The Eugene City guard. (Eugene City, Or.) 1870-1899, July 06, 1889, Image 7

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ia,s Whlrh KnrU-he.1 Those Who rirl
BlUfUll Thrlr I
The RtD JwMf man Who liit upon
the IdM uf tstanBlai " mbbw erasing
lipf) llweml of lend pMOill In worm
IV 'i,ier wh" l"ven,,'l a BMtal
rivet or eyelet lit each uml of the mom r
ofi-oiit iiikI troiiKont M-ket to ro-i-
tl,e ,tmin I'ttUH'-'l I'V too cm-riiw i,l
i if ore and liouvy tools, him nrnoe
nore money from his lett.TH pati-ut
thHi) ho would have miido hud lm
llniik a tfood vein of fnM Inuring
Kverv one 1ms soon the melnl plains
,( niv lined to protoot the bnels and
loU'K of rOUril shoos, but t-vory ODI
dwWi 1 know that within ten yearn tbt
roii who hit upon tUo ideu litis made
larjre mm a was ever ohtulin-il
for any invi-nlion was enjoyed by the
Yiiuk.f who itivenied tho Inverted
gui Ml lo DMf over (fan jots tu prt
u., l ,viliii from beinij: blaekeiied bj
Xba inventor of the roller skate hat
U,,, $i,mk),i". notwithstanding the
fM,. that his patent had nearly oxplr. d
bi'fure the value of it was ascertained
l the ereU for roller skating that
unread over tho country u few year
"The jrimli't-poliited sitow has pro
duced more wenlth than most itiver
milieu, and the Connecticut man who
first thought of putting copper tips Oil
the toes of children's shoe is :is well
ll ;is il ho had inherited 11,000.000,
fur that's tho amount his ideu hat
milled for him in cold, clammy coin.
Tho common needle threader, which
arery one has seen for sale, and which
venf woiniin owns, was a boon to
luvd'le Ufr. The man who invent.-1
It has an income of 1 10,000 a yeai iron
hi, invention.
A Bin later In England ma le 8O,00 '
bv Inventing an odd toy that dance. I
by Binding it with a string.
The man who invented the return
ball. U ordinary wooden ball, with a
rubber string attached to pull it back,
madefl.Ooo.UOO from it.
Tho person who invented the most
recent popular toy, "Pigs in Clover.''
will bo rich before the loaves turn this
autumn. He was poor last November,
Pittsburgh Press.
A story Mitt May He Dupliriitnl In Kvrrj
iirrat City or the I. - ...i.
If you want to fret an idea of the
amber of people who are at work
ieWB-tOWn- men, women, boys and
irlrli take your stand any evening at
the Intersection of Washington and
Mate atri't-t. from which point mort
itreet cars pull out than any other in
the city. The stream of humanity
Deems endless. Kach hurrying home,
and eneh apparently happy that the
day's work Is done. I stood there the
ether evening watching the hurrying
throng, when a bov ulunit liftecn years
old, with his tin lunch-hox, wus pass
ig. I thought I knew him, and spoke
his name. He turned back and looked
at me under the gas-light.
'Von don't know me? " I asked. iff
(aid In-didn't, hut when I told him my
name he said. "O, yes," in his boylst
nay. anil offered his hand. I hud not
MSI him for six years. When I last
knew him he wus one of u fuiiiily ol
three children; his father was u pros
ptraui merohanti and his mother .v
IWOttUU of culture and devoted to hej
hcime, w hich was as pretty as a picture,
"Where is your father?" I asked.
"He's living out in the country; he i
not doing any thing now."
"And your mother?"
"She's nt her mother'
In .
mentioning another State.
"And your brother?"
"At school, with my aunt."
"lad your little sister?"
"She is with mamma."
"And you are nt work?"
"ISS, sir; in 's retail store. 1
live with some very kind people on tht
North Side, and am justout of the shop
on my way home."
then he turned awav in the crowd.
Ind was soon lost. I put tho answers
hi,.l. h V....1 ..I. A .1 1 I
-.... imo kivcii logeioor, aim j
fade out a Morv which left a lonely
ort uf feeling upon nio-a feeling ol
Nflet I thought of the home as 1
had seen it and known it. i.wd won
dered what combination of circiun
taiiccs could have possibly broken it.
But I know it is broken. And that ii
bat I learned in wutehinir the crowd
the evening ut that corner. I hope
t Was the mill- storv of that kind in the
nusands who went by. -Chicago lntoi
The Strength of Wheats.
he strongest wheats are of spring
--. I'uoiiu mm inner soriii"
nm. 11..1...1. i .i i..
WtS Of tint I I.iitti.l )..!., .,, (,..
t.iitivit "llltt tittti . .iti-
.1 will. H I i.. i
- i MMilHil, nuuuiiKa uuu
lurlca feinn Un..;,i ti,. ...,.. in
titudes where winter Is lonir mid
. and sprint: and summer ulinost
in itieso eliarueterist!e. nro-
n. ui wiosu o 1 " a i m i ' i i
'upland, where spring: wheats rarely
. i. te.. t , .. .
it r i rift iiiiii.
wlieuu, which are so much
r. w " I' I' ....-
PVI- .... u . . . . ...
grounu, wouiu mane tne
'Wiliest flours, but they do not,
Ms tact has attracted the atten
VJ Bsnnaa chemists, who have
. n a lartro tiiinibm-of analvses
, V'snesi percentage of glulen
la small grained wheats which
" i um irmiMtl ..a . l . , ..
'bat the more Mii.iHlv il... u-hitut
I" matured the iHro-i.e tho nro.
.h.L "TOSSs, wnile the longer it
the -'round Ska i, it, a
"main. - .nine
"ai.tifn 11 i .... .
m , - "oiig-iiriuii wiicavs ua
"rket last week, and if the gen-
uann-u-rof those grown in that
0lf)' I Unv Ihlnir lib- I ... .....
i . '. nnr ( in a in ii.ii
ouuer ut the ounlity ol
"r an Mut.r u... i .-!.!
Din i iiin loin i niti our
,?rs e m it... . i- .. .
-- umKe Hungarian nour
T'lurHl (inzette.
TV-j have a Un ; i . i
,w ban v .. . . . : : r:
IM., .. " ---.uutsiUlieiU Will HN3
" times. n.l ..... ... u
. "0 Wa-it...l o ,.
m. citt.ti;u una
Tv th ounty won t make re-
ae surv..: .. . . -
l - s narharl.m
- wrnerof- .hnwh l'.-V
''S-. a - . . ,
, j ...j nijuirrri nas ins
0" Sunday, every time the
'0n ns to sine-, the souir-
aittut the edge ol his nest
.uiK wnen irje Sing-
No. 439.--Mih.,ilo, Dwhm.
A t, unl, hnuus three ttcute anglw wp.
gbt rc. two rlgu angiss ten i,v . per.
atiKlu, a plumb, huriionUJ licu-d bv
peniendlruUir, for.,.lK two thui, an"
ysxlssiippoiisd by m aprSS tZ
wholo will fSpitSSat a word ap.l,'Uu to tb.
SntsJ uf Dm miver of Q problem.
Ho. 0O.-Anii8rni-A Myttlc BlrtL
Many men .if many nilmU,
Many birds of many kinds;
BOOM nro dun ami loinu re gay
WhMl Is thisoiiel toll me, pray
He is often MM where the river winds,
Hut SNSjMn found among the "piues,"
N. 401.- Knlfnia.
My first In in a can of -le,"
My m-ooiid ia in every "dale,"
My third's in "egg,"
My fourth In "beg,"
Aud like an earwig in a "rail"
My fifth. My neat I in tho "mud,"
My SSVvnS is found iu King "Ehud,"
My eighth in "rum,"
My ninth in "Cam,"
My tomb in nm Mi.-s "Maidenhood,"
My i it in neither "hud" nor "good,"
Now fr my whole. Conceive a crowded
Lit up with eandkn to expel the gloom
A rtage, on which our diuzled eyes we fix,
A clever man who hhows diverting tricks
And you ill have a very curious skill,
Thut has ban used for end both good and UL
No, 40. --Bfap Letter rnule.
Supply missing letter and find a very com
mon proverb.
No. 403,-CliHnide.
As 1 went out among tlie men,
I saw a tiov whose name wai - ;
Aud wlnle I toi anil watched them liaj,
1 saw a bird, it was a ;
1 also saw a pri-lty wren
Come out and lingi r with the ;
1 lurssd my M-iH tu the forest, whers
Among the hazel I saw a ;
And close to the hordt-r I did espy
A large and heauliful field of ;
But ulght was coming. I bad to run
To reach my home ere the settiug
Now put together all these things.
And a noted man before you spriugs.
No. 404. Crossetto.
O 0
o o
O 0
Start from any circle, and, counting that
circle "1," count the next "2," tbcuest in llit
samo direction "3," and the next "4."
Cross out tho circle counted "4."
Start again from any circle not crossed
out. Count us before either iu tho same ol
iu the reverse direction, and cross out tbt
circle counted "4."
Crossed circles, though not to be started
from, are to bo included in the count of four,
and are not to bo passed ever because crossed
Coutinuo to count four from any circle not
crossed out, and to cross out the fourth, until
all the circles but one ure crossed out,
No. 403. Transformations.
Change one letter ut a move so that than
will still remain u legitimate word. For ex
ample, hate may bo chunged lo lore in thres
moves- llato have lave lova
Change Hard to Easy in live moves.
Change Sin to Woe in three moves.
Chauge Neat to Prim in eight moves
Cbango Saxo to Po iu five moves.
Ckauge Hand to Toot in six moves.
Change blue to Pink in ten moves.
No. 40G.-Ithhlles.
Wliy Is tho letter D like a squalling cbildt
What is tbs DSSt plan to prevent crying
when your tooth U extracted I
When is a young lady like an acrobat I
Why is a man who uover lays wager si
bad as a regular gambler!
Nearly the Sums.
A small child just home from Sunday
school informed his father that be could
name the Hist live hooks of the New Testa
ment They were, ho said, "Matthew, Mark,
Luke, John and Hatchet," and then, thinking
people looked queer, he hesitated and addod,
"Well, hatchet or ez; it's about the saois
Key lo the Pussier.
No. 4W.- A Puzzle of Sevenths:
A P R I C 0 T
. p E A C H E 8
No. 450. -Crossing the River: An English
man and a servant go over, the Englishman
comes tack with tho canoe. Two servant!
go over, one servant comes back. Two Eng
lishmen go over, an Englishman and a ser
vant come Imck. Two Englishmen go over
and a servant comes back. Two servants go
over ami a servant returns. Two servants
then go over tosotls-r. Other bolullonsari
No. 451. A Bird Puzzle: I Frigate bird.
2. Butcher bird 8. Weaver bird. 4 Snakl
bird 5 King bird. tt. Bell bird 7 Cedar
bird. 8. Cat bird. Tailor bird.
No 452 -Easv Charade: Dayton.
No 4VL -letter Rebuses: iai An M on I
-Anemone t 1 understand. M C on figurs
No 4M - Enigmatical Trees: Box, Dog
wood Aupcu, Ro. Sloe, Plane, Tulip,
Spruc e, Elm, Sycamore, Poplar, Southern
wood. No. 455. -Anagram Termination
'o 456.-Dv.ible Acrostic:
V a r I e T
A r m s d A
L I n n e T
E f o I v K
V o n d e R
ii w e a r 8
No V -Eeneading Sinasb-maib-ash.
m 4.Vj.-Couundrums- Lyre. Try to bor
row Bvetiollarsof bim. Because be maHes
both ends nieeL He has been to sea iseej.
Son has it. bk up In tbs dictionary
four nsiiie. .
No. 439. -Geoentphical Pjrsmld.
O 0 o
0 O 0 o o o p 0 0
The single ring reoret. the initud lerw
f a sss port in Georgia. Tne row of three,
. cape at the southern extremity of New Jrf
I, The row of lls. a bey in f,
Si of seven, the capital city ofC-
Tbe row of nine, tn. Dutch pares of ShS
htw! on .bub New Tort oty-JoesSsSl
IWemtral rtic oC 6. .
name wh is Just no- flgunnf tiUrrif
hi tbs oewwr
tafurm.iion Obtainr.l mm Old lV.nasB
In OsaMStSS Near and Kar.
The funeral procession must not
oross u river.
The lust name a dying- person calls Is
the next to follow.
A dish-cloth hung- on a door-knob Is
a sign of death iu u fumily.
The corpse must not pass twice over
any part of the sume road.
To lues on the ground Indicates
disaster or denth within a year.
Whoever works on a sick person's
dross he or she will die within a year.
If a hoe bo curried through u limise
some one will die before the year is
If thirteen sit at nteble the one who
rises tin: till not live through the
The person on whom the eyes of a
dying parson last rest rill bn lbs first
to die.
Whoever counts the carriages ut a
passing funeral will die within the
To break a looking-glass is a sign ol
death iu the family before the ycat
K tli eo persons look nt the same
lime Into a mirror one will die within
. the yeur.
The clock should be stopped nt the
time of death, us iu running will brine
J ill luck.
If one dies, and no rigor mortis en-
sues, it indicates n speedy second denth
iu the family.
If a hearse Is drown by two white
i horses deuth In tho neighborhood will
occur iu u month.
It is unlucky lu u funeral for Ihasa
present to repass thohouse where deuth
hits occurred.
If rain falls on a new-uuido grave
there will bo another deuth in tho fam
ily within the year.
If the grave Is left open over Sunday
another death will occur before the
Sunday following.
To keep tho corpse In the house over
Sunday will bring death in the family
before the year Is out.
It Is unlucky to pass through a
funeral, either belwoen the carriages
Of the Hies of mourners OS foot.
If rein falls into an open grave an
other burial iu the cemetery' will occur
within three days.
At a funeral entering a church iiofore
the mourner! means death to some of
the entering party.
To put on a bonnet or hat of one In
mourning is the sign thai you will wear
ope before the year is out.
If any one comes 'm a fuuernl after
ihe procession starts another death will
occur in the same house.
Iu Switzerland Ungravaislaftopnn
over Sunday, it is said that within four
weeks one of the village will die.
If. during sickness, n pair of shears
be dropped In such a manner that tho
point sticks Into the floor, it indicates
the death of the sick person.
When a woman who has been sew
ing puts her thimble on the table im
she sits down to out, It Is u sign that
she will be left u widow If she marries,
A common saying In Kngland Is:
"Happy is the corpse the rain fall
on." This belief exists also iu Ihe
United States. Thus it is said that if
rain fulls at the time of the funeral it
is a sign that the dead has gone to
Heaven. Chicago M-iil,
Srvrnl Ut Hi .Ii of attarklns; anil lle--lii.
t mil I HouHi-holtl I'estr
Whers I'lirputs uro used and only
taken up once u year at "housu-elcuii-lag."
the conditions are very favora
ble for the carpel bug's Increase, par
ticularly where the hoiiso-olounliig Is
hurriedly done. When a house has
once become infested, nothing but the
most energetic nn-asui-ee will com
pletely rid it of the pest, and in com
plete riddance Is the only hope, as in
a year a very few individuals will so
increase us to do great damage. At
liouse-cleunliig linn- thou, us many
rooms should be bared at onco as pos
sible, and the bouse-keeper should gn
carefully over the rooms, removing
alt dust, and with a haiid-ulomizor
charged with beuzino should puff
the liquid into all the Hoor
i-rncks and under tho base
boards until every crovieo has been
roaohod The carpets thumsolvos,
after thorough beating, should lie
lightly epruyod with tho samo sub
stance, whluh will quickly evuporate,
leaving no odor after a short time.
The inflammability of benzine should
be remembered, however, and no light
should be brought neurit. This done,
before relaying the carpets, It will lie
well to Miur into the cracks u mrdi-r-ately
thick mixture ol plaster of Paris
and water, which soon sets and Alls
them with a solid substance into which
the insects will not enter. Then lay
around the borders of the room a
width of tarred roofliig-papor, nnd
afterward relay the carpets. This
thorough treatment should answer
iu the very worst cases, and tu a
house so cleaned the Insect will prob
ably not regain a foothold during the
nsuing year. Cloth-covered furniture
which may have also become infested
ihould be steamed or also treated with
nenzine. and chests or drawers in which
infested clothing has Ix-en stored should
be thoroughly sprayed.
Another method of treatment con--ists
iu laving a damp cloth (an old
towel or a folded sheet will do) smooth
ly over tho suspected part of the .-iir-(et.
and Ironing It with a hot iron.
Die sleam thus generated will puss
through the carpet and kill all the In
cots immediately beneath- If not too
laborious, an entir-; room could be
treated to advantage In this way.
tiood Housekeeping
rirst citizen ft net was Ihe last
measure passed by the legislature; do
you know?" Second citizen '"Yes, I
da Happened to be In the gallery at
the time. It was a quart measure
filled with beer."-Burllngton Kree
Every bicyclist should use his
personal influence to secure good
roads, but his duty does not require
him to get off his wheel over the
bandies and smooth the highway down
with the back of his neck. Somerville
-The new constitution of' J'npuu' Is
Jesoribed us "a government of ihe
ftipfOft for the Kmperor, and by the
Kinperor " It no more resembles
Magna I'harta than n bat docs an ele
phant, and makes the government of
Japan in reality a government of !
The climate of Afghanistan Is so
very dry that without irrigation noth
ing can bo grown below an elevation
uf ,'l.."iis fe,t, at which point dew flint
begins to form. During tin- dimmer
season the K-ople live chiefly on mel
ons, which are grown in such quail
Li ties that sirup is made it them.
The London pavements, vhioh
strike every visitor from this Side Ol
the water as so perfect, are receiving
a tremendous amount of local abuse
now. Wood and asphalt are too slip
pery; macadam cun't stand the heavy
wear. The opinion Is freely heard
that LondM "has not yel solved the
problem of street pavements, nnd
ecms as far off from il as ever."
Denmark has n new and unique
-ociety. It Is called Ihe "Celibacy
Assurance Society," its object being to
provide for women vho oanl or won't
man-). Premiums begin nt the age of
thirteen and cud at forty. At the lat
ter nge un mi married woman receives
an annuity for life. If she marries at
any time after taking out a policy she
'orfeits nil claims oil Ihe society. The
profltn of the society aiveK'cted to ie
mOUgh lo provide well for members
who never marry.
Il Is said that In the Southern part
f Russia the peasants use u coin of
such small value that it would take
U0.000 of them to buy M American
lollar. aud these rolns are so scarce
litat n man who has a hundred is
looked upon as rich, and one who has
thousand Is considered very wealthy.
It Is itriUtge to think a person wealthy
who owns Iwo-llfihs of a eonl. nnd
i-omforiably well off on ono twenty
Bfthojtajoant .
rite very Interesting discovery of
many years ago of Jewish colonies in
Western China is now well-supple-
mented by the discovery of Christian
duns or sects In Africa, south of
Abyssinia. These wholly isolated peo
ple! have retained some forms of Chris
tian belief and worsliin since the early
centuries, when Kgypt and the lands of
the South were in tin- hands of the fol
lowers of Jesi s. Mohammedanism,
arising iu the seventh century, cut off
this section, and has obliterated Chris
tianity to ti rth of them. What is
left, however, of the liettor faith la
now so thoroughly degenerate that It
is not worth the preserving. Africa is
full of wonders.
QeOrgS AtiBusiuM Babv, the well-known
English writer, on his last Australian trip,
wrote as follows lo Tht l.oniiun Pattf)
"I especially have a pleasant reiiiem
hranre of the ship's doctor a very ev
prrienred maritime medico Indeed, who
ten 'ered me most kindly durlnir a horrible
spe I of brorhetls and spasmodic asthma,
provoked by the sea fo which had
HHnoped down on us Just after we had
li ft San PranslseOi Hill I tie doctor's lire
SOrlptlonS and the Inrrraaiuir warmth of
Ihe temperature as we neartd the Tropics,
and, in partlr-lar. a couple of Ai.i MM k's
Pours I'l.AsTRfls clapped on one on the
r best and anal her between Ihe shouldr
blades soon set me right.
Time past. BOW Imnsi-lent: time nrt m-ut 0M
vaiii'Ms ul ; tlim- tu come, how uiiri-rtslu.
The h.-n mi.- t-'lre
Prove.! that I'sluu-r Ki) bait tin- iiniu stork in
the Northwest. Thi-v siipplhsl all the SSWI
tss-r ami j-b plants (list wi-n- burn- .1 nut.
Brest wiallh siul ftrataM seldom live to
The lwt litft.
"I UlllKht my llr 8 Vl-lvrl srk,"
Thus iiruuill) l-.m-1'il Mr. Ilmsn.
".She'll is-, wllh thst upon hrr bH'-k,
Tie- ts-st itrrsisl ilsuu- in town."
Iliu M'lvrt .in L orillamiuiil rim;
' km brlnir no hslm to siiffi-rliiK wife.
Favorite Prescription Is the thliiK
To save her prechiiis life.
TTie un Ht ami smTrelxn n-meily, known the
world over, fur all fi-uiuli- Iriiuhles, lnltsinslii'ii,
nrasl i imh" smt liucrual dlsptaeemsnts l
pr -li rce's Favorite Prescription. It Is Iheuuly
SSSfllsia"d cure. See usrsnlee on every boltle
pr. I'lerre's MIIHl Kenlly Isxatlvenrsctlvely
ralhsrtlr scronllim t" loie. ' is-nts.
It l the im rit of those thst prslse thst uisk'-s
On. value nt lite riiliitnenilstliill.
Have jou ever Iritd Dobbins' Electric
Soapf It don'l lost much for you to g-t
pm lair of your rocer, and see fiir yourself
...I... I U ...... 1m,I l.r Mjt nt..i all., r '11
M II. It- 1" ..., .J .... HI... ..
years steailv sale. He sure to get no Iinl
iai inn. 'there are Iota of ihem.
If we always tell the truth wrstampour wonls
with s msrk that makes them current every
w Inn-.
1 1. mi. ii
My little Klrl, ten years of ae, lisd llrlsht's
llsrssr. il-r silkies, b et ami eyes acre terribly
swulrn. Knur of nur best lihvsleisus stteniletl
her. hut her life was ilesitslrisl of. A mother's
love surmount sll dlmi-nltles. siul I iletermliieil
totryllr. Iisvld Keiuuly's Favorite Kemily,
iiisyii-st Koiuloiit, S . Ti llrlsht's disease! How
bsppv I am that I iu-rinliied upon Mis course
(uroneby one the well known symptoms of
the ills, sse left her. w .tots fsll to express my
rratlturle, snd I rsnuot Iihi earuestly reconi
meud the Favorite Kemeily. Her recoverr was
eutlrelv due to Ihe Fsvorltr remedy, whloh was
the ouly medicine taken after her esse was
sbsudnupd by the physli'laus-Mrs. I.aura A.
Keniptou. West Kutlaud, Vermont.
Ha. Ksssrnr's Favositi Kimsiiy, made at
Knudout, K. V. ll;lorfi
Seud for how to rure Kidney, l.ivrr and
Hlu.fl dlsnnlers.
It Is the foolish slm of the sthrlst hi si an In
flultnde with a nilrnsw.
White Elephant of Slam, Lion of Eng
land, Dragon of China, Crss of Swltier,
land, Banner of Persia, Creace-nt of Egypt -Double
Eagle of Russia, Star of Chill. The
Circle of Japan, Harp of Erin.
To get these buy a box of the genuine
I in. C. Mi I ask s en kiu: a i k i . Lrvav
I'ii i -t price tf cenu, and mall us the out
side wrapper with your address, plainly
wrl'ten. and 4 cents in stamps. We will
then mail you the above list with an e
gaut package of oleograph Ic and ehro
matte tarda.
Klcmiwo Bnoe.. PiTrsnnao. Pa.
If yos have an enemy, act kindly to Mm and
make him yoar frlrud. l-nl.l l-hlng CSV. Nraltlr.
Telersnhl for sii entire new nlsnt. rejnlrlns;
slamt WOO smnds of type, with raars, stands,
niles, stones, etc. They M It hy return M
fjllPl ' fALNKk at, SKI . I'ortland
The best rhsraf-tera have a sjlstureol Infirm
tics, and the worst have sometimes rr.lemlaf
;nt think ol If tltt :i made In one week by
an saeut rrprracDtl ng B F Johnson A Co., of
Kirhmond, Vs . sad they have had many mora
pan lea trs ellmr lor them who did fially well,
soma'"l deal IsHter If yos nerd employ
men! It would h a good thing to sll lowu aud
write litem a Mae at oore
A man who puts off his enjoyment too long
will Bad It mislaid by Um time he gels Ut It
stralllr Caanacrallaa.
A "T'ottreH" Alr-apsiaf Press snpplled t the
r,M luniinrtt hi Pafsser h art. Portland,
ass tlie Srst rllustrf Press on 'he tronud
The H.-..MI. in.
Clenrly denmmsMad ihe onaveaTdanoi ol
hiiving u t'oinph le I'rint.-r's Warehouse
Mir at lumd In twenly-four hours af
ter the eontlagrutioii, Palmer Jk Key, ol
Portland, had a "Cotlrell" re8 on the
grouthl for the publication of the various
i."wsmpers aud the following day iiirn
islusl ttKXI pOttada of Koinan Type, to
gether with OMte, sUnds. atones, proof-
presses, rules, etc., and some :U) fonts of
advertising lypo. In addition to this j
material, they have since furnished the
Tunes Publishing t. with a poahle
Cylinder Pn-as, with two polders, and
10 llorrepower Engine nnd ltoiler, also i
couiplcte.lressof News, AdverlisiiigTyH-. '
et-., and oilier Mrs complete out'tlts.
The Post-Intelligencer Publishing Co.
purchased of them au Improved "tlosw"
Perf.s ling press, which will turn out ,
-s.tKKI copies of their tittr per hour
Hereafter the Post-Intelligencer will
stereotyiie their forms, ue do all the 1
mammoth dailies in the Kant,
All the lirst-class job ollicee placisi
their onlers with I'nltuer A Rev, and
have received (he bulk of their' goods,
conijirising in part. H Air-Spring Cot-;
In-ll s, two '.'-revolution Ponv Campbells,
tlveCal. Bailable tlonlons, two Cul. Re !
liable Ponv Cylinders, several cutters
Palmer A K. v make, ami Excelsior En
gine and lloilers and a full line of the !
latest Job face of Tvm and material.
Publishers needing Type, Presses and
machinery, can alwavs count iion their
order Ileitis filled promptly and uf secur
ing the lowest prices, il sent lo this firm.
Thev cerlaily have the moat complete
took weatof Chicago, ami the nab stock
in the Northwest.
The firhle tn'mble aWbtS opinion, the foolish
defy It, Ihe wise Judge it. the skllllul direct It.
IllHarmlna au I ssrra 'ee.
"This was sometime a paradox." as Hamlet
says, since, Wtwever, the people ol America
and other lands hate lavn etiahl-sl to pit Hoa
tetter's NSSMSS Hitters sxslust that unseen lot,
malaila. It la no hunter a, tint ail easy
poaslhlllty. Wherever malaria evolvi-a Its mlsly
veiituii lo poison Hie air. slid dcraylnguns. hole
some Maieiiits.ii lmitresiistea (he water, tliere.
u the very stniushold ol niissms. Is the ant
lllsry iKili-nl in disarm Ihe toe and assure effi
cient protection. Fever and ague, billions n
miuriit, dumb sgue ami situv cake, no matter
how tenaciously they hate fsslrned Uielr clutch
on the Btalciu, an- flrsl forced lo ndax their
grsap ami rt initially hi abandon It altogether
." '' "" I'retentallve force thai should
chiefly recommend the Hitters to iicrsons dwell
tug In malaria cursed localities, for It Is seer
tain buckler ol defence agsltist which the
i-lu-lll) Is powerless I iocs, likewise, Is
rhciimstlsui, kidney and bllhius allmeuU.
Humility Is most sertlceahle as an luulergar
men, and should never Ik- worn as au overcoat
The "laaas" PerlVrtlnK Press
Has been selected by Ihe I'ost Intelligencer Co ,
olHrstlle, In pn'fcrence to all other Web Print
lug jsresses, and thet hate onlerwl one o a
mcr A Key. l-ortlaiid, and will heresllnr print
their paper at the rale of .'4.000 coplea per hour,
from Stereotype forms, such as are used hy all
Ihe mammoth dallies lu the Ksstcm States
The reformer becomes a fansllc w hen hela--stlns
lo use his euiollons as a substitute lor his
ressouliiK faculty.
Panama Metric will alwaya relieve ladles,
rieaaanl to lake liuaraiibssl In succeed or
money refunded Uure tried yon will never Is
wllliout it. H si. Send insinl
Hole to I'hiihiiiu h- lii-1 'it....ia fi, tiaklsi d Csl
Old Timo NmiUeiH
Who know a pood thing whrn they see It.
cannot tat fooled bv a poor Imniltallnn of
the well-known "Seal of North Carolina"
I'liiK CutToharco,
llrar in mintl that tht tftnulnt "Star
rosfs you no more than tht ninny trashy
plua cutn that numt iltalrm varvy.
See that vou KetlhnK al of North Caro
lina, ami you w III smoke no other toharro.
T. 9 Celebrated French Cure,
"toe".,;'.-'1 "APHRODITINE" ZlnZl
Ih iih k
I o v lire ft ii y
iIIm'hh', or uny
(JlftohtVr ui the
KililTlltl ve Of
KIMI1 IU t'llhfl 'W yMHsfr
( iMiiK (fill the
l'X IV U l li t M I
exrijisiMi um? ol hliiniilniili. I ol
ii'Hcco or upturn
or youthful liiilani-Iinii, owr Itidiilrx
sjlur, r , meh Ms I of ItiHin PQWCTi Wnkedil
uvsu, BmHm down I'ii I til lu t he lit It. t-i'iiiiiiil
Wt'MkiifMw, il a'. ti 1 - ..ii- PnMlnilsOII Noi turn
ftl Knilssiloim. l4Mrorrhu'j, HIiIik'm, Wcnk Mt-m
ory,Usto( Powtftltn linoti'iicy, ulilt h If n
i' 1 l oftpii lcn'1 lo rfftflfilrJ OmW9 AtHl Iiimii
lly. PrtOt 00 )t. t boiea (or.'.U0 Hout hj
inall on -!(. or price.
order, to refund the nwniev If n rrritiniif ul
rure I" ti-.? . , i. i Tlx i ol tetllnuHifeli
fnmt o!. nml' t ut , MrmaiiMitlj
fUn4 hv Af'Httnt'lTiNK (TrVoler tree AMre
BOX 17 hllUI.SNIt. on
Hold by Htrelblf A Uw, DruggliU. cor. Ueo
on1 mi'! WhljiKioti HU.. I'ortUnd. Or.
MX Ill's Hiiw'llli Itaacurtl ini- of a niatl
I nam breuLiitir out tin myles, whit h cause.
lulu. It iMistal!-'l l. s.-tttal.v
Ibadurtors -run i f sll , in treat.-.! me wllh
a r- llt-f. I cait'lliliy noiireas thai I nwa
ui Sfiaasl it I Itcalili loN. H. H., which
In in v Mtluiall-ili li In v.ltutlila as a l . I I
KuiMr. Misa Jei ia IlaWiTT,
im -. KSh Ml., Ml. I ...tus. Mu.
Our slu-ii Iwu inonlha ohl waa al.
Ilat ki-'l villti Kt tt.riSa. ts lilcli .,r a lone
Itlin- ileatr'.v-t-.i Saf evslKil entirely, anil
tuiiaml as lo tiMiwir of lo- ll(s. TliaSulor
fallcl tu reiift s ).. r and as gar
Mwlft'a MitM-tSc, slis-h - - 1 1 . .j r .-. l f.. i tS
I lire, alio .ha Is i.uw hak aiot hmrty.
r.. v. iiki a, wiira I'uiiii.'iriaa.
is-si. ,u! 1-ir h miIc alvina history of
H I llttewM-s all I a lt I lo SIIITerers,
I riiallcl
tiik Htvirr mi-ki un- eo.,
DrwStSf 4, Altai, la. ita
Riwi anIf ron nave an Old Mors Uiat uresis
In aline; aud that othrr n-medlee havr failed to
Lrai; or a on-akln out or int. tint of theaaslp
or trni, or a BoU, Hum. rut, or suy silmrnt for
which s salve la sultahlr, Lur a A. n nt Los ol
Me a Iran ssalvr. whlrh It Warrsiite4 to !
Curr wben evervtblnielae fails. II not kept bv
vniir drum 1st send '& rruia la stamps to J. C.
UsasNT, Aft.. Astoria, Or, and receive a bos
:Br. Spinney a Zq.IHIZ
1 Anrf, Aw.. dtA U) errsMsjM or abtia, etirei.
rmloa ahoold avail themsri.r. f our trrmlnirnv
', wast Hark. Merroaa
I atresfta. ate., esred
rrtssSgrOuUaWSeakK. I
The fslrvst drrsui or uur llti . Is ibsl all life
Is but a dream, fonn which we shall aosaotinH
awaken lo a real life.
'niimpilnii ftiirrlt l ured.
To 1MB Kiiiroa - I'leav Infonn your rrsders
Uiat I have a isislllve rennsly lur the alsjve
uainril SbMSS. Hy Ha timely use thuiisauds
of hiipeh-sl rases have la-en p rnianeiilly cured.
I shall Is- Ihtf lo s. nit two hollies of my reme
dy rsss hi auv ol your readers who isve eoa
sumption If lin y will scud me thrlr express
aud pustoniee address. Kespcetrully,
T. A. SUM'I'M. M. BmW rsrl si.. New York.
The country la floo 'ed wllh poor Imitations of
"H'i of North Carolina I Mug l.'ul Mmokimi
Tut Girsika for hrmkrast.
las supsrlor rsrallnuoa pro'tui lu utllllniis ol h.-niesftt
autre ILau a uuiiu4 tu a t-t-ittury 11 Is uaed br Iht
I'llitad SUt.a 1 1. t.t-riu il i inlttrfc.l li the iiaatU til i
Ui;- Ontal I'ultelslUoa as lite Slucwrst, I'uiestatnl uittal I
ll ltt.r.. I iw tk.-.'.ti. it .... j .
'-." . tw . i. Mil ta.aill l u.tltil m.nut.
mniUlii Ammonia, lime nr Alum Hold Mils In oana
NKW VOKK. Cllll .tlio SAN VH tM ISI o
Ho you feel dull, languid, low-splrltc.1, nre
kw, iiml Indi-scrlluibly miserable, botli physi
cally and mentally; eiperlcncc a senso of
fullnii or bloating after eating, or of "tone
ncas," or emptiness of stomach lu tin morn
lug, tongue coiilc.l, but, i or Iwd taste in
nioiith, ii regular apstlt, dlulniwa, fnipient
hesdai'lies, hlumsl eyesight, " lloutlug sss'ks"
Is'fim- the eves, nervous prostration or ez
haiistlon. Irrllabllitv of tecnpsr. hoi Hushes,
altcniiitlng with chilly si-lisatlous. sharis
lilting, transient minis hen- and there, cold
foot, iliowBtiuss after meals, nnkefiilui-ss, or
dlsturtHsl and unrvf resiling shvp. innstaiit,
linli-scrlliablc fwllng of divud, or of Impend
ing calamity
Tf you huvo all, or any oonaldcruhlc uumlMr
of these syiuptoins, you ure suffering from
Unit liltsat ttiiniin.ii of An, ii nun Ullllinlles
Ihllous I)ysp'i8ls, or Torpid Ursr, iiHiocnitrd
tttlh li)-sila, or liidlgtstlon. fin mora
i -.tin pin iittti your dlHcasn hus Ins ic, thn
gts titer the nuuilKT unit illtcrslty of svm
toms. No nniii. i what slugc It hna reached,
Ur, riercc'sl.oldeii 'In! leal Ulaeoicry
will sulslue It, If taken itrronllug Ui dlreo
tlons for a rOSSOUAbks li nglhol tints'. 1 f not
cured, oompllcut tons multiply uml eonsunip
tlon of the Lungs. Skin IMm'iisis, Heart lliwasc,
KhciiiiiuHain, Klilnev IUm-usi', or other grave
nialuilles un unite liable to art lu nnd, siHiner
or later. Induce n total tertiiliuillou.
Or. Pierces (.olden medical Dla
eoscrv acts powerfully upon the Liter, and
through that great bhsxl purifying organ,
s - Is mi-. Ihe system of all IiIimhI taints Slid las.
purities, 1 1 . sin whatever eaiiac mining. It Is
iHtiiilly efficaeiiiiia In acting upon tin- Kid
neys, uml oilier Moratory orguns, cleiinslug,
slreiigtlii iii, ig, uml healing their diseases. As
an inpetlstna, restorative tonic, Il nroinotte
dlgivtloii mid nulrllloii, theri bv biillillug up
laith il. -I, ami slrt'iigtli. In iiinlarlitl illsirlcts,
this woiulei-riil uiiillclne him giilnml great
gddbrlty In curing l-'evcrutul Agin-. Chills and
Kot cr, I mi in I . Ague, and k tidi ed dlar-nat.
"I.Ol.ll II l I III III I
Discovery " Is tlx ly
incdlcliie of Its class, sold
by druggists, tluil is guar
llllteed to I lit iii ciirn
In all dlia-as" for which It Is rocouiiucudod, or
the iiioiu i o il I lor H will u n fiuuliil.
Dr. I'lciie's Uoldou Itledlcul
nun a coiiiinon lllotcb. or I'.ruptlou, to tlm
orst Kt nifiila. Sjilt-r NUSS. " Fever-sim-s,"
cull or Koiig-h SKiu, i, shoi-t, nil illscasc
iiiiw.l bj bail lilttial are SOOqtMftXl by this
powerful, iiui'lftbiH. uml invlaoratliur itu-tlt
cine, flreal Kulluir IIIcois nitillv In n) illitlol
It- Is'lllKU IllllllelKSI. I.Ktt n.illi bus II lUaOl-
fi'siitl ltd potent') in mirliiK letter, HU-suma,
KrysiN-liu. Hulls, ( 'urbiinclcs, S-in- Ryes, Bsrof.
ulous Son ami Swcllliins, lllp Joliit lllseiua',
"WlilU- Mwelllnirs," (loftru, or Tblck Neck,
ami Hiilurued llliiiuls. Scn.l tin is-nta In
ataiuw for n luruo Titiutlso, with eolortMl
platiK, on Skin lita-aai-s, or tin- siiine iimouut
tor a I realise on sciotiilous Alfi-ctlous,
Tlinrouubly clittins It bv iisIiik Dr. PlepeeWl
l.ol.lcii nodical Klacoter), anil iomkI
illliostloll. il lull' skill, blioviuit snlrUa. vital
strenirtb uml Ixullly hoaltb will Isi nslublisbocl.
whloh Is Hrrof ula of the I o nas. Ui arnstiid
and ouml by this numaly, If Taken lu tho
earlier stino-H of the illsenw-.
Por Wi nk l.unifs, Hiittlnir of blood, Hbiirt- 1
ness of liu nth. tTironle l utarrh in the Unci
Uriiiichltls, Asthma, Seven- t oiikIih, and km
drill alfla-tlolia, It Is nil i -Itlelent n-UIKly.
Sold bv druffiTista, at l.UO, or HU llottl.-s
fw Hetid tenunntsln stainpa for Dr. I'lueas's
hook mi t.uusumpUou. Address, r
World's Dispensary Medical association,
663 main at, lis 1 1 11 o, II. , j
At the New Bnlldln(,ror. Flrntand Alder HU.
Wi sre now pr.'pari-d to do all kttids of Kle'-tm
and Htrmi work lu flrat elsae stvle st reasonable
prlrea. have the only fouudry
of this k 1 ml In the Nortlrwrst. Wr snarautee
all work to Le perfect Send ua trial order.
nmplrir Primers' Waiehsuw,
Portland. Orrwf.n
kg Sf Bkw Bf arssaobrow
V XORr r-., uailfl -at UV'CksalMlOa
ssa"! rtrtftUI w? "ou'""
f HB W t o
h)r RIieatnutiKtn.
Sr. i nil Veara. ii olu Pai atraat
... Soa..t.r. M. V . Jin. 54. llil
SuSsr.d uxrsl y.ars with rluaiaallna ansbls
ta U an.r lubli... wltn si Juobi Cil it Ji
sttpsarMl, aasaulrslurosS la tear ytm
0A1 SAXTilU.
Iu Ihe Knees. laclusur v July I ti
Has rh.saiaUus lu lit... lata L ua. ..jtil.
f SI. Jafraba 011 saraS ta satlrrly .
C H MAS a rut ol - Volkaalatl -In
the Sd. Sue. lot, Ual . Jsao II. ms
Had tasaaaaUtai ta slat lor onr a w.a. u.'.S
St : ....... Oil: It csrcS il. aaS has r.a x.n.i
araS tVlWt SIDVIi!:.
AT Dst'ili.l-TS ASH itAI.CS
aj sj to H a day. samples wortb M.l.l
2j fj a'HKK. blues uot under horses' It- il
e'rwrUe Hiettater Hafet) Kiln
Holder eu.. Itollv.Mlrh.
J Lin nn 1 , MAUI. Oablor. Koonlsh
iMaaca; Burden Ortaus. tavitl luitrustaala. tuit-rt
loci of Hh.sit Miislj and H-tols llaulis sunntlvd al
sin Priori MA1THI AH ORAV (IV In I m
'twtM. San ..,,..!.
I tin mil mean nu rrl I , stup for a llinr and
thru hasr Ihriu rrturii aaulll I uran a mtlical enrr
I lure nu. lr tin- .lo.-.- .1 I irs. i ni i i-.i , , , n,
lao slt kMuct able kwf ilu.lj I aarianl my mnnly
tu curr Uia serai osara lk auar iilhcts nasi- lallu I la
uo nasuu fur nut now rvcelriua a ouw. Hrml at mios
ktr a in-atiw ami a ftrr l.tllle of lit) liifalllU. r.ind.
Illsr Kl is ss ami I'usl I ittlos .
II il 111 HIT M O lUPitarlHI. NrsiYurk.
l tirrarrthr and fully rn.
dorse Ilia 1 , ii. . ,
sei-ctSe furibrcrrtsincuis
if this dlsraae.
tl. H. I Null A II .V M. M l
Auiali rdaiu, N , .
WS hsvr soltl ii( (4 ir
many yrara and .1 , .
fivrn ti, c i.f,i uf . ,. ,
I). u iY('iiKro.
1 'r. Irs. a.. HI
lsriltl.00, aSolJ liy Dnifc'g.aiV
Fire Crackers,
ll. IM,
iMiiu, 1 Icalloonaa
I6S at 167 Second Ml., ortlsild. Or.
nut si il storks :
Itltrrsldr Ar Snukanr KaiU. W T . NNulrNl .Halrm
amlth a Ossh atois, 4ia Front 8t., 8. F Oat
larg est letiars! dealers west of the Hlulnipss
nivsr. Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery, Uudsr
wsar; Wall Haper, Stationer, ; Blsukets, BaaV
Siuf ii.K. is, and Shoes; fanned Goods, lirf
Smlls; Wooden, Tin, Crockery, Glass .Graalla.
aaS llsrdwsra Ural, rtsh, ProTlitnna, lloasy,
6rafa, reed, Orocerles, furs Apices, Heeds, Ba
sas. I'rufi. Msdeclnss; Clocks, Ainmunltloa,
Bobber Goods, Tents, and qsantltles ol otaer
foods at lowsst prices lor Cuh only. Bead la
sUmp for full list by Im mail, and learn how
le live cheap and wall al small cost: S3 yean Sa
Saul n nai. t ustoiners luerery County weelaS
Iks Beoay Moantaiaa, and many alsswaam
'K A It PftlfAttl) l lOrPLV I'M I
M trmli wllh a full lino ol Kttvw.irkt. Klrv
(Tuckorn, i :.i-'-. IUUikiiiii, Toy IMttoln, t'tr. II
hutrHt 'I 1 :tl"i:u.- (in m i sin ) on npitlrtlon
i -'iM -.i.iiii.-tn ) Huji'itil with PonmltlMi in
rliHriff uf ' li t -i .i 1 1 -1 1 , -
le. AID. U I'llH1 KllWt, Hll KrAllHHOO, CU.
HH Mitutliiiritfii in IiiiMt laiir.
N i tii'. i iiiiii'. irr-
mi'liin- Isi rlliM .
pn.. urr1 Hliuui Mtunt
ii liruKK Ins, by
Dobbins' Electric Soap
It is Strictly Pore. Uniform In Quality.
UK original firtnilla for whiili wr imuI m.'s.i
tufufy vfitn tiftt hat never Urn moilihtil or
i4uW(n hi (In- nIisxIhoi ThU MM U
I.I. Ill II til III llUllllt) Itl-llilj s lilt
(Iih iimtlr Iwrulr yetr .
I I conubu ItlltlllilK (hail Ml llljnrr
Ihr ft nr at ftthrlv. Ilbftghli
ailtl lilrm lira whilen.
II a .-in . Hjnnrlt nnd )l.inkri ni mher n
in ihr wilil ilnrn willndil lhtlsUllg 111 llHf
iii- m n4k iirnl whit and new.
Till I' I 1 1 i ureal ass Inn sj das ,d
simp, uf fuel, asd of Ihr fjhrit , aherr Duhfalsa'
Un in Soap i. ii.rtl aironlliia lo ellrrrtloiia,
OlUKIrlsl will it, no. il ititiit It
will i ... a you lo make thai trial.
T IKS -It Im-sI thlaaja, n is ISimslnl i
laird ami collntcrleiled
.l.-.i.'l.l I'N'SII
Beware of Imitations.
ffNSISYllpM Dobbins EaKtrb Pmi iAc
Msttfitrtii , Kir. in M itfi. , I'hiladrljiliiii r In inc.
or any othrr nri jansr il It chrai. I hrr'
will rum i . .1.. I .i dear at any pris e. Ak tur
IHiiifis KliKETHIC
.ii.." uke m other Nearly every grocer Iruaa M mr
lo Meaici kecpt Ii in ttoik II youn hatnl it Re ill
(sftjer fmrn hit neareat wholeule grncer,
D KA 1 1 1 a re fully ihe im de wrapser aronnil each
bar, inl I cartrfnl lo foil tllret
i Yt h ranitnl alfurd
w.iii limei Uiirre irying air yutimtt ti, old.ralaUi ,
anil toil) wnmlrrfut aoap.
.rrnnTlhmujfl!i".i r o'.l. . - ...
asaltax rait. ill the wore! isiaa.Uiaurwelaaass.
II .Is I, t I
P N. P0 -H. F. V TT. M an7
Delicious Biscuit
Ask row (irucer lor