The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, August 22, 1891, Image 5

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The NlsUe I'nlveraily.
.' The ti port n( the Hoard p( Regt-uta o( I be
Stale University HI Eugene, wbicb baa ro
submitted to Ciovrriior t'eiilioyt-r ly lion
M. P. LVedy, tbe President, slmwa the uf
In in of that iiitliiniion to ! iu a ptosis
our condition. Th report show tint ilur-
intf the lat b(tstio year tne uuiverMty
nuiuberwl MtmlrnlM on iu roll. Uf
tlieae 217 wer id tba cliMical department.
ihirtv-ix tn Ibnt of lew, twenty in th mod-
ii-al and Diufty-ODa iu lb department of
music Aluiont all Iboa biking tbe class!
ml conre wer Orf-gnuiaus, only fir being
frra Wabingtou.
The fncnltv arai Jnbn W. Johnson, A
M .. professor of etbic and Littin; Murk
Bailey, Ph. d.. professor of malheroaiica
mid astronomy; i roi. i nomas uondnn,
Pb. d . professor of history geology aud nut
oral science; Benjamin J. Hawthorne, A
M.. professor of ruftit"! philosophy and En-
clih literature; Goo. H. Collier, LL. D..
profcaaor or chemistry and physics; John
Htranb, professor of Greek and modern lan
gusges: Lnelln 0. Canon, professor of
rbn'ono and elocution; Samuel fc. McClnre,
A. M , tutor. Those of tbe school of law:
Bicbaid 11. Thornton, profeesor of tha aci
ence mid practice of law and v idence;
Lewis Li. MoArlbur. pleading; C. I). Del
linger, equity. Staff of the acbnol of med
icine: Dr. Bingswanger, chemistry; Dr.
MoKeuzie on theory and practice of tnedi-
icine; Dr. Bull, materia medics, Dr.
Strong. KyuaeeoloRy; Dr. Say lor. clinical
surgery. Dr Niino, auatoiny; Dr. Jose
phi, obt(tiica; Dr. G, Wilxon, oparalivt
miiL'ery; Dr. Flinn, physiology; Dr. Eaton.
tbe eye and ear; Dr. G. Wells, diseases of
children; Dr. oiesy, bygiene; Dr. W. Jones.
clinical dinguosis; Dr. J. Wells, general
pathology; Dr. Bevan, clinical snrgery;
Vi. lion, zymntio diseases; Dr. alackey,
' Tbe HnuDces of tbe university are in
flourisbiiitr condition as are ita academic
sff iirs. By tbe reports tbe total receipts
amount to $27,996 12; total disbursements,
$'25,3fi8 .2(1 leaviug a halanre on band
Juno 30. 1891, of $2027 92. Tbe report
from the land fund shows a gain of
$7814. St during tbe year.
At tbe annual meeting of the regents
tbe degree of master nf arta were conferred
rtron Henry F. McClnre, Robert Collier,
A. 0. Woodcock, It. F. Reaaoner, D. W.
Bass, W, C. Cardwell, Jennie McClnre,
and Eta Roger. Tbe degree of bachelor
of law was also conferred on Charles .
The mm nf $800 was appropriated for the
school nf law. aud that of KMX) for the
school nf medicine, together with $100 for
An assistant was given to tbe janitor at a
salary of 3U0.
Mr. S. E. McClure and Mian Philura E.
Murcb, tutors, each bad their salaries in
creased $100 for the ensuing year,
Dmployrs Kluil Be Paid. xv, Aug. 18. The hearing of
the petition of the employes of the Ore
gon I'ai'illc railroad for on order of the
circuit eourt directing the receiver, T.
E. Hogg, to jmy them the nmouiit due
for services since February 1, was hnd at
Corvullix today before Judge Pipes.
The employes were represented by At-torney-Geiicml
(ieorge K.X'hamlierlaln
and i. K. Wetitlierford. An order was
issued by the court directing the re
ceiver to settle with the employes on or
before August 31, and einixiwering him
to negotiate his certificates to raise the
necewnnry funds. It Is thought the
money can be raised In this manner by
the time named and that the men will
Is? paid. Should the receiver fail so to
do, he will lie required to show cause to
Justify disoliedienee of the order of
the court.
WiTkR Co 'a , Wkll. The water aupply
t tbe well now being dug for tbe Eugene
Water Company promises to be excellent.
At one point in the well they are down 15
feet without striking water.agood indication
that when water is found it will have no
connection with surface drainage. In tbe
cisterns on Willamette street, water la found
, at leas than 12 feet from the surface. Tbe
well is through o oontinnous bed of gravel.
Fkom Halt Lake. Three families
arrived here last night from Bait Lake,
Utah. They brought with them sev
eral head of horses, a cow und all their
household effects. They have already
rented three dwellings and gone to
house-keeping. They expect several
other families in a few days, being rel
atives. The Weekly Gcaud now goes to preaa
earlv Fiidty nmrning. Advertisements or
locsU for the weekly should b bunded in
l.y Tbntsday ereniug For tbe daily by two
o'clock of the afternoon of enc-h day.
Call a Hall Ttiat tirbd languid feeling
means that your system is in a state to in
vite disease, and Wright's Compound Ex
trad of Sarsanarilla is what yon need at
ouoe to expel impurities of tbe blood and
build yon op. 6old bv all druggists.
Geo. W. Kinsey, Auctioneer.
When yon want yourgooda, household
furniture or land sold at auction, call of
Goo. W. Kinaey, the pioneer and most suc
cessful auctioneer in Lane County. He will
attend to oil sales on reasonable com
mission. s
When wanting cemetery work go to E.W.
Achison A Co., who are prepared to furnish
all kinds at lowest prices for first-class work.
Our Portland cement walls for enclosing
cemetery Iota are the finest yet put opon
the market, and are furnished at abont half
the coat nf stone. Call and see our beauti
ful Burr 4 Westerly granites and best
grades of Vermont marble. Offices at Al
bany, tngene and Koseburg.
Very Respectfully Yours,
E. W. Achimoh k Co.
Ukfavorabm Siasox.-Od account of the
late season U. Bettman will sell all his sum
mer iroodi such a straw hats for eb"
dren and men, parasola and dress goods re
gardless of cost, to close out Dont miss the
opp-wtunity. Call on Bettman bafore you bay.
Sheep Inspectors Sotice.
All persona in Lane comity owning ecab
by sheep or sheep afflicted with other dis
eases, are hereby notified that said sheep
must be thoroughly dipped, aoffiiieol to kill
laid disease, forthwith. .
Any person failing to comply with this no
tice will be liable to have bis "heep dipped
by the Inspector at aaid persons'! expense,
fake notice and aave costs,
Dated June 5, 1891.
Gio. Fishm, Sheep Inspector.
Waxtid 100.000 lbi. of good Willamette
talley wool. Smith k Hat.
The cheapest place to boy yonr builders
hardware, tinware, glai. rope, and all kinds
of roach me oils, 4c, is at
VANDKXBntO k Kxap.
Maoonio Bnil i '!
$jU0 Keward
wVwallpay -jffa waahing that we
etc not mZtfn ht vahid in
.w. : i i ,ki--nU washboard
" '." w--- I l.e
Lcusia Nottci.-Go to tne uepoviu
yard loi cheap lumber. Andrews will not
be nivieriold.
FABMitaa, ArraxTioa --AU kinds of ma
ehit oils at bed rock price t
Vasdobcio 4 Kjapt
Hollowat-Watchbi, Ciocta,
Canvas shots at O. E. K'l.
Walton 4 8kipwortb, Lawyers.
Me.lfi.rd flour at Sladden 4 Sob's,
Choice lot of orangca at Dixon'.
Fin line of cigars at Dixon'. ,
Go to 0. E. Kransa for foot weir.
Call on Caswell for sidewalk lumber.
Rubber bottom shoe it 0. E. Kranase's.
Bbeet masio at Patterson 4 Christian's,
9th St.
Money to loan on farms. Enquire of Judgt
Hot and cold baths every day in tb week
t Jerry Horn i barber ihop.
CarMts. carpets, all new style for spring
trade at Day 4 Henderson s.
For fine suits made tn order and ready
made ololhing, go to Ed Hanson.
Sea tba new invoice of oak furniture, all
new patterns at Day 4 Henderson's.
21 dollar will boy solid, antique, oak
bed room set it Day Hen terson a.
C. Marx, Barber Shop and Bath Booms.
First door north of Dunn's new block.
Blank deeds, mortgage deed and chattel
mortgage for aal 1 1 llni Q'
(5,000 worth of ladies' shoes to be sold at
or below cost. J. O. Uatloce
Mr Geo F Craw has the sole agency for all
brand of th celebrated TansU foncn uvrar
Before storing or selling yonr oata aee A
V. Peters. Clean tnevalier Parley waniea
E. C. Lake, marble entter and dealer in
monuments, ihop on Eighth street, bugen.
Remember tbat Hanson 4 Boo bavi tbe
best selected stock of clothing in town,
Bring yonr old scrap cast Iron to the En-
gene iron f oundry wnera yoo can oupose
of IU
Sixteen-inch seasobed fir wood for sale at
cost by 8. Meriaa, corner Oak and bixtb
Euoene Floor 1.35 per sack. Th En
gene Flouring mills make the best quality
of roller mill flour.
Just received from Southern Oregon, 500
101b tins fresh lard, guaranteed. !.' per
tin at A. Goldsmith's.
If you are getting too old for your spec
tacles, or if tbey do not exactly snit you take
tbem to Watt and bave new lenses mien.
Rest line of nlush and licht weight cloth
wraps from 10 to 35 dollar aonth of Port-
tuna, now on exmuiuuu ha. t . wi.
Dr. (I. VT. Diddle mav be found at bis
residence on Olive street, between Fifth and
Ritth streets one block west of tbe ' Minne
sota Hotel. He is prepared to do HI dent
ll work in tbe beat manner.
Tha heat familv remedv is undoubtedly
Plunder's Oregon Blood iuriner. Harm
less, it sooomplishes relief where many oth
er medicines fail to do. It may be aafely
given to tbe infant aa well as tbe adult.
Pftddler are like the Irishman s flea, and
often irreaponsible. so buy an organ of a
reputable house, and that will not fall to
pieces with the first damp weather. Call
and see Holloway'a.
Henderson, dcntiBt.
Oxford ties at O. E. K's.
Fountain pens at Watts'.
Overgaiters at O. E. K's.
Job work it the Guard offloe.
Tennis good at O. E. K'l. (
W lead, others follow. O. E. K.
Wigwam slippers it 0. E. Kranase's.
Russet shoes at O. E. K's.
Day board at Dixon's Restaurant.
Go to J. E. Bond for your straw bats.
Go to Smith 4 Hall to sell your wool.
Dixon's New Restunrant for best 25 cent
Go to Goldsmith's and get prices on bacon
and lard.
Selette Plush Jacket only 10 dollars atJA.
V. Peter.'
Men's patent leather shoe at O. E.
Blank deed and mortgages for sale at th
Goabd office.
Goldsmith pays the highest cash price foi
country produce.
Try some breakfast bacon from bootnern
Oregon. A. goldsmith.
Forest City Dongoli shoes only H twi
pair at A. V. Peters.'
All kinds of mill saws and nies lor aaie ai
Richard Mount ! saw shop.
Remember the SI 50 Dongoli shoe, good
value for S2, it A. V. Peters'.
Smoke Helms 4 Beavenue's Queen Re
gent lOo cigar. Beat in town.
The best assortment of cniutren snoes
will be found at O. b. Krsusse s.
When wanting l nice ti or anything in
the furnishing line go to J. E. Bond.
Blank notices fr the location of quaiti
mines for sale at the Guard nttice.
For all kinds of farminfi implements oall
on J. M. Hendricks on Ninth Street.
W. Sanders sells logger shoe, best grid,
with straps ind tings, tor J3 per pair.
Screen windows and doors, glass, sash and
doors it Bioalow 4 Kimpatbicx(.
My entire stock 10 per cent, discount for
cash. D. Matloci.
J. E. Bond has just received the finest lin
of nmmer olothing that ever struck Eugen.
8u?ar cured hams, breakfast bacon and
shoulders from Southern Oregon, at Gold
smith's. If yoo want to buy magnificent orgin
from $50 to $75 cheaper than ptddler can
sell you, go to W. Holloway.
W. Sanders will sell his entire slock of
boots and shoes It less than wholesale
prices. Give him call and be convinced.
W. Holloway baa just received consign"
ment of new organs, withont doubt the fin
est toned instruments ever brought here
Call aud see tbem.
A large assortment of wall paper lust re
ceived at the Eugene Book Store. Call and
see it.
Banjr8'McKeuzie Springs Staje Line.
Eli Bangs is now running bia stage line
np th McKenzie river to tbe Foley and
Belknap springs aud intermediate points.
The stage leases Eugene op Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays returning alternate
days. The trip will be made in twelve
hour. For tickets and further i uformation,
call at tbe Hoffman Hons stables on Ninth
Loo; Hxbi Gils. Watts has just re-
oeived nice line of friendship rings, both
gold and silver.
What It It?
That troduoe that beautifully soft com
plexion and leave no trace of its applica
tion or in iuriou effect? Tb answer, Wil
dorn' RoLertine aocompliahe ill thi. and
ia pronounced by ladie of taste and refine
ment to be tb moat delightful toilet articl
ever produced. Warranted nannies ind
matohfea. F. M. Wilkins, agent, Eugene
Tber is no danger of cold resulting in
pneumonia when Chamberlain1! Cough
h.mxtt ia need as diverted "for I lever
cold." It effectually counteract and arrest
any tendency of a cold to resolt in pneu
monia Thi fact wa folly proven in thous
ands of ease during th epidemic of influ
enza laat winter. For sale by F. M. Wilkin,
Don't Believe It
When told that F. M. Wilkina, th druggist,
ia nut celling "Wisdom' Robertine" for tb
complexion, tb moat elegant sod only really
harmleaw preparation of it kind in tbe
world, and giving a beautiful picture card
with every bottle.
High Bank Happening.
August 20
Thrashing is In fu'l blast this week.
Z. T. Kintiley, of Springflold, was bore
Tbe hop grower rejoiceth to tbiuk tbat
tne lice are last disappearing.
Mr. Gager and daughter Miss Niua, of
Eugene, are here wito relatives this weei
Mr. and Mr. Armitage, from near th
MoKeuzie, visited here last Sunday witb
their son.
Work is progressing nicely on th new
depot at Springfield, wbicb will be, when
completed, second to none In tne valley.
Mr. Dave Daily returned from Southern
California, laat Saturday and will soon leave
tor his home on the Sound. His wife and
sou will remain here for some time.
Waahburne 4 Sons, of Springfield, bar
received from Norddyke 4 Marnion Co., of
Indianapolis, Ind., tbe machinery for their
mill, which is tb full roller process. Tbey
re now prepared to receive wheat and w
as soon as tbe machinery is arranged be
ready to grind the aam into floor for which
tbey will bave capacity of 150 barrel per
After i brief career tbe Advance has ceas
ed to advance and the editor folded their
portfolio and like tb Arab "silently stole
away." Thus tbe Advance ceases to ilumi-
nate the literary horizon and to vibrate on
too still ind pulseless air.
Last Friday we perched ourselves on the
lence, on a euarp rail, and gazed at some
object which at first we thought might be
one of the Mt. Carmel, III., air ships which
bad cotton away and was coming west, but
thia conclusion was soon expelled end we
sat there in tbe hot sun speculating whether
or not It was an ad for Sella isrottiers snow,
but, a it rose above the tree tops, and on
discovering it to be balloon, we "came
down off tbe perch" and gazed Intently off
in tne distance and aa near a we oouid de
scry it was headed toward Fairmoant.
Suicide at La Grande.
F. L. Boyer, real estate agent of La
Grande, committed suicide Saturdsy, by
banging himself. After breakfast Saturday
morning be told young lady to whom he
was engaged that be was in trouble and left
the house. Abont 6 o'olock in the evening
a man called at the bouse to aee bim on
business, and the sister went in sea rob. She
found bim in bis barn in tbe eastern part
of tbe city, baiiiiina tiy Lis neck trnm a raf
ter. He bad faatenod a pair of reins from
a rafter, placed the loop aronnd nil neci,
and dropped from a beam iu the upper part
of tbe barn, i be body was cold wuen taken
down. Indications are tbat be must have
committed tbe act early in the morning.
He waa about 20 years of see and had been
in La Grande nearly two years. Partial in
sanity is thought to be the cause.
Recording: Railroad Patents.
Patents numbered 3 and 5 conveying to
the Oregon 4 California railroad company.
by the United Htatee about 150,000 acrea of
laud In tba Willamette valley nave been
received for record at the county clerk's
offloe. A largo amount of tbe land is situ
ated in Lane county. The entire patent
must be recorded in every county
in wbicb single tract of land described
lies. They bear the recording certificates
of a number of the county clerks down the
This is the hrst record mat nasoeen made
of any lands granted in aid of the construc
tion of the Oregon 4 California railroad,
although the railroad company has sold and
deeded away thousands of acres. It i pre
sumed the delay in plaoing tbe patents on
record was prompted by tbe desire to escape
as far aa possible payment of taxes on the
Board of Equalization.
Hon. L. Bilyen Wednesday received his
appointment from Governor Pennoyer as
the member of tbe Stale Board of Equali
zation for the 2nd judicial district. The
members of the board ire ippoiuted by
judicial district in accordance witb law
passed by tbe laat legislature, and will hold
their positions until the next election.
Tbey will meet and organize in Salem
about December 1st and are allowed $10 per
day and mileage for a period not exceeding
30 days. T. R. Sheridan, of Rosebnrg was
first appointed for this district but was un
able to serve.
Tbe First Hops.
Stephen Snieed, of Waltervllle,
brought In the first hops of the season
Wed. They were of an early variety
and amounted to 23 bales. They were
picked from two acres and went nlsint
14(H) nounda to the acre. He ships
them to Milwaukee.
Mr. Hmeed expects to commence
picking his other hops Monday, Au
gust 81. He Htiroyed his yard twice
and It will not be affected by the hop
Stkkr Clear. A canvasser for a
purchasing association is doing Eu
gene. An initiation fee is charged for
niemliershlp and It Is represented that
nieinbers can purchase goods at cost.
It la unnecessary to repeut the warning
heretofore given that such schemes are
only calculated to take money out of
the pockets of those who are so credu
lous as to invest. You can purchase
f;oods cheaper of reputable dealers at
lome than of lrresionsible parties
abroad who cannot give any guarantee
of standing.
That Fruit. After string the Leak
car advertising fruits from Placer
county, California, Mr. Kettlemler, of
Woodburn, said: "We can easily lieat
anything that they have displayed that
we raise in this county. I can even
beat their peaches, and so far as cher
ries are concerned, we wouldn't think
of picking such little things."
Married. In Eugene, at the resi
dent of the bride's uncle, Tuesday
evening, Aug. 18, by ltev. I). A. Wal
ters, Mr. It. H. Buck to Miss Anna
Taylor. Mr. Iluck is a menilier of the
Journal typographical force, while the
bride is a teacher iu the Eugene public
Lane Leaub. The stnte sujierln
tendent's ofllce has total returns from
all counties, showing 1747 organized
districts in the state. Lane leads with
132, Clackamas lot. Linn 108, Marlon
101. 132 new school houses were built
laat year.
FaixCrih Bbidoi. Th coonty court
Invites plans and specifications for bridge
across Little Fall creek near Tay. It will
be about 90 feet long and be supported by
k.,... A Xtnmm Imu im nraffcrTMt- Rids
will be opened Thursday, September 10, it
Fwid. A logger by the name of Dave
Pollock waa arrested Wednesday on
charge of being drnnk. Recorder Dorri
Tbnrsday gsv him flv day In tb
county jail to sober np.
I Brians W are informed that it did
not rain at Junction Wednesday, and tbat
tb threshers in tbat vicinity worked all
day. Her it rained quit hard.
Look Oct. It would b well for th peo
ple of Eogtne to fasten down their window
od securely lock their doors tonight ind
tomorrow nlgbt, a tb circus thieve! will
b abroad io tb lind seeking very vain
able tbat is in sight.
Th large gravel are being raked and
hauled from tbe street car track.
Apportionment Ren))! 1'uods
sstr suii
Amount of county funds on hand for
distribution. f7.3tKJ.5l). Toeaon sciioi
ar. $1.2.'). Amount of state funds on
hand for distribution, fS,470.0O. To
each scholar, f 1.4a.
I 1 T 1'alln.m I fJO iO IW'JO
1 James I'arker 75 t S
STL Kelly TS til .IS
tleo K Craw WM Hl 7U
i Ml Htlleaas ! I0
6 M II Harlow W 74
7 J U Stevenson ( " M
8 Win Welch M)
t T Kemhaw 7 W V
10 4 N Keunts 3 50 '2 N
II Sanfoni skinner W U Ha)
IJ Hermau Miller 73
U II f Keener '7 ' 7s ;W
14 J Dlloaard "0 lO
l!V JasKl 7S
16 KOanml WO 117 70
17 T P Ailmrv W " .'O 7.
11 O A t'ainidwU '74 iU :B
1 A W liiiuau SUa Wa
M i S 11 am u i iW -" W
J I J C JennliiM .'"74 t.H l.
ii 1 M llvarhart I 7J 7 74
1 A ltond 7 M .')
:l James Mnebaugh
24 X W White U W W M
! DWIIanlln W
V ('rata Hayes .
4i '.M M li.
Krank Hartley
W P S Shelley
SO BSHylaiid
Ill J W Seat
:tl Ueo 0 Knowlus
.11 (ieo II Hale
34 J l Smith
:t, T 1 Hera
art II Wtngard
37 N K Crow
35 Jeue Sorerit
;) S It McKernan
40 John W stoue
41 Noah Huoy
HUH Kaxtvr
43 J li Wllnou
44 K H naves
4.1 James Hemenway.
4 Thomas Huiinakiir
47 I N Hemline
4 H W ltaleock
49 11 l W hillock
.WAS Powell
M Minnie Belshaw
!i U ( l.mM
43 S U Dudley
44 K F Clock
V. KW Taylor
M K It Payne
47 KiiireueVtiin
4N ('has lla.ll.-y
4v J M Ted row
i'O J T Donalilnon
til W in Jones
1:1 .Mary S Smith
63 A w' Moore
64 Johntiacrle
AS James O'Hrlen
IM orrll Fisher
67 Quo. M. Kcot
fit (I. II. Kcnfrew
Htt J.M.Helieo
70 S. K. M.-Hce.
71 M. A. lhlHlid
7'J Kll I'ui-kina
74 M. A. Vouch.
74 T. J. Illakeley
76 W. O.ShoitrlUgo
7H A M Mcclain ,. ..
77 Sctli llarpole
78 W. II. Hill
:7 :o 31 oo
31 ti., ;m i'.
;W iS 4.' tt'
W 00 31 NO
l 74 : 14
2.1 74 27 .VS
;1 Ml til) wl
43 74 ft! a
J3 " 4 V 44
: oo 4s oo
41 :0 40 :io
M CO 10 Ml
3S 74 44
77 Ml SO 00
lol i4 2i as
m : t o oo
2lil k. '20t 44
,'sl 24 ' 04 li
76 (W 16
62 40 0 W
24 00 W 00
til 24 71 (V
87 40 1 !
65 00 03 SO
11 24 13 04
44 00 42 20
63 00 6H W
67 40 66 70
71 26 S J 64
47 !) Vl 10
66 20 63 N)
31 24 36 24
22 40 26 10
Kl 74 07 14
24 00 20 00
73 74 S4 44
61 60 60 00
IS 76 'Jl 76
06(10 6.1 NO
'J6 00 W 00
ll 16 246 06
61 '26 60 46
JO 00 23 SM
63 76 80 16
MM t 46
'Jll 25 60 46
SI 60 17 70
IS 76 'Jl 76
41 'J6 47 S6
SI J6 4 66
83 7 80 16
NO II. II. Martin
SI K. H. Kelitay
HJ Johntinlloy
83 ('has. Kissinger.. . ...
S4 J.l.Doml
N4 John F. Wilcox
art J. M. Kitchen
H7 A.J. Harlow
SH N. Peterson
Ml J. L. Atkinson
M) Jonas Dnimt
91 Thomas Pope
M J, II. Feriruson
H3 John kirk
04 J.H. lllae
HI II. W. Jones
m J. V. Ilolbrook
H7 (). W. Hnrd
IM Win. l ane
Ml K. II. Mills .
63 76 63 16
M '26 80 46
'26 26 Ml 46
46 00 62 20
16 (XI 'JO (
H 76 44 66
77 60 HO 00
83 76 B 16
41) 110 46 40
13 76 II 76
'26 SO W OO
SO 110 '21 '20
83 76 80 16
82 60 87 70
61 26 71 06
26 00 BO 00
80 110 84 SO
Ml 00 104 40
20 Ml US '20
6 IM 5 NO
111 18 06
46 26 68 66
26 00 '20 00
'28 76 27 66
80 00 '23 20
28 76 27 64
60 (U 60 60
II 60 14 60
86 00 40 60
2H 76 88 81
80 00 84 HI
2S 76 82 86
1SJ W. T. Cornelius
im K. P. Walte
10-J DhvIU ttiulth
UU V. It. Kelley
104 ('. A. I.nnm-r
HA K. M. lioaan
list ('. A. McMahon
111? Mrs. A. It. Smith
m V. W. Hales
1MH J. 0, Phelps
110 J. II. Htarns
Ill J. CiwlM-er
Ill C. A. Piittorf
16 00 17 40
Ill KrniHt IU Kll ID 7ft
114 Ho Keport '
lift (. F. Kennedy 11 SO 14 60
llrt I. V. Moltltt 81 U W 116
117 W. II. Kanoff 4 (10 17 40
118 n II Lyons Wift , SU 49
1111 W. A. Kelley 41 M 47 HS
11 I'liaa. Seliaue i w it
111 J. Salsman 41 47 an
m A. J. Anurson W 1
lit J. W. Wyooff S3 7 S!l 16
144 Dennis Bayaw TO 76 78 H
VH W. S. Weatrope Jl 16 24 fift
I'M W. II. Ilayaen 41 1 47 Sft
in li. it. na ... . .
1SS (ieo. T. Seara SI 0 37 70
in J A Hurnette 16 (W 17 40
130 C urtis Balrd 1 6 IS S3
131 Itlley Klnfrey IS 00 17 40
13'J J. W.Coi Jl 74
m J, II. Pratt iu w li w
Kugene, Oregon, Aug. 17. 1N9I.
a. n
County Bupt.
His Neck Broken.
Pendleton E. O., Aug 17.
Li Rov Itose. i youns man quite well
known lhroubont tbe county, met witb
sudden death Saturday evening about 8
o'clock at Jas. Cargill'i place, ten miles
nortb of Pendleton, llose wa going out to
Cargill's farm from tbis oily on horseback,
accompanying John 11. Mitchell and bia
daughter, Mias Ella Mitchell, and young
man named Culver, wbo were riding in a
buggy. There are two gate in th road
leadins to Mr. Carulll'i house. Tbe first
Jiose opened for the buggy end then said be
would ride on eueaa.
Tbe second sate, i barbwtre barrier, bad
usually been left open, and Saturday morn
ing was open when Hose went to town.
When tbe buggy came up, liose was louna
lylnjt in the road inside the sale while hit
borse galloped away. He was gasping
wbeo the party arrived, but soon ill ngus
of life disappearsd. It is supposed tbat
thinking lb gate waa open be roaa against
It at a gallop, and tbat bit bora turned
i somersault and fell upou bim. Ills neck
waa dislocated by tbe fall.
Bose was sbout ibirty-four years old,
strong ind healthy ind In tbe prime of
manhood. II leaves mother, three
brothers, sister ind two little children to
mourn bis untimely death. Ilia wife,
daughter of Mr. Mitchell, died l yen ago.
. Notice of Est rays.
aTunm tk . TfitniaiM lllMaa hilla
cast of Cresw ell on the 8d day of Auir.,
lnui, one roan norse i nanus mgii,
u-i.lipl.r ttlifiiit. 1SMI nrtiimla. hi-Hnilmi fin
riKht thlirh n. White sisit In fore
head ami white spot on left side of
nose, Isith hind feet white, left front
Tool winie, aooui o yeurs om. true
Mini horse about 4 years old, welgbt
1-MUI tumndu fnano tilwul mII
round, tall Isibbed off. The owner of
le aforesaid ueseritied animals win
lease call and iret them and nay ex
inuiui 4tt uti iiiu ilt fjllilfiinffci laid III
in'lim n - i s uv
breacby and held iu my bam 8 miles
east of L'rcswell.
DaU-d Aug. 14, 11.
V. E. Cornx.
Notice to Contractors.
Nolloe is hereby given that tb County
Court of Lane coonty. Oregon, will receive
ealed plans, specification and strain dia
grams, and aio dios tor in construction,
according to tbe said plans, specifloationa
and diagran.a, of briilK aeros Little Fill
Creek it a point near Tay. Said bridge to
be set on bents and requires kbont 90 foot
ipan, Ilow Trns prelerred. Bid will be
opened at 10 o'clock a m., Thursday, Sep
tember 10th. lWI.end mar be filed witb
tbe County Clerk of aaid County np to
aaid time. Tbe Board reserve tb right to
reject any and all bids.
Dated Eugene, Oregon, August 19, 1891.
Uodit boorr, County Judge,
T.t Cmmrm IJnlna sold out. wa will
A, anjwial nt r inr the neit 1(1 dava I nntil
September lat) on all groceries and crock
ery, uon l mis mi ensno.
Dbaiwn n aon.
Boaa. -Ia North Engeo precinct. Aus-
nil 17, mi. to tb wif of C. H. Belahaw,
ton, weight, 12 pound.
Hit E VITI t:J.
Pumps, pip and gas fittings at Miller k
Cook atovea from (4.G0 to $G0 it Miller
k Long i, Din street.
Nice lasortiuont of hardware at Miller k
The highest market price paid for egg
nd poultry, it tanir & Uivs .
Miller k Long is the cheapest place for
stoves and tinware.
K.Hp saying over to yourself, "I can get
Hardware at Miller X Long s."
The best buggv made for th money, 1 F,
Li. Chambers fou pleasure wagona.
Attention Farmer. Call on Miller k
Long for Stoves, Tin and Hardware.
Carpenters and contractors will aave mon
ey by getting tiuning and plumbing from
Miller A bong.
Tiuuing, plumbing and lob work of
all kinds done cheap and on abort notice at
sillier & Long.
Miller k Long are sole agent for the eel
ebrated Qold Coin aud Gordon Stove and
Ranges in Eugene.
Kepair for Deering, MoCorruack, Os
borne k Bailey and Champion Mowers aud
Hinder can be bad at F. L. Chamber
Hardware Store.
We have several pounds of old type,
which Is much better for babbiting machine
botes than tbe common babbit metal and
will be sold for lesa money.
Hon licking will commence at Pres
ley i iiesinre s yam August aisi. .
Frail jar guaranteed by Bladden k Son.
Low prices Sladden k Son.
Fruit jar guaranteed by Sladden & Son.
reaches, gropes, melons, sweet potatoes
ana lomatoes ai oiauden son.
For bargains In crockery ind grooerles
ee Sladden A Hon.
Jamea Woods, formerly of Eugene, Is
running barber shop at Antelope, Oregon.
It is said that milk is made especially nu
tritioua if it is pnt in l jar and atood in l
moderately hot oven for eight or ten hours,
It it then celled "baked milk," and has be
oome thick and creamy.
Prineville Review: Everything at lbs
Deschutes brewery is now iu shipshape
order. The new brewer is making lots of
beer, and of Ural-class quality. As to tbe
quality we are able to vouch, for the pro
prietor, Mr. Woods, donated to this offloe a
aample keg, which is enough to satisfy
any connoisseur.
Jaa. Warnick la slowly recovorine from
the fall of 18 feet, wheu be alighted square
ly on bis feet, nil feet and anklea are black
from the injuries received, ind although no
bones were fractured, he is unable to bear
any weight on bia feet. He movei about
the nous on bis hands and knees.
Mr. J. Powers, a carpenter woiking on
i new barn being built for Dr. Sharpie on
his farm, fell (rom the building and sus
tained internal ininriea ind fractured bis
collar bone. Dr. Brown was called to at
tend bim.
Tbe Eugene cannery has secured some
very attractive and showy labels. One of
them isafao simile of tbe birdaeyi litho
graph view published by Geo, M. Miller
showing the town, University, McKemie
mountains and the Three Sisters. The
name of tbe brand is "The Three Sisters."
The bulkhead and filling at the mouth
of tb sewer are completed. An
sutomatlo slanting gate will close it tbe
moutn oi tbe sewer In case of very high
water to prevent baok water from oomini
into town. Tbe work ia substantially con
structed and ia creditable to Sunt. Kelley
and the workmen employed In the oon
Young; grotiso are bclnir brottirht Into
the market. They are about two-thirds
J. C. Qoodale has just finished aeeiuina
bli last run of logs, 3,000,000 feet, in th
pond at Coburg.
The locircrs have lust finished n Inn
drive of McKeuzle logs to tbe lianis
burg sawmill.
A marriage license was issued yes
terday afternoon to C. H. Frank and
Lizzie Alacnaw.
Accordius to the Btate School Fund Ap
portionment, Albany baa 1,0'Ji pupil while
Eugene has 1,100.
German preaching, Sunday, 33d. at the
Court House at 11 o'olock. All Germans
Invited. 0. Wiiulti. P.
If the merry-so-round stays hen much
longer tbe juvenile portion of tbe communi
ty will go "dead broke."
The ooili of pipe for the Eocene Can
ning Co's. evapotator ire abont in place.
Over 6000 feet of pip waa used.
A party of three from Monmouth pissed
through Thursday on their way home,
after a sojourn of three week on th Mo
Keuzie. There Is considerable in wlr tl these
days, particularly when blowing from
i tie norm, 'mat means good weather
for harvest.
The usual numberof thieve and gamblers
will be with tb circu today, and w
would advise our readers "Never to buck it
mother man'i game."
Gcs Will Fiuiit. A Portland ex
change of the 17th says. (Justave
Hicketlieler, tlio Washington street
marble cutter, ronocs to contest the
divorce suit recently Instituted against
him by his wife Minnie. lie filed his
answer yesterday. In which he denies
seriatim all tne allegations or ttio plain
tiff, and avers that within the year
nreceeding her application she would
frequently taunt him with her Inten
tion to procure a divorce, and extorted
money rrout mm, saying siie would
leave him and take the children and
f o duck jmimi to ner urouicr. lie denies
n toto that he has ever ill-treated her,
and avers that since the occasions on
which. In her complaint, she alleges he
abused her, she has cohabited with him,
and that whatever difference they may
have had she has thereby condoned.
He therefore prays for a denial of her
application for a divorce.
Bouoh Tuck. Very frequently, of late,
It baa fallen to tb lot of tb newsgatherer
to bave to chroulcU delay to traits on tb
Southern l'aciho, ind in nearly every in
stance lbs earns cans la responsible for tb
dslay, vis: disabled engine. Tbe real
cause, however, if old railroad men are to be
believed, la in the rough condition of tbe
track, which wears tbe engine out quickly.
The Impression seem to prevail tbat tb
v. at U. na too lew men on in sections.
Thee section will verse seven mile In
length ind on torn of them tber are not
over four men. otatesuian.
Wheat Storage.
Store your wheat at tb BprlnKfisld Mill,
where you can get th highest maiket price
at all time. Wtbav plenty of aacki on
band to supply our customer.
Hop Spraying.
Hop men will find the "Fleldi Hpeo
Ul" a new spray outfit Just received
estiectttiiy adopted for nop, urn aud
examine at F. L. C'HAMlif K.
Cemetery Work Cheap.
Parties wish lag to purchss mocomrn
or beadstoiea, tuber of msibl or Kisnit
and those wishing to enclose their cemetery
lot with either Portland cement, eel stop
coping, Of iron or "ire fence, will find it to
tbeir advantage to call it E. C. Lake's mar
bl shop, on Eighth St., few door west of
Lane County Dank and gel pnoe.
Oats bought and stored by the Eugen
Milling Co.
40,000 bigs to loan to thote wbo dealr to
tore their wheat In tbe Eugen Mills.
Remember that tb Eugene Milling Co.,
is buying oats, and storing tbem also. Lib
eral prices offered.
We bav 40,000 wheit sacks to loan to
those storing their wheat with us this year
Give us i call. Ecqini Mux Co.
If you want suit of clothes or pair of
pantaloon go to Usvls, tbe tailor, lie guar
antees satisfaction and low price.
To Trade. A fine new organ for
lumlicr. Apply at tins oiitce.
rieuty of watermelons In the market.
The Portland lumbermen have cut
the price of luinlx r to S per thousand.
To nuvt this competition tho Van
eouver mill has cut still lower and sells
himlx-r at (7 per thousand.
Tuesday's Albany Herald: Mr. ind Mn,
S. 8. Train and family, Miase Maggie ind
Nettie Whitney ind Mist Dell Brum ley, of
Eugene, returned yesterday from up the
bantiam. They brought back with thtm
pretty spotted fawn captured above Hal
atead by Mr. Lorin Laughead.
Watermelon time.
Low price Sladden k Son.
For bargains In crockery and grooerle see
Sladden k Son.
Mia Dor Scott has been acting as dep
uty couuty oleri tbls week.
8. M. Titus has built sidewslk west of
l porliou of bis WilUwett street property.
Hii passengers from northern points left
on Wed. morning's stag for tie Foley
Two car load mor of tiling for tb wr
arrived on Woluesdsy freight, from San
A Pendleton darkey secured t2,500
credit nnd was arrested when attempt
ing io ski p.
From all appearance! the rain iiover.
Tbe grain will thresh easier for th (light
wotting it received.
Thanks to Frauk J. Miller, Clerk of th
Bailroad Commission, for lohrdul sheet
ind report! of laid body.
Dayton. Wash., had a 125,000 fir Mon
day nigbt. Iusuraoe, $14,000. Fir sup
poses to have been of iuoendiar origin.
Valley wheat 1 quoted In Portland it
91 65 per cental. That would make the
price in Eugene 63. leu the aioki and
llev, Sam M. Driver has been ippoiuted
Presiding Elder by th Eastern Oregon
M. E. Coufereno. n i son of Be v. I.
D. Driver, of thisplace.
W. Uollowsr is gisding his lot on Ninth
street sdjolning the mill race. Tbe surplus
soil is being scraped into tbe raoe, wbloh
will be filled to tbe channel about 30 feet
from th present bank.
Dr. Patterson Is of the opinion that
tils hop yard of 40 acres on the island
near Eugene will produce one-third
more than In any previous year. Hop
nee are present, tiui in far less numbers
than several weeks ago.
Tbe worst street at present In Eugene 1
Willamette, tbe one most recently "Im
proved" at i large cost to property owner.
Horse a well as pedestrians suffer. Their
boot become ciouged witb tbe putty and
they (lip and slid as they travel.
Salem Journal: Captain O'Brien at lb
head of th Oregon federated trsiles 1 it
tbe atate printing offloe. He tayi tbe antl
boycott law oases will go before the Brand
jury. If an Indictment il found a demur
rer will be entered ind tb law will be test
ed in th court. Tb great queation in
volved I whether labor union hai a right
to us lacts ana trui statement or not to
protect labor.
Tbe floor in th lower story of th Chrl-
man block ar laid and workman in
engaged on the upper Boor. Thi wires for
tbseleotrio light hsv been run beneath
the floor.
Roaoburg Plalndealer: All along th
railroad from Eugen to Drain th fields
rs filled with shocks of wheat and oata,
eioeptlng where the grain ha been
bsuled aud stacked or threshed. A more
abundaut orop ha never been bar vested in
It. L. Hennlniier, a farmer flv mile
north of Salem, record! a feat tbat will in
terest those stock growers wbo ar liking
note on tb problem of ex la bleeding.
A tow has brought litter of eleven femsle
pigs, no male. Thi I a wondarful occur
rence in tb sunsls of bug raising gener
ally tb ei ii vnly divided.
Artoslau water, lhat baa a dally flow of
250,000 Ballon and rises forty leet la thi
ir, wis struck in the north Vskima conn-
try last week, at depth of 400 feet. The
people up there tbiuk tbey bave solved
tbe problem of irrigation for hundreds of
tbontsnds of sores of land, practically
valueless without water, for anything ex
cept piaturi.
Ths sewer masons are working between
Willamette ind Oik itreeti.
tim ti n. nui ni ,!, it,. w...t
icbool bout below Coburg next Sunday
morning ind evening. Service 11 o'olock
and 7:30.
TM I ll. ilm ! It - It la ..14
wben th Chinaman I greatly agitated
about tbe devil, and ha bia band! full In
keeping him iwiy.
A Glenada, Oregon, CDrresoondent haa
th following to tay about a former oiliten
of Eugen : Spenoer Miter spent om dav
at Glenada this week. II ii enthtuiaetio
over bl reosntly acquired Green Mountain
property, and i ur tbat immeua wealth
will reward futur development of that erst
while favorlt quarts ledge.
Mr. Bayard Handy, the well-known
sketch artist and compiler, i In tb city
witb i view of publishing paper or pam
phlet descriptive ind illustrative of Kose
burg and Douglas county. If he luooeed
In obtsinlng the co-operation of our busl
net men th work no doubt will be condu
cive of much good. Uoaeborg PlalndaaUr.
W bop tb work will glv better aalla-
faction than th Eugen production did.
Sudden Death.
Wednesday' Rosebnrg Plalndealer: Tb
visit of Mrs. J.i. Cometock ind ber mother,
Mr. Rebeoci Bodley, wbo bav been tb
Suet of Mr. Butch and family line Satur
ay, culminated in a vary lad manner by
tb audden ana unexpected oeatn oi tan.
Bodley it 130 o'olock this morning. Th
lady bad been feeling slightly 111 for two or
three days but no Mrioni mult wsr
entertained nntil laat venlng, when a
physician wa summoned. Bb had reoelv
ed a sudden trok of paralysi ind was
beyond human lid and death odd bar
sufferings tt tb hour named. The reaaains
were taken to ber horn it Portland on th
local thi morning, aooompanied by Mr.
(Jonislock, nr. uuicl inn kit &t Snick.
Tb lady baa many trkead la Eugene and
Lane county wbo will b sauch pained to
learn 01 ner sudds (VstUM.
5otie to Hop Plckeri.
f will anaimiuta ntfiklnff tinna .1 Ik.
Presley Comegy hop yard on th McKenii
river, iBunaay, aug. tiiu. rioters want-
to. U. AJSTlkLfc.
Hop Picker Wanted.
I will commence picking hop on my bop
vara near eprtugneld, Monday, August 31
P ickert ir wanted at that lim.
Wat, Kan.
Joseph G. KslieT, civil engtaswr foe the
Eugen sewer, left for Bo it City, Idaho,
Thnrsdty morning on a busl trip.
A Han Beheaded by Last Nlffbt'i Over
land Train at Harrkibarg-.
The south boand overland Tour, night
beheaded a man at Harriaburg, tb bead
having bean entirely tevered from tb body.
From all ippearanoe tb person was a
tramp and b bad either gone to sleep on
tbe track or had committed suiolde, lb Ut
ter being tb view most generally entertained.
Beat Estate Tranaten.
U. 8. to the Oregon A California R.
R. Co., land; patent.
Another Astoria Bailroad.
The Statesman of Ang. 19th isyit On
February 33d, last, th following artiole of
Incorporation wer filed witb th secretary
of date, but they wer not published at th
time, aa th incorporator requested that
tbey be withheld from tbe pre, for pur
pose (ptrbap right-of-way,) batter known
to tbsmtelve. And now after to long a
time tbe company haa don nothing, llsr
li i return of the object, (to., of th cor
poration, which took for lit nam tbat of
tbe Pacifio k Eastern Railway Company.
Incorporator, Frank J. Taylor, M. J. Kin
ney, II. G. Van Duten; principal offloe,
Astoria; capital stock, $10,000,000, divided
into 100,000 thire. Tb declared object of
the company I to build a railway south
from Astoria to and np th Tillamook river;
tbsn across tb Coast ring to thi head
water of th Yamhill river and down laid
river to tb east side of tb Coaat mountain;
theno aouth through tb Willamette valley
to Springfield; thence easterly, crossing tb
Cascades by way of the middle fork of the
Wiltamett to eaat of the Cascades; and
thence eaaterly by way of Barney, Lake
Valley ind Eastern Oregon and through
Southern Idaho to Salt Lak City, Utah,
also a line from Astoria to Portland and
thence south through the Willamette valley
to i practicable connection with the main
line. Thle piece of railroad "new" it now
given to tbe publio for tbe first time.
Tbe prospect of a good itat fair war
never to flattering aa they ar tbi ysar.
Th premium list bat been revised, ind In
many important points tbe prize bav been
iuoreued. Th entrie In th speed de
partment ire the largest and beet in the his
tory of th fair. Tbe atate fair 1 under th
management of th Stat Board Agrioulturo
and over (15,000 in cash la offered in prem
ium! for eiibiti of itock, poultry, igricul
tural products, fruit, etc, works of art ind
fanoy work, and for triili of ipeed. Tbe
board I making every preparation for a
great meeting. Many valuable improve
ment hav been made, ind th grounds
hive been cleared np and greatly beautified.
Eleotrlo and horse-car line now run from
Seism to th ground. All person! wishing
a premium list for th fair of 1801, oan ob
tain it by iddreuing I, T. Gregg, tb ieo
ret try it Salem. The fair begint on tbe
14th of September and lull on week.
Send for a premium lial and prepare tome
thing for exhibition tbii year.
Jcario thi Taaos. Roteburg Plain-
dealer. Aug. 18t H. Anthony, employed
by the railroad company as trick inspeotor
between Oakland ind Yonoolla, bad an ax
perlenoe with a railroad veloolped yester
day tbat he will remember for many day
to oome. While crossing a treatl north of
Oakland and going it rather a high rat of
peed b attempted to bring his tnachlni
to i itop, but unfortunitely bl efforts were
unsucoeaaful, for Instead of decreasing tn
speed the velocipede careened to one aide
and lift th track, precipitating Anthony to
thi ground below, a distano of about
twenty feet, when he sustained a double
fracture of tb left arm, on near th wriat
ind thi other near thi ilbow, U wa
brought to Uoaeburg yesterday ifumoon
where Dr. Ozlai dressed th Injuria, and
thia uornlng'i overland conveyed the un
fortunate man to the railroad hospital at
Almost a Burnous Accident.
While Thoa. Hunsaker and family
were coming to town from their home
at Dexter , Thursday, when near the
Kellv mill at Lost creek, they were
overtaken by a runaway team belong
ing to A. V. iivianu. mey ran into
the hind end of his hack and broke the
hind seat, on which his wife and
daughter were sitting, to pieces.
By some fortunate chance they
escaped being Injured. One of
the horses junied on tne hind wheel
and struck the front seat with his fore
feet, knocking Mr. Hunsaker's hat off
his head. With good grit Mrs.
Hunsaker caught the runaways by the
bits and held them till Mr. Hunsaker
oould straighten them out It waa a
close call, me team nad oeen icn
standing and got frightened at the
planer In the mill.
A BrirooraLD Foldib. Th Spring-
flald Real Eitat and Improvement Co. has
just issued a handsome 13-page folder,
detoriptiv of lb town of Springfield ind
vicinity. It bis a well written description
of th town and lection; a plat of the town-
site; a map of th slat mowing tbe loca
tion of Springfield and proposed railroad
line to it aoross the Mo&enxi and Middle
Fork route, to Coos bay and tb Mohawk
valley, betide connection witb tbe South
rn Pacifio; and a bandsom blrdsey view
of th town.
Rsciiviso Gain Th Eaeen flouring
mill up to Thursday had reoeived about
3,000 bushels of wheat. Th fanners bave
only got just fairly started threablng ind thi
rusn ti tne mm wiu os wnn tney ax on
ishing. The grain Is of exoellent quality,
but carries Urg amount of wild oat.
Sold Oct. Sladden k Son have told
their grocery store, on tb corner of Wil
lamette and Seventh streets, to T. A. Hen
derson, wbo ill formerly In tbe tin busl.
nes In thi city. Th new proprietor will
take charge of th business on September
Lam Csuicoa. Having sold out we will
mtk specisl prion for th next ten day!
until Sepl lit) on ill grooerle ind orock
ry. Don't ml thi ohino.
Diusn c oon.
Tdi rVnmA rvnwm Wrtrk An th
Coburg Cumberland Presbyterian church
1 progressing rapidly. Th fram of tho
diflotiinp. It la expected to have it
ready fo oooupancy by October 1st.
MitajK). In Eugene, Oregon, August
19, 1SJ1, it their residence, on Tenth street,
by Elder i. 0. Blohardaon, Mr. O. 8. Frank
to Mr. Lixzia Machiw. Th Guam offers
It snnsratulation.
The Local Market.
Th fallowing quotations for th local market
are of retail prion only. Tbey ar corrected
weekly, and will he found as accural a such
renort can bt made:
Whsat Net market Arm $
Oava- l"er busbel, net
Floub Per luu DM.
so m as
1 TO
06 (9 10
06(4 10
vstti io
13 !
40 & M
3 500 tOO
sir Per Ik. ,
MurroH Per B
hist Per n
Haas-Per IV
SaouLDsaa Pat ft
Sinas Per ft.
Uan Pat ft.
Bvrriar-Par rU (J tkt.)
Eims Per down
Chu:uuis Spring, Per do
Rlaji ft ...
Pomtoss New ft BuhtL
HUIIA Dry granulated, kl ft...
KltraC, V Bl,
Uotdan, II ft
Corar-(.'oMa Hi oo best V ft...
KtoVIk ....
Javay ft
Tn-f. ft
Sua rs Per box, 3D bar
CHtts l'tr ft
m a
1 eo