The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, May 31, 1890, Image 3

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t-.i.ucti of True Hreedlns; In th Him
liter Kauk of Lira.
It In not always In court circles or
iinoflif the aristocracy of a laud tliat tlia
trui-st courtesy ia found. In the hum
bler rank of Hfo are often seen in
gUince of true breeding that would put
wtbe blush tome of our upper Bvo hun
dred. NVarly Hfty years ago, wheuJulin
j Crittenden, the distinguished Senator
from Kentucky, was stumping that State
(or tuo I'leutlon of his friond, Henry
Clay, to the l'rcsiiloncy, be stayed for a
few day 'n Danville, a town In the Blue
Crass reffion.
The Whigs from near and far were
gathered In force In tho little oity, and
the distinguished men of tho neighbor
hood, together with these visitors, were
invited to a "big dinner" at the house
of .Mr. S , a well-to-do farmer and
stanch Whig, who lived a milo or two in
the country.
For d:i.vs tho available force of the
farm had been so employed in preparing
for the great occasion, which was ap
pointed for Thursday, that the family
were put on somewhat short commons.
On Wednesday tho Senator started
out fro'" tho house, where ho was stay
jnjr, for a morning walk. Absorbed in
thought on tho political situation, he
was not aware how the time passed un
til, glancing up to tho sky, ho saw by
the nun that It was uoon.
"Why," ho said to himself, "I must
hasten, or I shall be too late for Mr.
g 's dinner!"
, Ho had forgotten that tho dinner was
appointed for tho next day. Taking a
short cut throiich the woods, ho soon
arrived at tho farm-house, lie noticed
an unusual commotion in tho yard, where
the slaughter of turkeys was engaging
tho attention of a crowd of little darkies,
and thinking he must be late, ho has
tenod his steps.
llr. and Mrs. S wore standing on
tho front porch, watching the turkles
and tho darkios, when Mr. Crittenden
approached. Airs. 8 understood the
situation at once.
"llless my heart, husband," she said,
"yomler's Senator Crittenden! He's com
ing to dinner, sure's the world! lie
thinks it's to-morrow. What shall we
"Invite him in," said the old farmer,
"and givo him tho best we have."
At that moment the dinner-horn
sounded, and the visitor reached the
steps. Mr. S advanced to moot him,
but before ho could utter a word, the
Senator said:
I hopo I havo not kept your dinner
waiting, Mr. S . I was walking in
the woods, and did not notice the hour."
"Indeed, no," was tho Instant reply.
"It is only just ready. Walk in, slr!"
walk In! I am glad to" see you under
my roof."
He took his visitor's hand heartily,
Introduced him to his wife, and then
led tho way Into the dining-room. In
the room were already gathered his
three stalwart sons, and smoking on tho
board were the traditional hog and
hominy, with the potatoes and corn
bread of Kentucky farm-life.
The homely dishes wore passed to the
Washington Senator, while the talk ran
upon tho coming election, the crops and
the partridges with which the hemp
fields abounded. Sonator Crittenden was
proverbially an absent-minded man, and
the fact that ho was the only guest did
not occur to him. On the contrary, be
thoroughly enjoyod his dinner, and do
lighted tho heart of his hostess by toll-
'ii linn thof Imn nnvn nnnoa 4 'i a fail 4naf
as his mother's used to do when he was
a boy in Woodford County.
After dinner, and an hour's conversa
tion over cob pipes on the front porch,
he arose to tuko his leave. As be shook
hands at parting, Mr. S said:
"Don't forgot, Senator, that you are
to come and dine with me to-morrow."
"To-nierrow!" echoed his visitor, cov
ered with confusion. "Bless my soul,
sir, 1 thought it was to-day, and of
course, you was not expecting any one
to-day! What a stupid blunder on my
"Not at all," was the courteous an
swer. "It has only given us two pleas
ures Instead of one, and I only wish it
might occur often." r
The next day forty gentlemen were
entertained at the old farm-house in
princely. If seral-barbarlc, stylo, but tho
Senator doclarod that he enjoyed none
of it as he had done the simplicity of
the day before. '
"And, sir," he said, telling the story
to a friend in Washington, "1 have
never seen any whore in any court cir
cle moro case, more self-possession or
more true courtosy, than was shown by
that old farmer and his family. They
apologized for nothing; there was never
an intimation that I was unwelcome, or
even unlooked for, or that any thing
was amiss. It was the height of good
breeding. I was proud of my people."
Youth's Companion.
Homely Women of Portngal.
Tho I'ortuguese men are rather below
the medium height, of olive complexion,
and have brilliant black eyes. For the
most part they are vory handsome The
women, on the contrary, aro excessively
homely, but dross in vory good taste.
Both gentlemen an, ladies copy the
l'arisian fashions. Te prettiest women
are the fisher maids, who go about the
streets barefooted with their baskets of
fish on their heads, after the fashion of
the Egyptian women with their pitehers
of water.. Some of these girls are re
markably pretty, and, strange to say,
their feet are small and delicate look
ing and their forms are graceful. Kan
las City Times.
A newspaper man lately discovered
remarkable family In Farmlngton.
Me. Calling at the home of Jonathan
Scott Ellis he found Mr. Ellis,
ho is ninety-six years old, seated
hy the stove and reading a newspaper
without glasses. Ills wife's sister, Miss
Lydia Ballard, who will be Dinety
even years old in April, was -seated In
rocking-chair near by and knitting
vigorously. Another sister-in-law, Miss
Hannah Ballard, eighty-four years old
next October, was clearing up the din-
nr-tablo and washing the dishes. Mrs.
Ellis died three years ago at the age of
eighty-eight. The old folks prefer to
live by themselves and to do all their
own work, and Father Ellis refers to hii a "the girls."
hxperiments recently made by IT.
Luderitz in the Berlin Hygienic Insti
tute indicate that all kinds of bacteria
killed by coffee.
n a branch road of the Canadian
Pacific, near Sudbury, Canada, is a
"Ickol mine that produces more nickel
tt'M the world's market calls for. Toe
output Is said to be 4.000 tons annually.
The conclusions reacbod by modern
jnteorolofi8t9 are that cyclones of great
in nsity are ascending spiral whirls of
wind baying a rotary motion In a dlree
Uun in the northern hemisphere oppo
to tba movement of the hands of a
Th. limn.., u , ,,(.7i,lul,1, ,M ,.omrl. j
m Willi th Murrnhi.
"e was a typical "Cracker" ,nd when
one of our i ...i i vi n.i. i.i. i. . .
"u nun ii hii naii '
ever had any real adventures he dis-
played unwonted animation.
"Waul," said he, "Ml allow I was
kevt once. Turned mv ba r white t .
niinniL 1 was coming out or Water Ouk i
bainuilclt in d, . i . . . .,.!
---- .. j.j,. a irucK solid i
ground-put my right fut down within I
ues oi tne biggest diamon back !
ever seen in those parts-an" its gum on !
snakes. He rattled an' I Jumped, but !
aforo ho was fairly coiled I had Betsey I
up an' put or ball thru' bis head. Ho i
measured eight feet-I've got his skin !
tor bum, an' can show it ler ye if ye
misdoubt my word. j
"Snakes? Waal, I reckon. Fust of '
all is the 'dilution' back;' rattlesnako !
you call him. He's bottled hell fire, j
When he strikes it's like chained light-1
ning. Ther ain't any help for ve; yo're !
a dead man. Only the other day an In
dian wus huntin' on the Kissimmeo
rher; an' was struck thieo times by a
diamon' back. He was dead insldo of '
half an hour. These littlo groun' rat- '
tiers that lie In the plney woods, I hev j
seen their bite cured. Big doses of j
whisky '11 do It. But I never know the
blto of a rale old diamon' back, such as i
llo in the moist ground nigh the bay j
heads, cured 'cept onct. A negro hund I
was cuttin' cano in the cane fields
around St Cloud, an' was bit in the
ankle by one. Tho nearest doctor was
tor Kissimmee, six miles, an' it tuk
two hours tew bring him thar. By that
time tho man's leg was swelled ter
twice Us nateral sizo, an' the swollen
was cieepin' up bis body. Doc 'lowed
there was no time to lose. Uo'd brought
erlongcr sum kind o' euro for snako
bites, an' be used it. Directions said
givo a teaspoonful an' no moah. He
guv' a teaspoonful an' the swellin' stop
ped. Then, as tho man was nigh dead,
he guv' 'im toother, an' the swellin' he
gun to go down; ho guv' 'im a third, an'
next morning tho nlggor was well. I
brut back a bottlo er that remedy, an'
next snuko hito I hear uv I mean tor try
It No, ther ain't many diamon' backs
roun' here. Ther's throe crittors that
'lows tor destroy 'cm door, hogs and
black snakes an all on 'em's plentiful
In this country. Whenever doer meet a
diamon' back they're boun' ter kill 'im
ef it's a possibility. I seed an old buck
do it In onct Ho went jumpin' toward
him on all fours at onct, and er rattler
strikin' all er time, so when er buck
landed on his coll ho had no pisen left,
an' 'er buck cut him ter plecos with bis
Hharn linufs in no time, ninnrallv
there's throe or four door attacks to
getnor. nogs nunt em aown ana Kin
'em much er same way, only they lots er
rattler strike 'em on the fat or er cheek,
which does 'em no damage. After kill
In' 'em, hogs eat 'em. A black snake
gincrally kills tho diamon' back by
jumpin' on him an' stranglln' him.
"Beautiful critter, this diamon' back.
His back is jist or row er diamon'-shaped
Aggers glowin' wich every sort er color,
an' a-lookin' into his eye when ho's a lit
tle excited shows you the most wonderful
piuters ever painted. A lady in Tampa's
hovin' a dress made of rattiors' skins.
"But the diamon' back is agintlnman
sido o' tho moccasin," continued the
raconteur, shifting his quid to the other
choek. "This fust-nnmod allcrs gives
notice afore ho strikes, so: Wlirrr. But
tho moccasin lies low in the tussock, an'
strikes when ycr thinkin' im a thousan'
miles off. I kin cure his bite, though.
My boys has got two littlo bound pups
they think er heap ov. They was all
down playin' er side Rio Water Lake
t'other day, w hen one ov er pups run
squar on a tremonjus big moccasin. He
was as big roun' as yer leg, strangor.
I'll 'low he was. He bit the pup, and
aforo I got hum at night 'twas all up
with him. If I'd been ther I could er
cured him. Jist tako wet gun-powder
an' bind It ter er bite. The pisen'll take
it in er minnit make It hard as stone.
Ve koep bindin it on till It stops cakln'
an' the wound's cured.
"Yes, thore's other kinds o' snakes.
There's the bullsnake, so called, I reck
on, 'causo ho's got er neck liko a bull.
An' tho pilot snake. Dan Budd killed
one out yero this mawnin'. Looks jest
like a rattler, an' Is a sort ov pilot fur
em. Won yo see one roun' you can cal
kerlate a diumon' back ain't fur off.
The curlosest snako, tho', Is the hoop
snako, a critter that jest takes his tall
in his mouth an' rolls toward ye like er
hoop. He has er sharp horn in-the tip
of bis tail that he strikes with."
"Why," said I, "that's identical with
the hoop-snake of Georgia. One of
them rolled for a Major up there the
other day, struck at hlra and missed,
and his sting went so far into a gum
tree that he could not draw it out, and
so hung thero until be died."
The Cracker looked at me curiously.
"Wasl, stranger, I'll 'low ye tuk the
words right out ov my mouth. I saw
that same thing done onct over in the
Gulf hammick when I was on a hunt for
panther an' bar. Only it was me he
cum for, an' he stuck bis horn in er
oypers 'stead of a gum tree."
At this point the Cracker betook him
self off on bis hunt, and we strolled
back to the inn, keeping a bright look
out for the "diamon' back," which might
be following in the wake of the pilot
killed that morning. "-Alligator Lake
(Fla.) Letter
-A movement is begun in Germany
to utilize to a greater extend the banana
fiber, which Bxtends the entire length
of the branchless plant, and is capable
of being divided imo threads of silky
fineness. In Central Africa this fiber is
dried and used for shoe-strings and for
cords and ropes, but it is believed that
it could be used in various manufac
tures the same as cotton, bemp, flax
and similar plants.
-Two improvements in the mechan
ism of musical instrument we P";
The first of these, an invention of I err
Lmil Olbricht a pianist of Berlin, Is a
: tv.o white kevs of a
SClkeme ior r.u:i'" .
piano tothelevelof the b ack.o if
necesarv, a """ ' .
other novelty is the arrangement
the holes of the bassoon, which is said
'J1 playing the
aId more satisfactory. It 1 the dis
covery of H.rrKeinholdLange,.mu
sician of Wiesbaden.
-Experiments to prove the virtues of
salt in keeping farm crops in a healthy
and vigorous c. ndition have ben car
ried on extensively In
England, and the results lead to be
following conclusion. '
of L.'-OO to pods ' P
will check the rust In cereals, theflnger
SJii. turnips, largely pro -ralnst
the grub and wire-worm. cbx
virulence of potato
SilJS fungoid growth, in . pasture
Ttla also a preventive against moss,
Lakestugb gssmorp.laubl.,.nd
sweetens the herbage general,!..
Windsor (a. He, Quern Victoria's FararIM
Dwelling Place.
W'indsor Castle Is one of the most an
olent of the magnificent atrongholds in
Great Britain. It Is known that Wil
liam the Conqueror found It a famous
place, the favorite seat of the Saxon
kings. Tho Norman removed the rudo
wooden enclosure and constructed a
stone circuit wall; the first completo
round tower was built In ViVi by Henry
III., and Edward III. In 18U remodeled
and reconstructed It on a much greater
scale, to alTord an amtembly place for
the Knights of the Garter, an order
which ho hud just established. The
legends had it that it was on the sum
mit of that circular mound that King
Arthur was accustomed to meet with bis
Knights of tho Bound Table. Addi
tions have been made by various sover
eigns to this famous Round Tower, the
later Improvements being by Sir Jollrey
Wyatville, the court architect In the
reign of George IV. The chapel cloister
built by Henry III. remains, as was an
other, erected by the sumo monarch,
and dedicated to Edward the Confessor,
is now called the Albert Memorial
Chapel. Henry VII., In 1501 and sub
sequently, did much to Improvo the
chapels of the great structure The
chapel of St George is said to rank next
to Westminster Abbey as a royal mau
soleum. This chapel is a splendid speci
men of Gothic architecture, and there the
marringo ceremony of tho Prince of
Wales and the l'rincess Alexandra was
performed with great magnificence. In
regard to tho ceremony it was said that
"the altar was arrayed with its gold
communion plate in massive rows, and
the ceremony performed by a number of
prelates who mado tho service most Im
pressive. Tho musical portion of the
ceremony was sweetly rendered by Mine.
Jenny Lind Goldsmldt who, with oth
ers, offered up the bymn of praise on
this great day. A picture of
the grand eeremonv was painted by Mr.
Frith, for a copyright of which a higher
price has been olfered than has ever
been offered for any other picture."
Among those burled there are Henry
VIII. and Lady June Seymour, George
III. and his Queen, William IV. and his
Queen, Charles I. and the Princess Char
lotte. The vault in which tho remains
of these lie is at the eastern end of the
chapel. It is in this chapel where the
installation of the Knights of the Gar
ter takes place. Tho castlo, which has
been ono of tho favorite floats of the
rulers of Great Britain for eight centu
ries, Is In Its interior rich in decorations
and works of art embracing pictures,
statuary and bronzes. The principal
gallery in which these are shown is over
600 feet In length. The private apart
ments of tho Queen wero for the most
part rebuilt or remodeled by Sir Jeffrey
Wyatville. The royal forest of Wind
sor in 1700 contained some 00,000 acres.
Since then, however, it has been much
reduced in size, although It still ranks
as ono of tlie finest In the kingdom, and
contains somo oak trees of great ageand
also. Chicago Inter Ocean.
Ijilior Can lid Lightened by Mixing It
Willi Itralnt.
Every man can not do the higher
grades of mental labor, and tho hard
mental tasks of the world must be per
formed by somobody.
Men and women whose lot has been
cast among the hard manual laborors of
the world should remember that thoir
tasks can bo immeasurably lightened by
mixing them with thought Study out
now and easlor methods of performing
the old tasks. Plan, contrive and ex
periment Thought applied to labor
makes your work nn art It leads, too,
to more expeditious methods.
Forty years ago, every farmer rakod
his hay with a small hand-rake, poking
it together much as ho drew up the soil
with a hoe around a bill of potatoes.
Some one, who mixed brains with his
work, got a theory In his head that the
hay oould bo gathered together easier
with a large rake dragged behind the
worker on the ground. Hence a bigger
rake was suggested, which performed
tho work nearly four times as fast as the
old method. It did the work so easily
that the rake was called a "loafer."
Soon it was suggested to somebody,
who mixed brains with his work and
mado an art of labor, that if a man could
drag a big rake to advantage, a horse
could drag a bigger ono. In this way
tho first horse rake was evolved. A
man walked behind and managed the
rake, and a boy rode and guided the
But there was still further opportuni
ty for the man who mixed brains with
his work to lighten bis task, and conse
quently make his work still more pleas
ant. Why not dispense with the boy,
he reasoned, and why should I have this
laborious trouble of walking around be
hind the horse and turning over the
rake? I will put this thing on wheels,'
fasten a seat astride the wheels, and
ride about my field and take my ease,
and, at tbo same time, rake my hay.
It was in this way that the modern
horse-rake - as evolved. In the same
.anner all great inventions have been
brought about by men who mix braini
with their work. Yankee Blade.
lliln' FroreMlv Emperor.
The young Emperor of China is dla
llaying a good deal of vigor as a re
former. He is inquiring into every de
partment of his government and is issu
ing orders for the removal of abuses,
ii. ,.nilu nulilished a decree roqulr-
returns relating to tba
strength of the army, in order to prevent
officers from drawing pay for troop
which did not exist He has also abol
ished a large number of unnecessary
Government places In the provinces. He
has attacked the Pekln police for their
negligence and has ordered the provinces
to reform their police service. Altc
.,. ha hid fair to be a progressive
i and enlightened potentate. Meanwhlla
i be is at odds with his mother and hi
i new wives. -JMroit Free Press.
! He-r-It tickles me greatly to find I
can raise a moustache. 6be-It tickle
! na, too.
' It bas been calculated by H. O.
i Tumlin that the light reaching the
pupil of the eye in each ni ot tiD1
represents a quantity of work which
' would requlrcone year and eighty-nine
! days to raise the U-mperature of a
gramme of water one degree centimeter
(1.8 degrees Fahrenheit)
I Scientist say that the duration of a
lightning fiah is not inflnitsimal. but
that the f!h last a measurable time.
For exarcpln, if one W a camera la
' rapid vibration and expose in It a plat
! so as to receive the impression of tha
; fiasb. it U found that the Impressloa
appear widened out on we neK"".
showing the negative to hava moved
during tbe time the fiah wa la existence.
Sam Franc'Iik o, January 0,
.Vanufucturert of tht Urtat Sitrra Kid
ut and Liver Curt:
Gk.ntlkmen: I have beeu a sufferer
from kidney complaint for several years,
and have used medicine upon medicine
without any apparent relief uutll a friend
of lulu told ni of the wonderful cures
accomplUhed by your remedy. I wa In
duced to buy a bottle but without much
faith. After ualuK the Unit bottle I
noticed such an Improvement I kept on
until I had taken three bottle, and can
safely say that I am entirely cured aud
never felt better In my life. I can gladly
recommend The Great Sierra Klduey and
Liver Cur to all people that are ufTeriug
lu any way with kidney or urinary dlsor
de.. .lUpfclfully yoiiw,
L. II. Coun,
Atlantic aud Pacific Pub. Co., room Si, St
Ann's building, city.
Letter now o off lu doiem,
K r the uinmer time draw ulgh,
To I lie lineie country ruunlua,
Wlioiu w'H weary by-auil-tijr.
Particularly on a Ion- Joiinict. Be fully pre
ixnsj. You rauunt be, permit mi to My, uuleu
you are accompiuttsi u" traveler' anil
lolirl.l t nut tnrmm, lloiteller'a stomach Bit
ter, niit svulal of aptietlsera, arelluistlaen
and promoters of dlsyellon. Alnt tick
m, malaria, eramp and colli- becotleu ol
Udlycooked or unwliolimtm-loodamibrrklri
u-r. uervoui-iiew, Incteax-d Uy travel, eliroule
bllloutueu ami constipation, the llliwra la a
soverelKii preventive. lm-rU a rvlluli (or
nwi inn m-K-'iin-ff i. jwui . -
ll lnn lUiium-ltl llfl Villi. NetT tll-TV
such a capital thins tot the snforlanaie dys-
peptlc who aianin in iirenu oi me i--i ii-i-u
uii-al. Htoniachlc trouble cue.l by lll prepared
viands aboard thlp, on stcainboaln. and rations
bastlljr bulled at railway rwtanraiiU, la toon
remedied by the Itltler. which slves a quietus
aim to rheuuiatlaui, kidney trouble aud lu-
nan 1m Ih.-lr wtM natt without ECttllll
more or lew rye mixed In with Ihein.
Traveling men smoke "Tauslll's Punch."
u In nan ! ennit news." nerhaus. But ton
cau'l make su editor believe it.
Can the sale of an Inferior article con
stantly increase for J!4 years! Uobhlna
L-i..t .1 has liun nn the market ever
since lMtiS, ami Is to-dav, ei ever, th best
and puttif lamiiy soap inaue. nj iu
Your grocer win genu
i DI...1.UM I., nl.mllaa elallita IntlMVe
discovered that women always return borrowed
For the enr of a cough or sore throat,
" iii-otm's Hronchial Trorha" ar a sim
ple remedy.
Hhn Vnn tell vonr sUter I meant to write her
a note, but didn't He lhauks. Bhe'll be flad
to know It.
It Is the llllle thinss of life, the worries
of to-day and to-morrow, that make the
rrow'a feet around our eves. So the little
paiuaof an hour or a mluute break down
the coDHtitutlon. Look after tbe lime int.
n.. . w otivTu'a Pti i men ilvatienHla. or
IJ JIAPI'I.C! 'I ... - - - i - r - , - -
Indlgention, headache, pain In the shoul
der, COUgns, iiKUUiei" ' '"'
ness, sour siomacn. ou uiw m mo mii ,
i.;ii. .ii.ek haI ill tut inn of tha heart
lull unmatlon of die lungs. Pain In the
region of the kidney 1 na a nunuiru yi nor
... I f ti I aviiiiitiiiii .ra the ult.uriuE of dv
perwla. Oue or two pill every ulght Is
sulllclent. , , ,
Hrandhktii s tMLI.8 are som in every
meillclue etore. either plain or
ugar-coatod. '
To Tin Editor: 1'li-ase Inform your readers
lhatJ have a positive remedy for the above-
a u. ii. uau thmiunila of
hnpelesa esses ba been iwrinanentllj eured. I
snau ue kibu w wh iww u.,. .
tree to any ol tout readers who have consump
tion l( Ihey will send ue their express and post
otueddrea.. "-,,ocrMi M. c.,
1S1 1'ca.Utrcet, Nw York.
Dr. William's Indian Pile Ointment la the only
nre enre lor Blind, Mecdlmj or Itohlnf Pile
ever discovered. It never falls to cur old
chronic cases ot Ions standlur;
Judge Oofflnbary, l)hivelnd, O., Say:
"I have found 1-y experience that Dr. Wll
Ham' Indian Pile Ointment five Immedlat
'"iiouot snfrer an Instant lomrer. Bold by Wll
liamsoii's Mennfarta'lni:o.,Pwps., Cleveland,
Ohla. Wo audit
sold by L Blamaner Y Co.. Whole! Drag
a-lsta, Portland. Or.
Pawchs Oitt, Wash.
b'AKHia: TMuklns Prhps ll nilri b bsuerMsl
lo sunenim uuiuini. im ,... 1- -
tr.tliii.rn, lu Uie nuuir ntber lu .r4l ot lUaKigolwUo
ud, knowlns ss 1 do that ow. nir III to funs "wll
elm Urt October 1 takt-o lih qui k omnuiup
Uou. tint drwl duM from l oij p"l)l b
dlixl Wss.luklus inlim. Did nui know wotfci do.
kuowlm s. 1 did ttist our luuiiy in w iiw
of ihn iticlort ut Urn ol soli.wl of uiwliclue, l;d U'.e by
on uoumliwl. UiMilusfuur uiwuuoo. .-
olilioeDiM, 1 resulted lo t.jr Until. I rud BO Isllli St
tue tin., Dnwster. t uu iwnr , -- -
l ft limili oould mS II oo my left side; would lu mr
Alter wsins nieuii'iuv -- ,r
and iwt ou lefl sld". lu two aiouUu my luim wer well.
I1STIIIS recemm ....ii. ......
outioiuilrd to am ll I't mi oliro lo elhwnl of flfteen
fe.nt' sUliilliig. Hurlus unt Id uiury from a ,ui.
Jllostion 1 1 feuisl Iroulilm; yrulim lid uiocrstlou or
tlie uturl, d pr..fus mnuiiMk ssUrrh uf U
blsdiu-r, psliluUuD of tb brt. s-d. In !. tp wn !
nertuus lymeui aiplet wick. 1 liuil.lw when
1 t.lnk of tl nuiulaw of p..ums I t.-uk slid tb Biii
umIvm slid utloful ouonUiMi I uo-lsrwei I In Ui bsmU
... . . I. f. .. ... .I....L ni ,!. man UuM.
ol til ne uoowim. p , '
ssu.Uwnosryulrntto Uielr frsi by lb ssms
niurdious rroowi. After leklus your inntlclua four
mouths, I was emirsij wen ui mi oij .ru.. -
asi nviuih lo pni.s of theos, slid niaKt to ibnoU Ui
uoU of my tlrn lo rpremllns UuSr Diarlu alirosd
smonltb ilok ml affiV-tod. II tb Doble mw sod
women of tb Ituta-loo. who claim their
chief Sfli I i ben (t nisiiklnd, wmi iI
bKMUfat your syotrn, 'lr would surer
waleuuie lb dswo ol the M aeisne and fl to It
dnuorarer tb honor sod oonBdenos b dave by
drouiluf th v" oUl cu'"'' Iwblch o only
tear down anj SiwtMy Ui UaalMSI and aduptln fuura,
slilcb builds ui lb tlrar and must ba tb wily Una
natelu 01 naming wmon win mim wm - -
lw s IMik mmumm,t to y. Ua author. If yur lit
iimna wucb ol U bktwint uf llu in Um gratitude of
tlie thouamiwU run bt wrwl frum vu Mrly frvv
Knouv b euiuot b nld lur hiio wbu cm tun. -ultwrjf iulu
HulwHbad sod sworn to brlun m this Hb day of
J"a'Jl!j FBANK MAUPIBlt. HoUry Publk.
n. .Tnrl.n' offli a I at the realdenc of
ex-Mayor Tealer, Third and James, Seat-
He Consultation and Drecrltlon srwo-
lutely frkk. Send for free book esplalning
the mitogenetic sysbem.
CArTiox.-The Hlstojrenetle Medicines
are sold In bnt one agency m each town.
Tl. laKet sennnd the bottle bear the fol
i.ini (nu-rlntlnnr " Dr. J. Eusene Jor
dan' Hlto(renetle Medicine." Everyother
derir I a fraud.
Your Blood
Needs a rood tleanslnt this sprlnf , In order to
overcome th Impurities wblrh hav aceumn
Isted dnrins tbe winter, or which may be bered.
Itary, and cause yon mncb iBfrerlns;. w eon 11
dently recommend Hood's Barsaparllla as tb
very beat sprint medlcln. By Its na th Mood
Is pnrifled, enriched nd vitalised, that tired
leellDf Is rntlrdy overeom sod tb whole bndy
alven strens tb od vljor. Tb ppetlt Is re
stored and sharpened, tb dlgestlv orrsn r
tnoed. and lb kidneys and liver Invigorated.
-After ssSirtns lor over two years from in
tra! debility sod dypepsls, I was na!ly per
suaded lo try Hood's gamparllla, and I take
treat pleasare In saying that after taklnf three
bottle I feel treatly relieved. 1 nop that any
srT(p-rs from the sboreeomplalnU who happen
U) see this will Uke eonrate and try Hood's Sar
1 a par Ills. "-Vis. L V. Pnsasoa, Oak Orov
srenS', San Francisco, lei.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold by onirvlau. II: six tof SS Prepared
only by 0. L Hixil) a lu., uwu. use. .
100 Dot) On Dollar
Ntabbora Ulaeaae Yield to Skllirul
It I a positive fact that the art of curing
dbeaaei by electricity 1 revolutionising
tbe practice of medicine, a it 1 shown hy
the following testimonial that apeak for
Mr. John ai, a Prominent Lady of
Portland, (lives Her Eiperleae
Ytllh Dr. llarrln.
Hear Editor: I bar been a well wom
an all my life uutll ou year ago lat Au
gust, wbeu I was tal-eu down with chills
and fever, which routined me to my bed
nine wees with rheuinatlnni In my llnilw
and hands: also liver and klduey troub'es.
After lliig'-rtiig lu this coudttloa tor five
tiiotitlm I wa advlHed by my physician to
try electricity. A Dr. llarrln had cured
my mot her of varlou ailment two yearn
ao, 1 put myself under hi care. Now I
am so far cured of ail my trouhle that
onlv a few more treatment are needed. I
can be seen at t'H -ecoiid street, Portland.
Mart 1. Hax.
Mr Editor Dkar 8ih: X few week
gi I waa taken with an acute attack of
riii-uiHAtl-m In my left ahouliler and arm.
ao 1 was nut a'de U work, and could find
nn n 1 rt uutll I put myti lf under Dr.
r n'a electric treatment, lie cured mo In
aliout one week time, so I can now ue
my arm most as well as ever. Your,
J.KWia bTl'Mp,
Kalama, Wash,
To the Puttlic: This la to certify that
Or. IWrln ha restored m hearing and
stopped the nolae aud ringing In my earn,
thai have cauiied me a groat deal of trouble
and einiMrrasament (or thepait year or so,
I cheerfully recommend the doctor to the
altl'Cted. a I know well of their success
aud reputation lu San Knnrlxco.
A. Cash, Tacoma, Waah,
Ira. Darrlu's I' I are of Business.
Or. Ditrrln ran he consulted dally at the
Washington liuildlng, corner Fourth and
Washington streets, i'ortla-d.and Oar ow
t'alliu building, Taroms, Wash. Hours,
ll) to S; evening, 7 to 8; Sundays, 10 to 12.
All chronic dleease, blood talntit,
irn-gularitie in women, loa of
vital Kiwer and early Indiscretions perma
nently cu ed. though uo referenda are
ever made In the press concerning such
eases, owing to th" delicacy of the patient.
mammal Ions tree loan, ana circular win
be sent free to any address. Charges for
treatment according to patient' ability to
pay. The poor treated free of charge from
1U to 11 dally. All private disease confi
dentially treated and cure guaranteed.
I at lent at a dlslanre can be cured ny
home treatment Medicine and letters
ent without the doctors' nstne appearing.
Pfunder' Oreaon lllwoal Purifier u
the btsd remisly fur that d ead disease, dyspep
sia, lor It rt-sulalv the lymphatlo aystem aud
Haul socreuous.
Tar Okrhra for breakfast.
Skin & Scalp
:-:cured by.V-
I1 tlrvlnu lbs akin of rhlldrwn and lutsnts
snd rnrlnt torlurlnt, dlniirlii(. Ito' In, scaly
aud ulinplr dleea of the akin, scalp aud
blood, with Inas ol hair, from Infaucv too a ate,
the ( I TU cs ItSMKiuss ar Inlal.lbl.
C'ptk tin. the ireat aktu cur, and Ct'TK CSi
So i p. an ej.iuUllo skin beautlAer, eaterually,
and t't'TictiRA ItssoLVKNT, the new blood purl-
rJcr, luu ruallv, cure every lorin or ssiu ami
blood dlaeaae from iilmnles to si-mfula.
Sold everywhere. Price, Cl'TKTaa, Wc; Ror,
Me: Ksholvsst, 11. I'n-pareil by the Powss
)si-o Asnfiiiiaii-ALCosroSATios.BosTos.MASs
Bend for " How to t'ure Skin niaeanea."
tVUsby's sklu ana sialp prvnurveo auuBl
T beautiflisl by Iutkts aosr. "VsJ
KioNKV ralNs, backache and weakness
sffc'-ured by Cl'TitT AnH-Pain 1'lastk. su
lypinataiilaneoas paiU'SUiyiuiui p s-w-r. cm.
To enre ntlloiisnena. Stek llesdache ronstlpstloa,
Malaria. l,ler Coniplslnt. use the sal
and oeruln remedy, H.MITH'8
CaatheBMAM.PIZEMO little beans to tha bnt
He I. They are. the moat convenient: suit all a.
Prlesof ellhei slae, 'Jt oenu per bottle.
If ICQIIMi ' " 1'- 70i Phnto-imiTnr.
IVI)i9lllJ panel sli of Uila plctur lor i
eeni iwppen or siauitNii.
Mskers nf 'Bile Beans. Hi. LouU Mo.
efrN The Best Typewriter.
Bend for Cstaloga.
WiLtY B. Allen & Co,
General A cent,
v"! tn i.t
St.. Portland. Or,
raisins; CblckenSA. i
I- U'i ..... 1 1 IhM
ted Catalisni de
aorlbln Incubators
Brooder. Brooding
House, How and
Ulh.1 tA Weed. HOW
Ion to keep them I
th Brooder, Drink ln
and Uielr Cure, Id I sol
mora luformatln
ian 1 liven In many
.wnl hiKikS. Sent
-to auy address on r
nelnt of So. SUmn
Wlr Nettlut, Bout
Mills, Bon Meal nd
sll kinds ol Poaltn
(tii s) (or pAnarsjinra, toailamwIkM snl
U-li- fUa t is asset asi
tall. wm !
ifeLatMitv iWsa l
Son Blf U m U m!)
avvvs-1 i v iti weawi tssje s ww -
Ol Iflia
amsMrSsss. 1. 1
w aw mis mm a Im
aaaar rws. aa It has
Falters Golden Female Pills.
PorPemal Irreri
I lie-, msbltisllkethem
on the market. Aeeer
(oil Knrrenlullynsed
by prominent ladle
monthly. Guaranteed
to relieve suppressed
Pon't be buaimisTed,
Sar Time, lllth
nd mooy :uk aooth'
Rent to any address.
serur by mall no r
eeipt oi price, tiw.
Wssiern Braoch, toiV.tOUTLAXD, OW
Bold by Wisdom liar Co.. Portland, Or.
P'slPUS Rg . -f. .S .-, DBtASlS
N. P. 5. U. . S37-4. f. 5. D. Ho. 414
f TO Ti.
f I rrinuiri
S 1
mji ii i it mmW
Including IS rare novel tlee, thapea and
artUtlc imported oleogntphle and ehro.
matlc cants. This large aud beautiful col
lection sent by mall to any ou who will
do this: liuy a box of the aeiiulue Dr. C.
Mcl Jttie' Celebrated Liver 111 1st from any
druggist, price 6 rent, and mail u the
outalde wrapper with your address, plain
ly written, aud 4 cell's lu stamps. The
genuine Mi-Lane fills are prepared only
by Fleming Uro., I'ltUburgh, l'a.( aud
have been lu coimtant ui for over aixty
years. Ihey are auperlor to all other lu
purity and eitecuveui-HS. a certain cure
for Indigestion and sick headache. Ad-
dree, Fleming Uros., I'ltUburgh, 1'a.
It ranffittr icy4miiii uruvfib In mil Hon of home ft
mora Utu) t quavtter taf OMtturv. It I umhI bj ik
VaitM Htu stTTniniiil Kmfortwl by tlw h-vla uf
Um ir4 VnlTfrEllie th Htnwrrwi, INtrttM vh1
nkt HnUthritl Irr IMrr iOmun bklit IWilrr dum
tHHouotcin Amawnl, Uiw itr Alum. H1 1 otiljf In ouis
rttlUK HAM Mi ltJWlHH
mw rout cuidauu. um riUMumoo.
ovsrhnard ons sajr of hor, "By Heaven,
he's paluttxtl" "Ye," retnrttsl she In
diirnautly, " ami by heaven only I " Kutldy
hoalth nututltal lior cheek, yet tills beautiful
lady, once tlilti and ial, aud suffering from
a dry, backing ootinh, ni;lit-weata, and
splttlufC of IiIimnI, smmiuxI ili-etlued to fill
a cntumniptlve' (rave. Aftor iqionilltix
hundreds of dolbtrs on physiciniia. witlioui
bnnellt, she ti lod llr. 1'ionV U0I1U1 Mo.ll
cal Discovery; bor luiproronaint waa mm
tuarked, and in a lew months Hie waa
plump and roar airaln. porfoot picture
of hmlth and strength.
This woudorful ''Ui.Ucn Me-llivil Dis-
oovery," now world -f anted a a retnody for
consumption, which I really lung-scrofula,
Is not only an acknowledged itswxly for
that turrllily fatal niabuly, whon tulion In
time and given a fair trial, but also fur all
forms of B -rofulous, tiklnaiid Hoalp iIImmuhs,
as White Mwelllngs, Kuvor-sorus, lli)-Joliit
Duavue, Halt-rheum, Tettor, Konuna, Bolls,
Carliunclus, l!rvsiielas and klmliwl all-
monu. au siaij, cruaty, luning, trouuiu
soma ruition ylnld roaillly to lu curative
powers. It luvlgoraU tlie livor, euriilios
Nkw l!DSTPlrr,e.wilT IllClv
Blllooa Headache, Olaalueaa, Conatlpatlon, lndl(e
lion, Blllou A I tack, and all dorangementa of tbe atomaob and
bowels, ar promptly relieved and permanently cured by tbe use of
Thoy ar Purely Vecetabl and Perfectly Harmleaa.
A a IjX VJLJXl XXXjXj, Inequaledl
For a Stock of Candy or Anything for a Bakery
Alisky Candy Manufaoturinq Co.,
Joblien In Show Cases, Bralo., Paper Bags in fact, anything you need In a Con-
fptlomr' m, KlHirnnm Cnmer of Kmnt and flr wiwt
' htl?r.
It you want first-clang machine, do not purchase until you have
looked up the record of the "Advance," as it is the only machine in the
market that will give absolute satisfaction. Send for descriptive cata
logue to
Z. T. Wright, General Agent,
Foot of Morrlon Street, Portland, Oregon.
Also dealer in General Machinery and (Supplier
Msrtlnvs, Cal., October 7, 1SSS.
I oould hardly walk or lie down from laine
baik; sur)ered several weeks, ft. Jsisibs till
permanently oil red uie, other remiillc hav
ing utlted lo do so. KKKD. 11 111 MAN.
Ciovenlale, Ind.. Feb 1, 1SS7.
From a bad odd wlus settled lu my back
and I stittered traaily ; eoutlned to bed ami
Could hardly nmvo or turn. I tried SL Jacob
OU, which curvd me. I do not fi-arrecurnmoe.
M1W. P. M. KKlMifclUKtt.
OILinnAI. jKA:l.labler. Koo
nlsh Pianos; Burdettllrviuis. Band luatrunieaui.
lrKt slock of rilieet iluslo and Itooks. lUmls
stippUed at Kantern i'noe. MATTHIAt)
OH A Y "0. tl 1'iall Htreet Men Frenciw-o
PSrl Ramedr tsr Catarrb
1 1 tb n
Beat, Ksalest lo Cs. and U
Bold by dnirarlsta or sent by maU.
Jb T. iuueiuiw, warrau, ra,
Season Opens for Trout April 1st
f J rirtt It Pfiland, Or,
paaLaa 11
Arms, Revolvers and Sportsmen's Goods.
the blood and promote all tlw bodily funo
tlon. It la the only liver, blood and lung
remedy, anld by druggist, under a positive
guarantees that It will do all it 1 recom
mended to, or money paid for It will be
promptly refunded. No ordinary remedy
could lie Bold under such peciii'arand trying
conditions. To do so would bankrupt its
manufacturer. Not so with " Uoldon Medi
cal Pwcovery " which outaulli "ery othor
liver, blood and lung remedy, throughout
tbe civilised world. It's a Lvgltluiate meti
fWne, not a beverage; contains no alcohol,
to Inobriate; no syrup or sugar to derange
dlgmtion; as peculiar In remedial elTucta aa
lu it composition; it stands alone, fraa- '
terndtnl in curative propertiia, unique lu
coinKsltion, it sale backed by a sutwUtntlal
forfeit In can of failure to do all that Is
claimed for it There' nothing at all like
It, either iu composition or curutive effects;
tlmrefore, don't be Induced to tuke some
thing eba reprewntod to b " lust as good,"
tlutt the dealer may make a larger protlt
Kvery dealer know It' tb best and only
guarantetd Liver, Blood and Lung Remedy.
Worio)'s Dispcnsa::t Medical Akno
ciatiok, Proprietor, No. 603 Alain B trout,
Buffalo, M. Y.
Men's Suits Made to Order,
$25 to 640.
Men's Pants Im to Order, $8 to $11
Fit Cuaranteed.
Rend 4 eents la stamps for samples and rale for
self-measurement, Yo can save bit money by
dealluf with m. Satisfaction guaranteed.
1RTHUBK0HI, Clothier, Hatterand Tailor,
Cor. id aad Morrison SU., Portland, Or.
Plea mention this paper.)
Engines, Horse Poiers, Sell-Feedenand