The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 14, 1892, Image 1

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VOL 24
NO. 30.
f1 1? i
ZU Woe (City Cuarfl.
public' nd Prprllor.
,.rTPE-On the East aide o( Willamette
?Ud Eighth Streets.
... $2 00
... LOO
,.. .75
ihre -nths..-
' OTJ- ONLT oh advertising.
j-HiMinenti inserted aa follows:
J-naT ten hues or leas one Insertion $3:
b."t?nMrtion IU CMhrequW
"advertisers will be charged at the ol-
Cw squares! mouths J 00
"Sffit'M ta local' Uunn,' 20 cants
. lis. tor esoh insertion.
1 a ulrtuinK bllU will be rendered quarterly.
jjljob work must be paid roB on dilivibt.
(oaMBcrry. - - - orkhoj.
OFFICE-Rooun 78 MoClaren BulldinR.
urdpecial attention given to Collectii.nt
wd Probate business.
Seymour W. Condon,
Eugcnc, - Oregon.
bTo. potter,
OmoB- Room i Couser's Block.
Ittorney and Ccunseat-Law, and
Real Estate Agent.
OH Ice-In Manouio Temple.
Kuykendall & Payton,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Rooms Over City Drug Store,
Special attention given to Trobate business
and Abstracto ol Title.
Omci-Over Lane County Bank.
DR. J. 0. GRAY
block, opposite Quabd office. AU work
warranted. , ,
Laughing gas administered for painless ex
traction oi teeth.
J. S. WALTER, M. D. S.
Uiigenc, Oregon.
D(nUl Rooms Willamette Street, opposite
Baker's HoteL
1b. f. dorris,
Farms, Improved and Unimproved Town
property for sale, on easy terms.
Property Seated and Hants Collected,
The Insurance Companies I represent are
among the Oldest aud most Reliable, and in
h. Prompt and Equitablb adjustment of tlieir
owe Staxd Seoosd to None.
A .hare of your patmnage is solicited.
Office-In&tyilall. y, DORRIS.
Eugene National Bank
aid up capital! .7., M003
Transacts a general banking business.
B Dunn, F W Osburn, J 0 Chnroh, M
Yirtn, J M Hodson, C Lauer. J E Davis.
AiLm. 1TM I 17M lav-ses ft Ibtb. Cds.
Ad ea a sew principle
rsKulaa. the -r, eumiadi
htm. Da. Has Poi-
1.1. m lawnese.
torpid W and "P
ttnck Smelket, Blldert,
eomatl eOaaes.5e
Basiphe tree a aiwrtj".
209 2nd 6. 170 FRONT ST.,
D. (. ferry & Go's Seeds
E. R. Luckey
Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils,
Brushes, Etc., Etc.
Prescription Department in Competent hands.
l SCHWARZSCHILD, Proprietor.
school surrLiKS,TATioNKuY(
Full Stock o! Butterick Patterns.
Address P. 0. Box 119.
McClarens Buildin ,
(Opposite F. M. Wilkina' Druir Store.)
-lias an extensive Stock of
Mercantile, Fancy and School Station
ery, Blank Books, Cutlery, Etc.
Cr-Orders for Books and Subscriptions
lo Newspapers and Periodicals promptly at
tended to.
r. i m on.l C.Tamn. Colic. Or
any Internal or External Pum. Ask your
druggist for it
Clocks, Watches, Chains. Jewelry, Etc
Reoa-rinj Promptly Executed.
T All work WrrssnUd.JW
T. G.lUnnRiras,
8.B. Kakix. Jb.,
First Urn
Of Eugene.
Paid ud Cash Capital 50,000
SurplSsan.1 Profits, 810,000
Eugene City --Oregon.
A Sueral bukiu fcjdi kw' yTTk
LtMchJ.4d on foreign cou.Uiea.
rpo.iU received subject to check or
"Aii'nsentrud to u. will reiv.
prompt attention.
Wt sinth Street, Eufene, Orexon.
B,t Troot FIM. P-
Tnr 9 lt UVer ' m c
Fisiia : Tackle : ci : sromaz :
Our catalogue is complete In
every department, and tells
how to grow all kinds of ve
getables, how to lunt and
trim trees, how to use, and
what arc tlio best fertilizers,
liuw to lunw'.lo bees etc. etc.
Free to all- Pciul for it.
& SON,
Real Ktrtate TranslerB.
W W Wilson to E M Corbus and E
Petvnwn, 2Hx80 feet on Ninth street
near Ouk. with a two-tory building, In
MulliiDUi's donntion; $0,500.
8 HI Titus to Ever Peterson and E M
Corlms, 24x100 feet on Ninth street;
E J Franier to F W Chnusse, lots 10
and 11, block 15, Frasier & Hylnnd's
addition, also lols 7 and 8, block 30,
Frasler & Berry's part of Florence.
W A Cox to B F Alley and A 8 Bli
ton, lot 5, blk 2, Cox's ad; $150.
Frank Whipple to Geo W Long,
land: S0O.
J G Stevenson to H F McCornnck,
of 421 acres in Tp 17 8, R 4 W; $1.
W W Buoy to I P Coplen and O F
Moore, 05 acres in Tp 10 H, It 8 Wj
$2 823. 75.
Geo ' W Tilton to Andrew J Mack,100
acres in T 17 8 R 5 W; f 1000.
He Was Hehe. Albany Democrat:
The Portland Mercury has been writ
ing up Prof Millard, the muslo teacher
who dad classes at Halsey and one or
two other places in this part of the
valley, ana who sang at a social in Al
bany while endeavoring to get up a
class here. It characterises him as a
bilk and a rogue. We don't know
anything about it; but it certainly is
not a good idea to rush after strangers
whose records are not known. New
comers who are "fresh" and push
themselves forward to the head of
society at a Jump should also be
spotted in this western country.
Prof. Millard operated to Eugene
and Lane county for several weeks a
few months ago.
Will Canvass. The republican
nominees have concluded to Join in the
county canvass. This is the proper
tiling to do. The people want to hear
all sides of the questions before the
people discussed.
Castori promotes Pig Hob, and
overcuuiue .Flatulency, Constipation, Sour
Stomach, Diarrhoea, and FeTeriahneas.
Thus the child is rendered healthy and its
sleep natural. Caatorla contains no
Morphine or other narcotic property.
" Castorfa Is so well adapted to children that
I recomnmid It aa superior to any prescription
known to me." H. A. Aanaan, at. P.,
82 Portland Ave., Brooklyn, K. T.
" I nm Castorla In my practice, and fled it
specially adapted to aff actions of children."
AiMt, Rontrraoii. M. ..
1(J67 Sd Ave., Mew Tort
Twi Currant Oo, 77 Hurrar St, 31, '
........ -
Wbea Baby was sick, we gave her Ceatorfe.
When she was a Chad, she cried f or CastorU.
When she become Miaa, abe ctanf to CasUri.
Wbea she had Children, abe gave tbm ;CJ1
308 votes were cast at the O ranis Pass
city election Monday.
A sister of Mrs. 8. Munra died at
Pittsburg, Pa, last week.
Elmer ltonshaw went to Astoria this
morning where ho hops to find em
ployment. Tbe chief of police bag closed tbe Port
land gambling houei. Tbe grand jury
made a strong report against ibtm.
A grand picnic will lie given at
Junction City next Friday by the band
of that city. Everybody is invited.
Mrs. Dr. McMurty returned to Eu
gene on this afternoon's local, and will
reside with Mr. and Mrs. Frauk Good
niun. The candidate of tbe people's party for
circuit judge has declined. This means
large majority for Judge Pipes in Lane
The fluent thing' ia nobbv spring suits
nowadays are the Eugene young ludies.
when it cornea to being "nobby ' tuevouua
men are not in it.
Liun count; has ordered four Leader road
machines with steel cutters at $140 each,
and sis dump sorupera. They will be di
vided amcyig Ihe districts,
C. W. Washburne and W. L. Hous
ton are in Portland purchasing the
furniture for the new Junction hotel.
It lias not been rented yet.
County Commissioners Parker and
Hyland went to Coyote creek this
morning to inspect the long bridge
across that stream so that they could
act intelligently in ordering repairs to
the same. This is the correct idea.
Whoever would successfully con
duct a line of advertising should de
vote the greatest care and attention to
the preparation of the advertisements
to be used. Money expended in get
ting started right is judiciously ex
pended. A couple of bicycle riders were hold
ing to the front end of a street car this
niornlnir allowing It to carry them
along on the wheels. If that means of
locomotion is encourugea we are liKeiy
to get a good piece of local news, and
the coroner a job.
A correMxtndent writing from Shel
by, Gilliam county, says that section
has been having more rain than ever
before. Crops are looking well nnd
orosm-cts were never better. A large
amount of prairie land has been broken
up this year.
Hon. E. P. Coleman, the democratic
nominee for state senator, is in town
today. He is recovering from his re
cent attack of inflammatory rheuma
tism, although he does not feel able to
make the trip to Florence on the coun
ty canvass, he will endeavor to fill the
other appointments.
Heppner Gazette: M. L. Smith,
who for years has been C. A. Rhea's
manager for the lone ranch, leaves to
morrow for Junction City, where he
will remain for a time, but thinks he
will finally Mind up in Montana.
Mr. Smith lias lived in this vicinity
six years and leaves a host of friends
and not an enemy.
Albany Democrat. May 5: Last
evening about 9 o'clock Mr. J. F. Back
ensto, an old resident of Albany, was
attending a meeting of the I. 0. O. F.
lodge, when he was lanen wun a siroae
of paralysis which has since placed
him in a critical condition. He saw
that something was the matter and
called Dr. Ellis, who was present, who
reached him lust in time to
prevent his falling. His loft side
is paralysed. It was thought
unsafe to move him, aud he has
been cared for since in the lodge
room. Mr. Backensto Is over 70 years
years of age. While he Is In a critical
condition, he has retained his senses.
He will be moved to nis nome as soon
as his condition will permit.
Ia Fruit Injured? Balem States
man: one or tne most extensive iruu
growers of this section says the frost of
about three weeks ago injured all the
stone fruits on the low lanus in inis
district, some of it being entirely de
stroyed. This is also true, so he re
ports, in houtnern uregon. ai ash
land the Injury Is not so great. A big
orchard on the Willamette near Mii-
wnnkie has suffered very much, on
the Columbia bottoms there is little In
jury. In our district fruits in tne nm
J - . . i l l 1 Tl
country nave not oeeu unurcu. i av
a. Son, or roniana, so it is repom-u uy
the same authority, nave a tetter irom
a California firm, stating that fruits in
('Hlifornla were lnlured at the same
time, more or less, according to loca
Cohibacts Lrr. Contiacti for surveyiDg
tbe publio lands have been made by Bui-veyoi-Geniial
Byari as follows: Chas Coll
ier for tbe completion of surveys in tpll
south, range 7 west, and township 16 south,
range2ea-t of Willamette meridian, in
Lane coun ty. Henry Meldrum tbe contract
to suivey township 5 south, ranges 5 and
6 east, and township 6 south, range 6 east,
in Clackamas county. Alonzo Oener has
contracted to survey township 8 south,
ranges 2 and 3 east, in Marion oouniy.
Work be begun as toon the
contracts nre approved by the proper offi- Buhphihr. The surprise
party given by ine uavis swicrs at
their home in honor of Merrltt Davis,
Kntimluv evening, was a complete sur
prise. The crowd gathered at George
Dickinson's, then came In on him very
unexpectedly. The evening was sjient
in playing all sorts of games, until
alxwt 10 o'clock, When a ueiicious
lunch of ice cream was served,
after which the guests took their
departure for their homes, wishing him
many buppy returns of the day and a
prosiierous year. He received many
handsome and costly presents.
Chcxks of Gold. Grants Pass
Courier: H. Bartlon, mining on Louse
Creek picked up two nuggets in bis
placer lout week. One weighed l'J,0
and the other 37. The mines, pay
$3.25 per day to the ma.n. with pick
and snqvel
Wmwi't AsMvaaeiBT. The eleventh
anniversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
Jacob Conitr, was celebrated at Iheir resi
dence May 6th. A number of relatives
and friends were present and spent the
evening in social convene after wbleb a
fine loach was served. May they celebrate
many more anniversaries of happy
event is the wish of alL
RE3&EM&KR TttUt Springfield Mes-.nt.r-
IC will hurt Eugene's future
pospecU a great deal worse to lose the
Siuslaw railroad after raising o0,000 of
the requisite iiuu.uw man u arte nau
never raised a eeuv mwaru tu
Hon. R. M. Yeutch.
Democratic nominee for congress, la the
First Diitrict. and . R. Skipworth, of Eu
gene, will nil appointments aa follows:
Orants Pans, May 11, 730 p ui.
Roseburg, May 12, 3 pm.
Oakland. May 13,3 pm.
Drain, May 14, !i p. m.
Corvallis, May Hi, 7:30.
Independence, May 10, 1 p. m.
Dallas, May 19, 7:30 p. ni.
McUinnville. May 20, 1:30 p. m.
Lafayette, May 20, 7:30 p in.
Forest Orove. May 21, 1:30 p. m.
Hillsboro, May 21, 7 3d p. m.
Oregon City, May 23. 7:30 p. m.
Oervaia, Mxy 24, 7:30 p. m.
Silv.rton, May W, 7:30 p. m.
8alem, May 20, 7:30 p.m.
Turner. May 27, 1:30 p. m.
8cio, May 28, 1 p. m.
Lebanon, May 30, 7:30 p. m.
Albany, May 31, 1:30 p. m.
Brownsville, June 1, 7:30 p. m.
Harriaburg, Juue 2. 1 JO p. ui.
Eugene, June 3, 7 JO p. m.
Cottage Grove, June 4, 1:30 p. ni.
Tbe deinooratio commitlemen and local
democratic organizations are expected and
reqiibHted to make all proper arrangements
for priuling, for ball, and til incidental
matters couneoted with tbe locality where
these appointments will be filled.
D. R. Murphy, Chairman,
Cms. N. Wait, Brcrelarv,
Democratic State Central Committee.
The County Canvass.
The democratic nominees will speuk
at the dtites and places hereafter men
tioned. The speaking will commence
at all places at 1 p. ni. excepting Lake
Creek, which will be at 10 a. m.:
Glentena, Wednesday, May 11.
Mapletou, Thursday, May 12.
Florence, Saturduy, May 14.
Lake Creek, Monday, May 1(1.
Ccburg, Wednesday, May 18.
Irving, Thursday, May 19.
Junction, Friday, May 20.
liong Tom, Saturday, May 21.
Smlthnold, Monday, May 23.
Chesher, Tuesday. May 24.
Spencer, Wednesday, May 25.
Hadleyville, Thursday, May 20.
Lorane, Friday, May 27.
Cottage Orovo, Saturday, May 28.
Creswell, Monday, May 80.
Rattlesnake, Tuesday, Miiy 31.
Springlield, Wednesday, Juno 1.
Wultervllle. Thursday, June 2.
Mohawk, Friday, June 3.
Eugene, Saturday, Juno 4.
All opjxising candidates are hereby
invited to be present and participate In
the discussion. By order Democratic
County Central Committee.
L. Bilyeu,
J. II. Wiiitkakeu, Chairman.
State University Notes.
The Reflector, April.
II. T. Condon was chosen as 02's
Mr. 1C IC Kubli has purchased an
extensive farm on the Long Tom, and
will spend his summer vacation in Im
proving the same.
Among the friends of the university
we take Dleasure In mentioning Wylle,
the colored gentleman who drives the
street car to the university. lie is
very accommodating, and his kindness
Is appreciated uy an.
The chorus for commencement mu
sic numbers aliout fifty. The choruses
chosen are: "The Heavens are Tell
Ing," from Jlayden's Creation; "llie
Tramp Chorus," by Bishop; "How
lovely are the Messengers," irom ov.
raul, oy AiemieisBonn; -tie is waicu-
Ins over Israel." from the Elijah.
The choruses are accompanied by the
piano ana organ.
Mr. C. K. Wilkinson, an energetlo
member of the sonhomore class, will
not attend the university any longer,
having been nominated DV the recent
democratic convention, which met in
Rnamnn. nn a cnnilidntt) for renresenta'
tive of Lane county. While the many
friends of Mr. Wilkinson regret to see
him leave the university, vet they
trust that in the practical life of this
world he will oe successiui ana renew
honor on the institution which he has
recently been attending.
A Narrow Escape.
Dally Guard, Hay 7.
Commissioners Parker and Hyland
who made a trip to the Coyote bridge
yesterday had a short butexcltlngruu-
awav. Jost after driving on the ru
ety bridge, which is about three-fourths
of a mile long, one of the horses stepped
on a tilunk and his foot went down.
This raised the other end so as to trip
the other horse and both commenced
kicking. The yoke strap broke letting
the tongue down and this way the
team ran over a hundred yards with
Hvlund still In the wagon. Mr. Park
er then came up and in trying to quiet
them alter tney naa stontieu one norse
reared and fell oft' the side of the bridge
pulling the other ono on top. This
necessitated the gentlemen getting off
Into the mud two feet deep to unhitch
the horses and lead theniHeveral rods to
hard ground. It was a lucky escape.
Family Reunion. Nashua, N. II.,
Daily Gazette: The Fuller family had
a reunion todav at tho home of Mrs.
Miles J. Merrill. Tills was the first
time for over fifteen veurs that the
whole family has Is-en together. Those
present were: Mr. aud Mrs. Samuel
Fuller, of Merrimack, parents of the
family: Mrs. Abblu C. Wilkins, of
Snmerville. Mass: Mrs. Esther Smith,
nf Boston: Mrs. Frank Whiting, ol
Amhert: Mrs. Ella E. V. Klttredge,
Merrimack; James i. ii. runer, .u-
' , . W lit A 11
gene. Oregon, an wrs. iuerri,ii. am
talked over old times and at uoon sat
down to an excellent dinner to which
ample justice waduw. Thearternoon
the nictures uf the family were tuken
to keep as a souvenir until the next re
Pally Guard, Hay 5.
His Oi.n Place. Conductor Shan
nun Conner, the well-know railroad
man who was injured in the Ijtbuh,
wreck, made his last trip oa he A
hanv local last Monday Next Sunday
nlffht he will take charge of the over-
innd trbin on. this division, and Con-
cW'toi Houston, will lake his place on
t,iie local.
tar Free Delivery
Washixoto. May 6L Th house
postofllce committee have agreed to re
port favorably a VJU for the extension
of free Wi very m the rural districts
and a bill ft the issue of fractional
postal notes.
Cieo. A. Dorrln.
We clip the following article from
the Cottage Grove Lender-Echo, hide
dent republican:
Mr. Geo. A. Dorris Is a very success
ful lawyer of the Eugene bar and
would mako an able and judicious
prosecuting attorney. By indus
try, energy ami careful attention to
the interests of his clients he has built
up a tine law business. His crsohul
Interests have for a great many years
licen closely ldentilled with the js-ople
that ho has a tine conception of their
necessities and desires. The cilice of
prosecuting attorney is of great impor
tance and a great many people fail In a
wise and proiwr conception of tho In
terests therein involved. It Is not
sulllclent that a man be a well read
lawyer for prosecuting attorney he
should have some natural ability, prac
tical Ideas and a tinge oi ordi
nary common sense to bo successful.
A posecuting attorney should be. able
to make Ills olllelal career so successful
as to tiecome positive and aggressive
toward tho rulllan und scoundrel at
the same time to lie able to shield and
protect Innocence. An attorney who
is known to tie successful posscscs a
power to deter man v evil nconle from
committing outrages frequently; a suc
cessful prosecuting attorney who loses
out, lew cast's is a iiunnc iicnc tuctor to
tho people of his district and can save
them much cost and aniiovance.
Should the iH'oplo elect Geo. A. Dorris
prosecuting attorney, wo feel assured
that his success will lie brilliant.
The Lnckey Property Sold.
Hallv (luanl, May 7.
Sheriff Nolund this afternoon sold
property, on execution, belonging to
. H. l.uekey as follows:
House and lot K0 x 100 feet, on Tenth
Btrect, known as the Straight property,
was purchased Dy . s. ppencer lor
The family residence property on
Ninth street, was purchased by J. N.
Gulliford for the sum of $4,200.
J. N. Gulliford also purchased tho 80
acres of land below Coburg for fHOO.
J. J i. Aici'iung was the purchaser or
the 83 acres lying cast of Eugene, and
known as the Brown hop yard, for
It is likely that tho resldenco aud
Coburg farm property will lie redeem
ed by other Judgment creditors, as tho
same are worth considerably more than
tne sum imi.
The Maid of Antelope.
A wild Eastern Oregon poet breaks out
in tbe following erratic strains in the Un
ion rJoout:
Maid of Antelope, we must part;
I hear your father J must start;
He's broken of Ills midnight rest,
Discretion on my part is best
i a octtcr gin
Maid of Antelope, ere I go,
Kiss mo once, tor luck, you know.
Your father's foot Is on the stair
None but the brave deserve the fair
The lamp alnt lit I
Muid of Antelope, just once more
Little ships must hug the shore.
Hark! the dog has broke his chuin.
Zounds! I'm in hard luck again
ureal uodii'mmt!
From the Maid of Athens.
Died. At tho family residence In
the Minnesota hotel, Sunday morning
May o, 1NU2. at 10 o'clock, of lung and
stomach troubles, Airs, ijorena John
ston, beloved wife or Robert Johnston,
aged 87 years, six months and D-days,
The lady came to luigeno with her
husband from Isabella county, Mlchl
gan, Dec. l, ltm, and since that time
has been a resident of this cltv. She
was a pure, noble woman, and a devout
Christian, and her faithful husband,
relatives and many friends mourn her
untimely death. The sympathy of all
is extended to Mr. Johnson In his Ir
reparable loss. The funeral will take
place from the First Presbyterian
church tomorrow. Tuesday, at 2 p. m.,
to the l. o. U. . cemetery, r rlends
are invited to attend.
Rattlesnakes Killed. A 14 year
old son of Mr. Brown, out in Cuyote
bottom, killed eighteen hugo rattle
snakes lust Thursday. Fourteen of
these were altogether In the den when
surprised by the boy, but, although
they were old ones, the boy got away
with them with a club without rccelv
Ing any damage- himself.
Birthday Dinner, Cottage Grove
Leader: Mr. G. 1. Oaroutte, who re
sides on Row river, had a very pleasant
blrthilav party last Mundav. the 1st
day of May, It being In honor of ills 83d
birthday. Alany relatives aim menus
gathered and all enjoyed a very pica'
sunt time.
A Soft Jon. Vernon la Journal: O.
W. Dunbar, of Astoria, sentenced for
one year in the county lull for llliellng
M 1.1. I., l, 'r,.... T., II, una
C3UI1I A-il 1 1 1 ' M U m 1 1 H3 1UITII AU.n, Tina
mrdoncd by Gov. Pennoycr after serv'
nir 2H (Ihvs. He received f 200 from his
friends for what timo he served, and
would have been paid 2,500 if lie had
remained in juil the full time of his
Florence Does Noiily. Tho town
of Florence has raised over fonoo
towards the Siusluw railrond subsidy,
and will probably double tho amount
The subscription list, was neaueu nv
the enterprising firm of Meyer A Kyle
with a subscription of 1 1 000. AH lion
or to Florence.
A New Jan.. 'Ihe county court ia having
Ihe yail plans made by Architect Neer, of
Portland, amended aome. and will suddjii
them to the State Board of Cbariliea for
their approval. It is eipeoted that tbe
June term of court will ask for bids lo con
struct Ibe jail, it ia much needed, the
present den being a disgrace lo me oouniy
Dally duard, May 7.
Indus Was Vubbass. As we went to
meaa Ihia afternoon James II. McCord was
addreasiaa an audience of Indiaa war vet
erans of 1Su5 C t the Court llcase. Quite
number of them, old pioseeie, were pres
ent. The rovernmeal should oay tbe vet
erans the amount doe. It is aoialog bat
Will Redeem. We understand
that the Lane County Bank will re-
(JU'erfl all the property sold at Sheriff's
Bute last Saturday, belonging to E. R.
DiacHABofD. Wm. andTnrriu Campbell,
who were tried before Recorder Dorris for
peddling meals without a liceose May 6th,
was found not guilty sod discharged.
County Sunday
School Coil-
Pally Guard, May 9.
The Lane county Sunday school
convention held its third annual meet
ing in Junction City, iM'ginning lit
II a. m. Inst Friday aud closing Satur
day at noon. It was tho largest and
most enthusiastic meeting In the his
tory of Sunday school work In Lane
county. Nearly 100 delegates, repre
senting upwards of thirty school, were
present. The convention opened with
devotional exercises and an address of
welcome by Rev. A. I). Skaggs, of
J unci ion City, resiMiudcd to by Dr. J.
P. GUI, of Eugene. Committeo on
nomination, resolution and finances
were aniMiintcd and the convention ad
journed for fraternal greeting. At 1:30
p. in. a paper on " 1 lie relation or the
Sunday school to tho Community"
was read by Mrs. C. J. Bond, of Irving,
and discussed by the convention.
rurther questions discussed were
How to secure more thorough know-
dge of the Bible, How to get It
studied," opened by the Rev. D. A.
Wuttcrs; "The essential Qualifications
f Oillccrs and Teachers," by A. E.
Wheeler; "1 low to secure more Thor
ough Organization of the County," by
Rev. W. .N. Taylor, of Springlield.
At 7:.'to, Friday evening, Rev. Wei
ll, of Portland, delivered the annual
Idress on "Tho result of training a
toy, or the inllueuce of n mother in
ic salvation oi a nation." it was an
lc aud Interesting address, and was
heartily appreciated. The nominating
ommittee recommended that the fol
lowing icrsons lie chosen as officers for
tho ensuing year: President, Rev. O.
isiuir: vice-president, ur. wuuam
Kuykendall; secretary. Rev. H. L.
Bates; treasurer. Dr. J. P. Glll execu
tive committee, Rev. I). A. Waters;
liairnian, D. Gilstmp, J. B. Hopkins,
Professor John A. Straub, Rev. John
It. Hume,; district vhv-presldents
Junction district, J. A. Buslinell: Ijong
Tom, Amos Ellmiiker; Eugene, J. A.
Straight; Coburg, Rev. J. R. Hume;
pringtleid, Aiiss M. if . liariow; t res
ell, i . i j. M-ott; uuiiige urove, itev.
C. Tenipleton; Horenee, ICev. J.
hWturdny morning the eubjeot discussed
was "leacber a iwtietmgs, openeu oy a. j.
Hume; "Sunday Huhool Management and
Class Uovernmont," by E. L. Gum, of
Tbuistoii. Ibe secretary s report (bowed
that tin re are seventy-six schools in the
county, as compared with thirty five on the
list one year ago; nom lorty oi tne sonoois
reports were received as against twenty-five
ports last year; in These lorty scnoois.
2784 lobulars aud teachers are employed;
120 were added to churches from these
schools during the year; contributed to
missionary objeots were $228 42; expended
for tbe support of the aohools, $b02; new
schools organized since last May, fifteen.
An interesting question box was conducted
by the president. The usual resolution of
thanks were adopted. Tbe convention
pledged for the state work for the coming
year luo delegates. rive oeirgaies
were appointed to tbe state Sun
day school convention at Portland, and the
convention adjourned.
Commissioners' Court.
Boundaries of road districts 51, 61, 20,
100 and 73 changed.
Surveyor presented his report ana
Held notes of the resurvev of a portlou
of the Douglas road, which was record
ed. '
James Parker, commissioner f 18 0O
1J M iiyiunu, " i w
I li lanipbell. printing. w
A E Wheeler, present ownership
list m t y
J A Straight road; J E Ebbert, A L.
Ronev and C M Dorlty appointed
viewers and C M Collier surveyor.
Application for liquor license Dy
Masterson and McGowan, of Florence
precinct: License granted for the term
of one year, having paid $400.
Urdered tuat warraut oe isauea iq u. v.
Forrest for $37.70 on land doubly assessed.
Warrant issued lo E. i . Chapman on
land assessed before final receipt was issued
in the sum of U0.85; also for tax refunded
on same in sum of $5.66.
Junction Items.
Times, May 7.
r. w. T,nniHnn and C. A. Ham are
making preparations to build residences
In the Milliorn addition. .
Miss Ura Snarks. of Brownsville, has
been preaching In this city during the
past weeK. Mie is a very euieniuuiug
speaker and has been favored with a
good audience every night
Thos. Hadsuker organized a Y. r. o.
. E.. ut L ls-rtv. Sunday witna men
ImtsIiId of 13. The followli
ng officers
were elected: President, Mary winn;
an t. .1.1 A , f .... r,inu, I'n.nia.
Vice i resHiuni, niiii.y
ponding Secretary, Harvey Winn; Re
cording Secretary and Treasurer, Kate
Farrlngton. ,
C. W. Washburne returned from the
Palouso country In Washington Tues
day night. Ho reports vegetation con
siderably behind tho Willumette val
ley. Money, he says, is very scuiw
and times mubh harder than here. As
usual, he was glad to get back to the
land of perpetual summer.
A Narrow Escape.
AHtorin Town Talk: John Obson
last night drifted on a trap situated on
the lower end of Dcsdemona sands and
came neur losing his life. Ihe boat
nearly swumed twice during mo six
hours tho men hung onto the spiling.
The lsot lost twenty-live futhom of
new net. There was no ugni on tne
trap. On the upper trap there is a
small bright light. A boat fishing for
Kinney was on the same trap and loss
a great deal of web. There Is nothing
in gill net fishing as long as these man
traits are drove on nearly every sand
bank on the Columbia river.
Admitted to Pbactics. Pendleton E.
O.: There are four happy young disciples
of Blaekslone in Pendleton. They com
posed Ihe class examined Thursday for ad
mission lo practice before Ibe court of Or
eyon, and are George Kbinn and i. B.
Messick of Baker City; F. M.Whitney, of
Pendleton; and J. W. Ellis of La Grande.
All tour passed the examination succees-
'"ceorge Shins was at one time a resident
of Eugene, sad s student in tbe Bute Uoi
versit. A Gbiat Oi.cb. The Astoria Town Talk ,
says: Tbe Bluejay Club met last night and
elected officers to serve until after the June
election. Bevsnry three members were
enrolled, twenty-eight of whom came up
to tbe Trapper's desk and look the iron
clad oath. Tbe balance of the bird w ill be
sworn in at ihe next meeting.
mm mum v