The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, December 12, 1891, Image 1

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kstjBlisueii for the ikseiidtio!. ofdeiocritic rmxcirLES. and to kiss n honest litim bt toe sweat of on brow
VOL 24
NO. 8.
Zlt &ugt&f City Guard.
I'tibllaUcr tud Proprietor.
OfFICE-On tbEat til of WMtjietU
Street, between Stereo to and Eighth Streets.
I'vr snnmu 12 00
Sii Month -. LOO
I time mouth 75
A dvertlK'ineot Inserted a follows!
One snuara. tea line or lew one Ineertioo 13;
(ch iubeiueot ioMTtiop $L Cash required
ii edveno.
Time advertiser will be charged at the ol-
unriai rates!
Due Miliar three month M 09
(t souare six month 8 00
Or square une rear U 00
Transient notice Id local oolumn, 30 ewti
i . i li'i tnr each Insertion.
' Advertising bill will be rendered quarterly.
A ,! iob work tniut be FAID roi OK nn.rviHT.
CEO. B. D3R3I3
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law.
II of the Second Judicial inline anu
, . r k -I u.
Special attention given to collection and
patten in D rotate
' Attorner-at-Law,
tirjaENE city,
OFFICE-Remns 78 McClaren Building.
a-rflpeoial attention given to Collection
and Probate businesa.
c XV
Eeizciic. - - Orcson.
ry '
Omci-Room In Conser'i Block.
Ltfsxnoy' ani CcunsaUor-at-Law, and
Real Estate Agent.
O (lice In Maaonio Temple.
Kuykcndall & Payton,
Physicians and Surgeons,
Rooms Over City Drug Store.
Special attention given to Probate buiinea
and Abstract of Title.
Orrios Over Lane County Bank.
J. S. WALTER. M. D. S.
Hugciic, Oregon.
Dental Room Willamette Street, oppoiU
Baker' Hotel.
DR. J. 0. GRAY,
block, opposite Uuabd office. AU wort
warranted. . , ,
I.anhinf gaa administered for painles ex
traction ot teeth.
Coffin and Casket alwey oo hand. Pre
paring and Embalming Bodie a Specialty.
Night call prompty attended.
Residence, second house aouth ot Metho
dUt Church, Willamette street.
lanna, Improved and Unimproved lows,
property for eale, on eay tonne.
Prcporty Eented and Eenta Collected,
The Insurance Companiee I repreaent are
among the Oldest and moat Reliable, an1 in
the P bom ft andEflcrtABLa adjustment of tbetr
HUM. iTIAJiU vmw -
A. hare of y-mr patronage is soucitect.
cbas. wn, pmt. w. " caamii
Eugene National Bank
blliPLCS FCKD 10,M'
Transacts s general banking bueineaa.
BoiiDor DraicToaa:
E Dunn, F W Oaborn, I C Church, 8 H
oraa, i U Hodson. C Uuer. i E Dana.
By far the largest dealers ou the Coast la
te,FeitiilM$,Eis,s,fl.l.R33isle Supplies
We are Northwestern Agents for D. M. Ferry & Co., the largest Seed
Growers and Dealers in the World.
1 E. Luckev
Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils,
Brushes, Etc., Etc.
Prescription Department in Competent hands.
R. It. Cochran & Son,
Real Estate Agents.
Eugene City, Oregon.'
Will attend to general Real Extute lmnines '
such a buying, selling, leasing and rrniing
(arms and city property, etc. Ofliceonwnth
lide of Ninth street.
The Eugene Cigar Factory
Keeps constantly on hand the finest brands
of borne made, domentic, and Key West
cigars. Charges the lowest prices for chew
ing aod smoking tobacco, Sell at retail and
McClaren s Buildi n,
(Opposite F. M. Wilkin' Dm Store.)
Una an extensive Stuck of
Mercantile, Fancy and School Station
ery, Blank Books, Cutlery, Etc.
L70rders (or Books snd Subscriptions
to Newspapers and Periodicals promptly at
tended to.
Rnwol Trnnble. and CramD. Colic, or
any Internal or External Pain. Ask your
druggist (or it
Clocks. Watches, Chains. Jewelry, Etc
ReDainoE; rromptly Executed.
earAIIWork Varranled.O
E. Schvvarzscliild, Prop.
(Sncceator to Geo. Collier)
Order by mail promptly attended to. Ad
dress Lock Boi 119.
Cash, b; Fries:,
From and after Feb. 1, 1891,
my terms will be strictly cash.
Prices Put Down to Bed
rock. I will Not be
Highest market price Fail
for Produce. If not all traded
out will pay balance in Cash.
J. H. Whiteaker,
Creswell, Or.
.& SON,
Keal Estate 1 ranstcrs.
K J Frasior to Mury A HtmlRlit, lots
lit, a) niul 1, bliN-k 4, f niMcr & liy
I,,,,,!' I.IKI I . II 10 .,.,,1 1!
itiiKi D 11111111 11x1 , iticHi linn 11, i aiut
llH'k 83, KnwiiT & IWrry's jmrt of
loroiiw: f.m.
K J Knwler to Mrs Rutch Howard,
lotn 12 and 13, blork a, FrnsiiT & Hy- ...i.iti: it wl ia
llllltl n nilllilli'il, Hint, linn jf uiit ii'i
lilm-k of Fruitier & Horry's jmrt of
rioremv; iU
J L Pone to L D Fomut, 200 aerva In
Tp 2U .S, It 2 V; f3(X).
L I) Fora-st to JmnesW Slielton,
four-tiftlm intenwt in 200 aerea in Tp 20
r, Jt 2 w; WW.
I)tinlel P Wublie to PnvM J Gover,
370 now inTp 18 S, R4W;fl.
U C Hunter to B. B. Hcott, 6 acres io T
17 8, R3W;fia00.
C. J. IVxld to H. D. Wylie, 05 aert'H
in T 17 8 It 3 W;
A. 1). llurton to J. F. fcSmilh, 195
nervs in T 1(1 8 It 4 Wj f200.
IlOAD Bl,(M'KAI)ED. MltsrH. tleo.
M. Miller; J Himo lirltton, (). M. Hurd
nl T. It. lU rry nrrivetl here Kundny
iifU'rii(M)ii from Floivnee, belntf thn-e
days on the nuul. They report that
the Htorm hist week hiully' blockaded
the road. They found (10 trees aenwa
the road between the Head of Tide
and Hale's and one very heavy elide
at the roek Tilton. They think that
nt least $1,000 (laiiianes were done to
the road. They were compelled to
walk between aaid polntH, The wind
nt Florence wan very heavy, the mnitll
boats faring roughly. However, 110
other damage was done.
Hkalth Okfickr Ki-sioxkd. Dr.
ltUHhnell, health ollloer at ,Yu(Uina
hay, has tendered his resignation as
such officer to Governor Peiinoyer,
who will amsiiiit a sueoessor. Dr.
llushnell resigiHKl Ix-causo of his re
moval fnm Yaquina bay to Sun Frun
eiseo, where he will practice his pn
fessioll. For diurrld-a or summer complaint io
any form there ii nothing better ihao
Chitmberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy. Mr Nancy Berry, of Ad
ams, Lawrence oonnty, Keutuckr, say on
dose cured her of an alt k of diarrhoea.
Two or three dose will enre any ordinaiy
case. When reduced with water it i pleat
ant to take. 25 and 50 cent bottle for sale
by Osburn k Delano.
let oa s sew prtartple
seirtlete the Irna, etomsch
M bowl Urmt Uu
Dm. Man' Ptlu
tpfiedilf rmrt bUtownM,
kirmt Irnr mi oeMtipa-
a. BWM, aillde,
nvetl Spdowea.Sgcta.
F4mpl tree at dnuclata,
H..ld by J. II. DECKLKY.
Wnea Baby wa skk, w gme her Castorl.
WbM she wa a OM, ahe cried f or Caatorla.
When she became Kim, ibe clunf to Oateria.
When ihe bad Ckildreo, h je them Caatoria.
Tba GeTeLrated Frencl? Gnre,
la Solo 01 a.
Vxmreanr form
o I nerrcm. d 1 teaM
craof diarirdcrof
the enrratlv or-
f au 01 eiwerwx,
whether art.itif'
nreof StlinuUuu. AFTPf?
TrArcvi or On um-or through toitiiful ln.l!nw
Um.orer laaulirence. Ae ,u h a. 1mo( hrala
C iwrr, WakefMlDrei, Hurler down I'.ln.lnll.e
U'.ScninlW-in-.,HTiUTl. S'ertou im.
ti-.tlon. Nortamal Emivions, Leacorrb'ra, Ilia
sin?M, Wak Memory. LriMof I'oweratwl Jmpo-V-ncjr.hlf-hllD!liel
often l-a4to tiremwura
r!.l wrt au4 In.anitr. Prire lixo a tx.i, t boxes
Ijrri 'rt. eent I'f m!lmjf!rto(prtrw
'. err I u0 nrtrr iml rrd, V re'ind Ui mnorj II
a IkrwianMt mr I. not effn-tML w ba
tiouaQjol ttlmnntal fmraoJd aod youoc.
H bith wxhi, wBhav been fwmaDoUr enrrd
If the uk of A pbmdiUoa. Clrr-alar Ira. Addrue
VeMeraJtraaco. Hut 73, Jromab, Oa
Sola by E .K. LUCKEY At Co., Drnorut,
Eug-tn. Oregon.
Oregon State Weather Service.
Station, Vuireniiiy of Oregou, Eugene,
uuuin ol November, km :
Mean barometer, i'i 033 inches.
UiCht'Nt barometer, 'i'SM nn'btn; date
and -IM.
L-wt barometer, 29 15 iuehes; dale,
Meau temperature, 4'J divietii.
MHXimum teuijvriture, 7t degres! dat,
Mitilniuua temperature, 32 decrees; date,
Meau o( uiatimuui It mperatntv,' 58 d
Mean ot miniuiuui
t nperHture, 41
No. times
maxiuiuui temperature 90 de
creet or above, v.-
No. times uuniiiitin tuuperalure 33 de
gtw or N'lo. 1. .., k
Total nrrciuitatiur i SMnehes.
Detiailuie (rum nuiujal, .15 inches defi
Prevailing iliitvlinn of wind, southwest
Totul movement i( wind, 'I'M mile.
Number of cUimOu dnys, 0.
No. of partly cloudy diy, 5.
Noo( rioiiily (lav.. 25
Nj. o(diysou h cli rui.i er a'w (ell.
Dates of lil-l (rnhtM, 111, 17, 21.
S. E. McClusk, Olihcrver.
l'ailjr (iusM, Dee. 4.
A China ltow. A couple of Chinnnieu
beHtili the HHiiiemif Louie nnd I.un Suit!
hail a row ut tlieii cimu on the Milroml
alnive 8prii)(;lii Id Ih1 evuuiiijj. It appear
Ib'il Louie un tbe ceok (( the' K;l"K ami
bml diilertil lue uluer oi.e to procure wood
who relus'il. 1 hen Lome took lite law in
to bin own buildi nail aonnlti d the oth
ChiiiHniHii, In n Liiiil' iihoiI a Inn.'. dAiii'er-
ons kuile, cuit.ej; Louie iu I lie uVby putt of
hla Itlt leg hIkivu the bin e in nn tily man
ner. Ihe other Lhiuniucn in tue K"UK
bronubt their two erring brethren bere Ibis
morniUR ititeudiiif; to tiike them ti l'ortla'id
to lie tried by the Chinee tribunal at that
place. Deputy Sheriff Crouer cams across
ihem at the riei-ot, and Ihe ii'lnrnl I bum
man bleeding badly, arrested Iho peri(,lra'
Uir, and sent (or l)r 1'niue, the S. P. It. It
surgeon to attend Lang. Dr. Puine dressed
tbo wouuil and tbe. injured man wits
tnken to one of Ibe China wnhhhoue. The
olher Chinumau was tried before Justice
Kinsey for Ihe crime, but tho evidence be
ing conllictinp, he was discharged.
GtrriNO Evxn. It it said that Pry Wil
son, who waa sutiiioeunod as a wituexs in
the Lbureh murder case, having some cut
lie businexa which di iniiiided his atteullou
t Peiu'leton, concluded it was of more iin
portauce to him than the (act of a man be
ing on trial (or his life and consequently
struck out iu the directum of the former
place. Sheriff Crtwap, heuring of this,
armed binnwrf with a bench warrant and
tarted iu hot pursuit. When he overtook
Mr. Wileon, his teuui was so exhausted that
it could not travel and they were compiled
to return iu Mr. Wilson's team. Arriving
at Canyon, Pry was hauled np before tbe
mill of justice and fined $25 and costs.
Whereupon Pry turned around and cburged
f ia lot the use ol bis team. John Day
Statu vs. JUkkk (Vn'rv. Nearly
all counties are out oruci to tue. state
for tuxes due except linker county, and
the suit of the statu vs. linker county
for taxes due, some of them from 1H78
to 1H.SO inclusive, is of interest. The
sums are: ror iht, fin.tii; ih,m,
I11.V.7; ISSO, KMin.ot;lNH1,KiKH,(lii: tiKl,
"; isnu, Mtiii.Tii: 1M.S4, a.i7;
lSH.r, f2tHL'.ltl; 1NWI, f7llll.H.i; 1WK).
N.5.0.5. Total, f ll.iSK.INf. The pamTs
aru now lielnir lireiiafeil liy Attorney
icncral t iiaiiiiK'riain, ami huh win lie
begun in the circuit court of linker
county to recover in a few weeks.
Gbifton, W. Vs., Dro. C Josiah Car
penter, tba oldest iubauiluut ot W. irgiu
ia, died at his residence in 1're.tou county
yesterday, bslimatca of Uarpenter age
varied, but none placed him under I'iO
years, lie claimed to htvo been born in
London comity, Virginia, in 1732, and was,
therefore, loJ years old. Uo claimed to re.
member Braddock's defeat and to have
served as a teamster at tbst time. Carper
ter bad a vn who died ten years ago at the
age of 80. Until recoutlv his health hat
baeu reasonably good. He hus one daugh
ter still living who U over HO.
Nkwi.y Madk Citi.knh. Itoht. II,
'arker and John liovllle, Isith natives
of Urcat Jtrituiu. have tnken out their
citizens patHTs. Thus two more cltl-
H'lis of the United Htates uro created.
Diki. At the family reeldenco near
olin Aiidersoirs, on tlie Alclen.ii
December (I. iHtil. iMntildu 1'.. wll
of Win. Wetzell. Hired 7 years. Tho
funeral tsik place Uslay nt the tump
reek cemetery. t
Wii.i, Oravkl. Wu underNtanil
that the railroad company intends
graveling their yard here soon. It
is badly needed; iu fact it should have
.it'll done years ago.
Cawtwrla wroatoia. TXrartfow, arid
OTerouuiH Jr iaXulMK , CunstipaUooV Sour
Btomarh, Diairboa, and fevrriahne;
Thus the child is rendered healthy and its
alwp BataraX Cartaria contain no
Morphine or other narcotic property.
"Caatorla I o wvtl atar4 In children that
reennuanod It aa auDrrior to anr Dmrrluiua
known to sua." H. A. A arma. M. Ii.,
B Portland Ate., brovkln, V. T.
ff IM. ValA I. n A ..1 1,
pedaiiy adatitrd Io aTnrbu at rhil'lraa."
ALU. Knnii, m. U .
I'M ad A?., rtmr Tort
Twa CavrasB Oo, 77 Kurray St, V, f.
7M R
Short day.
Holidays will KXn be here.
Snow is rciiortcd throughout Eastern
Elder V nu, ol Snlrui, prtacbed at tbe
M. E. Church yesterday to a large congre
A mnrriairc licenses was Issued Sat
urday evening to Mr. William Flshe
and Sarah A. Zchner.
Twenty drnmmert spent yesterday in Eu
xene. Tbey any Euiieuo ia still the best
towu iu the valley lor trade.
E. P. Dorritand M. VY. Bolshaw, (ormet
Laue couuty boys, are candidates (or coun
cilmen at rarmiugton, nann
Bostibnrg Plaiudealrr: The Eupene
sleaiu Isuudry tihould be patrouued by op
ponents o( Chinese cheap labor,
(irovar B. Sinin.oo, at one time rrti
duul o( Eugene, is now Snperiiitenilent o(
Ihe Nebraska division o( Wells, Eargo A
Co' Exprrss
The concert at the First Presbyterian
church last evening, was liberally at
tended. Each and everyone on the
iiro.nimmeacipiitted themselves with
A Kentleman from Dig Prairie, on
the Military Wagon road, 45 miles
east of Eugene, rcisirta two fii-t of
snow when he left that place and the
ticaiititur' wassliu descending
I tide Jesse I ox brought In a com
stalk that was taken from his garden
this morning growing fresh nnd green
1'cw countries can boast of green corn
stalks in the month of IVcciiihcr.
This morning a small piece of wish!
from the wrecked caboose was taken
from the back of Jimmy Lavlnger's
head. He feels Utter after purling
from the iiiinctvssary companion
The charitable ladles of the Women's
I teliel' t'oro realized nlsiut flo at the
t iirysantiiemimi lea siipsr Niiuniay
evening. A line display of thes lino
llowers that an now at laTtectlon In
our Oregon climate, greeted the visl
Here's another industry fur Oregon open
ingnp. The Pendleton East Oregnuian
siys peauuttare to he extensively fjrown by
Ur. Llmer on bis ranch on the Colnmlna
xt year lioiuailetn experimental trial
this year which proved a success, Salem
n entertainment will Ik given in
Villard Hall on the evening of Friday,
December 1st h, by the (ientleiiien's
I niversity Dice Club, assisted by tho
Ladles' (lice Club, Pnf. Mary McCor-
nack, and the Misses Sawyers. Ad
mission i cents.
Here it is before marriage in nmo cases
out ol ten: Two croouing lover on a
door step spoke of their heart and their
happiness: "I Just know no oilier girl has
as uOchI a sweol heart at I ve got. And 1
am equally sure there never lived a sweeter
wonisu on earth than you are." Then, to
getber: "Oh, am t we bniipy. About a
year afterward it will bo 1 I t t ?
You old hag.
Ileppuer Record, Deo, 3; . Cy. Bennett,
it tiems, Imhibed a little too much "red,
eye" lust Monday, and it looked for a time
as if be wanted to corral tbe entire popu
lace o( tbe city, but after a (vw barehanded
contest with several of the boy and vain
attempts to procure a pistol, he repaired to
Hie "city cooler with alarsbal Kaamu.
Mr. Bennet led Tuesday (or Lane county
where be will tnuke hi future home.
Henry Senrcy, who lived at llalley
II, near Cole's station, Cal., died in
the jury mom at Yrcku on tho 1st,
while considering tho case of the State
s J. H. and (). V, Whltcomh, of llutte
crock valley, charged with larceny of
cnitiu. Jlo was taken nudtieniy in with
neuralgia of the heart and died soon
fterward. The Jury was theretiiMiii
dismissed without reaching a decision.
Jacksonville Times, Dee. 5: Itcv.
utiles Hummer and family left Ash-
autl last week for Cottage drove,
line county, having dismiscd of their
oldlngs Iu tho upiMT valley, They
xiK'cted to return East, when they
V ii.... r.. 11 !.. I I ..r
'iu jioii. uco. li, jorimuiKi woe, oi
.tigene, aril veil in Jacksonville last
Suniluy evening. The former returned
oiue soon tiricrwurii, lint Mrs. J), will
remain a few weeks to visit relatives
and friends.
The Portland Welcome ventilates the
id estate in that city as follows: Sui-
Mising each lot to have a frontage of 50
fei't and 100 feet deci, each sipiure mile
'onuiins u,vm lots, or in tne
latted areu. A family or five uimhi
nch lot would give tho city 1,(100,000
Miptiiation. I'roviiiing iiio city and
Is, "additions" contains a Hi)ulatioti
of M,000, there ait four lots for each
man, woman anil child or Portland
ml Its environs.
Benton Leader: Judge M. L. Pipes was
in Salem this week and in chamber beard
ruument in tbe Philomath college case.
This collre is conducted by the United
llrelbren Uiureh, of wblcb since IWJ
ben there was two distinct conferences
thore are two wings, the "radical" and the
liberal." The suit now iu court ia for the
purpose of determining to which wing of the
church the school belongs, or by which it I
Io be conducted, both having chosen trus
tee (or lis mansKement. Geo. II. Wil
liams, of Portland, snd L. Flyno, of Albany
are representing the "radicals" and Messrs.
Mi rielilcu and liurnett, oi ibis city, and
Mr. Hurley, ol Portland, tbe "liberal."
The Maxwell Will Cd8
Judtf Bodncy Scott Monday in tbs
Msxwoil will esse, made an order selling
Monday, January 4, IH'J'i, at the hour ol
10 o clock a. m., lor probating and proving
Ihe contei Is o( tbe will ot Sarah Maxwell,
leceased, and (or the appointment of an ex
ecutor thereof and for such further order,
and proceedings aa by law may be required,
id tbat a citation issne to eacn ol lb
hildren of John aod Henry MaiweH, and
10 themselves to show canae If any they
ave. why aaid last will and testament
bould not be proved and admitted to pro-
ite and an executor tbereol be appointed.
At Ibe time appointed the real contest In
the ca will commence in earnest. Both
idea toe in to be confident ul winning.
J'kizk Winnkks. At the Chrysan
themum Tea stip'r Suturduy evening
the following prize were awarded:
Mrs. Jsd Waru for the nnwt artistic
collection of the (lowers. Mrs. A. H.
Patterson for the btrgi-st collection.
Mrs. J. H. Luckey fincHt colkftlon of
the (lowers. The prizes Were two rose
nt and a flower Isu ket. A tine lunch
us served at the entertainment. 1 he
theatre wms lighted for the first time
by a Cntuch-Hoiistou dynamo.
Mtaairb. At theenidenc ot th bride'
parent, al Usk Hill, oa December 6, 1HJ1,
by Eld N. B. Alley, William F. Fisher
and Miss Sarah A. Zeboer. I
The Fall Creek Row In Different
Pally Guard, Dek. 6.
Last evening Constable Kisscnger
brought the young lady, May Shanks,
here who was sentenced to pay a One
of 150. After a consultation with the
officers and lawyers, it was determined
to tako her home this morning, she
agreeing to pny a tine of $5. It was a
technical error that she wrw fined more
than that amount In the tlrst Place, as
Justice Huntilciit thought that $50 was
tne lowest line, Having got Hold or the
circuit court section of the statute In
stead of the hist Ice's. It was a mistake
about tho constable coming without
commitment papers, as lie had a reg
ular set.
Hu gives the following version of the
nuuir, which plait's it in a much dim
cut light than the other report; jgcar.
let fever lielng prevalent Iu the family
oi .ii iss .May Mianxs, tno postmaster,
Mr. Wilmot, informed the young ladv
that she would not 1st admitted Into
his dwelling, where the lsxtollleu was
kept, hut that the family's mail would
Ih placed In a box outside or handed to
tier, i ne young lady on the morning
iu question came to Air. Wllniot s and
found the door linked ngalnst her,
She then agreed to pay a small Uy
sum of money if ho would unlock the
door, which ho did. Then Mm. Wil
mot remonstrated with the young lady
lor coming into tlie house, ami for lie
iroiinie received a blow on her eye.
gentleman, who liapjiencd to ho pres
ent, then led her from the house. This
Is alsmt all that hnniichcd. The guilt
of the young lady was plain, and the
jury so lotiiid.
Tint Di'l.-rTbe following is a 13-year
ou gin s conception oi a dude, aa ex
pressed in oue of ibe compositions written
in me cuy scuoois, computing lor apnte: J
Behold the dude I All he needs to make
bis conception of a man is vauity. Hi
nnnts are uot like anything worn yesterday,
lie lives somehow 1 dou't know, Do you?
Still be is bere and be appears as l( h
wanted to marry. Why should a decent,
houest, ensihle girl go before the minister
and affirm that her life will be devoted
henoelortb and (urever to the cure o( the
puppies! The best man in the world
uoue too good (ur any of you girls. Some of
these day sum ol you girls will be ooming
before your parson to have your hand tied
in matrimony, lie careful that your feet
are not tied to a dude. Ask your mother
what kind of qualities you should look (or
iu your best man. Beware ot the oallaut
who declare be love you better than him.
self, and yet count on you darnlua hi
locks, while b is off wasting hi tint aod
money Id dissipation, Girl r loo preci
ous to be wasted by transforming Ihem into
sorrow-laden wives. 11 oarelul of tb
dude. Tillamook Headlight.
Not tub Man. M. T. Lnndy. who De
pnly U. S. Marshal 0. D. Tbouia arrested
at i lurenca the first ol the week and brought
here and Incarcerated in th county jail, on
me supposition mat n wtt one west,
wanted by tb government (or subornation
of perjury in oouueotion with limber lands,
proved to be the wrong man and ha was
discharged (row custody, It was dearly
case oi inieutien identity, Deputy u. a.
Marshall Siniott and two eentlemen from
ltoseburg were ibe parties brought ber to
pas on nil identity.
dooii Knouuk. linker City Itevllle:
At tho recent term of Circuit Court
held lu Canyon City. 1). I. Ashurv.
dltor or the iSews, recovered damages
r fiWHKi against a v linn bv the
name of M. H. llellmnn, for Invading
no sunnily or the niaintni'a Home,
We uiidcrsUnd that Ilclliiian has
iroiierty to cover the amount, and we
iosj Ashiiry will get every cent of his
money. Hanging tstoogoou Turanian
iiku iieiiman.
Biooett Cunts., The following from the
Idaho world surpasses all case of eheek
yet reported, and in tbat line i equal to the
idtuo uar wno loid about tbe barn ol t
corn burning: "Frank Perkins, who 1
been a resident oi Bquaw oreek ten year
eloped wllb a girl adopted about two years
ago by the Parkin family, detailing bu
wue ana seven mile oniidren, A abort
tiiu ago he had th adamantine cheek, bra.
zen audacity, undiluted, nnadulterattd gall,
or whatever you please to call it, to write to
bi wue, asking ber to lor w aid th girl s
trunc to weiser.
Cacsi or th TstoKDT. It transnlre
that 11. C Cook, tbe narrow gauge lection
bos who, last Saturday, killed Editor J. II.
Htlue aud afterwards suicided, was the man
bo several yean ago ran away (rom Mon
mouth, accompanied by Mri. Boo Churob.
bis woman uever married Cook, althoneb
leaviug her family (or him. Htiu knew all
bout tbl and on Saturday was iuklna
Cook abont it. This if aaid to Lav been the
occasion lor th bloody tragedy .
No Com u ittmknt Parens. After the ar
rival ol Conittble Kissinger, o( Fall Creek
precinct, with tb prisoner, Miss May
bbauka, Deo. 3, Sheriff Noland found
that he brought no committment papers
Irom Ibe court, therefore be eould Dot
legally hold her, and rofused to accept her.
Tb Constable will bav to return to Fall
Creek and obtain tbe necessary paper.
Then tb young lady will institute, by ber
attorney, baoom corpus proceeding.
Dollar a Bcsiikl. Albany n.rald: A
slight decline has been tell in th wheat
market In Ibis city. Ninety and tbree
fonrtb oents ha been offered until yester
day, when tbe price declined Io IM). Little
is being sold. A pool is being msde up by
tbe farmers, which, it Is aaid, will contain
00,000 and possibly 80,000 bushels, which
i held (or $1.00 a bushel net to tbe farmer.
The owner of th pool era confident that
they will receive a big round dollar a bnsb
el (or (heir wheat.
Boi'SKua Jddoi. Tb term of Judg
Straban tipiring next hi tucenseor will be
chosen i the next election. It it not know
whether be will be a candidal Io succeed
blmseK or not. A prominent democrat in
tbe city (rom Portland today says that city
has no candidsta. John Bennett, lata cir
cuit judge at Th Dallea and Judge Bonbam,
of Salem, ar mentioned a possible candi
dates in H, e sense that tbey may be nomin
ated on the democratic ticket Ex.
Axotbr Cmosch EDnrtca. Albany Her
aid: Ber C. A. YVooley is in th city tolic
iiing aid (r th purpoee ol building a
Cumberland Presbyterian church edilloe in
tbe eastern portion o( tb eity. While there
are a goodly number ol churcbea in th
cily, Mr. Wooley thinks tbr is need of a
rbnrtb in tbat locality, and ays he I
meeting with good luccea.
M.suiib. At to. resilience of Epbrain
Wbiu-il, Pleeanl Hill, Oregon, Nov. VJ, W.H. Btughman, J. P., Mr. O.
L. Wrddle, o( Marion county Io M ua M.
E. Wbittd, oi Laut oounty.
Eugene Churches and Sunday Schoolg.
Th Eugene correspondent of tb Cottaga
Grove Leader Dive a summary of churob
and Sunday school membership In Eugen
as (ollowi:
An inquiry Into condition of th Spiritu
al lurroonding, reveals th (act tbat wa
have among nt nine churches with a mem
berahip 0(1383 and light Sabbath Schools
with en attendance of 708 divided aa fol
lows: Th Firat Presbyterlsn Church on the
northeast corner of Eighth and Lincoln
street. Ber. VI. 8. Riddle, pastor, baa a
membership ol 115. Th Sabbath School
number 134. Th First Congregational
Church on Seventh street between Olive
aud Cbamelton. Her. Henry L. Bates,
Ksior, has a membership ol 63. Tb Sab
tb School number 100. St. Mary'
Church, Episcopal, on tb northeast of
Seventh aud Olive street. Bar. D. E. .
Loverldge, rector, ha a membership o( 79.
Th Sabbath School number 75. The Cum- '
berland Presbyterian Church on tbe south
east corner of sixth and Pearl streets. Ber.
O. A. Blair, pastor, hsa a membership of
130. Tb Sabbath School numbers 90.
Tbe First Baptist Cbnroh on the northeast
corner of Eighth and Pearl streets, has no
raitur at present. Uaa a membership of
D5. Th Sabbath School numbers 150.
t he Methodist Episcopal Church on tba
onlheaat corner of Tenth and Willamette
street. Ber. D. A. Walters, pastor, has a
membership of S50. Tb Sabbath School
numbers 3(4). St. Mary's Church, Catholic
on tbe northeast corner of Willamette and
Elerenth streets. Ber. Father Beck, priest,
has a membership of 150. The Sabbath
School numbers ill. The United Brethren
Church on Ferry street between Elereblb
and Twelfth, bss a membership o( about 50.
Church edifice in progress of erection.
Tbe Christian Church on the northeast
corner ol Ninth and Pearl streets ha no
Swatorat present, has a membership of
50. Th Sabbath school number 125.
A Road to Bohemia Mines. ,
Pally Guard. Pec S."
Dr. J. M. Taylor one of tho owners
of the Bohemia mine Annie, waa In
town today, interviewing members of
the Hoard of Trade nnd citizens of the
town for the purpose of securing their
aid and co-nporution in building a
wagon road into the mines. It will
require about 12 miles of road to reach
the mines from the terminus of the
present wagon road. A trail has been
built over a considerable part of the
road which would be of material bene
fit when building was commenced. It
is pmtmiiie that the olllce of the com
pany will lie moved to Eugene if a
reasonalilo amount of aid la extended
by our citizens. The company intend
to put lu a now mill next summer and
work the mine to tho full extent of Its
resources. A large amount of supplies
have been taken In, and development
work Is now being prosecuted and will
be continued during the winter. It is
probuhle that the recent storm has left
several feet of snow on the mountains,
but this will uot Interfere with work.
as tho men are prepared for it.
I h Hoard, or Trade will hold a meet
ing Monday evening when the matter
will be discussed. It will be good
policy for Eugene to secure the head
quarters of this mining company.
Prices Elevated.
If w remember rightly It wu John Wan-
namaker that intended giving the country
a on oent poitag rata; instead of that ha
i now raising tbe rent of postofiic boxes
throughout tba United States. Postmis
tress YVaahburna has received th following
order, which ia sell explanatory:
Post OmcB DmBTMnrr. I
WisaiNOTon, D. 0., Nor. 20, 16111.
Postmistress, Engine, Oregon:
Yon ar hereby authorized and instructed
to establish tba following rental prio for
box in your office, to take effect from
January I, lH'J'J, ris: Call boxes (4 35ota
pet quarter, bock boxes (is 7ucts per quar
ter. Lock drawer (i II per quarter.
Very Bespectfully,
8. A. WarmsLS,
Firat Aeelatant Postmaster OineraL
Nun a Camnsiy. Jacksonville Times:
There could ba no mora eoooluiir argu
ment why a cannery ihould b established
ber before another year goes around than
tbat established by tba laci tbat a large
amonut of oar own fruit waa shipped to
th Eugen cannery tha past season for
preservation then. Tb further (act tbat it
alto afforded a local market (or nearly 210
ton ot tba irolta ol tb aurrouuding coun
try la infUetent guaranty tbat a properly
managed Institution of this kind here
could not fail to allord a good market
or our surplus, U-sldes proving profit-
ante rrom a nnanciai point or view
from tho very shirt.
CoootM DwcHAtaiD. Th man Jo Cog
f;sn, arrested in Albany last Monday, aa ba
ng inspioioned with the supposed murder
ol John Effing, at cottage Urove, last sum
mer, was discharged Irom custody Dee.
lib. Although Coggan hu plainly
howa by bis remarks that hi know some
thing about tha disappearance of Ewing,
and of bis probably being foully dealt
with, (till without being able to pror be
yond doubt tba death ol Ewing, and having
no otber evidence beyond bis own remarks.
it would be unable to convict him, beno
bis discharge.
Pally Guard, Doc. 1
Si'kinokiki.d Election. The city
of Springfield holds Its annual election
next Monday. Two tickets have been
nominated, aa follows: Citizen's ticket
Mayor, A Wheeler; Aldermen, h.
Collins, 11. A. Washburno, W. W.
Chessman, E. S. Anders; Kccorder. E.
K. McMlcliacl; Marshal, J. J. PoilL
ludcriendcnt ticket Mayor, P. B.
Heatty ; Alderman, J. W. rjtewart, A. H.
Walker, E. 8. Anders, E. 8. Collins;
Iteourder, E. K. McMlchacl; Marshal,
Henry SmiUon.
A Lira Town. A correspondent in tha
Prinevlll New: Forth benefit oi tbo
not acquainted in the parts, I take great
pleuure in describing our town and post-
office. Crook ia surrounded by low hills,
sage brush and a rail leooe, and la situated
31 m'les aouth east of Prinerill aod
about six miles aouth of Salt oreek. It ia
th county road that leads Irom
Prinevill to any part ot th state or Atlan
tic ocean. Tb town ia not laid off in lots.
yet there is one lot (a cow lot), but not for
Pwzra. The number of seeds In the
rlzo souash at dray 4 Son's grocery
store was 8X1. The exact numlrwaa
not guessed but Mrs. Fox came nearest,
guessing 333, and carried on the urn
s'lla stand prize, valued at It. 50; Mrs,
II. Wilson came next with 350, taking
the two vases, valued at 2.50 and Mrs.
C. C. Croner, third, guessing 3, tak
ing the card receiver, valued at $1.