The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, July 16, 1892, Image 5

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rfjki'. JDLT 16, 18M.
Trespass Notice.
u ufkeas, There have been numer-
K d fowls kllllHl and n,ut'h
""intrsinpled down and wanted In
nXhborhood by hunters and tres-
lierefore be it
KwViW, That we, the under
, nL do forbid all hunting or tres-
honour premises, and that we
,1lLBb found trespassing n nny of
'mlses without our permission:
Jw? July 15, 18l2.
K.ttt Marlon Bonnelt
Km AJHiirlow
iff UU'"7'"
A0 Bojrart
JET Wither
MrsEN Culef
Evert Turning M H Hariow
u H Harlow, jr r v.
WP Cheshire OcoArmltage
?W Young J E htevens
ft Flint Geo Smith
a Goodpasture Henry Bidwell
??llne Robt Campbell
5 M Gillespie RMMasterson
jWBrewHter Debrlek
FJmer Ayres V B McClure.
Fall ('reek Flashes.
July 12, 1892.
Hurrah for Cleveland and Steven-
"ffonder where Ansel was when
toy bad to send for him?
R. C. Edwards now rides in a new
The signs of the times Indicate a
tedding In the near future.
Mi. A. D. Hyland Is very sick with
Mn.0. B. Walker was at A. D.
dyland's last Sunday.
Mines Mary Harkens and Susan
Wilker celebrated the Fourth at Junc
Great Redaction In Prices of Baking:
Every one knows that Dr. Price's
twin baking powder Is the only strict
ly pure baking powder on the market.
N'otice prices below:
j ib tins fl 90 former prlce...$2 25
iilb 1 05 " " ... 1 25
fih 45 " " ... 00
woi " 35 " " .. 60
j oi ' 25 " " ... 85
. M ..! 20 " " ... 25
j M 15 " " ;.. 20
Terms: spot cash.
T. A. Henderson.
Thistle Notice.
Xolio if hereby given to all property
boldors that they ant required to cut ill
iwlet ob their property and in the streets
lijoioini, immediately. It tbey neglect so
io do, the thistles will be out by the mar
Jul, t the expense of snoh property hold
m. J. D. Matlock,
Cfaairaan o( Street Committee.
A Question.
Where are you going to buy your
lumber? Chapman & Son have re
fitted their mill on Cedar Flat and
offer the best of rough and finished
limber for sale.
Werklnf ear. the Oresrem Pacific.
Aiiurr, Or., July 12. A foroe of 40
Cbioimen were put to work today on the
nilroad to pot the road in thorough repair
mioreua oi ine irtcc. ine opinion u oi
pnaed in railroad oiroles (bat the work of
tonilmnlinn nn tha Orponn Pacini! will be
irmuntd within a few weeks.
Bobert Foster, a pioneer farmer, died at
la home near the city this evening after a
ort illness. The deoeaaed was a brother
IJimea Foster, one of the founders of the
city of Albany.
Baker City Democrat: In North
Fork fossil beds, besides remains of
'tree toed horses, Is found an extinct
pedes of cat the gorophodus which
roamed over Oregon, and which
mused Itself and fed Itself by chewing
upthe mighty reptiles of millions of
years ago. It was as big as the biggest
;nther,and had two teeth in its upper
J resembling daggers, each five
nobes in length. As weapons for pen
ttratlng flesh, they are unrivaled for
wnivorous animals, recent or extinct.
They are rather like the teeth of some
top flesh eating dlnosarus, the "terri
ble reptiles" of the mesozolc epoch,
Weh had cutting teeth that nothing
"ld resist. Doubtless this creature
i Inconceivably bloodthirsty.
E' the convicts are on to W ilson : The
ttimn aaya. The atate prison official"
Wilson with a protest. They said
''I had no authority to receive bim; the
Biljituhorlty they had was a permit from
Governor. No effort will be made in any
"Twtion to take bim ont of the bands of
Everything goes on at nsual at
prison and there will be no mob vio-
All the eonviott in the prison know
Wilson is among them, and if they
"on get their hands on him tbey would
short work of the fellow. They
nld ljnoh him right in prison.
Tero is a great deal of anxiety co
ttoned over the mysterious disap
NranceofA. W. Cuthbert, a mer
"t of Kamela, Union county. Mr.
ynthbert left home about ten days ago
Portland and since that time has
been heard from. He had with
several hundred dollars In money,
Jn he expected to pay out In Port-
20 county on Wednesday of last
: may ne judged rrora the ionow
"'s' Incident, iwlatul ho tho Mnro Ob-
rVPP TV..I.I lt...JJ la
ork ng for Contractor L. K. Moore on
nlilHin ...u lu Ua Toat.
"O sorne lumber, and in the pocket was
wtich of matches. The sun was
"in ng directly on the lumber and be
ng the matches ignited and the
fnt was more than half consumed
Wore tho n a: .a
- uiq U1BWVC1CU
J- L. Page's Cash Prices.
. 100
, 100
, 100
. 115
. 1 15
. 100
. 100
, 100
. .20
ton n U '"g"
? Golden O snear
LD! ..... -;
" aoor, pt aack
fHitii flour, per aack
a tomatoea
"ieorn . .
If Ubl. peaches.'.'.'.'
W baking powder
aoda w
sols Ar..,- . ... n u -n k.. m-
r"" the toU afrenry tor Eugene and Lane
71 or th lh..iH Udford Boar. Be
ST elling it at wholesale and reUil.
jnai received a carload ot thi ei-
Pennoyer has appointed C. H.
of Astoria, pilot commissioner
J. Hailoran, resigned.
E. B. Skipworth, attorney at-law.
Money to loan on farma. Enquire of Judire
Hot and cold batbi every day In the week
at Jerry Horn's barber shop.
For flue salti made to order aud ready
made clothing, go to Ed Hanson.
Mr Geo F Craw haa the tola agency for all
brands of the oelebrated Tanail Punch CUrara
Remember that Hanson t Bon have the
beat selected stock of olothing in town.
Bring yonr old scrap east iron to the Eu
gene Iron Foundry where yon oan dispose
of it.
Eugene Flour $1.35 per aack. The Eu
gene Flouring mills make the best quality
ol roller mill dour.
If yon are getting too old for your spec
tacles, or if tbey do not exactly suit yon take
lurui io nans ana nave new lensea ntted.
Dr. O. W. lii.ldle may be fonnd at bis
reKiduuce on Olive street, between Fifth and
outn streets one block west of the Minne
aota Hotel. He ia prepared to do all dent
al work in tbe best manner.
The beat family remedy is undoubtedly
Plunder's Oregon Blood Purifier. Harm
less, it accomplishes relief where many oth
er medicines fail to do. It may be aafely
gtveu to tne luianl as well as tbe adult.
Henderson, dentist.
Job work at tbe Gdabd office.
Fountain pens at Watts'.
Blank deeds and mortgages for sale at the
uuabo omee.
Blank notices for the location of quartz
mine lor sale at tbe udabd omce.
For all kinds of farming implements call
on i. M. Hendricks on Mntn btreet.
Screen windows and doors, glass, sash and
doors at Bioalow ft Kuupatiicx.
What Is It?
That produces that beautifully soft com
plexion and leaves no traces of its applica
tion or injurious effects? The answer, Wis
dom's Robertine accomplishes all this, and
is prononnoed by ladies of taste and refine
ment to be the most delightful toilet artiole
ever produced. Warranted harmless and
matchless. F. M. Wilkins, agent, Eugene
When yon want yonr goods, household
furniture or land sold at auction, call of
Geo. W. Einsey, tbe pioneer and most suc
cessful auctioneer in Lane County. He will
attend to all sales on a reasonable oom
All persons in Lane oonnty owning scab
by sheep or sheep afflicted with other dis
eases, are hereby notified that said sheep
must be thoroughly dipped, sufficient to kill
said disease, lortbwitti.
faitino to ennmlv with this no
lice will be liable to have his sheep dipped
by the Inspector at aaia persons s expense
Take notioe and aave costs,
Dated June 5, 1891.
Geo. Fishrb, Sheep InBpeotor.
Lvmbb-b Notice. Go to the Depot lumbw
yard for cbeap lumoer. Anarewa win uu
be undersold.
Call a Halt That tired languid feeling
means tbat your system ia in a smw w 'u
vite disease, and Wright's Compound Ex-
. . -I B.uarviFitU in what von need at
unci ui u.iwb.11.. -' j - - -
once to expel impurities of the blood and
build you up. Bom ov an aruggww
Don't Believe It
When told that F. M. Wilkins, the druggist,
is not selling "Wisdom s Mooenine iui mo
ilio mnst nlnirnnt and only really
wuluiDAivut n .
harmless preparation of its kind in the
world, and giving a beautiful picture card
witn every bottle.
I have again control of the Eugene
marble and granite works, and arn bet
ter prepared than ever to furnish all
kinds of marble, granite and stone
work at the lowest price possible for
first class work. ' Please call on me
and get my price before placing an or
der. Nothing but first class work
done. Shop in my old stand In Iteam's
building. W. W. MARTIN.
Tax Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the
school tax for 1892 is now due and pay
able. I will be at my office in the
postoflice building, in Eugene, Oregon,
daily from 8 o'clock a. m. until 7
o'clock p. m., until August 9, 189..
to receive the same. All taxes not
paid in 60 days from this date will be
delinquent and ten per cent added for
Dated June 10, 1892.
Resolutions of Condolence.
Hall ok Euoknk Lodge No. 15,
n IT r
AV' JulvSth. 1892.
... T lUm VnrlrniDi1 T. J.
Dunten, departed this life, , June OHh,
having been a member of this Lodge
f0Tifenreyfoarerebe it Resolved, That by the
death of Brother Dunton, this Lodge
haa lost a worthy member the county
an upright citizen, and his family a
devoted husband and futher.
Resolved, That this Lodge extend its
sympathy to the family of thedeceased;
ThaT a copy of these resolutions be
snread in tlie minutes of the Lodge,
aS? be published in the Eugene
?JriARD and a copy be sent to the
family of tne deceased, by the Recorder
of the Lodge. -
B. J.Hawthorne,)
Geo. B. Dorris, Com.
H. L. Chilson, J
Skianer Butte Driveway.
Daily Guard, July 8.
This morning E. If. HoHenbeck
commenced work on his . contract tor
r l way lx.glnsat the intersection of
reet then running back passes just
K'thervoir to the north and
Tte dStincw is0 feet with a grade
"J , SnSdento and strangers alike,
wMl' bT enabled to toke a birds
TJl view of Eugene and vicinity
afd the head of theSvillamette valley,
Ih,t,mb which many are nna
btote make ! Dr. public apmt
be mmendHl in thia .tterpnsw.
Dally Guard. July lL
Takes to the AsYLi.-M.-Mrs. Bar-
ni "Her mania is religion. r?he
taken to the asylum Hunday
W. n. Matthews Is elorklntr in Mat
lock's store.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Starr visited
Junction today.
Mm. D. M. Drake went to Salem today
to visit relatives.
Edwin Buthnell returned to Ellensbnrg,
Wash., thia morning.
Judge Risdon, who has been serious
ly 111, is recovering.
Wild pigeons furnish shooting for tbe
sportsmen tbeae days.
An immense amount of wood is be
ing hauled into town.
The prisoners that escaped from the
KOMouurgjall nave been recaptured.
S. E. Brown left on the local this morn-
iug for a trip to Astoria and Clutsop beach.
It would be a good idea for the city
to purchase tlie old cells in tuo county
Chas. Underwood arrived from Ta-
couiu this afleruoon for a visit at his
old home.
At Frmevitle on tbe 4th Geo. Ray rode
Dorses, changing every mile, tweuty-hve
miles in til minutes.
Rev. J. O. Brownson of McMinnvllle
college appals to the Baptists of the
stute for u fl(,ouu endowment ruiul.
Andrew J. Jones, of Roseburg, litis
received a pension rora wound received
m tlie Indian battle at Low treek,
Grandpa Edwards, a pioneer of 1832,
lias been turned out by his relatives in
Multnomah county and has no home.
A recently pardoned convict says
the newspaper man, Haunders counts
on being pardoned out next .February,
Judge Fisk and Dr. McKenney left
ror tlie AlcKcnzle springs tins morning.
They will be abxent about two weeks,
Mrs. M. Wilkins, of Coburg, has re
ceived tlie npiiolntnient or superlntc n
dent of division "H" for the next state
M. F. Huntley and wife left this
morning for their homestead on Fall
Creek where they will spend the sunv
A "lndy" named Slum, Is proprie
tress of a saloon in Baker City. This
oilers an easy opportunity to go "slum
ming." The smull-pox Is raging at Victoria,
B. C. It is said to be of a mild form.
Stringent quarantine measures have
been resorted to uy beattie and la
coiua. Capt. E. W, Spencer haa been elected
chief of polioe of Portland, vice Sam Parish
removed. Ben Nordeu haa been electedcap
tain of police, vice Captain Watson re
moved. Corvallis Leader: M. P. Burnett,
Herbert Klttrldge, Geo. Hayworth
and others started to the Belknap
Springs Wednesday on a hunting and
fishing trip.
Prlneville Review, July 9: Tomor
row Ed Eben will start to Portland,
going across the mountains by way of
L. 1.M ...111 lui nl.tu.iit turn nl
A.UCIIU. J.U nil w uun." ..... w.
three weeks.
Win. Klpp who has been visiting at
the residence of Mr. Green in this city
returned to his home in Minnesota,
this morning.
Dr. J. W. Bean accompanied by his
wife left for a visit to his mother, Mrs.
O. R. Bean, at the Head of Tide on
the Siuslaw river, this morning.
Miss Maggie Croner went to Astoria yes
terday, instead of Portland as announced.
At that place she will join some friends sud
go to Ilwaco, Wash., to spend a month or
J. O. Watts and Volney Hemenway
accompanied by their families, left for
the Pine Opening, on the military
road, this morning, to spend a month
or more.
Corvallis Leader: Charles Hotles
and William Bogue, accompanied by
their families, left for Belknap Springs
Wednesday, where they will sojourn
for a couple of weeks.
Frank Anderson srnved from Portland
n insni last niaht in Eaffens. He re
turned to Junction this morning where be
will be given a ireignt eDgine runmog iw
tween that place and Portland.
ftua Mnir(rla Wliltnev. who bns lust
closeil a very successful term of school
near Astoria win return mere auoui
September 1st to commence a six
months term at the same place.
Prlneville Review: Parties from the
eastern part of the county, who were
in tnu-n tlio tirut. nf thn 'pplr. tuiiil
111 fcw n ii ...u - v. ,
there would be very little grain or hay
. . . . i . , i
raised in inai bccuou ewui uu muu
that had been irrigated.
TUa Wm nf "Jin flnva ininrifinnmnnt
of Thomas E. Russell, for assaulting j.
uray, expires loworruw. n wu n rutrrinn would be irranted at
least a few days before that time but so
far none has been given.
Marshal Eastland arrested the boys
who run for the hotels last night on
complaint of Agent Adair for taking
too much liberty at the depot. Re
rwHn iriivfl them a renrinmtid
VVI vv.a o A
and they were allowed to go.
Marshal Eastland arrested a man
libit eveninir on the charge of drunk
and disorderly. He was sentenced to
five days in ine city jail uy ivecume r
Dorris this morning, and will probably
be given employment on the streetsi
The Roseburg grand Jury this week
considered the corotler's jury report on
the killing of Roland Ward's son near
i w.miru.if Rwnilv. Thpro wao no evi
dence produced to sustain the verdict
01 1116 coroner jury, nuu mc nuuic
business was Ignored.
Surveyor Koch is locutlng the new
county fail today, under the supervi
sion of Commissioner Perkins. It will
nd In front of and on the
site of the old structure, six feet north
if Eighth street, on a nue waa me
ity hall.
nr. u.gnr wIiIIphI. work rult i vat-
iiil. luajvi) " - -
ing the Sladden orchard, this morning.
plowea up a ycnow juckcis iicbv, hiiu
f.,,nnulu nf lllOIll Utllllff llllTl. Ht
suffered severely, until Dr. Payton was
called and auiiiiiiiMiereu rvuieuies, re
lieving the pain.
The bids for remodeling the hall of
representatives of the capitol at Salem
were opened last week. The Uig'iest
bid was $7900 and the lowest $.'W00-
'or painting and decorating the nigh
ut ua tLiK and the lowest tHS5.
The difference In the bids is rather sur-
Pl.!n& r, .
H Wrtt lava tonicht for Harris.
burg, from which place he will go to Kit
sou's on tbe old military wagon road, with
a party from Harrisbnrg. Uesnra. Paynes,
Altbouae and Young are at those springs
iostead of at Belknap as reported.
E. C. Pentland has resigned his posi
tion as secretary of the Oregon Press
laoswlutlnn nn nwniint of hln removal
frmn tho atntp. and the nresident of
the association uan niiuiiiiu Aiucit
, - . t !..... .1 4 11
Tozier, or ronianu, to act in ui piw-o
until the next meeting of the associa
Administrator Kohn
administrator of the estate of .
Baum, sold an undivided one-third in-
M n the Bald Butte .Mining U.
claim, situated alove CotUge Grove,
Monday to J. W. trow, one oi tne
mine owners, for 1150. It is an unde
veloped cinnabar nine.
Momps are plentiful abont town.
Douglas county Is $115,557.69 in debt
The supieiue court has adjourned until
Smallpox ia reported on the increase ai
lotoria, a. c.
Masons ar at work on tbe second story
of the Prank building
And atill the council neglects having the
business streets sprinkled
F. A. Tozlur is driving the delivery wa
gon for tbe new laundry
Ed Hanson went to Yaquina Bay tbla
morning tor a week s outing
R. L. Morrow of Portland has been ap
pointed reporter of the supreme court.
Mrs. B. F. and G. A. Dorris have goue
to tbe mountains on a berrying excursiou
Chas. D. Teutsch of Waxobocbie, Texas,
apent Mnnday night with bia brother Lee,
In tbiaoity.
S. II. Friend lv ia confined to his res!
dence with a billious attack, lie will be
out in a few days
The man named UoGhee. wbo exploded
tbe dvuatnite at Florence ia not our Wid
McGhee nor auy connection of his,
Thecouuty treasurer haa given notice
.1, : . I . .... V- .I'l
inai au rttHisiercu warraut nuui nua. v.. w
173, inclusive will be paid on presentation,
T. E. Russell was discharged from custo
dy this morning by tbe aberitl, the time of
bia sentence having expired. This empties
the jail.
II. C. Humphrey and Henry ITorTiuau
caught 200 trout in th McKeutie river near
tbe Foley Spring, Monday, so a oorres,
poudeut informs us.
Tbe oontr wt for the new school bouse at
Cobnrg, haa been let to Mr. Bond of Irving
for fliW. Tbe contract is fur the carpen
ter work and material aloue.
The democrats yesterday carried
Port Townseud, Wash., by a good ma
jority. Nearly every city in our sister
state is now under democratic control.
The sheriff will sell the machinery
in the Dysinger planing mill, covered
by a chattel mortgage in favor of Da
vid Monustcs, on Saturday, August 0,
at 1 p. m.
Mrs. T. G. Reames and A. E. Kennies, of
Jacksonville, visiting friends in Eu
gene last night, snd left on this morning's
local for Newport, to sojourn a week or so
at the seaside.
D. T. Pritchard, who bad a jewelry store
in Eugene for some time, recently diew
$2510 through the Lcuisaua atate lottery
Tbat is tbe report which comes from Med
ford, and his friends here hope it is true.
Two of tbe Indian girla who graduated at
Cbemawa Indian school, near Salem, at the
close of the laxt term of that school, have
been married. One to a son of late Super
inten lent Irwin, of the school, the other to
an Indian maa.
Chester Osliurn is making a reputation as
fluhArninn at tliA MnKfltizia Hridpe. Geo.
Frissell has o mimed to be the boss fisher
man, but Chanter catcbes two trout to bis
one. lie probably haa some attractive bait
to tnus Deal a veteran nsnermao.
Eugene m ods a city ail as badly as
Tnnu XIHIIltV mwxlixl a IfllllltV lull.
The cell work In the old county jail
should be purchased by the council
and a new city jail ordered construct
ed. The present caluboose is not lit to
confine human beings in.
Salem Journal, July 12: W ilson, the
WuIhIi murderer, was this morning put
intn "nmflli " fundi hm nm nluccd uixin
dangerous Insane persons. This was
done because the prisoner Insists on
picking the splints off his broken arm,
and In other ways injuring himself.
All ol the great World's Fsir buildings,
except two are practically finished. A por
tion of tbe interior finishing and decorating
la all that remain! to be done on moat of
them. On tbe manufactures building and
machinery ball work is oeing pusnea six
(ten hours a dav. aud tbey are fast catching
up with the other structure '' "
Twn mirvpvnni mnr Pritievlllo while
In numn I nut iwb. &ftV MlPV hl'llftl tWO
distinct reports as of heavy blasts. No
tremor of the earth was felt, however.
Next morning on viewing the snowy
crests of Hood and Jefferson, each of
tim innnntaiiiH was seen to be emitting
smoke in profuse volumes.
A meeting of the hop growers or the
M'lllniniiiiii vnllov will lm held nt, Hn-
T , Jllllliivii ... . J .....
lem, Saturday, July 10, 1892, for tho
purpose oi organizing a nop growers
mutual fire relief association. The ob-
ect is to obtain a cheaper rate of insur-
ance on nop nouses aim iwn wiuiu
drying, thereby saving quite an ex
pense to growers.
"The Hustler" will soon Inaugurate
active rehearsals for Its ensuing sea
son's tour. Already several of its par
ticipants are actively engaged In pre
paring 'special' acts for the coming
Manairer Thomas H.
n,-L nTolnm Hint. 'The Hiixtlt'r" will
U I V IO vtuaaaau
continue to coin money after its few
competitors are oeau aim ouneu.
st.niA fiirmnra In Union county are
growing fences for their fields from the
cactus, or Texas iuna ueug. au
agree that It Is the cheapest fence they
can obtain, and In three years Grand
Itonde valley will be rendered even
more lovely man it is now uy wiu re
moval of the old rail and liarb-wire,kU nn.l fhw Biiluitltiitlnn nf lnnir
11 lll0 .......... - o
rows of beautiful, blooming tuna
A onrious iaoident happened in the vicin
ity of Pendleton during tbe fierce rain-
- ... , . , . r
storm ot last reel, aaya me usv urrgou-
l.n Trt thA uftnrnnnn. find Ino it ImnnHst.
ble to work, Clarence Bailey started to
leave th field, and taking hold of tbe top
wire of tbe barb-wire fence, received a
shock like (hut from a galvanio battery.
Tti.M liiil hi,.n nn liuhtninu. and it ia
au..v - - n fj,
strange how tbe wire became ehargod with
1. rtnil W ii tils wifn anil fnnr child.
ren, accompanied by Miss Lizzie Mack,
. . ,1.1 . i.
were returning to oaiem irom iniaojoua
connty a few dta ago, the oaniage ran off
tbe grade and rolled about 100 feet down
into the river. Miss Mack bad the little
babe in her arms and wben she aaw tbey
were falling, threw the child just in time
for its father to catch it aud save its life.
Miss Mack wnt over the bank, struck ber
breast on a rk and bounded into the wa
ter. She died an hour later.
Albany Democrat: Shortly after mid'
nluht thia mornins Mr. Henry Johnson, re-
aiding across the Willamette beard bis dog,
half bird and shepherd, evidently in a mor
tal combat with something. Arising be
found the dog fighting a big porcupine,
very rare in tins valley, nuu a ciuo ne
tii.nathai1 th bristliDir animal. The doa'a
head was filled full of tbe sharp quills, and
it tnnk anveral hours to net them all out.
some of them being driven in sn inch and a
half. Tbe cabins, tbongb ruineu, win prob
ably live.
Portland Welcome: For the first
tin io allien lila nditue from orison. Sun
dy Olds, the slayer of Emll Weber, a
few days ago, had a chance to meet
Henry McGinn, who prosecuted him
at his three trials, face to face. The
circumstances of the meeting were
also peculiar. Mr. McGinn had been
enjoying a Turkish bath at the
Hamman, and going into the waiting
room found Handy there alone. The
latter glared at the man who bad tried
vigorously to send him to the gallows
while McGinn looked him straight In
the eye, neither of the men uttered a
word, for a run minute tney stoou
thus when both went their own way
as though they had never met before.
Wllloughby, dentist.
Walch olubs at Holloway's.
J. J. Walton, attorney-at-law.
D. Linn & Bon, furniture and undertake
If yon want a suit of clothes or a pair of
pantaloon go to Davis, tbe tailor, lie guar
antees satisfaction and low prices.
Eugene flour at Henderson's.
Albany flour at Henderson's.
Medford flour at Henderson's.
Junction flour at Henderson's.
You pays your money and you takes
your choice.
Chris Marx haa reduced the price of aha
ing at hia shop to 15 oenta.
The Minnesota Hotel has been re
imlred and refurnished. Terms $1 per
day. umy one blocK iroin the depot,
All white help.
Dr. Smiley ia prepared to attend to all
calls from tbe country aud will make that
part of bia practice a specialty.
Join Holloway's watch and jewelry olnbs,
he ia the originator of them in Eugene, a
perfectly safe and very profitable way of
buying what yon want. Call and investi
gate it.
W, Uolloway haa jnst received some new
designs in watcb cases. Call snd see tbem.
tbe largest and most select stock In tu
Money to loan on improved farms for a
term of years at a reasonable rate oi inter
est bv E. J. MoClanahan.
Parties wishing to sell timber tribu
tary to, Willamette, Sius
law, Htnlth river and .MohawK enoture
or W. J. Halley, euro Joel wore, r.u
gene, Oregon.
The high wheel Victoria lawn mower
is the Ugliest running mower made.
Call and examine at F. L. Chambers'.
Another car of vehicles lust received
direct from the factory which makes
my stock complete in buggies, car
riages, carts and pleasure wagons, also
farm wagons. Prices ns usual low.
t. ii. CHAMBERS.
Attention farmers! Buy your medi
cines at Yerlngton's Ninth street drug
store, Uhinehart's block, Eugene.
Yerinslon'a Oth at. drug store is the plaoe.
Years of experience insures certainty and
dispatch in the compounding and dispens
ing ot medicines, UDinenaria viocx.
Yerincton's Ninth street drug store
Gruarantees satisfaction as to prices and
quality. Khinehart's block.
Harrison and Cleveland are In it so
is F. L. Chambers' $15 carts.
Only $00 to get one of those nobby
pleasant wagons at
F. L. Chamhkhs.
Hay forks, craiu cradles and every
thing elso a farmer needs at
Jkbsei Cow. A two year old Jersey oow
giving milk came to Palmer Ayer's plaoe,
two miles north of Eugene last week. The
owner oan have ber by paying charges,
A car load of Deering mowers and
binders Just received direct from the
factory, t an and examine tno new
Special Bargains for a Few Days Only.
Dried plums, per Si 3 and 4c
17 lbs cube eucar $100
30 lbs D 11 100
6 lbs uncolored tea 1 00
3 lbs seedloss raisins, good 25
4 ttn gloss starch, guaranteed .25
10 lbs lard I w
Also headquarters for flour and sugar by
the sack.
Rhodtt McCord to Mrs Eliza Dunham
50x100 feet, south Willamette street;
Employments of Convicts at Pen.
Laundry department, 6; library, 1;
barber shop, 1; shoe shop, 1; tailor
shop, 4; scavengers, sweepers, etc., 12;
kitchen and dining room, 17; ouisme
kitchen, 0: cripples and unable to
work. 4:i: daily excuses bv Dhvslcian.
30; patients in hospital, 9; Northwest
ern foundry, 192; broom department, 1;
stock department, 4: carpenter shop, 1;
tin shop, 1; vegetable gardens, 10; flow
er gardens, 1: farm. 24; brickyard, 83;
blacksmith, 1; total W7.
Dally Guard, July 13.
Not Robbed. Yesterday we had an
item about Tom Bell, the Camas
swale man being robbed. It appears
now that he was not rounea at an.
Thursday evening, while In a maud
lin condition, he gave the money to A.
K. Patterson for saro Keeping, ana ine
next morning knew nothing about so
doing. The money was returned to
him yesterduy afternoon alxmt 8
o'clock and he was a surprised man.
The money came from the pension
oillee at Washington.
Plimtt or WtTEs The experimental
well for tbe Eugene Water Company has
reaohed bedrock. It is located near the
comer of High and Sixths street, and dem
onstrates to a oertainty tbat the neoessarr
aupply of good, wholesome, oool and pure
water can be obtained. A contract will
probably be let for the building of tbe en
larged well and tbe removal of tbe pumping
station. Then Eugene will be enabled to
nse its sewer aystem (or tbe purpose lor
wbicb it was intended.
Win TIpht Fnr a farm nf vpara.
One of the best farms In Lane county,
Or. Well improved. Suitable for
fnrmlug, stock raising and dairying
nm.ilil.i..l Tnmiiifiat Ax Billv's irroo-
ery, or on the ranch eight miles west
erly from TiUgene. johm iuuam.
rmns H H Lemnn.airent for John
Robinson's circus, was in town July 13,
making arrangements for its appear-
.nm In tMu nitv Hh apli'ti'il irrnunds
on the corner of Willamette and Seven
teenth streets. It will exhibit Here
Thursday, August 4.
Paid roa a Moirra.-The Corvallis Times
gives a bit of news in the following savage
manner. Tbe employes on the O. P rail
road were given a month's salary yesterday,
tbe first nickel tbey bave received lot ser
vices rendered in 18U2. The boys were
lucky in setting even enough to buy a
bunch of firecraokera.
A Kn Jin.. Lane oonntv la to have a
new jail, the eon tract for the brick work,
etc., having been signed Monday after
.Ann. Wntb tAartnff down tha old den.
called a jail, will commence some time next
CVr.T riniRiM nr RHKairra. The an
nr.. I .1.1. uin.nllnfl nf tha ihariffc of Or
egon will asm ruble in Eugene next Wednes
day, July ZUlb. ine attenaanoe prumim
to be large, iney win receivo wiuw
welcome from onr citizens.
To Trade. A new Wilson's im
proved sewing machine for sale or
trade for hay or wood. Inquire at the
Guard office.
Baftizid Bv. Dollarbide, of the Free
Methodist Church, of Eniiene, baptized IS
converts at Coburg last Sunday.
Borx. In Eugene, Monday, twin
girls were born to the wife of Noble
Company C Passes a Commendable
Briead ier General H. B. Com Dion, with
his adjutant Chas. 8. Moore of Llnkville
have started out to inspect the Oregon mi
litia for tbe purpose of "weeding ont" and
better equipping the "Ouaids" for any
work tbey may hereafter be called upon to
do. Major James Jackson of the regular
army who has been detailed as instructor
for tbla state accompanies the General m
does also Col. J. T. Bowditch of Ashland,
Pursuant to order 0 Co. assembled at the
armory last Saturday night and at 8 JO
manned to the publio school campus
wbers tbey were reviewed by tbe above
named offioen, Col. 8. L. Lovell of Salem
and Lieut. F. L. Chambers also being pres
ent. Col. Lovell then ordered the company to
parade on the corner of Oth and Willamette
Streets tbe ground being better fitted
for the maneuvers and tbe arc lights afford
ing a better view for the offioers aa well as
tbe large crowd wulcb bad assembled.
TheotBoers afterward Inspected the arms
and equipment at tbe armory, commend
atory remarks were spoken by the offioers,
It is likely that some of tbe old
nulforma which have been In nse for live
years will be replaced by new onea.
This is an evidence of the fact that brigade
officers aa well as tbe regimental command
er thinks 0 Company well worth lookiag
after. Colonel Lovell was heard to remark
to the General during the parade tbat this
oompany was lbs best, taken as a whole, In
his regiment. This sympathy on bis part
is not lost on ths boys here tor whatever is
done for C. Company tbey will give the
Colonel hia euare of the credit for they are
always loyal to him.
The programme now is to set the whole
of the 0. N. G. in as good abape as possi
ble and have a fonr day's brigade encamp
ment next aummer and go from there direct
to the World's Fsir where it is calculated
upwards of 100,000 National Guards wiU
be present.
Jasper Items.
July 13, 1892.
C. S. Conant Is building a new house
for D. Joooby.
A wagon load of young folks came
over from Pleasant Hill Sunday aud
had their photos taken.
Mrs. Aklns little girl that fell from
a bed about two weeks ago and broke
her leg Is getting along nicely.
The river drivers will get the logs all
out of Fall Creek today, and will not
be long in reaching Springfield.
From the number of people seen go
ing up on Hill creek every day we
tlit 11k there is two persons to every
J. A. Brlires is here with his photo
gallery and is kept quite busy. Come
one come all and secure the shadow ere
tho substance fades.
John Bush received the contract to
builtl the new school house at this
place. The lumber is being delivered
on the ground for the same.
Miss Nettle Whitney closed a very
successful term of school here on the
1st. A picnic was held In the grove on
tho bank of Hill creek. A very plea
sant time Is reported by all.
Contract Let.
The contract has been let to J. O.
Kelley to finish tlie well at the new
water works plant according to the
first intentions. It 1b 26 feet to bed
rock from the surface and one pump Is
being used now with a capacity of 000
gallons a minute to keep the water
from obstructing the work. Another
Dump of like capacity is in readiness to
be used as soon as it becomes necessary.
Tlie work is to be completed in sixty
days. An analysis of the water ob
tained nas snown 11 to ne on aparwun
the best drinking waters In the state.
Ballroad Whistles.
One whistle of the locomotive means
'stoD. two means "clear the track: we're
coming ;" three means "back up;" and fonr
calls in the hind brakeman. Engines of
ten give four petulant, impatient whistles,
which are almost hnman in saggestiveness
and most outsiders are at a loss to know
what they are for.
All accounts due the firm of Lackey ft
Co. must be paid by Angust 1st, or oolleo
tlon of tbe asms will be foroed.
Dally Guard, July IX
Robbed or 120. Thoe. Bell, who
lives on Camas swale, about fifteen
miles south-easterly from Eugene,
came to town last evening and got
gloriously full on red liquor, and was
displaying his wealth to many, which
consisted of six bright f20 gold pieces.
After a time he became "tired" and
went to sleep In a chair, utterly obliv
ious of all worldly aflairs. A few
hours thereafter he awoke and want
ing another drink to quench his thirst,
lie "went down" after his purse, when
loand behold It had taken flight, and
also all his wealth. The police have
been looking for a stranger, who la sus
picioned of tlie crime, but he has prob
ably picked himself up and departed
for other climes, as they have been un
able to locate him.
Dedicated. The new Menonnlte
church on Fern Ridge, 10 miles
northwest of Eugene, was dedi
cated Hunday. The attendance
was very lurge, a large num
ber being present from Eugene.
The dedicatory sermon was presented
by the Bishop of the State, assisted by
Revs. Jacob Schrag. 1. D. Driver and
E. P. Henderson. The services were
held In both the English and German
languages, the German choir being led
by Jos. Koch, of this city. The debt
remaining, $200, was Immediately sub
scribed. The church b a neat one and
a credit to our Menonnlte friends and
the people of Lane county.
Dally Guard, July 13.
DmousBDia tbi Jan.. Tbe contractors
for the new iall today oommenoed tearing
down tbe old struoture tbat haa done duty
for thirty-four years. It was built in 1808
when Lane connty bad a population of lees
than 4000 people. It has never been a se
cure plaoe for keeping prisoners and
numerous escapes have taken place from
within its walls, in a lew days no vestige
of the old eyesore will remain, and Id its
atead will soon arise a modern jau, beauti
ful in architecture, and safe and healthful
for prisoners.
SntTTO Euoisi. Grants Pass Courier!
Abbott, the young man whoa leg was bro
ken several weeks ago waa sent to Eugene
at the county's expense Thursday bat. Bs
bad been stopping at tne Veimonloo and
waa several months in arrears for board be
fore the accident, which was the result of
bis own carelessness, occurred. Since thea
Mr. Lindaey haa been nursing bim witbonl
compensation, the eonnty having refused to
defray tbe expenses. Abbott's mother fives
In Eugene.
121 Days J. P. FUshIuudom, who
stole a buggy whip of Mr. Weldcman,
was tried before Justice Klnsey Wednes
day afternoon. He waa convicted and
sentenced to pay a fine of $26 or 12
days In Jail. Not having any money
he chose the Imprisonment of neces
sity, and he Is now serving the same
out la the city calaboose.
Workmen an repairing the Eugene
Legal boilnesi around ths court house It
Binders are at work on tlie fall
Timothy hay la rather a scarce article
this year.
Business on the street car line Is Im
proving daily.
The Cleveland and Harrison felt hats
have arrived la Engene.
The mountains are reported full of
people, berrying hunting and fishing.
City warrants are now being dis
counted for want of funds In the treas
ury. Btewart and Plckard shinned two
carloads of cattle to Portland last
The docket for the snecial term of
circuit court contains twenty-eight
Albany Democrat: Euirene is to have
something it practically has never had
a county Jail.
The county clerk has granted a mnr
rlage license to Jos. M. Necley and
Daisy D. Whlsman.
The smallpox Is still increasing at Victo
ria. Every plaoe on tbe Sound has Quar
antined against tbat oily.
The younir man who run off with
the Lebanon girl settled the matter on
being arrested, by marriage.
Several viMtioa Odd Fellows from Irvina-
aod Springfield attended tbe encampment
meeting in tbla city bat evening.
A new bridire will bo built acrom tbn
Coyote creek at tbe long bridge, nine
miles west of Eugene, at once,
Adjourned term of circuit court con
venes In Euirene next Mnndnv. It
will be in session about one week.
About thirty members of the M. E.
Ep worth Leame are nlcnlckinir at
Cold Springs, on tbe McKenzie, today.
Mulberries are offered this veur In
the market. ThU Is the first they have
been raised here to amount to an v.
Cut the thistles down.
Haying is well under way.
Holloway leads, others follow.
Carpetrl I Carpets! at D. Linn t Son's.
Drummers are more olentiful tbeae dava
than orders.
Get the latest novels at Hollo wav's
circulating library.
Tobacco stems for tree wash, cheap,
at Hayes' cigar store.
By iroin ar to Holloway's vou can mt
all the latest novels to read.
Bend to or call on E. J. Frag ier for one
ot his oiroulart descriptive of his latest and
greatest bargain.
Tho Deerlnir mower Is the llirhtent
draft modo. Bee it at
F. L. Chambers.
W. Holloway's clubs are a success.
He has already a lanre membershin
aud they are here to stay permanently.
Join Holloway's clubs.
D. Linn k Bon. for furniture, caroetaand
The social given by the First Presby
terian church last evening was fairly
well attended.
The cannery has been workinar for
several days on the cherry crop. The
out put of this fruit will be as great as
it was lasi year.
Alex MoEtchen. a switchman in ths em
ploy of tbe N. P. Terminal Co. was ran
over and killed by a switch engine la Port-
una tut evening.
Borne parties are already kllllnir
grouse and pheasants, although it is
against the law. They should be found
out and prosecuted.
The advance agent of Robinson's cir
cus while here contracted for bill
boards, hay and feed for stock and
meat and groceries for the employes.
After a lively struggle A. J. John
son succeeded In capturing the animal,
in A. V. Peters' corner window, which
has been attracting such large crowds
Bodaville correspondence: Eighteen
tents are now pitched In our town and
others coming dally. The summer
houses are also filled with resortois and
health seekers.
T. I. nn.n .n.niviM Mint 1Tl.n .l.n
murderer of Mamie Walsh, murdered
Mrs Scott, In Yamhill county two years
ago, and for which her husband Is con-
nned in tne penitentiary. Wilson says
he will tell what he knows about the
case In a few days.
Three Indians died from poison on
the Warm Springs reservation one day
last week, and two others are very
sick from the same cause. The drug
was administered In alchohol, which
was sold to the aborigines by a half-
breed. No further particulars could be
Hank Vaughan, of Pendleton, has
received a pair of small members of the
simian tribe from San Francisco, aud
Intends to engage In monkey cultiva
tion on McKay creek, ills rattle
snakes and gourds are progressing
finely, and he believes diversified
fanning is prontabie.
Dally Guard, July 14,
Miss Ada Sharpies has been visiting
Mrs. J. B. Lee in Corvallis.
Ed Eben, of Prlneville, is In town
visiting his uncle, Ed Baum.
J. L. Thompson is spending a few
days at Astoria and Clatsop beach.
Wm. Miller and wife, of Sherman
county, are visiting relatives and
friends In Lane county.
Miss Maud Kelso left on last night's
overland for Santa Rosa, Col., where
she will spend the summer.
We are glad to learn that Mrs.
Chadbourne-Blythe is able to alt up
after five weeks Illness with a painful
Miss Maud Alley left last night for
her old home at Carson City, Nevada,
via California where she will visit a
short time.
D. R. Murphy and wife, of Portland,
spent last night In Eugene. Air.
Murphy Is chairman or tne democratic
state central committee.
Frank Rankin and family left for
Bodaville this morning to spend two
weeks, ilia gallery nas been lere in
competent hands, who will serve the '
people with first doss work at low
D. G. McNaughton, of Tacoma, ac
companied by Geo. W. Boggs and H.
lu Huson arrived here on the local this
afternoon. Tbey are here to attend a
meeting of the directors of the Siuslaw
Eastern R. R.
Dally Guard, July It.
A Small Fike. The smokehouse
belonging to Patterson & Miller, looat
en In the rear of Dr. Palne's office on
Ninth street, caught fire at noon today
and nearly burned down, causing con
siderable excitement The loss was
small. No fire alarm was turned In.
Wood. All those who have promis
ed this office wood on subscription ac
count, are requested to deliver the
same as soon as convenient.