The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, December 19, 1891, Image 1

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vOL 24
NO. 9
Jhf (Sug'fttf (City Guard.
Publisher ant I'roiitit'tor.
OKFICB-On tht East aid of Willamette
treat, betwotu Seventh tod Eighth Streets.
Vr aauntu
; is Month
tirna mnntli
$2 00
, 1.00
. .;s
Advertisement Inserted as follows:
Out wpiart, ten lines or 1M out insertion 13:
. ch inbtetpient insertion $L Ch tequirsd
.U advaUC.
Tiiot advtrtisen will be charged at tht ol
luwitii ratee:
t tat n'lar three month $H 00
(lot iirt tix muntbi 8 00
liio square out year 12 00
Transient notice in local oulumo, 20 yenta
.,( r iiue lor etch insertion.
Advertising hilli will bt rendered quarterly.
Ail ib work must be rxii) run ox ikliviut.
. CEO. B. 3 Ml 3
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law,
of the Second Judicial District and in
he Supreme Court of thit State.
Social attention (riven to collection! and
matter in probata
OFFICE Renins 7 4 8 McClaren Building.
J-Speoial attention given to Collection
and Probate business.
Seymour W. Condon,
Eugene, - rcjjon.
Attorn ey-at-Law,
Omct- Room in Conser't Block.
ttttcmoy and Ccnnssllor-at-Law, and
Real Estate Agent.
Office In Masonic Temple.
Kuykcndall & Payton,
Musicians and Surgeons,
Rooms Over City Drugstore.
Special attention given to Trobatt busincM
and Abstract of Title,
Orrioi Over Lane County Bank.
J. S. WALTER, M. D. S.
Itagciie, Oregon.
Dental Rooms Willamette Street, opposite
Baker'. Hotel.
block, opposite Guahd office. AU work
1 jmghing gai administered for painles ex
traction of teeth.
Coffin! and Casket! always on bund. Pre
paring and Embalming Hod if. a Specialty.
Niftht call! prompty attended.
Residence, second house south of Metho
dist Chdrch, Willamette street.
Farms, Improved and Unimproved Town
property for tale, on eay terms.
Prcjsrtr Seated aad Seats Collected.
Tht Insurance Companies I represent art
among tht Oldest aud niost Reliable, ami in
tht Pmntrf aodEo.iiTABi.E adjustment of their
raoes Staud SsooJin to Nose,
A share of vmr patmoage is foliated.
cHia. tacia, rar. w. 1. rrr, cawiiti
Eugene National Bank
. lO.Otf)
Transacts a general Unking bnaineaa. .
Bos an or DiaxcToms:
D B Dunn, F W Osbarn, J C t'barch, 8 U
Yoran. J U Hodton. C Uwr. J E Davit.
Bj far the lurgest dealers ou the Coast lu
era ra Fe
Trees, Fertilizers, Balfis, rqsbs, fl. I. RGQtsv Bee Supplies.
We are Korthwestern Agents for D. M. Ferry & Co., the largest Seed
Grower and Dealers in the World.
E. R Liickey&Co.
Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils,
Brushes, Etc., Etc.
Prescription Department in Competent hands.
II. D. Cochran &Son,
Real Estate Agents.
Eiijrenc City, Oregon.
Will ntirm.1 in onnnral Real Erttiitobosiues
inch as bnying, selling, leasing and renting
fnrmsaud citv iiropertv, etc. Office on south
side of Ninth otreet.
The Eugene Cigar Factory
Kama .rmatnntlv nn hnnd the fineit brands
Of home made, domestic, aud Key West
cigars. Charge the lowest price lor cuow
ing and smoking lolmcco. Soil at retiil and
University Bookslcre,
McClarens Buildi n,
(Opposite F. M. Wilkins' Dnn Ston.)
Hai an extensive Stock of
Mercantile, Fancy and School Station
ery, Blank Books, Cutlery, Etc.
fyOrders for Book and Sabscription
to Newspapei and PoriodicaU promptly at
tended to.
Bowel Troubles, and Cramp, Colic, or
any Internal or External Pain. Auk your
drnggist for it
Clocks. Watches, Chains. Jewelry, Etc
IleDamnir rromptiy iuecutcu.
atf-AIIWork Uarranted.jW
E. Scliwarzs child, Prop.
(Puccessiir to Geo. Cullier)
Orders by nail promptly attended ts. Ad
drew Lock Box ll'J.
hi Low Prices,
From and afttr Felj. 1, 1891,
my terms will be strictly cash.
Prices Put Down to Bed
rock. I will Not tie
"Highest market price Paid
for Produce. If not all traded
out will jay balance in Cash.
J. H. Whiteaker,
Creswell, Or.
a p
& SON,
Kt'ul Estate TraiiKtern.
Jiiiiics L Pniri1 to (Jcirst' HidiUc, 50x
Kill Art on Olive Btnrt, in Skinner's
mltlitlon; (l,riH.
J. P. It-no et al to Maliudi Rmo, inter
est in lots (I and 7. block, 1(1 of Mulliguu's
donation; $1 and other valuable cousidtra
tions. ,
J. K. Atherton to Armimlii A. Jcn
kiiiH, lot 1 block 1) in (.'(illcgo 1 1 ill
l'urk; JloO.
O. V. Knox to thi TruHteos of tlie
Firt C'liristiim Cluireli of Cottage
Orovo, land; 100.
Win. Workninn to AtUlio Workman,
acres in T 111 K 11.1 W; f liMH).
Daniel P. Hliepherd to W. A. Cox,
KM) acres in T 17 8 It 12 W; fX.
I). J. (lover to Kvn Ii. (rtiver, 1.10
acres in T IS 8 It 4 W; f MMi.
Allvrt HiiiiinoiiH et al to J. J. Pejiiot,
land; fliii
V. W. Harwhlmnror to William Dur
grce, m acres in T HI 8 It 1 W; 4iK.
Malinda Reno to Wni O Reno, et al,
239.3 acres in Tp 17 S, 11 C W; $1 and other
U. S. to M. O. McCarty, ICO acre in Tp
17 H, R 6 Wj patent.
JICHiiinplirt'yto LI) Forrest, 0-10
acres in Tp 1 H, It 7 W: $10.
C IIii(rer to (ieo 8 Lailil, 2.30 ucrs in
Tn 1!) 8, It 4 W; $1.
V.Htate of J C Yntett, deccaseil, jht T
(Ulemlricks to Morris nml L Lcvlin;
er, acres in Tp 17 8, It 4 W; Styloo.
Lonoi Elrction. Eugene Lodge No. 11,
A. F. A. M.. will elect officers at the reg
nlar meeting, Wedursday evening. Decem
ber 18. It is expected that lion. John
Wbiteakor will give some reniiuiscence of
the early day of the Eugene lodge at that
For diarrhna or summer complaint in
any form there is nothing better than
Chamberlain's Colic, Clmlera and Diar
rbira Remedy, lira Nancy Berry, of Ad
ams, Lawrence connty, Kentucky, say out
dose cured her of an attack of diarrhoea.
Two or three dose will cure any ordinaiy
case. When reduced with water it is pleas
ant to take. 25 and 60 cont bottle for sale
by Osbarn Sc Delauo.
E.tatillitie d In Colorado. 1H. Basinles 07 mall 0.
eipreu will rscelre rum aud careful siu-nuou
Gold & Silver Bullion Kdd,'iV,aD;
ill-Mi, 173C 1 mi Umut St, Bnm, Cola.
Art on a tew principle
PVslit tht Urer, tUnutrh
and bowls through Ms
Tw lf,,Mr Prt .
Ijunklt am btlloasaest,
orpld ltvtr tad etnstlpa-
Una. BmallaM, iiliaMI,
mreMI 0pdotf,2BoSk
nsjnpint irm ai nruiftws.
r. BJss let Uaarl, lai
Ki.ldbyJ.II. ItKCKLKY.
When Baby wai tick, wt gavt her Castorla. .
Wntn tht wat a Child, she cried f or Castoria.
Wbtn aba became Miss, tht eking to OasUria.
Whan she had Children, the gaTt them Cattoci.
Th9 tJelelrated Frencb Cora,
It Sold o a
to rare any lorm
o f ne nrous d i seaM
oranf ditortlerof
the t'oirauveor
flirn Ol tlllKTSel.
tieu-r tn'.ut
nwol MimHlaiiU. A FTTH
TouacroorTiiim,ortriruuirn )cuiiiful ioliarr
rJon, orer tndtjieiK, d-T . siir b as lmio( hrmia
M, Kff iUvM.l'.fariDfdoirn falnslnll.t
bak. Seminal Weaj ns. li r.tcria. Kerroxis hri
truUm. S'lrtu-Tial Emiwions, lyiiorrb'ea, D s
tlDeas, HVak Uvmnry. lymn of I'oweraod Imrv
Iwj, whirb If nefflrtH often 14-a.ltii prtfrnarart
eM an and lnaoitT. (Met tUA 1 box, boxct
JurfO. pm It ma;l oiirwit.iof prr
A HRIlTr.xi.i AKA.nrr. liriveofnr
nenr'iU)on1rrr!iwl.i'ind t'.eriOnT If
Ikrasseal en re Is not rlfrriiA. btt
t!30WD'lsof tlnvpniais fr.m oid and yor:or,
of both ntt.whrthart bei pniarirniT etir.d
by the ow of AphrodiUn Cln-nlarlrc. Address
Wasurnjuauca, ilux fuansb. Oa,
Sold by E .R. LUCKEY A O., Dinut,
E igent, (Jren.
l'.ugeue Euint Coi iny
thit evening at7 D'ckHi;. ,
Tbot. E. Ruscll,.wli I it eohtiued in the
county jail, 11 oa the s.k lit,
S, vrinl cases of ty ibnl 1 fuVnr icported In
the norlheslcrn puit ft toon. (
Jim WooU. t Engeue, l
caidi.lute tor Ut-h! .f lVuirvilie.
"Capt. al. Allll!k '.d I.tiuilv n uiov-
eJ to Albany ted.'.v A y oA tl.Kl .me.
T. W. lllew h- lw -u K)tuintid niarxhal
Ol Junction, vitv J. . Kuk, 'tvsigued
Col. Isaaullntt'U.T. K. lixirv uiid 0.
M. llurd loft lor I'Ur.-nce tins iiinriiing by
the tinge.
Mis Estella Stitc has nue to Albuny to
pend a niontli or to ti-itiuj with tela'
lives and
The total taxable pro; rty in Union
enmity as returned y llie ussesMir for
ll Is fr,H7I,'.. '
Misa My Shanks, ho I'd the IrouU
rec ntly at the Full Cr vk p-iaolliw, is sick
wuu scarlet luvtr tt Qi-r fc'uie
The blue tbtg iudicatiiijt ran thnt has
d"ii ervire on the ltttKo'.arT at the City
Hull It gutting somewuul IMten it.
1 If ciit'u MIiIl'Ii'V lias n't iii-ikiI fiiini
Portland, wheri'lie lias I ceil working
111 a iilainng mill tor si'venl iiiontlis.
(lovernor l'eunoyer bus refuHed to coin
mute the dentil tu nteuce of Ming Ho, the
ttmut rouuty ( hiuuuiiiu, nu ho will be
banged January 0.
The aveNge raiu f.ill in this section, for
the month ol NovemlH'r for lie hit fifteen
year ha been 3.9 J inches. This year the
(nil has been enormous, 7 32 inches being
the amount.
Ed Went and Will Soreru, went to Cor
vnllis this moruiiig 10 "uail up" a laive
amouut of work liuished by Dyainger'
factory for thu tortallis uisjon maiiulac
lory building
The name of one of the client cities of
China, when literally trauluti',l, is ClirjKSf
themum City, and Confucius, WO years tie
lore Chrixt, noeaks of this UiKilu dower that
the world makes tho mgo at this
season of the year.
T. W. Walker uropnaed unirritgo to
Mix Julia Runiidiill, ot Ilepner, was re
jected mid took eight ounces l eipinl parts,
laudanum and cmupbor. lue caiuphor
prevented the laudanum frnn aeconipiinh
hilt it iutended mission, to hu cot
nothing but a headache and a sick stomach.
The Daily Miner of Tark City, Utah,
of Nyv. 27, says: J. II. Ittumley, of Eu
gene Or , is iu the I'ark for a ( w days,
nlwking bunds with old friends and making
himself well liked. Mr. liruuilcy is one of
thohe pleasant geutleuicn froia the eitreiut
northwest who Uud Irieuda wherever they
Tho ixistofllce (lciiartmeiit lias Issued
orders that hereiifter circulars having;
iiiivthlng priliteil on tlicm with 11 ruli-
Iht stamp will nave to Ih juilil lor as
Hrst-class mutter. TI10 order is passed
on tho principle that tho stamp Is
nothing more or less tiuin writing,
from the fact tliut it is tixcd u.s alien
and tho legenils it linxlilirs nro us
iiidiviitual us those of u hmi.
Jacksonville Times: Sun Francisco pur-
lies are again in Southern Oregon lor the
purpose of purchasing choice apple.
As high ss $1 a boi for future delivery hat
been paid. Big red apples alwnv tell the
bit, aud our horticulturists nhould give
this variety the preference when planting
trees. There is a never failiug deuiaud for
choice apples, by which we mean perfect
apple of good i.a and tree from disease of
any kind.
There have been thus fur six damage
suits on account of the Lake Labish disas
ter brought against the Southern Paoillo
Kailroad Company in which judgment
have been obtained. These ease are: Hi-,
las Leonard, 37.r0; Julius Kumli, flSOO;
W. Johnson, S22.VI; John Kaub, 110,-
000; June Clsrk, (2000; Grace P. Isaac,
$11,000. Two mors sum are yet pending
sgainst the railroad company, brought by
Dr. llammell aud wife, ol rtiiladelpul.
Plaintiffs in the suit seek to recover jointly
the turn of $U5,000. 80 far as now kuowu
these ara all the suits for damage that
will be brought. It is stated that the rail
road com puny basaettled and compromised
every cuse where persons have austuiiied
(Unlives. First aud lust the Lake Labish 1
disaster has cost the coiupmy a large
sum of money,
Junction Times: A stranger who gavt
his name at 8. M. Johnson is now serving
time in the city bastile for "monkeying
with a Run." A gun was Handing on the
depot platform checked for Eugene. The
stranger happened to notice it and picking
11 up, nourished it around rattier promiscu
ously. . lie was cautioned by the owner to
be careful as there might have been a little
powder left in. The gun being a muzzle
loader be borrowed a cap from a boy and
hang the went like all unloaded gnn.
Marshal mw took him in charge and Re
corder liutler imposed a Hot of $10 Not
having thstamout of catfa about hi clothe
he was placed In the lock up. He will be
credited with $100 for each day confine
ment. Unless the city has woik he can do,
ht will oomt out ahead after all. .
Ctorla promotta DlgasrtliTn, and
ovorcuuKa ihuuloue, ContiUon, Sour
Htomsy-h, Diarrhoea, and Fereriahneaa,
Thu the child it retxlurwd healthy and 1U
sleep aaturaL Castoria contain no
Morjiuiua or other narcotic property.
" Oastorla Is so well Up4 to ehfUrea that
I ranuiuoirnd ti at superior lo any prwrlpOuo
kauwulntat " Jt A. Awutt, sLli.,
U FortlaDd A-., bruvklyu, N. T.
" I w Castoria In my prartJet, and find U
ptciaii adsptrd to afT.-rti.Kis of rhii.lron."
A.IMX. knacimr, M. l .,
l.r,T ltd Arc. Kew York.
Ties Carrara Co, 77 Murray Bt, jr. T.
Cot fa ire (rove Item.
Loader. Drc. 12.
A nis.ipuradt ball will be given here
Dec. 2Jlh.
The citizens here have decided to have
Christmas tree on Xmsa eve. she com
iniltee on iieneral arraueetuetils arei J. IV
Cutriu, lWm Hristow, O. F. Kuoi, J. A
UeUMiu and O. II. Kline hheruisn'a opera
bouse it tht place arlcctcd for the tree.
Mr. Wru. Hemenway. father of ths three
Hcuienwav brolhera here, and family, Mr.
A. Lincoln, family and psreut". als.i re Is
lives, strive,! here Tue.dsy from
There were niue persons la all, ami they
will make Cottage Urove their future home.
Thos. Allm commenced cr.i.lii ir the
street in front of bis busiuess l.n ll.lini;-" en
Main street. Friday. It would be a very
good idea for others to follow his etsiuple
while the yrouud is soft, and can Im ploaed
without difficulty. The streets Uccd a grrut
deal of work to place them on a ftr 04
Willie, the 5-yesr-old ton of H. Thoin.
son. had a verv oainful and severe aivl.lent
Thursday uiorulngi He wss playing with
tome other small boys on tun nriiiw" "e
twmn Chrismau't and Eakln & lliistow'i
aud fell from the center bauister between
th walk and the toad mstaiuiug the above
iniurv. lie is rrstins rar now aud will
soon be around agalu.
The new Christian church recently eoni
pit ted and fitted throughout lu a very neat
and amininriate strle. wss dcdldUd last
Snndav. Rev. David Wettvll of Portland
preached two excellent sermons to Isrge 1 1 h I j.i n,.l
auu appreciaioo smnrm.
au appeal to the nublio (or contributions to
pay i ff the ohiiroh debt and the generous
people respouded with au appropriation of
nlHilit JiUXI, leaving in ennrrn ir imiu
all inciiiubrances. Qn ite a large uuuilwr of
rusmla from Euifeiie aud Dram were In al
teudsnre, while the total attendance num
bered about JM persons.
Fire Alarm.
' Dally (iuard, live. 1'.'.
At 11 :.'( a. m. today n lire nlarni was
soimdiil bv the larL-u Is ll. The entire
leiuirtnient turned out in siilenillil
time. I lie lire iiiinarattls Udng attitehed
to wagons ami hauled to the hooiio of
the tire. The lire proved to W in W.
L. Dyslnger's dry kiln In tho rear or
1.1 . 1 ...III I u'nu luirrilntr .ill 1 1..
lirlskly, hut had not yet broken through
Ills llllllllllir mill llii'i tw-
tii walls of tho huihlinir. 1 In isiys
went to work, one 1 lie of hose Ih'IIIKUI-
tuchod to the hydrant nt the emer of
Fifth and Lawrence stns'ls ami the
other from t tie corner or Mllamette
and Fifth. In a few minutes the lire
was entirely siushied. nlthotigli, ll was
hard to get ut. The daniago to
Mr. Pyslngcr will prolmhly not amount
to over $H". If thu tin- had started at
night, it large lln would certainly have
Ihh-ii tho result. Kugone Is Justly
proud of her fire depurtment. 81ie lias
0110 of the liest ill Oregon. Thu water
company furnished exivllent, power.
liftter List.
December ll.t
A nderson, Harold Allen, HI. ,
Ahlrteh, UlssEU Ayers, Kitwam
Heck, Win linker Lawrence
llarker. Miss Minnie Marlon, (Ire nbvrry
llleiiiiuons, Mrs Coy, Charles0
l oiicaiiiiiiii, 1 hot iniran, J J
Kilinlatou, ieo Kdmlii.ton, Geo I.
llarrlMiu.A U liordon, Albert
llemlrles. (ieo llall, J K
Hies. A K Mown. Sola
Joliinum, A N Keilcms, l.ulu
hulluius, Mr I' K heniii'l, Mlu Tresa
Kyle, Anluleola l.ymsn, Clara '
McCanu, t'has Martin, Slllla A
Maltian, Herman Miller, May
Melan, Miss Jeunlt Poller, Mary P
Kasalll, Mary K lteel, Miss Mollle
- ,1 . I.,, f kiL.,11.... i, 1
Saiitlierland, J Stevens, Win II
Stevens, Mrs Jane Taylor, F W
Van Seoy, J II Wallace, C II
Wslton.'WW Walker.t'ella 2
Williams, llr A R WiskI, Ansel
n niiraser, ncrtiia
A charte of one cunt will lie made nn each
letter given out. Persons esllliif for letters will
please say when aurertlsoi.
aun.MA naniiuuHn, r. i.
Howell Acquitted.
From (llstiatclicM wo learn that John
(I. Howell, son-in-law of Oeoruo Del-
shaw, was ncqtilttcil Dee. 1 1 Lit of thu
crime of killing It. 8. t olvln, a news-
piicr puiillsher of Oiikltind, t aliroriilu.
A daughU'r of Mr. Howell's hail been
IK'rws'Uted liy tlie victim of tho Mllniy,
and the father was set free) on thu
grounds of self defense.
A Fmai. Haloor KiKpaa. Balem
Statesman: Recently the titatesman made
mention of the fact that the ownership of a
Hnlein saloon was vetted in a Halein woman.
The following letter vtrbutlm et epellalim,
was received by tht Btatesuisn Monday aud
atteoiptt to txplain itttlf. The laloon in
cpiestion, however, i owned by a Halem
lemale "lady is not the word : "Al edi
tor of the Statesman pleas let Die call your
attention to a little Item that coul.i out in
youre psper last week aboa a cirten lady in
this tonn being the sole oner of a taloone,
now Mr. editer pies let me say that dose
tht one that rote the etira, Wish to slander
the lady, or does be no What h i laying
lhate it no lady In Halem ho owns a sloon
or any interest in one such talk is frauds
and oogbt to be corrected by one bo note,
citezen of Bslem."
Kuit Commenced. Joseph Thelmer
has sued his wife Anna Tliciiner, for
the sum of (1,5H). Thclmcr claim
that lie i simple minded and tliut his
wife threatened him with Imprison
ment and thereby couiicllcd him to
sign a deed Ut the i-csldeiicu property
ou Seventh street. The suit Is brought
lv T. J. Oelslcr, a Portland lawyer,
flic truth of the mutter Is that Thelmer
sH'nds hi s iimiui for "n il liquor" and
has been stipporU-d by Ills wife ami
children for years. Ho I t lu.y to
work. He could not procure an at
torney In Kugeiio where hu Is known.
Qcrrs Lakj. The Ocbooo Review it
disposed to brag a little. It say that
Crook county is faal rotuiny lo tht front at
t place of great production. The latest pro
duction of importance is a pair of twins
born to the wife of llarue Poller, of bkpiiw
creek, on November 22d. a girl and a boy,
whose aggregate weight ia 15 pounds.
Whera't another county in the stale In at
c id beat it ?
A $.'(no,(sHt Estimate. In tho Secre
tary of YVur's reairt to congress of B
propriatioti that should le rnutlv for
(he wisulng year, Siasluw bar aud liar
Ur is put dowc for tHXi,(X)0.
A Ri tTLia.-Tbe Dally Albany Demo
crat of December 10th, tayt thai "HusnfT
Nolaod. is one of tht biggest rustlert in bit
offl'-e in Oregon," Correct you art, broth
i r Democrat.
MtaairD. In Lane county. Oregon,
Decniber, lS'Jl. by Rev. 8. E Milan,
J. D. FoosLesand Ruth Aret, all of Laut
coun'y, Oregon.
Coninilssloners' Court.
W F Reed, " 1 00
K P llendi r.son, J P 1 H-'i
( W Kinaey, J P i7 (
"m lariner, jury meal 3 &'
uihletlx r j ,V hmiiip. Court House
Supplies G 65
i L l'sge, jail supplies 'J 20
t'rnner A liluir, J ill hauliug 2 7o
C II llelsbiiw, supervisor tt 00
A Vt l'alleisou, esamiuation teacher 1.) 00
Atlliiista Pultersou,
15 00
15 00
Ida I'atter.on, "
S W Condon, ixumiue iuaane...
W Kiiyketidsll " ' .,
II F McCoitnick ' ..
8 W Condon, Dtst. Altoruey....
H 11 Loomis
Maggie McMurrr
Nancy Stowell
U.itlio Stowdl
. 5 00
. 6 ISJ
. 5 00
,4'JO M
. 28 NO
. 4 20
. 4 20
2 20
' 4
At this limn the court ordered a warrant
drawu iu favor o( L. N. Roney lor work on
l.Hlle t all Creek briilge In the sum ol IM
1' L ('rail, cougar w.ilp 2 IHI
E HchwartitchiU, stationery Ill f7
tilass At Prudhume U 00
ItcvMvr, 1'iiuliiig 17 60
P J Roweriiniu, J P 2 00
E C .Mnrlin, Countable 2 10
K P llsnderson, J P. 4 30
P J ltoweriuan, J P 3 :t
A J Pickaid, witness 1 70
(ieo Fisher, " 1 70
Alex Davis, ... 170
It llviiian. " 1 70
E l'llenderson. J P 7 10
P Cnmegv, juror 1 00
(leo Fisher, juror 1 00
It Henderson, " 1 00
llllarns, " 1 00
F A llrowti. ' 1 00
I urniHliiiig modieiil atUndatit6 to pau
pers aud criminal: Dr. L. W. Drown
given contract fo furnish tuedieinea aud
attendance ou all pauiiera in Kngene aud
person con II tied iu county jail from Dwo.
10, lMUtolVo.10, lSO'J, at the tun of
$1.1 per month.
At tin tune it ta ordered by the Court
t It tit an allowance of 9$ per month lie
allowed for upsirt of O. W. Clnrno, anid
nniouut to bo expended by Mr. Knowloa,
of Hcnton.
At this time it ia ordered that n war-
f nut bo drawn in favor of W. H. Miller to
be expended hy him toward the auPDort
of Mrs. MeCullister, a county ohargo.
J L 1'ngo, Rttppliea for pauper. , .$1(1 70
James rarvtu, " " ... O IMI
KOKrausHo, " ...160
Portland Hospital, keeping pauper 30 20
Frank Harrington, supplies
12 oo
8 IK)
4 (X)
20 IN)
10 00
15 00
I, l'Hciirlirouuh, " "
W 8 Miller. " "
CIihi Orosser, keeping "
Wm lloKiirt,
Henry Wortbley,
W 11 Rowland, medical attendance
on luitiiiera Perkins, iiipplioa for paupers.,
YV 11 KunolT, kwping ot "
Mr L J Hill, " M "
10 !)7
4.1 00
S3 00
11 70
Vi 00
8 00
J 1) Howard, iitpplios for "
Auu Wilmott,, keeping paupore....
)arwin Dristow, ....
Mrs Lou Pingrii, suppliea for pan-
10 00
10 00
8 00
80 00
(I :io
4(1 AO
7 60
A D llylaud, supplies for paupers.
WSMillor, " " M
Oeo 1', Lyue, work on bridge
W 11 Kiiuolr, lumlier for liridgo. . .
YV D l'engru, work ou bridge
EHl'eugra, "
1) Dniiniiiu. " 14
DO 0 2
10 60
Eugene Lumber Company, lumber
for bridges w
Jus M (Joldors, lumber for bridges 17 Kl
"14 (X)
, " " 5 84
" " 81) 00
l)Kitiu, " "
F L Chuuibors, powder, tools, eta
fur roads 11 70
D P Powers, viewer 5 (X)
A YVheolor, nails for roods 11 82
YV O Spencer, gravel for roads. ... 881
A YVheolor, lumber for roads 5 82
1) M Parkeson, gravel for roads, . . 0 00
VV J Dingo, juror 28 00
David Thompson, juror.
28 (X)
27 00
28 40
Jus Uuddleetou, " ,
Jatne Sears, ,
Wm Driskill, " .
27 00
28 40
Oeo YVhitmitt " .
Ell Perkins, ' juror,...
20 00
1 F Kirk,
C F lluojphrev ' . .
27 CO
20 CO
It liolhronk, " ....
Hen Cleck, "
Wm. Htowart, 11
20 20
28 00
25 40
30 80
6 40
2 20
2 20
8 20
2 20
87 00
25 80
2(1 00
25 40
20 80
20 40
28 00
28 40
8 20
8 20
8 20
8 20
a 20
J no Addison, "
Henry Matthew, "... .
Khellon Jenkins, 11
E It Hollenlieck, "
0 W Jtolwrts, "
Ellia WhatUui, "
Frank Jackson, "
0 A MoMaboD " ....
John Hellers,
OeoMuiitb, "
Henry Oate "... .
John Jenkins '
OeoNeet, "
OWOuiley, "
ATrsil.r "
OenHollsnd "
John Biown, ' "... .
UHFIsk. " ,
J C Pr. l ie 18 60
TMHoiiilton 2 20
Cba Cochran .; t 3 CO
F A Ot lehell 2 20
Henry Kissinger 2 20
A Sharpies 2 20
Nsncy Miowell 4 20
Maggie McMurray 4 20
Noble Km iker 18 20
Dan KiMiton 20 20
Lou Ft tir 3 00
W W Coobrtn a 20
WR Walker, clerk 3K4 30
A J Keeiiey, gravel 31 02
John Holland, 6KH
Jos Kerkup, witness 1 80
Faunio Sniitu, " 1 25
Jaa Prasure, M 1 30
N UO'iilln, " 1 10
Jessie Mo Lice, " 120
Mtthloit Curter, '. 1 15
Musoti Warner, M 1 25
U 8 ilyhiud, cotiimiesioner 15 00
Jas Purk. r, " 1100
At thii time it is ordered by the Court
that a wi.irant be drawn in favor ot Peter
Weaver ', r rebuts on tax ot 85X2.
A J Job:, .ou, cnyot scalp 6 00
Oeo V i'.erunrd, stationery 25 50
OIhss Ai I'rtnlhome
H U Kioc.iid, printing.
W 11 i',ts!,iy, witness...
Chus K YVise, " ...
Frank .'.Ll-s, " ...
LO 1u.Kwortby " ...
Oeo W " " ...
A.ll.o " ...
AJ " " ...
W ii I'usley, " ...
Fr .ii. Miles, ...
CV.iu I. YVise, "
4 60
W 10
6 50
0 60
5 60
' 6 50
5 50.
6 60
5 60
1 70
I 70
1 70
Jiitiu Holland 14
Shelioa Jenkins,
(1 F Croner,
(1 W Kiusey, -O
W Langwortliy "
Addie " -Jamea
" "
1 70
1 70
CIih Kissinger, roufltuble ,
40 75
A E Wheeler, preiwnt owner list. CM 20
Utigeue Light Co, light 24 60
A Sharpies, fxuiiiiiuiig insane.... 6 00
J Smiley, " " .... 5 00
F W Prentice, " .... 5 00
SWCVindou, " " .... 6 00
T W Harris, - .... 5 00
K O Potter, district attorney 25 (
Mrs F Harrison, reporter 80 00
Steve Jones, bailiff...,
V A tletcholl. - ....
11 Vaiiifluin. viewer...
80 00
30 00
6 30
G 40
8 10
JHPaxton, "
J It West,
W II Dunn, surveyor 20 00
(Irani Yaughan, cluiitiman.
4 10
3 00
2 00
4 00
2 00
J Alisirehouso, "
O W Vnnglin, "
M H BootL marker
8 ltimaell,
At this time tho court ordered
a war-
rant drawn in favor of P J MoPheraon.
for service a aBHoaaor, in part, 200.
JierK directed to issue a warrant to the
sheriff commanding him to make oollexi.
tion of all delinquent taxes due the
A w l"ttersou, school supt 60 00
it Scott, for Daunor. 1(100
Mr llowlsby, for pauper 12 00
1) II Heminwav, witness. 12 40
L O Iuman, M 11 10
! S Lnokey. treaaurcr 41 00
H Hoott, judiw 68 85
YV K Holdridire. Daunersunnliea. 7 05
J M Tetlrow, witness. 1120
Al U Tedrow, 11 20
Claim for Lnban Hundora for rebate on
tox was continued for the terra.
Dill of Marion Nelson was continued
for the term.
J K Nolond,Blieriff 418 59
II P Hunnioutt. J P
6 00
Sam Mel lee, witness
1 20
1 20
1 20
1 15
1 25
1 20
Maggie Luokey. "
AHOiheou, "
It N Onllln,
Jno Kiasenirer. "
Ellen MoBee, " ,
That In the Report which Cornea
From KellotreM.
Dally Uuard, Deo. li
Itoanncao. Dee. 11 A renort that Dr. J.
0. Hhirubrook was drowned in the Umn-
ona at Kellogg, reached here last night.
The first new of the occurrence was a tele
gram to the doctor' father-in-law, John
1- reyer, who wt in this oity His mother,
Mr. Qtorge Bhambrook. of UmDaaa Ferrv.
and her daughter, Martha, wtre also in
Koseburg, and on receiving the sad new
the former took the overland train at mid
night for Oakland and the latter returned
home this morning. The telegram they re
ceived gave no particular, and the only
authentlo new we are able to give ia the
louowing uispatcn:
Oakland, Or., Dec. 10. Dr. Shanibrook
on Tuesday crossed the river to see a pa
tient, and started to return home at 3 d.
m., and np to 5 o'clock yesterday evening
neither himself or boat had been found. He
crossed the river near tht old Kellogg place,
aud It was very high and rapid. A paity
hunted for lilin all day yesterday and more
will go lo Oakland today.
sodt axcoviacD.
Rosiuono, Dee. 12. The body of Dr.
Shanibrook has been found close to the
bank near tht place where be was drowned.
Mrs. Spauldliif Pleads Guilty.
Portland Telegram of Thursday
This afttrnoon Emma Bpanlding was
brought in tb Uunited Btatej court for ar
raignment. Dvfendaut i charged with
having written aud sent obaoene letters)
through the mail. These letters were ad
dressed to a young woman who lives at Eu
gene. One of the letter abounds in dis
gusting and obscene language directed
against and applied to the woman who 1
unfortunately the object ot the writer's
malice. There is a strong impression that
the Bpanlding woman i of unsound mind,
and that greatly mitigates tb degree ot ber
oriminal responsibility. On being arraigned
defendant entered a plea ot guilty. A brief
statement wat mad by Mr. Loo.kwood, as
sistant district attorney, regarding tb case,
tending to lessen the measure of the defen
dant's responsibilty under the law. On
tht recommendation made, Judge Deady
sentenced th woman to pay a tine of 9100.
It wat alto ordered that action ot the sen
tence be tuspended for three day nntil th
defendant could communicate With ber
friend at Eogtn.
The Recent City Election of Junction
to be Contested.
We understand that the citv election
held In Junction recently will betaken
Into the courts and contested by tho
"outs." The grounds for tho contest
will be that the judges of the election
refused to receive ballota of those who
puid no taxes, the charter of said city
making such provisions, claiming that
said portion of the charter la contrary
to tho constitution of the sUtte,
Attorneys Walton & Skinworth have
been retained by the "outs" and Attor
ney L. Hilyeu by tho "Ins." .
Dam Waahed. Out.
bally Guard, Dec. 11.
Mr. J. 0. Ooodale. of the Cobnrg sawmill,
experienced a considerable loss Wednesday
night ubout 11 o'clock by th central part
of his mill dam, about CO feet wide, washing
out. The mill had lust Inithed sawing
th order for the new bridge of the Ortgonian
Railway across the Calapoola at Browns
ville. It will cost several butdred dollars
to make the necessary repairs which will
be delayed nntil a lower etagt of water. In
the meantime Mr. Goodale will get an en
gine from tbt Eugen Iron Work and con
nect it with one already in nse at the mill
thus (tearing power to contina work. No
log were lost, they being stcartd by a
strong boom above the dam.
VeiiyIll. J. B. Rhlnohart, Friday
morning, received letter from his
brother, J. O. ICliitnhart, who Is at
San Diego, Cal., bearlm; tho news that
his wife was lying very sick, and her
lifo had been despaired of.
Shippiso. The Eugene planing mills
each shipped a carload of material away Deo.
day, one going to Bodavili and the other la
Junction. Eugene's basisee men art con
tinually reaching oat for foreign batines.
This k th correct idea.
Tau Nones. All vehicle belonging to
the fitm have the namt of "Croner ft Blair"
painted on tame. If yon want hauling
don in flrtt claaa style give them a call.
i u