The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, June 10, 1893, Image 7

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rjlTY AND iSfuiNTY.
-CATI ltl vv.
Jl'NK 10.
hiii t irii.n.
lli'inl- r-'M, '.i'litlt.
J.J. Wu't'iii, attorney -ut-l:iw.
j- i. Kipwoi tti. nltorticy-nt-law.
li! in -uilx-r that 1-1 llmiMtii ha the
l .( - I. . !, -i "I'H k of tlolliing in low ii.
Orders for undertaking rcivlved day
nii.l nigld at I.llill A I ' "ton-.
pr Mil"' Srlse '" N" Pr"irlloB.
Motny to loan on farm. F.iniilre nf
Judge Walton.
For li nil" made to order mid in ' '"llll"'- K" l" l A
Hring your old scrip cn-t Iron to l he
Ktitrt'ti- I"1" Foundry where you nn
,.- of il.
Miiinvt I":iti 0:1 1 tn jnv .1 farm-for
i.tiii "i yi-ir nl a r-ii-imt,l- rale of
Inti-n-l by" K.J. l 'litit
If yon want M'i' of dot Inn or n iciir
f ii"nt : ! - t" Davis, till' tailor.
. r:i 1 1 1 - satisfaction ninl low
pr. (i. W. ToT'll.- iii:iy lw fouml nt
(li. iv-hl'-li'V oil Oliw stn-t-t, l-twtvll
Fifth mi l Si xt ii street, one hlm-k wot
df tin' Miinii hotel. I If is pre
pan-d t' 'I !' dental work in tin- Ik t
ZfiUff cur-l .f I. ll SttIss.
Lawn mower have struck bottom,
(Another pari of tlu bankrupt stock.)
Sv pri t V. L. Cii.miiKits.
siif.f.p invit.cto us notkk.
All person ill Lane county owning
..abhv sheep or shivp lllllictcd with
ullirr di-casrs, are hcnhy not i !! I Unit
kh I -lnvp niu-l '' thoroughly ilipiHil,
uillrii'iit to kill ii'l ili-HiiM- fortli nli.
Any MTon failing to comply with
tin-noiiiv w ill In- liable to have hi
sliirp dip-d by the In-Kvtor nt wiiil
kthi'- expense. Take notice ninl
.ivc cn-t-.
IVit.-l S-pt. 1. I1"''--.".
li. J K.N KINK, Sheep lll'cor.
I nr. M. J D.ivisisu prominent fit i
u i of Lew i-, Cii.-t county, lowu, mid
Inn Invii in-lively engaged in the prac
tltv of medicine at Unit jilinf for tin
im-t thirty-live year. While in I-
, .uii-1 rti route to Chicago he w as -uu-ili
iily taken with mi attack of iliar
rlec'i. Having sold liauil i lai n 'h
(Vie. ( 'liol. ra ninl Diurrhieu Heuicdy
fur tlie :x' seventeen ycar-Jiiul know
ing il reliability 1 c procun-d n lii ivnt
Iml tli', two Lottie- of which complete
Iv find him. Tin1 excitement ninl
i'Ii.iiil'i i'l li r llll'l ilu t iliciilellt to
tniVi'lniK oflcii nroiltlco u ilnirrho'ii.
Kvery one ohull priK'tire n Uittie of
tllin Itellleily iH'foH' leaving llotlll'. For
Sale hy 4 -litirn A IvIjiiio.
foul Hill Nur-tery.
( all on or mMrv- T. N., Kti
i.viie, for nil kiiiiln of inirM-ry tlMk.
rriiiie-oii inarolMileui plum root that
will not -pmiit, al-oon 'aeh root.
K,'t; for SkU.
I have "Hue llnreil riymotith ItiM-k
vr for -ale at Jl x r hittini; of l:l i'itif!,
M "" fortwo i.ittini'-. 'I'hem- txif
from pure Linl- iniHirlei from Iowa
ninl lakola.
F.lniiin, Lane Counly, Orepm.
Are you iii-ureil? Ifnotllow lithe
time to pn iile yourwlf ami family
Willi a hottlt.' of (hamlicrlaln'H Chol
cr.i, folic iin.l Diarrhu-a Hemeily in mi
liiuraniN from any w rioiin results
from an atta-k nf'liowel I'ouiplalnt
iliirini; tlie siiuiuier months. It Is
nlino-t certain lo h- tns"lei ninl nhoulil
Is- prnetinsl at otn-e. No other reinc
ly can lake 11m plait) or lo Km work.
"' ninl .'ill o'lit Lotties for kuUj hy )
t urn ,V IK I.ano.
Fifty inlils Is a Hina!l ilm'tor Mil hut
Unit is nil it will com you to euro any
onliimry caw of rheumatism if you nw
niaiuls'rlain's I'uiti llalui. Try it mul
vim will In- hiirpri-eil ul tlie prompt re
li' f it utl'orils. The llr-t appliealloii
will ijuiet the palll. cent Ix'ttliU
fi r fale liy O-liiirn A Ik I.auo.
fa i :.m siT) iFsai.
Two hiiiiilrtsl Hcnn of valley lutul,
i l -w t mx luili-s west of Junction inn
two miles -otilli of Monro', in I -a lie
I'i'iimy. AlHiut lui tiLTcit are in cult I
y:itiini, an. the whole tract is fcinssl
Tin' soil I- uooil, anil the unclennsl poi
li"ii is tilluhle wlien eleiin-'l. The priif
i 'Son; terms easy. Full particulars
ill U iriveii on upplicatloii to
M i' M.-l i:u A- Itimtn.l.,
l'ortininl, Or.
.-Iiil. ill's Vit' is what you lieeil
f"r Iiyxiicp-ib, tor iJ liver, yellow
"ivill or kiilllev '1 iouI.Ic. It Is Kliarall-
I'-'l to i;ive vou fii fiu'tioii. I'riit'
cut.. Silil'l.y
rrrv Dm u moiu-
Miss ANNA TLATTS is now pre
p'triil to do i!ri s-makinu', ninl all
kin. 1 uf w uliik', nt l lie rcs.
ilciiiv of Mr. A. J. I'ickanl
on Fiftli direct, U-lw-ti
Wa-hinton ami Jeil. r-m.
Good Work at Reasonable Prices.
l!n m i.k. A .'I Incli Coulmhia l i
cylc fur sal,, ut trmleat n trn-ut har
K'lin. In.Hire at tliis ollliv.
I'retirU 'I usy nfern.
Tin-.- wafers nit' for the relief lltl'l
"re of i.ainful n n I Irn-t-ular im iw,
will remove all olf-tructioiis, no
matter what the cause, an. I are Mire
aii l safe every time. .fanufactunl hy
Kiuersiin prn'Co., S:m J"--', t'ttl., ami
for ml,- Ly (Miiirn A I)eI.:ino.
Tin? Lortl Unrket.
Tttt fo''...i,,, .(-iLt,!!,.,,! (,,f ih
d u( r: 1 r;.-- itu.j ihrf i
- I. i. l I- l,,nal u . .-
Till Jim .
HliT-r, t..r,i
IVf ' I. I. U
ru a-irri.,,!,
v. n,. a
V,i.lvr n
H-l-r .
""' l'-r ik
Wal Biarkrt
I'm '. '1
irU m tucli
i.'. 4
i.. 14
; i
i. , i
1 V
I u
; '
e - .
B' nu tr f..
sni. ,..!
I'M .1...
i Ikcj
i m '
S .n
li... K
'TI.,., Bmhrl
(. 4-i.-t tr.uu u-t Y tk
-. i . Ik
I "
wi y ik
. Ju ten
A lii:ht liower of mill carl; this,
iiioriilnk'. j
Tliure Is now no lin k of inrly vege- i
tahlr in the inalket.
Miss Mamlu HelnlerMin, of All!.',
Is vl-ititnj rilallve In thti city.
Ur. li. It. Kuvkemlnll went to lrain relative,
Ilii yeUs at
F. I.. I'll AMIII.K.
Mrs. I.. Ilir-ch, of Salem, Is visiting
at tho rexiili iiiv of S. II. Frieinlly.
Ml- Stella Itowlaiul reluriieil on hist
ninht's overland from a visit at 1'ort
laml. Mr-. Vina Leiuley went to U.
hiitu yesti rilay iiftemnon to ss ti the
A marriage liu n-e was i-sin-l hy the
it v I'i. rk lat evening to J. T.l'lnw
iiii.l I.. J. Ilylaiul.
Mie-l'aiiliue mnl Ijiuni May, of
Ihtrri-Lnri. are visitim; Misn "U-na
iolilslllitll in tl.i- city.
IIoe -pxsl ilililit v low prilNli.
It. v. I) K. LiiverliUi' went to Tort
laml this inorulli to Httellil a meeting
of the Fpiscuuil usseiuhly
A Seventh Pay A.ventit invneher
hnptiis T." ismverls ill tlie. NVillatn
clle river nt rortiuilil yestenlay.
J. 1". Mis'ki r, the Fuynllup. Wash.,
hop man, came up on tho lix-al lat
uik'ht ami in rctiistvifl at tint llotl
luaii. A seeouil-hntnl earrriage for mile
very cheap.
Miss Ilattie L. ljirlli of I'ortlauJ
eniue up on the Im-nl this afternoon
for a vi-it nt the resilience of I'rof.
I'Mwiii lloolh, the irrfiiUnl of Allierl
eau actors, this YVe.liii-iluv morn
I'Hf at l:l'i o'clock. III New York, ageil
'in years.
11. ('. Vail Iloulell is vio4 president
of the 'iti.i iis' National hunk that
closcil its il.Nirs at SjokHne yesterilay
Mi-s llarhara Van I'rnw, who has
I sen viilititf frleiul In this cit v for
M'Veral iliiys, n tiirneil huine to Alhany
on tin' lis nl this iiioriiiiijr.
I'rank Wellcr, u former clerk at the
lloll'man ltoiisi-, now in theilniry hiid
iuess uei'.r I'ortlaiul, with hid father
from Xctna-kn are In town.
A lare class of applicants for ailmls
hIoii to th har wer.' exuluilieil at
Salem yestenlav. Among them was
Arthur I.. Veazie, of F.ugc:ii.
Miss Tilly Fouulain, who has Iss'ii
reis'iviiiK siiriciil treatment here, re
luriieil home to eastern Washington
this morning somewhat improved.
Just recci vel, one car of llaln Ya
g nisnuit nticof IUiciiic ItuggUsiuiiilCar
rial's. Call ami le convineetl that
you can get the latest dtylen ami best
ilality for the least money.
K. Test exix-els to leave for Port
land on the overland in the morning,
lie has ili-poscd of a I modi all hid
hid household etlcctd. lie will work at
his trade as a coiupcaitor and an he Id
a reliaiilu workman should secure
steady employment.
Karl'd Clover Ihdit, the new blood
purifier, gived freshlK'sd and clcnriiena
to the complexion ami cured constipa
tion. i5 cents, VI cclils and H. Hold
by City Dm u Stork.
C.M,ullle Hernld: F.ldcr N. R Al
ley, stale evniigeliat for the Christian
eliiirell, closed hid labors ill OVxjtlllle
on M:iy 'Jr'.d. To the 17meinboTd that
he found to Id-gin with he addel 'A
more, leaving a isingregntlon of 43 ac
tive members. Diiriuir his work lieor
ganitsl a Y. V. S. C. K. with IS active
tnemlsTs and a Junior Kudeavor with
IJ nieinls rs. Ad for the people and
country he has only word of prale.
A I'rincvllle paper exaggerated In
tin- followimt live manner: I'eonle
liere complain of hard time and a
enrcity of inoiiev, hut front all ac
counts money Id li-s plentiful in other
places than here. Ill the Willamette
vallev lor inslaiuv an exchange aay
that then' id o little money in circu
lation that the young men are forced
to remain single for want of f-'iO with
wh'ch to pay for marriage Ueeiine.
Mr. P. I.. Ilrlstow write from Pleas
ant Hill, that he has Just returned from
helping Mr Klgdon to the Pine Open
ings. Me say Mr. Hlgdou' outfit
Mr. Overton' cattle men and two coal
miners, w ho w intered at the opening,
cut over 'jm treed out of the rond be
tween Mill and the snow. There Id
alsmt eiirht mile of diiow. Men with
imck horse havecrosiied but no wagon
have crossed yet, though on hi return
he met two wagons starting over. He
-ays if a man ha the pror amount ol
erit hi- can take n wnifoll over now, but
if not he had ls-ttcr not tackle it for a
week or two. W at'oiis have l'ii taken
over uhuii there wndiis much snow as
iinw. hut il leoiiired work. The nmln
are not half as had a last year. Ib g
istcr. Cuptalti l.aiiuliiif Not an AliKondff.
Alliany DeiinK-rat, June : A ili
tmleli reis ivi-l last night from the
First National llalik of (. hattanooi,
Teoti. ninl eoiillrini'd liv another
....led ilils nii.rniiiL' amiouiicinir thnt
Cal l. V.. J. iJituiliig li el I'lacco no,-""'
totlm credit of tlie A II ii ' hank.
Tliis is gssl new in conneetioti with
the matter, and n-lieve Mr. Ijinnlnir
of the charge atiill-t him of allld-
inir. .
di-puleh reivlved thi afterniMiti
bv Dr. J. I.. Hill from ( apt. Unning
at I'lilladelphia, announce that be
will start home tomorrow morning and
hence will l home alul the l-'Uh.
Mrs. I aiming is ill, and Mr. Iaiining
has Iss ii tclcirrnphcd to be at home w
-M.n an Ms-itie.
Trenrer'i .Notlff.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing county warrants will be paid
..n i.iwiitatioti at this otuce. Inter-.-t
will t"p on June S, l-'.'3. All Iue
.s.uiitv warrant up to and including
rvirist.'-red No.
I i ..tNK. June. "'X
County Treasurer.
I .... d i r rtd
For Sale.
;il acre i.f good laml with living
spring- Il I g'ssl fruit land and ha
i tearing tn. Fair Improvements.
! Uvi 4 mil' -'lhe.t "f Kugelie.
i ln'Uirvon prviiiles of Tho Jenkins.
A (Ksid ( lisnre.
ti.. -i.'. k ,f the Ninth S". cl
I IIV rt..." - - --- - . .
enrore in 'litu bl.-k, con.l-tinK of
cigar-, .licking tl . Hgar clippinr
,u.Imi-s wilil -M '" m""u' '77
low ( "me and provide y.iursi-f.
isl in l i.s-uieiitd to men hi-nts.
H. iin -In Ibis citv TuUy after-
ii... a if.- of J. W. Christian, a
'j pound by
.. .. l..l.t.l.t..,i,.lU"".",Jum"""
-Motiu-r anu . ...e. -
The Docket a Light One With Ktw
Important rar.
The follow ing the tlockvt of the
Ijtue county circuit court that coll
veins) in Fugi-ne next Monday:
I. TJKlaikviJS Smith; to re
cover nionev.
2. W lland-akfr J W Iavi.;
writ of review. w
:i. W II Andrew v Sahria ami II H
Kei-d; to nwver luouev.
. J C (i Ndlale v i W IlanJsakcr;
to reiNiver money.
"i. W A Cox v C ami A M F.rlck-
on; continuation.
I. ico V 1-iuu i v C II. A W ami
W U Wallaiv; tti recover money.
J M Sis.n-d v J J and W II
Franklin: to recover numev.
K John llollnndv.WJ Hill; tort-
cover tuonev.
it. J M Water v F. D ami
Johtidnn; to recover tuonev.
in. William Wlldon v John and
Patience lleiitlev. Contlriliatloll.
II. I'lMdT Wlllainetle Lumber
Manufaelurer Adsocialloik, v W I,
Dynlnger, Nancy l'o, lsij Dyslng-
er, li Andrews, it j-rlen.lly ami
Ihivld Monnsle; ispjity.
1.. A n iiorretidoii v Pavia u sine;
to recover tuonev.
1.1. Oills rt ltro v K A Wet; con-
II. Kit Holleiibtck v Joseiiliine
Kai ley et al; equity.
1 1. llovev. Iluiiilihrey a lo v
I'nlUsI Stale Hanking Co; con 11 rum
l'l. lliifu Mallorv. tnnlee, v II J
and Viola 1'engra, l-prlnnMetil Ijind,
I ii vestment ami Improvement lo, J I
lloyd, (ieo II Tliurston, (i K l.vne, A
I. Sleanid, II F. F.dwnrdd, A Wlieider.
Klosterinun k Co, C II InnIiI and
Northern Coiintlcd Invo-'meiit Co;
IT. Chillies Ijur vdT ItaudMald'l
A lU-rrv; cinllruiatioli of sale.
K I. W llrowuvdJ W ami Mary
K F.gan; to recover money.
in assignment of liar low a
Ih tty; assieiimeiit.
.11. In re assignment of Harlow A
Hetty; aI, ntnctit.
L'l. (tale Manuracturlliif t o v (. lias
II DihIiI ,V Co; to recover -ixuial
li. Weir Plow Co v ( has II D.dld
fc Co; to re ovi-r rTonal protd-rty.
'Zi. J l. linker v liniiv liakcr; in-
L'4. A W Slowed v (Ieo II and M
II Thurston, Hovey, Humphrey A Co,
and A lludh; forcclodurc.
i. Mary J llahb v A J; li-
i. John Kellv v Ihiuiel Harklu;
Continual ion of mile.
J M Howard v Tilmon A ami
Martha Flli'ti Howard; suit la t-pilty
to set aside iltssl.
2S. Harrisliiirg I.uiiiUt ( o, Vd C W
Washburnc, et all trustw Junction M
F. church, and F. Ihuihaw, contractor;
fon-clis-ure of lieu.
21i. F. C Murphv, executrix estate of
H T Church, v V L and C II Moore,
et all; continuation.
W. JIIO M llllulicd, el al, Vd Aim .M
Ilughed, et al; artition.
.11. Carl ( ruse v r. nasiiaw aim w
8 CamiiU'll; fom-liMure of lien.
XL W K lie v James Crane,
Jamed Stowed and Win ltatidall; fore-
clodiire of lien.
:. S A Howe vd Win Crawford ami
A S Whipple; foreclosure of Hen.
:t4. F.iniua K William v W P
Fisher: appeal fnmi justice court.
:t.'i. The Northern Countle IiivmI
meiitTmst (LlniittMl) v L H 1'engra,
et al; forechwure.
:ii. StcrulK-rg ft Seinler v rolK
Harpole; to rwover money.
.17. Carrie I Koller va Henry F
Holler; divorce.
:w. J M Slall'ord v (Seo MilllcmiiTto
recover money. . W
;m. Mary I', i iirisiiau v j v
Christian; to nsnver money.
40. II T McKlmy v J J and Hen
rietta FjiIoii and A A Meek; to recover
41. 1 lie J Iv will l o, v j w Liirist
lan; to recover money.
42. Alex Nail Jr, v W S Campbell.
N 1. I,ee, W I. Houston, Sarah M
Houston, A M Lee and Sarah Camp
bell; to recover money.
4.1. Win It r Isko va I HMinltti.el al;
44. F.xeeutor of the estate ol r II
Dunn, dccenncd, v (ieo Milllcan; to
recover tuonev.
4.. W F Oilstrap v Lillian (iil
strnp; divorce.
41. Staleof Oregon v J II Ilarr, C
D Mulford, (ileii and I-ew Power and
(,' W Thoinson; committment.
47. Tlioin Swift ami J 1 Currlii.
guardian, v A W and Ahhie Haskell;
to set aside deed.
4s. Capital National Hank of Salem,
Or, v (ieo II and M 11 Thurston; to
recover monev.
i. H A iMvid v W P Nail, W J
Snodgra and It II Suodgru; to ie
isiver monev.
fio. Handiart Hros A Mock va Henry
and W P Fiher and Kugenu Lumber
Co; forcclo ire of Hen.
61. H L Saliln vetateof D J Coatn
wortli, deo asl; fon--losure.
W. Joiieih Myer v J W Happing
fleld; to n-i over money.
A.'t. Theiiilmau French I-and and
Liveshs k ( o, v J K Noland, heritr;
t recover inioiial proerty.
64. I tot rt Halfour, lUils-rt Itrodle,
Forman an I Alexander liuthrle, v It
Hand I.ucv Have, A V Peter, J M
Hcinlrickd'iiid J D Mall.s k; foreclos
ure. M. K II Harger vs It U (. hran; to
rei-ivcr HiooeV.
:A. L F. lluliUrd v J M Taylor and
II F Ilatnii i ll: lo recover money.
67. W P Nail v J W lUrri, coron
er: t recover tmrsoiial protd-rty
1 . ... lei. ... ri
Win . Wilson Vd rhoiua and
Mary Jenk.n; to recover money.
&!. Yankton Fire Iiisiiranc ( o, v
Jai-ob Schrag; apal from Justice
)0. O N Mclean v (ieo Mlllicaii;
to ri-oover monev.
cl. II H H.v h v A A Mesk; to re
cover money.
fci State of Oregon V Charle A
Tanner; committment.
to. State of Oregon v (.' II Friendly;
4. state of Oregon v Sidney Horn;
iii. State of Oregon v Cy Ilennett;
Mi. .-tale of Oron v J It McCIeve
land; committment.
i7. Male of Oregon v Duncan
Stilt; eonimitttnetit.
i. W P FidlH-r v K L W illiaind; to
iwuvi-r nionrv.
t,n. : H Ixiwry v J 11 Welder; to
. re"Ver money.
7u. C W Washburne v Peter (ier
I Ing. Peter I (irjirr aud Jacob Schrag;
to recover mofiM.
I 71. Male of Oregon v Harry Ani
old and William Andrew: indictment
! .r maliciou injury to personal proi-r-
7i State of Otvyin v I. LT.maker;
ciiinniittmetit for larneliy.
71. I n the matter of the assignment
of H D Lincoln: igiiment.
74. William Horn v MagKie A
Horn; divon.
75. lrid (berry v AU-x Mat-
.1 li..n-l..r.
M.n.k v T F and Orlrtia
Cox; to recover money.
77. Will y J Fox v C M S hoilcl.l,
O J aud Fliinia Foe; foreclosure.
71. L y Hubiiard v Harlow A
lU'lly, et al, to recover money.
7. Slate of Oregon v ltalpli
Winkle; com uiittmetit.
m). J F Itobltieoti v The Myrtle
Crwk Colinlldated Hold Mlliing'aliil
Maiiufai'turing Ci; to recover luoin y.
M. J C tiiddlale va It H Is-adiuoiid ;
for d.imaires.
sj. I.llald'lh J. Howcriuaii vs
Philip J. llowerniart; dlvonv.
M. (ieo A Hick, A A ami Sarah
M Meek v F M Potter; e.,uity.
M. A F. Widdl v Myrtle Cnsk Con
sollilatiil Hydraulic Hold Mining n9 I
Manufacturing Co: to recover inoiiev.
.. Flslnr Watkln v Myrtle
Cnxk Coiidollilaleil 1 1 yd rati lie (iold
Mining and MTg Co; to recover
nu. ' C K White v Myrtle Creek
ConsolldaliHl Hydraulic (iold Mining
ami MTg Co: to recover money.
h7. LW itrown va Myrtle Creek
Consolidated Hydraulic (iold Mining
and MTg ( o; to recover money.
hn. The Mvitle Creed Coinolidalisl
Hydraulic (Iold Mining and MTg Co
v L W Hn wn; eipiity.
s't. The Myrtle Creek Con-olldiitiil
Hydraulic (iold Mining and MTg Co
va I, W Krown and K M Corhus;
Kdltorial L'orreHiiidriife.
Nkw Ydiik, May 1:1.
Wc arriveil In this city last tiihl at
nine o'clid'k, td'iug delayisl alsmt two
hour by a jrokcii down eiiuiue. Al
Ihough'oii a iloulde track In the
of lisi than Iwo hour at lcat six east
ward Isiiind train accumulated.
Thua you can see the amount of tmlllc
done on only one of the many road
entering tlie greatest city In A'nu rl. a.
We visited IjuiI New York till morn
ing the tint thlin:, enwiug tlie Hn-.k-ly
ii l.rldk'e ninl running through that
city. Tlie trip on the elevated cars
take 40 minutes and fare Is only j
cent, ami tlie illstaucu alsmt 10 miles.
After that ve tis.k a trip through the
center of HiiNiklyn ami then went to
(ireeliwisMl cemetery, the fluent and
greatest bin lal grounds In tho t'lilted
Mated. The ground rover mm acre
and I nurly entirely tlllel Uli
grave. M liy otthe luoliuiiieiild co-l
from fln,m' to f.t,(i each. No visi
tor should mi- this diitlit. Tliris
lake are ii luted in the cemetery and
the drive i ;v exci'llciit.
After thi- we wemleil our way lo
Coney Islai I, New York' great n-asiile
nsmrt The lace opeiitd for the wadoil
Monday, hi t on aii-oimt of the season
ld-lng ha. kward only a few thousand
visitor are present. The town is
made of liMiiid, hotel, rcHtatirant,
bath house- tnerry-go-roiindd, shooting
gallcrlc. ri '., In' Innumerable mini
1st. I Viiiuld like to ee the place
mhen the reason id In full blimt, ad I
am iuforme I Unit of a Sunday In hot
weather thi plm contains at leiuil lui,
u) visitor.
Iixt night we tidik a stroll through
the celc hrat"l Mott slni-t. It n'liilnd
ed me, in a limited way, of Jackson
direct, Hall Kranciss, or Second street,
Portland. However, one exception
waa notlei ible iiastlne diil not
abound so fiely and Chinamen were
not so plentiful.
The weather I flue, the thermome
ter KtandiiiL at (ill deg. at noon. New
Yorker tell me that thi I very iinti
ual a generally the weather (a warm
ami oppress ve evei. at till date.
A parade of 2VU policemen took
place on Hroadway thi alternooii. It
was a tluo dight. ami made mo feel
how small even Portland was, and ru-memld-r
this was only the policemen
ott duty.
Have not aeon a srson I ever met
before tlnce leaving WaMhingtoii.
i. 1.. C.
Tlie 117th Anniversary or American
I mll - Uusltl. Jnn K
At the preliminary meeting held at
the court house last evening much
more Interest was manifested than last
year. Thcro waa an unusually large
turnout, and every wron was enthusi
astic. Hon. J. D. Matlock was elected
chairman and W. U. Yoran secretary.
After some discussion of the pniec
tive celebral ion a motion waa made ami
carried that the pn-sltient apdilnl a
committee of five lo solicit fund and
have full thargeof the celebration.
A fUr due consideration said oillcer
apilnte F. W. Oshurn, P. K. Stnsl
grass, W. M. Itciishaw, U N. Honey,
aud J. M. A brain, I hi I a well se
lected committee and we may rest a
RiirtsJ of au enjoyable celebration.
a a tin
PiIIt Uusril, June A.
Thi time we chronicle a case of In
sanity, which bring to the victim the
heart felt yniiathy of a largo circle of
young frion Is, especially among the
student at ihe university. L. K. Far
ri ugtoii. aged -Jt year, w Iiihw home I at
Tlie lMlles suddenly Ux-aine deraugisl
last evening. Hehaabeeii attending
the for the last two or three
year and v a an earnest student. Tlie
aitl let Ion hi beeii growing on him for
alsmt four "eck. The attending phy
sician ktatc that It cauiu from over u Im
plication U study and a temporary ale
erration of he mental faculties which
1 probably curable. For three week
ruuit he ret I veil no nietical attention,
dHeming to be better, but exci'sslv
slis'plewiner again tinsluced this P
diill. He h a strong mn and al timed
violent, li i was Uk.-n to the asvlum
t Salem oi. the overland last night af
ter being h -Uriel Insane by the board
consisting i f Judge Fisk, K. O. Potter
and Medica Kxamlner W. ivuyKeu
dull and D. A. Paine.
STRtTK I V A MAfL. Jai-k IhlVi
at the Hav en bridge on the McKeii
z e. met wl li a severe acciiiciii me
other dav. Mc. Iavi and himself
were ilnvln ( issii wnen me main
usml flew o'. Hi handle striking Jack
on the bridge of the nose rendering
him uncom -ou lor aotue time. lit
lrt a l. of black eyea and a wol
li u race.
(iusnl, Jnnr ,
A l.vtv, . The fining of i-artle
this moniing for driving n unlawful
number of eilU over couuty bridge
should be a wholesome I won to other
througliout tli county. Only a few
day ago a bridge in tlie western part
of the county was broken down In this
way. The olleiidera if caught should
be obliged ! make the damage good
bdilr Ooa4, Job .
Mabkiek (ienrge K. Hillega and
Ila M. liunwn were msrrie.1 tin
fnreli'ion at the residence) of llev. D.
N. Mclntu tT, that geiitetnan oflh iat
Ing. The new ly marnl couple went
to lUswburg on the local thi afU-nioon
aoiiunanlwl by Kdwtu Avers ana
IsulT ixisM. Jus ".
A dsijen. Asuemior M so n
has nolshel asM-aning Sprlngtlebl pre
cinct. He will t at Irving lousy.
('iiiiiiii!ii.iu ri Court.
Urdcrid t tint tl. ie k ual loll of
Jaim-s Can i pi II, -hi r' - i of of road
ih-trlct No. ', Is- a i.iihI and M. J.
Illltega apls.iutiHl iu-ii ad.
Orilcnd alloweil:
Hill of II F Hi. ll. k.s ping
pmijd'M fll-'l I1"'
II II, II F Svlvi-i.-r, ai l lo lo
iy it II
Hill, H F Svlvc-ti i, aid to Hii-
11 : ual
In tin' matter il' loll-on the llohe-
mia wiigou nud: Now conic II. F.
Haiinuell and pra ihe i-oiirt to make
and esiaLII-li rules of t. ill Ihe llo-
hemia wiiitoii mad and theinurl Is'ing
fully advix-l ill the matter. It I
hcrvtiv or. lend thai thelollowiinr rated
of toll I and are hcrehv c-taLIUIicd
for the lloheiiiia xiagon n:id, expiring
April l, l-i.
For eai-h waifou or biik'nv with one
span hor-cs, mull or oeii em li w ay
For each Lul'l'V, it li one horse or
mule, .K'.
For each iiinu ninl hor-, S'h',
For each pin k annual I'm'.
I .id mi hor--s or cattle sr In'ad, bK'.
For eiii'h slns-p, lni or goal, '':
In the mailer of the J. I). David
road :
Now- comes on (his matter to be
heard and it us read lirl lime and it
apisariug that u el.nui for damaged
had Iss li llle.1 lor J ai LV Kolsrt XI
lus, ai;i'iil lor A Vitus ft Sons, by nt
sun of said road pa lug Ihroilgli tliclr
Is Is hereby ordered by the court that
I. I'. Ciilemiiii. Ja--r Wilkin mid
J.C. (iisHlali' Is' aplsiiiitid to view
siild road the whole ili-tamv thensif
throiiu'li the preiuii-d of said Yitiid
and .'-.ii- and and determine
how lunch Ie Valuable said premise
of coiuphiiiiiiiil uiMild ls rendered by
thi- os'iilu ol -,ii.l roail ami that they
niis-t fur -m il pui s-i on Saturday, I he
i:ilhdii of .In oe, Is' 'l. and iiiake re
isirt to this com
III v next.
al Its rei'.ular lemi in
In the mailer
I' Hie Snula Clara
Now cutiii's on llii- nn. Hi r to I1
heal. I ii hi the n'isirl of viewer B
Niintel to a s dauiage and II ai
suriug llial they had icvs,--c, (lie
diiMiauis In the pn iin-es ol Jumi ('.
l.uekey in Hie sum of f In and it furth
er ii'h mi inn to the court by evldctuv
Hied hen-Ill thai Ihe said Jane C.
l.uckey had received ll'om llie s.
tinners full and complclo sali-Iin lion,
it is then bv orden-d by thoiMiirt that
the said roul as viewi-l and surveyed
Is- ileclan-l a public highway ami that
the same ls I'ei-.. rd.'d and o'ind for
In the mutter of the I'.uhr
nuid: J M Mall'ord, J M Ssin- and N
llullllllltl apMiiuled Viewers and C M
Collier surveyor lo view, survey and
lis-atusaid road, the I'.'tli duv of June,
IWt, Id ing iippoinlvl for tiieir inei-t
In the luatli-r ol Ihe Millet road;
llrst relldilli,'.
Orden-u that on aesiunl f au error
III the Uk-ti-suicut the co-Is against the
iinTty of Mrs. Ftlit l.'iihtou are
hereby ninil (il lor the taxoflsul.
In the Hint ter of tlie (jiiinn mad; llrst
In the matter of the Indian Creek
road; llrst reading.
Ordered rebate oil double assessment
ofj A. Straight ill the year Hi, W
cents, iiml for the year ImiJ, ml tvnl.
In tlie mutter of Ihe Kelt III road,
John Milllorii, David June ami Win.
Iluvdeii apsiiulisl viewers and C. M.
Collier surveyor to view, survey anil
lid-ate said Mad, naid viewi rs and sur
veyor to meet on June '.n, v.i;i.
Ileal K-tate Truiisfera.
Slate of Oregon to Norman Hlckey,
4dBen-i In I HI srl'w: .o.
MJ Hllss lo Cliarles II Page, 63
aens in t 14 s r IJ w; 4'i.
Charles 1 1 Page, lo Waller J Mon
teilli, 6'M acres in t IS r 1:1 w; fluil.
L W drown to N S Hays, Iijh acn-s
in I In r '.'and a w; M.imi.
II (' Humphrey to W A Williamson,
I'lli.Hl aen-d in t Id r :i and 4 w: (7,1111.
(Iisi A Forn-sl to Andrew J Curj' li
ter, land In t 17 r .1 w; M.VI.
C (' Itowmun lo Ainln-w J Cr)Mn
ter, laud In t 17 r .1 w ; t-'si,
l)h lluiisiii ker toJas r Wilkin, 80
acn- In t 111 r I w; KJo.
Ilols rt Orr lo Miss I. uclmla Michael,
41 acn- in t is r 6 w; Hon.
J W Parker to ( hristlau Holh, Ilk)
acn-d In 1 17 r il w; in.
M Caiimly to H K Cmiady m acn-s lu
t 17r6 w; tl.
i 11 Scevcr to O A McMahan, 'M
acn in t 17 r l! w; t-1 .-
OftCHHCo to inderlik Saner-
man, 40 acre lu I '.n r 4 w; t J".
J D ( i'k lo I .liUld lll CimiK, Mi
acres In to 17 , r u w; t il I.
It A Fills lo I! A White, HM ucn-s ill
17 . r il w;S'imi.
I, W Hr ow n and K J Mi-Claliahatl to
(! W Powell, lot I ill "Alva Park," 9. 18
aens; (son.
; J Fra-ier lo C M oung, lot
and il, bi'k "S, Fra-ler ft Hylmid' ad-
lillou, aud lot I J ami I , ii K nj,
Frasier ft Ili rry' part of rlorcncv;
Annie Alilmiger to An-i ll Ilemeii-
way, l'l acres lu tp Ii , r .1 w ; ym.
(lidisin F 'lol-oil b .-arnli A Hod
sou and daughter, 10 acres In tp 16 , r
1 w: tl.
FJ Frnsier to Fnd l: Hidi, lot 7,
block .il. ill Frasier ft H viand aibll
II and lot I and 'i, block id, Frnsier
ft lU-rry' part of Klori'in-e; .'..
Iff f ft II! h II I It......
.! 1. illilSt.ll ,, .llii-",.,
.'W acre
lu tli 17 , r il w.jI'Mi.
. 1 ... . ... I k . I
lis' lemeliw ay in .Mime rtiiid-rg-
er, 17 acn s in t ii , r j w;
F.dwin T liii-hiiell lo Henry F Hush-
ncll lot 'i and :i, bl.s k .1, Shaw ft rat-
tcrsou'd addition; t l-i.
C K llols-rts tuj C Ijiw n-nci', u 4 lot
4, bl.s k i. I'hri-liau addition; '.
KIIalthJ ( orlnid to A 1. Hum
phrey, lot m bl.s-k I; Hii'lum' addi
tion;" i
A W Patter-on lo F. It, (I A, C P,
Alice K, and Claude H lavi, lot 4.
Patterson' addition; t
A J llabb lo Jihu.i J Walton, lot H,
bhs-kt, Packard' addition; -"l
Norman M Hoblus.ui to 1 11. ii T Wil
lougliby. lot lu, bbs k i, Harris' addi
tion; tJ,'".
lolTA'.K (HKIVK.
J V I Urn,, lo Surah F.. Perkins, lot
5 and b. k I, Harm' addition; J.
John II Wait to Ihiuiel Hatirhett,
I. its x 4 nnd 6. biis k lot: (I'i.
Dsvid lUattle to Daniel Hsm liett,
li.t .'. 1,1. k XI: IJ.
C W. Wa-liburne to Allen H-sw, lota
. 7 and h. Waslibiiriie Milllron'al-
ditlon; aj.J.1. O
LiTd ok k.--On Monday the
big force, some 76 convicts, was put U
work iii the i nlt iillury brick yanU,
and they will make from aI,( lo 40,-
a duv rubi along now and good
one. tii. They turned out ,'KI,(J
M.iiidav. u-lng the two inachiiiea.
I bev sun to mitke .l.mi.ioi ltd
son. to l- U--I in t'Ul lie building ami
additions i.rovldel for by the last
rb Urcfou.
er of Out lug give an I
nt of Ieiu hlcyil'4)
The Juno number of Oiillug giv
U. . . . . I ... ii
loirn-w iiiik iiilliv
. .... i. . , I., ...........IT
, . "... ".". ' '", " . '.... i. . I
of hd-al Interest; At Salem tlie wheel
............. .... r-" I
men of Portland returmsl and mice
ainiill I was left to wheel alone. I con
tinued tip the valley, passing the ('
goti state reform scIuhiI drclieil high
on a hill, to Turner, Marion and Jeller
son all small towns. The road were
Ull level and tine, ami 1 reacheil Al
bany, 01 mile from Aurora, early in
Ihe evening. All along the Mad were
large Held, the grain of which w as
already cut, and lrobably on the placid
Pacillcen mule for F.urodan and At
alio acaMjrt. Here and there wore
short dtrt'tchc of fore!, with small
brooks, affording nice, shadv ami issil
ride. Kvery once In a w hile Mount
I bdxl, tH) or Ml llilli-i otr, (d-cped II con
ical, uow oivereil peak over the Cud
cadi's from the east, until near Albany,
w hen It vanished entirely. The rug.
kill coast range on tlie right divided
tlie Willamette valley from tlie Pacific
isvan. All In all tho vallev bad tlie
appearance of the famoua sficuandoah
in Virginia, visited during my previous
rambles aw heel. The valley south of
Albany expand to a breadth of 40 of
.VI miles. The road were level, ami
gisdt riding through tlie small but
pretty vlllagi-d of Tangent, Slicdd, llul
M'V to Harridblirg. liere I luet Iwo
wlicvlutvu, crosMil the Willamette riv
er, on a ferry, and continued, via Junc
tion City ami Irving to F.ugene. lleie
end Ihe Wlllainetle valley, 110 mile
long, the paradise of Ihe industrious
The Oleliraliou.
Dslljr Ousnl, Ju ur?.
The celebration -ominllts wultiil on
Ihe greater numlsT ol our busimiM
men yealenlay aftcrmdiii to gain their
M'uttmrut regarding the celebration
tor this venr. Ihe project met Willi
almost unanimous apnroval in id
each declared himself willing to lo lp
with a ruadoliable diilMTiptiou. If luis
I douu there I no doubt (hat the c ui
nnlteo will 1 able to pre uro a p is
gramnm Isith lulen-stliig ami ebjo.ia
Fdo. Tlie coliiinilUv will I gin soli, it-
ing suliscrlplion to the fund nin'eddiry
tomorrow morning, and if the amount
i promptly subdcriidillhepreiarnlr us
of the coiiiiiiitli will fiuiiicdla 1.
Tlie cotuillitlid' Is iiilUIMnxsl of bilil-
iiisui men w ho aio giving their time b
a public ervlcs, and they should no
lle put ntf or delayed, a il I alien. I'
late aud the preparatory work musl ix
exMslitol. Tell them tomor.ow. lu.i
next week, w iial you win diiiiacrinr ir
if a diinicleiit aiuoiiiil cannot Ie ral- I
ill li ter to know It In the Idgiuuuig.
Ilsllr iiun(, June.
AititiJHini asi Fink n. A warrant
was isniieil from Justice Kiusev's iNiuri
Vesterday, on complaint of J. F.. Davis,
for the arrrsit of L. Mctiregor and eight
others. The men were from Ihiugie
county ami had driven a Imndof neaily
l,wJ cattle up the McKuuzio Suiulay.
In crossing the Haydeii bridge It was
charged more than the lawful nuiuls-r
of catllii crosmil at one time. Ih-pulv
Shun It's Croner and Stewart started af
ter tho men and the latter arrested one
at the Mlllicaii place w hile Croner In
tcni'ptcd the other eight at Spring
Held. They were brought to this city
and their examination set for U o'clock
thi morning. At that time Mel in g
or. tho man having the est tie in
charge, plead guilty, and waa fined H)
ami o i, amounting altogether to
I-kI.IM). The line waa pain ana on mo
tion of the deputy imsiecutlng attorney
tho case agaluat the oilier eight Were
Itoad Work.
Our lh?xter corresnondmit couiplain
that It take loo many Horses lo pun
the road grader. Probably they do
not plow llrst. The Corvalll (lai-tte
ayof the mwhiuca at work In Hen
Ion comity: "The Mad machluiM nv
oently purcliaseil by Helium county
will ultimately glvegl aatlractloii,
although until now aomodlfllculty has
been found In operating them through
want of experience. An H-horsn rail
road plow baa I!! ordered which Is to
lie used In breaking the will liefore the
craH-r of the machine i put In nTa-
llou. in nam grounu me strain u n
the machine I too great If the soil Is
not previously broken. Consldemble
work has already been done south of
the city."
T Tsarhsr.
Rtate HuiM-rlnlendoiit of Public lu
ll ruction fc. II. Mt-Klroy has Issuetl cir
cular from the educational dcidirt
incut of the Oregon World'a Fair Com
mission to teacher and frleiul of ed
ucation throughout the atato. These
cln-ular contain matter ol oonslilcra
bin Interest and conic can be had of
County Siiwrlntcnduut Sbivemsui at
the court House, ineywero pn iiaiei
xpn-ssly to answer lu a no ieiae m in
ner the numeroud liniulrl which
been pouring In to the department.
Orange Meeting'.
JCSK, 6th, ISO I,
Notice I hereby given that there v ill
be an ois-n meeting al the tint lii -'i
lug of Ihe Ijtnei-ouuty l'omoi a grai n
which will be held at Irvlnifon the I'll
Saturday In June. 1WM. W.M. H use
and W. I Haye will be lu attend
F. M. M'iiihWANIh:k.
Het retary L. C. P. (J.
FiMHNft Dihahti-iw. Not dlnce the
memorable disaster of l-vi lias there
Iss ii such a loss) nf life as during tlie
present year along the Columbia river
fisheries. FlfUs-u lUhertnen havtlsvti
drowned aince April 10. ami 67 IsmiI
have caiwlMsl. Hie uncenainiy in
(he Hi lis ever l noe the season started
lout made the river ilaiigenHis for tlie
11. The total catch of salmon on
the river u to Saturday night was
mi,. ',17 cases. Ill tlie nionill ol .nay
M.I 12 i-ase were packed. I he reinr-l
id lust w.1 cases aiiorl up (o ini
time of last year. The shortage I due to
the falling otr or trap nsinng.
ImilT Uusrvl, Ju 1.
IltH NUOVEK. John (ireen waaglv
en au examination yesterday aftennd'ii Judtlce J. J. liutler at Junction
The crime alleged waa an assault with
a deadly weatsin upon t. b. Hyer.
I s unt v rrosts-uilng Altorney r- w.
Potter conductddl the pnsiecution while
11. It. Norton apisiareii inr ineiieiense,
The examlnatioa reultel In the court
lioldlng the prisoner under I Jdl bond
to app-ar iietore tne next gran a jury
Ityer u sal ii lo ut improving.
Dlti Mr. Luclan Lytle who was
taken to the asylum rroin I tillage
(irove a few day ago, died Saturday
evening at Sua) o'clock. The liinsi
ttdik place Sunday al theSuleuj Metho
dist inmetery.
rsivr.Hsi-nr CiTiuxit't.-The 17th
annual calaltsjrue of tlie university of
Oregon. It brta an eicllent portrait
of Ihe late Hon. M. P. Dvady for a
tily Ai-ftsiurut. ' .si i. J it ;.
As,s..r Mi phersiiii Hied
tho city
tho Tear
n--diiii'Ul roll of l.ngene lur
l mi;
is', '3 w ith the i llv reiiinlur this morn
ing. The lotal proid-rty a-M-dMsl
am. units to rl,sl,i.i.i and of thi t"-V
in) I exempt fiom taxation leaving
the total amount of taxabln pni-r-ly,
Al I lie rale or n .i linll (ax lh
aiuoiiiil of city taxis aci niiug from
thi sum would be ,77.7. I jist year
tlie lax mi a live mill levy w.t
Hank Vaughau' Fall.
Hank Yaughaii ns-eiviil a Very --
veru fall from bis horso al I'etidlctoii
the other ilay. i he ji-t On golilail
of . Monday siiv-: Hank Yaiigluiii I
n-gardeil by hi phv-ii'iiiii lo ! In a
pn-tty nerioii isuiifitlon and the out
come of his case is problematical. Ho
idgan to grow wnr Saturday and
part of Ihe time since has Is-cn ilighty
and Irrational, all hough able to ail up
and walk alsiiil. Tlie severe concus
sion to hi head id the cause.
To tlie Public.
Tlie undersigned w ill sell level lota
of the same sl.e and kind of soli and
from a half to a mile nearer the town
of Flon-nee than thiwe In Frasier A
lU rry' ad. Ill 1. .11, fur ?6 a lot.
I also have the choicest lots In Fras
ier ft 1 1 land's 11. l.tilion to Fugeiiv for
thi each. Wiilc or call oil me.
A. 1'.. (i.VI.I.A)lllMI,
Filgcne, Or.
Kaplldlll Postponed.
Owing In tlie rather severe lllnes
f Dr. Mcliiturir, the d.-i,-nimcnl of will not ls adtiilni-tcnsl next
Sunday as was annoiiuivd. Ho may
ld abl.i to ptvu. h next Sunday, at
least once, thuug:i II is doubtful.
Further aiiuouiiicuicut w ill nppcnr
At the Old Stand.
We are again c-tahlished with a
complete sliM'k of new paints, till, vnr-
nlshes lirushi-s ami wa.l msr lunt
from '1.0 faclory wl ich we an- wlllii.r
al p'-iis that di-fy coins'tltlon. At tho
djtme time wn have .1 few of the dam
agisl ,'ishU w hich we nro ulnio-t giv
ing aiay,
Pl.llllON (iltA.MCII. Not lillUlv'
days -,nce this in,'r notitssl that a p-
lition was is'ing cliciiliiteil rxpifslii
thai liic county author, tics give sou. 1
oak tus.'sin thecoiii't liotiso .plaru e
s'ial euro and protect ion. It wi.
signed hy a cousliieraliiu number of
old pioneer w lio have seen tllisHt tns d
growing since nway back In tho 6u'
mid was pieseuleil to the county court
till morning. The pniysr of tlie pe
titioner was unanimously granted l.y
the court nud thcmi llourUlillig relics,
of Ihe pioneer ilay nf Ijiiiii county
will heiitvlortli Uidpivially gunnletl.
TlIK lUll.llKAU CtlMMIHdlOM. Sll.
lelil Statesnian: lUilroad Commis.
sloiier Mtii'rum ami Compson, went to
Tangent, Monday, and tisik testimony
relative to 1 1 in killing of the little boy.
f John New comb, last Saturday. Ilotli
leg ami one arm were taken oil ami
the lad (licit. No finding have yet
tdH'li pn-parcd In tlie matter. Commis
sioner Kildy arrived from Chicago ami
Joined i.he iHiaril lu Its session yester
day morning.
Pally (iusnl, June 7.
Faiikwki.i. Hi'Hi'HihK. A very
pleasant farewell Riinirisn wa tclulenst
Mrs. JU rtlm HoUrt by tho W. it. C.
at their hull lust evening. The even-
lug waa very pleasantly sisuit In social
conversation ami iniisle, dlsensis by
the Juvenile btiinl. liem'slimeiita were
rvetl. Mm. ItolsTts will leave Willi
her hiidbaud and family for their future
homo In Sun Jomi, ( al., the latter iart
f the week. The W. K. C. part Willi
Mrs. Holsirts with many sad rogn ts;
but what Is their loss I Sail Jose'
Tiiikii to F-w'Ai'i:. The Itisieburg
He view sa that "Hero" Hlchardsoii
trietl to em-ai from the county Jail
rruiay nut was uiiuccismiui. ine
prisoners had Iss'ti let out Into the cor
ridor after illnncr, and tho train saver
at once pnsifdiil to dig through the)
wall, lie had an old case knl in ami a
short Iwtr of iron which he had secured
In some way ami was making rapid
progn-ss when the Indian ream gave
the alarm. He hud already removed
several brick.
St MTA IN in. One of llio applicant
foi a teacher' certllli-ate, who failisl at
the May examination In I.aue county,
apK-alis o Ihu Supt. of Public In
struction, ino r-taiii nurwrinH'niicnt
In bl opinion sav that he find mi
cause for raising tlie s-r ivnt. on any
one of Ihe several liraiicue or to ad
vance tho markl ig awarded theap
a ll.uit at the examination.
A (lisili KX AMINATIOH. H. I).
Noitou, now practicing law at Juno
lion, adei Ihe exauilnatlon of laW
student at Suleii. Tuesday, standing
at tie head of the cla-s. Thissa
iresoot highly complimented Sir. Nor
ton on the exivlleii. e or III examina
tion. He studied law llrst In Cali
fornia and finished in tho otlhn of I..
For 'I rade.
Two riding or driving horse to trade
for wis! or hay. Iiii'.iini ut thii f
tbw. Sot tee.
Ladle wldhlmr I ho I !-, t Wai-t
can Is) nttil by culling WeiliKwilay'sof
eaill week, on Mrs. ii. . Dickinson,
comer L'lghtli and Churuelloll trevt.
lidllf ICisnl, Jan,
AiuorHNEii. Mr. Jennings and Mr.
Perkln arrived yistU-rday afteniiS'U
aud the investigating committee per
fected an orgmiliatioii. After some
preiluiliiary work they adjoumtd to
meet again July 6th and pnswil with
the work of examination nud investi
Itiif ouanl, Juu T.
Mahriaob Lit'Kxa lit. County
Clerk Walker issueii lic tidea bdlny for
the following mstrlmonlally
coupled: 1 liesttr Ihivl and Ida
Itiireh; M. C. IV)d and Fannlo
psiif Gusrd, June T.
Sxow AT 1U.I E IIivkb. . C. Smith
of Illue Hiver. wa. hi tow n yesterday.
He rcportd 3 fis t i f snow on the moun
tain at the nunc, and I of tlieoi'inlon
that it will iWJune liih before miner
can do anything.
p!mTnNi:l. Tlie iiied-ling of the re
union a-sistloii thai wa to have
Is-en held next wk, hs U-en pt
poned tiil Ihe Ust t August, by onUr
of the executive couiiiiiiu..
wi-ii. o