The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, February 20, 1892, Image 3

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wl mm
A Pure Cream
Tartar Towder
Contain Amraoni,
Dr. Price gives larger and fuller cans than those
of any other Baking powder manufacturer.
Above cut represents the comparative size of one pound can each
'Dr. Price's," Royal" and "Taylor's One Spoon." These cans were
Ktsideby side, then photographed down in exact proportions to
iiiit the plate in this space. Ask your grocer to set a one pound
& of any other brand alon-ade 1 lb. Dr. Price's Cream Halting
Powder, and observe the difference,
Adulterated powders may usually
bulk, as shown by the 6inall cans,
containing a circular to help fill out
tiit many of the ammonia and alum baking powders are advertised
.. 1 Pnfo ' All rtCTmi-i iivimln-itin.ui .,11. .t U... 1 1.1
U "rtDSUlUlwlJ A U4V, . wins..,,,
be safe to reject all powders labeled
The economy in using Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder does
lot consist alone in the fact that much larger and fuller cans are
riven, but Dr. Price's is a stronger, purer and more wholesome bale-
eg powder than any other known.
lirther, hence more economical in
What woman would use an ammonia or alum baking powder if
lie knew it? Such powders not
lamonia gives to the complexion a
Dr. Price's Cream Baking
inthorities as free from ammonia, alum, lime, or any other
adulterant. The purity of this
iti or Ohio, City of Tolkixi,)
Ucts County. i
rnnk J Cheney iniikes oatli that he Is the
mlof partner ol the firm of K. J. Cheney A Co..
itu bmitie In the city of Toleilo, enuiity Hud
Mlf idmnKld. snrt thst said fl rut w ill pay the
iukiIONK ill'NIiKKIi l II. I. A lis for each and
mrfrtieof ratarrb that cannot la- cureil by
worn to before me anil subscribed In my
Ihli lith day of Dceemlier, A. I). Issfi.
;IL A. VV. (il.KASOX,
S"tnrt Public
Htll'i Catarrh Cure In taken Internally, and
Udlmtly upon the blood and mucous sur
tnif Ibeamtein Send or teHtlnioiiinlH, free.
K. J. CIIKXKY A CO., Toledo, O.
ff Sold by UniRiflsta: 75 cents.
hnflt are scarce ho are aaUsfled with their
it-door iielKhbor's rellKlun.
In 15 Minutes.
I suffered
with face
neuralgia, but in is
minutes after applica-
tion of
was asleep ; have not
been troubled with it
since. No return since
F. B. ADAMS, Perry, Mo.
tij s earns
tiS2?! W,,CT ln tXtm tmldlnf
tint till), h,-r ihnwn nr .t,v.
i n Zl?'' but will iik atovorv aeam. V
lr,.,Jwr'?MPROVErj PIH I
w au r!iy f ,0 " water twht at every I
a. w ayrlri tlu; alio not 10 perl or 1
fliti,; ""?oor dealer to make wd
. Irt,a"' ,n P"'nt. Ther. are
lallnUnteUtha Uenalna Imprmd
if- A Soft Woolen Collnr.
111,7 Tr, trn (below.)
-'0WE8.Mfr. BMto..lla.
-a thb dim-tioh or-
Francisco Examiner.
"w'u'r "t."' T description whatsoever
ial ! iusi (iovernnieni and
' uuiuiru. warm
Fs- "EODIRBl'RS. Man.aer,
, wanniBginn, i.
"'Cltiifoi,.a...i: -7
TS!!U7- ")TDtprofltaDdraat
(,' Remedy h- Calarrb la Ibe
" Vm, and llieapest
. a 11 1
uaruiiM, warrco, Pa,
Contain Alum and A mmouia.
as illustrated above.
be detected by their heavier
and these scantily filled, often
the cans. It is a singular fact
i..uniiiiuLluua piUVK lilUl 11 YUIUU
absolutely pure.
Does better work, and goes
every way
only undermine the health, but
sallow and blotched appearance,
Powder is reported by all
ideal powder has never been
lie Was Aic-lii' tliei Itieyele.
"Bicycles are 11 nuisance," he saiil to the
city editor, chiiiiik up to the desk after the
manner of a man w ith a Krievuuce.
"riof" iniiiiired the editor, w ho rode one
"Yes, they are. I've just been waitin
for a chance to write them up."
"What's the matter w ith theiitf"
"Aw, they take up the aireet, scare
horses, run people dowu aud doall sorts of
Unexpected things."
"Why don't you write them up, then,
with a blast t"
"That's just it. I was coming across the
street this nioniiiiK and I saw two coming
lickety split from opposite directions. I
was going to get out of the way at first,
but 1 thought I hud as inttcli riglit as they
had to the street, so I concluded to stand
my ground, and just make one of them run
Into me. I knew it was my opportunity to
get even, and I wasn't going to lose it."
"Aud you got run into, and now you
want to blast the bicycle, do youf" in
quired the editor, shoviug a paer pad and
pencil over to him.
"No, I dou't," was the disgusted reply.
"I dodged around there for ten minutes
trying to get iu the way of one of them
aud by Jupiter, six riders sailed by ten
feet on either side of me and didn't touch
a hair. That's why I say they are a uul
sance." Detroit Free Press.
Seut the Wrung Animal.
A quiet family once bought of the late
Charles Jamrach a wild beast, warranted
to be a quiet and manageable pet perhaps
a sloth or a tapir. Some days after, Mr.
Jumrach, examining his books, perceived
that the item tapir or sloth, or whatever
the animal may have been, was not eu
tered with proper regularity iu the ledger
and day book was, indeed, mixed up with
some other entry. Suspecting something
wroug, .Mr. Jamracli called a hansom and
drove at once to the suburban residence of
hit customer. His ring was not an
swered; but at length the cook, pale and
trembling, appeared behind the area rail
"For (iod's sakel Mr. Jamrach," she
cried, "save us from that awful wild beast!
Master and mistress couldn't stand it any
longer, and have uone to the seaside, ami
the housemaid and I daren't leave the
kitchen for fear of being eaten." At that
moment a very line aud very hungry puma
the fiercest perhaps among all the car
liivora put its head nut of the drawing
room window. The mistake was a clerk's
the wrong beast was sent home. Lon
don letter.
Pageants During- Elizabeth's Itelgu.
T.umu,,u u-ere maintained 11 II t i 1 the
end of Klizalieth's reign. Hut we hear lit
tle of them, anil it is not likeiy mat. inej
h of their old popularity.
One Sir Henry I-ee entered the tilt yard
every year until age preventeu turn. iuey
,.ln tent, no the snort of tilting at the
quintain In the water. But their favorite
amusements were the pageint and the
play. The pageant came liefore the play,
ami while the latter was performed on a
rough scaffold in an inn yard, the former
was provided with splendid dresses, music,
songs and properties of every kind. There
were pageants for the reception of the king
when he made a procession into the city;
there were court pageants; there were pri
vate pageants in great men's houses; there
were pageants got up by companies -
Walter Besant iu Harper's.
Lora and ThotiKlitfulneaa.
A nlei.sinL' storv of family affection
and thonghtfuluevi is given by The Fair
field (Me.) Journal. In a quiet farm
house bv the banks of the Kennebec,
near Fairfield, dwells an aged couple
whose only son runs on the ilaiue Len-1
tral between Bangor and Portland, and !
each night the rattle of his train rocki
the humble abode of his parents. To as-,
sure them that he is all right, whenever
the engine reaches the cottage he tout-he I
.i, . .in.rV stroke. They signal to '
him by having a lamp burning brightly
in a particular window to tell him that
ther, too, are not only in their usual
health but bear him in mind. Every
other night the signals are exchanged at
8 a. in. a 1 li) if- id. reiwcQvelr.
Tli Villi, ul l.ooU 1 hull,.
"I lioii'i i.uuw tlml I rvtrquiie estimated
lb value of niyi'!.pt'.i until mm dy ltt
eck," on) Nv Vhik wuiuaii, tli mil
of u W.-II Ltinu i.'i-n. uv Ix-ru
ui..vitiH ;(,, Mly hii.iK.ri.l I, ,h Lh-cii tnkniK
Ins iiipiiU in n ni.n,i,i, ,rMU ri-Miiiirnul u
lilS.1 ML. ,,!.. t,V . ;,V I I, ', ,,l ikH
Willi lllltl, I , II ,, l. ,-,, ,,f ,,ur
coiiliisoni I i.,,. ir I,,, ,,,.,,
'i I inn unit i,it . i,.nnr, ,U
rMeily little lly, ;i-i, on i . ,,t), nb
MU ul. I .in clunk, tlin.Hii i,,-r :ir, innv
IllU' l I, IV, I r in f .n,-, n i, I,,,! n,,,rw.
' ' ". I '' I. i :ni: iv, wv. -il iiiiil
Mell wrw-.l ., Hie wry h.i-ht luurli
cmvi-l, anil li.'ii I nr.,so t,i , I li ft, Hk Is
my Imliit, h nun ,m th" ihe ratner
mtely waiter l,o limiulit inc my dimitfe.
'Kxt-ii-f me, nii'iii,' In- ri'iiwirki'd, return
ing It 'nr iloii't ink imyt liiinj fri.m hut
pour jn-rsiiii.' .rr than IihIIk
limit, l f.i, i-i li i in .
" 'Why tin you t hink I am too poor linhe
von Hiiiur iii'iiit-y f I si-kfil.
"Tin" fellmv wan nui.lusl nl (Ilia di
reel uess.
"Well," he taiil, Mhiiiiuitiiik mid heal
tatilik', 'I limy lif iniiial,,-i), hut, mem, you
have that nic:irntice, mom.'
"1 oiiiil 11,, more, hut h-ft t he plai e mill I
did not taku up 1 he coin.
"Tliat iniflit 1 dressed myself ith cure
Mini went Willi my hitslmuil all, I a IrieuJ
who hail come up with him to the restaur
Btit for iliniii-r. The nam waiter met in,
looked at me. then at my liiisliituil, whom
he knew-liy siniit anil name, puckered hm
lipn in a iiii kly n-presv-d whistle, hik
wiitunother man toserve ." New York
Tlia l'r,,.p,rl,,r IMii,euring.
The traililioiial prospector will soon lie
an extinct an t lie dodo, lie wan n pieutr
esipie chaiacti r in I'ution and in reality,
and he will he missed. His disappearance
will not I due to the absence of uruutid to
I prospected, hutto the different condi
tions under which work l now done. In
early timen t lie prospector were literally
Kold heeker. They were after surface
placei-H. It taki-s hut a lill1!-Iiiiie fur en
terpriMtiu, hardy men to overrun a con
hideralile territory in tlie search of this
I cIiish of depiwils, easily discoieralile l,y
simple pliiiinitin tests here ami there, and
only to lie lookeil form certain topoKrapld
cal situations, and the country has heen so
thoroughly pme over that tiie likelihood
of lindiiiki anytliini; of iiii,it,HHe in the
way of placers has l-en steadily lessened.
The prospectors of today give their at
tention 1111, inly to veins ami lislcs-dcposita
"ill place," which are much more dillicult
to locate. The pioneer used to cover
Krcat distances, tiuderuu almost inconceiv
aide privatiniis ami hardship, ami at times
face dangers Irom Imstdf Indians. Now
it is found that the immediate neighbor
hood of one's own camp is alxiut as likely
a pince to prospect in as one fan Iter away,
and many of the U-sl lodestrikes have lieeu
made in the heart of districts where min
im, had liecn k'oim; on for years. Alliert
Williams in Knuiiitrriim.
A Hiihach I'liinlution.
The work of gathering: mid drying the
Imlu !) blossoms is in full blast at the
Imhacli plantation. About one hundred
men are scattered through the fields
picking the blossoms As fast as they
are picked tln-y ate stowed away alwut
two inches deep in wooden boxes, the
Ixixes being 2 J feet iu;tre. Wagons are
employed in hauling the boxes to the
drying house. Probably it is called a
drying house because it is alongside of
the spot where the drying is done. Cer
tainly no artificial heat is needed at the
bnliiu-h plantation to dry anything at this
time of the year
The sun's rays come down within the
inclosuie of big poplar trees with a force
that makes it pleasant to stand from
under. The trays are allowed to lie
there, the blossoms being stirred up by
a force of men until they (the blossom'
are fairly cured. Afterward they nre
placed on a large plat form abqut sixty
feet mju.-uv, where they remain until
dry, and then are sent to the reduction
works, where they are ground into dnst.
This is dune by men who are proof
against sneezing, otherwise it could nol
be done at all. Whether or not it makes
flies and mosquitoes sneeze we don't
know, but it is certainly the best pre
ventive in use to keep those insects at a
distance. Merced (.Cal.) Star.
A Living skeleton.
A living skeleton, who rivals some of
those who figure iu the museums, was
found bv the pi dire in a garret in Alle
gheny. He is six feet high and weighs
but forty-five pounds, tie can't account
for his loss of flesh He declares he feels
all right, though very weak, and has had
no serious illness. lie is a foreigner and
unable to speak English. Alwut two
years ago, lie says, he first noticed thai
he was getting thin, but as he felt well
he paid no attention to it. He continued
however, to lose flesh, and the past
spring, finding himself nothing but "skin
and bone," he went to the country, but
ueither the change nor doctors um mm
anv good, and aliout a week ago lie re
turned to Allegheny Being without
relatives, he went to the garret to await
lonth lint, neiirhhors hearillL' of the Case
directed the attention of the police to it
and the man was removed to the station
house and subsequently to the city
home. Philadelphia Ledger
A New Klnil of Cotton.
A new variety of cotton plant, pro
ducing a much larger proportion of cot
ton to seed than anv other known kind,
and having the additional advantage of
being earlier and less susceptible to at
mospheric influences, sounds like good
news for the Lancashire mills. The
newcomer is known as the mitafife. It
was discovered a few seasons ago at
Benha, in Egypt, though it has only
lately been planted on anything like a
large scale. Mitafife is admitted to have
its faults. It is shorter in the staple
and not quite so good in quality as the
ashmouui plant, but for all that it ap
pears to be driving the ashmonnl plant
out of the field. Vice Consul Alban re
ports that last year's experience was so
encouraging that in some provinces of
lower Egypt it has this vear been almost
exclusively sown. London Newa
A Mrrnialil In the Orkney.
An Interesting spectacle has recently
ben seen in the Orkneys. It is proba
b!v the first of its kind ever authenti
cated in living memory A correspond
ent writes: "What is said to be a
mermaid has been hvii for some weeks
at stated times at Smthside, Dee ni ess
It is about six to seven feet in length,
with a little black head, white neck and
snow white body and two arms. In
swimming it apr-ars just like a bnman
being. At times it will come very close
inshore ari l apiar to be sitting on a
sunken rock, and will wave and work
its hands. It has never been seen en
tirely out of water Many persons who
doubted its genuineness now suppose it
to be a deformed seaL" Table.
ti... nrniwukindsof i"ke. One make
you a lie with laughter, and the otbf
only Dial.- vou ache. This out Ulot-i,. I
iu li Liter cLia.
What but we Uke into that vaat Formrf
That martile ,l.s-r
AiluiiU oo fruit of all our lornc enJmior,
No fame ivilml crown wore,
ho g.irtit-ftsj lore.
What can we !.. li, I the unknown porulf
No k-,,1,1, uo KAlua
Of all our tolling: In th hf,' '.mniorul
No hiuril-d wealth nuiaiua,
Nor iiiMa. nor stoma.
Kaked from out that Ur al,ya hrhiuJ ua
W V enicnsl here;
K word came w itli ur comiiuj; to remlu-l ua
Wimt won-lriHia world waa ucar
No hot.. Do fear.
Into the lil'-ni .url- uL-lit, ua
Nukisl , liile.
No band has ni.ipiKsl tlie coriau-llaUoue o'er ua,
No c.,iur;t at our aide,
No chart, no iii.lo.
Tet fcurU'sa tonuril uii,luls'ht black aud b4
low, iiir f.s,t-te fun-;
The heck oiling of a tntli'-r'a hand we follow
lllx 1,'le alxlie la there,
No curse, no care.
Augusta C. Wuilliivp Iu Atlanta IVustllutloa
l.tKlitiilns Put an Angel ou a I'urfruU.
A iortrait of the late John Taylor,
which J. II. Smith has on exhibition in
his store, attracts many visitors daily,
aud has caused a great deal of discus
sion. The portrait formerly rested on
the mantelpiece at Mr. Smith's n-sidcta-e
at Mount Olive. K vently, during a
heavy storm, a lightning flash struck it.
The frame was demolished, but the Hash
left on the portrait u clearly defined
picture of an angel with outstretched
wings overshadowing Mr. Taylor's head,
the arms encircling his neck and the
right hand holding a bunch of flowers.
The xse of the angel suggests protection
and benediction. The dark line show
ing the lightning's journey along the
cardlHiiird turns abruptly jut alnive the
face of Mr. Tuylor, giving the spectator
the idea that the angel changed the
lightning's course.
Sttierstitious ieople consider it as an
indication that Mr. Taylor is in heaven,
but Mr. Smith explains the phenomenon
by saying that the picture of an angel
exactly like that which apears on the
Taylor inirtrait w;w on the back of a
photograph near by. He Wlieves that by
some electrical freak the picture of the
angel was photographed over the por
trait. The atTair, however, has caustsl
a great deal of comment, and teople for
miles around come to see the picture.
Atlanta Constitution.
VLItlng the l.llirary.
A visit to the partially completed Con
gressional library is quite amusing. Not
that there is much that is interesting in
the shais'less tangle of brick and stone,
but it is the instructions visitors get at
the gate that are amusing. When one
goes in at the wide gate through the
board feneo on the East Capitol street
side he is not apt to notice a little old
man that sits in a little house just inside
the gate. If ouedoesn't notice hiin the old
watchman will stop one with an impera
tive "Hey, there!" One stops, and in
the richest sort of nn Irish brogno is
told: "Now, yez can go in and look
aliout as much as yez loike. But there
is some things yez mustn't do. Don't
talk to any of the men. Don't go on top
of the walls, and don't go inside of the
building anywhere. An' don't yez ask
any of the men questions. Moind that,
now, and yez ran see all ve plane."
He .Must ,et Mitrrlril.
Attorney Arthur S. Fisher, of Rock
ford, is a candidate for matrimonial
honors. He is a meinls-r of the Owl
club, a society of Ogle county bachelors,
and his doom was sealed at its picnic on
Aug. 15. During the day came the elec
tion of officers. Among the officers is
one called "the flO.OOO beauty of the
club," and he who is elected to this
office must marry wjtlun a year aud
withdraw from tho society. The charm
has never failed to work yet, and every
man who has lieen elected to the office
has been married within tho year. Every
other officer is elected by acclamation,
but this one is elected by solemn and
sacred ballot When the ballots were
counted it was found that Mr. Fisher
was the doomed man. The good natured
attorney made a pleasant sieech, and
tried in his clever way to turn it off as a
joke. The sequel has never failed to oc
cur. Chicago Herald.
Western Inlellrrlual Impulaea.
One of the results of the Chautauqua
assemblies, which have a tendency to
awaken unnatural activity of the brain
and an abnormal thirst for knowledge,
was shown recently. The 4-year-old son
of one of the officers of the Long Pine
assembly burned his father's barn in or
der to see what sort of a bonfire it would
make. Ho also wished to see whether a
setting hen would preserve her presence
of mind when surrounded by flames, and
his observations will doubtless bo a val
uable contribution to science, although
the experiment was necessarily exen
sive to the parent of the young Chautau
quan. The set ting hen deserted herpros
pective family ami saved her life, a fact
which proves that in tho disposition of
the hen the instinct of self preservation
overbalances maternal devotion. There
Is no doubt Chautauqua nasomblies have
given a great intellectual impulse to the
rising generation. Omaha World-Herald.
rrawherrlea Are High
Tlie year's crop of cranberries is esti
mated at 750,000 bushels. Prices range
from $'J at the beginning of tho season
to f-1 or fit at its close. Last year the
price ran tip to $0. and this year, owing to
the scarcity of other fruits, cratilierries
will probably start at fT per barrel.
The Cape (3od crop is later than nsual
this year, while that of New Jersey is In
advance. Contrary to the usual custom
New Jersey berries will probably lie the
first in the market. Cor. Philadelphia
Why She Was Mow.
An examination of the hull of the
new steel cruiser Charleston, recently
returned from Honolulu, shows a re
markable growth of weeds and barnacles
on her steel bottom, savs a Washington
special accounting for the fact that she
made only aliotit sevm knots an hour on
her trip across the Pacific. She hna lieen
in commission just about four months.
and her speed has Ix-cn reduced from an
eraee of nineteen knots on her trial
rnn to the figure named, while her coal
consumption has remained just as high.
Among the veterans who attended the
recent Grand Army reunion at Boston
waa John F. Chase, of Auifti-ta. Me.,
who received forty-eiKht wounds by the
eiplosion of a sheil at Gettysburg. His
riht arm was blown off. and hit left
eye torn from its socket, and lie lay on
the field two days before it was discov
ered that he waa alive, tie is now in
comfortable health, and receive a pen
nun of U4 a tuonth
A Itrnkrr'a I'lrat rrlcht,
"I have freiinntly U-eti can-lit abort
on the mat!., I uti.l si-en invs, If w itluu ;m
ace of U'ltig ruiiesl." s.ial a NVwktrii-t
broki-r to a i'-ii ,-t ; ' lull 1 was really
soared only one,, in tnv l ie, and that was
during in v hist ,.,v i-i iliesti.vt. My
father g,, nn-ti , i, e in tin-oDicc nf an
old fiii ndif Ins. xv hi,- i i,j,,i-. tli,,
fllil (Vllliilt tl if III) , lllpliik, r. 1 I. .1,1
Ui'ii Wiirkiu' I'hlv a f, " I Kiii-s w In n bo
hand"! iiic Ii-.i t ip fl'ii) lulls mill tnl, I
III,- to ii, ,-:t tiii-iii iu an llpl'iu ii Uitik.
1 put the I ills i i my cat s ki t until I liiii-l'.'l willing up ni) ls,ks and
then took near gi'ing up town. When
I entered the t ; 1 1: li and put my band
111 in v tsak'-t the bids were gone.
1 cm t ,!c
the Miiij'lc
any. I lc!t
II, 'ill iu mind
nle my fis-lings, tor
i,:i-.iii I hadn't
ll ( -M 1! (Ill III ,1 til Sti'llC.
ai.-l Irnd) I was liiix'linl.
When 1 had I'nlhrted tiDsi lf a In lo 1
went out of tin- Umk with the expressed
intention of Ihtiiwuig iiivslf into the
river. 1 knew not where 1 went or what
I was duing. but I f,,iind thai I bad n
tunic I to t!n ut'.iiv.
Tin- broker was nut when I gut back.
I w;u too iiiiiiiIi t,i Is- a ;,-,, and no
one nottcisl th, iv was an,) tiling the mat-ti-r
with me as I I'lit tin mv nil ice civil
Mild begun 'iin.; ncr (lie set of Iss'ks.
It was not until 1 saw the broker coming
in the dimr that I Is-an to lullv realize
my ivMti"ii. I i. in mv I i.i iul wildly
through my hair iu a v.,iu attempt to
calm myself, and then iibsciit uiiinlcdly
put it iu ln hit. '1 1 1,- first thing I
fell was the li'il of lulls. I had liiair.ed
mv coat iiii'l l"i n'lleii nil aUmt it. The
broker clii'lcd me for not going to the
bank, but lie In v, r knew why tlie mom y
wasn't deHisii,., until the iievtday."
New York Evening Sun,
Color In lr.- In New York.
When we conic to the question of color
in dress, as it npcais relatively to the
decorative tendencies of the New York
Mroot, we must look for ils mainspring,
in soino degree, to American social con
dition. American women, as a rule,
make more display of iu:i:,'tiiliceiu'o in
the street than the women of any other
nation. To tlietii the street means a
show, a parade, in which they play on
important part. In adopting the iinvlern
English asilietii' i leaof color in dn'ss,
American women have applied it exten
sively to stnvt costumes. Tho use of
brilliant red: in hi us t cowns and lints
having spread tliioiighout Iluropc is
now nafioii.di.'.eil on Amei ican soil, mid
adds cliei tiu!;!,-:: ; to life and l;itidM-ao.
The approaching change i:t the cntiliiinos
of men is lil.eiy to result in n freer use
of color. The 1 I.i .1; h movement n;
the lnonointi) of main at, lie is lindin;;
followers iu tlii:t country, and already
many men a.e ,i;;iiming to npjicur in
iiul lie in color. tin. t were until looently
tlliooed. The Art Keviov.
Waves exert n force of one ton Mr
square inch when they nre only twenty
feet high. At t'.-issis, I'm , granite
blocks of fifteen cubic meters have lu-en
moved by wave force.
'Out ol loits," " ilistrint," " the tiluea." these
ere fiiiiilllnr hi'1Iiiii)ci, for uiicoiutortulili-. mi
ilelliinlile hi'iisHllons, Hci-oni;,iiulel nllh Itissl
tiule. ni'DoUMii-h-., iuillucnli'Oi. I'overlyof thc
hliMMl, lo rciin-ily u hiell nn clh't'ltvc ltolliHl'litc
IH-rstsleutly llm-it Is the tiHriiliioutit ui-i-il. Is eon
elusive evlilence Unit the lostcm tsliiNiuhcii-titl)
tituirlphi-a tM'CHiisc iiiel t,,r uoothercHii.e w liere
oritsnli-illHi'Hse iloes not exist--tlle fooit Is Hot
HsMluilliitisl. Itctiiforce the tliiULtluit etieruiea ot
the stoiiuicli, reform hii Irreunliir eoiiilltion ol
the Imiwi'Ik. keei up h hi-althtiil secretion of the
title with Hosteller' Stainm-li llltii-ia. K,,r ovoi
thirty yearn this M,iiliir nusllelue turn sti,ilt,',
the eoinmoii wimt of the nervous Invslt,!, tlu
,l) KM',ttC hihI of ers,,iiN ilellcti-nt In ) Utility, HU
eiliriellt tonic. 'lo lis hi, er o( lmpiittllll
streiiKlli 1m iilirlhutalile tls eitu-Hi-y us a ,r,'V,'iit
Ive ul iiiuliirfti iiii'l In KrlK'. YlinroiiKhly if
hs-tlve Is It too f,,r rlieuiiiiitisin, klilney i-oin
plaint anil ueurulKlx-
We hIu hvs luite lo see a iiiiiu " act the bolt " at
the time )) lieu we ourselves are enilcHVoriiiK to
Hpinirhile the lion's share.
It is safe to take IIkmhktii's 1'ii.i.s at
any time, hut to get the best results they
should he taken on an empty stomach bo
fore going to bed. For constipation or dys
pepsia one or two taken every night w ill in
a short time perform an absolute cure. It
is well to take a purgative at least once or
twice a month at a preventive of disease.
liKAMUiKTii'N I'll.l.s are entirely vegetable,
and the safest and most ellective jutrgative
ever introduced to the public, i hey have
lieen used iu this country lor over fifty
The Anarchist U a man who cannot statu!
other uieu'a irima-rlty.
A cough, cold or sore throat should not
lie neglected, "liruun'i lirmtrhiiil Trorhtt''
are a simple remedy, and give immediate
relief. .Suif unfv ia Imrn.
No well breil bar her will cut sn aiunnlntnnce.
Tin IjniMiiY HottsK, Portland, Or., Is the
best l a day hotel on the Pacific ('oast.
Try it. yuinihy ,t Edwards, proprietors.
Die Bnamollne Htove Pollah ; no dost, do small
TrtOirmia for breakfast.
Both tbe method and results when
3jrup of .Figs is taken; it in pleasanl
and refreshing to the taxte, and icU
jentlj yet promptlj on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys
tem efl'ectually, dispels colds, head
tches and levers and cures hahitu."
constipation permanently. For sale
in 50c and $1 bottles by all druggist
iouisvilu. nr. mm mm, n r.
W I ant Kama and '
Addri of Encri
P.Har)ldHtrt.a1 0.
s b o oo c
Tutt'sTiny Pills
OA lnitleil proliie.-a iM-m-flclHl rr-Q
Hits. KllliiH'rli-"rlillll' ! l"l",l an'
OImi.oso, y lMly Uixlil' li "U rrr aalntliK'-r. Tliev riijov m,- V
ulMrily un,rill. lrl. 1'rle.-. .rls.
o o o o o eoooo
10 centa per double roll s-nd J-rnt auinp lor
aamplea Ht HOKI KI.I) 4 MORliAS
IK Third ilreet, Portlaud, Or.
N. P. N. V. So. 47-H. F. N. U. No. 604
A rin ij in if
in the curs, headache, deafness, even
we:ik ; obstruction of nose, din-)-li.-ires
falling into, some.
tiine.i irofuse, watery and acrid, at
others, thick, tenacious, liloodv and
putrid; offensive brent li ; smell aud
tuste impaired, and p-neral dehility.
Not all of these symptoms at once,
rrnluhly only a few of them.
That's Catarrh.
A medicine that by its- mild,
soothing, cli-ansiin; and healing
liroperties cnri'cl tlie most hoie
iess cases. One that will euro you,
no matter how had your case or of
how loiitf Manilint. A inedicino
that doesn't simply palliate for a
time, but produces perfect and per
manent cures.
That's lr. Safe's Catarrh Hemedv.
A cash pay meat of ."t)0, not ly
you, as you init;ht expect, but
you, if you can't be cured. It's an
offer that'll mailt in jjood faith, to
prove their medicine, bv responsible
men, the proprietors of l'r. Safe's
ThatV the kind of medicine to try.
Doesn't it bceni so t
The stircfss of this Great Cottfih Cure U
without a parallel in the history of medicine.
All dntnnists are authorized to sell it on a pos
live guarantee, a test that no other cure can sue.
xsi-fully stand. That it may become known,
?he I'roprii-tors, at nn enormous cxnse, are
placiiiK a Sample llottlc l-'rce into every home
m the United States and Canada. H you have
i Coiii;h, Sore Throat, or bronchitis, use it, fof
it will cure you. If your child has the Croup,
r Whooping Couch, -: it i-romptly, and relief
is sure. If you dread that insidious disease
Consumption, use it. Ask your Prae'' for
SHILOIl'S CUKE, Trice locts., en cts. and
Jl.oo. If your Luns are sore or back lame,
use Shiloh's Vomuj 1'lastcr, Trice 2$ cts.
"We nreeixin fam
A Farmer at ily. We live in a
j f place where we are
Edom, Texas. Uject to violent
Says: Colds aud Lung
Troubles. I Lave
used German Syrup for six years
successfully for Sore Throat, Cough,
Cold, Hoarseness, Pains in the
Chest and I.ungs, and spittitiR-up
of Blood. I have tried many differ
ent kinds of cough Syrups in my
time, but let me say to anyone want
ing such a medicine German Syrup
is the best. That lias been my ex
perience. If you use it once, you
will go back to it whenever you
need it. It gives total relief and is
a quick cure. My advice to every
one suffering with Lung Troubles is
Try it. Vou will soon be con
vinced. In all the families where
your German Syrup
is used we have no
trouble with the
Lungs at all. It is
the medicine for this
G. G. GKEIiX. Sole Mjin'fr.Woodbtiry.NJ.
Write fur CHtnliiKiiu mi, I
(wrllciilnri. nhU-hko.
147 Wanliliiatain Nt., I'orlliinil, Or.
The Specific A No. I.
Pun, wlihnnt full, nil rnM,R ,,f Oontirr
hiru mill UlfHt, nn limlter of lntw limf
NUiiilliiK. I't,v(-iitn Ktrl,-l,ir,, It h'-lMirnii In
li-rinil rcmisly. Cunn when cvirylulng ub
Inis r.illi-il. M..I.I liv nil llrilKKlat.
Mitiinfiicturcnu ThuA.HclnipiilipIt M,stk-ln
Prlrx.t3.IMI. Co., nun Jimm. Liu.
I Tiler ntathnrknnwIMrM
Ilcftlng rnnistly fur All Ilif
unnMtiml dlm-harKM ftnit
nrlVntndlSfmsMior lnn. A
I rr;nlnrur.t()rth(lPblll
1 Utlllf sukDMi ptcullw
to woinro.
IWra.oijhr I prowrilMllknil fMluh
Thi E Chi""-1 In n-nmniBdlii II u
S ail munrmn.
A J 8'et(R,K0,
I'UILB f l.UU.
hut MMld with blu. rlbhen
411 pltli IB HVwd buiM, plul
10,000 Twtlmool.. rnpw.
n .MniM n,r p.ruo.i.r., .uawaiail,
alA mt all Laral Urasslall.
CmcHtSTin t hqush, Rco Cross Diamond Bhano A
W. Wll. ,.i,.,,iniiii,i, TO. (alf pans .r, M rWukl. Kill Hw nl.
S J Ul NL Ml llriJ.r,., for I lUlul. Muiu, IHm,ui Brl lm U.J ... J 4f
Kend for photo of our trial roouili
We ire l'aclrlc Coajt A(euU for
D.M. Ferry's Seeds,
Trtei Free From
C I DfitcnU 1 cnil fertilizers
T. k. rUJOUll a 0Un(And we m thene fnodi at Eaitera
Portland. Or. prlcca. Hrnd for cnliiloirne.
Ttloore's Revealed Remedy
la natnrr't nn-at remwlr for llverand klilney diaordeni. It oontalm no alcohol, no inttisr!i, no
polmitii. II will give you aopi'tlU) and make you leel like work. For aale by your unifKiat.
1 1'4 Ha era, '4110 Fine Krravliii, lland.ome Colarrd PUira. Kull of u.slul m d mo nir-u
riforniail'.n. on of lha no.! rlialOa oalal,iua oibllsl,e,l. Ilra.-rltilni all Mmla ml HMarn ale4
NaraVa, flawrr mnit Hrld frrdm, I-roll mud (lrameoll Trees, huiall I-runs. I antra
Itoara, Klawerlm I'laalaaad lialba. TaarauubbraA I. and mad Wairr Fawla. lU-nlaleree
Pliia. Ili-rmait r. nnl frr, on ai,,l iiloti. Ail-lraaa, mentioning Ihli,
4-r Us -
Usul Arrow, Ard TKe
Cupid, the ' little
rascal, is up to all
the tricks-he knows
full well that man
is a selfish brute,
and the road to his
heart is through his
appetite; theilelicate
flavor of "Seal of
North Carolina,"
next to love itself,
adds one more joy
to our existence.
I'Hckeil lu 1'ittciit ( ti'th rum li, inn! In Full.
Hlitck tHlclnit Inm luriiisl up MIskcn' KM Sho,4
In (J oi mt 1 1 1 v. iiiirniw l,lilui, II, (', 1, l,n II
In .', Hull will 1h miIiI nt f I oil to cliisu. Mulling,
Chllilrcn-M struiu; (Hint shoes u 1th hccln, but
Ion. f. .".j, tl, nt M it 1 1 Ii ik, sc.
Itfivs ur lilrls' strniiK everv iliiv l.ii' Shm
w Ith'hccls. Kooil to wciir I." ill, l.l'j, KK.ul 700.
MlllllllK. hie.
( hllilrcn'i llulilicni, hist, A to IU',', Hi i.
MlHsca' I J i-i-l Slrn, II lo V nt luc; rcKillnr
HiiIiIhts. 'i'K-. U, tics', nlzc I, Ih-'I, other
v Ht -lilc, flic.
Mun'ii llnusi" KlliiH'r, line, liner, (Incut, 7IW,
1.U', II :.'.',. Uillc' T,h' sll,s-rs, fi.M untile, J'i
10 7, Kiiml KK, nl f I .mi.
Hiixmiy Yarn, llulil hluc mnl Imiwn, not
the licst or the worst, nt -h' s'r lunik, -SOe H,r
in, unil. oil' colnni mnl o,l, I clou, of Stocking
Yiirn, .'", HI c, 7 -, to close. Will uo Iu a week.
11 you chii use yiirim In VHrlmiH colors lor (hiict
work, we hnvc them Hi lmll ,rii ,-. Our owu
liurlnte Jirlutnl lists will Interest yuu: ink
for tin in. Fnnilly mi, piles ol ml klmlt. Urlisl
KnilU from J'uc Ui lik1. hiiiiciI KiiiIu (rum Ho
'r chii lo .lie ier vmi. Mini)' v,ms(h nre lower,
lie (sri'tiil of yoiirexs'inllliirin. Write lo
Smith's Cash Store,
Best in the World'
Get the Genuine!
Sold Everywhere!
XI f, A I-" BEAR U WKOtl
f C (J IA L-J KUUT Tr..i; is. -Frtlli t4
I, .mini .Ay. huv.l, UtttrDL. totb. point. lir.uKHiiii
f. inner: Ably wrlll.D. mi truly IN10KMATI0N (W.
Vmi tlmtcer: HurpnilbK LOW Appl. P.r,Ch.r
ry.rinm.rRUNE.r.trb.Ap t.qnlaM.Nnt.Ur Trtci flr.ttt,
sOEH-trrKiin.,. Mo l.rt.ritpok In U I. Mo BlTTt.
Nocli.p.r NI'AltK IIHIS.,IWih at , Lolilsliiuit.
Mo. luthi 1J30LUII. IUOOAuih, LAAUi.UI.
rmu owl r M'f. Amwr,
What Is It?
Ink .Ma"k I'm kkt r and
I'lll .tH I .III II I'k It 1 I VM U lirlif III I 'IT lit
K I jL C J ,r,,,n ,nl,,,1,H 1,1 Mlt ,in"r' Hitir
fcr J.T fc. V minimi In ilnll v list-. Iliilmiitn4iihlii
lu Hm' miiikr. Kiln tlin vhi (nn-kut
1-Jpithl. IMMI.
A KllKK I H KKI- tiltlll Woitl.D'rl KaIH I
lliiw? Ituv ono ! our M aii ir IVm k v i
Man KM, "Hvp ymir illmim, mnl itni wll.
"trrt tlif n ' wiintiiiL it'ciiiig ii. in
Hunk liH-kfl, ri'Ki"i'm tU-iruMn aihiI
iiiifiis llNt'lf when llfty Mnitpi (iii huvi
Iihi'ii iliimitMH.l. I'rii H. iiMNiimiil. 3o
AKt'iiln witotiit. Write for -uiukii i J
MhkIc NuvHtlt. .M fill Ion t IiIh iniHr.
Mntlhfm'titin Kuitniiiit'i'tl or iikhm-v rfiititi ti
InlriHliM-iloii , xi MnmhMy, Ntw Votk.
71 Morrison Street, Portland, Or.
ir HOX 8I.
If In nnr bnalnnai
not I'rtjliik' yuil dnip
It mnl tuy ml lm
iirovcit l'vuilunjk
ran lm mmlu lu !
IiikCIiIi kt'iu lhn lo
miy iitlo-r IjiiiIiicu
for the cnpltHl Invent
ill. A Is witilully II
limtmlcil Catalotriie
of Inciilmtnn, llrood
ernmol all kinds of
ChlckcuFlxliir FREE
Ai'i-nu for Munni
Bone Cutter, Necei
lty Clover .Cutter,
nd vveivthliiK re
quired ljr poultry
thr lilaA. MrfUM Ati.iui.hMw mtU wusiimm.
r.ppri. ar. Ihmmi Manlrn-lla. AI lirsxti.u. v ana at
anq -H.llrr lap l.arilra," M litur, h, n-lam Mali
LV4i1 M
Petit en4 Htitthj,
am am mm m w
of all kinds.
j "three" doses will make)
( YOU feel better. J
iiiie stock mm.