The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, February 27, 1892, Image 1

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NO. 19.
VOL 24
1 Tt"K-ra
TjjTww (City Guard.
P(Iblll" od P'Pritor'
.. n ,i, F.mI side of. WlllanietU
Ka VevinJ Eighth Strati
TERM Or SUtHUmniw,
$2 00
. .75
null ONLY
toSi on. .Insertion W,
,iirrt" mnnthl s oo
St n'tUin local column, 20 cent
J., tor esch insertion.
taSSw hills wiU renderJ nrtfiy-
"f 1. m,..t be PAID FOB OK DEUVIBT.
U ou " -
tjHBCITT, - - -
fifflCE-H"" 7 4 8 McClaren Building.
rtxcUl attention given to Collections
Probate business.
Seymour W. Condon,
Engcnc, - Oregon.
Omcs-Rooni in Conser'a Blook.
ilismey and Ccunsellor-atrLaw, and
Real Estate Agent.
onice-ln Masonic Temple.
Kuykendall & Payton,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Rooms Over City Drugstore.
5dal attention riven to Frobate business
aUbrtraets of Title.
Oiricl-Over Lane County Bank.
U block, ormoaita GUARD office. All work
upibing gas administered (or painless ex
Actioioi teeth.
J. S. WALTER, M. D. S.
Uiigcnc, Oregon.
DeaUl Rooms Willamette Street, opposite
Wer'i Hotel
T ITiVI? CAm tr-vnxr rvralP A TIT .TP.
farms, Improved and Unimproved Town
r "r ue, on easy verms.
fcnartv TlanfaiJ .ml tJawfo flnllafttArl.
lb. Iti.i.. r r .
y the Oldest and moat Reliable, and in
andEyuiTABLi adjustment of their
J41"' Jur patronage it solicited.
ucib, run. w. i. put, cabhiib
gene National Bank
. 10,000
FCND, ...
IMots a aeneral ha
general banking businesa.
ii Board of Dibxctobb:
F W 8bn. ' C Chnrch. S M
". M Hodaon. C Lauer. J E Dav ia.
Eugene, Oregon.
By far the largest dealers on the Coast In
TiEeUeHilizEisiisjDSES.fl.l.Riiis'Bse Supplies.
We are Northweatern Agents for D. M. Ferry S: Co., the largest Seed
Growers and Dealers in the World.
Furniture Dealers
IE. Luckey
Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils,
Brushes, Etc., Etc.
Prescription Department in Competent hands.
Full Stock of Butterick Patterns.
Addreaa P. O. Box 119.
University Bookstore
McClarens Buildin ,
(Oppoeite F. M. Wilkina'Dmn Store.)
Haa an extenaive Stuck of
Mercantile, Fancy and School Station
ery, Blank Books, Cutlery, Etc.
fyOrdera for Books and Subscriptions
to Newspapers and Periodicals promptly at
tended to.
Bowel Troubles, and Cramp, Colic, or
any Internal or External Pain. Ask your
druggist for it
Clocks. Watches, Chains. Jewelry, Etc
ReDa'rint? Promptly Executed.
-A II Work Werrante4.jW
T. O.Hiudricks, 8. B. EAaiK.JB-j
President. Oaanier
First Rational Bank
Of Eugene.
Paid up Cash Capital $50,000
Surplus and Profits, $10,000
Eugene City --Oregon.
A gSeral bankini ; buainea. dnw . m ream-
g&gSSfe. IlvVttcLffi:
of7,Saoldon forei counUje.
DeposiureoeiTed subject to check or
"AUffionstruMd to n. -ill recoiv.
prompt attention.
J,tX nl SUDle and Kancy Groceries,
bought in the beat niarieia
Coffer thepaWk bHUr prices tha. anj
yrodoo. of all kinds taken at market price.
Keal EstKt Transit.
Mary K Fisk to .1 It Sloan, lot 32,
block 4, Hrasirr & lljiHinl's addition;
D. A. Paine lo James L. Scott, lot 5,
block 1, ElUworth's second addition; MOO.
Jaini's L Si-ott to I) A l'aini1, lot 1,
blk 7, Ellsworth's ml; 10.
I) A Paine to L I-ockwood, lot 2, blk
1, Ellsworth's 2d nil; J.'ioO.
Iphi'iiia H Patterson et al to Knth
erine II McClung, UloxlOO fwt in Hon
derson's ad; $-)(H).
E. M. Warren to Dnnoan Scott, 8 Y, lots
4 and 5, block 1, Packard's addition; $1.
Martin Hotfruan to Mary Hoffman, lot 7,
block 8, in Scott's addition; (500.
Jacob J. Graber to Barbara I'ocer, 40
acres in T 17 8. B5V;450.
J A Lettellier to Cltra A 1 uompson, iu
acres in l 1U a, u i w; iou.
Aurelina Todd to James L Todd, 44.1a
acres inT17 8, R2V;$10.
U 8 to W T Campbell, luu acres In 1 JO
8, R 5 E; $200. Receiver's receipt.
U S to Jas H Belknap, 137 acres in T 16
S, R 5 E; f 170.8S. Receiver's receipt.
U. 8. to Jus a Madness, jzi.vb acreB in
T 10 8, R 5 E; $152.4;). Receiver a re-
C II Zuinwalt to I'aul Duiuap, u
acres in T 178 R4W; $22.r).
Martha Jiuov to m W isuoy, mini
in Tp 10 8, It 3 V; 12,200.
Mrs S E Wynne to Thos Allen, lot fl,
blk 3. Wynne's ad; $121).
C F I'ayne et nl to Win Ilemenwny,
lots 3 and 4, blk 8, McFarland's ad;
Sophia E Starr to Win 1 enicn way,
lots 3 and 4, blk 8, McFarland's ad;
Jerry Levnge to Anna Levage, lot
54, blk 7, Miller's ad; $3m).
T M CJrubbs to Susan (irublis, lot 6,
block 2, Kelly's addition; $000.
In the college convention at Salem,
J. E. Uronatigh spoke for the State
University. The speech was loudly
Caatoria prompt! Dlgmtion, and
overoouiea 'laluioucy, Coiutiition, Sour
Stomach, Diarrho?a, and Feverish ness.
Thus the child is rendered healthy and Its
sleep natural CastorU contains no
Morphine or other narcotic property.
Qwtnrta la ao well adapted to cbildrra that
I recommend It aa superior to any preacripUoo
kavwn to me." il. A. Archie, M. I).,
m Portland Are., Bruoklyn, N. T.
" I uaa Caaton'a In my praotlee, and And it
specially adapted to airectinna of children."
Aix. KmtRTaoif, M. D ,
lu67XdATe.. New York.
Tn CorrAra Oo, 77 Hurray St, K. T.
iete 3 urn nus
Acs on a aw prtartple
rvnlaw the Um, stomarh
ana bowels tArawa (As
Mrw Da. Mass' Pnxa
tp4nttlr (in Mlieiamaa,
torpid tint and cnuilpa
tloa. Small art, Billd,
rar I BO aoewa.2 O nr.
hamnl" tm at urartota.
r. liia 1.4. b , aUiut, 14
Hold hy J.H. BEOC LEV.
J. P. Cheeher baa botiubt (our lots in
SoJaville, paying $200 foi llitm.
A marriage liceune was iHiied to Joxeph
Votil and Jenuie llait rs, Saturday.
S. F. Kerns is building an nddiilon
to bin tvhidence on Sixth htrctt.
Some of t.iir citizens have already
commenced making early garden.
Cu t. Packard was born on lh Fourth ol
July slid died ou WnKhiuglCB' birlliday.
Four persons werv InnncrM'd in tlie
mill race yesterday by llev. U. A.
ltlair, of the CiimU-rlainl Presbyterian
After an abwuit' of four months at
Albany, J. K. Keain is again with Eu
gene friends.
Miss Fanuio Charles of Suu Kntnciico is
visitiufi with her coiuiu, Ml" Nau L'udet
wood, (or a (uw days.
Dr. John Nicklin. ftinnerly a idiysi-
elall in Fugelie, ir now ItM'ated at 4 oil-
loll, (iilliani county.
S II Krieudly returned from a visit to
Sail 1' on Ibis luortiiDK's overlaud
train. Ho reports having had a flue trip.
The Condon (5loU says: Tills wwk
(!e. W. lthiiiehart and family moved
into their co.y new residence on Lin-
coin avenue.
Flags, commemorative of Washing
ton's birthday, wen- displayed today
over the (i. A. K. armory, Friendly'
store and JSaker hotel.
lion. 11. ('. Van Houtcn, of Spokane
Falls, Wash., is in the city, lie has
ken sM'iidiug the winterin California.
Miss Carrie Itcekman, of Jackson
ville, who lias hivn visiting with Miss
Fiiinia Dorris In this city went to Sa
lem this iniirniug to visi't friends there.
Condon (ilolic: Mr. John Harier, of
Eugene, came up a few days ago and
e.H'cts to stop most of the coming
summer with his sons, i.n ami joint
Ilaricr, near Lone Uock.
Mrs. (leorge Frisscll and Miss Alice
Tuttle returned yesterday from San
Jose, Oil., where they had Utii sis'iul
ing the winter. W'ith Mr. Frism-U
they left for the McKenzie bridge to
In the city of Buenos Ayrea it is said
there are sixteen men (or every woman, and
that any decently good-lnokiug woman can
have her pick out of fifty eager suitors.
Women, both old and jouug, are theie
looked ii poii as somi'tbitia better than the
average of huuiauity, and worshipped ac
cordingly. The sale of the Oregon Paciuc railroad
bad not been confirmed last Saturday and
Ibe court was nut in session tnat day
The sheiilT made a detuatid (or thft purchase
price, $1,000,000. Mr. Job and his backers
asking far three days grace. Col. Hogg is
at Corvallis and has been upon the streets
seemingly not using any means to conceal
his presence. The movements of Colonel
llojig and his associates and in (act the
entire proceedings are kept (rom the public
ear. They are stictly secret, and it is not
known by anyone not on the inside what
course will be pursued
Columbia Muraeon AUead.
Until two years ago the sturgeon of the
Columbia river found no market in
Portland or anywbore else, and all sturgeon
oaugbt by salmon fishers were thrown over
board. Mow It seems tnat lbs sturgeon in
dustry of the Columbia bids lair to rival the
salmon industry, ai there is a ready maraei
for all sturgeon oaugbt. Over 100,000
pounds of sturgeon have been caught in
the Columbia river between Astoria and
Ranier during the past fourteen days, aud
the season's catch will figure up to about
300 tons. About 250 tons have already
been shipped, and there is enough stur
geon in sight to bring the catch up to at
least 300 tons. The lurgost catch in one
day has been twenty-two tons. There are
about twenty tUhermen engaged in the
buHiuess this year, and they are making
better wages than they did v. hea enpiged iu
oatching salmon. The fish are oaugbt with
hook aud line, am the bait used is small
salmon nnjl lumper-eel. All (be fish Caught
are boiicht by the Pacific r'ish Company,
who send them to Portland, then pack
them in ice, and ship them to Sandusky
U , Chicago and New lork. Ibe price
paid is one cent a pound, but even at this
low Drice the fishermen are making good
wages. Sturgeon retail in the east all the
wav (rom ten to fifteen cents a pound, so
that there is some profit in it (or the com
pany buying them.
What It Costs Uncle 8am.
To maintain tho present efficient
nostal service in OreKon and Washing
ton costs Undo Sam a large sum of
money in round numbers. In Oregon
there are a good many small star routes
wh eh. in the airirreirnto, costs eon
Hiderable money to maintain. These
routes cover 0240 miles, and the cost of
rarrviiiir the inn s tier vear over these
routes reaches $1;2,875. The total
length of all the routes in Oregon, in-
eliidimr railway, steamer and star
routes, airirreinites 74(14 miles, and the
yearly cost of carrying tho mails is
&IU2.0H2. The total numlicr of miles
traversed each year is 3,5(i.i,H.'!2 miles,
While in Washington the total num
ber of miles covered by the star routes
is 2281, and the cost of carrying the
mails jier year is $K),042. The total
length of all the routes In that state Is
7172 niili-s; cost of transporting mails
lcr annum, $:iii7,'l2.'t; total iiuiiiIht of
miles traveled during the year, 3,580,
1)14. GrntES Goods Fanf.-The New York
"green goods" fakir is still sending his
circulars out in the fool West where a suck
er is born every minute. If any man iu
tbis couuty is so colossal a donkey as to be
caught by any such otfer to be made rich
by peddling oonuterfeit paper money, which
the New York knave is too sharp to ever
sell him, be should have tbe word
"Chump" branded ou his stupid bead as
soon as be reiurns with pockets sure to be
as empty as bis skull.
Resolution ol Thanks.
Al the last nieetion o( J. W. Geary Re
lief Corps it wis resolved: That the thanks
nl tha corns be and are hereby tendered to
Mr. E. J. Frasier (or the very magnani
mous offer that be has made to the corps in
connection with bis prospective land sales.
Passed by order of tbe corps.
Mrurk II Hick.
(ioi.D Him.. Or., Feb. 18.-Two
brothers, ltolsrt and Lewi Hash:
struck a rich ledite on the divide be
twn-n Sardine Creek and Kogue river,
which is rvjtorted to Is- very rich.
Concert. The programme rendered
at the Christian church last Saturday
night was very good and the concert
well attended.
liaiidull Smith Shot by the City Mar
sliul in Mitchell, Crook County.
Pally liiiartl, Feb. 111.
A letter was received by James W.
Smith from James F. Amis this morn
ing containing the information that
ltandall Smith, a young man aged
about HI years, son of the former, was
daiii;eroiiVlv. and ill all likelihood,
fatally shot by the City Marshal of
Mitchell, in Crook county, on Satur
day, Fell. 13.
the letter states that the ball entered
the pit of the stomach, the course Ih
ing straight in, and that the shooting
was without provocation. The mar
shal was placed r arrest.
Smith was well known In Eugene
ami vicinity. His father, a (irand
Army veteran, resides a few miles
southwest of F.ugene. The young mail
bad Ween stooping witli his uncle, .Mr.
Amis. Further particulars cannot be
learned at present.
What Will He Surveyed in the Coast
Range .
Survcvor-ticiicral Ityars is preparing
to sifliniit proposals for the survey of a
doen townships and fractional town
ships, as follows:
I owiisiuii ,) nun il, mum' wvsi.
Township 3 north, range ti west.
Township 3 north, range 0 west.
Township 4 north, range ti west.
Township 1 south, range tl west.
Township 3 south, range 10 west.
Township 22 south, range 3 west.
Township 10 south, range 1 west.
Township 21 south, range 10 west.
Township 20 south, range 10 west.
Township 30 south, range 14 west.
Some of these lauds are along the
base of the Cascades in Lane, Clacka
mas and I. inn counties, but the greater
Hirtion are along the coast range. On
v responsible, reliable and competent
surveyors will U employed, who must
execute their surveys in tiersoii. and
will Ih required to give Isiuds in double
the estimated amount of contract in
each instance.
The Sew Game Law.
Following is the new Oregon game
law, and every true liiintersliould take
heed ami olicy It to the letter. I ill 11
out for rcfcrcni'c:
Sec. 4. Every ihtsoii who shall,
within the state of Oregon, lietwecn
the til'tcciith day of March and the tlrst
day of ScptcnilH-r of each year, take,
kill, injure or destroy or have in pos
session, sell or oiler for sale any wild
swan, mallard duck, wood duck, wld-
geon, teal, siooiihill. gray, black, sprig
tail or canvas back duck, shall be guil
ty of misdemeanor.
Sec. 0. Any licrson who shall with
in the state of Oregon, lietwecn the fif
teenth day of NoveinU-r anil tho 11 rut
day of Scptcmlicr of the following year
kill, Injure, or destroy, or have In ims
session, sell or oiler for sale any grouse.
pheasant, Mongolian pheasant, ipiull
r luuriugp, except ior iirccuiiig pur
poses, shall be guilty of misdemeanor.
Tiik Convention of Asajssoas. Secre
tary Carroll, of tbe state board of equaliza
tion, has received letters (rom considerably
over half of the assessors of this state stat
ing tbat they are greatly in fayor of a con
vention. In accordance Secretary Carroll
have sent out the following circular letter
to the assessors: " Pursuant to a res
olution dated February 0, 1802, and adopt
ed by a majority of the assessors of the
various counties ot tho state ol Oregon,
asking that the secretary of the state board
of equalization notify said assessors tbat
tbe convention would be bold in rortiana
on February 2(1, 18112, at 11 o'clock p. m . of
said day to meet at tbe nt. Cuiirles notel, 1
tberufore. br virtue ol said resolution
adopted, hereby notify you, that said con
vention will be so Duiu st saia urns aua
place." ,
Anotiikr Waiuikiiku. Thnrstlsy'i Alba
ny Dtnnooratt Last night a man arrived in
Albany ou Ibe Portland local, - wbo ap
peared to be either insane or intoxicated,
lie wandered otf toward tbo eastern part of
tbe city and was fished ont of the ditch and
taken bareheaded to t'no Franklin House at
about 10 o'clock. Tbe attention ol Marshal
lloflman was oalled to the case and he bunt
ed the man up, and he (ouud tbat he had
undoubtedly been on a spree. His name it
W. G. Graham, and he resides at East
Portland, where he hag a family. On hit
person was t235 and a gold watch, which
the Marshal placed iu safe keeping (or bim.
A dispatch (rom Fust Portland asked tbat
the monev be sent to bis family; but of
course there is no authority for tbis. Tbe
man assortr tbat ho wasn't intoxicated; but
he nndoubtedly was.
Dally (itiard, Feb. l'.i.
Ejk(ti:i Fkdm tiik I'i.atfoum. A
small disturbance took place at the
depot at the time of the arrival of this
aflerniKin's local. Night watch Witter
requested Mr. Powell, who attempts to
conduct a eiiriisione notei sort oi u reui
estate business, to get oil" the platform
in accordance with the city law. row-
ell objected, but Witter with outside
assistant; ejected him from the pro-
scrils'd limits.
Fobtt-Two Ys-abs Aoo. On February C,
tbe editor and proprietor of the Ellensburg
localizer celebrated bis loth birlbday. in
1850 he took charge of the Oregon Specta
tor at Oreeon City which was established
by Kev. Jason Lee and other missionaries
in 181.. In five years Colonel . i.
Vault, Judge II. E. Wait. Gen. O. L. Curry
and Rev. Wilson Blaine in succession
wielded the editorial shears. In lsut Dr.
W. L. Adams bought tbe plaul (rom Robt.
Moote and changed the paper's name to
tbe Aigus.
Tiiihd or a Ckntubv. Oregon was tbir
ty three years old as a state on the 1Kb,
having been admitted on February 14,
1",.7J. Oregon has sent many men of abili
ty to Washington; but (ew, il any, possess,
iug the ability of ber flrat selections. Hon.
Delazon Smith, father ol one of Albany't
present popular citizens, Mr. D. 8. Smith,
and General Lane were senators, and L. F.
(irover. representative, Cul. Baker and Col.
Nesmitb were tbe next senators and Lan
sing Stout representative Albany Demo
crat. '
CBtmL Weudwo. A party, consisting
of twenty-two of tbe (riendi and relativei of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bond, of Irving, went
from tbis city last Saturday night and ten
dered tbetn a plsaaant surprise, the occas
ion being their 15th wedding anniversary.
Tbe evening was spent in congratulation
and social converge, wbicb was enjoyed by
Bon. In Portland, Oregon, February
17, 18-J2, lo tbe wife of J. H. Wait, a daugh
tt. Mrs. Wait's maiden name wu Aman
a Guthrie.
Lish Applegate to the Front.
Ashland Record.
Our old friend and (illow-townHmiin I.iah
Applegate is not in the business of pour
ing oil ou the tumbled waters this year
as much as be was. In fact be eipiesned
hittiHcif very forcibly und characteristically
w hen a few days ago be said, "I have a
choii'e assortment nf vials of wrath, don't
you know." And that be bus begun uu
corking them is evidenced by the tenor of
Ibe following, wbicb wo were permitted to
perimo aud copy :
Mb. , Dicta Sih:-In order to redeem
in y promise lo you will fluilllierewith a copy
ol my letter to Mr. John 1.. Ayer writleu
ninlei tbe imiiresilon wbicb I look some
pains to explain to yon, aud Licit I hope ,
you will correctly lemeuiber:
Kkiiiiwii.i.k, Josephine Co., Or. j
December 11 lb,
Johu L. Aver, President Young Men's
Republican I' tub, Portland, Or. liear Sir:
Your favor of November 11th is at baud. Iu
answer thereto 1 have to say tbat it is very
unpleasant to be compelled toanswir your
most respectful request in the manner iu
which caudor requires. I must tell you
then, that I have received a character of
treatment at the hands of the present ad
iiiiiustiation which would render it very
improper (or me to undertake such noik as
tbis to which you invite mo.
Tbe I act is I have been dismissed and ex
pelled by the M. K. conference and cxcuui by tbe pope of Amer
ica, Bishop Newuiau, all of which
ptoccedint s wero prompt 1 y a n c
Honed and confirmed by bis excellency the
president of the United States. The good
old party, therefore, being no longer
dragged down and encumlH'red by my
earthy aud worldly weight, will now rapid
ly rise up, puritled and annetitled, ready and
prepared to meet the uiilleuuiiini; while I
in tbe meantime mav be permitted per
haps, to stand afar otf aud see the Liou eat
straw like an Ox. I am, therefore, most
respectfully, your most oliedietit servant,
E. L.Airi.KOATK.
TIIK PRoiumnosisTs.
Dally (luanl, Feb. 'JO.
Pursuant to call a number of the Prohi
bitionists met iu Mount's Hall Ihis af
ternoon (or the purpose of arranging for
tbe nomination of a county ticket Mid
transacting other necessary business.
On motion, J. A. llatma was elected
chairman aud Rev. M. S. Riddle secretary.
A motion was made that the Prohibition
ists arrange for Ibe nomlnalion of a county
ticket to be voted (or at the ensuing elec
tion. After discussion the motion was car
ried unanimously.
A motion was made that the Prohibition
party ol Lane couuty bold in the
city of Eugeue, Thursday, March 31, 1802, a
mass meeting to nomiuate a full county
ticket. Carried.
Alter transacting some other busi
ness relating to the campaign, the
meeting adjourned.
Pally lliiard, Keb. 20.
Mr. Flower, a farmer living a few miles
above Cottage Grove, sustained iujnriei
Monday that oansed his death. Home time
duriug tbat day he (ell (rom his stable loft
and sustained such iu juries he could not
help himself. When found, Wednesday,
bv neighbors he was unconscious but still
alive. He was found with the back of his
head resting on a pole.
The unfortunate man lingered until
Thursday moruiug when doath supervened.
In Cask ok Emkmikncy. As the
vloe-iireshlciit of the U. H. is only a
llgurelieud and sort of iMilitleal Intlu-
enee Mr. .Nelson mentioned in me nil-
lowing might as well lie run for vlee-
nres i ent as anvliodv. w riting mo
Statesman from Salem, under date of
Feb. (Ith. N. F. Nelson places himself
iu nomination as a candidate for vloi-
presldent in the following terms: "My
mime having Ihvii used several times
in the imneis In connection with tlir
oflleo of viee-nnsildnnt, an a possible
candidate of the republican purty, I
w ill say thai I respectfully decline such
unmerited.. honor, tihoulit an emerg
ency arise, howevi-i, whon tiie dolo-
imti mttel at Minneapolis, uuu it siikii
apiiear that the welfare of the eounl.-y
demand the services of one alike the
friend of the poor and the opulent, who
would dare to tlo right, by enforcing
tho laws, and last, but not least, the
Constitution or the uniteu (states in
eluding the loth amendment, tiny me
at lilierty to use the name or A. r. ei
Bobdubt. A man living the name of
Frank Sinclair was arretted near Comstock
Station last Satnrdav morning by
Constable Sherwood, of Cottage Orove, lor
stealing a suit ol clothes, a gun and a lot ol
inwelrv from the residence o( Wm. Lackey,
who lives In the neighborhood ol the Howe
sawmill. When captured the prisoner had
tbe properly in hit possession, and was
wearing tbe clothes, tbe only wearing an
parel be had. He was taken before Justice
Medley, of Cottage Grove and bound over
to appear before Ibe grand jury in the sum
of $250. Sunday morning, Constable Shei
wood brought Sinclair here and turned him
over to Sheriff Noland. anil be is now ooara
ing with the county. Mr. Lackey haa de
manded his olotbing, at they are hit best
ones, therefore tbe ooanty will have to fur
Dish the prisoner with something to wear,
Ukcouukk'h Coitkt. The Itecord
er'sCourt Feb l!)th,spentthcentire fore-
noon In hearing the case of the City vs
Ii. It. lilvermore, on a charge or com
nilttinir assault and battery on Eddie
M..('liiimlinn. n ti-n or twelve vear old
boy. Tbe court found tbe defendant guilty
of simple assault and fined him the
sum of $2ri and cost. The case will be
appealed to the circuit court.
Bdbstkd tiii Hop Tbcst. Up to Janu
ary 31, J. P.Geer. of llutteville, bad ship
oed 17.000 bales of bops lo London. It is
the shipments foreign (rom tbis section
that broke the back ol the bop trnst. Tbe
Eastern and l'acifio Coast buyers had
tureed to dsv no more than a certain price,
but when they saw the Britishers taking
our boDi away, tte bop trust raised it
Twtimoiit Conclddiid. For eighteen
long dayt testimony baa been taken in the
ease of Cline vs Goodale before Referee E,
O. Potter. It wu concluded last evening,
and the case will now 8e submitted to
Jndgs Pipes for his decision, after sigu
ment by tbe lawyers.
Mabbiid At the residence of Wm. F.
McFarland, in Eugene. Oregon, Saturday
evening, February 20, 1802. fay Judge O. W.
Kinaey, Joseph Yogi and Jenuie Baieis, all
of Lane couuty.
Dtxn.-Athis residence in Harrisburg, ! tiny, wiling several pieces .r propel ty.
Tu aday, February 18, 18M. W. D. Porter, The Eugene brass band furnished
at the age of 80 years, 8 months and 10 , music for tho occasion, drawing to
days, alter an illness of several months. gether a large coueourse of people.
Cottage Grove Items.
j Leader. Pub. 20.
. Mr. and Mrs. J. ('. Spray, of Huppner,
formerly nf this j l-ue, nriivid Tuetdny
mid wu liatu li i ii t bd li eating Lt ie
Murriid, at the ni ' of tbe bri o's
nuilber, leliruary II, Mr. Will Day, of
t'reswell, e.nd Mi-i I'r.iukie Daniels ol this
place. Ruv, Wall ico oilioi.itin,
Another iiitirprUo started at Cottage
CiMve this wi t k. MrrH. Vrutch ,t Slime
. eoiuiueiieed rutiuiug their new toller pro
I cess (louring null the first of the week,
i Thus another important (actor iu the busi
ness development ol tbis progressive town,
is iu operatiou. Wo Uh tbe proprietors
atmmlant siicci ks.
The republican club met at 2:30 Satur
day, February l.llU at Whipple's ball, Col
lage drove, Oregou. Tho following oflicers
wero elected: N. Martin, presidi-nt; II.
biucolii, vii-e presidtut: C. 11. lliirkboldt-r,
2 vice presuleut; lhirwili Itiistow, trensiii
erj.lm. Uilsoii, Secretary; Win. Mcljuoen,
iisRistaut secretary. Couiuiilti-e uu resolu
tions, Alviu Ariht-r, J. A. itiimon, C. II.
llarkboldt-r, Membership (n o. Commit'
tee lo solicit members, Darwiu Uriitow and
C. II, llurkholder. Number present 35,
Adjourned to nu'et al Whipple's ball, Feb
ruary 20, at 2:30 o'clock.
There was a ciliens meeting in this city
last Friday to take iuto iiiiisiiteriitiou the
building of a toll wagon roml trout here in
to the llohemia iniiini;; district. It was
i ecidtsl ss a proper thing to issue tinO
shares of $5 eai-h, aud a committee was
chosen to solicit guarantees of stock.
When $;ill0il worth of slock is taken, the
stockholders will call a ini ctiii ' to appoint
surveyors and then build tbo road right
aw iv. $3lHJ world of stock has been taken
in Ku;;i'iie and mute a largo amount taken
here. A road to that country will be a
gnat Bivomnimlalioii to tho public and a
valuable aid to all tho buaiuess interests of
tbis sretiutt.
Junction city Items.
Timos, Feb. 20.
Mrs. Rnpell is lying daiiccroiuly ill
the resideuce of her father, J. J. llnller.
G. W, HanJsaker of Eugeno has secured
rooms in the uew hotel building aud will
move here shortly.
W. T. Campbell, tbe Eugene architect,
was here Monday and secured an order
(rom tbe Hank ol Commerce tn dmlt plans
ami specifications for Ibe new bank.
J. A. Blew left Wednesday ior Colfax,
Wash,, where he has seen rod a good posi
tion iu a drygoods store. He has, therefore,
concluded not to embark in the grocery
busiuess in this city.
W. 8. Lee bad to aend to Eugene for
for sullicieut biick to complete his vault.
Tbo brickwork is finished mid the first ooat
of plaster has been spread. It will be
ready for use in a few days.
Mrs. W. L. Illackwell left yesterday for
Chicago to purchase a new stock of mi ni
nety. She will also visit ber old Wiscon
sin home before she returns. She expects
to bo ubstut about six weeks.
N. Gilmore has au old Bible tbat has
gone the rounds of the family, the oldest
member tbereol being cousuiered lue prop
er custodian. Mr. Gilmore is tbo only one
left, aud money oonld not buy this old book.
It was printed iu 1811 (rom old stde type,
the letter a being Btraight like f . Un
like most old Bibles it shows that its con
tents have been porused Iroui back to cover.
A large force of men aro at work building
a new tunk for tho 8. P. The site is just
south ol tho old oae and will be on fifth
street. Tbis is not light, as that street
will likely be ordered opened, aud in tbat
oase tbe railroad company could in all
probability collect damago. We believe In
grunting the railroad compauies a good
many concession', but they should not
want the eartn ei o.oseu iu oaro wire ience.
I'robabl j a IhIuI Aii ldent.
Dr. J. Smiley returned Saturday evening
from Lake Creek, 45 miles west of Eugene,
where he bad been summoned to attend a
gentleman named ttobnrt Eglesbim, who
was the subject of au accident on Febroary '
171b. It auoeurs be was .bolplttg lo con
struct some toad whon a log rulWd dawn
tbe mountain tide und caught hut rifcb lei
acainst a trut mashing (he ankle loint a
t into a mass likened uulo jelly. Uis
sntforings were terrible. Dr. Smiley on tho
u' h amputated the foot just above the ankle.
He was oompelled to aduiinl-tcr the chloro
form and perform the operation also, aa
no one present had ever assisted in a previ
ous surgical operatiou. Tho old gentleman,
who is over 72 years ot ago, stood the opera
tiou well, but Ibe doctor hardly thinks he
will recover. He has two grown sous, who
are giviug him every possiblo care. Dr.
Smiley will leave tomorrow moruiug lo can
on kirn.'h Statkmknt. Mr. 8. H.
Friendly Informs us that he lnipilrcd
very particularly of H. 11. Miller, who
claims to have seen E. Jt. Luckey at
Salem Feb. 2d. Mr. Miller states that
hn was on the local train with Luckey,
Feb. 1st. and talked with him. He
left the train at Salem and met Luckey
the next day, and asked him how
long he should stay in Salem. Luckey
replied only a few hours. Ho Is posi
tive, beyond a doubt, that It was Mr.
Luckey whom no met.
Nkw Bank Co. Salem Journal: Walter
Eveuder, Louis U. Reeves, Cbas. W. Lam-
sen, Cyrus Baldndge and Al. nam
ridge, of Gervais, have filed with the coun
ty clerk articles ot incorporation of tbe
"United States Banking Co.," capital atock
$100,000, shares 100. The charter pro
vidos for a general aud savings bank busi.
ness, buying and soiling lands, stock,
bonds, aud to buy, own aud sell railroads,
This bank also has branchei at Cottage
Grove and Junction.
lll'iioi.AKY. A dark complected
man was brought from Comstock to
Cottage Orove on the local Saturday
charged with burglarizing a house
at tho latter place. The man is
thought to lie a deserter from the army.
Our informant could riot give name or
further particulars.
ABtivfD Bai-kli. A letter from II. 8.
that ha and bis brother-in-law,
John Babcock, Ibe McKenzie leper, arrived
safely at Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, on
February Gth. This trip look 31 days. He
says Babcock stood the trip splendidly and
is now in a hospital.
DiKD. J. I). Hurd, w ho was one of
the proprietors of the St. Charles hotel
alsHitthe time the railroad reached
Eugene, died at the Insane asylum yes
terday aged 07 years. He was an old
pioneer or Albany. The burial took
pluce at Sttlciii.
Millkb'h"kai.e. (ivorge M. Miller
belli another auction sale Sctur-