetery work of
(11 kind for WHO.
fcfttt Street, near l-intofflco. Eugene, Or
l-Onehalf block soutb of Chrism'
Mdenrecor. 5lli and Lincoln Sts
W.I. 8CAS59R006B. 11WB,
- iqidra in McClafun's hulld-
I. Ch.m QiI. I IWIII ... . i -
y uin oiu mm t m:Dinxi rurwie
8,0. Basis, Jr.,
i Una! hi
01 Eugene.
and Fronts, $50,000
SW8 Oregon.
bwral Unkln builoM done on reason.
"M draft on NKW YOKK,
"ic!iM(Wiol(no forelk'U oouutrfea.
"Waived lubjt to check or oertin-
r"Wntiuw.i Uu will rylt
f l! I"w, writes under dto ot
u. Mfo. Co.,
4, uurar, Oregon.
IMtS: Oil arriving linmA butt
'found all well and anxiously
Iff fiti- li .
iw I llu K'", eight ana one-
l"n i ''h" "ft'' wasted away
Wn.U.lMiow w.l, strong and
r V1"! ,wiU flebiied up. a. B.
rr. ll,e l work well.
i.lh I' 1 jouro.
.l V " "M cured ana Kept
L.J?a,lm,'ss fpon e. Ho K've
v'fyw,e, with greetings for all.
fcHftU parity, we
R. and Mm! J. F. Ford.
r,!'(h n5 rhwrlul, ind
, Pit butllB U Jrtiiil.U.
J h. PAGE,
t-tf'ilt Avrt rnup, m otivit
f J Farr Urooerlea bought Id th
tlusivcly For Cash.
A. ttl1 kinds taken at market
Spring and Summer ol 13S5.
Newest Stock an! Lowest Prices.'
B099et8,Jtet$3jdfrimrii9?8, !
Ir; Catest Styles ar;d 5l)ade$.
Wert Side Willamette St., between nth nd Huh.
Horeiicc Itemn.
The West, Juiih 7.
II. II. Fink. Is (luiiuerotislv
at Iter residence in (ile:ia:!u.
The Ulenada school, prof. T. M. Mar-1 in 1S82 they arrived in Oregon, (Jocat
tiu, teacher, closed today. iingin Ktiryne. IS'Vi-ral years iil-o,
Workmen are busily engugeil In tJM- when Mr Clurk Ucamtt supeiinleud
tlng thu rovk uuftrry 'ready lor unera-1 ent ofthe prinliiig department at tiie
Ttf Ilnntc-r urrivtfd from MarshfleM
With llipuu saow In 10 v for I. .is ploi-e.
, . , . ', .
Two to-t nnd ti steamerO hav
boen ke.nthnsy this V l loin$ wor
Oll tllM rlVCr.
Contnietir K.yrn U buying Voiul at j timi) ul Iftbor to further th h;ln.4
$1.70 pi 00K.I. Urn mttKl uSipct to.ofthu2i'S(iul.hep, h ill be iiilaspd
rtceiV t2.aj for waiid lmrifter. I in only hf hr hkko Mricn faai-
Mr Cultur, f UbtUHAn, has ihiiih'Ii
cd tho roiMel ktwntked ttsj the (mm
hcauk botow the MuasWir rlrer, kii4 it
Is irpocUd 1m will tasx Imi hit tlx
Uarlmr I pi.
Tu NoxMts loJ thsee kWwn
(mt over ths bar oti and
fUiy, then went up the ciawt to in
ssfcoosrr to Ales rivsr, tlnes ts
VajUlna sc freight ael retarn hx.
Tug Toti(Ulu arrifeel in Suny hav
ing in tow two scows froai Coot Ik?.
One of tlte scows bnAs loot whil
oomisg over the titr, lest it Al4 mf
ly in and wms taken inchsrjM by the
Contractor Daniel Kern Iism snuass d
the services of the Itnhnrts sad Lillian
for towing rock scows. The lu Ton
nniu, wiiich was brought from Xnsh
lield for such service, ill be taken to
Miss Clara Harlng and Mi tr
garet and Alice Mc oruaek, of the
North Fork, returned to their turns'
on Saturday lust. They have hies t
tetiding school In Kutis duriti the
past winter.
Ddllr Guard, June-11.
COMMITl'KK Al'I'OI NTKD.--A lltetillir
wan held In the llollmin lloim pr
iors latt evening to consider th lust
ier of organizing a church ofTherul
tarian faith Inethls city, ltev K ni Wil
bur, of Portland unn Itov W C Wetidte,
of Oakland, Oil., being pmsvnt. A
proposition was received from tl
American Unitarian Ast'iciath, of
llonton, Mass., to contribute Vo
$500 toward the organization, sroeliM
a like amount l rtid by those Inter
oried la-'ro. I) W Coolldes and 1.
uhwiaratsiiild rs sppninled a com
mittee to solicit the lunds, a part of
wliich has alresily beeett sukwrilsd.
The committee It confldeat no troubW
will bo exs.rienced In retiring the
theamosnit asd that the Unitarians
Till soon have one of the briuhtett
yoMnf IIWN of their deiMiiiaXion hese
5ti li. 1 NO. The pMf
don the comt seep up their hunt for
thu Ion 3 hat Brother Jonathan, and
late number of the Dx-1 Norte Iteeora
says: "The rmrtles BeOrcliing for the
brother Jonathan at Point St. (Jeorgo,
report having found at low tide, ffiver
al piece of iron and b' Its similar to
those used In tho oSnstruollon of ves
gels, wl?oh they think came front thai
vcjtsel. What streiiHthens their opin
ion Is the nict the Iron iound was oppo
site tiie place where the searchers last
year averred they had brought up Iron
rust on the grnpplingjiooks being bsed
in looking far her." Several citizens
of Lane county lost their llyes o'l H''"
To The Minks. Brownsville Times:
Last Monday morning Win Kobe,
Clius Howe, C E Smith, Frank Howe
and Bernle Howe started for the Blue
River mines, where they will proceed
immediately to overturn the whole
mountain range, Tho-e tine spec
imens that Messrs Dyson and Moore
brought dewn set the boys crazy. e
will wager a year's subscription that
In less than two year's time there will
bo one thousand incn m mis camp.
Iially Gunrd, une 11.
DivoitcKD bv Death. A few days
ago an order came from a Chicago
court to Attorney Stevms to take dep
ositions in a divorce suit brought by
Nellie Fleming ayrninsl Frank U Hein
fng, ail account of whose death, In
Han Francisco, was published In the
Ouaku of yesterday, A higher wwer
than a Chicago court lias dissolved the
P Prvsmss Orlirlnal neiisiolis allow-
cd Silas Russell, of Jasper,. J. B
rticharilsoti of Uleiitpnn, Jortu hehafer
of Junction City. Pensions Increased,
Andrew J. Chapiima or Lugene. Oris
Inal wnsloiis reduced and reissued,
(i. W Finney, or Cottage (Jrove, riiad
M. Humillen, of CotvallH, A. 1
Swpct of Cottuge Urove.
Iiallj Guard, June 11.
Grand JL'RV REl-oRT.-The grand
lury this ftfieniooti reported a bin
against Bout ttv,e," , fo,r l,urg
lury. Twu bills against Jack Brown
far assault with intent to cmimil rat.
Theohargo against C L Haton fur In
decent exposure w rvluriico ut a
true bill.
Found. Some of Hie
envelopes sfden from the
H l poetomiT oy y y... Lr :
founlln the hayloft of Ebon ewuri.s
barn a few days sin e,
wired dau or.nWvt. Opposite Hotel Ea-
ClU-1 llUs
gene, if illamette street.
Duth of Mro. II. It. ( lark.
The (irvullU TI11118 of Juno lOlli lia
the fallowing eiiiieeriilng the death of
lie nut' .lint 11 11 darn, a laily well
known in Ktigetie:
I Mrb II It I'lurk died at the family
lewidittie in thlHeily tit nine o'eloek
I riday Might, of HriKhtSdlieaxfof the
1 kidne.VH. She hud Ut-n idling fornev
erul inonthit hut h(j3 eitKe did not
eoiiiu serious until a wet k Ufore her
dentil, wheu she returned from a visit
, tu friends In the country, to he there-
after ion lined to.,er room. The fun
eral oecured front thu KBiseopalvhtirch
at 2:30 o'clock yesterday,
'and the services were conducted by
I ltev riiinimer The remains were In
1 tired In Crystal Lake cemetery. Mrs
' (Murk was horn In Flint, Mich., April
24, IH.V). !he wiis united in nmrrliikCO
to 11 K Clark, IVwit U-r 31. 1S7U. and
jO AC, the family came to Corva
M j
' V'T be ,''i,,C,to TVM- Tl,e
i ,"I.,,J of lr,H 'e,6,0t ,ro1,l! OH.r
1 midst one of our b-t kuo&ii und linittt
1 ti j.Jvly loved resldet.ts. A loving pifc
lemj ,other, unllUh to a reumrii-
1 rli.i.Uio nilv li oli'a lir
II v. but I, mitiiT lrk'4 .ail true rramUi
JisA was cneiftriniar in tl 'inrl
church At tnirrnen, an4 h stun m
Maliwd a cslstent Clmrlaa. At
tUe time of hf death tl
iWti"tU IifB of IW, Vt
watr in the f.'(aeifaW rtisrcb.
tic. Tlat "Ki-ji" liihtf tsi a
iiT the sail M blcyc4lat. It is
mail ruUhii- bulb vith a ihmW 4
tM'hittctit sod is usx'd -ky vImIuht lu
A fclldiHj theui(TM ugalMt vlehaM
do.. ThelislHis fllk.4 ih dilst4
aua ammonia, vhich, lm ytl,
(Baits a spray. Tliit dired at the
animal' (mt, it is sslJ, will te'h hw
(Waftliip etrrntl revrU(4 fisJl'lal
in the future. It is Ian suld thai
S"Ki-yi" have yery Machthe
same effii't on vlKelsutu thatitikas
on ds, and that this iioycI little
vie is U'lioniing a grt frveeitt villi
pedettriana in Allaur, Walem ud I'm
arnsand (Alwr lalWy tua wWm
cycliet tr vost cLaiaa tl' rit of
way. Wheelman of Cer?alli ae dif
ferent, hoverer, kd oiiliseipBMitly l
' Kl-Ji" will never meet with ray
sak) smnng ftsitnisn of this eity. Co
vallis Usai'tt. Tli Mat U en
tirely erront(aa In rewesno to Kie i
Vraitlmen. 'l'mf r m LsiU Hue)
Illy GaarS Jum 11.
Wkdal RsiirviB Hrls Llm
thai MisMifuf re44 tUe yold al
U hs praavaimJ Iff tie Alumni Aee
vik kH. f tire Uuinraity of Ctra
tit htit all rn athW la tWe SWea
kay conl it tl U. of O., Jaw lMh.
Phe M'dal it very besutlfal axl wHl
worth trying for, It it iwNBe of r
and aciMM the top aru eaafraved Ikes
verJt, "All Hound ChaiUjOoa," vhlk
lust hrlov are the Hbm. 1 I'aaM Ikiy,"
"U. oro ," "Juns lOlBfi." Tl let
teritif ' U. f O.," is niiamted la tle
colltpe color lesBon. Tins e in
Vhich tlst mwUl oaiu It coverad vitk
pluth hewing the coltof eiilor. Tlx
utudul was purobased at a co10,
and is lh Uret ot taavglveBMa
prLse In Held day contsaes ftKU. of
O? It trill add stimulus to tkte con
testant! tfho lll try for hones) Jmm
E. O.: A cotalogtie hivs been received
from the University of Oregon Ot Eu
gene, cf which Dr C II Chapman Is
uruaident. It shows a total sttendatice
during the past year of 4(15 students.
The courses prescribed by the curricu
lum are classical, scientific, literary,
English, business, and there is a de
partment of masic. The elective list Is
large and consequently a broad rail ge
of studies Is opeu to a student In any
one of th8 courses. S P Sturgls of
Pendleton, Is a member of tho board of
regents, and is the only one from
EasVern Oregon to have a pluce on the
Bound for San Quentin. Albany
Democrat: A. Meyer, the deputy ol
Kx-U. S. Marshal O. T. Porter, it now
on his way to San Quentin, California,
having been sentenced there lor three
vears lor embezzling U. H. funds. Mr.
Meyer irieu 10 squirm nui i i"--HiomiiPiit
hv having Mr. Porter, dur
ing his absence Indicted for the ollense;
l, t It una fillnsl iii nuick order up
on lils arrival, as his personal record
In the matter was its straight as a rule.
Or tho awid Jury who Indloted
idmonlv three were ootupetent Jury
men. Thus ends a matter that lias ex
cited general interest.
Dally Guard, June 11.
Officers Elected. The (Irand
Chapter of Mucous, at Prtluud yester
day elected Hie' following ofllcers: J.
M. Hodson, of Portland, (1. II. 1 '.; J
II. Irvine, Canby, D. O. H. P.: L, W.
Itooey, Eugene, O. K.; Q H. fetrunge.
Oregon City, (. H.; I). P. Mason, Al
bany, G. T-'i J. V. llohliison, Eugene,
O S ; O. O. Hodson, McMiuiiville, O.
C. of H.; 8. L. Pope, Portland, grand
lecturer. Eugene Chapter 'o. 111. wis
represetiteil by II. D. Paine, J. L Page
and H. M. Vorun.
A Luikrai. ElUTuii. Albany Ileiu
ootati A Eugene man had live boys
arrested far stealing chvrrles. He
tried to make the fnthors of the boys
pay t2 a n'-Ci to settle it without ur
rv,!. Upon arrest the hoys were ac
nultted Boys steal cherries every day
rotn the yard ofthe man about town,
breuU oirthe limbs and sn.a,h U'ings
aroui-l gencmry, It-tthere will Ije no
uruU a i'i'. ""'' Uvh Mu
bevome "ihv liuifs.
A dull court week.
J II Goodman returned
Dog tax after July 1st.
Iryin Saleni
Is your dog
worm iiv
ltev Millerd returned to
this morning.
Mr X J Applegale l visiting at
Independence. O
Joe Ilea venue U colitlued to his
room with sickness.
J K Kelley Is moving from his res
idence on 6th street.
Mrs Anna Millerd returned to Junc
tion this morning.
The Indian War Veto ran s meet in
Portland Thursday. q
Mrs Minnie Washbirue went to
Portland tils morning.
Congressman Hermann 3111 toon
ai rive home from Portland.
TheOreiron Press Association
I dr-
O...A..1 ... It... . I..,.. . H, I
ium lib -v pil l J uiy o
MidClinj llayx W p from
lUhurg for few days' visit.
Mrs W fl AbrotnS-) I13S Mttjrnod
home frem A Oioit to leui.
XI O V?illn, offleial court K.hMey
rcpjih', is Is MrwiidtiHt Nini immA.
Allwiy it to have a 10 iit shaving
iniH le int litis cultitif larlar .
Himrl lAoj.i I-) la viUec s
ltd la (S bjsi tstkwei mbv (
CltT ltJle ek4 Vitl this Bjsaka te esht t fee
Th U. ((). t-H tdaJ Bel k
fl-asil 11 enkiUtrtw uskil I ramsVa
Mtre !.
a tU ft evisj kU4 kuai Braaa
aafweel Air a tttf a I Bi peey taw
lusalar Iosbm,
I'rr4 WulWy h-N rca t MM
II NOT. utw krl'SnlMS.thet,
toaterov M)t (Auy..
ABten iu ke etaaia-At B ftak 7M
(1T. Wi n M tu I mi b W SMM
Swlfrfcn tkeiae ekiyt.
ml lea Au-aa tha irff kt at
ls III i'tym, Dm 4et f stes
Btes IjM l'ftrTia4t.
N.TI WilUr, ( P.UeJ, aB4r
WVnsie, . (ktklM4l, ( l., left h U
farm city tm Ike 1V.U train.
A (WU-tksa f vlU ft-l l IIIIbs viae
von.iii t M. B. NibSh, of
bui Ur eNBMes tUat aAiraa i.
Tl rits asaallv tUf
fnmi tha Vkwh (Mie ukre Into Lfcu
KtiiBUi rnwieu est Wwa 7th btraet.
Tli rtilresM) ASeaelaf panr letf
Bkeait luktaaaW sriWU la fMajsMt. 'rt
A70 fniu lie-r Ve Irving.
'roi Corvalli reeitii !
that Max l'rkee4ly km tUe lyraieWhy
W lit leva lu lik raeetU aeu4iaeT
K K MsC'kwiiM, who vies tWa
aaiki ktk'yeat Hex BA Aieriuu's fmtk lX
rckay, reeaTra4 taw yv, a tv-aakeB,
Mn. A G-(kelatra m aHNa
saWrg ttl if) aa-al4 A Tk vikk
hwr MtXr-r, Mrs W H A ni, b
1 nam f fnaa tAwa BwfceWy.
Tk oe.-W of Hktra CritHkheW (
Uiw Mil la IVrtluMi r-Bea,T.
weivik-r tan -aaaiiaei yM,
Cha CHnniMrliataa's tve i
Nna r a data ie w i) k rt
vaatwthT. NWIom W Fall IWISJ.
ItKondUe kM mimo4 tk k.
Ann) kl Jnnwa 1 oia (f IVa y-y'r-tori
of the Owuj ) troati, fMUukri at
Un hen, aruln. Mr Jea neat his
scIkmiI days in I'ufaaaa.
Kcv. J. E, ksiyilM bus mmbb t kVe
burgon bueiroi la (yaiawAaHa villi
U. 11. church prnfMtfy hi vill tkst
Ooklgnd and Drain befiuaj Maralsf.
The qusrter-mlle blcycto race at
Merluu's park last bTUtflrday tfiat wots
by Ed McClatiahan. By sttte ennaus
this race was omitted Iroio yea2erda's
S. E. Brown went t Halem this
morning to anix-ar before 1 1 tie grand
Jury in the case of the Slats of Oregon
vs. c. Jones, me i'iuqsaui ttiu
poslotllcs rohlier.
Bithop J. S. Mills Las gone to Wash
ington to dedicate a church of tho IT.
U, denomination, fie will also dedi
cate clurahes in the vicinities or Dufur
and Tygli Valley, In Oregon, before he
ltev II L BiKmluiao, or this city,
preached thu educational sermon at
tho McMinnville collcee yesterday
foienoon. Ills theme was, "The source
of holy Inlluence and the made of its
exercise throughout the world," The
sermon was highly pralued, by those
present. He was loii'ucrly a student
at the college,
The excursionists on the other sldo
of the river hud a difficult lime getting
home. Thu engine was light and
could not pull the train eu time, ha
lem, by the railroad, Is l4 miles from
HpringlWd. and it reimlred over seven
hours to make the trip. Less than 15
miles an hour.
Monday's Albany Democrat; Clh
ernie ' Celeste Coggiwell, the well
known Htdti.g lady with the famous
Frederick Wards: I roup, which has Just
closed the reason, was In Albany this
noon on her wsy from Sun Francisco
by wuy ef Yaquina to Eugene to vMt
two weeks w ith relative, tho (Joggs
wells of that city. Mis Cogrivell will
alterward go direct to New York. The
Man aWil Town had tho p'easuie of a
live lulnutoa visit with the popular ac
tress, Editor E. L. E. White doing the
Introducing with great suavity.
Brownsville Times: Ralph L.
Kmipp, editor of tiie Oregon populist,
and formerly an employe of this olllee.
has donned the ministerial gsrb and
now preuchw at tiie North Palestine
church every fourth Sunday, Italph
ws (.Lie a printer'! "devil," rnd now
he U a llilnlster-a fut which ra ise
CPhiiul rjolcing in this shop, as 1,1
suggests that pnihulily theia U
chance for some of u yet. We believe
that Mr. Knapp will be a minister ef
more (ban local note. e wish hlin
success, Indeed, far we believe hlin to
be a worthy young man.
8 P Company's tie preserving worms,
which have be-n stationed si at Lath
am for some lliliv, wcru i.oavu
through ' Ehgene ' fennduy en
route to Ct.ri.eliu, where they will be
stationed far a while.
M. F. Caiitrell, formerly of Lane
county, has been reelected torn position
In the Medfard public school.
A lull
Kesume ef Last Night's Prj-
Cutineil met In rhamliQs lust even
ing. 1'riM Ut, Mayor Matlock and full
Minutes of the prctihu meeting read
and approved.
The iliiance cou niltteo reMrted fit
vorably 011 various bills, which weie
ordered paid.
The Judiciary committee reported
adversely to siinidvlnif himlaT to the
city by the contract by the year. Ite-
sirt adopted.
The street committee resrted ce
ment crossing at alley lielwcen Cham-Is-rs
and I pint's stnn-s, at a cat of f .tl).
BeiMirled (hat many walks need re
psirlug ICrport adopted.
The tire and water committee report
ed building far hose girt house In east
part of city at coat of about ?M). Report
ed adversely on Increasing allowance
to lire comionlea. It.qmrt adopted.
The health cogimlUVL- again rcp-Crt
many dlCigrte&bla (Xid tiiioont cij
IHMilSlu alleys toljolijlng tlrft bofiiatwi
pjrt of the city, and eit.ivBd An
trdlmfjc ctiikllingVTciufeik)
uuleP property oiA ! ijr
uresl to reraoss tlat snm.
fi'tltlou to riud reeaii Iamib h
tsrpid lo tret fltBae (VMBtlkasB.
A'lltuaef im ssilkee UeratB
KB cat lltV- reM -
r-Hitkea m hweaslave
ka ?- at AjiAi, 1
aaaxa ranViiat-ailf
saaai BMsti-a.
m, mm
IWtataa tr met laiS
eSxuit-k cieaew, reiei mb4
vtai.Biltka m He net a viaka.
krfa of e w-uat Saw lieka" inj An
sairBtwwe ef tMtjl Mtji , vmh sstat
and k-e!.
Certain ii 1 1 in arantlaaj line A
HtvaeS .aaltle ke uei naty HBom-irialM
reSsa-llt is resttSrW wllktsaa Ba:
setea Iklra tiascaaaa Biatmea.
(HriaaWB IkteeBaaej We leied
tlaea) as-a .ai ta maiae iae
(Mimanca reaVaei m$ Va
Mad Atie-a
co la at rat- laVkvs
(einAe A BMAiikaA taeU BAtfhafi
laresy liaslts aeiea rvf4 Uataa Ikat4 ae-
A.-rse! to Judbmery nataHkii
'flat eaaaltAva eat U mhmu
a wdiaMiie waVAt
aeaurt wiw pe-eenel a4 aawseel
OeeMnuJkrc be a-rVi marAVltrauv-aMn
CM mm in 4mim f lHd Mwt, IWIB
Ivkr ar4 naeisja' A earn rtkau ma Are
B4 wuAer.
(tliuaaste re-r Wn hiVmnaaeu mi
f W ar (jUueKv t wS In raafaaay
and 1M la VaM i mas eWkasetes reasl
tBlre aaJ nesiai'S aw aw t aikiv ire
eeai ist a a flA laea4 ef fl. BviW
(Aiirii Una tmi Btixse!.
Orilinaasu avWrir Mr rieiB
lai walks rm4 twkaa taa4 Miw
ke ka-intlnaieeaaBiitkau.
Cteaaatiitkee Ira AA TMake
atUa-ie4 to Ut-WW aaamak
wkk-h U aee-Bek.aMim SMasuae, ue ke
katee law irrtni-lB Aa K eevfcrrwi.
AVilkt Ka aaa fJmtrrv k' kVasaaati
mliMttSHKl iMtWewd ka aaaats m
mmi rkaks far aeiao atawieet
Adk rae-ti.
Tlsr.os, Jaeai 7.
Via Kallat reasaaa MWa
havliif rrMBB.tteS a I
(tears in kkaet swsAsnja.
Uas. L- L. JaeaBSSawi at Yeaaeasmi,
kas kwel trM Arlistrkeai M-ui aaa
lis (armw thkt weeit. Mb
eomMi hsaWly twa.efek.-i by law
travail a kikikt
A nsaiber of tks ifBllaj; rVitavsny
of this city went us to fcra TkBs
dsy to it the btriAW maese ma la tk
raoea. They relareatd wsfalsei ns
the rare was won If lUmi U. It did
not cotf the boys aiucli, haweyec.
The following olOivr. oi tan .. (t P.
lodge were elected TBursday fortltJ
send annual term: C. C, J. T. Clow)
V. C, W. W. Oglesby; P., W. M. Pit
ney; K. ofR. AH., H. L. Woorheud;
M. at A., E. J. Mat; I. (I., U. M. Hy
land; O. O., C. P. Houston.
Ually Uuard, June l.
Capt. Yoysq Will Rkbhi.v.
Csnt. C AI Vounir. romnauv C. O N G,
of this ctly, last night at drill meeting
Informed the company that ho would
tender hi resignation y captalu as
wKin as ine veewsary prenuiniarius
could be goue through witn. capt.
Young was unanimously sleeted to the
captainacy of the company a few
weeks ago and at the time signlOed hit
willingness to accept the office and
make the most of it. Ills resignation,
comlug in at tills lima wil prove a
great disappointment (a the company,
as he Is vety popular and Is a thorough
military uisoipiiuuriun.
Steamboat Hold. Newberg
Graphic: "The steamer Gray Eagle
was sod this week to Chaa Hpnuldlug
and )t C Miles. The farmer owners
have been hampered by accumulating
ludebtednesa ever since they began to
build the boat, ao that they were never
able tu proeriy fVulsh aud equip her,
and Blue she has ltn on I tie water
aggravating attaohiui'tita have been
made from time lo time. The new
owners prossQ to finish painting
and otherwise fit up the boat so thai
she may be aide to command respect
on the WCIamette, and thus be able
to bid for such work a., may owwe lu
her way.
Hoc lNTt.i.LicJKNCB.-IIop growers
of L'klah valley are greatly concerned
m 1 1,., anis-itriiiiceof a worm which
la ilfvnstatlmr the ilelda. The pest ts
-1... 11... 1., .,,,u.riw to thu army
worm, Udiig about one uoli lung and
an i l ht of Hnliuh in diameter. It
u'w f'.i-.i di -wwered by RoU-rt Clark,
k,n.ialM.r. The worm wu alio-
geiher by night, cleaning of! (he leave
ml vvcrv veatine of ereen from (he
vine. It also works systematically,
destroying a row at a lime. to Eiof.nE. tycoiuu A
delegutlon of lite alumni of the luw
school of the I 11 1 vera! ty of Oregoa,
and also ofthe junior claaa, will leave
Tuesday, June 18, lo attend the gradu
ating exercises at Eugene. Prvaldeut
Chapman will do all lu his power lo
make things pleasant lor th vlaitore,
and they will bo given a banquet by
the cltlr.cns of Eugene.
Junction City will cJeeit the
cotiilnir Fourth, of July Ut errand style.
Still More Interest Is Hi-lug Awak
ened In Mils Kuterprislng
Thoso w ho are Interested In the prop
(witlou to build a ateamboi, to navi
gate the waters ofJhe uppW Wilhiiii-
elte are not aMow K?q (he matter to
and If tliey conliiiue lo awaken inter
est lu (liis enterprising project, as they
are at present, it la sale to say we will
have a Ismt.
The subscription puiht now show s a
list nfAamre signed lor the sums of
f2,426, and lu addition to this there
are a number of other reliable men
who have given (heir word (o dike
stock in (he enterprise as soon us a
cor pot at lou. la formed. And this will
lie doneusVooii as the necessary papers
of organization can Isi llxed up.
A well-to-do and reliable fanner,
ho resldiOiuor the city, is tu3' ls-
coming iuteresteCl In thu nifptv end
hucsauiiounccl hlQ Olllingnii to tnM
iHiiisideroin ana l in ins iHtii prosiitsi
necAr MfeBS r. aatinll are (aen
ta Bntveet (IgAoVMit Asid aisjiatoit of
(lit bot (nma sat-rMA ciaSjifMltloei by
ties M t. nataelf Peat a rtaaleaaikis
psikat (ftitaa). kM At VaiBkeal, at tm
(US SB(elti mmi liaatfr Baw or
Alas tva ( snatfaaka tea lankaaats of
(latliaatraM Oaes Bill alee Hem a
lreeal li'm l tkaiif aaa.fc) Bt Vk
fu vmK 1 itei Max mat a is etoat
tv yB, BMtrltkityaslat mj cua
snate reaar,iHM vktrei ken Mleauft
teaautf aaal eaikT ka hall fee keiatar
at thai kvie) mmi Xt 14 (beaa te aaai
rtvt. t at lUai,A by tka aa at Meal
kiaaw nAuBaal, kkw kMtkki anew Uu4h.
IMaaal a keieeki vkkrh VlU raiBkU It t.
aaaatejo wltai isay arSHi t.ikeb
bAU ia;aiiiMr . rhki
M vry Stair nuU sviweaMabae, luad
Will BM m-m4 Are rwiaakly riatapaaal ask,
A eeaaaaltAee w 14 bwsmA agua esir lar
aatsa bb I aa .' wJy I mav wAA
kaat Atrec tkaty vkU ukaaai bbjbb tfeut
TVm BweetMAy ea Uewad ax wn aai eoB
Ihtl fnM BeeeMila IbKmw4 la IAi
W laaaaliHt. Foe xifk.'BrtM f tkat
Bi- Iwivu tisearVit sm thaiealr a leaat
nwaw4 Head eaitraikt4 Bf piBMeaw iW
rte I as BBaiBiurBy Head tsa lawns M k
tswaf aarkmi tu kbaa iaaXasAB etdi
esa? be) HnseusreWlf raja e kM rmm
rtva. it ks mvtmuy Wbt tkks bu ba
eanauB ta aaales tt wAi nfyikeeJ anafae
an f iUkea. ke-tten tai biibjHiiBi.aaw
Anwta4 tka; wibkiBu of eao etr.
Ida. miv ntuu w MtutatK.
At As AjrmiAH to- tota ft COM.
slavery bo ia- ttmaL
Ttac'a rxrtkM4 S: $Amw&m tAv
rei4si Mir wwtamuiiat ku eWtoa'
Gsaire AUf Hseesas, tkee lav.4f ef
iaau of thai but ktii ai tft ba
the BM4ew4, Wlan AW (kai ib AVeai
ymsa bus (nMWaku4 a pa mmmf is)
!", via r.aamj'in km iumimf b
fm tinmi aaa4 usM laaoaiiaM baotossvy ba
tsaa Bawl. roB)eBHM.
Tbkt rs wraat Mr AreA 'k At ba tea)
fty, atinaihku4 As a !ai asrtVrt.i-e
MHkwBekiy, aa4 thxaej m b ep'tsiwa
bt wkaat ba Mtvneai kiaal'ss
Mrfcreiw ,kMwisl a gem iraAaBy
ea a uet4 1 sciaru lat Iaaaj kkuu ptiiawt
neaat Cebag mf tm mmmdhur mm mS
sakaai, m sanai em.vb.'H B katenajiaitJrsMi
m tbiat ews by msikaaai ae4'
ISH;, si nuMiea-aeie4 iniwiar ba mty
fmm la tw BeutH. V Btt4.bttl
aJMta; trim yvot ta year, buang mtisb
aanewsns aas.i ay arat faeaa keiel siaaBiaV
61 Hat Mm BMaBerkjfcauM, ev We be
4inianvu wbkli MaajkS aamk 11a) iiiiasjh
bJ baas kwaa (akasy4 tJas fkwe BXB uf a
aWSkM, HwiA baaai et (M. H
1st rtawo aurtaist bw )aaiais h SxAvtass
a (ksejM imn.U stay mikifteBai Ct
mmM maaa hub aifc Mf I'aynaa.'.
A I Mae&eat Mr. ieH St tM4a W
fatly svries saaai, haaA kss kuu m ee5
MMBt eiaameXf ka I a vat VM baa
kSa'4 gM a aebB ami faraaVes MkeiMAy
eaapaoyBSeaat t -fa aava, IJk) staa aaawo
bbt (akuat ai a saauil e ptaaue,
Tla-'rs nasi U roe SJtt mMt ftrabet'
gwa, nat J aapta Wlktiea bwve betel nu-
laid fir ot lfce.goatalJl8 es Jr-
tlast aaaj Fraajae.
'1 aliould like ttset say aliat
Portland," said Mr. Hi aw yeHtisaiy,
"aud with the soOall sai le0 I
could iirakB the move and give the
people a practical demonstration of my
knowledge of the business, and the
merits of the gun. My plaut Is worth
from tUUt) to 4000, aud I have placed
110 value en my patents, i would be
willing t3 risk all Just to show what
can be doue hero lu Oregon lu the gun
manufacturing line."
It would amtcar that here Is a good
opportunity for the Manufacturer's As
sociation to bring a new Industry to
the city of Purtluud. At any rate it Is
worth looklmr luto aud considering.
Mr. Sachs has worked In all lines of
the trade lu the largest guu factories of
Germany ayl la an expert at bis uusi
fitv HrciftKNCiC Burned. AI
hnnv Herald: The farm resilience 01
K P.. I'tirish. about six miles from ai-
ijtnv. namrht tire veaterdav afternoon
and burned down with nearly all the
puntunta. Fred Blumberg and H
H vde were passing when tiie lire oroa
out rrom llie rooi aim assisiuu in itr
movlnir nart of the furniture. Nr.
I'.rriali was awav from home. It la
not known how tho fire originated,
unless it was fram the kitchen flue.
Tha cnntetita were insured In (he New
Zealand Co.. M. N. Hleels agent, for
about lUDU. Tho house was also In
u,red A ItinflAiv ltoaeburs Plalndealcr
A few days ago Russell lHsinent af
Curry county brought eighty head of
beCl cattle to ltoseaurg auu sum i.u
lu.m at an averairs of 137.60 per head
uhirh owt bliu In Curry county tl
head. That was a pretty good advance
for a few days' werlc gathering up ana
drlvlug. They were ahlpped to rorv
land 011 the 9. 1 it. iv. uiey wefu 1
n..u i.,i rHitl futteuod ou the ever
Dnwii urasa af Curry county, one of
the beat
(jouulrivs lu the
Pally Guard, June U.
A Little ExciTKik A. J. Zum
wait, nnaof the lurvinen In the case
f h.lnirn va. MuMurrv. yesterday af-
(eruoun, while on duty discovered Ihut
his pocket book was inissliig. As it
h,l akaut tllMlO woilh of notes and
oma iiioitov iu 11. hu was naturally
llt(le excited. At 0 o'clock he went to
hit room but. did not find the missing
book, Then ho wended his way on
Cot to Itvlnir. where, he found the
missing article (jn lh table la his own
The st Sprint MeSlclita
Just now everybody Is thinking about
taking something lor the blooj.
A Spring medidiiQas we speakCf
It. And it's a good tiling to Jo, but you
want to get the proper medicine. If you
Cnsult your physUan be will tell you
nJ that, bKsn tSt liver ht
imlt to do vith the blood. II tka lie
A isu1 m It cleJ, tA
kkr4 k-MaM hapura, t4 t.- !
taJr sisVr.v. Every -.. iaa M east
bmWJ f(- tlat Wt-4 l uirk4 i
- ai raw Itsr. tH a .-a aC30
aVwm ur Ltvt,
9 Kca ts va M real baotat 0b fjae)
A tore wot va. he" rVnx IS oa fCj''
f&ui as as bj in mvsoi or prvdk.
cunxi0i(ff curnt
ftltoa liwia4,raflj awtavs . 33$
i J t wffcesoax eaa t ewmmi
wowe, fcaV Mm (7) 63)
KU IXBttian eMCOoTB siMai
taaa-V, M, Swaa llUS)'
ta Ala Batf ea rMvawil M
ay b ea sUflwazai rkaw: JUttf
wwamuias mbbh. iarsa Wat ocW
H oaa.aa laeueawau ttaw a4sMla
1 tax aaaB mf flbv 4btt,
be kr leant tT i A WwOa A tl
Atawar a aaat eVaavsi ., Mi V tC
CUa, Haw, timmriA ta
M aai 9 caw, V (wool ol ft
In taw co kedbf 4mMMK(3)
AWtAatt Ant t Mlt taeaan) tWs
Sajhkt saak u4 km) mA Mom ) e- at (d)
auaaas u kaaC
V At Jaavkww, tewfta M4 eT
fMMa'4 H.H nflkaifcai CJCfl)
iaanakus 1, esoas ett
ttmm Kuarakiiiaiek aTt im
Baahasaal eat Aes-v: eeaetiaacaiiJ
sXeVtnat stag iat Itm-i- in r &A
a ka Kurt: eataf Ma aiaauey
wyaa, nviaf ay m Shrtaav, w w
uaal Jiaws (, teuaty 0x1
bwiak stake atRaa) tat tea) avaluwai tnM Q4
wiaa4iaewfti4arft asj H
4- 1 sx ka T r, w, tta0 5A
taw a w I ttf sw 8
nHwrw Vjauaur MaMWt SflAa aSnM
fri HBBtgnmA,r e' senk Jtf-fkMA &4)
IB frs uen iUj JAaa S."A
Kr-ttn W bokai-Jl
AV 4kafsjAt y AJSiSta
iMJgalaraaAseJB aas t Avioaki ftti .
IXrvt 0 tUUkX
tCeTWASrt.BASjrw Amjf)
tars aa.iiliui M -A CftS
SI. lataAttts ka AfaV eawa U. tAk
asteak a aaV (rfaBry B k) tmwxOmtiwK
taatMtaa kekaa wssa basijay JU T.
n' ueiaa. BMkijMie warn wo awiy
eat kaat y m aj tajaa iaeaat
at8oeiok. Oa wtaanit ea bah JAMA
eftfsikty it St uaaiiaaay haa;at H
Wirt Mitfvai tasj MaaiBie, mi
viat. SiateSV lawa'ital bay MaJ)
cetXi Is fiats twB k i yia at
JisAa iAaAwaaiat ken msisb kaaasj eav
t(Kaak'a of ajtilty I tav knatM-
AS'St. ctinrgaBt warn laV aaaro
It Willi intern to c asset
on snaie littkj sakiMil girb
of town about two weeka
ice. Th other indictQieni w do
ilTnisscd, we understand. The brut
wlllOte sentenced tomorrow moruing
at 8 a'olock. The enalty is from eue
to ten year) In tiiu penitentiary.
KannerH and Lalterers tonfc-rest
to be Held at Merlau's Park.
HadleyvilV:. Juno 10, '0!.
Editor Guard. Please announce
n tho UUARD inai mere win ve n rur
itieni' and l.aiKirers' couKresa 1 iciiiu
on June 2th, 18U5, at Meriau'm Park.
The following subjects will be dis
cussed: Finance,
Initiative and Referendum,
Coxey'sGood Road, O
Municipal Bills,
Omaha Platform.
F. M. FioiiswandO,
Com mil tee.
St'i'HKMK Court. J D Matlock,
resiMindent, vs A Wheeler et al, ap
pellants: oidered, on motion, that
time ror serving ami iiiiug apicuuuw
brief be extended 30 days.
P- -r-
Highest Honors World' Fair,
fJol4 Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Moat Perfect Made.
40 Years the Standard
"f v
0 V
'vier, .
. . ; it