The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, November 28, 1891, Image 7

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A Perfect Baking Powder.
The constantly growing demand for J)r. Price's
Cream Baking Powder, the standard cream tartar powder
for forty years, is due to two causes.
FIRST: The extreme care exercised by the manu
facturers to make it perfectly pure, uniform in quality, and
of highest raising power.
SECOND: The recent investigations exposing the
fact that certain other brands of baking powder contain
ammonia and still others that were found to contain alum.
These unscrupulous manufacturers are being found 1 out,
and the consumers are giving them a wide birth.
Nothing is left to chance in the manufacture of Dr.
Price's Cream Baking Powder. Chemists are employed to
test every ingredient as to purity and strength. Hence;
its marvelous purity and uniformity. Each can is like
every other. It 'never dissapoints. BEST is ALWAYS ,
Dr. Price's Cream Baking' Powder is re
ported by all authorities as free from Ammonia,
Alum, or any other adulterant In fact, the ,
purity of this ideal powder has never been ques- ,
A New Guinea Man Catcher.
It II. Dean, of London, England,
who spent some time in New Zealand,
Samoa, and New Guinea, lay that
among tlie curious tilings in New
Guinea In a man catcher. This instru
ment constats of a strong wand, about
one-half nu inch thick And about
twelve feet Ion; This rod is bent
double so ns to leave a loop, fifteen
inches in diameter. oxu nt one end.
A spear In fastened to the bundle so
that the spear head projects into the
loop. The spear is of wood, and is very
hard and tough. When the warrior
of New Guinea go to battle they carry
this terrible weapon with them.
As their enemies lxin to run they
follow them and throw the loop over
the head of the pursued. The shock,
throws the victim back upon the spear
head, which pierces the unfortunate
man's neck, and in nearly every case
instantly kills hint. The victor thea
cuts off the dead man's head and car
ries it homo, for the warrior is judged
according to the number of heads he
can show. Tho natives show a great
deal of ability in making their weapons,
and use pieces of iron, glass and stone
for spear points. St. Paul Pioneer-
He Hadn't Hoard of Mrs. Wllooi.
A story of Kiln Wheeler Wilcox,
which is too good to slumber, and
which Mrs. Wilcox tells herself, is of
her call not long ago upon an uptown
rector in whose parish book she desired
to enroll the name of a needy woman,
a protege of hers. The reverend gen
tleman received tier request favorably,
and opening the register, asked, as he
began to write, who it was that recom
mended the seiiipstivs. "My name is
Wilcox," replied his visitor, "Ella.
Wheeler Wilcox." (
. "Ah," commented the clergyman, "I
do not remember to have heard of
Mrs. Wilcox laughed. 'Really," she
said, "1 think you nre the only man.
In New York who has not."
The rector smiled in his turn, and
coming to the next question continued,
"Arid to whom do you refer, Mrs. WU
coxr "Sir," replied the lady, with impres
sive dignity, "I refer to the whole
world." New York Times.
Ambition Grows.
One of the millionaires of this town,
who is a sociable clubman as well as a
shrewd and successful banker, came
here nearly fifty years ago from Ver
mont He was a poor boy, with plenty
of strength and energy. The highest
aim of his ambition then was to accu
mulate. $10,000, go back to Vermont,
buy a farm and live there the remain
der of his life. He was able to buy his
coveted farm in Vermont many years
ago, but Instead of being contented to
live on it, he can barely find time to
spend a few weeks each summer there.
Already worth a million or more, he
find his chief pleasure in delving for
more money in this great city. New
York Times.
A gpnnitb-Amerlena Dainty.
'The most delicious thing I ever ate
was roast monkey," said a drummer at
he Anderson who occasionally takes a
trip through the tropica. "Talk about
chicken and turkey, or even canvas
b.v-k duck, they are not equal In flavor
or tenderness to a young monkey. The
natives in 8panisb-America are very
fobd of tLem, and they never hesitate
about eating them. They scoop out
holes in the ground and make a small
bake oven in which they roast them.
Sometimes the animal is boiled, but no
matter how prepared the meat is al
ways a palatable dish." Pittsburg
hat Levers' perstiUon.
When a young lady's hairpins fall
out it is a sisro that her sweetheart is
thinking about her. If she sees a red
bird and kisses her band to it she will
see her sweetheart before Saturday
eight. A rhyme made oneonseiotisly
whue talking is also looked upon by
Ci amorous as a forerunner of a lover's
appearance. Detroit Free Press.
AreLblhop Contigan will not soe
tHi marriage between Catholic ex-c-rt
in church. When one party -Catholic
and the other Protestant be
fTHufs riermisBioii, and a priest per-
!niit the ceremooy in private boasesV '(
M ooserre-j in the ehorch.
It Wu KW Ueeswnt.
A good story comes to us from th sunny
outk. An old darky having accumulated a
considerable quantity of beeswax, cam Into
a town to sell it. Approaching a storekeeper,
be said to him: "Mass, waut to buy some
beeswax today f
"Beetwax, Bam hot Well. I tlnnt know,
what sort of beeswax is Itf"
With a look of inexpressible disgust, the
darky answered, as he turned on lilt heel:
"Why bees' beeswsx, yer blasted fool"
Tsoowlne's News. ,
"You stay dare, ain'd ut 1 vas of holdlo'
you get tired. "
. Mr. Speiuer (enthusiastically) Achl Dot
Wagner musics was souoa numan aunoci
turned lines. Life.
The gong of the Talker.
8 wetter thin Rohan breathing! on the
trembling wire.
Hade by flower burdened sephyrt from tat per
fume reeking south;
Sweeter tbaa the heavenly harping of the rapt
angelic choir.
Is the music, endless music, of mj ever found
ing mouth I
llow 1 lore It giddy gurgle!
How I lore itt fluent flow I
Bow I lore to wind my mouth upl
Bow I lore to hear it gol
Sweeter than the bulbul tinging bid In oriental
Bow It ttuaflet tht hunger of my wide, tot
clous ears;
I listen to IU music and no longer disbelieve ,
The Pythagorean fancy of the mualo of tat
spheres I
How I lore Itt giddy gurglel
How I lore Itt fluent Howl
Bow I lore to wind my mouth upl
Bow I lore to bear It go'
geuerar far than ahawtni and cymbal, earpand
amltery to me;
aweeur than the flow of water thro' tua smit
ten lands of drouth: 1
Sweeter than the sunrise music of Memnonlas
lithe Ualtnnabulation of my automatic mouth I
live 1 lore Ita glddly gurglel
Jlew I love lu fluent flowt .
'Bow I lore to wind my mouth upl
Jiuw 1 lore to bear It got
-8. W. t'uit In Yankee Blade. '
Sanded la by Slug Nine.
Wben 1 think of the towel, the old fash
ion d towel, that sued to.haug up by the
printing iVwaedoor, I think that nobody in
the daytmf shoddy can hammer out iron
to wear a t wore. The tramp, who abused
it, Use devU, who used it, the comp, who got
at if when tbtwe two were gone, the make-up
and foreman, toe editor, pour man, evh
rubbed tome j vimeoff, while they put a heap
on. In, over t od under, twat blacker than
thunder, twat harder than poverty, rougher
than tin: from . roller auspetided, it nerer
wax bended, and it Oap)ml on toe wail like
Uisier of tin, i t grew thicker and rougher
aici harder and iWigber. and daily put on a
more inkier hue, until one windy morning,
it; .out any warnSig, it Mi to the floor nod
wfl.r..kenin twor-BuruVO in Brooklyn
snii w Th
"Laura." said the- yotwg lady another,
not uiikimllv, "it teei tw to that you bad
the zw turned r Ml her Jow lte-ag."
-It wax solely ft amomy,Buna,"asr
twered tlie roaidr-n.
"TlK-r- it no u t rying to We the gat
com)siv.jny daughter. I micd that
tbentiin.-olt the gat- - always followed
hy a MH-rwimndiiig iaa-easr) of n can-re."
"Well. lessen tfce waist, doesn't it,
mamma, dear:" replied the artUm girl.
And tier fond parent coo Id And no more to
sty. Effcieng.
Ottf Treetin.
Mtjrterata Y say you are a tourist!
lYnwoer Yee, r; I lor nature in all bar
radiant brain r
Msgfctrat thnrtly Sever mind that now.
How aot naTO-T h-we you about yen I
Prisoner Threrjetsr-blf peon y.
Magistral evererr1-Tbeo I shall com
mit r a. a vigrait tV draw the line be
tsreea tourist and tramps at one hilhng.
Loodon Trt Bu. - .
The BeMrt Cenilssae,
Conjngnl to-m berre- UonmmiT tavd
MaiUinede Boi-aun-oasat:
u l, the bnead, "do yoa pnt toe
hurct another wflsii on yoew W-dr
-Wbr,- rrVxVd nit better mai, "do yoa
WM i, of another eU on yoor
ndr u- Fair.
It Is the Result of Training: and
The Value Which Accrued U Him tram
Apparently Alaaleea Utaflng A boat n
Kotorlnat SaliMn Hot? a Forged Chech
Mlttery Was Tleared fp,
Cop)-rlght, 1101, by American Prem Aatoria
tlon.l HE conviction not
long sgo of Auieer
Hen All, New
York's "Jack tht
Kipper," is gen
erally regarded u
a proof of the su
perior methods of
metropolitan de
tectives. Tht
work In this can
bora a curious rmeuiblanre to that de
scribed In the romances of Uttborlnu, who
Is admittedly the grand matter of weird
and itigeiilous plota and fascinating de
tective tain. As the clews were patched
together it twined a very si m pis under
taking to brlug the crime borne to
Kreurby, but, all tbltigs considered, It re
quired a large amount of skill to effect
that retnlt. The muter eye that found
bloodstaint on the man's clothes, tb alert
brain that conceived the plan of utilising
the scrapings of finger nails as so aid to
the unearthing of crime, did not depend
upon the 'element of luck. Every move
ment was carefully pUnned In the light of
pant experience, Rttided by a JudKUieut ren
dered keen by mluute study of the meth
ods of rascals of all klmU. Inspector
Byrnes has the history of every great crime
St bis tongue's end; he lias pondered over
the devious ways of the lawless claaset
until he is familiar with the Inner work
ings of their minds, and he can often pre
dict the mauuer In which the most clever
wilt seek to evade pursuit and punishment.
All men who aspire to become great de
tectives have to undergo a species of hard
training of which the public knows little
or nothing. There is none of the glamor
of romance about the actual work. Tht
detective it rarely a hero; bit occu-iatlon in
a measure ttuflta him for thedlsplay of fine
moral facilities, aud those are the faculties
which be rarely hat to employ. Crimlualt
are at often caught by trickery as by as
tuteuess, and the public, which la deeply
Interested In the results, never questions
the methods employed so loug as they are
successful. The detective cannot afford to
be too scrupulous; as the enemy of the
classes which prey upon society he must
fight them with any weapon at band. Pa
tience, perseverance and pluck are the qual
ities that win In this profession, as In
others, but they have frequently to be put
Into operation under circumstances which
detract somewhat from their meritorious
Perbas , no thief taker of prominence
bad such pains paid to his training as
William A. I'iukerton. For years before
Allan Plnkerton died, William was a dally
frequenter of The Store In Chicago. This
was a saloon kept by Mike McDonald,
whose fame as boss of tbe gambling fra
ternity of the west attracted crooks beyond
number to the place. Young Pinkerton's
pretence there was tbe subject of grave
comment for a long period; It was said bt
was throwing away the best portion of bis
life by loitering in Tbe Eton, sod that be
would never become as famous as his
father. Out William knew what be was
about It was bis father's wish that he
Should acquire familiarity with the faces
aud manners of the most notorious law
breakers in tbe west, and while he was ap
parently loafing and drinking with tough
characters, be was in reality laying the
basis of a knowledge which was to prove
invaluable. Witb tb probable exception
of Inspector Byrnes, no one baa a wider
knowledge of criminals than William A.
Plnkerton. It was gained In a manner
not altogether pleasant, but It was tht
best way open for tbe tank, and, at re
marked before, a detective cannot afford
to be too particular In obtaining Informa
tion. , In most American cities tbt force of spe
cial tbief takers is often recruited from the
rank of roundsmen and patrolmen. While
this system' works well enough in soms re
spects it is nevertheless open to objections.
Appolutmenta to the polios force are very
often tb outcome of political Influence,
and It does not follow that because a man
makes a good policeman be will show abil
ity in the higher branches of bis calling.
Many policemen are naturally adapted to
shine a detective, but the traiuiug they
receive it not always conducive to success.
Shrewdness and sagacity do not follows
a sequence to sn appointment. A on of
tb detective novelist na saia, aeiecure
are born, npt made, and those who achieve
eminence iu their calling are few and far
Of course. In tb detective as In other
business, there an trick of trad which
are easily teamed. It is simple enough,
when some enormity is committed, to rake
in all the suspicious character and put
them through a "sweat box" process. Just
as likely ss not on may stumble on tb
criminal, but a number of innocent people
are subiected to Indignities which art
scarcely in keeping with tb spirit of tht
constitution. But "an wort." oonies in
when tbe chief lias presented to him a dif
ficult problem in tbe solving of which tb
work of half dozen or more expert Is
1 have la mind just such a case. Not
maul yean sgo a large bankiog Institution
of New York wat iwindled out of flO.OOO
oo a forged check which purported to be
drawn by a life Insurance company in pay
ment of a policy. Tb widow of tb In-
cared received tb genuine check and went
to tb bank to cub lb Before tb arrived,
however, another woman bad appeared,
accompanied by a supposed lawyer, and
drawn tb money. When tb real widow
arrived tb cat bier took alarm and reported
to tb president tb peculiar circn mstanee
of the r a. It was found that tb bogus
check bor tbe tarn number a th legiti
mate check, sod it was at once suspected
that tht forger bad confederate.
A very delteat situation at one present
ed Itself. Tb bank president was inclined
t believe that hi cashier might bar
guilty knowledge of tb plot. Tb presi
dent of tb Insurance company thought
that there era a leak to bis owns offic. It
wa eartoos, to say tb least, that a wom
an, dress ed to Impersonate tb widow.
should get tb tnosey only a few moment
before lie genuine check was presented.
A detective on twlug called in quretioned
all the partim concerned, but not a ray of
light appeared. Ilewasglreu full swing
in the case. Hit first act wat to tend a
wan to trace the movements of tht party
who rathed the tmgua check. Then he ar
ranged to send a iiimii to the Utnk to keep
a clone watch on the caoulrr, and another
to the liisurnure otIU-e lo ferret out w hat
ever iiispicinus ctrcumataucct might cxlnt
there. 1Mb masqueraded at new em
ployea, aud iinturally had to be able to at
tend to tbe ordinary diilii-a assumed.
Meanwhile two nu n, well dreMHi, look in
the tbady place aiiout towu where women
who suddenly achieve fortune easily might
be expected to congregate. Still another
wat sent to the dmumiakliig ami millinery
establishments to ascertain who hail re
cently purchaxed widow's weeds.
Now here were several men at work on
different branches of the rase, mrh attend
ing to a matter w hich of itself did not ap
parently amount to a great deal. Not one
of the operatives knew the full significance
of bit Inquiries. The controlling mlud
wat that or the chief, who alone intendwl
to set the trap for Hie rapture of the for
gers. The man who traced the guilty couple s
movements after leaving the bauk retrained
that the woman had registered at an up
town hotel at from Washington. Inquiry
at Washlugton showed that no such wouiau
was known there, lint ahe had left a me
mento at the hotel in the thnpa of a visit
ing card, which bore the name of .a man
who wnacultiug quite a dash in society.
This man was placed under surveillance.
It waa ascertained after a great deal of
wearisome work that be waa a ikillful
forger; that be bad wormed himself Into
the confidence of the cashier of the Insur
ance company and found out not only that
the check was to be paid that particular
day, but Ita number; that he hail put up
the scheme of Impersonating the widow
aud her lawyer, and that the very audacity
of tb project had carried It successfully
The links In this remarkable chain of de
tection were the product of Ingenuity com
bined with the skillful handling of tulxir
dlnates who were working largely In the
dark. All told, one doxvu men were en
gaged on the different ramifications of the
affair. No one was capable of handling it
To be able to watch a lamppost all night
without wearying, to never lose the slight
est movement of a man under surveillance,
aud to be ready at any moment to jump to
a conclusion which may entail eternal ridi
cule with a fighting chance of Its turning
out beneficial to the case In band these
are some of the rl.ks a detective hat to run
In order to establish a record. Beyond It
alt, however, is the fact that tht dally as
sociations are not conducive to comfort or
peso of mind, and that the met limit neces
sary to be employed are not such as com
mend themselves to tbe man or ordinary
habits of thought and action.
Victimised a Hotel Keeper.
Tb enterprising adventurer it capable
of coping witb tht most experienced and
shrewdest of mankind. One of this class
has just despoiled a particularly wily hotel
keeper of Paris. Ileoently a geutlemau In
slegant attire kuocked at the door of tulue
host and explained that he was a naval
ofllcer who had come to Paris for the pur
pose of receiving 80,0U) francs which had
been left to blm. Ha was treated with
very consideration, and after soma day
announced: "This is the day. 1 he money
will be banded to me at once. Let u take
carriage, and after receiving my check
wa will drive to humors and 1 will treat
you aud madam toagraud dinner." At
the board of trade be jumped out, aud
oame back with bit breast pocket bulging
with "checks." ".Now for tbe dinner," tb
marine officer cried gayly, and off they all
went and at and drank and were merry.
After dinner tbe "hair" felt for bis checks,
but the obliging hotel keeper politely said:
"Never mind changing a check at' this
place. Let me tend you four louls d'or and
we can settle everything together when w
get borne." The marine officer agreed,
went out of tbe room to pay and wa not
teen again. The Parisian pollc are still
trying to discovrr but whereabout
A Deflnltloa.
Teacher !tow, boys, can ny of you tell
what it meant by posthumous works!
Boy lat the head of the class)-Yet, eir; 1
"Well, now, let me hear what It means."
"Sir, posthumous works ar books which a
man writes after be it dead." London Tid
bits. Coi FCt
Teacher Parte th word "man" In that
tentmot, Tommy. Tommy Man it a com
mon noun, masculine genii, snd subject of
Teacbei r Hubjeet of what, Tommy r Tommy
-Bubjertof woman. And Hi teacher smiled
to herself and didn't Correct hint. Kearney
Of Owe Mind.
First Convict When my time'i op I shall
keep 00 making shoes.
Becood Convict And I shall keep on at my
eld work, too.
First Convict Breaking stones I
Second Conrict-.No; lawa-brooklyn CiU-
Only a Qacatloa wf Tint.
"But, doctor, yoa said last week that tb
patient would certainly die, sod bow dsH
perfectly welL"
"Madam, th confirmation at my progno
sis only a quest tun ot time, "Fliegend
Bark It the early dart-
I Unlit 'twas twenty sloe ,
fc fiire Hie siaire coach wart
Uae place lo railroad line.
Qrnniirslher drove from Mtln
In a rali le Miuhmt Irain
M il b an okl train -til, k and brown.
The v came up I lie old slate road ,
issik-tsii! luUy
Anii Hit- gm nor ssrs the ksid
Hiioseil unshoui tlila say
IWi.l was a youngster then:
His f si her bought srane lasd-
Bisne acres eight ur ten
Right where these buikllngs stand.
They drove a thrifty trade
In flour and heaus and lea;
But the sand lot really made
The goveriwr-aml me
WIii-ii father got tome meat.
And look Uiings more at ease,
Be gsre up selling beams
Aud bought som steeds like three-
Twaa thought the finest rig
In town In sixty fire:
Twouklu't be worth a flg
Bide what they aow'dayt drira.
I've Just bought me t cart
In Carlt-latest form
Twill make the whips all start
And lata tbe taws by siortu.
II y sU Kentucky bred
Have better blood and apeta
Than all la town, Ut said!
Uwk tier,
Are yon agreed f
- Will I. Davit Id Chicago Ileralil
F.ipllrlt Instruction, ,
"Po you waut mt to call again at Mr
Brown's for the hill be owes your said the
office boy to the physician.
"Yet, and us very possible effort to get
"If be won't pay, may I do him upf
"flood aud hrownP
"Yea; dun Brown expresses the require
menu of the case exactly. "Merchant Trav
tier. '
An Unfortunate Remark.
Bagley-iloWt tliat pretty little widow in
Harlem that you have been raving about
Bailey Oh, sift's married.
Bagley You don't teem to hart very good
luck in your matrimonial ventures, do you.
Bailey-Oh, I don't know. You see, Tin
the one she married. Judge.
Justifiable Revenge.
"Where hsve you been, Brown, that yo
look to delighted V : ,
"flood show, ahl"
"So, poor show; but I tat In front of a
couple of young women snd kept my beaver
on till 1 made their necks ache, it wat un
meime, old man I'1 Life.
Too Strong for Hen
"Self denial." said a traveling man to an
other, "it a trait that will bt found In nearly
everr woman. - It seems to be an essential
part of bar nature. Blie It equal to almost
very self denial.
"And. yet," was tb rejoinder, "bow few
of them are equal to a sealskin tack-riflc. n
Merchant Traveler, ,
Wanted to Know Who Threw It.
An old negro walking around the railroad
curve toward Richmond after dark wat
startled by the flesh of the headlight of the
Washington night expreas, and was round xtf
hit frieud aiiout two farms away un re
covering bit consciousness bit first question
watt "Wbofrewdstlsnternr Grocers' Qr
Be Left First.
Trtveler This umbrella one belonged to
Lord Tennvton.
Ooggl Eyet-You doo'l sty sot Bow did
von com to get it I
Traveler 1 was having lunch at tb
Adelphia on dsy, snd he dropped in to bar
bite, too. 1 left before he dia.-Urlp.
la a Had Way.
don't yon remember you said that yon would
buy mt tb first real handtomarlng you sawl
Here In thlt window to a regular oeauty.
Charles-Y--. I haven't got my pocket-
book in these pants, and they are lu only
pair I'v got, Kllegende Ulaetter.
Mot the Blaht Shade.
Mrs. D Style-What I Going to cut tb
U uocie gtriti .
Mist 0 Style-Why, yst, ma-I bare to
at this ssatuo of th year, 'i ney oar sums
that nerer un, and guests wiu mint we
suciat with people who stay in town all turn
Bier. New York Weekly.
First Swell Horror, aowt, Hurrort
Hecond Swell What'e tbe mattah, aowl
Vlrsi Hwi.ll M v relet died. aow. this morn
big, and I ob ob I bad to put on my shots
and tie my cwavat
Second Swell Aowl horfull
(Both ftinU -Epocb.
Ilroag Appeal ! In Imaglnalloa.
Jndi..lVifiiL vmi ar 40 rears of airs.
Female Witness Yes, alatl One gets older
very day And yet I wat young once wear
l,.o .(u-1,1 Ah. roar warshin would hardly
belief bow young I wasl Fliegend Blaettev
Kalender, Ib'JU.
A Shart Answer.
"Why should I t compelled to pay extra
for bringing things over irons curop u my
"Simply as mstter of duty, was tb re
ply of the customs officer. Merchant Trav
Suitable Maale.
Poulnlav Blobsoa, If a maa should die
from chewing too much tobacco, what would
bt tb proper musi-al corapositioa to per
form at bit funeralf
Bkjbton A dlrgef
Popinjay No, tiri aa overture. Burllng-
V Fret Prssa
Verv Ukstr.
m. . life d
t should think that yonr mind would be full
I of lugubrioot thoughts.
1 ' rvi mi sfcnrhWsrL
I VIST ."If u..a - -
Ur, I most enofest that I tometune bar
1 grar thought -Lawreuc Aaieriraa.
jSyisV" v-
With Only On lye.
"You bare no Idea bow awkward It I to
suddenly become a oue-eved msu," said a
Newarker who iuet bit h-rt eye oy an acci
dent "Of court a man ran get used to it
In time, but tb beginning Is awful. Go
ing on ay on a thing may sound funny,
but there is no run In It, I ran assure you.
Try it for an hour or two ami see bow you
like It. I must get along with one eye tor
the rent of my life. Aly eye bus been de
stroyed for three weeks, and I am not get
ting used hi the loss yet. I am philosophi
cal about it, however, ami hops that time
will accustom me lo tba loss. I am an
careful at a man ran Iw, but in spit of
all my care I am constantly blundering.
Shut one eve and try to pick up a pin
and you will see one of the difficulties I
labor under. It It almost lnixuui)ie to
Instantly gauge distance which you have
been accustomed to looking at with both
eyes, and iu reaching out fur anything you
come within aiiout an inch of It, 1 have
burned my nose two ur three time in try-
ng to light my cigar, and I am constantly
upsetting things at the table. Then there
is tht aunoyanceof having a bllud tide.
"I am getting Into the habit of jerking
my head about constantly to see what la
going on on the other aide of my nose, snd
I know that people observe the habit, and
I am slightly sensitive about It, hut Idoa't
believe I ran erer cure It." Philadelphia
A Crest Artist's Methods.
Uirket Poster, through the medium of
hltchromo-llthogrnpha, la perhapt the beet
known and most popular artist of rustic
children In landca that the British
school of art has tver produced. He Is the
father of thromo-litbography lu England,
and his veuerabl appearance and kindly
disposition will accord with his lovely de
lineations of th childhood scenes of his
own merry England. When sketching from
nature he doe not use an easel, but simply
places a thick sheet of loose paper on a
board resting on his knee, and commenc
ing at the left hand side Mulshes as he goes.
The colore are held In a very small box,
and are laid ou thick (tiring only slightly
moistened with water) and iu patches, no
washes tatiug ludulged In whatever. On
luvktug at the paper nature Is at ouce teen
to be llterallr mirrored there bit by bit
even a potato growing ou a thatched roof
uot belug overlisiked. Although thus
minutely tlutsbed all it done very rapidly
and with the coulldenc which great talent
snd lifelong practice alone can give.
When flulshed for the day he place board
aud all lu to a black bag, carried with a strap
across the shoulders, aud this, together
with bis stool and ordinary alpaca um
brella, complete hi eqiilpineut Uindou
Tld Ult.
Didn't Want to ! la Klther flee.
A good story ha leaked nut ou one of
tbe ministers who took a very active part
lu the redemption of sinners at tht Pre
mnnt camp meeting. It 1 said that at one
of the meetings tb customary Invitation
was given for all who wanted to go to
hearen to rise up. Alt present rote to their
feet with the exception of on young man
who sat back pretty well on the outskirts
of the audience. Those who desired logo
to heaven tat down.
Then all thou who wauted to go to bell
were requested to rise to tbelr feet, and tbe
aforesaid young man waa eyed witb a good
deal of Interest, Still he aat as quiet aud
composed as a atone. The minister went
to hliu and asked him w hy he um not rise
In either Instance, "Wall," replied the
husky son of toll, "I don't wunt ter go
snvwhar. Fremont e good ernuff fer me."
And the preacher wenuea nit way oac
to the altar, and sitting down on the
mourners' beucb leaned over snd tied bit
thoe. Fremont Tribuue,
Cheeks for "a Million or Mo."
Several correspondent call attention to
tht fact tbat the check for A'l.mouo paid
by the London and County bank waa by
uo means tb largest ever drawn, ltnp
neara that at least four of th London
clearing banks nave paid ciiecgt tor con-
tldcrab y over i'J.OOO.OOu ou more tbun one
occasion. In fact, In tbls great center of
tht world't nuance checks for gl.OUO.OOO or
to. esoeclally on heavy sett ling days, would
teem to be a mat ter of course, If not quit
as plentiful as blackberries. A few years
sgo the Manahesler Mnp laimi company,
when buying out th Hrliigewnter trustors.
drew One check for A'l,ii0,0iX)on Clyn &
Co.. sad this document oau still be teen at
th olllces of the ship canal company,
Ueansgale, Manchester, where It la framed
ass curloslty.-Pall Mall Usxette.
' staking Oat from I'etrolenuw
A hew process fur tb manufacture of
gat from petroleum ha been put luto
practice at Klttannltig, Pa., by which it hi
claimed gas can oe niauuiaciurea at one-
half tbe cost of th old, and Is much better
tor Illuminating purpose. The method la
a rerr simple one, consittlng of a feeder
and a system of retort. Then retort are
kept St a certain neat, ana the on rorcea
through them luto a receiving tank tilled
with water. When tbe bested oil strikes
ths water It tnrns Into gas, and la oouveyed
from there to the supply tank ready for
ate, It it said that 4,0U) feet of gas can be
manufactured from ou barrel of umaolL
-Chicago Journal of Commerce. - ,
- Hew U take Car of tbe Brnla.
Tb brain stands moat abusaof any or
an lu tb body. It beat tonic snd ttiuu-
Uut I success, Tb worst and moat de
pressing thing to it is failure. Th most
liijuriuu effect coin by utiug ttlmulauts
In early lift. Young people should never
uss liquors, tea, or euffe. Tb latter two
may not exactly do harm, but they are
couduclve of uo good, i ney act moauy ou
th brain aud Injure It growth very mate
rial! r. Abuudauc of sleep I necessary
ICIght hours Is not more than enough.
Bleep Is tb tlra of relatively lowered ex
pndlturesndlocretd repair, Exchange,
' . f : -
The SehwrlBinsler Arwt,
A flour and feed dealer on Third avenue
bang out a printed sign, which, iu big
capitals, assures tbe public that "all th
glutton" t retained In hi favorite brand
of flour.
Hit original mode of spelling gluten re
calls tb orthography of th policeman
whuM memorandum averred tbat a worn
an bad committed suicide by swallowing
"boranrirk." Nut everybody would recog
nise arsenic In that dlsguls.-New York
A Vs fer Ppr Baas.
P.nor hs. In which msur article are
sent from th grocers, should be saved for
ate when blacking a stove. 1 h hand ran
be slipped Into on of thee, snd th brush
handled Just at well, and tht bands will
not be soiled. ' -
He Dldu'l Call.
Be timidly eUntbrd uptb bruwa stone stent,
lit timklly rang the bell. -Ue
felt thet visit might be hit but,
, But nhy so be could sot tell
At he ttorid at the door the winter wind
Whirled In the strtett about,
. But above Itt roaring he beard bee sayi
"Joba, tell him that I am out" . ,
A the door wit opened with tttiely mien.
He said lo tbe butler tall:
Tree gu Ml iaum with my compliment l
And (ell scr I did tot ran -
-Williams' Weakly
Agalasl Ik Klgkl Bear Lw.
"Mercy in!" said Mia Pi sue,
tlnoerely bop they will not pass the
law making a day of eight hours."
"Why uotr
"Just thick bow rapidly we sliaU
age! Just three times as fast" liar-
j pers Baxar.
fhlff Walker Talks of th A marten We.
nan's t'haneee In This Uss,
"I have just returned from Europe," .
aniil Chief Walker, of the newly created
silk ilivihion in the department of agri
culture, "with a reeling machine that
seems likely to iiccom)isU the great
proMi-m the Million of which will turn
the I'uiti-d Slates into a gigantic silk
farm. This one difficulty, aa things are
now, itluiie stitniN in tho way of the silk
producing industry in America. ' So
Iroiililt fxiiiie ami cotdly is tho procees of
reeling silk w ith the contrivances thus far
applied that manufacturers on this side
of the water cnnnol afford to pay cocoon ''
raiaers here living prices for their prod
uct, if they are to compete suecenrfujly
with foreign competition. For this rea , ,,
son comparatively few cocoons are rained
in this country not more than 10,000
iiounds in all. probuhly of which
amount we otirselve buy ope-bulf for
experimental pnrpom-s. One fair sixed
silk factory run eauily consume 100,000. ,
pounds of cocoons in a year. Hut if this
new nmchine, jiiitt completed nfter my .
own designs on I he idea of a French In-
vMinr ruin la iiiv stvnoctjifinns. IE will I.
be found to bo practically atitomulio, to -
(hut, as one might say, the cocoons put 1
in st one end will come out raw silk at
the other. A contrivance that accom
plishes this will so considerably reduce
tho expense of kvuking the raw silk that
American manufacturers can buy co
coons bore for material, Instead of im
porting It, in the shape of raw silk, from
Japan and elsewhere aboard, a they do
now. The mouieut tuut the cost ot pro
ducing raw silk is brought down a big
per cent, below tbe foreign market pnes
of the article, the profit of silk manu
facture will rise proportionately, and
the business will jump into activity all
over the couutry. A corresponding de
mand will, of course, arise for cocoons, ;
and (lie market price for cocoons will go
up suflleiently to draw thousands ol i
farmers into the occupation of raising
them." '
"And why the farmers?" naked Th
8 f reporter. , , ..
"I iliould rather say the farm women.
It is to the in that .the great American
silk manufacturers of the future will
look for their supplies of cocoons. Tb
production of silk cocoous is an Industry
especially adapted to the us and oppor- ' ' ,
(unity ot form people, in r ranee eacn
farmer's wife raises a few pounds of
cocoons every spring, and makes a little
money by selling lliem; In this way
mainly is the silk crop grown. Women
of tho agricultural class in the United
States are not obliged to work in ths
fields as French women are, and thus .
thev have more time to devote to such a
pursuit. Tlwro is a vast amount or waste
female luUir In this country, or rather .
idleness, that might bo turned to labor,
and here is a purxe to which this spore '
hen time' might be devoted for six weeks
in Hie year, at any raie, uuruig u kv . '
ooon raising season. No occupation could ,
possibly be more eay and agreeable for
a woman than the raising of cocoons,
and it will offer a new source of Income , .
to rural wives and daughters, north, '
south, east and went, as quickly as this ( (
little mechanical problem is solved, lbe ' '
machine which I ho)oeinliodiesthesolu-
lion of it Is already tint together, and the
first trial of it will he made at once. '
"But how is a woman to get started in
ths silk raising busmensT ' ..' ". 1
"Fjwlly enough. Any woman in the
United States who will take the trouble 1
to write to it in March of any year, witu
a request for silkworm eggs, will be sent ..
... a .! m ntmrriir rw u n ruitarvari nr
where they w ill come out V themselves.
The 0,000 worms w ill take up a table
space forty feet square, and the most
convenient wsy Is to put together roughly
tier of big square shelves for them, oue
HllfJU l 'l 1 .tva aas uuisv w
them, or about O.OuO, iu a little box. The ,
eggs will have, been kept on Ice by us to .
prevent ltatchiiig, and all tho beginner
need do Is to put then) in a dry place
above ths other, with spaoe of twofeet -t
between. Ou these or on ordinary bibles,
ths worms should be placed and allowed ' !
.,1 ., ne Ci linuu a dv urmn aa
many mulberry or osage leaves as they
will consume: no other sort of food will . .
da When they are ready to spin their
cocoous, light brush must be put over
them for them to chuib up ou. Unc
spun, the cocoons may be detached from '
the brush and thrown into boning water
for a few seconds to kill tb worms in
side; otherwise they would bore out and
spoil ths silk. With two ounce of eggs
a year a woman ought to be able to rajas
fifty or sixty pounds of cocoons per
aituuin, hatching the eggs April 13, and
gathering the cocoons June 1. Ths lat-'
ter are worth shout SI pound nowj w -
buy most of the cocoons at that rate from '
the womeu whom we supply with eggs. ,
When tbe great demand for cocoons ar
rivesas it surely will before long 100.
000 women, producing fifty pounds each
per annum, will supply fifty factories
with material for turuing out an enor
mous auiouut of silken fabric." Wash
ington Star.
liars riesb at rood,
Our Berlin correspondent writes: Ths
price of beef, mutton and ork has in-M-!
an much throughout Germany
that hundreds of household of the small
oflklal class and artuuns and laborers
cannot afford to see these meats ou their
tables. Recourse is now had to horse
flesh, which Is much cheaper, though
the extra demand has run up the price
of this also. In the month of October
810 horse were slaughtered in Berlin for
domestio consumption, an increase of 25
per cent as compared with lust year. At
Konigsberg, a town with about a tenth
Of tb inhabitants of Berlin. 830 horses
went to the butchers'. At Cai isruhe the
increase In' the consumption of honts
flesh Is cent per cent as compared with
last year, and Dortmund follows suit; at
Cassell it is 00 per cent., and at Bochum
and Stuttgart it is 0 per cent.! at Leip-'
tio it is a little over 00 per ccnt. at
Brunswick snd Lubeck it is over 30 per
cent The increase is also great st Ham
burg snd Bremen In the former town ,
ths price per pound is now sere, pence.
Dry Lubricants.
Tht us of dry lubricants for bearings la '
' place where oils aud greao are objection
able, or where contact with fire mayccur.
Is becoming better understood, and grapblt
In one form or another is now In general
... i i ; k;n,l.
Un. Hiunn'7""'"- "
of machinery with uniform sneers. ' MIc j
also, Id a dry, pulverized state, has given
satisfactory results In rosoy rates. Self
lubricating bearing, consisting of metal
thell filled with compounds of graphite or .
i h-v ! In om-rated with com
plete satisfaction. New Orleans Picayune.
A grain of tine sand would cover 100
of th mlnut scales of th human
skin, and yet each of these scale; ia
turn covers from 300 to S00 pores. (